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1. “The more I see, the less I know for sure.”

Tags : Beatles Life Perception Truth
Author : John Lennon

2. “It's all in the mind.”

Tags : Beatles Mind Perception Psychology

3. “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

Tags : Change Inspirational Motivational Perception
Author : Wayne W. Dyer

4. “[In 16th century European society] Marriage was the triumphal arch through which women, almost without exception, had to pass in order to reach the public eye. And after marriage followed, in theory, the total self-abnegation of the woman.”

Tags : Dignity Empowerment Feminism Gender History Independence Inequality Marriage Married Life Matrimony Men Misogyny Perception Self Abnegation Self Determination Social Norms Subjugation Wedlock Women Women S Rights
Source : The Wives of Henry VIII

5. “The historical sense involves a perception, not only of the pastness of the past, but of its presence”

Tags : Clarity Of Perception Historical Historical Perspective History Repeating Itself Human Perception Jared Wheat Past Past And Future Perception Presence The Past
Author : T.S. Eliot
Source : Four Quartets

6. “You're not under attack when others gain rights and privileges you've always had.”

Tags : Attack Attacking Civil Rights Discrimination Equal Equal Rights Equality Equality And Attitude Ethnocentrism Human Rights Inclusion Inclusiveness Inclusivity Lgbt Lgbt Rights Lgbtq Perception Perception Of Reality Perceptions Privilege Privileges Racism Racism In America

7. “Urging an organization to be inclusive is not an attack. It's progress.”

Tags : Attack Attacking Civil Rights Discrimination Equal Equal Rights Equality Equality And Attitude Ethnocentrism Human Rights Inclusion Inclusiveness Inclusivity Lgbt Lgbt Rights Lgbtq Perception Perception Of Reality Perceptions Racism Racism In America Rights

8. “On a long flight, after periods of crisis and many hours of fatigue, mind and body may become disunited until at times they seem completely different elements, as though the body were only a home with which the mind has been associated but by no means bound. Consciousness grows independent of the ordinary senses. You see without assistance from the eyes, over distances beyond the visual horizon. There are moments when existence appears independent even of the mind. The importance of physical desire and immediate surroundings is submerged in the apprehension of universal values.For unmeasurable periods, I seem divorced from my body, as though I were an awareness spreading out through space, over the earth and into the heavens, unhampered by time or substance, free from the gravitation that binds to heavy human problems of the world. My body requires no attention. It's not hungry. It's neither warm or cold. It's resigned to being left undisturbed. Why have I troubled to bring it here? I might better have left it back at Long Island or St. Louis, while the weightless element that has lived within it flashes through the skies and views the planet. This essential consciousness needs no body for its travels. It needs no plane, no engine, no instruments, only the release from flesh which circumstances I've gone through make possible.Then what am I – the body substance which I can see with my eyes and feel with my hands? Or am I this realization, this greater understanding which dwells within it, yet expands through the universe outside; a part of all existence, powerless but without need for power; immersed in solitude, yet in contact with all creation? There are moments when the two appear inseparable, and others when they could be cut apart by the merest flash of light.While my hand is on the stick, my feet on the rudder, and my eyes on the compass, this consciousness, like a winged messenger, goes out to visit the waves below, testing the warmth of water, the speed of wind, the thickness of intervening clouds. It goes north to the glacial coasts of Greenland, over the horizon to the edge of dawn, ahead to Ireland, England, and the continent of Europe, away through space to the moon and stars, always returning, unwillingly, to the mortal duty of seeing that the limbs and muscles have attended their routine while it was gone.”

Tags : Awareness Body Change Connection Consciousness Dawn Earth Energy Horizon Light Mind Moon Perception Possibility Reality Sky Solitude Space Stars Time Unity Universe
Source : The Spirit of St. Louis

9. “The advantages of natural folly in a beautiful girl have been already set forth by the capital pen of a sister author; and to her treatment of the subject I will only add, in justice to men, that though to the larger and more trifling part of the sex, imbecility in females is a great enhancement of their personal charms, there is a portion of them too reasonable and too well informed themselves to desire anything more in woman than ignorance.”

Tags : Charms Clichés Desirability Disdain Education Empowerment Equality Folly Foolishness Girls Ignorance Imbecility Inferiority Men Perception Prejudice Reason Stereotypes Stupidity Women
Author : Jane Austen
Source : Northanger Abbey

10. “Humans see what they want to see.”

Tags : Humanity Humans Mankind Perception Self Delusion Willful Ignorance
Author : Rick Riordan
Source : The Lightning Thief

11. “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

Tags : Knowing Others Perception Self Awareness Understanding
Author : C.G. Jung

12. “If 'seeing is believing' what happened to taste, touch, sound and smell ? Did our creator really intend to favour sight over the other senses ? I don't believe so.”

Tags : Acute Belief System Five Senses Instinct Quotes Nose Perception Perception Of Reality Philosophy Of Life Question Questioning Mind Questions Seeing Is Believing Sensations Sensory Perception Skin The Creator S Map Toes Unanswered Questions
Author : Alex Morritt
Source : Impromptu Scribe

13. “Closed in a room, my imagination becomes the universe, and the rest of the world is missing out.”

Tags : Art Artist Artistic Contemplating Dreams Experience Fantasy Fun Imagination Life Perception Perspective Poetry Reading Reality Solitude Songwriting Thinking Thoughts Universe Vicarious Writing
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Diotima, Battery, Electric Personality

14. “If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro' narrow chinks of his cavern.”

Tags : Infinity Perception
Author : William Blake
Source : The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

15. “If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is - infinite.”

Tags : Infinite Infinity Opportunity Perception Potential Truth Vision
Author : William Blake

16. “How many colors are there in a field of grass to the crawling baby unaware of "green"?”

Tags : Creativity Labels Limits Names Perception Words
Author : Stan Brakhage

17. “You will always define events in a manner which will validate your agreement with reality.”

Tags : Agreement With Reality Choice Inspirational Life Perception
Source : Life, the Truth, and Being Free

18. “Your agreement with reality defines your life.”

Tags : Agreement With Reality Inspirational Life Motivational Perception Success
Source : Life, the Truth, and Being Free

19. “When we have a narrative in mind, we often plug in anecdotes that confirm it.”

Tags : Bias Perception Stereotype

20. “The fact is that we have no way of knowing if the person who we think we are is at the core of our being. Are you a decent girl with the potential to someday become an evil monster, or are you an evil monster that thinks it's a decent girl?""Wouldn't I know which one I was?""Good God, no. The lies we tell other people are nothing to the lies we tell ourselves.”

Tags : Good And Evil Lies Perception Personality Self Deception Truth Truth And Lies Villains
Author : Derek Landy
Source : Death Bringer

21. “The limits of my language means the limits of my world.”

Tags : Language Perception Power Of Words

22. “There is no deception on the part of the woman, where a man bewilders himself: if he deludes his own wits, I can certainly acquit the women. Whatever man allows his mind to dwell upon the imprint his imagination has foolishly taken of women, is fanning the flames within himself -- and, since the woman knows nothing about it, she is not to blame. For if a man incites himself to drown, and will not restrain himself, it is not the water's fault.”

Tags : Cause And Effect Clichés Deceit Delusion Discrimination Double Standards Expectations Gender Inequality Men Misogyny Perception Prejudice Self Deception Social Norms Stereotypes Women
Author : John Gower
Source : Confessio Amantis

23. “Yet if women are so flighty, fickle, changeable, susceptible, and inconstant (as some clerks would have us believe), why is it that their suitors have to resort to such trickery to have their way with them? And why don't women quickly succumb to them, without the need for all this skill and ingenuity in conquering them? For there is no need to go to war for a castle that is already captured. (...)Therefore, since it is necessary to call on such skill, ingenuity, and effort in order to seduce a woman, whether of high or humble birth, the logical conclusion to draw is that women are by no means as fickle as some men claim, or as easily influenced in their behaviour. And if anyone tells me that books are full of women like these, it is this very reply, frequently given, which causes me to complain. My response is that women did not write these books nor include the material which attacks them and their morals. Those who plead their cause in the absence of an opponent can invent to their heart's content, can pontificate without taking into account the opposite point of view and keep the best arguments for themselves, for aggressors are always quick to attack those who have no means of defence. But if women had written these books, I know full well the subject would have been handled differently. They know that they stand wrongfully accused, and that the cake has not been divided up equally, for the strongest take the lion's share, and the one who does the sharing out keeps the biggest portion for himself.”

Tags : Books Clichés Deceit Defenselessness Double Standards Fickleness Gender Hypocrisy Inequality Injustice Men Misogyny Misrepresentation Morality One Sidedness Perception Prejudice Received Opinion Slander Social Norms Stereotypes Suppression Unfairness Women
Source : Der Sendbrief vom Liebesgott / The Letter of the God of Love

24. “We sit silently and watch the world around us. This has taken a lifetime to learn. It seems only the old are able to sit next to one another and not say anything and still feel content. The young, brash and impatient, must always break the silence. It is a waste, for silence is pure. Silence is holy. It draws people together because only those who are comfortable with each other can sit without speaking. This is the great paradox.”

Tags : Perception Silence
Source : The Notebook

25. “You used," he said, and then took a sharp breath, "to call me Augustus.”

Tags : Augustus Names Perception The Fault In Our Stars
Author : John Green
Source : The Fault in Our Stars

26. “I Am In Love With Myself, With My Heart.”

Tags : Balanced Challenge Denoting Egotism Elitism Happy Healthy Indifference Individual S Inspirational Love Learning To Love Yourself Life Like Limit Live Logic Loving Yourself Lovingly Luck Me Personality Quotes Relation Selfishness Think Thought Trait Vanity Who Am I Wisdom Quotes Words

27. “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

Tags : Awe Magic Perception Wonder
Author : W.B. Yeats

28. “Kitabu cha KOLONIA SANTITA kinaweza kusomwa na watu wenye umri wa kuanzia miaka 13 na kuendelea. Katika umri wa miaka 13 fikra za mtoto huanza kuwa na maono na utambuzi wa vitu mbalimbali. Watoto katika umri huu wanao uwezo wa kuchambua dhana kadha wa kadha za kinadharia, na hali kadhalika wanao uwezo wa kuchambua nadharia tata zisizokuwa na uhakika, kama nadharia ya KOLONIA SANTITA.”

Tags : 13 Ability Age Ambiguity Book Children Dhana Fikra Hypothesis Hypothetical Kinadharia Mtoto Nadharia People Tata Teen Things Utambuzi Utata Uwezo Watoto Watu

29. “I believe that if there is a huge chunk of white/truth in you, you will be drawn mostly to truth. If there is a lot of black/ego in you, you will naturally migrate to darkness/ego. We can't change our natural compositions or our attraction to certain lighting, but we can slowly change our angle of perception. Anyone can work on balancing their inner lighting simply by adjusting their outer lenses. All you have to do is learn to use your heart before your mind to see things. There is no light greater than truth, and it shines at the heart of all creation. Be like a butterfly and celebrate it every day. It is inside you. Be aware of it so it can cultivate it to grow stronger and bigger.”

Tags : Butterfly Creation Cultivate Ego Heart Lens Lenses Light Perception Perspective See Shine Truth White
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

30. “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”

Tags : Dreaming Dreams Perception

31. “Life is like butter - when things cool down it can be reshaped”

Tags : Accomplishment Action Actions Art Attributed Belief Best Confidence Experience Faith Fear Fitting In Funny Inspirational Integrity Live Perception Pessimism Plans Relationships Sadness Smile Smiling Strategy
Source : Alan Sheinwald is Building a Perfect Home

32. “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

Tags : Inspirational Optimism Perception Pessimism
Author : Oscar Wilde
Source : Lady Windermere's Fan

33. “If the devil decided to run for President, do you think he/she would put on their horns and wicked grin, or a suit with an angelic smile? If the wicked witch stayed green and ugly, would she have been able to give Snow White a poisoned apple? And if the Big Bad Wolf had not disguised himself as an old granny, would he have been able to lure Little Red Riding Hood into the house to eat her? And if a drug dealer wanted to seduce some school kids to get on his drugs, would he act like a greedy businessman — or a caring friend? Salt and sugar look exactly the same but taste very different. We live in a world of illusions, one filled with Luciferians acting like righteous men, and righteous men condemned as criminals.”

Tags : America Bad Leaders Bankers Culture Decieve Devil Lucifer Evil False Prophets Global Elite Godliness Greed Ignorance Illusion Masks Medica Misleading Poison Political Science Presidents Salt And Sugar Satan Sugar Truth Truthism World Leader
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

34. “Because one believes in oneself, one doesn't try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn't need others' approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.”

Tags : Acceptance Contentment Perception Self Acceptance Self Assurance Self Confidence
Author : Lao Tzu

35. “Most misunderstandings in the world could be avoided if people would simply take the time to ask, "What else could this mean?”

Tags : Anger Ego Misinterpretation Misunderstand Misunderstandings Overthinking Pain Perception Perspective Questions Reading Into Everything Reading Into Things Second Quessing Self Esteem Self Improvement

36. “Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.”

Tags : Perception Psychology
Source : Studies in Pessimism: The Essays

37. “Dream delivers us to dream, and there is no end to illusion. Life is like a train of moods like a string of beads, and, as we pass through them, they prove to be many-colored lenses which paint the world their own hue. . . . ”

Tags : Art Emotion Experience Illusion Perception

38. “People reject what they do not understand because it makes them feel small. They would rather believe in some other reality, even if it is only an illusion, so long as it makes them feel bigger.”

Tags : Beliefs Bitterness Great Greatness Illusion Illusions Images Insecurity Intimidate Lie Life Misunderstood News People Reject Resentment Small Minds Society Superficial Superior Understand
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

39. “There is an optical illusion about every person we meet.”

Tags : Illusion Perception
Source : Essays and Lectures

40. “Stress is a dragon.Believe in it and you’re toast.Slay your stress.”

Tags : Belief Dragon Perceiving Stress Perception Slay Stress Toast

41. “All good intellects have repeated, since Bacon’s time, that there can be no real knowledge but that which is based on observed facts. This is incontestable, in our present advanced stage; but, if we look back to the primitive stage of human knowledge, we shall see that it must have been otherwise then. If it is true that every theory must be based upon observed facts, it is equally true that facts cannot be observed without the guidance of some theory. Without such guidance, our facts would be desultory and fruitless; we could not retain them: for the most part we could not even perceive them.”

Tags : Bacon Facts Francis Bacon Guidance Knowledge Observed Facts Perception Philosophy Positivism Science Theory
Author : Auguste Comte
Source : The Positive Philosophy

42. “Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough”

Tags : Appreciation Contentment Dissatisfaction Life Perception Positivity Thankfulness
Author : Oprah Winfrey

43. “Land and water are not really separate things, but they are separate words, and we perceive through words.”

Tags : Land Perception Water Words
Source : The Untamed Garden and Other Personal Essays

44. “To become a true global citizen, one must abandon all notions of 'otherness' and instead embrace 'togetherness'. The world is no longer white, black, yellow and brown. Through love, tribes have been intermixing colors to reveal a new rainbow world. And as more time passes, this racial and cultural blending will make it harder for humans to side with one race, nation or religion over another. Therefore, practical wisdom should be used to abandon any cultural, social, religious, tribal, and national beliefs of alterity altogether. This is the only way mankind will truly evolve. Segregation is a word of the past. Unity is the key to a peaceful future.”

Tags : Alterity Betterment Citizen Differences Embrace Global Global Citizen Globe Human Human Race Humanist Humanity Ideologies Ideology Intercultural Joining Life Otherness Peaceful Progress Social Change Together Unite World Peace
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

45. “To become a true global citizen, one must abandon all notions of 'otherness' and instead embrace 'togetherness'.”

Tags : Citizen Cultural Cultural Differences Differences Different Equality Faith Human Race Humanist Humanity Ideologies Ideology Intercultural Life Nations Peace Perception Progress Religion Segragation Social Change Sociology Superiority Unite United Unity World World Citizen
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

46. “Fathers never have exactly the daughters they want because they invent a notion a them that the daughters have to conform to.”

Tags : Conforming Daughters Expectations Fathers Ideals Perception
Source : The Woman Destroyed

47. “An angry woman is a bitch. An angry man is strong, whereas, a sad man or a fearful man is a wimp. A sad or fearful woman is frail.”

Tags : Male And Female Perception Prejudice Relationships
Source : Not Like My Mother: Becoming a Sane Parent After Growing Up in a Crazy Family

48. “Stop counting your losses and start counting your blessings. Only then will you discover that losses are always easier to point out and count than blessings. And that your blessings will always outnumber your losses, for they are truly immeasurable.”

Tags : Affirmation Attitude Bless Circumstance Couting Faith Fate Faults Good Luck Hope Immeasurable Inspirational Life Living Losing Loss Love Obstacles Path Suzy Kassem Tragedy World
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

49. “And then it occurs to me. They are frightened. In me, they see their own daughters, just as ignorant, just as unmindful of all the truths and hopes they have brought to America. They see daughters who grow impatient when their mothers talk in Chinese, who think they are stupid when they explain things in fractured English. They see that joy and luck do not mean the same to their daughters, that to these closed American-born minds "joy luck" is not a word, it does not exist. They see daughters who will bear grandchildren born without any connecting hope passed from generation to generation.”

Tags : China Concepts Daughters Family Fear Heritage Hope Ideas Immigration Joy Language Luck Mothers Perception Tradition Women
Author : Amy Tan
Source : The Joy Luck Club

50. “There is nothing inherently painful about being cheated on.”

Tags : Adultery Affair Cheat Cheating Choice Dating Extramarital Affair Faithful Faithfulness Fool Around Indoctrination Infidelity Love Loyal Loyalty Marriage Pain Polygamy Relationships Unfaithful Unfaithfulness

51. “Never stand in the way of letting God use people’s actions, in order to solve a greater issue in the world.”

Tags : Adversity Bias Blinded Blindsighted Character Choices Civil Rights Consequences Cruelty Fear Hacking Haters Hypocrisy Ignorance Judgers Lies Satan Selfishness Stalking Trials Warped Wicked Witch Hunts Wrong Choices

52. “Mind is greedy. When you sense the benefits with people who previously thought rubbish about you, the mind forgoes those thoughts and inclines toward those people only to gain optimal benefits.”

Tags : Arrogance Bias Brains Disgust Fairness Greed Mind Mind Games Perception Perspective Politics Psychology Temptation Thinking Thoughts Unfair Advantage
Author : Ashish Patel

53. “You can try to defend discrimination on grounds that people are acting according to their conscience, but never forget that those same people may find it conscionable to discriminate against you next.”

Tags : Bias Biased Biases Bigot Bigotry Conscience Conscience And Attitude Discriminate Discriminating Discrimination Equality Freedom Of Religion Lgbt Lgbt Rights Lgbtq Lgbtqia Perception Perceptions Prejudice Prejudices Race Racism Religious Freedom

54. “So far there'll always be some thrive for perfection, there should be no shame in imperfection.”

Tags : Actions Activism Beautiful Mind Confidence Conformity Creativity Dauntless Deep Thinkers Fantasy Freedom God S Creation Imagination Joan Of Arc Joy Listening Perception Plans Power Purpose Driven Life Self Worth Standing Out Stories Unconformed Unique

55. “Censorship exists to block criticism and protect corruption.”

Tags : Activist Block Censor Censored Censorship Of Books Control Corruption Criticize Deceptive Decieve Government Government Control Human Rights Activist Journalism Liberty Mass Media Media Mislead Monitor Police Press Truths Writers
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

56. “Education opens our minds eye to see the world with our own unique vision and perception.”

Tags : Debasish Debasish Mridha M D Education Inspirational Mridha Perception Philosophy Quotes See The World

57. “No two persons can learn something and experience it in the same way.”

Tags : Actions Background Books Caring Character Creative Family Values Growth Individuals Intelligence Journey Lessons Mind Morality Personal Development Personal Experiences Personal Growth Personality Personalizing Experiences Two People Uncaring Uniqueness Values Words

58. “When the rush of the weak sweeps over those that strive to be strong, its destruction. The commonplaces of moral judgment become fogged with the lack of perception stained with the sting of longing. The voice of reason is lost in the envious echoes of hearts torn by battle. The song of our children echo the misfortune of their parent's haze---we all started out small and had dreams to become something more than what we were.”

Tags : Blind Children Choices Clouded Demise Echoes Endgame Envy Fantasy World Fog Haze Judgement Lack Of Support Life Stories Misfortune Misguided Not Listening Perception Reading Too Far Self Fulfilling Prophecy Self Relization Sorrow Support Unaware

59. “REMEMBER THE LOTUS FLOWERGreat people will always be mocked by thoseWho feel smaller than them.A lion does not flinch at laughter coming from a hyena.A gorilla does not budge from a banana thrown at it by a monkey.A nightingale does not stop singing its beautiful songAt the intrusion of an annoying woodpecker.Whenever you should doubt your self-worth, remember the lotus flower.Even though it plunges to life from beneath the mud,It does not allow the dirt that surrounds itTo affect its growth or beauty.Be that lotus flower always.Do not allow any negativity or uglinessIn your surroundingsDestroy your confidence,Affect your growth,Or make you question your self-worth.It is very normal for one ugly weedto not want to stand alone.Remember this always.If you were ugly,Or just as small as they feel they are,Then they would not feel so bitter and enviousEach and every time they are forcedTo glance up at magnificentlyDivine YOU.”

Tags : Affect Ambition Banana Beautiful Big Bitter Brave Bravery Discourage Dreamingdivine Emotions Envy Flower Greatness Growth Ignore Insult Mocked Motivate Mud Muddy Negative Environment Perspective Success Surroundings
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

60. “No one is an outside observer of nature,We're defined by our environment and our interaction with that environment -- by our ecology. And that ecology is necessarily relative, historical and empirical.”

Tags : Beau Beau Lotto Color Colors Colour Harmon Harmon Okinyo Harmon Okish Inspiration Inspirational Quotes Lotto Nature Okinyo Perception Perception And Reality Perception Of Reality Race Race Relations Racism Reality Reason Reasoning Science
Author : Beau Lotto

61. “...What happens is of little significance compared with the stories we tell ourselves about what happens. Events matter little, only stories of events affect us.”

Tags : Perception Reality Stories Story Storytelling
Source : The Hakawati

62. “The older you get, the more you understand how your conscience works. The biggest and only critic lives in your perception of people's perception of you rather than people's perception of you.”

Tags : Age Confidence Critic Insecurity Knowing Who You Are Maturity Mentality Perception Self Awareness Self Image Understanding
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

63. “It is not a perception, but a person's good intention that makes a good difference in the people's lives.”

Tags : Business Minded Character Charity Cheat Cunning Double Standard Good Change Hallucination Humanity Humbleness Hypocrite Inspiring Quotes Intention Leadership Characteristics Making A Difference Making A Good Difference Notable People Original Perception Personality Plagiarism Preach And Practice Self Centred Selfish True Leader True Motivational Speaker
Author : Anuj Somany

64. “[I]t is dangerous for a bride to be apologetic about her husband.”

Tags : Apology Husbands Inequality Inferiority Marriage Matrimony Perception Wives
Source : Angle of Repose

65. “[Y]ou are not ashamed of your sin [in committing adultery] because so many men commit it. Man's wickedness is now such that men are more ashamed of chastity than of lechery. Murderers, thieves, perjurers, false witnesses, plunderers and fraudsters are detested and hated by people generally, but whoever will sleep with his servant girl in brazen lechery is liked and admired for it, and people make light of the damage to his soul. And if any man has the nerve to say that he is chaste and faithful to his wife and this gets known, he is ashamed to mix with other men, whose behaviour is not like his, for they will mock him and despise him and say he's not a real man; for man's wickedness is now of such proportions that no one is considered a man unless he is overcome by lechery, while one who overcomes lechery and stays chaste is considered unmanly.”

Tags : Adultery Clichés Crimes Double Standards Fidelity Gender Hypocrisy Immorality Manhood Manliness Men Misogyny Perception Promiscuity Social Norms Women
Source : Sermons 1-19

66. “I want to listen to accomplished women scarred by sexism that still walk in elegance and kindness; hear powerful men that have a heart to serve. I want to talk to the brokenhearted that still believe in love; I want to listen to people that laugh even when they hurt. You live God's grace without even knowing it and to me, you're the best of all of us.”

Tags : Gods Grace Grace Listening Perception Strength Women Women S Strength
Author : Lee Goff

67. “A distaste for the new is not always fear of the unknown, but sometimes ambition. Some people don't like the new way simply because they never got a chance to master the old way.”

Tags : Ambition Change Chronological Snobbery Commitment Conservative Consistency Dedication Development Distaste Fear Improvement Liberal Mastery New New Age Original Perseverance Persistence Progression Taste Tradition Understanding Young
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

68. “There is this common notion that young conservatives are the few, that most people had liberal worldviews when they were young. If this is true, then it is with great irony that a number of old liberals must never had progressed into conservatives as they grew older.”

Tags : Age Beliefs Change Change Your Life Conservatism Funny Funny But True Growth Humor Immaturity Ironic Liberalism Maturity New Old Opinion Perception Perspective Politics Progression Psychology Stagnation Stubbornness Young
Author : Criss Jami

69. “Fear is a product of doubt. it is a negative energy. Fear is an opposite of faith. Law is not necessary for people who have freedom. Law is the control switch that produces fear. That Fear produces lawful citizens is a delusion, it only creates fearful citizens .”

Tags : Adhd Anxiety Attitude Belief System Bias Bipolar Chains Death Of Child Delusion Lost Children Low Self Esteem Mental Health Mind Contro Miscarriages Overthinking Perspective Politicians Prisoner Rearing Sensitive Speculation Upbringing

70. “I think one can tell a lot about a person from the way he chooses to let the stub of his cigarette burn out...”

Tags : Ash Ashes Burn Cigarette Cigarette Stubs Crowds Crushed Cues Different People Fire Hints Judgement Life Life Lessons Non Verbal Communication Observe People People Relations People Skills Perception Psychology Qualities Smoke Smoking Way World

71. “Even if it were possible to cast my horoscope in this one life, and to make an accurate prediction about my future, it would not be possible to 'show' it to me because as soon as I saw it my future would change by definition. This is why Werner Heisenberg's adaptation of the Hays Office—the so-called principle of uncertainty whereby the act of measuring something has the effect of altering the measurement—is of such importance. In my case the difference is often made by publicity. For example, and to boast of one of my few virtues, I used to derive pleasure from giving my time to bright young people who showed promise as writers and who asked for my help. Then some profile of me quoted someone who disclosed that I liked to do this. Then it became something widely said of me, whereupon it became almost impossible for me to go on doing it, because I started to receive far more requests than I could respond to, let alone satisfy. Perception modifies reality: when I abandoned the smoking habit of more than three decades I was given a supposedly helpful pill called Wellbutrin. But as soon as I discovered that this was the brand name for an antidepressant, I tossed the bottle away. There may be successful methods for overcoming the blues but for me they cannot include a capsule that says: 'Fool yourself into happiness, while pretending not to do so.' I should actually want my mind to be strong enough to circumvent such a trick.”

Tags : Antidepressants Assistance Bupropion Depression Future Happiness Hays Office Horoscopes Life Measurement Mentorship Perception Publicity Reality Self Delusion Smoking Soothsaying Uncertainty Principle Virtues Werner Heisenberg Writers
Source : Hitch-22: A Memoir

72. “We have all at one time been stranded on islands shouting lies across the seas of misunderstanding, hoping the fog will carry our mischief to the distant ports in people’s minds.”

Tags : Conflict Confusion Disception Lies Life Mischief Perception Perspective

73. “The internet has become a carefully controlled and heavily monitored illusion. It has turned into both a circus and battleground. Popularity is rigged and can be bought. Censorship is in full effect. Popular opinion is fabricated, and the perception of a viewpoint's popularity is typically orchestrated and manipulated by legions of paid trolls. If you want to know the truth about somebody's true popularity and influence, look to the streets. If you want to know if a person is really guilty or innocent, study the facts yourself. Never judge anybody based on what you see or read on the internet. Information can easily be manipulated by the push of a few buttons.”

Tags : Battleground Biased Censorship Control Controlled Corruption Democracy Government Government Corruption Influence Internet Judge Manipulate Manipulated Orchestrate Perceive Perception Popular Popular Opinion Public Opinion Regulation Silence Skewed Trolls Viewpoint Web
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

74. “There spoke the race!" he said; "always ready to claim what it hasn't got, and mistake its ounce of brass filings for a ton of gold-dust. You have a mongrel perception of humor, nothing more; a multitude of you possess that. This multitude see the comic side of a thousand low-grade and trivial things--broad incongruities, mainly; grotesqueries, absurdities, evokers of the horse-laugh. The ten thousand high-grade comicalities which exist in the world are sealed from their dull vision. Will a day come when the race will detect the funniness of these juvenilities and laugh at them--and by laughing at them destroy them? For your race, in its poverty, has unquestionably one really effective weapon--laughter. Power, money, persuasion, supplication, persecution-- these can lift at a colossal humbug--push it a little--weaken it a little, century by century; but only laughter can blow it to rags and atoms at a blast. Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand. You are always fussing and fighting with your other weapons. Do you ever use that one? No; you leave it lying rusting. As a race, do you ever use it at all? No; you lack sense and the courage.”

Tags : Human Race Humor Perception
Author : Mark Twain
Source : The Mysterious Stranger

75. “I can see clouds a thousand miles away, hear ancient music in the pines.”

Tags : Ancient Clarity Clouds Music Perception
Author : Ikkyu

76. “You must always reserve a question for people who think you are proud when you talk about your dreams! The question is "how would they get to know that you are proud if you had not talked about your dreams?" How then should people get to know what you do if you take delight in hiding yourself?”

Tags : Ask Questions Big Dreams Delight Don T Hide Don T Hide It Dream Big Dreams Food For Thought Hide Hiding Israelmore Ayivor Keep Talking Negative People Obscure Obscurity People Perception Pride Proud Question Secretive Talk About Your Dreams
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

77. “In any case, you can't have effective allegory in times when people are swept this way and that by momentary convictions, because everyone will read it differently. You can't indicate moral values when morality changes with what is being done, because there is no accepted basis of judgment. And you cannot show the operation of grace when grace is cut off from nature or when the very possibility of grace is denied, because no one will have the least idea of what you are about.”

Tags : Allegorical Interpretation Allegory Grace Moral Values Morality Perception World View Worldview Writing Writing Craft Writing Fiction
Source : Mystery and Manners: Occasional Prose

78. “Listen to the trees as they sway in the wind.Their leaves are telling secrets. Their bark sings songs of olden days as it grows around the trunks. And their roots give names to all things.Their language has been lost.But not the gestures.”

Tags : Attention Bark Gestures Hear Hearing Listen Nature Paying Attention Perception Root Roots Secret Secrets Speaking Speech Tree Tree Parable Trees
Author : Vera Nazarian
Source : The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

79. “Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.”

Tags : Mindfulness Nature Of Reality Perception Spiritual Growth Truth
Source : The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams & Reaching Your Destiny

80. “Why is my perception right? If it is wrong, then what is right?”

Tags : Debasish Mridha Debasish Mridha M D Inspirational Perception Philosophy Quotes What Is Right What Is Wrong

81. “Unity is vision; it must have been part of the process of learning to see.”

Tags : Order Perception Senses Sight Unity Vision
Author : Henry Adams
Source : The Education of Henry Adams

82. “Not too long ago thousands spent their lives as recluses to find spiritual vision in the solitude of nature. Modern man need not become a hermit to achieve this goal, for it is neither ecstasy nor world-estranged mysticism his era demands, but a balance between quantitative and qualitative reality. Modern man, with his reduced capacity for intuitive perception, is unlikely to benefit from the contemplative life of a hermit in the wilderness. But what he can do is to give undivided attention, at times, to a natural phenomenon, observing it in detail, and recalling all the scientific facts about it he may remember. Gradually, however, he must silence his thoughts and, for moments at least, forget all his personal cares and desires, until nothing remains in his soul but awe for the miracle before him. Such efforts are like journeys beyond the boundaries of narrow self-love and, although the process of intuitive awakening is laborious and slow, its rewards are noticeable from the very first. If pursued through the course of years, something will begin to stir in the human soul, a sense of kinship with the forces of life consciousness which rule the world of plants and animals, and with the powers which determine the laws of matter. While analytical intellect may well be called the most precious fruit of the Modern Age, it must not be allowed to rule supreme in matters of cognition. If science is to bring happiness and real progress to the world, it needs the warmth of man's heart just as much as the cold inquisitiveness of his brain.”

Tags : Awareness Connection Consciousness Ecstasy Intuition Journey Life Logic Mind Nature People Perception Reality Science Self Solitude Soul Spirit Time
Author : Franz Winkler

83. “Even when I was a very young man,I was looking for the purpose of life; I was looking for happiness all over the world; In fame and in glamour, in wealth and in splendor, not knowing how foolish it was.Happiness is not out there.Happiness is not in wealth or splendor.Happiness is inside me, in my mind, in my thoughts, It is in my perception of the world.”

Tags : Education Fame Glamour Happiness Hope Inspirational Intelligence Knowledge Life Love Mind Perception Philosophy Purpose Splendor Thoughts Truth Wealth Wisdom World

84. “For God to prove himself on demand, physically, would be a grave disappointment, and the strongest Christians should be considerably grateful that he chooses not to do so. The skeptic endlessly demands proof, yet God refuses to insult the true intelligence of man, the '6th sense', the chief quality, the acumen which distinguishes man from the rest of creation, faith.”

Tags : Acumen Agnosticism Atheism Atheist Burden Of Proof Christian Christianity Creation Demanding God Gratefulness Insult Perception Physical Refusal Science Senses Sixth Sense Spiritual Realm Strength Strength Of Spirit Theism
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

85. “Truth is universal. Perception of truth varies.”

Tags : Bohdi Sanders Perception Perspective Real Truth Truth Truth And Lies Truth Of Life Truth Quotes Truths
Author : Bohdi Sanders
Source : Martial Arts Wisdom: Quotes, Maxims, and Stories for Martial Artists and Warriors

86. “Go inside you, feel the silence, use the eternal now that rules the past and the future.”

Tags : Anxiety Awareness Breath Critical Thinking Depression Knowledge Live In The Moment Living In The Moment Living Life To The Fullest Mastery Mind Now Now Is The Time Open Mindedness Perception Present Moment Relationship Relaxation Rule Your Mind Sensory Impressions Stress Stress Management Stress Relief Thinking

87. “Seeing the glass as half empty is more positive than seeing it as half full. Through such a lens the only choice is to pour more. That is righteous pessimism.”

Tags : Empty Full Glass Les Negative Negativity Optimism Perception Pessimism Positivity Righteous Righteous Pessimism
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

88. “The crazy creatives are the creatives who never go completely mad. They aren't so easily disheartened by the seemingly endless amounts of scrutiny that creative individuals tend to receive because they, like insanity, are the ones who feed off of opposition and negative feedback and manage to continue along with a healthy ambition. It is the crazy that teaches us to use our gifts wisely and own all the attackers.”

Tags : Ambition Artist Confidence Controversy Creativity Criticism Gossip Insanity Libel Negativity Opposition Perception Perseverance Persistence Perspective Positivity Rebellion Ridicule Scrutiny Slander Strength
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Diotima, Battery, Electric Personality

89. “The theistic philosopher has a tendency to devalue insufficient worldviews, ideologies, and quite often common sense for the greater good, and in such cases, one should not be discouraged when seen as a bad guy. If he stresses over man's perception of a righteous heart, then he has given his heart to man.”

Tags : Anti Hero Antihero Apologetics Challenge Discourage Good Hero Insufficient Man Misunderstood Negativity Perception Philosophers Philosophy Positive Protagonist Righteous Stress Sufficient Truth
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

90. “Love -- not dim and blind but so far-seeing that it can glimpse around corners, around bends and twists and illusion; instead of overlooking faults love sees through them to the secret inside.”

Tags : Affection Love Loyalty Perception True Love Unconditional Unconditional Love
Author : Vera Nazarian
Source : Salt of the Air

91. “If you think you don't have enemies, then they have won.”

Tags : Enemy Invincible Invisible Perception Win
Author : Toba Beta
Source : My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

92. “While there is perhaps a province in which the photograph can tell us nothing more than what we see with our own eyes, there is another in which it proves to us how little our eyes permit us to see.”

Tags : Cameras Perception Perspective Photography Vision

93. “Armed neutrality makes it much easier to detect hypocrisy.”

Tags : Arms Bias Detection Fairness Hypocrisy Independent Intelligence Neutrality Perception Sight Understanding Vision
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

94. “The closer you come to knowing that you alone create the world of your experience, the more vital it becomes for you to discover just who is doing the creating.”

Tags : Awakening Awareness Consciousness Create Your Life Create Your Reality Creation Creative Vision Creativity Enlightenment Experience Identity Inspirational Know Thyself Meditation Mind Mind Body Spirit Perception Power Of Thoughts Self Awareness Spiritual Subconscious Subconscious Mind Who Am I Wisdom

95. “Be bold. Be not fearful. Take actions. Action is real. Results requires interpretation and depends on perception.”

Tags : Be Bold Be Not Fearful Debasish Mridha Debasish Mridha Md Inspirational Life Wisdom Perception Philosophy Quotes Take Action

96. “In a superficial world, body image is everything. But in a world filled with substance, a beautiful mind, heart and soul are everything. The second world does not exist because the ego overpowers the heart. And the first world will continue to exist until the heart overpowers the ego.”

Tags : Beautiful Beautiful Heart Beauty Body Image Compassion Ego Egocentrism Egotism Egotistical Women Empathy Heart Heart Quotes Image Images Inner Beauty Love Measure Media Outer Beauty Overpower Philosopher Quotes Realism Societal Thinking Soul Spiritual Suzy Kassem Talent Value Wisdom
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

97. “I'm often painted as the bad guy, and the artistic part of me wants to hand out the brush.”

Tags : Acceptance Antagonist Anti Hero Antihero Art Artist Bad Bad Guy Discernment Judgment Misunderstood Painting Perception Perspective Understanding Villain
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

98. “Christ delves far beyond the means of superficiality, not simply because of his immaculate love, but also because he considers the distinct cases of each individual rather than withholding a broadened perception by use of stereotypes.”

Tags : Broad Christ Compassion Consideration Discernment Distinction God Individual Individuality Love Perception Stereotypes Superficiality
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Salomé: In Every Inch In Every Mile

99. “We are the product of our past. We start each day where we left off the day before. Changing the way we dress, where we work and live, or even changing a name does not alter our basic constitution. Transformation of the self requires a radical alteration in the way that we perceive the world and derive meaning.”

Tags : Change Change Your Beliefs Change Your Life Chnage Your Thoughts Perception Personal Development Personal Growth Personality Point Of View Self Actualization Self Awareness Self Determination Self Determination Quotes Self Development Self Discovery Self Help Self Improvement Self Questioning Self Realization Self Realization Quotes Self Reflection
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

100. “Perception of a self is not simply about actuality. Human beings’ identities are self-generating and people constantly revise and recreate the story of their being. Coming-into-being, not being, is the highest expression of reality. We only attain the fullest knowledge of a living thing including ourselves when we know what it was, understand what it now is, and understand what it can become. We do not know the truth of a living thing’s existence until we discern its entire history from development to demise.”

Tags : Aging Aging Quotes Human Beings Humankind Life Experience Quotes Life Experiences Life Journey Life Journey Quotes Life Lessons Maturation Maturity Perception Perception Of Reality Personal Development Personal History Philosophy Of Life Self Awareness Self Determination Self Development Quotes Self Knowledge Self Knowledge Quotes Self Realization Self Realization Quotes Self Reflection Self Truth
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

101. “There are two paths of which one may choose in the walk of life; one we are born with, and the one we consciously blaze. One is naturally true, while the other is a perceptive illusion. Choose wisely at each fork in the road.”

Tags : Choice Consciousness Illusions Life Natural Path Perception Quotes Truth Wisdom
Author : T.F. Hodge
Source : From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with "The Divine Presence"

102. “The novelist is required to create the illusion of a whole world with believable people in it, and the chief difference between the novelist who is an orthodox Christian and the novelist who is merely a naturalist is that the Christian novelist lives in a larger universe. He believes that the natural world contains the supernatural. And this doesn't mean that his obligation to portray the natural is less; it means it is greater.”

Tags : Christian Fiction Christian Writers Novelist Perception Perception Of Reality Perspective Realism Realistic Fiction Writer Writers On Writing Writing
Source : Mystery and Manners: Occasional Prose

103. “Did you?' the producer said. 'He's so clownish on the surface, all joke and dazzle. How in the world could you have seen it?''But I did. The moment I met him," she said. "A fucking supernova. Every day since.' She thought, but did not say, almost.”

Tags : Life Love Love At First Sight Perception Spiral Of Life Supernova Time
Author : Lauren Groff
Source : Fates and Furies

104. “Life: It is better not to wrap philosophy around such an inconceivable evolving beautiful mystery. If based on perception, alone; whatever the conclusion - it is still guessing.”

Tags : Beautiful Conclusion Destiny Fate Guessing Life Mystery Perception Philosophy Quotes Wisdom
Author : T.F. Hodge
Source : From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with "The Divine Presence"

105. “O, wad some Power the giftie gie usTo see oursels as others see us!It wad frae monie a blunder free us,An' foolish notion.”

Tags : Embarrassment Error Foolishness Perception Sense Of Self
Author : Robert Burns
Source : The Complete Poetical Works of Robert Burns

106. “Happiness is an inner perception, inner joyfulness. We are happy when we express our kindness unconditionally. We are happy when we love some one unconditionally. By becoming the source of happiness for some one we become happy. Happiness is the purpose of every creation.”

Tags : Creation Education Express Happiness Hope Inspirational Intelligence Joyfulness Kindness Knowledge Life Love Perception Philosophy Purpose Truth Unconditional Happy Wisdom

107. “No man has the right to dictate what other men should perceive, create or produce, but all should be encouraged to reveal themselves, their perceptions and emotions, and to build confidence in the creative spirit.”

Tags : Art Confidence Emotion Expression Freedom Perception Self Expression
Author : Ansel Adams

108. “Great minds think alike because a greater Mind is thinking through them.”

Tags : Comprehension God Greatness Mind Perception Perspective Spirituality Universal
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Diotima, Battery, Electric Personality

109. “Chaos is merely order waiting to be deciphered”

Tags : Double Order Perception
Source : The Double

110. “When a book leaves its author's desk it changes. Even before anyone has read it, before eyes other than its creator's have looked upon a single phrase, it is irretrievably altered. It has become a book that can be read, that no longer belongs to its maker. It has acquired, in a sense, free will. It will make its journey through the world and there is no longer anything the author can do about it. Even he, as he looks at its sentences, reads them differently now that they can be read by others. They look like different sentences. The book has gone out into the world and the world has remade it.”

Tags : Authors Books Books And Authors Books And Reading Metamorphosis Perception Published Books Publishing Reading Writing
Source : Joseph Anton: A Memoir

111. “Some people say, ‘Do not judge the book by its cover!’ Well, I say not to judge at all. People can say anything they want to say, but for me, cover does matter.”

Tags : Book Cover Judge Matter Perception Truth
Author : Toba Beta

112. “I once received a letter from an old lady in California who informed me that when the tired reader comes home at night, he wishes to read something that will lift up his heart. And it seems her heart had not been lifted up by anything of mine she had read. I think that if her heart had been in the right place, it would have been lifted up.”

Tags : Happy Endings Literature Perception

113. “Quoting son, Noah Levine: Once you see what the heart really needs, it doesn’t matter if you’re going to live or die, the work is always the same. (25)”

Tags : Death Heart Life Living Needs Perception Work
Source : A Year to Live: How to Live This Year as If It Were Your Last

114. “Beauty is no quality in things themselves: It exists merely in the mind which contemplates them; and each mind perceives a different beauty.”

Tags : Beauty Beholder Evil God Perception Religion Religious Meaning
Author : David Hume
Source : Of the Standard of Taste and Other Essays

115. “I believe I am in Hell, therefore I am.”

Tags : Belief Hell Paraphrased Perception

116. “Your desire to advise other people, grows in line with your perception...that assumes you're wiser than them.”

Tags : Advise Assumption Perception Wise
Author : Toba Beta
Source : Master of Stupidity

117. “How good something is should never be determined by its cost, designer, origin, or its perceived value by others.”

Tags : Material Possessions Materialism Perception Quality Value

118. “Reject your sense of injury and the injury itself disappears.”

Tags : Attitude Injury Perception
Source : Meditations

119. “Life is 10 percent what you make itand 90 percent how you take it.”

Tags : Attitude Empowerment Life Perception
Author : Irving Berlin

120. “Because I have ‘chosen’ to see something as impossible, there’s a good chance that it’s not.”

Tags : Belief Determination Dreams Fear Fortitude Goals Impossibilities Impossible Misperception Perception Possibilities Possible Realism Tenacity

121. “I know that mirrors give us a false sense of confidence.” I continued. “The reflection that we see everyday has nothing to do with how others see us. The glass lies.”

Tags : Confidence Mirror Perception Self Image
Source : Human Detritus

122. “Songs are as sad as the listener.”

Tags : Music Perception
Source : Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

123. “What you see and what you hear depends a great deal on where you are standing. It also depends on what sort of person you are.”

Tags : Perception
Author : C.S. Lewis
Source : The Magician's Nephew

124. “Everyone looks retarded once you set your mind to it.”

Tags : Humor Perception Retardation
Author : David Sedaris

125. “All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.”

Tags : Perception

126. “Maybe each human being lives in a unique world, a private world different from those inhabited and experienced by all other humans. . . If reality differs from person to person, can we speak of reality singular, or shouldn't we really be talking about plural realities? And if there are plural realities, are some more true (more real) than others? What about the world of a schizophrenic? Maybe it's as real as our world. Maybe we cannot say that we are in touch with reality and he is not, but should instead say, His reality is so different from ours that he can't explain his to us, and we can't explain ours to him. The problem, then, is that if subjective worlds are experienced too differently, there occurs a breakdown in communication ... and there is the real illness.”

Tags : Epistemology Madness Perception Philosophy Postmodern Reality Schizophrenia Solipsism

127. “There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.”

Tags : Perception
Author : Aldous Huxley

128. “The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.”

Tags : Belief Bias Knowledge Perception Philosophy Reality
Source : Tempest-Tost

129. “The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments.”

Tags : Perception Philosophy Scientific Process Truth

130. “A European says: I can't understand this, what's wrong with me? An American says: I can't understand this, what's wrong with him?I make no suggestion that one side or other is right, but observation over many years leads me to believe it is true.”

Tags : Cultural Biases Observational Perception

131. “Just as in the body, eye and ear develop as organs of perception, as senses for bodily processes, so does a man develop in himself soul and spiritual organs of perception through which the soul and spiritual worlds are opened to him. For those who do not have such higher senses, these worlds are dark and silent, just as the bodily world is dark and silent for a being without eyes and ears.”

Tags : Perception Soul Spirituality
Source : Theosophy: An Introduction to the Spiritual Processes in Human Life and in the Cosmos

132. “Always focus on the front windshield and not the review mirror.”

Tags : Cars Driving Focus Perception Strategy
Author : Colin Powell

133. “Those that dare not to dream big are cowards, for they fear to expose the already great potentials embedded inside of them.”

Tags : Achievement Actions Change Desire Disappointed Disappointment Dreamers Dreaming Dreams Explore Failure Fairies Fear Hope Imagination Inspirational Learning From Others Love At First Sight Mythology Nightmares Peace Perception Power Of Words Reality
Author : Auliq-Ice

134. “The man or the woman in whom resides greater virtue is the higher; neither the loftiness nor the lowliness of a person lies in the body according to the sex, but in the perfection of conduct and virtues.”

Tags : Clichés Conduct Double Standards Empowerment Equality Gender Hypocrisy Men Misogyny Morality Perception Prejudice Social Norms Superiority Virtue Women
Source : The Book of the City of Ladies

135. “A storyteller who provided us with such a profusion of details would rapidly grow maddening. Unfortunately, life itself often subscribes to this mode of storytelling, wearing us out with repetition, misleading emphases and inconsequential plot lines. It insists on showing us Bardak Electronics, the saftey handle in the car, a stray dog, a Christmas card and a fly that lands first on the rim and then in the centre of the ashtray.Which explains how the curious phenomenon whereby valuable elements may be easier to experience in art and in anticipation than in reality. The anticipatory and artistic imaginations omit and compress; they cut away the periods of boredom and direct our attention to critical moments, and thus, without either lying or embellishing, they lend to life a vividness and a coherence that it may lack in the distracting wooliness of the present.”

Tags : Art Conduct Perception
Source : The Art of Travel

136. “Perception and reality are two different things.”

Tags : Perception Reality Things Tom Cruise
Author : Tom Cruise

137. “We all see only that which we are trained to see.”

Tags : Bias Perception
Source : Masks of the Illuminati

138. “Perception can be one-sided or variant: "Glass half empty or half full." There usually is more than one way of perceiving. Thoroughly check your inner dialogue.”

Tags : Dialogue Empty Full Perception Quotes Recognition Variability
Author : T.F. Hodge
Source : From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with "The Divine Presence"

139. “The spaces between the perceiver and the thing perceived can [...] be closed with a shout of recognition.”

Tags : Art Experience Knowledge Perception Recognition
Source : The Wars

140. “Every man has three worlds. What he perceives, what he shows to the world and his reality. The third one is the mystery to be lived.”

Tags : Deception Every Man Perception Philosophy Reality Show Off Spiritual
Author : Harshit Walia

141. “It is usually unbearably painful to read a book by an author who knows way less than you do, unless the book is a novel.”

Tags : Adeptness Aphorism Aphorisms Be Acquainted With Despair Discomfort Distress Educated Enlightened Entertaining Erudition Escape Expertise Illiterate Insupportable Intolerable Learned Misery Novel Overpowering Quotes Sadness Scholarly Sufferable Sustainable Torment Torture Unacceptable Unenlightened Unread Wretchedness Writer

142. “It is so easy at times for a lonely individual to begin fantasizing about what the people outside are saying about him and, in result, irrationally and fearfully, and sometimes angrily, fancy himself a villain.”

Tags : Alone Anger Assumptions Celebrity Communication Delusion Enemy Excommunication Extrovert Fame Fear Fights Haters Illusion Infamous Insanity Insecurity Loneliness Misunderstood Fights Perception Psychopath Relationship Revenge Seclusion Sociopath Vengeance Victim Villain
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

143. “Miracles... seem to me to rest not so much upon... healing power coming suddenly near us from afar but upon our perceptions being made finer, so that, for a moment, our eyes can see and our ears can hear what is there around us always.”

Tags : Attention Awareness Defamiliarization Miracle Mundane Perception Renewal
Author : Willa Cather
Source : Death Comes for the Archbishop

144. “Quite often it's not about what is said, but what isn't. And even when it's spoken, read between the lines. Listening with the heart is just as important as hearing with the mind.”

Tags : Attention Focus Hearing Heart Listening Mind Perception Silence Speaking
Author : T.F. Hodge
Source : From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with "The Divine Presence"

145. “People in the intelligence community are not made to believe in coincidences.”

Tags : Attention Perception Spiritual Warfare
Author : Tom Clancy
Source : Executive Orders

146. “Sophia was asked to speak to the students of a local medical school. “Sophia, what do we need to be better doctors?” the students asked. “Doctors,” Sophia said, “need strong stomachs and strong powers of observation.” Then she opened a canister. The putrid smell quickly moved through the classroom. Sophia stuck a finger in the jar, pulled it up, and then licked it. She passed the jar around encouraging each doctor in training to do the same. Each did, and though many felt nauseas, no one got sick. “You all have very strong stomachs,” she said. “But your powers of observation need some work.” “What do you mean?” they asked. “We did just what you did.” “There is one difference,” she replied. “The finger I dipped in the jar was not the finger I licked.”

Tags : Attention Focus Perception Wisdom
Source : For the Love of Sophia: Wisdom Stories from Around the World and Across the Ages

147. “What people in the world think of you is really none of your business.”

Tags : Image Perception Perspective
Author : Martha Graham

148. “Dad had once said, Trust your mind, Rob. If it smells like shit but has writing across it that says Happy Birthday and a candle stuck down in it, what is it?Is there icing on it? he'd said.Dad had done that thing of squinting his eyes when an answer was not quite there yet.”

Tags : Fathers Perception Sons Trust
Source : Tenth of December

149. “Gore Vidal, for instance, once languidly told me that one should never miss a chance either to have sex or to appear on television. My efforts to live up to this maxim have mainly resulted in my passing many unglamorous hours on off-peak cable TV. It was actually Vidal's great foe William F. Buckley who launched my part-time television career, by inviting me on to Firing Line when I was still quite young, and giving me one of the American Right's less towering intellects as my foil. The response to the show made my day, and then my week. Yet almost every time I go to a TV studio, I feel faintly guilty. This is pre-eminently the 'soft' world of dream and illusion and 'perception': it has only a surrogate relationship to the 'hard' world of printed words and written-down concepts to which I've tried to dedicate my life, and that surrogate relationship, while it, too, may be 'verbal,' consists of being glib rather than fluent, fast rather than quick, sharp rather than pointed. It means reveling in the fact that I have a meretricious, want-it-both-ways side. My only excuse is to say that at least I do not pretend that this is not so.”

Tags : Advice Cable Television Cable Television In The Us Conservatism Conservatism In The Us Gore Vidal Guilt Illusion Literature Perception Sex Television United States William F Buckley
Source : Hitch-22: A Memoir

150. “The arrow of time obscures memory of both past and future circumstance with innumerable fallacies, the least trivial of which is perception.”

Tags : Absurdism Arrow Astrophysics Fallacies Illusion Of Self Memory Metafiction Past And Future Perception Space Time Time
Author : Ashim Shanker
Source : Only the Deplorable

151. “When a small group of people come together to relive the Salem witch hunts, God cries. For if anything is sorrowful to God, it is evil done in his name. When you find out you were not given the truth, how will you live with yourself?”

Tags : Betrayal Death Games Gossip Grief Not Knowing Pain Perception Piety Religion Robin Williams Salem Sorrow Speculation Suicide Witch Hunts

152. “[A]s military history reveals, a bad plan is often better than no plan, especially if the people on the other side think it’s a good plan.”

Tags : Bad Plans Good Plans Military History Perception
Author : Adam Gopnik

153. “Don't be cool. Like everything.”

Tags : Art Entertainment Perception Taste Wisdom
Author : Shaky Kane

154. “We open our eyes and we think we're seeing the whole world out there. But what has become clear—and really just in the last few centuries—is that when you look at the electro-magnetic spectrum we are seeing less than 1/10 Billionth of the information that's riding on there. So we call that visible light. But everything else passing through our bodies is completely invisible to us.Even though we accept the reality that's presented to us, we're really only seeing a little window of what's happening.”

Tags : Information Perception Reality

155. “We are happy when people/things conform and unhappy when they don't. People and events don't disappoint us, our models of reality do. It is my model of reality that determines my happiness or disappointments.”

Tags : Disappointment Happiness Life Lessons Perception Perception Of Reality Perceptions Reality
Author : Stefan Zweig
Source : Chess Story

156. “Perception is reality to the one in the experience.”

Tags : Believe Emotional Health Emotional Pain Emotional Wounds Emotions Experience False Belief Feel Feeling Mental Health Perception Perception Of Reality Seeing Truth Truth And Lies
Source : Emerging with Wings: A True Story of Lies, Pain, and the Love That Heals

157. “Some trees grow straight, while others grow gnarled and twisted. Yet none are imperfect. Perfection is merely a perception.”

Tags : Perception Perception Of Reality Perfection Trees
Source : Look into the stillness

158. “Fear and paranoia create many of our worldly struggles. We get something in our minds and our distorted perception sculpts the reality of what we see. Even though what we see isn’t really there, we tend to act as if it is. We then begin to put people and things into boxes, labeling them, and limiting them due to our fears.”

Tags : Consciousness Fear Fearless Growth Inner Peace Inspirational Mind Power Mindfulness Perception Perception Of Reality Psychology Rise Above Spiritual Wisdom World Peace Zen
Source : Living Peace

159. “Think about people in your own life who you have envied for one reason or another. It may surprise you to know that they do not see themselves the way that you do. Maybe they are all smiles on the outside but have personal struggles and trials that you would never guess from first glance.”

Tags : Deep Thoughts Inspirational Quotes Judgement Judging Judging Others Motivational Speaker Perception Perception Of Others Perception Of Reality
Source : Successful Failures: Recognizing the Divine Role That Opposition Plays in Life's Quest for Success

160. “Focus forward, not around you.In the moment;Not behind you.Don't grimace in the whys, Relish in 'Yes-es;' - Be Positive...When you amplify the goods, you'll see bads as infinitesimally minuscule.Glorify and Cleanse... first and foremost , YOUR perception. #levitate”

Tags : Amplify Focus Forward Inspirational Levitate Life Live And Living Perception Perception Of Reality Positive Thinking Positive Thoughts Self Improvement
Author : Tiffany Luard

161. “Universe is not a calm lake and therefore when you watch a calm lake you get a deceptive idea about the universe and you get a wrong perception of future!”

Tags : Calm Calm Lake Deceptive Future Idea Perception Perception Of Reality Universe Watch

162. “Focus forward, not around you.In the moment;Not behind you.Don't grimace in the whys, Reslish in the Yes's. Be Positive...When you amplify the goods, you'll see bads as infinitesimally minuscule.Glorify and Cleanse... first and foremost , YOUR perception. #levitate”

Tags : Amplify Focus Forward Inspirational Levitate Life Live And Living Perception Perception Of Reality Positive Thinking Positive Thoughts Self Improvement
Author : Tiffany Luard

163. “We write our personal story as intermittent authors; the narrator is always searching for a unitive point of view. We strive to perceive oneself from a unified perspective, but it is virtually impossible to do so. Human perception of the self is an illusion. We constantly sift through shifting memories. We experience the present under the fragrance cast by the past and under the illusionary aura of the future.”

Tags : Future Memoir Writing Memoirs Memory Perception Perception Of Life Perception Of Reality Perception Of Time Point Of View Time Time Passing Writing Writing Process
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

164. “Movement is knowledge. Art is perception”

Tags : Art Art Of Movement Knowledge Knowledge Quotes Movement Perception Perception Of Life Perception Of Reality
Author : Armin Houman

165. “Memories are truths we have chosen.”

Tags : Introspective Memories Memories Quotes Perception Perception Of Reality Reality Truth
Author : C.E. O'Grady
Source : Soft Inheritance

166. “Our perception of reality is personal to our limited comprehension of the universe.”

Tags : Comprehension Limited Perception Personal Reality Universe Who We Are
Author : Joseph Rain

167. “To think that we grasp the fullness of life is to say that by holding a mere drop of water in our hands we are able to understand the immensity of the ocean.”

Tags : Belief Comprehension Comprehensive Conceive Existence Grasp Hands Immense Immensity Knowledge Life Limitations Limited Living Myopic Ocean Perception Point Of View Short Sighted Understanding Water Wisdom

168. “Reality is in the ether, a blend of present-day experiences infused with one’s memories and dreams. A life that is real to one is surreal to another.”

Tags : Happiness Life Perception Quality Of Life Reality
Author : Fennel Hudson
Source : A Waterside Year - Fennel's Journal - No. 2

169. “Pain, unless it is physical, was sold to you (by your culture).”

Tags : Attitude Culture Death Death And Dying Death Of A Loved One Indoctrination Pain Perception

170. “You can capture me with your beauty, only if you are a brilliant photographer.”

Tags : Ability Acumen Brilliance Camera Comeliness Elegance Funny Good Looks Humor Image Impressiveness Insight Intellect Looks Michael Bassey Johnson Paparazzi Photography Picture Portrait Pretty Reasoning Sense Shutterbug Sophistication Talent Wisdom

171. “Ghosts don't haunt us. That's not how it works. They're present among us because we won't let go of them.""I don't believe in ghosts," I said, faintly."Some people can't see the color red. That doesn't mean it isn't there," she replied.”

Tags : Ghosts Haunting Perception
Author : Sue Grafton
Source : M is for Malice

172. “What’s the kindest thing you almost did? Is your fear of insomnia stronger than your fear of what awoke you? Are bonsai cruel? Do you love what you love, or just the feeling? Your earliest memories: do you look through your young eyes, or look at your young self? Which feels worse: to know that there are people who do more with less talent, or that there are people with more talent? Do you walk on moving walkways? Should it make any difference that you knew it was wrong �as you were doing it? Would you trade actual intelligence for the perception of being smarter? Why does it bother you when someone at the next table is having a conversation on a cell phone? How many years of your life would you trade for the greatest month of your life? What would you tell your father, if it were possible? Which is changing faster, your body, or your mind? Is it cruel to tell an old person his prognosis? Are you in any way angry at your phone? When you pass �a storefront, do you look at what’s inside, look at your reflection, or neither? Is there anything you would die for if no one could ever know you died for it? If you could be assured that money wouldn’t make �you any small bit happier, would you still want more money? What has �been irrevocably spoiled for you? If your deepest secret became public, �would you be forgiven? Is your best friend your kindest friend? Is it in any way cruel to give a dog a name? Is there anything you feel a need to confess? You know it’s a “murder of crows” and a “wake of buzzards” but it’s a what of ravens, again? What is it about death that you’re �afraid of? How does it make you feel to know that it’s an “unkindness �of ravens”?”

Tags : Anger Bonsai Change Confession Cruelty Death Fear Feeling Happiness Insomnia Intelligence Kindness Love Memories Money Perception Potential Sacrifice Secrets Spoiled Talent Youth

173. “What man is really anti-progressive? For he is only anti-certain-people's-visions-for-the-future.”

Tags : Change Conservative Future Future Plans Futuristic Liberal Perception Perspective Political Progressive Vision
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

174. “Perception is the lens through which we interpret experiences,and when we change the lens we change how we experience.”

Tags : Change Life Experience Life Lessons Perception
Author : Aisha Mirza

175. “To change ourselves effectively, we first had to change our perceptions.”

Tags : Change Perception
Source : The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

176. “At that moment, he realised that he did not exist to her in the same way that he existed in his own perception. She held a copied version, an interpretation of him, filtered through the matrix of her priorities and desires.Therefore, surely, he only held a copy of her.”

Tags : Beth Constanzin Desires Gwynn Ideals Perception Perception Filters Priorities
Author : K.J. Bishop
Source : The Etched City

177. “This is a perfectly good picture. And if I didn't know you, I would be impressed and charmed. But I do know you."He thought some more, wondering whether he dared say precisely what he felt, for he knew he could never explain exactly why the idea came to him. "It's the painting of a dutiful daughter," he said eventually, looking at her cautiously to see her reaction. "You want to please. You are always aware of what the person looking at this picture will think of it. Because of that you've missed something important. Does that make sense?"She thought, then nodded. "All right," she said grudgingly and with just a touch of despair in her voice. "You win."Julien grunted. "Have another go, then. I shall come back and come back until you figure it out.""And you'll know?""You'll know. I will merely get the benefit of it.”

Tags : Art Creativity Daughters Duty Expectation Fulfillment Gift Independence Individuality Obedience Paintings Perception Skills
Author : Iain Pears
Source : The Dream of Scipio

178. “When you face reality, give other realities you don't know yet a chance to reach your mind.”

Tags : Another Chance Anxiety Awareness Quotes Breath Breathing Breathing In Awareness Challenges Chance And Fortune Depression Depression Quotes Forgive Live In The Moment Living In The Present Moment Meditations Quotes Mindfulness Nature Perceive Perception Relationship Relaxation Self Awareness Sensory Impressions Tension Thinking
Source : Psychology of Friendship for Leadership

179. “Where there is no consciousness, there is no time.”

Tags : Being Consciousness Perception Quantum Physics Reality Relativity Space Time Continuum Time
Source : Kaya Abaniah and the Father of the Forest

180. “At times I feel as if I had lived all this before and that I have already written these very words, but I know it was not I: it was another woman, who kept her notebooks so that one day I could use them. I write, she wrote, that memory is fragile and the space of a single life is brief, passing so quickly that we never get a chance to see the relationship between events; we cannot gauge the consequences of our acts, and we believe in the fiction of past, present, and future, but it may also be true that everything happens simultaneously. ... That's why my Grandmother Clara wrote in her notebooks, in order to see things in their true dimension and to defy her own poor memory.”

Tags : Life Memory Perception Space Time Words
Source : The House of the Spirits

181. “Abnormal radiation exposure and oxygen starvation teaches you that reality is just a perception that is derived from your immediate environmental conditions.”

Tags : Abnormal Astrobiology Astronomer Astronomical Astronomy Astrophysics Astrosociobiology Conditions Derived Environmental Exposure Immediate Oxygen Perception Radiation Reality Starvation Teaches
Author : Steven Magee

182. “Why does truth carry such a dreadful face? Why does subjugation carry such a happy mask? It becomes sad when people understand that they can lead a better life as long as they bow their heads, ignoring the truth.”

Tags : Perception Truth Way Of Living
Author : Lionel Suggs

183. “Most of the things we deem as impossible are only impossible because we’ve given them permission to be impossible.”

Tags : Achieve Attitude Belief Deem Empower Empowered Empowerment Grant Impossibility Impossible Inclination Observation Opinion Perception Permission Perspective Possibility Possible

184. “Impossibility only lasts until you find new unbelievable hard evidences.”

Tags : Belief Inspirational Life Perception Possibility Proof Science Spirit Will
Author : Toba Beta

185. “The only kind of universe that I can even begin to conceive is an inconceivable one.”

Tags : Conception Infinite Infinity Perception Possibility Universe
Author : Ilyas Kassam

186. “Any man filled with empathy is capable of gaining valuable insights on the human condition through the suffering of others. You do not need to suffer to know suffering, but you need empathy first to identify and feel the suffering of others around you.”

Tags : Apathy Awareness Compassion Empathy Feeling Human Condition Humanism Insight Knowledge Perception Suffer Suffering Understanding Wisdom Wise
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

187. “I see you better in music, I hear you better in wind, I feel you more in a flooding moonlight, that understands nothing, but darkness and silence.”

Tags : Better Darkness Everything Feel Hear Meaning Mind Moonlight Music Nothing Perception Quote Reasoning See Senses Serenity Silence Soul Sound Spirit Touch Understanding Wind

188. “We can never know more than the mind can assimilate and process, nor can we discuss any aspect of the world for which there is no language.”

Tags : Language Mind Perception Processing The World
Source : The Ever After of Ashwin Rao

189. “A blind man sees with his cane, like all the rest of us.”

Tags : Perception The Unknown Uncertainty
Author : Marty Rubin

190. “We never see other people anyway, only the monsters we make of them.”

Tags : Monsters People Perception
Source : Zone One

191. “To evade arrogance, remind yourself (from time to time) that your talent or success could have been better. To be thankful, remind yourself (every now and then) that your illness or failure could have been worse.”

Tags : Aphorisms Arrogance Attitude Quotes Better Fail Failure Funny Grateful Gratitude Happiness Hope Ill Illness And Hope Motivation Positivity Satire Success Success Quotes Successful Talent Talent Quotes Talented Talents Thankful Worst

192. “Some people are so talented that they have the millions that they are chasing for within, blinded by the chase.”

Tags : Mind Perception Talent The Eye

193. “After all, is it not the way we humans shape the universe, shape time itself? Do we not take the raw stuff of chaos and impose a beginning, middle, and end on it, like the simplest and most profound of folktales, to reflect the shapes of our own tiny lives? And if the physicists are right, that the physical world changes as it is observed, and we are its only known observers, then might we not be bending the entire chaotic universe, the eternal, ever-active Now, to fit that familiar form?”

Tags : Destiny Energy Perception
Author : Tad Williams
Source : Sea of Silver Light

194. “How we perceive of the world around us determines the outcome of what it is we choose to see or not see”

Tags : Blind Faith Happiness Joyful Living Life Perception

195. “You could try making sense out of the universe, but you were too small and the parts you needed to see were too large or even smaller.”

Tags : Meaning Perception Perspective Size Universe
Author : Kathryn Davis

196. “I create lies for people in order for them to find something true about themselves. I teach people that lies are doors that opens up to truth. Either you accept the lie, or you run away from it, thus, eliminating the meaning behind it, and what is could have accomplished.”

Tags : Lies Meaning Perception Truth
Author : Lionel Suggs

197. “The movie Koyaanisqatsi shows non-commented time-lapse footage and focuses our attention on the very rhythm of our civilized modern life and nature. A marijuana high can do something for a user similar to what this time-lapse footage does. The enhancement of episodic memory and the acceleration of associative streams of memories can alter and enhance our recognition of patterns in our lives in various ways. If we are presented with quick associative chains of past experiences, we can see a pattern in a body of information that is usually not at once presented to our “inner eye” as such.”

Tags : Cannabis Creative Drug Episodic Memory High Insight Insightful Inspiration Koyaanisqatsi Marihuana Marijuana Pattern Recognition Perception Psychedelic Psychoactive Time Lapse

198. “Perception is strong and sight weak. In strategy it is important to see distant things as if they were close and to take a distanced view of close things.”

Tags : Close Far Inspirational Perception Sight Strategy Strength

199. “The darkest night in someone's life may be the brightest day in another person's life. Life rests on perceptions and conceptions or missed perceptions and misconceptions. You can choose to make good things out of every challenging circumstance. In contrast, you can also choose to see nothing in a creative opportunity.”

Tags : Attitude Attitudes Black Night Bright Bright Day Choice Choose Conceptions Contrast Creative Dark Dark Night Darkest Food For Thought Good Things Israelmore Ayivor Life Misconceptions Night Opportunity People Perceive Perception Person
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

200. “Sometimes the pain is a startling breach that hobbles your entire soul; dreadful losses that rupture your perceived reality. Pain so visceral and unrelenting that even death itself can begin to look like a welcomed and kind benefactor.”

Tags : Benefit Loss Pain Perception Welcoming
Author : Bryant McGill
Source : Simple Reminders: Inspiration for Living Your Best Life