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1. “To become a true global citizen, one must abandon all notions of 'otherness' and instead embrace 'togetherness'.”

Tags : Citizen Commonalities Cultural Differences Cultures Embrace Global Global Citizen Humanity Joining Nationalism Peace Peacefulness Philosophy Religion Segregation Unite Unity Wisdom World
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

2. “He looked upwards at the brilliant blue sky. It was high noon because the sun was right overhead. The clouds danced around slowly, while drifting across the sky. He closed his eyes and felt the warmth of the sun glowing orange on his eyelids. It was a wonderful feeling.”

Tags : A Ghost In New Orleans Closed His Eyes Clouds Drifting Eyelids Feelings Happiness Jason Medina Memories Peacefulness Relaxed Serenity Sky State Of Mind Sun Sun Glow Sun Glowing Sun Glowing Orange The Clouds Danced Tribal Visions Warm Feelings Wonderful Feelings
Author : Jason Medina
Source : A Ghost In New Orleans

3. “If every citizen should recite their national anthem daily, you will develop love to serve your country better.”

Tags : Anthem Calling Citizen Power Daily Daily Quotes Destiny Development Educational Philosophy Leadership Love Mission Nation National Service Peace Corps Philosophy Of Life Responsibilities Society Talents Wise Quotes Work Working Working Together You Your Journey Your Life
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

4. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."[Remarks on the first anniversary of the Alliance for Progress, 13 March 1962]”

Tags : Peacefulness Political Rights Protest Revolution Violence

5. “Only the brave men and women can bring peace to the world, not by practicing war but by practicing nonviolence.”

Tags : Brave Brave Men Brave Women Bravery Courage Courage In Life Courage Quotes Nonviolence Peace Peace Movement Peace On Earth Peaceful Peacefulness World Peace
Author : Amit Ray
Source : Nonviolence: The Transforming Power

6. “Understanding languages and other cultures builds bridges. It is the fastest way to bring the world closer together and to Truth. Through understanding, people will be able to see their similarities before differences.”

Tags : Alike Bridges Build Bridges Countries Culture Cultures Difference Division Equality Of Cultures Humanity Laguages And Culture Life Peace Quote Peaceful Peacefulness Peacemaker People Same Similar Similarities Tolerance Truth Understand United Unity World World Peace
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

7. “Among the Kimbrii the greatest shame a person can bring to himself or his clan is to start a war, but the second greatest is to submit to tyranny or injustice without a fight.”

Tags : Courage In Life Fight Injustice Injustice Quotes Peacefulness Shame Shame Quotes Tyranny Tyranny Quotes War
Source : Of Wisdom and Valor: The Art of War. The Path of Peace.

8. “This has completely disturbed my peace," he complained. "A philosopher should be protected against the rude happenings of everyday life.""Never mind," said Moominmamma, consolingly. "You'll soon feel better.""But I do mind," said the Muskrat peevishly. "Never any peace ... " And he mumbled on.”

Tags : Comets Everyday Life Muskrat Never Any Peace Peacefulness
Author : Tove Jansson
Source : Comet in Moominland

9. “I shine my light on every dark thought that arises and they turn into whispers with wings and fly away.”

Tags : Inner Guidance Inner Peace Jodilivon Medium Peacefulness Psychic Quotes About Intuition Spiritual Sayings Spiritual Wisdom Spirituality Thehappymedium Transformation
Author : Jodi Livon

10. “Love is the fingerprint of the soul.”

Tags : Inner Guidance Inner Peace Medium Peacefulness Psychic Quotes About Intuition Spiritual Sayings Spiritual Wisdom Spirituality Transformation
Author : Jodi Livon
Source : The Happy Medium: Awakening to Your Natural Intuition

11. “I have within me all that I need; I am love and life in action.”

Tags : Inner Guidance Inner Peace Jodilivon Medium Peacefulness Psychic Quotes About Intuition Spiritual Sayings Spiritual Wisdom Spirituality Thehappymedium Transformation
Author : Jodi Livon

12. “This morning I woke up before the alarm clock went off and the sky outside was a big red ocean. You're beautiful when you're sleeping so I spent an hour observing the way you breathe. Inhale, exhale, without a thought of tomorrow. The window was open and the air was so crisp and I couldn't imagine how to ever ask for more than this.”

Tags : Book Quotes Breathe Gratitude Love Morning Mornings Peacefulness Pink Sky Sleeping Sunrise Waking Up Window
Source : Empty Roads & Broken Bottles; in search for The Great Perhaps

13. “Mankind must learn to coexist with each other to create a peaceful world.”

Tags : Coexist Coexistence Mankind Mankind Goodness Mankind Is One Mankind Nature Mankind Place Mankind S Place Peace Peace Of Mind Peace On Earth Peaceful Peaceful World Peacefulness Peacemaker Peacemakers Peacemaking Tolerance Tolerance Respect

14. “I choose peace, over things I might hear about others, if I put my ear close to the wind!”

Tags : Peace Making Peace Quote Peaceful Coexistence Peacefulness

15. “Peace is the foundation of yoga. Karma yoga is the effort for bringing peace and happiness in the world.”

Tags : Karma Karma Yoga Karma Yoga The Yoga Of Action Peace Peace Movement Peace Of Mind Peace Yoga Peacefulness Peacemaker Peacemaking Yoga Yoga In Action Yoga Inspiration Yoga Life Yoga Of Action Yoga Philosophy Yoga Quotes Yoga Teachers
Author : Amit Ray
Source : Yoga The Science of Well-Being

16. “Cultivate blessing. Bless yourself. Bless the whole world. Let it be full with love, peace, joy and happiness.”

Tags : Bless Bless The World Blessed Life Blessing Blessings Blessings Quotes Enlightenment Happiness Joy Love Peace Peace Movement Peace Quote Peace With Love Peacefulness Peacemaker Peacemaking Spirituality World Peace
Author : Amit Ray
Source : Walking the Path of Compassion

17. “The purpose of karma yoga is to transcend the bondage of selfish genes through the service of others.”

Tags : Karma Karma Yoga Karma Yoga The Yoga Of Action Peace Peace Movement Peace Of Mind Peace Yoga Peacefulness Peacemaker Peacemaking Selfish Gene Service Of Others Yoga Yoga In Action Yoga Inspiration Yoga Life Yoga Of Action Yoga Philosophy Yoga Quotes Yoga Teachers
Author : Amit Ray
Source : Yoga The Science of Well-Being

18. “When the peace in not inside, we seek it outside. When the peace is not outside, we turn inside. Whether there is internal peace or an internal storm, it spirals outward to everyone you see and everything you touch.”

Tags : Expressions Oneness Peacefulness
Source : Compatibility: The Code of Harmony for Love and Unity

19. “Now is not the time for bigots and racists. No time for sexists and homophobes. Now, more than ever, is the time for ARTISTS. It’s time for us to rise above and to create. To show humanity. To spread hope. We must prevent society from destroying itself, from losing its way. Now is the time for love.”

Tags : Artists Belief Create Creativity Destroying Dream Election Results Homophobe Homophobia Hopeful Humanness Lgbtq Love Love Quotes Loved Peace Sculptor Sexist Songwriter

20. “You don't have to live in anyone's shadow. Allow your unique characteristics to shine forth and Illuminate your way.”

Tags : Brave Daily Life Encouragement Expression Faith God Happiness Honesty Hope Inspiration Love Loving Peace Peacefulness People Quotes To Live By Self Love Self Respect Shadow Strength Treasure Truth Words Of Wisdom Words To Live By
Source : Heart Crush

21. “Why are we afraid of the silence that ensues after our death? Wasn’t it the same silence we endured before birth? Isn’t it the same silence we revel in when we are completely immersed in the present moment? Let us not be afraid.”

Tags : Accept Born Calm Death Die Dying Endured Ensues Fear Immersed Inspirational Quotes Kamand Kamand Kojouri Moment Peaceful Peacefulness Philosophy Present Quotes Revel Silence Silent Surrender Tranquility

22. “Aristotle declared that, ‘It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.’ Does the intrinsic tension between opposing ideas create a lamplight of stereoscopic vision? Does the mental friction generated by antinomy, a contradiction between two apparently equally valid principles or between inferences correctly drawn from such principles, lead to war within the mind or does the natural rasping of abrasive thoughts spur the mind to create soothing metaphorical thoughts in order to attain conceptual peace?”

Tags : Contradictions Metaphorical Mindset Peacefulness Principles Thinking Thinking Quotes
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

23. “The height of humanity should give birth to greater good. We should be in desperation of "CHANGE" but not in spawning evil, because by doing so, humanity remains shackled.”

Tags : Change Your Life Humanity Peacefulness Quotes To Inspire World

24. “Earth rejoices our words, breathing and peaceful steps. Let every breath, every word and every step make the mother earth proud of us.”

Tags : Breath Earth Earth Day Inspiraion Inspirational Mother Earth Peace Of Mind Peace On Earth Peaceful Peaceful Life Peacefulness Step Steps Steps Forward Word
Author : Amit Ray

25. “A mature person reaps joy in the commonplace acts of living, appreciates the serenity of just being, while balancing the responsibilities that come naturally about when deeply immersed in family and community affairs. Directing their attention outward, assisting other people in their troubled times, while denying themselves the indulgence of self-absorption frees a person’s bidding mind from a jumble of discordant thoughts, wants, and unholy bequests.”

Tags : Disquiet Enlightenent Quotes Enlightenment Peaceful Peacefulness Philosophical Musings Philosophy Of Life Philsophical Thought Self Awareness Self Realization Self Transcendence Self Transformation Selfless Selfless Love Selfless Service
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

26. “Serenity is a very elusive quality. I've been trying all my life to find it.”

Tags : Advice Advice Quotes Contentment Contentment And Attitude Happiness Happiness Advice Inspirational Inspirational Life Inspirational Living Inspirational Quotes Life Life Lessons Life Reason Peaceful Life Peacefulness Purpose Purpose Of Life Purposeful Living Serenity Writers Writers Life Writers World
Author : W.P. Kinsella
Source : Shoeless Joe

27. “He rose and walked to the windows. The moon reflected the pristine whiteness blowing into shadowy silvery mounds beneath the stars. It spread out before him, all pure and flowing and sterling. There'd always been a gentle peace and welcome solitude on a wintry night in this house. A place of memories and innocent times; a place for new plans.”

Tags : Christmas Home Peace On Earth Peacefulness Snow Winter Winter Nights
Author : Dee Holmes
Source : All I Want For Christmas

28. “In truth I suspect that merely slowing down is not a very satisfying answer. What I need has less to do with my pace of life than my peace of life. At any speed, I crave a deep and lasting inner peace. And if it's solace I'm after, I don't need to pace myself like a turtle, change jobs or set up house on a quiet island. It is usually frenetic living, not high energy, that robs my peace of mind.”

Tags : Energy Inner Peace Pace Peace Peace Of Mind Peacefulness Slow Down Solace
Author : Steve Goodier

29. “Peace is not always easy to grasp or keep close. In the process of attaining and protecting it, you may find yourself tired, weary, and uncertain on how to keep your peace safe. While being uncertain is normal, continue to commit yourself to peacefulness. You are worthy of every drop of sweetness and ease that you encounter. Being tested is a part of the journey. Giving up, and letting go, is not.”

Tags : Alex Elle Alexandra Elle Calm Ease Peace Peacefulness Self Care
Author : alex elle

30. “The Hemulen, moaning piteously, thrust his nose into the sand. "This has gone too far!" he said. "Why can't a poor innocent botanist live his life in peace and quiet?""Life is not peaceful," said Snufkin, contentedly.”

Tags : Contentedness Hemulen Peacefulness Snufkin
Author : Tove Jansson
Source : Finn Family Moomintroll

31. “Stop caring about what other people think of you, how they perceive you, or if they approve of you. Start to focus on your inner peace.”

Tags : Inner Peace Peace Quotes Peacefulness Self Esteem Self Help Self Help Books Self Help Inspiration Self Improvement Womens Inspiration
Source : Live Self-Sufficiently: The 12 Step Living Guide

32. “The most pleasant weather of all is that most difficult to even notice.”

Tags : Beautiful Weather Bliss Cool Cool Weather Disturbance Forecast Ignorance Is Bliss Peacefulness Perfect Weather Pleasant Sunny Sunshine Unnoticed Warm Warm Weather Weather
Author : Criss Jami

33. “We are here in this world for each other.”

Tags : Co Existence Good Deeds Help Humanity Inspirational Kindness Life Mankind Peace Peacefulness People Sharing Sharing Life Society World
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

34. “May we unite in our diverse pursuits to create a peaceful world.”

Tags : Bible Quotes Christianity Faith Faith Quotes Human Being Humanity And Reality Humanity And Society Humanity Quotes Inspirational Quotes Inspiring Quotes Peace Movement Peace Quote People Pursue Quotes Pursuit Of Peace Spiritual Quotes Team Spirit Wisdom Quotes Wise Quotes Working Together Working With People
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

35. “You are a valuable instrument in the orchestration of your own world, and the overall harmony of the universe. Always be in command of your music. Only you can control and shape its tone. If life throws you a few bad notes or vibrations, don't let them interrupt or alter your song.”

Tags : Emotions Energy Harmony Inner Peace Instrument Instrumentation Life Life Quotes Living Motivation Music Orchestration Peaceful Perspective Positive Sayings Serenity Song Stability Stress Suzy Kassem Tone Vibrations
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

36. “Personal tranquility consists in the orderly structuring of the mind, which occurs whenever a person engages in the exquisite practice of contemplating personal experiences, harmonizing time spent with other people, reading great books, and working on self-improvement.”

Tags : Contemplation Peaceful Life Peacefulness Self Improvement Tranquility
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

37. “Silence is not absence of words. Silence is the space where words arise and dissolve. Without silence, words have no meaning”

Tags : Peacefulness Silence Quote
Author : Rashmit Kalra

38. “I usually can’t stop babbling, just to fill space, but with Julienne, I can see the appeal of just being. Julienne is quiet, obviously, but that’s because she can say what she means to in so few words. She has a commanding presence that’s hard to ignore. Julienne doesn’t seem to feel the same urgency other people do. Everyone else, myself included, is constantly vying for a space to occupy, just for the sake of it. But when Julienne does share, it’s incredible. She has an actual opinion on everything, not just something to say, and I want to hear about all of them.”

Tags : Confidence Love Peacefulness Romance
Author : Pega Rose
Source : The Someday List

39. “An amber sunset, a flowing river, a snow capped mountain, a beautiful heart, a calm mind, deep eyes, the moon, the earth and the sky - they are all silent. It's the words that give them meaning, decipher their essence and share their message.”

Tags : Peacefulness Silence Silence Quote Silence Within Spiritual Quotes Wisdom
Author : Rashmit Kalra

40. “The one who has found inner silence, stops pondering over the meaning of life and starts living it. That's the journey from "going with the flow" to "being the flow.”

Tags : Peacefulness Spiritual Quotes
Author : Rashmit Kalra

41. “Speak positive affirmations into fruition. For instance, if you feel frustrated or anxious, you can say, “I am calm, and I can work through my situation to arrive at a positive outcome,” or “I am at peace with all things in my life, and success finds me easily.”

Tags : Inspirational Inspirational Living Inspirational Quotes Motivation Motivational Quotes Peace Peace Of Mind Peacefulness Positive Attitude Positive Quotes Positive Thinking Positive Thoughts Self Esteem Self Help Self Improvement Self Love Self Motivation
Source : Live Self-Sufficiently: The 12 Step Living Guide

42. “Thus it looks in the last analysis as if the soul which serves God in spirit and in truth enjoys a very unusual kind of peace: not the satisfying inward rest which we would have expected, nor the outward rest of having everything in order and nothing left out, but a rest which consists in contentment at having sacrificed both to the will of God.”

Tags : Contentment Peacefulness Rest
Source : We Die Standing Up

43. “I have already lived long enough.... I have lived and loved, I have had the best of this world. Why cry over the ending? Why cling to what remains? The advantage of dying is that you stop being afraid of it. There is a sense of peacefulness too.”

Tags : Dying Peacefulness
Author : Nina George
Source : The Little Paris Bookshop

44. “happy endings fill your heart with peace.”

Tags : Peacefulness
Author : Fatima Saleh

45. “In any situation, I choice to keep my peace.”

Tags : Change Change The World Change Life Make A Change Peace Peace Maker Peace Makers Peace Making Peace Movement Peace Of Mind Peace Quote Peacefulness Situation Situational Quote

46. “This is an ode to life.The anthem of the world.For as there are billionsof different stars thatmake up the skyso, too, are there billions of different humans thatmake up the Earth.Some shine brighter but all are made ofthe same cosmic dust.O the joy of beingin life with all these people!I speak of differencesbecause they are there.Like the different organsthat make up our bodies.Earth, itself, is one large body.Listen to how it howlswhen one human isin misery.When one kills another, the Earth feels the pang in itschest. When one orgasms, the Earth craves a cigarette.Look carefully,these animals are beauty spots that make the Earth’s face lovelier and more loveable.These oceans are the Earth’s limpid eyes. These trees, its hair.This is an ode to life.The anthem of the world.I will no longer speak of differences, for the similaritiesare larger. Look even closer. There may bedistances between our limbs butthere are no spaces betweenour hearts. We long to be one.We long to be in nature andto run wild with its wildlife.Let us celebrate life and living, for it is sacrilegious to be ungrateful.Let us play and be playful, for it is sacrilegiousto be serious.Let us celebrate imperfectionsand make existenceproud of us, for tomorrow isdeath, and this is an ode to life. The anthem of the world.”

Tags : Billion Chest City Cosmic Dust Howl Humans Kojouri Listen Living Look Loveable Playful Sacrilege Space Spiritual Ungrateful World

47. “Decide in your heart to be at peace with all men.”

Tags : Men And Women Mentoring Peace Peace Markers Peace Of Mind Peace On Earth Peace Quote Peaceful Peacefulness

48. “Whenever you are angry, take a beautiful object in your house and smash it to pieces. The pity you feel for what you have done is silly compared to what you are doing to your mind: taking a sacred moment to be alive and desecrating it by being angry.”

Tags : Anger At Peace Awareness Beautiful Beauty Being Alive Compared Conscious Desecrating House Kamand Kamand Kojouri Life Mind Mind Over Matter Mindful Object Peaceful Peacefulness Present Sacred Senseless Serene Silly Surrender Tranquil Upset

49. “It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a reason to be happy or sad, you will always find it.”

Tags : At Peace Aware Awareness Calm Consciousness Content Despair Find Finding Found Kamand Kamand Kojouri Matter Moment Now Peace Peacefulness Present Sad Sadness Search Searching Seek Seeking Truth

50. “You must have hope in a better future and have faith in this hope. But then you must forget your hope and focus on this moment now.”

Tags : At Peace Aware Better Calm Calmness Change Harmony Hope Hopeful Hopefulness Improved Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Moment Peace Peacefulness Present

51. “To be wise means to know when to stay silent.”

Tags : Calm Intelligence Intelligent Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Peace Peacefulness Philosophy Silence Silent Stay Truth Wise

52. “Peace is possible for dead bodies, living bodies can not expect peace on the way to the victory.”

Tags : Inspiration Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Motivation Motivational Motivational Quotes Peace Peace Of Mind Peaceful Peacefulness Victories Victory
Author : Amit Kalantri

53. “The best listeners are often those with the quietest heart.”

Tags : Heart Listening Listening To Your Heart Peacefulness Serenity
Author : Marie Sabillo

54. “I can be happy or unhappy in all situations. I am sure of it, because I have been. I have felt distraught and joyful in situations of abundance as well as poverty, in situations of popularity and anonymity, in situations of success and failure. The difference was never based on the situation itself, but always on my state of mind and heart. When I knew I was walking with God, I always felt happy and at peace. When I was entangled in my own complaints and emotional needs, I always felt restless and divided.”

Tags : Happypoverty Henri Nouwen Joy Peace Peace Of Mind Peacefulness Walking With God

55. “I am at peace with myself.”

Tags : Peace Peace And Freedom Peace And Joy Peace And Prosperity Peace And Unity Peace Movement Peace Of Mind Peace On Peace On Earth Peace Quote Peaceful Life Peacefulness

56. “More than love I seek peace”

Tags : Love Peace Peace Of Mind Peacefulness

57. “The evening before I departed I stood on the rim of a lagoon on Isla Rabida. Flamingos rode on its dark surface like pink swans, apparently asleep. Small, curved feathers, shed from their breasts, drifted away from them over the water on a light breeze. I did not move for an hour. It was a moment of such peace, every troubled thread in a human spirit might have uncoiled and sorted itself into a graceful order. Other flamingos stood in the shallows with diffident elegance in the falling light, not feeding but only staring off toward the ocean. They seemed a kind of animal I had never quite seen before.”

Tags : Animals Nature Ocean Peacefulness Wildlife
Author : Barry López
Source : About This Life

58. “In higher samadhi, in absence of any support, the consciousness is absorbed within itself in perfect awareness, clarity and peacefulness.”

Tags : Clarity Consciousness Peacefulness Samadhi
Author : Amit Ray
Source : OM Sutra: The Pathway to Enlightenment

59. “True happiness can only be found when you stop worrying about yourself and try to look out for those around you.Helping people can give your life meaning and joy. Don't expect anything in return spread happiness and get peace, there is nothing more valuable than peace..”

Tags : Expectations Happiness Helping Life Philosophy Peacefulness
Author : AribaZafar

60. “If we all work together there is no telling how we can change the world through the impact of promoting positivity online.”

Tags : Be The Change Digital Branding Digital Media Digital Storytelling Digital Strategy Inbound Marketing Mind Body Spirit Mind Power Mindset Peace Movement Peace Of Mind Peace Quote Peacemaker Positive Attitude Positive Life Positive Motivation Positive Outlook Positive Quotes Psychology Social Media Social Media Advice Social Media Branding Social Media Quotes Social Media Strategy Social Networking Social Psychology World Worldview
Author : Germany Kent

61. “The intriguing placidity from the slothful pace of a snail is truly very peaceful. Our world is in need of this calmness to pacify itself”

Tags : Calm Calmness Intriguing Need Pacify Peace Peace On Earth Peace Quote Peaceful Peaceful World Peacefulness Slothful Snail Snails Wisdom Wisdom Quotes Wise Words World
Author : Munia Khan

62. “One marvel of a day he had walked so far that when he returned the moon was high and full and all the world was purple shadow and silver.”

Tags : Beauty In Nature Nature Peacefulness
Source : The Secret Garden