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1. “Peter's face clouded. "Everything comes at a price. Or have you not learned that yet?”

Tags : Everything Peter Price
Author : Brom
Source : The Child Thief

2. “Dear Miss Independed / Corporate womenWhen you humble yourself and respecting others. Especially males. It doenst mean you are stupid , powerless, weak, desperate or a loser. But it says you are a human. Your success doenst give you rights to be mean and rude to others”

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3. “Good things dont just happen in a day but they take time. The longer time you spend on them to happen. The more effect and impact they will make.Irvin Randle has shown that life does pay off , If you dont give up in what you believe in. He excesized everyday and didnt give up for 53 years. But today the world is recognising him for all the time he spend in the gym.”

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4. “Salespeople who think that it’s all about price aren’t required: If it can be sold on the internet at the lowest price, you can take the huge cost of a sales team out of the equation.”

Tags : Business Business Advice Business Quotes Business Success Business To Business Buying Decision Buying Decision Quote Cost Customers Earn The Right Influence Influence Quotes Money Price Sales Effectiveness Salesmanship Salespeople Selling Selling Skills Selling Tips Shopping Trust Value
Author : Chris Murray
Source : Selling with EASE: The Four Step Sales Cycle Found in Every Successful Business Transaction

5. “There is nothing painful, than being there for someone. Who doesn't care if you are there or not. who doesn't value your presence or support. This people don't know that there is a difference when someone is there for you because they want to or because they feel guilty that they have to.”

Tags : Bad Blesser Caring Cost Dj Goals Good Information Leadership Life Loving Money Morals Motivation Motivatoin Payment Price Quotes Reality Richier Team Thoughts

6. “In the fashion industry, everything goes retro except the prices.”

Tags : Apparel Clothing Culture Economy Expense Fashion Fashion Industry Industry Money Price Retro
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

7. “Given these differences between the sexes, the sexual revolution was the biggest joke men ever played on women. By convincing them that the old rules didn’t apply and that two could play the predator game, men enticed women to do what men have always wanted women to do. But what a price was paid for the new “freedom.” And predictably, women were the ones who got stuck with the bill.”

Tags : Apply Between Biggest By Convincing Could Do Enticed Freedom Game Joke New Ones Predator Rules Sexual To Wanted With Women
Source : Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

8. “I've solved the mystery: You have to submit silently. Open up, let go. Let anything penetrate you, even the most painful things. Endure. Bear up. That's the magic key! The text comes by itself, and its meaning shakes the soul ... You mustn't let scar tissue form on your wounds; you have to keep ripping them open in order to turn your insides into a marvelous instrument that is capable of anything. All this has its price.”

Tags : Price Submission
Author : Klaus Kinski

9. “Opportunities are for all. I dont understand people who deny others opportunities that were given to them before to be where they are. People who deny others opportunities because those opportunities didnt suite them or they didnt qualify for them. Opportunities are scarce ones seen should be shared and taken advantage of. It doesnt matter who get that opportunity but someone must get it. If it comes your way and you cant have it. Please pass it to someone. Sharing is caring. Caring is giving. Giving is Loving.”

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10. “The richest guy Is the better guy to most if not all ladies. Women chose a better guy than a good guy. But after they chose a better guy, They expect to be treated the way the good guy would have.”

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11. “In life to survive this days you need to set your priorities straight or in order.When you get paid, before you spend your money on anyone or anything else. The first achievement you can do is to spend money on your family. That's the biggest investment with the huge return or profit. That's the biggest offering that the Lord will be pleased with and will mightily and richly bless you and will open more doors of opportunities for you.”

Tags : Bad Days Djkyos Ethics Goals Happiness Inspiration Kyos Magupe Life Lessons Money Opportunities Paid Philosophy Price Priorities Quotes Reality Rejoice Reward Richier Richly Straight Teach

12. “The idea of luxury, even the word "luxury," was important to Arabella. Luxury meant something that was by definition overpriced, but was so nice, so lovely, in itself that you did not mind, in fact was so lovely that the expensiveness became part of the point, part of the distinction between the people who could not afford a thing and the select few who not only could, but also understood the desirability of paying so much for it. Arabella knew that there were thoughtlessly rich people who could afford everything; she didn't see herself as one of them but instead as one of an elite who both knew what money meant and could afford the things they wanted; and the knowledge of what money meant gave the drama of high prices a special piquancy. She loved expensive things because she knew what their expensiveness meant. She had a complete understanding of the signifiers.”

Tags : Expensiveness Luxury Price Rich Richness Wealth Wealthy
Source : Capital

13. “As in most fairy tales, there's a prince and a princess, dragons and some magic, and the feeling it gives you that anything is possible if we could stay this way forever.”

Tags : Dragons Fairy Tale Forever Love Story Magic Mystical Price Princess
Author : Crystal Woods
Source : Write like no one is reading

14. “A client expects often the delivery of materials yesterday for the order placed to vendor today and the payment towards the despatch always on an uncertain tomorrow.”

Tags : Client Company Customer Delivery Despatch Dispatch Enterprise Expectation Inspirational Inspiring Inspiring Quotes Inspiring Thoughts Marketing Materials Motivational Organisation Payment Price Products Sales Services Today Tomorrow Yesterday
Author : Anuj Somany

15. “The only step that makes the valuable to become valueless is the negative side of your eyes that you use to see it.”

Tags : Cost Costless Food For Thought Israelmore Ayivor Love Yourself Negative Price Priceless Priceworthy Rich Self Appreciation Self Esteem Self Help Self Image Self Value Treasure Treasurer Valuable Value Valueless Worthy You Can Do It

16. “We run to place and power over the dead bodies of those who fail and fall; ay, we win the food we eat from out the mouths of starving babes.”

Tags : Balance Cost Crime Give And Take Good And Evil Humanity Mankind Price Sin Society Survival Triumph
Source : She

17. “Just like freedom, Truth is not cheap. Yet both are worth more than all the gold in the world. But what is freedom, if there is no truth? And what is truth, if there is no freedom? Both are worth fighting for — because one without the other would be hell.”

Tags : Cause Cheap Corrupt Corruption Cost Cost Of Freedom Death Fight Fighting Freedom Gold Hell Justice Justice System Liberty Oppressed Oppression Price Regime Slave Truth World Worth
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

18. “And for a price, I will pretend absolutely nothing.”

Tags : Pretend Price Sex Silence
Source : Kushiel's Chosen

19. “There is nothing for free inlife. The more you try to get free things. The more you pay for them with your own life. They will cost you more than you should have paid.”

Tags : Behaviour Blesser Characteristics Cheat Cost Dj Kyos Djkyos Ethics Free Goals Good Human Behaviour Information Inspiration Intelligence Knowledge Life Life Lessons Living Nothing Paid Person Philosopher Quotes Reward Richier Thoughts Words

20. “The cost of a thing is the amount of what I will call life which is required to be exchanged for it, immediately or in the long run.”

Tags : Cost Life Price Time Value
Source : Walden

21. “The price you will offer yourself to the world, is how much they will buy you.”

Tags : Buy Buying And Attitude Buying Power Price Price Of Beauty Price Tag Priceless Dialogue Prices Self Awareness Self Esteem Self Identity Self Love Self Love Quotes Self Love Self Respect Self Motivation Self Realization Sell Yourself Sell Yourself Well

22. “I'm selling Jarod's life today. I mean virginity. He has no life. Email [email protected] for more information and please try to catch our special delivery at double-price deals, which will be posted somewhere on the internet at random, every other Tuesday, for half a night (on the previous day), unless it’s a Saturday, in which case you’ll have to wait and hope until the destined day comes and takes you away to heaven, which unfortunately, does not exist, except in the imagination of carefully selected individuals.”

Tags : Deal Deals Delivery Heaven Imagination Individual Information Internet Jarod Kintz Nothing Packaging Price Priceless Prices Pricing Promotion Random Sale Virginity Waiting
Author : Will Advise

23. “I will build a car for the great multitude. It will be large enough for the family, but small enough for the individual to run and care for. It will be constructed of the best materials, by the best men to be hired, after the simplest designs that modern engineering can devise. But it will be so low in price that no man making a good salary will be unable to own one...”

Tags : Car Model T Price
Author : Henry Ford
Source : My Life And Work

24. “Let's just go in and enjoy ourselves,' Yvonne had said after a long moment when the Hitchens family had silently reviewed the menu—actually of the prices not the courses—outside a restaurant on our first and only visit to Paris. I knew at once that the odds against enjoyment had shortened (or is it lengthened? I never remember).”

Tags : Enjoyment Family Menus Odds Paris Price Restaurants
Source : Hitch-22: A Memoir

25. “Never rate yourself too low; you will be whoever you think you can be provided you are willing to pay the price!”

Tags : Disguise Food For Thought Israelmore Ayivor Low Self Esteem Low Self Image Never Never Ever Pay Pay The Price Price Rate Underrate Self Esteem Self Image Think
Source : Shaping the dream

26. “You will never win an unfair competition since the reward is meaningless.”

Tags : Competition Fairness Game Heart Loss Lost Love Meaningless Meaninglessness Price Reward Unfair Win Won
Author : Cass van Krah

27. “Imagination is the ability to produce new ideas without the need of time to stop and actually think about it. I'll produce elevator buttons - I bought that business from Jarod Kintz, who was only selling it, because he found a new, more profitable job – male prostitution (he’s selling his grandpa’s services, not his own, because his own are virtually non-existent – he’s a monk now, and monks are sworn to celibacy, you know, or should, by now). Buy now - grieve later. Two 5th floor buttons for your floorless cardboard-built tree house, for the price of one, 7-story tall tree, which, for the purpose of this story we’ll call Nathan. Nathan sends you its best regards and wishes you a happy, silent, well-watered-down life, which, coming from a tree isn’t really that much, however, as you know - trees aren’t regular customers in the land of walking and talking, and it took quite a lot of convincing to make him come over and say that. Meow.”

Tags : Best Children Story Grief Grievance Happy Imagination Job Knowledge Moronism Nothing Regard Regards Selling Story Talk Talking Virtually Virtues Watered
Author : Will Advise
Source : Nothing is here...

28. “Price of peace could only be valued by people who had suffered loss in the war.”

Tags : Life Loss Peace People Price Suffer Truth Value War
Author : Toba Beta
Source : My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

29. “Dignity has no price, when someone starts making small concessions, in the end, life loses all meaning.”

Tags : Dignity Meaning Price

30. “People want to know how I know so much. But trueth is .Inlife I have asked more questions than the answers I gave. Its good to ask when you dont know something. Than to assume you know to find you dont know anything.”

Tags : Attitude Boss Character Cheat Cold Corporate Cost Djkyos Employer Feel Fighter Growth History Job Journalism Joyous Morals Never Give Up Operation Optimist Past Poor Reward Speaker Species Time Truth

31. “I fake fake to have a fake life. Does that make me a real horse? Buy now for $777, wooden saddle sold separately. Real horseshoes not included. Imaginary ones – neither.”

Tags : Excluded Excluding Fake Fake Friends Fake Life Fake People Horse Horses Horseshoes Imaginary Imagination Included Including Nothing Price Real Saddle Selling Separate Separated Separately Sold Stallion Stallions Wooden
Author : Will Advise
Source : Nothing is here...

32. “A sales person who makes no or less sales gets often the verbal bashing, but other sales people who make good sales keeping long payment outstanding get usually the tacit pampering. Such is the understanding of most higher-ups in an organisation about the sales & marketing.”

Tags : Advisor Attitude Business Business Development Client Company Consultant Customers Facts Functional Head Higher Up Inspirational Inspiring Marketing Motivational Noticeable Organisation Outstanding Over Dues Payment Price Sales Sales And Marketing Sales Meeting Strategy Thinking True Motivational Speaker Understanding Wisdom
Author : Anuj Somany

33. “I always knew it would end like this. It always does. There’s no point in fighting it, Aladdin. It is simply the way of things.”“I can’t accept that.”“You must.”“How can you just give up? How can you say that?” His eyes light up, and he takes the lamp from his sash and grips it so tightly his knuckles whiten. “Earlier, before you kissed me, I was about to wish for your freedom.”I leap to my feet. “Aladdin, you must not do that. You must never even think it!”“Why is that so bad? You’d be free.”“It’s called the Forbidden Wish for a reason!”“By whom? Nardukha? Let him come. I have a few things I’d like to say to him.”“I forbid it. Aladdin. If anything we have done together means anything to you, please, please trust me now. Don’t make that wish. It is the worst wish you can make. It is—it will break my heart.”“What is it?” he asks softly. “What is it you’re not telling me? What happens if I wish for your freedom?”I stand trembling, the words clawing at my throat, until I can hold them back no more.“Like all wishes, the Forbidden Wish comes at a price. My freedom must be bought with a death, a life paid in sacrifice. And I will not let you make that sacrifice, not for me.”

Tags : Accept Aladdin Break My Heart Death Freedom Give Up Jinni Price Sacrifice Wish Zahra
Source : The Forbidden Wish

34. “Do not compromise on the quality and your customers will not negotiate on the price.”

Tags : Amit Kalantri Amit Kalantri Quotes Amit Kalantri Writer Business Business Quotes Clients Compromise Consumer Consumer Goods Customers Discount Inspiration Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Love Motivation Motivational Quotes Negotiate Negotiation Price Pricing Production Quality Value
Author : Amit Kalantri

35. “It is not against reason, said the Englishman, to prefer the destruction of the world to a scratch on your finger – how much easier to understand the same price for the gash in your soul.”

Tags : Against Cale Destruction Easier Easy English Quote Englishman Finger Four Gash God Hand Heart Hoffman Last Left Love Man Pain People Prefer Price Quote Scratch Soul Tomas Understand World
Author : Paul Hoffman
Source : The Last Four Things

36. “The clients are loyal to their benefits and not to any brand or sales person, so it is futile on part of an organisation to think that it can replicate its competitors’ business growth and success by just recruiting or poaching their star performer unless and until it offers him the same working policy, strategy, culture and environment.”

Tags : Business Growth And Success Business Leader Famous Quote Foolish Hiring Inspirational Inspiring Leadership Marketing Marketing Strategy Motivational Packing Price Product Promotion Recruitment Sales Selection Star Performer Wisdom Wise Sayings
Author : Anuj Somany

37. “Unless you can demonstrate your benefits, all you are left to compete with is price.”

Tags : Compete Demonstrate Price
Author : Jeffrey Fry

38. “Arrogance, disrespect and demand have higher price.Kindness, respect and tact give better prize.”

Tags : Arrogance Demand Disrespect Kindness Price Prize Respect Tact Values

39. “Every dream has a price for its prize. I hope you are willing to pay for yours?”

Tags : A Price For A Prize Be Willing To Pay The Price Edmond Mbiaka Every Dream Comes With A Price Paying The Price For Your Dream Price Prize The Prixe For Your Dream

40. “Entrepreneurs pay the price of a road less traveled, while everyone else takes the freeway and perpetually misses their own exit.”

Tags : Business Business Quotes Entrepreneur Entrepreneur Quotes Entrepreneurial Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Quotes Exits Freeway Innovation Innovator Innovators Interstate Price Road Roads Start Up Start Ups Startup Startups Travel Travelling Travels
Author : Ryan Lilly

41. “Price ain't merely about numbers. It's a satisfying sacrifice.”

Tags : Economy Finance Numbers Price Sacrifice Satisfaction
Author : Toba Beta
Source : Master of Stupidity

42. “Free will comes at a price. A price most of us do not know how to pay.”

Tags : Free Will Freedom Price
Author : Dimitri Zaik
Source : Magellanic Clouds

43. “If she had touched me," he said very softly, "I would have been hers and not my own, not ever again. I wanted her to touch me but I could not let her. No cat will. We let human beings caress us because it is pleasant enough and calms them - but not her. The price is more than a cat can pay.”

Tags : Cat Price Touch Unicorn

44. “Dreams and freedom are the same. In order for them to be, they come with a price.”

Tags : Adversity Ambition Bravery Difficulties Dreams Existence Expensive Famous Fearlessness Free Freedom Hard Hard Work Hardship Laws Lessons Life Life Lessons Pay Pay The Price Peace Perseverance Persistence Political Price Reality Rebel Rebellion Regulations Responsibility Risk Rules Sacrifice Success Work
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

45. “Market without competition impedes its' dynamics.”

Tags : Competition Dynamics Economy Industry Market Price
Author : Toba Beta
Source : Master of Stupidity

46. “Nothing great was ever achieved without a personal sacrifice. You have to pay the price to realize your goals.”

Tags : Accomplish Great Things Accomplish The Impossible Achieve Achievement And Attitude Achieving Dreams Achieving Success College Life Education Educational Quotes Goals Quotes Great Great Expectations Learning Lifelong Learner Lifelong Reading Quotes Personal Development Personal Growth Personal Responsibility Price Reading Reading Quotes Sacrifice Sacrifice For Gain Success Quotes Successful Living Training And Development Training Management Work Out Work Out Etiquette

47. “If God offers the world for sale, how much will you pay for it? What is the price of your own destruction?”

Tags : Felix How Much Offer Price Sale Wantang World
Author : Felix Wantang
Source : Face to Face Meetings with Jesus Christ 2: Astounding Biblical Mysteries Revealed in His Own Words Like Never Before in Human History

48. “One of the critical factors that make people’s dreams become nightmares is that they don’t know there is a cost to be paid!”

Tags : Achieve Act Actions Big Dreams Cost Critical Critical Factors Do It Do Something Dream Big Dreams Factors Food For Thought Israelmore Ayivor Nightmare Nightmares Paid Pay Pay The Cost Pay The Price People Price Take Actions
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

49. “Yesu Kristo alilipa gharama ya maisha yake kutununua kutoka kwa Shetani. Alijitolea maisha yake ili wengine waweze kuishi. Upendwe vipi?”

Tags : Gharama Jesus Christ Life Lipa Maisha Pay Price Satan Shetani Yesu Kristo

50. “No price is too high to pay, to be the author of your fate.”

Tags : Choice Destiny Fate Life Payment Price Sacrifice Writing

51. “It is not in our hands to prevent the murder of workers… and families… but it is in our hands to fix a high price for our blood, so high that the Arab community and the Arab military forces will not be willing to pay it.”

Tags : Arab Murder Price
Author : Moshe Dayan

52. “That which costs little is less valued.”

Tags : Cost Price Values

53. “Daemon clung to Surreal as she flew along the Winds, too weak to argue, too spent to care. His heart, however... His heart held on fiercely to Jaenelle's soft, sighing caress of his name.Everything has a price.”

Tags : Anne Bishop Black Jewels Black Jewels Trilogy Daemon Daemon Sadi Daughter Of The Blood Ending Heart Heartache Jaenelle Jaenelle Angelline Love Name Price Romance Sacrifice Surreal The Black Jewels Trilogy
Author : Anne Bishop
Source : Daughter of the Blood

54. “I came at no price; I am at no price.”

Tags : Born Girls Life Power Price Proud Sel Wayoflife Women
Author : Pushpa Rana
Source : Just the Way I Feel

55. “Only a prostitute will trade her valuables for money, so you shouldn't sell your God given ideas and talents for money, because you don't own it in any way but should be by a divine authority.”

Tags : Authority Free Freedom Gifts Giving God Market Merchandise Merchant Michael Bassey Johnson Money Paying A Price Price Prostitute Prostitutes Prostitution Queen Sell Talent Trade Valuable Values Woman Women

56. “Laziness bears the fruit of hunger and crimes, and those who choose the right path are those willing to pay the price”

Tags : Challenges Challenges In Life Crime Evil Fruit Hunger Lateness Laziness Michael Bassey Johnson Pains Price Suffering
Source : The Infinity Sign

57. “To grow the plants and animals that made up my meal, no pesticides found their way into any farmworker’s bloodstream, no nitrogen runoff or growth hormones seeped into the watershed, no soils were poisoned, no antibiotics were squandered, no subsidy checks were written. If the high price of my all-organic meal is weighed against the comparatively low price it exacted from the larger world, as it should be, it begins to look, at least in karmic terms, like a real bargain.”

Tags : Organic Food Price
Source : The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals

58. “Don't roll the dice if you can't pay the price.”

Tags : Dice Price
Source : Economic Warfare: Secrets of Wealth Creation in the Age of Welfare Politics

59. “Value is more expensive than price.”

Tags : Price Value
Author : Toba Beta
Source : Master of Stupidity

60. “The truth beyond the fetish's glimmering mirage is the relationship of laborer to product; it is the social account of how that object came to be. In this view every commodity, beneath the mantle of its pricetag, is a hieroglyph ripe for deciphering, a riddle whose solution lies in the story of the worker who made it and the conditions under which it was made.”

Tags : Culture Labor Objects Price Society Value
Source : Glass, Paper, Beans: Revolutions on the Nature and Value of Ordinary Things

61. “So much the better. The higher the price you have to pay, the more you will cherish it.”

Tags : Price Value
Source : The Robe

62. “All things on earth have their price, and for truth we pay the dearest. We barter it for love and sympathy. The road to honour is paved with thorns; but on the path to truth, at every step you set your foot down on your heart.”

Tags : Cost Price Truth
Source : The Story of an African Farm

63. “Where you are today and where you want to be lies a gap. That gap is the price you have to pay to get to the top.”

Tags : Distance Gap Mindset Perseverance Price Top
Author : Oscar Bimpong

64. “As they often did in the late afternoon, when the sun was ripe and the day hazy, the Queen and the Jinni walked together in the shade of the Jewel Gardens in the heart of the palace, which the Queen had wished for and the Jinni shaped for her. They spoke of many things, of past wars and rulers, of faraway lands, of gods and jinn. For the Jinni had lived long and seen much, and the Queen, possessing a keen mind, had many questions.At last the Queen said, “Thou hast become a friend like unto a sister to me. I favor not only thy counsel, but thy company. May I ask thee anything?”And the Jinni answered, “I have had many masters, but none like you, O Queen. I am honored to be thy friend, and surely I will answer whatever thou ask of me.”“Then what troubles thee?” the Queen replied. “For I know the look in thine eye—thy thoughts are tossed as the storm-driven sea.”“It is true, Habiba,” said the Jinni. “For I am afraid.”“What dost thou fear?” cried the Queen. “Name it, and I shall slay it for thee.”Taking the Queen’s hands in her own, the Jinni replied, “Long has it been forbidden that a jinni and a human may bear any love for the other, yet you have become sister to my heart.”“Who dares forbid us?” asked the Queen.“The one they call Nardukha, the Shaitan, who rules the jinn and all of Ambadya. He is as old as the gods, and none may defeat him. If he knew of the love I bear thee, swift would be his wrath. For this is the first rule of the jinn: that no jinni may love a human. For always must our allegiance be to Nardukha, and none else.”“Then let him leave his hall beneath the earth and tell me so himself,” said the Queen. “For I do not bow to the laws of fearmongerers. He forbids this and he forbids that, but he is not all-powerful. Even the Forbidden Wish may be spoken, and there is naught he may do to stop it.”At this the Jinni raised a mournful cry. “What dost thou know of the Forbidden Wish?”“Thou once told me that none but the Shaitan might free thee from thy lamp, but I know it is not so. For I could wish thee free, and there is naught he could do to stop it.”“It is true,” the Jinni replied in distress. “But every wish has its price, and the price of the Forbidden Wish is thy life. Thou must swear upon the souls of thy people that thou wilt never speak those words. If thou shouldst suffer for love of me, I would never forgive myself. We have already transgressed the law that divides man and jinn, and I fear our time together is running out.”“Do not say such things,” said the Queen. “We have today and yesterday, and we will seize tomorrow. We will have all the time in the world if we are clever enough to take it.”“What use is time against the might of Ambadya?”“Dear Jinni.” The Queen smiled. “Time is the strongest magic of all.”

Tags : Afraid Ambadya Forbiddem Forbidden Wish Friend Jinni Love Nardukha Past Price Queen Roshana Shaitan Sister Time Zhara
Source : The Forbidden Wish

65. “And what if you weren’t a jinni? What if you were free from their rules?”I stare at him. His jaw tightens, his eyes steely with determination that frightens me to my core. A cloud drifts across the face of the crescent moon, and the courtyard darkens. Here and there, the grass is still bent where Aladdin and I danced just hours earlier. I drop my gaze and glare at it, shaking from head to toe.“Don’t say it, Aladdin. Don’t you even think it.” Dread rises in me like a storm cloud, dark and menacing.Aladdin moves closer. He takes my hands. His skin is warm and crackling with energy, setting me on fire.“I have one wish left,” he murmurs. “And this one is for you.”“No, Aladdin! Don’t speak it. Don’t make the Forbidden Wish. The cost—”“Damn the cost. Zahra, I wish—”I stop him with a kiss.Because it is the first thing I think of to stop the terrible words. Because he fills me with light and hope and deep, deep fear. Because I have been longing to for days.”

Tags : Aladdin Cost For You Forbidden Wish Free Jinni Kiss Price Rules Stop Wish Zahra
Source : The Forbidden Wish

66. “Every gift comes with a price.” I frowned, and he grinned. “A kiss.”“Absolutely not!” But my blood raced, and I had to clench my hands in the grass to keep from touching him. “Don’t you think it puts me at a disadvantage to not be able to see all this?”“I’m one of the High Fae—we don’t give anything without gaining something from it.”To my own surprise, I said, “Fine.”He blinked, probably expecting me to have fought a little harder. I hid my smile and sat up so that I faced him, our knees touching as we knelt in the grass.“What about your part of the bargain?”“What?”He leaned closer, his smile turning wicked. “What about my kiss?”I grabbed his fingers. “Here,” I said, and slammed my mouth against the back of his hand. “There’s your kiss.”

Tags : Faerie Feyre High Fae Kiss Price Tamlin
Author : Sarah J. Maas
Source : A Court of Thorns and Roses

67. “Wait,” I repeated.The darkness vanished, leaving Rhysand in his solid form as he grinned. “Yes?”I raised my chin as high as I could manage. “Just two weeks?”“Just two weeks,” he purred, and knelt before me. “Two teensy, tiny weeks with me every month is all I ask.”“Why? And what are to … to be the terms?” I said, fighting past the dizziness.“Ah,” he said, adjusting the lapel of his obsidian tunic. “If I told you those things, there’d be no fun in it, would there?”I looked at my ruined arm. Lucien might never come, might decide I wasn’t worth risking his life any further, not now that he’d been punished for it. And if Amarantha’s healers cut off my arm …Nesta would have done the same for me, for Elain. And Tamlin had done so much for me, for my family; even if he had lied about the Treaty, about sparing me from its terms, he’d still saved my life that day against the naga, and saved it again by sending me away from the manor.I couldn’t think entirely of the enormity of what I was about to give—or else I might refuse again. I met Rhysand’s gaze. “Five days.”“You’re going to bargain?” Rhysand laughed under his breath. “Ten days.”I held his stare with all my strength. “A week.”Rhysand was silent for a long moment, his eyes traveling across my body and my face before he murmured: “A week it is.”“Then it’s a deal”

Tags : Bargain Deal Faerie Feyre High Fae High Lord Price Rhysand
Author : Sarah J. Maas
Source : A Court of Thorns and Roses

68. “Chaol," he said, looking over his shoulder. Dorian's eyes were frozen, his jaw clenched. "Treat her well.”

Tags : Celaena Celaena Sardothien Chaol Crown Of Midnight Dorian Fantasy Love Price Princess Throne Of Glass Ya Ya Fiction
Author : Sarah J. Maas
Source : Crown of Midnight

69. “Of the many 'firsts' with which I have been involved at the Texas Heart Institute —including the first successful human heart transplant in the United States and the first total artificial heart transplant in the world—the achievement that may have the greatest impact on health care did not occur in the operating room or in the research laboratory. It happened on a piece of paper... when we created the first-ever packaged pricing plan for cardiovascular surgical procedures.”

Tags : Achievement Artificial Heart Cardiovascular Surgery Doctor Firsts Health Care Heart Transplant Laboratory Medicine Operating Room Price Research Science Surgery United States
Author : Denton Cooley

70. “I speak less because my words are precious and my advices are priceless.”

Tags : Advice Advices Advise Human Humans Inspiration Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Money Money Quotes Motivation Motivational Motivational Quotes Philosophy Price Priceless Proud Self Respect Value Wisdom Wisdom Quotes
Author : Amit Kalantri

71. “Your soul was bought for a price far greater than the world on the cross; everything Satan offers you in exchange for your soul is from the world and absolutely worthless. John 3:16”

Tags : God Holy Bible Holy Spirit Jesus Christ Offer Price Satan Soul The Cross The World
Author : Felix Wantang
Source : God's Blueprint of the Holy Bible

72. “You know, what I've always done is take a look through a book, look at the paper stock, the printing, the publisher, the actual content, and, taking everything into account, I price it. . . . And now I can't. The fact that I can check this book . . . — the fact that I can check this book on the Internet means that I have to check this book on the Internet.”

Tags : Facts Internet Price
Source : The Bookstore

73. “Greed robs you of more value than the price of what you've gained.”

Tags : Gains Greed Price Self Awareness Self Control Value
Source : Rise of the Morningstar

74. “I was going to dine at the television company’s expense with one of the most beautiful women in show business and some television producer with an inferiority complex. In my experience, there’s always a price.”

Tags : Dine Dinner Experience Price Producer Television
Author : V.T. Davy
Source : Black Art

75. “Debbie alilia. Alilia kwa nguvu zake zote. Alijua tayari alishampoteza Murphy na yote yale huenda alisababisha yeye. Bila kujuana na Vijana wa Tume huenda wasingepigwa. Debbie Hakukata tamaa. Alikumbuka kitu halafu akamwita dereva. Alimwomba dereva amkimbize Roma Notre haraka ilivyowezekana. Alidhani alijua majambazi walikokuwa wakikimbilia na kuna kitu alitaka kufanya. Dereva akamkubalia na kuondoka kuelekea Roma Notre. Njiani Debbie hakuacha kulia. Aliwaza alivyompoteza Marciano, akawaza kumpoteza na Murphy. Jibu alilolipata ni kumwokoa Murphy kwa gharama yoyote ile.”

Tags : Debbie Debbie Patrocinio Debbie Patrocinoi Abrego Dereva Driver Gharama John Murphy John Murphy Amblikile Majambazi Marciano Price Roma Notre Vijana Wa Tume
Source : Kolonia Santita

76. “Excuses cost you more than they buy you.”

Tags : Buy Costly Excuses High Price Inspirational Quotes Motivational Quotes Price

77. “If I were going to put a price tag on my lady parts, I’d find a more appetizing buyer.”

Tags : Buyer Lady Parts Pimp Price Prostitute
Source : Call Me Irresistible

78. “Those things you can buy have no value but have a price. Those things you cannot buy have value and are priceless.”

Tags : Debasish Debasish Mridha Mridha Philosophy Price Priceless Priceless Things Things With No Value Value Value Things

79. “That who sold the expensive for no price, bought the cheap with the highest price.”

Tags : Betrayal Cheap Expensive Integrity Loyalty Price

80. “Flying might not be all plain sailing, but the fun of it is worth the price.”

Tags : Airplane Challenges Flight Flying Fun Inspirational Life Plain Price Sailing Worth
Source : The Fun of It

81. “There are many pleasant fictions of the law in constant operation, but there is not one so pleasant or practically humorous as that which supposes every man to be of equal value in its impartial eye, and the benefits of all laws to be equally attainable by all men, without the smallest reference to the furniture of their pockets.”

Tags : Cost Defense Equal Fair Just Justice Law Law Is Blind Lawyer Poor Price Rich
Source : Nicholas Nickleby

82. “Always care about value—not about price.”

Tags : Care About Value Debasish Mridha Debasish Mridha M D Inspirational Philosophy Price Quotes Value

83. “Thinking is free, planning is also free, but action taking is not free; you have a price to pay. Success is not luck; it demands work... hard work of course!”

Tags : Action Demand Food For Thought Free Hard Work Israelmore Ayivor Luck Pay Planning Planning Is Free Price Success Thinking Thinking Is Free Work Work Hard
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

84. “World can run without money and currencies but not without business and trade.”

Tags : Amit Kalantri Business Business Ethics Business Etiquette Businessman Corporate Cost Human Humans Inspiration Inspirational Motivation Philosophy Price Profession Professionalism Run A Business Running A Business Trade Transactions Value Wisdom Wisdom Quotes
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

85. “Your money is just a condition to get my business, your professionalism is the price.”

Tags : Business Culture Business Ethics Businessman Condition Corporate Cost Currency Human Humans Inspiration Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Management Money Motivation Motivational Motivational Quotes Philosophy Prerequisite Price Profession Professionalism Trade Value Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri

86. “What is a price? It is a proposed point of agreement between a buyer and seller. The proposal is the key. It is not a marching order. Past prices represent deals done in history. Current prices represent possible deals in the future. Prices embed vast information about perceived realities: resource availability, consumer demand, cultural biases and habits, speculations about the future. The price is also an amazing tool. It provides an objective basis for accounting and the assessment of profit and loss. Without prices, real prices rooted in real market experience, we’d been lost.”

Tags : Anarcho Capitalism Anarchy Ancap Austrian Economics Austrian School Of Economics Capitalism Economics Libertarian Price Value Voluntaryism

87. “We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles.”

Tags : Cheap Electricity Humor Masses Price


Tags : Afford Anger Control Happy Rice Hunger Price
Author : merlin8thomas

89. “If you fear to know the cost, the value will definitely be lost. Focus your attentions on the product, not the price.”

Tags : Attention Cost Fear Focus Food For Thought Israelmore Ayivor Know Loss Lost Price Product

90. “There is a price for all things, my son, for all men. I have merely to find his.”

Tags : Find Men Merely Price Son Things
Author : Conn Iggulden
Source : Conqueror

91. “The true price of anything you do is the amount of time you exchange for it.”

Tags : Price Productivity Success Time
Source : Walden

92. “One thing my father taught me,” he told her quietly, “is that everyone has their price. From the highest to the lowest, we will all bargain. It’s just a matter of finding what yours is.”

Tags : Bargain Price
Author : Jayne Castel
Source : Dawn of Wolves

93. “We must pay a price if we are to become priceless.”

Tags : Beautiful Christian Cost Eyes Faith Gem God Love Pay Price Priceless
Source : Beautiful in God's Eyes: The Treasures of the Proverbs 31 Woman

94. “...We understood nothing at all. Not what it meant to wish for a miracle... nor its price.”

Tags : Miracle Miracles Price Sacrifice Sacrifices Wish Wishes
Source : Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Vol. 01

95. “When the Starbursts cost a cent apiece, the average number of candies per customer was 3.5, but when the price went down to zero, the average went down to 1.1 per customer. The students limited themselves to a large degree when the candy was free. In fact, almost all the students applied a very simple social-norm rule in this situation—they politely took one and only one Starburst. ... What these results mean is that when price is not a part of the exchange, we become less selfish maximizers and start caring more about the welfare of others. We saw this demonstrated by the fact that when the price decreased to zero, customers restrained themselves and took far fewer units.”

Tags : Free Politeness Price
Author : Dan Ariely
Source : Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions

96. “To be real successful, you must decide exactly what you want to accomplish; then resolve to pay the price to get it.”

Tags : Accomplish Price Successful
Source : Economic Warfare: Secrets of Wealth Creation in the Age of Welfare Politics

97. “but remember, nothing comes without a price. Our paths are not mapped; they’re made.”

Tags : Destiny Path Price
Author : Priya Ardis
Source : Ever My Merlin

98. “Free’s my favorite price.”

Tags : Free Price
Source : Secondhand Spirits

99. “Since nothing is free, to each his price.”

Tags : Free Price
Author : Gore Vidal
Source : Julian

100. “Sound an alarm! Advertising, not deals, builds brands.”

Tags : Advertising Brand Brand Building Branding Brands Build Cost Cutting Deals Ideas Loss Marketing Price Sales Wisdom
Author : David Ogilvy
Source : The Unpublished David Ogilvy

101. “I mind how I said to you once that there is a price for being good the same as for being bad; a cost to pay. And it's the good men that cant deny the bill when it comes around. They cant deny it for the reason that there aint any way to make them pay it, like a honest man that gambles. The bad men can deny it; that's why dont anybody expect them to pay on sight or any other time. But the good cant. Maybe it takes longer to pay for being good than for being bad.”

Tags : Good Goodness Price
Source : Light in August

102. “As much as salvation is a free gift, the truth is that keeping salvation comes with a price; you must live by God's law through Jesus Christ.”

Tags : Christ Gift God S Law Jesus Price Salvation
Author : Felix Wantang
Source : God's Blueprint of the Holy Bible

103. “The cost of forgiveness is less than the price of bitterness”

Tags : Bitterness Cost Forgiveness Price

104. “Toată lumea se așteaptă ca educația să fie un drept fundamental și nu pun mare preț pe ea când o primesc!”

Tags : Education Expectations Inspirational Price World
Source : They Do It with Mirrors

105. “Attracting loyal customers based on price is like believing in the tooth fairy.”

Tags : Business Quotes Customers Loyalty Price
Author : Colin Myles
Source : How to Avoid Business Failure: 7 Steps

106. “If you don't mind a word of advice, one never asks a lady to set her own price. If you have to ask, the answer will always be more than you can afford.”

Tags : Advice Lady Price
Author : Eloisa James
Source : A Kiss at Midnight

107. “The best things in life are beyond money; their price is agony and sweat and devotion ... and the price demanded for the most precious of all things in life is life itself - ultimate cost for perfect value.”

Tags : Life Price Value
Source : Starship Troopers

108. “You cannot have your news instantly and have it done well. You cannot have your news reduced to 140 characters or less without losing large parts of it. You cannot manipulate the news but not expect it to be manipulated against you. You cannot have your news for free; you can only obscure the costs. If as a culture we can learn this lesson, and if we can learn to love the hard work, we will save ourselves much trouble and collateral damage. We must remember: There is no easy way.”

Tags : Hard Work News News Value Price
Author : Ryan Holiday
Source : Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator

109. “Money is all you can think about when all you have is a price, Carrot said”

Tags : Money Price Terry Pratchett
Source : Feet of Clay

110. “Be with people who know your VALUE not your PRICE”

Tags : Being With Someone Friendship Love People Price Relationships Truth Value

111. “Pain is just the price we pay to feel”

Tags : Duane Joseph Olson Feelings Pain Price

112. “Every little thing in life comes with a price: while you're obliged to pay, objection is not an option.”

Tags : Price Rola Mahmoud
Author : Rola Mahmoud

113. “When I was a teenager I took freedom for granted until I got through the army and saw what the Nazis had done in Germany. Then I realized that freedom isn't automatic; it has a price. World War II was a justified and necessary war. Last year I met five survivors of Auschwitz concentration camp. The things that happened to those people should never have happened to any human being.- Ed Tipper”

Tags : Freedom Price
Source : We Who Are Alive and Remain: Untold Stories from the Band of Brothers

114. “It seems then that instead of consumers' willingness to pay influencing market prices, the causality is somewhat reversed and it is market prices themselves that influence consumers' willingness to pay.”

Tags : Economics Influence Price
Author : Dan Ariely
Source : Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions

115. “The Court of Dreams. The people who knew that there was a price, and one worth paying, for that dream.”

Tags : Dreams Friendship Inspirational Price Sacrifice
Author : Sarah J. Maas
Source : A Court of Mist and Fury

116. “I cannot accept any more from you without knowing the price”

Tags : Healing Price
Author : M.J. Haag
Source : Devastation: A Beauty and the Beast Novel

117. “It seems that the price of having freedom is having to constantly fight to keep it.”

Tags : Constantly Fight Freedom Price
Source : Fearotica: An Anthology of Erotic Horror

118. “Everyone has a price, it seems”

Tags : Gavriel Price
Source : Grave Mercy

119. “Everything within reality has some price to be paid at some point.”

Tags : Life Philosophy Life Quotes Price Reality
Source : Life Is Simply A Game

120. “I give this freely”

Tags : Beast Kindness Price
Author : M.J. Haag
Source : Devastation: A Beauty and the Beast Novel

121. “The more knowledge that distributed, the more people know, so the more worthless that knowledge.”

Tags : How To Become Rich Knowledge Price
Author : Danny Listyo

122. “nothing comes without a price”

Tags : Life Quotes Price
Author : litymunshi