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1. “Dr. Jules Hilbert: Hell Harold, you could just eat nothing but pancakes if you wanted.Harold Crick: What is wrong with you? Hey, I don't want to eat nothing but pancakes, I want to live! I mean, who in their right mind in a choice between pancakes and living chooses pancakes?Dr. Jules Hilbert: Harold, if you pause to think, you'd realize that that answer is inextricably contingent upon the type of life being led... and, of course, the quality of the pancakes. ”

Tags : Crick Ferrell Fiction Food Harold Helm Humour Pancakes Stranger Than Will Zach
Author : Zach Helm
Source : Stranger Than Fiction: The Shooting Script

2. “If you are training and you are in the gym. But whatever excesize you are doing .You dont feel any straints or tension. You must be worried. Its either you are not doing the excesize in the right way and your body wont develop.Same as life. If you dont come across any challenges .You should be worried too. It means you are not growing, and it will be difficult for you to succeed. Obstacles are our ladder to the top.”

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3. “I realized that whilst crying over the loss, the living did not seem adequate because they were not my loved one. The room full of strangers hurt me profusely. Even as I saw thousands of young people; I felt incomplete and more saddened because the one I wanted to see was buried.”

Tags : Buried Bury Death Grief Hurt Incomplete Mourning Pain Profusely Sad Sadden Separation Stranger Thousand Want Young
Source : Behind the Hospital

4. “They had lied. Time was not a friend that healed all wounds ;it was the enemy that ravaged and murdered youth.”

Tags : Friend Lied Mirror Murder Stranger Stranger In The Mirror Young Youth
Source : A Stranger In The Mirror

5. “A joker is a little fool who is different from everyone else. He's not a club, diamond, heart, or spade. He's not an eight or a nine, a king or a jack. He is an outsider. He is placed in the same pack as the other cards, but he doesn't belong there. Therefore, he can be removed without anybody missing him.”

Tags : Difference Joker Loneliness Stranger
Source : The Solitaire Mystery

6. “Each time a person passes by you and you say 'hello', imagine that person turning into a candle. The more positivity, love and light you reflect, the more light is mirrored your way. Sharing beautiful hellos is the quickest way to earn spiritual brownie points. You should start seeing hellos as small declarations of faith. Every time you say hello to a stranger, your heart acknowledges over and over again that we are all family.”

Tags : Beautiful Beauty Family Friendly Friends Hello Hellos Indifference Kind Love Loving Others Man Mirrored Mirroring Peace Project Radiate Reward Society Spiritual Spiritual Reward United Unity World Peace
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

7. “Talk to strangers politely. You don’t how many of them will become your close companions.”

Tags : Companions Food For Thought Friendly Friends Friendship Israelmore Ayivor Mentors Polite Politely Rude Speak Speech Stranger Strangers Talk Words
Source : Shaping the dream

8. “Caring is open-hearted, keeping us available to transmit love to a stranger through simple eye contact and without condition. This is not the opportunistic sizing-up of sexual cruising; instead, it’s the felt recognition of the divinity and humanity in another individual.”

Tags : Caring Divinity Eye Contact Humanity Open Hearted Sexual Cruising Stranger
Source : Mirror of Intimacy: Daily Reflections on Emotional and Erotic Intelligence

9. “A complete stranger has the capacity to alter the life of another irrevocably. This domino effect has the capacity to change the course of an entire world. That is what life is; a chain reaction of individuals colliding with others and influencing their lives without realizing it. A decision that seems miniscule to you, may be monumental to the fate of the world.”

Tags : Alter Chain Choice Course Decision Domino Fate Inspirational Life Lives Monumental Reaction Stranger World
Author : J.D. Stroube
Source : Caged by Damnation

10. “He said that I have to remember that even though I've changed a lot in here, I'm going back to a world that hasn't changed”

Tags : Change Dealing With People Experience Life Mental Hospital Outcast Place Stranger World
Source : Suicide Notes

11. “Invisible God sends His messenger in the form of a stranger to a kind passenger to guide him to the true path through the mirage of a life's journey.”

Tags : Almighty Empathy Factuality Fake Helping Hand Inspirational Inspiring Authors Intellectual Invisible God Kind Life Journey Meandering Path Mirrage Motivational Notable People Original Real Stranger Sympathetic Sympathy True Path Trustworthy
Author : Anuj Somany

12. “O zaman neden bilmem, içimde bir şey delinir, yırtılır gibi oldu. Avazım çıktığı kadar bağırmaya başladım, ona küfür ettim, dua filan etmemesini söyledim. Cüppesinin yakasını sımsıkı kavramıştım. Yüreğimin içinde ne varsa hepsini sevinç ve öfke patlamalarıyla karışık bir halde onun yüzüne haykırıyordum. Kendinden ne kadar da emin görünüyordu, değil mi? Halbuki onun bu güvenli edalarının bir kadın saçı kadar bile değeri yoktu.Yaşadığına bile emin değildi, bir ölü gibi yaşıyordu çünkü. Bense ellerim boş gibi duruyordum ama kendimden de, her şeyden de emindim, ondan daha emindim, hayatımdan da, gelmek üzere olan şu ölümden de emindim. Evet, bundan başka şeyim yoktu. Ama hiç değilse, bu gerçek beni nasıl karşılamışsa ben de onu öylece kavramış bulunuyordum.Önceden de haklıydım, şimdi de haklıydım, hep haklı olacaktım. Şimdiye kadar bu şekilde yaşamıştım. Şimdiden sonra da bu şekilde yaşayabilirdim. Şunu yapmış, bunu yapmamıştım. Filan şeyi yapmamıştım, ama falan şeyi de yapmıştım. Daha ne olmak ihtimali vardı? Hayatım boyunca bu dakikayı ve cezaya çarptırılacağım bu şafak saatini beklemiştim sanki. Hiç bir şeyin, ama hiçbir şeyin önemi yoktu ve ben bunun niçin böyle olduğunu biliyordum.”

Tags : Albert Camus Stranger Yabancı
Author : Albert Camus

13. “To lovers out there.....The problem about other people is they are using a human template.They will never know you.You will be good or perfect. You will never be right or decent. Is because there is template they have in their minds that they want to apply it to you. Everytime they meet someone new they refer to that template.The template is not updated and out dated. They have made their templates from their previous relationship. Its either from someone who was to bad to them. Someone who has hurt them, Someone who has cost them pain. Or someone who played them, someone who loved them, Someone who cared so much that they lost.So they don't want you but want you to be the person they have in their minds. One activity that you will do that will match the template of a bad person . They already judge you wrong. One right activity you will do from the template of the good person . They will think you are the right person,”

Tags : Advice Appreciate Djkyos Father Goals Happiness Intelligence Knowledge Leader Life Life Lessons Love Marriege Men Philosopher Please Power Responsibility Teachings Union Women

14. “To lovers out there....We should try to get to know each other . Than trying to fight each other. We are not enemies , we are lovers. We suppose to work together not to destroy each other.”

Tags : Advice Appreciate Dating Family Goals Happiness Intelligence Knowledge Life Lessons Love Men Mother Motivation One Philosopher Philosophy Please Relationship Stranger Success Teach Thoughts Time Together Wisdom Wise Words

15. “To lovers out there....When you date someone. Dont date someone because of what they drive but date them because of what drives them.”

Tags : Advice Attitude Characteristics Dj Dj Kyos Fall In Love Goals Intelligence Life Love Mother Philosopher Philosophy Power Romance Stranger Success Teachings Thoughts Time Together

16. “We sometimes try to impress people we just met by not trying to impress them.”

Tags : Acquaintance Aphorism Aphorisms Aphorist Brand Branding First Impressions Friend Friends Funny Humour Impress Impression Impressions Introduce Introduction Marketing Meet Meeting Met Networking Personal Branding Satire Stranger Strangers

17. “And now, for something completely the same:Wasted time and wasted breath,'s what I'll make, until my death.Helping people 'd be as good,but I wouldn't, if I could.For the few that help deserve,have no need, or not the nerve,help from strangers to accept,plus from mine a few have wept.Wept from joy, or from despair,or just from my vengeful stare.Ways I have, to look at stupid,make them see I am not Cupid.Make them see they are in error,for of truth I am a bearer.Most decide I'm just a bear,mauling at them, - like I care.”

Tags : Bear Bears Breath Breathing Caring Deciding Decision Deserve Deserving Despair Error Helping Mistakes Nerves Nothing Others Poem Poems Refusal Stranger Vengeance Vengeful Waste Wasted Time Weeping
Author : Will Advise
Source : Nothing is here...

18. “Spiritual love is when you see new faces as the oldest.”

Tags : Adapt Adaptation Face Faces Foreign Love Old Oldest Sacred Spiritual Love Strange Stranger Strangers True Love Unusual Weird

19. “I had come from wondrous lands, from landscapes more enchanting than life, but only to myself did I ever mention these lands, and I said nothing about the landscapes which I saw in dreams. My feet stepped like theirs over the floorboards and the flagstones, but my heart was far away, even if it beat close by, false master of an estranged and exiled body.”

Tags : Dreams Estrangement Exile Imagination Stranger Visions
Source : The Book of Disquiet

20. “Talk to strangers politely... Every friend you have now was once a stranger, although not every stranger becomes a friend.”

Tags : Colleague Companion Comrade Courtesy Friend Friendship Good Friends Israelmore Ayivor New Friends Polite Relationship Stranger Strangers Talk Talk Politely
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

21. “It is unpredictable for you to know which of the strangers you are about to meet that becomes your friend. Be polite to every stranger!”

Tags : Colleague Companion Comrade Courtesy Friend Friendship Good Friends Israelmore Ayivor New Friends Polite Predict Relationship Stranger Strangers Talk Talk Politely Unpredictable
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

22. “The simplest truth about man is that he is a very strange being; almost in the sense of being a stranger on the earth. In all sobriety, he has much more of the external appearance of one bringing alien habits from another land than of a mere growth of this one. He cannot sleep in his own skin; he cannot trust his own instincts. He is at once a creator moving miraculous hands and fingers and a kind of cripple. He is wrapped in artificial bandages called clothes; he is propped on artificial crutches called furniture. His mind has the same doubtful liberties and the same wild limitations. Alone among the animals, he is shaken with the beautiful madness called laughter; as if he had caught sight of some secret in the very shape of the universe hidden from the universe itself. Alone among the animals he feels the need of averting his thought from the root realities of his own bodily being; of hiding them as in the presence of some higher possibility which creates the mystery of shame.”

Tags : Alien Human Pilgrim Stranger
Source : The Everlasting Man

23. “Don't behave like your heart and mind are strangers to you; they are yours, don't depend on others to understand them, you got to understand them.”

Tags : Behave Behavior Behaviour Dependence Dependency Dependent Heart Hearts Human Humans Inspiration Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Know Mind Motivation Motivational Motivational Quotes Philosophy Self Realization Strangers To Know Oneself To Know Yourself Understand Wisdom Wisdom Quotes
Author : Amit Kalantri

24. “Saying that you do not remember something or someone is a less embarrassing or hurtful way of saying that you do not know it or them anymore.”

Tags : Acquaintance Acquaintances Aphorism Aphorisms Aphorist Aphorists Embarrassing Forgetting Forgot Funny Hurt Introduce Introduction Jokes Meet Memory Memory Loss Quotations Quotes Remember Stranger Strangers

25. “I'm going to go pee. If the universe is bigger and stranger than I can imagine, it's best to meet it with an empty bladder.”

Tags : Best Bigger Bladder Empty Imagine Meet Pee Stranger Universe
Author : John Scalzi
Source : Old Man's War

26. “Sometimes, on duty, if one trusts a stranger, one’s nerves are on edge. What if I am making a mistake!”

Tags : Believe Calm Dutiful Duty Folly Mistake Stranger Trust Trustworthiness Trustworthy Work Work Ethic

27. “Seed becomes tree, son becomes stranger.”

Tags : Adage Advertisement Alliterations Amit Kalantri Essay Inspirational Knowledge Motivational Movie Dialogue Novel Writing Parethood Philosophy Proverbs Public Speaking Quotes Script Seed Six Word Story Speechwriting Story Stranger Tag Lines Tree Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

28. “Hospitality means primarily the creation of free space where the stranger can enter and become a friend instead of an enemy. Hospitality is not to change people, but to offer them space where change can take place. It is not to bring men and women over to our side, but to offer freedom not disturbed by dividing lines.”

Tags : Acceptance Change Freedom Friend Holy Hospitality Other Space Stranger
Source : Reaching Out: The Three Movements of the Spiritual Life

29. “On the late afternoon streets, everyone hurries along, going about their own business.Who is the person walking in front of you on the rain-drenched sidewalk?He is covered with an umbrella, and all you can see is a dark coat and the shoes striking the puddles.And yet this person is the hero of his own life story.He is the love of someone’s life.And what he can do may change the world.Imagine being him for a moment.And then continue on your own way.”

Tags : Anonymity Anonymous Hero Heroes Life People Rain Self Story Stranger Strangers
Author : Vera Nazarian
Source : The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

30. “Emmi, chị không phải là Mia. Tôi đã không đặt mong đợi vào Mia – và ngược lại. Mia và tôi, chúng tôi bắt đầu từ vạch xuất phát, như khi hai người làm quen nhau trong điều kiện bình thường. Ở chúng ta thì khác, Emmi: chúng ta xuất phát từ vạch đích, và chỉ còn một hướng để chạy: ngược lại. Chúng ta hướng đến sự tỉnh ngộ bạo liệt. Chúng ta không được sống những gì viết ra. Chúng ta không thể thay thế vô số hình ảnh mà chúng ta đã vẽ ra về nhau. Sẽ là một thất vọng khi chị không bằng cô Emmi mà tôi biết. Và chị sẽ không bằng được! Chị sẽ buồn chán khi tôi không bằng tay Leo mà chị biết. Và tôi sẽ không bằng tay ấy! Sau cuộc gặp mặt đầu tiên (và duy nhất) chúng ta sẽ tỉnh ngộ chia tay nhau, uể oải như sau một bữa ăn ngồn ngộn nhưng không ngon miệng, vậy mà chúng ta đã sốt ruột cả một năm để chờ nó, đã hầm nhừ hầm tử mấy tháng liền. Rồi sao? Hết. Chấm dứt. Nuốt sạch. Làm như chẳng có gì xảy ra chăng? Emmi, lúc đó ta vĩnh viễn có trước mắt hình ảnh mất thiêng, phát lộ, trần tục, thất vọng và tan vỡ của người kia. Chúng ta sẽ không biết nên viết gì cho nhau. Rồi một lúc nào đó về sau, có một lúc ta chạm trán nhau trong tiệm cà phê hay dưới tàu điện ngầm. Chúng ta sẽ cố không nhận ra nhau hay lờ nhau đi, sẽ vội vã quay mặt qua hướng khác. Chúng ta sẽ ngượng ngùng nhận ra “chúng ta” đã trở thành cái gì và còn sót lại cái gì. Chẳng gì cả. Hai con người lạ lẫm, với một quá khứ ảo chung nhau, cái quá khứ đã lừa dối họ một cách bỉ ổi bao tháng ngày.”

Tags : Email Stranger Wind

31. “If you do not know you are in danger, you are that danger. You do not know me, but I come in peace; if you think that is strange, then you are the stranger.”

Tags : Clairvoyance Danger Foresight Insight Sight Beyond Sight Sixth Sense Spider Sense Stranger

32. “Her arms groped forward to guide her when her tears blocked her vision in darkness. Then she couldn't run any more. She sank to her knees and began to cry in her terror. She wanted Gary.She suddenly felt strong arms around her. She bent her head to bury it in Gary's shoulder, trembling in the darkness.Whimpering like a small animal in a trap, she pushed herself closer to him and said in a choked voice, "I'm so frightened!""I know, my love," the voice said. "I'm so sorry you were hurt."She felt herself being pulled up to him, his grip around her tight. It was a strange feeling in this pitch-black hallway, where not even the light of the moon cast any illumination. The lips she touched were cold and yet they responded to her with an unusual warmth. His hands massaged her back. Something, Melanie thought, was wrong with that. The hands were too smooth, not like a plastered wrist would feel."Gary?" she asked, backing away. She didn't trust what she couldn't see."My love," the voice whispered, "there is no need to fear now. I shall protect you from those who mean you harm.”

Tags : Comfort Crying Darkness Fear Fleeing Helplessness Mindless Terror Mysterious Overwhelmed Stranger
Author : Clare McNally
Source : Ghost House

33. “Attraction is a funny thing. Women can be beautiful and still do nothing for me. They can be stereotypically sexy and I will still pass them over. They can look innocent and it won’t interest me, have a sassy attitude and I’ll be looking elsewhere. I get bored easily and am as fickle as April weather.”

Tags : Attraction Billionaire Billionaire Erotica Billionaire Romance Billionaires One Night One Night Stand Romance Series Stranger Strangers
Author : Holly Stone
Source : Taken by a Stranger

34. “Everyone, this is the new girl. Elder knows her. New girl, this is everyone.” A few people look up politely; some actually smile. Most, however, look wary at best, disgusted at worse. The nurse closest to me jabs her finger behind her ear and starts whispering to nobody.“What’s wrong with her?” I ask Harley as he leads me to the table he was sitting at.“Oh, don’t worry, we’re all mad here.”I giggle, mostly from nerves. “It’s a good thing I read Alice in Wonder-land . I definitely think I’ve fallen into the rabbit hole.”“Read what?” Harley asks.“Never mind.” All around me, eyes follow my every move.“Look,” I say loudly. “I know I look different. But I’m just a person, like you.” I hold my head up high, looking them all in the eyes, trying to hold their stares for as long as possible.“You tell ’em,” says Harley with another Cheshire grin.”

Tags : Across The Universe Alice In Wonderland Amy Martin Cheshire Different Down The Rabbit Hole Harley Introducing Mad Nerves Stranger We Are All Mad Here
Author : Beth Revis
Source : Across the Universe

35. “Do you know which is the greatest epic till date?”

Tags : Brahmin Chennai Epic Ghittorni Hindu India Inpirational Iyer Jai K Hari Kumar Krishnaprasad Iyer Mahabharata Metro Station Muslim New Delhi Pathan South India Story Stranger Stranger S Tale Tale When Strangers Meet
Author : K. Hari Kumar
Source : When Strangers meet..

36. “Like I, of all people, didn't know better than to lead a total stranger to the point where they could hurt me most, knowing how easily they'd be able to find their way back to it.”

Tags : Dessen Hurt Key Lock Sad Sarah Stranger
Author : Sarah Dessen
Source : Lock and Key

37. “Every friend was once a stranger and if you know this, you have to understand that conversations are the beginning of connection”

Tags : Begin Beginning Chats Connect Connection Connections Conversation Converse Food For Thought Friend Friends Friendship Israelmore Ayivor Make Friends New New People People Relationship Strange Stranger Understand
Source : Shaping the dream

38. “Tomorrow, smile at a perfect stranger and mean it.”

Tags : Advice Believe Bucket List Do It Do Something Faith Friends Goal Happy Hope Life Life Lesson Love Make A Difference Mission Optimism Perfect Positive Smile Stranger Tip Try It

39. “The Sikh gave him the money. When Menon asked for his address so that he could repay the man, the Sikh said that Menon owed the debt to any stranger who came to him in need, as long as he lived. The help came from a stranger and was to be repaid to a stranger.”

Tags : Charity Debt Noblesse Oblige Repay Stranger
Source : All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

40. “Um, thanks,” Jackson told her. “And your name is…?”“I’m Margaret, Margaret Van Der Graaf,” she answered with another eerie smile. Her teeth were so white that they looked bleached.“Van Der Graaf?” Jackson repeated, trying to stifle his laughter. He didn’t want to be rude to the only person in sight, to this kind-hearted stranger who was offering to help him, but… Van Der Graaf?“What are you laughing at?” Margaret asked with curiosity, flashing him a calculating gaze. “I like my name. If you’re going to be a jerk, then I won’t help you. You can stay out here on the street through the night for all I care.”“…Harsh,” said Jackson, giving her a quizzical glance back. There was something ‘off’ about her, something that Jackson couldn’t quite place, something that bordered on horrible loneliness and longing. “Who else lives here, Margaret Van Der Graaf?” He couldn’t resist saying her name aloud. Despite its hilarity, it had a nice ring to it. “Who else lives here?” he urged.“Me, myself and I,” said Margaret simply, snickering when she saw his horrified and annoyed expression”

Tags : Annoy Comedy Friendship Funny Ghost Humor Longing Lonliness Name Smile Stranger Weird
Source : Three Little Ghostly Operatives

41. “It is no harm to accept an invitation of a stranger,but better visit an occasion of people we know well.”

Tags : Invitation Know Well Occasion Stranger Visit
Author : Toba Beta

42. “As in so many cases of sexual abuse within the family, it is much more complicated than had it been done by a stranger.”

Tags : Child Abuse Child Abuse Prevention Complicated Family Sexual Abuse Stranger Survivor Trigger
Author : Erin Merryn
Source : Living for Today: From Incest and Molestation to Fearlessness and Forgiveness

43. “I have never believed in supernatural until I fell in love with a stranger that made me do supernatural things.”

Tags : Believed Love Stranger Supernatural

44. “Perhaps we all have a face behind a face…Good and the bad, happy and sad, sane and insane. We all have an angel and the stranger and we all have the choice!”

Tags : Angel Choice Face Good And Bad Happy And Sad Sane And Insane Stranger

45. “...I've returned and I look around me and think, I've missed my life. While I was off and alone, it went on here, without me, and I'm forever doomed to be a stranger in my own home.”

Tags : Contemplate Cost Evaluate Home Look Regret Result Return Stranger Think Truth
Author : Robin Hobb
Source : Fool's Errand

46. “Rien, rien n'avait d'importance et je savais bien pourquoi.”

Tags : Existentialism French Stranger
Author : Albert Camus
Source : The Stranger

47. “World is getting stranger and stranger... I think there is interesting perspective in the series "Falling Water".”

Tags : Series Strange Stranger World
Author : Deyth Banger

48. “There’s an undeniable thrill about meeting a stranger and spending a few hours together, indulging in each other’s lives. It’s that spurt of saying whatever you want and leaving it behind with someone who’ll never look at you and think of it again.”

Tags : Blind Date Mystery Stranger Strangers Thrill
Source : Give It Back

49. “It's a good fact to meet a stranger,but unfortunate when they have bad intentions in meeting you after the fact. Just know you have been a loyal from the beginning.”

Tags : Bad Intentions Disloyalty Friendship Meeting New People Stranger Unfortunate Facts
Author : Touaxia Vang

50. “I am two people. One goes through the motions, rolling from one thing to the next; the other is withdrawn, watching a complete stranger.”

Tags : Duality Going Through The Motions Identity Outside In Stranger Withdrawn
Author : Doug Cooper
Source : Outside In

51. “You can love somebody without it being like that. You keep them a stranger, a stranger who's a friend.”

Tags : Friendship Love Stranger
Author : Truman Capote
Source : Breakfast at Tiffany's

52. “A StrangerThere is a love I reminisce,Like a seedI've never sown.Or lips that im yet to kiss,and eyesnot met my own.Hands that wrap around my wrists,and armsthat feel like home.I wonder how it is I miss,these thingsI've never known.”

Tags : Love Stranger
Author : Lang Leav
Source : Love & Misadventure

53. “I hadn't understood how days could be both long and short at the same time: long to live through, maybe, but so drawn out that they ended up flowing into one another. They lost their names. Only 'yesterday' and 'tomorrow' still had any meaning for me.”

Tags : Stranger
Author : Albert Camus

54. “life is a story and god is is absurd.I think so.”

Tags : Stranger
Author : Albert Camus

55. “Search for the stranger inside you, forgotten even by your death.”

Tags : Death Love Stranger
Author : Sorin Cerin
Source : Wisdom Collection: The Book of Wisdom

56. “What an odd thing a stranger is. A stranger sleeping next to you. I listen to his breathing as if it were his entire life, with its hidden processes, the pulsing of the blood in the tissues, with thousands of tiny hidden decays and combustions, which together create and maintain him.”

Tags : Sleep Stranger Stranger In My Bed Strangers
Source : For Two Thousand Years

57. “You can just be your self’s stranger, never its friend, because you are mortal and it is immortal!”

Tags : Stranger Wisdom Inspirational
Author : Sorin Cerin
Source : Wisdom Collection: The Book of Wisdom

58. “And she called him a stranger. Whose name still echoed in her mind like a war cry. Who had seen each bit of her naked soul and knew how scarred her soul is. Whose reflection still stood, smiling at her every time she stood in front of the mirror.”

Tags : Love Mirror Naked Pain Reflection Scars Soul Stranger Time Warcry
Author : Akshay Vasu

59. “Nationalism, originally a progressive movement, replaced the bonds of feudalism and absolutism. The average man today obtains his sense of identity from his belonging to a nation, rather than from his being a "Son of Man." His objectivity, that is, his reason, is warped by this fixation. He judges the "stranger" with different criteria than the members of his own clan. His feelings toward the stranger are equally warped. Those who are not "familiar" by bonds of blood and soil (expressed a common language, customs, food, song, etc.) are looked upon with suspicion, and paranoid delusions about them can spring up at the slightest provocation. This incestuous fixation not only poisons the relationship of the individual to the stranger, but to the members of his own clan and to himself. The person who has not freed himself from the ties to blood and soil is not yet fully born as a human being; his capacity for love and reason are crippled; he does not experience himself nor his fellow man in their-and his own-human reality.”

Tags : Nationalism Stranger The Sane Society
Author : Eric Fromm

60. “If you Have ever Fainted, You Are a stranger in the land of the dead!”

Tags : Death Humor Stranger
Author : Antoni Omeihe

61. “A story is the shortest distance between being a stranger and being a friend.”

Tags : Friend Story Stranger
Author : Paul Smith

62. “Although he was undeniably handsome, at the end of the day, he was still some random stranger, who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, wanted to talk to me and who knew my name. The term ‘Stranger Danger’ flashed before my eyes! Therefore, no matter how hot he was, I wasn’t going to let my guard down…yet.”

Tags : Alex Humour Stranger
Author : Adele Rose
Source : Awakening: Book One

63. “For the ones who dream of stranger worlds.”

Tags : Dreaming Stranger Worlds
Author : V.E. Schwab
Source : A Darker Shade of Magic

64. “We shall forever be battling our scars, healing ourselves from the deep scars of childhood, to the awkward scars of adolescence, the hard scars of adulthood and scars of frail old age. In the answering spark in another's eyes, the cosy laughter of friends, and the circle of family, we rush to heal, heal our scars. In the eyes of a complete stranger, we finally find our balm until they are a stranger no more, and then we scar again, only to bleed again.”

Tags : Battling Demons Bleeding Edge Scars Stranger

65. “It was not a monster that lay sleeping on the white sheets. Nor a faceless horror. Nor even the white bear. It was a man.His hair was golden, glowing bright as a bonfire in the light of the candle. And his features were fair, I suppose, but he was a stranger and that somehow was the greatest shock of all- that I had been lying all these months beside a complete stranger.”

Tags : East Edith Pattou Fair Golden Man Monster Nymah Rose Reveal Shock Stranger
Author : Edith Pattou
Source : East

66. “A stranger sleeps next to me, like a stone beside another stone.”

Tags : Sleep Sleeping Stranger Stranger In My Bed
Source : For Two Thousand Years

67. “Later, I walked towards the dorm circle beside Alaska. The cicadas hummed their one-note song, just as they had at home in Florida. She turned to me as we made our way through the darkness and said,"When you’re walking at night, do you ever get creeped out and even though it’s silly and embarrassing you just want to run home?”It seemed too secret and personal to admit to a virtual stranger but I told her, “Yeah, totally.”For a moment, she was quiet. Then she grabbed my hand, whispered,“Run run run run run,” and took off, pulling me behind her.”

Tags : Creepy Night Run Stranger
Author : John Green
Source : Looking for Alaska

68. “It's a good fact to meet a stranger,but unfortunate when they have bad intentions in meeting you after the fact. Just know you have been loyal from the beginning.”

Tags : Bad Intentions Loyal Meeting People New Beginnings Stranger Unfortunate
Author : Touaxia Vang

69. “You live like comfortable strangers. Like characters in a play.”

Tags : Character Characters In Books Play Stranger Strangers
Author : Aryn Kyle
Source : Boys and Girls Like You and Me: Stories

70. “It's sad that in a world of billions, people can still feel isolated and alone. Sometimes all it takes to brighten up someone's day is a smile or kind word, or the generous actions of a complete stranger. Small things, the tiny details, these are the things that matter in life — the little glint in the eye, curve of a lip, nod of a head, wave of a hand — such minuscule movements have huge ripple effects.”

Tags : Generosity Good Deeds Isolated Isolation Loneliness Lonely Lonely People Make A Difference Minuscule Population Ripple Effect Sad Sadness Smile Stranger
Author : Shaun Hick

71. “Talking to strangers is very panic fear, to be fearless and good communicator in long term try talking to strangers with courage like you already know them.”

Tags : Communicator Communicator Skills Courage Courageous Fear Fearless Fearlessness Inspiration Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Motivation Motivational Motivational Quotes Stranger Strangers
Author : Amit Kalantri

72. “Se um turista chega a um mundo estranho, onde nem o aspecto exterior, nem a língua, nem os costumes lhe conseguem despertar reminiscências, esse mundo exerce sobre ele um encanto delicioso. Não surge tudo isso que se oferece nos seus olhos - paisagem, costumes e fala - para o seu particular deleite? Não se lhe oferecem todas as características pitorescas para que ele se divirta e tire fotografias? Mas se o mesmo turista se vê, de repente, forçado a permanecer nesse mundo estranho para ganhar o seu pão, o pitoresco torna-se-lhe ambiente quotidiano, os habitantes passam a ser os seus vizinhos, amigos e inimigos e o caso muda inteiramente de figura. O que lhe parecera insólito e exótico ergue-se qual muro espesso entre ele e tudo o que constitui a sua vida, e por muito tempo não passa dum homem à parte, um observador sempre prestes a comparar com este mundo o seu de outrora: um comparsa que, não chegando a pisar o palco, permanece nos bastidores. Por isso o turista é para o estrangeiro domiciliado o que o campista é para um homem que se instalou, de vez, numa cabana.”

Tags : Jew Joseph Berger Porto Portugal Stranger Turist
Author : Ilse Losa
Source : Sob Céus Estranhos

73. “If you would seek to find yourselflook not in the mirrorfor there is but a shadow there'A stranger....SILENIUS, ODES TO TRUTH”

Tags : Mirror Reflection Shadow Stranger Stranger In The Mirror Youself
Source : A Stranger In The Mirror

74. “Bea did not want a new mother. She'd hardly even seen the one she once had, except for glimpses out the window when her mother was climbing into a carriage to go off to a party. She'd been as beautiful as an angel, all sparkling and laughing in her lovely gowns, but not much use.”

Tags : Absent Beautiful Mother Much Use New New Mother Parent Stranger Use
Author : Amanda McCabe
Source : Running from Scandal

75. “Strangers should meet in unfamiliar areas. It's comforting.”

Tags : Comfort Stranger Unfamiliar
Author : Robert Ludlum
Source : The Matlock Paper

76. “When men learnt to talk in the beginning of the civilised word they used language not as a means of communication alone but as a means of excluding others--using it as a way of setting themselves apart and shutting out strangers.”

Tags : Civilization Communication Community Exclusion Language Stranger Strangers
Source : Night Music

77. “The kind of love which makes us stand against everyone and defend a stranger is the strongest one.”

Tags : Against Defend Love Stranger Strongest

78. “In the bathroom, I studied my body, trying to see what he had seen. My hipbones were more prominent than I remembered, probably from all the days of being unable to eat after discovering Jonathan’s betrayal. My thinness suddenly angered me. Why had I punished myself when it had been him that had been at fault? I should have pampered myself, nurtured my soul with my favourite foods and wine and spent time with friends instead of languishing at home and drowning myself in work.”

Tags : Billionaire Billionaire Erotica Billionaire Romance Billionaires Muse Romance Sexy Romance Story Stranger Strangers
Author : Holly Stone
Source : Taken by a Stranger

79. “It gave her a sudden sense that it was now her turn to grow old, to find the world changing, sliding away from the old ways of being and behaving, so that you were gradually a stranger to the place you lived in. The woman priest with jogging clothes and a BlackBerry gave Mary a glimpse of what life must have been like for her mother as she grew older.”

Tags : Aging Mother Old Stranger
Source : Capital

80. “There is no other place on this earth where I feel such a strong sense of being a stranger than in my historic homeland.”

Tags : Homeland Palestine Stranger
Author : Suad Amiry
Source : Golda Slept Here

81. “That stranger handed me a letter written in my beloved's tears. I opened it, and the letters faded away just like his love for me.”

Tags : Beloved Letter Love Romance Stranger Tears

82. “I live with myself everyday, but that doesn't mean I completely know myself internally. Trying to get to know all that is a challenge that will drive you nuts, like trying to achieve the utmost perfection. My heart, my mind and body are ever changing, so I can never really get to know myself fully. It's similar to a person you've never met, even though you may think you know them, you don't, and never will. It's almost comforting, that sense of confidentiality, that always exists.”

Tags : Always Changing Body Ever Changing Heart Human Human Beings Humans Internal Mind Never Will People Quote Quotes Stranger

83. “I believe whatever doesn’t kill you, simply makes you stranger.”

Tags : Heath Ledger Kill Stranger The Dark Knight The Joker

84. “You love her for a life time and still you are a stranger.”

Tags : Boys Girls Life Stranger

85. “An inn, of course, was a place you came to at night (not at three o'clock in the afternoon), preferably a rainy night—wind, too, if it could be managed; and it should be situated on a moor (“bleak,” Kate knew, was the adjective here). And there should be scullions; mine host should be gravy-stained and broad in the beam with a tousled apron pulled across his stomach; and there should be a tall, dark stranger—the one who speaks to nobody—warming thin hands before the fire. And the fire should be a fire—crackling and blazing, laid with an impossible size log and roaring its great heart out up the chimney. And there should be some sort of cauldron, Kate felt, somewhere about—and, perhaps, a couple of mastiffs thrown in for good measure.”

Tags : Cauldron Fire Inn Stranger
Author : Mary Norton
Source : The Borrowers Afield

86. “I felt a lot better; not being alone in being alone.”

Tags : Alone Fiction Stranger
Author : K.R. Albers
Source : A Subtle Stranger

87. “When the Stranger says: “What is the meaning of this city ?Do you huddle close together because you love each other?”What will you answer? “We all dwell togetherTo make money from each other”? or “This is a community”?Oh my soul, be prepared for the coming of the Stranger.Be prepared for him who knows how to ask questions.”

Tags : City Community Money Questions Stranger
Author : T.S. Eliot
Source : The Rock

88. “The stranger thought it might be God himself had forgotten much from our pasts, events far distant, events of the same day. And if a thing is not in God’s mind, then what chance of it remaining in those of mortal men?”

Tags : Forgotten God Men Mind Mortal Past Stranger
Source : The Buried Giant

89. “Close People Are That Closer, As They Can Share Everything With A Stranger But Not To The Really Closed Ones.”

Tags : Emotional Inspirational Love Motivational Quotes Painful Sentimental Stranger Words Of Wisdom
Author : Jay Patel

90. “UnclaimedTo make love with a stranger is the best.There is no riddle and there is no test. –To lie and love, not aching to make senseOf this night in the mesh of reference.To touch, unclaimed by fear of imminent day,And understand, as only strangers may.To feel the beat of foreign heart to heartPreferring neither to prolong nor part.To rest within the unknown arms and knowThat this is all there is; that this is so.”

Tags : Love Stranger
Author : Vikram Seth

91. “It is hard to meet a stranger. Even the greatest extravert meeting even the meekest stranger knows a certain dread, though he may not know he knows it. Will he make a fool of me wreck my image of myself invade me destroy me change me? Yes, that he will. There's the terrible thing: the strangeness of the stranger.”

Tags : Meetings People Strange Stranger
Source : The Wind's Twelve Quarters

92. “The truth is a stranger...Not always welcome by daylight.”

Tags : Stranger Truth
Source : The Space Opera Renaissance

93. “I had a dream about you… but I don’t know you…who are you?”

Tags : Dreaming Dreams Humor Stranger
Source : Dreaming is for lovers

94. “Don't let a stranger that comes to you leave empty handed without food, water, shelter, or word of encouragement. Whether you believe in God or s**t, it's a bad omen when you let a stranger that came to you left empty handed.”

Tags : Kindness Stranger
Author : Uzoma Nnadi

95. “Patinka būti vienam vakaro prieblandoje, nepažintam gatvėje, kelionėje, žmonių minioje, prie knygos, darbuojantis su įrankiais, ko nors laukiant ar ką nors stebint.”

Tags : Alone Lifestyle People Stranger
Source : Mes gyvenome. Biografiniai užrašai

96. “I had a dream about you. I know, I know, I have never met you, but I’m pretty sure I had a dream about you. I had a dream about someone I didn’t know, so it may as well be you.”

Tags : Dreaming Dreams Knowledge Stranger
Source : Dreaming is for lovers

97. “ All Ways listen to strangers; They may tell you when a spider is on your shoulder." donnie harold harris”

Tags : Danger Spider Stranger They You

98. “It was making him feel like a stranger.”

Tags : Love Stranger
Source : Eleanor & Park

99. “Even in these first days together, it is very clear that this feeling of mine for the stranger has trumped all the other adventures in my life. It has shuffled everything and everyone else I thought I was moving toward or away from.”

Tags : Adventures Love Moving Stranger
Source : A Thousand Days in Venice

100. “Destiny is always a doorstep away, if we know to move in the right direction.”

Tags : Determinism Determinist Insight Inspirational K Hari Kumar Life Philosophy Stranger
Author : Hari Kumar K

101. “I wasn't scare, I was just somebody else, some stranger, and my whole life was a haunted life, the life of a ghost.”

Tags : Ghost Stranger
Author : Jack Kerouac
Source : On the Road

102. “A total stranger, and one not of one's sex, is often the least prejudiced judge.”

Tags : Judgment Prejudice Stranger
Author : John Fowles
Source : The French Lieutenant's Woman

103. “It takes us away from the world of strangersTo a new world of laughter With time the whirled churning deep insideAnd why does the smile fades, as age passes?”

Tags : Laughter Stranger

104. “Why do we believe one stranger and not another?”

Tags : Believe Madison Stranger
Author : Todd Strasser
Source : Wish You Were Dead

105. “Becoming" a stranger seems easier to maintain than "being" a stranger... The former can be sustained forever and can be resumed time and again... The latter needs just a smile or a handshake or a word of recognition to break...”

Tags : Gayathri Jayakumar Stranger

106. “A friend is a stranger that you have come to know better.”

Tags : Debasish Mridha Debasish Mridha M D Friends Friendship Inspirational Philosophy Quotes Stranger

107. “You may have told me your story, but you’re still practically a stranger to me. I don’t know the you that you are right now as well as I know your past.”

Tags : Past Stranger Weikel
Author : K. Weikel
Source : The One-Hundred: Part 2 - The Beneath

108. “The whole wide world was just a big pile of strangers, thinking all the time about everything they were missing.”

Tags : Stranger Strangers
Author : Aryn Kyle
Source : Boys and Girls Like You and Me: Stories

109. “Had he already inspired a passion in some stranger’s heart?”

Tags : Heart Passion Stranger
Author : Edmund White
Source : Our Young Man

110. “(...) Tada, ne znam zašto, kao da nešto puknu u meni. Prodereh se iz sveg glasa, ispsovah ga i rekoh neka se ne moli za mene. Zgrabih ga za ovratnik. Istresoh na njega sve što mi je ležalo na srcu koje je igralo od radosti i bijesa. On je baš tako siguran, je li? Pa ipak, cijela ta sigurnost ne vrijedi ni pišljiva boba. Nije čak siguran ni da je živ jer živi kao mrtvac. Ja sam naoko praznoruk, ali sam siguran u sebe, siguran sam u sve, sigurniji od njega, siguran u svoj život i u smrt koja će uskoro doći. Da, ja imam samo to, ali bar posjedujem tu istinu isto onoliko koliko ona posjeduje mene. Imao sam pravo, imam još pravo, imam svako pravo. Živio sam ovako, a mogao sam živjeti i drukčije. Činio sam ovo, a nisam činio ono. Ovo nisam uradio, a ono jesam. Pa onda? Čini mi se kao da sam cijelo vrijeme čekao ovaj čas i osvit dana kad ću se iskupiti. Ništa, ništa nije važno i dobro znam zašto. I on zna zašto. S dna moje budućnosti, za cijelog ovog besmislenog života koji sam vodio, diže se do mene, kroz godine koje još nisu došle, neki neodređeni dah, a taj dah izjednačuje na svom putu sve ono što su mi nekad predlagali, u onim godinama koje sam proživio i koje nisu bile nimalo stvarnije. Što se mene tiče smrt drugih, ljubav jedne majke, što me se tiče njegov Bog, život za koji se netko odlučio, sudbina koju je odabrao, kad jedna jedina sudbina odabire mene i sa mnom na milijarde povlaštenih koji, kao i on, trvrde da su mi braća. Razumije li, razumije li napokon? Svi su povlašteni. Postoje samo povlašteni. I ostali će jednog dana biti osuđeni. I on će biti osuđen. Što mari ako ga optuže zbog ubojstva i smaknu zato što nije plakao na sprovodu svoje majke? Salamanov je pas vrijedio isto toliko koliko i njegova žena. Ona ženica-automat isto je toliko kriva koliko i Marie koja je željela da se uda za mene. Što mari što mi je Raymond bio isto tako pajdaš kao i Céleste koji vrijedi više od njega? Šta mari što Marie pruža danas usne nekom drugom Mersaultu? Razumije li, napokon, taj osuđenik, da s dna moje budućnosti... Gušio sam se vičući sve ovo. Ali ključari su mi već oteli iz ruku ispovjednika i prijetili mi. On ih, međutim, umiri i zagleda se načasak nijemo u mene. Oči mu bijahu pune suza. Okrenu se i nestade.”

Tags : Albert Camus Croatian Egzistencijalizam Existentialism Hrvatski Stranac Stranger
Author : Albert Camus

111. “Although this was not a comforting point of view, he did not reject it, because it coincided with one of his basic beliefs: that a man must at all costs keep some part of himself outside and beyond life. If he should ever for an instant cease doubting, accept wholly the truth of what his senses conveyed to him, he would be dislodged from the solid ground to which he clung and swept along with the current, having lost all objective sense, totally involved with existence.”

Tags : Empirical Existence Immersion Morocco Objectivity Outsider Senses Stranger Subjectivity Truth
Author : Paul Bowles
Source : The Spider's House