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1. “On either side of a potentially violent conflict, an opportunity exists to exercise compassion and diminish fear based on recognition of each other's humanity. Without such recognition, fear fueled by uninformed assumptions, cultural prejudice, desperation to meet basic human needs, or the panicked uncertainty of the moment explodes into violence.”

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Author : Aberjhani
Source : Splendid Literarium: A Treasury of Stories, Aphorisms, Poems, and Essays

2. “There's no evidence from decades of Pew Research surveys that public opinion, in the aggregate, is more extreme now than in the past. But what has changed -- and pretty dramatically -- is the growing tendency of people to sort themselves into political parties based on their ideological differences.”

Tags : American Culture American Politics Categorization Changing Times Current Affairs Current Events Factionalism Factions Ideologies Ideologues Ideology News Partisans Partisanship Polarization Political Beliefs Political Parties Politics Public Opinion Public Policy Research Self Segregation Voter Behavior Voting
Source : The Next America: Boomers, Millennials, and the Looming Generational Showdown

3. “Resentment had erased all ambiguity in our encounters with people like him; we had been polarized into "us" and "them.”

Tags : Ambiguity Polarization Resentment
Author : Azar Nafisi
Source : Reading Lolita in Tehran

4. “... an impression of inescapable noise or acute disorder, a rush of adrenalin, sensations of alarm, a sense of unbalance or chaos, residual feeling of nausea and anxiety. These are the forms of bodily distress that occur when one's ingrained, taken-for-granted sense of how certain things are - and thus presumably will be and in some sense should be - is suddenly or insistently confronted by something very much at odds with it.”

Tags : Belief Denial Emotion Polarization Politics

5. “It is the nature of humankind to idealize, to indulge in excessive praise as well as unjust condemnation.”

Tags : Polarization Stereotypes
Author : Peter Ackroyd
Source : Venice: Pure City

6. “particular rootlessness of the society had always lent itself to powerful extremes of both the left and the right, there was, in the volatility and evanescence of the culture an atmosphere ripe for extremism, each side with its own Utopian dreams, each side driving the other to a more polarized position.”

Tags : Civic Virtue Extremism Polarization
Source : The Powers That Be

7. “When politicians start talking about large groups of their fellow Americans as 'enemies,' it's time for a quiet stir of alertness. Polarizing people is a good way to win an election, and also a good way to wreck a country.”

Tags : Elections Polarization Politics
Author : Molly Ivins

8. “Were people to mingle only with those of like mind, every man would be an insulate being." Thomas Jefferson”

Tags : Balkanization Community Compromise Extremism Polarization Social Media
Author : John Ferling
Source : Jefferson and Hamilton: The Rivalry That Forged a Nation

9. “The big mistake of modern media has been this notion of balance for balance's sake. That the left is just as violent and cruel as the right, that unions are just powerful as corporations, that reverse racism is just as damaging as racism....Governments led by liberal democrats passed laws which changed the air I breathe for the better. Okay I'm for them and not for the party that is as we speak plotting to abolish the E.P.A. And I don't need to pretend that both sides have a point here, and I don't care what left or right commentators say about it. I only care what climate scientists say about it.Two opposing sides don't necessarily have two compelling arguments. Martin Luther King speaks on that wall in the capital and he didn't say "Remember folks, those southern sheriffs with the fire hoses and the German shepherds, they have a point too." No, he said, "I had a dream and they had a nightmare." This isn't Team Edward & Team Jacob. Liberals like the ones on that field must stand up and be counted and not pretend that we're as mean or greedy or shortsighted or plain batched as they are. And if that is too polarizing for you and you still want to reach across the aisle and hold hands and sing with someone on the right ... Try Church.”

Tags : Polarization
Author : Bill Maher

10. “Whereas literalists and fundamentalists tend to choose one pole of any dilemma or opposition, whereas modern political parties and religious groups tend towards demonizing each other, the creative individual must be born again and again in the crucible created by the tension between opposing instincts, conflicted feelings, and contrasting ideas.”

Tags : Creativity Opposition Polarization Politics Religion
Author : Michael Meade

11. “Life roars at us when it wants or needs us to change. Ultimately, change means trans formation, a shifting from one form to another that involves the magic of creation. The trouble with entrenched oppositions is that each side becomes increasingly one-sided and single minded and unable to grow or meaningfully change. In the blindness of fear and the willfulness of abstract beliefs, people forget or reject the unseen yet essential unity that underlies all the oppositions in life.”

Tags : Change Polarization Transformation Unity
Author : Michael Meade
Source : Why the World Doesn't End: Tales of Renewal in Times of Loss

12. “Democracy requires citizens to see things from one another's point of view, but instead were more and more enclosed in our own bubbles. Democracy requires a reliance on shared facts; instead were being offered parallel but separate universes.”

Tags : Citizenship Democracy Dialogue Polarization
Author : Eli Pariser
Source : The Filter Bubble: What the Internet is Hiding From You

13. “There are not enough purple states. No one votes in primaries, except the most ideological. And big money comes in to support or oppose the candidates in those primaries.”

Tags : Bipartisanship Consensus Polarization
Author : Evan Bayh

14. “The 1970s, fewer than 25% of US residents lived in counties in which the presidential candidate won by landslide. 30 years later, that percentage has nearly doubled.”

Tags : Polarization Unity
Source : The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth: Popularity, Quirk Theory and Why Outsiders Thrive After High School

15. “My Subaru friends are upstanding members of the Creative Class. They also for burnt Democrats. As it turns out, Republicans in their neighborhood are about as rare as Cadillacs.”

Tags : Consensus Polarization Politics
Author : Julie Sedivy
Source : Sold on Language: How Advertisers Talk to You and What This Says about You

16. “The follies that produced the loss of American virtue following Vietnam begin with continuous overreacting, in the invention of endangered national security, the invention of vital interest, the invention of a commitment which rapidly assumed a life of its own .”

Tags : Crisis Polarization
Source : The March of Folly: From Troy to Vietnam

17. “The fundamentalist burns with anti-intellectual zeal, and in reaction sophists are often swollen up with intellectualism. The fundamentalist and the sophist justify their excesses by the sin of their opposite. Fundamentalism and sophistry give piety and philosophy bad reputations with society.”

Tags : Communication Community Culture Polarization

18. “The author observers that better technology actually increased division because rival outlets funded by rival parties could get their slant to the partisans”

Tags : Bias Partisanship Polarization Unity
Author : Harold Holzer
Source : Lincoln and the Power of the Press: The War for Public Opinion

19. “Modernity gone wrong has isolated humanity and made human reason autonomous of (and dismissive toward) revelation.”

Tags : Faith Polarization Reason
Source : The Great Books Reader: Excerpts and Essays on the Most Influential Books in Western Civilization