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1. “THE FOUR HEAVENLY FOUNTAINSLaugh, I tell youAnd you will turn backThe hands of time.Smile, I tell youAnd you will reflectThe face of the divine.Sing, I tell youAnd all the angels will sing with you!Cry, I tell youAnd the reflections found in your pool of tears -Will remind you of the lessons of today and yesterdayTo guide you through the fears of tomorrow.”

Tags : Angels Attitude Clock Cry Crying Fear Fountains Hands Of Time Heavenly Laughing Laughter Living Living In The Present Living Life Living Well Pond Present Reflect River Senior Smile Smiling Tears Today
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

2. “It's being here now that's important. There's no past and there's no future. Time is a very misleading thing. All there is ever, is the now. We can gain experience from the past, but we can't relive it; and we can hope for the future, but we don't know if there is one.”

Tags : Beatles Carpe Diem Future Past Present Time

3. “In this moment, there is plenty of time. In this moment, you are precisely as you should be. In this moment, there is infinite possibility. (17)”

Tags : Acceptance Mindfulness Now Possibility Present This Moment Time
Source : Younger by the Day: 365 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Body and Revitalize Your Spirit

4. “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”

Tags : Alone Buddha Buddhism Destiny Fate Future Lone Past Path Present Save Saying Walk
Source : Sayings Of Buddha

5. “Our evolution depends on our memory. If we keep forgetting the mistakes of the past, only to keep repeating them, then we will never change. Humanity will never move forward, spiritually or morally, to become superior beings. We must apply the wisdom of our forefathers and the lessons gained from their experiences to today's decision-making. We should be intellectually smarter, not the opposite. We should be wiser, not the opposite. It is time for us to really examine and understand why certain causes in the past have produced major negative effects. This is the only way we can prevent repeating the same mistakes in our present and future. It is the only way we will evolve.”

Tags : Capitalism Change Decision Making Education Forefather History Intellectual Intellectually Smarter Intelligence Oppression Present Regress Relationships Spirit Spirituality Superior Beings Teach
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

6. “We ought to regard the present state of the universe as the effect of its antecedent state and as the cause of the state that is to follow. An intelligence knowing all the forces acting in nature at a given instant, as well as the momentary positions of all things in the universe, would be able to comprehend in one single formula the motions of the largest bodies as well as the lightest atoms in the world, provided that its intellect were sufficiently powerful to subject all data to analysis; to it nothing would be uncertain, the future as well as the past would be present to its eyes. The perfection that the human mind has been able to give to astronomy affords but a feeble outline of such an intelligence.”

Tags : Analysis Astronomy Certainty Comprehension Data Eyes Formula Free Will Human Mind Intelligence Lack Of Free Will Mind Motion Naturalism Nature Omniscience Past Perfection Physics Present Science Space Time Universe

7. “That we can never know," answered the wolf angrily. "That's for the future. But what we can know is the importance of what we owe to the present. Here and now, and nowhere else. For nothing else exists, except in our minds. What we owe to ourselves, and to those we're bound to. And we can at least hope to make a better future, for everything.”

Tags : David Clement Davies Fantasy Fell Future Present Wolves

8. “History always constitutes the relation between a present and its past. Consequently fear of the present leads to mystification of the past”

Tags : Connections Future History Mystification Past Present
Author : John Berger
Source : Ways of Seeing

9. “Sometimes to change a situation you are in requires you to take a giant leap. But, you won't be able to fly unless you are willing to transform.”

Tags : Aim Butterfly Change Changes Changes In Life Cocoon Courage Divorce Fly Goals Inspiration Jump Jumping Life Changing Life Quotes Metamorphosis Moth Motivator Philosophy Present Problems Self Improvement Strength Suzy Kassem Taking Risk Transform Transformation Transformations Transforming Truth Turmoil
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

10. “We are living in a culture entirely hypnotized by the illusion of time, in which the so-called present moment is felt as nothing but an infintesimal hairline between an all-powerfully causative past and an absorbingly important future. We have no present. Our consciousness is almost completely preoccupied with memory and expectation. We do not realize that there never was, is, nor will be any other experience than present experience. We are therefore out of touch with reality. We confuse the world as talked about, described, and measured with the world which actually is. We are sick with a fascination for the useful tools of names and numbers, of symbols, signs, conceptions and ideas.”

Tags : Expectation Memory Names Now Present Time
Author : Alan W. Watts

11. “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”

Tags : Hope Inspirational Misattributed Eleanor Roosevelt Past Present Widely Misattributed
Author : Bil Keane

12. “All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the moment important, vital, and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.”

Tags : Dance Dancing Life Live In The Moment Movement Present
Author : Martha Graham

13. “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

Tags : Carpe Diem Future Past Present Time
Author : Mother Teresa

14. “The future depends on what you do today.”

Tags : Action Carpe Diem Future Present

15. “Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.”

Tags : Carpe Diem Future Present
Author : Albert Camus
Source : Notebooks 1935-1942

16. “You spend your whole life stuck in the labyrinth, thinking about how you'll escape one day, and how awesome it will be, and imagining that future keeps you going, but you never do it. You just use the future to escape the present.”

Tags : Future Labyrinth Life Past Present
Author : John Green
Source : Looking for Alaska

17. “The present changes the past. Looking back you do not find what you left behind.”

Tags : Change Past Present
Author : Kiran Desai
Source : The Inheritance of Loss

18. “The past is a ghost, the future a dream and all we ever have is now.”

Tags : Dream Future Ghost Past Present Time
Author : Bill Cosby

19. “I have realized that the past and future are real illusions, that they exist in the present, which is what there is and all there is.”

Tags : Future Illusion Past Present Time
Author : Alan W. Watts

20. “Nightmares are seldom a foreshadowing of real events, but always a showing of real fears.”

Tags : Adversity Anxiety Brain Bravery Daydreaming Death Fake Fantasy Fearful Frightening Future Irrational Life Events Make Believe Nightmare Pain Past Poverty Psychology Rational Rational Belief Reality Suffering Supernatural Superstition Terror Torture
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

21. “Samsa certainly had no idea what lay ahead. He was in the dark about everything: the future, of course, but the present and the past as well . What was right, and what was wrong? Just learning how to dress was a riddle.”

Tags : Alone Confusion Dark Dressing Up Future Life Misery Outcast Plans Present Riddles Right Time Wrong
Source : Samsa in Love

22. “But now, I know, how absence can be present, like a damaged nerve, like a dark bird.”

Tags : Absence Dark Bird Life Present
Source : The Time Traveler's Wife

23. “I haven't seen the future yet, but I have seen the worst in my life. That's why i make each day better by doing something different everyday. By waking up in the morning and finding myself a job to do.”

Tags : Business Doing Employed Ethics Finding Goals Group Knowledge Kyos Magupe Leadership Lessons Life Living Made Mind Motivated Never Give Up Philosophy Positive Right Speaker Thoughts Waking Up Ways Winner Wisdom Wise Words Words

24. “He tried to measure his day by tallying the hours on his wrist.I wiped it off and called him a prisoner.He placed the hours on a scalewith hours from former days to compare.I took a hammer and broke it all.He bent down and picked up the shards of minutes firstthen swept the seconds.I told him he’d missed a spot;there were some sparkling specks left.'What are they?' he asked.'Those are moments,' I said.'What are they made of?' he asked.They are times, I thought, when you win a raceor win a heart.They are times when you give birth or lay something, someone to rest.When you wake up in the morning with a smile because anything is possible.When someone compliments the thing you hate most about yourself.Times when you are embarrassed.Times when you are hurtful.Times when you relish in a hearty meal.Times when you service others and are content with a well-spent day.'What are they made of?' he asked again.'They are made up of times when we are fully present.'I picked up one of the specks with the tipof my finger.'Do you remember this?' I asked.'Of course,' he said, 'I was whistling in the kitchen that morning.''Why?' I asked.'Because of the knowledge that I was loved.”

Tags : Day Hammer Heart Hours Hurtful Kamand Kojouri Love Poem Loving Measure Minutes Morning Possible Present Prose Race Scale Seconds Service Tally Whistle Wisdom Wrist

25. “I met a boy whose eyes showed me that the past, present and future were all the same thing.”

Tags : Anxiety Art Beach Born Ready Coming Of Age Eyes Friends Future Girls Growing Healing Inspiration Jennifer Elisabeth Learning Life Love Lovers Pray Prayer Present Red Thread Of Destiny Self Acceptance Self Love Soul Teens

26. “Today is a gift.Today is all I have.I be fully awake in today.”

Tags : Awake Gift Gift Of Life Present Today Today Is Your Day

27. “The future is nothing but a reflection of the present and the past.”

Tags : Debasish Debasish Mridha M D Future Inspirational Mridha Past Philosophy Present Quotes

28. “It is not as much about who you used to be, as it is about who you choose to be.”

Tags : Aims Ambitions Ambitious Attitude Career Choices Choose Decisions Future Happiness Happy Hope Hopeful Inspirational Life Love Motivational Past Present Self Improvement Work Hard Workaholic

29. “The universe contains many planets which make it what it is – a unified system. In addition, our bodies contain many organs, and each part is congruent to a planet in our solar system. The universe we see out our eyes is a mirror of what is within us. This is what God meant by making man in his image. We are all made as a reflection of God and that reflection of him is within us. Furthermore, not only are all religions connected to the same Truth, or Cosmic Heart, but this concept is also mirrored in the pantheons of ancient religions, where each of the many gods simply represented one set of characteristics of the ONE. And in all cases, these many gods symbolized the planets, therefore mimicking the different parts of the universe and the ONE God’s many mirrors (He Who is All). The structure behind all polytheistic religions of the past and present is one and the same. They are all built on the same foundation as Nature.”

Tags : Ancient Beliefs Body Cosmic Cosmic System Design Faith Foundation God Heart Humanity Knowledge Mankind Mirrors Organs Past Planets Present Reflection Religion Solar System Structure System Truth Unified Universe Wisdom
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

30. “The best traveler is one without a camera.”

Tags : Best Boundaries Camera Comfort Experience Explore Explorer Flight Hiker Inspiration Inspirational Journey Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Learn Life Moment Plane Pleasure Present Quote Travel Traveler Traveling Traveller Travelling Wander Wanderlust

31. “The true definition of mental illness is when the majority of your time is spent in the past or future, but rarely living in the realism of NOW.”

Tags : Attitude Awareness Disorders Enlightenment Forgetting Future Goals Here Identity Issues Journeys Letting Go Life Life Lessons Living Mental Illness Now Pain Planning Present Present Moment Realism Regrets Sanity Unresolved

32. “The past is far behind. If you still want to look at it, you will painfully stretch your neck muscles. Don't live in the past, leave the past, but learn from it.”

Tags : Behind Focus Future Learn Learn From It Leave Leave The Past Live Look Look Back Muscles Neck Neck Muscles Pain Painful Painfully Pains Past Present Stretch

33. “Don't recide in the past. Instead, refer to it, else you will remain in the remand of high demand but with low command”

Tags : Command Demand Food For Thought Forget The Past Future Go High Grow Up High Leave The Past Low Move Forward Past Present Recide Recidence Refer Reference Remand

34. “Leaders scan the future so it can be free of doubts and fear. They do so by not living a double standard life in the present.”

Tags : Afraid Double Double Standard Double Standards Doubts Fear Food For Thought Free Fright Future Future Leaders Futurist Leader Leaders Leadership Life Living Past Personal Development Present Scan Scan The Future Self Improvement Standard
Source : Leaders' Ladder

35. “Pakistan not only means freedom and independence but the Muslim Ideology which has to be preserved, which has come to us as a precious gift and treasure and which, we hope other will share with us.”

Tags : Amazing Beautiful Freedom Future Gift Harmony Humor Ideas Ideology Independence Inspirational Jinnah Life Morals Pakistani Peace Precious Present Religion Responsibility Time Treasure Values

36. “A book is a wonderful present. Though it may grow worn, it will never grow old.”

Tags : Books Cage Girl Historical Fiction Marjorie Bruce Old Present Robert The Bruce Worn Young Adult Fiction
Author : Jane Yolen
Source : Girl in a Cage

37. “Be willing to give, but only when you aren't expecting anything in return.”

Tags : Anticipation Charity Collateral Collateral Damage Compassion Credit Expectations Expectations Return Give Glory Good Hearted Heart Insincerity Kind Love Money Nice Pity Return Reward Selfishness Selflessness Sincerity Sympathy
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

38. “Nobody lives forever, nobody stays young long enough. My past seemed like so much excess baggage, my future a series of long goodbyes, my present an empty flask, the last good drink already bitter on my tongue.”

Tags : Baggage Bitter Bitterness Drink Empty Forever Future Goodbye Goodbyes Last Life Live Long Nobody Past Present Young Youth
Author : James Crumley
Source : The Last Good Kiss

39. “I had my chance.' He said it, retiring from a lifetime of wanting. 'I had my chance, and sometimes in life, there are no second chances. You look at what you have, not what you miss, and you move forward.”

Tags : Chances Missing Past Present Wanting
Author : Jamie Ford
Source : Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

40. “In the same way, teenagers imagine dying young because death is more imaginable than the person that all the decisions and burdens of adulthood may make of you.”

Tags : Adulthood Beath Burden Childhood Decision Dying Future Imagination Present Suicide Teenager Young Adult Youth
Source : A Field Guide to Getting Lost

41. “We should always hope and expect to see a brand new day filled with hope, love and joy.”

Tags : Beauty Choice Day Expect Future Hope Joy Life Love Month Positive Present Season Time Year

42. “The only thing that prevents us from being happy is thinking.”

Tags : Being Happy Being In The Moment Conscious Happiness Happy Inspiration Inspirational Joy Kamand Kamand Kojouri Moment Motivation Motivational Pleasure Power Of Now Presence Present Prevent Quote Think Thinking Thought Truth

43. “Our actions in the present build the staircase to the future. The question is whether that staircase is going up or down.”

Tags : Apathy Backwards Defeat Down Failure Forward Future Impossible Life Living Mediocrity Possible Present Staircase Success Up Victory

44. “Link says if a girl says not to get her a birthday present that means get me a birthday present and make sure it’s jewelry.”

Tags : Birthday Gift Jewelry Present
Author : Kami Garcia
Source : Beautiful Creatures

45. “Beautify your breath – beautify your life.”

Tags : Beautification Beautiful Life Beautiful Mind Beautiful Thoughts Beauty Beauty Of Breath Beauty Of Life Beauty Quotes Breath Breathing Living In The Breath Living In The Moment Living In The Present Living In The Present Moment Living Life To The Fullest Living Now Meditation Mind Body Spirit Mindfulness Now Present Present Moment
Author : Amit Ray
Source : Mindfulness : Living in the Moment - Living in the Breath

46. “It's critical to God that we think about how we live, how we spend the present time with which we're gifted each day.”

Tags : About Critical Day Each Gifted God How Live Present Spend The Think Time We
Source : Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working

47. “Don’t live in the past – you’ve already been there. And don’t live in the future, either. Tomorrow will be here soon enough. Live in this moment now – it is sacred and unrepeatable. This moment alone holds valuable gifts that should not be missed.”

Tags : Future Life Live Moment Now Past Presence Present Sacredness Today
Author : Steve Goodier

48. “Enlightenment lacks any form of judgment.”

Tags : Consciousness Ego Enlighten Enlightened Enlightenment Inspiration Inspirational Judge Judging Judgment Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Lack Learn Life Hacks Life Lessons Philosophy Present Quote Self Help Self Improvement Transcend Transform Truth

49. “You will never get everything in life but you will get enough.”

Tags : Contentment Enough Everything Faith Feel Good Future Gift Of Life Gifts From Heaven Happy Inspirational Life Life Is Good Love Motivational Move On Past Present Satisfaction Smile

50. “You are constantly told in depression that your judgment is compromised, but a part of depression is that it touches cognition. That you are having a breakdown does not mean that your life isn't a mess. If there are issues you have successfully skirted or avoided for years, they come cropping back up and stare you full in the face, and one aspect of depression is a deep knowledge that the comforting doctors who assure you that your judgment is bad are wrong. You are in touch with the real terribleness of your life. You can accept rationally that later, after the medication sets in, you will be better able to deal with the terribleness, but you will not be free of it. When you are depressed, the past and future are absorbed entirely by the present moment, as in the world of a three-year-old. You cannot remember a time when you felt better, at least not clearly; and you certainly cannot imagine a future time when you will feel better.”

Tags : Breakdown Cognition Depression Future Issues Judgment Present Troubles
Source : The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression

51. “Every time we choose our past over our present, we kill our future.”

Tags : Choice Choose Encouarging Encourage Encouragement Quotes Future Inspiration Inspre Me Life Living Past Present Smart Truth Wisdom Wise Word

52. “And there comes a time that what is happening does not suit you anymore...You flip a coin, light a match and throw it behind your back and let everything purify in ashes while you are moving forward.There is no reason to be afraid of the new, the old has power no more”

Tags : Coin Future Letting Go Of The Past Match Past Present

53. “Our past cannot be changed, and to be preoccupied with it is inefficient in time and effort. Likewise, by fretting over the future, we only exhaust ourselves, making us less able to effectively respond when the future is actually upon us. By worrying about a mishap that may or may not take place, we’re forced to undergo the event twice—once when imagining it and once again if and when we actually experience it.”

Tags : Future Meditation Past Present Worrying Yoga
Author : H.E. Davey
Source : Japanese Yoga: The Way of Dynamic Meditation

54. “Your hand can seize today, but not tomorrow; and thoughts of your tomorrow are nothing but desire. Don’t waste this breath, if your heart isn’t crazy, since "the rest of your life" won’t last forever.”

Tags : Carpe Diem Desire Future Life Present Thoughts Time Today Tomorrow Wasting Time
Author : Omar Khayyám
Source : Quatrains - Ballades

55. “Yesterday, she shed tears, keeping her head on my shoulders. And I think she's not going to be fine because I know she won't. Because a couple of years back, I wasn't.And when you know that you've fallen hard on a cold ground and are still lying there, what do you tell others who are taking the fall?You close your eyes. You accept to lie there a little longer. But I lie on my bed now, and it's a little too warm today.”

Tags : Analyze Bed Cold Contemplation Decisions Destiny Eyes Falling Ground Happiness Life Lying O K Okay Over Think Overcome Past Peace Present Sad Sleep Taking The Fall Think Tomorrow

56. “When you remain present to the goal at hand, you become ready to receive a powerful gift.”

Tags : Gift Goal Powerful Present Ready Receive

57. “To love in the sense of passion-love is the contrary of to live. It is an impoverishment of one's being, an askesis without sequel, an inability to enjoy the present without imagining it as absent, a never-ending flight from possession.”

Tags : Askesis Love Never Ending Passion Possession Present
Source : Love in the Western World

58. “[T]he concern of man is not his future but his present, not the world but his soul. We must be just, we must strive, we must engage ourselves with the business of the world for our own sake, because through that, and through contemplation in equal measure, our soul is purified and brought closer to the divine. ... Thought and deed conjoined are crucial. ... The attempt must be made; the outcome is irrelevant. Right action is a pale material reflection of the divine, but reflection it is, nonetheless. Define your goal and exert reason to accomplish it by virtuous action; successs or failure is secondary.”

Tags : Action Deeds Divinity Failure Future Goals Mankind Philosophy Present Purification Souls Success Thought
Author : Iain Pears
Source : The Dream of Scipio

59. “Forgiveness empties the past of its power to empty the present of its peace.”

Tags : Forgiveness Hurts Pain Past Peace Present
Author : L.R. Knost

60. “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. Let us move forward with strong and active faith.”

Tags : Doubt Future Present Progress

61. “You owe it to your inner-self to never allow your past to take the place of your present or future.”

Tags : Edmond Mbiaka Future Keep Your Past In The Past Live In The Present Living In The Present Present You Owe It To Yourself Your Inner Self Your Past

62. “To enjoy the beauty of life, live profoundly in the present moment without the fear of the past or future.”

Tags : Beauty Beauty Of Life Debasish Mridha Debasish Mridha M D Future Inspirational Live In The Present Past Philosophy Present Quotes

63. “Now is the only time we have, and the only time that we have any control over.”

Tags : Live In The Here And Now Live In The Moment Live In The Present Present The Present
Source : Don't Sweat the Small Stuff ... and it's all small stuff: Simple Ways to Keep the Little Things from Taking Over Your Life

64. “Live in the present. Tomorrow is a puzzle you can only solve with the answers you find today.”

Tags : Life Life Lessons Live In The Present Present
Source : The Papal Visitor

65. “We cannot change the past. We can only take action in the present and, therefore, change the future.”

Tags : Authoer Ken Poirot Author Ken Poirot Quote Author Ken Poirot Quotes Future Quote Ken Poirot Ken Poirot Quotes Life Life Experiences Life Experiences Quote Life Experiences Quotes Life Lesson Quote Life Lessons Quote Past Past Quote Past Quotes Present Quote Present Quotes Take Action Take Action In The Present Quote Take Action Quote Take Action Quotes Therefore Therefore Quote
Author : Ken Poirot

66. “The only person who lives in the PRESENT is perhaps Daily Wage Earner with no bank balance and security amount, for he doesn't worry about the future.”

Tags : Anxiety Bank Balance Daily Wage Earner Future Honesty Inspirational Inspiring Inspiring Thoughts Inspiring Words Leader Leadership Money Motivational Past Poorest Person Present Reality Security Stress Uncertainity Worry
Author : Anuj Somany

67. “Anyone can perform good deeds for an audience; the best among us do their greatest work when no one is present to bear witness.”

Tags : Anyone Anyone Quote Anyone Quotes Audience Audience Quote Audience Quotes Bear Witness Quote Good Good Deeds Good Deeds Quote Good Deeds Quotes Good Quote Greatest Greatest Quote Greatest Quotes Greatest Work Quotes Ken Poirot No One No One Quote No One Quotes Perform Quote Present Quote Witness Witness Quotes Work
Author : Ken Poirot

68. “Stop identification of your thoughts nd celebrate Now. Bcz life is made up of time that is NOW . . . . .!!!”

Tags : Best Quote Life Love Love Quotes Now Present Secret Of Life Thought Universe
Author : Sushil Singh

69. “Even when you’d lost everything you thought there was to lose, somebody came along and gave you something for free.”

Tags : Everything Free Gift Lost Present
Source : Broken Soup

70. “By living exclusively for the present, we let ourselves be hemmed in by an ocean of death. Conversely, by reviving the past, we enlarge our living space.”

Tags : Death Life Past Present
Author : Amin Maalouf
Source : Orígenes

71. “Past and future is determined by what is now…right now! This is why the present is a gift; the only one that ultimately matters most.”

Tags : Destiny Future Gift Past Present Quotes The Present Timing
Author : T.F. Hodge
Source : From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with "The Divine Presence"

72. “Stop looking forward to things, look inward instead.”

Tags : Be Conscious Forward Future Here Inspiration Inspirational Inward Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Look Looking Moment Now Past Power Of Now Present Quote Stop Truth

73. “London has the trick of making its past, its long indelible past, always a part of its present. And for that reason it will always have meaning for the future, because of all it can teach about disaster, survival, and redemption. It is all there in the streets. It is all there in the books.”

Tags : Importance Lessons Literary London London Meaning Past Present Teaching
Author : Anna Quindlen
Source : Imagined London: A Tour of the World's Greatest Fictional City

74. “Today's partners can be your competitors tomorrow. And today's competitors can be your partners tomorrow.”

Tags : Alliances Attitude Business Change Commerce Competition Enterprise Future Politics Present Progress Relationships Today Tomorrow
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

75. “Investing is a simple process of taking into account the present value and future value. The other major factor to understand here, is what you lose as a result of inaction. Consider what you can gain and what you can lose in your decision.”

Tags : Action Decision Factor Future Future Value Gain Inaction Invest Investment Lose Loss Present Present Value Process Result Simple Value Win
Author : J.R. Rim

76. “To present is to take a stand and being responsible.”

Tags : Authority Growth Life Maturation Maturity Present Responsibility Responsible Stand
Author : Aayush Jain

77. “One must divide one's time between politics and equations. But our equations are much more important to me, because politics is for the present, while our equations are for eternity.”

Tags : Equations Eternity Future Mathematics Physics Politics Present Science

78. “...the wounds of the past and the scars of the present don't disfigure me in your eyes - because you know the price I pay for loving you ...”

Tags : Disfigureation Eyes Past Present Price Of Love Scars Wounds
Author : John Geddes
Source : A Familiar Rain

79. “Love is circumstantial; we can love anyone if need be; and losing the one we love is the singular catastrophe. Time does not heal it. Every present moment yearns for even the roughest past.”

Tags : Anyone Catastrophe Circumstantial Grief Heal Loss Love Need Past Present Time Yearning

80. “One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present.”

Tags : Censorship History Orwellian Past Present
Author : Golda Meir
Source : My Life

81. “Stop longing.You poison today’s ease, reaching always for tomorrow.”

Tags : Fate Poison Present Today Tomorrow
Author : Robin Hobb
Source : Fool's Errand

82. “Today will die tomorrow.”

Tags : Death Future Present Time Today Tomorrow

83. “Wherever you are, be there. If you can be fully present now, you’ll know what it means to live.”

Tags : Attention Life Live Live In The Here And Now Live In The Moment Live Now Presence Present Present Moment
Author : Steve Goodier

84. “I personally believe this: We have only today; yesterday's gone and tomorrow is uncertain. That's why they call it the present. And sobriety really is a gift... for those who are willing to receive it.”

Tags : Acceptance Belief No Regrets Present Sobriety Today
Author : Ace Frehley
Source : No Regrets: A Rock 'n' Roll Memoir

85. “Never job backwards. What might have been was a waste of time.”

Tags : Inspirational Life No Regrets Now Present Time
Author : Ian Fleming

86. “Your dream is a reality that is waiting for you to materialize. Today is a new day! Don’t let your history interfere with your destiny! Learn from your past so that it can empower your present and propel you to greatness”

Tags : Action Choice Empowerment Gratitude Inspirational Motivational Present Seize The Day Success
Source : Life, the Truth, and Being Free

87. “Distraction leaches the authenticity out of our communications. When we are not emotionally present, we are gliding over the surface of our interactions and we never tangle in the depths where the nuances of our skills are tested and refined. A medical professor describes the easy familiarity with which her digital-native resident students master medical electronic records—but is troubled by the fact that they enter data with their eyes focused on their digital devices, not on the patient in the room with them. Preoccupation with technology acts as a screen between the student and the patient’s real emotion, real fear, and real concern. It may also prevent these residents from noticing physical symptoms that the patient fails to mention. The easy busyness of medical record entry is a way to sidestep the more challenging dynamics of human connection. But experienced physicians know that interpersonal skills are essential to mastering the art and science of medical diagnosis.”

Tags : Art Authenticity Busyness Communications Concern Digital Devices Distraction Emotion Familiarity Fear Interactions Matter More Medical Medical Diagnosis Patient Physician Physicians Preoccupation Present Relevance Science Skills Technology
Author : Marian Deegan
Source : Relevance: Matter More

88. “Gratitude looks to the Past and love to the Present; fear, avarice, lust, and ambition look ahead.”

Tags : Fear Future Gratitude Love Past Present
Author : C.S. Lewis
Source : The Screwtape Letters

89. “How can the past and future be, when the past no longer is, and the future is not yet? As for the present, if it were always present and never moved on to become the past, it would not be time, but eternity.”

Tags : Eternity Future Past Present
Source : Confessions

90. “Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves - slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future.”

Tags : Attributed Inspirational Life Present Unsourced

91. “Wir lernen aus unserer eigenen Geschichte, wozu der Mensch fähig ist. Deshalb dürfen wir uns nicht einbilden, wir seien nun als Menschen anders und besser geworden. Es gibt keine endgültig errungene moralische Vollkommenheit - für niemanden und kein Land! Wir haben als Menschen gelernt, wir bleiben als Menschen gefährdet. Aber wir haben die Kraft, Gefährdungen immer von neuem zu überwinden."[Ansprache am 8. Mai 1985 in der Gedenkstunde im Plenarsaal des Deutschen Bundestages]”

Tags : Burdens Evil Guilt History Humanity Immorality Innocence Lessons Mankind Morality Past Perfection Present Responsibility

92. “Right Now we can neither expect something from yesterday, nor can we obtain it from tomorrow.”

Tags : Cannot Expect Moment Now Obtain Present This Tomorrow Who We Are Yesterday
Author : Joseph Rain

93. “The Expulsion from Paradise is eternal in its principal aspect: this makes it irrevocable, and our living in this world inevitable, but the eternal nature of the process has the effect that not only could we remain forever in Paradise, but that we are currently there, whether we know it or not.”

Tags : Eternity Existentialism Forever Heaven Paradise Present Present Moment
Author : Franz Kafka
Source : The Zürau Aphorisms

94. “Don't let your 'future success' dim the beauty and light that's in front of you right now.”

Tags : Gratitude Inspirational Present Present Moment Success

95. “We’re so used to just glancing at the environment through the eyes of the past that we’re frequently not certain if we are in fact paying attention or if we merely think that we’re paying attention. Dynamic meditation in everyday existence involves the act of truthfully seeing.Many of us have changed some aspect of our appearance only to have this go unnoticed by friends. Perhaps you’ve shaved off a mustache, added a tattoo, or altered your hairstyle, but your acquaintances failed to initially notice. In such a case, your friends were looking at their environment through the eyes of the past instead of actually seeing what was taking place in the present.”

Tags : Attention Ki Meditation Nakamura Tempu Past Present Seeing Shin Shin Toitsu Do Yoga
Author : H.E. Davey
Source : Japanese Yoga: The Way of Dynamic Meditation

96. “When you mix with the wrong energy, there's bound to be an explosion. Pay attention and switch lanes when the signal changes. What's really real, is ultimately revealed.”

Tags : Attention Change Combustion Conscious Energy Evolve Explosion Integrate Life Mix People Power Powerful Present Real Reality Revelation Strong Switch Time
Author : T.F. Hodge
Source : From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with "The Divine Presence"

97. “The present is the key to the past.”

Tags : Earth Geologist Geology History Past Present Rock Formations Rocks

98. “Any moment called now is always full of possibles.”

Tags : Possibilities Present Time
Source : Kraken

99. “You are people with a present and with a future. Don't muff the ball. Be excellent.”

Tags : Awesome Awesomeness Beautiful People Excellence Future And Present Future Present Good People Jared Wheat Living In The Present Motives Present Present Moment Understand
Source : Standing for Something: 10 Neglected Virtues That Will Heal Our Hearts and Homes

100. “Our life today is a history of tomorrow.”

Tags : Adventure Gratitude History Hope Imagination Inspiration Inspiring Thoughts Lessons Learnt Life Life Philosophy Live And Learn Live Life So Well Moment Of Being Moments Past Philosophy Philosophy Of Life Positive Positive Thinking Present Self Help Wisdom Wonder Yesterday And Tomorrow
Source : The Alphabets of Success: Passion Driven Life

101. “Every new generation believes its own period to be absolutely superior intellectually - greater than all past cultures yet equal among its modern cultures.”

Tags : Advancement Chronological Snobbery Conservatives Culture Ego Egocentrism Era Ethnocentrism Generation Humility Intelligence Liberals Modern Past Period Present Pride Progressives Spirit Of The Age Superiority Technology
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

102. “I’d wish it were easier to not allow other people’s pasts to create my own present.”

Tags : Life Life And Death Life Lessons Life Philosophy Life Philosophy Inspirational Life Quotes Living In The Moment Living In The Now Living In The Past Living Life Living Life To The Fullest Now Past Present Present Moment Quotes Quotes About Life Quotes And Saying Quotes Of Life Quotes Of The Day Quotes To Live By The Past The Past Looking To The Future The Past Never Ends
Source : Freak

103. “People from the past, have a tendency to walk back into the present, and run over the future.”

Tags : Disaster Disown Enemies Family Members Future Old Friendships Past Past Lives People From Past Present

104. “Your Presentation is you Capability”

Tags : Capability Captivate Engage Engaging Influence Inspirational Inspire Messaging Motivate Persuade Power Power Of Thoughts Present Rise Speak Spread Teamwork Togetherness
Author : Aayush Jain

105. “I have one aim only: to impart a fraction of the meaning of the word now.”

Tags : Now Present

106. “That's all anyone has, and it's always brief, although, of course, some people believe they have a past where they can accumulate things and a future where they will accumulate still more. By the way, speaking of the present moment, do you masturbate a lot?”

Tags : Masturbation Now Present
Author : Paulo Coelho
Source : Veronika Decides to Die

107. “. . . at this season, the blossom is out in full now, there in the west early. It's a plum tree, it looks like apple blossom but it's white, and looking at it, instead of saying "Oh that's nice blossom" ... last week looking at it through the window when I'm writing, I see it is the whitest, frothiest, blossomest blossom that there ever could be, and I can see it. Things are both more trivial than they ever were, and more important than they ever were, and the difference between the trivial and the important doesn't seem to matter. But the nowness of everything is absolutely wondrous, and if people could see that, you know. There's no way of telling you; you have to experience it, but the glory of it, if you like, the comfort of it, the reassurance ... not that I'm interested in reassuring people - bugger that. The fact is, if you see the present tense, boy do you see it! And boy can you celebrate it.”

Tags : Blossom Celebrate Comfort Death Importance Now Present Reassurance
Author : Dennis Potter
Source : Seeing the Blossom: Two Interviews and a Lecture

108. “The future starts today, not tomorrow.”

Tags : Carpe Diem Future Present Time

109. “The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine.”

Tags : Future Present
Author : Nikola Tesla

110. “In magic - and in life - there is only the present moment, the now. You can't measure time the way you measure the distance between two points. 'Time' doesn't pass. We human beings have enormous difficulty in focusing on the present; we're always thinking about what we did, about how we could have done it better, about the consequences of our actions, and about why we didn't act as we should have. Or else we think about the future, about what we're going to do tomorrow, what precautions we should take, what dangers await us around the next corner, how to avoid what we don't want and how to get what we have always dreamed of.”

Tags : Future Life Living In The Moment Past Present Time
Author : Paulo Coelho
Source : Aleph

111. “The past was gone and the future had yet to unfold, and he knew he should focus his life on the present…yet his day-to-day existence suddenly struck him as endless and unbearable.”

Tags : Future Past Present
Source : The Choice

112. “There is the past, and there is the future. The present is never more than the single second dividing one from the other. We live poised on that second as it's hurtling forward—toward what?”

Tags : Future Past Present
Author : Laini Taylor
Source : Dreams of Gods & Monsters

113. “But now isn’t simply now. Now is also a cold reminder: one whole day later than yesterday, one year later than last year. Every now is labeled with its date, rendering all past nows obsolete, until — later of sooner — perhaps — no, not perhaps — quite certainly: it will come.”

Tags : Future Past Present Time
Source : A Single Man

114. “All sins are forgiven once you start making a lot of money.”

Tags : Humor Money Past Present Sins Thought Truth
Author : RuPaul

115. “When trees fall on trees, the topmost tree must first be removed before others. Don't be too concerned about the problems of the past. What matters most is the challenge at hand now!”

Tags : 1St At Hand Best Things First Challenge Failed Fall First Focussed Forget Future Israelmore Ayivor Log Logs Matter Matters Now Past Present Remove Stay Focussed This Moment Today Trees

116. “There are people who know where they want to be, and also have a roadmap in their mind, about how to get there. But something stops them! They either keep waiting for better circumstances, or simply lack the courage to give up the comfort of a secure life. For them, the pursuit of their purpose is a risky proposition. Often, those are the same people that die with the weight of regrets. Those are the people who feel unfulfilled or unworthy at the end of their journey. They bury their dreams for the sake of a safe life, without ever venturing into the world of possibilities. But the truth is that if you risk nothing for the pursuit of your passion, you risk more. An even deeper reality is that there’s never a perfect time; the most ideal and opportune time is the time when YOU choose to begin your journey. Find courage to take the first step today. Your age, your pace, or your handicap doesn’t matter. Nothing is insurmountable if you have passion and persistence – your heart knows this. You simply have to convince your mind to play along. Find your moments of courage – the times when you feel strong, able, and energized. Tap those moments to launch yourself; the world beckons!”

Tags : Action Attitude Circumstances Courage Dreams Heart Journey Motivation Now Passion Persistence Possibility Present Purpose Regrets Risk Strong Success Time Unfulfillment Unworthy
Author : Manprit Kaur

117. “Any day stands equal to the rest.”

Tags : Cycles Now Present
Author : Heraclitus

118. “Today is the first day of the rest of your life. The past is history. The future is mysterious. Then tomorrow—this starts all over again.”

Tags : Cycles Cyclical Cyclicality Future History Life Mysterious Mystery Past Present Today Tomorrow
Author : Kat Lahr
Source : Parallelism Of Cyclicality

119. “The fear of becoming old is born of the recognition that one is not living now the life that one wishes. It is equivalent to a sense of abusing the present.”

Tags : Ageing Present
Author : Susan Sontag
Source : Reborn: Journals and Notebooks, 1947-1963

120. “I know now: what is is all that matters. Not the thing you know is meant to be, not what could be, not what should be, not what ought to be, not what once was.Only the is.”

Tags : Is Love Meant To Be Present
Source : Lust & Wonder

121. “Past and Present I know well; each is a friend and sometimes an enemy to me. But it is the quiet, beckoning Future, an absolute stranger, with whom I have fallen madly in love.”

Tags : Future Hope New Year New Year S Resolutions New Years Past Present Resolutions Richelle Richelle E Goodrich Richelle Goodrich Unknown

122. “She'd cried over a broken heart before. She knew what that felt like, and it didn't feel like this. Her heart felt not so much broken as just ... empty. It felt like she was an outline empty in the middle. The outline cried senselessly for the absent middle. The past cried for the present that was nothing.”

Tags : Broken Heart Cried Empty Nothing Outline Past Present
Author : Ann Brashares
Source : Sisterhood Everlasting

123. “The present is too often squandered grieving the past or fearing the future, which makes the present nothing more than a cheap facsimile of what was or what will be instead of what it could be.”

Tags : Fear Fearing Future Grieve Grieving New Year New Years Past Present
Source : An Intimate Collision: Encounters with Life and Jesus

124. “Its really hard to recall the day you became friends with special people.”

Tags : Care Caring Flashback Forget Forgotten Friend Friendship Friendships Gift History Loving Someone Money People Present Recollection Remembrance Selfless Significance Somebody Special People Specirity Thought Unique

125. “Such is life, imaginary or otherwise: a continuous parting of ways, a constant flux of approximation and distanciation, lines of fate intersecting at a point which is no-time, a theoretical crossroads fictitiously 'present,' an unstable ice floe forever drifting between was and will be.”

Tags : Change Departure Fate Flux Future Imagination Leaving Life Movement Parting Past Present Time Transformation Travel
Author : Sol Luckman
Source : Beginner's Luke

126. “Waking up begins with saying am and now. That which has awoken then lies for a while staring up at the ceiling and down into itself until it has recognized I, and therefrom deduced I am, I am now. Here comes next, and is at least negatively reassuring; because here, this morning, is where it has expected to find itself: what’s called at home.”

Tags : Home Life Present Sleep Waking Up
Source : A Single Man

127. “The danger of restorative nostalgia lies in its belief that the mutilated 'wholeness' of the body politic can be repaired. But the reflective nostalgic understands deep down that loss is irrecoverable: Time wounds all wholes. To exist in Time is to suffer through an endless exile, a successive severing from those precious few moments of feeling at home in the world. In pop terms, Morrissey is the supreme poet of reflective nostalgia.”

Tags : Life Morrissey Music Nostalgia Past Pop Pop Culture Present Retro Smiths Time
Source : Retromania: Pop Culture's Addiction to Its Own Past

128. “Every hour, stop and ask: Am I really present in this moment? If not, what are my thoughts focused on? Doing this often will help you return to the present moment.”

Tags : Hour Moment Present Present Moment Return Thoughts
Source : What You Seek Is Seeking You

129. “The negative feelings of anger, bitterness, guilt, regret, resentment, and sadness represent a failure of a person to accept that the past is an event that holds no power over the present. The thought that the future will bring salvation is an illusion. We must exist in the present.”

Tags : Anger Anger Quotes Bitterness Future Guilt Guilt Quote Past Present Present Moment Present Moment Living Present Moment Quotes Regret Resentment Sadness
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

130. “If you are expressing gratitude then you are in the present moment. If you are in the present moment then you are expressing gratitude.”

Tags : Inspirational Personal Development Personal Growth Present Present Moment Present Moment Living Self Help

131. “Moment is a flower. Mindfulness is sipping the nectar of that flower.”

Tags : Awareness Mindful Living Mindfulness Mindfulness Practice Mindfulness Quotes Nectar Nectar Of Life Now Now Is The Time Present Present Moment Present Moment Living Sipping Sipping The Nectar
Author : Amit Ray
Source : Mindfulness : Living in the Moment - Living in the Breath

132. “Welcome the present moment as if you had invited it. It is all we ever have so we might as well work with it rather than struggling against it. We might as well make it our friend and teacher rather than our enemy.”

Tags : Living In The Present Living In The Present Moment Present Present Moment Present Moment Living

133. “From birth to death and further onAs we were born and introduced into this world,We had a gift hard to express by wordAnd somewhere in our continuous road,It kind of lost it sense and turned.There was that time we sure remember,When everything was now and 'till foreverChildren with no worries and no regrets,The only goal was making a few friends.But later on everything has changed,By minds that had it all arrangedTo bring the people into stress,Into creating their own mess.We have been slaved by our own mind,Turned into something out of our kindSlowly faded away from the present time,Forced to believe in lies, in fights and crime.They made it clearly a fight of the ego,A never ending war that won't just goThey made it a competitive game,To seek selfish materialistic fame.They turned us one against eachother,Man against man, brother against brotherDividing us by religion and skin color,Making us fight to death over a dollar.Making us lose ourselves in sadly thoughts,Wasting our days by living in the pastDepressed and haunted by the memories,And yet still hoping to fly in our dreams.Some of us tried learning how to dance,Step after step, giving our soul a new chanceSome of us left our ego vanish into sounds,Thus being aware of our natural bounce.Some tried expressing in their rhymes,The voice of a generation which never diesThey reached eternity through poetryLeaving the teachings that shall fulfill the prophecyOthers have found their way through spirituality,Becoming conscious of the human dualitySeeking the spiritual enlightenment,Of escaping an ego-oriented fightingScience, philosophy, religion,Try to explain the human origin.Maybe changes are yet to come,And it shall be better for someDeath's for the spirit not an end,But a relieving of the embodimentSo I believe that furthermore,We'll understand the power of our soulBut leaving behind all we know,And all that we might not yet knowIt all resumes to that certain truth,That we all seek to once conclude.”

Tags : Born Conclude Conscious Dance Depressed Duality Embodiment Enlightenment Game Generation Gift Lost Man Memories Poetry Religion Rhymes Road Seek Sense Skin Spiritual Teachings Truth World

134. “In the past, I always used to be looking for answers. Today, I know there are only questions. So I just live.”

Tags : Answers Life Live Past Present Questions

135. “What comes, when it comes, will be what it is.”

Tags : Acceptance Clarity Future God It Is What It Is Life Love Meaning Nature Paganism Pantheism Past Present Tranquility Truth
Source : The Collected Poems of Alberto Caeiro

136. “We must abandon completely the notion of blaming the past for any kind of situation we're in and reverse our thinking and see that the past always flows back form the present. That now is the creative point of life. So you see its like the idea of forgiving somebody, you change the meaning of the past by doing that...Also watch the flow of music. The melody as its expressed is changed by notes that come later. Just as the meaning of a wait till later to find out what the sentence means...The present is always changing the past.”

Tags : Changing Meaning Past Present
Author : Alan W. Watts

137. “By means of positive imaginations, leaders bring the future to the present so that they can work on it before setting off to enter it.”

Tags : Enter Food For Thought Future Future Plans Ideas Imagination Imaginations Imagine Israelmore Ayivor Leader Leaders Leadership Past Personal Development Plan Planning Positive Thinking Present Purpose Thoughts Vision Visionary Work Work Hard
Source : Leaders' Ladder

138. “My happiness with the future and the present depends on my ability to let the past go and make peace with it.”

Tags : Ability Focus Future Happiness Past Peace Perspective Present Self Improvement
Source : Rise of the Morningstar

139. “The thing about love is that you will never run out of it. It's an ever-flowing river. So go ahead and LOVE. What are you saving all this love for — death?”

Tags : Death Die Fall In Love Flow Kamand Kojouri Love Love Is All You Need Love Movement Love Quotes Love Trumps Hate Love Wins Lover Loving Moment Nature Of Love Ocean Quotes River Save Saving Sea Stream Truth Water

140. “The gift of prayer is priceless gift.”

Tags : Gift Gift Of God Gift Of Life Gifts From Heaven Giving Intercession Intercessor Pray Hard Pray Without Ceasing Prayer Prayer And Fasting Prayer Religion Prayerful Prayerful Habits Prayerful Life Prayers Prayers Answered Praying Praying For Enemies Praying For Love Praying Mind Praying Right Present Priceless Say A Word Of Prayer

141. “People want to know how I know so much. But trueth is .Inlife I have asked more questions than the answers I gave. Its good to ask when you dont know something. Than to assume you know to find you dont know anything.”

Tags : Ambitions Attention Attitude Business Change Citizen Cold Hearted Encouragement Feel Hate Human Behaviour Humans Ignorence Information Intellignece Joyful Knowledge Kyos Magupe Lessons Life Life Lessons Living Love Motivatoin Never Give Up Newspaper Nothing Paid People Person Recognition Smiling Social Media Species Sundaytime Wrong

142. “Life is a dash. Pause in the present. Enjoy this moment.”

Tags : Dash Enjoy It Happiness Happy Life Is Life Is Beautiful Pause Peace Presence Of God Present Present Moment Serenity Silence
Author : J.R. Rim

143. “We often hear about stepping outside ourselves, but rarely about stepping outside our generation.”

Tags : Age Chronological Snobbery Exploration Future Generation History Intergenerational Intergenerational Relations Past Perspective Present Time Time Travel Wisdom
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

144. “We have been cut off, the past has been ended and the family has broken up and the present is adrift in its wheelchair. ... That is no gap between the generations, that is a gulf. The elements have changed, there are whole new orders of magnitude and kind. [...]My grandparents had to live their way out of one world and into another, or into several others, making new out of old the way corals live their reef upward. I am on my grandparents' side. I believe in Time, as they did, and in the life chronological rather than in the life existential. We live in time and through it, we build our huts in its ruins, or used to, and we cannot afford all these abandonings.”

Tags : Breakage Build Up Chronology Development Existentialism Family Generation Gap History Life Modernity Past Present Time
Source : Angle of Repose

145. “The present is a great treasure, live in the present.”

Tags : Live In The Moment Live Life So Well Live Your Best Life Live Your Life Live Your Own Life Moments Present Times

146. “If the hard workers be ever appraised honestly by the organisation’s head, then the history would have never witnessed the case of the hands being cut-off of the workforce who created the huge structure.”

Tags : Bias Callous Company Corporate Credibility Diligent Evaluation Evident Fake People Ground Situation Honesty Human Resource Hypocrisy Inspiring Integrity Malingerer Mental Make Up Mentality Mindset Money Minded Present Promotion Quote Of The Day Self Centered Shrewd Snatching Credit Sycophancy
Author : Anuj Somany

147. “If your mind can move mountainsand swallow gods,Why does it worry with helpless yesterdays and unborn tomorrows?If it can vomit starsand walk on split hairs,Why must it follow the samepath to despair?Everyone will tell you:'An orgasm here is just as good.”

Tags : Aware Consciousness Hairs Interesting Poem Kamand Meditation Mind Mind Power Moment Orgasm Path Present Stars Think Thoughtfulness Thoughts Transcend Transcendence Vomit Worry

148. “Why wait to forgive and let go only after you have sufficiently wallowed in your despair? Why not forgive and let go now?”

Tags : Buddha Forget Forgive Heartbreak Heartbroken Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Lie Lied Move On New New Me Self Help Tranquility Transform Truth Wait

149. “Unexpected clashes between past and present may arouse a surge of bewilderment, but ‘time’ can be a redeemer and heal mental wreckage. Time might prove to be a dependable ally and a reliable coach to find a new inspiring sequel for the future. (“Disruption”)”

Tags : Ally Arouse Bewilderment Clashes Coach Dependable Disruption Find Future Heal Inspiring Mental Wreckage Past Present Prove Redeemer Reliable Sequel Surge Time Unexpected

150. “Dwelling on the sins of the past won't help us stop the evils of the present.”

Tags : Dwelling Evils Past Present Sins
Author : Andrew Mayne
Source : Name of the Devil:

151. “Haven't you noticed, too, on the part of nearly everyone you know, a growing rebellion against the present? And an increasing longing for the past? I have. Never before in all my long life have I heard so many people wish that they lived 'at the turn of the century,' or 'when life was simpler,' or 'worth living,' or 'when you could bring children into the world and count on the future,' or simply 'in the good old days.' People didn't talk that way when I was young! The present was a glorious time! But they talk that way now. For the first time in man's history, man is desperate to escape the present. Our newsstands are jammed with escape literature, the very name of which is significant. Entire magazines are devoted to fantastic stories of escape - to other times, past and future, to other worlds and planets - escape to anywhere but here and now. Even our larger magazines, book publishers and Hollywood are beginning to meet the rising demand for this kind of escape. Yes, there is a craving in the world like a thirst, a terrible mass pressure that you can almost feel, of millions of minds struggling against the barriers of time. I am utterly convinced that this terrible mass pressure of millions of minds is already, slightly but definitely, affecting time itself. In the moments when this happens - when the almost universal longing to escape is greatest - my incidents occur. Man is disturbing the clock of time, and I am afraid it will break. When it does, I leave to your imagination the last few hours of madness that will be left to us; all the countless moments that now make up our lives suddenly ripped apart and chaotically tangled in time.Well, I have lived most of my life; I can be robbed of only a few more years. But it seems too bad - this universal craving to escape what could be a rich, productive, happy world. We live on a planet well able to provide a decent life for every soul on it, which is all ninety-nine of a hundred human beings ask. Why in the world can't we have it? ("I'm Scared")”

Tags : Escape Escapism Escapist Modernity Nostalgia Past Present
Author : Jack Finney
Source : American Fantastic Tales: Terror and the Uncanny from the 1940's Until Now

152. “Forgiveness is a transformative act because it asks you to be a more empathetic and compassionate person, thereby making you better than the person you were when you were first hurt.”

Tags : Act Asks Begin Again Betray Betrayal Betterment Calm Cheated Compassion Forget Forgiveness Grief Heartbroken Hurt Hurting Kamand Kojouri Kindness Maturer Move Past Request Sadness Tranquility Transformative

153. “Always ask yourself: "What will happen if I say nothing?”

Tags : Adage Ask Calm Flow Harmony Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kindness Kojouri Maxim Mind Mindful Mindfulness Moment Quote Rights Serenity Silence Surrender Talk Think Before You Act Thought Truth Unity Zen

154. “Kamand, die every dayso you rememberto live.”

Tags : Adage Alive Aliveness Aphorism Aware Consciousness Die Inspirational Quote Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Life Philosophy Live Living Maxim Now Philosophy Poem Power Of Now Present Present Moment Realisation Remember Seize Short Poem Surrender Truth

155. “This is the only truth in the world that was necessary yesterday, is necessary today, and will continue to be necessary tomorrow: be conscious of now.”

Tags : Awareness Consciousness Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Life Philosophy Maxim Meditate Meditation Moment Motto Necessary Now Philosophy Power Of Now Present Moment Quote Temporary Today Transient Truth Yesterday

156. “The long term health effects from utility company smart meters present a far greater risk to the general population than terrorism in the USA.”

Tags : Company Effects Far General Greater Health Long Meters Population Present Risk Smart Term Terrorism Usa Utility
Author : Steven Magee
Source : Electrical Forensics

157. “We must remember that there is a great difference between a myth and a miracle. A myth is the idealization of a fact. A miracle is the counterfeit of a fact. There is the same difference between a myth and a miracle that there is between fiction and falsehood -- between poetry and perjury. Miracles belong to the far past and the far future. The little line of sand, called the present, between the seas, belongs to common sense to the natural.”

Tags : Common Ingersoll Poetry Present Reason Robert Sand Sea Sense

158. “... truth, whose mother is history, who is the rival of time, depository of deeds, witness of the past, example and lesson to the present, and warning to the future.”

Tags : Deeds Depository Example Future History Lesseon Past Present Rival Time Truth Warning Witness
Source : Don Quixote

159. “A love poem about the most invisible woman:The perfect mind, the perfect cover.I knew her, like… there was no other.No, I will never, her, forget.In pure blood - these words are set.She walks alone now, in my dreams,where no is never, so it seems.The night is dark, and near the hour –to plant a tree, where roses flower.And then, again, again, once more,Till hidden is what I adore.Her heart was pure, and also kind,And I… should not have acted blind.”

Tags : Adore Daydreaming Flawless Future Heartbeat Hearts Heavens Hevenly Idiot Invisibility Knowing Mating Mind Night Nothing Planting Poems Romance Sensual Sensuality Single Single Woman Spirit True Love Trust Truth Wisdom Woman
Author : Will Advise
Source : Nothing is here...

160. “I know I could be Anything,But i rather Be Myself.”

Tags : Anything Future Life Myself Present Trust Value
Author : Look Im A Cat

161. “When one was full of energy and enthusiasm the world was an apple, the future was way beyond the horizon and only the present was pertinent.”

Tags : Present Youth
Author : Jeff Tikari

162. “Today is a beautiful day. Thank you!”

Tags : Abundance Appreciation Available Grateful Gratitude Harmony Health Heart Joy Love Meditation Mind Moment Noble Now Peace Perfection Purpose Recreation Service Spirit Stillness Success Thanks Today Well Being
Author : Ron Barrow

163. “Photography is never real, it’s merely one of many ways of telling the truth.”

Tags : Future John Journey John Thai Life Memory Past Philosophy Photography Present Recollection
Author : John Thai

164. “Why are we afraid of the silence that ensues after our death? Wasn’t it the same silence we endured before birth? Isn’t it the same silence we revel in when we are completely immersed in the present moment? Let us not be afraid.”

Tags : Acceptance Birth Born Calm Calmness Death Die Dying Endured Ensues Fear Immersed Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Meditation Moment Peace Peacefulness Philosophy Power Present Silence Surrender

165. “My best day ever. Got up. Had breakfast. Came to school. Bored, as usual. Wishing I wasn't there, like usual. Kids ignoring me, suits me fine. Sitting with the other retards—we’re so special. Wasting my time. Yesterday was the same, and it's gone, anyway. Tomorrow may never come. There is only today. This is the best day and the worst day. Actually it's crap.”

Tags : Boring Death Future Life Living Past Present Time Today Tomorrow Yesterday
Author : Rachel Ward
Source : Numbers

166. “The future is now.The past is now.Your influence is always now.”

Tags : Future Future Plans Influence Now Past Precaution Present
Author : L.H.

167. “There were so many wrongs piling up on both sides, so much of the past being dragged into the present, that living there was like carving the story of your life on to a sepulchral monument.”

Tags : Life Northern Ireland Past Present Wrong
Author : Sara Sheridan
Source : Truth Or Dare

168. “Normal people live distracted, rarely fully present. Weird people silence the distractions and remain fully in the moment.”

Tags : Distracted Distractions Fully In The Moment Live Normal People Present Rarely Remain Silence Weird
Source : Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working

169. “A gift can never be cheap or insignificant because of the heart and love it carries.”

Tags : Bear Because Carry Cheap Gift Gift Of Life Gifts Heart Insignificant Love Present Wisdom Wisdom Quotes
Author : Munia Khan

170. “And truths, these days, are spokenThe same way promises are made,With gritted teeth and crossed fingers.”

Tags : Fingers Lies Lost Love Love Quotes Melancholy Memories Memory Present Promises Reality Sadness Spoken Teeth Truth Truths Ugly Truth Words

171. “There is no past, present, or future; there is only meow, right meow, and what you do with your one shot at life.”

Tags : Future Humor Inspiration Life Meow Past Present
Author : Aaron Dennis

172. “The best Christmas present you can give to your dead grandfather is not showing up until Easter. And telling no one about it. Especially not yourself.”

Tags : Best Christmas Dead Death Easter Festive Festivities Grandfather Inform Informing No One Nothing Present Relatives Speak Speaking Tell Telling Yourself
Author : Will Advise
Source : Nothing is here...

173. “The purest regret, no matter what, is thinking you didn't love enough.”

Tags : Break Up Conditional Love Friendship Future Good Intentions Heart Heart Break Life Love Marriage Pain Past Present Pure Regret Relationship Suffering Thinking Unconditional Love
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

174. “Never give a person a piece of your mind when all you really wanted to do was give them a piece of your heart.”

Tags : Add Apology Breathe Drugged Fighting Heart Hindsight Hurt Lies Lost Love Past Peace Piece Of Your Mind Regrets Saddess Silence Sorrow Tears Truth Trying To Be Right Wrong Choices

175. “Our experiences are the building blocks of the future hewn out of the granite of the present.”

Tags : Advance Advancing Blocks Building Blocks Experiences Future Granite Growing Growth Lesson Lessons Maturation Maturing Past Present Shaped Shaping

176. “To live meant feeding my former self to my current self.”

Tags : Life Past Present Transformation
Source : Caged: Memoirs of a Cage-Fighting Poet

177. “There is no mystery to happiness.Unhappy men are all alike. Some wound they suffered long ago, some wish denied, some blow to pride, some kindling spark of love put out by scorn- or worse, indifference- cleaves to them, or they to it, and so they live each day within a shroud of yesterdays. The happy man does not look back. He doesn't look ahead. He lives in the present. But there's the rub. The present can never deliver one thing: meaning. The ways of happiness and meaning are not the same. To find happiness, a man need only live in the moment; he need only live for the moment. But if he wants meaning- the meaning of his dreams, his secrets, his life- a man must reinhabit his past, however dark, and live for the future, however uncertain. Thus nature dangles happiness and meaning before us all, insisting only that we choose between them. For myself, I have always chosen meaning.”

Tags : Future Happiness Happy Happy Person Meaning Moment Past Present Unhappy Unhappy People
Author : Jed Rubenfeld

178. “Who doesn’t respect and value his past, is not worth the honour of the present, and has no right to a future.”

Tags : Future History Past Patriotism Poland Polish Polska Present Remembering Respect

179. “Yes, silence is painful, but if you endure it, you will hear the cadence of the entire universe.”

Tags : Buddhism Cadence Conquer Ears Healing Hear Hymn Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Meditate Power Of Now Self Awareness Silence Silent Suffer Surrender Togetherness Unity Universe Yoga Zen

180. “He sank back into his black-and-white world, his immobile world of inanimate drawings that had been granted the secret of motion, his death-world with its hidden gift of life. But that life was a deeply ambiguous life, a conjurer's trick, a crafty illusion based on an accidental property of the retina, which retained an image for a fraction of a second after the image was no longer present. On this frail fact was erected the entire structure of the cinema, that colossal confidence game. The animated cartoon was a far more honest expression of the cinematic illusion than the so-called realistic film, because the cartoon reveled in its own illusory nature, exulted in the impossible--indeed it claimed the impossible as its own, exalted it as its own highest end, found in impossibility, in the negation of the actual, its profoundest reason for being. The animated cartoon was nothing but the poetry of the impossible--therein lay its exhilaration and its secret melancholy. For this willful violation of the actual, while it was an intoxicating release from the constriction of things, was at the same time nothing but a delusion, an attempt to outwit mortality. As such it was doomed to failure. And yet it was desperately important to smash through the constriction of the actual, to unhinge the universe and let the impossible stream in, because otherwise--well, otherwise the world was nothing but an editorial cartoon.”

Tags : Accidental Animated Black Cartoon Cinema Death World Delusion Desperation Drawings Frailty Gift Honest Illusion Illusory Mortality Present Property Realistic Sink Structure Universe Willful World
Source : Little Kingdoms

181. “She needs a new journal. The one she has is problematic. To get to the present, she needs to page through the past, and when she does, she remembers things, and her new journal entries become, for the most part, reactions to the days she regrets, wants to correct, rewrite.”

Tags : Journal Life Past Present Problematic Regret
Author : Dave Eggers
Source : How the Water Feels to the Fishes

182. “Shall we never never get rid of this Past? ... It lies upon the Present like a giant's dead body.”

Tags : Past Present Weight
Source : The House of the Seven Gables

183. “With the known, you simply repeat the process. With the unknown, you access the new doorways to life.”

Tags : Awake Dare Mystery Presence Present Truth Unknown Wakefulness
Author : Roshan Sharma

184. “The choices we’re working with here are a block universe, where past, present and future all coexist simultaneously and everything has already happened; chaos, where anything can happen and nothing can be predicted because we can’t know all the variables; and a Christian universe in which God made everything and it’s all here for a purpose but we have free will anyway.”

Tags : Chaos Choices Free Will Future God Life Past Present Universe
Source : The Time Traveler's Wife

185. “You invoke a new futurewhen you envision your pastin the light of your present.”

Tags : Awakening Awareness Change Destiny Enlightenment Faith Fate Forgiveness Free Will Freedom Future Guilt Healing Hope Invocation Know Thyself Past And Future Past And Present Power Present Moment Self Awareness Shame Spiritual Transformation

186. “Heaven shows up all the time. But we plan our time so that we show up in other places.”

Tags : Arrives Destination Encounter Engage Heaven Intersect Join Location Plan Present Reveal Revealed See Time

187. “You don’t rewrite it, censor it, or edit it, to suit some warped view you have of the past and your own present.”

Tags : Arty Censor Channel Crime Detective Edit History Islands Nazi Past Present Rewrite Shaw Stasi
Author : V.T. Davy
Source : Black Art

188. “We must be present enough and receptive enough to “hear” with our whole being beyond just the words that are being spoken.”

Tags : Leadership Leadership Characteristics Listening Listening Skills Present
Source : Co-Active Leadership: Five Ways to Lead

189. “Isn’t it strange thatin order to be happywe have to ignoreall the sadness in the worldat that moment? That wehave to forget the balloonedbellies of children that are dark and empty inside. That not too farfrom our homes, women sleep on cardboard and are grateful for the bitter wind because at least it’s not rain. That there are teenagerstaught to avoid eye contactso their fingers are quicker on the triggerbut whose nightmares eventually compel them to pull the trigger on themselves. That there are battered dogs with skin taut like a drum,ribs jutting out, their eyes so beautifulit makes all the men cry.Isn’t it strange that in order to be happy we have to unremember a lot of what we already know?Yet, I still don’t believe that sadness is ournatural disposition. Because there is so much to be done. So many to help.Maybe we aren’t meant to be happyin spite of all the sadness. Maybe,it is a call for us to help othersovercome it.”

Tags : Assist Balloon Child Compel Cry Disposition Dogs Drum Empty Genocide Happiness Happy Help Homeless Hopeful Kamand Kojouri Moment Peace Poem Poor Rain Remember Sleep Strange Teenager Unity Violence

190. “Hence this life of yours which you are living is not merely a piece of the entire existence, but is in a certain sense the whole; only this whole is not so constituted that it can be surveyed in one single glance. This, as we know, is what the Brahmins express in that sacred, mystic formula which is yet really so simple and so clear: Tat tvam asi, this is you. Or, again, in such words as 'I am in the east and in the west, I am below and above, I am this whole world'.Thus you can throw yourself flat on the ground, stretched out upon Mother Earth, with the certain conviction that you are one with her and she with you. You are as firmly established, as invulnerable as she, indeed a thousand times firmer and more invulnerable. As surely she will engulf you tomorrow, so surely will she bring you forth anew to new striving and suffering. And not merely 'some day': now, today, every day she is bringing you forth, not once but thousands upon thousands of times, just as every day she engulfs you a thousand times over. For eternally and always there is only now, one and the same now; the present is the only thing that has no end.”

Tags : All Is One Eternity Hinduism Inspirational Philosophy Present Tat Tvam Asi Vedanta
Source : My View of the World

191. “Yesterday was the last day on the calender of the past. Tomorrow will be the first day on the calender of the future. Today is both the first and the last day of the present. Use it well.”

Tags : Alpha And Omega Calender Days First Food For Thought Future Future Days Hours Israelmore Ayivor Last Minutes Month Past Past Days Plan The Day Present Present Day Seconds Today Tomorrow Year Yesterday

192. “The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings...Our way of life is under attack. Those who make themselves our enemy are advancing around the war ever posed a greater threat to our security. If you are awaiting a finding of "clear and present danger," then I can only say that the danger has never been more clear and its presence has never been more imminent...For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.”

Tags : 1961 April 27 1961 Clandestine Covert Future Government Hide Jfk John F Kennedy Opposed Opposition Past Present President Ruthless Secreat Oaths Secrecy Secret Societies Secret Society Speech Shadow Government Speech U S Government U S President Usa

193. “People tend to look on the beliefs of the past as being primitive and unintelligent, yet we are seeing more truth in the past every day.”

Tags : Belief Past Present Truth
Source : Obsidian

194. “If you are present, then you can see that you give yourself presents in each moment that you can unwrap and thoroughly enjoy - the amazing world around us that we can explore, each incredible detail, the lives, and the stories we tell ourselves or experience so that we can feel what it's like to be human, the things we can learn from an interaction, about ourselves as well as everything and everyone else.Everyone is here in their own story, writing the script as they go, living the movie picture.... choosing who to meet, what to do, how to react to each new experience. We each find our own tools to help us traverse the terrain of each particular part of our journeys. It cannot be right to judge another, or yourself, for we are all at different stages, or on different stages. We do as we need to according to where and how we find ourselves, but the more you realise that you actually put yourself exactly where you are in each moment, the more your eyes will widen. You are an amazing Being playing the game of life - your attitude makes all the difference.”

Tags : Attitude Being Choose Experience Explore Game Human Interaction Judge Lives Movie Non Judgement Picture Present React Script Stories Story
Author : Jay Woodman

195. “Maybe a holiday miracle will change Mearth’s awful behavior,” Mandy suggested with optimism.“The only holiday miracle around here is that Mearth hasn’t murdered us both yet,” said Alecto, lighting another cigarette, his hands shaking erratically. He looked exhausted and terrified, his gray eyes soulless.“Do you know what Mearth likes, Alecto?” Mandy questioned.“Vegetables, she likes celery a lot, and lettuce,” Alecto responded in a quiet monotone. “I don’t know what else she likes. I’ve never asked her.”“Well, she has to like something… doesn’t everyone?”“Not her, Mandy Valems.”

Tags : Celery Christmas Cigarette Comedy Gift Going Green Hoiday Humor Lettuce Miracle Mother Earth Murder Present Vegetables
Source : Mandy and Alecto: The Collected Smog City Book Series

196. “Being present is being connected to All Things.”

Tags : All That Is All Things In The Moment Multiverse Present Shamanism Universal Connection

197. “Live in the NOW. Live life to its fullest. Don’t spend more than 10% of your time learning from the past, and 20% planning for the future. Live in the present, act NOW to fulfill the dreams you plan.”

Tags : 10 Golden Steps Of Life 10Gsl Ca Vikram Verma Chartered Accountant Dreams Fullest Future Golden Life Quotes Live Now Past Plan Present Steps Vikram Vikram Verma Vikrmn Vv
Author : Vikrmn
Source : 10 Golden Steps of Life

198. “Come to me.Why must you ruin this moment?You are burdened with thought.Burdened with the pastand expectations of the future.You are burdened with your self.Cast these aside by laughing at yourself.And love,for what more is there than to love me?Take me nowand let it be heaven for us.”

Tags : Burden Cast Expectation Expectations Future Heaven Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Laugh Love Love Poem Loved Loving Oneness Poem Poetry Present Quote Take Thinking Unrealistic Us

199. “Yog-Sothoth knows the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the key and guardian of the gate. Past, present, future, all are one in Yog-Sothoth. He knows where the Old Ones broke through of old, and where They shall break through again. He knows where They have trod earth's fields, and where They still tread them, and why no one can behold Them as They tread.”

Tags : Future Gate Gates Guardian Key Past Present Yog Sothoth

200. “We were the only two people in the entire airport who lost total track of time, for we were consumed by space-time at that present moment. Time was irrelevant to our existence, for we didn’t want to exist outside the tight and glorious knots of each other’s arms. Time is basically an illusion created by the mind to aid in our sense of temporal presence in the vast ocean of space. Without the neurons to create a virtual perception of the past and the future based on all our experiences, there is no actual existence of the past and the future. All that there is, is the present.”

Tags : Brainy Quotes Consciousness Consciousness Mind Brain Consciousness Quotes Experience Experience Quotes First Sight Future Quotes Hug Hug Of Her Hugging Love Love Quotes Perception Perception Of Life Perception Of Reality Perception Of Time Personality Present Moment Time Time Is But An Illusion Time Quotes Timelessness Wise Sayings
Source : Love, God & Neurons: Memoir of a scientist who found himself by getting lost