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1. “The intelligent poor individual was a much finer observer than the intelligent rich one. The poor individual looks around him at every step, listens suspiciously to every word he hears from the people he meets; thus, every step he takes presents a problem, a task, for his thoughts and feelings. He is alert and sensitive, he is experienced, his soul has been burned...”

Tags : Hunger Observer Poor
Author : Knut Hamsun
Source : Hunger

2. “We are the observer, the judge and the jury; thus we are our own biggest obstacle to truth.”

Tags : Judge Jury Observer Obstacle True Truth Who We Are
Author : Joseph Rain

3. “Pluto is dead, I know as I observed the Terminator that was sent to kill it”

Tags : Astronomer Astronomical Astronomy Astrophysics Dead Kill Killed Killer Killers Killing Kills Observe Observed Observed Facts Observed Reality Observer Observers Pluto Sent Terminate Terminated Terminater Terminator
Author : Steven Magee

4. “Truth is relative to every observer and can ultimately be realized only within oneself.”

Tags : Observer Oneself Realize Relative Truth Who We Are Within
Author : Joseph Rain

5. “Our conception of time is illusory and deceptive, for it’s relative to each individual observer.”

Tags : Conception Deception Illusion Ilusory Individual Observer Relative Relativity Time Who We Are
Author : Joseph Rain

6. “Over-the-counter ‪‎drug‬ ‪‎abuse‬ or addiction was a problem that I observed at Mauna Kea”

Tags : Abuse Abuse Of Power Abusers Abusive Relationships Addiction Addictions Astrobiology Astronomer Astronomical Astronomy Drug Abuse Drug Addiction Drug Policy Drug Use Kea Mauna Oberservation Observer Problem Problem Of Evil Problems Problems Quotes
Author : Steven Magee

7. “If all we had were roses, would the thorns then be beautiful?”

Tags : Attitude Bad Beautiful Beauty Evil Flower Good Goodness Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Mindset Nature Observer Perception Perspective Positive Quote Rose Roses Thorns Ugly View Viewpoint

8. “Gifted people of discernment, intelligence, and talent flourish in virtually every occupation. Every field produces perceptive and prescient persons whom exhibit the rare capacity to observe what eludes most people.”

Tags : Intelligence Intelligence Quote Intelligent People Observation Observations Observe Observer Perceptions Of Reality Perceptive
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

9. “There is a time and place for electromagnetic shielding and I regard it as a last resort due to the long term biological problems that I have observed with it over the years in plant growth experiments.”

Tags : Biological Biological Complexity Biological Terrorism Biology Electromagnetic Electromagnetic Radiation Electromagnetic Wave Electromagnetism Electronic Revolution Experiment Experimental Science Experimentation Growth Growth Process Growth Quotes Last Observe Observer Place Plant Plants Resort Shield Shielded Time Years
Author : Steven Magee
Source : Curing Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

10. “Chaos is peaceful when you stand quietly & watch - we are eternal observers, reflecting both tiny & vast, singing infinitely within.”

Tags : Chaos Eternal Infinite Observation Observe Observer Peace Of Mind Peaceful Quiet Quietness
Author : Jay Woodman

11. “Your presence is enough to go through life. More and more you observe life, more and more you can let lose yourself with the free flow of life.”

Tags : Awareness Life Natural Nature Observe Observer Presence
Author : Roshan Sharma

12. “Oftentimes I think it is far better to listen for an answer, rather than talk out of an effort to create one.”

Tags : Acumen Answer Answers Better Create Direction Fabricate Observe Observer Observing Patience Patient Problem Solve Problem Solving Strategize Talk Watch

13. “The process of becoming is not of doing but simply an act of observing. The internal process has been designed in such a way that it seems impossible for you to sit quietly even for some time at one place.”

Tags : Life Energy Observe Observer Soul Spirit
Author : Roshan Sharma

14. “Observe your internal and external world and rise above it.”

Tags : Meditate Meditation Observe Observer Seer Thoughts
Author : Roshan Sharma

15. “You can only become the observer of life, if you can perceive the world with the mind and not with the sensory organs.”

Tags : Emptiness Mind Observer Perceive Seer Sensation Senses Watcher
Author : Roshan Sharma

16. “Playboy: Have you ever taken LSD yourself?McLUHAN: No, I never have. I'm an observer in these matters, not a participant.”

Tags : Lsd Observer

17. “Look out from within and observe the words, actions, reactions, and feelings that evolve from you. Release the identity with what you have observed if it creates tension and stress. Surely you will dissolve into effortless being that way.”

Tags : Effortlessness Meditative Observer Oneness
Source : Compatibility: The Code of Harmony for Love and Unity

18. “Since my visit to the Hermitage, I had become more aware of the four figures, two women and two men, who stood around the luminous space where the father welcomed his returning son. Their way of looking leaves you wondering how they think or feel about what they are watching. These bystanders, or observers, allow for all sorts of interpretations. As I reflect on my own journey, I become more and more aware of how long I have played the role of observer. For years I had instructed students on the different aspects of the spiritual life, trying to help them see the importance of living it. But had I, myself, really ever dared to step into the center, kneel down, and let myself be held by a forgiving God? The simple fact of being able to express an opinion, to set up an argument, to defend a position, and to clarify a vision has given me, and gives me still, a sense of control. And, generally, I feel much safer in experiencing a sense of control over an undefinable situation than in taking the risk of letting that situation control me. Certainly there were many hours of prayer, many days and months of retreat, and countless conversations with spiritual directors, but I had never fully given up the role of bystander. Even though there has been in me a lifelong desire to be an insider looking out, I nevertheless kept choosing over and over again the position of the outsider looking in. Sometimes this looking-in was a curious looking-in, sometimes a jealous looking-in, sometimes an anxious looking-in, and, once in a while, even a loving looking-in. But giving up the somewhat safe position of the critical observer seemed like a great leap into totally unknown territory. I so much wanted to keep some control over my spiritual journey, to be able to predict at least a part of the outcome, that relinquishing the security of the observer for the vulnerability of the returning son seemed close to impossible. Teaching students, passing on the many explanations given over the centuries to the words and actions of Jesus, and showing them the many spiritual journeys that people have chosen in the past seemed very much like taking the position of one of the four figures surrounding the divine embrace. The two women standing behind the father at different distances the seated man staring into space and looking at no one in particular, and the tall man standing erect and looking critically at the event on the platform in front of him--they all represent different ways of not getting involved. There is indifference, curiosity, daydreaming, and attentive observation; there is staring, gazing, watching, and looking; there is standing in the background, leaning against an arch, sitting with arms crossed, and standing with hands gripping each other. Every one of these inner and outward postures are all too familiar with me. Some are more comfortable than others, but all of them are ways of not getting directly involved," (pp. 12-13).”

Tags : Control Observer Outsider Prodigal Son Rembrandt
Source : The Return of the Prodigal Son: A Story of Homecoming

19. “I liked watching more than I liked being part of it and for the first time I realized that it was OK to just be an observer. Some of us were actors and some of us were the audience. Both were important roles.”

Tags : Actors Audience Observer Roles
Author : Peter Monn

20. “Sometimes it is the quiet observer who sees the most.”

Tags : Observer Quiet
Source : Pemberley Manor

21. “The excitable observer will pass judgement first and then make knowledge conform to judgement; the prudent observer will first learn to know and then judge according to knowledge.”

Tags : Judgement Knowledge Observer
Author : Thomas Cleary

22. “I am an owl, bird of the night. I see everything. I know everything.”

Tags : Hayley Kincain Observer Psychology
Source : The Impossible Knife of Memory

23. “An observer can’t tell if a person is silent and still because inner life has stalled or because inner life is transfixingly busy.”

Tags : Mental Health Observer Silence
Source : Girl, Interrupted

24. “I go inside my head and become that other me, the one I don't tell anybody about.The observer...I live in terror that one day I won't get to be Dani again.”

Tags : Observer
Source : Iced

25. “Nobody could be an observer without being involved.”

Tags : Invalid Concept Observer
Author : Toba Beta
Source : Master of Stupidity

26. “Or maybe I am justoutside enough,being the footstool observing from the corner,that I have a view of reality.”

Tags : Observer Reality
Source : Because I Am Furniture

27. “Observe the beauty of forest.”

Tags : Forest Forest Life Forest Spirit Forestry Forests Observation Observe Observer

28. “I think writers, by nature, are more observers instead of participators.”

Tags : Observer Participation Writers
Author : Ian Hunter

29. “Miracles' rely on their observer’s ignorance. 'Perfection' relies on the observer’s failure to notice the observed’s defects.”

Tags : Defect Failure Ignorance Miracles Observer Perfect Perfection Religion

30. “Be the compassionate observer. No labels, just unconditional compassion. Fun times pass, tough times pass. Compassion will be eternal.”

Tags : Compassion Eternal Observer Watcher

31. “To see the end, go to the end; to see beyond the end, don’t go further, because beyond the end, there will remain no observer!”

Tags : Observer

32. “I like "Julie Gold's song "From a Distance". Her song reminds me of the world as seen through an observer's eye. Seen from a distance, we are people in the same band playing music for everyone. We are artists who play the most beautiful instruments in the world - life.”

Tags : Art Consciousness Life Observer
Author : Ilchi Lee
Source : LifeParticle Meditation: A Practical Guide to Healing and Transformation

33. “Only he lives his life who observes it, thinks it, and says it; the rest let life live them.”

Tags : Observer