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1. “How beautiful would it be if we could just see souls instead of bodies? To see love and compassion instead of curves.”

Tags : Appealing Beautiful Bodies Body Image Compassion Curves Deeper Meaning Gorgeous Love Quotes Sexual Skin Deep Souls Vanity Word Junkies
Author : Karen Quan
Source : Write like no one is reading 2

2. “My panties were still on but he didn’t let that stop him, nosing them out of the way and tonguing my sex, making low, growling noises in his throat like a big cat purring with pleasure while it devoured its prey.”

Tags : Adult Adult Romance Alpha Alpha Man Erotic Erotic Romance Erotica Lion Lions New Adult New Adult Romance Oral Sex Predator Prey Romance Sex Sexual Sexy Sexy Men
Author : Emme Rollins
Source : Dear Rockstar

3. “He lifted his head, the sight of his dark, disheveled hair, eyes glinting with longing in the lamp light, the gorgeous spread of his shoulders, tapering down to the narrow thrust of his hips, made my ovaries ache deep in my belly.”

Tags : Alpha Alpha Heroes Alpha Males Erotic Erotic Romance Erotica Erotica Romance Gorgeous Gorgeousness Male Beauty Maleness Masculine New Adult New Adult Fiction New Adult Romance Sex Appeal Sexual Sexy Sexy Men
Author : Emme Rollins
Source : Dear Rockstar

4. “I think God is a callous bitch not making me a lesbian. I'm deeply disappointed by my sexual interest in men.”

Tags : Gay God Lesbian Men Sexual

5. “A guy never has a right to force a woman to have sex with him under any circumstances. She should be able to say no at any point, and he must honor that denial. It is criminal that so many girls and women are raped today. Fully 60 percent of all females who lose their virginity before age fifteen say that their first sexual experience was forced! That is a tragedy with far-reaching consequences.”

Tags : A Able And Any Are Be Consequences Denial Far Reaching First Force Has Have Honor Lose Many Must Right Sexual She Should That Today Under With Woman
Source : Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

6. “They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.”

Tags : Humor Intimacy Sexual
Source : This Side of Paradise

7. “Tie me up, please..." Chantal said. They looked above at some vines and roots hanging down from the grassy area above the depression in the canal they were standing in. She was in his hands—he had to comply.A little bit of kink was one of the most delicious of erotic pleasures. Catholic school girls were often the horniest—Brett could hardly contain his elation.”

Tags : Catholic Catholic Sex Desire Desires Erotic Literature Fetish Kink Kinky Light Bdsm Lust Plaid Skirt Popular Culture Public Religion Religious School Schoolgirl Uniform Sexual Skirts Teenage Teenagers Uniform Uniforms
Author : Jess C. Scott
Source : Catholic School Girls Rule

8. “Given these differences between the sexes, the sexual revolution was the biggest joke men ever played on women. By convincing them that the old rules didn’t apply and that two could play the predator game, men enticed women to do what men have always wanted women to do. But what a price was paid for the new “freedom.” And predictably, women were the ones who got stuck with the bill.”

Tags : Biggest Bill But By Convincing Could Didn T Do Ever Game Given Got Old Ones Play Predictably Rules Stuck Them Two Women
Source : Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

9. “I've written you sixty-seven love poems.Here’s another one for you.But really, for me.These poems are the candles that I light with the fire you have ignited in me.I place this candle here and another thereso even if the stars have argued with the moonand are sulking away in a corner, you can still find your way to me.Sixty-eight poems now. What does the future hold for us?Joy? Disappointment? Gentle caresses? And subtle neglect?I hope the good is more than the bad. Much more. For what is the point of loveif by lighting these candlesour own flame loses its brightness?I know the good is more than the bad. Much more.I cannot wait to write you sixty-nine.”

Tags : Affection Boyfriend Bright Caress Flame Happiness Husband Infatuate Infatuation Inspiration Inspirational Intimacy Joy Kojouri Love Quote Lust Mate Me And You Oneness Partner Pleasure Poet Together Union Unity Words You And I

10. “34. Sexual contact between a boy and a girl is a progressive thing. In other words, the amount of touching and caressing and kissing that occurs in the early days tends to increase as they become more familiar and at ease with one another. Likewise, the amount of contact necessary to excite one another increases day by day, leading in many cases to an ultimate act of sin and its inevitable consequence. This progression must be consciously resisted by Christian young people who want to serve God and live by His standards. They can resist this trend by placing deliberate controls on the physical aspect of their relationship, right from the first date.”

Tags : Act An Aspect Between Can Contact Day By Day Excite Is Likewise Many Must On One Another Other Placing Progression Resist Resisted Sin That Their Words
Source : Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

11. “Your generation has been the target of incredible disinformation on the subject of premarital sex, which is another enticing addictive behavior to be considered. In this instance, our own government is responsible for much of the confusion. For some thirty years, federal and state programs have promoted a concept its promoters call "safe sex," which refers to the use of condoms in sexual intercourse. Billions of dollars have been spent telling young people that they can have sex—lots of really good sex—without suffering from the consequences of it. Condoms, they say, will solve all the problems.”

Tags : Addictive Behavior Condoms Confusion Consequences Generation Good Government Intercourse Our Own Premarital Sex Promoted Responsible Sex Sexual Suffering Without Your
Source : Life on the Edge: A Young Adult's Guide to a Meaningful Future

12. “You have had me spinning for days, for I am drunk off the words that flow endlessly from your deep red lips that taste of wine.”

Tags : Deep Drunk Emotion Head Over Heels Kissing Lips Love Sick Lovers Lustful Seduction Sexual Sexy Wine
Author : Karen Quan
Source : Write like no one is reading 2

13. “Her underwear, her jeans, the comforter, my corduroys and my boxers between us, I thought. Five layers, and yet I felt it, the nervous warmth of touching – a pale reflection of the fireworks of one mouth on another, but a reflection nonetheless. And in the almostness of the moment, I cared at least enough. I wasn’t sure whether I liked her, and doubted whether I could trust her, but I cared at least enough to try to find out. Her on my bed, wide green eyes staring down at me. The enduring mystery of her sly, almost smirking, smile. Five layers between us.”

Tags : Alaska Young Green John Kissing Sex Sexual Tension
Author : John Green

14. “Despite the cold chill, she burned inside with a hunger she didn’t want to dismiss. Not tonight.”

Tags : Burning Chill Desire Heat Hunger Molten Relationship Sensual Sexual Sexy
Source : Scrying for Summer

15. “I believe that sexual offenders and predators should be released…as long as it is mandatory they get to move into the house next door to the judge that released them.”

Tags : Conviction Dirty Disgusting Justice Opinion Predators Sex Sexual
Source : Write like no one is reading

16. “I want to take you under the moonlight.”

Tags : Al Fresco Alpha Male Alpha Male Romance Craving Erotic Romance Erotica Eroticism Fantasy Romance Forbidden Forbidden Fruit Forbidden Love Love Love Story Lust Lustful Moon Magic Moonlight Romantic Suspense Sex Sexual Sexual Tension Taboo Taboos Virgin Virginity
Source : The Babysitter's First Time: Taboo Older Man Younger Woman First Time Erotic Romance

17. “They say I should stay away from you,” I said. “They said you’re not good for me.” “I’m not,” he said with a wicked smile, “But doesn’t that make it even more fun?”

Tags : Bad Influence Desires Distance Love First Love First Loves Flirt Love Story Lust Men Men And Women Paranormal Paranormal Romance Relationships Romance Seduction Sensual Sex Sexual Sin Sinning Temptations Witch Witches
Source : Black Magic: New Adult Witchcraft Paranormal Suspence Romance

18. “This is the gateway to Hell, baby… Welcome to The Underworld.”

Tags : Baby Black Magic Coven Demons Desire Desires First Love Gateway Halloween Hell Lies Love Lovers Lucifer Paranormal Romance Party Relationships Secrets Seduce Seducer Seduction Sex Sexual Spells Underworld Welcome Witchcraft Witchcraft And Spells
Source : Black Magic: New Adult Witchcraft Paranormal Suspence Romance

19. “Remember that pornography is dangerous. It can warp the mind and destroy sexual intimacy in marriage. Stay away from it. A monster is crouched behind that door.”

Tags : And Away Behind Can Crouched Dangerous Destroy Door From Intimacy Is Marriage Mind Monster Remember Pornography Sexual Sexual Intimacy Stay The Warp
Source : Life on the Edge: A Young Adult's Guide to a Meaningful Future

20. “Accidental sex. He made it sound like I fell down, and there just happened to be an erection in the way.”

Tags : Humor Sexual Thought
Source : Incubus Dreams

21. “You have corrupted my imagination and inflamed my blood...”

Tags : Love Passion Sexual
Source : Venus in Furs

22. “Now? I'm just another female faking orgasms to make a man not feel so inadequate.”

Tags : Experience Experience Mistakes Wisdom Experiences Gender Love Men And Women Orgasm Sex Sexual Sexuality
Author : Jess C. Scott
Source : Kylie

23. “Recent studies have shown that approximately 40% of authors are manic depressive. The rest of us just drink.”

Tags : Comedy Fantasy Humor Love Magic Paranormal Portal 2 Romance Sexual Sword And Sorcery
Source : Rowena Through the Wall

24. “Well, remember, active Grims can't have children. Fertility is adversley affected by the proximity to the ether, to Elixir, and all sorts of other components-- plus, the Grimsphere is no place to raise a family, even if woman conceive here."Lex snuck a glance at Driggs, but Uncle Mort caught her."That doesn't mean you get a free pass to ride the baloney pony when ever you want to. Got it?”

Tags : Croak Funny Sexual
Author : Gina Damico
Source : Scorch

25. “Naked in solitary prison cell he looks down at a hard-on.”

Tags : Sexual
Source : Death and Fame: Last Poems, 1993-1997

26. “Expired condoms are like nuclear waste: there's nothing sensible you can do with it.”

Tags : Condoms Eww Funny Gross Humor Nuclear Waste Random Sensible Sexual Teen Sexuality Teenagers Teens Weird
Author : Andrew Smith

27. “I totally bought you as a girl," says Marisol. "I'll double check with Frances later, but by the sounds of things, you seem to have no balls.”

Tags : Balls Girls Guys Humor Sexual Voice
Source : How to Build a House

28. “You are like a god, like an immortal one,' she whispered to me one night in our bed, her naked body pressed to mine, our sweat golden and glistening in the candlelight. 'Oh, my love,' I whispered back to her, 'I am more mortal than all. It seems that a part of me dies every night that I lie with you.”

Tags : Bedroom Bedroom Talk Bedrooms Gods Immortality Lovemaking Lover Lovers Making Love Mortality Roman Payne Sex Sexual Sexual Freedom Sexual Power Sexuality
Author : Roman Payne

29. “I emitted some civetlike female stink, a distinct perfume of sexual wanting, that he had followed to find me here in the dark.”

Tags : Sexual Smell Wanting
Author : Janet Fitch
Source : White Oleander

30. “I am not looking for a "perfect" man. Only one who matches me on an emotional, spiritual, sexual, and intellectual level.”

Tags : Connection Emotional Intellectual Love Love Quotes And Sayings Man Matches Perfection Relationships Sex Sexual Spiritual
Author : Amanda Mosher
Source : Better to be able to love than to be loveable

31. “I've never heard of a man's cock being described as a fang before. - Rapahel”

Tags : Comedy Quote Sexual
Author : Nalini Singh
Source : Angels' Blood

32. “I highly doubt anyone would see anything,” he said, replying to my thoughts. “We’re on the 30th floor. Stop procrastinating; take off your fucking clothes.”

Tags : Lover Sexual
Author : Lilly Wilde
Source : Touched

33. “The Theory of Sexual Understanding is mine. I created it. It works between a man and a woman. It's this: Everything's up to her.”

Tags : Antiques Lovejoy Sexual
Author : Jonathan Gash
Source : The Great California Game

34. “Una mecenas La hermosa y sensual señora se acostaba con los jóvenes escritores nacionales para mejorar la calidad de la nueva literatura erótica mexicana.”

Tags : Sexual

35. “Have you ever had an experience with God as wild as your most incredible sexual experience?”

Tags : God Sexual
Author : Randy Elrod
Source : Sex, Lies & Religion

36. “Thus, we knew at the onset of the sexual revolution back in 1968 that this day of disease and promiscuity would come. It is here, and what we do with our situation will determine how much we and our children will suffer in the future. God created the moral basis for the universe before He made the heavens and the earth. His concept of right and wrong was not an afterthought that came along with the Ten Commandments. No, it was an expression of God’s divine nature and was in force before “the beginning.”

Tags : Along And Basis Concept Day Do Expression Here Is It Made Not Of Our Promiscuity Right Universe Was Will
Source : Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

37. “If people knew the sexual intimacy of each other, no one would greet each other on the street.”

Tags : Intimacy Sexual

38. “Rather than continuing on the normal sexual path toward pain, emptiness, and idolatry, you can allow God to heal you, change the way you think, and place deliberate safeguards in your life to protect you.”

Tags : Allow Change Emptiness God Heal Idolatry In Life Normal Pain Protect Safeguards Sexual The Think To Way You Your
Source : Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working

39. “Love making is much more than physical expression, it is a soulful dance of sensual wonder and euphoric amazement.”

Tags : Amazement Dance Euphoria Godsent Euphoric Express Expression Love Making Physical Sex Sexual Sexuality Soulful Wonder
Author : T.F. Hodge
Source : From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with "The Divine Presence"

40. “Homosexuality is not because of our sexual orientation, but our eagerness and enthusiasm for experiencing something new, different and unusual.”

Tags : Eagerness Enthusiasm Homosexuality Sexual Unusual

41. “As the world confronts the challenges of globalisation, theentertainment Industry and a web saturated with explicit sexualcontent, is increasingly making it difficult for young people to makeinformed decisions about sex”

Tags : Confronts Content Difficult Entertainment Industry Explicit Globalisation Saturated Sex Sexual Web World Young People
Author : Oche Otorkpa
Source : The Unseen Terrorist

42. “He had a hungry look in his eyes and it frightened her.”

Tags : Alpha Male Alpha Male Romance Eyes Hunger Fear Fright Frightened Hunger Hungry Man Romantic Romantic Fantasy Sexual Power Sexual Tension Sexuality Sexy Sexy Romance Sexy Romantic Suspense Taboo Tension Virgin Virginity
Source : The Babysitter's First Time: Taboo Older Man Younger Woman First Time Erotic Romance

43. “Incorrect radiation levels may be able to affect your sex drive and it may be proven in the future that human sex drive is governed more by radiation types and levels than any other factor, even more so than hormones! Generally, a feeling of contentment replaces sexual desire in natural radiation environments.”

Tags : Environment Environmental Protection Environmentalism Factor Factors Feeling Feelings Feelings And Emotions Future Future Quotes Govern Hormone Disrupters Human Humanity Humanity And Society Level Levels Natural World Naturalism Proven Radiation Effects Sex Sexual
Author : Steven Magee
Source : Electrical Forensics

44. “For a man, the optimal evolutionary strategy is to disseminate his genes as widely as possible, given his few minutes (or, alas, seconds) of investment in each encounter. It all makes simple evolutionary sense, since a woman invests a good deal of time and effort -a nine month long, risky, strenuous pregnancy, in each offspring. Naturally she has to be very discerning in her choice of sexual partners.”

Tags : Evolution Evolutionary Psychology Intercourse Manhood Mating Natural Selection Neuropsychology Neuroscience Psychology Relationship Sexual Sexuality Sexuality Quotes Womanhood
Source : Neurosutra: The Abhijit Naskar Collection

45. “The moment her hymen was plucked from her body in the wilderness, Her soul was taken from sanity.”

Tags : Body Craziness Crazy Erotic Hymen Insanity Naked Nakedness Payne Roman Roman Payne Sanity Sex Sexual Soul Stealing Theft Virginity Wilderness
Author : Roman Payne

46. “Through sexual intimacy, two human beings become one mind, body and soul wrapped up in the cocoon of their skin.”

Tags : Brainy Quotes Life Lessons Quotations Love Love Making Love Quotations Love Quotes Love Quotes And Saying Love Quotes And Sayings Lovers Lovers Quotes Romance Quotes Sexual Sexual Intercourse Wisdom Quotations
Source : The Art of Neuroscience in Everything

47. “O woman, thou art my imperfection!”

Tags : Attraction Chemistry Debauchery Infatuation Love Lust Seduction Self Indulgence Sensual Sex Sexism Sexual Woman
Author : Pawan Mishra
Source : Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy

48. “Thinking about the bed leaves you horny, but thinking beyond the bed gives you honor, freedom and wisdom.”

Tags : Bed Bedtime Coitus Couch Freedom Having Sex Honor Honour Horny Intercourse Lecherous Lust Make Love Making Love Michael Bassey Johnson Sex Sexual Sexuality Wisdom

49. “The lessons of relationship that our primordial ancestors learned are deeply encoded in the genetics of our neurobiological circuits of love. They are present from the moment we are born and activated at puberty by the cocktail of neurochemicals. It’s an elegant synchronized system. At first our brain weighs a potential partner, and if the person fits our ancestral wish list, we get a spike in the release of sex chemicals that makes us dizzy with a rush of unavoidable infatuation. It’s the first step down the primeval path of pair-bonding.”

Tags : Emotions Love Euphoria Evolution Evolutionary Biology Heart Libido Love Mate Mating Mating Call Mating Couple Mating Ritual Mating Rituals Mind Quotes Neurology Neuroscience Philosophy Of Love Philosophy Of Science Reproduction Philosophy Romance Romance Quotes Science Of Mind Sexual Sexuality
Source : What is Mind?

50. “Even if you have been having sex for years with many people, you can still become a "secondary virgin." That occurs when you repent of previous sexual sins and then determine not to be intimate with anyone until you are married. It will require discipline to stay in the hallway of doors, but it still bring the sweet benefits of healthiness, greater self-respect, and above all, harmony with the King. He will honor you for doing what is right.”

Tags : Are Married Been Benefits Determine Discipline Doing What Is Right For Harmony Have He Healthiness Intimate King Many People Repent Require Secondary Sex Sexual Sins Until Virgin With Anyone You
Source : Life on the Edge: A Young Adult's Guide to a Meaningful Future

51. “Wise people put as much distance between themselves and sexual temptation as possible. They not only get away but also plan their escape route.”

Tags : Also And As Away Between But Distance Escape Get Much Not Only People Plan Possible Put Route Sexual Temptation Their Themselves They Wise
Source : Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working

52. “You are so beautiful,” he whispered, kissing her softly on the lips. “I can’t believe I got to have you.” “You’re the only one who has,” Carrie smiled, “And I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

Tags : Alpha Male Alpha Male Declaration Of Love Alpha Male Romance Alpha Males Alphamale Babysitter Chemistry First Kiss First Love First Time Love Romance Romance Book Quotes Sex Sexual Sexy Banter Taboo Taboos Touching Virgin Virginity Virgins
Source : The Babysitter's First Time: Taboo Older Man Younger Woman First Time Erotic Romance

53. “She'd stutter all the reasons why she shouldn't, shaking her head adamantly. But her body..her body would grow hot with excitement. She'd get wet at the thrill of it. So fucking wet that i'd smell her, telling me she's not even wearing panties to smother her spicy scent. When my hand touched hers, still clutched to her chest, she'd flinch but she wouldn't pull away. She'd let me guide it between her swollen breasts and down to her flat belly, brushing the bit of exposed skin where the hem of her shirt rides up. Then I'd let her fingers play with the jewel in her navel, manipulating each digit as if that diamond-studded barbell was her clit. Demonstrating how I would stroke it for her.”

Tags : Hot Hot Scene Hotness Romance Sex Sex Appeal Sexual Sexual Tension Sexy Taint Tension
Author : S.L. Jennings

54. “You turn me on from across the room, and I’ll completely melt if you come any closer.”

Tags : Hot Love Lovers Making Love Melt Passion Relationships Seduction Sexual Turned On
Author : Crystal Woods
Source : Write like no one is reading 2

55. “In retrospect, I didn’t really want to be a slut. What I wanted and needed was a therapist who would consent to fucking me, but I doubted my parents’ insurance would have covered that. I had a lot to figure out for myself and I did that by making poor decisions that summer. If some wise, authoritative adult could simply have explained why I wanted to do these things and then done some with me, I think I would have refrained from most of my sexual misadventures...”

Tags : Misadventures Psychology Sex Sexual Slut Therapist
Source : Between Kay and You: A Bisexual Girl's Cumming-of-Age Confession

56. “The rise of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) in the USA population can be traced back to President Bill Clinton. While memorable for sexual foreplay with Monica Lewinsky, EHS people associate him with the 1996 Telecommunications Act that prohibits the protection of human health and safety from the known biologically toxic effects of wireless radio frequency (RF) radiation.”

Tags : 1996 Act Associate Back Bill Bill Clinton Biologically Ehs Foreplay Human Known Lewinsky Lewinsky Scandal Osha People President Prohibits Protection Radiation Radio Rf Rise Telecommunications Toxic Traced Wireless
Author : Steven Magee

57. “Benjamin Franklin was a real tomcat, no woman was safe from his lightening bolt”

Tags : American History Benjamin Franklin History Sex Sexual Women

58. “In my experience, the romance novels written about BDSM have about as much in common with actual BDSM relationships as a child playing with a jump rope.”

Tags : Bdsm Bdsm Erotica Bdsm Quotes Bdsm Romance Bdsm Sex Funny And Random Funny Quotes Humor Humorous Humorous Quotes Sex Sexual Sexual Humor Xxx
Source : Bound to Accept

59. “Sexual union is only truly fulfilling when both parties are at the same level and definition of love. The same exchange of energy. It’s like music. Alone you have your own tune, but when it’s combined with another it can a magical, divine experience. Each part has to know when it leads, like the melody, and when it complements, like the harmony.”

Tags : Brownell Landrum Duet Stories Harmony Melody Music Sexual Sexual Union Union
Source : A Chorus of Voices: DUET stories Volume III - Adult Version

60. “God's blessings don't automatically ward off the attacks of the devil as he tries to tempt us with sexual immorality”

Tags : Automatically Blessings Devil Immorality Sexual Tempt

61. “Horniness is just a mental state with a physical repercussion.”

Tags : Biker Horny Mc Sexual Wisdom
Author : Bink Cummings
Source : The Diary of Bink Cummings: Vol 2

62. “Worldview is often confused with perception; rather, it is our perception that influences our worldview.”

Tags : Abuse Asa Don Brown Emotional Psychological Psychology Sexual Trauma Verbal
Author : Asa Don Brown
Source : The effects of childhood trauma on adult perception and worldview

63. “Boys,” Lindsay agreed, nodding. “What doesn't get lost in translation?”“Things with the letter X in front of them,” Rachel posited. “Like X-Box. And X-rated movies.”

Tags : Boys And Girls Funny Humor Sex Sexual
Source : Fearscape

64. “The longing for company may be no less powerful or irresponsible in its effects than the sexual motive once was.”

Tags : Company Motive Sexual
Source : The Course of Love

65. “El erotismo se gasta —como el dinero— y lo necesitarás toda la vida. De nada sirve la potencia sexual sin erotismo.”

Tags : Dinero Erotismo Potencia Sexo Sexual Vida
Source : Yo, Pedro

66. “Agony's PlotA zephyr skimmedacross my creamy skingently kissingwhere the sun had been....”

Tags : Agony Ectasy Fairytale Garden Historical Hunger Love Memories Nepenthe Pain Relationship Resolution Romance Romantic Sexual Yearning Zephyr
Author : Muse
Source : Enigmatic Evolution

67. “Flee from every kind of sexual sin.”

Tags : Every Flee Sexual

68. “God, you're so sweet.” He holds my face in his hands and kisses me deeply. I slowly unzip his hoodie and touch a hand to his bare chest. I relish in the feel of it. Barely an hour ago I was admiring it from afar, and now it's no longer just a tease. When I slide my hand down to his stomach, he groans and his hands slip just under my shirt. “So that's why you didn't want to change.” I can feel his smile against my lips. “You just wanted me to take your clothes off for you.”“Guilty.” I lift my arms for him to pull it off. Instead of returning to kissing me, his eyes roam down my body. I fight the urge to cover myself; even though my bra is still on, I feel exposed. His hands lightly touch each side along the seam. My breath catches in my throat.Meeting my eyes, he says, “You're so damn beautiful.” He leans forward, pressing a soft kiss in between my breasts. I shiver at the light touch of his lips to my sensitive skin. If this is how he makes me feel with such little contact, then how will the rest of this feel? The need is building inside like a spark starting a fire.”

Tags : Falling In Love Kiss Kisses Kissing Love Lovers Making Love Making Out Romance Romantic Sex Sexual Sexy Sexytimes
Author : Lilly Avalon
Source : Here All Along: A Short Story

69. “God, he was an evil bastard, but boy was he good!”

Tags : Bdsm Bondage Domination Erotic Fiction Erotic Short Stories Erotica Sex Sexual Submission
Author : MFR
Source : Forbidden Fantasies

70. “Every sexual sin begins with flattery.”

Tags : Begins Every Flattery Sexual Sin

71. “Pagans earn their reputations for relaxed sexual mores, often in rebellion from the repression of their religions during adolescence. At a Pagan festival, one need only lower one's guard to be offered sex under the cloaking of the sacred.”

Tags : Festival Paganism Rebellion Religion Sex Sexual
Source : Pagan Standard Times: Essays on the Craft

72. “Lovecraft says he knows about tentaclesbut that motherfucker never bedded a girl from West Chesterand survivedShe was a toothachethat oneand she tasted like crackthe best thing about her was if I was ever hungryI could always make a meal out of whateverwas making rest at the corners of her mouthI can't remember her nameas is the case with most of themthen again I can't rememberhow many donuts I ate this morningor how many beers I'll drink tonight,tomorrow”

Tags : Alcohol Apathy Desertion Drugs Drunk Honesty Hp Lovecraft Hunger Love Lovecraftian Quest Romance Sex Sexual Time Tomorrow Toothache Wanderlust Whiskey
Author : Dave Matthes
Source : Wanderlust and the Whiskey Bottle Parallel: Poems and Stories

73. “If it was possible for two people to make sparks, simply by connecting at their lips, I would think we would have been a firework display in the dark.”

Tags : Contemporary Romance Kissing Love Love Story Loving New Adult Relationships Love Romance Novel Sex Sexual True North
Source : Crashing Back Down

74. “When inside of her, he’s beside himself.”

Tags : Fucking Kryptonite Love Orgasm Passionate Sex Sexual
Author : Crystal Woods
Source : Write like no one is reading 2

75. “In sexual relations, a connection between solar plexus chakras indicates shared power in the relationship.”

Tags : Brownell Landrum Duet Stories Love Relationships Sexual Solar Plexus
Source : A Chorus of Voices: DUET stories Volume III - Adult Version

76. “To get free from sexual sin, you have to fight.”

Tags : Fight Sexual Sin

77. “He’d lived so much of his life for sexual love, which was a filthy thing, really, all that saliva and semen and anal smears, filthy! Much better to live alone and watch TV in bed or talk to Pierre-Georges as he was in his bed and watching the same movie. Both of them spotlessly clean.”

Tags : Love Sexual
Author : Edmund White
Source : Our Young Man

78. “I offer you my mouth—Let me marry my lips to the tops of your thighs,I kneel between your legs. I offer you my hands—Your name written all over my palms,the fingers I press against you.I offer you my hips—My apologetic body.”

Tags : Altars Intimacy Poetry Sexual
Author : Chantelle Ann

79. “He despised the words leaving his mouth, hating the way they made him feel. Exposed. Open. By a girl who didn’t weigh more than his cock. A girl who stared at him with eyes of fire, who pushed buttons he didn’t know he had, and had wormed her way inside a part of him that should be closed.”

Tags : Love Sexual
Source : The Diary of Brad De Luca

80. “Solus walked over to the young brown-haired man and grabbed him by the front of his shirt, ignoring the look of panic he received in return. "You can call me Solus." His golden eyes trailed meaningfully down the mortal's body before he added, softly, "I've been told it's easier to scream.”

Tags : Erotica Humor Innuendo Sex Sexual
Source : Through a Glass, Darkly

81. “In the 1980s, research on post traumatic stress disorder in Vietnam veterans was regarded as important, noble, and useful. When the same researchers looked at the same problem in children who had been sexually abused, a tremendous controversy ensued a controversy that persists to this day. There were those who disputed the extent and severity of the sexual abuse that had been uncovered.”

Tags : Abuse Mental Health Psychology Sexual Sexual Anorexia
Source : Sexual Anorexia: Overcoming Sexual Self-Hatred

82. “Marriage,love and commitment does not give a man permission to act like Julius Caesar by pushing his partner into sexual promiscuity like a concubine for his own sexual pleasures.”

Tags : Domestic Abuse Relationships Love Sexual
Source : A Trap Of Malicious Blind Love A Memoir Of Sex, Seduction, Manipulation & Betrayal

83. “Sometimes someone wanting you is the biggest aphrodisiac there is. It fills a lot of holes.”

Tags : Sexual
Author : Cari Quinn
Source : Dirty Distractions

84. “However, sexual anorexics do have a definite profile that separates them from the larger population of those having difficulty being sexual: They are often extremely competent people who are committed to doing things very well and have a fear of making mistakes and being human.”

Tags : Sad Sexual Sexual Anorexia Sexual Avoidant Disorder Sexual Problems
Source : Sexual Anorexia: Overcoming Sexual Self-Hatred

85. “As a girl, as a woman, how did you possibly win? When faced with a whole damn life full of sexual situations and decisions, how did you possibly make all the right moves?”

Tags : Sexual
Source : Bad Girl by Night

86. “I don't know how to be me and how to be sexual at the same time.”

Tags : Sexual
Source : Bad Girl by Night

87. “Trees were not hard, irritable things, but discreetly orgasmic beings moaning at a level too deep for our brutish ears. And flowers were quick explosive orgasms, like making love in the shower.”

Tags : Flowers Nature Orgasm Sexual Trees
Author : Yann Martel
Source : Self

88. “there are only so many thingsthat you can fix with your hands....What they don't realize is I am not a thing to fix.”

Tags : Objectification Poem Poetry Poetry Quotes Sexual Spielzeug Woman
Source : I Long To Be The River

89. “chicken on the grill”

Tags : Sexual
Source : Love in the Time of Cholera

90. “It was all I could do to stop my cunt from coming round to see you without me.''Who's Mike Hunt?”

Tags : Humour Sexual
Author : Linda Banana

91. “When it comes to their love lives, some people do not really have high standards; they merely have low sex drive.”

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