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1. “I think he won a tiny piece of my heart that day. If he didn't have the whole damn thing before then, he certainly had part of it now.”

Tags : Adorable Andrew Landon Cute Forever Happiness Heart Lgbt Lgbtq Life Love Mm Romance Piece Spencer Cohen True Love
Author : N.R. Walker
Source : Spencer Cohen, Book Two

2. “Wish I could be a fragile piece of glass to accept my brokenness.”

Tags : Broken Broken Glass Brokenness Fragile Glass Piece Wish
Author : Munia Khan

3. “Just a little piece of peace can cultivate the land of Palestine, but inhuman human won't let it do that....”

Tags : Cultivate Failure Human Inhuman Inhumanity Land Palestine Palestine Israeli Conflict Palestinian Peace Piece War
Author : Munia Khan

4. “Piece makes Peace , Pain makes Paint, A Word create World. "The One person can change you, Maybe ubiquitous r inconspicuous.”

Tags : Change Create Inconspicous Pain Paint Peace Piece Popular Word World
Author : Bhoopal M

5. “I thought I knew a lot of… but in the end… it was just one small piece from the puzzle.”

Tags : Of Piece Puzzle
Author : Deyth Banger

6. “As a therapist, I have many avenues in which to learn about DID, but I hear exactly the opposite from clients and others who are struggling to understand their own existence. When I talk to them about the need to let supportive people into their lives, I always get a variation of the same answer. "It is not safe. They won't understand." My goal here is to provide a small piece of that gigantic puzzle of understanding. If this book helps someone with DID start a conversation with a supportive friend or family member, understanding will be increased.”

Tags : Dissociative Identity Disorder Goal Mental Health Mental Illness Mpd Multiple Personality Disorder Multiplicity Normal Pain Piece Psychiatric Psychology Puzzle Safe Safety Support Trauma Understanding Unsafe
Source : The Dissociative Identity Disorder Sourcebook

7. “Every joy is like a piece of mirror: always reflecting..”

Tags : Always Every Happiness Quotes Joy Joy Of Life Joyful Mirror Piece Reflecting Reflection
Author : Munia Khan

8. “Very clever but dumb at shoothing... dumb as a person but clever at shooting. That's LOGIC!”

Tags : Of Piece Shit You
Author : Deyth Banger
Source : Reddit Collection

9. “Part of me wanted to give him a piece of my mind. He didn't get it as a whole, so I will keep my peace.”

Tags : Clever Communication Love Quotes And Sayings Mind Peace Piece Relationships Whole
Author : Amanda Mosher
Source : Better to be able to love than to be loveable

10. “Are you anybody else’s missing piece?’‘Not that I know of.’‘Well, maybe you want to be your own piece?’‘I can be someone’s and still my own.’‘Well, maybe you don’t want to be mine.’‘Maybe I do.”

Tags : Missing Piece Shel Shel Silverstein Silverstein The Missing Piece

11. “He felt safe with her. He'd never been safe with another human being, not since he'd been taken as a child from his home. He'd never been able to trust. He could never give that last small piece - all that was left of his humanity - into someone else's keeping. And now there was Rikki. She let him be whatever he had to be to survive. She didn't ask anything of him. There was no hidden motive. No agenda. Just acceptance. She was different - imperfect, or so she thought - and she knew what it was like to fight to carve out a space for herself. She was willing for him to do thar.”

Tags : Chance Different Lovet Piece Space Trust
Source : Water Bound

12. “It will be interesting to find out something about her that no one else knew.”

Tags : Girl Life Love Manga Person Piece
Source : Piece, vol. 01

13. “Burn me to ground, tear me in pieces, cut me in parts, but love me.”

Tags : Burn Cut Love Piece

14. “A true piece of writing sets you free.”

Tags : Ad Posey Free Inspirational Piece Storytellers Storytelling True Write Writers Writing Writing Quotes
Author : A.D. Posey

15. “All art is a form of vulnerability because at least part of the artist goes into the piece.”

Tags : Ad Posey Art Artist Inspirational Piece Stories Story Storytellers Storytelling Vulnerability Write Writers Writing Writing Quotes
Author : A.D. Posey