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1. “It depends on you, to keep pushing forward until you win or giving in. Always choice the former.”

Tags : Giving In Keep Pushing Never Never Ever Never Give Up Never Giving Up Never Let Go You You Can Do It You Self

2. “Stupidity doesn't make you wise, it makes you stupid!”

Tags : Doesn T Make Stupid Stupidity Wise You
Author : Deyth Banger

3. “Oh, oh human stupidity, probably that's why I don't succeed with mankind, somebody says "Can I stop by?" you answer "Okay..." or "Sure""... but why and saying what you are doing in case he hasn't asked you?”

Tags : Asked Stupidity That S Why You
Author : Deyth Banger

4. “Home is where your people are.”

Tags : Abc Accepting Alone Authentic Beginning Being Confidence Disruption Entrepreneurship Experience Free Gift Good Read Quotes Good Reads Heart Honest Honesty Inefficient Influence The World Inner Battle Inspirational Quotes Meet Memory Preparation Results Sale Serve Startup Life Step Up
Author : Richie Norton

5. “Freedom rings when you realize you can become what you never thought you could become.”

Tags : Alone Always Ask Authenticity Begin Being Care Caring Confidence Effective Employees Employer Influence Life Live Meetings Mindless Quotes Regret Surrounded Thing
Author : Richie Norton

6. “Anything or everything can happen. You determine how good or bad they are”

Tags : Action Any Anything Bad Can Choice Control Decide Deed Determination Determine Discipline Do Don T Every Everything Happen Happens How Inaction Life Mind Mindset You

7. “26. Don’t marry someone with intolerable characteristics in the hopes of changing him or her. If you can’t live with someone who drinks or someone who isn’t a Christian or someone who isn’t clean, then don’t marry that kind of person. The chances for miraculous improvements or changes in behavior are slim. What you see is what you get!”

Tags : A Are Can T Changes Changing Characteristics Christian Clean Don T Drinks For Her Him If Improvements In Is Isn T Miraculous Of Person See Slim The Then What With You
Source : Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

8. “Think of yourself as a brand. You need to be remembered. What will they remember you for? What defines you? If you have it in you, do something that defines you. Invent something, develop a unique skill, get noticed for something — it creates a talking point.”

Tags : Brand Chris Arnold Create Creativity Design Develop Inspiration Invent Noticed Remembered Skill Talking Point Unique You
Author : Chris Arnold

9. “You can be RELIGIOUS without being SPIRITUAL or You can be SPIRITUAL without being RELIGIOUS or Both It all depends on your Philosophy.”

Tags : Life Mind Mindset Orientation Perspective Perspectives Philosophical Philosophy Religion Religious View You

10. “The trick is that as long as you know who you are and what makes you happy, it doesn't matter how others see you.”

Tags : Others See You
Author : Wendy Mass
Source : Every Soul a Star

11. “I Am In Love With Myself, With My Heart.”

Tags : Balanced Conceit Denoting Desition Elitism Happiness Happy Healthy Inspirational Love Life Logic Loving Yourself Lovingly Luck Major Quotes Relation Simple Think Trait Who Am I You You And Me

12. “Who are you?Are you in touch with all of your darkest fantasies?Have you created a life for yourself where you can experience them?I have. I am fucking crazy.But I am free.”

Tags : Born To Die Crazy Dark Fantasy Elizabeth Woolridge Grant Experience Experiences Fantasies Fantasy Free Life Lyrics Me Music Pop Ride Single Song Who You Yourself
Author : Lana Del Rey

13. “Almost lost you," he thought, surprised to find himself blinking back tears. "Been through too much, me and you. We're going to finish this thing together.”

Tags : Almost Finish Lost Me Peter Together Too Much You
Author : Brom
Source : The Child Thief

14. “You stay safe, You love. You survive. You laugh and cry and struggle and sometimes you fail and sometimes you succeed. You Push.”

Tags : Cry Fail Laugh Life Love Push Safe Struggle Succeed Survive You
Author : Carrie Ryan
Source : The Dead-Tossed Waves

15. “Be encouraged! You can fulfil your dream.”

Tags : Challenges Despair Disappointment Quotes Dreams And Reality Dreams Come True Dreams Quotes Empowering Quotes Encourage Yourself Encouraging And Empowering Girls Failure Quotes Fulfilling Your Potential Inner Strength Quotes Inspirational Quotes Mind Power Positive Outlook Purpose Quotes Self Confidence Quotes Self Motivation Quotes Success Quotes Willpower Wise Words Your Journey
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

16. “Jesus Christ is the source—the only source—of meaning in life. He provides the only satisfactory explanation for why we’re here and where we’re going. Because of this good news, the final heartbeat for the Christian is not the mysterious conclusion to a meaningless existence. It is, rather, the grand beginning to a life that will never end. That same Lord is waiting to embrace and forgive anyone who comes to Him in humility and repentance. He is calling your name, just as He called the name of Pete Maravich. His promise of eternal life offers the only hope for humanity. If you have never met this Jesus, I suggest that you seek spiritual counsel from a Christian leader who can offer guidance. You can also write to me, if that would help. Thanks for reading along with me. I hope to meet you someday. If our paths don’t cross this side of heaven, I’ll be looking for you in that eternal city. By all means, Be there!”

Tags : And Christian Embrace Existence Explanation Forgive Guidance Haven His Humanity Humility Jesus Just Met Mysterious Not Of Offer Provides Rather Reading Seek There This To Waiting We Re Will Would Write You Your
Source : Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

17. “Ukiua mtu bila kumwambia kwa nini unamuua anaweza kujua umemuua kwa kumwonea. Akijua umemuua kwa kumwonea roho yake inaweza kukusumbua wewe na familia yako maisha yenu yote. Makachero wa EAC wana leseni ya kuua. Lakini si kuua ovyo kama James Bond. Kila wanayemuua lazima waandike ripoti kwa nini wamemuua. Kachero wa EAC akiua mtu, kwa makosa, kwa bahati mbaya, atalindwa na Mwenyezi Mungu. Atalindwa na Tambiko la Tume ya Dunia.”

Tags : Bad Luck Bahati Mbaya Eac Familia Family God Almighty James Bond Kachero Leseni Licence Life Maisha Makachero Makosa Mistake Mtu Mwenyezi Mungu Person Report Ripoti Roho Special Agent Special Agents Spirit Tambiko La Tume Ya Dunia Wewe Wodec S Ritual You

18. “i felt her absence. it was like waking up one day with no teeth in your mouth. you wouldn't need to run to the mirror to know they were gone”

Tags : Breakup Broken Day Forgive Gone I In It Know Like Loneliness Lonely Mirror Miss Mouth Separated The They To Up Waking Wouldn T
Author : James Dashner
Source : The Scorch Trials

19. “The more you hide, the higher the walls around you gets. The more you cry in silence, the thicker it becomes.”

Tags : Around Become Cry Hide More Pain Silence Thick Walls You
Author : Akshay Vasu

20. “If every citizen should recite their national anthem daily, you will develop love to serve your country better.”

Tags : Anthem Cities And Countries Citizen Citizen Power Daily Inspirational Quotes Duties Life And Living Love Mission Music Peace Philosophy Of Life Places Positive Thoughts Responsibilities Service Society Talents Volunteer Volunteerism Wisdom Quotes Wise Quotes Wise Sayings Working Together Your Journey
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

21. “When you strip away all the layers one by one, not much remains to “discover.” You will never find real meaning among your selfish interests, feelings, and aspirations. The answers do not lie within you.”

Tags : Among And Answers Aspirations By Discover Feelings Find Interests Layers Lie Never Not One Real Remains Selfish Strip The To When Within You Your
Source : Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

22. “Some people make you want to be a better person, and that, for me, is the purest form of love.”

Tags : Authentic Authenticity Better Friendship Growing Growth Kindness Learning Love People Poems Poet Poetry Pure Quote Relationship Self Development Self Growth Songwriter Writer You

23. “... and I realise the only way to tell the others is through the way my voice can take these broken wordsand turn it into music. Turn it into poetry.And I sing to make myself come alive, but also for you,because I’d like this to mean something.To not disappear with the dark I will enter one day and so now I will tell.If not for you, then for my own heart, because it tells me to,and I'm learning to listen.”

Tags : Artist Broken Creating Creative Creativity Dark Disappear Learning Listen Mean Something Meaning Music Poet Poetry Prose Realise Singer Songwriter Voice Words Writer Writing You
Source : Another Vagabond Lost To Love: Berlin Stories on Leaving & Arriving

24. “You are the slave of your mind!”

Tags : Domination Mind Power You

25. “Comedy is equal to stupidity. As much you are stupid as much you watch comedy as much you stupid become.”

Tags : Are As Become Equal Much Stupid Stupidy You
Author : Deyth Banger

26. “10. Comparison is the root of all feelings of inferiority. The moment you begin examining other people’s strengths against your most obvious weaknesses, your self-esteem starts to crumble!”

Tags : Against All Begin Comparison Crumble Examining Feelings Inferiority Is Moment Most Obvious Of Other People S Root Self Esteem Starts Strengths The To Weaknesses You Your
Source : Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

27. “As I read you I fell in love with the holes between your words and I loved you most on the days you could not love yourself.”

Tags : Art Book Books Forever Life Love Love Poem Love Quotes Loved Pain Passion Poet Poetry Poets Read Reading Writing You
Author : Jenim Dibie

28. “Surrender is no guarantee that an armed police officer will not shoot you.”

Tags : Armed Armed Forces Armed Violence Guarantee Gun Violence Guns No Not Officer Officers Police Police Brutality Police Corruption Police Officer Police Procedural Police Reform Police Service Police State Policeman Policemen Shoot Shoot First Ask Later Shooter Shooting Shooting Aftermath Surrender Surrendered You
Author : Steven Magee

29. “You’re never too old to be young!”

Tags : Age Ageing Aging Never Old Vigor Who We Are You Young Youth Youthful
Author : Joseph Rain

30. “As I indicated in an earlier chapter, it is so important to pause and think through some of these basic issues while you are young, before the pressures of job and family become distracting. Everyone must deal with the eternal questions sooner or later. You will benefit, I think, from doing that work now. As I said earlier, whether you are an atheist, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Jew, a New Ager, an agnostic, or a Christian, the questions confronting the human family are the same. Only the answers will differ.”

Tags : An And Answers Before Benefit Christian Deal Differ From Important Indicated Jew Job Later Of Only Pause Pressures Questions Same Sooner That Think Through Whether Will With Work
Source : Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

31. “You are to me like white islands, in a world of vast darkness.”

Tags : Darkness Happiness Happy Islands Letter Litquote Love Love Letter Me Poetry Prose Quote The Glass Child You

32. “You!' Skeet bellowed.When uttered with just the right tone, this is the universal name for any boy. Accordingly, all heads snapped towards the angry master.”

Tags : Anger Angry Attention Boy Boys Men Mischief Name Tone Yell You
Source : Dawn of Wonder

33. “You don't know me. You know one me, just like I know one you. And you can't know every me, and I can't know every you.”

Tags : Know Life People You
Source : Every You, Every Me

34. “Do you have a shoulder to cry on?Someone who would listen to your deepest woes without judging you?Or is it just you and the image in the mirror?”

Tags : Alone Friend Loneliness Mirror Society S Increasing Stupidity You

35. “Failure to put the relationship on a slower timetable may result in an act that was never intended in the first place. Another important principle is to avoid the circumstances where compromise is likely. A girl who wants to preserve her virginity should not find herself in a house or dorm room alone with someone to whom she is attracted. Nor should she single-date with someone she has reason not to trust. A guy who wants to be moral should stay away from the girl he knows would go to bed with him. Remember the words of Solomon to his son, “Keep to a path far from her, do not go near the door of her house” (Proverbs 5:8). I know this advice sounds very narrow in a day when virginity is mocked and chastity is considered old-fashioned. But I don’t apologize for it. The Scriptures are eternal, and God’s standards of right and wrong do not change with the whims of culture. He will honor and help those who are trying to follow His commandments. In fact, the apostle Paul said, “He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear” (1Corinthians 10:13). Hold that promise and continue to use your head. You’ll be glad you did.”

Tags : 1Corinthians Attracted Away Be Bear Can Change Circumstances Commandments Continue Did Eternal Follow Girl Her Important Near Not Paul Scriptures Son Stay Tempted Use Whims
Source : Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

36. “Why am I anti-social?? Hey GreenWind can you answer me, little black biatch that I don't go out makes me anti social? How about the people which can't cross the street, everyday talking about football and playing box. You are one of them, so you are without minded guy, you are dumb, stupid and black biatch. Let's see how now you will win??? Why you are so quite??? Oh,oh I know you don't have what to say!”

Tags : Box Character Cross Football Greenhollywood Guy Holly Minded One Playing Say Street Them Wood You
Author : Deyth Banger

37. “You want war??...Out there you can find books, films about the war how brutal is it. If you disire for more... it sounds like you are cruel, so far I can understand it you are the bad guy, aren't you?”

Tags : Bad Books Brutal Cruel Films Guy You
Author : Deyth Banger

38. “There is no indication that God explained to Joseph what He was doing through those many years of heartache or how the pieces would eventually fit together. He had no ways of knowing that he would eventually enjoy a triumphal reunion with his family. He was expected, as you and I are, to live out his life one day at a time in something less than complete understanding. What pleased God was Joseph’s faithfulness when nothing made sense.”

Tags : A And Are Day Doing Enjoy Expected Faithfulness Fit God He Heartache His How I Indication Is Joseph Less Than Nothing Of One Out Pleased Reunion Sense Those Together Was Ways Would You
Source : Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

39. “I’ve learned that waiting is the most difficult bit, and I want to get used to the feeling, knowing that you’re with me, even when you’re not by my side.”

Tags : Waiting You
Author : Paulo Coelho
Source : Eleven Minutes

40. “Pursue your dreams. You will be amazed about what you can achieve.”

Tags : Advice Ambition Believe In Yourself Destiny Determined Spirit Educational Philosophy Faith Inner Strength Learner Never Give Up Persistence Positive Purposeful Living Pursuit Of Knowledge Self Confidence Shine Your Light Student Wishes Dreams Wishes Fulfilled You
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

41. “Go realize your dreams.”

Tags : Ambition Believe And Achieve Believe In Your Self Capability Destiny Dreaming Big Dreams Come True Fate Fulfilling Your Potential Inspirational Life Purpose Self Realization Success Wishes You Your Journey
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

42. “You have to discovery many things by yourself.”

Tags : Adventure Advice Destiny Discover Educated Education Educational Philosophy Educational System Fulfilling Your Potential Inspiration Journey Learn Learning From Mistakes Learning Process Lessons Learnt Life Lessons Life Philosophy Motivation Path Purpose Travel University You
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

43. “Pursue your dreams. You will be amazed about what you can achieve it.”

Tags : Advice Ambition Believe In Yourself Capable Courage Destiny Determination Dreams Dreams Come True Education Greatness Inner Strength Inspirational Life Lailah Gifty Akita Affirmations Learner Positive Pursuit Self Self Motivation Shine Your Life Wise Sayings Your Life
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

44. “You cannot free someonewho is caged intheir own self.”

Tags : Anjumchoudhary Artist Bipolar Book Cage Depression I Inspirational Quotes Instagram Instaquote Love Loveyou Me Peace Poems Poet Queen Self Help Stress Strong Woman True Love Writer Writing
Source : Souled Out

45. “Destruction wasn't when you chose to destroy me.It was when i let you.”

Tags : Anjumchoudhary Artist Bipolar Book Depression Findinglostsouls Inspirational Instagram Instaquote King Lovequotes Me Motivation Motivational Poem Poems Poet Queen Souledout Strong Woman True Love Us Writing
Source : Souled Out

46. “Take me to your darkest cornersand watch your demonssurrender to mine..”

Tags : Artist Bipolar Couples Demons Inspirational Instagram Instaquote King Love Lovequotes Me Motivational Poem Poems Poetess Souledout True Love Truth Watch Writer Writing
Source : Souled Out

47. “Master the art of selfloveand you will never have to seekvalidationever again.”

Tags : Again Anjumchoudhary Artist Book Couples Findinglostsouls I Instagram Instaquote Love Lovequotes Loveyou Loveyourself Master Me Motivation Motivational Poem Poet Self Help Selflove Souledout Stress Strong Strong Woman Truth Us Writer You
Source : Souled Out

48. “I stopped losing my sleep over you...Now i lie awakein search of me!!”

Tags : Anjumchoudhary Bipolar Book Couples Depression Findinglostsouls Instagram King Lose Lovequotes Me Motivation Motivational Poem Poet Poetess Queen Sleep Awake Souledout Strong Woman True True Love Truth Writer Writing
Source : Souled Out

49. “I am no one's to be claimed,I belong to me.”

Tags : Anjumchoudhary Artist Bipolar Book Findinglostsouls Instagram Instaquote King Love Loveyou Poem Poems Poet Queen Self Help Stress Strong True Love Truth Us Writer You
Source : Souled Out

50. “It's okay darling,creative people are called crazyall the time.”

Tags : Adult Anjumchoudhary Artist Bipolar Book Call Couples Findinglostsouls Inspirational Quotes Instagram King Lovequotes Motivational People Poems Poetess Souledout Strength Strong Strong Woman Time True Love Us Writer Writing You
Source : Souled Out

51. “I was lost for too longbut when i found you,i could feel it in my bones.You were my home.”

Tags : Anjumchoudhary Book Couples Depression Findinglostsouls Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Instagram Instaquote King Lovequotes Me Motivation Motivational Poem Poet Poetess Queen Souledout Strong Woman True Love Truth Us Writing You
Source : Souled Out

52. “Why people use "Was" I have heard some people to say "I was a smart kid at school - Eminem", but why "Was", was is a word for describing the past... which will mean that has started and ended... so what??? How to get it now? You aren't wise, are you?”

Tags : Are Celebrity Eminem Has Kid Mean Past Say School Smart Was Word You
Author : Deyth Banger

53. “32. Before you criticize your parents for their failures and mistakes, ask yourself: “Will I really do that much better with my own children?” The job is tougher than it looks, and mistakes are inevitable!”

Tags : Are Ask Before Better Children Criticize Do Failures For Inevitable Is Toughter It Job My Own Really Than The Will With You Your
Source : Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

54. “You belong to the saved souls.”

Tags : Belief Christian Faith Forgive Yourself Forgiveness Life Mercy Religion Save From Sin Souls Spiritual You
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

55. “33. Satan will attempt to offer you whatever you hunger for, whether it be money, power, sex, or prestige. But Jesus said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness” (Matthew 5:6).”

Tags : Attempt Be But For Hunger It Jesus Matthew Offer Or Power Prestige Righteousness Said Sex Thirst Those To Whatever Whether Who Will You
Source : Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

56. “Everybody is living for a purpose, you might turn out to be significant or insignificant depending on the kind of message you are feeding the world with.”

Tags : Around Bad Things Blessing Circulation Coach Coaching Curse Good Things I Am Insignificance Leaders Me Message Point Purpose Significance The World You

57. “May you find the courage to confidently pursue your dreams.”

Tags : Capable Courage In Life Courageous Dream Encouragement Inner Strength Inspirational Motivation Passion Possibilities Possible Pursue Wise Sayings You
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

58. “Stop competing, stop judging, stop comparing, stop blaming and better you, for you.”

Tags : Focus Help Self Awareness Self Awareness Honesty Self Self Improvement Stop You

59. “You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you in your own way can illuminate the world.”

Tags : Illuminate Light Oprah Spark World You
Author : Oprah Winfrey

60. “May God brighten your path.”

Tags : Believe Believers Blessed Life Blessings Christian Christian Living Destiny Dreams Faith God God S Favour God S Grace Hope Illuminate Life Path Path Of Life Pray Purpose Religious Faith Seekers Of Fate Seekers Of Truth Shine Your Light Wishes You Your Life
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

61. “If you are only what you are, You at least have a chance Not to outsmart, But be on a par with yourself And that is worth trying.”

Tags : Chance Dejan Stojanovic Literature Literature Quotes Outsmart Poetry Poetry Quotes Quotes Quotes To Live By Thoughts Trying Wisdom Worth You Yourself

62. “Sometimes you must agree with someones opinion for the sake of being polite and modest, but within you, you know that you are not foolish and crazy.”

Tags : Acceptance Agreement Approval Attitude Conception Consent Crazy Endorsement Fool Harmony Humor Michael Bassey Johnson Modesty Opinion Point Of View Polite Politeness Position Say Yes Stance Standpoint Viewpoint Yes You

63. “The compass rose is nothing but a star with an infinite number of rays pointing in all directions.It is the one true and perfect symbol of the universe.And it is the one most accurate symbol of you.Spread your arms in an embrace, throw your head back, and prepare to receive and send coordinates of being. For, at last you know—you are the navigator, the captain, and the ship.”

Tags : All Captain Compass Rose Coordinates Direction Directions Entity Navigator One Person Rays Receive Self Send Ship Symbol The Universe Universe You
Author : Vera Nazarian
Source : The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

64. “Only write a story that only you can write. ”

Tags : Book Me Person Story Write Writing You
Author : Alysha Speer

65. “Its very important that you re-introduce yourself to people. Some people have short term memory so they forget. Some are slow learners , so might no know who you are. Might mistaken you for someone. People will treat you according on how they identify you.Thats why it is important that you identify properly to them.”

Tags : Advice Attitude Characteristics Dj Kyos Djkyos Identity Identity Theft Inspiration Intellignce Introduce Know Yourself Kyos Magupe Leader Life Living Mind Motivation People Philosopher Philosophy Power Success Teach Thoughts Wisdom You

66. “He thought himself awake when he was already asleep. He saw the stars above his face, whirling on their silent and sleepless axis, and the leaves of the trees rustling against them, and he heard small changes in the grass. These little noises of footsteps and soft-fringed wing-beats and stealthy bellies drawn over the grass blades or rattling against the bracken at first frightened or interested him, so that he moved to see what they were (but never saw), then soothed him, so that he no longer cared to see what they were but trusted them to be themselves, and finally left him altogether as he swam down deeper and deeper, nuzzling into the scented turf, into the warm ground, into the unending waters under the earth.”

Tags : Do On Tombstone Want What You Your
Author : T.H. White

67. “You have enough time to do everything God wants you to do.”

Tags : Do Enough Everything God Have Time To Wants You
Source : Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working

68. “If you can dream it up, you can team it up.”

Tags : An Dream Dreams Goal Setting Goal Setting Tips Goals If Inspiration Inspirational Quotes It Leverage Make Things Happen Mentors Motivation Plan Planning Resources Team Team Working Teamwork Up You
Author : Richie Norton

69. “YOU are what you're allowing yourself to be!”

Tags : Change Your Life Transformation You Your Life

70. “Why settle for a lesser vision? When you are destiny for greatness!”

Tags : Advice Quotes Believe And Achieve Believe In Yourself Calling People Capabilities Quotes Daily Quotes Dreams Quotes Fate God S Grace Greatness Quotes Inspired Life Potential Quotes Purpose Quotes Pursuit Of Knowledge Pursuit Of Passions Self Esteem Quotes Visions Quotes You Your Journey Your Life
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

71. “God can use you. You must be willing to follow His leading.”

Tags : Believe And Achieve Believe In Yourself Believers Capabilities Quotes Christian Life Christian Quotes Christianity Destiny Faith Quotes God Inner Strength Quotes Obedience Christianity Positive Motivation Positive Thinking Quotes Potential Quotes Religion Religious Faith Self Motivational Quotes Unique Purpose Uniqueness Quotes You Your Destiny Your Journey Your Life
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

72. “The first step forward is to admit your fear, then you can take the next step to conquer it.”

Tags : Admit Quotes Author Ken Poirot Can Quote Conquer Conquer Quote Conquer Quotes Fear First Quote First Step Quotes Forward Life Experience Quote Life Experiences Life Experiences Quote Life Experiences Quotes Life Lesson Quote Life Lessons Life Lessons Quote Life Quotes Next Next Quotes Step Forward Quotes Take Quote Take The Next Step Quotes The First Quote The First Quotes You Quotes
Author : Ken Poirot

73. “Anyone can give any number of advice often nice with the word ‘YOU’ in own voice; but he who is truly different, positive and wise always shows a constructive action on his words to unearth lies.”

Tags : Advice Cunning Fooling Harmony Humanity Inspiring Thoughts Intellectual Leaders Quote Liar Positivity Reliable Self Centred Simple Simplicity Trustworthy Worthy You
Author : Anuj Somany

74. “You possess great strength, great spirit and great soul.”

Tags : Fate Fate Destiny Great Expectations Greatness Quotes Inner Strength Quotes Inspirational Quotes Inspiring Quotes On Life Inspiring Thoughts Journey Quotes Journey To Yourself Motivational Quotes Soul Spiritual Quotes Strength Of Character Strength Of Spirit Talent Quotes Talented People Talents And Gifts Uniqueness Uplifting Quotes Who I Am You Your Destiny Your Journey Yourself
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

75. “It does not make any sense to talk with a common sense to a person who has almost all thinking common with almost all people all the time, and remains confined within own circumference of ‘I’, ‘ME’ and ‘Myself’ and often has the view or sentence with the word ‘YOU’.”

Tags : Attitude Character Crafty Cunning Emotions Habits Habitual Humanity I Inspirational Inspiring Authors Inspiring Quotes Inspiring Words Materialist Mentorship Motivational Myself People Nature Plagiariser Preach Pretender Psychology Sense Thoughts Of The Day True Mentor
Author : Anuj Somany

76. “YOU will never know your STRENGTH until you overcome the WORST”

Tags : Best Quotes Famous Quotes Latest Quotes Overcome Quotes On Life Quotesbysarvesh Sarvesh Sarvesh Quotes Strength Worst You
Author : Sarvesh

77. “It's not about the external things that surround you, but it's about YOU.How you operates your life, how you take your path and walk with it.”

Tags : Inspirational Life Lessons Life Quotes Motivational Inspirational You
Author : Jayson Engay

78. “You are your own leader. Where are you driving yourself to now? You can't afford to go wayward! Rise up and break new territories and live life so well.”

Tags : Driving Food For Thought Israelmore Ayivor Lead Leaders Leadership Leading Leads Life Live Life So Well Progress Rise Rise Up Self Leaders Self Leadership Self Management True Leaders Wayward Well You

79. “You are not sorry for what you are only sorry for how it turned out for you.”

Tags : How It Turned Out Ken Poirot Ken Poirot Author Ken Poirot Quote Ken Poirot Quotes Not Sorry Quote Not Sorry Quotes Relationship Relationship Quote Relationship Quotes Sorry Quote Sorry Quotes Turned Out Turned Out For You Turned Out Quote Turned Out Quotes What You Did What You Did Quote What You Did Quotes You You Quote You Quotes
Author : Ken Poirot

80. “You were born with potential. You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born with greatness. You were born with wings. You are not meant for crawling, so don't. You have wings. Learn to use them and fly.”

Tags : Greatness Life You

81. “You.Your smile.Your voice.Your eyes.Your personality.You.”

Tags : Eyes Eyes Like Stars Love Loving Someone Personality Personality Types Smile Smile Happiness Peace Universe Is Inside Of Me Voice Voice In My Head You

82. “Rather than continuing on the normal sexual path toward pain, emptiness, and idolatry, you can allow God to heal you, change the way you think, and place deliberate safeguards in your life to protect you.”

Tags : Allow Change Emptiness God Heal Idolatry In Life Normal Pain Protect Safeguards Sexual The Think To Way You Your
Source : Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working

83. “You are forgiven for your happiness and your successes only if you generously consent to share them.”

Tags : Forgiveness Happiness Sharing Success You
Author : Albert Camus

84. “At the end of the day, if you’re wasting your time by not investing in yourself, you’re going to waste away—and that would be the greatest waste of all.”

Tags : Advising All Are At Away Be By Clock Coaching Consulting Day Eduation Experience Going If Investing Money Not Personal Personal Finance Self Self Help Time To Waste Waste Wasting You
Author : Richie Norton

85. “Knowing you, I understood myself.”

Tags : In Love Inspiration Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Know Knowing Kojouri Love Love Poem Loved Loving Myself Poem Poetry Quote Understand Understood Union Unity You

86. “I began missing you even before we met.”

Tags : All You Need Is Love Beloved In Love Inspiration Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Love Poem Loved Lover Loving Meet Met Miss Missing Poem Poetry You

87. “Before you, nothing.Now you, and everything”

Tags : All You Need Is Love Change Everything Harmony In Love Inspiration Joy Kojouri Love Love Poem Lover Loving Nothing One Love Poetry Quote Transcend Transformation Union Unity You

88. “I have seen the best of you, and the worst of you, and I choose both.”

Tags : Best Choice Love Worst You
Author : Sarah Kay

89. “A Writer is Actor, Creator, Director & Producer Of HIS Life. Ask ME anything.”

Tags : Actor Anything Books Creator Dharma Director Dreams Expert Humor I Inspirational King Legend Myself Own Life Personal Power Of Words Qoutes On Writing Reading Reality Simplicity Storytelling World Writing You

90. “13. If you’re going through difficult times today, hold steady. It will change soon. If you are experiencing smooth sailing and easy times now, brace yourself. It will change soon. The only thing you can be certain of is change.”

Tags : And Be Brace Can Certain Change Difficult Experiencing Going Hold If Is It Now Of Only Sailing Smooth Soon Steady The Thing Through Times Today Yoruself You Re
Source : Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

91. “I like facts, I like books, I like films... but you still know the few from everything about me.”

Tags : Books But Facts Few Films Like Still You
Author : Deyth Banger

92. “What will happen if you can't say that this wasn't a film?”

Tags : Can T Film Films Happen If You
Author : Deyth Banger

93. “Relax and Recreate yourself!”

Tags : Christian Life Faith Hope Inspiring Lailah Gifty Akita Affirmations Life Life Lessons Motivational Positivity Wise Words You Your Life Your Self
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

94. “You can elevate yourself to higher self by devotion to God.”

Tags : Believe Christian Life Destiny Divine Self Faith Fate Finding Yourself God Hope Inner Strength Inspirational Life Life Lessons Motivation Personal Development Religion Self Self Confidence Self Esteem Self Image Self Improvement Spirituality You Your Life Yourself
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

95. “It's not funny anymore...", did you heard your self, you are entering a position called, "I wanna be a victim..., please take me".”

Tags : Anymore Did Entering Funny Heard Me Take You
Author : Deyth Banger

96. “Never REJECT yourself due to the sins you have committed. REGRET will do nothing; REPENT and do something!”

Tags : Believe In Yourself Christ Commit Committed Do Something Forgiveness Iniquity Israelmore Ayivor Jesus Jesus Christ Never Nothing Regret Reject Repent Sinful Sins Something You Yourself
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

97. “You cannot successfully follow Jesus Christ unless you learn how to overcome fear through his name.John 14:1-4.”

Tags : Fear Follow God Holy Bible Holy Spirit Jesus Christ Learn Overcome Through You
Author : Felix Wantang
Source : Face to Face Meetings with Jesus Christ 3: Revealing the End of the Age

98. “Monastery you can't retire it's forever, there isn't music, films, parties and other crazy stuff. It's about spiritual life... It becomes harder and harder!”

Tags : Can T Forever Harder Monastery Retire You
Author : Deyth Banger

99. “If you will conduct a poll with most people in our world today and ask them to tell you what is the ideal life they dream about. Most people will tell you that they are dreaming of having a house on an island, but really they are spending away and whining away their lives.”

Tags : Away Conduct Ideal If Life People Poll Spending Will Wining You

100. “People are mystery as far you go deeper as more mystery you can find. New generation, new tricks, new misteries, new problems... people are hard to be understand as deeper you go as more missunderstand the stuff.”

Tags : A1 As Far Find Go Mystery People Stuff You
Author : Deyth Banger

101. “Tell me what you like, tell me how you feel, tell me which stuff are your favourite, what you enjoy doing and so far I can give you one well written book based on this stuff!?”

Tags : Feel Like Me Stuff Tell What You
Author : Deyth Banger

102. “I know a lot of stuff... but what I will say is that you know very small for what's really on the deep web.”

Tags : Deep Stuff Web What You
Author : Deyth Banger

103. “Listen to the sunset...see its pretty hue... When you see it, think of me...and I'll think of you...”

Tags : Artist Beauty Couple Dream Hearing Insight Insightful Inspirational Letter Loving Me Message Photograph Poem Pretty Romance Sky Song Sunset Think Thought Vision You
Author : Oksana Rus

104. “You owe it to yourself to develop the real you out of your own gifts and enlarge your territories on influence. Don’t live in your own shadow. Live in your own you!”

Tags : Achieve Achiever Develop Development Enlarge Food For Thought Gift Gifts Influence Israelmore Ayivor Live Owe Own Potential Potentials Purpose Real Shadow Talent Talents Territories Territory You Yourself
Source : Dream Big!: See Your Bigger Picture!

105. “Celebration is an act of impressing sadistic someone residing in you.”

Tags : Celebration Impress Sadistic You

106. “Ol, ol you have learnt something new, didn't you??So you are saying it again and again with smile like we are an idiots, but my question is did you understand it? Do you know what did you said, so you big peace of shit say something more to impress us, because this doesn't impress us.”

Tags : Again Are Gain Idiots Impress Smile So Us You
Author : Deyth Banger

107. “When your madness is creative and necessary, people will not notice the fact that you are crazy.”

Tags : Awareness Book Knowledge Cherish Crazy Creative Discernment Fact High Spirit Idiot Idiots Importance Insanity Intelligence Mad Madness Necessary Notice People Praise Scrutiny Seriousness Sick Sickness Stupidity Unconditional Love

108. “Your success in life depends on you more than any other external factors.”

Tags : Depend External Inspirational Attitude Inspirational Quotes Life Life And Living Life Changing Life Experience Life Lessons Life Philosophy Life Quotes Success Success In Life Success Inspirational Success Quotes Successful Successful Living Will Power You You Can Do It Yourself

109. “You have to validate yourself first, and then you will receive the much-deserved healing validation from the rest of the world.”

Tags : Ad Posey Deserved First Inspirational Much Receive Storytellers Storytelling Validate Validation World Write Writers Writing Writing Quotes You Yourself
Author : A.D. Posey

110. “You may not be able to move the mountain with one hit, but you can do so by picking up the rocks bit by bit! Stop loading yourself and go bit by bit... You will get there!”

Tags : Bit By Bit Food For Thought Hill Hills Hit Israelmore Ayivor Little Little By Little Little Things Load Loading Mountain Mountains Rocks Small Tiny Valley You
Source : Daily Drive 365

111. “You can't play "How will you do it... if you are on my place..." - Now you feel comfortable from that side... you feel that it's right from your side... so you put that as a peace in the recipe and some extra ingredients you add and look you just created the best lie as being in my state.”

Tags : Feel Possition Side State Thats You
Author : Deyth Banger

112. “For god sake, open your eyes...the truth is crimes are real... the trouble is real... the horror is real... OPEN THE FUCKING EYES, you have freedom of speech, freedom do go to jail... My favourite characters are this in the jail!If you ask me with what I will open my eyes, my answer is with the critical edition The Leuchter Reports: Critical Editionby Fred A. Leuchter, The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine, The Common Sense by Thomas Paine”

Tags : Author Cia Crime Eyes Fbi Mysteries Open Thomas Paine Writers You
Author : Deyth Banger

113. “Nobody can bring you a change. You have to want to change.”

Tags : Advice Change Change Your Life Choices Decision Destiny Determination Education Life Life Experience Life Lessons Lifelong Advice Live And Learn Motivation Positive Purpose Self Esteem Self Help Self Love Self Reliance Thoughts Wise Sayings You Your Dream Your Journey Youth
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

114. “Wherever you are, you have to work for your living.”

Tags : Advice For Daily Living Advice Quotes Attitude Quotes Choice Quotes Economics Philosophy Live And Learn Live In The Moment Living Life Living Quote Money Management Money Not Happiness Money Quotes Positive Motivation Positive Quotes Wise Quotes Wise Words Work Ethic Work Life Balance Work Quotes Working With People You Your Journey Your Life
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

115. “In the moment of decision, may you hear the voice of the Creator saying, ‘This is right road, travel on it.”

Tags : Christian Quotes Disappointment Quotes Faith Quotes God Guidance Quotes Inspirational Quotes Journey Of Life Journey Quotes Moments Quotes Parenting Teens Path Perseverance Right Path Self Esteem Spiritual Wisdom Survival Instinct Time Travel Travel Travel Quotes Warrior Wisdom Quotes Wise Words You Your Destiny Your Journey Youth Age
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

116. “You have no control over what happens to you! You can only pray for grace and strength to endure any situation.”

Tags : Daily Life Endurance Quotes Fighting Spirit Healing Healthy Habits Inner Strength Quotes Inspirational Quotes Life Lessons Motivational Quotes Overcoming Adversity Overcoming Challenges Path Of Life Persistence Positive Outlook Positive Thinking Quotes Prayer Quotes Prayerful Habits Situation Strength Of Mind Survival Instinct Wisdom Quotes Wise Words You
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

117. “Beauty is being who God made you to be. Make the most of what you have. He gave you what you are. Nothing about you is by accident. The right people will love you unconditionally, just as He does.”

Tags : Beauty God Love Unconditional You
Author : Kate McGahan

118. “Okay this guy looks like nerves, this guy sounds like angry, so the first will be the victim the angry guy more is suitable for a killer, isn't he?Angry stage, a stage in which you can do everything and when you become victim you start to feel sorry.”

Tags : Angrym Become Everything Killer Nerves Sorry Stage Suitable Victim When You
Author : Deyth Banger

119. “Your lips were made for mine, Beck. You are the reason I have a mouth, a heart.”

Tags : Heart Joe Lips Mouth You
Source : You

120. “I now watch porn, but I don't have the feeling to go to the bath and start to jerk off. It's the world bad idea ever came. I have quite jerk off and I will quit it's not the way I should live, the same is for you!”

Tags : Bad Bath Came Idea Jerk Live Not Off Quit Should World You
Author : Deyth Banger

121. “The world is too quiet without you nearby.”

Tags : Love Quiet You

122. “Wherever you are, you have to be joyfully alive.”

Tags : Advice Education Faith Grateful Happiness Happy Life Healthy Holidays Hope Joy Joyful Living Life Lifes Journey Lifestyle Philosophy Of Life Travel Travel Writing Travelers Wise Sayings Your Destiny Your Life
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

123. “Mimi na wewe na vitu vyote ulimwenguni ni wazito kwa sababu ya 'Higgs Boson', inayojulikana pia kama 'The God’s Particle'. Wanasayansi wa CERN wamekuwa wakiitafuta 'higgs' (iliyojificha ndani ya 'higgs field') kwa zaidi ya miaka hamsini sasa, kwa bajeti ya pauni za Uingereza bilioni sita. Chembe ya 'higgs' ikipatikana itawajulisha wanasayansi jinsi ulimwengu unavyofanya kazi na jinsi ulivyoumbwa, na jibu la kitendawili cha 'Standard Model' litapatikana.”

Tags : Answer Cern Fifty Years Higgs Higgs Boson Higgs Field I Jibu Kitendawili Miaka Hamsini Mimi Pauni Bilioni Sita Riddle Scientists Six Billion Pounds Standard Model The God S Particle Ulimwenguni Universe Wanasayansi Wewe You

124. “Yes You Are!Like the Blossoming rose,Like the Rays of hope.Like a deer in the forest,Like an athlete full of zest.Like a lamp in temple,Like the life feeling ample.Like the feel of the dawn,Like the grace of the swan.Like the melody of sitar,Like the rage of guitar.Like a group of angels in the sky,Like the pot that makes you high.Like the peacock's dance,Like she is the romance.Like the silent talk,Like the wine from Medoc.Like the colors of life,Like the music from the fife.Like the calmness of the cold windLike the beauty of the hind.”

Tags : A Leap Within Beautiful Endless Love Her Love Love Poetry Poems Poetry You
Author : Ameya Agrawal
Source : A Leap Within

125. “Don't get mad, William," he finally said, provoking the distraught to look up at him, "I know it's hard, an' unfair, but you can't let yourself become angry. You're too nice, - too good, - if you can't at least hope for a possibility, then what happiness can you expect to have? You have to hold on to it, or else you've got nothing..." (77)”

Tags : Angry Courage Don T Expect Expectation Friendship Goodness Happiness Hold On To It Hold On To Your Happiness Holding On Hope J Neven Pugh Overcoming Challenges Perseverance Possibility Support Unfair You Yourself
Author : J. Neven-Pugh
Source : DragonTongue: Riddles Revealed

126. “You ought to learn as best as you can.”

Tags : Achieve Education Lailah Gifty Akita Learn Learning Process Lifelong Learner Possibility Reading Habits Self Determination Self Education You You Can Your Life
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

127. “Hell is repetition, you go over and over and over. That's hell, so I will eat your eyes in hell, I will be waiting you in hell, I will repeat that over and over and over...”

Tags : Go Hell Over Repeat Repetition You
Author : Deyth Banger

128. “If you know that I am genius Then know that you made me genius Everyone don't accept me as genius Because they aren't genius to belief me as genius”

Tags : Depression Genius I Rejected Self Motivation Student Unbelieved Worker You
Author : Hasil Paudyal
Source : Blended Words

129. “18. Your life is before you. Be careful of the choices you make now that you could regret later. This regret is the subject of an old poem whose author has been forgotten. I hope you’ll never have reason to apply it to yourself. Across the fields of yesterday, He sometimes comes to me A little lad just back from play— The boy I used to be. He looks at me so wistfully When once he’s crept within; It is as if he hoped to see The man I might have been.”

Tags : Apply Back Been Boy Choices Crept Forgotten From Has Have Hoped I Looks Poem Regret See So The This Used Within Yesterday You You Ll Your
Source : Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

130. “Ask yourself what you will care about when everything is on the line.”

Tags : About Ask Care Everything Is Line On The What When Will You Yourself
Source : Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

131. “How do you love your children?By doing what's best for them.Then how would you love yourself?The same way. By doing what's best for you.How do you find out what's best for you?Read the Word of God.Then how do you love yourself? By doing what the Word of God says.”

Tags : Best Is What You
Source : Balancing Life's Demands: A New Perspective on Priorities

132. “There is no record in Scripture that an angel visited John’s cell to explain the meaning of his persecution. This great, godly man who was the designated forerunner to Jesus went through the same confusing experiences as we. It is comforting to know that John responded in a very human way. He sent a secret message to Jesus from his prison cell, asking “Are you the one who was to come, or should we expect someone else?” (Matthew 11:3). Have you ever felt like asking that question?”

Tags : Angel Cell Comforting Confusing Designated Expect Experiences Explain Felt From Is John S Man Meaning Same Sent Someone Else The Very We Who You
Source : Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

133. “This thing we have, it hurts, he continued. But the pain is almost sweet because it means YOU happened. We happened. And I can't regret that, no matter how little or how long I get to tag along with you and pretend that I don't hate having people recognize me or take pictures or having people whisper about my record--" Your record?"" My criminal record, Bonnie, Nothing platinum there. I'm an ex-con, and starting over and building a new life where I can put it behind me, I'm building a new life where it will never be behind me, and for you, its worth it. It's easy math.”

Tags : Amyharmon Bonnie Book Clyde Contemporary Romance Favorite Lines Favorite Quote Hurt Infinity One Love Mustread Newrelease Pain Sweet Ya You
Author : Amy Harmon
Source : Infinity + One

134. “I knew I’d be troubled, but who knew awhile meant forever?”

Tags : Forever Forever Alone Hurt Hurting Life Lonely Personality Sad Trouble Troubled You

135. “Never play a blame game. Your feet are aching because you put them into a tight shoe... Nobody has it on; it's you who have it on! Your aims will help you to get out of trouble games, but not your blames!”

Tags : A Pair Of Shoes Ache Blame Don T Blame Feet Food For Thought Game Israelmore Ayivor Never Never Ever Nobody Shoe Shoes Stop The Blame Tight Trouble Troubles You Yourself
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

136. “Wherever you go, you take yourself with you.”

Tags : Travel You
Author : Neil Gaiman
Source : The Graveyard Book

137. “You are beautiful like demolition. Just the thought of you draws my knuckles white. I don’t need a god. I have you and your beautiful mouth, your hands holding onto me, the nails leaving unfelt wounds, your hot breath on my neck. The taste of your saliva. The darkness is ours. The nights belong to us. Everything we do is secret. Nothing we do will ever be understood; we will be feared and kept well away from. It will be the stuff of legend, endless discussion and limitless inspiration for the brave of heart. It’s you and me in this room, on this floor. Beyond life, beyond morality. We are gleaming animals painted in moonlit sweat glow. Our eyes turn to jewels and everything we do is an example of spontaneous perfection. I have been waiting all my life to be with you. My heart slams against my ribs when I think of the slaughtered nights I spent all over the world waiting to feel your touch. The time I annihilated while I waited like a man doing a life sentence. Now you’re here and everything we touch explodes, bursts into bloom or burns to ash. History atomizes and negates itself with our every shared breath. I need you like life needs life. I want you bad like a natural disaster. You are all I see. You are the only one I want to know.”

Tags : Beauty Love You
Author : Henry Rollins

138. “But if you tame me, then weshall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, Ishall be unique in all the world.”

Tags : Me Need World You
Source : The Little Prince

139. “You've got to have someone who loves your body. Who doesn't define you, but sees you. Who loves what he sees. Who you don't have to struggle to be good enough for.”

Tags : Good Enough Love Seeing Someone Struggle You
Author : Deb Caletti
Source : The Secret Life of Prince Charming

140. “Once you figure out who you are and what you love about yourself, I think it all kind of falls into place.”

Tags : Fall Figure Love Place You Yourself

141. “Do you wake up as I do, having forgotten what it is that hurts or where, until you move? There is a second of consciousness that is clean again. A second that is you, without memory or experience, the animal warm and waking into a brand new world. There is the sun dissolving the dark, and light as clear as music, filling the room where you sleep and the other rooms behind your eyes.”

Tags : Life Waking Up You

142. “You have no idea how much the last few days have meant to me," I began. "Meeting you has been the best thing that's ever happened to me.”

Tags : Me You
Source : Dear John

143. “What defines you isn't how many times you crash but the number of times you get back.”

Tags : Self Esteem Teenagers You Youth
Author : Sarah Dessen
Source : Along for the Ride

144. “What do you love more?” she teased. “My hair or my heart?” “Why give me only two choices? Don’t leave out your legs, your laugh, the way you bite your lip when you’re thinking, the feel of your breath on my face, the sound of your voice in the morning, the way you taste, the three freckles on your nose, the fan of your eyelashes, the caring spirit, the determined soul — so why stop at your hair and your heart? How do you expect me to choose? When what I love the most about you — is you.”

Tags : Heart Love You
Source : Ruin

145. “Say something Becks. Say anything""You," I said. "I remember you." I kept my eyes shut, and felt his hands drop. He didn't move back."What do you remember about me?" There was strong emotion behind his voice. Something he fought to control.With my eyes closed, I could easily picture the other side of the century."I remember the way your hand could cover my entire shoulder. The way your lower lip stuck out when you were working out a problem in your head. And how you flick your ring finger with your thumb when you get impatient."I opened my eyes, and the words no longer got stuck in my throat on their way out. They flowed. "And when something surprises you and you don't know what to say, you get a tiny wrinkle in between your eyebrows." I reached up to touch the divot, then hesitated and lowered my hand. "It showed on the day the coach told you you'd made first-string quarterback. And it's showing now." For a moment the space between us held no tension, no questions, no accusations.Finally he leaned back, a stunned expression on his face. "Where do we go from here?""Nowhere, really," I whispered. "It doesn't change anything.”

Tags : Remember You
Author : Brodi Ashton
Source : Everneath

146. “There are two kinds of perfect: The one you can never achieve, and the other, by just being yourself.”

Tags : Dichotomy Perfect Perfection You
Author : Lauren King

147. “Every single human soul has more meaning and value than the whole of history.”

Tags : Meaning Soul You

148. “I find peace when I'm confused, I find hope when I'm let down, not in me but in you.”

Tags : Hope Love Lyrics Peace You
Author : Switchfoot

149. “And like flowers in the fields, that make wonderful views, when we stand side-by-side in our wonderful hues..We all make a beauty so wonderfully true.We are special and different, and just the same, too!So whenever you look at your beautiful skin, from your wiggling toes to your giggling grin...Think how lucky you are that the skin you live in, so beautifully holds the "You" who's within.”

Tags : Beautiful Color Different Hue Lucky Race Skin Special View You
Author : Michael Tyler
Source : The Skin You Live In

150. “I need you here with me we look for our love but we dont find it im searching and searching, I really need you here with me boy were going Round-and Round!”

Tags : Round And Round Search You
Author : Selena Gómez

151. “Before you came,things were as they should be:the sky was the dead-end of sight,the road was just a road, wine merely wine.Now everything is like my heart,a color at the edge of blood:the grey of your absence, the color of poison, of thorns,the gold when we meet, the season ablaze,the yellow of autumn, the red of flowers, of flames,and the black when you cover the earthwith the coal of dead fires.And the sky, the road, the glass of wine?The sky is a shirt wet with tears,the road a vein about to break,and the glass of wine a mirror in whichthe sky, the road, the world keep changing.Don’t leave now that you’re here—Stay. So the world may become like itself again:so the sky may be the sky,the road a road,and the glass of wine not a mirror, just a glass of wine.”

Tags : Blood Heart Inspirational Love Lovers Pain Road Sadness Sky You
Source : 100 Poems by Faiz Ahmed Faiz: 1911-1984

152. “Without you everything falls apart. Without you it's not as much fun to pick up the pieces.”

Tags : Apart Everything Falls Pieces Without You

153. “Missing you,I missed a part of meI shared with you that’s now gone.Missing you, when really, it was the way you made me feeland the things you made us do.Missing you I shouldn’t be.But I can’t help missing who I was with you.Missing you,I missed and missed so much of the world and wasn’t even missed in return.”

Tags : Break Up Breakup Consciousness Experience Goodbye Harmony Heartbreak Humanity Inspirational Kojouri Love Loved Lover Miss Miss You Missing Missing You Quote Relationship Return Shared Union Unity World You

154. “Do not let anybody reign with you, until they suffer with you.”

Tags : Anybody Reign Suffer Suffering You

155. “Therefore, a search for God's will should begin on your knees. He will meet you there. Remember that Jesus promised, "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you" (Matthew 7:7).”

Tags : Ask Begin Door Find Given God Jesus Knees Knock Meet On Opened Promised Search Seek There Will Will Be You Your

156. “Recognise and reach out to the inherent great power within you.”

Tags : Aim High Christianity Faith Destiny Determined Spirit Dreams Quotes Faith Quotes Fulfilling Your Potential Inner Strength Quotes Purpose Driven Life Reach Out Reaching For Your Dreams Recognize Recover Self Confidence Quotes Self Motivation Self Realization Spiritual Insights Spiritual Life Willpower Your Journey Your Life
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

157. “For those of you out there today who have already been through hard times and are desperate for a word of encouragement, let me assure you that you can trust this Lord of heaven and earth. Remember that Scripture warns us to “lean not on your own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5).”

Tags : A Already Are Been Can Desperate Earth Encouragement For Have Heaven Lean Lord On Out Own Proverbs 3 5 Remember That This Through Today Trust Who You Your
Source : Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

158. “12. There will come a day, much quicker than your parents would wish, when you will no longer be comfortable living at home. You will want to move out and establish a home of your own. After that time, your mother and father will be more like your friends than your parents. And someday, if they live long enough, you will be more like a parent to them than a son or daughter.”

Tags : A And At Be Come Day Father Home If Live Living Long More Mother Much Own Parent Quicker Someday Than That Them There Time To When You
Source : Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

159. “Cars are empowered by either petrol or diesel or gas. That is their fuel. I don't care whether you want to pour pepper soup or orange juice into that car... It can't work! You can't live without intrinsic and extrinsic motivations and move forward”

Tags : Car Cars Diesel Empower Extrinsic Extrinsic Motivations Food For Thought Fuel I Don T Care Intrinsic Intrinsic Motivations Israelmore Ayivor Live Lorries Motivate Motivation Motivations Motors Or Orange Juice Pepper Soup Petrol Power Within Work You
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

160. “You are the Poem I dreamed of writing, the Masterpiece I longed to paint. You are the shining Star I reached for in my ever hopeful quest for life fulfilled. Yes, I am Blessed.”

Tags : Art Artist Bless Blessing Dreamed Of Hopeful Life Longed Longing Love Masterpiece Message Poem Quest Romantic Shine Spirit Star To Long Write You
Author : Oksana Rus

161. “It’s not easy to kill; it’s not supposed to be. If it is, then there’s something wrong with you. But sometimes good people have to do unpleasant things just so we can come home at night to our kids.”

Tags : Easy Good Home Kids Kill Night People Something Unpleasant Wrong You
Author : Skip Coryell
Source : Stalking Natalie

162. “Birds do not attend flight schools; Rivers do not attend flowing colleges; Fishes do not attend swimming conferences; Trees do not attend fruit bearing seminars... There is something that you can do automatically that someone may not do... Find it and do it! There is something someone may do automatically that you may not do; leave it for him to it!”

Tags : Attend Automatically Birds Colleges Conference Conferences Counselling Fishes Flight School Flowing Fruit Bearing Rivers School Seminar Seminars Skills Swiming Swimming School Talent Talents Trees You You Can Do It

163. “Many may have stopped believing in you, but God hasn't.”

Tags : Believe God Stop You

164. “When everyone has a microphone, you can't hear anything. Choose one voice carefully and listen in.”

Tags : A Microphone Anything Audience Be A Follower Be A Leader Build A List Build An Audience Can T Carefully Choices Choose Everyone Follow Followers Has Leadership Leading Listen Listen In One Speaker Speaking Voice You
Author : Richie Norton

165. “You are an adult and you don't understand me and what are the differences between the adult and the kids?The kids are dreamming to have sex and the adult's already are one step forward, adults take drugs... and from there and kids start, adults kill and then the children start to kill...So far everything was build by the adults, I see it. An adult has written a book about sex, about the stuff, an adult has created a website and other stuff of pornography.... It hasn't thought by someone this, when you are small and if you don't see it you don't do it!?You can't do it, without knowing it... can you?It's now habbit because you have saw it, once, twice, tripple and some fake thoughts even not fake but false thoughts have been planted in your mind and you start doing it...”

Tags : Can Can T Doing Habbit It It S Knowing Now Without You
Author : Deyth Banger

166. “If you observe nature daily, it brings harmony with you and God.”

Tags : Belief Believers Christian Daily Life Education Educational Philosophy Faith Fate Destiny God Habits Harmony Inspirational Inspiring Life Lifestyle Mankind Observation People Positive Religions Seekers Self Realization Spiritual Wisdom Wise Words You Your Life
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

167. “The various forms of electromagnetic radiation were extensively proven harmful to human health decades ago. The air is electrified, the ground is electrified, the water is electrified, your metal mattress is electrified, your metal under wired bra is electrified, your children are electrified, and you are electrified. Unfortunately, we are in the electromagnetic radiation epidemic.”

Tags : Ago Air Bra Children Decades Electrified Electromagnetic Epidemic Extensively Forms Ground Harmful Health Human Mattress Metal Proven Radiation Under Underwired Unfortunately Various Water You
Author : Steven Magee
Source : Solar Radiation, Global Warming and Human Disease

168. “Be unique.”

Tags : Abilities Capable Motivation Self Help Skills Talent Uniqueness You Your Life
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

169. “What you choose also chooses you.”

Tags : Accept Adage Aphorism Axiom Choose Decide Decision Interesting Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Maxim Option Prefer Quote Saying Seek Select Simple Quote Truth Want You

170. “Extreme measures bring extreme results. If you want a normal life, do what normal people do. If you want to know God intimately, walk with Him daily, and please Him in every way, you're going to have to do what few do. Absolutely nothing.”

Tags : A Absolutely And Daily Do Every Extreme Few God Going Have If In Life Measure Normal Nothing People Please Results Walk Way What With You Re
Source : Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working

171. “Always remember that you were once alone, and the crowd you see in your life today are just as unecessary as when you were alone.”

Tags : Alone Bad Company Bad Friends Believe In Yourself Company Crowd Detachment Disturbance Enigmatic Freedom Friends Friendship Friendships Happiness Liberty Lonely Lonliness Michael Bassey Johnson Once One Privacy Private Life Rememberance Separation Single Toxic People Unecessary Yesterday You

172. “Do you know what you get when you try to escape? When you drive for miles in a deserted city or swim for hours in a shoreless sea? You get yourself.”

Tags : Acceptance Acknowledge Awareness City Consciousness Drive Escape Experience Harmony Humanity Infinite Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Philosophy Psychology Quote Sea Shoreless Swim Truth Unity You Yourself

173. “When you confront, you save yourself of disillusionment.”

Tags : Confront Disillusionment Save When You Yourself

174. “You don’t waste time on suspecting or second guessing when you confront.”

Tags : Confront Don T Guessing Second Suspecting Time Waste When You

175. “You are more focus when you confront.”

Tags : Are Confront Focus When You

176. “When you confront, you are more result oriented.”

Tags : Are Confront More Oriented Result When You

177. “You are more effective when you confront.”

Tags : Are Confront Effective More You

178. “You know who is for you and against you when you confront.”

Tags : Against Confront Know You

179. “A man that knows your worth doesn't need to be told how to treat you. That's a given! You won't have to question his feelings, his motives, nor his intentions. How will I know? You ask. See, he will freely show you how he feels and prove it consistently. If you're settling for anything less than what you deserve. Then, maybe you don't even know your worth.”

Tags : Ability Faith Fear Home Hope Increase Inspiration Inspirational Introduction Lovers Loving Man Peaceful Sacrifice Selfless Settle United
Source : Sweet Destiny

180. “You possess great strength and vitality.”

Tags : Ability Advice Ambition Capable Destiny Dream Grace Healthy Healthy Habits Inner Strength Inspiring Positive Potential Pursue Your Dreams Self Esteem Self Motivation Strength Willpower You
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

181. “Self care, self love.Self esteem, self confidence”

Tags : Ability Ability And Attitude Can Do Can Do Attitude Can Make It Capability Confidence And Attitude Confident Esteem Health Health And Fitness Health Benefits Healthy Living Inner Beauty Inner Self Self Confidence Image Self Help Your Life Yourself

182. “Don't settle for a normal life. Not when you can enjoy the wonderful weirdness of being who God created you to be.”

Tags : A Be Being Can Created Don T Enjoy For God Life Normal Not Of Settle The To Weirdness When Who Wonderful You
Source : Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working

183. “And because God has entrusted you with such riches, you can use these resources to make a profound difference in countless lives.”

Tags : A Because Can Countless Difference Entrusted God Has In Lives Make Profound Resources Riches Such These To Use With You
Source : Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working

184. “If you're a follower of Jesus, He has given you abundance so that you can care for others, not so you can stock up on capri pants for next summer or afford a leather interior in the new SUV.”

Tags : Abundance Afford Can Care Follower For Given Has He If Interior Jesus Leather New Next Not Or Others So Stock Summer Suv That The Up You You Re
Source : Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working

185. “If you take care of everything inside of you, God will take care of everything outside of you.”

Tags : Care God Inside Outside You
Author : Kate McGahan

186. “If I go outside, I will be prepared but you inside and outside will stuck again and again without a gain!”

Tags : Be But Gain I Inside Outside Prepared Will You
Author : Deyth Banger

187. “May you always have angels to walk with you on the right path.”

Tags : Angel Angelic Answers To Prayers Christian Living Christianity Faith Crossroads Decision Quotes Dreams Quotes Guidance Quotes Inspirational Quotes Journey Quotes Parenting Advice Parenting Quotes Path Positive Thoughts Praying Quotes Right And Wrong Right Time Shinning Star Stars Thoughts On Life Uplifting Quotes Walk Wisdom Wise You
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

188. “We got to see a Corsair ship up close – all matt black, no markings, no lights – and practically invisible out here in the dark! What a sight to behold! Most people don’t get to see those bastards up close. That is, for very long! Anyways, the ship was just floating there, no sign of life. Our hails weren’t being answered, and so we assumed the ship was dead in space. Captain Mulligan, gods-rest-his-soul, told me to form a boarding party of security and medics from the sickbay and that we were going over there. We weren’t a military ship, and we’re not Star Marines, so we were lightly armed and quite nervous. I mean, this wasn’t just some of my security section being called out to break up a fight at one of the bars on the promenade, this was serious life-and-death shit! So I said ‘okay’, and told my assistant supervisor, Lisa Garfner, to get them all together. Seven of us shifted over to the other ship with the transmatter (you still use those things, I take it?) not knowing what to expect. It could’ve been anything… and it was. It was crazy.”

Tags : All And Answered Anything Been Behold Break Crazy Dark Dont Is It Long Marines Nervous Practically Ship So Space The Them Things Transmatter
Source : Space Vacation

189. “Just because opportunities present themselves doesn't mean you should accept every one of them. It's not realistic, and it's also not wise.”

Tags : Accept Also And Doesn T Every It S Mean Not Of One Opportunities Realistic Should Them Wise You
Source : Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working

190. “If you ask me teachers really suck... but what doesn't suck is the knowledge you have these days a lot of which is free which mean that you can put it in practice.”

Tags : Can Free Mean You
Author : Deyth Banger

191. “Realizing you have something in common with another person makes you more human than you were yesterday.”

Tags : Another Common Human Me Person Realize Something Yesterday You
Author : ME :)

192. “Either you will be you or you will not be at all.”

Tags : Books Dejan Stojanovic Literature Literature Quotes Philosophy Poetry Poetry Quotes Poets Quotes The Sun Watches The Sun Wisdom You Yourself
Source : The Sun Watches the Sun

193. “Before We BeginIs Your Bug A nice clean original car that looks almost like itleft the showroom yesterday?P.S. All work should be carried out in consultation with a reliable workshop manual with regard to torque settings, gaps, procedures, sequences disassembly, reassembly, where to hide the leftover parts, etc. I will accept no responsibility for anything resulting fromyou or anybody else trying anything as described in this document whatsoever – but if it works or you end up with some amusing stories to tell someone else’s grandchildren, please feel free to drop me a line. (No death threats please.)Sincerely,Christina Engela”

Tags : Amusing As Begin But Consultation Described Disassembly Else S From Grandchildren Is It Leftover Looks Me P S Please Reassembly Responsibility Settings Sincerely Some Workshop Yesterday You
Source : Bugspray

194. “How can I teach my boys the value and beauty of language and thus communication when the President himself reads westerns exclusively and cannot put together a simple English sentence? (John Steinbeck, in a private letter written during the Eisenhower administration)”

Tags : Another Of President Remind You

195. “He is the God who loved you so much that His Son stripped Himself of all heavenly glory to live as an impoverished Jewish carpenter so He could shed His blood, suffer, and die for the forgiveness of our sins.”

Tags : All An And As Carpenter Could Die For Forgiveness Glory Heavely Impoverished Live Loved Much Our Sins So Son Suffer That The You
Source : Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working

196. “You can't build a foundation of sin now for a life of purity later.”

Tags : A Build Can T For Foundation Later Life Now Of Purity Sin You
Source : Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working

197. “The best thing you can do for your kids is to show them God working in you on a daily basis.”

Tags : A Basis Best Can Daily Do For God In Is Kids On Show The Them Thing To Working You Your
Source : Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working

198. “When you believe marriage is your answer, you'll often give something that eventually hurts you both.”

Tags : Answer Believe Both Eventually Give Hurts Is Marriage Often Something That When You You Ll Your
Source : Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working

199. “Whatever else you set out to do, begin by getting to know God and seeking His will in your life. If you do that, you will find Him. He will lead you. He will bless you. What a wonderful promise! But it is conditional. If you turn your back on the Lord, He will cast you off forever.”

Tags : Back Bless Cast Conditional Find Him Forever His Will Know God Lead Lord Off On Promise Seeking Turn Will Wonderful You

200. “If you're a follower of Jesus, He has given you abundance so that you can care for others, not so you can stock up on capri pants for next summer or afford a leather interior in the new SUV. As long as you don't own the responsibility of being blessed with resources so that you can give to those around you, then you can stay focused on getting more for yourself.”

Tags : Abundance Afford Around You Blessed Can Capri Don T Focused Follower For Getting Given Has Leather Long New Next Of Others Resources So Stock Summer That The To Those With You Yourself
Source : Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working