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1. “Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently.”

Tags : Character Consistency Courage Determination Essence Ethos Fortitude Goodness Inspiration Life Lessons Persistence Resolve Self Reliance Strength Virtue Virtues
Author : Maya Angelou

2. “The victim is always morally superior to the master; that is the victim's ambivalent triumph. That is why there have been so few notoriously wicked women in comparison to the number of notoriously wicked men; our victim status ensures that we rarely have the opportunity.”

Tags : Evil Feminism Morality Superiority Virtue Wickedness Women S Rights
Author : Angela Carter

3. “These are illusions of popular history which successful religion must promote: Evil men never prosper; only the brave deserve the fair; honesty is the best policy; actions speak louder than words; virtue always triumpths; a good deed is its own rewards; any bad human can be reformed; religious talismans protect one from demon possession; only females understand the ancient mysteries; the rich are doomed to unhappiness”

Tags : Belief Systems Dune Dune Arrakis Dune Messiah Evil Faith Falsehood Falsehoods Good Goodness Historical Historical Perspective History History Of Thought Justice Of God Moral Moral Law Morality Religion Religion Philosophy Religious Faith Virtues
Author : Frank Herbert
Source : Children of Dune

4. “Kindness is strength. Good-nature is often mistaken for virtue, and good health sometimes passes for genius. Anger blows out the lamp of the mind. In the examination of a great and important question, every one should be serene, slow-pulsed, and calm. Intelligence is not the foundation of arrogance. Insolence is not logic. Epithets are the arguments of malice.”

Tags : Anger Arrogance Epithets Genius Good Nature Insolence Intelligence Kindness Logic Malice Serene Strength Virtue
Source : The Christian Religion An Enquiry

5. “He has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire."[On British Labour politician Stafford Cripps.]”

Tags : Admiration Classic Insult Vice Virtue
Source : Wealth, War, and Wisdom

6. “A virtuos woman is not moved by big names and flamboyance, but only men of profound wisdom and integrity move her.”

Tags : Big Names Character Chaste Chasticity Clean Cleanliness Discipline Flamboyance Good Choice Good Woman Her Ladies Lady Luxury Money Name Opulence Profound Pure Purity Sensitivity Sound Judgment Wisdom Woman Of Virtue

7. “When I'm good, I'm very good, but when I'm bad, I'm better. ”

Tags : Goodness Sexuality Virtue
Author : Mae West

8. “Tolerance! The virtue that makes one bite his tongue so that he can tear out his hair.”

Tags : Dishonesty Funny Funny But True Honesty Humor Silence Tolerance Truth Virtue Virtue Signalling
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

9. “Faith is the surrender of the mind, it's the surrender of reason, it's the surrender of the only thing that makes us different from other animals. It's our need to believe and to surrender our skepticism and our reason, our yearning to discard that and put all our trust or faith in someone or something, that is the sinister thing to me. ... Out of all the virtues, all the supposed virtues, faith must be the most overrated”

Tags : Animal Atheism Faith Mammals Religion Virtue

10. “Am eager to make more mistakes in order to succeed.”

Tags : Agree Believe Carry Character Courage Critic Critics Detractors Discouragements Failures Faith Food For Thought Hard Inspiration Insults Learn Lower Mistakes Persistence Push Push Hard Success Virtue Virtues Weight

11. “In a room wherepeople unanimously maintaina conspiracy of silence,one word of truthsounds like a pistol shot.”

Tags : Democracy Dissent Heroes Honesty Integrity Truth Truth Telling Virtue

12. “Any woman of virtue won't be easy to come by. She will make you jump over hurdles to reach her.”

Tags : Barriers Empowering Women Hurdles Obstacles Roadblocks Virtue

13. “There has to be a cut-off somewhere between the freedom of expression and a graphically explicit free-for-all.”

Tags : Art Artists Arts Arts And Humanities Catholic Author Christian Dignity Dignity In The Arts Ethics Ethics And Moral Philosophy Free For All Freedom Of Expression Gadfly Limits Media Moderation Modesty Morality Morals Virtue Virtue Of Modesty Virtues Virtues And Vices
Source : Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

14. “The Master said, “A true gentleman is one who has set his heart upon the Way. A fellow who is ashamed merely of shabby clothing or modest meals is not even worth conversing with.”(Analects 4.9)”

Tags : Capitalism China Consumerism Greed Materialism Simplicity Virtue
Author : Confucius

15. “So there is nothing inherently subversive about pleasure. On the contrary, as Karl Marx recognized, it is a thoroughly aristocratic creed. The traditional English gentleman was so averse to unpleasurable labour that he could not even be bothered to articulate properly. Hence the patrician slur and drawl, Aristotle believed that being human was something you had to get good at through constant practice, like learning Catalan or playing the bagpipes; whereas if the English gentleman was virtuous, as he occasionally deigned to be, his goodness was purely spontaneous. Moral effort was for merchants and clerks”

Tags : Class Labour Moral Effort Morality Pleasure Virtue

16. “They said there was no rest for the wicked. In fact, there was rest neither for the virtuous nor the wicked, nor for guys like Billy, who were uncommitted regarding the whole idea of virtue versus wickedness and who were just trying to do their jobs.”

Tags : Virtue Wickedness
Author : Dean Koontz
Source : Dark Rivers of the Heart

17. “There is perhaps no phenomenon which contains so much destructive feeling as 'moral indignation,' which permits envy or hate to be acted out under the guise of virtue.”

Tags : Dishonesty Double Standards Envy Hate Indignation Morality Vice Virtue
Author : Erich Fromm
Source : Man for Himself: An Inquiry into the Psychology of Ethics

18. “If the Pentateuch is not inspired in its astronomy, geology, geography, history or philosophy, if it is not inspired concerning slavery, polygamy, war, law, religious or political liberty, or the rights of men, women and children, what is it inspired in, or about? The unity of God?—that was believed long before Moses was born. Special providence?—that has been the doctrine of ignorance in all ages. The rights of property?—theft was always a crime. The sacrifice of animals?—that was a custom thousands of years before a Jew existed. The sacredness of life?—there have always been laws against murder. The wickedness of perjury?—truthfulness has always been a virtue. The beauty of chastity?—the Pentateuch does not teach it. Thou shalt worship no other God?—that has been the burden of all religions.”

Tags : Astronomy Bible Burden Crime Doctrine Geology History Ignorance Inspiration Inspired Jew Law Life Moses Murder Philosophy Property Religious Liberty Rights Sacrifice Science Teach Theft Truth Virtue War
Source : Some Mistakes of Moses

19. “Happiness is the object and design of our existence; and will be the end thereof, if we pursue the path that leads to it; and this path is virtue, uprightness, faithfulness, holiness, and keeping all the commandments of God.”

Tags : God Happiness Inspirational Mormonism Religion Virtue

20. “[I]t is not by being richer or more powerful that a man becomes better; one is a matter of fortune, the other of virtue. Nor should she deem herself other than venal who weds a rich man rather than a poor, and desires more things in her husband than himself. Assuredly, whomsoever this concupiscence leads into marriage deserves payment rather than affection.”

Tags : Affection Dignity Greed Honesty Honor Integrity Love Marriage Married Life Materialism Matrimony Payment Possessions Poverty Power Riches Shame Sin Venality Vice Virtue Wedlock Wives Women
Source : The Letters of Abélard and Héloïse

21. “[I]f the name of wife appears more sacred and more valid, sweeter to me is ever the word friend, or, if thou be not ashamed, concubine ... And thou thyself wert not wholly unmindful of that ... [as in the narrative of thy misfortunes] thou hast not disdained to set forth sundry reasons by which I tried to dissuade thee from our marriage, from an ill-starred bed; but wert silent as to many, in which I preferred love to wedlock, freedom to a bond. I call God to witness, if Augustus, ruling over the whole world, were to deem me worthy of the honour of marriage, and to confirm the whole world to me, to be ruled by me forever, dearer to me and of greater dignity would it seem to be called thy concubine than his empress.”

Tags : Bonds Concubine Devotion Dignity Freedom Honor Integrity Love Marriage Married Life Matrimony Misfortunes Self Determination Shame Sin Social Norms Vice Virtue Wedlock Wife Women Worthiness
Source : The Letters of Abélard and Héloïse

22. “-We need more love, to supersede hatred, -We need more strength, to resist our weaknesses, -We need more inspiration, to lighten up our innermind. -We need more learning, to erase our ignorance, -We need more wisdom, to live longer and happier, -We need more truths, to suppress deceptions, -We need more health, to enjoy our wealth, -We need more peace, to stay in harmony with our brethren -We need more smiles, to brighten up our day, -We need more hero's, and not zero's, -We need more change of ourselves, to change the lives of others, -We need more understanding, to tackle our misunderstanding, -We need more sympathy, not apathy, -We need more forgiveness, not vengeance, -We need more humility to be lifted up, -We need more patience and not undue eagerness, -We need more focus, to avoid distraction, -We need more optimism, not pessimism -We need more justice, not injustice, -We need more facts, not fiction,-We need more education, to curb illiteracy, -We need more skills, not incompetence, -We need more challenges, to make attempts, -We need more talents, to create the extraordinary, -We need more helping hands, not stingy folks, -We need more efforts, not laziness, -We need more jokes, to forget our worries, -We need more spirituality, not mean religion, -We need more freedom, not enslavement, -We need more peacemakers, not revolutionaries...with these, we create an heaven on earth.”

Tags : Achilles Heel Change Enlightenment Fundamental Rights Great Words Hero Illiteracy Illumination Incompetence Inspiration Kind Words Lessons Life Lesson Longevity Mind More Peace Peacemaking Skill Skills Sympathy Tranquility Truth Waking Up Wise Saying

23. “Who can find a virtuous woman?For her price is far above rubies.”

Tags : Purity Scripture Virtue Woman
Author : Anonymous
Source : Holy Bible: King James Version

24. “It is vain to expect virtue from women till they are in some degree independent of men.”

Tags : Double Standards Empowerment Feminism Freedom Gender Hypocrisy Independence Misogyny Morality Self Determination Social Norms Virtue Women
Source : A Vindication of the Rights of Woman

25. “Look, Miranda, he said, those twenty long years that lie between you and me. I've more knowledge of life than you, I've lived more and betrayed more and seen more betrayed. At your age one is bursting with ideals. You think that because I can sometimes see what's trivial and what's important in art that I ought to be more virtuous. But I don't want to be virtuous. My charm (if there is any) for you is simply frankness. And experience. Not goodness. I'm not a good man. Perhaps morally I'm younger even than you are. Can you understand that?”

Tags : Art Betray Betrayal Betrayed Bursting Charm Experience Frank Frankness Good Goodness Ideal Ideals Important Knowledge Life Old Older Understand Virtue Virtuous Years Young Younger
Author : John Fowles
Source : The Collector

26. “Virtue is harder to be got than knowledge of the world; and, if lost in a young man, is seldom recovered.”

Tags : Virtue Wisdom World Young
Author : John Locke

27. “I can't count the men who have tried to seduce me away from my virtue by teaching me how to defend it.”

Tags : Courtship Deception Virtue
Source : The Name of the Wind

28. “Sex swims in marriage, while sex sinks in sin of being single.”

Tags : Adultry Celibacy Choice Erotic Fornication Free Lustful Marriage Seductive Sex Sinful Singleness Swims Virginity Virtue

29. “And it is you, spirit--with will and energy, and virtue and purity--that I want, not alone with your brittle frame.”

Tags : Love Purity Romance Soul Spirit Virtue
Source : Jane Eyre

30. “...For like a rugged tree you are hard and sound at the core.”

Tags : Compliment Compliments Reliability Steadfastness Virtue
Source : She

31. “Simplicity is a great virtue but it requires hard work to achieve it and education to appreciate it. And to make matters worse: complexity sells better.”

Tags : Complexity Elegance Simple Simplicity Virtue

32. “Knowledge without application is simply knowledge. Applying the knowledge to one’s life is wisdom — and that is the ultimate virtue”

Tags : Knowledge Knowledge Of The Self Knowledge Wisdom Lessons In Life Lessons Learned Life Life And Living Life And Love Virtue Wisdom Wisdom Inspirational
Source : Living in Light, Love & Truth: You Can Positively Change Your Life by Living in Light, Love, & Truth-Awareness + Reflection + Learning + Application

33. “Your genuine happiness does not come from other people, activities or things, it comes from living a meaningful life - a life that is in alignment with your values and is beneficial.”

Tags : Compassion Genuine Happiness Happiness Meaningful Values Virtue Wisdom
Author : John Bruna

34. “These virtues are formed in man by his doing the actions ... The good of man is a working of the soul in the way of excellence in a complete life.”

Tags : Excellence Habit Virtue
Author : Aristotle
Source : The Nicomachean Ethics

35. “It takes courage to dream, to face our futures and the limiting forces within us. It takes courage to be determined that, as we slow down physically, we are going to grow even more psychologically and spiritually. Courage, the philosopher Aristotle taught us, is the most important of all the virtues, because without it we can’t practice any of the others. Courage is the nearest star that can guide our growth. Maya Angelou said we must be courageous about facing and exploring our personal histories. We must find the courage to care and to create internally, as well as externally, and as she said, we need the courage “to create ourselves daily as Christians, as Jews, as Muslims, as thinking, caring, laughing, loving human beings.”

Tags : Aging Aging Gracefully Aging Quotes Aging Well Authentic Life Authentic Living Authentic Self Authenticity Courage Courage To Be Oneself Creativity Creativity And Attitude Creativity And Motivational Self Expression Senior Citizens Seniors Virtue
Author : Bud Harris

36. “—Pues ahí, no aquí [...] siguen morando en nidos y en «boudoirs», en cortes de justicia y en oficinas los que nos aman; los que nos honran, vírgenes y hombres de negocios; abogados y médicos; los que prohíben, los que niegan, los que respetan sin saber por qué, los que alaban sin comprender; la todavía muy numerosa (alabado sea Dios) tribu de los decentes; que prefieren no ver; anhelan no saber; aman la oscuridad; esos todavía nos adoran, y con razón; porque les hemos dado riqueza, prosperidad, comodidad, holgura.”

Tags : God Religion Richness Virgin Virtue
Source : Orlando

37. “For I am—or I was—one of those people who pride themselves in on their willpower, on their ability to make a decision and carry it through. This virtue, like most virtues, is ambiguity itself. People who believe that they are strong-willed and the masters of their destiny can only continue to believe this by becoming specialists in self-deception. Their decisions are not really decisions at all—a real decision makes one humble, one knows that it is at the mercy of more things than can be named—but elaborate systems of evasion, of illusion, designed to make themselves and the world appear to be what they and the world are not. This is certainly what my decision, made so long ago in Joey’s bed, came to. I had decided to allow no room in the universe for something which shamed and frightened me. I succeeded very well—by not looking at the universe, by not looking at myself, by remaining, in effect, in constant motion.”

Tags : Decision Life Personality Pride Virtue World
Author : James Baldwin
Source : Giovanni's Room

38. “We distill happiness from garnering joy in the ordinary fragments of life, while dedicating personal effort to creating a body of work that one can look back on their deathbed and be satisfied with achieving. Happiness comes from living beautifully, which necessarily involves reason in thought and speech (logos), and leading an ethical and virtuous life devoted to achieving worthy goals.”

Tags : Ethical Ethical Behavior Happiness Happiness Quotes Happy Life Virtue Virtue Quotes Virtuous Virtuous Person
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

39. “To reprove a harm-doer, put him to shame by doing a good deed in return.”

Tags : Act Action Activity Deeds Evil Good Harm Kindness Love Shame Virtue
Author : Thiruvalluvar
Source : Thirukkural

40. “It's easy to run to others. It's so hard to stand on one's own record. You can fake virtue for an audience. You can't fake it in your own eyes. Your ego is your strictest judge. They run from it. They spend their lives running. It's easier to donate a few thousand to charity and think oneself noble than to base self-respect on personal standards of personal achievement. It's simple to seek substitutes for competence--such easy substitutes: love, charm, kindness, charity. But there is no substitute for competence.”

Tags : Charity Competence Nobility Self Respect Virtue
Author : Ayn Rand
Source : The Fountainhead

41. “How like God's love yours has been to me- so wise, so generous, and so unsparing!" exclaimed Pancratius. "Promise me one thing more- that is, that you will stay near to me to the end, and carry my last legacy to my mother.”

Tags : Bravery Catholic Catholic Faith Christian Colosseum Fabiola Faith God Hope Inspiring Love Martyr Martyrdom Percecution Religion Rome Saint Saint Agnes Saint Pancratius Saint Sebastian Sainthood Saints Salvation Virtue

42. “What every man should desire is an ugly woman with a beautiful heart, not a beautiful woman with an ugly heart.”

Tags : Addiction Appeal Appealing Beautiful Beauty Behaviour Damsel Desire Exquisite Face For Men Good Looking Horrible Kindness Looks Michael Bassey Johnson Preference Pretty Purity Sweet Ugly Virtue

43. “More than half of my life is past; I have left only the time I need for turning the rest of it to account and for effacing my errors by my virtues.”

Tags : Emile Error Life Past Virtue

44. “Everything we do in life reflects through the virtues of a nation. For example if a nation is ruled through Fear, the Manifestation of War rises; If a nation is ruled through Love, War would not exist and Harmony would find its way.”

Tags : Fear Harmony Life Love Nation Reflect Virtue War
Author : Nynke Visser

45. “Life without thankfulness is devoid of love and passion. Hope without thankfulness is lacking in fine perception. Faith without thankfulness lacks strength and fortitude. Every virtue divorced from thankfulness is maimed and limps along the spiritual road.”

Tags : Faith Hope Life Thankfulness Virtue

46. “Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.”

Tags : Ambiguity Virtue

47. “One should always be drunk. That's all that matters...But with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you chose. But get drunk.”

Tags : Drunk Poetry Virtue Wine

48. “The enemy is within the gates; it is with our own luxury, our own folly, our own criminality that we have to contend.”

Tags : Excess Self Control Virtue

49. “I'd rather make a show 100 people need to see, than a show that 1000 people want to see.”

Tags : Importance Quality Virtue
Author : Joss Whedon

50. “Don’t give people what they want, give them what they need.”

Tags : Needs Virtue Wish Fulfillment Writing
Author : Joss Whedon

51. “I don't believe in sin. My relationships that failed have failed because I somehow attract devout christians. I don't believe in virtue either. I think people just do shit and it's life.”

Tags : Christians How To Live Life Living Relationships Religion Sin Virtue

52. “Never support two weaknesses at the same time. It's your combination sinners - your lecherous liars and your miserly drunkards - who dishonor the vices and bring them into bad repute.”

Tags : Morality Sinners Vice Virtue

53. “I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints.”

Tags : Laughter Sadness Saints Sin Virtue
Author : Billy Joel

54. “for PEOPLE to rule themselves in a REPUBLIC , they must have virtue;for a TYRANT to rule in a TYRANNY ,he must use FEAR.”

Tags : Fear Republic Rule Tyranny Tyrant Virtue Virtues
Source : Change to Chains-The 6,000 Year Quest for Control -Volume I-Rise of the Republic

55. “The problem with people who have no vices is that generally you can be pretty sure they're going to have some pretty annoying virtues.”

Tags : Indulgence Virtue

56. “Every one suspects himself of at least one of the cardinal virtues, and this is mine: I am one of the few honest people that I have ever known.”

Tags : Humor Virtue
Source : The Great Gatsby

57. “It is not always the same thing to be a good man and a good citizen.”

Tags : Activism Civil Disobedience Good Patriotism Value Virtue
Author : Aristotle
Source : Selected Writings From The Nicomachean Ethics And Politics

58. “Perhaps it takes a purer faith to praise God for unrealized blessings than for those we once enjoyed or those we enjoy now.”

Tags : Faith Hope Life Thankfulness Virtue
Author : A.W. Tozer

59. “We value virtue but do not discuss it. The honest bookkeeper, the faithful wife, the earnest scholar get little of our attention compared to the embezzler, the tramp, the cheat.”

Tags : Acknowledgement Honor Virtue
Source : Travels with Charley: In Search of America

60. “The virtuous man contents himself with dreaming that which the wicked man does in actual life.”

Tags : Dreams Honor Virtue Wicked
Author : Sigmund Freud
Source : The Interpretation of Dreams

61. “Wisdom ain't a virtue I ever aspired to.”

Tags : Jack Virtue Wisdom
Author : Moira Young
Source : Blood Red Road

62. “It is an infantile superstition of the human spirit that virginity would be thought a virtue and not the barrier that separates ignorance from knowledge.”

Tags : Ignorance Knowledge Virginity Virtue
Author : Voltaire

63. “My hate is general, I detest all men;Some because they are wicked and do evil,Others because they tolerate the wicked,Refusing them the active vigorous scornWhich vice should stimulate in virtuous minds.”

Tags : Detest Evil Hate Misanthrope Scorn Toleration Vice Virtue Wicked
Author : Molière
Source : The Misanthrope

64. “Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder. ”

Tags : Virtue

65. “You have to choose the best, every day, without compromise...guided by your own virtue and highest ambition”

Tags : Choice Virtue

66. “The way of the superior person is threefold; virtuous, they are free from anxieties; wise they are free from perplexities; and bold they are free from fear.”

Tags : Bold Virtue Wise
Author : Confucius

67. “To be able under all circumstances to practice five things constitutes perfect virtue; these five things are gravity, generosity of soul, sincerity, earnestness and kindness.”

Tags : Virtue
Author : Confucius

68. “The little things of life, sweet and excellent in their place, must not be the things lived for; the highest must be sought and followed; the life of heaven must be begun here on earth.”

Tags : Death Goals Virtue
Source : Anne of the Island

69. “The identity you're craving for is an illusion; your true nature has no identity, you're the universe -you contain all things!”

Tags : Attachment Consistency Courage Empowerment Essence Ethos Fortitude Goodness Home Identity Independence Individuality Inspiration Inspirational Life Lessons Nationality Resolve Roots Self Containment Self Reliance Self Trust Character Strength Virtue Virtues

70. “Mistake is an event not a person.”

Tags : Character Consistency Counselling Courage Ethos Events Failure Forgetting Fortitude Help Inspirational Inspirational Attitude Inspirational Life Inspirational Quotes Letting Go Life And Living Life Lessons Persistence Relations Success Virtue Virtues
Source : Psychology of Friendship for Leadership

71. “Your thinking depends on your perception, just asyour perception depends on the way you think.”

Tags : Change Character Consistency Define Determination Essence Ethos Events Fortitude Growth Inspiration Inspirational Inspirational Life Life Living Marriage Myself People Personal Growth Preference Relations Represent Representative Resolve Self Reliance Success Thought Thoughtful Virtue Virtues
Source : Psychology of Friendship for Leadership

72. “Hang out with successful people and you'll acquiresuccess characters”

Tags : Character Counselling Courage Dreams Essence Events Forgetting Fortitude Goals Hate Inspirational Attitude Inspirational Life Inspirational Quotes Letting Go Life Living Motivation People Persistence Relations Resolve Success Virtues
Source : Psychology of Friendship for Leadership

73. “Unimaginative thinking has never produced a genuis”

Tags : Better Consistency Courage Determination Events Forgetting Fortitude Genius Goodness Improvement Leadership Life And Living Life Lessons Marriage People Production Reasoning Relations Virtues Winners
Source : Psychology of Friendship for Leadership

74. “The man or the woman in whom resides greater virtue is the higher; neither the loftiness nor the lowliness of a person lies in the body according to the sex, but in the perfection of conduct and virtues.”

Tags : Clichés Conduct Double Standards Empowerment Equality Gender Hypocrisy Men Misogyny Morality Perception Prejudice Social Norms Superiority Virtue Women
Source : The Book of the City of Ladies

75. “Olivier took a deep breath, then turned and bowed in farewell. Gersonides nodded in return, then thought of something."The manuscript you brought me, by that bishop. It argues that understanding is more important than movement. That action is virtuous only if it reflects pure comprehension, and that virtue comes from the comprehension, not the action."Olivier frowned. "So?""Dear boy, I must tell you a secret.""What?""I do believe it is wrong.”

Tags : Action Comprehension Philosophy Right Understanding Virtue Wrong
Author : Iain Pears
Source : The Dream of Scipio

76. “People either build a castle or a dungeon. The former by their virtues, pull people into positive edifices with gainful impression. The later by their vices, push people into negative huts with painful oppression.”

Tags : Castle Castles Dungeon Edifices Gainful Gains Impression Kill Lead People Leaders Mislead Misleader Oppress Oppressive Oppressor Oppressors Pain And Gain Push Self Improvement Vice Vices Virtues
Source : Leaders' Ladder

77. “By the external appearance of your knowledge, you have attained (high) ranks and reverence with the people! So seek with Allah higher ranks and closeness by virtue of your hidden good deeds. And know that these two ranks, one cancels out the other.”

Tags : Allah Appearance Attained Cancels Closeness Deeds External God Hidden Higher Knowledge Ranks Reverence Virtue

78. “I want to do what little I can to make my country truly free, to broaden the intellectual horizon of our people, to destroy the prejudices born of ignorance and fear, to do away with the blind worship of the ignoble past, with the idea that all the great and good are dead, that the living are totally depraved, that all pleasures are sins, that sighs and groans are alone pleasing to God, that thought is dangerous, that intellectual courage is a crime, that cowardice is a virtue, that a certain belief is necessary to secure salvation, that to carry a cross in this world will give us a palm in the next, and that we must allow some priest to be the pilot of our souls.”

Tags : Belief Blind Cross Destroy Fear Good Great Groan Ignorance Intellect Living Past People Pleasing Prejudice Priest Salvation Sin Virtue Want Worship
Source : Some Mistakes of Moses

79. “Men, naar Comoedier ere moralske og opbyggelige, kand jeg ikke see, med hvad Føye man kand kaste Foragt paa Acteurs, som forestille dem. Comoedianter ere vel udi de Roman-Catholske Lande excommunicerede: men, saasom paa mange saadanne Steder Skiøger offentligen tillades, lærer man intet andet deraf, end at den Canon er giort hen i Taaget, eller forfattet af Hypocriter, hvilke ere de eeneste lastværdige Comoedianter; Thi en Øyenskalk spiller de hæsligste Comoedier. Den Forskiel imellem ham og en anden Acteur er denne, at skiønt begge agere forstilte Personer, saa forstiller den første sig, for at bedrage Verden, og den sidste, for at legge Bedragerie og falske Dyder for Lyset.”

Tags : Actor Actors Christianity Hypocrisy Morality Morals Play Playwright The World S A Stage Theatre Virtue
Source : Epistler

80. “We must remember that the test of our religious principles lies not just in what we say, not only in our prayers, not even in living blameless lives - but in what we do for others”

Tags : Christian Behavior Politics Religion Virtue
Author : Harry Truman

81. “Aristocracy's only an admission that certain traits which we call fine - courage and honor and beauty and all that sort of thing - can best be developed in a favorable environment, where you don't have the warpings of ignorance and necessity.”

Tags : Aristocracy Beauty Courage Honor Ignorance Money Necessity Privilege Virtue
Source : The Beautiful and Damned

82. “In a cruel world kindness is certainly an unsafe virtue”

Tags : Cruel Cruel World Cruelty Kindness Kindness Quote Kindness Quotes Unsafe Virtue Virtue Quotes Virtues Wisdom Wisdom Quotes World
Author : Munia Khan

83. “Fame is not the glory! Virtue is the goal, and fame only a messenger, to bring more to the fold.”

Tags : Attitude Celebrity Fame Glory Virtue
Author : Vanna Bonta
Source : Degrees: Thought Capsules

84. “Even if someone does something that brings bad to you,do something good for them and make them feel shy for what they have done to you”

Tags : Apologize Bad Forgiveness Good Kindness Love Maturity Regret Vice Virtue Wise
Author : Thiruvalluvar
Source : Thirukkural

85. “Remain faithful to the earth, my brothers, with the power of your virtue. Let your gift-giving love and your knowledge serve the meaning of the earth. Thus I beg and beseech you. Do not let them fly away from earthly things and beat with their wings against eternal walls. Alas, there has always been so much virtue that has flown away. Lead back to the earth the virtue that flew away, as I do—back to the body, back to life, that it may give the earth a meaning, a human meaning.”

Tags : Care Dream Earth Future Heaven Hope Human Humanity Love Man Now Real Virtue

86. “Imagination is the ability to produce new ideas without the need of time to stop and actually think about it. I'll produce elevator buttons - I bought that business from Jarod Kintz, who was only selling it, because he found a new, more profitable job – male prostitution (he’s selling his grandpa’s services, not his own, because his own are virtually non-existent – he’s a monk now, and monks are sworn to celibacy, you know, or should, by now). Buy now - grieve later. Two 5th floor buttons for your floorless cardboard-built tree house, for the price of one, 7-story tall tree, which, for the purpose of this story we’ll call Nathan. Nathan sends you its best regards and wishes you a happy, silent, well-watered-down life, which, coming from a tree isn’t really that much, however, as you know - trees aren’t regular customers in the land of walking and talking, and it took quite a lot of convincing to make him come over and say that. Meow.”

Tags : Button Cardboard Cat Celibacy Convincing Happy Ideas Imaginative Job Joke Logic Monk Price Prostitution Regard Regular Sales Story Talk Transfer Tree Virtualization Virtue Walking Work
Author : Will Advise
Source : Nothing is here...

87. “A woman who holds her head up too high, is trying to breathe from her own pollution.”

Tags : Arrogant Balance Corruption Ego Females Gossiping Head Hold Head Humility Ignorant Immaterial Integrity No Merit No Substance Pollution Proud Quality Shallow Shallowness Sins Superficial Superficiality Vain Valueless Vanity Virtue Woman Women Women Strengths
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

88. “Atheism leaves a man to sense, to philosophy, to natural piety, to laws, to reputation; all which may be guides to an outward moral virtue, though religion were not; but superstition dismounts all these, and erecteth an absolute monarchy in the minds of men. Therefore atheism did never perturb states; for it makes men wary of themselves, as looking no further: and we see the times inclined to atheism (as the time of Augustus Cæsar) were civil times. But superstition hath been the confusion of many states, and bringeth in a new primum mobile, that ravisheth all the spheres of government. The master of superstition is the people; and in all superstition wise men follow fools; and arguments are fitted to practice, in a reversed order.”

Tags : Argument Atheism Augustus Caesar Caesar Civil Confusion Government Laws Master Monarchy Morality Natural Piety Philosophy Piety Practice Religion Reputation Sense Superstition Virtue Wise
Author : Francis Bacon

89. “Many pride themselves, staking claim to the noble virtue that is loyalty. However, many resolve to give their allegiance to nothing. How can one demand loyalty, if one stands by nothing, nor commits to the realization of an ideal?”

Tags : Allegiance Ideal Loyalty Noble Pride Realization Virtue

90. “And so sovereign Providence has often produced a remarkable effect--evil men making other evil men good. For some, when they think they suffer injustice at the hands of the worst of men, burn with hatred for evil men, and being eager to be different from those they hate, have reformed and become virtuous. It is only the power of God to which evils may also be good, when by their proper use He elicits some good result.”

Tags : Evil Providence Theodicy Virtue
Author : Boethius
Source : The Consolation of Philosophy

91. “Women are gifts, open them with care, judge them with leniecy, test and weigh their depths, then accept those with true worth and value.”

Tags : Adoration Approach Calmness Care Concern Courtship Engagement Fidelity Flower Forgive Forgiveness Free Gift Happiness Honesty How To Treat A Lady Kindness Love Marry Pleasure Respect Test True Woman Trust Virtue Will Of God Worship Worth

92. “Yea... It's impossible to lead with true virtues if you surround yourself with praise singers... people who do not cheer you up, instead of cheering up your dreams!”

Tags : Big Dreams Cheer Deceive Deceivers Deception Dreams Food For Thought Hypocrites Impossibility Impossible Israelmore Ayivor Lead Liars Lies People Possible Praise Praise Singers Singers Surround True Virtue Virtues
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

93. “Whoever believes physical size and tests of speed or strength have anything to do with a soccer player's prowess is sorely mistaken. Just as mistaken as those who believe that IQ tests have anything to do with talent or that there is a relationship between penis size and sexual pleasure. Good soccer players need not to be titans sculpted by Michelangelo. In soccer, ability is much more important than shape, and in many cases skill is the art of turning limitations into virtues.”

Tags : Ability Iq Limitation Michelangelo Sex Soccer Speed Strength Talent Virtue
Source : Soccer in Sun and Shadow

94. “Like love, like talent, like any other virtue, like anything else in this life, happiness needs to be nurtured - this is the truth of the whole matter.”

Tags : Happiness Happy Inspirational Love Motivational Talent Virtue
Source : Happiness Recipe: Eat and Stay Happy

95. “Then it was that Jo, living in the darkened room, with that suffering little sister always before her eyes and that pathetic voice sounding in her ears, learned to see the beauty and the sweetness of Beth's nature, to feel how deep and tender a place she filled in all hearts, and to acknowledge the worth of Beth's unselfish ambition to live for others, and make home happy by that exercise of those simple virtues which all may possess, and which all should love and value more than talent, wealth, or beauty.”

Tags : Beauty Talent Values Virtue Wealth
Source : Little Women

96. “Degrees of ability vary, but the basic principle remains the same: the degree of a man's independence, initiative and personal love for his work determines his talent as a worker and his worth as a man. Independence is the only gauge of human virtue and value. What a man is and makes of himself; not what he has or hasn't done for others. There is no substitute for personal dignity. There is no standard of personal dignity except independence.”

Tags : Fountainhead Independence Virtue Worth
Author : Ayn Rand
Source : The Fountainhead

97. “One is punished most for one’s virtues.”

Tags : Punishment Sad Truth Virtue
Source : Beyond Good and Evil

98. “Men acquire a particular quality by constantly acting a particular way... you become just by performing just actions, temperate by performing temperate actions, brave by performing brave actions.”

Tags : Action Life Quality Virtue
Author : Aristotle

99. “Wise men are not pacifists; they are merely less likely to jump up and retaliate against their antagonizers. They know that needless antagonizers are virtually already insecure enough.”

Tags : Antagonism Antagonistic Discernment Foolishness Insecure Insecurity Judgment Jump Manliness Masculinity Needless Pacifism Pacifist Patience Prudence Reason Retaliation Self Control Virtue Wisdom Wise Wise Man
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

100. “Amongst all the virtues, high awareness is the most precious one!”

Tags : Ability Awareness Awareness Quotes Ildan Murat Ildan Murat Ildan Sayings Precious Virtue Virtues

101. “I have an acute sense of delicacy. Naturally I am prejudiced in favour of virtue.("The Accursed Cordonnier")”

Tags : Delicacy Virtue
Author : Bernard Capes
Source : Gaslit Nightmares: Stories by Robert W. Chambers, Charles Dickens, Richard Marsh, and Others

102. “The Virtue and unpretentiousness of the wise man, which I am talking about, goes unnoticed because of its transparent ordinariness.”

Tags : Ordinariness Virtue Wisdom
Author : Alan Jacobs
Source : Socrates Without Tears

103. “My Lady, you certainly tell me about wonderful constancy, strength and virtue and firmness of women, so can one say the same thing about men? (...)Response [by Lady Rectitude]: "Fair sweet friend, have you not yet heard the saying that the fool sees well enough a small cut in the face of his neighbour, but he disregards the great gaping one above his own eye? I will show you the great contradiction in what the men say about the changeability and inconstancy of women. It is true that they all generally insist that women are very frail [= fickle] by nature. And since they accuse women of frailty, one would suppose that they themselves take care to maintain a reputation for constancy, or at the very least, that the women are indeed less so than they are themselves. And yet, it is obvious that they demand of women greater constancy than they themselves have, for they who claim to be of this strong and noble condition cannot refrain from a whole number of very great defects and sins, and not out of ignorance, either, but out of pure malice, knowing well how badly they are misbehaving. But all this they excuse in themselves and say that it is in the nature of man to sin, yet if it so happens that any women stray into any misdeed (of which they themselves are the cause by their great power and longhandedness), then it's suddenly all frailty and inconstancy, they claim. But it seems to me that since they do call women frail, they should not support that frailty, and not ascribe to them as a great crime what in themselves they merely consider a little defect.”

Tags : Clichés Constancy Double Standards Empowerment Feminism Firmness Frailty Gender Hypocrisy Inequality Men Misogyny Morality Preconceptions Prejudice Sin Slander Social Norms Stereotypes Strength Of Character Vice Virtue Women
Source : The Book of the City of Ladies

104. “The world is a busy place filled with many busy businesses, both the Godly and the ungodly. It means before you go on to accept any activity or event that comes into the world, you must weigh its Values, examine the Virtues, listen to Views and then you give your Verdict. Satan is not wise; he is just crafty!”

Tags : Action Activity Business Busy Body Buy Carnality Christ Craftiness Crafty Food For Thought God God S Work Godly Israelmore Ayivor Jesus Christ Listen Satan Satanic Ungodly Value Verdict Views Virtue Weigh World Worldiness

105. “Great and pure thoughts cannot be deposited in minds accumulated with rubbish.”

Tags : Authority Bad Leaders Bad People Destruction Dominance Follower Great Thoughts Kingdom Lead Leader Love Michael Bassey Johnson Path Podeposition Purity Redirection Reflectihip Rubbish Rule Thought True Leader True Love Virtue Vision

106. “Men, and pigs, are hard on women who sacrifice their virtue, especially for love." Mattis Tannhouser”

Tags : Love Pigs Virtue Women
Author : Tim Willocks
Source : The Religion

107. “A man's shortcomings are taken from his epoch; his virtues and greatness belong to himself.”

Tags : Conformity Era Flaws Greatness Individuality Virtue Zeitgeist

108. “Absolute virtue is impossible and the republic of forgiveness leads, with implacable logic, to the republic of the guillotine.”

Tags : Forgiveness Ideology Puritanism Religion Theocracy Virtue
Author : Albert Camus

109. “In monarchies, each man's desire to do what was right in his own eyes could be restrained by beer, or force, by patronage, or by honor, and by professional standing armies. By contrast, republics had to hold themselves together from the bottom up, ultimately.”

Tags : Coercion Government Law Republicanism Virtue
Source : Empire of Liberty: A History of the Early Republic, 1789-1815

110. “O vitae Philosophia dux! O virtutum indagatrix expultrixque vitiorum! Unus dies, bene et ex praeceptis tuis actus, peccanti immortalitati est anteponendus.translation (non-literal):O philosophy, life’s guide! O searcher of virtues and expeller of vices! Just a single day lived well and according to your lessons is to be preferred to an eternity of errors.— Cicero, As quoted in Ben Franklin’s Autobiography”

Tags : Benjamin Franklin Cicero Living Well Philosophy Virtue
Source : The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

111. “Hypocrisy is a tribute that vice pays to virtue.”

Tags : Hypocrisy Vice Virtue
Source : Reflections or Sentences and Moral Maxims

112. “The modern world is not evil; in some ways the modern world is far too good. It is full of wild and wasted virtues. When a religious scheme is is not merely the vices that are let loose. The vices are, indeed, let loose, and they wander and do damage. But the virtues are let loose also; and the virtues wander more wildly, and the virtues do more terrible damage. The modern world is full of the old Christian virtues gone mad. The virtues have gone mad because they have been isolated from each other and are wandering alone. Thus some scientists care for truth; and their truth is pitiless. Thus some humanitarians only care for pity; and their pity (I am sorry to say) is often untruthful.”

Tags : Vice Virtue

113. “So may the outward shows be least themselves:The world is still deceived with ornament.In law, what plea so tainted and corrupt,But, being seasoned with a gracious voice,Obscures the show of evil? In religion,What damned error, but some sober browWill bless it and approve it with a text,Hiding the grossness with fair ornament?There is no vice so simple but assumesSome mark of virtue on his outward parts.”

Tags : Appearances Falsehood Law Ornament Pretense Religion Vice Virtue
Source : The Merchant of Venice

114. “To be proud of virtue, is to poison yourself with the Antidote.”

Tags : Vice Virtue

115. “If this is vise I want no virtue....I know what happiness is possible to me on earth. And my happiness needs no higher aim to vindicate it. My happiness is not the means to any end. It is the end. It is its own goal. It is its own purpose. Neither am I the means to any end others may wish to accomplish. I am not a tool for their use. I am not a servant of their needs. I am not a bandage for their wounds. I am not a sacrifice on their altars....But what is freedom? Freedom from what? There is nothing to take a man’s freedom away from him, save other men. To be free, a man must be free of his brothers. That is freedom. That and nothing else.”

Tags : Freedom Vice Virtue
Author : Ayn Rand

116. “Yes, I laugh at all mankind, and the imposition that they dare to practice when they talk of hearts. I laugh at human passions and human cares, vice and virtue, religion and impiety; they are all the result of petty localities, and artificial situation. One physical want, one severe and abrupt lesson from the colorless and shriveled lip of necessity, is worth all the logic of the empty wretches who have presumed to prate it, from Zeno down to Burgersdicius. It silences in a second all the feeble sophistry of conventional life, and ascetical passion.”

Tags : Hypocrisy Vice Virtue
Source : Melmoth the Wanderer

117. “Part of the problem about authenticity is that virtues aren't the only things that are habit forming: the more someone behaves in a way that is damaging to self or to others, the more "natural" it will both seem and actually be. Spontaneity, left to itself, can begin by excusing bad behavior and end by congratulating vice.”

Tags : Habit Judgement Spontaneity Vice Virtue
Author : N.T. Wright
Source : After You Believe: Why Christian Character Matters

118. “Humility is by far the most spiritual virtue of the lot. The only way by which one may cease obsessing over himself is to wholly step outside his flesh. But who could do this by himself? And who would really want to under his natural pretense? And even if somehow he could and he succeeded, would not it be artificial? Would not he seem far too aware of his own talents of achieving humility for it to be such? Alternatively, he would need a distraction, something else to love; it is not that the Humbleman thinks poorly of himself, nor highly for that matter, but rather he does not think of himself at all - and this is because he is too busy loving something or someone else to do it. For the humility of this kind 'rears its head' as the most love-driven and free, spiritual of virtues; whereas its opposite, pride, the most self-imprisoning human vice.”

Tags : Conceitedness Consideration Distraction Ego Flesh Freedom God Humility Love Meekness Narcissism Pride Self Self Absorption Self Obsession Selflessness Spiritual Vice Virtue
Author : Criss Jami

119. “My priority is not about grades. I seek yearn for knowledge, skills and wisdom.”

Tags : Academic College Daily Motivation Desire Enthusiasm Grades Great Expectations Greate Glory Knowledge Lailah Gifty Akita Affirmations Learning Process Persistence Personal Development Personal Growth Positive Outlook Positive Thinking School Self Education Self Esteem Self Help Self Motivation Skills Success Teachable University Virtue Wisdom Words Of Wisdom
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

120. “For the most part, people strenuously resist any redefinition of morality, because it shakes them to the very core of their being to think that in pursuing virtue they may have been feeding vice, or in fighting vice they may have in fact been fighting virtue.”

Tags : Anarchy Ancap Belief Brainwashing Coercion Critical Thinking Ethics Evidence Facts Government Knowledge Learning Libertarian Liberty Morality Rational Rationality Reason Relearning Self Self Knowledge Virtue Voluntaryism

121. “The neglected pioneer of one revolution, the honoured victim of another, brave to the point of folly, and as humane as he was brave, no man in his generation preached republican virtue in better English, nor lived it with a finer disregard of self.{On American founding father and hero, Thomas Paine}”

Tags : Brave English Founding Father Honor Humane Paine Pioneer Revolution Selflessness Thomas Paine Tom Paine Victim Virtue
Source : Shelley, Godwin and Their Circle

122. “Every dictator is a mystic, and every mystic is a potential dictator. A mystic craves obedience from men, not their agreement. He wants them to surrender their consciousness to his assertions, his edicts, his wishes, his whims—as his consciousness is surrendered to theirs. He wants to deal with men by means of faith and force—he finds no satisfaction in their consent if he must earn it by means of facts and reason. Reason is the enemy he dreads and, simultaneously, considers precarious; reason, to him, is a means of deception; he feels that men possess some power more potent than reason—and only their causeless belief or their forced obedience can give him a sense of security, a proof that he has gained control of the mystic endowment he lacked. His lust is to command, not to convince: conviction requires an act of independence and rests on the absolute of an objective reality. What he seeks is power over reality and over men’s means of perceiving it, their mind, the power to interpose his will between existence and consciousness, as if, by agreeing to fake the reality he orders them to fake, men would, in fact, create it.”

Tags : Aggression Anarcho Capitalism Anarchy Ancap Coercion Collectivism Communism Ethics Evil Freedom Government Irrationality Libertarian Liberty Morality Nap Non Aggression Principle Objectivism Rationality Religion Socialism State Statism Superstition Virtue Voluntaryism
Author : Ayn Rand

123. “Theology is a superstition—Humanity a religion.”

Tags : Belief Civilization Dogma Ethics Humanity Importance Infinite Mankind Morality Superstition Virtue
Source : Some Mistakes of Moses

124. “The challenge for people today--and it is not and easy one--is to maintain high personal standards even while feeling that one is living in a moral sewer.”

Tags : Evil Freedom Immorality Morality Psychology Self Esteem Self Knowledge Society Virtue

125. “Love should be treated like a business deal, but every business deal has its own terms and its own currency. And in love, the currency is virtue. You love people not for what you do for them or what they do for you. You love them for the values, the virtues, which they have achieved in their own character.”

Tags : Business Character Currency Deal Terms Love People Virtue
Author : Ayn Rand

126. “Faith is the virtue of the storm, just as happiness is the virtue of sunshine.”

Tags : Happyness Inspiration Virtue

127. “‎It isn't enough to stand up and fight darkness. You've got to stand apart from it, too. You've got to be different from it.”

Tags : Honor Morality Virtue
Author : Jim Butcher
Source : Fool Moon

128. “Each man must grant himself the emotions that he needs and the morality that suits him. ”

Tags : Morality Virtue

129. “That's your cruelty, that's what's mean and selfish about you. If you loved your brother, you'd give him a job he didn't deserve, precisely because he didn't deserve it--that would be true love and kindness and brotherhood. Else what's love for? If a man deserves a job, there's no virtue in giving it to him. Virtue is the giving of the undeserved.”

Tags : Morality Philosophical Virtue
Author : Ayn Rand
Source : Atlas Shrugged

130. “A man’s most valuable possession is his integrity. Unless he has no integrity. In which case, he may not have much of anything of value.”

Tags : Character Ethics Honesty Honor Integrity Legacy Morality Morals Principles Respect Trust Virtue
Author : T Jay Taylor

131. “I pretend not to be a champion of that same naked virtue called truth, to the very outrance. I can consent that her charms be hidden with a veil, were it but for decency's sake.”

Tags : Decency Philosophy Truth Virtue
Author : Walter Scott
Source : Kenilworth

132. “Remember in any case, that not only the Adept, but anyone with the smallest capacity for Adeptship, is fundamentally an Artist; he will certainly not possess any of those bourgeois "virtues" which are just so many reactions to Blue Funk.”

Tags : 1944 Adept Thelema Virtue
Source : Magick Without Tears

133. “Christians must show that misery fits the good for heaven, while happiness prepares the bad for hell; that the wicked get all their good things in this life, and the good all their evil; that in this world God punishes the people he loves, and in the next, the ones he hates; that happiness makes us bad here, but not in heaven; that pain makes us good here, but not in hell. No matter how absurd these things may appear to the carnal mind, they must be preached and they must be believed. If they were reasonable, there would be no virtue in believing. Even the publicans and sinners believe reasonable things. To believe without evidence, or in spite of it, is accounted as righteousness to the sincere and humble christian.In short, Christians are expected to denounce all pleasant paths and rustling trees, to curse the grass and flowers, and glorify the dust and weeds. They are expected to malign the wicked people in the green and happy fields, who sit and laugh beside the gurgling springs or climb the hills and wander as they will. They are expected to point out the dangers of freedom, the safety of implicit obedience, and to show the wickedness of philosophy, the goodness of faith, the immorality of science and the purity of ignorance.”

Tags : Christians Contradiction Dust Evidence Faith Freedom Glorify Good Happy Hate Heaven Hell Ignorance Laugh Life Love Obedience Pleasant Punish Purity Righteousness Safety Science Trees Virtue
Source : Some Mistakes of Moses

134. “The paradise in women is not the v-shape manipulation between their legs, or the two lovely bombs, set on their bosom that can blast any strong, holy spirit filled individual, but that part of her that cannot be described, yet can only be felt.”

Tags : Attraction Christian Come On Desire Emotional Emotions Eroticism Eye Good Looks Heart Heartbeat Humor Ladies Leg Legs Looks Lovely Lure Pleasure Romance Seduction Seductiveness Soul Sweet Touch Vagina Virtue Woman

135. “Much better stay in company!To love you must have someone else,Giving requires a legatee,Good neighbours need whole parishfulsOf folk to do it on - in short,Our virtues are all social; if,Deprived of solitude, you chafe,It's clear you're not the virtuous sort.”

Tags : Company Society Solitude Virtue
Author : Philip Larkin

136. “Virtues are common, but the virtuous are very few. This is because ordinarily, people know but do not apply what they know. To break the culture, look for more information; learn more and apply more. This is wisdom.”

Tags : Apply Break Break The Culture Common Culture Few Fewer Food For Thought Inform Information Israelmore Ayivor Know Knowledge Learn Many More Ordinary People Read Uncommon Virtue Virtues Virtuous Wisdom

137. “Conquer with forbearanceThe excesses of insolence.”

Tags : Forbearance Insolence Virtue
Author : Thiruvalluvar
Source : Kural

138. “One doesn’t have to operate with great malice to do great harm. The absence of empathy and understanding are sufficient. In fact, a man convinced of his virtue even in the midst of his vice is the worst kind of man.”

Tags : Empathy Harm Malice Understanding Vice Virtue

139. “And when we say also that the Word, who is the first-birth of God, was produced without sexual union, and that He, Jesus Christ, our Teacher, was crucified and died, and rose again, and ascended into heaven, we propound nothing different from what you believe regarding those whom you esteem sons of Jupiter. For you know how many sons your esteemed writers ascribed to Jupiter: Mercury, the interpreting word and teacher of all; Aesculapius, who, though he was a great physician, was struck by a thunderbolt, and so ascended to heaven; and Bacchus too, after he had been torn limb from limb; and Hercules, when he had committed himself to the flames to escape his toils; and the sons of Leda, and Dioscuri; and Perseus, son of Danae; and Bellerophon, who, though sprung from mortals, rose to heaven on the horse Pegasus. For what shall I say of Ariadne, and those who, like her, have been declared to be set among the stars? And what of the emperors who die among yourselves, whom you deem worthy of deification, and in whose behalf you produce some one who swears he has seen the burning Caesar rise to heaven from the funeral pyre? And what kind of deeds are recorded of each of these reputed sons of Jupiter, it is needless to tell to those who already know. This only shall be said, that they are written for the advantage and encouragement of youthful scholars; for all reckon it an honourable thing to imitate the gods. But far be such a thought concerning the gods from every well-conditioned soul, as to believe that Jupiter himself, the governor and creator of all things, was both a parricide and the son of a parricide, and that being overcome by the love of base and shameful pleasures, he came in to Ganymede and those many women whom he had violated and that his sons did like actions. But, as we said above, wicked devils perpetrated these things. And we have learned that those only are deified who have lived near to God in holiness and virtue; and we believe that those who live wickedly and do not repent are punished in everlasting fire.”

Tags : Ariadne Ascended Into Heaven Bacchus Born Of A Virgin Christ Myth Christian Mythology Comparative Religion Dioscuri Greek Mythology Hell Hercules Jesus Myth Jupiter Love Mercury Paganism Perseus Pleasure Roman Mythology The Devil Virtue
Author : Justin Martyr
Source : The First Apology of Justin Martyr, Addressed to the Emperor Antoninus Pius; Prefaced by Some Account of the Writings and Opinions of Justin

140. “We cannot understand the Higher Wisdom. Later, well after the event, we may see the lesson contained in the event, and be truly grateful. We must, however, submit to what happens, accepting all that unfolds gracefully. This is the key. All your tragedies in life and in the theatre come about because of non-acceptance of the will of the Gods. Not my petty little ant-like will, but the Gods omnipotent will, let that will be done, I say. This is the beginning and end of the virtuous life.”

Tags : Gods Virtue Will Wisdom
Author : Alan Jacobs
Source : Socrates Without Tears

141. “Socrate considérait que c'est un mal qui n'est pas loin de la folie, de s'imaginer que l'on possède une vertu, alors qu'on ne la possède pas. Certes, une pareille illusion est plus dangereuse que l'illusion contraire qui consiste à croire que l'on souffre d'un défaut, d'un vice.Deuxième Considération intempestive, ch. 6”

Tags : Insanity Vice Virtue

142. “If you praise the virtues of the person who is two degrees higher than you, if you worship him, if you serve him; this is known as aradhana (veneration; worship). If you say bad things about him, defame him; it is known as viradhana (despise). Viradhana (despise) results in your down fall and aradhana (worship) results in your rise upwards.”

Tags : Aradhana Defame Despise Praise Spiritual Spiritual Quotes Veneration Virtue Virtues Worship
Author : Dada Bhagwan

143. “Ignorance is an underrated virtue, my lord.”

Tags : Ignorance Virtue
Source : A Mixture of Madness

144. “Learn from the ants- how a tiny heart is big enough to love, help and care about another living existence.”

Tags : Ants Assistance Care Existence Help Insect Kind Kindness Learn Learning Learning Quotes Living Love Virtue
Author : Munia Khan

145. “But what is liberty without wisdom and without virtue? It is the greatest of all possible evils; for it is folly, vice, and madness, without tuition or restraint. Those who know what virtuous liberty is, cannot bear to see it disgraced by incapable heads, on account of their having high-sounding words in their mouths.”

Tags : Freedom Liberty Truth Virtue
Author : Edmund Burke

146. “It was a pleasure to deal with a man of high ideals, who scorned everything mean and base, and who possessed those robust and hardy qualities of body and mind, for the lack of which no merely negative virtue can ever atone.”

Tags : Boldness Virtue
Source : The Rough Riders

147. “That which you call your soul or spirit is your consciousness, and that which you call ‘free will’ is your mind’s freedom to think or not, the only will you have, your only freedom, the choice that controls all the choices you make and determines your life and your character.”

Tags : Atlas Shrugged Character Consciousness Evil Free Will Good John Galt Life Man Mind Morality Morals Objectivism Philosophy Pursuit Of Happiness Rational Reason Think Thinking Truth Values Virtue Wisdom
Author : Ayn Rand
Source : Atlas Shrugged

148. “It’s so easy to lose faith and become lost in all of the politics of the world. That’s why we need the arts. To sublimate our frustration and anger into something beautiful. Freud called sublimation a virtuous defence mechanism because it is in the arts that we can find our humanity.”

Tags : Anger Arts Beauty Corporation Corrupt Corruption Creative Creative Arts Creativity Defence Faith Freudian Frustration Give Up Hopefulness Hopeless Humanity Kamand Kojouri Lose News Psychology Surrender Virtuous

149. “We are all each of us riddles, when unknown one to the other. The plain map of human powers and purposes, helps us not at all to thread the labyrinth each individual presents in his involution of feelings, desires and capacities; and we must resemble, in quickness of feeling, instinctive sympathy, and warm benevolence, the lovely daughter of Huntley, before we can hope to judge rightly of the good and virtuous of our fellow-creatures.”

Tags : Benevolence Understanding Others Virtue
Author : Mary Shelley
Source : The Fortunes of Perkin Warbeck

150. “[D]as man die wahre Natur der Sinne nie verstanden hatte und dass sie wild und tierisch geblieben waren, nur weil die Welt versucht hatte, sie durch Aushungern zu bändigen und durch schmerzhaften Verzicht abzutöten, statt danach zu trachten, sie zu Elementen einer neuen Geistigkeit zu verwandeln, deren bezeichnendes Merkmal ein empfindsamer Sinn für die Schönheit sein sollte.”

Tags : Sense Virtue
Author : Oscar Wilde
Source : The Picture of Dorian Gray

151. “Sorry, but I have to be who I am. Everyone else is taken... So be your self! Speak your truth - if there are people around you who tempt you with non-existence blast through that and give them the full glory of who you are. Do not withhold yourself from the world. Do not piss on the incandescent gift of your existence. Do not drown yourself in the petty fog and dustiness of other people's ancient superstitions, unbeliefs, aggressions, culture and crap! No! Be a flare! We were born that way. Born perfectly happy being inconvenient to our parents. We shit, piss, cry, wake up at night, throw up on their shoulders, scream... We are, in essence, in our humanity, perfectly comfortable with inconveniencing others. That's how we're born, how we grow and develop. I choose to inconvenience the irrational.”

Tags : Honesty Integrity Rationality Relationships Virtue

152. “A man goes to a foreign country and kills somebody who's not aggressing against him; in a Hawaiian shirt he's a criminal, in a green costume he's a hero who gets a parade and a pension. So that, as a culture, we remain in a state of moral insanity. To point out these contradictions to people in society is to be labeled insane. This is how insane society remains, that anybody who points out logical opposites in the most essential human topic of ethics, is considered to be insane.”

Tags : Critical Thinking Delusion Freedom Integrity Liberty Logic Morals Rationality Statism Values Virtue

153. “One question in my mind, which I hardly dare mention in public, is whether patriotism has, overall, been a force for good or evil in the world. Patriotism is rampant in war and there are some good things about it. Just as self-respect and pride bring out the best in an individual, pride in family, pride in teammates, pride in hometown bring out the best in groups of people. War brings out the kind of pride in country that encourages its citizens in the direction of excellence and it encourages them to be ready to die for it. At no time do people work so well together to achieve the same goal as they do in wartime. Maybe that's enough to make patriotism eligible to be considered a virtue. If only I could get out of my mind the most patriotic people who ever lived, the Nazi Germans.”

Tags : Evil Nazi Patriotism Pride Virtue War
Author : Andy Rooney
Source : My War

154. “The good which every man, who follows after virtue, desires for himself he will also desire for other men...”

Tags : Altruism Ethics Moral Philosophy Philosophy Spinoza Virtue
Source : Ethics

155. “men, in so far as they live in obedience to reason necessarily do only such things as are necessarily good for human nature, and consequently for each individual man.”

Tags : Altruism Ethics Moral Philosophy Philosophy Spinoza Virtue
Source : Ethics

156. “Such is the pure movement of nature prior to all reflection. Such is the force of natural pity, which the most depraved mores still have difficulty destroying, since everyday one sees in our theaters someone affected and weeping at the ills of some unfortunate person, and who, were he in the tyrant's place, would intensify the torments of his enemy still more; [like the bloodthirsty Sulla, so sensitive to ills he had not caused, or like Alexander of Pherae, who did not dare attend the performance of any tragedy, for fear of being seen weeping with Andromache and Priam, and yet who listened impassively to the cries of so many citizens who were killed everyday on his orders. Nature, in giving men tears, bears witness that she gave the human race the softest hearts.] Mandeville has a clear awareness that, with all their mores, men would never have been anything but monsters, if nature had not given them pity to aid their reason; but he has not seen that from this quality alone flow all the social virtues that he wants to deny in men. In fact, what are generosity, mercy, and humanity, if not pity applied to the weak, to the guilty, or to the human species in general. Benevolence and even friendship are, properly understood, the products of a constant pity fixed on a particular object; for is desiring that someone not suffer anything but desiring that he be happy?”

Tags : Human Nature Man Mankind Natural Virtue Pity Reflection State Of Nature Virtue
Source : Discourse on the Origin of Inequality

157. “You're perfectly safe. Emily is here to protect your virtue." "That's too bad.”

Tags : Emily Finley Griffin Virtue
Author : Kady Cross
Source : The Girl in the Steel Corset

158. “He(Prophet Muhammad) was Caesar and Pope in one; but he was Pope without Pope's pretensions, Caesar without the legions of Caesar: without a standing army, without a bodyguard, without a palace, without a fixed revenue; if ever any man had the right to say that he ruled by the right divine, it was Muhammad, for he had all the power without its instruments and without its supports.”

Tags : Army Atheist Bodyguard Caesar Christian Fiction Islam Kindness Knowledge Legions Lessons Life Love Palace Pope Power Pretensions Religion Revenue Science Society Struggle Virtue
Author : B. Smith

159. “Although the many virtues that courtesans possessed were employed to defy circumstances, the role they played depended on the same circumstances over which they triumphed- conditions which to, fortunately for modern women, no longer exist.”

Tags : Courtesans Virtue Women
Author : Susan Griffin

160. “Virtue will cut your head off, vice will only cut your hair.”

Tags : Delilah Judith Mistress Vice Virtue Wife Women
Source : Cousin Bette

161. “The importance of falling in love lies not in how it feels, but in what it perceives. And as always with our feelings, the key moral issue is how truthful the perception is... Falling in love is a sign that this might be someone with whom you could make a good marriage. Still, it's not enough, because the feeling is not always as perceptive as it should be... So falling in love is not the basis for a good marriage. It's not even a requirement. Marriage does not depend on falling in love; it depends on the promises you make to each other in your wedding vows and then spend a lifetime keeping. As many people have pointed out, you can't promise how you'll feel. But you can promise to cultivate a virtue, such as the virtue of love.”

Tags : Feelings Love Marriage Virtue Vows
Author : Phillip Cary
Source : Good News for Anxious Christians: Ten Practical Things You Don't Have to Do

162. “He never complained. He seemed to have no instinct for the making much of oneself that complaining requires.”

Tags : Complaining Meekness Virtue
Author : Wendell Berry
Source : Jayber Crow

163. “But I was born in the image of God, a man, a creator, with power of life and death, a father, blessed with the gift of the seed of Adam, a sower of seed, to bring forth generations of new life.This I was, and envying a kettle.”

Tags : Chastity Power Of Procreation Virtue
Source : How Green Was My Valley

164. “So dear to heaven is saintly chastity, That when a soul is found sincerely so, A thousand liveried angels lackey her, Driving far off each thing of sin and guilt, And in clear dream, and solemn vision Tell her of things that no gross ear can hear, Till oft converse with heavenly habitants Begin to cast a beam on the outward shape, The unpolluted temple of the mind, And turns it by degrees to the soul's essence, Till all be made immortal”

Tags : Angels Chastity Comus Immortal Virtue
Author : John Milton
Source : Milton's Comus

165. “Assertion is a virtue, dominance is a vice.”

Tags : Assertion Dominance Vice Virtue

166. “When you are asked to love everybody indiscriminately, that is to love people without any standard, to love them regardless of whether they have any value or virtue, you are asked to love nobody.”

Tags : Indiscrimantely Love People Standards Value Virtue
Author : Ayn Rand

167. “A graceful heart is a virtue of the meek.”

Tags : Grace Graceful Heart Kind Kindness Meek Meekness Virtue Virtues Wisdom Wise
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

168. “If you're early, you're on time. If you're on time, you're late.”

Tags : Film Motivational Production Punctuality Responsibility Time Management Virtue

169. “It is an occult law moreover, that no man can rise superior to his individual failings without lifting, be it ever so little, the whole body of which he is an integral part. In the same way no one can sin, nor suffer the effects of sin, alone. In reality, there is no such thing as 'separateness' and the nearest approach to that selfish state which the laws of life permit is in the intent or motive.”

Tags : Interconnectedness Selfishness Sin Theosophy Virtue

170. “Courage is not a virtue or value among other personal values like love o fidelity. It is the foundations that underlies and gives reality to all other virtue and personal values. (p. 13)”

Tags : Courage Values Virtue
Author : Rollo May
Source : The Courage to Create

171. “We set no special value on the possession of a virtue until we percieve that it is entirely lacking in our adversary.”

Tags : Adversary Politics Value Values Virtue
Source : Human, All Too Human

172. “I have brought peace to this land, and security," he began."And what of your soul, when you use the cleverness of argument to cloak such acts? Do you think that the peace of a thousand cancels out the unjust death of one single person? It may be desirable, it may win you praise from those who have happily survived you and prospered from your deeds, but you have committed ignoble acts, and have been too proud to own them. I have waited patiently here, hoping that you would come to me, for if you understood, then some of your acts would be mitigated. But instead you send me this manuscript, proud, magisterial, and demonstrating only that you have understood nothing at all.""I returned to public life on your advice, madam," he said stiffly."Yes; I advised it. I said if learning must die it should do so with a friend by its bedside. Not an assassin.”

Tags : Corruption Doctrine Evil Good Injustice Killing Learning Peace Philosophy Pride Prosperity Public Office Soul Values Vice Virtue
Author : Iain Pears
Source : The Dream of Scipio

173. “Changing prejudice often inverts the value of words while preserving most of their sense; virtues are turned into vices, artistic qualities become defects.”

Tags : Values Vices Virtue
Author : John Shearman
Source : Mannerism

174. “O Fabricius! What would your great soul have thought, if to your own misfortune you had been called back to life and had seen the pompous face of this Rome saved by your efforts and which your honourable name had distinguished more than all its conquests? 'Gods,' you would have said, 'what has happened to those thatched roofs and those rustic dwelling places where, back then, moderation and virtue lived? What fatal splendour has succeeded Roman simplicity? What is this strange language? What are these effeminate customs? What do these statues signify, these paintings, these buildings? You mad people, what have you done? You, masters of nations, have you turned yourself into the slaves of the frivolous men you conquered? Are you now governed by rhetoricians? Was it to enrich architects, painters, sculptors, and comic actors that you soaked Greece and Asia with your blood? Are the spoils of Carthage trophies for a flute player? Romans, hurry up and tear down these amphitheatres, break up these marbles, burn these paintings, chase out these slaves who are subjugating you, whose fatal arts are corrupting you. Let other hands distinguish themselves with vain talents. The only talent worthy of Rome is that of conquering the world and making virtue reign there. When Cineas took our Senate for an assembly of kings, he was not dazzled by vain pomp or by affected elegance. He did not hear there this frivolous eloquence, the study and charm of futile men. What then did Cineas see that was so majestic? O citizens! He saw a spectacle which your riches or your arts could never produce, the most beautiful sight which has ever appeared under heaven, an assembly of two hundred virtuous men, worthy of commanding in Rome and governing the earth.”

Tags : Cineas Fabricius Frivolous Rome Values Virtue
Source : Discourse on the Sciences and Arts (1st Discourse) and Polemics

175. “As a basic step of self-esteem, learn to treat as the mark of a cannibal any man’s demand for your help. To demand it is to claim that your life is his property – and loathsome as such claim might be, there’s something still more loathsome: your agreement. Do you ask if it’s ever proper to help another man? No- if he claims it as his right or as a moral duty that you owe him. Yes- if such is your own desire based on your own selfish pleasure in the value of his person and his struggle. Suffering as such is not a value, only man’s fight against suffering is. If you choose to help a man who suffers, do it only on the ground of his virtues, of his fight to recover, of his rational record, or of the fact that he suffers unjustly; then your action is still trade, and his virtue is the payment for your help. But to help a man who has no virtues, to help him on the ground of his suffering as such, to accept his faults, his need, as a claim – is to accept the mortgage of a zero on your values. A man who has no virtues is a hater of existence who acts on the premise of death; to help him is to sanction his evil and to support his career of destruction. Be it only a penny you will miss or a kindly smile he has not earned, a tribute to a zero is treason to life and to all those who struggle to maintain it. It is of such pennies and smiles that the desolation of your world was made.”

Tags : Fight Self Esteem Suffering Trade Values Virtue
Author : Ayn Rand
Source : Atlas Shrugged

176. “It is my wish that you may have at better and freer life than I have had. Recommend virtue to your children; it alone, not money, can make them happy. I speak from experience; this was what upheld me in time of misery.”

Tags : Brothers Children Heiligenstadt Testmanent Virtue Will

177. “Sexual energy between two people is a primal force comprised of power (energy that moves toward another) and virtue (knowing the energy between the two is right).”

Tags : Energy Love Power Sex Virtue
Source : Erotic Intelligence: Igniting Hot, Healthy Sex While in Recovery from Sex Addiction

178. “A true woman of virtue is one who will socialize with every man on earth, and doesn't share her body with any of them.”

Tags : Chaste Chasticity Cleanliness Coy Decision Eccentricity Firm Decision Incorrupt Ladies Ladies Quote Michael Bassey Johnson Purity Self Control Spotless The Good Woman The Real Woman Virgin Virginity Virtue Woman Woman Of Virtue

179. “An exceptional woman with all the desired qualities exists only in a man's imagination.”

Tags : Best Desire Exception Exceptional Fiction Girlfriend Girlfriends Good Woman Imagination Perfect Perfection Qualities Quality Virgin Virginity Virtous Virtue

180. “We very often fail to think as carefully about helping others as we could, mistakenly believing that applying data and rationality to a charitable endeavor robs the act of virtue. And that means we pass up opportunities to make a tremendous difference.”

Tags : Charity Doing Good Helping Others Intelligence Reason Thinking Virtue
Source : Doing Good Better: How Effective Altruism Can Help You Make a Difference

181. “Humanity is not perfect in any fashion; no more in the case of evil than in that of good. The criminal has his virtues, just as the honest man has his weaknesses.”

Tags : Evil Good Humanity Virtue
Source : Les Liaisons dangereuses

182. “Virtue is imaginative. Evil, repetitive.”

Tags : Evil Virtue
Author : Dean Koontz
Source : Odd Apocalypse

183. “In the ignorant state, there is a ‘limit’ for good qualities, it is known as the self-pride. Self-serving pride (swa-maan) is the limit of virtues in the realm of ignorance.”

Tags : Good Quality Ignorance Ignorant Maan Pride Self Pride Spiritual Spiritual Quotes Swamaan Virtue
Author : Dada Bhagwan

184. “Cultural values change with times, unless they are built on an absolute standard of values and virtues. This standard must be afterwards well-guarded and protected.”

Tags : Change Culture Standard Time Value Virtue

185. “When even one virtue becomes our nature, the mind becomes clean and tranquil. Then there is no need to practice meditation; we will automatically be meditating always. (151)”

Tags : Meditation Mindfulness Tranquility Virtue
Source : The Yoga Sutras

186. “People who cannot restrain their own baser instincts, who cannot treat one another with civility, are not capable of self-government... without virtue, a society can be ruled only by fear, a truth that tyrants understand all too well”

Tags : Civility Faith Government Virtue
Source : How Now Shall We Live?

187. “You want the world to be perfect, Nedril—and that's a noble goal. But the world isn't perfect. It's people like me who give the world the chance to try another day for virtue.”

Tags : Atlantis Dictatorship Noble Sentiments Virtue World Peace
Source : Atlantis On the Tides of Destiny

188. “Virtues are in the popular estimate rather the exception than the rule.”

Tags : Exception Rule Virtue Virtues

189. “I am a Warrior of Virtue, Nenya, the Water Warrior. Ardan is safe at last. That is all that matters. That is all that will ever matter...”

Tags : Oath Protective Virtue War Warrior
Author : Mili Fay
Source : Warriors of Virtue Epic YA Fantasy Series Episode 1: Text Edition

190. “Gratitude is one of the greatest Christian virtues; ingratitude, one of the most vicious sins.”

Tags : Billy Graham Gratitude Ingratitude Sin Virtue
Author : Billy Graham
Source : Billy Graham in Quotes

191. “What can promote innocent mirth, and I may say virtue, more than a good riddle?”

Tags : Mirth Riddle Virtue
Author : George Eliot
Source : Middlemarch

192. “There is a virtue, I must presume, in shamelessness, since by placing on parade the things one does not know, one discovers that no one else knows either.”

Tags : Discovery Parade Presume Shameless Virtue
Author : Robert Ardrey
Source : The Territorial Imperative: A Personal Inquiry Into the Animal Origins of Property and Nations

193. “Well, heaven forgive him! and forgive us all! Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall: Some run from brakes of ice, and answer none: And some condemned for a fault alone.”

Tags : Condemn Forgiveness Ice Sin Virtue
Source : Measure for Measure

194. “Where we fall are the stepping-stones for our journey.”

Tags : Acceptance Bravery Business Choice Communication Compassion Creativity Experience Fear Goals Happiness Human Nature Knowledge Leadership Learning Living Love Perseverance Reality Respect Self Self Help Self Improvement Spirit Strength Thinking Trust Truth Values Wisdom
Author : Lolly Daskal
Source : Thoughts Spoken From The Heart

195. “The difference between impossible and possible is a willing heart.”

Tags : Anger Business Choice Fear Happiness Heart Inspirational Love Mind Perseverance Purpose Reality Reason Self Awareness Self Help Self Improvement Soul Trust Values
Author : Lolly Daskal
Source : Thoughts Spoken From The Heart

196. “Purpose drives the process by which we become what we are capable of being.”

Tags : Acceptance Anger Bravery Change Communication Compassion Courage Fear Goals Humanity Inspirational Justice Knowledge Life Living Meaning Motivational Purpose Respect Self Esteem Self Improvement Spirit Thinking
Author : Lolly Daskal

197. “I am astonished at the pleasure one experiences in doing good; and I should be tempted to believe that what we call virtuous people have not so much merit as they lead us to suppose.”

Tags : Charity Good Works Vicomte De Valmont Virtue
Source : Les Liaisons dangereuses

198. “Don't allow yourself to be fooled by how "nice" a person appears to be, measure a person's virtuousness by the way in which they treat others with their words and actions .”

Tags : Actions Behaviour Character Deluded Fooled Insight Language Nice Nice Guy Virtue Virtuous Virtuousness Wisdom Words
Source : Embrace Your Sexual Self: A Practical Guide for Women

199. “Of the thousands who have paid homage to virtue, barely one has thought to inspect the pedestal on which it stands.”

Tags : Epicureanism Epicurus Hedonism Humanism Philosophy Pleasure Virtue

200. “I feel virtuous because my soul is at ease.”

Tags : Ease Hedonism Pleasure Virtue