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1. “ 'In our inmost and secret heart, which you ask us to bare to you, we wish to banish them as we were banished, to a cold and lonely house, in the charge of a man who hated us. And we wish them trapped there as we were trapped.' 'You consider that unjust, Serenity?' 'We consider it cruel,' Maia said. 'And we do not think that cruelty is ever just.' ”

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2. “ 'We cannot decide,' the Witness for the Treasury said. 'We are sorry, but it is the truth.' 'May we suggest that indecisiveness is hardly a desirable trait in a member of the Corazhas?' Lord Pashavar said. 'We will give our resignation if His Serenity asks it,' the Witness for the Treasury said, looking at Maia. 'You are very decisive in your indecision,' Maia said, which surprised several members of the Corazhas into laughing.”

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3. “Maia screamed and woke. 'Serenity?' Cala's voice, Cala's angular shape outlined against the window. ' 'Tis an ironic title, in sooth,' Maia said feebly, realizing that the entangling garments of the nightmare were merely his bedsheets. His heart was hammering, and he was clammy with sweat.”

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4. “ 'Nothing can make death easier,' Cala said, 'but silence can make it harder.' 'Speaking helps not,' Maia said.”

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5. “After a time, he felt a deeper rhythm, the rhythm of the stone and water, not the rhythm of his words and heartbeat. He breathed into this deeper rhythm, let it teach him a new mantra, a wordless mantra that waxed and waned, ebbed and flowed, moon and stars and clouds, river and sun, the wordless singing of the earth beneath it all like the world's own heartbeat. He laid his palms flat on the stone beneath him and listened in quiet rapture to the mantra of the world's praying.”

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