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1. “A NATION'S GREATNESS DEPENDS ON ITS LEADERTo vastly improve your country and truly make it great again, start by choosing a better leader. Do not let the media or the establishment make you pick from the people they choose, but instead choose from those they do not pick. Pick a leader from among the people who is heart-driven, one who identifies with the common man on the street and understands what the country needs on every level. Do not pick a leader who is only money-driven and does not understand or identify with the common man, but only what corporations need on every level.Pick a peacemaker. One who unites, not divides. A cultured leader who supports the arts and true freedom of speech, not censorship. Pick a leader who will not only bail out banks and airlines, but also families from losing their homes -- or jobs due to their companies moving to other countries. Pick a leader who will fund schools, not limit spending on education and allow libraries to close. Pick a leader who chooses diplomacy over war. An honest broker in foreign relations. A leader with integrity, one who says what they mean, keeps their word and does not lie to their people. Pick a leader who is strong and confident, yet humble. Intelligent, but not sly. A leader who encourages diversity, not racism. One who understands the needs of the farmer, the teacher, the doctor, and the environmentalist -- not only the banker, the oil tycoon, the weapons developer, or the insurance and pharmaceutical lobbyist.Pick a leader who will keep jobs in your country by offering companies incentives to hire only within their borders, not one who allows corporations to outsource jobs for cheaper labor when there is a national employment crisis. Choose a leader who will invest in building bridges, not walls. Books, not weapons. Morality, not corruption. Intellectualism and wisdom, not ignorance. Stability, not fear and terror. Peace, not chaos. Love, not hate. Convergence, not segregation. Tolerance, not discrimination. Fairness, not hypocrisy. Substance, not superficiality. Character, not immaturity. Transparency, not secrecy. Justice, not lawlessness. Environmental improvement and preservation, not destruction. Truth, not lies.Most importantly, a great leader must serve the best interests of the people first, not those of multinational corporations. Human life should never be sacrificed for monetary profit. There are no exceptions. In addition, a leader should always be open to criticism, not silencing dissent. Any leader who does not tolerate criticism from the public is afraid of their dirty hands to be revealed under heavy light. And such a leader is dangerous, because they only feel secure in the darkness. Only a leader who is free from corruption welcomes scrutiny; for scrutiny allows a good leader to be an even greater leader.And lastly, pick a leader who will make their citizens proud. One who will stir the hearts of the people, so that the sons and daughters of a given nation strive to emulate their leader's greatness. Only then will a nation be truly great, when a leader inspires and produces citizens worthy of becoming future leaders, honorable decision makers and peacemakers. And in these times, a great leader must be extremely brave. Their leadership must be steered only by their conscience, not a bribe.”

Tags : Cheap Labor Criticism Doctor Free Free Republic Global Citizen Great Leader Guns Hearts Hire Jobs Libraries Lie Lies Peace Peacemakers People People Over Profits President Protect Secure Self Interests Stability Unity Wisdom
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

2. “Character is like a tree and reputation its shadow. The shadow is what we think it is and the tree is the real thing.”

Tags : Appearances Character Simile Substance

3. “Certainly we can say that the pace of modern life, increased and supported by our technology in general and our personal electronics in particular, has resulted in a short attention span and an addiction to the influx of information. A mind so conditioned has little opportunity to think critically, and even less chance to experience life deeply by being in the present moment. A complex life with complicated activities, relationships and commitments implies a reflexive busy-ness that supplants true thinking and feeling with knee-jerk reactions. It is a life high in stress and light on substance, at least in the spiritually meaningful dimensions of being.”

Tags : Being Complicated Critical Thinking Daoism Emotion Feeling Hectic Life Meditation Modern Life Modern Society Philosophy Philosophy Of Life Pressure Science Self Simple Simplicity Society Stress Substance Taoism Technology Thought

4. “Grudges are for those who insist that they are owed something; forgiveness, however, is for those who are substantial enough to move on.”

Tags : Character Forgiveness Grudge Grudges Holding Grudges Move On Moving On Owe Owed Peace Peace Of Mind Revenge Strength Strength Of Character Substance Substantial Unforgiving Vengeance
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Salomé: In Every Inch In Every Mile

5. “A TIP FOR MENThe more selfies a woman takes, the more selfish and self-absorbed she is. She produces serial images of herself because she lacks true substance and has nothing else to offer. And also, any woman who holds her head up way too high is trying to breathe from her own pollution.A TIP FOR WOMEN:The same goes for men.”

Tags : Advice Arrogant Caring Cynical Egotism Full Of Oneself Humble Image Love Narcissism Narcissist Phony Photos Pride Proud Self Admiring Self Consumption Self Loving Selfie Culture Selfish Superficial
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

6. “If passion was a substance I would say it is dark brown, and then blood red. It's like wet grass, tons of it soaked in mud. It's warm and it stinks like shit and it's unaccountably and endlessly good. It's thick and it goes on for miles and it isn't so much deep as bottomless and it holds you in its grip, you never drown. And then it goes. That's all you know.”

Tags : Deep Eileen Myles Emotions Fear Feelings Inferno Mud Passion Poet Poetry Substance Thick
Author : Eileen Myles
Source : Inferno

7. “No drug or drink can match the high/kick that a Sale gives you! Though the feeling can never be expressed in words but I feel like I am the king and on top of this world!”

Tags : Drug High Kick Sale Sales Sales Advice Sell Selling Substance
Author : honeya

8. “Women Empowerment Reminder of The Day. Always respect yourself as a woman. You attract what you are, so be very mindful of how you’re representing yourself. If you want respect, you must first learn how to respect yourself, first. Attracting negative attention is never a good thing. Be a woman of substance! Be a woman that both women and men respect, admire, and look up to. Don’t disrespect yourself by lowering your standards and accepting just anything that comes your way. It’s okay to be single! If you want a relationship of substance, you can’t keep entertaining people and things that mean you no good. Think about it! It’s all up to you.”

Tags : Empowering Empowering Quotes Empowering Quotes For Women Empowering Women Food For Thought Real Talk Relationship Advice Relationship Quotes Relationships Respect Yourself Single Ladies Single Life Single Woman Standards Stephanie Lahart Stephanie Lahart Quotes Substance Woman Quotes Women Women Empowerment Words Of Wisdom Words Of Wisdom Inspirational

9. “Choose a leader who will invest in building bridges, not walls. Books, not weapons. Morality, not corruption. Intellectualism and wisdom, not ignorance. Stability, not fear and terror. Peace, not chaos. Love, not hate. Convergence, not segregation. Tolerance, not discrimination. Fairness, not hypocrisy. Substance, not superficiality. Character, not immaturity. Transparency, not secrecy. Justice, not lawlessness. Environmental improvement and preservation, not destruction. Truth, not lies.Stop the censorship and government bullying of Suzy Kassem.”

Tags : Arrogance Chaos Character Choose A Leader Corrupt Environmental Fairness Freedom Government Corruption Government Propaganda Greed Honest Hypocrite Immaturity Lawlessness Lead Leaderships Love Lying Morale Politics Secrecy Society Stability Terror Transparency Truthful Walls War
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

10. “depth and substance.the two most exquisite qualities. be it in a poemor a person.”

Tags : Depth Exquisite Person Poems Poetry Poetry Quotes Poets Substance
Author : Sanober Khan

11. “Truth recognizes truth, just as a man with real talent is the first to recognize another with real talent. Likewise, superficiality attracts others with an artificial surface. Only the superficial applaud the superficial. A man of true substance rejects the superficial because he seeks only truth and depth. Based on this reasoning, you can easily measure the weight of any man's character just by observing who he admires.”

Tags : Character Conformity Depth Man Substance Talent Truth Of Life
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

12. “When you used violence to achieve "peace"; what did you achieve ? -Supressed violence!”

Tags : Army Characters Fighting Forgiveness Grudge Grudges Holding Grudges Move On Moving On Nations Owe Owed Peace Peace Of Mind Revenge Strength Of Character Substantial Supression Terrorism Unforgiving United Nations Use Vengeance Violence War Weapons

13. “There's a time bomb for every oppression.”

Tags : Bomb Fighting Forgiveness Freedom Of Choice Grudge Grudges Holding Grudges Love Moving On Peace Peace Of Mind Strength Strength Of Character Substance Substantial Terrorism Unforgiving Unity Use Vengeance Violence War Weapons

14. “In a superficial world, body image is everything. But in a world filled with substance, a beautiful mind, heart and soul are everything. The second world does not exist because the ego overpowers the heart. And the first world will continue to exist until the heart overpowers the ego.”

Tags : Beautiful Heart Beautiful Mind Beauty Body Egoist Egos Egotism Empathy Exist Existential Heart Quotes Image Inner Beauty Kindness Love Meaning Mind Overpower Perception Poet Quotes Self Image Societal Thinking Sociology Superficiality Suzy Kassem Value
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

15. “I have been finding treasures in places I did not want to search. I have been hearing wisdom from tongues I did not want to listen. I have been finding beauty where I did not want to look. And I have learned so much from journeys I did not want to take. Forgive me, O Gracious One; for I have been closing my ears and eyes for too long. I have learned that miracles are only called miracles because they are often witnessed by only those who can can see through all of life's illusions. I am ready to see what really exists on other side, what exists behind the blinds, and taste all the ugly fruit instead of all that looks right, plump and ripe.”

Tags : Awakening Closing Ears Explore Fake Fruit Fruitful Garden Garden God Illumination Illusion Life Path Looking Miracle Miracles Mirage Orchardgracious Path Prayer Quest Treasure Truth Path Vision Wander Wisdom Wonder
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

16. “One realized all sorts of things. The value of an illusion, for instance, and that the shadow can be more important than the substance. All sorts of things.”

Tags : Illusion Importance Shadow Substance Value
Author : Jean Rhys
Source : Quartet

17. “He told her the flowers in her painting contained exactly the purple substance of the flowers on the desk in front of her [...] Let us open the window and see if your painting can entice the butterflies.”

Tags : Butterflies Contained Entice Flowers Painting Purple Substance
Author : Sarah Hall
Source : How to Paint a Dead Man

18. “You can't compare any book on earth to that which God has created. It has visionless humans as flat characters and those with vision as round characters. It has lucifer as the antagonist and himself as the protagonist. The setting is designed with living creatures and plants to give verisimilitude. It is the only book on earth that has no extremity”

Tags : Abundance Contender Creation Eternal Eternal Life Faith God S Word Heaven And Earth Heavenly Beings Humanity Magnanimity Maker Manifestation Michael Bassey Johnson Ruler Sky Sound Sovereign God Sovereignty Stars Substance Universe Voice Word Of God

19. “Many a rich man’s bed is bigger than many a poor woman’s bedroom; his bedroom, her house.”

Tags : Bed Beggary Destitution Equality Hard Up In The Money Indigent Insolvent Kitchen Moola Moolah Pauperdom Penniless Poverty Stricken Reserves Resources Rolling In Money Securities Size Counts Size Doesn T Count Stinking Rich Stock Substance Well Heeled

20. “Beyond the edge of the world there’s a space where emptiness and substance neatly overlap, where past and future form a continuous, endless loop. And, hovering about, there are signs no one has ever read, chords no one has ever heard.”

Tags : Chords Edge Emptiness Loop Signs Space Substance World
Source : Kafka on the Shore

21. “Whether right or wrong, it is my belief that Christian colleges place their emphasis not on that which divides us, but on the substance that binds us together. That commonality is the gospel of Jesus Christ. He commanded us to love one another—to set aside our differences and to care for “the least of these” among us. It is our unity, not our diversity, that deserves our allegiance.”

Tags : Belief Care Commanded Divides It Least Love One Another My Not Or Our Palce Right Set Aside Substance Their These Together
Source : Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

22. “Man's inhumanity to man will continue as long as man loves God more than he loves his fellow man. The love of God means wasted love. 'For God and Country' means a divided allegiance—a 50 per cent patriot.The most abused word in the language of man is the word 'God.' The reason for this is that it is subject to so much abuse. There is no other word in the human language that is as meaningless and incapable of explanation as is the word 'God.' It is the beginning and end of nothing. It is the Alpha and Omega of Ignorance.It has as many meanings as there are minds. And as each person has an opinion of what the word God ought to mean, it is a word without premise, without foundation, and without substance. It is without validity. It is all things to all people, and is as meaningless as it is indefinable. It is the most dangerous in the hands of the unscrupulous, and is the joker that trumps the ace. It is the poisoned word that has paralyzed the brain of man.'The fear of the Lord' is not the beginning of wisdom; on the contrary, it has made man a groveling slave; it has made raving lunatics of those who have attempted to interpret what God 'is' and what is supposed to be our 'duty' to God. It has made man prostitute the most precious things of life—it has made him sacrifice wife, and child, and home.'In the name of God' means in the name of nothing—it has caused man to be a wastrel with the precious elixir of life, because there is no God.”

Tags : Abuse Allegiance Danger Duty Fear Foundation Ignorance Interpretation Life Lunatics Meaning Meaningless Paralyze Poison Premise Substance Validity Value Waste Wisdom
Author : Joseph Lewis
Source : An Atheist Manifesto

23. “WHAT IS TRUTH?Truth is not a thingOr a concept.It is as multidimensionalIn its meaningAs it is in its reflection.It is both invisibleAnd visible.It carries tons of weight,But can be carried.It is understood first through the spiritBefore science,And felt in the heart,Before the mind.Truth is not always heard by reason,Because reason sometimesIgnores Truth.Always listen to your conscience.Your conscience is your heartAnd reason is your mind.Your mind is simply there to reasonWith your heart.But remember,Truth is in your heart,And only through your heartCan you connect to the light of God.He who is not motivated by his heartWill not see Truth,And he who thinks only with his mindWill be blind to Truth.He who does not thinkWith his conscience,Does not stand by God,For the language of lightCan only be decoded by the heart.He who reads and recites words of GodAlso does not stand by God –If he merely understandsWords with his mindBut not his heart.Truth is black and white,And the entire spectrumOf colors in-between.It can have many parts,But has a solid foundation.Truth lacks perfection,For it is the reflection of all,Yet its reflection as a whole,Is more beautifulThan the accumulated flawsOf the small.Truth is the only brandWorth breathingAnd believing.So stand for truthIn everything you do,And only thenDoes your life haveMeaning.Poetry by Suzy Kassem”

Tags : Black Blind Faith Colors Concept Conscience Foundation God Heart Logic Meaning Mind Philosophy Poetry Reason Science Soul Spirit Suzy Kassem Understands Visibility Weight White Word Words
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

24. “Being satisfied with the little we have; academically, spiritually, financially, ecumenically or otherwise will prevent a lot of problems from coming to us, and our dependence in our abilities and talents will go as far as bringing us satisfaction in life.”

Tags : Abilities Ability Avoidance Content Contentment Happiness Independence Less Money More Okay Prevention Problems Satisfaction Substance Talent
Source : The Infinity Sign

25. “Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow.”

Tags : Shadows Substance
Author : Aesop

26. “Prosperity cannot be experienced by living detached from Nature. Everything else is only a gradation of materialistic, earthly ambitions. We came from the stars and there lies the path to our substantive evolution.”

Tags : Ambition Detached Evolution Living Materialistic Nature Path Prosperity Stars Substance

27. “Substance is like tree and smartness its shadow. The smartness is what we think it is and the substance is the real thing!”

Tags : Character Inspirational Motivational Smartness Substance

28. “Timeless principles never age, and truth is as young as the day it was spoken into existence.”

Tags : Age Created Eternal Ethics Everlasting Existence Fact God Guidelines Integrity Life Meaning Morals Precepts Principle Principles Standards Substance Timeless Truth Values

29. “The human ego is the ugliest part of man. We lift up men who only show us darkness, and put down those brave enough to show us the light. Likewise, people engage in darkness when it is light outside, and acknowledge the light only when it is dark. We abandon those fighting for us to cheer behind those fighting against us. And, we only remember good people and God when it is convenient for us, and take them for granted because their doors are always open - only to chase after closed doors and personalities void of substance and truth.”

Tags : Beauty Closed Doors Darkness Doors Ego Faith Fighting God Granted Human Nature Irony Light Men Neglect People Substance Truth Ugly Void Of Truth
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

30. “The role of genius is not to complicate the simple, but to simplify the complicated.”

Tags : Accessibility Complication Genius Intelligence Practicality Practicality For Intellectuals Roles Simplicity Substance
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

31. “The people of today would rather stand next to a man with no substance but covered in gold, rather than the man with substance and wisdom of gold. What if God was dressed as a carpenter with dirty nails and beaten boots? Would you recognize your Maker? Would you give him your time? Your vote? A cup of tea or water? Only those with truth in them will recognize truth. And you must learn to recognize all that is untrue to get the truth.”

Tags : Artificial Boots Carpenter Character Conscience Creator Dirty Nails Divine Facade Fake God Gold Heart Illusion Image Immaterial Justice Maker Mirage Substance Superfical Superficial Superficiality True Truth Wisdom Worth
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

32. “Beware of those who are too focused with polishing and beautifying their outer shells. They lack true substance to understand that genuine beauty is reflected from the heart that resides inside.”

Tags : Arrogant Beauty Character Heart Humility Materialism People Selfie Selfish Substance Superficial Superficiality Vain Vanity
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

33. “I wanted to meet the monster. Why go down if you can go up?”

Tags : Addiction Crank Drug Drug Abuse Life Meth Monster Party Substance Teen
Author : Ellen Hopkins
Source : Crank

34. “Or maybe that’s what it’s all about: this religion’s substance is its lack of substance. In McLuhanesque terms, the medium is the message. Some people might find that cool.”“McLuhanesque?”“Hey, look, even I read a book now and then,” Ayumi protested. “McLuhan was ahead of his time. He was so popular for a while that people tend not to take him seriously, but what he had to say was right.”“In other words, the package itself is the contents. Is that it?”“Exactly. The characteristics of the package determine the nature of the contents, not the other way around.”

Tags : Mcluhan Medium Message Murakami Religion Substance
Source : 1Q84

35. “Once you’ve read too many trashy best-sellers, you begin to look for something with substance, something that attempts to define the universe.”

Tags : Best Sellers Books Fact Substance Truth Witty
Author : Jessica Zafra
Source : Womenagerie and Other Tales from the Front

36. “When ever you allow your self to be non judgmental mostly to your self, and others, and with an open mind to the things and people who surround you - you have triumphed to a higher self of substance. A substance of your beautiful self. Because when you look back to those moments, you feel a sense of relief, a sense of accomplishment; and deep in your heart, you know you have carried out something that was right. I say : "Live up to your morals and values- whilst remaining aware of them, embrace your unique self, your individuality and be happy the way you are. Remembering to shift your focus to the goodness in your life, to let go of things that no longer is useful for the goodness of your being, genuinely and practically, rejoice in the fortune and success of others and most of all, LOVE the BEAUTY you possess within.”

Tags : Accomplishment Allow Your Self Beautiful Self Beauty Beauty Within Morals Open Mind Substance Values
Author : Angie karan

37. “Rhetoric can be easily recognized for it is delightfully sweet sounding but it is utterly void of sacrifice, which means it is utterly void of substance. Christmas is irrefutable evidence that God never engages in rhetoric.”

Tags : Christmas Evidence God Rhetoric Sacrifice Substance
Source : An Intimate Collision: Encounters with Life and Jesus

38. “Your words may be heard but your attitude will be felt. Your attitude reveals your character so never try to deceive anyone with mere words. Word/Talk is cheap but character is key. It costs nothing to be authentic. Learn to be a man or woman of substance!”

Tags : Attitude Behaviours Character Inspirational Life Lessons Real Talk Relationships Substance Truth Words Of Revelation
Author : Kemi Sogunle

39. “Words are shadows, action is substance.”

Tags : Substance
Author : R.A.Delmonico

40. “I am obsessed with making every moment of my life full of value and substance. I’m constantly fighting for miracle and adventure, and everyone around me tells me to just enjoy life and stop fighting. Then I realized—I AM the adventure, and I AM the miracle. I’m fighting for myself, and I will NEVER give up fighting for who I am. If the greatest adventure is life, and the purest miracle is this very moment, then what the hell am I even waiting for?”

Tags : Adventure Fighting Life Miracle Substance The Moment
Author : Hillary Wen

41. “This interconnection or accommodation of all created things to each other, and each to all the others, brings it about that each simple substance has relations that express all the others, and consequently, that each simple substance is a perpetual, living mirror of the universe.”

Tags : Antireductionism Holism Interconnectedness Microcosm Monad Part Substance Systems Theory Whole
Source : Monadology

42. “Byd Manden paa samme Nadvær til Giæst,Jeg veed dog du hannem behagelig est, Saa lærr I sammen at snorke.Du snuser, hand tygger, saa lever i toe, Som Tiggere begge, med hiertelig Roe, Og ingen kan anden beskylde.”

Tags : Dependence Economy Finnmark Habit Health Lovers Man And Woman Nordland Northern Norway Poverty Snoring Snus Substance Tobacco Troms
Author : Petter Dass
Source : The Trumpet of Nordland

43. “What indeed is the half-life of a mortal consciousness? What is the half-life of a memory of that mortal consciousness? Of course, this is purely an academic question and of no immediate concern to those of us existing in the world of the living, for we possess already a memory, in its stead, which serves as a basis of our perception of the past. Accurate or not, this nature of memory allows us to understand the past according to the positions occupied by the flesh about which we seek to know, but, unfortunately, not in a way relative to the flesh itself—that flesh stripped of identity and circumstance, that flesh which, in its most rudimentary capacity, had once collided, interacted, fought, competed, negotiated, cooperated, and mated with other flesh: there is no history of this kind, thoroughly naked and telling enough, which is accessible to us, for we are composed of the very same substance, the very same flesh, and sadly incapable of stepping outside of it, even momentarily.”

Tags : Ashim Shanker Consciousness Flesh Half Life History Of Material Substance Imagined Experience Impermanence Insubstantial Memory And Imagination Mortality Roles Sublime Substance Tangible Versus Intangible
Author : Ashim Shanker
Source : Only the Deplorable

44. “As long as politics is the shadow of big business, the attenuation of the shadow will not change the substance.”

Tags : Attenuation Big Business Business Corruption Politics Shadow Substance
Author : John Dewey

45. “Expression that comes from the deepest, darkest place that most of us would rather hide from the rest of the world is the substance that will most likely also deeply affect others.”

Tags : Affect Others Author Ken Poirot Darkest Place Deepest Place Deeply Affect Deeply Affect Others Expression Expression From The Deepest Expression Of The Heart Expression Of The Soul Expression Of True Feelings Expression Quote Go Viral Go Viral Book Hide Hide Emotion Hide Feelings Hide From World Hide Quote Hide Quotes Innermost Thoughts Ken Poirot Quotes Place Substance Quote World
Author : Ken Poirot
Source : Go Viral!: The Social Media Secret to Get Your Name Posted and Shared All Over the World!

46. “How a man perceives substance dictates the amount of substance in a man. To know the depth of anyone's true substance, simply measure the weight of what consumes and excites their inner drive.”

Tags : Substance Suzy Kassem
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

47. “The universal and ever-present urge to self-transcendence is not to be abolished by slamming the current popular Doors in the Wall. The only reasonable policy is to open other, better doors in the hope of inducing men and women to exchange their old habits for new and less harmful ones.”

Tags : Substance
Author : Aldous Huxley
Source : The Doors of Perception & Heaven and Hell

48. “I'd rather be a woman of substance than a mere beauty with nothing to offer."- Elizabeth's Quotes”

Tags : Beauty Elizabeth E Castillo Substance

49. “Spirit is a tangible substance.”

Tags : Spirit Substance Tangible
Author : Toba Beta
Source : Master of Stupidity

50. “In order that the concept of substance could originate--which is indispensable for logic although in the strictest sense nothing real corresponds to it--it was likewise necessary that for a long time one did not see or perceive the changes in things. The beings that did not see so precisely had an advantage over those who saw everything "in flux." At bottom, every high degree of caution in making inferences and every skeptical tendency constitute a great danger for life. No living beings would have survived if the opposite tendency--to affirm rather than suspend judgment, to err and make up things rather than wait, to assent rather than negate, to pass judgment rather than be just-- had not been bred to the point where it became extraordinarily strong.”

Tags : Evolutionary Epistemology Logic Seeing Substance

51. “And now we come to the Heart of our Designe: the art of Shaddowes you must know well, Walter, and you must be instructed how to Cast them with due Care. It is only the Darknesse that can give trew Forme to our Work and trew Perspective to our Fabrick, for there is no Light without Darknesse and no Substance without Shaddowe (and I turn this Thought over in my Mind: what Life is there which is not a Portmanteau of Shaddowes and Chimeras?). I build in the Day to bring News of the Night and of Sorrowe, I continued, and then I broke off for Walter's sake.”

Tags : Architecture Darkness Light Night Occult Shadow Substance
Author : Peter Ackroyd
Source : Hawksmoor

52. “Everything turns on grasping and expressing the True, not only as Substance, but equally as Subject.”

Tags : Subject Substance True
Source : Phenomenology of Spirit

53. “Christ's humanity is presentation, His words & works are the substance encapsulating his Divinity".~R. Alan Woods [2013]”

Tags : Form Presentation R Alan Woods Substance Truth Truths
Author : R. Alan Woods
Source : The Journey Is the Destination: A Book of Quotes With Commentaries

54. “I recommend that you focus on both substance and process of your goals. I believe that both are equally important: by setting a high-quality SMART goal you will enable yourself to be conscious and your actions will carry more meaning; meanwhile, it is the execution of the SMART goals strategy that separates achievers from the rest of the people.”

Tags : Goal Goal Setting Goals Process Smart Goals Substance Success Self Improvement
Author : Anna Stevens
Source : Turn Your Dreams And Wants Into Achievable SMART Goals!

55. “Why is it that the unwanted things come up of their own but the things of substance, of use, and of value need efforts to make them prosper?”

Tags : Substance Unwanted
Author : Girdhar Joshi
Source : Some Mistakes Have No Pardon

56. “Dear my strong girls, you will all go through that phase of life making a mistake of helping a toxic girl whose friendship with you turns into her self-interest. This kind of girls is a real burden towards the empowerment of other females as they can never get past their own insecurity and grow out of high-school-like drama. Despite how advanced we are in educating modern women, this type will still go through life living in identity crisis, endlessly looking for providers of any kind at the end of the day. They can never stand up for others or things that matter because they can't stand up for themselves. They care what everyone thinks only doing things to impress men, friends, strangers, everyone in society except themselves, while at the same time can't stand seeing other women with purpose get what those women want in life. But let me tell you, this is nothing new, let them compete and compare with you as much as they wish, be it your career, love or spirit. You know who you are and you will know who your true girls are by weeding out girls that break our girlie code of honor, but do me a favor by losing this type of people for good. Remind yourself to never waste time with a person who likes to betray others' trust, never. Disloyalty is a trait that can't be cured. Bless yourself that you see a person's true colors sooner than later. With love, your mama. XOXO”

Tags : Attitude Career Disloyal Education Empowerment Of Women False Friends Friendship Honesty Honor Identity Independence Integrity Job Life Lessons Love Mistakes Pretense Substance Time Toxic People Traits Trust