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1. “How easily such a thing can become a mania, how the most normal and sensible of women once this passion to be thin is upon them, can lose completely their sense of balance and proportion and spend years dealing with this madness.”

Tags : Brave Courage Crime Deep Depression Divorce Dysfunction Eyre Fiction Fifty Grief Happy Hiking Inauthenticity Journey Literary Marriage Murder Passage Personal Philosophy Romantic Sad Self Trapped Travel Triumph White Collar
Author : Kathryn Hurn
Source : HELL HEAVEN & IN-BETWEEN: One Woman's Journey to Finding Love

2. “Bitches will take your ass down if you try to publish that. Peace out.”

Tags : Angsty Humor Pageant
Author : Libba Bray
Source : Beauty Queens

3. “What’s the biggest problem facing teenagers today? Ourselves. We’re a generation of lazy underachievers who need to learn that hard work pays off. What’s your town known for? Cow manure! Hold for laughs... Actually Irondale is the setting of Fannie Flagg’s famous novel Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café. Why’d you enter the Junior Miss Birmingham pageant? To win... to go to State... then Nationals... maybe get the hell out of Alabama.”

Tags : Alabama Birmingham Humor Pageant Teen
Author : Nadria Tucker
Source : The Heaviest Corner on Earth