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1. “We are in the energy dictatorship that calls itself the United States of America.”

Tags : America Calls Dictatorship Energy Government Abuse Government Corruption Government Cover Ups Government Propaganda Government Regulation Itself States United Usa
Author : Steven Magee

2. “The USA government states that the New Mexico Trinity nuclear bomb site is still highly radioactive and 'harmless'. It is interesting to note in the era of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) that it is USA government policy that radio frequency (RF) and electricity are also 'harmless'.”

Tags : Ehs Electrical Electromagnetic Era Government Government Propaganda Harmless Highly Hypersensitive People Mexico New Nuclear Weapons Radiation Effects Radio Radio Waves Rf Rws Site Usa
Author : Steven Magee

3. “The state does not oppose the freedom of people to express their particular cultural attachments, but nor does it nurture such expression—rather [...] it responds with 'benign neglect' [....] The members of ethnic and national groups are protected against discrimination and prejudice, and they are free to maintain whatever part of their ethnic heritage or identity they wish, consistent with the rights of others. But their efforts are purely private, and it is not the place of public agencies to attach legal identities or disabilities to cultural membership or ethnic identity. This separation of state and ethnicity precludes any legal or governmental recognition of ethnic groups, or any use of ethnic criteria in the distribution of rights, resources, and duties.”

Tags : Culture Discrimination Ethnicity Individuals Liberalism Liberties Multiculturalism Nations Neutrality Prejudice States
Author : Will Kymlicka
Source : Multicultural Citizenship: A Liberal Theory of Minority Rights

4. “<< ..." U.S.A.ian " is the correct wording of the citizen or anything of the COUNTRY (and not a reference to a whole continent) of the United States of America as it is "now" known. ~ " Η.Π.Α.λικό-η-ος, Η.Π.Α.λέϊκο-η-ος "εἶναι ἡ ὀρθῆ λεξιγραφία του πολίτη και των οἰωνδήποτε προέρχονται ἀπό τη ΧΩΡΑ ἢ της ΧΩΡΑΣ (και ὂχι σε ἀναφορά ὀλόκληρης ἡπείρου) των Ἠνωμένων Πολιτειῶν Ἀμερικῆς. ... >>~ Ale3ia (Penteleόn de aRcturi) .”

Tags : Ale3Ia Americans Anything Chevalieuse Correct De Faeinoterre Helia Known Neolexism Neologism Neologisms State States U S A Whole Wording Α? Ερικα? Ικο Α? Ερικα? Οι Α? Ερικη Η Π Α Η Π Α Λέϊκοι Η Π Α Λικό Αναφορα Ενωμενο Λεξιγραφία Νεολογισμός

5. “I'm getting a daily email from Microsoft which I have been ignoring that states a hacker is trying to access my account. As far as the Microsoft account goes, the hacker can have it...along with all of the nasty Windows 10 upgrade problems!”

Tags : 10 Access Account All Along Daily Email Far Goes Hacker Ignoring Microsoft Nasty Problems States Trying Upgrade Windows
Author : Steven Magee

6. “Annual state spending alone for prison facilities is now estimated at about $52 to $62 billion, the bulk of which is spent building new facilities; operating and maintaining more prisons; providing food and health care for prisoners; and administration and staff salaries and benefits.”

Tags : Budget Economy Prisons Spending States U S
Source : College for Convicts: The Case for Higher Education in American Prisons

7. “The world, viewed philosophically, remains a series of slave camps, where citizens – tax livestock – labor under the chains of illusion in the service of their masters.”

Tags : Anarcho Capitalism Anarchy Ancap Communism Countries Delusion Democracy Evil Fascism Freedom Knowledge Libertarian Liberty Mafia Nations Nazis Patriotism Philosophy Politics Rationality Religion Self Esteem Self Knowledge Socialism States Statism Superstition Theft Voluntaryism

8. “When a state is afraid of the journalists, it means that that state is definitely doing some secret devilish things!”

Tags : Afraid Of Devilish Journalist Journalist Quotes Journalists Murat Ildan Quotations Secret Secret Things States Turkish Literature

9. “[T]he state should not impose a preferred way of life, but should leave its citizens as free as possible to choose their own values and ends, consistent with a similar liberty for others.”

Tags : Freedom Individuals Liberalism Liberty States Values
Source : Liberalism and Its Critics

10. “The USA states that it can put a man on the moon. I have a hard time believing this, as it is quite clear that they cannot build a simple electrical system that does not make people sick in large numbers!”

Tags : Believing Build Cannot Clear Electrical Large Man Moon Numbers People Sick Simple States System Usa
Author : Steven Magee

11. “Countries, states, cities, corporations and laws are all words on paper.”

Tags : Country Institutions Laws States
Author : Bryant McGill
Source : Voice of Reason

12. “Michigan, with its delicious American name. How lucky one must be to live there.”

Tags : America Life Michigan Names States United States
Source : Little Failure

13. “We inter-change ideas. You can stay in the United States and inspire people in Indonesia. You can stay in Ghana and inspire people in Turkey. You can stay in Nigeria and inspire people in cote'd voire. You can stay in Senegal and inspire people in China and vice versa.”

Tags : Achievers Believe Believers Country Giving Out Heart Hearts Ideas Inspiration Inspirational Quote Inspire Metamorphosis Michael Bassey Johnson Motivating Motivation Reciprocating Ideas States Win Winner Winning Hearts Wisdom Wise Words

14. “Absolute money (gold) makes limited-states and localized-wars (Pre-1913); Substitute money (fiat) makes Absolute States & Wars (Post-1913)”

Tags : Gold Money States Wars

15. “For if there were a list of cosmic things that unite us, reader and writer, visible as it scrolled up into the distance, like the introduction to some epic science-fiction film, then shining brightly on that list would be the fact that we exist in a financial universe that is subject to massive gravitational pulls from states. States tug at us. States bend us. And, tirelessly, states seek to determine our orbits.”

Tags : Bureaucracy Government State States
Author : Mohsin Hamid

16. “I have a problem with state lines, anyway. They interrupt things. They fragment ecosystems, which are nature's most gracious and logical land divisions.”

Tags : Borders Ecosystems Natural Divisions Nature Political Divisions States
Author : Michael McCoy
Source : Journey to the Northern Rockies

17. “A high degree of autonomy is what permits innovation, experimentation and risk taking in a bureaucracy. If the slightest mistake can end a career, then no one will ever take risks.”

Tags : Governance Innovation Risk States
Source : Political Order and Political Decay: From the Industrial Revolution to the Globalization of Democracy

18. “When I looked at a map in town, Rhode Island seemed lost up there in the corner. A state so small and crowded, there didn't seem to be room for a person at all.”

Tags : Home Maps Rhode Island Ri States
Source : The Quickening