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1. “Success, Bill Gates said, is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose.Same goes for good looking people. Beauty reduces the consciousness that it takes more to catch the heart of the right partner.We often think being good at one thing is all we need to succeed, but hey, success is less of what you are good at, but more of what you are good for.Of what use is beauty with no brains, culture without character, knowledge that does not impact, or skill that does not add value?For any seemingly "good" thing to last, great attention we must pay to the unseen intrinsic component that sustains it.”

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Source : The Soldier Within

2. “When someone says "I Love You," it is imperative that you know if you are loved for "WHAT you are" or "WHO you are." When the academic qualifications, professionals, positions, possessions, good look, fat bank accounts and all that has been acquired over the years are taken away, all that is left is "Who you are" - Your Personality (character, values, perceptions.)"We are never truly loved, until we are loved for WHO and not WHAT we are”

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3. “Writing barely differs from Talking and Reading. It appoints your hand while they engage your mouth and eyes respectively. The trio need the mind to combine sensible words from a meaningful arrangement of the ‘simple’ A B C to Z.”

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4. “Sequel to Albert Einstein's quote "education is what remains after you have forgotten what you learned in school," beauty is what remains inside a body after it has wrinkled.”

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Source : If I Were A Girl, I Would Not...

5. “If there is “better”, then there is a “best”. If there is “half”, then there is a “complete”. Far more than being a “better half”, you can be a “best complete”; like a word/phrase that beautifies and gives meaning to a sentence when it is added.”

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6. “The 'Dance of Love' is much more of a dialogue, one takes the lead and the other follows. One dictates a step and the other carries it out. One determines the direction, the other determines the distance travelled in a given figure. One sets the pace, the other reveals the grace. One understands the language of the other and knows what is coming next. The one leading leads with love and respect; never seeing the follower as being weak or inferior. And in the same manner, the one following follows with Trust and Submission; never feeling too big to be led or scared to jump. There is a blind assurance that someone is there to catch.”

Tags : Assurance Dance Dance Of Love Dialogue Direction Distance Follow Follower Grace Inferior Language Lead Leader Love Olaotan Fawehinmi Pace Respect Step Submission Trust Weak

7. “It takes a CONSTANT flowing of gas from the cylinder to keep the fire burning under your pot. “WOOING your woman” should be a continuous process. It should NEVER end after you get your “yes” from her. If you did a lot to get her, you should do more to keep her.”

Tags : How To Keep Your Woman How To Make A Woman Love You Love Marriage Olaotan Fawehinmi Relationship Romance Wooing A Woman

8. “To be Outstanding is to do the same thing others have done in a different way.But to STAND-OUT is to do what no one has ever done before.Being outstanding is good, but STANDING-OUT is better.So Dream, Explore, Discover, and Stand Out!!!”

Tags : Dare To Dream Discover Dream Explore Gegeara I Have A Dream Inspiring Quotes Live Your Dreams Olaotan Fawehinmi Outstanding Stand Out

9. “A Child raised in the Mud should never point an accusing finger at a Pig.”

Tags : Accusing Finger Child Mud Olaotan Fawehinmi Pig Raise A Child

10. “Character is like 'Structural Integrity' in the field of engineering.A construction is believed to have structural integrity when it can withstand 'impact' from anywhere and anything, functioning adequately for its desired purposes and service life, until a physical collapse proves otherwise.'Integrity' springs from the original Latin root 'integrum', which means "Intact".A man has INTEGRITY when he remains INTACT, despite the IMPACT of forces that seek to sidetrack him.He will never confuse "what is" with "what ought to be", EVEN WHEN "what is" will work in his favour.A man who will choose, not what the world forces his hands to choose, but what aligns with his destiny and will propel him to become what he is meant to become.Such men are few, such men should be me and you.”

Tags : Building Character Choice Construction Destiny Engineering Favour Impact Intact Integrity Life Olaotan Fawehinmi Purpose Structural Integrity Structure
Source : The Soldier Within

11. “One of the very striking life lessons from Game of Thrones.When Arya was blind; hopeless and helpless. The Waif lured her into multiple stick fights and the Waif would promptly beat Arya in every sparring match. But through those stick fight, Arya learned to cope with her blindness and how to fight “in the dark.”After Arya had regained her sight and Jaqen had granted the Waif’s wish to kill Arya. Arya confronted the Waif in a hideout and put out the only light in the room. Arya best the Waif due to her proficiency in fighting without sight (which, ironically, was trained by the Waif). Arya killed her adversary.ONE THING ABOUT CHALLENGES IN LIFE IS: THROUGH THEM, WE LEARN HOW TO OVERCOME THEM. Always Pay Attention!”

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Source : The Soldier Within

12. “It takes two to tango”; one dictates the steps and the other executes them effectively. That is how a great show is made.”

Tags : Dance Dance Of Love Follow Lead Love Marriage Olaotan Fawehinmi Relationship Steps Submission Tango
Source : If I Were A Girl, I Would Not...

13. “When we step in the name of love, we cannot rhyme if we don't have the same RHYTHM, and we cannot have the same rhythm if we are not listening to the same BEAT.It takes someone who understands the rhythm and melody of your "heartbeat" to dance to it.”

Tags : Beat Beats Dance Dance Of Love Gegeara Heartbeat Heatbeats Love Melody Olaotan Fawehinmi Onigegeara Rhyme Rhythm Step In The Name Of Love
Source : If I Were A Girl, I Would Not...

14. “When that little clock on my wall says “Olaotan! Olaotan!! Olaotan!!! It’s half past time to write”, I only have three things at my disposal: A pen, A piece of paper, and a crowded mind.”

Tags : Clock Crowded Mind Disposal Mind Olaotan Fawehinmi Paper Pen Piece Of Paper Time Wall Write Writers Writing

15. “A good wife is Royal in Heart. She is a crown to her husband, and pride to the home where she was raised. She is called a W.I.F.E because she is a Woman In Full Effect.”

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Source : If I Were A Girl, I Would Not...

16. “To demonstrate is to show clearly & deliberately, and to describe is to give a detailed account in words.That thing called 'Love' is defined when demonstrated, not when described.”

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Source : If I Were A Girl, I Would Not...

17. “DON'T DIE FOR ANYONE!!! You should rather live to love someone than die to prove it.”

Tags : Death Die Die For Love How To Prove You Love Someone Live To Love Love Olaotan Fawehinmi Prove Of Love
Source : If I Were A Girl, I Would Not...

18. “Loving is giving and being loved is receiving. Loving should not depend on being loved, but to all intents andpurposes, your commitment in a relationship is grossly expressed by how much of yourself you share with your partner.”

Tags : Being Loved Caring Commitment Giving Love Loving Olaotan Fawehinmi Partner Receiving Relationship

19. “A male-female close-friendship hardly differs from a relationship; it takes "relating" to be friends. But sadly, not every relationship has friendship in it. It's just ironical that two people who are not good enough to be best friends are in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together.”

Tags : Best Friends Close Friendship Dating Female Friends Friendship Love Male Marriage Olaotan Fawehinmi Relating Relationship

20. “Love ceases to be a Puzzle the Moment you find the Missing Piece.”

Tags : Finding The Right Man Gegeara Love Love Is Pain Olaotan Fawehinmi Onigegeara Pain Is Love Patience Puzzle
Source : If I Were A Girl, I Would Not...

21. “We are made by the choices we make. We are defined, not by how or where we were born but what we make out of the "where" and "how"; not much of how we started but more of how we decide to end.”

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22. “When someone cannot do without you, don't think he/she is weak. When he/she loves you, don't take that for granted.Experience has thought me that we all have the power to fall out of love at the same pace we fall in it.”

Tags : If I Were A Girl Love Marriage Olaotan Fawehinmi Pace Power Relationship Weakness

23. “A Happy Love-Life happens to the one who works hard at what he KNOWS about it. In all thy getting, get Knowledge.”

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Source : If I Were A Girl, I Would Not...

24. “Best (male-female) friends hardly differ from lovers, but not too many lovers are best friends.It's just ironical that you are in love and want to spend the rest of your life with someone who is not good enough to be your best friend.”

Tags : Best Friends Friends Love Lovers Marriage Olaotan Fawehinmi Relationships

25. “When you truly love someone, his/her weaknesses are not meant to be discussed with other people, they are meant to be understood by you.”

Tags : Love Marriage Olaotan Fawehinmi Relationship Understanding Weaknesses
Source : If I Were A Girl, I Would Not...

26. “If a man values you, then he does. How long you prolong 'the chase' may not necessarily add to or subtract from that. So if you love him and you know he loves you back, then please click the 'yes' bottom to his proposal. It is bad to love the wrong person, but worse to cheaply lose the one that loves you right.”

Tags : How To Know Who Loves You Right If I Were A Girl Love Loving The Wrong One Olaotan Fawehinmi Proposal
Source : If I Were A Girl, I Would Not...

27. “A man protects his fish from rats by keeping it under a cat's watch. How wise!Another buys a gun for security reasons, but decides to kill a ghost with it. How smart!One prays to God for safety, as he climbs a palm tree with sewing thread. How intelligent!Man does not want the truth, and God does not want lies, yet there is no third option.One pretends to be rich, yet has nothing. That's pride. Another pretends to be poor, yet has great wealth. Humility!Not all that glitters is gold, and not all gold glitters. Watch, with the eyes, and also with the heart.Just because all things are lawful, don't make them expedient. And because a thing is right doesn't mean it edifies.With Faith, Wisdom comes highly recommended!”

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Source : If I Were A Girl, I Would Not...