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1. “A beast is always going to enjoy the feast in a land full of sheeps and wolves doing the hard work the least.”

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Author : Anuj Somany

2. “When you are fired because of laziness, dare to fire back with the spirit of enthusiasm. Rise up at the same time and at the same place that you have fallen. You can’t give up!”

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Source : Daily Drive 365

3. “It’s two things; you either choose to take risks through storms and win after the hail or you remain idle and die idle. Once laziness is deliberate; failure is not an accident!”

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Source : Daily Drive 365

4. “It’s great to feel happy. Go, do what makes you feel happy. Do it shabbily and get shallow happiness; Do it hard and feel the hardest happiness!”

Tags : Be Happy Feel Good Feel Happy Fell Food For Thought Great Happiness Hard Hardest Inadequate Israelmore Ayivor Joy Lazy Life Pappy Rejoice Shabbily Shabby Sluggard Sluggish
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes