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1. “Fear is the mind-killer.”

Tags : 1965 Fear Litany Panic Serenity
Author : Frank Herbert
Source : Dune

2. “I finally gave in today. Admitting that I haven't been able to do it alone, that's defeat right? But do a couple pills change why I'm here? Will my spirit be altered? Do my passions change? Will I lose hope either way? My madness is what makes me. It’s my most unique beauty.”

Tags : Admitting Anxiety Beauty Change Confused Defeat Defeated Doctors Drugs Giving In Hormonal Losing Hope Lost Madness Medication Panic Passions Perfection Pills Prescriptions Quotes For Women Sadness Troubled Unique
Author : Crystal Woods
Source : Write like no one is reading 2

3. “She had a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach, like when you're swimming and you want to put your feet down on something solid, but the water's deeper than you think and there's nothing there”

Tags : Drowning East Of The Sun Feeling Feet Julia Gregson Panic Scared Strange Swimming
Author : Julia Gregson
Source : East of the Sun

4. “You shouldn't panic so much," Siris said. "You'll never be a good thief if you panic.”

Tags : Humour Panic Thief
Author : Sean F. Hogan
Source : Painting Angels

5. “The veneer of civilization fell away to reveal desperate animals, humanity at their worst.”

Tags : Desperation Escape Evacuation Flee Panic Paris War Wwii
Author : Travis Luedke
Source : The Nightlife: Paris

6. “[Pope] Clement waved his hands in irritation as if to dismiss the very idea. "The world is crumbling into ruin. Armies are marching. Men and women are dying everywhere, in huge numbers. Fields are abandoned and towns deserted. The wrath of the Lord is upon us and He may be intending to destroy the whole of creation. People are without leaders and direction. They want to be given a reason for this, so they can be reassured, so they will return to their prayers and their obiediences. All this is going on, and you are concerned about the safety of two Jews?”

Tags : Chaos Civilization Decay End Of The World Genocide God S Wrath Jews Mankind Panic Papal Authority Plague Pope Punishment Ruin Scapegoats Turmoil Victimization Victims
Author : Iain Pears
Source : The Dream of Scipio

7. “What should be standing in the shoes of passion, and be walking on the plans of action is sitting in the ink on the papper. Why? Because of the fear to start.”

Tags : A Step Afraid Begin Beginning Fear Fearful Fears Fright Frighten Initiate Initiation Ink Panic Paper Phobia Sit Sitting Stand Standing Start Starting Terror Walk Walking Write Down The Dreams

8. “On either side of a potentially violent conflict, an opportunity exists to exercise compassion and diminish fear based on recognition of each other's humanity. Without such recognition, fear fueled by uninformed assumptions, cultural prejudice, desperation to meet basic human needs, or the panicked uncertainty of the moment explodes into violence.”

Tags : Aberjhani Antiracism Assumptions Compassion Compassion Action Network Compassion Heals Lives Cultural Differences Desperation Global Community Militarization Military Conflict Opportunity Quotes Overcoming Fear Panic Peacism Polarization Political Philosophy Prejudice Slpendid Literarium Stop Killing Each Other Terrorism Trust Uncertainty Waging Peace
Author : Aberjhani
Source : Splendid Literarium: A Treasury of Stories, Aphorisms, Poems, and Essays

9. “Girls are always saying things like, “I’m so unhappy that I’m going to overdose on aspirin,” but they’d be awfully surprised if they succeeded. They have no intention of dying. At the first sight of blood, they panic.”

Tags : Adolescence Death Depression Diary Entry Dying Journal Panic Rachel Klein Sad Girl Self Harm Suicide Teen Angst The Moth Diaries Unhappy
Author : Rachel Klein
Source : The Moth Diaries

10. “I would suggest that the prisons I incessantly create are not designed to lock me in, rather they are designed to lock the world out. And the oddity is that either way, I am a prisoner who has sentenced himself to a prison within which I do not belong.”

Tags : Fear Fearful Hiding Imprisonment Incarcerate Incarceration Isolate Isolation Lock Panic Prison Protect Protection Recluse Retreat Seclude Shelter Withdraw Withdrawn World

11. “I don't judge or believe in any religion, I'm just learning from their divine esoteric stories.”

Tags : Apology Apostate Chaos Condescension Confession Confusion Divine Doubt Entertainment Indifference Judgment Michael Bassey Johnson Panic Preacher Reliance Saints School Of Thought Skeptic Stories Surrender

12. “Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it.”

Tags : Anxiety Depressed Depression Esteem Hypnosis Panic Regression Self Confidence

13. “You can't take highways during the apocalypse, because they'll be packed with panicky people.”

Tags : Apocalipse Apocalypse Apocalyptic Auto Automobile Autos Car Cars Freeway Freeways Highway Highways Panic Panic Stricken Panicky People Post Apocalyptic Road Road Trip Vehicles Zombie Zombie Apocalypse Zombies Zombies Are People Too Zombies Hope Zombies Life Zompoc
Source : Jordan's Brains: A Zombie Evolution

14. “No. No!” he says.“I . . .” He looks wildly around the room. For inspiration? For divine intervention? I don’t know.“You can’t go. Ana, I love you!”“I love you, too, Christian, it’s just—”“No . . . no!” he says in desperation and puts both hands on his head. “Christian . . .”“No,” he breathes, his eyes wide with panic, and suddenly he drops to his knees in front of me, head bowed, long-fingered hands spread out on his thighs. He takes a deep breath and doesn’t move. What? “Christian, what are you doing?”He continues to stare down, not looking at me. “Christian! What are you doing?”My voice is high-pitched. He doesn’t move. “Christian, look at me!” I command in panic. His head sweeps up without hesitation, and he regards me passively with his cool gray gaze—he’s almost serene . . . expectant.Holy Fuck . . . Christian. The submissive.”

Tags : Ana Christian Leaving Panic Submissive
Author : E.L. James
Source : Fifty Shades Darker

15. “it always sound scarier when a hollerer talk soft.”

Tags : Fear Life Panic Scary The Help
Source : The Help

16. “When you sit tranquilly, you set a great example to the people who rush around in panic and thus you show the crazy waves the beauty of being a calm lake!”

Tags : Beauty Calm Lake Crazy Lake Panic Rush Rush Around Sit Tranquil Waves

17. “[Patricia Highsmith] was overwhelmed by sensory stimulation - there were too many people and too much noise and she just could not handle the supermarket. She continually jumped, afraid that someone might recognise or touch her. She could not make the simplest of decisions - which type of bread did she want, or what kind of salami? I tried to do the shopping as quickly as possible, but at the check-out she started to panic. She took out her wallet, knocked off her glasses, dropped the money on the floor, stuff was going all over the place.”

Tags : Afraid Asperger S Asperger S Syndrome Aspergers Syndrome Autism Check Out Decision Decisions Fear Glasses Jump Jumped Money Noise Panic People Quickly Sensory Stimulation Shopping Stuff Touch Wallet
Author : Andrew Wilson
Source : Patricia Highsmith, Ζωή στο σκοτάδι

18. “But there is a limit to thinking about even a small piece of something monumental. You still see the shadow of the whole rearing up behind you, and you become lost in your thoughts in part from the panic of realizing the size of that imagined leviathan.”

Tags : Cognition Panic Size Thinking Thought
Source : Annihilation

19. “Love should not cause suffocation and death if it is truly love. Don't bundle someone into an uncomfortable cage just because you want to ensure their safety in your life. The bird knows where it belongs, and will never fly to a wrong nest.”

Tags : Anxiety Attachment Attention Belong Bird Cage Care Clingy Death Discomfort Domineering Fly Honesty Infidelity Insecure Insecurity Love Loyalty Panic Protection Safety Suffocation Tired Too Much True Love Trust

20. “In times of stress and danger such as come about as the result of an epidemic, many tragic and cruel phases of human nature are brought out, as well as many brave and unselfish ones.”

Tags : Bravery Danger Disease Control Ebola Epidemics Human Behavior Human Nature Infectious Diseases Panic Public Health Sanitation Selfishness Yellow Fever
Source : Sanitation in Panama

21. “Don't Panic.”

Tags : H2G2 Hitchhiker S Guide Humor Panic
Author : Douglas Adams
Source : The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

22. “In many of the more relaxed civilizations on the Outer Eastern Rim of the Galaxy, the Hitch-Hiker's Guide has already supplanted the great Encyclopaedia Galactica as the standard repository of all knowledge and wisdom, for though it has many omissions and contains much that is apocryphal, or at least wildly inaccurate, it scores over the older, more pedestrian work in two important respects. First, it is slightly cheaper; and secondly it has the words DON'T PANIC inscribed in large friendly letters on its cover.”

Tags : Encyclopedia H2G2 Hitchhiker S Guide Panic
Author : Douglas Adams
Source : The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

23. “Joo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril Sensitive Sunglasses have been specially designed to help people develop a relaxed attitude to danger. At the first hint of trouble, they turn totally black and thus prevent you from seeing anything that might alarm you.”

Tags : H2G2 Hitchhiker S Guide Panic
Author : Douglas Adams
Source : The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

24. “It was like when you make a move in chess and just as you take your finger off the piece, you see the mistake you've made, and there's this panic because you don't know yet the scale of disaster you've left yourself open to.”

Tags : Chess Disaster Game Panic
Source : Never Let Me Go

25. “[T]he relentless note of incipient hysteria, the invitation to panic, the ungrounded scenarios--the overwhelming and underlying desire for something truly terrible to happen so that you could have something really hot to talk about--was still startling. We call disasters unimaginable, but all we do is imagine such things. That, you could conclude mordantly, is the real soundtrack of our time: the amplification of the self-evident toward the creation of paralyzing, preëmptive paranoia.”

Tags : Disaster Fear Hysteria Overreaction Panic Paranoia
Author : Adam Gopnik

26. “It is a strange thing, but when you are dreading something, and would give anything to slow down time, it has a disobliging habit of speeding up.”

Tags : Dread Hungarian Horntail Panic Relativity
Author : J.K. Rowling
Source : Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

27. “I'd love to tell you I had some deep revelation on my way down, that I came to terms with my own mortality, laughed in the face of death, et cetera.The truth? My only thought was: Aaaaggghhhhh!”

Tags : Facing Death Panic Percy Jackson
Author : Rick Riordan
Source : The Lightning Thief

28. “Hysteria is impossible without an audience. Panicking by yourself is the same as laughing alone in an empty room. You feel really silly.”

Tags : Panic
Source : Invisible Monsters

29. “Don't panic. Are you sitting? You probably don't need to sit. Well, possibly. At least lean on something.”

Tags : Humor Panic
Source : The Raven Boys

30. “Depression - that limp word for the storm of black panic and half-demented malfunction - had over the years worked itself out in Charlotte's life in a curious pattern. Its onset was often imperceptible: like an assiduous housekeeper locking up a rambling mansion, it noiselessly went about and turned off, one by one, the mind's thousand small accesses to pleasure.”

Tags : Darkness Depression Panic

31. “Could be. I’m a pretty dangerous dude when I’m cornered.”“Yeah,” said the voice from under the table, “you go to pieces so fast people get hit by the shrapnel.”

Tags : Danger Fear Humour Panic Useless
Author : Douglas Adams
Source : The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

32. “Paranoia is just the bastard child of fear and good sense." (Charlie)"Poor thing. Let's adopt it, give it a last name and raise it right." (Jace)"You want to get it a puppy, too?""Sure. We'll call it Panic. It and little Paranoia can play together at the park and scare the hell out of all the other kids.”

Tags : Humor Panic Paranoia Pets
Author : D.D. Barant
Source : Back from the Undead

33. “Fezzik's in trouble, bubble bubble,His brain is just not in the pink,His mind is rubble, rub-a-dub double, Because everyone needs him to think.”

Tags : Fezzik Morgenstern Panic Rhymes
Source : The Princess Bride

34. “Miles clutched Quinn's elbow. "Don't Panic.""I'm not panicking," Quinn observed, "I'm watching you panic. It's more entertaining .”

Tags : Humor Miles Vorkosigan Panic
Source : Brothers in Arms

35. “The cruelest thing you can do to a person who's living in panic is to offer him or her hope that turns out false. When the crash comes its intolerable.”

Tags : Hope Hurt Pain Panic
Author : Robert Ludlum
Source : The Bourne Supremacy

36. “Only 8% of our worry will come to pass. 92% of our worry is wasted. DON'T PANIC”

Tags : God Inspirational Mark Gorman Panic Relax Worry
Author : Mark Gorman

37. “Just before I fell asleep, I had a moment of panic ...”

Tags : Japanese Literature Panic Ryu Murakami
Author : Ryū Murakami
Source : In the Miso Soup

38. “These problems have been here so long that the only way I’ve been able to function at all is by learning to ignore them. Else I would be in a constant state of panic, unable to think or act constructively.”

Tags : Computers Coping Panic
Author : Mark Bowden
Source : Worm: The First Digital World War

39. “Judging by the sounds of general panic, I want a gun like that.”

Tags : Gun Humour Panic Violence
Author : Howard Tayler
Source : Under New Management

40. “Magnesium deficiency can produce symptoms of anxiety or depression, including muscle weakness, fatigue, eye twitches, insomnia, anorexia, apathy, apprehension, poor memory, confusion, anger, nervousness, and rapid pulse.”

Tags : Anxiety Depression Magnesium Panic
Author : Carolyn Dean
Source : The Magnesium Miracle

41. “Don't panic. Midway through writing a novel, I have regularly experienced moments of bowel-curdling terror, as I contemplate the drivel on the screen before me and see beyond it, in quick succession, the derisive reviews, the friends' embarrassment, the failing career, the dwindling income, the repossessed house, the divorce . . . Working doggedly on through crises like these, however, has always got me there in the end. Leaving the desk for a while can help. Talking the problem through can help me recall what I was trying to achieve before I got stuck. Going for a long walk almost always gets me thinking about my manuscript in a slightly new way. And if all else fails, there's prayer. St Francis de Sales, the patron saint of writers, has often helped me out in a crisis. If you want to spread your net more widely, you could try appealing to Calliope, the muse of epic poetry, too.”

Tags : Panic Patron Saints Prayer Self Criticism Terror Walking Writing
Author : Sarah Waters

42. “Panic ain't better than pretending not to feel so.”

Tags : Panic Pretend
Author : Toba Beta
Source : Master of Stupidity

43. “Se tudo o resto não me basta por que hei-de impedir o efeito paliativo das benzodiazepinas e a volúpia desta evocação alucinatória?If everything else is not enough for me why should I stop the palliative effect of benzodiazepines and the lust of this hallucinatory evocation?”

Tags : Ansiedade Anxiety Loucura Madness Panic Pânico
Source : O Carrossel de Lúcifer

44. “You start to feel panic, because you realise that human beings are possessed by the idea that they must fill the world with objects and ideas that will outlive them, and you suddenly glimpse the fires that burn below human despair.”

Tags : Fires Human Despair Panic
Author : Greg Baxter
Source : The Apartment

45. “And it was in that moment of distress and confusion that the whip of terror laid its most nicely calculated lash about his heart. It dropped with deadly effect upon the sorest spot of all, completely unnerving him. He had been secretly dreading all the time that it would come - and come it did.Far overhead, muted by great height and distance, strangely thinned and wailing, he heard the crying voice of Defago, the guide.The sound dropped upon him out of that still, wintry sky with an effect of dismay and terror unsurpassed. The rifle fell to his feet. He stood motionless an instant, listening as it were with his whole body, then staggered back against the nearest tree for support, disorganized hopelessly in mind and spirit. To him, in that moment, it seemed the most shattering and dislocating experience he had ever known, so that his heart emptied itself of all feeling whatsoever as by a sudden draught.'Oh! oh! This fiery height! Oh, my feet of fire! My burning feet of fire...' ran in far, beseeching accents of indescribable appeal this voice of anguish down the sky. Once it called - then silence through all the listening wilderness of trees.And Simpson, scarcely knowing what he did, presently found himself running wildly to and fro, searching, calling, tripping over roots and boulders, and flinging himself in a frenzy of undirected pursuit after the Caller. Behind the screen of memory and emotion with which experience veils events, he plunged, distracted and half-deranged, picking up false lights like a ship at sea, terror in his eyes and heart and soul. For the Panic of the Wilderness had called to him in that far voice - the Power of untamed Distance - the Enticement of the Desolation that destroys. He knew in that moment all the pains of someone hopelessly and irretrievably lost, suffering the lust and travail of a soul in the final Loneliness. A vision of Defago, eternally hunted, driven and pursued across the skyey vastness of those ancient forests fled like a flame across the dark ruin of his thoughts...It seemed ages before he could find anything in the chaos of his disorganized sensations to which he could anchor himself steady for a moment, and think...The cry was not repeated; his own hoarse calling brought no response; the inscrutable forces of the Wild had summoned their victim beyond recall - and held him fast.("The Wendigo")”

Tags : Desolation Disappearance Distance Forest Loneliness Panic Voice Wild Wilderness
Source : Monster Mix

46. “I tried to fight the panic and force it back down to where it had come from.”

Tags : Depressed Panic Remember Remember Sad
Author : Sue Whitaker

47. “I was extremely worried. What would happen to me now that they knew that I had lost my mind? Would they put me in a padded cell and feed me through a hatch door? Would I end up in one of those places that you hear about, where people go in but never come out?”

Tags : Anxiety Crazy Depressed Pain Panic Remember Remember Sad
Author : Sue Whitaker
Source : Remember Remember 2nd Edition

48. “Maybe it wasn’t rational, but she didn’t like the idea of Leo invading her little world. Yesterday, Brooklyn had belonged to her. The Long Island ’burbs where she’d grown up had felt far away from the brick streets and renovated factory spaces of Brooklyn. In this job, she’d felt truly independent, putting down her own fragile roots in a new place. Fast forward twenty-four hours, and her daddy had joined the workplace and her ex-boyfriend had shown up to remind her of all that she’d lost. Really, a girl could be forgiven for feeling slightly hysterical. Not that there was any time to panic.”

Tags : Boyfriend Brooklyn Daddy Hysterical Independence Job Long Island Panic Rational
Author : Sarina Bowen
Source : Rookie Move

49. “Confidence is what we get when we take fear, face it and replace it.”

Tags : Afraid Agitation Alarm Apprehension Boldness Confidence Confidence And Attitude Confident Consternation Doubt Doubtfulness Doubting Doubts Dread Fear Fear Of Failure Fears Fright Hesitation Horror Motivation Nervousness Panic Perturbation Trepidation Worry
Author : Tim Fargo

50. “Roscoe had fallen asleep from sheer exhaustion. He awoke to find persistent itching on his stomach. He scratched it through his T-shirt.He went back to sleep. But dreams kept him from sleeping soundly. That and the itching.He woke again and felt the itchy spot. There was a lump there. Like a swelling. And when he held still and pressed his fingers against the spot he could feel something moving under the skin.The small room was suddenly very cold. Roscoe shivered.He went to the window hoping for light. There was a moon but the light was faint. Roscoe pulled his shirt over his head. He looked down at the spot on his stomach.It was moving. The flesh itself. He could feel it under his fingertips. Like something poking back at him. But he couldn’t feel it from the inside, couldn’t feel it in his stomach. And he realized that his entire body was numb. He could feel with his fingertips but not the skin of his stomach—The skin split!“Ahhhh!”He was touching it as it split, and he shrieked in terror and something pushed its way out through a bloodless hole.“Oh, God, oh, God, oh, no no no no!”Roscoe screamed and leaped for the door. His hand clawed at the knob as he babbled and wept and the door was locked, locked, oh, God, no, they had locked him in.He banged at the door, but it was the middle of the night. Who would hear him in the empty town hall?“Hey! Hey! Is anyone there? Help me. Help me. Please, please, someone help me!”He banged and the thing in his belly stuck out half an inch. He was scared to look at it. But he did and he screamed again because it was a mouth now, a gnashing insect mouth full of parts like no normal mouth. Hooked, wicked mandibles clicked. It was inside him, chewing its way out.Hatching from him.“Help me, help me, don’t leave me here like this!”But who would hear him? Sinder? No. Not anymore. That was over. All over. And he was alone and friendless. No one even to hear as he screamed and begged.The window. He grabbed the pillow from his bed and pushed it against the glass and then punched it hard. The pane shattered. He took off his shoe and smashed at the starred glass until most of it fell tinkling to the street below.Then he screamed for help. Screamed into the Perdido Beach night air.No answer.“Help me! Please, please, oh, God, please help me! You can’t just leave me locked up!”But still, no answer.Fear took hold of him, deep crazy-making fear.No. No. No no no no, this couldn’t be happening. He hadn’t done anything to hurt anyone, he hadn’t done anything awful. Why? Why was this happening to him?Roscoe fell to his knees and begged God. God, please, no, no, no, I didn’t do anything wrong. I wasn’t brave or strong but I wasn’t bad, either. Not like this, please, God, no no no, not like this.Roscoe felt an itching in the middle of his back.He sat down and cried.”

Tags : Begged Bugs Cried Eating Help Me No Panic Parasites Roscoe Scream
Author : Michael Grant
Source : Plague

51. “About time,” Brianna said.“Hey, sorry, we were kind of busy,” Quinn snapped. “And I didn’t exactly realize I was on a schedule.”“I don’t like what I have to do here,” Brianna said. She handed Quinn the note.He read it. Read it again.“Is this some kind of joke?” he demanded.“Albert’s dead,” Brianna said. “Murdered.”“What?”“He’s dead. Sam and Dekka are off in the wilderness somewhere. Edilio’s got the flu, he might die, a lot of kids have. A lot. And there are these, these monsters, these kind of bugs . . . no one knows what to call them . . . heading toward town.” Her face contorted in a mix of rage and sorrow and fear. She blurted, “And I can’t stop them!”Quinn stared at her. Then back at the note.He felt his contented little universe tilt and go sliding away.There were just two words on the paper: “Get Caine.”

Tags : Albert Breeze Brianna Bugs Caine Soren Dekka Die Edilio Fear Flu Kids Message Monsters Murdered Notes Panic Quinn Gaither Rage Sam Temple Sorrow Stop
Author : Michael Grant
Source : Plague

52. “Once again I felt light-headed, but this time it wasn't from the scent of lilacs; it was from the scent of my own death.”

Tags : Apropos Fantasy Fear Light Headed Lilacs Medieval Panic Pessimism Peter David Romance Scent Sense Of Smell Sir Apropos Of Nothing
Author : Peter David
Source : Sir Apropos of Nothing

53. “It’s a cruel fact of war that it takes little more than applying pressure to one finger to end another person’s life. More than that, it’s a cruel fact of life that we are hardwired to follow the crowd in a moment of panic.”

Tags : Crowd Cruel Death End Fact Firearms Guns Hardwired Joe Vagrant Life Panic Sad Shoot Trigger Truth War
Source : Dystopia Boy: The Unauthorized Files

54. “Ever been in a spelling bee as a kid? That snowy second after the announcement of the word as you sift your brain to see if you can spell it? It was like that, the blank panic.”

Tags : Anxiety Anxious Blank Mind Brain Forgetting Going Blank Lost Thoughts Panic Panic Attack Spelling Bee The Human Mind The Mind Thinking Thoughts
Author : Gillian Flynn
Source : Gone Girl

55. “The anticipation of loss is much more frightening than the actual loss as anticipation leaves room for the imagination to create that which, in all likelihood, will never transpire.”

Tags : Anticipation Anxiety Apprehension Depression Exaggerate Fear Imagination Inflate Panic Paranoia Paranoid Transpire

56. “Fear and anxiety affect decision making in the direction of more caution and risk aversion... Traumatized individuals pay more attention to cues of threat than other experiences, and they interpret ambiguous stimuli and situations as threatening (Eyesenck, 1992), leading to more fear-driven decisions. In people with a dissociative disorder, certain parts are compelled to focus on the perception of danger. Living in trauma-time, these dissociative parts immediately perceive the present as being "just like" the past and "emergency" emotions such as fear, rage, or terror are immediately evoked, which compel impulsive decisions to engage in defensive behaviors (freeze, flight, fight, or collapse). When parts of you are triggered, more rational and grounded parts may be overwhelmed and unable to make effective decisions.”

Tags : Anxious Danger Decisions Dissociated Dissociative Disorder Fear Fight Flight Freeze Groundedness Grounding Healing Insights Osdd Terrified Threatened Traumatized Triggered Triggeres Traumatized Triggers
Author : Suzette Boon
Source : Coping with Trauma-Related Dissociation: Skills Training for Patients and Therapists

57. “One man’s panic funds another’s picnic.”

Tags : Funding Monetary System Money Panic Picnic
Source : N for Nigger: Aphorisms for Grown Children and Childish Grown-ups

58. “When the fey were worried, it was time to panic.”

Tags : Fey Magnus Bane Panic Worry
Source : Saving Raphael Santiago

59. “Yeah, let’s get John here. That way we can stall for a while longer. We can keep on doing nothing for just a little while longer.”Albert said, “Take it easy, Howard.”“Take it easy?” Howard jumped to his feet. “Yeah? Where were you last night, Albert? Huh? Because I didn’t see you out there on the street listening to kids screaming, seeing kids running around hurt and scared and choking, and Edilio and Orc struggling, and Dekka hacking up her lungs and Jack crying and…“You know who couldn’t even take it?” Howard raged. “You know who couldn’t even take what was happening? Orc. Orc, who’s not scared of anything. Orc, who everyone thinks is some kind of monster. He couldn’t take it. He couldn’t…but he did. And where were you, Albert? Counting your money? How about you, Astrid? Praying to Jesus?”Astrid’s throat tightened. She couldn’t breathe. For a moment panic threatened to overwhelm her. She wanted to run from the room, run away and never look back.Edilio got to his feet and put an arm around Howard. Howard allowed it, and then he did something Astrid never thought she would see. Howard buried his face in Edilio’s shoulder and cried, racking sobs.“We’re falling apart,” Astrid whispered for herself alone.But there was no easy escape. Everything Howard had said was true. She could see the truth reflected in Albert’s stunned expression. The two of them, the smart ones, the clever ones, the great defenders of truth and fairness and justice, had done nothing while others had worked themselves to exhaustion.”

Tags : Astrid Ellison Comfort Cried Dekka Edilio Falling Apart Fire Handle Howard Bassem Hurt John Terrafino Kids Monster Nothing Orc Panic Scared Sob Take It Easy True Where
Author : Michael Grant
Source : Lies

60. “It is wonderful, awesome and merrywise to see satan lose the battle to us in fear and panic and shame! Our victory is in Christ Jesus!”

Tags : Battle Champions Champs Devil Lose Fear Food For Thought Great Israelmore Ayivor Jesus Joy Lose Merry Merrywise Overcome Shame Victoria Victory Winners Wise

61. “Why do we have to do this in the middle of the night?” Taylor asked.“Because we don’t want the whole town knowing why we’re going and where we’re going.”“How can I tell anyone if I don’t even know myself?” Taylor stuck out her lower lip.“Water. We’re going to look for water,” Sam said.He could almost hear the wheels in Taylor’s head spinning. Then, “OMG, we’re out of water?” She bit her lip, took a couple of dramatic breaths, and wailed, “Do you mean we’re all going to die?”“That would be a pretty good example of why we’re keeping this secret,” Sam said dryly.“I just need to go—”“Uh-uh!” Sam said. “No you don’t, Taylor. You don’t bounce anywhere or talk to anyone without me agreeing. Are we clear?”“You know, Sam, you’re nice. And so very, very hot,” Taylor said. “But you’re not really much fun.”“Let’s get out of here while we can,” Dekka said. “I brought a gun, by the way.”“Are we going to be in danger?” Taylor cried.“The gun’s in case you get on my nerves, Taylor,” Dekka warned.“Oh, so funny,” Taylor said.”

Tags : Bounce Dekka Knowing Nerves Panic Sam Temple Secret Taylor Telling Water
Author : Michael Grant
Source : Plague

62. “One editor during the Civil War got a grievous message to meet his brothers corpse, only to find out that the telegraph operator had garbled the message to meet his living brother's CORPS.”

Tags : Assumptions Bias Depression Despondency Faith Panic Perspectives
Author : Harold Holzer
Source : Lincoln and the Power of the Press: The War for Public Opinion

63. “Sure, it was nice now, but eventually there would be running and screaming and blood on the floor.”

Tags : Disaster Nice Panic Pessimistic Prediction Premonition Soon
Author : Kim Harrison
Source : A Perfect Blood

64. “Being under stress is like being stranded in a body of water. If you panic, it will cause you to flail around so that the water rushes into your lungs and creates further distress. Yet, by calmly collecting yourself and using controlled breathing you remain afloat with ease.”

Tags : Breathing Calming The Mind Calmness Consciousness Dealing With It Ease Growth Inner Peace Inspirational Love Panic Psychology Self Improvement Spiritual Stress Water Wisdom Zen
Source : Living Peace

65. “Don’t panic, you are never alone in building up your dreams. The storehouse of your success was built by the very supreme father who created it for you.”

Tags : Big Dreams Destiny Dream Big Dreams Fear Food For Thought Frighten Israelmore Ayivor Jehovah Loneliness Lonely Panic Purpose Storehouse Success Supreme
Source : Dream Big!: See Your Bigger Picture!

66. “...unquestioning automatonsblindly marching to the beat -an eerie crunching soundhoards of shuffling feet...(from silent moments)”

Tags : Calm Finding Oneself Guidance Human Condition Individual Life Looking For Help Lost Mankind Mass Panic Poem Poetry Prose Respite Rest Singularity Society Solace Stillness Storm
Author : Muse
Source : Enigmatic Evolution

67. “As I feel less overwhelmed, my fear softens and begins to subside. I feel a flicker of hope, then a rolling wave of fiery rage. My body continues to shake and tremble. It is alternately icy cold and feverishly hot. A burning red fury erupts from deep within my belly: How could that stupid kid hit me in a crosswalk? Wasn’t she paying attention? Damn her!A blast of shrill sirens and flashing red lights block out everything.My belly tightens, and my eyes again reach to find the woman’s kind gaze. We squeeze hands, and the knot in my gut loosens. I hear my shirt ripping. I am startled and again jump to the vantageof an observer hovering above my sprawling body. I watch uniformedstrangers methodically attach electrodes to my chest. The Good Samaritanparamedic reports to someone that my pulse was 170. I hear my shirt ripping even more. I see the emergency team slip a collar onto my neck and then cautiously slide me onto a board. While they strap me down, I hear some garbled radio communication. The paramedics arerequesting a full trauma team. Alarm jolts me. I ask to be taken to thenearest hospital only a mile away, but they tell me that my injuries mayrequire the major trauma center in La Jolla, some thirty miles farther.My heart sinks.”

Tags : Anger Auto Accident Car Accident Dissociated Dissociation Fear Floating Frozen Hospital Injury Overwhelmed Panic Paramedic Ptsd Terror Trauma Traumatic
Source : In an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness

68. “It all made sense — terrible sense. The panic she had experienced in the warehouse district because of not knowing what had happened had been superseded at the newsstand by the even greater panic of partial knowledge. And now the torment of partly knowing had yielded to the infinitely greater terror of knowing precisely”

Tags : Amnesia Dissociation Dissociative Dissociative Amnesia Dissociative Identity Disorder Fugue Lost Mental Health Mpd Multiple Personalities Multiple Personality Disorder Multiplicty Panic Pscyhotherapy Psychiatry Recovery
Source : Sybil: The Classic True Story of a Woman Possessed by Sixteen Personalities

69. “Leaders don't fall in gutters of fear; only negative ideas flow in that canal. There, you will see filthy things like doubts and disbelief.”

Tags : Afraid Canal Disbelief Doubts Fear Filthy Food For Thought Gutter Gutters Idea Ideas Israelmore Ayivor Leader Leaders Leadership Negative Negative Thinking Negativity Panic Personal Development Positive Positive Ideas Positive Thinking Positivism
Source : Leaders' Ladder

70. “When you face any difficulty, do not panic but pray.”

Tags : Believe Christian Despair Determined Person Disappointment Emotional Faith Hard Times Healing Inspirational Life Life Life Philosophy Pain Panic Positive Positive Attitude Positive Thinking Prayer Life Praying Life Self Help Self Motivation Struggles Survival Instinct Troubles
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

71. “I was in way too deep. I was cut in so many places that I felt like I was bleeding out from every part of my body. Being outside and watching people live their normal lives took me out of my head, but the minute I stepped back into the apartment, I was muted inside. No words, no actions, no me. - Unsettled”

Tags : Depression Panic Pregnant
Author : Alisa Mullen

72. “I make a project and I panic. Which is good, it can be a method. First, panic. Second, conquer panic by working. Third, find ways to solve your doubts.”

Tags : Doubt Panic Projects Success Working

73. “How long before the parts of my body realized, independently, that something was wrong and arrived, severally, at panic? Panic is a still thing. I have felt it before: each limb nerve organ coming into extreme alert unrelated to any other, ready for action, but who knows what action, as there is no action that could help here.”

Tags : Fear Hospital Terror Loss Of A Child Medical Disaster Panic Unbearable Tension
Author : Joanna Walsh
Source : Vertigo

74. “Don't panic. Say, Hey, no problem. Run a hand through your hair like the whiteboys do even though the only thing that runs easily through your hair is Africa.”

Tags : Hair Panic Pressure Worry
Author : Junot Díaz
Source : Drown

75. “It is better to pray than panic.”

Tags : Advice Daily Inspiration Panic Positive Attitude Pray Self Help

76. “But I don’t panic. I don’t bolt like a frightened gazelle. I am more than the sum of my fear. It isn’t fear that will defeat them. Not fear or faith or hope or even love, but rage.”

Tags : Bolt Defeat Faith Fear Gazelle Hope Love Panic Rage
Author : Rick Yancey
Source : The Infinite Sea

77. “Survivors often develop an exaggerated need for control in their adult relationships. It’s the only way they feel safe. They also struggle with commitment—saying yes in a relationship means being trapped in yet another family situation where abuse might take place. So the survivor panics as her relationship gets closer, certain that something terrible is going to happen. She pulls away, rejects, or tests her partner all the time.”

Tags : Abuse Abuse Survivor Anxiety Control Family Fear Healing Panic Reject Rejection Relationship Problems Relationships Survivor Trapped Trauma
Author : Laura Davis
Source : Allies in Healing: When the Person You Love Is a Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse

78. “Elise ignored her complaints and eased her deeper into the water, until it was almost to her chest. It was getting more difficult for her to keep her feet on the smooth rocks, and panic began to swell. She took in a deep breath of air, frightened that she might go under at any moment. “Wheest, lass,”Elise told her. “Ye’ll be fine as long as ye do no’panic. Panic is what kills a person.”“Are ye sure it be not lungs filled with water that does a person in?”Laurin snapped.”

Tags : Elise Laurin Panic
Author : Suzan Tisdale
Source : Isle of the Blessed

79. “ such moments of extreme panic and anguish you do manage that trick with time: you are at last free from the illusion that time is linear.In panic, time stops: past, present and future exist as a single overwhelming force. You then, perversely, want time to appear to run forwards because the 'future' is the only place you can see an escape from this intolerable overload of feeling. But at such moments time doesn't move. And if time isn't running, then all events that we think of as past or future are actually happening simultaneously. That is the really terrifying thing. And you are subsumed. You're buried, as beneath an avalanche, by the weight of simultaneous events.”

Tags : Panic Panic Attacks Time
Source : Engleby

80. “At that moment my shyness and anxiety all flooded back and I took a few steps back, and then sank to the ground; crouching, overwhelmed, covering my face. ‘What will he think? What if he already hates me? Maybe I was wrong in the first place? Maybe he didn’t like me at all.’ No matter how much I tried, I wasn’t able to produce a single positive thought to counter my panic. I wasn’t able to take a deep breath and relax. This day had been too eventful. I began to shake furiously, afraid of what was to come. ‘He hates me! He hates me!’ I thought over and over. Hot tears began to fall down my cheeks and I squeezed my eyes trying to stop them. My breathing quickened. What was I doing? I had said what I wanted, proudly, trying to be something to him but here I was: a total mess.‘What kind of a confession ends in a panic attack? GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF!’ I thought furiously, my efforts rewarded with futility. The world started to spin, my mouth becoming numb for reasons I couldn’t understand, almost as if to prevent me from panicking aloud. As if I had the friggin’ courage.”

Tags : Anxiety Anxiety Attack Panic Panic Attacks
Source : What if we're faeries?

81. “I lay in bed and watched moments break into phenomenal particles of panic and could actually see the divine crack of God’s ass as he completely turned his back on me.”

Tags : Abandonment Doubt Fear God Panic
Source : Dogrun

82. “I'd developed an inability to demonstrate much negative emotion at all. It was another thing that made me seem like a dick - my stomach could be all oiled eels, and you would get nothing from my face and less from my words. It was a constant problem: too much control or no control at all.”

Tags : Anxiety Control Dick Emotional Emotions Heartless Judgemental Judging Judging By Appearance Jumping To Conclusions Mean Outer Appearance Panic Stoic Truth What S Inside That Counts Words
Author : Gillian Flynn
Source : Gone Girl

83. “my brain had begun to endure its familiar siege: panic and dislocation, and a sense that my thought processes were being engulfed by a toxic and unnameable tide that obliterated any enjoyable response to the living world.”

Tags : Brain Depressed Depression Dislocation Mental Illness Panic Toxic
Source : Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness

84. “Hot, bright heat filled him like some ecstatic poison, and Hartan's pony shied in terror as a wordless howl burst from his throat. His dripping ears were flat to his skull, fire crackled in his brown eyes, his huge sword blurred in a whirring figure eight before him, and the brigand running at him gawked in sudden panic. The raider's feet skidded in mud as he tried to brake, but it was far too late. He was face-to-face with the worst nightmare of any Norfressan, a Horse Stealer hradani in the grip of the Rage, and a thunderbolt of steel split him from crown to navel.”

Tags : Battle Brigand Ecstasy Ecstatic Fear Fight Fire Gawk Heat Howl Hradani Nightmare Panic Poison Skirmish Steel Sword Terror Thief
Author : David Weber
Source : Oath of Swords

85. “A person’s industrious and creative mindset can overcome great obstacles that besiege their existence. Humankind’s greatest unraveling is our propensity to panic when confronting the pealing silence of nothingness.”

Tags : Mindset Mindset Quotes Nothingness Panic Panic And Anxiety Panic Stricken
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

86. “A phobia is an excessive or unreasonable fear of an object, situation or place. Phobias are quite common and often take root in childhood for no apparent reason. Other times they spring from traumatic events or develop from an attempt to make sense of unexpected and intense feelings of anxiety or panic.Simple phobias are fears of specific things such as insects, infections, or even flying. Agoraphobia is a fear of being in places where one feels trapped or unable to get help, such as in crowds, on a bus or in a car, or standing in a line. It is basically an anxiety that ignites from being in places or situations from which escape might be difficult (or embarrassing). A social phobia is a marked fear of social or performance situations.When the phobic person actually encounters, or even anticipates, being in the presence of the feared object or situation, immediate anxiety can be triggered. The physical symptoms of anxiety may include shortness of breath, sweating, a racing heart, chest or abdominal discomfort, trembling, and similar reactions. The emotional component involves an intense fear and may include feelings of losing control, embarrassing oneself, or passing out.Most people who experience phobias try to escape or avoid the feared situation wherever possible. This may be fairly easy if the feared object is rarely encountered (such as snakes) and avoidance will not greatly restrict the person’s life. At other times, avoiding the feared situation (in the case of agoraphobia, social phobia) is not easily done. After all, we live in a world filled with people and places. Having a fear of such things can limit anyone’s life significantly, and trying to escape or avoid a feared object or situation because of feelings of fear about that object or situation can escalate and make the feelings of dread and terror even more pronounced.In some situations of phobias, the person may have specific thoughts that contribute some threat to the feared situation. This is particularly true for social phobia, in which there is often a fear of being negatively evaluated by others, and for agoraphobia, in which there may be a fear of passing out or dying with no one around to help, and of having a panic attack where one fears making a fool of oneself in the presence of other people.Upon recognizing their problem for what it is, men should take heart in knowing that eighty percent of people who seek help can experience improvement of symptoms or, in male-speak, the illness can be “fixed.”

Tags : Anxiety Panic Phobias Social Phobias
Source : But You Look Just Fine: Unmasking Depression, Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Panic Disorder and Seasonal Affective Disorder

87. “We don't shout 'Don't panic !'towards anyone who's in panic.”

Tags : Panic Shout
Author : Toba Beta

88. “Nothing says work efficiency like panic mode.”

Tags : Adhd Editing Efficiency Funny Humor Panic Procrastinate Procrastinating Procrastination Random Work Writing
Author : Don Roff

89. “In movies, people pretend to be sick to get their jailers to let them out,” Aaron told them. “Maybe one of us could try throwing up — or frothing from the mouth.”“Like we’re rabid?” Call asked.“We don’t have time to argue,” Tamara said, reaching into her satchel, clearly completely panicked, and coming out with a little bottle of clear liquid. “I have hand soap. Quick, Jasper, drink it. You’ll definitely froth.”“I am not drinking that,” Jasper said. “I am a deWinter. We do not froth.”

Tags : Funny Hunor Panic

90. “As he pushed her by the shoulder toward the gate, the rising howl commenced. Nightmares had beome a science. Someone, a mere human, had taken the time to dream up this satanic howling. And what success! It was the sound of panic itself, mounting and straining toward the extinction they all knew, individually, to be theirs. It was a sound you were obliged to take personally.”

Tags : Panic Sirens
Author : Ian McEwan
Source : Atonement

91. “Ray's voice echoes in my head from one of his many self-defense lectures."It's the panic that's gonna kill you or get you seriously hurt, Annie.”

Tags : Courage In Life Inspirational Panic
Author : E.L. James
Source : Fifty Shades Freed

92. “I dreamt I was a purple butterfly floating in the summer breeze. Then I woke up in a field of tall grass in the dirt.”Her features crumpled and she threw her arms around me. “Oh, Cora, that must have been awful. How did you manage to get back here? You didn’t walk back naked, I hope. We don’t need the attention.”

Tags : Cora Dissolve Dreams Naked Nessa Panic
Source : Dissolve

93. “Every danger loses some of its terror once its causes are understood.”

Tags : Afraid Cause Danger Dangerous Frightened Horror Panic Reasons Scared Terror Understood
Author : Konrad Lorenz
Source : Civilized Man's Eight Deadly Sins

94. “The rules of Panic are simple. Anyone can enter. But only one person will win.”

Tags : Games Lauren Oliver Panic Rules
Author : Lauren Oliver
Source : Panic

95. “I’m not panicking. I’m watching you panic. It’s more entertaining.”

Tags : Amusing Don T Panic Panic
Source : Borders of Infinity

96. “Tommy and Scootie locked eyes. Only minutes ago, he wouldn't have believed that he could ever have felt such a kinship with the Labrador as he felt now.”

Tags : Dogs Friendship Humour Panic Running
Author : Dean Koontz
Source : Tick Tock

97. “I turned my ear toward the door because I heard him breathing. When you’re alone and afraid, the simple sound of the steady in and out of air being drawn by another person is good medicine.”

Tags : Alone Dating Fear Henry Whitmire Love Meg Kavanagh Panic
Source : Glass Girl

98. “The vision I see in the mirror is me, who I am, supposedly, but that vision does not express the way my mind works or the way I feel inside. A realization creeps over me, the words tumbling into my head quietly like falling leaves.I.Am.Crazy.This is my new shameful truth. Something changed yesterday. A door has been opened that I can never close again. I touch my reflection, the glass smooth and cold, not really believing that the girl I see is me.”

Tags : Anxiety Depression Quotes Mental Disorders Mental Health Mental Illness Panic
Source : Angst

99. “For the briefest moment, Jack's face formed the faintest smile as he considered fear and anxiety, the latter two of which often caused people to forget what truly mattered most.”

Tags : Crisis Doubt Fear Life Life Quotes Panic Panic Attacks Thought Provoking Thoughts Thoughts On Life Worry
Source : The Heart Train: Episode 1 of the Hartford Series Singles

100. “Indeed, he could not be long in discovering that people beyond a suspicion of unbalance, or not obviously coveting the moment's arrest of attention gained them by their statements, never had experience with or knowledge of the restless dead. Slowly accepting this as evidence that no such things existed, Mr. Lecky found terrors deeper, and to him more plausible, to fill that unoccupied place - the simple sense of himself alone, and, not unassociated with it, the conception of a homicidal maniac quietly pursuing him.The first was exemplified by chance solitude in what he had considered deep woods. No part in it was played by natural dismay which he might have felt at finding himself lost, and none by any tangible suggestion of danger. Mr. Lecky could not even remember where or when it was. Long ago, under a seamless gray sky which would probably end with snow; in an autumnal silence free from birds, unmoved by the least breath of wind, he had come to be walking at random impulse.Leaves, yellow, tan, drifted deep and loose over the difficulties of an uneven hillside. His feet crashed and crackled in them. He was not going anywhere. He had nothing in mind. It might have been this receptive vacancy of thought which let him, little by little, grow aware of a menace. The unnatural light leaf-buried ground, the low dark sky, the solitary noise of his unskilled progress - none of them was good. He began to notice that though the fall of leaves left an apparent bright openness, in reality it merely pushed to a distance the point at which the woods became as impenetrable as a wall.He walked more and more slowly, listening, hearing nothing; looking, seeing nothing. Soon he stopped, for he was not going any farther. Standing in the deep leaves beneath trees bare and practically dead in the catalepsy of impending winter, he knew that he did not want to be here. A great evil - no more to be named than, met, to be escaped - waited fairly close. So he left. He got out of those woods onto an open road where he need not watch for anything he could not see.”

Tags : Alone Autumn Evil Fear Forest Fright Loneliness Panic Woods
Source : Castaway

101. “Don’t panic, if you are alive you still have chance to fight back.”

Tags : Alive Fight Panic

102. “Her fierce and fearful friend --who loved country music and cherry Pop Tarts and singing in public and the color pink, who was terrified of germs and dogs and ladders.”

Tags : Childhood Friends Fear Friendship Love Panic
Author : Lauren Oliver
Source : Panic

103. “Do not panic but pray when you face any problem.”

Tags : Adversity Inspirational Panic Positive Thinking Prayer Problems Self Help

104. “...panic is a synonym for being; in its delays, in its swerving and rushing syntax, its frantic lists and questions, it fends off time and loss. Its opposite is oblivion: not the tranquil oblivion of sleep but the threatening oblivions of sex and death.”

Tags : Crush Oblivion Panic Richard Siken
Author : Louise Glück

105. “To take a breath of water: does the thought panic or excite you?”

Tags : Breathing Excitement Panic Water
Author : Maggie Nelson
Source : Bluets

106. “She was young and scared, and hadn't realized there was time to spare.”

Tags : Anxiety Fear Panic Perspective
Source : Firehouse

107. “Panic and terror aren't the only kinds of fear. There are deeper kinds, more terrible kinds. Apprehension and heavy, heavy dread.”

Tags : Apprehension Dread Fear Four Panic Terror Tobias
Author : Veronica Roth
Source : The Traitor

108. “You are as ordinary as spring,' he murmured. 'As powerless as sunlight.' He ran his fingertips down her neck. 'And when I touch you, I burn,' he said, making her heart stop and a flare of wild panic light inside her. He was too close; he was getting to her.”

Tags : Attraction Ordinary Panic Powerless Touch
Source : Out of Control

109. “Oh, my, god, we are in a killing room. This is just like an episode of Dexter! They are going to murder us!” Mia exclaimed as she started to cry.”

Tags : Crying Dexter Killing Room Mia Panic
Source : Dissolve

110. “All civilizations at some time have fallen into this total terror, when the mystery of life was a kind of panic only to be assuaged by the spilling of blood.”

Tags : Blood Civilization Life Panic Religion Sacrifice Terror War
Author : Laurie Lee
Source : I Can't Stay Long

111. “Something like panic struck at Hurlow. Moffat's calm confession of fear withdrew the prop upon which he had leaned. Down there, among the motionless shadows, lurked invisible things, things that were nameless, shapeless and malignant; things which could see without being seen. One of the long lost terrors of childhood returned to him, and like a child he put his hand into Moffat's.”

Tags : Fear Horror Panic Supernatural
Author : A.M. Burrage

112. “I can’t seem to wipe away the blood. I rub my hands against my nightgown, but traces of the red remain, staining the lines of my palms and the crescents beneath my fingernails. I wipe harder, gathering and bunching the soft cotton inside my fists. The fabric has been slit up the center and for a moment I worry that I’ve been cut, that maybe the blood is my own. I try to ask what’s happening, but there’s a mask over my mouth and nose. Suddenly it hits me—I’m in an ambulance.I don’t remember how I got here.”

Tags : Ambulance Beginning Blood Panic
Author : Paula Stokes
Source : Vicarious

113. “She stared at the surface of her coffee, swirling in her mug. Tiny universes rose and fell in the liquid depths as the moment dragged out into uncomfortable territory. Oh god! her mind screamed. (God didn't answer.)”

Tags : Fear Liv Love Panic
Author : Danika Stone
Source : All the Feels

114. “Panic might feel like a bad thing, but in actual fact, it contains thousands of little splinters of hope. When panic is gone, it usually means that those splinters are gone too.”

Tags : Hope Hopelessness Panic
Source : The Apple Tart of Hope

115. “With the amount of diazepam in me, I should have been content to lie back and let events unfold as they may, and my curiosity did for a moment consider it, but then a punch of panic reminded me that people far saner than I were murdered for less in more conspicuous locations.”

Tags : Diazepam Murder Panic Sanity Valium
Source : Assuming Names: A Con Artist's Masquerade

116. “She was—of course—perfectly normal—quiet and polite andreasonablyintelligent and...normal andself destructive and lonelyand terrified of everythingAnd she lovedDisaster—”

Tags : Depression Disaster Panic
Source : A Collection of Carvings

117. “The panic crawled throughout his limbs like a million tiny newborn spiders.”

Tags : Fear Panic
Author : Calvin Demmer
Source : Happy Dark Year

118. “Panic was the death of thought.”

Tags : Panic
Author : Leon Garfield
Source : The Strange Affair of Adelaide Harris

119. “The words kept coming and he could not stop them, not while Callie was standing there so indecipherably, and so he was going to keep talking until he used up all the words there were and then no one would be able to talk to anyone else anymore and then all anyone would have left were one another's unintelligible faces, and maybe some weird gesturing, too, and it would be all Oscar's fault.”

Tags : Anxiety Awkward Panic Social Cues
Author : Anne Ursu
Source : The Real Boy

120. “It wasn't an epidemic yet because no one knew about it.”

Tags : Panic Sin
Author : Tom Clancy
Source : Executive Orders

121. “I envision my mind as a plot of grass full of sheep surrounded by a perimeter of electric fence. If I'm not constantly vigilant and aware of my thoughts, the electric fence shuts off, the sheep jump out, and my panic gets away from me. The chance for an attack is especially bad just before bed or when I'm distracted or lost in thought in the car, causing me to slap myself in the face as hard as I can or bite the inside of my upper arm. If I can feel the pain, then I am still alive and can begin to focus on rounding up the sheep again. See? This makes perfect sense in my head.”

Tags : Anxiety Panic
Source : Fat Girl Walking: Sex, Food, Love, and Being Comfortable in Your Skin...Every Inch of It

122. “Panic reared up through me, hot and blazing and blurry, and that was it.”

Tags : Panic
Source : Salt & Storm

123. “You lost your way in the darkness? Don’t panic; that will be your best light!”

Tags : Panic

124. “I panicked when I tried to follow her movements with my eyes, just to be blocked by a horde of ghostly old people grinning at dirty babies whose faces screamed without making a sound.”

Tags : Panic
Source : Blooming Howls

125. “I always thought a shipwreck was a well-organized affair, but I've learned the devil a lot in the last five minutes.”

Tags : Anxiety Crisis Emotion Panic
Author : Erik Larson
Source : Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania

126. “The city was in a panic, though a panic in Italy means most people still stand around coffee bars drinking espresso and Prosecco.”

Tags : Panic
Author : Magnus Flyte
Source : City of Dark Magic

127. “Then he stalked off into the woods, leaving Talaith alone.Good. Now I can panic in peace.”

Tags : Humor Panic
Author : G.A. Aiken
Source : About a Dragon

128. “One walks along a street and strays unknowingly from one's path; one then looks up and suddenly for those familiar landmarks of orientation, and, seeing none, one feels lost. Panic drapes the look of the world in a strangeness, and the more one stares blankly at the world, the stranger it looks, the more hideously frightening it seems. There is then born in one a wild, hot wish to project out upon the alien world the world that one is seeking. This wish is a hunger for power, to be in command of one's self.”

Tags : Lost Panic Path Power
Source : The Outsider

129. “He wanted his mother with the fiery need of a five-year-old lost at Disneyland.”

Tags : Panic
Author : J.P. Barnaby
Source : Aaron

130. “...Anxiety and panic happen to be mundane phenomena, i.e., even when they are caused by extraordinary things like war and rape, they tend to occur when things are ordinary and predictable and relatively stable, against a backdrop of normal, everyday experience. This, of course, is one of the features of anxiety and panic that make them suck so bad.”

Tags : Anxiety Panic
Author : Daniel Smith
Source : Monkey Mind: A Memoir of Anxiety

131. “Don’t panic. Don’t panic.Someone opens the door.Do not panic.“Hi.”I’m smiling, but I find myself leaning awkwardly to my chair. Crap, I am panicked.”

Tags : Humor Panic
Author : Rea Lidde
Source : Haven

132. “Safety is largely an illusion, and panic knows this.”

Tags : Panic Safety
Source : Let the Tornado Come: A Memoir

133. “It was the first honest emotional connection I'd had in a while. So I immediately panicked and had to leave.”

Tags : Emotion Had To Leave Honesty Panic Single Women

134. “Panic---a deep abiding, free-floating anxiety, often without any reason or logical basis.”

Tags : Anxiety Panic
Source : The General's Daughter

135. “I got another chestful of air in, tore loose with it. 'Somebody help me! You people standing around looking, isn't there one of you will help me? I brought my wife here last night; now she's gone and they're trying to tell me I never -'("All At Once, No Alice")”

Tags : Panic
Source : Tales of Obsession: Mystery Stories of Fatal Attractions and Deadly Desires