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1. “For me, trees have always been the most penetrating preachers. I revere them when they live in tribes and families, in forests and groves. And even more I revere them when they stand alone. They are like lonely persons. Not like hermits who have stolen away out of some weakness, but like great, solitary men, like Beethoven and Nietzsche. In their highest boughs the world rustles, their roots rest in infinity; but they do not lose themselves there, they struggle with all the force of their lives for one thing only: to fulfil themselves according to their own laws, to build up their own form, to represent themselves. Nothing is holier, nothing is more exemplary than a beautiful, strong tree. When a tree is cut down and reveals its naked death-wound to the sun, one can read its whole history in the luminous, inscribed disk of its trunk: in the rings of its years, its scars, all the struggle, all the suffering, all the sickness, all the happiness and prosperity stand truly written, the narrow years and the luxurious years, the attacks withstood, the storms endured. And every young farmboy knows that the hardest and noblest wood has the narrowest rings, that high on the mountains and in continuing danger the most indestructible, the strongest, the ideal trees grow. Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth. They do not preach learning and precepts, they preach, undeterred by particulars, the ancient law of life. A tree says: A kernel is hidden in me, a spark, a thought, I am life from eternal life. The attempt and the risk that the eternal mother took with me is unique, unique the form and veins of my skin, unique the smallest play of leaves in my branches and the smallest scar on my bark. I was made to form and reveal the eternal in my smallest special detail. A tree says: My strength is trust. I know nothing about my fathers, I know nothing about the thousand children that every year spring out of me. I live out the secret of my seed to the very end, and I care for nothing else. I trust that God is in me. I trust that my labor is holy. Out of this trust I live. When we are stricken and cannot bear our lives any longer, then a tree has something to say to us: Be still! Be still! Look at me! Life is not easy, life is not difficult. Those are childish thoughts. Let God speak within you, and your thoughts will grow silent. You are anxious because your path leads away from mother and home. But every step and every day lead you back again to the mother. Home is neither here nor there. Home is within you, or home is nowhere at all. A longing to wander tears my heart when I hear trees rustling in the wind at evening. If one listens to them silently for a long time, this longing reveals its kernel, its meaning. It is not so much a matter of escaping from one's suffering, though it may seem to be so. It is a longing for home, for a memory of the mother, for new metaphors for life. It leads home. Every path leads homeward, every step is birth, every step is death, every grave is mother. So the tree rustles in the evening, when we stand uneasy before our own childish thoughts: Trees have long thoughts, long-breathing and restful, just as they have longer lives than ours. They are wiser than we are, as long as we do not listen to them. But when we have learned how to listen to trees, then the brevity and the quickness and the childlike hastiness of our thoughts achieve an incomparable joy. Whoever has learned how to listen to trees no longer wants to be a tree. He wants to be nothing except what he is. That is home. That is happiness.”

Tags : Eternity Fear Forests History Holiness Home Life Longing Poet Roots Self Discovery Spirituality Strength Trees Trust
Author : Hermann Hesse
Source : Bäume. Betrachtungen und Gedichte

2. “Maybe you could be mine / or maybe we’ll be entwined / aimless in this sexless foreplay.”

Tags : Body Boy Boyfriend Cool Desire Emotion Honesty Humour Individuality Passion Poem Poems Poet Poetry Poetry Life Reality Relationships Romance Truth Wisdom Young
Author : Jess C. Scott
Source : EyeLeash: A Blog Novel

3. “If you can't tell from my rap lyrics already, yes I am a feminist. And when I'm saying "hoe" or "bitch" I am actually referring to men. ...That sounded bad, in someway. But at the end of the day, I'm sick of rappers using "bitches" and "hoes" as terms towards women. Feminists are NOT a hate group. Feminists are not all female. Nor has it got an anti-male agenda. It's about equality! I've had a weird, special bond with women since I was a kid. And it's just a shame really that I'm gay.”

Tags : Artist British Feminism Gender Feminism Identity Lgbt Rights Lgbtq Community Liberation Marina And The Diamonds Musician Activist Musician Quote Musicians Musicians Opinions Poem Quotes Rap Scott Mcgoldrick Sexism Singer The Whisky P

4. “There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book.Books are well written, or badly written. That is all.”

Tags : Books Dramatist Morality Novelist Poet
Author : Oscar Wilde
Source : The Picture of Dorian Gray

5. “Lovers and madmen have such seething brains,Such shaping fantasies, that apprehendMore than cool reason ever comprehends.The lunatic, the lover and the poetAre of imagination all compact:One sees more devils than vast hell can hold,That is, the madman: the lover, all as frantic,Sees Helen's beauty in a brow of Egypt:The poet's eye, in fine frenzy rolling,Doth glance from heaven to earth, from earth to heaven;And as imagination bodies forthThe forms of things unknown, the poet's penTurns them to shapes and gives to airy nothingA local habitation and a name.”

Tags : Comprehension Devils Earth Egypt Fantasy Helen Imagination Love Lover Lunatic Madmen Poet Poetry Reason Words
Source : A Midsummer Night's Dream

6. “After all, what is art? Art is the creative process and it goes through all fields. Einstein’s theory of relativity – now that is a work of art! Einstein was more of an artist in physics than on his violin.Art is this: art is the solution of a problem which cannot be expressed explicitly until it is solved.”

Tags : Art Einstein Inventor Poet
Author : Piet Hein
Source : Grooks 1

7. “Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!”

Tags : Beat Democracy Gay Poet Poetry Politics

8. “When Great Trees FallWhen great trees fall,rocks on distant hills shudder,lions hunker downin tall grasses,and even elephantslumber after safety.When great trees fallin forests,small things recoil into silence,their senseseroded beyond fear.When great souls die,the air around us becomeslight, rare, sterile.We breathe, briefly.Our eyes, briefly,see witha hurtful clarity.Our memory, suddenly sharpened,examines,gnaws on kind wordsunsaid,promised walksnever taken.Great souls die andour reality, bound tothem, takes leave of us.Our souls,dependent upon theirnurture,now shrink, wizened.Our minds, formedand informed by theirradiance,fall away.We are not so much maddenedas reduced to the unutterable ignoranceof dark, coldcaves.And when great souls die,after a period peace blooms,slowly and alwaysirregularly. Spaces fillwith a kind ofsoothing electric vibration.Our senses, restored, neverto be the same, whisper to us.They existed. They existed.We can be. Be and bebetter. For they existed.”

Tags : American Writers Death I Shall Not Be Moved Life Maya Angelou Peace Poem Poems Poet Poetry Poets Soul Souls Trees When Great Trees Fall Writers Writing
Author : Maya Angelou

9. “When a poet digs himself into a hole, he doesn't climb out. He digs deeper, enjoys the scenery, and comes out the other side enlightened.”

Tags : Artists Deep Thoughts Digging Enjoyment Learning Metaphorical Pain Poet Scenery Strength Through Adversity Unstoppable Writing
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Venus in Arms

10. “Writing is also an art.”

Tags : Poet Poetry Self Published
Author : Marc Mullo
Source : Poetic Potpourri

11. “And on the pedestal these words appear:
'My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!'
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.”

Tags : Egypt Epic Hubris Irony Mighty Ozymandias Poet Warning
Source : Ozymandias

12. “We are all born as storytellers. Our inner voice tells the first story we ever hear.”

Tags : Author Awareness Born Conscious Creative Process Creativity Diary Epic Fiction Inner Voice Journal Kojouri Literary Literature Narration Plot Poem Quotes About Writing Reader Speak Think Thinking Thoughts Writing

13. “In this storyI am the poetYou're the poetry.”

Tags : Arzum Uzun Arzum Uzun Quotes Arzum Uzun Sözleri Breaking Up Broken Heart Broken Hearted Broken Hearts Conflict Ego Egocentrism Egotistical End Of The Summer Heart Break Jokes Laughing Love Love Poems Love Quotes Making Jokes Poet Poetry Quotes Poets Relationship Relationships Smiling Summer
Author : Arzum Uzun

14. “I am a poet in deeds--not often in words.”

Tags : Deeds Poet Words
Author : Ian Fleming
Source : Goldfinger

15. “When life gives you lemons, through them back and grow your own, 'Organically'. Those are the good ones.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Lemons Lemonsquote Life Life Quotes Philosopher Poet

16. “When life gives you lemons, throw them back and grow your own, 'Organically'. Those are the good ones.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Lemons Life Philosopher Poet Quotes Quotes About Life Quotes To Live By Writer

17. “My highest aspiration in life is to serve as the Limerick Laureate of Nantucket.”

Tags : Laureate Limerick Nantucket Poet Poetry
Author : Alan C. Baird

18. “A country that denies it, citizens, the opportunity to "civil liberties", better health care, schools, roads, electricity and water. Is a country on a brink of no return.”

Tags : Liberia Liberian Writer Poet Quotes About Life Quotes On Country Quotes To Make You Think Writer

19. “If passion was a substance I would say it is dark brown, and then blood red. It's like wet grass, tons of it soaked in mud. It's warm and it stinks like shit and it's unaccountably and endlessly good. It's thick and it goes on for miles and it isn't so much deep as bottomless and it holds you in its grip, you never drown. And then it goes. That's all you know.”

Tags : Deep Eileen Myles Emotions Fear Feelings Inferno Mud Passion Poet Poetry Substance Thick
Author : Eileen Myles
Source : Inferno

20. “Without the wetness of your love, the fragrance of your water, or the trickling sounds of your voice ― I shall always feel thirsty.”

Tags : Frangrance Love Love Poem Love Poetry Love Quotes Loved Loving Loving You Poet Poetry Poetry Quotes Poetry Quotes Love Smell Sound Suzy Kassem Suzy Kassem Poetry Touch Voice Water Wet
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

21. “I do not need to "believe" in fairytales to get me through life. I am doing just fine. However, the "cute" ones are fun to read.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Books Discernment Fairytales Philosopher Poet Quotes Writer

22. “I love seeing young black women out in the world defying the "unfavorable odds" given by society.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Black Woman Defiance Philosopher Poet Quotes To Live By Quotes To Live By Tumblr Unfavorable Odds Writer

23. “-The way that you are-Woman,Love yourself the way that you areYou don't need hair weave, fake lashes and butt shots.Who told you your brown skin was not good enough?So you cover with foundation to brighten it up?The carbon in your skin is beautiful you know? It gives your tone,That shine,That glow....But They never told you so.Then You perm your hair To kill the Afro.To disband the blackness.To stop the growth.Woman,We are perfect the way that we are,Even those things that we think are flaws.Our thick lips,And fat noseLarge eyesWide waist,You hate your Big bones.The lighter you are, The further away from your roots,This is not a Colloquialism,This is the truth.You do not realize your power,I guess so,Everyone else knows, Yet the beautiful black woman,Wants to Change herself,No!You are the prototype.You are built with Strength and Courage,It all comes so naturally, Tell me,Why would you want to alterSomething most women want to be?Woman, Queen,Some like to call you Mother of the earth,The next time you look in the mirror,Remember these words....Because of ME,The human is birthed.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Beautiful Black Girl Black Woman Love Yourself Philosopher Poem Poet Poetry Quote Quotes Quotes About Poetry Quotes To Live By Spoken Word Woman Writer

24. “-The way that you are-Black girl,Love yourself the way that you areYou don't need hair weave, fake lashes and butt shots.Who told you your brown skin was not good enough?So you cover with foundation to brighten it up?The carbon in your skin is beautiful you know? It gives your tone,That shine,That glow.But They never told you so.Then You perm your hair To kill the Afro.To disband the blackness.To stop the growth.Girl,We are perfect the way that we are,Even those things that we think are flaws.Our thick lips,And fat noseLarge eyesWide waist,You hate your Big bones.The lighter you are, The further away from your roots,This is not a Colloquialism,This is the truth.You do not realize your power,I guess so,Everyone else knows.Yet the beautiful black woman,Wants to Change herself,No!You are the prototype.You are built with Strength and Courage,It all comes so naturally, Tell me,Why would you want to alterSomething most women want to be?Woman, Queen,Some like to call us Mother of the earth,The next time you look in the mirror,Remember these words....Because of ME,The human is birthed.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Beautiful Black Girl Black Woman Philosopher Poem Poet Poetic Prose Poetry Quote Quotes Quotes To Live By Spoken Word Woman Writer

25. “Come, lovers.Come join us.Bring your empty cupsand sit by the fire.Let Khayyam and Hafezreveal to you what you feel.Rumi will pour the wine and I will listen.”

Tags : Blaze Feel Feeling Fire Hafez Hafiz Harmony In Love Iran Iranian Kamand Khayam Love Loved Loving Poetry Religious Togetherness Transcend Unity

26. “In essence, religion retards the brain.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Discernment Philosopher Philosophy Of Religion Poet Religion Writer

27. “Asking me why don't I think Gods exist, is one thing, But asking me won't don't I "believe" Jesus is real, is you pushing your luck.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Discernment Philosopher Philosophy Of Religion Poet Quotes About God Religion Writer

28. “When African slave Phillis Wheatley wrote poetry, 18 men came to assess whether that was possible.”

Tags : Mysogyny Phillis Wheatley Poet Poetry Racism Racist Sexism Sexist Slave
Author : Jacky Fleming
Source : The Trouble With Women

29. “WHO AM I?I have seven heavenly panelsLeading up to a pointed sphereI’m multidimensional like a crystalAnd my center is never clear.I’m an inventor and pioneer.A mentor to my peers.But I'm not as sound as my shell reveals,Because I’m tormented by my fears -That may appear to be groundedBut my insides are filled with tears.And the sadness is well-founded,From years and yearsOf traumatic experiencesCompoundedIn the most dementedAtmospheres.I talk but feel like nobody hears.Has reason disappeared?And, God, are you near?This is Giza’s 7th light forceAnd I'm asking you to interfere.I can no longer walk amongst the blind and deadWith open eyes and ears.I’m trying to maintain my sanityAnd to straighten up my veneerAs I roll amongst the growing calamitiesFlowing on Earth’s severely trashedFrontier.Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun (2010)”

Tags : Blindness Calamaties Change The World Chaos Destruction Ears Earth Environment Fears Giza Mindlessness Perspective Pioneer Poem Poet Poetry Reflections Sadness Suzy Kassem Tears Torment Tormented United States Unity Veneer Wars World
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

30. “There are many unspeakable words, forgotten, or forbidden.Great thanks to the poets who make them all become reachable.”

Tags : Forbidden Forgotten Poet Reachable Thanks Unspeakable
Author : Toba Beta

31. “Legend has it that while drinking wine in a boat on the river, [8th century Chinese poet Li Po] tried to grab the moon's reflection on the surface and tumbled in, which is probably the poet's equivalent of dying bravely in battle.”

Tags : Atrocities China Death History Poet
Author : Matthew White
Source : Atrocities: The 100 Deadliest Episodes in Human History

32. “I am hard to disgust, but a pretentious poet can do it”

Tags : Disgust Poet Poets Pretention Pretentious Pretentiousness
Source : Complete Poems

33. “Loveis not leaning on each other, adjusting to fit a different size.Loveis simply two hands reached out in the darkness,saying; I’ll be your light, if you’ll be mine.”

Tags : Adjusting Beautiful Belonging Dark Each Other Fit Hands Heart Heartbreak Light Love Love Quote Mine Poem Poet Poetry Poets Reach Safe Safety Say Saying Size Songwriter Together

34. “Some people make you want to be a better person, and that, for me, is the purest form of love.”

Tags : Authentic Authenticity Better Friendship Growing Growth Kindness Learning Love People Poems Poet Poetry Pure Quote Relationship Self Development Self Growth Songwriter Writer You

35. “... and I realise the only way to tell the others is through the way my voice can take these broken wordsand turn it into music. Turn it into poetry.And I sing to make myself come alive, but also for you,because I’d like this to mean something.To not disappear with the dark I will enter one day and so now I will tell.If not for you, then for my own heart, because it tells me to,and I'm learning to listen.”

Tags : Artist Broken Creating Creative Creativity Dark Disappear Learning Listen Mean Something Meaning Music Poet Poetry Prose Realise Singer Songwriter Voice Words Writer Writing You
Source : Another Vagabond Lost To Love: Berlin Stories on Leaving & Arriving

36. “And she tried the high heels but she couldn't bring herself to prance.”

Tags : Folk Music Poet Righteous Babe Songwriter
Author : Ani DiFranco

37. “our love likestepping on to a planesitting down in a carwalking on unknown land will either take us to where we belongor throw us into darkness”

Tags : 2014 Beautiful Dark Darkness Life Love Quotes Lyric Lyrics Musician Musician Quote New Poet Poetry Quotation Quote Relationship Scott Mcgoldrick Singer Songwriter Unknown

38. “You might as well ask an artist to explain his art, or ask a poet to explain his poem. It defeats the purpose. The meaning is only clear thorough the search.”

Tags : Art Artist Painting Poem Poet Poetry
Author : Rick Riordan

39. “Create with the heart; build with the mind.”

Tags : Artist Building Construction Creativity Development Drawing Feeling Heart Mind Musician Originality Painting Poet Productivity Thinking
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

40. “If your not annoying somebody, you're not alive.”

Tags : Activist Novelist Poet

41. “Irish improves a poet.”

Tags : Ireland Irish Poet Poetry Poets
Author : Sina Queyras
Source : MxT

42. “I wonder what became of you, your JohnnyRotten skin, no Emerald City eyes.You'd have been a beauty if you let inferiority steam your glasses with its candor, sans laughter.”

Tags : Beauty Candor Editor Emerald City Far Away Hope Inferiority Johnny Rotten Long Ago Poet Smug

43. “As I read you I fell in love with the holes between your words and I loved you most on the days you could not love yourself.”

Tags : Art Book Books Forever Life Love Love Poem Love Quotes Loved Pain Passion Poet Poetry Poets Read Reading Writing You
Author : Jenim Dibie

44. “I've written you sixty-seven love poems.Here’s another one for you.But really, for me.These poems are the candles that I light with the fire you have ignited in me.I place this candle here and another thereso even if the stars have argued with the moonand are sulking away in a corner, you can still find your way to me.Sixty-eight poems now. What does the future hold for us?Joy? Disappointment? Gentle caresses? And subtle neglect?I hope the good is more than the bad. Much more. For what is the point of loveif by lighting these candlesour own flame loses its brightness?I know the good is more than the bad. Much more.I cannot wait to write you sixty-nine.”

Tags : Affection Beloved Falling In Love Flame Girlfriend Happy Intimacy Intimate Kojouri Lust Marriage Moon Neglect Novelist Partner Poem Poetry Quote Sulk Together Unity Us Words Write Written You And I

45. “The aching in my chest isn't because I miss you,it's realizing that you have become someone I no longer know,your fears, your 4 am thoughts, your achievements,are things I no longer have an equivalent to.Who we were and who we are are four different people, and the me from now doesn't relate to the me from then, let alone to the you from now.-Tanzy Sayadi and Jarod Kintz”

Tags : Achievement Alone Ambitions Beautiful Beauty Change Clever Different Instaquote Life Lit On Literature Loss Lost Love Nostalgia Poem Poet Poetry Poets Progress Relations Relationships Word Junkies
Author : Tanzy Sayadi
Source : liQUID PROse QUOtes

46. “MY MOONI'll always wonder what time it is there; if you're dreaming, or awake. My moon is your sun; my darkness, your light. I'm in the future, you'd jokingly say.And I know where you are, because I'm watching you from the past.”

Tags : Addiction Breakups Coco J Ginger Codependency Codependent Forgetting The Past Hard To Get Heartbreak Heartbreaker I Hate You I Love Him Letting Go Love Affair Lovers Moving On Passions Peter Pan Unconditional Love Unrequited Unrequited Love Worthy Writing

47. “A POCKET-SIZED GIRLHe keeps me in his pocket for a rainy day; he swears I'm not an object as he yo-yo's me away.A friend is what we'll call it,but my friend, he does not know,each time it rains I love him— so to his pocket, I must go.He thinks he's being clever,but I am not a fool;his love ain't worth a penny,so to my heart I must be cruel.”

Tags : Addiction Breakup Breakups Coco J Ginger Codependency Codependent Forgetting The Past Happiness Heartbreak Hope I Hate You Love Love Story Missing Moving Forward Moving On Passion Passions Player The Chase Unrequited Unrequited Love Writer Writing

48. “Wake! For the Sun, who scatter'd into flightThe Stars before him from the Field of Night,Drives Night along with them from Heav'n,and strikesThe Sultan's Turret with a Shaft of Light”

Tags : Dawn End Of Night Heaven New Day Persian Poet Poetry Stars Sun Sunrise
Author : Omar Khayyám
Source : The Ruba'iyat of Omar Khayyam

49. “You can run from the truth. You can run and hide from the truth.You can deny and avoid the truth. But you cannot destroy the truth. Nor can you make the lie true. You must know that love will always uncover the truth.”

Tags : Daydream Love At First Sight Love Hurts Love Quotes Love Story Lovely Lovequotes Lover Lovers Music Poet Poetry Love Rare Images Of Love Realistic Poetry Realistic Poetry Quotes Tags Cinderella Tags Delano Johnson Tags Fantasy Tags Love
Source : Love Quotes

50. “And this is what being an artist means, being a poet? To sacrifice yourself for your art, sacrifice your heart for your art, because it’s only through something broken that something beautiful can grow.”

Tags : Art Artist Beauty Being A Poet Being A Writer Broken Charlotte Eriksson Creating Empty Roads Broken Bottles Growing Up Inspiration Motivation On Writing Poet Poetry Sacrifice Strength The Glass Child The Great Perhaps Writer Writing Young
Source : Empty Roads & Broken Bottles; in search for The Great Perhaps

51. “The universe on your skin is emptyfrom all the silence on your tongue.Forgive yourself. Let your body healfrom all the wounds you did not inflicton yourself. Drop the sword you carryon your shoulder for self-defense.Lower the armor you hold high upfor protection. Those who harmed youare not going to come back. Those whohave left never intended to return.”

Tags : Akif Kichloo Akifkichloo Author Healing Poem Poet Poetry Prose Prose Poetry Qotd Quote Quotes The Feeling May Remain
Author : Akif Kichloo
Source : The Feeling May Remain

52. “He was a poet; and they are never exactly grown-up.”

Tags : Adult Barrie Children Grown Up Poetry Kesnington Gardens London Park Peter Pan Poet
Author : J.M. Barrie
Source : Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

53. “I act as the tongue of you,... tied in your mouth . . . . in mine it begins to be loosened.”

Tags : Poet Poetry Poets
Author : Walt Whitman

54. “Carpe diem.Seize the day, boys.Make your lives extraordinary”

Tags : Boys Day Extra John Keating Ordinary Poet Poets Seize Society
Author : Tom Schulman

55. “In an age when nations and individuals routinely exchange murder for murder, when the healing grace of authentic spirituality is usurped by the divisive politics of religious organizations, and when broken hearts bleed pain in darkness without the relief of compassion, the voice of an exceptional poet producing exceptional work is not something the world can afford to dismiss.”

Tags : Aberjhani Celebrated Poets Compassion Global Village Leadership Life Literature Modern Poets National History Day National Poetry Month Pain Poem In Your Pocket Day Poems Poet Poetry Poetry Life Poets And Poetry Politics Quotes About Poetry Quotes About Poets Religions Spirituality Unknown Poets World Communities World Poetry Day Writing
Author : Aberjhani
Source : The American Poet Who Went Home Again

56. “This one is for our crew, but it’s also for all the weird girls and word nerds, for all the in-the-middle wickeds and queers and misfits and hell-raisers.”

Tags : Hip Hop Poet Young Adult Fiction
Author : Laura Goode
Source : Sister Mischief

57. “In the hours waking,when we're still all still,and you can hear the floorboards creaking,and you can feel the shades blow in,the night we slept with,we'll never kiss like that again.Our lips, will sever, our memories, will dissipate,and our shadows will be swallowed by the sky.”

Tags : Anthology Cheap Good Morning Kissing Love Lovers Morning Poems Poet Poetry Sex Sky Syndrome Wanderlust
Author : Dave Matthes
Source : The Kaleidoscope Syndrome: An Anthology

58. “Koliko reci ste u stanju da zadrzite u sebi u toku razgovora sa voljenom osobom?”

Tags : Believe Inspirational Kissing Love Poem Poet Poetry Questions Serbia Trust Words

59. “I celebrate myself, I paint and dance and sing myself, and what I assume you will assume, for every atom as of me as good belongs to dreamy You. I am a song. I am a poem. I am the soil and a gem. I am a stargate and a voyage. I am the ocean and your soul.”

Tags : Art Artist Atom Birthday Body Celebration Dance Dream Gem Heading Heart Inspiration Manifest Motivation Myself Ocean Oksana Rus Paint Part Poem Soil Soul Spirit Spiritual Vision Voyage
Author : Oksana Rus

60. “To the poet, to the philosopher, to the saint, all things are friendly and sacred, all events profitable, all days holy, all men divine.”

Tags : Divine Holy Philosopher Poet Sacred

61. “You cannot free someonewho is caged intheir own self.”

Tags : Anjumchoudhary Artist Bipolar Depression Findinglostsouls I Inspirational Quotes Instagram King Loveyou Loveyourselfmovement Me Poem Poet Poetess Self Help Souledout Stress Strong Woman Truth Writing
Source : Souled Out

62. “Destruction wasn't when you chose to destroy me.It was when i let you.”

Tags : Artist Bipolar Book Couples Depression Findinglostsouls Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Instagram Instaquote King Love Lovequotes Me Motivational Poems Poet Queen Souledout Strong Woman Truth Us Writer Writing You
Source : Souled Out

63. “Take me to your darkest cornersand watch your demonssurrender to mine..”

Tags : Anjumchoudhary Artist Bipolar Couples Demons Depression Findinglostsouls Inspirational Instagram Instaquote King Love Lovequotes Me Motivation Poem Poems Poet Poetess Queen Souledout Strong Woman Surrender True Love Watch Writing You
Source : Souled Out

64. “A poetess is a collection of unfinished thoughts. She is a tormented phantom, a harbinger of life and death. Those who peer deep inside her catacombs will learn that even madness is a virtue.”

Tags : Poet Poetess Poetry Poetry Quote
Source : Poetry for Melancholy Ghosts and Ethereal Maidens

65. “Master the art of selfloveand you will never have to seekvalidationever again.”

Tags : Again Artist Bipolar Couples Findinglostsouls Inspirational Instagram King Lovequotes Loveyou Master Motivation Motivational Poems Poetess Queen Souledout Strength Stress Strong Woman True Love Writer Writing You
Source : Souled Out

66. “T.G.I.F!Timeless greatness, Implemented fearlessly!”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Be Great Greatness Inspiration Inspirational My Tiny Pages Poet Poetess Quote Quotes Strive Strive To Be Better Timeless Writer

67. “I stopped losing my sleep over you...Now i lie awakein search of me!!”

Tags : Anjumchoudhary Artist Beautiful Bipolar Book Couples Depression Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Instagram Instaquote King Love Lovequotes Me Motivation Motivational Poem Queen Sleep Awake Strong Woman True True Love Truth Writer
Source : Souled Out

68. “I am no one's to be claimed,I belong to me.”

Tags : Artist Bipolar Book Couples Findinglostsouls Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Instaquote Love Loveyou Me Motivation Motivational Poem Poems Poetess Queen Self Help Strength Strong Woman True Love Truth Writing You
Source : Souled Out

69. “It's okay darling,creative people are called crazyall the time.”

Tags : Adult Artist Book Call Couples Creative Darling Depression Findinglostsouls Inspirational Instaquote Love Lovequotes Motivation Motivational Poetess Queen Strength Time True Love Truth Writer Writing
Source : Souled Out

70. “I was lost for too longbut when i found you,i could feel it in my bones.You were my home.”

Tags : Anjumchoudhary Artist Book Couples Depression Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Instagram Instaquote King Love Lovequotes Motivation Motivational Poem Poems Poet Poetess Souledout Strong Woman True Love Truth Us Writer Writing You
Source : Souled Out

71. “When one tunes in into nature's frequency, life becomes change, change becomes hope!”

Tags : Comfort Devotion Dogma Ease Easy Evolution Fidelity Flower Frame Honest Hush Lover Lovers Loyalty Moment Religions Sacred Science Sea Shore Silver Sky Soft Soul Touch Vision Water Witness

72. “Dance as the narration of a magical story; that recites on lips, illuminates imaginations and embraces the most sacred depths of souls.”

Tags : Artists Baila Ballerina Ballet Ballroom Dance Ballroom Dancing Belly Dancer Choreographer Dance Dance Academy Dance Costume Dance Wear Dancehall Dance Electronic Dance Folk Dance Ice Skating Jazz Dance Life Quotes Modern Dance Motivational Quotes Movement Philosopher Quote Quotes Salsa Shah Asad Rizvi Sway Tango Writer Writing

73. “Sometimes in life confusion tends to arise and only dialogue of dance seems to make sense.”

Tags : Artists Quotes Ballet Ballroom Dance Belly Dancer Dance Costume Dance Floor Dance Life Dance Quotes Dance Show Dance Wear Dancehall Dance Electronic Dance Figure Skater Flamenco Folk Dance Gymnastics Jazz Dance Kizomba Mambo Philosophy Poetry Quote Quotes Salsa Salsa Dance Samba Street Dance Tango Writing Zouk

74. “Dance to inspire, dance to freedom, life is about experiences so dance and let yourself become free.”

Tags : Artists Quotes Author Bachata Baila Bailando Ballet Ballroom Dancing Belly Dance Dance Academy Dance Costume Electronic Dance Freestyle Jazz Dance Kathak Mambo Movement Movements Philosopher Quote Samba Tap Dance

75. “If you opened the dictionary and searched for the meaning of a Goddess, you would find the reflection of a dancing lady.”

Tags : Baila Bailando Ballroom Dance Life Dance Quote Dance Shoes Electronic Dance Figure Skater Inspirational Quotes Modern Dance Motion Philosophy Poet Poetry Quotes Swing Dance Tango Writer

76. “Dance is the ritual of immortality.”

Tags : Artists Quotes Bachata Ballerina Ballet Dancer Belly Dancer Boogie Woogie Choreography Dance Academy Dance Costume Dance Festival Dance Floor Dance Show Electronic Dance Flamenco Kizomba Movement Movements Philosophy Poet Reggae Dance Rumi Salsa Shah Asad Rizvi Tango Tap Dance Words Of Wisdom Writer

77. “Life is an affair of mystery; shared with companions of music, dance and poetry.”

Tags : Artist Artists Artists Quotes Bachata Ballerina Ballet Ballet Dancer Ballroom Dance Choreography Contemporary Dance Dance Dance Class Dance Floor Dance Shoes Dance Studio Danza Figure Skating Ice Skating Kathak Mambo Modern Dance Movements Philosophy Quotes Raqs Sharqi Reggaeton Salsa Dance Tap Dance Words Of Wisdom

78. “Dance is the timeless interpretation of life.”

Tags : Ballet Ballet Dancer Ballroom Dancing Bhangra Choreography Contemporary Dance Dance Quote Dance Quotes Dance Shoes Dance Show Dancehall Dance Disco Dancing Electronic Dance Flamenco Ice Skating Inspirational Quotes Kathak Life Quotes Mambo Movement Movements Samba Swing Dance Words Of Wisdom Writer Zouk Zumba Dance

79. “Dance is that delicacy of life radiating every particle of our existence with happiness.”

Tags : Artist Author Bachata Ballroom Dancing Belly Dance Belly Dancing Boogie Woogie Choreographer Contemporary Dance Dance Class Dance Costume Dance Floor Dance Life Dance Quote Dance Show Dance Studio Dancehall Dance Figure Skater Figure Skating Freestyle Ice Skating Jazz Dance Kizomba Mambo Movement Quote Quotes Salsa Swing Dance Tap Dance Word Porn Words Of Wisdom Writer Writing

80. “She who is a dancer can only sway the silk of her hair like the summer breeze.”

Tags : Artists Bailando Ballroom Dancing Belly Dance Belly Dancer Bhangra Choreographer Dance Life Dance Photography Dance Studio Dancehall Dance Disco Dance Electronic Dance Flamenco Folk Dance Freestyle Gymnastics Ice Skating Kizomba Life Quotes Mambo Motivational Quotes Movements Quote Rumi Shah Asad Rizvi Tap Dance Words Of Wisdom Writing Zouk

81. “DANCE – Defeat All Negativity (via) Creative Expression.”

Tags : Artists Bachata Ballet Dancer Ballroom Dance Belly Dancing Contemporary Dance Dance Academy Dance Life Dance Quote Dance Show Danza Electronic Dance Freestyle Gymnastics Latin Dance Life Quotes Motion Movements Philosophy Poetry Quote Quotes Raqs Sharqi Rumi Salsa Samba Sway Words Of Wisdom Writing Zouk Zumba Dance

82. “One step, two steps, three steps; like winds of time experience joy of centuries, when movements become revelations of the dance of destinies.”

Tags : Baila Ballerina Ballet Dancer Ballroom Dancing Boogie Woogie Dance Class Dance Festival Dance Life Dance Shoes Dance Show Dance Studio Disco Dance Figure Skating Gymnastics Kathak Kizomba Latin Dance Philosopher Philosophy Quote Of The Day Quotes Reggaeton Salsa Street Dance Writer Writing Zouk

83. “Transcend the terrestrial; surpass the celestial, from nature’s hands when you receive the sublime pleasures of dance.”

Tags : Bachata Ballroom Dancing Boogie Woogie Choreographer Dance Dance Class Dance Costume Dance Festival Dance Floor Dance Life Dance Photography Dance Quote Dance Show Flamenco Jazz Dance Kathak Mambo Motivational Quotes Philosopher Philosophy Quote Quote Of The Day Quotes Reggae Dance Street Dance Sway Zouk Zumba Dance

84. “Through synergy of intellect, artistry and grace came into existence the blessing of a dancer.”

Tags : Artists Quotes Baila Ballerina Ballroom Dancing Belly Dancing Dance Dance Class Dance Costume Dance Life Dance Quotes Danza Flamenco Folk Dance Jazz Dance Mambo Poet Poetry Quote Quote Of The Day Samba Shah Asad Rizvi Street Dance

85. “O wayfarer! Yearn finds quench, not in meadows, seashores or altitude of mountain peaks; but when being and dance are one.”

Tags : Artist Artists Artists Quotes Author Ballerina Ballet Ballroom Ballroom Dancing Choreographer Dance Class Dance Photography Dance Quotes Dance Shoes Dance Wear Figure Skater Figure Skating Folk Dance Modern Dance Raqs Sharqi Reggaeton Rumi Tango

86. “Make dance the mission every moment seeks to accomplish.”

Tags : Author Bachata Ballerina Ballet Ballet Dancer Belly Dancing Contemporary Dance Dance Class Dance Festival Dance Floor Dance Life Dance Wear Disco Dance Electronic Dance Folk Dance Freestyle Poet Salsa Dance Samba Swing Dance

87. “O wayfarer! Yearn finds quench, not in meadows, seashores or altitude of mountain peaks; but when being becomes dance.”

Tags : Artist Bachata Ballerina Ballroom Dance Belly Dance Belly Dancing Choreography Dance Academy Dance Photography Dancehall Dance Dancer Disco Dance Electronic Dance Flamenco Freestyle Kathak Modern Dance Motivational Quotes Philosopher Philosophy Quotes Reggae Dance Reggaeton Rumi Samba Tap Dance

88. “Burdened no more is soul for whom life flows through dance and not breath.”

Tags : Artist Artists Quotes Bailando Ballet Dance Floor Disco Dance Figure Skating Flamenco Folk Dance Freestyle Jazz Dance Kizomba Motion Movement Movements Philosopher Quote Of The Day Salsa Salsa Dance Samba Shah Asad Rizvi Sway Tap Dance Writing

89. “Burdened no more is soul for whom life flows through dance like breath.”

Tags : Ballet Ballet Dancer Contemporary Dance Dance Class Dance Photography Dance Show Dance Wear Dancer Inspirational Quotes Jazz Dance Motion Philosophy Poet Quote Quote Of The Day Quotes Salsa Samba Sway Swing Dance Tap Dance Words Of Wisdom

90. “Audience of angels descend in the ambiance reciting praises in your glory, when you wear your dance shoes, when you arrive at the stage and with every step you take beneath your feet heaven moves. That is the power of dance.”

Tags : Artist Artists Choreographer Choreography Dance Dance Costume Dance Life Figure Skating Freestyle Ice Skating Inspirational Quotes Kizomba Life Quotes Movement Poet Reggae Dance Reggaeton Rumi Samba Word Porn Words Of Wisdom Writing Zumba Dance

91. “Everything turns in circles and spirals with the cosmic heart until infinity. Everything has a vibration that spirals inward or outward — and everything turns together in the same direction at the same time. This vibration keeps going: it becomes born and expands or closes and destructs — only to repeat the cycle again in opposite current. Like a lotus, it opens or closes, dies and is born again. Such is also the story of the sun and moon, of me and you. Nothing truly dies. All energy simply transforms.”

Tags : Circles Cosmic Cosmic Heart Creation Cycle Cycles Destruction Direction Dreams Evolution Expands Harmonics Heart Infinity Knowledge Living Things Philosopher Quotes Rebirth Reincarnation Relgion Science Spiritual Theory Transforms Turns Universe Vibration
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

92. “Think not of the fragility of life, but of the power of books, when mere words have the ability to change our lives simply by being next to each other.”

Tags : Art Author Book Change Each Other Kamand Kojouri Letter Letters Life Literature Lives Poet Poetry Power Read Reading Transcend Transform Words Write Writing

93. “Think not of the fragility of life, but of the power of books, when mere words can change our lives simply by being next to each other.”

Tags : Ability Art Author Book Books Change Creative Creativity Each Other Genre Inspiration Inspirational Kamand Kojouri Letter Letters Poet Power Read Reading Transform Word Writer

94. “Lovers dream of one more embrace.One more kiss.One act of love, no matter how small.For in loving, lover and belovedemptied themselves.Now, they look for their oasislike men engulfed in flames.Even filled to the brim, they will never satiate. For they continue to leak, thesecracked vessels.How else did love seep through?”

Tags : Act Beloved Brim Cracked Dream Embrace Empty Flame Flames Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kiss Kojouri Love Loved Lover Lovers One Love Oneness Poem Poetry Quote Satiate Seep Transcend Transform Vessel

95. “You cannot grow if you are not reading.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Books Grow Learn Philosopher Poet Read

96. “All of us,' he said, 'have hopes of being poet, artist, discoverer, philospoher, scientist; of possessing the attributes of all these simultaneously. Few are permitted to achieve any of them in daily life. But in travel we attain them all. Then we have our day of glory, when all our dreams come true, when we can be anything we like, as long as we like, and, when we are tired of it, pull up stakes and move on. Travel -- the solitude of the mountains, the emptiness of the desert, the delicacy of the minaret; eternal change, limitless contrast, unending variety.' (Eric Lang)”

Tags : Artist Daily Life Discovere Eternal Change Glory Hopes Move On Philopher Poet Scientist Travel Traveling Travels What We Want
Source : One Man Caravan

97. “I love me enough for All of us.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Love Love You Love Yourself Love Yourself First Love Yourself Quotes People Philosopher Poet Quote Quotes Quotes To Live By Writer

98. “The core of your true self is never lost. Let go of all the pretending and the becoming you've done just to belong.Curl up with your rawness and come home. You don't have to find yourself; you just have to let yourself in.”

Tags : Art Creative D Antoinette Foy Depression Home Ink Inspire Life Lost Love Poem Poet Poetry Positive Quotes About Life Quotes About Love Raw Read Sad Spilled Ink Write Writer Writing

99. “In a woman's lifetime, She will kiss a couple of clowns before she gets to the King.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Life Love Quotes People Philosopher Poet Relationship Quotes Relationships Writer

100. “I looked directly in front of me, and there he was, Sitting. Dark, Handsome, Distinguished, and waiting on me.Without ever knowing it.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Famous Quotes First Sight Love Love Quotes Mini Poetry Philosopher Poem Poet Q Quotes To Live By Relationship Quotes Relationships Writer

101. “Asking me why don't I think Gods exist, is one thing. But asking me why don't I "Believe" Jesus is real, is you pushing your luck.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author God Jesus Jesus Quotes Philosopher Poet Quote Religion Writer

102. “O Heavenly Children, God's messengers are as limitless as the fish in the sea. They come in all colors, regions, languages and creeds. But their message is one and the same, don't you see? He only wishes to unite all His children under one family tree.”

Tags : Colors Creator Diversity Family Tree God Humanity Love Love All Mankind Message Messenger Messengers Messengers From God Philosopher Philosopher Quotes Poet Races Sea Spiritual Truth Unite United Universal Universal Law Universal Truths Wisdom
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

103. “Let it shine, the light in you. Oh, and that's delighting me! Various colors shining through. Elated, it fills my soul with ecstasy.”

Tags : Aura Aura Of Peacefulness Circle Of Light Delight Delightful Divine Power Divine Self Ecstasy Of Love Ecstatic Visions Empathy Feelings And Emotions Feelings Of Love Go Beyond Your Tangled Thoughts Grace Heart Hope Inspiration Joy Joyful Light Love Poet Rhymes Sensation Soul Spiritual Wisdom Sunny Disposition Vivid
Source : A-Z of Happiness: Tips for Living and Breaking Through the Chain that Separates You from Getting That Dream Job

104. “My day will come. But until then, I patiently continue moving forward. -Never allow yourself to become stagnant-”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Determination Keep Moving Keep Moving Forward Philosopher Poet Quotes Quotes About Life Quotes To Live By Strive Success Writer

105. “Even the caged bird flies out when someone opens the door for it”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Books Free Your Mind Grow Growing Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Learn Learning Philosopher Philosophy Philosophy Of Life Poet Quotes Quotes To Live By Quotes To Live By Tumblr Read Reality Reality Of Life Think Writer

106. “Even the caged bird flys out when someone opens the door for it”

Tags : Artist Author Free Your Mind Knowledge Learning Learning Process Life Life In Reality Philosopher Philosophy Poet Reality Wisdom Writer

107. “They say copying is a form of flattery, I say it's lack of originality.”

Tags : Inspiration Inspirational Quotes Life And Living Life Lessons Originality Quotes Poet

108. “Imitation cannot be aced.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Be You Be Yourself Be Yourself Quotes Imitation Philosopher Poet Writer

109. “You kissed me that morning as if you’d never done it before and never would again and now I write another letter that I will never dare to send, collecting memories of loss like chains tight around my chest,and if you see a fire from the shore tonightit’s my chains going up in flames.”

Tags : Breaking Up Breakup Chains Chapbook Chest Fire Flames Heartache I Miss You Kiss Kissed Letter Letting Go Loss Memories Missing Morning Moving On Night Poems Poet Prose Sad Shore Writer
Source : You're Doing Just Fine

110. “My hips don't lie,They speak the truth at all times.Wrapped up in a fitted dress,Or Jeans,That hug,The curves of my legs.Covered in chocolate,The aphrodisiac of the flavors,They speak with confidence,A forbidden second language.The swing of my hips,With a big twist,Keeps no secrets.The connection with my thighs,In cahoots,Perfect teammates.My hips don't lie,They speak the truth,At all times.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Curves Hips My Thoughts Philosopher Poem Poet Poetic Poetry Womanly Writer

111. “If you were destined to be a poet, then you won't brainstorm for lines that rhymes. If you were destined to be a celebrity, then you shouldn't start searching for fans. If you are truly a god, then let others worship you!”

Tags : Amicable Believe Calm Celebrity Destiny Fame Fate Food For Thought Forever Future Human Nature Michael Bassey Johnson Nature Poets Praise Prediction Talent Time Time And Season To Be Tomorrow Truth Upliftment Years

112. “Your flesh is not a reflection of your soul. So when you look in the mirror, remember that your light outshines your flaws.”

Tags : Beautiful Depression Flaws Human Light Love Love Yourself Mirror Poem Poet Poetry Positive Read Reflect Sad Self Love Soul Words Write Writing Writing Life

113. “Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?”

Tags : Autobiographical Quote Charles Bukowski Inspirational Journalist Life Poem Poet Poetry Poetry Life Quote Poetry Quotes Posthumous Modern Writer Reflection Satirical Writer Quotes
Source : Post Office

114. “Maybe you are a poet and a dreamer, but don't you realize that those two species are extinct now?”

Tags : Art Dreamers Poet
Author : J.G. Ballard

115. “Science is a way humans try to tell themselves the truths.”

Tags : Beside Bird Ease Easy Emotion Essential Glimpse Loyalty Meadow Melody Moment Novel Ocean Quiet Research Science Sea Sky Soul Spirit Spiritual Sweet Test Touch Tree Truth Woman

116. “You're back where you swore yourself you wouldn't beThe familiar shackles you can't tell from your own skinYour head's under water when you learned to swimOn a road to hell, congratulations, you're free...”

Tags : Congratulations Cry Deep Floating Freedom Home Life Love Melancholy Pain Place Poet Pray Sad Same Place Sarcasm Swear Swore Travel Wander Water

117. “Poetry is inspired by the elements of random thoughts, an overflow of gazing at the unseen.”

Tags : Apollo Elements Gaze God Inspirational Inspire Michael Bassey Johnson Poet Poetic Poetry Random Thoughts Thinking Thoughts Unseen

118. “We need to clean our own yards before we go looking for -shit- in someone else's.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Mind Your Own Business Philosopher Poet Quotes To Live By Quotes To Live By Tumblr Reality Check Writer

119. “Sometimes you have to keep a considerable amount of distance with people; Let them stay on the outside, looking in..”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author People People Quotes People Relations Philosopher Poet Quotes Quotes About Life Quotes To Live By Reality Reality Of Life Writer

120. “Growing up, I'd already decided I wanted to be a beatnik. A Bohemian poet, I thought. Or a musician. Maybe an artist. I'd dress in black turtlenecks and smoke Gitanes. I'd listen to cool jazz in clubs, getting up to read devastating truths from my notebook, leaning against the microphone, cigarette dangling from my hand.”

Tags : Artist Beatnik Growing Up Poet Turtlenecks
Source : Dharma

121. “You see, I am a poet, and not quite right in the head, darling. It’s only that.”

Tags : Poet

122. “If I had a soul I sold itfor pretty wordsIf I had a body I usedit up spurting my essenceAllen Ginsberg warns youdont follow my pathto extinction”

Tags : Allen Ginsberg Beat Poet Poetry

123. “Really, he thought, if you couldn't trust a poet to offer sensible advice, who could you trust?”

Tags : Advice Poet
Author : Neil Gaiman
Source : The Graveyard Book

124. “To be a poet is to have a soul so quick to discern, that no shade of quality escapes it, and so quick to feel, that discernment is but a hand playing with finely-ordered variety on the chords of emotion--a soul in which knowledge passes instantaneously into feeling, and feeling flashes back as a new organ of knowledge.”

Tags : Poet Poetry
Author : George Eliot
Source : Middlemarch

125. “Lovers, Lunatics and poets are made of same stuff.”

Tags : Bhagat Singh Love Poet
Author : Bhagat Singh

126. “How to be a Poet (to remind myself)Make a place to sit down. Sit down. Be quiet. You must depend upon affection, reading, knowledge, skill—more of each than you have—inspiration work, growing older, patience, for patience joins time to eternity… Breathe with unconditional breath the unconditioned air. Shun electric wire. Communicate slowly. Live a three-dimensional life; stay away from screens. Stay away from anything that obscures the place it is in. There are no unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places. Accept what comes from silence. Make the best you can of it. Of the little words that come out of the silence, like prayers prayed back to the one who prays, make a poem that does not disturb the silence from which it came.”

Tags : Breathing How To Be A Poet Nature Poet Poetry
Author : Wendell Berry
Source : Given

127. “Now begins to rise in me the familiar rhythm; words that have lain dormant now lift, now toss their crests, and fall and rise, and falls again. I am a poet, yes. Surely I am a great poet.”

Tags : Poet Poetry Words
Source : The Waves

128. “He wanted to be a poet,' someone else put in while Maggie hugged Tim and patted his back. 'Said he'd only lacked the words to be one.”

Tags : Poet Poetry Romance
Author : Nora Roberts
Source : Born in Fire

129. “A poem is a naked person....Some people say that I am a poet.”

Tags : Bob Dylan Quote Poet
Author : Bob Dylan

130. “Who has not sat before his own heart's curtain? It lifts: and the scenery is falling apart.”

Tags : Heart Poet

131. “She lends her pen,to thoughts of him,that flow from it,in her solitary.For she is his poet,And he is her poetry.”

Tags : Dedication Lang Leav Love Misadventure Poet Poetry
Author : Lang Leav
Source : Love & Misadventure

132. “Through the ingenuousness of her age beamed an ardent mind, a mind not of the women but of the poet; she did not please, she intoxicated.”

Tags : Poet Simplicity

133. “Writing, then, was a substitute for myself: if you don't love me, love my writing & love me for my writing. It is also much more: a way of ordering and reordering the chaos of experience.”

Tags : Experience Journals Plath Poems Poet Poetry Sylvia Plath Writer Writing
Author : Sylvia Plath
Source : The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

134. “The Internet is the best and worst thing to ever happen in this lifetime.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Best Discernment Internet Philosopher Poet Worst Writer

135. “The pity is not that there is a myth of Sylvia Plath but that the myth is not simply that of an enormously gifted poet whose death came carelessly, by mistake, and too soon.”

Tags : Carelessness Death Gift Gifted Mistake Myth Pity Poet Soon Sylvia Plath Too Soon
Author : Al Álvarez
Source : The Savage God: A Study of Suicide

136. “Because there are hundreds of different ways to say one thing, I, being a writer, songwriter, and poet, speak childishly and incoherently. In speech there is so much to decide in so little time.”

Tags : Artist Coherence Conversation Expression Incoherence Introvert Poet Shy Songwriting Speech Words Writer Writing
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

137. “At present, a good many men engaged in scientific pursuits, and who have signally failed in gaining recognition among their fellows, are endeavoring to make reputations among the churches by delivering weak and vapid lectures upon the 'harmony of Genesis and Geology.' Like all hypocrites, these men overstate the case to such a degree, and so turn and pervert facts and words that they succeed only in gaining the applause of other hypocrites like themselves. Among the great scientists they are regarded as generals regard sutlers who trade with both armies.Surely the time must come when the wealth of the world will not be wasted in the propagation of ignorant creeds and miraculous mistakes. The time must come when churches and cathedrals will be dedicated to the use of man; when minister and priest will deem the discoveries of the living of more importance than the errors of the dead; when the truths of Nature will outrank the 'sacred' falsehoods of the past, and when a single fact will outweigh all the miracles of Holy Writ.Who can over estimate the progress of the world if all the money wasted in superstition could be used to enlighten, elevate and civilize mankind?When every church becomes a school, every cathedral a university, every clergyman a teacher, and all their hearers brave and honest thinkers, then, and not until then, will the dream of poet, patriot, philanthropist and philosopher, become a real and blessed truth.”

Tags : Applause Brave Churches Civilize Clergyman Creeds Discoveries Fact Facts Falsehoods Holy Writ Living Money Past Patriot Peers Philosopher Poet Priest Progress Real Reputation Scientific Teacher Think Use Wealth
Source : Some Mistakes of Moses

138. “When people have a hard task to do - one which stretches them - they become less concerned with trivial matters.”

Tags : Author Poet Sufi
Author : Idries Shah

139. “Dance less in motion and more in spirit; awaken the dreamer within.”

Tags : Bachata Baila Bailando Ballet Ballroom Ballroom Dance Ballroom Dancing Belly Dance Bellydancing Body Body Mind Spirit Dance Quote Dance Shoes Dance Studio Dancewear Dancing Figure Skater Figure Skating Flamenco Gymnastic Inspirational Quotes Life Quotes Move Music Poetry Quoteoftheday Steps Sufi Sufism Wisdom Wordsofwisdom

140. “Music does not need language of words for it has movements of dance to do its translation.”

Tags : Art Ballet Dancer Ballroom Belly Dance Bellydancer Body Choreography Dance Danza Flamenco Gymnastic Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Meditation Poetry Quoteoftheday Rhythm Rumi Steps Wordporn Yoga

141. “When the melody plays, footsteps move, heart sings and spirit begin to dance.”

Tags : Art Bachata Baila Ballet Ballroom Belly Dance Choreography Dance Dance Costume Dream Inspiration Life Life Philosophy Life Quotes Meditation Motivation Move Music Philosopher Philosophy Poet Poetry Positivity Raqs Sharqi Rhythm Salsa Sufi Wisdom Wordsofwisdom Zumba

142. “Soar like an eagle beyond skies of heavens reach; as wings of dreams dance with winds of reality.”

Tags : Baila Ballerina Ballroom Ballroom Dancing Body Mind Spirit Choreography Dance Shoes Gymnast Philosophy Quotes Salsa Dance Tango Waltz Wordsofwisdom Yoga

143. “Dance resides within us all. Some find it when joy conquers sorrow, others express it through celebration of movements; and then there are those... whose existence is dance,”

Tags : Baila Bailando Ballroom Dance Bellydancer Choreography Gymnast Ice Skating Inspiration Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Life Move Movement Poet Quoteoftheday Quotes Salsa Dance Show Wordsofwisdom

144. “World seems like a void of silence every time footsteps are deprived of dancing shoes.”

Tags : Bachata Baila Ballerina Ballet Dancer Ballroom Bellydancer Dance Dancefloor Dancequote Danceshoes Dancestudio Danza Flamenco Inspirational Inspirationalquotes Meditation Motivation Motivationalquotes Quote Quoteoftheday Quotes Salsa Dance Sufi Wordsofwisdom Yogi

145. “Hearts shall dance once again; when canvas of ice is painted with the brush of skates.”

Tags : Bachata Ballerina Ballet Bellydancing Choreographer Dancelife Dancephotography Dancequote Danceshoes Danza Dream Figureskater Figureskating Ice Skating Meditation Motivation Motivationalquotes Philosopher Philosophy Poetry Quote Raqs Sharqi Salsa Salsa Dance Success Sufism Wisdom Yoga Yogi Zumba

146. “There are no lungs like the ones that breathe poetry.”

Tags : Art Breathe Creative Free Inspire Life Live Lungs Original Poem Poem Poems Poet Poetry Read Truth Write Writer

147. “God takes away the minds of poets, and uses them as his ministers, as he also uses diviners and holy prophets, in order that we who hear them may know them to be speaking not of themselves who utter these priceless words in a state of unconsciousness, but that God himself is the speaker, and that through them he is conversing with us. ”

Tags : God Inspiration Poet Prophet Socrates
Author : Socrates

148. “It starts off like climbing a tree or solving a puzzle - poetry, if nothing else, is just fun to write. But deeper into each and every piece, you no longer hesitate to call it work. It's passion. A poet's sense of lyrical accomplishment is then his food and water, his means of survival.”

Tags : Accomplishment Art Artist Food Life Lifestyle Lyrics Necessity Passion Poet Poetry Puzzle Rhyming Survival Writing
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

149. “It offends me when you doubt my love.These jealousies are unwarranted.If only you lived in my head for a day, you’d see that you live eternally in my heart.Try it for yourself. Take this knife to my chestand you will find that I bleedyou.Cast your suspicions to the windfor there will never come a timewhen I will not love you.Does the sea get bored of kissingthe shore’s feet?Cast your suspicions to the windand let us get drunk off each other."Don’t fall in love with a poet,” they warn you.But they don’t know that galaxiescircumambulate you.They don’t see that the waves of your hairare where stars go to die.They don’t hear how your voiceis the sound of flowers blooming.Cast your suspicions to the windand come spend your life with me.There will never come a time when I will not be in love with you.”

Tags : All You Need Is Love Author Believe Boyfriend Day Doubt Drunk Falling In Love Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kiss Kojouri Live Love Is All You Need Love Quote Offend Partner Poem Promises Protective Quote Sea Soulmate Stars Suspicion Trust Issues Trustworthy Unwarranted Voice Wary Waves

150. “Intelligence is not to make no mistakes, but quickly to see how to make them good.”

Tags : Germans Poet

151. “Music resembles poetry, in eachAre nameless graces which no methods teach,And which a master hand alone can reach.”

Tags : Alexander Pope An Essay On Criticism Art Genius Music Poet Poetry Skill Talent Writing
Source : An Essay on Criticism

152. “Remember that good poets too can write bad poems! Talent has also a talent to be untalented!”

Tags : Good Murat Ildan Quotations Poet Poets Talent Talents Untalented

153. “Now is not the time for bigots and racists. No time for sexists and homophobes. Now, more than ever, is the time for ARTISTS. It’s time for us to rise above and to create. To show humanity. To spread hope. We must prevent society from destroying itself, from losing its way. Now is the time for love.”

Tags : Achieve Art Create Creativity Desire Destroying Election Election Results Homophobe Homophobia Hopefulness Kamand Kojouri Minorities Optimistic Racist Singer Society Together Togetherness Unity Wish Writer

154. “Superior poets say what they really feel. Mediocre poets say what they decide to feel. Inferior poets say what they think they should feel.”

Tags : Feeling Inferior Life Meaning Mediocre Paganism Pantheism Poet Poetry Poets Reality Superior Thinking Truth Writing

155. “If you write then you are reborn because by writing about the moment, you can relive it for a second time.”

Tags : Again Art Author Books Creativity Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Life Moment Narrator Poet Poetry Quotes Rebirth Relive Resurrect Resurrection Salvation Write Writing Quotes Written

156. “The Child Christ lives on from generation to generation in the poets, very often the frailest of men but men whose frailty is redeemed by a child's unworldliness, by a child's delight in loveliness, by the spirit of wonder.Christ was a poet, and all through His life the Child remains perfect in Him. It was the poet, the unworldly poet, who was King of the invisible kingdom; the priests and rulers could not understand that. The poets understand it, and they, too, are kings of the invisible kingdom, vassal kings of the Lord of Love, and their crowns are crowns of thorns indeed.”

Tags : Catholic Catholicism Child Children Christ Christ The King Christian Christianity Delight God Jesus Jesus Christ King Poet Poets Unworldly Wonder
Source : The Reed of God

157. “Life is merely a minute long; Don't waste your seconds.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Famous Quotes Life Life Is Short Life Quotes Philosopher Pinterest Poet Tumblr Quotes Writer

158. “One of the saddest things to see, is a person who's void of curiosity.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Curiosity Curiosity Quotes Famous Quotes Philosopher Pinterest Poem Poet Poetry Quotes To Make You Think Tumblr Quotes Wisdom Writer

159. “Rich in material, by devoid of knowledge, is like having -an- antique clock with no numbers. Appealing to the eye, but useless in the modern world.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Discernment Knowledge Philosopher Pinterest Poet Rich Tumblr Quotes Wisdom Writer

160. “For some things, my patience overflows; For contented ignorance, I have but a drop.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Famous Quotes Ignorance Ignorance Is Bliss Ignorance Quotes Philosopher Pinterest Poem Poet Poetic Quotes To Live By Tumblr Quotes Writer

161. “Laughter is good for the heart and mind.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Famous Quotes Happy Laugh Laugh At Loud Laughing Laughter Philosopher Pinterest Poet Quotes About Laughter Tumblr Quotes Writer

162. “It's not always about 'what' she's wearing; It's 'how' it is being worn, and 'who's wearing it.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Be You Clothing Famous Quotes Fashion Philosopher Pinterest Poet Quotes To Live By Tumblr Quotes

163. “-Zone-Soft words and gentle pecks,I place upon your neck.As your fingers firmly glide,Along the arch of my back.Like Louisiana heat,My body temperature rises,Like bonfires of melting marshmallows,You feel my love arrive.Unyielding,My passion-handlesThey clutch you with might, Captured,In essence,Like rays of sunlight.It has permeated your soul,My flesh,On your zone,You explode.........”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Andrea L Artiste Poems Artist Author Philosopher Pinterest Poems Poems By Andrea L Artiste Poet Sensual Tumblr Poetry Writer Zone

164. “In Irena’s head the alcohol plays a double role: it frees her fantasy, encourages her boldness, makes her sensual, and at the same time it dims her memory. She makes love wildly, lasciviously, and at the same time the curtain of oblivion wraps her lewdness in an all-concealing darkness. As if a poet were writing his greatest poem with ink that instantly disappears.”

Tags : Alchohol Drinking Forget Forgetting Love Personality Poet Poetry Sex Writing
Author : Milan Kundera
Source : Ignorance

165. “Such is a communityof inviolable immunity, protectedfrom tampering or harpooningmutiny. Every better thinker’s impulse to shrink us (at the shoreline from our lifeblood’s deep pulse) uses disparaging scrutiny to sink us.”

Tags : Boat Captain My Captain Community Deep Pulse Mutiny Poet Protected Romantics Schooner Scrutiny Sink Us Title Poem Whitman Whitmanesque

166. “Stay as far away as possible from the person who says "Don't overthink it" or "You're overthinking it”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Famous Quotes Overthink Overthinking Overthinking Quotes Philosopher Poet Quote Quotes Quotes To Live By Writer

167. “Isn't it ironic, The brilliant minds who've made the lives of others easier and enjoyable, are considered the "Crazy people".”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Art Artist Author Crazy Crazy People Funny Funny Quotes Genius Hilarious Ingenuity Ingenuity Quotes Music Philosopher Poet Poetry Quotes To Make You Think Tumblr Quotes Writer

168. “O Heavenly Children, you chant God's name but you have forgotten him. He does not want your verses, or the coins from your purses, but for you to love and embrace each other. To uphold truth, justice and peace — and to respect your father and mother, fellow sisters and brothers.”

Tags : Brother Brothers Chant Charity Coins Come Together Father God God S Name Good Goodness Humanity Quotes Humankind Love Loving Merge Mother Peace Philosophy Poet Remember Scriptures United Wisdom
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

169. “You do not need a boyfriend or a girlfriend to write an emotional poet; because poetry is beyond hooks and holes.”

Tags : Boyfriend Emotional Girlfriend Holes Hooks Poem Poet Poetry

170. “Because philosophy arises from awe, a philosopher is bound in his way to be a lover of myths and poetic fables. Poets and philosophers are alike in being big with wonder.”

Tags : Awe Fables Philosopher Philosophy Poet Poetry Wonder

171. “There Are No Believers in This World:There Are Only the Make Believers and the Non-Believers.”

Tags : And Educator Philosopher Poet

172. “I know who I am. Do you?”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Be You Be Yourself Famous Authors Famous Quotes Philosopher Pinterest Pins Poet Quotes To Live By Tumblr Quotes Writer

173. “Sit here, so I may writeyou into a poem and make you eternal.”

Tags : Always Author Brief Compose Ephemeral Eternal Eternity Fleeting Forever Immortal Immortality Kamand Kojouri Novelist Perpetual Poem Poet Poetry Poetry Quotes Read Reader Short Sit Transient Transitory Writing Writing Quotes

174. “She might not have read many books. But when she reads a book, she swallows the very words. If you open the books on her shelves, you will find that the front and back covers encase white pages.”

Tags : Book Addict Book Addiction Book Quotes Cover Creative Writing Cute Quotes Encase Epic Fiction Genre Interesting Quotes Kamand Kojouri Mystery Novel Novella Pages Peruse Poet Poetry Quotes Read Reading Reading Addiction Recite Science Fiction Shelf Swallow Writer

175. “Some days I don't know what is greater.My wisdom, or my stupidity.”

Tags : Amusing Introspection Life Lessons Life Quotes Poet Poetry Quotes Poets Stupidity Thoughts Truth Wisdom Wise Words
Author : Sanober Khan

176. “I wonderif you ever read my poemsand wish they were writtenfor you.”

Tags : Boyfriend Break Up Girlfriend Heartbroken Kamand Kamand Kojouri Longing Love Love Lost Love Poem Loved Lover Miss Missing Poem Poet Poetry Quote Relationships Wonder Write Writing Written Wrote Yearning

177. “I crave for knowledge. I envy tolerant, peaceful folks. I am frightened by ignorance. I loathe violence.”

Tags : Dramatist Ignorance Knowledge Peace Playwright Poet Violence

178. “If I woke up one morning and realized that all I ever was going to be was a business man, I'd probably die. All my dreams would be shattered. Early in life I had many dreams. I dreamed of being a great basketball star. I dreamed of being a preacher. I dreamed of saving the world from war and racism. And I dreamed of being a great poet. Today, I dream only of writing.”

Tags : Basketball Star Business Man Dreams Goals Hopes Poet Preacher Writing
Author : Harley King
Source : Mother, Don't Lock Me In That Closet!

179. “All kinds of people read poetry: revolutionaries, scholars, sentimentalists etc. But above all else, lovers read poetry. Why? Because we fell in love. And then we fell in love with love.”

Tags : Book Book Lover Everyone Fell In Love Inspiration Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Loved Lover Loves Loving People Poem Poet Poetry Quote Read Revolutionary Scholar Sentimental Sentimentalist Truth Writer

180. “A poet, you see, is a light thing, and winged and holy, and cannot compose before he gets inspiration and loses control of his senses and his reason has deserted him.”

Tags : Composition Holy Inspiration Plato Poet Reason Senses
Author : Plato

181. “The so-called poet with his vague dreams and ideals is indeed no better than a harmless lunatic; the true poet is the worker, who grips life's throat and wrings out its secret, who selects austerely and composes concisely, whose work is as true and clean as razor-steel, albeit its sweep is vaster and swifter than the sun's!”

Tags : Lunatic Poet
Source : The Psychology of Hashish: An Essay on Mysticism

182. “He who still finds enjoyment in those fun things he once did as a child, will for certainly live a happy and wealthy life.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Famous Quotes Happiness Philosopher Philosophy Poet Quotes To Live By Wealth Writer Youthfulness

183. “I became an artist because I wanted to be an active participant in the conversation about art.”

Tags : Active Aesthetics Art Art History Converse Creative Criticism Drama Kamand Kojouri Literature Novelist Paint Participant Performance Practicing Sculptor Study Visual Arts Writer

184. “I feel the only thing you can do about life is to preserve it, by art if you're an artist, by children if you're not.”

Tags : Art Children Letters To Monica Philip Larkin Poem Poet Poetry Youth
Author : Philip Larkin
Source : Philip Larkin: Letters to Monica

185. “If a muscleman like Hukum can write a poem, everyone can.”

Tags : Art Hobby Muscles Poem Poet Writer
Author : Pawan Mishra
Source : Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy

186. “The Scribe"Under the wingsOf the feathered Goddess,And in the middleOf the three dancing women,The scribe comes aliveTo reveal mysteries hiddenThrough divine gifts givenThe scribe is drivenOn his sacred missionTo wake upAll the universe'sMen, women andHeavenly children.Under the seven rays of Aten,And from the age of just ten,The scribe comes aliveWith the fertile inkOf his luminous pen.Below the spectacle of the moon,And in the smile of the sun,The scribe is here to show usHow we are all one.”

Tags : Ancient Egypt Authors Children Egypt Egyptian Egyptian Poet Goddess Ink Mission Moon Mysteries One Poet Poetry Scribe Sun Synergy United Unity Universe Wings Women Writer Writing
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

187. “England has her Stratford, Scotland has her Alloway, and America, too, has her Dresden. For there, on August 11, 1833, was born the greatest and noblest of the Western World; an immense personality, -- unique, lovable, sublime; the peerless orator of all time, and as true a poet as Nature ever held in tender clasp upon her loving breast, and, in words coined for the chosen few, told of the joys and sorrows, hopes, dreams, and fears of universal life; a patriot whose golden words and deathless deeds were worthy of the Great Republic; a philanthropist, real and genuine; a philosopher whose central theme was human love, -- who placed 'the holy hearth of home' higher than the altar of any god; an iconoclast, a builder -- a reformer, perfectly poised, absolutely honest, and as fearless as truth itself -- the most aggressive and formidable foe of superstition -- the most valiant champion of reason -- Robert G. Ingersoll.”

Tags : Alloway America Champion Dresden England Fear Genuine Honesty Honor Hope Iconoclast Love Nature Noble Philanthropist Philosopher Reason Respect Robert G Ingersoll Robert Green Ingersoll Scotland Sorrow Stratford Truth Universal Life
Source : Ingersoll: A Biographical Appreciation

188. “It was about that time [415 BCE] that the poet Diagoras of Melos was proscribed for atheism, he having declared that the non-punishment of a certain act of iniquity proved that there were no gods. It has been surmised, with some reason, that the iniquity in question was the slaughter of the Melians by the Athenians in 416 BCE, and the Athenian resentment in that case was personal and political rather than religious. For some time after 415 the Athenian courts made strenuous efforts to punish every discoverable case of impiety; and parodies of the Eleusinian mysteries were alleged against Alcibiades and others. Diagoras, who was further charged with divulging the Eleusinian and other mysteries, and with making firewood of an image of Herakles, telling the god thus to perform his thirteenth labour by cooking turnips, became thenceforth one of the proverbial atheists of the ancient world, and a reward of a silver talent was offered for killing him, and of two talents for his capture alive; despite which he seems to have escaped.”

Tags : Alcibiades Atheism Athenians Death Penalty Diagoras Diagoras Of Melos Eleusinian Freethought Gods Herakles Hercules Impiety Poet Reason Superstition
Source : A Short History of Freethought: Ancient and Modern

189. “I left the bankbecause they wouldn’t deposit my cheque of poems.So I went to the store,but they didn’t acceptmy currency of words.So I boxed all my storiesand took them to charity.But they refused my donation and asked me to give blood instead.I opened the notebooks and made them look, 'What do you think I wrote these in?”

Tags : Accept Bank Blood Books Boxed Charity Cheque Currency Deposit Donation Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Notebooks Poem Poems Poetry Quote Store Stories Words Writer Writing Wrote

190. “Passion, Persistence, Determination, and a little stubbornness, is what keeps me striving to reach what I have set out for.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Determination Drive Famous Quotes Life Passion Persistence Philosopher Poet Quotes About Life Quotes To Live By Quotes To Live By Tumblr Success Writer

191. “Whenever I die, Please do not write 'r.i.p' next to my name.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Famous Quotes Life And Death Philosopher Poet Quotes About Life Quotes For Instagram Quotes Tumblr Quotes Twitter Reality Of Life Writer

192. “I do not recognize 'Adversity', I just see another 'Challenge'. And I am always the winner.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Challenge Courage Famous Quotes Leaderahio Leadership Philosopher Poet Quotes About Leadership Quotes About Life Quotes For Instagram Quotes For Twitter Quotes To Live By Strength Tumblr Quotes Writer

193. “Monitor the speed of your speech. Sometimes when we talk too fast, we crash.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Be Careful Famous Quotes Lesson Life Life Lessons Philosopher Poet Quotes About Life Quotes For Facebook Quotes For Instagram Quotes For Twitter Quotes To Live By Writer

194. “Some people behave like crabs in a bucket. The higher you climb, The more of them attack you at once trying to pull you back down; Put some crabs in a bucket and observe the "Complex behavior pattern”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Crab Mentality Crabs In A Bucket People Philosopher Poet Quote Quotes Quotes About Life Writer

195. “People do not change their most inner selves. They can't. Things just lie quiescent until a particular situation awakens it.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author People Personalities Philosopher Poet Quotes Quotes About Change Quotes To Live By Writer

196. “A person cannot change his personality. The only thing he can change is 'habit'. He can play around with behaviors though.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Change Habits People Personalities Philosopher Poet Quote Of Life Quotes Quotes About Change Quotes To Live By Quotes To Live By Tumblr Reality Writer

197. “The thing about being a screenwriter, scriptwriter, scenarist, You get to have multiple personalities and not be charged.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Famous Quotes Funny Personalities Philosopher Poet Scenarist Screenwriter Scriptwriter Tumblr Quotes Writer

198. “I’m passing the bar Where you first got in my car I’m not ashamed to admit That it’s you I won’t forget I saved your cigarettes andBad habits I regret But the hours flew by like cloudsWhenever I had you around Parachute loverTake me awayFrom the plane that went crashing And the earth that’s in flamesSaving you is saving me High above the redwood treesBut down below I see shadows And parachute debris We're drifting like children Along for the rideEach time we find love Another parachute arrivesOur madness will burn As bright as the sunAnd I’ll keep finding lovers But you were the one”

Tags : Airplane Cigarettes Crash Enabler Heartbreak Loss Love Quotes Lovers Lyrics Melody Missing You Quotes New Love Parachute Poet Poetry Song Lyrics Songs
Author : Crystal Woods
Source : Write like no one is reading 3

199. “I once began to ask around what constitutes a good poem. It felt petty, in a sense. A boy would need no help in deciding which girls he thinks are pretty.”

Tags : Attractive Bad Poetry Beauty Belief Choice Decision Doggerel Eye Of The Beholder Eyes Foolish Good Bad Poetry Good Poetry Independence Lyrics Opinion Perspective Petty Poet Poetry Pretentiousness Pretty Security Skill Thinking Writing
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

200. “Waking in the morning and seeing my books sitting at my bedside, is absolute happiness for me.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artist Author Happiness Happiness Quote Happiness Quotes Happy Inspiration Philosopher Poet Strive Writer