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1. “It's not easy to start over in a new place,' he said. 'Exile is not for everyone. Someone has to stay behind, to receive the letters and greet family members when they come back.”

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Source : Brother, I'm Dying

2. “The Jews are a peculiar people: Things permitted to other nations are forbidden to the Jews.Other nations drive out thousands, even millions of people, and there is no refugee problem. Russia did it. Poland and Czechoslovakia did it. Turkey threw out a million Greeks and Algeria a million Frenchmen. Indonesia threw out heaven knows how many Chinese--and no one says a word about refugees.But in the case of Israel, the displaced Arabs have become eternal refugees. Everyone insists that Israel must take back every single Arab. Arnold Toynbee calls the displacement of the Arabs an atrocity greater than any committed by the Nazis. Other nations when victorious on the battlefield dictate peace terms. But when Israel is victorious it must sue for peace.Everyone expects the Jews to be the only real Christians in this world.”

Tags : Algeria Arabs Arnold J Toynbee Arnold Joseph Toynbee Arnold Toynbee Chinese Displacement French Greeks Israel Jews Nazis Poland Refugees Russia Turkey
Author : Eric Hoffer

3. “1. Bangladesh.... In 1971 ... Kissinger overrode all advice in order to support the Pakistani generals in both their civilian massacre policy in East Bengal and their armed attack on India from West Pakistan.... This led to a moral and political catastrophe the effects of which are still sorely felt. Kissinger’s undisclosed reason for the ‘tilt’ was the supposed but never materialised ‘brokerage’ offered by the dictator Yahya Khan in the course of secret diplomacy between Nixon and China.... Of the new state of Bangladesh, Kissinger remarked coldly that it was ‘a basket case’ before turning his unsolicited expertise elsewhere.2. Chile.... Kissinger had direct personal knowledge of the CIA’s plan to kidnap and murder General René Schneider, the head of the Chilean Armed Forces ... who refused to countenance military intervention in politics. In his hatred for the Allende Government, Kissinger even outdid Richard Helms ... who warned him that a coup in such a stable democracy would be hard to procure. The murder of Schneider nonetheless went ahead, at Kissinger’s urging and with American financing, just between Allende’s election and his confirmation.... This was one of the relatively few times that Mr Kissinger (his success in getting people to call him ‘Doctor’ is greater than that of most PhDs) involved himself in the assassination of a single named individual rather than the slaughter of anonymous thousands. His jocular remark on this occasion—‘I don’t see why we have to let a country go Marxist just because its people are irresponsible’—suggests he may have been having the best of times....3. Cyprus.... Kissinger approved of the preparations by Greek Cypriot fascists for the murder of President Makarios, and sanctioned the coup which tried to extend the rule of the Athens junta (a favoured client of his) to the island. When despite great waste of life this coup failed in its objective, which was also Kissinger’s, of enforced partition, Kissinger promiscuously switched sides to support an even bloodier intervention by Turkey. Thomas Boyatt ... went to Kissinger in advance of the anti-Makarios putsch and warned him that it could lead to a civil war. ‘Spare me the civics lecture,’ replied Kissinger, who as you can readily see had an aphorism for all occasions.4. Kurdistan. Having endorsed the covert policy of supporting a Kurdish revolt in northern Iraq between 1974 and 1975, with ‘deniable’ assistance also provided by Israel and the Shah of Iran, Kissinger made it plain to his subordinates that the Kurds were not to be allowed to win, but were to be employed for their nuisance value alone. They were not to be told that this was the case, but soon found out when the Shah and Saddam Hussein composed their differences, and American aid to Kurdistan was cut off. Hardened CIA hands went to Kissinger ... for an aid programme for the many thousands of Kurdish refugees who were thus abruptly created.... The apercu of the day was: ‘foreign policy should not he confused with missionary work.’ Saddam Hussein heartily concurred.5. East Timor. The day after Kissinger left Djakarta in 1975, the Armed Forces of Indonesia employed American weapons to invade and subjugate the independent former Portuguese colony of East Timor. Isaacson gives a figure of 100,000 deaths resulting from the occupation, or one-seventh of the population, and there are good judges who put this estimate on the low side. Kissinger was furious when news of his own collusion was leaked, because as well as breaking international law the Indonesians were also violating an agreement with the United States.... Monroe Leigh ... pointed out this awkward latter fact. Kissinger snapped: ‘The Israelis when they go into Lebanon—when was the last time we protested that?’ A good question, even if it did not and does not lie especially well in his mouth.It goes on and on and on until one cannot eat enough to vomit enough.”

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4. “THE GHOST OF A VILLAGE She wanted to know why he destroyed their land,The village's only well,The mines,The rivers,The forest,Then the animals.She wanted to know why he denied the villagersA decent school,A hospital,Medicine,And put up walls --After taking down all their bridges.She wanted to stare him deep in the eyesAnd ask him why he had let so many villagers die.So she stood at the gates of his golden palaceWith her fingers curled into its iron bars,And waited for him to come out.And after hours turned into days,And days turned into weeks,She finally saw his crippled body beingGuided into a long black vehicle."WHY?" she shouted at him from a distance."WHY did you do all this?"The white-haired man rolled down his window andIn a distasteful voice, replied back to her:"You pitiful fool,Do you think the world cared about me all these years?I used to push a cart and sharpen knives,And some days I would be forced to sleep hungry.So as the years turned, and I became bitter and starved in more ways than one,I decided to cut down trees,And with the wood I built homes.And after I sold those homes,I bought land,And then I built more homes and put them on the land.Then I created a village and people came to live in it,So I taxed everyone because the land was mine.And because everyone lived under my security and authority,Everyone had to pay for protection.And with those taxes, I bought up all the surrounding land for cheap,Because as my wealth grew, so did my power.Then I sold everything and anything I could to the highest bidders.And in the final days of my existence,How dare you ask me: Why?WHY NOT?Do you not see the white hairs on my headAnd the wrinkles on my neck?Do you really think I care what happens to the worldAfter I die?""But those trees you cut weren't yours!And the rivers and streams you sold weren't yours!What made you think you could steal and sell what belongs to all the children of the earth?"The old man snorted then replied:"Nobody said anything, so I kept taking.And the more I took and nobody said anything,The larger things I'd take!How silly of you to come cryingOnly after everything is gone?I couldn't allow your people to be intelligent, united and strong,For they would have thrown me into the well had they discovered I wasThe big bad wolf!So I had to keep them ignorant, divided and filled with fear --Of everything beyond the village walls.""But do you not fear God?" the young woman cried out.The white-haired man now answered flatly:"God should fear me.I've robbed and raped his people and lands,And his followers are weak.”And with that, he motioned for his driver to pull away.The woman ran after the car and tried to scream,But as soon as she opened her mouth,Her voice turned into a howling wind.It wailed, thrashed and moaned over the abandoned village,Then disappeared into the hollow forest.”

Tags : Animals Authority Bitter Children Of The Earth Corporations Corruption Deforestation Divided Elite Enviromental Protection Forest Greedy Hospital Humanism Ignorance Intelligent Preservation River Rivers Sanctuary School Strong Taxes Trees United Wealthy Wind
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

5. “The city of Paris, France, became a place of refuge for biracial Americans during slavery and at the time of the Harlem Renaissance for black musicians, fine artists, writers and others seeking opportunities to practice their craft free from American racism.”

Tags : Antiracism Biracial Day To End Racism Diversity France Harlem Renaissance Human Migrations Human Rights Day Humanism Migrants Multiculturalism Multiculturalismo Paris Paris Attacks Racism Refugees Slavery
Source : Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance

6. “We think of agents, traffickers and facilitators as the worst abusers of refugees, but when they set out to extort from their clients, when they cheat them or dispatch them to their deaths, they are only enacting an entrepreneurial version of the disdain which refugees suffer at the hands of far more powerful enemies – those who terrorise them and those who are determined to keep them at arm’s length. Human traffickers are simply vectors of the contempt which exists at the two poles of the asylum seeker’s journey; they take their cue from the attitudes of warlords and dictators, on the one hand, and, on the other, of wealthy states whose citizens have learned to think of generosity as a vice. [from the London Review of Books Vol. 22 No. 3 · 3 February 2000]”

Tags : Conflicts Dictators Human Trafficking Migration Refugee Crisis Refugees Smugglers Smuggling

7. “No one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark.”

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Author : Warsan Shire
Source : Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth

8. “Recognize yourself in he and she who are not like you and me.”

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9. “I know a few things to be true. I do not know where I am going, where I have come from is disappearing, I am unwelcome and my beauty is not beauty here. My body is burning with the shame of not belonging, my body is longing. I am the sin of memory and the absence of memory. I watch the news and my mouth becomes a sink full of blood. The lines, the forms, the people at the desks, the calling cards, the immigration officers, the looks on the street, the cold settling deep into my bones, the English classes at night, the distance I am from home. But Alhamdulilah all of this is better than the scent of a woman completely on fire, or a truckload of men, who look like my father pulling out my teeth and nails, or fourteen men between my legs, or a gun, or a promise, or a lie, or his name, or his manhood in my mouth.”

Tags : Immigration Refugees
Author : Warsan Shire
Source : Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth

10. “I want to lay down, but these countries are like uncles who touch you when you're young and asleep. Look at all these borders foaming at the mouth with bodies broken and desperate...I spent days and nights in the stomach of the truck; I did not come out the same. Sometimes it feels like someone else is wearing my body.”

Tags : Borders Immigration Refugees
Author : Warsan Shire
Source : Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth

11. “God created every man to be free. The ability to choose whether to live free or enslaved, right or wrong, happy or in fear is something called freewill. Every man was born with freewill. Some people use it, and some people use any excuse not to. Nobody can turn you into a slave unless you allow them. Nobody can make you afraid of anything, unless you allow them. Nobody can tell you to do something wrong, unless you allow them. God never created you to be a slave, man did. God never created division or set up any borders between brothers, man did. God never told you hurt or kill another, man did. And in the end, when God asks you: "Who told you to kill one of my children?"And you tell him, "My leader."He will then ask you, "And are THEY your GOD?”

Tags : Bad Birth Borders Born Children Enslave Fear Free Freedom Freewill Good Happy Immigration Innocent Judgement Kill Man Mercy Military Refugees Sad Slave Wrong
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

12. “…one of the coasts of a country that was a lifeboat, and that lifeboat was under siege by people who wanted to be taken on board. She thought to the southern shores of Italy and the boats that came up from the south, crammed with the desperate of North Africa striving to get into Europe. The vessels capsized under their human cargo; there were people in the water, their dream coming to a watery end. How could one turn one’s face against all of that? What sort of person would one have to be to sail past?”

Tags : Alexander Mccall Smith Europe Lifeboat Lifeboats Refugee Refugees
Source : The Novel Habits of Happiness

13. “War is a soul-shattering experience for the innocent.”

Tags : Armies Army Innocent Military Mothers Refugees Souls War Warfare
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

14. “From Shore To ShoreOur Message of Love & PeaceTo ALL OUR Kids”

Tags : Aylan Kurdi Children Conflict Management Defend International Peace Refugee Crisis Refugees Widad Akrawi
Author : Widad Akreyi

15. “We call on the international community to share equitably the responsibility for protecting, assisting and hosting refugees in accordance with principles of international solidarity and human rights.”

Tags : Conflict Management Defend International Peace Refugee Crisis Refugees Widad Akrawi
Author : Widad Akreyi

16. “I feel that for white America to understand the significance of the problem of the Negro will take a bigger and tougher America than any we have yet known. I feel that America's past is too shallow, her national character too superficially optimistic, her very morality too suffused with color hate for her to accomplish so vast and complex a task. Culturally the Negro represents a paradox: Though he is an organic part of the nation, he is excluded by the ride and direction of American culture. Frankly, it is felt to be right to exclude him, and it if felt to be wrong to admit him freely. Therefore if, within the confines of its present culture, the nation ever seeks to purge itself of its color hate, it will find itself at war with itself, convulsed by a spasm of emotional and moral confusion. If the nation ever finds itself examining its real relation to the Negro, it will find itself doing infinitely more than that; for the anti-Negro attitude of whites represents but a tiny part - though a symbolically significant one - of the moral attitude of the nation. Our too-young and too-new America, lusty because it is lonely, aggressive because it is afraid, insists upon seeing the world in terms of good and bad, the holy and the evil, the high and the low, the white and the black; our America is frightened of fact, of history, of processes, of necessity. It hugs the easy way of damning those whom it cannot understand, of excluding those who look different, and it salves its conscience with a self-draped cloak of righteousness. Am I damning my native land? No; for I, too, share these faults of character! And I really do not think that America, adolescent and cocksure, a stranger to suffering and travail, an enemy of passion and sacrifice, is ready to probe into its most fundamental beliefs.”

Tags : American History Blacklivesmatter Civil Rights Immigrants Immigration Lgbtq Lgbtqia Melting Pot Racial Prejudice Racism Racism In America Refugees Slavery
Source : Black Boy

17. “When Europeans arrived on this continent, they blew it with the Native Americans. They plowed over them, taking as much as they could of their land and valuables, and respecting almost nothing about the native cultures. They lost the wisdom of the indigenous peoples-wisdom about the land and connectedness to the great web of life…We have another chance with all these refugees. People come here penniless but not cultureless. They bring us gifts. We can synthesize the best of our traditions with the best of theirs. We can teach and learn from each other to produce a better America…”

Tags : Immigration Inclusion Refugees
Author : Mary Pipher

18. “What the culture of get rich quick does to our people is the escapist mentality becomes prevalent, giving birth to the syndrome of economic refugees.”

Tags : Becomes Culture Does Economic Escapist Mentality Our People Prevalent Quick Refugees Rich What

19. “Simțea milă de tovarășii lui de suferință, dar o milă lucidă și rece. La urma urmelor, aceste mari migrații umane păreau dictate de legi ale naturii, își zicea el. Deplasări periodice de mase considerabile erau probabil necesare popoarelor, cum e transhumanța pentru oi. În mod straniu, ideea îl întărea.”

Tags : Ii Ww Legea Naturii Migration Migrație Nature Law Refugees Refugiați Război War
Source : Suite Française

20. “The story of humanity is essentially the story of human movement. In the near future , people will move even more, particularly if, as some predict, climate change sparks mass migration on an unprecedented scale. The sooner we recognize the inevitability of this movement, the sooner we can try to manage it.”

Tags : Climate Change Migration Refugee Crisis Refugees
Source : The New Odyssey: The Story of Europe's Refugee Crisis

21. “The choice is not between the current crisis and blissful isolation. The choice is between the current crisis and an orderly, managed system of mass migration. You can have one or the other. There is no easy middle ground”

Tags : Europe Mass Migration Migration Refugee Crisis Refugees
Source : The New Odyssey: The Story of Europe's Refugee Crisis

22. “My mother used to say that rain here pours like a blessing, like a thick veil that parts to reveal the bride's face. But nearly every day, when this rain parted, it revealed a long line of soldiers, like you, like death, marching toward us, and we would scatter with a practiced silence and hide.”

Tags : Burma Death Rain Refugees Soldiers War
Author : Mia Kirshner
Source : I Live Here

23. “The loneliness of the arab is a terrible thing; it is all consuming. It is already present like a little shadow under the heart when he lays his head on his mother's lap; it threatens to swallow him whole when he leaves his own country, even though he marries and travels and talks to friends twenty-four hours a day. That is the way Sirine suspects that Arabs feel everything - larger than life, feelings walking in the sky.”

Tags : Arab Expats Refugees
Source : Crescent

24. “Taking Mum's hand, I whispered "Are we really safe, here?”

Tags : Refugees Safety
Author : Alwyn Evans
Source : Walk in My Shoes

25. “What am I dying for? he cried back. I'm dying because this world I'm living in isn't worth dying for! If something is worth dying for, then you've got a reason to live.”

Tags : Refugees Spies Sympathizer Viet Nam

26. “Europe, he says, is frightened that an influx of foreigners will erode European values. But what values will there to be uphold if we abandon our duty to protect those less fortunate than ourselves? Wat incentive do we give to refugees to maintain the fabric of our society if that fabric is so ragged in the first place? "If Europe is not able to show a better way of life to them, then they will think that their morality is better than ours.""They need to face some higher standards of morality, " he says. "If not, they will set their own." [Quoting Serbian priest Tibor Varga]”

Tags : Migrants Refugee Crisis Refugees Serbia
Source : The New Odyssey: The Story of Europe's Refugee Crisis

27. “For a start, people who traveled for so many miles through such horrific conditions in order to find work cannot accurately be portrayed as lazy benefit-scroungers”

Tags : Eritrea Migrants Refugee Crisis Refugees Syria Syrian Civil War

28. “Mulțimea aceea vrednică de milă nu mai avea nimic uman, ci semăna cu o turmă care aleargă în devălmășie; erau prinși în matca unei uniformități ciudate. Hainele șifonate, fețele trase, vocile răgușite îi făceau să semene toți între ei. Toți făceau aceleași gesturi, rosteau aceleași cuvinte.”

Tags : Ii Ww Refugees Refugiați Război War
Source : Suite Française

29. “If Syria is to rise from the ashes it needs a united Arab world which has one thing on its agenda, not the falling of a dictator for we have seen many of those fall, but the reemergence of a prosperous Arab nation, one that is not reliant on foreign aid but is self-sustained and set on its way to become powerful once again.”

Tags : Arab Nationalism Arab Spring Arab World Bashar Al Assad Foreign Aid Middle East Refugee Crisis Refugees Syria Syrian Civil War
Author : Aysha Taryam

30. “Dar nu putură să intre în curtea mare încuiată, zăvorâtă, apărată de soldați și de mulțimea presată, strivită de bare. Rămăsaseră acolo până seara, luptându-se zadarnic. În jurul lor, oamenii ziceau:-Asta e! Plecăm pe jos.Rosteau cuvintele astea cu un fel de stupoare deznădăjduită. Se vedea bine că nici ei nu credeau. Se uitau în jur și așteptau minunea: o mașină, un camion, orice i-ar fi dus de acolo. Dar nu apărea nimic. Atunci plecau spre porțile Parisului, ieșeau, își târau bagajele după ei în praf, mergeau, ajungeau în suburbii, apoi la țară și-și ziceau: <>.Soții Michaud plecaseră și ei tot pe jos. Era o noapte caldă de iunie. În fața lor, o femeie în negru care purta strâmb pe cap, peste părul alb, pălăria cu doliu, se poticnea pe pietrele de pe drum și mormăia, cu gesturi de nebună:-Rugați-vă ca fuga noastră să n-aibă loc iarna... Rugați-vă!... Rugați-vă!”

Tags : Refugees Refugiați Wwii Wwii France Wwii History Casualty
Source : Suite Française

31. “Cu o strângere de inimă, fiecare își privea casa și trecea mai departe: <>. Iar peste sufletele oamenilor se rostogolea și un val de indiferență: <<Și ce dacă? Sunt doar pietre, lemne, obiecte inerte! Important e să ne salvăm viața!>>. Cine se gândea la suferințele patriei? Nu ei, nu cei care pleacă în această seară. Panica anula tot ce nu era instinct, freamăt animalic al trupului. Să iei ce aveai mai prețios pe lume și pe urmă... Și numai ce trăia, ce respira, plânge, iubea avea valoare în noaptea aceea! Puțini erau cei care își regretau bogățiile. Strângeai în brațe o femeie sau un copil, restul nu mai conta; restul putea să dispară în flăcări.”

Tags : Refugees Refugiați Wwii Wwii France Wwii History Casualty
Source : Suite Française

32. “When the Furies were released in the Middle East, an evil emerged beyond my worst imaginings. The joy of the Middle East has been replaced by fear, pervasive in Iraq and Syria and darkening the lives of people throughout the region. This is why refugees have been flowing out of the Middle East by the millions for Europe. If President Bush’s seeds of democracy or the Arab Spring had bloomed, these families wouldn’t be risking everything to leave. Many in the region have simply lost all hope, which is understandable. If you lived in Libya after the fall of Gadhafi, you’d be terrified. You can’t work, you can’t sell your goods, your children can’t go to school, you can’t even drive around without fear of being kidnapped by bandits or terrorists. It’s not a place where people can be happy and even marginally prosperous. It’s pure chaos. It’s worse in Iraq and Syria.”

Tags : Middle East Middle East Conflict Refugees Syrian Refugees
Author : Richard Engel

33. “She had sculpted the mist, the way those who have no choice do. She had willed a life for the two of us in a new land.”

Tags : Displacement Immigration Moving Moving Forward Refugees Relocation
Author : Padma Lakshmi
Source : Love, Loss, and What We Ate: A Memoir

34. “Escape is a good novel, a gripping movie, a holiday - not something I can imagine being forced into. I am used to thinking of travel as an escape from security and predictability and stability, not a journey in search of these things. I am used to thinking of home as something that gets left behind at the start of a journey, not something you might be travelling perilously towards.”

Tags : Refugees
Author : Adele Dumont
Source : No Man is an Island

35. “Grant them removed, and grant that this your noiseHath chid down all the majesty of England;Imagine that you see the wretched strangers,Their babies at their backs and their poor luggage,Plodding to the ports and coasts for transportation,And that you sit as kings in your desires,Authority quite silent by your brawl,And you in ruff of your opinions clothed;What had you got? I'll tell you: you had taughtHow insolence and strong hand should prevail,How order should be quelled; and by this patternNot one of you should live an aged man,For other ruffians, as their fancies wrought,With self same hand, self reasons, and self right,Would shark on you, and men like ravenous fishesWould feed on one another....Say now the kingShould so much come too short of your great trespassAs but to banish you, whither would you go?What country, by the nature of your error,Should give your harbour? go you to France or Flanders,To any German province, to Spain or Portugal, Nay, any where that not adheres to England,Why, you must needs be strangers: would you be pleasedTo find a nation of such barbarous temper,That, breaking out in hideous violence,Would not afford you an abode on earth,Whet their detested knives against your throats,Spurn you like dogs, and like as if that GodOwed not nor made you, nor that the claimantsWere not all appropriate to your comforts,But chartered unto them, what would you thinkTo be thus used? this is the strangers case;And this your mountainish inhumanity.”

Tags : Charity Humanity Refugees

36. “...the solution to the Jewish question merely produced a new category of refugees, the Arabs, thereby increasing the number of the stateless and rightless by another 700,000 to 800,000 people.”

Tags : Israel Jewish Question Palestine Refugees Rightless Stateless
Author : Hannah Arendt
Source : The Origins of Totalitarianism

37. “As long as there are people in exile, there will be people who want to get back to their native soil.”

Tags : Asylum Birthplace Country Of Origin Exile Political Asylum Refugees
Author : Warren Eyster
Source : The Goblins of Eros

38. “Weeping Widows"There is a river that cuts ThroughThe heart of EveAnd flows throughParadise's back window.It streams into A bottomless wellThat rolls down to hellWith the tears of theWeeping widows.The women stand along the well,And cryWhile singing gray lullabiesAs orphaned childrenLight up candles to put on palm leavesTo push into the streamWith petals of jasmine And pieces of tangerine,Then sit back and wait for their fatherTo show up over the horizon Where his heart still beatsIn their dreams.”

Tags : Casualities Casualty Child Crying Death Eve Father Fathers Hell Jasmine Orphan Orphans Pain Palm Leaces Parents Poetry Refugees River Streams Suffering Tangerine Tears Weep Weeping Widow Widows Women
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

39. “Gezielte Einwanderung alleine ist wie wenn der FC Barcelona​ den restlichen Clubs die Talente weg kauft und ihnen dann sagt: 'Nun entwickelt Euch mal, dann schafft ihr es auch irgendwann in die Königsklasse.”

Tags : Einwanderung Entwicklungspolitik Flüchtlinge Gezielte Einwanderung Integration Politik Refugees Talente

40. “In Britain, these Jewish refugees were greeted with a mixture of grudging acceptance by some and open hostility by others.”

Tags : British History Refugees World War Ii
Source : Hanns and Rudolf: The True Story of the German Jew Who Tracked Down and Caught the Kommandant of Auschwitz

41. “The British government had become fearful of how its citizens would react to a wave of Jewish refugees from Germany, and had clamped down on immigration.”

Tags : British History Immigration Refugees World War Ii
Source : Hanns and Rudolf: The True Story of the German Jew Who Tracked Down and Caught the Kommandant of Auschwitz

42. “Richard versteht: Mit "Dublin II" hat sich jedes europäische Land, das keine Mittelmeerküste besitzt, das Recht erkauft, den Flüchtlingen, die übers Mittelmehr kommen, nicht zuhören zu müssen.”

Tags : Dublin Ii Eu Refugees

43. “...Migration is not a crime.It is "borders" and "fences" that are a figment of illusion.~ Ἡ ἀποδημία δεν εἶναι ἒγκλημα.Τα "σύνορα" και οἱ "φράκτες" εἶναι που εἶναι ἀποκύημα ψευδαίσθησης...."~ Ale3ia”

Tags : Ale3Ia Ale3Ia Penteleόn De Arcturi Crime Fences Figment Finding Refuge Flee Flight Fugitive Illusion Immigrants Migration Refugees Έγκλημα Α? Οδημία Α? Οκύημα Μετακίνηση Μετανάστευση ? Ρόσφυγας Σύνορα Φράκτες Ψευδαίσθηση ? ? Οδημία ? ? Οκύημα

44. “Ukanda wa Gaza ni jimbo lenye miji minne na kambi mbalimbali za wakimbizi za Umoja wa Mataifa – lenye urefu wa kati ya kilometa 41 au maili 25 na lenye upana wa kati ya kilometa 6 mpaka 12 au maili 3.7 mpaka 7.5, pamoja na eneo la jumla la kilometa za mraba 365 au maili za mraba 141. Jimbo hili liliwahi kutawaliwa na Wamisri, Wakaanani, Waisraeli, Wasiria, Wababelonia, Wagiriki, Warumi, Waturuki, Waingereza, na Wapalestina, na limekuwa uwanja wa vita kwa karne nyingi kwa sababu za kidini na kihistoria. Ukanda wa Gaza uko chini ya Palestina. Uko chini ya serikali ya Hamas.”

Tags : 12 Kilometers 41 Kilometers 6 Kilometers Battlefield Egyptians Government Hamas Historia History Kilometa 41 Maili 25 Maili 7 5 Religion United Nations Wababelonia Wagiriki Waisraeli Wakaanani Wamisri Wapalestina

45. “It is simply impossible for said "refugees" to check their Islamism at the door.”

Tags : Assimilation Islam Islamism Muslim Refugees
Author : Mike Klepper

46. “Stability and security are just illusions. But they are necessary illusions because without them there would be no way of going on.”

Tags : Immigrants Massacres Refugees Revolution Tyrants
Author : Andrew Crofts
Source : Secrets of the Italian Gardener

47. “In 1944-1945, Dr Ancel Keys, a specialist in nutrition and the inventor of the K-ration, led a carefully controlled yearlong study of starvation at the University of Minnesota Laboratory of Physiological Hygiene. It was hoped that the results would help relief workers in rehabilitating war refugees and concentration camp victims. The study participants were thirty-two conscientious objectors eager to contribute humanely to the war effort. By the experiment's end, much of their enthusiasm had vanished. Over a six-month semi-starvation period, they were required to lose an average of twenty-five percent of their body weight." [...] p193p193-194"...the men exhibited physical symptoms...their movements slowed, they felt weak and cold, their skin was dry, their hair fell out, they had edema. And the psychological changes were dramatic. "[...]p194"The men became apathetic and depressed, and frustrated with their inability to concentrate or perform tasks in their usual manner. Six of the thirty-two were eventually diagnosed with severe "character neurosis," two of them bordering on psychosis. Socially, they ceased to care much about others; they grew intensely selfish and self-absorbed. Personal grooming and hygiene deteriorated, and the men were moody and irritable with one another. The lively and cooperative group spirit that had developed in the three-month control phase of the experiment evaporated. Most participants lost interest in group activities or decisions, saying it was too much trouble to deal with the others; some men became scapegoats or targets of aggression for the rest of the group.Food - one's own food - became the only thing that mattered. When the men did talk to one another, it was almost always about eating, hunger, weight loss, foods they dreamt of eating. They grew more obsessed with the subject of food, collecting recipes, studying cookbooks, drawing up menus. As time went on, they stretched their meals out longer and longer, sometimes taking two hours to eat small dinners. Keys's research has often been cited often in recent years for this reason: The behavioral changes in the men mirror the actions of present-day dieters, especially of anorexics.”

Tags : Anorexia Anorexic Conscientious Objectors Depression Diet Hunger Medical Experiment Mental Health Psychosis Refugees Starvation War War Effort Weight Weight Loss
Source : The Fasting Girl: A True Victorian Medical Mystery

48. “Please do not look only at the dark sideAll the newspapers in the free world explain why you return their readers understand how you feelYou have the sympathy of millionsAs a tribute to your sorrow we resolve to spend more money on nuclear weapons there is always a bright sideIf this were only a movie a boat would be available have you ever seen our movies they end happilyYou would lean at the rail with 'him' the sun would set on China kiss and fadeYou would marry one of the kind authoritiesIn our movies there is no law higher than love in real life duty is higherYou would not want the authorities to neglect dutyHow do you like the image of the free world sorry you cannot stayThis is the first and last time we will see you in our papersWhen you are back home remember us we will be having a good time.”

Tags : Free World Hollywood Refugees Social Justice
Author : Thomas Merton
Source : Selected Poems of Thomas Merton

49. “We Have a ChanceTo Save LivesIf We Don't Take ItWe May Regret ItLike We DidWith Alan Kurdi”

Tags : Alan Kurdi Christians Civil Society Conflict Defend International Dr Widad Akrawi Human Rights Inspirational Kobane Kobani Kurds Peace Rape Refugee Crisis Refugees Violence Against Women War Widad Akrawi Yazidis
Author : Widad Akreyi

50. “People floating like pollen in search of more fertile soil.”

Tags : Gardeners Gardens Immigrants Power Refugees Revolution Tyranny Wealth
Author : Andrew Crofts
Source : Secrets of the Italian Gardener

51. “Enough rationalization. They simply had what you wanted, so you took it.[My chair-- I shit on my good chair!]You shit more than just your chair.You shit the world. All you ever cared about was winning -- And you did.The last man standing on a mountain of filth [. . .]Kazumi taught forgiveness. She accepted all refugees looking for a better life. And you turned that against her.Kazumi would show mercy.I'm not Kazumi.”

Tags : Cultural Decay Death Debbie Decay Flak Forgiveness Kazumi Murder Reclamation Refugees Revenge Rick Remender Tokyo Ghost
Author : Rick Remender
Source : Tokyo Ghost, Volume Two: Come Join Us

52. “The messages coming back flooded the comm buffers with rage and sorrow, threats of vengeance and offers of aid. Those last were the hardest. New colonies still trying to force their way into local ecosystems so exotic that their bodies could hardly recognize them as life at all, isolated, exhausted, sometimes at the edge of their resources. And what they wanted was to send back help. He listened to their voices, saw the distress in their eyes. He couldn't help, but love them a little bit. Under the best conditions, disasters and plagues did that. It wasn't universally true. There would always be hoarders and price gouging, people who closed their doors to refugees and left them freezing and starving. But the impulse to help was there too. To carry a burden together, even if it meant having less for yourself. Humanity had come as far as it had in a haze of war, sickness, violence, and genocide. History was drenched in blood. But it also had cooperation and kindness, generosity, intermarriage. The one didn’t come without the other.”

Tags : Colonies Helping Others Humanism Inspirational Refugees Sacrifice War War Relief
Source : Babylon's Ashes

53. “Love will cost you dearly.And it will break your heart.But in the end, it will save the world.”

Tags : Cancer Chemo God Hope Love Refugees Somalia The Invisible Girls Virgin Mary

54. “It is as if families on the run are shattered by something other than just grenades. The flight and fear tears us apart and those parts land in all kinds of places - we don't even know where. But we always try to find them afterwards.”

Tags : Families Henning Mankell Refugees The Shadow Girls
Source : Tea-Bag

55. “we are the boat returning to dockwe are the footprints on the northern trail we are the iron coloring the soil we cannot be erased”

Tags : Palestine Poetry Refugee Refugees Resistance
Author : Remi Kanazi
Source : Before the Next Bomb Drops: Rising Up from Brooklyn to Palestine

56. “As a child refugee who grew up in exile, I can tell you that life in exile is by far one of the most heart-wrenching, gruesome and mind-bending things anyone can experience.Twenty years into this journey, I am still coming to terms with it...”

Tags : Asylum Seekers Blog Post Exile Nonfiction Refugees

57. “I hate being told I can't do something because I'm a girl!”

Tags : Hope Insideoutandbackagain Life Love Refugees Saigon Vietnam Vietnamese War
Author : Thanhha Lai

58. “But if the world measures a refugee according to the worst story, we will always excuse human suffering, saying it is not yet as bad as someone else's.”

Tags : Burma Missioner Mon Refugees Singing To The Dead

59. “You are insistent, calling again. You want me to tell you the story of Scheherazade, who rocks the sad king on her knees as she sings him tales from wonderland. Yet you know that I am not Scheherazade, and that one of the world's greatest wonders is that I am unable to enter my country or pass through the region around it.”

Tags : Arab Palestine Refugees War Women
Author : Liana Badr

60. “Books had been her means of escape; now they would be her refuge.”

Tags : Books Constance Constraire Escape Library Refugees
Source : The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner's Dilemma

61. “In our hearts we know that with a different fate, we, too, could be in the ranks of the dispossessed, stripped of our identities and belonging nowhere. The refugee becomes a sinister symbol of what can quickly happen once personhood is denied and people are transformed into disposable units of contemptible impediments to the greed or power-mongering of others.”

Tags : Exploitation Greed Loss Of Identity Politics Power Refugees
Author : Dave Mearns
Source : Person-Centred Therapy Today: New Frontiers in Theory and Practice

62. “When things fall apart, the children of the land scurry and scatter like birds escaping a burning sky....They will never be the same again because you cannot be the same once you leave behind who and what you are, you just cannot be the same....Look at them leaving in droves, despite knowing they will be welcomed with restraint in those strange lands because they do not belong”

Tags : Belonging Identity Refugees

63. “How can we scramble away like rats, without honor, without dignity, when everyone must help rebuild the country?”

Tags : Refugees
Author : Thanhha Lai
Source : Inside Out & Back Again

64. “No, Mr. Johnston doesn't have a horse, nor has he ever ridden one. What kind of a cowboy is he?”

Tags : Refugees
Author : Thanhha Lai
Source : Inside Out & Back Again

65. “We glide and I feel as if I'm floating.”

Tags : Refugees
Author : Thanhha Lai
Source : Inside Out & Back Again

66. “Mostly, I wish I were still smart.”

Tags : Refugees
Author : Thanhha Lai
Source : Inside Out & Back Again

67. “Millions of fathers in rainMillions of mothers in painMillions of brothers in woeMillions of sisters nowhere to goMillions of daughters walk in the mudMillions of children wash in the floodA million girls vomit and groanMillions of families hopeless alone”

Tags : Ginsberg Refugees September On Jessore Road War
Source : Poems

68. “Every morning, when people are getting up in the tent, the babies are crying, people are pushing each other at the taps outside and some children are already pulling the crusts of porridge off the pots we ate from last night, my first-born brother and I clean our shoes. Our grandmother makes us sit on our mats with our legs straight out so she can look carefully at our shoes to make sure we have done it properly. No other children in the tent have real school shoes. When we three look at them it’s as if we are in a real house again, with no war, no away.”

Tags : Poverty Refugees War
Source : The Ultimate Safari

69. “We walked into my mother's house at 10:30 in the morning at the end of February 1992. I had been gone for three weeks. She had been so desperate about us - she, too, looked thin and haggard. She was stunned to see me walk in, filthy and crawling with lice, with a huge crowd of starving people.We ate and drank clean water; then, before we even washed, I put Marian in a taxi with me and told the driver to go to Nairobi Hospital. We had no money left and I knew Nairobi Hospital was expensive; it was where I had been operated on when the ma'alim broke my skull. But I also knew that there they would help us first and ask to pay later. Saving the baby's life had become the only thing that mattered to me.At the reception desk I announced, "This baby is going to die," and the nurse's eyes went wide with horror. She took him and put a drip in his arm, and very slowly, this tiny shape seemed to uncrumple slightly. After a little while, his eyes opened.The nurse said, "The child will live," and told us to deal with the bill at the cash desk. I asked her who her director was, and found him, and told this middle-aged Indian doctor the whole story. I said I couldn't pay the bill. He took it and tore it up. He said it didn't matter. Then he told me how to look after the baby, and where to get rehydration salts, and we took a taxi home.Ma paid for the taxi and looked at me, her eyes round with respect. "Well done," she said. It was a rare compliment.In the next few days the baby began filling out, growing from a crumpled horror-movie image into a real baby, watchful, alive.”

Tags : Refugees
Source : Infidel

70. “Dar porțile de fier din toate gările erau deja zăvorâte și păzite de soldați. Mulțimea se agăța de bare, le zgâlțâia, apoi se retrăgea în dezordine pe străzile vecine. Femeile fugeau plângând, cu copiii în brațe. Erau oprite ultimele taxiuri. Li se ofereau două, trei mii de franci ca să părăsească Parisul. <> Dar șoferii refuzau, nu mai aveau benzină.”

Tags : Refugees Refugiați Wwii Wwii France Wwii History Casualty
Source : Suite Française

71. “Los Angeles is a city made up of refugees from better cities.”

Tags : America American Culture Los Angeles Refugees

72. “The M/S Saint Louis was a German passenger liner owned by the Hamburg-America Line. She was best known for her voyage in 1939, in which her Captain Gustav Schröder attempted to find homes for her passengers. On May 13, 1939, just prior to the Second World War, 937 German-Jewish refugees boarded the ship in the hopes of escaping persecution and the holocaust that was to follow. Although the passengers had previously purchased legal Visas, they were denied entry into Cuba due to contrived red tape. While the ship was in transit, Cuba changed its laws restricting entry to all but U.S. citizens. Even though the Nazi régime had already started to persecute Jews, the Captain of the Saint Louis insisted that the crew treat the passengers with courtesy and respect. Even though the crew followed the captain’s orders, the passengers became distressed when it was announced that they would not be allowed to enter Cuba. President Roosevelt and his envoys Cordell Hull, Secretary of State, and Henry Morgenthau, Secretary of the Treasury, as well as the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, tried to persuade Cuba to accept the refugees. However, their actions were to no avail. It is believed that the German ambassador, on orders from Berlin, put pressure on Cuba. The passengers were refused permission to land, even though they were refugees fleeing persecution.”

Tags : Cuban History German History Nautical History Refugees
Source : Suppressed I Rise