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1. “The exaggerated dopamine sensitivity of the introvert leads one to believe that when in public, introverts, regardless of its validity, often feel to be the center of (unwanted) attention hence rarely craving attention. Extroverts, on the other hand, seem to never get enough attention. So on the flip side it seems as though the introvert is in a sense very external and the extrovert is in a sense very internal - the introvert constantly feels too much 'outerness' while the extrovert doesn't feel enough 'outerness'.”

Tags : Attention Awareness Brain Cognition Compassion Dopamine Emotions Empathy Exaggeration External Extroversion Extrovert Feelings Internal Introversion Introvert Personality Psychology Public Sensitivity Social Sympathy
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

2. “[On the practical applications of particle physics research with the Large Hadron Collider.]Sometimes the public says, 'What's in it for Numero Uno? Am I going to get better television reception? Am I going to get better Internet reception?' Well, in some sense, yeah. ... All the wonders of quantum physics were learned basically from looking at atom-smasher technology. ... But let me let you in on a secret: We physicists are not driven to do this because of better color television. ... That's a spin-off. We do this because we want to understand our role and our place in the universe.”

Tags : Atom Smasher Benefit Large Hadron Collider Particle Physics Physics Public Quantum Physics Science Understanding Universe
Author : Michio Kaku

3. “A NATION'S GREATNESS DEPENDS ON ITS LEADERTo vastly improve your country and truly make it great again, start by choosing a better leader. Do not let the media or the establishment make you pick from the people they choose, but instead choose from those they do not pick. Pick a leader from among the people who is heart-driven, one who identifies with the common man on the street and understands what the country needs on every level. Do not pick a leader who is only money-driven and does not understand or identify with the common man, but only what corporations need on every level.Pick a peacemaker. One who unites, not divides. A cultured leader who supports the arts and true freedom of speech, not censorship. Pick a leader who will not only bail out banks and airlines, but also families from losing their homes -- or jobs due to their companies moving to other countries. Pick a leader who will fund schools, not limit spending on education and allow libraries to close. Pick a leader who chooses diplomacy over war. An honest broker in foreign relations. A leader with integrity, one who says what they mean, keeps their word and does not lie to their people. Pick a leader who is strong and confident, yet humble. Intelligent, but not sly. A leader who encourages diversity, not racism. One who understands the needs of the farmer, the teacher, the doctor, and the environmentalist -- not only the banker, the oil tycoon, the weapons developer, or the insurance and pharmaceutical lobbyist.Pick a leader who will keep jobs in your country by offering companies incentives to hire only within their borders, not one who allows corporations to outsource jobs for cheaper labor when there is a national employment crisis. Choose a leader who will invest in building bridges, not walls. Books, not weapons. Morality, not corruption. Intellectualism and wisdom, not ignorance. Stability, not fear and terror. Peace, not chaos. Love, not hate. Convergence, not segregation. Tolerance, not discrimination. Fairness, not hypocrisy. Substance, not superficiality. Character, not immaturity. Transparency, not secrecy. Justice, not lawlessness. Environmental improvement and preservation, not destruction. Truth, not lies.Most importantly, a great leader must serve the best interests of the people first, not those of multinational corporations. Human life should never be sacrificed for monetary profit. There are no exceptions. In addition, a leader should always be open to criticism, not silencing dissent. Any leader who does not tolerate criticism from the public is afraid of their dirty hands to be revealed under heavy light. And such a leader is dangerous, because they only feel secure in the darkness. Only a leader who is free from corruption welcomes scrutiny; for scrutiny allows a good leader to be an even greater leader.And lastly, pick a leader who will make their citizens proud. One who will stir the hearts of the people, so that the sons and daughters of a given nation strive to emulate their leader's greatness. Only then will a nation be truly great, when a leader inspires and produces citizens worthy of becoming future leaders, honorable decision makers and peacemakers. And in these times, a great leader must be extremely brave. Their leadership must be steered only by their conscience, not a bribe.”

Tags : Bribe Censor Chaos Confident Employment Equalityown Fair Foreign Relations Government Spending Greatness Hate Honest Humanity Humility Ignorance Immaturity Losing Jobs Monetary Profit Peace Preservation Proptests Republic Tolerance Transparency Wants
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

4. “The public wants work which flatters its illusions.”

Tags : Art Artists Creativity Flattery Public Readers Writers Writing

5. “Who you are in public is a test of your conviction; who you are in private, integrity.”

Tags : Beliefs Bold Bravery Conviction Courage Coward Dignity Ethics Fear Fearless Genuine Honesty Integrity Liar Morality Private Public Righteousness Secrecy Sincerity Test Truth
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

6. “Choose a leader who will invest in building bridges, not walls. Books, not weapons. Morality, not corruption. Intellectualism and wisdom, not ignorance. Stability, not fear and terror. Peace, not chaos. Love, not hate. Convergence, not segregation. Tolerance, not discrimination. Fairness, not hypocrisy. Substance, not superficiality. Character, not immaturity. Transparency, not secrecy. Justice, not lawlessness. Environmental improvement and preservation, not destruction. Truth, not lies.”

Tags : Character Convergence Corporations Criticism Diplomacy Education Employment Environmentalist Government Corruption Guide Humans Hypocrisy Intellectualism Lead Leadership Lies Mortage Peace People Political Science Racism Serves The People Teacher Tolerate Vote
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

7. “We would not be ashamed of doing some of the things we do in private, if the number of sane human beings who do them in public were large enough.”

Tags : Aphorism Crazed Cuckoo Democracy Democratic Ditzy Ethics In Public Insanity Jokes Masturbate Mental Minority Morals Not All There Private Shameful Society The Minority

8. “A leader should always be open to criticism, not silencing dissent. Any leader who does not tolerate criticism from the public is afraid of their dirty hands to be revealed under heavy light. And such a leader is dangerous, because they only feel secure in the darkness. Only a leader who is free from corruption welcomes scrutiny; for scrutiny allows a good leader to be an even greater leader.”

Tags : Bail Out Banking System Big Business Companies Dissent Divide Farmer Human Life Incentives Leaders Libraries Library Lobbyist Mortage Multinational Peace Pharma Political Science President Silencing Dissent Speech Teachers Understand War Wisdom
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

9. “A great leader must serve the best interests of the people first, not those of multinational corporations. Human life should never be sacrificed for monetary profit. There are no exceptions. In addition, a leader should always be open to criticism, not silencing dissent. Any leader who does not tolerate criticism from the public is afraid of their dirty hands being revealed under heavy light. And such a leader is dangerous, because they only feel secure in the darkness. Only a leader who is free from corruption welcomes scrutiny; for scrutiny allows a good leader to be an even greater leader.”

Tags : Administration Best Leader Bipartisan Blood Corruption Divides Government Corruption Guide Homes Honest Broker Humans Intelligent Justice Leadership Characteristics Library Losing Man On The Street Mortages Pharmaceutical Selecting Street Level Strong Unites War
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

10. “Tie me up, please..." Chantal said. They looked above at some vines and roots hanging down from the grassy area above the depression in the canal they were standing in. She was in his hands—he had to comply.A little bit of kink was one of the most delicious of erotic pleasures. Catholic school girls were often the horniest—Brett could hardly contain his elation.”

Tags : Bdsm Catholic Catholic Sex Desire Erotic Fiction Erotic Literature Fetish Kink Light Bdsm Lust Plaid Skirt Popular Culture Public Religion Religious School School Girl Schoolgirl Uniform Sexual Sexual Repression Sexuality Skirts Teenage Uniform
Author : Jess C. Scott
Source : Catholic School Girls Rule

11. “Often have seen that a guy who is habitually shy and does blatantly say about the women’s lie on their face itself has more respect for them and for that matter anyone, than a person who makes all hue and cry with many people on the subject of WOMAN’s RESPECT in the public domain or on the social media.”

Tags : Adviser Connectivity Cunning Gatherings Hue And Cry Hypocrite Independent Individual Inspiring Leaders Inspiring Thoughts Inspiring Words Liars Materiatic Meetings Mindset Motivational Quotes Notable People Outspoken Public Domain Public Speech Quote Of The Day Respect Selfish Shy Though Of The Day Wisdom Quote
Author : Anuj Somany

12. “Public Utility Commission (PUC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) complaints are rarely upheld. It is estimated that less than 5% of complaints are successful and that the actual number may be below 1% in some cases.”

Tags : Administration Case Case Closed Commission Communication Complaint Complaints Fcc Federal Health Law Occupational Occupational Hazards Osha Public Puc Rare Rarely Safety Success Success Quotes Successful Upheld
Author : Steven Magee

13. “The simple truth of the matter is that people who complain about a peaceful parade which lasts at best one hour in a particular place - ONCE in a whole year - do so out of hatred and intolerance. it isn't just the parade, it is seeing gay and trans people in public - and gay and trans people BEING gay and trans in public. And that is the root of the problem - they HATE gay and trans people.”

Tags : Being Gay Complain Gay Hate Hatred Intolerance Once One Hour Parade Peaceful Parade Problem Public Trans Truth Year
Source : Black Sunrise

14. “Here one comes upon an all-important English trait: the respect for constituitionalism and legality, the belief in 'the law' as something above the state and above the individual, something which is cruel and stupid, of course, but at any rate incorruptible.It is not that anyone imagines the law to be just. Everyone knows that there is one law for the rich and another for the poor. But no one accepts the implications of this, everyone takes for granted that the law, such as it is, will be respected, and feels a sense of outrage when it is not. Remarks like 'They can't run me in; I haven't done anything wrong', or 'They can't do that; it's against the law', are part of the atmosphere of England. The professed enemies of society have this feeling as strongly as anyone else. One sees it in prison-books like Wilfred Macartney's Walls Have Mouths or Jim Phelan's Jail Journey, in the solemn idiocies that take places at the trials of conscientious objectors, in letters to the papers from eminent Marxist professors, pointing out that this or that is a 'miscarriage of British justice'. Everyone believes in his heart that the law can be, ought to be, and, on the whole, will be impartially administered. The totalitarian idea that there is no such thing as law, there is only power, has never taken root. Even the intelligentsia have only accepted it in theory.An illusion can become a half-truth, a mask can alter the expression of a face. The familiar arguments to the effect that democracy is 'just the same as' or 'just as bad as' totalitarianism never take account of this fact. All such arguments boil down to saying that half a loaf is the same as no bread. In England such concepts as justice, liberty and objective truth are still believed in. They may be illusions, but they are powerful illusions. The belief in them influences conduct,national life is different because of them. In proof of which, look about you. Where are the rubber truncheons, where is the caster oil? The sword is still in the scabbard, and while it stays corruption cannot go beyond a certain point. The English electoral system, for instance, is an all but open fraud. In a dozen obvious ways it is gerrymandered in the interest of the moneyed class. But until some deep change has occurred in the public mind, it cannot become completely corrupt. You do not arrive at the polling booth to find men with revolvers telling you which way to vote, nor are the votes miscounted, nor is there any direct bribery. Even hypocrisy is powerful safeguard. The hanging judge, that evil old man in scarlet robe and horse-hair wig,whom nothing short of dynamite will ever teach what century he is living in, but who will at any rate interpret the law according to the books and will in no circumstances take a money bribe,is one of the symbolic figures of England. He is a symbol of the strange mixture of reality and illusion, democracy and privilege, humbug and decency, the subtle network of compromises, by which the nation keeps itself in its familiar shape.”

Tags : Illusions Law Politics Public System
Author : George Orwell
Source : Why I Write

15. “Our freedoms are vanishing. If you do not get active to take a stand now against all that is wrong while we still can, then maybe one of your children may elect to do so in the future, when it will be far more riskier — and much, much harder.”

Tags : Censors Change Cheating Children Control Democratic Dissent Elect Equality Fair Freedom Future Hard Justice Liberty Peace Rebellion Revolt Rigged Risk Suppress World Youth
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

16. “Nonsense has taken up residence in the heart of public debate and also in the academy. This nonsense is part of the huge fund of unreason on which the plans and schemes of optimists draw for their vitality. Nonsense confiscates meaning. It thereby puts truth and falsehood, reason and unreason, light and darkness on an equal footing. It is a blow cast in defence of intellectual freedom, as the optimists construe it, namely the freedom to believe anything at all, provided you feel better for it.”

Tags : Academy Believe Darkness Debate Equal Falsehood Feel Feeling Freedom Heart Light Meaning Nonsense Optimism Optimists Plan Plans Public Reason Scheme Schemes Truth Unreason Vitality
Author : Roger Scruton
Source : The Uses of Pessimism: And the Danger of False Hope

17. “The public make use of the classics of a country as a means of checking the progress of Art. They degrade the classics into authorities.... A fresh mode of Beauty is absolutely distasteful to them, and whenever it appears they get so angry and bewildered that they always use two stupid expressions--one is that the work of art is grossly unintelligible; the other, that the work of art is grossly immoral. What they mean by these words seems to me to be this. When they say a work is grossly unintelligible, they mean that the artist has said or made a beautiful thing that is new; when they describe a work as grossly immoral, they mean that the artist has said or made a beautiful thing that is true.”

Tags : Art Attitudes Beauty Creativity Opinions Public Truth
Author : Oscar Wilde

18. “There’s only one way America’s neighborhoods will begin to integrate: people have to want it more than vested public and corporate interests are opposed to it. And more people should want it. Mixed-race, mixed-income housing is a product we need to market. It’s the only real solution to segregated schools, for one. (140)”

Tags : Community Development Education Equity Housing Neighborhoods Policy Public Segregation Social Policy Status White Flight
Author : Tanner Colby
Source : Some of My Best Friends Are Black: The Strange Story of Integration in America

19. “People that have a police car behind them pulling them over should put on their hazard lights and continue slowly driving to the nearest densely populated public place, such as a supermarket or shopping center. Pull over outside the busy entrance and start your video camera. Inform the police officer that you are video recording and very slowly give the requested documentation. Exercise your legal right to silence while the many independent witnesses video record the unexpected stop that rudely interrupts your day. If you are given a ticket, choose to go to court. It will give you time to obtain independent legal advice about the allegation.”

Tags : About Allegation Allegations Behind Camera Car Day Dense Densely Given Inform Interrupts Legal Lights Many Obtain Outside People Police Brutality Policemen Population Public Pull Pulling Record Silence Slowly Stop Video While
Author : Steven Magee

20. “Most USA citizens never realize that the systems of public protection are essentially useless until they try to use them. At that point they learn the hard way that government agencies like OSHA, FCC, FDA, police internal affairs, disability, and the like do not work for them.”

Tags : Affairs Agencies Citizens Disability Fcc Fda Government Abuse Government Corruption Government Propaganda Hard Internal Most Never Not Osha Point Police Protection Public Realize Systems Try Until Usa Use Useless Way Work
Author : Steven Magee

21. “The drama of the essay is the way the public life intersects with my personal and private life. It's in that intersection that I find the energy of the essay.”

Tags : Drama Essay Life Private Public Richard Rodriguez Writing

22. “Good friends will allow you to be as innocent and free as a child when in private, and as wise and mature as an adult when in public.”

Tags : Adult Best Friend Child Family Force Freedom Friend Friendship Fun Immaturity Influence Innocence Maturity Morality Peer Pressure Peers Pressure Private Public Relationships Wisdom
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

23. “It’s always better to sit on your dignity in private than to stand on it in public.”

Tags : Dignity Private Public Sit Stand
Author : Mark Lawrence
Source : Prince of Fools

24. “For Sabina, living in truth, lying neither to ourselves not others, was possible only away from the public: the moment someone keeps an eye on what we do, we involuntarily make allowances for that eye, and nothing we do is truthful. Having a public, keeping a public in mind, means living in lies. Sabina despised literature in which people give away all kinds of intimate secrets about themselves and their friends. A man who loses his privacy loses everything, Sabina thought. And a man who gives it up on his own free will is a monster. That is why Sabina did not suffer in the least from having to keep her love a secret. On the contrary, only by doing so could she live the truth.”

Tags : Living In Truth Privacy Private Public Secrets Truth
Author : Milan Kundera
Source : The Unbearable Lightness of Being

25. “For Sabina, living in truth, lying neither to ourselves nor to others, was possible only away from the public: the moment someone keeps an eye on what we do, we involuntarily make allowances for that eye, and nothing we do is truthful. Having a public, keeping a public in mind, means living in lies.”

Tags : Lies Public Truth
Author : Milan Kundera
Source : The Unbearable Lightness of Being

26. “But when they made love he was offended by her eyes. They behaved as though they belonged to someone else. Someone watching. Looking out of the window at the sea. At a boat in the river. Or a passerby in the mist in a hat.He was exasperated because he didn't know what that look meant. He put it somewhere between indifference and despair. He didn’t know that in some places, like the country that Rahel came from, various kinds of despair competed for primacy. And that personal despair could never be desperate enough. That something happened when personal turmoil dropped by at the wayside shrine of the vast, violent, circling, driving, ridiculous, insane, unfeasible, public turmoil of a nation. That Big God howled like a hot wind, and demanded obeisance. Then Small God (cozy and contained, private and limited) came away cauterized, laughing numbly at his own temerity. Inured by the confirmation of his own inconsequence, he became resilient and truly indifferent. Nothing mattered much. Nothing much mattered. And the less it mattered, the less it mattered. It was never important enough. Because Worse Things had happened. In the country that she came from, poised forever between the terror of war and the horror of peace, Worse Things kept happening.So Small God laughed a hollow laugh, and skipped away cheerfully. Like a rich boy in shorts. He whistled, kicked stones. The source of his brittle elation was the relative smallness of his misfortune. He climbed into people’s eyes and became an exasperating expression.”

Tags : Bigness Despair Desperation Exasperation Eyes Indifference Nationality Peace Personal Public Smallness War
Author : Arundhati Roy
Source : The God of Small Things

27. “I am not poor, I am not rich; nihil est, nihil deest, I have little, I want nothing: all my treasure is in Minerva’s tower...I live still a collegiate student...and lead a monastic life, ipse mihi theatrum [sufficient entertainment to myself], sequestered from those tumults and troubles of the world...aulae vanitatem, fori ambitionem, ridere mecum soleo [I laugh to myself at the vanities of the court, the intrigues of public life], I laugh at all.”

Tags : Alone Hermit People Public Quiet Solitary Solitude
Author : Robert Burton
Source : The Anatomy of Melancholy

28. “To me, the conclusion that the public has the ultimate responsibility for the behavior of even the biggest businesses is empowering and hopeful, rather than disappointing. My conclusion is not a moralistic one about who is right or wrong, admirable or selfish, a good guy or a bad guy. My conclusion is instead a prediction, based on what I have seen happening in the past. Businesses have changed when the public came to expect and require different behavior, to reward businesses for behavior that the public wanted, and to make things difficult for businesses practicing behaviors that the public didn't want. I predict that in the future, just as in the past, changes in public attitudes will be essential for changes in businesses' environmental practices.”

Tags : Business Economics Politics Power Public
Author : Jared Diamond
Source : Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed

29. “How to please the public - that's the test,But nowadays I find I'm in a fix;I know they're not accustomed to the best,But they've all read so much they know the tricks.How can we give then something fresh and newThat's serious, but entertaining too?”

Tags : Entertain Faust Goethe Public

30. “Now you see, Dr. Stadler, you're speaking as if this book were addressing to a thinking audience. If it were, one would have to be concerned with such matters as accuracy, validity, logic and the prestige of science. But it isn't. It's addressed to the public. ”

Tags : Public Reading
Author : Ayn Rand

31. “What pleases the public is lively and vivid delineation which makes no demands on the intellect; but passionate and absolutist youth can only be enthralled by a problem.”

Tags : Public
Author : Thomas Mann

32. “This is the paradox of public space: even if everyone knows an unpleasant fact, saying it in public changes everything. One of the first measures taken by the new Bolshevik government in 1918 was to make public the entire corpus of tsarist secret diplomacy, all the secret agreements, the secret clauses of public agreements etc. There too the target was the entire functioning of the state apparatuses of power. (Žižek, S. "Good Manners in the Age of WikiLeaks." London Review of Books 33.2 (2011): 9-10. )”

Tags : Paradoxes Philosophy Political Science Public Wikileaks

33. “The public, which has been wrong before and is wrong now, can accept only demons and angels on the stage”

Tags : Absolutes Public

34. “The ordinary public is a puppet of worthless news and media.”

Tags : Media News Public Puppet

35. “The trail of lime trees outside our building is still a public loo. …where else are they supposed to go to the toilet in a city where public toilets are about as common as UFO sightings?” (pp.281-82)”

Tags : Building City Lime Loo Public Toilet Trail Trees Ufo
Source : Almost French: Love and a New Life in Paris

36. “Language is the apparel in which your thoughts parade before the public. ”

Tags : Language Life Public
Author : George Crane

37. “Political stress is always apt to shrink the private arena and attach it on to the public”

Tags : Politics Privacy Public
Author : Robert Hughes
Source : The Shock of the New

38. “Funny how nobody talks on the tubes, isn't it? I rarely catch the tube myself, or lifts. Confined spaces, everybody shuts down. Why is that? Perhaps we think everybody on the tube is a potential psychopath or a drunk,so we close down and pretend to read a book or something.”

Tags : Conversation Observation People Public Sliding Doors Society Transportation
Author : John Hannah

39. “The pity is that the public will demand and find a moral in my book, or worse they may take it in some serious way, and on the honour of a gentleman, there is not one single serious word in it.”

Tags : Books Demand Humour Moral Pity Public Serious Ulysses
Author : James Joyce

40. “In terms of technological progress,the public is slower than focus group.”

Tags : Public Technology
Author : Toba Beta
Source : Master of Stupidity

41. “Public is a good expert on making bad mistakes!”

Tags : Public

42. “The World Bank, anxious that the last vestiges of Zimbabwe's former inclination toward socialism be abandoned, successfully urged the imposition of a token tuition charge for all grade levels. Equivalent to one U. S. dollar per year per child, this fee constitutes a burden to the poorest families, who have responded by sending only boys to classes. Too many of the girls . . . have resorted to prostitution in order to eat.”

Tags : Democracy Education Free Public
Source : Rooms in the House of Stone: The "Thistle" Series of Essays

43. “Even when you are lazy and don't have the effort to learn something sit somewhere in public and try to observe the stupid people around you, that would be more than enough learning for the day.”

Tags : Day Effort Lazy Learn People Public Stupid
Author : Neymat Khan

44. “Pick a leader who will make their citizens proud. One who will stir the hearts of the people, so that the sons and daughters of a given nation strive to emulate their leader's greatness. Only then will a nation be truly great, when a leader inspires and produces citizens worthy of becoming future leaders, honorable decision makers and peacemakers. And in these times, a great leader must be extremely brave. Their leadership must be steered only by their conscience, not a bribe.”

Tags : Bankers Big Pharma Build Bridges Censorship Conscience Corrupt Corruption Election Environment Environmentalist Fair Health Care Hearts Human Life Job Jobs Justice Leaders Libraries Library Love Money Driven President Presidential Public Religious Tolerance Schools Segregation Selecting Stability Street Level We The People
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

45. “Man may feel like a feeble and powerless pawn, at some moment in his life. This apprehension can come out of the blue, in the middle of the day, at the center of a public place, like a cerebral attack. Check mated by 'daily routine', he may feel trapped in a smothering set of circumstances and only a deconstruction of all impeding barriers can bring about a vital mental deliverance. ( "Check and mate" )”

Tags : Apprehension Barriers Bring About Cerebral Attack Checkmate Circumstances Daily Routine Deconstruction Deliverance Feeble Impede Life Man Mental Moment Out Of The Blue Pawn Place Powerless Public Smothering Trapped Vital

46. “The general public of the wireless western nations are very tolerant to the radiation poisoning of the next generation of children by their corporate controlled governments.”

Tags : Children Controlled Corporate General Generation Government Government Abuse Government Corruption Government Quotes Governments Nations Next Poisoning Public Radiation Tolerant Western Wireless
Author : Steven Magee

47. “Submit your brand to the general public. Your brand may be well made, but it has to be well known.”

Tags : Brand Branding Entire Food For Thought General Israelmore Ayivor Personal Branding Public Submit Well Known Well Made
Source : Shaping the dream

48. “Maana halisi ya falsafa ya 'Nitakuwa tayari kufungwa kwa ajili ya matatizo ya watu', au Falsafa ya Kufungwa, ni uvutano mkubwa uliopo kati ya Roho Mtakatifu na Roho wa Shetani kwa sisi wanadamu wote. Jambo lolote baya limtokealo mwanadamu husababishwa na Shetani na si Mungu na watu hupata matatizo kwa sababu ya kudharau miito ya mioyo yao wenyewe, au kudharau kile Roho Mtakatifu anachowambia. Unaweza kuvunja sheria kwa manufaa ya wengi kwani mibaraka haikosi maadui. Ukifungwa kwa kuvunja sheria kwa ajili ya manufaa ya wengi watu watakulaani lakini Mungu atakubariki. Kwa nguvu ya uwezo wa Roho Mtakatifu Mungu atamshinda Shetani kwa niaba yako. Tukijifunza namna ya kuwasiliana na Roho Mtakatifu hatutapata matatizo kwani Mungu anataka tuishi kwa amani katika siku zote alizotupangia, licha ya damu yetu kuwa chafu. Mtu anapokufa kwa mfano, Roho wa Shetani amemshinda Roho Mtakatifu na Roho Mtakatifu hatalipendi hilo kwa niaba ya Mungu. Ikitokea mtu akayashinda majaribu ya Shetani katika kipindi ambacho watu wote wameyashindwa; mtu huyo amebarikiwa na Mungu, ili aitumie mibaraka hiyo kuwaepusha wenzake na roho mbaya wa Shetani. Nikisema 'Kwa nguvu ya uwezo wa Roho Mtakatifu Mungu atamshinda Shetani kwa niaba yako' namaanisha, Roho Mtakatifu ana uwezo wake na Roho wa Shetani ana uwezo wake pia. Ukimshinda Roho wa Shetani uwezo wa Roho Mtakatifu umekuwa mkubwa kuliko uwezo wa Roho wa Shetani, na ukishindwa kumtii Roho Mtakatifu uwezo wa Roho wa Shetani umekuwa mkubwa kuliko uwezo wa Roho Mtakatifu, ilhali uwezo wa Mungu ni mkubwa kuliko wa Roho Mtakatifu na wa Roho wa Shetani kwa pamoja. Mungu humtumia Roho Mtakatifu kumlindia watoto wake ambao ni sisi dhidi ya Shetani … Kila akifanyacho Roho Mtakatifu hapa duniani ni kwa niaba ya Mungu, na tukimtii Roho Mtakatifu Mungu atamshinda Shetani kwa niaba yetu. Mtu anapofungwa kwa kutetea maslahi ya umma wewe unayemfunga umemtii Roho wa Shetani. Yule anayefungwa amemtii Roho Mtakatifu maana amebarikiwa, na mibaraka haikosi maadui.”

Tags : Allegiance Blessings Blood Communication Curse Death Devil Enock Enock Abiud Maregesi Enock Maregesi God Heroism Holy Spirit Humans Jail Law Man Maregesi Obedience Obeyance Peace People Power Of The Holy Spirit Protection Public Sacrifice Temptations

49. “The public personality of a leader is not what really matters. What he does out of the open stage really tells more about him than anything else.”

Tags : Celebrity Character Food For Thought Genuineness Hypocrisy Israelmore Ayivor Leader Leaders Leadership Lifestyle Open Personal Development Personality Popularity Potentials Public Secret Life Stage Stage Performance Trust
Source : Leaders' Ladder

50. “The biggest mistake that you will make in life is believing that governments act in the public interest.”

Tags : Act Believing Biggest Government Government Abuse Government Corruption Government Cover Ups Interest Life Make Mistake Public
Author : Steven Magee

51. “In the era of angry and aggressive policing, it is an honorable service to your fellow citizens to video record police officers interactions with the common people.”

Tags : Aggressiveness Angry People Citizen Citizen Power Citizens Common Common Good Common Man Fellow Fellow Humans Film Honorable Honorable Person Interact Interactions Officer People Police Corruption Police Reform Policeman Policemen Policing Public Record Service Service To Mankind Service To Others
Author : Steven Magee

52. “...tilstaaer jeg gierne, at Charactererne ere outrerede udi visse Stykker; men maa derhos sige, at Agt er skeed af heel beraad Hu, og af en pur Fornødenhed, saasom jeg saavel som andre af Erfarenhed haver mærket, at Skuespill uden outrerede Characterer, eller uden det, som Academiske Censores ansee som Feil, ingen Virkning have.”

Tags : Academics Censorship Literary Criticism Plays Public Script Theatre
Source : Epistler

53. “Politics doesn’t mean playing deceitful and trickery games against the people, it means playing resourceful and organized games for the people.”

Tags : Amit Kalantri Amit Kalantri Writer Citizen Deceitful Elections Inspiration Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Motivational Motivational Quotes Organized People Philosophy Play Political Philosophy Political Science Politics Public Resourceful Resources Strengthen Trick Trickery Weaken
Author : Amit Kalantri

54. “It does not surprise so much seeing a person surrounded by many fake supporters as much when he shows elation with them in spite of knowing their true intention and, even more, when all of them know one another’s hidden selfish intent.”

Tags : Character Crafty Dubious Supporter Fake Supporter Hidden Agenda Hypocrisy Inspirational Inspirational Quote Inspiring Intent Intention Leader Materialist Motivational Motivational Quote Notable Online Post Pretender Public Speech Rally Self Praise Self Seeker Selfish Surrounding Wisdom Quote
Author : Anuj Somany

55. “When a person is truly bright, s/he travels always light because a sensible solely knows that it’s only way right to make the life’s journey pleasurable. Otherwise, obviously miserable for then it’s like boarding on a train, bus or plane by carrying along an entourage and/or too much luggage to crowd the place that merely causes discomfort to others and to own an excruciating pain.”

Tags : Crafty Factuality Humanity Individuality Inspirational Leader Life And Living Life Journey Life Path Mental Baggage Mental Makeup Mentality Mindset Notable Person Orator Reliability Reliable Righteous Spiritual Life True Mentor
Author : Anuj Somany

56. “It is now certain that the public does know. It is not so certain that the public does care.”

Tags : Indifference Media Public Publicity
Source : Autobiography

57. “When I started this book last year, I had a small reception in mind. A few copies in my hand to share with close friends, maybe a small gathering... I never imagined that my book would have its own ISBN number and be available to the public. I never imagined seeing my name next to the words, "published author." I feel so thankful that this has worked out so well for me. God is good!”

Tags : Author Author Quotes Book Writing Books God God S Love Grateful Inspirational Public Thankful

58. “Western governments use thermal heating standards for public protection from the damaging effects of wireless radio frequency (RF) radiation. Eastern governments use biological standards that are much lower due to the extensive long term radiation damage that has been seen to occur in humans at the western thermal heating standard.”

Tags : Biological Damage Damaging Eastern Effects Electromagnetic Radiation Extensive Frequency Governments Heating Humans Long Lower Occur Protection Public Radiation Radiation Effects Radio Rf Standards Thermal Western Wireless
Author : Steven Magee

59. “Jeg kalder nyttige Bøger dem, som sette Boghandlere udi Activitet, som forfremme Handel, og komme deres Gryder til at kaage, ikke saadanne, der sigte alleene til forfængelig Lærdom, som Almuen, der er Landets Styrke, ikke forstaaer, og derfore gemeenligen oplægges med Boghandlernes største Skade, og ligge skimlede paa Bogladene.”

Tags : Book Shops Books Intellectualism Keep It Simple Posing Practicality Public Publishers Reading Scholars Usefulness Wisdom
Source : Epistler

60. “It isn't a coincidence that governments everywhere want to educate children. Government education, in turn, is supposed to be evidence of the state's goodness and its concern for our well-being. The real explanation is less flattering. If the government's propaganda can take root as children grow up, those kids will be no threat to the state apparatus. They'll fasten the chains to their own ankles.”

Tags : Anarchist Anarchy Brainwashing Dangerous Dumbing Down Education Enslavement Force Free Indoctrination Initiation Of Force Kids Learn Libertarian Non Aggression Principle Public Schooling Slavery Society Statism System Voluntaryism Voluntaryist

61. “Let's face it. We live in a command-based system, where we have been programmed since our earliest school years to become followers, not individuals. We have been conditioned to embrace teams, the herd, the masses, popular opinion -- and to reject what is different, eccentric or stands alone. We are so programmed that all it takes for any business or authority to condition our minds to follow or buy something is to simply repeat a statement more than three or four times until we repeat it ourselves and follow it as truth or the best trendiest thing. This is called "programming" -- the frequent repetition of words to condition us how to think, what to like or dislike, and who to follow.”

Tags : Advertising Authority Branding Celebrity Culture Command Systems Conditioning Different Differentm Unique Follow Follower Herd Mentality How To Think Individual Lead Like Mass Media Masses Media Original Politics Programming Reject Stands Alone Team Think Trends
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

62. “Any society's upper-crust is riddled with immorality, how else d'you think they keep their power? Reputation is king of the public sphere, not private. It is dethroned by public acts.”

Tags : Morality Private Public Reputation Society
Source : Cloud Atlas

63. “It’s not the public opinion of what you are that matters, but the private personality of who you are!”

Tags : Branding Food For Thought Israelmore Ayivor Myles Munroe Opinion Personal Branding Personality Privacy Private Public Public Opinion Secrecy Tell The Truth Who Are You Who You Are Who You Really Are
Source : Leaders' Watchwords

64. “Property taxes' rank right up there with 'income taxes' in terms of immorality and destructiveness. Where 'income taxes' are simply slavery using different words, 'property taxes' are just a Mafia turf racket using different words. For the former, if you earn a living on the gang's turf, they extort you. For the latter, if you own property in their territory, they extort you. The fact that most people still imagine both to be legitimate and acceptable shows just how powerful authoritarian indoctrination is. Meanwhile, even a brief objective examination of the concepts should make anyone see the lunacy of it. 'Wait, so every time I produce anything or trade with anyone, I have to give a cut to the local crime lord??' 'Wait, so I have to keep paying every year, for the privilege of keeping the property I already finished paying for??' And not only do most people not make such obvious observations, but if they hear someone else pointing out such things, the well-trained Stockholm Syndrome slaves usually make arguments condoning their own victimization. Thus is the power of the mind control that comes from repeated exposure to BS political mythology and propaganda.”

Tags : Anarchy Coercion Collectivism Communism Evil Force Free Market Freedom Government Indoctrination Initiation Of Force Laissez Faire Libertarian Liberty Media Non Aggression Principle Peace Politics Public School Schooling Slavery Socialism Statism Theft Trade Violence Voluntaryism
Author : Larken Rose

65. “Ukisema ukweli utapata uhuru wa nafsi. Ukisema uongo utapata uhuru wa umma. Heri uhuru wa nafsi kuliko wa umma.”

Tags : Freedom Lie Nafsi Person Public Self Truth Uhuru Ukweli Umma Uongo

66. “The police have lost sight of the fact that they are public servants.”

Tags : Fact Lost Lost Quotes Police Police Brutality Police Corruption Police Officer Police Procedural Police Reform Police Service Police State Policeman Policemen Public Servants Sight
Author : Steven Magee

67. “I believe you can only be lucky if you start out beingvery good”

Tags : Abu Ghazaleh Accomplishment Arab Arabic Figures Hardwork Hardworking Inpiration Inspirational Lessons Life Life Lessons Luck Public Quote Quotes Success Talal Abu Ghazaleh
Source : Blankets become Jackets

68. “Two things a wise man never discloses to the public; his money and his women.”

Tags : Erotology Male Female Relationships Money Privacy Public Relationship Wise Man Women
Author : Habeeb Akande

69. “Not upholding a persons legal rights is a form of abuse. Unfortunately, USA government abuse of the general public is a normal state of affairs in many areas.”

Tags : Abuse Affairs Form General Government Abuse Government Corruption Government Cover Ups Legal Normal Not Persons Public Rights State Unfortunately Upholding Usa
Author : Steven Magee

70. “Public condemnation goes a long way in establishing what is and what is not acceptable in a society. The public good will prevail if the public demands it.”

Tags : Condemnation Good Norms Public Society
Source : The One Idea That Saves The World: A Call to Conscience and A Call to Action

71. “Don't be carried away by beauty, for the faeces also stays in the rectum of ravishing faces, and their private life is not beautiful as their public life...fear beauty!”

Tags : Absorbed Arrogance Attitude Decay Dirty Fact Fear Beauty Flaw Futile Futility Girls Hate Infatuation Life Malapropism Michael Bassey Johnson Pride Private Life Ravish Science Truth Unwanted Vanity Women

72. “I had my first amendment rights removed by a USA judge for a video that I recorded in the public sidewalk. The right to free speech and freedom of the press only partially exists in the USA.”

Tags : Amendment Exists First Free Freedon Judge Legal Partially Press Public Record Recorded Removed Right Rights Sidewalk Speech Usa Video
Author : Steven Magee

73. “Kama umefanya au umesema kitu kibaya na ukasema ukweli mbele ya mtu au ya watu, omba msamaha kupata tena kibali cha umma.”

Tags : Approval Forgiveness Kibali Kitu Msamaha Mtu People Person Public Thing Truth Ukweli Umma Watu

74. “High heels are a short (theist) woman's (subconscious) way of telling God to go to hell … in public.”

Tags : Appearance Attire Church Clothes Clothing Denial Footwear God Heaven Hell High Heels Image Looks Presentation Public Religion Self Conscious Self Consciousness Shoes Short Subconscious Theism Theists Women

75. “Don't let public opinions pinion you”

Tags : Audacity Boldness Character Courage Image Opinion Options Philosophy Public Reputation Self Self Improvement You

76. “The thing that breaks the heart of God and makes him to cry out of frustration for his men and their whereabouts is when equity has been squeezed out of the public square”

Tags : Been Breaks Cry Equity Frustration God Has Heart Him His Is Makes Men Nd Out Public Square Squeezed That Their Thing When Whereabouts

77. “When fairness disappears from the public discuss of any nation, when partiality replaces impartiality, God begins to look”

Tags : Any Begins Disappears Discuss Fairness From God Impartiality Listen Nation Partiality Public Replaces When

78. “The fact that no limits exist to the destructiveness of this weapon [the 'Super', i.e. the hydrogen bomb] makes its very existence and the knowledge of its construction a danger to humanity as a whole. It is necessarily an evil thing considered in any light. For these reasons, we believe it important for the President of the United States to tell the American public and the world what we think is wrong on fundamental ethical principles to initiate the development of such a weapon.”

Tags : American Atomic Bomb Belief Construction Danger Destruction Ethics Existence Fact Humanity Hydrogen Bomb Knowledge Nuke President Principles Public Reason United States Weapon Wrong
Author : Enrico Fermi

79. “Staying with detractors is like sleeping in a room located just behind the public toilet. You will never feel comfortable until you relocate.”

Tags : Change Change Your Life Comfortable Detractors Dislike Enemies Enemy Food For Thought Hate Haters Hatred Insecurity Israelmore Ayivor Love People Negative People Public Public Toilet Room Toxic People Trouble Uncomfortable

80. “Wananchi wataendelea kuwepo hata kama serikali haitakuwepo. Serikali haiwezi kuwashinda wananchi. Sauti ya umma ni sauti ya Mungu. Serikali haiwezi kumshinda Mungu.”

Tags : Anarchism Citizens Country Fear God Government Jingoism Mamlaka Mungu Nchi Patriotism Power Public Sauti Serikali Umma Utawala Huria Uzalendo Voice Wananchi Woga

81. “Respect means: even in your absence people speak good of your person”

Tags : Absence Character Integrity Interact Interaction Interactions Life People Person Presence Public Public Opinion Reputation Respect Sociology

82. “But certain favourite roles are played by us so often before the public and rehearsed so carefully when we are alone that we find it easier to refer to their fictitious testimony than to that of a reality which we have almost entirely forgotten.”

Tags : Private Private Life Public Public Life
Author : Marcel Proust
Source : In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower

83. “Making mathematics accessible to the educated layman, while keeping high scientific standards, has always been considered a treacherous navigation between the Scylla of professional contempt and the Charybdis of public misunderstanding.”

Tags : Accessibility Charybdis Difficulty Educated Greek Mythology Layman Math Mathematics Misunderstanding Mythology Public Science Scientific Scylla Scylla And Charybdis Standards Teaching Understanding

84. “If what any artist has to say is fundamentally human and profound the public will ultimately take his work unto itself. But if his own conceptions are limited and narrow in their human meaning it seems likely that time will erase his work.”

Tags : Art Content Meaninglessness Public Reception Time
Author : Ben Shahn
Source : The Shape of Content

85. “It’s relatively easy to act nice and normal in front of a crowd, or in public. The tricky part is doing it in private.”

Tags : Crowds Fake People Fame Famous People Public
Author : Robert Black

86. “To an extent, we get the big businesses we deserve. No conversation about the role of business in society is complete without considering the role of the public. Ultimately it is the public – as consumers, as citizens – who create the environment in which business operates.”

Tags : Business Citizens Consumers Public
Author : Jon Miller

87. “I have no faith in the USA corporate government systems of protection of public health and safety.”

Tags : Corporate Faith Fcc Fda Government Health Osha Protection Public Safety Systems Usa
Author : Steven Magee
Source : Health Forensics

88. “Among peoples of such mixed natures, such diverse histories and philosophies, and different ways of life, most administrative problems are problems of a choice of whims, of changing and conflicting goals; not how to do what the people want done, but what they want done, and whether their next generation will want it enough to make work on it, now, worthwhile.''They sound insane,' Trobt said. 'Are your administrators supposed to serve the flickering goals of demented minds?''We must weigh values. What is considered good may be a matter of viewpoint, and may change from place to place, from generation to generation. In determining what people feel and what their unvoiced wants are, a talent of strategy, and an impatience with the illogic of others, are not qualifications.”

Tags : Government Public
Source : Second Game

89. “As a child, I used to wonder why markets in my locality were all situated near the main roads. I grew up a little to get the answer; “that business minded people can meet there easily!" Your dream must be situated where they can meet people!”

Tags : Big Dreams Business Minded People Buy Child Childhood Dream Big Dreams Grow I Have The Answer Israelmore Ayivor Locality Market Markets People Position Public Publicity Road Roads Sell Site Your Brand
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

90. “If opportunity knocks, let it in. But with the way things are nowadays-I'd rather meet opportunity somewhere that's more public. I could meet opportunity in a coffee shop, but what if it works there? Well, I could suggest my grandma's basement.-James Lee Schmidt and Jarod Kintz”

Tags : Basement Coffee Coffee Shop Family Humor Meet Meeting Opportunity Public Surreal
Source : liQUID PROse QUOtes

91. “Torturing innocents, murdering civilians and destroying public property; they are all the gifts we have been given by religion.”

Tags : Atheism Destroying Mudering Civilians Property Public Religion Torturing Innocents

92. “It is perhaps because of the Iranian concept of the home and garden (and not the city or town it is in) as the defining center of life that Iranians find living in a society with such stringent rules of public behavior somewhat tolerable. Iranian society by and large cares very little about what goes on in the homes and gardens of private citizens, but the Islamic government cares very much how its citizens behave once they venture outside their walls.”

Tags : Iran Islam Persia Private Public Society
Author : Hooman Majd
Source : The Ayatollah Begs to Differ: The Paradox of Modern Iran

93. “An odd by-product of my loss is that I’m aware of being an embarrassment to everyone I meet. At work, at the club, in the street, I see people, as they approach me, trying to make up their minds whether they’ll ‘say something about it’ or not. I hate it if they do, and if they don’t. Some funk it altogether. R. has been avoiding me for a week. I like best the well brought-up young men, almost boys, who walk up to me as if I were a dentist, turn very red, get it over, and then edge away to the bar as quickly as they decently can. Perhaps the bereaved ought to be isolated in special settlements like lepers.”

Tags : Bereaved Isolated Public
Author : C.S. Lewis
Source : A Grief Observed

94. “Philosophy is to the mind of the architect as eyesight to his steps. The Term 'genius' when applied to him simply means a man who understands what others only know about. A poet, artist or architect, necessarily 'understands' in this sense and is likely, if not careful, to have the term 'genius' applied to him; in which case he will no longer be thought human, trustworthy or companionable. Whatever may be his medium of expression he utters truth with manifest beauty of thought. If he is an architect, his building is natural. In him, philosophy and genius live by each other, but the combination is subject to popular suspicion and appellation 'genius' likely to settle him--so far as the public is concerned.”

Tags : Art Genius Philosophy Poet Public
Source : A Testament

95. “I have been branded with folly and madness for attempting what the world calls impossibilities, and even from the great engineer, the late James Watt, who said ... that I deserved hanging for bringing into use the high-pressure engine. This has so far been my reward from the public; but should this be all, I shall be satisfied by the great secret pleasure and laudable pride that I feel in my own breast from having been the instrument of bringing forward new principles and new arrangements of boundless value to my country, and however much I may be straitened in pecuniary circumstances, the great honour of being a useful subject can never be taken from me, which far exceeds riches.”

Tags : Engine Engineering Folly Honour Impossibility Instrument James Watt Madness Pleasure Pride Public Riches Satisfaction Science Useful Value Watt
Source : Life of Richard Trevithick 2 Volume Set: With an Account of His Inventions

96. “The USA legal system is designed to enrich lawyers, protect the government and corporations, and shaft the general public.”

Tags : Corporations Designed Enrich General Government Lawyers Legal Protect Public Shaft System Usa
Author : Steven Magee

97. “Public strengthens politics but politics weakens public.”

Tags : Amit Kalantri Amit Kalantri Quotes Amit Kalantri Writer Citizen Country Elections Government Inspiration Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Motivation Motivational Motivational Quotes People Philosophy Political Political Philosophy Politics Public Public Sector Strength Strengthen Weak Weaken
Author : Amit Kalantri

98. “The government enforces a monopoly over the production and distribution of its alleged 'services' and brings violence to bear against would-be competitors. In so doing, it reveals the fraud at the heart of its impudent claims and gives sufficient proof that it is not a genuine protector, but a mere protection racket.”

Tags : Anarcho Capitalism Anarchy Ancap Austrian School Of Economics Coercion Collectivism Force Free Market Free Trade Freedom Laissez Faire Libertarian Liberty Nap Non Aggression Principle Public Socialism State Statism Voluntaryism
Author : Robert Higgs

99. “The public eye sees all.”

Tags : Eye Public Sees

100. “If someone asks you to touch his dick over the cloths and he will pay in return, you won’t, but when you are in the public transportation, everywhere you touch is someone’s dick.”

Tags : Dick Public Touch Transportation

101. “One thing you'll learn when you're in the business of selling utter shite to the Great British Public is that there's really no bottom to where they'll go. Shit food, shit TV, shit bands, shit films, shit houses. There is absolutely no fucking bottom with this stuff. The shittier you can make it - a bad photocopy of a bad photocopy of what was a shit idea in the first place - the more they'll eat it up with a big fucking spoon, from dawn till dusk, from now until the end of time. It's too good.”

Tags : Buying Capitalism Humour Public Selling Society
Author : John Niven
Source : Kill Your Friends

102. “Every public space is like a billboard, with messages from the collective subconscious of the nation. There one can read passivity, rage indifference, fear, double standards, subversion, bad economy, a twisted definition of 'public' itself, the whole Weltanschauung - an entire range of emotions and attitudes is exposed.”

Tags : Collective Subconscious Drakulic Nation Public
Source : How We Survived Communism and Even Laughed

103. “Since when has irresponsibility and lack of accountability in public service become a Nigerian factor?”

Tags : Accountability Factor Has Irresponsibility Lack Nigerian Public Service Since When

104. “She hung up before he could say goodbye. Stood there with her arm cocked, phone at ear-level, suddenly aware of the iconic nature of her unconscious pose. Some very considerable part of the gestural language of public places, that had once belong to cigarettes, now belonged to phones.”

Tags : Public Technology
Source : Zero History

105. “Billy the Kid shooting all those people over in New Mexico has made gunfighting real popular with the public.”

Tags : Billy The Kid Gunfighting New Mexico Public
Source : The Last Kind Words Saloon

106. “We need science education to produce scientists, but we need it equally to create literacy in the public. Man has a fundamental urge to comprehend the world about him, and science gives today the only world picture which we can consider as valid. It gives an understanding of the inside of the atom and of the whole universe, or the peculiar properties of the chemical substances and of the manner in which genes duplicate in biology. An educated layman can, of course, not contribute to science, but can enjoy and participate in many scientific discoveries which as constantly made. Such participation was quite common in the 19th century, but has unhappily declined. Literacy in science will enrich a person's life.”

Tags : Astronomy Biology Chemistry Discoveries Educated Education Enjoy Enrich Literacy Physics Public Science Science Education Scientists Understanding Universe
Author : Hans Bethe

107. “The most valuable people in the world are "Visionary People".”

Tags : Dream Dreamer Dreamers Dreaming Dreams Inspiration Inspirational Inspirational Quotes People Public Vision Visionary Visions
Author : Amit Kalantri

108. “Prayer in private results in boldness in public.”

Tags : Boldness Prayer Private Public

109. “Reading may be the last secretive behavior that is neither pathological or prosecutable. It is certainly the last refuge from the real-time epidemic. For the stream of a narrative overflows the banks of the real. Story strips its reader, holding her in a place time can't reach. A book's power lies in its ability to erase us, to expand or contract without limit, to circle inside itself without beginning or end, to defy our imaginary timetables and lay us bare to a more basic ticking. The pages we read are a nowhen, unfolding far outside the public arena. As long as we remain in them, now reveals itself to be the baldest of inventions.”

Tags : Books Private Public Reading Real Time Time
Source : The Paris Review Book for Planes, Trains, Elevators, and Waiting Rooms

110. “Ainsi va la grande chaîne du mépris publicitaire : le réalisateur méprise l'agence, l'agence méprise l'annonceur, l'annonceur méprise le public, le public méprise son voisin.”

Tags : Marketing Mépris Public Publicité
Source : 99 francs

111. “Democratic ideas cannot exist without the public spheres that make them possible.”

Tags : Democracy Education Ideas Public
Source : Zombie Politics and Culture in the Age of Casino Capitalism

112. “We live in a time that demands a discourse of both critique and possibility, one that recognizes that without an informed citizenry, collective struggle, and viable social movements, democracy will slip out of our reach and we will arrive at a new stage of history marked by the birth of an authoritarianism that not only disdains all vestiges of democracy but is more than willing to relegate it to a distant memory.”

Tags : Authoritarianism Collective Struggle Critique Democracy Education Giroux Public
Source : Zombie Politics and Culture in the Age of Casino Capitalism

113. “An artist simply cannot trust any public emblem of merit.”

Tags : Art Opinion Public
Source : Dhalgren

114. “Hannibal knew your beauty was trouble. Only bad things could come from such a pretty girl. You were made for temptation. You would be a source of jealousy and greed. Men would lust, plot and kill to claim you as their own. He decided to place you in the public domain and donate your body to the pimps as a gift to the people.”

Tags : Beauty Body Celebrity Public
Source : The Red Light Princess

115. “The crowd had stared at him and given up angrily, finding no satisfaction. He did not look crushed and he did not look defiant. He looked impersonal and calm. He was not like a public figure in a public place; he was like a man alone in his own room, listening to the radio.”

Tags : Howard Roark Public The Fountainhead
Author : Ayn Rand

116. “I have argued that the God of the Bible, and especially of the Gospels, can be understood only as God-in-public, and that methods of criticism designed to keep this rumor quiet need to be challenged by appropriate historical, theological, and political critique and replaced by methods that do justice to the reality of the texts and hence do justice - in the much fuller sense - in the public world that the Gospels demand to address.”

Tags : Diety God Jesus Public Surprised By Scripture
Author : N.T. Wright

117. “Ideas matter—and philosophy is the art of thinking about them rigorously. In my view, that should be done in as public a forum as possible.”

Tags : Academia Debate Ideas Philosophy Public Thinking
Author : Sam Harris

118. “As science is more and more subject to grave misuse as well as to use for human benefit it has also become the scientist's responsibility to become aware of the social relations and applications of his subject, and to exert his influence in such a direction as will result in the best applications of the findings in his own and related fields. Thus he must help in educating the public, in the broad sense, and this means first educating himself, not only in science but in regard to the great issues confronting mankind today.”

Tags : Applications Benefit Danger Educate Future Influence Mankind Nobel Laureate Public Responsibility Science Scientist Subject

119. “El artista no tiene ningún derecho moral para dejarse llevar a un abstracto nivel medio, para hacer que su obra sea más comprensible, más accesible. Esto no acarrearía otra cosa que la decadencia del arte, cuando en realidad esperamos su florecimiento, creemos en las posibilidades potenciales y aún no desarrolladas del artista y también en una elevación de las exigencias del público. O al menos queremos creer en todo ello.”

Tags : Art Public
Source : Sculpting in Time

120. “I think drawing is a celebration and connection to my childhood. To draw in public is to open yourself to people with a kind of innocence and hope. Sketching adds interest to the presentation and if you mess up, it’s just a human act and people forgive your scribbles.”

Tags : Drawing Presentation Public

121. “Hay que dejar totalmente claro que las normas ordinarias del cine comercial y las producciones televisivas al uso corrompen al público de forma imperdonable, porque le roban cualquier posibilidad de contacto con el arte verdadero”

Tags : Art Mass Culture Public
Source : Sculpting in Time


Tags : Public

123. “State first, subject second, statesman last.”

Tags : Adage Alliterations Blogging Civilians Country Creative Writing India Motivational Movie Nation National Novel Writing Political Parties Politics Politics Quotes Public Sector Public Speaking Punchline Quotes Script Slogans Speechwriting Statecraft Statesmanship Tag Lines Voting
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words