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1. “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

Tags : Seasons Strength Trial Triumph
Author : Albert Camus

2. “If you have a dream, don’t just sit there. Gather courage to believe that you can succeed and leave no stone unturned to make it a reality.”

Tags : Authors Books Coaching Connect Dare Determination Dreams Faith Famous Goals Hope Idea Inspire Judge Leadership Motivation Motivator Never Give Up Passion Promo Publishing Success Successful Triumph Victory Wisdom You Can Do It
Author : Roopleen

3. “No matter how hard Evil tries, it can never quite match up to the power of Good, because Evil is ultimately self-destructive. Evil may set out to corrupt others, but in the process corrupts itself.”

Tags : Corrupt Corruption Evil Good Good And Evil Good Vs Evil Triumph
Author : John Connolly
Source : The Infernals

4. “At birth and at dawn for each and every dayit triumphs over the eclipse.It is the very first thing that you see.Its power is blinding at first, anon it opens our eyes to the allure of the world.Each moment it breathes life into us,warms our souls and colors our skin.At gloaming it seems to wane,while it privily awaits a timeto give birth to a new circle of life.”

Tags : Allure Birth Blinded Circle Of Life Dawn Day Eclipse Life Light Lights New Soul Time Triumph

5. “Don’t let mental blocks control you. Set yourself free. Confront your fear and turn the mental blocks into building blocks.”

Tags : Authors Coaching Competition Connect Courage Daring Failure Famous Idea Inspiration Judge Life Motivation Never Give Up Passion Peace Positive Thinking Publishing Quotes Speaking Successful Triumph Willpower Wisdom World You Can Do It
Author : Roopleen
Source : Words to inspire the winner in YOU

6. “The world’s greatest achievers have been those who have always stayed focussed on their goals and have been consistent in their efforts.”

Tags : Attitude Authors Books Coaching Courage Daring Determination Faith Goals Hope Idea Inspiration Judge Leadership Life Positive Thinking Quotes Self Confidence Success Successful Triumph Willpower You Can Do It
Author : Roopleen
Source : Words to inspire the winner in YOU

7. “Quitting: easy. Daring to triumph: hard.”

Tags : Daring Quitting Triumph
Source : Force of Nature: Mind, Body, Soul

8. “Life is full of challenges, seen and unseen, so to look and feel great, you must hold your head up each day and project your inner confidence.”

Tags : Action Author Cindy Ann Peterson Balance Book Books Cindy Ann Peterson Feelings Future Good Health Intelligence Life News Personal Growth Positive Thinking Positive Thoughts Respect Self Actualization Self Esteem Style Success Quotes Thoughts Triumph Washington Dc Writers
Source : My Style, My Way: Top Experts Reveal How to Create Yours Today

9. “How easily such a thing can become a mania, how the most normal and sensible of women once this passion to be thin is upon them, can lose completely their sense of balance and proportion and spend years dealing with this madness.”

Tags : Brave Bronte Greed Hardship Heal Help Journey Loss Lust Mad Mountaineering Moving Murder Philosophy Pretty Regret Remorse Women
Author : Kathryn Hurn
Source : HELL HEAVEN & IN-BETWEEN: One Woman's Journey to Finding Love

10. “I heard Mr. Ingersoll many years ago in Chicago. The hall seated 5,000 people; every inch of standing-room was also occupied; aisles and platform crowded to overflowing. He held that vast audience for three hours so completely entranced that when he left the platform no one moved, until suddenly, with loud cheers and applause, they recalled him. He returned smiling and said: 'I'm glad you called me back, as I have something more to say. Can you stand another half-hour?' 'Yes: an hour, two hours, all night,' was shouted from various parts of the house; and he talked on until midnight, with unabated vigor, to the delight of his audience. This was the greatest triumph of oratory I had ever witnessed. It was the first time he delivered his matchless speech, 'The Liberty of Man, Woman, and Child'.I have heard the greatest orators of this century in England and America; O'Connell in his palmiest days, on the Home Rule question; Gladstone and John Bright in the House of Commons; Spurgeon, James and Stopford Brooke, in their respective pulpits; our own Wendell Phillips, Henry Ward Beecher, and Webster and Clay, on great occasions; the stirring eloquence of our anti-slavery orators, both in Congress and on the platform, but none of them ever equalled Robert Ingersoll in his highest flights.{Stanton's comments at the great Robert Ingersoll's funeral}”

Tags : Admiration America Chicago Delight England Equality Honor Ingersoll Liberty Of Man Woman And Child Matchless Oratory Praise Respect Rights Robert G Ingersoll Robert Green Ingersoll Robert Ingersoll Smile Speech Triumph

11. “Somewhere in the world there is a defeat for everyone. Some are destroyed by defeat, and some made small and mean by victory. Greatness lives in one who triumphs equally over defeat and victory.”

Tags : Defeat Greatnesstness Heroic Triumph Victory
Source : The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights

12. “Daniel in the den; a champion in the den”

Tags : Awake Bad Times Courage Daniel Difficult Moments Good Times Hurt Life Hurdles Problems In Life Strength Through Adversity Triumph

13. “The beauty of defeat is that when you fall, you fly.”

Tags : Defeat Live In The Moment Triumph
Author : Lionel Suggs

14. “The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”

Tags : Conflict Glorious Harder In The End More Triumph
Author : Thomas Paine

15. “Who dare tries is a success, and shall master the art of conquering dreams.”

Tags : Conquer Courage Desires Dreams Goals Hopes Success Triumph Try Wishes
Author : T.F. Hodge
Source : From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with "The Divine Presence"

16. “Something about the joy and pain of that moment, something about the excruciating contrast, made me feel that no matter what happens now, my life has been worth it. What a ride.”

Tags : Experience Fulfillment Life Triumph
Source : Stotan!

17. “Triumphs are usually the outcomes of countless learned-from 'failures”

Tags : Business Quotes Courage Entertainment Industry Failure Failure Quotes Inspiring Quotes Learning Lessons Learnt Life Lessons Quotes Motivational Quotes Persistence Persistence Quotes Quotes Rasheed Ogunlaru Rasheed Ogunlaru Quotes Sports Inspirational Sports Quotes Success Success Quotes Triumph

18. “Well, if it can be thought, it can be done, a problem can be overcome,”

Tags : Challenge Challenges Inspirational Inspirational Attitude Motivational Overcoming Adversity Overcoming Challenges Overcoming Obstacles Positive Attitude Positive Thinking Problem Problem Solving Problems Success Successful Mind Triumph
Source : Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

19. “To live 'forever', let your purpose in life be bigger than you.”

Tags : Achievements Attitude Authors Coaching Connect Courage Dare Dreams Famous Forever Hope Humanity Idea Inspiration Motivator Passion Publishing Self Esteem Service Success Volunteers Wisdom Words

20. “The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value. I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress and grow.”

Tags : Growth Strength Struggle Triumph
Author : Thomas Paine

21. “The strong survive, but the courageous triumph.”

Tags : Michael Scott Nicholas Flamel Niten Sophie Survival Triumph
Author : Michael Scott
Source : The Warlock

22. “One day can change your life. One day can ruin your life. All life is is three or four big days that change everything.”

Tags : Life Life Lessons Strength Character Struggle Tragedy Triumph

23. “The point is, Ilsa Hermann had decided to make suffering her triumph. When it refused to let go of her, she succumbed to it. She embraced it. ”

Tags : Saddness Suffering Triumph
Author : Markus Zusak
Source : The Book Thief

24. “Surrender to your fear so you may triumph over it.”

Tags : Fear Triumph
Author : Simon Holt
Source : The Devouring

25. “Have patience with all things but first with yourself. Never confuse your mistakes with your value as a human being. You are perfectly valuable, creative, worthwhile person simply because you exist. And no amount of triumphs or tribulations can ever change that.”

Tags : Creative Existence Mistake Patience Perfect Triumph Valuable Worthwhile

26. “Woe betide the leaders now perched on their dizzy pinnacles of triumph if they cast away at the conference table what the soldiers had won on a hundred bloodsoaked battlefields.”

Tags : Triumph Warning Waste
Source : Memoirs of the Second World War

27. “I, Horus, son of Osiris, claim the throne of the heavens as my birthright!" he shouted."What was once mine shall be mine again.Is there anyone who would challenge me?" The gods flickered and glowed. A few scowled. One muttered something that sounded like "Cheese", although that could've been my imagination.”

Tags : Carter Horus Humor Triumph
Author : Rick Riordan
Source : The Red Pyramid

28. “Heroes and scholars represent the opposite extremes... The scholar struggles for the benefit of all humanity, sometimes to reduce physical effort, sometimes to reduce pain, and sometimes to postpone death, or at least render it more bearable. In contrast, the patriot sacrifices a rather substantial part of humanity for the sake of his own prestige. His statue is always erected on a pedestal of ruins and corpses... In contrast, all humanity crowns a scholar, love forms the pedestal of his statues, and his triumphs defy the desecration of time and the judgment of history.”

Tags : Contrast Corpses Crown Death Effort Extreme Heroes History Humanity Inspirational Judgement Love Opposite Pain Patriot Pedestal Prestige Ruins Sacrifice Scholars Science Statue Struggle Time Triumph
Source : Advice for a Young Investigator

29. “We run to place and power over the dead bodies of those who fail and fall; ay, we win the food we eat from out the mouths of starving babes.”

Tags : Balance Cost Crime Give And Take Good And Evil Humanity Mankind Price Sin Society Survival Triumph
Source : She

30. “The music of hope is everywhere, but to hear it, you need to ignore the muddy jangle of life's hassles.”

Tags : Hope Inspirtational Overcoming Adversity Triumph
Source : Life Song

31. “Visit Cape Town and history is never far from your grasp. It lingers in the air, a scent on the breezy, an explanation of circumstance that shaped the Rainbow People. Stroll around the old downtown and it's impossible not to be affected by the trials and tribulations of the struggle. But, in many ways, it is the sense of triumph in the face of such adversity that makes the experience all the more poignant.”

Tags : Cape Town Endurance South Africa Struggle Triumph
Author : Tahir Shah
Source : Travels With Myself

32. “Their words of encouragement were just what I needed. I was doing a great job, and I appreciated their cheers.I felt a dormlike camaraderie in the burn unit, since each of us knew the challenges we were facing like no one else could, and therefore how meaningful each triumph was.”

Tags : Burn Unit Camaraderie Challenges Encouragement Hope Triumph
Source : Heaven Is Here: An Incredible Story of Hope, Triumph, and Everyday Joy

33. “Unbreakable, would you thought they called me Mr. GlassLook back on my life like the ghost of Christmas pastToys R Us where I used to spend that Christmas cashAnd I still won't grow up, I'm a grown ass kidSwear I should be locked up for stupid shit that I didBut I'm a champion, so I turned tragedy to triumphMake music that's fire, spit my soul through the wire”

Tags : Growth Overcome Obstacles Success Triumph True To Self
Author : Kanye West

34. “There are many to tell what to Learn.But there is no one to teach how to learn.”

Tags : Facts Learning Reality Success Teach Triumph Truth
Author : Agha Kousar

35. “The difference between try and triumph is a little umph”

Tags : Triumph Try
Author : Anonymous

36. “Some of my operations are great triumphs and tremendous. But they're only triumphs because there are also disasters”

Tags : Disaster Triumph
Author : Henry Marsh
Source : Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery

37. “Teams that spend a lot of time learning the tricks of the trade will probably never really learn the trade.”

Tags : Books Coach Competition Counseling Dare Daring Determination Dreams Famous Hope Idea Inspiration Motivation Motivator Never Give Up Passion Patience Peace Positive Thinking Publishing Quotes Self Esteem Speaking Successful Training Trust Willpower Wisdom You Can Do It
Author : Yuri Boganov

38. “Where he had failed, I would triumph.Where he had lost his way, I would find the path out of the labyrinth.”

Tags : Labyrinth Resolve Triumph
Source : The Angel's Game

39. “Thus identified with astronomy, in proclaiming truths supposed to be hostile to Scripture, Geology has been denounced as the enemy of religion. The twin sisters of terrestrial and celestial physics have thus been joint-heirs of intolerance and persecution—unresisting victims in the crusade which ignorance and fanaticism are ever waging against science. When great truths are driven to make an appeal to reason, knowledge becomes criminal, and philosophers martyrs. Truth, however, like all moral powers, can neither be checked nor extinguished. When compressed, it but reacts the more. It crushes where it cannot expand—it burns where it is not allowed to shine. Human when originally divulged, it becomes divine when finally established. At first, the breath of a rage—at last it is the edict of a god. Endowed with such vital energy, astronomical truth has cut its way through the thick darkness of superstitious times, and, cheered by its conquests, Geology will find the same open path when it has triumphed over the less formidable obstacles of a civilized age.”

Tags : Astronomy Civilization Conquest Criminal Fanaticism Geology Ignorance Intolerance Knowledge Martyrs Persecution Philosophers Physics Reason Religion Science Science And Religion Science Vs Religion Scripture Superstition Triumph Truth
Source : More Worlds Than One: The Creed of the Philosopher and the Hope of the Christian

40. “Every triumph has to overcome the fear of tragedy.”

Tags : Debasish Debasish Mridha Fear Mridha Philosophy Success Tragedy Triumph

41. “My body is a political battlefield.It is a place of war, of death and suffering, of triumph and victory, of damage and repair, of blood and tears and sweat.It is a place where memories go to find purpose for their existence.It is a place where humans cast all inhibitions aside to discover what exists at their very core.It is a place of growth wearing a mask of destruction.It is a challenge, not for the faint of heart, beckoning us to face it with eyes wide open.The only war is within. When you are ready to fight it, the field awaits.”

Tags : Battle Battlefield Body Body Shame Challenge Destruction Field Growth Humanity Inhibition Internal Lgbt Overcoming Politics Pride Spiritual Warfare Survival Trans Transgender Triumph War

42. “Short men are happy, for they can pass easily through the door. Tall men are happy, for they can stand erect and pluck oranges with their hands. Again, short men are angry, for they cannot stand erect and pluck oranges with their hands. Again, tall men are angry, for they cannot pass easily through the door.”

Tags : Ability Amusement Animals Capacity Comic Contrast Criticism Curse Deficiency Difference Differences Funny Height Incapacity Irony Man Mankind Paradoxical Statement Race Random Satire Satisfaction Story Strange Superiority Tallness Thinking Truth Paradox

43. “Life is like a story, when all the resolution is resolved, you heave a sigh of relief.”

Tags : Climax Complication Content Contentment Destiny Journey Labyrinth Metamorphosis Michael Bassey Johnson Plot Reality Relief Sigh Sigh Of Relief Spiritual Story Story Line Suffering Suffocation Tragedy Triumph

44. “We are surrounded by adversity but we shall triumph because we have a greater spirit”

Tags : Adversity Ambition Quotes Challenges Of Life Christian Despaire Difficult Times Quotes Enthusiasm Inspiration Inner Strength Quotes Lailah Gifty Akita Affirmations Lessons Learned In Life Lessons Learnt Optimism Quotes Overcoming Adversity Positive Religious Faith Religious Quote Spiritual Wisdom Strength Of Character Strength Through Adversity Triumph
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

45. “Whenever you encounter any fearful situation, there exists a great possibility for you to triumph only if you be willing enough to conquer the fear.”

Tags : Adversity Conquer Destiny Determined Spirit Dream Education Educational Philosophy Fear Inner Strength Positive Positive Thinking Possibility Purpose Self Help Self Motivation Strength Triumph Willingness Wise Words Wishes
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

46. “The only way to prevent your problem from jubilating over you is to confront them head to head with the singular hope that they will be defeated!”

Tags : Circumstances Come Over Confront Defeated Food For Thought Head To Head Hope Israelmore Ayivor Jubilate Jubilating Jubilation Obstacles Overcome Prevent Problems Singular Succeed Successful Triumph Win Winner
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

47. “The victory is not to change the mind of the critic; it is to evaluate what you can learn and discard, yet still walk away with peace in your heart.”

Tags : Confidence Critics Happiness Holding On Peace Peace Of Mind Personal Opinions Positive Outlook Rolling With The Punches Staying Positive University Triumph Weathering Hard Times

48. “When you don't fight your adversary, you become the coward in the sight of animalistic breeds, but they forget that your real strength stays in the whisper of your voice.”

Tags : Bad Bad Character Bold Contention Coward Cowardice Difference Evil People Fear Fiend Fight Good Attitude Hate Haters Impulse Mediocre People Michael Bassey Johnson Negative People Non Conformist Quarrel Shambles Strength Untamed Whisper

49. “{The final resolutions at Robert Ingersoll's funeral, quoted here}Whereas, in the order of nature -- that nature which moves with unerring certainty in obedience to fixed laws -- Robert G. Ingersoll has gone to that repose which we call death.We, his old friends and fellow-citizens, who have shared his friendship in the past, hereby manifest the respect due his memory. At a time when everything impelled him to conceal his opinions or to withhold their expression, when the highest honors of the state were his if he would but avoid discussion of the questions that relate to futurity, he avowed his belief; he did not bow his knee to superstition nor countenance a creed which his intellect dissented.Casting aside all the things for which men most sigh -- political honor, the power to direct the futures of the state, riches and emoluments, the association of the worldly and the well- to-do -- he stood forth and expressed his honest doubts, and he welcomed the ostracism that came with it, as a crown of glory, no less than did the martyrs of old.Even this self-sacrifice has been accounted shame to him, saying that he was urged thereto by a desire for financial gain, when at the time he made his stand there was before him only the prospect of loss and the scorn of the public. We, therefore, who know what a struggle it was to cut loose from his old associations, and what it meant to him at that time, rejoice in his triumph and in the plaudits that came to him from thus boldly avowing his opinions, and we desire to record the fact that we feel that he was greater than a saint, greater than a mere hero -- he was a thoroughly honest man.He was a believer, not in the narrow creed of a past barbarous age, but a true believer in all that men ought to hold sacred, the sanctity of the home, the purity of friendship, and the honesty of the individual. He was not afraid to advocate the fact that eternal truth was eternal justice; he was not afraid of the truth, nor to avow that he owed allegiance to it first of all, and he was willing to suffer shame and condemnation for its sake.The laws of the universe were his bible; to do good, his religion, and he was true to his creed. We therefore commend his life, for he was the apostle of the fireside, the evangel of justice and love and charity and happiness.We who knew him when he first began his struggle, his old neighbors and friends, rejoice at the testimony he has left us, and we commend his life and efforts as worthy of emulation.”

Tags : Charity Creed Death Doubt Friendship Glory Happiness Hero Honesty Honor Intellect Justice Love Nature Obedience Rejoice Respect Robert G Ingersoll Robert Green Ingersoll Robert Ingersoll Superstition Truth
Source : Ingersoll: A Biographical Appreciation

50. “Is the writer cruel that makes his characters suffer only to bring them to triumph or tragedy in the end?”

Tags : Characters Cruelty Fiction Fictional Characters Tragedy Triumph Writers Writing
Author : Johnny Rich
Source : The Human Script

51. “It has been said that Poland is dead, exhausted, enslaved, but here is the proof of her life and triumph.”

Tags : Poland Triumph

52. “Many people who became successful were once first time global failures. But because they didn't give up on their dreams, failure could not sink them. They triumphed at last!”

Tags : Depressed Dream Dream Big Dreams Endure Extra Extra Mile Fail Failing Global Happy Israelmore Ayivor Joy Jubilate Many Many People Never Quit People Persistent Rise Sink Succeed Successful Successfully Triumph Triumphed

53. “Victory, is like a boxer that hangs his gloves, after the consecutive losses; sometimes walking away is what builds character, than the actual fight. As humble fruit on a tree that falls to the ground and rots, never finding appreciation in the taste of mouths.”

Tags : Appreciation Boxer Build Character Conquest Consecutive Destroy Enemy Fight Fruit Humility Lose Mouth Opponent Rot Struggle Success Sweetness Taste Tree Triumph Walk Away Win

54. “Man's delight in the Lord is the absolute peak of human triumph. He praises God when full of joy, and when not, he praises God to become full of joy. For to know and to live as though God is worthy of all praise, in all one's circumstances, whether seemingly good or seemingly bad, is the primary definition of joy and the richest triumph for man under God.”

Tags : Apologetics Awe Church Delight Glorification Of God Glorifying God Glory God Honor Lord Love Man Music Peace Praise Prayer Respect Reverence Rich Singing Strength Triumph Trust Worship Worthiness
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

55. “Into every life may come tragedy and triumph. Our goal is to meet both equally with serenity and radiant acquiescence. Yet even from the storm clouds of tragedy, rainbows can appear.”

Tags : Acquiescence Life Lessons Life Philosophy Serenity Serenity Of The Mind Tragedy Of Life Tragedy Quotes Triumph
Source : Bind Not the Heart: A Windflower Saga Novella

56. “Four days,” he said, just loudly enough for those in the room to hear. “That’s how long it took me to defeat Sam Temple.” Caine locked eyes with Drake. “Four days,” Caine sneered. “What did you accomplish in the three months I was sick?”Drake met his gaze, then wavered, and looked down at the floor. There was red in his cheeks, a dangerous glitter in his eyes, but he could not meet Caine’s triumphant scowl.“Remember this when you finally decide it’s time to take me on, Drake.”

Tags : Caine Soren Defeat Drake Merwin Gloat Sam Temple Sick Triumph
Author : Michael Grant
Source : Hunger

57. “I heard death had a name, but I forgot what it was.”

Tags : Death Fear Forgot Life Name No Worries Overcome Resurrection Spirit Triumph

58. “I marvel at the placidity of the Utopian who imagines that man is perfectible. There is no denying that the human creature is born selfish, abusive, vile. Just look around you and see. Society cynical and ferocious, the humble heckled and pillaged by the rich traffickers in necessities. Everywhere the triumph of the mediocre and unscrupulous, everywhere the apotheosis of crooked politics and finance. And you think you can make any progress against a stream like that? No, man has never changed. His soul was corrupt in the days of Genesis and is not less rotten at present. Only the form of his sins varies. Progress is the hypocrisy which refines the vices.”

Tags : Change Corrupt Crooked Cynical Cynicism Finance Humble Hypocrisy Man Mankind Mediocre Perfectibility Perfectible Placidity Politics Progress Rotten Selfish Selfishness Sin Sins Triumph Unscrupulous Utopian Vices Vile
Source : Là-Bas

59. “We thrive in hardships by God’s grace.”

Tags : Adversity Challenges Christian Emotional Healing Faith God S Grace Hardships Hardtimes Healing Healthy Habits Inner Strength Inspiration Overcomer Overcoming Pain Positive Triumph Uplifting Victory
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

60. “Stand tall on the summit after a tedious climb. Take in the remarkable scenery and the exhilaration of accomplishment. But don't pause for long; there are greater mountains to climb while you still possess the drive and capacity to do so.”

Tags : Accomplishment Achievement Climb Climbing Graduation Richelle Richelle E Goodrich Richelle Goodrich Success Triumph
Source : Making Wishes: Quotes, Thoughts, & a Little Poetry for Every Day of the Year

61. “I attained a triumph so complete that it is now rare to meet an American with marks of small pox on his face... Benefits are valuable according to their duration and extent... but the benign remedy Vaccination saves millions of lives every century, like the [gift] of the sun, universal and everlasting.[Remark made near the end of his life]”

Tags : American Benefit Benign Everlasting Gift Medicine Rare Remedy Saving Lives Science Smallpox Triumph Universal Vaccination Value

62. “One can learn from what is not said.”

Tags : Abuse Recovery Abuse Survivors Education Hope Learning Learning Process Lgbt Lgbtq Lgbtqia Listening Listening Skills Listening To Others Love Psychology Romance Romance Novels Triumph Young Adult Young Adult Fiction Young Adult Romance Young Adult Romance Fiction Youth
Author : C. Kennedy
Source : Slaying Isidore's Dragons

63. “Individualistic people die on the great curves”

Tags : Battle Conquer Success Triumph
Author : saqib abraham

64. “…having once seen him put forth his strength in battle, methinks I could know him again among a thousand warriors. He rushes into the fray as if he were summoned to a banquet. There is more than mere strength--there seems as if the whole soul and spirit of the champion were given to every blow which he deals upon his enemies. God assoilzie him of the sin of bloodshed! It is fearful, yet magnificent, to behold how the arm and heart of one man can triumph over hundreds.”

Tags : Battle Champion Courage Determination Effort Fierce Passion Spirit Strength Triumph Warfare Warrior
Author : Walter Scott
Source : Ivanhoe

65. “Sometimes the worst beatings we endure are never the physical kind.”

Tags : Beatings Gravity Mageri Physical Struggle Tragedy Triumph Truth
Author : Dannika Dark
Source : Gravity

66. “God can deliver you so well that some people won’t believe your testimony.”

Tags : Achievement Adversity Battles Come Full Circle In Life Life Challenges Life Missions Life Purpose Motivational Overcoming Restoration Rise Above Your Weakness Sinners Spirituality Success Testimony Triumph

67. “They who laugh the hardest are the same ones who have fought the toughest.The winner, though fraught with scarsstands alone,wholly victorious.”

Tags : Laugh Triumph Victory Is Yours Winner Stands Alone
Author : Tara Estacaan

68. “Life is a fairytale of courage, fear, failure, persistence and triumph.”

Tags : Courage Debasish Debasish Mridha Fear Inspirational Life Life Is A Fairytale Life Is A Fairytale Of Courage Mridha Persistence Philosophy Triumph

69. “You must persistence long enough to triumph.”

Tags : Achieve Adversity Challenges Christian Determination Determined Spirit Dont Quit Endurance Failure Faith Fighting Spirit Hope Inspirational Life Never Give Patient Persistence Self Motivation Triumph Uplifting Wait
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

70. “Never allow carping critics to deter you from success. Instead, silence them with it.”

Tags : Bestseller Blockbuster Complaining Criticisms Critics Difficult People Fools Inspirational Motivation Rise Above Self Motivation Success Top Dog Triumph Trolling Trolls Whiny Winner

71. “Everyone has it's own great triumph, has he own story with sadness, madness and reverses. That's how we are build, few are the people which share their story, most cases because of shame.”

Tags : Everyone Has He It S Madness Own Sadness Shame Triumph
Author : Deyth Banger

72. “Survival is the foundation of endurance; complete triumph is the endgame.”

Tags : Bohdi Sanders Endurance Endurance And Attitude Endurance Quotes Survival Survivalist Triumph
Author : Bohdi Sanders
Source : Modern Bushido: Living a Life of Excellence

73. “The greatest achievement of humanity is the human spirit.”

Tags : Achievement Humanity Triumph Truth
Source : Live Your Truth

74. “Shergahn and friend lay like poleaxed steers, and the Daranfelian's greasy hair was thick with potatoes, carrots, gravy, and chunks of beef. His companion had less stew in his hair, but an equally large lump was rising fast, and Brandark flipped his improvised club into the air, caught it in proper dipping position, and filled it once more from the pot without even glancing at them. He raised the ladle to his nose, inhaled deeply, and glanced at the cook with an impudent twitch of his ears."Smells delicious," he said while the laughter started up all around the fire. "I imagine a bellyful of this should help a hungry man sleep. Why, just look what a single ladle of it did for Shergahn!”

Tags : Beat Bully Defeat Delicious Food Funny Good Humor Humorous Laughter Lump Shame Sleep Steer Stew Triumph Yummy
Author : David Weber
Source : Oath of Swords

75. “It is not triumph which defines a man, but tragedy. Triumph always brings out the best in men, but tragedy shows us what we are made of.”

Tags : Heroism Loss Survival Tragedy Tragedy Of Life Triumph Triumph Quotes
Source : The Roman General: A Novel

76. “May we each find in ourselves the courage we forgot we have, to see the beauty we forgot is inside us, while battling the demons we forgot we can slay, on a battlefield we forgot we can win.”

Tags : Aids Battle Battlefield Beauty Courage Demons Hiv Life Love Relationships Survival Triumph War

77. “It is strange... the reasons one feels he doesn't deserve things.”

Tags : Abuse Abuse Recovery Abuse Survivors Heartache Heartbreak Hope Lgbt Lgbtq Lgbtqia Psychology Psychology Of Self Romance Triumph
Author : C. Kennedy
Source : Slaying Isidore's Dragons

78. “We all face difficult times. It is only the grace of God that gives strength to endure.”

Tags : Adversity Challenges Christian Despair Divorce Endurance Faith Fighting Spirit Grace Grace Of God Inspirational Inspiring Marriage Overcome Overcomer Overcoming Obstacles Positive Problems Self Help Self Motivation Survival Instinct Triumph Uplifting Wise Words
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

79. “Our measure of hope is in direct proportion to our ability to conquer hopelessness.”

Tags : Conquer Defeat Despair Fear Hope Hopelessness Humanity Life Love Redeem Spiritual Triumph World
Author : LeeAnn Taylor

80. “It is almost impossible to not triumph to bigger and better things, if you aren't afraid to make mistakes, learn from them, and try again with a better approach.”

Tags : Afriad Of Making Mistakes Bigger And Better Things Edmond Mbiaka Fear Of Failure Learn From Your Mistakes Triumph Try Again With A Better Approach

81. “I am small.So are stars from a distance. It's all a matter of perspective.”

Tags : Abuse Abuse Recovery Abuse Survivors Hope Lgbt Lgbtq Lgbtqia Love Psychology Self Esteem Triumph
Author : C. Kennedy
Source : Slaying Isidore's Dragons

82. “Don't try to be brave all at once. Take it in steps.”

Tags : Abuse Recovery Abuse Survivors Abused Children Courage Hope Lgbt Lgbtq Lgbtqia Triumph
Author : C. Kennedy
Source : Slaying Isidore's Dragons

83. “ was an intimate bond between the men of that generation ... for nothing brings men close together than a common misfortune happily overcome.”

Tags : Defeat Misfortune Triumph
Author : Ivo Andrić
Source : The Bridge on the Drina

84. “Now comes the picture of mass defeat, the most awesome spectacle of the war. It is in the bent bodies of old women who poke among ruins seeking some miserable object that will link their lives with the old days. It is in the shamed darting eyes of the defeated. It is in the faces of the little boys who regard our triumphant columns with fear and fascination. And above all it is in the thousands of beaten, dusty soldiers who stream along the roads towards the stockades. Their feet clump wearily, mechanically, hopelessly on the still endless road of war. They move as haggard, gray masses, in which the individual had neither life nor meaning. It is impossible to see in these men the quality that made them stand up and fight like demons out of hell a few shorts months ago.”

Tags : Defeat Soldiers Triumph War World War 2
Author : Audie Murphy
Source : To Hell and Back

85. “She knew that Evin thought she had chosen because of him. Because somewhere, deep down, she loved him. And maybe someday - if she did end up loving him - she would tell him the truth.That it hand't been about love.It had, in the end, been about death. About who needed it, and who was ashamed of it, and who celebrated it. About who might, someday, move past it.”

Tags : Death Morality Moving On And Letting Go Triumph
Author : Leah Cypess
Source : Death Marked

86. “The fate of the world depends on the triumph of the good people!”

Tags : Fate Fate Of The World Good People Good People Quotes Ildan Words Of Wisdom Murat Ildan Quotes Triumph Victory

87. “Regardless of the amount of adversities we have conquered in the past, new challenges and obstacles tend to activate some fears and doubts in the minds of many. But it's very important to understand that the presence of fear or doubt doesn't mean that one is incapable of triumphing from one's negative situation.”

Tags : Conquer Conquered Conquering Edmond Mbiaka Fears And Doubts In Your Mind Negative Situations New Challenges New Obstacles The Adversitis In Your Life The Presence Of Doubt The Presence Of Fear Triumph Triumphing You Are Capable Of Success You Can Defeat Your Obstacles

88. “One who be armed with positive force energy may repell negative daggers, walk through the wilderness - and live to tell it.”

Tags : Energy Experience Force Journey Negative Overcome Positive Triumph Victory Walk Wilderness
Author : T.F. Hodge
Source : From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with "The Divine Presence"

89. “Ascension is the triumph of mastered emotions; a process of gaining clarity in the darkness of blind spots and struggles, allowing you to perceive with the karmic intelligence of the Soul.”

Tags : Blind Spots Clarity Confusion Darkness Karma Overcome Peace Of Mind Soul Triumph
Author : Ka Chinery

90. “No triumph without a try.”

Tags : Inspirational Motivational Philosophy Slogans Triumph
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

91. “I wanted to give you a victory. But by their essential nature triumphs can’t be given.”

Tags : Earn It Give Giving Nature Nature Of Things Triumph Triumphs Victory
Source : A Civil Campaign

92. “Winning and losing was suddenly elevated to be about things that had no score and no teams and no uniforms; just one player at a time dealing with his life, his own struggle, his own triumph and torment.”

Tags : Life Struggle Torment Triumph Winning And Losing
Author : Dan Groat
Source : A Punctual Paymaster

93. “Come, friends. Come with your grief. Come with your loss. Carry all the pieces of your heart and come sit with us. Bring your disappointments and your failures. Bring your betrayals and your masks. We welcome you no matter where you come from and what you bring. Come and join us at the intersection of acceptance and forgivenesswhere you will find our house of love. Bring your empty cups and we will have a feast.”

Tags : Acceptance Poems Beloved Disappointment Empty Feast Forgive Friends Hafiz Happiness Happy Heart House Invitation Kamand Let Go Loss Love Persevere Saadi Spirituality Sufism Togetherness Transcend Unity Wine

94. “Stand up and let the world hear your roar, now spread your wings and begin to soar.”

Tags : Bravery Changing Your Life Courage Life Standing Up Triumph
Author : Mya Waechtler

95. “Yet the human heart is disheartened by the most unreasonable self-judgments, because even when we take on giants, we too often confuse failure with fault, which I know too well. The only way back from such a bleak despondency is to shape humiliation into humility, to strive always to triumph over the darkness while never forgetting that the honor and the beauty are more in striving than in winning. When triumph at last comes, our efforts alone could not have won the day without that grace which surpasses all understanding and which will, if we allow it, imbue our lives with meaning.”

Tags : Beauty Disheartened Effort Failures Faults Humility Life Odd Thomas Perceverance Striving Triumph
Author : Dean Koontz
Source : Odd Interlude: A Special Odd Thomas Adventure

96. “God is well able to turn your tragedies into triumphs.”

Tags : Bible Christian Family God Tragedy Triumph Word
Author : Jim George

97. “All forms of achievements are all a triumph of discipline.”

Tags : Achievements Discipline Triumph

98. “I felt clean, all the bone-beaked loneliness birds banished, their rocky nests turned to river stones. Cool, clear water bubbled over them, streams in the desert.”

Tags : Beginning Of Wisdom Beginnings Endings Inspirational Triumph
Source : The Power of One

99. “Don't let what you thought you were yesterday keep you from becoming what you're meant to be today.”

Tags : Change Courage Growth Healing Identity Overcoming Self Discovery Triumph Who You Are

100. “You may be able to conquer the whole world and gain everything in action, But you'll live in torment if you can't find peace of mind and satisfaction.”

Tags : Conquer Gain Humanity Mouloudbenzadi Peace Of Mind Power Satisfaction Triumph Victory Win World

101. “May you find the grace of triumph over any situation.”

Tags : Adversity Challenges Christian Life Dark Times Difficulty Faith Grace Hope Inspirational Overcomer Overcoming Obstacles Positive Positive Thinking Self Esteem Triumph Victory
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

102. “No matter who we are, where we live, what we look like, the circumstances of our birth or the situations we face; each of us has gifts within us. Strength, beauty, courage, compassion, hope, joy, talent, imagination, reverence, wisdom, love and faith are among them. They are not like material presents we unwrap and hold in our hands. We can’t see these gifts with our eyes. But they are real and powerful. When we open ourselves to them, they can enrich every aspect of our lives. They can help us transform challenges into opportunities and tragedies into triumphs. They can help us make a difference in the world.”

Tags : Beauty Compassion Courage Faith Healing Hope Imagiantion Inner Gifts Inspiration Joy Reverence Strength Talent Triumph Wisdom Love
Source : The Twelve Gifts for Healing

103. “Do life soaring”

Tags : Do Inspirational Life Motivational Soar Triumph Truth Victory

104. “I know God love me, because my enemies don’t triumph over me.”

Tags : Enemies God Inspiration Love Triumph Triumphant Victory

105. “One has to remain detached in order to triumph over others”

Tags : Detachment Triumph
Author : Rollo May
Source : The Meaning of Anxiety

106. “The greatest triumph is victory over all trials.”

Tags : Motivational Trails Triumph Wisdom Inspirational

107. “Eternal truth, eternal righteousness, eternal love, these only can triumph, for these only endure.”

Tags : Endure Eternal Love Righteousness Triumph Truth

108. “Graduating after twenty- five years at Community College was a personal triumph for me. I couldn't let myself down again.”

Tags : Community College Graduating Let Down Triumph

109. “Life is an adventurous story filled with triumph and tragedy.”

Tags : Adventurous Story Debasish Debasish Mridha Life Life Is Mridha Philosophy Tragedy Triumph

110. “Samuel Johnson said a second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience,” Kirkland said.”

Tags : Experience Hope Marriage Triumph

111. “Rising in Triumph, just like the phoenix”

Tags : Phoenix Triumph
Source : Hopes, Dreams and Medals

112. “Get up," I tell myself, "You go and make your dreams a reality. There's no use staying home and whine every time life beats you down. There's a meadow in the deep forest; you just have to keep pushing through.”

Tags : Endure Fight On Never Give Up Triumph

113. “Make your pain productive and you can transform tragedy into triumph.”

Tags : Healing Inspirational Life Pain Tragedy Triumph Wisdom
Author : Jaeda DeWalt

114. “The key to success is having no qualms about failure.”

Tags : Achievement Failure Fortune Goals Progress Qualms Richelle Richelle Goodrich Success Triumph Victory
Source : Smile Anyway: Quotes, Verse, & Grumblings for Every Day of the Year

115. “Arguably the greatest technological triumph of the century has been the public-health system, which is sophisticated preventive and investigative medicine organized around mostly low- and medium-tech equipment; ... fully half of us are alive today because of the improvements.”

Tags : Health Life Medicine Public Health Science Technology Triumph
Source : Visions of Technology: A Century of Vital Debate About Machines Systems and the Human World

116. “The triumph of the philosophy of Atheism is to free man from the nightmare of gods; it means the dissolution of the phantoms of the beyond.”

Tags : Atheism Gods Nightmare Phantoms Philosophy Of Atheism Second Life Triumph
Author : Emma Goldman

117. “What if feeling good only comes after you destroy someone you hate?''That's not good, that's triumph,”

Tags : Beauty Flauvic Princess Elestra Triumph
Source : Remalna's Children

118. “I don't measure a man's success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom.”

Tags : Determination Failure Inspiration Success Triumph

119. “A self-evident and prefabricated symbolism attaches itself to this slow climb to the zenith, and we are not so foolishly ironic, or confident, as to miss the opportunity to glimpse significantly into the eyes of the other and share the thought that occurs to all at this summit, which is, of course, that they have made it thus far, to a point where they can see horizons previously unseen, and the old earth reveals itself newly. Everything is further heightened, as we must obscurely have planned, by signs of sundown.”

Tags : American Dream Climbing Conquest The Future Triumph
Source : Netherland

120. “We try to take it from one at-bat to the next, ya know it’s easier said than done, but all put together it looks good in the end.”

Tags : Baseball Triumph
Author : Evan Longoria

121. “When Steampunk meets adventure and adventure meets comedy and comedy meets ingenuity and ingenuity meets charm and charm meets wonder and wonder meets pleasure the result is a Triumph. Dr Grordbort is the future. And the past. Which makes an ideal present.”

Tags : Dr Grordbort Dr Grordbort S Grordbort Rayguns Triumph Weta
Author : Stephen Fry

122. “Greg Broadmore's fertile and twisted imagination has conjoined multiple genres, memories, and a sharp sense of pulp, colonialist nostalgia/parody in this lavish, fully realized, imaginative tour-de-force. It's Jules Verne meets Fritz Lang meets Tintin. It's beyond Steampunk. It's clearly an insatiable passion for the talismans of a bygone civilization and it's slavish addiction to the early industrial age in all it's filigreed, ignorant glory. Greg has raised the bar.”

Tags : Adam Savage Dr Grordbort Dr Grordbort S Myth Busters Triumph Weta
Author : Adam Savage

123. “Ladles and Jellyspoons, all rise for...ʻTRIUMPHʼ. And by Jupiter what a triumph it is! ...For yet again the unfeasibly huge, nay the monstrously Gigantic, creative genius of theinimitable Mr. Greg Broadmore, delivers us from evil. Expanding the universeaccording to Dr.Grordbort, which teems with its ever growing cast of splendiferouscharacters, creatures, and (most importantly) weapons, and is led by the greatestbombast in the history of fiction, Lord Cockswain himself, GBʼs latest tome ofmagnificence once more separates the mere pretender from the true originator offantasy art. This outing has me feeling that we have reached a tipping point in theevolution of the oeuvre, where we cannot BUT believe that this world is real, that thesemicroscopically detailed inventions are not fanciful conceptual constructs, but anauthentic a depiction as any of our Glorious past, present... and perhaps our future.”

Tags : Dr Grordbort Dr Grordbort S Grordbort Triumph Weta
Author : Andy Serkis

124. “There are two kinds of politicians on Earth: Those who expand the freedoms and those who restrict them! The second group has no chance to triumph and they will always be remembered as spooky characters from a horror movie!”

Tags : Anti Trump Bad Politicians Freedom Freedom Of Expression Freedom Of Speech Horror Movies Ildan Wisdom Ildan Wise Sayings Ildan Words Mehmet Murat Ildan Quotations Mehmet Murat Ildan Quotes Politician Politician Quotations Politicians Politicians Quotations Politicians Quotes Triumph Trump Turkish Authors Turkish Literature Turkish Playwrights Turkish Quotations Turkish Quotes Turkish Wisdom Words Turkish Writers