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1. “The graveyard is not the final resting place of our dear departed but an ephemeral repository of their remains. The real graveyard, however, is somewhere deep in our heart, where we can always visit them at any time of the day, talk about some unforgettable summers, or cry in solitude as if they were always there for us to stay. And should our twilight come, when we can no longer see the light of the day, some people dear to us will build a graveyard in their hearts. They will let us stay for a while or perhaps longer, as long as they continue to remember, but it does not matter anymore. What is comforting to know, no matter how tragic or tranquil our death may be, somewhere somehow someone will always build a sublime place for us to stay. (Danny Castillones Sillada, The Graveyard In Our Heart)”

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2. “The first and last weakness of his life, before him again. For a moment he felt himself blinded by his own memories; his own remembrances of the wits and wiles of Marian Halcombe that would steal into his thoughts; the sound of her laughter at his outrageous tales, the shadowed glance of distrust, the way her eyebrows would raise ever so slightly despite her resolution to seem disinterested in his foreign insights. She was the first woman he ventured to have complete equality in matching his tremendous cleverness.”

Tags : Clever Cleverness Disinterested Distrust Eyebrows Insight Insights Memory Remembrance Remembrances Resolution Stories Tales Thoughts Wily Wits Witty
Source : The Woman in White

3. “The word 'survivor' carries a weight of remembrance that has broken the minds and bodies of more than a few men and women. It also contains a humbling light of recognition that compels many to do whatever they can to help reinforce the efforts of those who might be 'at risk' of not just giving up on their dreams, but of giving up on their continued existence.”

Tags : At Risk People At Risk Youth Brokenness Compassion Counseling Empowerment And Attitude Healing Healing The Emotional Self Healing The Past Helping Others Human Rights Day Humility Intervention Recovery Remembrances Suicidal Suicide Survival Survivor Survivors Survivors Of War Survivorship War Veterans Word Definitions
Author : Aberjhani
Source : Illuminated Corners: Collected Essays and Articles Volume I.

4. “She said that room up there is a remembering roomand when she is up there rememberingall those things fill up the roomand when the room is too fullthey fly out the window.”

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Author : Sharon Creech