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1. “Nestankom interneta svet kakav poznajemo bi se raspao i prestao da postoji. U tom usporenom, postapokaliptičnom svetu internet bi bio mit o davno izgubljenom raju, proročanstvo koje bi se prenosilo telegramima i fiksnim telefonima. Pokolenja bi sedela na grobljima mašina i zaboravljene tehnologije čekajući drugi dolazak interneta.”

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Source : PR

2. “Despite appearances to the contrary the Apocalypse may detail a personal eschatology.”

Tags : Apocalypse Dark Night Soul Enlightenment Enlightenment Quotes Revelation Second Coming Soul Soul Searching Spiritual Spirituality
Author : Stefan Emunds
Source : The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

3. “You’re an immortal, divine being. A little god, and yet, you toil like a slave. Isn’t that hilarious?”

Tags : Divine Self Higher Self Revelation Revelation Of Self Second Coming Second Coming Of Christ Soul Soul Searching
Author : Stefan Emunds
Source : The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

4. “Jesus Hollywood believed in a lot of things. He believed that the stars in the sky were only ghostly images of dead things. He believed in the grass on the side of the highway as he whipped by. He believed in the sound of a gun cocking. He believed that the heart gave up long before it stopped beating. He believed last words and bedside confessions were only half-assed last-ditch efforts at Redemption signalling imminent death. He believed in lust and rage and that pain is the only proof that one is alive. Jesus Hollywood believed that there was no God, no gods, no Divine Being and he certainly believed that Heaven was only a placating fabrication. He believed Love At First Sight was a myth; that Love was masquerading as Lust. He believed Karma was for those too afraid to be selfish. He believed that Luck and Chance, along with Fate and Destiny, were words the weak used to explain away their inaction. He believed that if you wore a long-sleeved shirt, you could win every game of cards with the right poker face and a few extra cards stashed up your sleeves. Jesus Hollywood certainly did not believe in love. And now, Jesus Hollywood believed he was fucked.”

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Source : Second Coming

5. “Anybody that fears and detests witchcraft is not happy with science and technology.”

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6. “The soul is imbued with a yearning that is carried, like a torch, from incarnation to incarnation. It burns with a curiosity about life and it’s true identity. Souls live, strive, and evolve, driven to seeking the truth about the world and themselves.”

Tags : Apocalypse Christ Doomsday End Of Days Mysticism Revelation Second Coming Soul Soul Quotes Soul Searching Spirituality
Author : Stefan Emunds
Source : The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

7. “Doomsday sells, but doesn’t ring with truth. Could it be that the Apocalypse is a personal eschatology?”

Tags : Apocalypse Christ Doomsday End Of Days Mysticism Revelation Second Coming Spirituality
Author : Stefan Emunds
Source : The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

8. “There’s a way to live like a god.”

Tags : Apocalypse Christ Doomsday End Of Days Mysticism Revelation Second Coming Spirituality
Author : Stefan Emunds
Source : The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

9. “The DawningAh! what time wilt Thou come? when shall that cry, The Bridegroom’s coming! fill the sky; Shall it in the evening run When our words and works are done? Or will Thy all-surprising light Break at midnight, When either sleep or some dark pleasure Possesseth mad man without measure? Or shall these early, fragrant hours Unlock Thy bow’rs, And with their blush of light descry Thy locks crown’d with eternity? Indeed, it is the only time That with Thy glory doth best chime; All now are stirring, ev’ry field Full hymns doth yield; The whole Creation shakes off night, And for Thy shadow looks the light; Stars now vanish without number, Sleepy Planets set and slumber, The pursy Clouds disband and scatter, All expect some sudden matter; Not one beam triumphs but from far That morning-star;O at what time soever thou (Unknown to us,) the heavens wilt bow, And, with Thy angels in the van, Descend to judge poor careless man, Grant, I may not like puddle lie In a corrupt security, Where if a traveller water crave, He finds it dead, and in a grave. But as this restless, vocal spring All day and night doth run, and sing, And though here born, yet is acquainted Elsewhere, and flowing keeps untainted; So let me all my busy age In Thy free services engage; And though (while here) of force I must Have commerce sometimes with poor dust, And in my flesh, though vile and low, As this doth in her channel flow, Yet let my course, my aim, my love, And chief acquaintance be above; So when that day and hour shall come, In which Thyself will be the sun, Thou’lt find me drest and on my way, Watching the break of Thy great day.”

Tags : Dawn God Love Second Coming
Author : Henry Vaughan

10. “Right now I am like the unborn baby in the womb, knowing nothing except the comforting warmth of the amniotic fluid in which I swim, the comforting nourishment entering my body from a source I cannot see or understand. My whole being comes from an unseen, unknown nurturer. By that nurturer I am totally loved and protected, and that love is forever. It does not end when I am precipitated out of the safe waters of the womb into the unsafe world. It will. It end when I breathe my last, mortal breath. That love manifested itself joyously in the creation of the universe, became particular for us in Jesus, and will show itself most gloriously in the Second Coming. We need not fear.”

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Source : Miracle on 10th Street and Other Christmas Writings

11. “Is God present or is he absent? Maybe we can say now that in the center of our sadness for his absence we can find the first signs of his presence. And that in the middle of our longings we discover the footprints of the one who has created them. It is in the faithful waiting for the loved one that we know how much he has filled our lives already. Just as the love of a mother for her son can grow while she is waiting for his return, and just as lovers can rediscover each other during long periods of absence, so also our intimate relationship with God can become deeper and more mature while we wait patiently in expectation for his return.”

Tags : Expectation Jesus Second Coming Waiting
Source : Out of Solitude: Three Meditations on the Christian Life

12. “The second orgasm has a biblical connotation.”

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13. “The Church expected the Second Coming of Christ immediately. The converts had known a first coming. And then? And then! That was the trouble — the then. He had come, and they adored and believed, they communicated and practiced, and waited. The then lasted, and there seemed to be no farther equivalent Now. Time became the individual and catholic problem. The Church had to become as universal and as durable — as time.”

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