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1. “A room without books is like a body without a soul.”

Tags : Books Simile Soul

2. “Some people are like Slinkies. They aren't really good for anything, but they still bring a smile to my face when I push them down a flight of stairs.”

Tags : Simile
Source : Iron Kissed

3. “Why do you sit there looking like an envelope without any address on it?”

Tags : Classic Insult Simile
Author : Mark Twain

4. “He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts... for support rather than illumination.”

Tags : Classic Insult Simile
Author : Andrew Lang

5. “Character is like a tree and reputation its shadow. The shadow is what we think it is and the tree is the real thing.”

Tags : Appearances Character Simile Substance

6. “The next morning dawned bright and sweet, like ribbon candy.”

Tags : Candy Morning New Day Simile
Source : Garden Spells

7. “He's like a drug for you, Bella.”

Tags : Drug Romance Simile
Source : Eclipse

8. “A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.”

Tags : Humor Obvious Simile
Author : Steve Martin

9. “Love is like the wind, you can't see it but you can feel it.”

Tags : Love Simile
Source : A Walk to Remember

10. “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Tags : Life Simile

11. “Fate is like a strange, unpopular restaurant filled with odd little waiters who bring you things you never asked for and don't always like.”

Tags : Fate Humor Simile

12. “Life, he realize, was much like a song. In the beginning there is mystery, in the end there is confirmation, but it's in the middle where all the emotion resides to make the whole thing worthwhile.”

Tags : Life Love Music Simile Song
Source : The Last Song

13. “A house without books is like a room without windows.”

Tags : Books House Simile Windows
Author : Horace Mann

14. “Peeing is like a good book in that it is very, very hard to stop once you start.”

Tags : Reading Simile
Author : John Green
Source : Paper Towns

15. “A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open.”

Tags : Open Mindedness Simile
Author : Frank Zappa

16. “Getting an education was a bit like a communicable sexual disease. It made you unsuitable for a lot of jobs and then you had the urge to pass it on.”

Tags : Education Simile
Source : Hogfather

17. “And than suddenly he was there, charging down the hallway like death in a cowboy duster.”

Tags : Simile
Author : Richelle Mead
Source : Vampire Academy

18. “I felt like one of Apollo's sacred cows- slow, dumb, and bright red.”

Tags : Humor Simile
Author : Rick Riordan
Source : The Last Olympian

19. “To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead, or endeavoring to convert an atheist by scripture.”

Tags : Close Mindedness Simile Stubbornness
Author : Thomas Paine
Source : The American Crisis

20. “Once again, you show all the sensitivity of a blunt axe.”

Tags : Insult Nearly Headless Nick Simile
Author : J.K. Rowling
Source : Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

21. “He'd felt like a jack-o-lantern for the past few days, as if his guts had been yanked out with a fork and dumped in a heap while a grinning smile stayed plastered on his face.”

Tags : Simile
Source : City of Ashes

22. “Delly lost her temper at Peeta over how he treated you. She got very squeaky. It was like someone stabbing a mouse with a fork repeatedly.”

Tags : Rage Simile
Source : Mockingjay

23. “Today was a very cold and bitter day, as cold and bitter as a cup of hot chocolate, if the cup of hot chocolate had vinegar added to it and were placed in a refrigerator for several hours.”

Tags : Simile

24. “Normal, in our house, is like a blanket too short for a bed--sometimes it covers you just fine, and other times it leaves you cold and shaking; and worst of all, you never know which of the two it's going to be.”

Tags : Simile Uncertainty
Author : Jodi Picoult
Source : My Sister's Keeper

25. “Deciding whether or not to trust a person is like deciding whether or not to climb a tree because you might get a wonderful view from the highest branch or you might simply get covered in sap and for this reason many people choose to spend their time alone and indoors where it is harder to get a splinter.”

Tags : Humor Inspirational Love Simile Tree Trust
Source : The Penultimate Peril

26. “Anxiety's like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you very far.”

Tags : Anxiety Humor Simile
Author : Jodi Picoult
Source : Sing You Home

27. “Telling someone about what a symbol means is like telling someone how music should make them feel.”

Tags : Hidden Meaning Simile
Author : Dan Brown
Source : The Da Vinci Code

28. “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one but they think each others stink.”

Tags : Simile

29. “Grinning like a necrophiliac in a morgue.”

Tags : Simile
Source : The Light Fantastic

30. “Miracles are like pimples, because once you start looking for them you find more than you ever dreamed you'd see.”

Tags : Miracles Pimples Simile
Source : The Lump of Coal

31. “High School is like a spork: it's a crappy spoon and a crappy fork, so in the end it's just plain useless.”

Tags : High School Simile
Author : John Mayer

32. “Life is like an onion; you peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep.”

Tags : Crying Life Simile
Author : Carl Sandburg

33. “It was a smooth silvery voice that matched her hair. It had a tiny tinkle in it, like bells in a doll's house. I thought that was silly as soon as I thought of it.”

Tags : Hair Humour Metaphor Simile
Source : The Big Sleep

34. “Is it the smoke?' the boy said, shivering slightly. 'I've never touched the stuff, myself, but how it claws at a thorn in every one of your fingers, and a string around your heart...and one fees it always. Nagging. Nagging.”

Tags : Addiction Craving Description Eleanor Catton Opium Simile The Luminaries
Source : The Luminaries

35. “Did you ever get the feeling that everything was too perfect? Like the moment was so good that something had to be wrong? Kind of like the way a fish sees that bright, shiny lure just before it chomps down and gets hauled out of water to become someone's lunch.”

Tags : Fish Metaphor Perfect Perfectionism Simile Suspicion Suspicious
Source : Red Rider's Hood

36. “A woman's dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.”

Tags : Beauty Dress Fashion Flirting Simile Woman Women
Author : Sophia Loren

37. “If she were here I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off her. I would hold her so close she'd beg me to let her breathe. I'd kiss her so hard she'd plead for mercy. I'd unfasten her clothing and lie with her on that hard bed, and what was between us would be as far above the ordinary congress between man and woman as the stars are above their pale reflections in the lake below.”

Tags : Love Reunion Romance Simile
Source : Heir to Sevenwaters

38. “Yes, boys are a little like shoes. Why? Well...They can be useful. But mainly...They are nice to look at. Getting the right one can be a lovely accessory to an outfit. There are times when you couldn't do without them. And there are times when you'd rather do without them. Get the wrong ones and they can hurt. There are many types and often the ones that look the nicest are completely unpractical.”

Tags : Boyfriends Boys Chocolate Girls Humor Manga Reardon Simile Young Adult
Author : Rachel Hill
Source : A Girl's Guide to Guys: Meeting Them, Managing Them and All That Love Stuff

39. “A good speech should be like a woman's skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.”

Tags : Analogy Public Speaking Simile Speaking

40. “Hearing nuns' confessions is like being stoned to death with popcorn.”

Tags : Catholicism Confession Humor Religion Simile

41. “The man is as useless as nipples on a breastplate.”

Tags : Insult Simile Witty
Source : A Feast for Crows

42. “Stress level: extreme. It's like she was a jar with the lid screwed on too tight, and inside the jar were pickles, angry pickles, and they were fermenting, and about to explode.”

Tags : Simile Stress
Author : Fiona Wood
Source : Six Impossible Things

43. “And now, my poor old woman, why are you crying so bitterly? It is autumn. The leaves are falling from the trees like burning tears- the wind howls. Why must you mimic them?”

Tags : Autumn Copy Cry Crying Despair Fall Howl Metaphor Mimic Poetic Rain Shakespearean Simile Wind Wit
Author : Mervyn Peake
Source : Titus Groan

44. “You know, a cell phone's like a guy; if you don't plug him in every night, charge him good, you got nothing at all.”

Tags : Cell Phones Men Sex Simile Telephones
Source : Tail Spin

45. “The very shapes of the trees were like frozen screams.”

Tags : Description Screams Simile
Source : Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

46. “Without inspiration, we’re all like a box of matches that will never be lit.”

Tags : Analogy Inspiration Inspirational Simile Thoughts
Source : Chords of Strength: A Memoir of Soul, Song and the Power of Perseverance

47. “And my life went to pieces, like a love letter in the rain.”

Tags : Imagery Simile
Source : Kiss Me, Judas

48. “Destroying rainforest for economic gain is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal.”

Tags : Conservation Simile

49. “His lips made a grim twist that was like the joyless cousin of a smile.”

Tags : Angels Daughter Of Smoke And Bone Simile
Author : Laini Taylor

50. “The question of whether a computer can think is no more interesting than the question of whether a submarine can swim.”

Tags : Ai Artificial Intelligence Computer Science Simile

51. “Suddenly, she emitted a loud, long fart, like air escaping a beach ball, exhaust pipe of a Model T, tire-inflating hose at the service station, and this without any forewarning borborygmus.”

Tags : Fart Simile
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

52. “It was watching a boar try to take on the endless blue of the sky”

Tags : Laurent Opposites Simile
Author : C.S. Pacat
Source : Kings Rising

53. “The wrath of God is never an evil wrath. God gets angry because he loves people like a mother would love her child if someone were to harm it. There is something wrong if the mother never gets angry; it is safe to say that that is the unloving mother.”

Tags : Attack Comparison Emotions Fear Figurative Holiness Holy Mother Mothers Day Natural Personal Personal Relationship Protection Tough Love Trust Vengeance Wrath Wrath Of God
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

54. “The study of Scripture I find to be quite like mastering an instrument. No one is so good that they cannot get any better; no one knows so much that they can know no more. A professional can spot an amateur or a lack of practice or experience a mile away. His technicality, his spiritual ear is razor-sharp. He is familiar with the common mistakes, the counter-arguments; and insofar as this, he can clearly distinguish the difference between honest critics of the Faith and mere fools who criticize that which they know nothing.”

Tags : Agnosticism Antitheistic Apologetics Application Counter Argument Criticism Deceit Development Dialect Discernment Fallacies False Preaching False Prophet Immaturity Instrument Language Learning Logic Mastering Mastering Oneself Metaphor Music Practice Preacher Prophet Religion Theism Truth
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

55. “.. a simile is not a lie, unless it is a bad simile.”

Tags : Humor Rhetoric Simile
Author : Mark Haddon
Source : The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

56. “The only way I can describe the extent of my anxiety is to say that I felt as if I were pregnant with a rock.”

Tags : Humour Simile Strikes Washington Post

57. “As the station wagon pulled back onto the highway, the sun was slowly sinking below the horizon like a leaky boat. Well, except for that fact that boats are not generally round, orange and on fire. Hmm. Come to think of it, in no way whatsoever did the sun, in this instance, resemble a leaky boat. My apologies. That was a dreadful attempt at simile. Please allow me to try again. As the station wagon pulled back onto the highway, the sun was slowly sinking below the horizon like a self-luminous, gaseous sphere comprised mainly of of hydrogen and helium.”

Tags : Boat Dusk Funny Simile Sink Sun Sunset
Author : Cuthbert Soup
Source : A Whole Nother Story

58. “He stopped the flyersAnd by his rare example made the cowardTurn terror into sport. As weeds beforeA vessel under sail, so men obeyedAnd fell below his stem. His sword, Death's stamp,Where it did mark, it took; from face to footHe was a thing of blood, whose every motionWas timed with dying cries. Alone he enteredThe mortal gate o' th' city, which he paintedWith shunless destiny; aidless came offAnd with a sudden reinforcement struckCorioles like a planet. Now all's his,When by and by the dim of war gan pierceHis ready sense; then straight his doubled spiritRequickened what in flesh was fatigate,And to the battle came he, where he didRun reeking o'er the lives of men as if'Twere a perpetual spoil; and till we calledBoth field and city ours, he never stoodTo ease his breast with panting.”

Tags : Act 2 Act Ii Battle Bravery Brilliant Verse Conflict Simile War
Source : Coriolanus

59. “You're about as subtle as a fucking train wreck. On a boat.”

Tags : Boat Nostalgia Critic Simile Subtlety Train Wreck
Author : Doug Walker

60. “Opinions are like onions. They spell similarly, usually have many layers, and tend to make people cry.”

Tags : Humor Onions Opinions Simile
Author : Caitlyn Paige

61. “Smoked like it was fuel and he was going to get every last inch to the gallon.”

Tags : Description Frank Mackey Fuel Simile Smoking Tana French The Secret Place
Author : Tana French
Source : The Secret Place

62. “I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.”

Tags : Economics Simile Taxation

63. “Ignorance is a lot like alcohol: the more you have of it, the less you are able to see its effect on you.”

Tags : Alcohol Drinking Ignorance Simile
Author : Jay M. Bylsma

64. “Night is brushed aside like so much cobweb. The day is wound up and begins even before the last haunted dreams, the last of the fog, those spectral and evanescent residues, have faded away.”

Tags : Cobweb Day Evanescent Fade Fog Night Simile Spectral Wound
Source : After Alice

65. “Vanished like inhibitions at a bachelorette party.”

Tags : Simile Vanish
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

66. “Asking an eight-year-old girl if something is a little over-the-top is like asking a Texan if there are too many jalapenos in the salsa. The answer is always no." -Liberty Jones”

Tags : Liberty Simile Sugar Daddy Texans
Author : Lisa Kleypas
Source : Sugar Daddy

67. “He yawned like a black bear coming out of hibernation.”

Tags : Simile Yawn
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

68. “In the hazy afternoon light through the windows he looked beautiful and dissolute, shirt open at the collar and streaks of golden hair falling into his eyes, like some Regency buck after a long night's dancing.”

Tags : Description Handsome Rake Regency Simile Tana French The Likeness
Author : Tana French
Source : The Likeness

69. “The light was going: some cloud cover arriving, as if summoned by drama.”

Tags : Prose Stylist Setting Simile Well Written
Source : Kraken

70. “The sky was like ebony and the only illumination was the harsh white light of the central streetlamp, which cast shadows so hard it seemed you might cut yourself on them.”

Tags : Description Pictures Poetry Portrait Simile Words
Author : Jasper Fforde
Source : Shades of Grey

71. “If you disagree with something, it's easier to say 'you suck' than to figure out and explain exactly what you disagree with. You're also safe that way from refutation. In this respect trolling is a lot like graffiti. Graffiti happens at the intersection of ambition and incompetence: people want to make their mark on the world, but have no other way to do it than literally making a mark on the world.”

Tags : Anti Art Desperation Graffiti Poor Taste Simile Similes Troll Trolling Trolls
Author : Paul Graham

72. “Life is like the river, sometimes it sweeps you gently along and sometimes the rapids come out of nowhere.”

Tags : Gently Life Rapid River Simile Sweep
Author : Emma Smith

73. “I was confused by this sudden glare of attention; it was as if the characters in a favorite painting, absorbed in their own concerns, had looked up out of the canvas and spoken to me.”

Tags : Donna Tartt Painting Simile The Secret History Voyeur
Author : Donna Tartt
Source : The Secret History

74. “Phyllida's hair was where her power resided. It was expensively set into a smooth dome, like a band shell for the presentation of that long-running act, her face.”

Tags : Character Description Face Faces Hair Personal Appearance Simile
Source : The Marriage Plot

75. “The amount of perfume she had on was like a human sacrifice on Incense Night.”

Tags : Erotica Human Incense Lesbian Night Perfume Sacrifice Seduction Sex Simile
Author : Stephen Moles
Source : Life.exe

76. “I am gifted at blending myself into any given milieu—you've never seen such a typical California teenager as I was, nor such a dissolute and callous pre-med student—but somehow despite my efforts, I am never able to blend myself in entirely and remain in some respects quite distinct from my surroundings, in the same way that a green chameleon remains a distinct entity from the leaf upon which it sits, no matter how perfectly it has approximated the the subtleties of the particular shade.”

Tags : Chameleon Donna Tartt Impostor Simile The Secret History
Author : Donna Tartt
Source : The Secret History

77. “It was like hiking into a Hemingway story; everything was sepia-toned and bristling with subtext.”

Tags : Funny Hermit Literature Simile Wilderness
Author : Leslie What
Source : Crazy Love

78. “Adult librarians are like lazy bakers: their patrons want a jelly doughnut, so they give them a jelly doughnut. Children’s librarians are ambitious bakers: 'You like the jelly doughnut? I’ll get you a jelly doughnut. But you should try my cruller, too. My cruller is gonna blow your mind, kid.”

Tags : Bakers Books Donuts Librarians Simile
Author : John Green

79. “A friend... sort of. Ren watches me like I'm a cookie jar he wouldn't mind being caught with his hands in.”

Tags : Simile Yearning
Author : Andrea Cremer

80. “It was a chilly morning after the night's rain, and the sun hung in the sky like a pale coin lost by someone high up in the clouds.”

Tags : Description Morning Simile Sky Sun
Source : Inkheart

81. “Night-time is being brushed aside like so much cobweb. The day is wound up and begins even before the last haunted dreams, the last of the fog, those spectral and evanescent residues, have faded away.”

Tags : Brushed Aside Cobweb Day Dreams Fade Away Fog Haunted Night Simile Time Wound

82. “The church trembled and the hail hammered the roof, but his words glided in the air, joyful and bright like the birds at the cliffs. They floated freely around one another without colliding and the wind carried them high up into heaven.”

Tags : Birds Books Boy On The Edge Cliffs Heaven Iceland Lava Fields Learning To Read Reading Simile Words

83. “My mind is a warehouse of carefully organized human emotions.I lock away the things that do not serve me.”

Tags : Beautiful Destroy Me Simile Warner
Author : Tahereh Mafi
Source : Destroy Me

84. “Wrinkles appeared and disappeared as he squinted his eyes and relaxed them, like someone peering into a strobe light, police car-top beacon, flashing neon beer sign.”

Tags : Blink Simile Wrinkles
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

85. “Jesus was a man for simple people. He didn't make his messages incredibly complex. If you were a person that had the eyes to see and the ears to hear... then his message was easily understood.”

Tags : Complex Ears Eyes Hear Jesus Jesus Christ Message Messages See Simile Simple People Simplicity Understand Understanding Understood
Source : And Then the End Will Come!: But Five Things You Need to Know in the Meantime

86. “It came out sparkling like liquid sky.”

Tags : Beautiful Description Countryside Imagery Simile Water
Author : Laurie Lee
Source : Cider With Rosie

87. “No level raised without reading, is like a body trying to live without breathing.”

Tags : Books Education Experience Knowledge Life Reading Reality Simile Truth
Author : Ilias Oumarri

88. “A great idea should always be left to steep like loose tea leaves in a teapot for a while to make sure that the tea will be strong enough and that the idea truly is a great one.”

Tags : Ideas Simile Tea Thoughts
Author : Phoebe Stone
Source : The Romeo And Juliet Code

89. “This supreme instance of Troy's goodness fell upon Gabriel's ears like the thirteenth stroke of a crazy clock.”

Tags : Crazy Far From The Madding Crowd Favorite Gabriel Oak Humor Nonsense Ridiculous Sergeant Troy Simile
Author : Thomas Hardy
Source : Far from the Madding Crowd

90. “I'm like an onion. You can peel away my layers, but the further you go, the more it'll make you cry.”

Tags : Crying Hidden Layers Onion Simile

91. “...childlike wonder and awe have died. The scenery and poetry and music of the majesty of God have dried up like a forgotten peach at the back of the refrigerator.”

Tags : Awesome Joy Simile Similes Worship
Author : John Piper
Source : Desiring God: Meditations of a Christian Hedonist

92. “Sex is like air; it's not important unless you aren't getting any.”

Tags : Funny Humor Sex Simile
Author : John Callahan

93. “And then it hits me like a fast, open-palmed, stinging smack in the face.Having a ghost boyfriend WASweird”

Tags : Paranormal Romance Simile
Source : I Heart You, You Haunt Me

94. “The wind blowing through my ripped clothes was so cold that I felt like a Percysicle.”

Tags : Percy Jackson Simile
Author : Rick Riordan
Source : The Titan's Curse

95. “He had electric blue hair that had stuck around his head like tendrils of a startled octopus.”

Tags : Simile
Source : City of Bones

96. “Love is like a booger, you pick and pick at it. Then when you get it you wonder how to get rid of it.”

Tags : Crude Love Simile
Author : Mae West

97. “Using a metaphor in front of a man as unimaginative as Ridcully was like ared flag to a bu... was like putting something very annoying in front ofsomeone who was annoyed by it.”

Tags : Metaphor Simile
Source : Lords and Ladies

98. “Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through.”

Tags : Law Simile

99. “Looking for an entirely reliable informant is like looking for a chaste mistress.”

Tags : Simile
Source : Clockwork Angel

100. “Insanity hovered close at hand, like an eager waiter at an expensive restaurant.”

Tags : Simile
Author : Arundhati Roy
Source : The God of Small Things

101. “It sounded like a piece of blackboard being dragged over the nails of a wall of severed fingers.”

Tags : Macabre Paraphrased Simile
Author : Neil Gaiman
Source : Neverwhere

102. “Watching a dog try to chew a large piece of toffee is a pastime fit for gods. Mr. Fusspot's mixed ancestry had given him a dexterity of jaw that was truly awesome. He somersaulted happily around the floor, making faces like a rubber gargoyle in a washing machine.”

Tags : Dogs Simile
Source : Making Money

103. “You," Madeline said, her voice hollow and wheezing, "are like a bad case of herpes, wizard. You're inconvenient, embarassing, no real threat, and you simply will not go away.”

Tags : Insult Simile
Author : Jim Butcher
Source : Turn Coat

104. “A novel rough draft is like bread dough; you need to beat the crap out of it for it to rise.”

Tags : On Writing Rough Drafts Simile Writing
Author : Chris Baty
Source : No Plot? No Problem!: A Low-Stress, High-Velocity Guide to Writing a Novel in 30 Days

105. “And an inky-colored despair of rejection enveloped me like the black tortilla of depression around a pain burrito.”

Tags : Simile
Source : Bite Me

106. “I respond, thoughts dropping away, like pebbles plopping one by one in water, sinking down, down into dark oblivion.”

Tags : Blank Mind Infatuation Simile
Author : Sophie Jordan
Source : Firelight

107. “Trying to reason with an addict was like trying to blow out a lightbulb.”

Tags : Simile
Author : Anne Lamott

108. “Life is like a box of Hand grenades,You never know what will blow you to kingdom come”

Tags : Forrest Gump Paraphrased Simile
Author : Mario Puzo
Source : The Last Don

109. “Life is like a bad haircut. At first it looks awful, then you kind of get used to it, and before you know it, it it grows out and you gotta get another haircut that maybe won't be so bad, unless of course you keep going to SuperClips, where the hairstylists are so terrible they oughta be using safety scissors, and when they're done you look like your head got caught in a ceiling fan. So life goes on, good haircut, bad haircut, until finally you go bald, and it don't matter no more. I told this wisdom to my mother, and she said I oughta put it in a book, then burn it. Some people just can't appreciate the profound.”

Tags : Simile
Source : The Schwa Was Here

110. “Where to start?Everything cracks and shakes,The air trembles with similes,No one world's better than another;the earth moans with metaphors.”

Tags : Metaphor Poetry Simile
Source : Selected Poems

111. “I belonged in Idle Valley like a pearl onion on a banana split.”

Tags : Simile
Source : The Long Goodbye

112. “He's as nutty as a vegan T-bone.”

Tags : Crazy Simile Vegan
Author : David Sedaris

113. “Love is like the human appendix. You take it for granted while it's there, but when it's suddenly gone you're forced to endure horrible pain that can only be alleviated through drugs.”

Tags : Appendix Drugs Humor Love Simile
Author : Reverend Jen
Source : Live Nude Elf

114. “There are three types of friends: those like food without which you can't live those like medicine which you need occasionally and those like an illness which you never want.”

Tags : Friendship Simile

115. “Like a lamp, dispelling the darkness of ignorance”

Tags : Buddhism Simile

116. “Beauty soaks reality as water fills a rag.”

Tags : Beauty Reality Simile Water
Author : Chet Raymo
Source : Honey from Stone: A Naturalist's Search for God

117. “My body was like a harp and her words and gestures were like fingers running upon the wires.”

Tags : Love Simile
Author : James Joyce
Source : Araby

118. “His touch was like a bard's on his instrument, and it awakened a deep and mysterious music in my body.”

Tags : Love Music Simile
Source : Heir to Sevenwaters

119. “Nanny's words made Janie's kiss across the gatepost seem like a manure pile after a rain”

Tags : Metaphor Simile
Source : Their Eyes Were Watching God

120. “Indian summer is like a woman.”

Tags : First Sentence Opening Lines Simile
Source : Peyton Place

121. “An anxious heart is like a string that's out of tune.”

Tags : Anxiety Simile
Source : Palace Walk

122. “Augustin stood there looking down at him and cursed him speaking slowly clearly bitterly and contemptuously and cursing as steadily as though he were dumping manure on a field lifting it with a dung fork out of a wagon.”

Tags : Simile
Source : For Whom the Bell Tolls

123. “ is like health. It is taken lightly when present and cherished when it departs.”

Tags : Love Simile
Source : Palace Walk

124. “Our house was like sleeping beauties palace after the enchanted spell is cast”

Tags : Simile
Author : Karen Foxlee
Source : The Anatomy of Wings

125. “The previous Friday, Andy had come over, and they'd told him, and Andy had stood and hugged them both very solemnly, as if he was Jude's father and they had told him that they had just gotten engaged.”

Tags : A Little Life Hanya Yanagihara Humor Simile
Source : A Little Life

126. “It was something quite special, that feeling: an oppressive, hideous constraint as if I were sitting with the small ghost of somebody I had just killed.”

Tags : Guilt Humbert Humbert Lolita Metaphor Simile

127. “I said I know my shot when I see it. Sometimes you don't even have to see it. Sometimes you feel it coming, screaming down the sky towards you like a meteor.”

Tags : Meteor Simile Tana French The Secret Place
Author : Tana French
Source : The Secret Place

128. “Eyeing her as a critic eyes a doubtful painting.”

Tags : Description Simile The Mayor Of Casterbridge Thomas Hardy
Author : Thomas Hardy

129. “We're not moments, Megan, you and me. We're events. You say you might not be the same person you were a year ago? Well, who is? I'm sure not. We change, like swirling clouds around a rising sun.”

Tags : Change David Charleston Inspirational People Reckoners Simile Sunrise
Source : Calamity

130. “How humid the heart, its messy rooms! We eat spicy food, sweat like wood and smolder like the coal mine that caught fire decades ago, yet still smokes more than my great-uncle who will not quit- or go out-”

Tags : Heart Simile
Author : Kevin Young
Source : For the Confederate Dead

131. “717! You are behaving like a demented bluebottle - stop that!”

Tags : Bees Flies Funny Nature Simile Wildlife
Author : Laline Paull
Source : The Bees

132. “Above the front door the fanlight glowed blue, delicate as wing-bones.”

Tags : Description Imagery Lovely Simile
Author : Tana French
Source : The Secret Place

133. “The life of man is like the life of a blade of grass. Death comes, the grass withers, and behold life ends, and the flower falls of all greatness and all worldly goods.”

Tags : Death Life Short Simile Time

134. “The classroom fell quiet, a long heavy silence that roared in Roy's ears like a train.”

Tags : Quiet Silence Simile Train
Author : Carl Hiaasen
Source : Hoot

135. “The whole universe is like some big FedEx box.”

Tags : Funny Ironic Life Metaphor Philosophy Simile
Source : Kafka on the Shore

136. “You were sizzling, like sausages in a frying pan.”

Tags : Chemistry Food Food Simile Frying Pan Love Romance Sausages Simile Sizzling
Source : What Happens in New York

137. “A haggard man used one of the huts as a home. He lay on a sagging mattress, his head on his pack, surrounded by rubbish - paper, porcelain shards, food remains and unidentifiable debris. His hand was over his eyes. He looked like a failed soldier. Dirt seemed so worked into him that the lines of his face were like writing.”

Tags : Character Description Simile
Source : This Census-Taker

138. “It was darker than a carload of assholes.”

Tags : Simile

139. “The words were clumsy in my mouth, like typing with hammers.”

Tags : Analogy Simile
Source : Another Day

140. “Deep in her soul, however, she was waiting for something to happen. Like a sailor in distress, she would gaze out over the solitude of her life with desperate eyes, seeking some white sail in the mists of the far-off horizon. She did not know what this chance event would be, what wind would drive it to her, what shore it would carry her to, whether it was a longboat or a three-decked vessel, loaded with anguish or filled with happiness up to the portholes. But each morning, when she awoke, she hoped it would arrive that day, and she would listen to every sound, spring to her feet, feel surprised that it had not come; then at sunset, always more sorrowful, she would wish the next day were already there.”

Tags : Depression Lydia Davis Madame Bovary Sad Simile Soul Translation Waiting
Source : Madame Bovary

141. “Her quickness of mind was like a hiss, a dart, a lethal bite.”

Tags : Ferrantefever Intellect Intelligence Intelligent People Simile
Source : My Brilliant Friend

142. “The moon was a crescent, thin and sharp as the blade of a knife.”

Tags : Knife Moon Simile
Source : A Dance with Dragons

143. “[H]er mind was like a balloon with static cling, attracting random ideas as they floated by[.]”

Tags : Balloon Mind Simile
Source : Purity

144. “After a few days of rain, the seedlings will push through the soil and unfold their tiny leaves. Two weeks later, if the rain is still good, we then carefully apply the first round of fertilizer, because each seedling requires love and attention like any living thing if it's going to grow up strong.”

Tags : Adolescence Agriculture Botany Child Development Seeds Simile
Source : The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Creating Currents of Electricity and Hope

145. “The pain wasn’t tidal. That was the lesson of the dream which was really a memory. The pain only appeared to come and go. The pain was like the piling, sometimes covered and sometimes visible, but always there.”

Tags : Simile
Author : Stephen King
Source : Misery

146. “You are nothing like my father. And like my father you are nothing.”

Tags : Family Father Poetry Simile

147. “They were contemplating moving into another house or, more exactly, loudly saying to each other, so as to be overheard by anyone who might be listening, that they were contemplating moving, when all at once the fiend was gone, as happens with the moskovett, that bitter blast, that colossus of cold air that blows on our eastern shores throughout March, and then one morning you hear the birds, and the flags hang flaccid, and the outlines of the world are again in place.”

Tags : Imagery Nature Simile
Source : Pale Fire

148. “They passed, leaving a trail of foxfire shuffled up out of the wet leaves like stars plowed in a ship's wake.”

Tags : Descriptive Literature Simile
Source : The Orchard Keeper

149. “For someone who never stood still, Lila felt like a pin in Kell's world. One he was sure to snag on.”

Tags : Beautiful Writing Kell Lila Simile
Author : V.E. Schwab

150. “Her self lagged behind her anger, like a mother picking up after a destructive child.”

Tags : Anger Simile
Source : If Then

151. “Roetown, of mixed economy, neither boom nor bust, just ordinary times — that is, hard — had a slightly run-down aspect, I suppose. But in a pleasing way, like a man you love who has buttoned his coat up wrong.”

Tags : Love Simile
Author : Yann Martel

152. “Earle had friendly written all over him the way that a plague rat had "Hug Me" emblazoned on its fur.”

Tags : Great Character Description Simile
Author : John Connolly
Source : The Whisperers

153. “[H]e looked like a real bruiser as he stepped from his car, his big sunglasses giving the impression that a large bug had evolved to the point that it could wear a suit.”

Tags : Great Character Description Simile
Author : John Connolly
Source : The Whisperers

154. “He was in his mid-thirties, tall and pale and thin, with long, sandy hair and rimless glasses, dressed in brown polyester pants, cheap brown shoes, and a light tan shirt. He looked like someone had put a wig on a giraffe and run it through the local Target.”

Tags : Great Character Description Simile
Author : John Connolly
Source : The Whisperers

155. “I was wary of my sister's cooking, which invariably consisted of a tubular pasta and economy cheese, charred black on the surface, with either tinned tuna or lardy mince lurking beneath the molten crust ... So that evening, in a tiny flat in Tooting, I was pushed into the tiny kitchen where sixteen people sat crammed around a tiny trestle table designed for pasting wallpaper, one of my sister's notorious pasta bakes smouldering in its centre like a meteorite, smelling of toasted cat food.”

Tags : Food Humour Simile

156. “. . . a shrunken old man, squashed into the chair like a stubbed-out cigarette.”

Tags : Simile
Source : Moon in a Dead Eye

157. “Nadine found herself standing in front of a row of streaming faces, like waxworks of forgotten celebrities being melted down before coming back as more contemporary figures.”

Tags : Celebrity Irrelevance Simile
Source : Moon in a Dead Eye

158. “...shame spreads through his body like a drop of red dye in water.”

Tags : Shame Simile
Author : Zak Ebrahim

159. “Questions swirled in my brain like terrified bait minnows in a bucket.”

Tags : Simile Similes
Author : Julian May
Source : The Sagittarius Whorl

160. “To most Christians, the Bible is like a software license. Nobody actually reads it. They just scroll to the bottom and click 'I agree'.”

Tags : Analogy Comedy Funny Humor Most Christians Read Simile Software License The Bible Understanding
Author : Bill Maher

161. “It seemed my wholelife was composed of these disjointedfractions of time, hanging around in onepublic place and then another, as if I werewaiting for trains that never came. And, likeone of those ghosts who are said to lingeraround depots late at night, askingpassersby for the timetable of the MidnightExpress that derailed twenty years before, Iwandered from light to light until thatdreaded hour when all the doors closed and,stepping from the world of warmth andpeople and conversation overheard, I feltthe old familiar cold twist through my bonesagain and then it was all forgotten, thewarmth, the lights; I had never been warmin my life, ever.”

Tags : Simile Time Winter
Author : Donna Tartt
Source : The Secret History

162. “My emotions swirl like leaves caught in the breath of a dust devil, and the only thing I can seem to hold onto is the anger.”

Tags : Anger Emotions Feelings Simile
Author : Emily Murdoch
Source : If You Find Me

163. “Reasoning with a drunkard is likeGoing under water with a torch to seek for a drowning man.”

Tags : Alcohol Analogy Drowning Drunkard Dunk Reason Reasoning Simile Torch Water
Author : Thiruvalluvar
Source : Holy Kural - Thirukkural in Tamil with English Translations

164. “When I was small my mother tried to teach me the colors. "Blue," she said, pointing to the sky. And "blue" again, the second time pointing to the water. She told me I shook my head because I could see that sky blue was not always the same as water blue. It took me a long time-until I lived in Oria- to use the same word for all the shades of a color... Love has different shades. Like the way I loved Cassia when I thought she'd never love me. The way I loved her on The Hill. The way I love her now that she came into the canyon for me. It's different. Deeper. I thought I loved her and wanted her before, but as we walk through the canyon together I realize this could be more than a new shade. A whole new color.”

Tags : Love Poetry Simile
Author : Ally Condie
Source : Crossed

165. “Oh, noble child, everything is severing the mind. As for the mind, it is severing pride. There is nothing whatsoever that is not included in pride. If one simply understands that it is merely the production of pride, then, for example, one is like a thief in an empty house: by simply recognizing [the situation], grasping is impossible. Having correctly understood, there is no practice with an intentional objective. Because it crushes any hesitations (mi phod), it is explained as Chöd.”

Tags : Chöd Grasping Pride Self Attachment Simile Supplementary Chapter Tibetan Buddhism
Source : Making the Old New Again and Again: Legitimation and Innovation in the Tibetan Buddhist Chöd Tradition

166. “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.”

Tags : Architecture Art Dancing Music Simile Translation Writing
Author : Martin Mull

167. “The experience was disagreeable. I began to feel like an atheist praying.”

Tags : Simile
Source : The Left Hand of Darkness

168. “Laughter erupted from her belly and shot out her mouth like pigeons through an open cage door, schoolchildren bursting into summer vacation, water from a tapped hydrant.”

Tags : Laughter Simile
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

169. “His voice is muddy, that's what it is. Dark and brown and muddy. A note to it like coffee left too long on the burner. And unsweetened, bitter chocolate. But there's dirt in it too, deep, dark dirt, like the garden in October.”

Tags : Poetry Of Life Simile Voice
Author : Jael McHenry

170. “She had the world’s worst poker face: her feelings floated across them like reflections on a still pond.”

Tags : Poker Face Pure Reflection Simile
Author : Jojo Moyes
Source : One Plus One

171. “Time unlived grows old Like unworn robes in a locked chest.”

Tags : Life And Living Simile Time Passing
Author : Oktay Rifat
Source : Poems of Oktay Rifat

172. “We were a bit like bacon and eggs, where y'know, the chicken is involved, but the pig is really committed? I totally gave myself to it just as we promised, "for better or worse", and you didn't see it like that.”

Tags : Issues Sacrifice Sad Simile
Author : Dawn French
Source : Oh Dear Silvia

173. “Disappeared like fog in a stiff morning breeze, teen revilers when a squad car creeps up the driveway, roaches when the kitchen light comes on.”

Tags : Disappear Simile
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

174. “My mind spun like the flywheel on an antique John Deere, merry-go-round during second-grade recess, hard spun roulette wheel.”

Tags : Simile Spun
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

175. “Flipped through memories like old copies of National Geographic, pages in a yellowing high-school year book, cable-television channels looking for a baseball game.”

Tags : Flipped Through Simile
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

176. “Polish the young woman’s ego like wax on a wood floor, Shinola on shoes, spit on an apple.”

Tags : Polish Simile
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

177. “She wishes her grandmother had not been so protective, and that she understood better what passes between a man and woman. As it is, she simply enjoys the feelings and wonders if they are what lightning is made of, for everything comes back to the weather. Tears like rain. Smiles like the sun. Hair as dry as sand and fear like the dark ocean.”

Tags : Feelings Lightning Love Ocean Sand Sex Simile Smile Thunder Weather
Author : Sara Sheridan

178. “Snatched away like socks glommed off the sale table at Wal-Mart, dog treat snapped up by an eager German Sheppard, mouse picked off the lawn by a swooping owl.”

Tags : Simile Snatched Away
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

179. “Your eyes flash like Fourth-of-July sparklers, headlights on a mountain road, sparks in a short-circuited toaster.”

Tags : Eyes Flash Simile
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

180. “Breathed like a contestant in a polka marathon, sit-up contest, stationary bike race.”

Tags : Breathed Simile
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

181. “Followed like a goat on a halter, hungry dog closing on his just-filled dinner bowl, water-bottle and towel carrier behind the tuba section of a marching band.”

Tags : Followed Simile
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

182. “The kid poured him another straight rye and I think he doctored it with water down behind the bar because when he came up with it he looked as guilty as if he'd kicked his grandmother.”

Tags : Humor Philip Marlowe Red Wind Simile

183. “Rang in my ears like Easter morning churchbells in Rome, rumble from an unmuffled Harley, fireworks shells exploding over a Fourth-of-July parade.”

Tags : Rang Simile
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

184. “Her hair burst from her head like a fireworks shell erupting, framing her face in spray of red-blond energy.”

Tags : Red Hair Simile
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

185. “The flesh of her butt jiggled like water-filled beach balls, oil drops dangling from a soupspoon, oversized Jell-O dessert cups.”

Tags : Jiggled Simile
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

186. “Hung in the air like fart gas in an elevator, insecurity in a prom ballroom, guilt around a police lineup.”

Tags : Simile
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

187. “Gasps erupted from his nostrils like grouse from a thicket, schoolboys onto a recess yard, grease spatters from frying bacon.”

Tags : Simile
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

188. “Whacked away under the desk like hail on a barn roof.”

Tags : Simile
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

189. “Divided like boys and girls at a summer camp, egg whites and yolks in grandma’s lemon-meringue-pie recipe, dogs and cats in pet heaven.”

Tags : Divided Simile
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

190. “Studied all year and wrote in my journal like a nun works a Rosary, dog with a new bone, bee in his hive’s back room.”

Tags : Simile Work Ethic
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

191. “Washed-out like last year’s swimsuit.”

Tags : Simile Washed Out
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

192. “Screamed like a manic cheerleader heaping encouragement on her high school’s punt returner as he breaks through the first wall of blocks.”

Tags : Screamed Simile
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

193. “The company’s stock dropped like seagull turds on a car hood, panties on prom night, celebrity names during red-carpet coverage.”

Tags : Dropped Simile
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

194. “Deep ridges crossed his forehead like terraces in a Thai hillside, tucks in a leather cushion, troughs across a bloodhound’s jowls.”

Tags : Ridges Simile
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

195. “Sweating like a fat woman in a sauna, nun with a tattoo on her tit, overweight jockey.”

Tags : Simile Sweating
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

196. “Faded like morning fog in the rising sun, sports team logo on a cheap T-shirt, ninety-nine dollar paint job on a Chevy.”

Tags : Faded Simile
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

197. “Her brown eyes flashed like headlamps on a police cruiser, cameras at a Superbowl kickoff, lightning over Frankenstein’scastle.”

Tags : Flashed Simile
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

198. “gleaming like a searchlight, Iowa moon, silver plate.”

Tags : Simile
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

199. “Squeal like a cheerleader named prom queen, aging retiree placing the game-winning bingo button, frenzied fan finding Johnny Depp in her supermarket.”

Tags : Simile Squeal
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul

200. “Poetry comes out of you like a pot of oatmeal boiling over.”

Tags : Simile
Source : Between the Shadow and the Soul