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1. “Cruel people offer pity when they no longer feel threatened. However, kind people offer compassion and understanding regardless.”

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2. “DeWitt: Loneliness leads to nothing good, only detachment. And sometimes the people who most need to reach out are the people least capable of it.”

Tags : Connections Dollhouse Helplessness Loneliness Reaching Out
Author : Jane Espenson

3. “Nothing changes until people decide to do the things they must, in order to bring about peace.”

Tags : Apologizing Closure Communication Empathy Ending It Forgiving Letting Go Listening Offering Hope Peace Reaching Out See Taking Understanding

4. “Forget what we became, focus on what we're capable of becoming.”

Tags : Applying What You Know Celebrity Different Path Dignity Expressing Yourself Helping Others Lessons Moving Forward Nature Of Man Opportunity Proactive Vs Reactive Repeat Mistakes Repeated Patterns Seeing People Self Help Self Work Spiritual Growth Standing Up For Right Therapy Trusting We Control Our Reactions Well Intended Work

5. “The moment you realise your nature is love, you'll stop looking for a reason to express love.”

Tags : Consequences Crossroads Dignity Fixing Ourself Full Circle Happiness Helpful Helping Others Imperfections Integrity Just A Moment In Time Lessons Life S Little University Lifting Others Living Love Nature Of Man One Path Our Fault Seeing People Self Help Self Love Staying Positive Trusting

6. “When passion meets work, work becomes a hobby.”

Tags : Acting Differently Applying Celebrity Change Duty Enjoyment Helping Others Hobby Lessons Life Coach Life S Little University Living Nature Of Man Our Fault Proactive Vs Reactive Reaching Out Reactions Repeating The Past Self Love Spiritual Growth Stayingpositiveu Com Well Intended Wide Awake Work

7. “Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone's hand is the beginning of a journey.At other times, it is allowing another to take yours.”

Tags : Bond Communication Connecting Connection Hands Holding Hands Journey Reaching Out Together Togetherness Touch Touching
Author : Vera Nazarian
Source : The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

8. “Take the challenge of your life.Reach out to your goals.There is no limit to what you can achieve.”

Tags : Achieve Your Dreams Achievement Achievements Success Challenge Challenging Perspectives Future Plans Goal Goal Achievement Goal Of Life Goal Setting Tips Goal Success Goals And Plans Goals In Life Goals Quotes Higher Education Higher Learning Higher Power Reaching Reaching For Your Dreams Reaching Higher Reaching Out Success In Business Success In Life

9. “At times we feel outnumbered in our attempts to improve the world—to brighten and beautify, to preserve and heal and do what’s best for humanity. Selfless efforts can start to feel beleaguering, discouraging, even pointless with so little support. It is at these times I remind myself that I would rather be the last Good Samaritan standing than to join the ranks of selfish multitudes creating misery.”

Tags : Charity Good Samaritan Help Helping Humanitarian Kindness Misery Reaching Out Richelle Richelle E Goodrich Richelle Goodrich Selfish People
Source : Making Wishes: Quotes, Thoughts, & a Little Poetry for Every Day of the Year

10. “Sometimes its not the strength but gentleness that cracks the hardest shells.”

Tags : Caring Friendship Gentle Listening Reaching Out Sheltered
Source : Lost December

11. “When you reach for the stars, you are reaching for the farthest thing out there. When you reach deep into yourself, it is the same thing, but in the opposite direction. If you reach in both directions, you will have spanned the universe.”

Tags : Aim Aim High Deep Effort Far Reaching Goal Goals Journey Limits Narrow Range Reach Reach Out Reaching Out Stars Trip Universe Wide
Author : Vera Nazarian
Source : The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

12. “One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.”

Tags : Alone Communication Community Community Service Compassion Encourage Encouragement Give Giving Help Helping Others Helping Out Kindness Letting Them In Lonelyness Lost Love Missions Novels Reaching Out Service Share Sharing Stories Tears Together Vulnerability

13. “No boundary or barrier surrounds the heart of a person that loves their self and others.”

Tags : Boundaries Change Denial Dignity Freedom Healthy People Insecurity Letting Go Limits Loving One Another Low Self Esteem Passive Agressive Behavior Reaching Out Respecting Others Rules Self Love Self Protection Self Respect Self Worth Spiritual Growth Self Denial Tolerance Trust Truth Victomization Walls

14. “A lot of those young men were just looking for love, and they got that love from Scrooge. They were not perhaps able to get it from home or from no one in the community. So instead of holding on to Scrooge, they could hold on to me. That was the way I looked at it. If Scrooge could get a young boy to follow him, I should have been able to get one to follow me as well: so why can’t I as a police officer do the same? Allerdyce Strachan, the first female to rise to the rank of superintendent on the Royal Bahamas Police Force.”

Tags : At Risk Communities At Risk Families Crime Prevention Feeling Loved Follow Me Gang Family Gang Intervention Gang Members Gang Outreach Getting Involve Law Enforcement Looking For Acceptance Looking For Love Police Officers Police Outreach Reaching Gang Members Reaching Out Reaching People Rebellions Raiders Sense Of Belonging Social Ills Social Outreach Youth Groups Youth Involvement
Author : Drexel Deal
Source : The Fight of My Life is Wrapped Up in My Father

15. “If you truly feel that self esteem and motivation have to happen first before you can make changes in your life, then we’ll probably be sharing walkers at a retirement home as we talk over what might have been.”

Tags : Confidence Dreams Follow Your Heart Goals Motivation No Coincidences Not Random Priorities Reaching Out Self Esteem Self Worth Take Action

16. “You can’t selectively numb your anger, any more than you can turn off all lights in a room, and still expect to see the light.”

Tags : Communicating Compassion Coping Feeling God Healing Holding Back Holding Back Feelings Ignoring Learning Letting Go Light Opening Up Peace Proactive Vs Reactive Seeing Sermons Shutting Out Suppressing Therapy Understanding Wisdom

17. “But in the wake of 'Bullet,' all the guys wanted to know was, 'How's it doing? How's it selling?' How to tell them I didn't give a flying fuck how it was doing in the marketplace, that what I cared about was how it was doing in the reader's heart?”

Tags : Caring Heart Materialism Money Reaching Out Reaching People What Matters Writing Writing Process
Author : Stephen King
Source : Everything's Eventual: 14 Dark Tales

18. “Sometimes, you will go through awful trials in your life and then a miracle happens--God heals you. Don’t be disheartened when the people you love don’t see things like you do. There will be Pharisees in your life that will laugh it off, deny that it happened, or will mock your experience based on righteousness they think you don't possess. God won't deny you a spiritual experience because you are not a spiritual leader. He loves everyone equal. The only people that really matter in life are the people that can “see” your heart and rejoice with you.”

Tags : Adversity Being Invisible Blessed Blessings Christ Compassion Crippled Cures Empathy God S Love Healed Healing Hurting Ignored Kindness Loving Others Mental Illness Pharisees Reaching Out Seeing People Trials Wellness

19. “Depression, is like trying to find a light switch in pitch darkness. Defeating it takes much assistance and resource. First, it's letting in loved ones that are reaching out, when light will begin to shine.”

Tags : Darkness Defeat Depression Guidance Hope Hopelessness Light Loved Ones Openness Reaching Out Resource Shine Suicide

20. “I suppose I have found it easier to identify with the characters who verge upon hysteria, who were frightened of life, who were desperate to reach out to another person. But these seemingly fragile people are the strong people really.”

Tags : Desperate Fragile Frightened Hysteria Identification Reaching Out

21. “It is not the homeless, mentally ill or extremely cunning people that we have to be afraid of. When someone loses everything that meant something to them is when people should get very afraid. A person that has nothing to lose is the scariest person on earth.”

Tags : Careful Cautious Commonsense Cunning Danger Dangerous Fear Losing Everything Losing Hope Manipulative No Compassion No Filter Not Caring Paranoia Reaching Out Scared Shunned

22. “Half of the time, the Holy Ghost tries to warn us about certain people that come into our life. The other half of the time he tries to tell us that the sick feeling we get in a situation is not the other person’s fault, rather it is our own hang-ups. A life filled with bias, hatred, judgment, insecurity, fear, delusion and self-righteousness can cloud the soul of anyone you meet. Our job is never to assume,instead it is to listen, communicate, ask questions then ask more, until we know the true depth of someone’s spirit.”

Tags : Answers Anxiety Bias Children Choices Christianity Church Members Compassion Dating Eternal Truths Family Fear First Impressions Forgiving Family Friends Holy Ghost Homeless Jesus Christ Knowing Someone Listen New Perspective Relgion Resolutions Seeing Spirtual

23. “Sometimes you only get one chance to rewrite the qualities of the character you played in a person's life story. Always take it. Never let the world read the wrong version of you.”

Tags : Books Chances Choices Based On Faith Kindness Making Amends Opportunities Reaching Out Redemption Rising Above Yourself Self Help Truth Self

24. “If you often feel alone, ignored, or forgotten, think about this: closing the door and locking yourself in won't change anything—literally and figuratively.”

Tags : Alone Depression Forgotten Friendliness Ignored Reaching Out Richelle Richelle E Goodrich Richelle Goodrich Self Pity Self Worth

25. “Our job on earth isn't to criticize, reject, or judge. Our purpose is to offer a helping hand, compassion, and mercy. We are to do unto others as we hope they would do unto us.”

Tags : Acceptance Of Others Compassion Quotes Compassionate Compassionate Love Criticism Devotionals Encouragement Quotes Faith Giving Golden Rule Grace Harvest Of Hope Helping Hand Helping Others Hope Hopeful And Encouraging Inspiring Judge Judgemental Love Quotes Mercy Mercy Of God Pay It Forward Positive Quotes Purpose Purpose In Life Reaching Out Reaching Out To Others
Author : Dana Arcuri
Source : Harvest of Hope: Living Victoriously Through Adversity, A 50-Day Devotional

26. “When you reach out to those in need, do not be surprised if the essential meaning of something occurs.”

Tags : Giving Help Helping Hand Helping Mankind Helping Others Reaching Out Self Help Stephen Richards Stephen Richards Self Help

27. “You cannot fully understand a person's need until you have endured the same need. As hard as you may try to predict and comprehend their situation and suffering, I guarantee you'll fall short until you've been there.”

Tags : Caring Charity Empathy Enduring Experience Helping Helping Others Reaching Out Richelle Richelle E Goodrich Richelle Goodrich Sympathy Understanding Understanding Others
Source : Making Wishes: Quotes, Thoughts, & a Little Poetry for Every Day of the Year

28. “If you weren't built for this life, you'd be dead by now. i think the problem is people don't share enough of their pain with the world, so they never know who else is in pain, too, and what others are going through. we're never really alone in anything.”

Tags : Alone Friendship Life Living Loneliness Lonely Pain Reaching Out Sharing Suffering

29. “The simple gift of giving becomes an elaborate rich aftertaste of a natural blissful feeling, lingering endlessly in my lifetime.”

Tags : Giving Helping Others Reaching Out Sharing Love
Author : Wes Adamson

30. “There's calm in each and every day, we just need to practice reaching out for it.”

Tags : Calm Life Reaching Out
Author : Ron Baratono

31. “Stars are much further away from where they are now for those who have no dreams and no intentions to reach them!”

Tags : Away Dream Dreams Intention Intentions Now Reach Reaching Out Star Stars Stars Quotes

32. “Never underestimate the lingering effects of a dash of spontaneous comfort.”

Tags : Comfort Comfort Others Comforting Reaching Out Reaching Out To Others Spontaneous Comfort Spontaneous Joy
Author : Gina Greenlee
Source : Postcards and Pearls: Life Lessons from Solo Moments on the Road

33. “Ogni alba è un invito a sorgere ed illuminare la giornata di qualcuno.”

Tags : Charity Friendliness Helping Kindness Reaching Out Reaching Out To Others Richelle Richelle E Goodrich Richelle Goodrich Service Sunrise

34. “Like stars are to the sky, so are the children to our world. They deserve to shine!”

Tags : Babies Child Child Abuse Child Bully Child Love Child Maltreatment Child Neglect Children Children Are Our Stars Kindness Less Privileged Children Love The Children Reaching Out Stars

35. “Caught in your youniverse again? Try reaching out to the one besides you!”

Tags : Communication Depression Inspirational Quotes Isolation Loneliness Motivational Quotes Psychology Reaching Out Social
Author : Stefan Emunds

36. “Reaching out and value other lives is the only way to be trusted and never forgotten.”

Tags : Never Forgotten Reaching Out Trust Value Other Lives

37. “Kindness is love in action, not feeling emotions or thoughts of empathy only. Kindness is doing!”

Tags : Action Activism Altruism Doing Giving Helping Others Kindness Love On Another Reaching Out Serving

38. “Some people say, “Once you learn to be happy, you won't tolerate being around people who make you feel anything less.” My Christ says, “Your job is to get off your self righteous butt and start reaching out to the difficult people because my ministry wasn’t about a bunch of nice people getting together once a week to sing hymns and get a feel good message, that you may or may not apply, depending on the depth of your anger for someone. It is about caring for and helping the broken hearted, the difficult, the hurt, the misunderstood, the repulsive, the wicked and the liars. It is about turning the other cheek when someone hurts you. It is about loving one another and making amends. It is allowing people as many chances as they need because God gives them endless chances. When you do this then you will know me and you will know true happiness and peace. Until then, you will never know who I really am. You will always be just a fan or a Sunday only warrior. You will continue to represent who you are to the world, but not me. I am the God that rescues.”

Tags : Building Testimonies Caring For Others Christ S Ministry Christianity Christians Closure Communication Conflict Resolution Followers Forgiving God S Love Harmful Quotes Hope Jesus Kindness Love Pleasing God Prayers Reaching Out Rejoice Rescue Rising Above Warriors

39. “Christ's version of kindness: I know you are hurt. I contributed to that. Maybe, I should have said more. Done more. Listened. I am sorry for my part in the situation. I am sorry if I caused you any pain or confused you with my actions or words. How can I help you move on? I want you to have peace in your life. Let's end this by communicating.The world's perverted version of kindness: You caused your own pain. You get what you get. Get over it and move on. Maybe, one day you will figure out what happiness really means. By the way, I am not responsible for giving it to you. Nor, do I have to put up with people that don't bring me joy or who I can't trust. I am only responsible for myself. I will pray for you because I am a good Christian.”

Tags : Being Real Church Members Communicaiton Compassion Ending Pain Fake Members Kindness Lost People Manners Moving On Reaching Out Spirituality Ungodly People

40. “Words matter, but what matters more than words is forgiveness and compassion.”

Tags : Christ Closure Compassion Forgiveness Letting Go Love Reaching Out Rescuers Sermons Understanding

41. “If you’re treating people poorly then you're not emulating God’s love. God always resides with the broken hearted.”

Tags : Compassion Empathy Guardian Angel Kindness Learn Love Mercy Reaching Out Service Understanding

42. “Jesus never says to the poor: ‘come find the church’, but he says to those of us in the church: ‘go into the world and find the poor, hungry, homeless, imprisoned.”

Tags : Church Compassion Connection Love Outreach Poor Reaching Out
Author : Tony Campolo

43. “But still – that is our vocation: to convert the hostis into a hospes, the enemy into a guest and to create the free and fearless space where brotherhood and sisterhood can be formed and fully experienced.”

Tags : Enemy Guest Henri Nouwen Hospitality Reaching Out Welcome

44. “The goal for most people should not be to feel better, but to get better at feeling.”

Tags : Action Activist Charity Conservation Earth Feeling Heartless Hell To Well Mankind Reaching Out Self Asborbed Self Focus Service Stewards Tolerance Wellness Wrong Goals

45. “Compassion is not something you have; it is something you share.”

Tags : Altruism Anger Be Better Compassion Developing Values Empathy Evolution Growth Inner Work Learning Lessons Loving One Another Practicing What You Preach Pride Reaching Out Rise Up Self Awareness Service Share Sharing Spiritual Growth Truth Unrepentant Worship Team

46. “I can and will improve the world.I will smile, show kindness, and be grateful.I refuse to be unhappy.”

Tags : Change The World Gratefulness Gratitude Happiness Improve Kindness Kindness Quotes Positive Outlook Positive Thinking Reaching Out Richelle Richelle E Goodrich Richelle Goodrich Smile
Source : Making Wishes: Quotes, Thoughts, & a Little Poetry for Every Day of the Year

47. “Funny thing how when you reach out, people tend to reach right back. Best, then, to make sure your hand is open and not fisted.”

Tags : Helping Helping Hand Reaching Out Richelle Richelle Goodrich
Source : Smile Anyway: Quotes, Verse, & Grumblings for Every Day of the Year

48. “Sometimes something happens and you find that all the people you knew are like nothing and someone you never saw before will reach out a hand to help.”

Tags : Help Reaching Out Strange
Source : Never Leave Me