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1. “When you judge others you reveal your inability to see them through God's eyes.”

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2. “Our weakness is an invitation to discover God's strength.”

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Source : Designed For Inheritance: A Discovery of Sonship

3. “Tough times don't define you, they refine you. ‪”

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Source : Designed For Inheritance: A Discovery of Sonship

4. “Don't let hard lessons harden your heart.”

Tags : Abba Church Dear Church Don T Be Offended Father Forgiveness God Hardening Of The Heart Jesus Love Offended Revival Sonship

5. “Intentionally or involuntarily, your earthly and spiritual fathers will lead you the perfect Father. You might not recognize it, but even when they fail, they create the perfect scenario for you to run into your Heavenly Daddy’s arms. When they reject you, He will receive you. When they fail at meeting you, He will open up His schedule. When they miscommunicate with you, He will share His heart of love for you and, His heart of love for them.”

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Source : Designed For Inheritance: A Discovery of Sonship

6. “Jesus is not a religious leader; He is a Savior. You can enjoy His extravagant love even right after you fall into your extravagant sin.”

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Source : Designed For Inheritance: A Discovery of Sonship

7. “It's not the amount of Bible you read, it's the amount of Bible you believe.”

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Source : Designed For Inheritance: A Discovery of Sonship

8. “Sonship is our destiny and our inheritance is wrapped up in discovery”

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Source : Sonship

9. “Although claiming my true identity as a child of God, I still live as though the God to whom I am returning demands an explanation. I still think about his love as conditional and about home as a place I am not yet fully sure of. While walking home, I keep entertaining doubts about whether I will be truly welcome when I get there. As I look at my spiritual journey, my long and fatiguing trip home, I see how full it is of guilt about the past and worries about the future. I realize my failures and know that I have lost the dignity of my sonship, but I am not yet able to fully believe that where my failings are great, 'grace is always greater.' Still clinging to my sense of worthlessness, I project for myself a place far below that which belongs to the son, (p. 52).”

Tags : Child Of God Dignity Doubts Failure Failures God Grace Guilt Home Identity Love Son Sonship Worries Worry Worthlessness
Source : The Return of the Prodigal Son: A Story of Homecoming

10. “Dear church, John the baptist died for exposing the sins of others. Jesus died to actually pay for the sins of others.John was great, but we should not follow his model. Our model is Christ. So lets stop telling the world how bad their sin is and lets start sharing how good the Father has always been.”

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11. “Jesus is more interested in your heart than your ministry.”

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Source : Designed For Inheritance: A Discovery of Sonship

12. “Your commitment to Jesus is a beautiful thing, but it will eventually dwindle down, unless you fully understand His commitment to you.”

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13. “Orphans labor for favor and identityBut a son begins from a place of acceptance”

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Author : Elias Tan JS

14. “A Christian people doesn't mean a lot of goody-goodies. The Church has plenty of stamina, and isn't afraid of sin. On the contrary, she can look it in the face calmly and even take it upon herself, assume it at times, as Our Lord did. When a good workman's been at it for a whole week, surely he's due for a booze on Saturday night. Look: I'll define you a Christian people by the opposite. The opposite of a Christian people is a people grown sad and old. You'll be saying that isn't a very theological definition. I agree...Why does our earliest childhood always seem so soft and full of light? A kid's got plenty of troubles, like everybody else, and he's really so very helpless, quite unarmed against pain and illness. Childhood and old age should be the two greatest trials of mankind. But that very sense of powerlessness is the mainspring of a child's joy. He just leaves it all to his mother, you see. Present, past, future -- his whole life is caught up in one look, and that look is a smile. Well, lad, if only they'd let us have our way, the Church might have given men that supreme comfort. Of course they'd each have their own worries to grapple with, just the same. Hunger, thirst, poverty, jealousy -- we'd never be able to pocket the devil once and for all, you may be sure. But man would have known he was the son of God; and therein lies your miracle. He'd have lived, he'd have died with that idea in his noddle -- and not just a notion picked up in books either -- oh, no! Because we'd have made that idea the basis of everything: habits and customs, relaxation and pleasure, down to the very simplest needs. That wouldn't have stopped the labourer ploughing, or the scientist swotting at his logarithms, or even the engineer making his playthings for grown-up people. What we would have got rid of, what we would have torn from the very heart of Adam, is that sense of his own loneliness...God has entrusted the Church to keep [the soul of childhood] alive, to safeguard our candour and freshness... Joy is the gift of the Church, whatever joy is possible for this sad world to share... What would it profit you even to create life itself, when you have lost all sense of what life really is?”

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Source : The Diary of a Country Priest

15. “We acknowledge, indeed, that Christ in human nature is called a Son, not like believers by gratuitous adoption merely, but the true, natural, and, therefore, only Son, this being the mark which distinguishes him from all others. Those of us who are regenerated to a new life God honours with the name of sons; the name of true and only-begotten Son he bestows on Christ alone. But how is he an only Son in so great a multitude of brethren, except that he possesses by nature what we acquire by gift?”

Tags : Adoption Arianism Begotten Modalism Servetus Son Sonship Trinity
Author : John Calvin
Source : Institutes of the Christian Religion, 2 Vols