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1. “But the Modern Utopia must not be static but kinetic, must shape not as a permanent state but as a hopeful stage, leading to a long ascent of stages. Nowadays we do not resist and overcome the great stream of things, but rather float upon it. We build now not citadels, but ships of state.”

Tags : Hope Inspirational State Statehood Step By Step Steps Utopia
Author : H.G. Wells

2. “If the Bahreini royal family can have an embassy, a state, and a seat at the UN, why should the twenty-five million Kurds not have a claim to autonomy? The alleviation of their suffering and the assertion of their self-government is one of the few unarguable benefits of regime change in Iraq. It is not a position from which any moral retreat would be allowable.”

Tags : Al Khalifa Family Autonomy Bahrain Iraq Iraq War Kurdish People Kurdistan Morality Royalty Statehood
Source : A Matter of Principle: Humanitarian Arguments for War in Iraq

3. “We have witnessed in the 20th century a tremendous phenomenon: the birth of the modern State of Israel. ...God is at work with His ancient chosen earthly people. We ought to pay attention to what is going on for behind the movement of nations is the hand of God.”

Tags : 20Th Century God Israel Nations Statehood
Author : J. Otis Yoder