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1. “Unlike clocks, hours have no reverse motion..”

Tags : Clock Clocks Endless Hour Hours Infinity Lost Minutes Motion No Return Reverse Seconds Time Timeless Universe
Author : Anonymous

2. “Love has no number.”

Tags : Amount Beyond Countless Endless Eternal Everlasting Illimitable Incalculable Infinite Innumerable Limitless Love Mint Multitudinous Numeral Timeless Umpteen Untold Vast

3. “God has enough timeless resources for all mankind.”

Tags : Advice Believe Endless Faith God God Provisions Hope Humanity Humanity Advice Lailah Gifty Akita Affirmations Mankind Peace On Earth People Religion Timeless Uplifting Thoughts Wise Sayings
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

4. “I dwell on endless possibilities.”

Tags : Dwell Endless Endless Love Endless Mind Endless Possibilities Endless Possibility Endure Imagination Imaginations Imagine Imagine That Positive Attitude Positive Mindset Positive Outlook Positive Quotes Positive Thinking Positive Thoughts Things That Matter Thinking Positive Thinking Quotes Thinking With A Great Mind Timeless World Of Dreams World Of Possibilities Your Destiny

5. “War always reaches the depths of horror because of idiots who perpetuate terror from generation to generation under the pretext of vengeance.”

Tags : Soldier Terror Timeless Vengeance War World War Ii
Author : Guy Sajer
Source : The Forgotten Soldier

6. “I knelt and locked the door. I locked the door locking the world and time outside. I stretched my body across the mattress and Saskia drew in close to me and placed her open hand on my chest, her mouth near my shoulder; her breath, my breath blew out the candle, and I held my lost Wanderess with tenderness until sweet sleep overcame us.”

Tags : Brother And Sister Child Love Couple Cuddle Cuddling Friendship And Love Holding Someone Innocence Innocence And Experience Innocence Lost Innocent Joy Innocents Kissing Lips Love Lovemaking Lovers Love Story Poetic Fiction Poetic Narrative Poetic Prose Privacy Quotes From Modern Writers Quotes From Romance Books Saskia Saul Tender Tenderness The Wanderess Timeless Wanderess
Author : Roman Payne
Source : The Wanderess

7. “T.G.I.F!Timeless greatness, Implemented fearlessly!”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Be Great Greatness Inspiration Inspirational My Tiny Pages Poet Poetess Quote Quotes Strive Strive To Be Better Timeless Writer

8. “And from the whole she deduced this useful lesson, that to go previously engaged to a ball, does not necessarily increase either the dignity or enjoyment of a young lady.”

Tags : Austen Dances Jane Prom Timeless
Author : Jane Austen
Source : Northanger Abbey

9. “Timeless wisdom brings timeless blessings.”

Tags : Blessings Quotes Education Quotes Enlightenment Quotes Learning Quotes Light Quotations Light Quotes Philosopher Quotes Philosophy Quotes Timeless Timelessness Wisdom Quotes Wise Quotations Wise Quotes

10. “Life goes on, brah!”

Tags : John Paul George Ringo Music The Beatles Timeless Wise Words
Author : The Beatles

11. “Timeless resources exist, if you will ask the Creator.”

Tags : Abundance Abundant Life Answered Prayer Ask Asking God Blessings Blessings In Disguise Creator Dream Dream Big Faith God Hope Inspiring Limit Opportunities In Life Possible Resource Seeking Fate Seeking Truth Self Help Self Motivation Timeless Wise Words Wishes
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

12. “Conservatism is the antidote to tyranny. It's the only one. It's based on thousands of years of human experience. There is nothing narrow about the conservative philosophy. It's a liberating philosophy. It is a magnificent philosophy. It is a philosophy for the ages, for all times.”

Tags : Antidote Broad Conservatism Enduring Experience Magnificent Philosophy Timeless Tyranny
Author : Mark R. Levin

13. “Imagination is an endless possibility.”

Tags : Ambition Believe In God Confidence Curious Desire Dream Dreaming Dreams Come True Faith Faith In God Hope Inner Strength Inspirational Life Positive Outlook Positive Thinking Possibility Possible Science Self Detemination Self Help Skills Strength Thoughts Timeless
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

14. “Faith is timeless possibility.”

Tags : Belief Christian Faith Inspirational Opportunities Plausibility Possibility Religion Self Help Self Motivation Timeless
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

15. “Believe is confident hope.Hope is faith.Faith is timeless possibility.Possibility is spiritual.Spiritual is divine”

Tags : Advice Affirmative Action Believe Calling People Confidence Daily Life Destiny Divine Divinity Dream Encouragement Greatness Humanity Advice Inspiring Lailah Gifty Akita Lailah Gifty Akita Affirmations Life Long Learning Life Philosophy Love Mind Power Philosophy Philosophy Of Life Positive Thinking Possibility Potential Reality Relationship Romance Self Realization Spiritual
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

16. “Between the streams of probability & possibility, lies the timeless, spaceless realm where time gets created!”

Tags : Life Logical Philosophy Possibility Probability Quote Spaceless Time Time Travel Timeless Wisdom

17. “Will the day tell its secret Before it disappears, Becomes timeless night.”

Tags : Circling Day Dejan Stojanovic Disappear Disappearance Literature Literature Quotes Night Poetry Poetry Quotes Quotes Quotes To Live By Secret Thoughts Timeless Wisdom
Source : Circling: 1978-1987

18. “A quote is a story, suspended in a sentence and treasured through time.”

Tags : Author Authors Eternal Quotable Quotable Quotes Quotables Quote Quotes Sayings Sentence Stories Story Suspended Suspense Time Timeless Treasure Treasured Words Writing Written
Author : Ryan Lilly

19. “Night after night on starry wingsNight lovers soared so highMiles apart, across the oceansTheir love forgot to sighIn heavenly flight’s timelessnessThat highest height treasuredInto the deepest of all bluesTheir depth of love measured.From the poem 'The Ballad of Night Lovers”

Tags : Across Apart Ballad Blue Blues Depth Distance Height Longdistance Love Love Quotes Lovers Miles Night Poem Poems Poetry Poetry Quote Poetry Quotes Sigh Starry Timeless Timelessness Treasured Verse Wings
Author : Munia Khan
Source : To Evince the Blue

20. “To see someone you love in so much pain—especially emotional pain that can’t be remedied—was the worst form of torture.”

Tags : Abyss Angels Fantasy Fiction Kreitzer Paranormal Romance Timeless Urband Fantasy
Source : Abyss

21. “Death was a leech; no matter which side of the spectrum you were on, either dead or alive, it fed. It either acquired your soul or devoured all your joyful emotions.”

Tags : Abyss Angels Fantasy Fiction Kreitzer Paranormal Romance Timeless Urband Fantasy
Source : Abyss

22. “Firen didn’t waste any time setting up the meeting with Egnatious. The following day she was in such a rush to tell me about it that she burst into my room without knocking and found Andrew and me in an intimate and compromising position reminiscent of the game Twister. Also, I cannot confirm or deny if there was food involved. Let’s just say I toppled over in embarrassment, taking Andrew down with me in a great heap. Firen didn’t fare any better, as she nearly knocked herself out when she ran into the doorframe in an attempt to escape. We were both scarred for life, especially after Firen apologized for walking in on our “naked fun time,” which was apparently what Joseph called it. There were some things people should never know, and that was one of them.”

Tags : Angels Fallen Legion Fantasy Fiction Humor Laura Kreitzer Paranormal Sex Timeless
Source : Fallen Legion

23. “We need the Fallen Legion,” I said without preamble, trying to catch my breath after running after her.“And I need an evil-proof bubble to put Jules in,” Firen said dryly.“That’ll teach me to start off a conversation with a demand,” I grumbled.”

Tags : Angels Fallen Legion Fantasy Fiction Humor Laura Kreitzer Paranormal Timeless
Source : Fallen Legion

24. “There are enough hours in a day to know that you are truly loved."~R. Alan Woods [2013]”

Tags : Agape Love Love R Alan Woods Timeless
Author : R. Alan Woods
Source : The Journey Is the Destination: A Book of Quotes With Commentaries

25. “Love Your "self" without bordering it, in it's true nature. Love just the "Limitless, Timeless & Spaceless Self”

Tags : Limitless Mindless Spaceless Thoughtless Timeless

26. “A love poem about the most invisible woman:The perfect mind, the perfect cover.I knew her, like… there was no other.No, I will never, her, forget.In pure blood - these words are set.She walks alone now, in my dreams,where no is never, so it seems.The night is dark, and near the hour –to plant a tree, where roses flower.And then, again, again, once more,Till hidden is what I adore.Her heart was pure, and also kind,And I… should not have acted blind.”

Tags : Admiration Adore Character Darkness Dreams Gardener Gardening Heaven Heavens Love Night Poem Rememberance Remembering Romance Romantic Rose Spirit True Love
Author : Will Advise
Source : Nothing is here...

27. “Timeless principles never age, and truth is as young as the day it was spoken into existence.”

Tags : Age Created Eternal Ethics Everlasting Existence Fact God Guidelines Integrity Life Meaning Morals Precepts Principle Principles Standards Substance Timeless Truth Values

28. “When you read The Arabian Nights you accept Islam. You accept the fables woven by generations as if they were by one single author or, better still, as if they had no author. And in fact they have one and none. Something so worked on, so polished by generations is no longer associated with and individual. In Kafka's case, it's possible that his fables are now part of human memory. What happened to Quixote could happen to to them. Let's say that all the copies of Quixote, in Spanish and in translation, were lost. The figure of Don Quixote would remain in human memory. I think that the idea of a frightening trial that goes on forever, which is at the core of The Castle and The Trial (both books that Kafka, of course, never wanted to publish because he knew they were unfinished), is now grown infinite, is now part of human memory and can now be rewritten under different titles and feature different circumstances. Kafka's work now forms a part of human memory.”

Tags : Arabian Nights Fables Human Memory Timeless
Source : Conversations, Volume 1

29. “The grandeur of the Institute never failed to impress Magnus - the way it towered high and mighty above everything else, timeless and unmoving in its Gothic disapproval of all that was modern and changeable.”

Tags : Disapproval Gothic Magnus Bane Modern Timeless
Source : The Rise of the Hotel Dumort

30. “That moment when this heart.. stops.. almost as if it never existed.When every.. breathe.. slows down.. almost as if you never ... needed as single breathe of airWhen time stops.. almost as if every second never mattered.In that moment... I'm infinite.In that moment... I am immortal.In that moment... I am Finally alive.”

Tags : Alive Glory Greatness Heart Stopping Immortality Infinite Infinity That Moment Timeless Timelessness
Author : Hafsa Shah

31. “Why is wisdom so fair? Why is beauty so wise?Because all else is temporary, while beauty and wisdom are the only real and constant aspects of truth that can be perceived by human means.And I don't mean the kind of surface beauty that fades with age, or the sort of shallow wisdom that gets lost in platitudes.True beauty grips your gut and squeezes your lungs, and makes you see with utmost clarity exactly what is before you.True wisdom then steps in, to interpret, illuminate, and form a life-altering insight.”

Tags : Beautiful Beauty Constant Constants Eternal Eternity Fair Insight Timeless Timelessness Truth Wisdom Wise
Author : Vera Nazarian
Source : The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

32. “Time was unending when charmed, captivated, even delighted by the mystical motion of the ocean!”

Tags : Motion Of The Ocean Motionless Ocean Oceans Time Management Time Passing Time Slipping Timeless Timelessness
Author : Ray Palla

33. “A growing heat, like a million blazing suns all focused on me, lit my insides. It felt like I was being cooked in the Gabriella Roast Cooker, me spinning around-and-around to heat my flesh evenly. For some reason I was having trouble comprehending the sudden change in my revolving world as I swelled with a horrible, billowing fire.”

Tags : Abyss Blazing Fire Heat Kreitzer Suns Timeless Timeless Series
Source : Abyss

34. “He never knew a single second could be expanded into something timeless and so archaic. It shook him to his core – there were no words for it.”

Tags : Archaic Bonding Bonding Ritual Love Making Love Timeless
Author : Dianna Hardy
Source : The Sands Of Time

35. “Elegance comes from being as beautiful inside as outside.”

Tags : Chanel Elegance Fashion Timeless
Author : Coco Chanel

36. “That moment when my heart stops, almost as if, it never existed..When every breath, slows down, almost as if, I never needed a single breath of air..When time stops, almost as if, seconds never mattered..In that moment, I am infinite..In that moment, I am immortal..In that moment, I am, finally, alive..”

Tags : Alive Heart Immortal Immortality Moments Moments Quotes Seconds Time Timeless Timelessness
Author : Hafsa Shah

37. “God has infinite blessing for all mankind.”

Tags : Abundant Life Advice Believe Blessed Life Blessings Blessings In Your Life Christian Co Existence Faith Favour God Gods Grace Grace Divine Great Souls Humanity Lailah Gifty Akita Affirmations Life Love Mankind Positive Religion Timeless Wise Words World Religion
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

38. “They say when you meet the love of your life, time stops, and that's true. What they don't tell you is that when it starts again, it moves extra fast to catch up.”

Tags : Big Fish Cheesy Inspirational Love Love At First Sight Love Story Lovely Motivational Inspirational Time Timeless

39. “From all that I saw,and everywhere I wandered,I learned that time cannot be spent,It only can be squandered.”

Tags : Carpe Diem Experiencing Experiencing Life Exploration Explore Explorer Exploring Live For To Day Reflection Regret Roman Payne Time Time Passing Timeless Vagabond Vagabonding Voyage Voyager Voyageur Voyageuse Voyaging Wanderer Wanderess Wonder
Author : Roman Payne
Source : Rooftop Soliloquy

40. “It is for this reason that we find that co-existence, which could neither be intime alone, for time has no contiguity, nor in space alone, forspace has no before, after, or now,”

Tags : Dream Existence Illusion Reverse Time Time Travel Timeless

41. “I’m only going to say this once,” I said with a finger pointed at him. “So don’t make me repeat it. I’ve sacrificed everything for you and the angels. I deserve some respect around here. From now on what’s best for me will be discussed with me. Actually, any affairs with the angels will now be discussed with me. You make sure you mind-to-mind that with Ehno, Aiden, and Patrick. And then tell Patrick to phone Joseph and tell him too, while you’re at it!”

Tags : Abyss Fierce Gabriella Moretti Laura Kreitzer Timeless
Source : Abyss

42. “Gabby,” Jenna cried. “It’s so horrible. I can’t believe this happened.”“Jenna,” I said in a soothing voice, “I’m alive and okay. No worries.”She sniffled into the phone. “No, it’s not that.”I waited a beat. “What?”“The bridesmaid dresses are all wrong!” she wailed.“Wait a second,” I said. “You aren’t upset over my being dead for four days?”“I knew you’d be fine,” she explained, brushing off the subject. “But these dresses? I don’t know what to do. They’re the wrong color, and they’re hideous!” She went into a hysterical fit of tears.”

Tags : Fallen Legion Fantasy Humor Laura Kreitzer Paranormal Timeless Timeless Series

43. “We both must burn this midnight oil together. You’re just as new to me as I am you.” --Andrew”

Tags : Abyss Fantasy Fiction Kreitzer Love Romance Timeless Timeless Series
Source : Abyss

44. “If you want a fried fish to fly and enter your mouth, you must keep waiting till the unending time ends. Dead fish doesn't fly. If you want to eat it, your own hands must carry it.”

Tags : Carry Carry It Dead Do It Do Something End Ended Enter Fish Fly Fried Fish Hands Hard Hard Work Israelmore Ayivor Keep Waiting Mouth No Time Roasted Swimming Timeless Unending Wait Waiting

45. “Short lives,bouncing harmlessly as a cloth doll on grandma’s lap.Small helpless states,pretentiousness garbed in the unintelligible,makers of disposable art,the zeal to make a scoop unstoppable,pacified by fresh news,of scrabbling sexy movements.”

Tags : Brian D Ambrosio Short Lives Summer Nights Time Time Passing Timeless

46. “I do not think that G. H. Hardy was talking nonsense when he insisted that the mathematician was discovering rather than creating... The world for me is a necessary system, and in the degree to which the thinker can surrender his thought to that system and follow it, he is in a sense participating in that which is timeless or eternal.”

Tags : Create Discovery Eternal G H Hardy Gh Hardy Godfrey Hardy Godfrey Harold Hardy Hardy Math Mathematics Necessary Nonsense Science Timeless
Source : The Philosophy of Brand Blanshard, Volume 15

47. “The mind is time bound however; the subconscious mind is universal consciousness and is timeless.”

Tags : Debasish Mridha Debasish Mridha M D Inspirational Philosophy Quotes Subconscious Mind Timeless Universal Consciousness

48. “A poet is a blind optimist.The world is against him formany reasons. But thepoet persists. He believesthat he is on the right track,no matter what any of his fellow men say. In hiseternal search for truth, thepoet is alone.He tries to be timeless in a society built on time.”

Tags : Atop An Underwood Beat Early Stories And Other Writings Jack Kerouac Optimist Prose Poetry Society The Poet Timeless
Author : Jack Kerouac

49. “Ancient lovers believed a kiss would literally unite their souls, because the spirit was said to be carried in one's breath.”

Tags : Ancient Breath Love Lover Soul Spirit Timeless
Author : Eve Glicksman

50. “The timeless promises of God are our confident hope.”

Tags : Adversity Believe Bible Challenges Christian Confident Daily Motivation Despair Encouragement Faith Faith In God God Gods Power Power Holy Writing Hope Hopeful Inspirational Life Life Life Lessons Possibilities Priceless Scriptures Self Help Timeless
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

51. “I live for the moments that won't die in my memory.”

Tags : Death Die Life Live Living Love Memories Memory Moments Time Timeless
Author : Jenim Dibie
Source : The Calligraphy of God

52. “So, um, Agent Thomas, is it?"I asked Agent Groundhog nervously. He gave a curt nod and continued to scan the area. "Would you like to come inside?"His head snapped in my direction like I just told him that I was giving birth right there on the sidewalk and needed him to deliver the baby--hah; I wondered if they covered that in training.”

Tags : Soul Stalker The Soul Stalker Timeless

53. “God turned every adversity into boundless blessings”

Tags : Adversity Blessing Challenges Christian Despair Faith Fighting Spirit Godn Health Hope Inspiration Lailah Gifty Akita Affirmations Lessons Learnt Opportunity Overcomer Overcoming Obstacles Pain Positive Attitude Positive Outlook Positive Thinking Possibilities Timeless Wise Words
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

54. “Holy moment is a sacred existence.”

Tags : Childbirth Christiance Divine God Grace Gratitude Holy Inspirational Lessons In Life Life Life Philosophy Moments Philosophy Pregnancy Sacred Spiritual Thanksgiving Timeless Wisdom
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

55. “Perpetual possibilities exist to win the game of life.”

Tags : Christian Educational Philosophy Encouragement Faith Hope Inspirational Life Positive Thinking Possibilities Spiritual Sayings Success Timeless Wisdom
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

56. “Past and Future exist in the mind. They exist in the outside world. The mind is shaped by the physical world. Past and future however do NOT exist within the body. Because the present moment is all that you have and will ever be able to experience from within. Presence is how you fully exist. Internal (No-mind, no-time, awareness) is how you fully exist.”

Tags : Awareness Consciousness Consciousness Mind Brain Future No Mind Past Presence Present Timeless

57. “A timeless energy encircles the world, drawing humanity into its grasp, eternally swirling, pulling souls together, tearing them apart in the eternal struggle of love, life and loss...”

Tags : Energy Eternal Humanity Life Loss Love Soul Timeless

58. “Plato was the first to envisage the idea of timeless existence and to emphasize it—against reason—as a reality, more [real] than our actual experience…”

Tags : Existence Experience Plato Reality Reason Science Timeless

59. “Time slipped and slid around him, unanchored by any fact that could be verified. Perhaps it did not matter. 'Where does our story take place, and when?' asked Cocteau at the start of Orphée. 'It's the privilege of legends to be ageless. Comme il vous plaira. As you please.”

Tags : Age Ageless Legend Legends Myth Mythology Mythos Orpheus Time Timeless
Author : Ann Wroe
Source : Orpheus: The Song of Life

60. “The Taj Mahal rises above the banks of the river like a solitary tear suspended on the cheek of time.”

Tags : Art Taj Mahal Timeless Wonder

61. “This life has no meaning to me now. Do not grieve for me, my dear. Up until the moment I lost her, I had a wonderful life. These moments now are the ones that are hard. I’m eager to depart this world and rejoin her in the next. Then, and only then, will I finally be at peace.”

Tags : Eternal Love Eternity Passionate Love Romance Romantic Quotes Tear Jerker Timeless
Author : Rose Wynters
Source : My Wolf Protector

62. “The first time can always lead to a second chance. But, the second choice can never be the result of the first change.”

Tags : Chance Change Choice Life Logical Philosophy Quote Result Timeless Wisdom

63. “Elegance is timeless”

Tags : Elegance Grace Timeless
Author : Habeeb Akande

64. “There is no time frame on living life, only the frame we place about ourselves to hinder our lives from living to its fullest.”

Tags : Inspirational Inspirational Attitude Life Experience Living Living To The Fullest Success Timeless Wisdom

65. “Just run away from your problems if you want cause sometimes we need a time to think and cool down a bit before making a decision.”

Tags : Problems Running Away Timeless
Author : Adel Sakura

66. “TIME: Today Is My Everything”

Tags : Carpe Diem Inspiration Seize The Day Time Time Investment Time Management Time Passing Timeless Timelessness Times
Author : Richie Norton

67. “Love is a timeless commodity, and it’s as universal as the air we breathe.”

Tags : Breathe Love Need Love Timeless Universal
Source : How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye

68. “If I had time, I would become timeless.”

Tags : Author Eternity Fame Famous More Than Life More Than This Quote About Time Time Timeless
Source : The New Land

69. “Her thoughts pulsated through him, frantic, desperate, pleading for him to stay behind.“I won’t—can’t,” he murmured. “If you’re going, so am I.”She exhaled a laborious sigh and flung her arms around his neck; her warm breath fanned over his skin as she tightened her grip. “If you die, Andrew, I’ll track you across multiple dimensions just to say I warned you,” she cautioned, voice tender.”

Tags : Angels Key Of Pearl Paranormal Fiction Paranormal Romance Timeless Urban Fantasy
Source : Key of Pearl

70. “If more people understood how nice it is to have a sense of home that extends past our locked doors, past our neighbors' padlocks, to the local food co-op and library, the sidewalks busted up by old trees - if we all held home with longer arms - we'd live in a very different place...We wouldn't feel so alone, no matter the size of our houses or our bank accounts, no matter whether we had good health or congestive heart failure. We would begin to see that each moment presents an opportunity to relax, to notice that the wind has shifted and a storm is coming, or that our friend's toddler has decided to wear dinner instead of eating it. We would see that each minute counts for something timeless and, if we want, we all can find our way inside these big, tiny, moments.”

Tags : Alone Home Moments Neighbors Notice Opportunity Relax The Big Tiny Timeless
Author : Dee Williams

71. “There can never be a single conclusion to a story, because a penetrating mind falls into uncertainties, which opens up infinite possibilities!”

Tags : Life Logical Philosophy Quotes Timeless Wisdom

72. “Intellectuality" silences OTHERS! "Intelligence" keeps YOU silent!”

Tags : Intellectuality Intelligence Life Logical Philosophy Quote Silence Timeless Wisdom

73. “True love cannot grow old; it is timeless.”

Tags : Guru Quotes Life Lesson Quotes Life Lessons Quotations Life Lessons Quotes Life Quotations Life Quote Life Quotes Life Quotes And Sayings Life Quotes Inspirational Quotes Love Quotations Love Quote Love Quotes Love Quotes And Saying Love Quotes And Sayings Love Quotes For Everybody Matshona Dhliwayo Quotes Relationship Advice For Men Relationship Advice For Women Relationship Advice Quotes Relationship Quotes Sage Quotes Time Quotations Time Quote Timeless True Love Quotes