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1. “He needed to get away from the rush of the city, from the unceasing noise and annoying obligations.”

Tags : Annoying City Noise Obligations Rush Unceasing
Source : A Voice in the Wind

2. “Dont believe what people say until they action what they are saying. Its different what people say than what they do.”

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3. “How many of your contemporaries - when asked the question 'Are you glad you had kids'? - invariably respond 'Yes, but..'?”

Tags : Bad Parenting Choices Contemplate Decisions Decisions And Actions Family Humanity And Society Humanity Quotes If Only Irreversible Life Long Parental Advice Parental Alienation Priorities Quarrel Quarrelling Regrets Remorse Reply Rushing Selection Selections Society Views
Author : Alex Morritt
Source : Impromptu Scribe

4. “When I was young, I thought it was thunder that kills people. But when I learnt physics in St. Paul's High School, I discovered that it is rather the lightning that does the killing. The voice of the thunder itself is just a noise. The lightning is the poise. I learnt to take the course of my life, not by violence but rather with intelligence.”

Tags : Arrogance Arrogant Course Discover Discovery Food For Thought Harsh Intelligent Kill Learn Lighten More Lightning Lightning Conductor People Physics Rush St Paul S College St Paul S Senior High School Thought Violence Violent Voice

5. “Inlife I have came across people with bad personality transcoder. It doesnt matter what you say. They will change that into bad words. They always playing themselves as victims and always want to make the other person bad or feel guilty. You would be saying something. Then they would change it other way around to something hurtful and bad.”

Tags : Ambitions Dj Kyos Magupe Focus Future Hard Worker Hustle Identity Insecurities Inspiration Know Me Life Optimist Philosopher Philosophy Power Precious Quality Respect Rush Teachings Thoughts Time Tourism Win

6. “Dont miss the opportunity of becoming something Inlife. Sometimes all you have to do is to show up.”

Tags : Better Life Characteristics Clear Competition Direction Dj Kyos Encouragemtn Entreprenuers Everytime Human Behaviour Key Kyos Magupe Mindset Path Possibilities Quality Unknown Vision Win Wise Words Words Work

7. “Life moves very fast. It rushes from Heaven to Hell in a matter of seconds.”

Tags : Change Changes Heaven And Hell Life Rush Seconds Truth Wisdom
Author : Paulo Coelho

8. “The chaos we see in nature are the limitations of our perceptions, when we view the world with the eyes of nature, all we shall see are perfection.”

Tags : Action Chaos Delusion Expectations Experiences Foresight Insight Human Nature Illusion Imagination Lessons Limitations Love Metaphysics Orderliness Orderliness Of Life Our World Perfection Purpose Reality Rush Rushing Time

9. “This sweet, determined, sexy-as-hell blonde walked into my life and gave me a reason to live.”

Tags : Rush
Author : Abbi Glines
Source : Forever Too Far

10. “Stop rushing me. I want to take my time falling in love with you.”

Tags : George Koizumi Love Rush
Author : Ai Yazawa
Source : Paradise Kiss, Vol. 1

11. “Half the world criesHalf the world laughsHalf the world triesTo be the other half”

Tags : Rush
Author : Neil Peart

12. “No reason for a feverish rush For we will all arrive in the same place At the right time. Justice will be served. There will be no better or worse, No big and small, no rewards, no punishment, No guilt, no judges, no hierarchies; Only silent equality.”

Tags : Dejan Stojanovic Feverish Justice Literature Literature Quotes Place Poetry Poetry Quotes Quotes Quotes To Live By Right Time Rush Thoughts Wisdom

13. “A beautiful woman should always have at the back of her mind that her ravishing appearance is only an ephemeral quality. When she wakes up in the morning, looks into the mirror, and notices that something is fading away, she knows that the time is ripe for marriage. She should be careful of who she takes into her life because the union is gonna be everlasting.”

Tags : Always Beautiful Decision Delay Ephemeral Eternal Eternity Everlasting Fade Fading Fading Away Finding Someone Heart Ladies Lovely Marriage Marry Mirror Old Quality Ring Rush Soulmate Think On It Waste Wedding Woman Women

14. “They say you start weaving clearer, sharper memories after you've been to a place at least twice. Because then the reflection is more of validation. Let the rush come to you and let your senses be flushed the first time. There will be time for reflection after you've had your fill.”

Tags : Clearer First Flush Memories Reflection Rush Senses Sharper Time Validation Weaving

15. “I get up at seven yeah and I go to work at nine. I got no time for livin'. Yes I'm workin' all the time. It seems to me I could live my life a lot better than I think I am. I guess that's why they call me they call me the workin' man.”

Tags : Rush Time Work Working Man
Author : Rush

16. “One of the biggest disadvantages of being grown up is seeing the time rush by faster.”

Tags : Disadvantage Grown Up Life Rush Time Time Crunch Time Passing Time Rush Time Shortage
Author : Pawan Mishra
Source : Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy

17. “This better not be a pregnant thing or your hot little ass is gonna live knocked up for the next thirty years.”

Tags : Rush
Author : Abbi Glines
Source : Never Too Far

18. “When you sit tranquilly, you set a great example to the people who rush around in panic and thus you show the crazy waves the beauty of being a calm lake!”

Tags : Beauty Calm Lake Crazy Lake Panic Rush Rush Around Sit Tranquil Waves

19. “Do you ride?” That sounded sort of dirty, and the way he looked at me felt sort of dirty, too. No one ever looked at me like that.“Why ‘Ghost’?” I asked.Grasping the top of the car door, he leaned over it and spoke in a dramatic, foreboding voice. “Because she’s so fast she disappears down the streets at night.”“That sounds dangerous.”His dimple appeared. “The best things in life are.”

Tags : Dangerous Drive Life Love Risk Rush
Author : Jenn Bennett
Source : The Anatomical Shape of a Heart

20. “To rush is to miss the experience”

Tags : Achievements Action Easy Going Enjoy Enjoyment Evolution Experiences Foreplay Goals Growing Human Nature Joy Learning Lessons Life Nurture Parents Plans Psychology Purpose Relationship Romance Rush Rushing Sex Shortcut Success Time

21. “Get busy with the issue! In this regard, time is not friendly…nor should it be.”

Tags : Drama Friend Friendly Hurry Issue Matter Quotes Rush Situation Time Urgent
Author : T.F. Hodge
Source : From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with "The Divine Presence"

22. “When I'm working I'm wishing I was doing nothing and when I'm doing nothing I'm wondering if I should be working. I hurry through what I've got to do and then, when I've got nothing to do, I keep glancing at the clock, wishing it was time to go out. Then, when I'm out, I'm wondering how long it will be before I'm back home.”

Tags : Busy Contrary Idleness Rush Work
Author : Geoff Dyer
Source : Out of Sheer Rage: Wrestling With D.H. Lawrence

23. “Nature does not rush things, humans do; when we rush things, we often miss the lessons nature embedded in it”

Tags : Action Experiences Human Nature Lessons Love Purpose Rush Rushing Time

24. “A person judge themselves according to their way of thinking and conscious.”

Tags : Attitude Bad Business Character Dj Effort Encouragemtn Ethics Expectations Good Intelligence Leadership Means Organisation Peace People Philosopher Philosophy Power Precious Quality Respect Slave Teachings Time Trusted Trustworthiness

25. “There is no need to rush in life. Just with one word at a time, your sweet life history will be written boldly in capitals and highlighted for easy access. Be sure you are passing the test of patience!”

Tags : Access Accessible Be Patient Capitals Don T Rush Food For Thought Gradual Highlight History Israelmore Ayivor Life One Word Patience Patient Rush Sweet Sweet Life Test Time Word
Source : Daily Drive 365

26. “Everything she knew about him rushed through her mind like a tidal wave.”

Tags : Excitement Lucas Mind Rush Tidal Wave Val Valerie Dearborn Vibes
Source : Love is Darkness

27. “Then I guess if its quality . Then you don't have to rush it. Good things take time. For them to be good is not the artistic way they were made but is the time that was spent on them. That makes them good, valuable and precious.”

Tags : Advice Attitude Behaviour Business Dissappointed Dj Kyos Effort Encouragement Ethics Good Help Inspiration Intelligence Kyos Magupe Leadership Life Lessons People Philosopher Philosophy Precious Quality Quotes Teachings Thoughts Valuel Be Wisdom Wise Words

28. “Then I guesse if its quality . Then you dont have to rush it. Good things take time. For them to be good is not the artistic way they were made but is the time that was spent on them. That makes them good, valueble and precious.”

Tags : Advice Attitude Bad Behaviour Business Dissappointed Dj Effort Encouragemtn Ethics Good Kyos Magupe Leadership Life Life Lessons Morals Motivation Philosopher Precious Quality Quantity Teachings Valuel Be

29. “Change is constantly at work, that those who resist change, will be changed.”

Tags : Action Better Change Empowerment Expression Freedom Fun Greater Health Hope Improvement Joy Lessons Life Love Relaxation Rush Self Self Realization Success

30. “Too much hurry will bury your goals. Too much haste will make you waste. Too quick race will cripple your pace. Be patient.”

Tags : Bury Cripple Goals Gradual Harry Haste Patience Patient Quick Quick Money Race Rush Take Time Take Your Time Tarry Too Much Waste
Source : Leaders' Ladder

31. “Do not rush in the ride of life.”

Tags : Encouragement Life Motivation Rush Wise Words

32. “If any woman opens her legs for you, don't feel so lucky to be fed with nonsense, she has been a bitch for a long time, and now its your own turn to get a share from her itching tunnel.”

Tags : Bad Banal Bitch Carnal Carnality Desire Dirty Feeding Intercourse Itching Legs Make Love Making Love Michael Bassey Johnson Mundane Pleasure Pressure Rumpy Pumpy Rush Sex Sex Urge Sexy Single Women Worldly

33. “Taking the leap felt appropriate. Only it wasn’t just a short hop. It was a full plunge off a cliff.”

Tags : Hop Leap Maya Banks Rush
Author : Maya Banks
Source : Rush

34. “Don't rush to design your face to look beautiful, attractive and charming. Rather, be quicker to decorate your mind to appear as goal-oriented, passion-embedded and action-driven.”

Tags : Action Action Driven Appear Attractive Beautiful Beauty Brain Charming Cosmetic Decorate Design Embedded Face Food For Thought Goal Oriented Israelmore Ayivor Look Mind Passion Quick Quicker Rush Think Think Positively Thoughts
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

35. “As if he conveyed by actions what he could never say in words. Would never say in words.”

Tags : Actions Maya Banks Rush Words
Author : Maya Banks
Source : Rush

36. “Don’t rush to justify yourself with a verbal argument; your choice of words may unmake what you made.”

Tags : Argue Argument Brand Branding Choice Choice Of Words Fast Food For Thought Haste Hasten Israelmore Ayivor Personal Branding Quick Rush Verbal Words
Source : Shaping the dream

37. “Don't rush in order to have things done early. Be prepared before you set off. That's the rule. However, this does not mean that you keep delaying the time for beginning. You must begin by all means! Go, get prepared!”

Tags : Be Prepared Begin Beginning Delay Delaying Don T Rush Food For Thought Get Prepared Go Haste Israelmore Ayivor Preparation Prepare Prepared Preparedness Quickly Rule Rush Set Off Speed Velocity Very Fast
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

38. “Don't be carried away by beauty, for the faeces also stays in the rectum of ravishing faces, and their private life is not beautiful as their public life...fear beauty!”

Tags : Arrogance Arrogant Attitude Beauty Biological Decay Deficiency Disease Engrossed Fact Futile Futility Hate Human Nature Intestine Michael Bassey Johnson Nature Prejudice Pride Private Life Proud Public Rag Science Unwanted Vanity Worthless

39. “Wisely and slowly; they stumble that run fast.”

Tags : Rush Slow Slow Down
Author : Hugh Howey
Source : Wool Omnibus

40. “What are you doing?""Activating it.""Uh... No you're not." I jerk my hand away. "You're not activating anything until I get some answers.""Yeah, I am. If I don't activate it, it explodes." He sounds dead serious."For real?"He doesn't answer, and that pisses me off. But I can't be certain it isn't for real, and since I'm fond of having a hand at the end of my arm, I offer my wrist. He finishes running his fingers over the screen.I change direction and ask, "Would the bracelet really have exploded if you didn't activate it?"There's a slight pause that makes me think I've surprised him by shifting topics. Good. Better that I have him on his toes than he have me on mine."No," he says, and I think the corners of his mouth twitch in the hint if a smile.”

Tags : Eve Silver Jackson Tate Miki Jones Rush The Game
Author : Eve Silver
Source : Rush

41. “Do not rush to judge someone unless his/her fruits reveal the truth. However, don't forget; mostly, it's not the fault of the tree to produce bitter fruits. Sometimes, the soil determines that; blame the source! Deal with the soil! Don't deal with the tree! Other trees are there that the same soil can influence! Don't deal with your enemy, deal with the satan that sponsors them!”

Tags : Blame Deal Determines Devil Enemy Fault Food For Thought Forget Fruit Fruits Influence Issraelmore Ayivor Judge Judgement Produce Reveal Rush Satan Satanic Seed Soil Sponsors Tree Truth
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

42. “For many people it is the notion of time that makes them feel restless – that there just aren't enough hours in the day, that they are rushing, either on an hourly or daily basis or that life was somehow better in the past or will be so in the future.”

Tags : Restlessness Rush Time
Source : The Restful Mind

43. “No one has ever died of restlessness, but rashness is another matter. We've planted seeds, let them grow.”

Tags : Patience Restlessness Rush

44. “Love made her patient. It made her hopeful.”

Tags : Love Maya Banks Patient Rush
Author : Maya Banks
Source : Rush

45. “I'm going to build that house with my own hands, from the foundation to the roof. I'm going to do it for us, and I'm going to do it right, so it lasts forever. Can't go raising walls on a shaky foundation. Can't go slapping thatch over rafters so thin, they'll topple with the first winter storm. Do you know?"She nodded. "I know."He reached for her hand. "It's the same with us. I mean to build something with you. Something that will last. Much as I want you, I don't want to rush and bollocks it up.”

Tags : Build Forever Foundation House Last Relationship Rush Something Take Time
Author : Tessa Dare
Source : Twice Tempted by a Rogue

46. “Now bound by the sudden rush of emotion that reverberates through me as I remain intent on awakening Nadia, I push my fingertips upward over her neck as if pushing a coin from the edge of heaven, waiting to catch where it falls as if I were in all places at once. I then gently attack her pressure points from every side, leaving Nadia completely vulnerable to my wanting her. Nadia now hastens my love as I reveal to her my gentle ways that excite and nourish her every capacity in all mind, body, and soul. I take to her exaggerated lines that press firmly against me with a wet friction that builds between the cold and the heat, tasting and smelling her sweet body that warms my heart to its core. I allow my mind to speak through my gaze as I look into Nadia’s rich brunneous eyes where hints of sable shimmer across the reflection that mirrors her heart.”

Tags : Emotion Heart Love Rush
Source : The Painter

47. “You can twist perception, reality won't budge”

Tags : Perception Rush
Author : Neil Peart

48. “Ignorance and prejudice and fear go hand in hand”

Tags : Prejudice Rush
Author : Neil Peart

49. “Was he demanding? Hell yes, but he wasn’t selfish. He took. He was ruthless in his demands. But he gave her back so much. Not just materially but emotionally, though he’d likely deny he did any such thing.”

Tags : Demanding Maya Banks Rush Selfish
Author : Maya Banks
Source : Rush

50. “They were relaxing at the top of a waterfall, in a small, still pool where the mountain waters hit an upward slope of folded granite. It was sort of a rounded bathtub, carved out of the rock throughout the centuries by the rushing river, a river so hidden that it was without a name. Just below were the falls, about a 30-foot drop into another, much larger pool of clearest water that was gathered for a respite, a compromise in the river's relentless schedule downward, between split-level decks of flat rock. Further on, the river reanimated and released into a sharp ravine, pulling westward, down through the rugged mountains and faceless forest--the Black Hills National Forest--gaining force until it joined with the rush of the Castle River, near the old Custer Trail, and was swallowed into the Deerfield Reservoir to collect and prepare for the touch of man.”

Tags : Forest Mountains Nature River Rush The Black Hills Touch
Author : Ron Parsons
Source : The Sense of Touch

51. “Lust likes to rush, while love hates to wait.”

Tags : Love Lust Patience Rush

52. “In the rush of life, it is quite easy to forget what’s important. As cliche as this is, it’s easy to take life for granted when you don’t have time to focus properly. It is only when life diverts from the ‘plan’ that we suddenly take time to see what is really important.”

Tags : Focusing Importance Life Plan Rush

53. “No. One. Comes. Before You.”

Tags : Rush
Author : Abbi Glines
Source : Never Too Far

54. “Tell me what you need.""You," she said simply, that one word tearing to the very heart of him. "Just you.”

Tags : Maya Banks Rush
Author : Maya Banks
Source : Rush

55. “Listen to me, Blaire. If you try to go anywhere I will chase you down. I will become your shadow.”

Tags : Rush
Author : Abbi Glines
Source : Never Too Far

56. “No man has ever loved a woman as much as I love you. Nothing will ever come before you. I don't know what else I have to do to prove to you that I won't let you down again. I won't hurt you. You don't have to be alone anymore. I need you. -Rush”

Tags : Abbi Glines Never Too Far Rush
Author : Abbi Glines
Source : Never Too Far

57. “And maybe that’s was her biggest crime of all. Making him fall in love with her.”

Tags : Crime Maya Banks Rush
Author : Maya Banks
Source : Rush

58. “He’d never get over her. He knew that without hesitation or doubt. He loved her. As deeply as it was possible to love another person. And God, he wanted her. Every day. In hit life. As much a part of him as he would be of her.”

Tags : Love Maya Banks Rush
Author : Maya Banks
Source : Rush

59. “Kiedy się spieszysz, nic nie widzisz, nic nie przeżywasz, niczego nie doświadczasz, nie myślisz! Szybkie tempo wysusza najgłębsze warstwy twojej duszy, stępia twoją wrażliwość, wyjaławia cię i odczłowiecza.”

Tags : Doświadczenie Experience Pośpiech Rush

60. “Names are so confining. They put you in a box. I'm me, and you can see who I am. I may change later. Why would I want a name to lock me into somebody I once was?”

Tags : Clockwork Angels Neil Peart Rush

61. “I've always been in a rush. Ever since I was a child I always thought that there was somewhere else I ought to be even though there was nowhere else I had to go.”

Tags : Rush

62. “If the whole world is in a rush and people are out of step with themselves, they fail to catch that quirky aura and that special quality of life that feeds our soul-searching frame of mind and that builds a coveted haven, giving recognition and self-reliance. ("The unbearable heaviness of being”)”

Tags : Aura Being Build Catch Covet Fail Feed Frame Of Mind Haven Heaviness In A Rush Out Of Step People Quality Of Life Quirky Recognition Rush Self Reliance Soul Searching Special Unbearable World