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1. “Unfortunately, the board of directors that the middle managers report to generally make them aggressive. Imagine being hired into a company and then being told that you have to ignore the emerging health and safety issues (This is illegal!) and not inform the workers that the system is known to be dangerous (This is illegal!). You have two options: To go to jail for illegal activities sometime in the future, or to lose your job now and have all your USA workplace rights removed for recognizing the illegal activities that your Directors want you to engage in. Welcome to the corporate America management team!”

Tags : Board Corporate Dangerous Directors Engage Future Generally Hired Inform Jail Known Make Management Managers Middle Options Osha Recognising Removed Report Rights Safety Usa Welcome Workers Workplace
Author : Steven Magee

2. “Based on the medical evidence that clearly states that being above 10,000 feet is hazardous to the health of sea level adapted humans, it is clear that all of the manned facilities on top of the 13,796 feet Mauna Kea summit in Hawaii should be removed and the summit restored back to its native environment.”

Tags : Adapted Environment Evidence Facilities Feet Hawaii Hazardous Health Humans Kea Level Manned Mauna Medical Native Removed Restored Sea Summit Top
Author : Steven Magee
Source : Health Forensics

3. “I had my first amendment rights removed by a USA judge for a video that I recorded in the public sidewalk. The right to free speech and freedom of the press only partially exists in the USA.”

Tags : Amendment Exists First Free Freedon Judge Legal Partially Press Public Record Recorded Removed Right Rights Sidewalk Speech Usa Video
Author : Steven Magee

4. “You are never far removed from God’s love and mercy.”

Tags : Christian Close Far God Hand Hold Love Mercy Never Palm Removed
Author : Jim George

5. “And the day came out... the mask was removed... and who was behind it?...No Face... a person who can't express himself.”

Tags : Came Mask Out Removed The Was
Author : Deyth Banger
Source : Fakeness = Thoughts