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1. “You may have the dark and cold street life, ruled by the lessor light of the moon. During this time I restore my temple, and later awake to greet the awesome radiance of the sun-star.”

Tags : Awake Cold Dark Life Light Moon Quotes Restore Star Street Sun Temple Time
Author : T.F. Hodge
Source : From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with "The Divine Presence"

2. “We can only get to God through God. Every other possible avenue is a dead-end before it even starts.”

Tags : Avenue Course Dead End God Journey Map Path Reclaimed Redeem Redeemed Restore Restored Salvation Saved Through

3. “I don't want to die. I deserve, certainly, the most extreme punishment society has, and I think society deserves to be protected from me and from others like me. That's the irony. What I'm talking about is going beyond retribution because there is no way in the world that killing me is going to restore those beautiful children to their parents and correct and soothe the pain.”

Tags : Beautiful Bundy Correct Deserve Don T Extreme From I Irony Is Like Me No Way Others Parents Protected Punishment Restore Soothe Ted Ted Bundy Their To World
Source : Life on the Edge: A Young Adult's Guide to a Meaningful Future

4. “Murderers don't get forgiven just because we promise to be good from now on. We have to earn our way back. One hundred is the price. One hundred lives for each we took. That seems fair. That's how we get whole again and that's our work, from now until as long as it takes.”

Tags : Earn Fair Forgive Forgiven Forgiveness Good Lives Murderers Redemption Restoration Restore Work
Source : Fables, Volume 18: Cubs in Toyland

5. “The yardstick that we frequently use to determine if something can be restored is based on the handful of inches that we bring to the process, when God shows up with an infinite amount of miles.”

Tags : Bible Christian Christianity Faith God Inches Infinite Measure Measurement Miles Perspective Point Of View Possibilities Raise Restoration Restore Restored Resurrect Yardstick

6. “Your brain needs plenty of rest to function at it's optimal level. Go to sleep!”

Tags : Brain Brain Health Brainy Quotes Career Healing Healthy Quotes Insomnia Lalah Delia Life Quotes Neurons Reboot Recharge Renewal Rest Restoration Restore Sleep Quotes Student Tumblr Quotes Twitter Quotes Wellness Quotes
Author : Lalah Delia

7. “A pause gives you breathing spaceso listen to the whispersof the real youwaiting to happen.”

Tags : Alone Breaking Dawn Breathing In Awareness Pause Reflections Restore Silence
Author : Tara Estacaan

8. “Truth is not fully explosive, but purely electric. You don't blow the world up with the truth; you shock it into motion.”

Tags : Arrogance Cardiac Arrest Consciousness Cryptic Current Dead Defibrillator Genius Gentleness Heart Attack Honesty Humility Information Life Paralysis Power Progression Restore Revival Shock World
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

9. “One works hard to prop up an illusion that sucks the life out of them, and the other works hard to make their home a place that restores them, nurtures them, and gives life to others.”

Tags : Give Hard Home Illusion Life Nurtures One Other Others Out Restore Them Works
Source : Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working

10. “This is not your standard “How to restore” your VW Beetle book. It’s also not a workshop manual. Aside from a basic rundown on the differences between various bug models through the years, there is a section on some things you can do to preserve your bug. Mostly however, what I’ve done is reviewed all the things I did to my bugsand put those ideas together as cheap, skillful, cheap, d.i.y, cheap means of enhancing your grocery getter’s performance and handling.”

Tags : Between Book Bug Bugs Cheap D I Y Getter S Handling However Manual Restore Reviewed Skillful Standard Things Years
Source : Bugspray

11. “God wanted us to do something, and we went the bad way. Then he said "No!, I am not going to lose what I want done!, So I'm gonna save this people and restore their dreams back to them"!”

Tags : Back To Life Bad Bad Way Christ Dentiny Destined Don T Give Up Don T Quit Dreams Garden Of Eden God Israelmore Ayivor Jesus Jesus Christ Life Live Again Living Never Give Up Predestined Restoration Restore Revival Revive Salvation Save Sin Something

12. “Reinvent Yourself.Redesign Yourself.Reform Yourself.Restore Yourself.and if something is left of you till thenAppreciate Yourself.”

Tags : Adhish Mazumder Appreciation Quotes Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Love Quotes Motivation Motivational Quotes Motto In Life Redesign Reform Reinvent Restore

13. “But to punish and not to restore, that is the greatest of all offences.”

Tags : Justice Offence Offences Punish Punishment Restoration Restore
Author : Alan Paton
Source : Too Late the Phalarope

14. “Meneer, said the captain, if man takes unto himself God's right to punish, then he must also take upon himself God's promise to restore.”

Tags : Promise Punish Punishment Restoration Restore
Author : Alan Paton
Source : Too Late the Phalarope

15. “I believe that things we cry over because they are lost, can never be compared to things we will receive because of our loses. God is a great restorer!”

Tags : Believe Believe In God Compare Cry God God Is Great Israelmore Ayivor Jehovah Lose Lost Restore
Source : Daily Drive 365

16. “Go to God with your coal, and He will set them to blazing fire.”

Tags : Assure Blazing Blessings Broken Build Coal Empty Fire Fulfill Give God Life Little Miracle Nothingness Power Prayers Provide Redeemer Restore Safety Satisfy

17. “No matter what sin you find yourself in, turn to God. Let Him forgive, heal, and restore.”

Tags : And Find Forgive God Heal Him In Let Matter No Restore Sin To Turn What You Yourself
Source : Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working

18. “Tragedy cleans the windows of the soul by washing away the bias of our lives in the detergent of pain.”

Tags : Angst Bias Clarity Clean Cleaning Cleans Clear Clearer Detergent Difficulty Pain Prejudice Restore Sight Soul Struggle Tragedy Tragic Vision Wash Washes Washing Windows

19. “Groom yourself and your life like a shrub. Trim off the edges and you'll be stronger in the broken places. Embrace the new growth and blossom at the tips.”

Tags : Anew Grow Growth Learning Life New Life Plants Renew Restore

20. “Gracious words refresh, restore and revive the soul.”

Tags : Bygones Christian Living Compassion Wisdom Courage Quotes Despair Educational Quotes Encouragement Quotes Healing The Past Inspirational Quotes Let Go Lovers Quotes Marriage Advice Marriage Life Positive Thought Refresh Relationship Quotes Self Determination Quotes Self Help Quotes Self Realization Spiritual Wisdom Uplifting Quotes Wisdom Quotes
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

21. “Revive our spirit.Restore our soul.”

Tags : Awake My Soul Christian Life Desires Faith Healthy Hope Inspirational Positive Thinking Prayer Restore Revive Self Confidence Self Esteem Self Hope Spiritual Thoughts Warfare Prayers Wishes
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

22. “God is willing! God will save! God will rescue! God will restore! God will revive! God will empower! God willing and He will do it!”

Tags : Bible Christ Do It Do It Again Empower Food For Thought God God Will Do It Again He Will Do It Again Israelmore Ayivor Jesus Jesus Christ Restoration Restore Revival Revive Revive Us Again Reviving Salvation Save Will Willing Word Of God

23. “the time will come, my dearwhen I will hold you closeand all will beright againin the world.”

Tags : Deep Love Faith Hope Poetry Poetry Quotes Poets And Poetry Restore
Author : Sanober Khan
Source : A Thousand Flamingos

24. “Jesus was and is the greatest restoration specialist of all time.”

Tags : Healing Jesus Restoration Restore

25. “For balance to be restored, lessons must be learned.”

Tags : Adam Elsayedtood Balance Experience Plus Human Development Joumana Ezz Lessons Noha Abdel Hameed Restore
Author : Sameh Elsayed

26. “O Lord grant us the grace for sacred rest”

Tags : Christian Life Divine Intervention Divine Power Faith Grace Hope Prayer Relax Restore Spirituality Wisdom Of Lailah Gifty Akita Work
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

27. “May the Lord revive and restore you to good health.”

Tags : Christian Life Faith Health Hope Inspiration Lailah Gifty Akita Affirmations Prayer Restore Revive
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

28. “Humility and repentance are necessary to restore your relationship with God.”

Tags : Author Christian God Humility Relationship Repent Restore
Author : Jim George

29. “Repentance restores your relationship with God.”

Tags : Christian Faith God Relationship Repent Restore
Author : Jim George

30. “God is able to fix that which is broken so that what stands repaired is immeasurably greater than that which stood before it needed repair. Therefore, the most staggering brokenness conceivable is in reality the greatest opportunity imaginable.”

Tags : Broken Brokenness Fix God Heal Healing Opportunity Repair Repaired Restoration Restore Transform Transforming

31. “Mankind Is Created To Restore God’s Glory-His Kingdom To Earth”

Tags : Created Earth Glory God Kingdom Mankind Restore