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1. “Everybody has a little bit of the sun and moon in them. Everybody has a little bit of man, woman, and animal in them. Darks and lights in them. Everyone is part of a connected cosmic system. Part earth and sea, wind and fire, with some salt and dust swimming in them. We have a universe within ourselves that mimics the universe outside. None of us are just black or white, or never wrong and always right. No one. No one exists without polarities. Everybody has good and bad forces working with them, against them, and within them.PART SUN AND MOON by Suzy Kassem”

Tags : Bad Black Cosmic Darkness Darks Dualities Earth Evil Fire Galaxy Light Man Mimic Ocean Salt Sea Solar System Space Sun Swimming Universe White Wind Woman
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

2. “I can see only three planets in the entire universe, namely Heaven, Earth and Me! Heaven shines its glory on Earth and the rays keep falling on Me! I have a call!”

Tags : 3 Anointing Fall On Me Earth Eclipse Falling Food For Thought Glory Heaven Heaven And Earth I I Can I Can Do It I Can See I Have A Call Israelmore Ayivor Me Planets Rays Three Universe Yes I Can
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

3. “SEASONS OF LIFESometimes I fallAnd feel myself slowly wilt and die,But then I suddenly spring back on my feetTo go play in the sun outside.I am no different than the weather,The planets or the trees;For there do not always have to be reasonsFor the seasons turning inside of me.The magnetism that swirlsIn the sky, land, and seaAre the exact same currents found twirlingIn the electric ocean within me.I am a moving vessel of energy.And if my emotions do notFlow up, down,Within and around,Then I am not alive.”

Tags : Attitudes Conflict Down Electric Electricity Inside Life Life Poem Life Poetry Living Melancholy Moods Moods Of Life Moody Ocean Outside Sad Sadness Stages Of Life Sun Trees Turmoil Unhappy Up
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

4. “The universe contains many planets which make it what it is – a unified system. In addition, our bodies contain many organs, and each part is congruent to a planet in our solar system. The universe we see out our eyes is a mirror of what is within us. This is what God meant by making man in his image. We are all made as a reflection of God and that reflection of him is within us. Furthermore, not only are all religions connected to the same Truth, or Cosmic Heart, but this concept is also mirrored in the pantheons of ancient religions, where each of the many gods simply represented one set of characteristics of the ONE. And in all cases, these many gods symbolized the planets, therefore mimicking the different parts of the universe and the ONE God’s many mirrors (He Who is All). The structure behind all polytheistic religions of the past and present is one and the same. They are all built on the same foundation as Nature.”

Tags : Ancient Body Cosmic Design Faith Foundation God Heart Humanity Mirrors Organs Pantheons Past Planets Religion Religious Solar System Structure Suzy Kassem System Truth Understanding Unified Universe Wisdom
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

5. “Wisdom is the remnant of being aware (being conscious)”

Tags : Agnosticism Art Care Causation Change Christ Creation Myth Creation Of Life Crime Death Destroy Doubt Eternity Free Will Genesis God Honesty Ignorance Joy Knowledge Life Lost Monday Monsters Mythology Natural Reason Skepticism Song The Bible The Flood

6. “Before marriage, develop your yourself like a magnet - so that anytime you propose or being proposed to, by other magnets; rivers of joy will follow attractions to drop on the ring. It'll be like homecoming of readiness.On that eve, the souls will dream,Anxiety will match the sun's heat.As you say "yes", the world becomes empty as you cuddle in the kiss.Your "Yes" will be like Abel's smoke-offerring to God;You'll experience the eclipse of the Jupiter.That's what one experiences when a prepared soul comes to complement a prepared soul, in the sweet journey of partnership!”

Tags : Aging Attractions Conflict Cuddle Depressed Die Electric Emotion Energy Fall Kiss Land Life Poetry Magnetism Magnets Melancholy Moods Of Life Partner Poem Poetry Quotes Propose Marriage Sea Spring Stages Of Life Trees Vigor Wedding Rings

7. “If an ancient man saw planes two thousand years ago He would've thought they were birds Or angels from another world Or messengers from other planets.”

Tags : Ancient Angels Birds Dejan Stojanovic Literature Literature Quotes Man Messengers Planes Planets Poetry Poetry Quotes Quotes Quotes To Live By Thoughts Wisdom World

8. “Knowing you,I became mindless.Having wasted previous wishes,I'm riddled with regretsFeeling you,I became hopeless.Adrift in chasms,I surrender to a caress.Loving you,I became love.My universe became love.Planets rotate on love's axes andapples fall to be near their beloveds.No longer a rationalist, I assert my existence with love. I love, therefore I exist,therefore I love.”

Tags : Caress Change Chasm Consciousness Enlightenment Exist Feel Hope Hopeless Inspiration Kamand Kamand Kojouri Know Knowing Kojouri Love Poem Loved Lover Loves Loving Oneness Rational Rationalist Regret Surrender Universe Wish

9. “Our hearts resonate at the same frequency as the earth and the universe. Therefore, we are all valuable instruments in the orchestration of the world and its harmony. We must always be aware of the vibrations we emit individually and collectively. Always be in command of your music. Only you can control and shape its tone. If life throws you a few bad notes or vibrations, don't let them interrupt or alter your song.”

Tags : Attitude Disturbance Frequency Harmonize Harmony Heart Hearts Imbalance Inspiration Orchestra Peace On Earth Positivity Resonate Suzy Kassem Tone Unity World Citizen You Are Music
Author : Suzy Kassem

10. “We are like the moon. The moon shines anyway, but it does not produce its own light. It reflects the light illuminated onto its surface by the Sun and is never proud to say "I am the source of light". God shines through us, hence He deserves the glory; not us.”

Tags : Ability Bible Bishop Christ Food For Thought Glorify Glory God God Is Good Human Beings Illuminate Israelmore Ayivor Jesus Christ King Of Kings Light Moon Owner Pastor Reflects Sermon Shining

11. “In our ever-changing universe, lives collide, and, like runaway planets, we just keep going.”

Tags : Collide Inspiration Keep Going Life Lives Planets Universe
Source : Once Upon a Lie

12. “All things seen and unseen e,g atoms ; the Universe ; so called simple and complex living organisms etc were created by Almighty GOD.”

Tags : Create Creation Creator Earth God Planets Sun The Universe

13. “A planet with no mountains, no storms and no earthquakes will create a planet of weak people!”

Tags : Earthquake Earthquakes Ildan Words Of Wisdom Mountains Murat Ildan Quotes Planet Planets Storms Turkish Writers Quotes Weak Weak People

14. “Change is the nature of nature,'" she read. "'For example, stars expand as they grow older. They grow from a star, to a red super-giant, to a supernova. When a massive star explodes at the end of its life, the explosion dispenses different elements-helium, carbon, oxygen, iron, nickel-across the universe, scattering starduest. That stardust now makes up the planets, including ours.”

Tags : Change Earth Elements Nature Planets Stars Supernova
Source : Beyond the Laughing Sky

15. “CIRCLES OF LIFEEverythingTurns,Rotates,Spins,Circles,Loops,Pulsates,Resonates,AndRepeats.CirclesOf life,Born fromPulsesOf light,VibrateToBreathe,WhileSpiralingOutwardsForInfinityThroughThe lensOf time,And intoA seaOf starsAndLucidDreams.Poetry by Suzy Kassem”

Tags : Circles Of Life Circuling Cosmic Cosmos Design Galaxy Geometric Gravity Light Lucid Matter Moon Pattern Planetary Rotates Shapes Solar System Spiral Spiraling Spirals Stars Sun Universe
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

16. “On Titan the molecules that have been raining down like manna from heaven for the last 4 billion years might still be there largely unaltered deep-frozen awaiting the chemists from Earth”

Tags : Chemistry Chemists Moons Planets Science Scientists Space Exploration Titan
Author : Carl Sagan
Source : Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space

17. “There's a sameness to streetlife. On every world I've ever been, the same underlying patterns play out, flaunt and vaunt, buy and sell, like some distilled essence of human behavior seeping out from whatever clanking political machine has been dropped on it from above.”

Tags : Human Behavior Human Behaviour Machines Patterns Planets Political Science Fiction Streetlife Worlds
Source : Altered Carbon

18. “What a life we live. Full of questions, adventures, stories, mistakes, good, quests, bad, miracles, lessons, people, blessings, journeys, inventions, music, animals, history, cultures, religions, prophecies, planets, stars, careers, movies, plants, hate, love, and so much more.”

Tags : Adventures Animals Bad Blessings Careers Good Hate History Inventions Jonathan Anthony Burkett Journeys Lessons Love Miracles Mistakes Movies Music Planets Plants Prophecies Quests Religions S Stars Stories Thankful Quotes

19. “Newton supposed that the case of the planet was similar to that of [a ball spun around on the end of an elastic string]; that it was always pulled in the direction of the sun, and that this attraction or pulling of the sun produced the revolution of the planet, in the same way that the traction or pulling of the elastic string produces the revolution of the ball. What there is between the sun and the planet that makes each of them pull the other, Newton did not know; nobody knows to this day; and all we are now able to assert positively is that the known motion of the planet is precisely what would be produced if it were fastened to the sun by an elastic string, having a certain law of elasticity. Now observe the nature of this discovery, the greatest in its consequences that has ever yet been made in physical science:—I. It begins with an hypothesis, by supposing that there is an analogy between the motion of a planet and the motion of a ball at the end of a string.II. Science becomes independent of the hypothesis, for we merely use it to investigate the properties of the motion, and do not trouble ourselves further about the cause of it.”

Tags : Cause Consequences Discovery Elasticity Gravity Hypothesis Investigation Isaac Newton Motion Newton Planets Properties Science Sun
Source : On Some Conditions of Mental Development: Together with on the Unconscious Activity of the Brain

20. “A história de todas as grandes civilizações galácticas tende a passar por três fases distintas e identificáveis: a da Sobrevivência, a da Interrogação e a da Sofisticação, também conhecidas pelas fases Como, Porquê e Onde. Por exemplo, a primeira fase é caracterizada pela pergunta "Como vamos comer?", a segunda pela pergunta "Por que comemos?" e a terceira pela pergunta "Onde vamos almoçar?".”

Tags : 1979 Comedy Douglas Adams Hitchicker S Guide Novel Planets Satire Sci Fi Science Fiction
Author : Douglas Adams
Source : The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

21. “The sea may catch fire, the planets may collide in space, the sun may quench off its heat, but what we understand is that our peace is like a river in our souls; it's surface may wave about in turbulence, but it's bottom is cool and gently calm!”

Tags : Bottom Calm Calm Down Catch Fire Collide Collision Cool Fire Gently Heat Israelmore Ayivor Our Peace Peace Peace Like A River Planets Quench Sea Solar System Soul Souls Space Surface
Source : Daily Drive 365

22. “Io, Europa, Ganimedes puer, atque Calistolascivo nimium perplacuere Iovi.(Io, Europa, the boy Ganymede, and Callisto greatly pleased lustful Jupiter.)[Marius naming Jupiter's moons]”

Tags : Astronomy Callisto Europa Ganymede Greek Mythology Io Jupiter Lust Moons Planets Science
Author : Simon Marius

23. “Pluto is dead.”

Tags : Planets Pluto
Author : Mike Brown
Source : How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming

24. “There is nothing particularly special about that location of the centre of mass. If you were to find yourself at the precise spot that is the centre of mass of the earth-moon system, the only thing unusual that you would notice is that there would be one thousand miles of rock on top of your head.Pluto is only about twice the size of Charon, so if you put Pluto and Charon on the cosmic seesaw you would find that the balance point is a little bit outside Pluto, rather than inside it. Again, there is nothing particularly special going on there. If you were to find yourself at that precise spot, you would only notice that you were very, very cold and could no longer breathe.”

Tags : Astronomy Centre Of Mass Earth Outer Space Planets Pluto
Author : Mike Brown
Source : How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming

25. “Welcome to the American sector! Feast your eyes on glorious Pluto, her wild frontier, her high standard of living, her rugged, hardworking citizens, her purple mountains majesty! Ride the mighty buffalo! Marvel at the bustling industry of the great cities of Jizo and Ascalaphus! Climb the peaks of Mt. Orcus and Mt. Chernobog!”

Tags : Planets Pluto Science Fiction Travel
Source : Radiance

26. “I gaze out, to the stars. I remember the first time I saw real stars, through the hatch window. They were beautiful then, but now, seeing them here, all around me, beautiful feels like an inadequate word. I see the stars as a part of the universe, and having spent my life behind walls, suddenly having none fills me with both awe and terror. Emotion courses through my veins, choking me. I feel so insignificant, a tiny speck surrounded by a million stars.A million suns.Centuries away is Sol. Circling around it is Sol-Earth, the planet Amy came from. And one of these other stars is the Centauri binary system, where the new planet spins, waiting for us.And here we are, in the middle, surrounded by a sea of stars.Any of them could hold a planet. Any of them could hold a home.But all of them are out of reach.”

Tags : A Million Suns Across The Universe Amy Atu Series Awe Choking Earth Elder Emotion Galaxy Home Out Of Reach Planets Sea Of Stars Stars Terror Universe Unreachable
Author : Beth Revis
Source : A Million Suns

27. “The gut is the seat of all feeling. Polluting the gut not only cripples your immune system, but also destroys your sense of empathy, the ability to identify with other humans. Bad bacteria in the gut creates neurological issues. Autism can be cured by detoxifying the bellies of young children. People who think that feelings come from the heart are wrong. The gut is where you feel the loss of a loved one first. It's where you feel pain and a heavy bulk of your emotions. It's the central base of your entire immune system. If your gut is loaded with negative bacteria, it affects your mind. Your heart is the seat of your conscience. If your mind is corrupted, it affects your conscience. The heart is the Sun. The gut is the Moon. The pineal gland is Neptune, and your brain and nervous system (5 senses) are Mercury. What affects the moon or sun affects the entire universe within. So, if you poison the gut, it affects your entire nervous system, your sense of reasoning, and your senses.”

Tags : Autism Body Desensitized Detox Empathetic Empathy Five Senses Fungus Healthy Living Humans Identify Immune System Immunity Medical Medicine Mental Mercury Neptune Neurological Planets Poison Science Senses Spirituality Toxins
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

28. “Do you see those dull stars?" She outlined the formation with her finger."A pentagram," whispered Scott."Yes, but not just any pentagram. Take a look through the telescope."Scott approached the eyepiece."They're not stars!" "What do they look like?" asked Jenn.Scott studied each of the figures."It can't be," he stuttered. "Planets?" "Exactly what I thought." "But how? They're completely off their orbits.""The earth's off its axis." "Mount Etna erupted." "Greece had a earthquake.""The whole universe has gone mad!" Scott exclaimed. "And my friends have supernatural powers," said Jenn.”

Tags : Astronomy Nerd Earthquake Goddesses Gods Greece Humor Mt Etna Mythology Pentagrams Planets
Author : Katie Mattie
Source : M.A.J.I.C. and the Oracle at Delphi

29. “Le Verrier—without leaving his study, without even looking at the sky—had found the unknown planet [Neptune] solely by mathematical calculation, and, as it were, touched it with the tip of his pen!”

Tags : Astronomy Calculation Discovery Math Mathematics Neptune Planets Science Solar System Study
Source : Astronomy for Amateurs

30. “Your dreams come crushing down when you tow the wrong path by looking at what others are doing. The Milky Way Galaxy would have been crushed down by now if each planet had left its own orbit to revolve elsewhere!”

Tags : Be Yourself Compare Comparison Crush Crushing Envious Enviousness Envy Food For Thought Galaxy Heavenly Bodies Israelmore Ayivor Jealous Jealousy Milky Milky Way Galaxy Orbit Path Planets Revolution Rotation Solar System Wrong Path Wrong Way
Source : Daily Drive 365

31. “A time will come when men will stretch out their eyes. They should see planets like our Earth.”

Tags : Alien Life Aliens Astronomy Extra Solar Planets Extraterrestrial Life Extraterrestrials Future Galaxy Life Planets Prediction Science Space Universe

32. “Camomille: Fallible men write books. God writes in sunlight and rivers and planets. Isn't the Universe a good book? I trust it above the printed kind.”

Tags : Books Fallible God Inspirational Men Planets Printed Rivers Sunlight Trust Universe Write
Author : Mark Siegel
Source : Sailor Twain: Or: The Mermaid in the Hudson

33. “True. The planets are in a formation, a pentagram. It's as if they were pulled together on purpose." "Maybe they were. Where is the earth aligned with these planets?" asked Jenn."It looks as if we're right in the center. Earth would be the middle point to the pentagram." "So the planets are surrounding us," said Jenn.Scott nodded. "The planets are surrounding us.”

Tags : Humor Planets Surrounded
Author : Katie Mattie
Source : M.A.J.I.C. and the Oracle at Delphi

34. “He lost himself in the words and images conjured in his mind and for a while forgot ... He found himself flying among stars and planets ...”

Tags : Forgot Images Planets Stars Words
Source : The Prince of Mist

35. “How vast those Orbs must be, and how inconsiderable this Earth, the Theatre upon which all our mighty Designs, all our Navigations, and all our Wars are transacted, is when compared to them. A very fit consideration, and matter of Reflection, for those Kings and Princes who sacrifice the Lives of so many People, only to flatter their Ambition in being Masters of some pitiful corner of this small Spot.”

Tags : Ambition Earth Extrasolar Planets Kings Life Masters Navigation People Pitiful Planets Princes Reflection Sacrifice Shortsighted Space Theatre War
Source : Cosmotheoros: or, conjectures concerning the inhabitants of the planets

36. “Maybe we're just falling stars, we once danced in the same skyline looking down at the world. And we've fallen like all others, from near and far, we've gathered together, but separated by time and space, keeping a part of that light that we've came with and spreading it in this dark world that we've chosen to live in, in order to shine some light and love around. Maybe we've chosen to believe one truth today, and find it to be false tomorrow. Maybe we're trying to not get attached to the idea that we now know it all. At night, we see the truth of where we've fallen from, gazing in that night sky full of distant stars, constellations, planets, the reflection of the sun on the moon, all with their own stories to tell. Sometimes we wonder why would we leave such a mysterious place, with an infinite amount of stories and wonders. Maybe it's because as stars we could've only seen each other's light from afar, but here we can listen more carefully to each other's story, embrace each other and kiss, discover more and more of what can be seen when infinite star dust potential is put into one body and given freedom to walk the Earth and wander, love and enjoy every moment until coming back. Maybe in the morning, we'll only see one star shining up there and forget the others. Maybe that is also how life and death is, and the beauty of the sunrise and sunset that come in between, our childhood years and old years, when we reflect on the stars that we once were and that we will once again be. Maybe, just maybe.”

Tags : Attached Believe Body Childhood Constellations Dust Embrace Enjoy Falling False Far Freedom Gathered Know Life Looking Love Moment Moon More Once Others Planets Potential Shine Space Stories Time Together Truth Wander

37. “The one who gives shade to others, is the one who is standing directly into Sunlight.”

Tags : Belief Children God Help Inspiration Inspirational Motivation Motivational Motivational Inspirational Parents Planets Protector Sun

38. “I am here to tell youWe are all of us just as mighty as planets—and you too,We'll let you in, we've got stalwart to spare—But you might have to sleep on the floor.”

Tags : Floor Inspiration Mighty Planets Sleep Stalwart Strong
Source : The Bread We Eat in Dreams

39. “You're on Earth. There's no cure for that.”

Tags : Life Planets Space Travel

40. “Mother Very Easily Made Jam Sandwiches Under No Protest”

Tags : Planets

41. “Could it be that the planets are castaway heads.”

Tags : Heads Planets
Author : Visar Zhiti
Source : The Condemned Apple: Selected Poetry

42. “I used to look up at night and dream of the solar system. I know, I know—who didn't? But your own dreams seem so special, so terribly yours, until you grow up and figure out they're just like everyone else's. How perfect and beautiful and silent and dead each planet hung in my heart! All nine names, written in squiggly, shaky handwriting, glowing inside me.”

Tags : Dreams Planets Solar System Space
Source : Radiance

43. “She was a planet, way out in space, out of its orbit, and he was an unmanned spaceship, taking measurements of the atmosphere. She was not suitable for habitation.”

Tags : Colonization Planets Relationships Space Spaceships
Author : Thomas Pierce
Source : Hall of Small Mammals: Stories

44. “Astronomers now find they have painted themselves into a corner because they have proven, by their own methods, that the world began abruptly in an act of creation to which you can trace the seeds of every star, every planet, every living thing in this cosmos and on the earth. And they have found that all this happened as a product of forces they cannot hope to discover. That there are what I or anyone would call supernatural forces at work is now, I think, a scientifically proven fact.”

Tags : Astronomers Creationismism Planets Stars Supernatural Universe

45. “I am glad we have not yet been able to reach the stars or inhabitable planets that dance about them. For they would in all probability be owned and divided by corporations and framed by industrial interests. Better they rest in distant tranquility, apart from our manufactured chaos.Let generations to come that learn to embrace one another, with their scientists, artists and poets, be the ones that immerse in that abundance and future. For now it is best it remains out of humanity's childlike hands in that big jar, light years away, marked "cookies." There for that coming time when the only thing we need feed off of, is the endless discovery and beauty.”

Tags : Colonization Horizons Humanity And Reality Humanity And Society Planets Space Space Exploration Universe
Author : Tom Althouse
Source : The Frowny Face Cow

46. “Mars will not be our new home; it will be our new hotel! Because for a new place to be our own home, we need to see the things we used to see: An autumn lake, a bird singing in the misty morning or even desert camels walking in the sunset!”

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47. “Imagine, if you will, the possibility to traverse entire solar systems in a single bound. Imagine the possibility of life on other planets, outside the reaches of Sol.”

Tags : Life Planets Solar System
Source : Flight of the Icarus

48. “I know have lived, so many times, that the only thing I have left to remember is my writing, cause every single moment in life it's already written.”

Tags : Childre Fantasy Fiction Imaginary Friend Inspirational Light Planets Story Universe

49. “It came to me in whole form… that the energy of the Universe swirled and coalesced and formed into suns and cooling planets orbiting those suns. And on the planets (one specifically that I know of) the energy started swirling and coalescing into electrons and forming molecules and those merged and joined and formed microscopic life, that in turn gave rise to aquatic things, and plants and animals and beings that walked on two legs that loved and had children that in turn loved. So that all the planet is connected by the energy of the Universe, and I am part of it.”

Tags : Connection Energy Of The Universe Evolution Love Oneness Planets Spirituality Universe Universe Knowing Oneself
Author : Robin Rumi
Source : Naked Morsels: Short Stories of Spiritual Erotica

50. “In the Solar System, Enceladus ought to be one of the highest priorities for the world's space agencies. Enceladus has a source of energy (tidal heating), organic material, and liquid water. That's a textbook-like list of those properties needed for life. Moreover, nature has provided astrobiologists with the ultimate free lunch: jets that spurt Enceladus's organic material into space.”

Tags : Astrobiology Astronomy Planets Saturn Science
Source : Astrobiology: A Very Short Introduction

51. “El cielo es una injuria perpetua e insoportable. Las estrellas no me conocen y yo no podré nunca hacer nada de ellas ni contra ellas. Cuando he sabido a cuántos millares de años de luz distan de mí, y cuántos siglos emplea su claridad para llegar a la Tierra, no he hecho más que dar forma aritmética a mi rabia.Yo siento el cielo como algo extraño, remoto, esto es, enemigo. Los cometas que, sin un objeto razonable, arrastran su cola por el infinito, no me dicen nada que me consuele. Las nebulosas, amontonamientos confusos de polvo cósmico, me exasperan como todas las cosas informes no terminadas. En lo que se refiere a los planetas y a los satélites, aduladores extintos que dan vueltas para obtener la limosna de un poco de luz, me causan repugnancia y despecho.”

Tags : Best Quote Ever Cielo Planetas Planets Science Sky
Source : Gog

52. “Do there exist many worlds, or is there but a single world? This is one of the most noble and exalted questions in the study of Nature.”

Tags : Alien Alien Life Astrobiology Nature Planets Question Worlds

53. “Nature  …   has made it impossible for us to have any communication from this earth with the other great bodies of the universe, in our present state; and it is highly possible that he has likewise cut off all communication betwixt the other planets, and betwixt the different systems.… We observe, in all of them, enough to raise our curiosity, but not to satisfy it  …   It does not appear to be suitable to the wisdom that shines throughout all nature, to suppose that we should see so far, and have our curiosity so much raised  …   only to be disappointed at the end  …   This, therefore, naturally leads us to consider our present state as only the dawn or beginning of our existence, and as a state of preparation or probation for farther advancement.…”

Tags : Advancement Alien Worlds Communication Curiosity Earth Existence Future Intergalactic Interstellar Nature Planets Solar Systems Space Star Systems Universe Wisdom

54. “Science n’ Shit in a Hip-Hop Style with Stephen Hawking(Kick-snare, kick-kick snare).‘Let me tell you my plan for the human race, well I would but I can’t,‘Cos I can’t move me face,So my computerised voice is how I’ll go, I type with me eye to keep the flowWe’re all gonna go live in outer spaceWhere zero gravity will stop me dribbling all over the placeI’ll tell y’all how I’ll get there:With some rockets built into me special wheel chairThe moons of Jupiter, in perfect animationWe’ll all live in a huge space stationI’ll be able to dance and chase all the fannyAnd finally get me end away with me nanny.’Science n’ Shit in a Hip-Hop Style with Stephen Hawking II‘From the moons of Ganymede, Io & Titan, I’ll tell y’all somethin’ that’s sure to enlightenIn space, there are galaxies nebula & starsAnd dying suns that are going super no-vaBut no anomalies can compare, To how much I wanna run my fingers through your hairSir Patrick Moore, a true space oracle, With your knowledge of cheats and gorgeous monocleI’m coming out as gay, and I don’t give a hootI’m the first fuckin’ vegetable that turned into a fruitWord.”

Tags : Fruit Gay Hip Hop Moons Patrick Moore Planets Science Space Stephen Hawking
Author : Steven LaVey
Source : Shorts

55. “The Heavenly Spheres make music for us,The Holy Twelve dance with us,All things join in the dance!Ye who dance not, know not what we are knowing.”

Tags : Celestial Elation Music Planets Theosophy
Author : Gustav Holst

56. “His laws changed all of physics and astronomy. His laws made it possible to calculate the mass of the sun and planets. The way it's done is immensely beautiful. If you know the orbital period of any planet, say, Jupiter or the Earth and you know its distance to the Sun; you can calculate the mass of the Sun. Doesn't this sound like magic?We can carry this one step further - if you know the orbital period of one of Jupiter's bright moons, discovered by Galileo in 1609, and you know the distance between Jupiter and that moon, you can calculate the mass of Jupiter. Therefore, if you know the orbital period of the moon around the Earth (it's 27.32 days), and you know the mean distance between the Earth and the moon (it's about 200,039 miles), then you can calculate to a high degree of accuracy the mass of the Earth. … But Newton's laws reach far beyond our solar system. They dictate and explain the motion of stars, binary stars, star clusters, galaxies and even clusters of galaxies. And Newton's laws deserve credit for the 20th century discovery of what we call dark matter. His laws are beautiful. Breathtakingly simple and incredibly powerful at the same time. They explain so much and the range of phenomena they clarify is mind boggling. By bringing together the physics of motion, of interaction between objects and of planetary movements, Newton brought a new kind of order to astronomical measurements, showing how, what had been a jumble of confused observations made through the centuries were all interconnected.”

Tags : Astronomy Inspiration Newton Newton S Laws Physics Planets Science Space Sun Universe
Author : Walter Lewin

57. “[A] planet, wholly inhabited by spiders, (which is very possible)”

Tags : Origin Of Life Philosophy Planets Religion Skepticism Spiders
Author : David Hume
Source : Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion

58. “Time will come; we will plant trees to other planets! I see the orange trees and the cherries in the far lands beyond the earth.”

Tags : Planets

59. “Sometimes I wonder if the planets are still up there, still aligned, still managing to get along after all this time. Maybe we could learn a thing or two from them.”

Tags : Juliette Juliette Ferrars Planets
Author : Tahereh Mafi
Source : Ignite Me

60. “If the pull of the moon can disturb the ocean, why can’t the pull of planets cause a disturbance in the mind of creatures like us.”

Tags : Mind Moon Planets
Author : Girdhar Joshi
Source : Some Mistakes Have No Pardon

61. “It is altogether reasonable to conclude that the heavenly bodies, alias worlds, which move or are situate within the circle of our knowledge, as well all others throughout immensity, are each and every one of them possessed or inhabited by some intelligent agents or other, however different their sensations or manners of receiving or communicating their ideas may be from ours, or however different from each other.”

Tags : Aliens Heavenly Bodies Planets Reasonable Science Space
Author : Ethan Allen
Source : Reason the Only Oracle of Man or a Compendious System of Natural Religion

62. “We must remember that God is not occupied with a grand toy of worlds and suns and planets, of attractions and repulsions, of agglomerations and crystallizations, of forces and waves; that these but constitute a portion of his workshops and tools for the bringing out of righteous men and women to fill his house of love withal.”

Tags : God Love Man Planets