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1. “protectionI requested the figures on OSHA whistle-blower complaints made and the number actually upheld. OSHA refused to supply them. They also refused to uphold my OSHA complaints and provide whistle-blower protection to me. My independent research leads me to understand that they uphold almost no OSHA whistle-blower complaints. It is very concerning that it seems like the same thing is happening with complaints made to Police Internal Affairs.”

Tags : Affairs Complaints Concerning Corruption Corruption Politics Figures Government Abuse Government Corruption Government Cover Ups Government Regulation Happening Independant Internal Police Brutality Police Corruption Police State Protection Refused Requested Research Same Understand Upheld Whistleblower
Author : Steven Magee

2. “The Democratic Party would like to be re-elected so that they can continue to uphold almost no Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) whistle-blower complaints, enforce hardly any police internal affairs allegations, and corrupt corporations with lobbyists can continue operating outside of the law.”

Tags : Blower Complaints Compliant Continue Corrupt Leaders Corruption Corruption And Attitude Corruption Quotes Democratic Party United States Elect Election Elections Enforce Enforcement Hardly Outside Police Corruption Police Reform Policeman Political Philosophy Politics Politics Of The United States Sheriff Uphold Whistle Whistleblower
Author : Steven Magee

3. “Working for OSHA is a horrible job to have. You have to ignore the whistle blowers and send them illegal letters saying that you cannot find any problems. I have a lot of those fraudulent letters, as I have been through OSHA twice. Once as the utility company employee and once as the utility company subcontractor employee. It is a disgusting & blatently corrupt system.”

Tags : Blatent Blower Company Contractor Corrupt Corruption Disgusting Employee Fraudulent Horrible Ignore Illegal Job Letters Lot Osha Problems Send Subcontractor System Utility Whistle Whistleblower Working
Author : Steven Magee

4. “You know when 1 in 2 marriages ends in divorce, 1 in 42 boys have Autism, and safety complaints from the majority of whistle-blower's are not being upheld, that you are living in a seriously dysfunctional society.”

Tags : Autism Spectrum Blower Boys Complaint Divorce Divorce Quotes Dysfunctional World End Know Knowledge Majority Marriage Marriage Quotes Marriages Osha Safety Seriously Society Whistle Whistle Blowing Whistleblower Whistleblowing
Author : Steven Magee

5. “I have been through the OSHA system twice and I can confirm that I did not have the right to a safe workplace or whistle-blower protection on either occasion.”

Tags : Astronomical Blower Electrical Electricity Kea Mauna Mountain Mountaintop Osha Retaliation Rights Safe Place Solar Solar Power Solar Pv Solar System Telescope Twice Whistle Whistle Blower Workers Workplace Workplace Politics
Author : Steven Magee

6. “[From a May 1, 2004 article entitled "Still Up to Mischief" from The Guardian reporting on and quoting Altman]Still, it's worth noting that by the age of 20 this whistle- blower had resisted two of the most powerful institutions - church and army, both. He is an atheist, 'And I have been against all of these wars ever since.”

Tags : Army Atheism Atheist Morality Resistance War Whistleblower
Author : Robert Altman

7. “These programs were never about terrorism: they're about economic spying, social control, and diplomatic manipulation. They're about power.”

Tags : Diplomatic Manipulation Economic Espionage Edward Snowden Leaking Leaks Mass Surveillance Nsa Power Snowden Social Control Surveillance Whistleblower Whistleblowing Xkeyscore

8. “Being called a traitor by Dick Cheney is the highest honor you can give to an American.”

Tags : Dick Cheney Edward Snowden Leaking Leaks Snowden Traitor Whistleblower Whistleblowing

9. “I was right outside the NSA [on 9/11], so I remember the tension on that day. I remember hearing on the radio, 'the plane's hitting,' and I remember thinking my grandfather, who worked for the FBI at the time, was in the Pentagon when the plane hit it...I take the threat of terrorism seriously, and I think we all do. And I think it's really disingenuous for the government to invoke and sort-of scandalize our memories to sort-of exploit the national trauma that we all suffered together and worked so hard to come through -- and to justify programs that have never been shown to keep us safe, but cost us liberties and freedoms that we don't need to give up, and that our Constitution says we should not give up.”

Tags : Corrupt Democracy Freedom Government Government Abuse Government Corruption Government Spending Hero Liberty Propaganda Rights Whistleblower

10. “I'm worried that the government might kill Edward Snowden with a drone. --Ron Paul”

Tags : Whistleblower
Author : Ron Paul
Source : Lies the Government Told You: Myth, Power, and Deception in American History

11. “The collective impact of these failures has been a complete erosion of ethical standards, ultimately leading to a novel system we still call Capitalism, but which is tantamount to economic slavery. In this system—our system—the slaves are unaware both of their status and of their masters, who exist in a world apart where the intangible shackles are carefully hidden amongst reams of unreachable legalese.”

Tags : Capitalism Panama Papers Revolution Whistleblower
Author : John Doe