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1. “A TIP FOR MENThe more selfies a woman takes, the more selfish and self-absorbed she is. She produces serial images of herself because she lacks true substance and has nothing else to offer. And also, any woman who holds her head up way too high is trying to breathe from her own pollution.A TIP FOR WOMEN:The same goes for men.”

Tags : Arrogant Conceited Cynical Egotism Egotistic Females Friendship Advice Full Of Oneself Image Images Informal Love Advice Personality Phony Pollution Pride Self Admiring Self Loving Selfish Sociopath Substance Superficial
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

2. “We are often taught to look for the beauty in all things, so in finding it, the layman asks the philosopher while the philosopher asks the photographer.”

Tags : Art Beauty Finding Layman Modeling Perspective Philosopher Philosophy Photographer Photography Photos Searching Searching And Finding Teachings Vision
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

3. “The snapshots in CHINA: Portrait of a People are not meant to be works of art. I was too preoccupied with participating, with reveling in the moment, to worry about their perfection. Their purpose, then, is to form a candid portrait of China exactly as China presented itself to me.”

Tags : Art China Chinese Photography Photography Book Photos Portrait Tom Carter Travel
Author : Tom Carter
Source : China: Portrait of a People

4. “When God opens a new page in your life, make photocopies of it, read it and share it with other people. Some may hear it when you read it, others may tear it when you share it.”

Tags : At Peace With All Be At Peace Copies Food For Thought Generosity God God S Gift Hear Hear It Israelmore Ayivor Kind Kindness New New Page Open Page Peace Photocopies Photos Read Read It Share Share It Tear
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

5. “He owned an expensive camera that required thought before you pressed the shutter, and I quickly became his favorite subject, round-faced, missing teeth, my thick bangs in need of a trim. They are still the pictures of myself I like best, for they convey that confidence of youth I no longer possess, especially in front of a camera.”

Tags : Confidence Photography Photos Pictures Youth
Author : Jhumpa Lahiri
Source : Unaccustomed Earth

6. “Pages entertain me more than pictures do.”

Tags : Book Book Reading Books Entertain Entertaining Hobby Of Reading Humans Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Leisure Motivation Motivational Movie Movies Page Page 3 Pages Philosophy Photo Photos Reading Wisdom Wisdom Quotes
Author : Amit Kalantri

7. “Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”

Tags : Beauty Life Photo Photograph Photography Photos Picture Pictures
Author : Marc Riboud

8. “For everyone who never smiled in school photos, for all who’ve wandered city streetsnot knowing the where they were or feeling alone, I’ve packed kindness.”

Tags : City Streets Elementary School Kindness Lost Middle School Photos Sadness School School Photos Travel
Source : Hourglass Museum

9. “Robert Louis Stevenson wa Uskochi aliponukuu nahau ya ‘kamera haiwezi kudanganya’ katika kitabu chake cha ‘South Seas’ mwaka 1896, miaka 57 baada ya sanaa ya upigaji wa picha kugunduliwa, hakumaanisha tuwe asili. Hakumaanisha tusizirekebishe picha zetu baada ya kuzipiga na kuzisafisha! Alimaanisha tuwe nadhifu tuonekanapo mbele za watu au mbele ya vyombo vya habari; ambapo picha itapigwa, itasafishwa, itachapishwa na itauzwa kama ilivyo bila kurekebishwa.”

Tags : 57 Years Asili Camera Camera Never Lies Idiom Kamera Kamera Haidanganyi Media Miaka 57 Mwaka 1896 Nahau Natural People Photography Photos Picha Robert Louis Stevenson Scotland Smart South Seas Uskochi Vyombo Vya Habari Watu Year 1896

10. “Capture every moments of your life.”

Tags : Appreciation Quotes Experience Gratitude Quotes Happiness Quote Journey Of Life Journey Quotes Joyful Living Life And Living Life Philosophy Life Quotes Living Together Living Your Best Life Love Quotes Love Story Lovers Quotes Moments Lived With Love Moments Quotes Photographer Photos Picture Books Relationship Quotes Relationships Advice Romance Quotes Travel Writing
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

11. “Why, 'inspire?' As y'all can see I love things with the word, 'inspire!' Well, let me remind you that all inspiration comes from God, and my prayer, is that He will lead me, to inspire you to find the true inspiration that He will freely give to you!”

Tags : Care Freely Give God Hope Inspiration Inspire Photos Prayer Profile Receive Truth Why
Author : Mary Kate

12. “What was it with gay men and art photos of nude male torsos?”

Tags : Gay Male Men Nude Photos Torsos
Author : David Pratt
Source : Looking After Joey

13. “Having contact sheets for all sorts of episodes in your life seemed to me intriguing and desirable. So much of my own history is beclouded by time, but a few sharp rays, in the form of pictures, falling upon a given day would resuscitate whole contexts. And from this archipelago of moments, scenes, episodes, you could see the larger tectonic movements of your life forming and unforming. You would be reminded of who you are. Or at least of who you were.”

Tags : Context Life Memories Personal History Photos Reminders
Author : Thomas Beller

14. “Your names and your photos give you a unique identity. Make and maintain a good name in the hearts of people. Paint good photos in their minds.”

Tags : A Good Name Beautiful Photos Beautiful Pictures Brand Brand Yourself Cheer Good Good Name Good Photos Hearts Hearts Of People Love People Make A Good Brand Make A Good Name Make Friends Mane Manes Minds Paint Personal Personal Branding Photo Photos Picture
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

15. “Make a good gallery! Your names and your photos give you a unique identity. Make and maintain a good name in the hearts of people. Paint good photos in their minds.”

Tags : A Good Name Album Beautiful Photos Beautiful Pictures Brand Brand Yourself Branding Cheer Food For Thought Gallery Good Good Photos Hearts Hearts Of People Israelmore Ayivor Love People Make A Good Brand Make Friends Manes Minds Paint Personal Personal Branding Photo Photo Album Photos Picture
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

16. “if you have the tools but do not have the visual concept, the tools do not work”

Tags : Art Artists Foto Fotografía Photographer Photographs Photography Photography Quotes Photos
Author : Betty Poluk

17. “Photoghraphic projects can be as short as an afternoon or as long as a lifetime.”

Tags : Art Expression Photo Photograph Photography Photos Picture Pictures Self Expression
Author : George Barr

18. “She knew her place in this family, always had. Knew why she was conceived. And it wasn't for a photo on the mantle.”

Tags : Family Relationships Kelly Moran Organ Donation Photos Pictures
Author : Kelly Moran
Source : All of Me

19. “People say that a time machine can’t be invented, but they’ve already invented a device that can stop time, cameras are the world’s first time machines.”

Tags : Camera Disposable Film Free Friend Fun Home Video Joy Knowledge Kodak Kodak Moment Lomography Loss Love Memories Nikon Nostalgia Photos Science Power Super 8 Time Machine Time Travel World
Source : Smog City

20. “From the photo albums, every single print of her had been peeled away. Shots of the both of us together had been cut, the parts with her neatly trimmed away, leaving my image behind. Photos of me alone or of mountains and rivers and deer and cats were left intact. Three albums rendered into a revised past. It was as if I'd been alone at birth, alone all my days, and would continue alone.”

Tags : Alone Divorce Loneliness Nameless Protagonist Photo Albums Photos Revision
Source : A Wild Sheep Chase

21. “A good selfie is when you successfully capture the feeling of that very moment!”

Tags : Photography Photos Selfie Selfies

22. “Turns out the problem is the picture. The problem isn't the 16,000 murders each year [...]. That's not the problem. The photo is the thing.”

Tags : Caracas Crime Crime In Venezuela El Nacional Homocide Law Enforcement In Venezuela Photos Tal Cual Venezuela

23. “I think this is why Ellis took so many moving pictures of us. Because he knew that people come in and out of your life, and a picture fixes them in the moment they reach out to you.”

Tags : Movies Photos Relationships The Lucky Place Zu Vincent
Author : Zu Vincent
Source : The Lucky Place

24. “The best writers tend to look the roughest in photos. At least that's the excuse I use for why I look so bad in mine.”

Tags : Excuse Life Musings Photos Writers Writers Life
Author : R.D. Ronald

25. “God gave us imaginations because he wants us to see the photos of our destinies respectively and make proper graphical designs of them. You owe it to yourself to enlarge that image you carry into bigger sizes.”

Tags : Big Big Dreams Bigger Designs Destiny Dream Big Dreams Enlarge Food For Thought God Images Imaginations Imagine Israelmore Ayivor Passport Photos Pictures Think Thoughts
Source : Dream Big!: See Your Bigger Picture!

26. “Guys Are Eyes.”

Tags : Dating Models Photos Pictures Profiles Sex
Author : Robert Mykle

27. “Keep your cherished photos of your destiny at the fore-front of your mind. No one gets the gut to make them blurred. Always think about it; dream about it and work it out!”

Tags : Big Dreams Blurred Brain Destiny Dream Big Food For Thought Fore Front Israelmore Ayivor Mind Passion Photos Purpose Remember Rememberance Reminder Think Think Big Thoughts
Source : Daily Drive 365

28. “I've seen enough family photos in enough homes to know that the term 'suitable for framing' should have a stricter definition.”

Tags : Family Photos
Author : Alex Bosworth

29. “Procrastination and excuses really have the energy to make your picture small and blurred if you offer them that image!”

Tags : Big Dreams Blur Energy Excuses Image Photos Picture Procrastination Small Dreams
Source : Dream Big!: See Your Bigger Picture!

30. “I scanned her soul and found my mate. She is a word of art for the spirit of the eyes ... To see her photos are needless why’s... I see through her... I see my own smiles.”

Tags : Art Eyes Photos Smiles Soulmates Spirit

31. “Your self-image tells about what you think about yourself and how you appear to yourself in your own conscience. Self-image is the picture of yourself carried in your own mind.”

Tags : About Me About You Believe In Yourself Conscience Esteem Food For Thought Image Israelmore Ayivor Me Mind Photos Picture Self Self Esteem Self Image You Yourself
Source : Dream Big!: See Your Bigger Picture!

32. “I look at old photos and it gives me joy and and tells me about the best time I spent with people but they always left a feeling of loneliness & things I missed and I don't feel connected to them at all.”

Tags : Loneliness Lonely Photos Pics Pictures
Author : Neetesh Dixit

33. “Destiny is the established end of someone while vision remarks the photos of that predestined end, though not yet fulfilled. The insight of an unexperienced destiny can be discovered. That is through visions.”

Tags : Destiny Discover Discovered End Establish Experience Food For Thought Fulfi Insight Israelmore Ayivor Photos Predestined Remarks Vision Visions
Source : Michelangelo | Beethoven | Shakespeare: 15 Things Common to Great Achievers

34. “To dream" means to focus and zoom the photos of destiny called visions for clearer view, manipulation and exploitation.”

Tags : Big Dreams Clear Clearer View Destiny Dream Dream Big Dreams Exploit Exploitation Focus Food For Thought Israelmore Ayivor Manipulate Manipulation Photos Picture View Vision Zoom

35. “Vision is the foresight or forecast or insight into the future. Vision is the picture of one's destiny or accomplishment, or simply what a person is meant to do or become.”

Tags : Accomplish Accomplishments Destiny Food For Thought Forecast Foresight Future Insight Israelmore Ayivor Knowledge Photos Pictures Purpose Vision
Source : Michelangelo | Beethoven | Shakespeare: 15 Things Common to Great Achievers

36. “I think, therefore I am, therefore I am photographable.”

Tags : Existential Photos
Author : Kurt Vonnegut
Source : Cat's Cradle

37. “Great photos of the great moments always give us a great joy!”

Tags : Photos

38. “Those static images have the uncanny ability to jar the memory and bring places and people back to life. They bridge the present with the past and validate as real what the passage of time has turned into hazy recollections. Were it not for them, my experiences would have remained as just imperfect memories of perfect moments.”

Tags : Memories Photographs Photography Photos Picture
Author : Isabel Lopez
Source : Isabel's Hand-Me-Down Dreams

39. “Sides, i don't like the posed pics.They're not the real person.They're a reflection of what the person wants the world to think of her-not what she really is.”

Tags : Photos True
Source : Suite Dreams

40. “With the selfies, a photographer has finally found his place in a photograph.”

Tags : Aperture Camera Dslr Facebook Front Camera Image Instagram Iphone Jpeg Mobile Mobile Camera Model Photography Photo Photographer Photos Photoshop Picture Pixels Rear Camera Selfie Selfie Captions Selfie Quotes Selfies Social Networking Travel Travelling
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

41. “A selfie has more face and fewer feelings.”

Tags : Amit Kalantri Aperture Camera Click Face Feelings Image Iphone Jpeg Lenses Mobile Mobile Camera Model Photography Photo Photographer Photography Photos Photoshop Picture Pixels Selfie Culture Selfie Post Selfie Quotes Social Networking Travel Travelling
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

42. “I have forgotten the glasses, angles, color adjustments, contrast,blur and The photography..... The day the most photogenic person of my life went off my life. That person took my enthusiasm one feels at the moment of pressing the click.”

Tags : Art From The Book Of Edward Love Photos Separation