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1. “O how many noble deeds of women are lost in obscurity!”

Tags : Noble Obscurity Women Women S Rights
Author : Seneca
Source : On the Shortness of Life

2. “A real friend is one who helps us to think our best thoughts, do our noblest deeds, and be our finest selves.”

Tags : Best Blessed Christian Deed Faith Finest Friend God Help Noble Real Self Think Thoughts

3. “Always seek justice, but love only mercy. To love justice and hate mercy is but a doorway to more injustice.”

Tags : Activist Avenge Bigotry Civil Rights Consideration Creed Doorway Forgiveness Grace Honor Humanity Injustice Justice Karma Knowledge Love Mercy Morality Noble Peace Politics Punishment Revenge Righteousness Rights Seek War Wisdom
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

4. “Since art is considered a noble field, art should be used to promote all that is good and noble, and in a noble fashion.”

Tags : Art Arts Arts And Humanities Artsy Catholic Catholic Author Christian Creative Creativity Dignity Dignity In The Arts Gadfly Good Goodness Nobility Nobility Of Spirit Noble Noble Sentiments
Source : Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

5. “It didn't make you noble to step away from something that wasn't working, even if you thought you were the reason for the malfunction. Especially then. It just made you a quitter. Because if you were the problem, chances were you could also be the solution. The only way to find out was to take another shot.”

Tags : Giving Your Best Leave Life Love Malfunction Noble Problem Quitter Reason Solution Step Away Working It Out
Author : Sarah Dessen
Source : Along for the Ride

6. “I often think that men don't understand what is noble and what is ignorant, though they always talk about it.”

Tags : Ignorant Men Noble
Author : Leo Tolstoy
Source : Anna Karenina

7. “It is too difficult to think nobly when one thinks only of earning a living.”

Tags : Difficulty Noble Philosophy Poverty
Source : Confessions

8. “If ever you feel like an animal among men, be a lion.”

Tags : Animals Authority Beast Boldness Conquering Courage Courage In Life Fierceness Inspirational Lion Man Nobility Noble Strength Uniqueness
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Diotima, Battery, Electric Personality

9. “It is nobler to declare oneself wrong than to insist on being right --especially when one is right.”

Tags : Life Lessons Nietzsche Noble Right Wrong

10. “Ginny, listen . . . I can’t be involved with you anymore. We’ve got to stop seeing each other. We can’t be together.”“It’s for some stupid, noble reason, isn’t it?”

Tags : Ginny Weasley Humor Noble
Author : J.K. Rowling
Source : Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

11. “To be a righteous woman during the winding up scenes on this earth, before the second coming of our Savior, is an especially noble calling... She has been placed here to help to enrich, to protect, and to guard the home--which is society's basic and most noble institution.”

Tags : Home Homemaker Last Days Noble Righteousness Women

12. “It is a noble responsibility to not back down when you know that you know that you know that you are right.”

Tags : Certainty Confidence Conviction Determination Duty Noble Responsibility
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

13. “After joyfully working each morning, I would leave off around midday to challenge myself to a footrace. Speeding along the sunny paths of the Jardin du Luxembourg, ideas would breed like aphids in my head—for creative invention is easy and sublime when air cycles quickly through the lungs and the body is busy at noble tasks.”

Tags : Creativity Health Jardin Du Luxembourg Nobility Noble Paris Payne Roman Roman Payne Rooftop Rooftop Soliloquy Running Sports
Author : Roman Payne
Source : Rooftop Soliloquy

14. “Oi’m always noble, sir; it’s in my blood. ’As been ever since Oi ate that knight a few years back. Why?”

Tags : Noble You Are What You Eat
Source : Rhapsody: Child of Blood

15. “It is part of a good man to do great and noble deeds, though he risk everything.”

Tags : Deeds Everything Good Man Great Noble Risk
Author : Plutarch

16. “Selflessness. Humility. Truthfulness. These are the three marks of an honorable man.”

Tags : Character Honor Honorability Honorable Horor Humility Leadership Meek Nobility Noble Selfish Selfless Selflessness Truth Truthful Truthfulness
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

17. “I was like you once, long time ago. I believed in the dignity of man. Decency. Humanity. But I was lucky. I found out the truth early, boy. And what is the truth, Stark? It's all very simple. There's no such thing as the dignity of man. Man is a base, pathetic and vulgar animal.”

Tags : Animal Dignity Human Man Noble
Source : The Circus of Dr. Lao

18. “love as a passion—it is our European specialty—must absolutely be of noble origin; as is well known, its invention is due to the Provencal poet-cavaliers, those brilliant, ingenious men of the "gai saber," to whom Europe owes so much, and almost owes itself.”

Tags : Love Noble Passion Philosophy Poet Knights Poetry Provencal
Source : Beyond Good and Evil

19. “When someone is angry and hateful toward you ~ they spit out all kinds of venom, to inflict you with unnecessary hurt and pain. But when you know who you are within, and you stand by your truth, their venom cannot poison you, its arrow turns and points straight back at them! To be humble and virtuous is a trait of the noble and the righteous”

Tags : Anger Angie Karan Quote Hate Humble Hurt Noble Pain Righteous Truth Venom Virtuous
Author : Angie karan

20. “We are noble, good, beautiful, and happy!”

Tags : Beautiful Good Happy Noble
Source : On the Genealogy of Morals

21. “Dav­el­lon may be a vil­lage, but the Dav­el­lon House can be any­thing you make it. No­bil­ity has to start some­where. It might as well start with you. Let no­body look down on you, for what­ever rea­son, My Lord. Ti­tles are granted or in­her­ited, no­bil­ity isn't.~Tenaxos I to Landar Parmingh, Baron Davellon”

Tags : Character Integrity Nobility Nobility Of Spirit Noble Self Respect Titles
Source : The Invisible Hands - Part 1: Gambit

22. “I hate it when everyone is so noble and good in a story that you can't imagine it being true at all.”

Tags : Books Good Hate Imagine Lady Grace Noble Story True
Source : Feud

23. “Robert Ingersoll's character was as nearly perfect as it is possible for the character of mortal man to be... none sweeter or nobler had ever blessed the world. The example of his life was of more value to posterity than all the sermons that were ever written on the doctrine of original sin... The genius for humor and wit and satire of a Voltaire, a wide amplitude of imagination, and a greatness of heart and brain that placed him upon an equal footing with the greatest thinkers of antiquity. He stands, at the close of his career, the first great reformer of the age.{Thomas' words at the funeral of the great Robert Ingersoll}”

Tags : Antiquity Genius Humor Imagination Ingersoll Life Man Mortal Noble Perfect Posterity Reformer Respect Robert G Ingersoll Robert Green Ingersoll Robert Ingersoll Satire Sermons Sweet Value Voltaire Wit

24. “You envisioned the idea of a Confessor for the right reasons. Life is truth. Truth is Life. You wanted a way to seek truth. Such a cause, in the promotion of life, is noble.”

Tags : Confessor Noble Truth Is Life
Source : The First Confessor

25. “Oren tells Marcus: You have a peaceful, noble heart. But as we discussed last night, some men deserve to die. Valeria knows that.”

Tags : Magic Noble Wisdom Wise Wizard
Source : Haunted Tree

26. “Nothing in the whole world is so athirst for beauty as the soul, nor is there anything to which beauty clings so readily. There is nothing in the world capable of such spontaneous up-lifting, of such speedy ennoblement; nothing that offers more scrupulous obedience to the pure and noble command it receives.”

Tags : Beauty Noble Pure Soul Thirsty Up Lifting
Source : The Treasure of the humble

27. “Most priests wish they were as righteous as they seem to most members of their congregations.”

Tags : Atheists Bad Base Chaplain Dishonest Disreputable Dissolute Evil Imam Jokes Law Abiding Loose Miscreant Morally Wrong Nefarious Padres Parson Pastor Preacher Priest Priests Rector Righteous Shameless Sinful Sleazy Upstanding Vicars Vile Wrongful

28. “In my meditations, I find that nothing in life counts more than the happiness we can give others, the good that we can do. This is what we must teach our children, to think of others more than they think of themselves, for it is in this way they will find the most noble satisfaction of all. ~ Maurice Drouhin writing to his wife from prison in 1941”

Tags : Children Good Happiness Noble Teach
Author : Don Kladstrup
Source : Wine and War: The French, the Nazis, and the Battle for France's Greatest Treasure

29. “Ti­tles are granted or in­her­ited, no­bil­ity isn't. Whatever paper we receive, be it of material or immaterial value – it will never exceed the value of your character being loved by people!”

Tags : Character Degree Degrees Love Nobility Nobility And Love Nobility Of Heart Noble People Title Titles

30. “As cliché as it might sound, I'd rather lose than win by cheating. The latter is a much deeper, more personal loss in that one is admittedly whispering to himself his lack of competence. His cheating then begets more cheating, as he is ever-privately, ever-subconsciously insulting himself; thus, gradually deteriorating any remaining confidence.”

Tags : Academics Cheating Cliche Confidence Dignity Exams Games Honesty Honor Honor Code Insecurity Insult Integrity Losing Lying Noble Personal Psychology Quizzes School Sin Sincerity Subliminal Subsconscious Tests Whisper Winning
Author : Criss Jami

31. “The Honey that Adorns my soul to Network with all Nobility in an Affable Humility means Hannah”

Tags : Adorn Affable Blessings Hannah Hannah Q Mensah Honey Honeycomb Hqm Humility Love Love Quotes Nobility Noble Wkm

32. “Hannah means The Honeycomb of Abundant nutrients which Nourish my soul to be Noble in my all networks with an Affable Humility.”

Tags : Birthday Quotes Hannah Q Mensah Honeycomb Hqm Humility Love Quotes Meaning Of Hannah Networks Noble Wisdom Kwashie Mensah Wkm

33. “Don’t be so caught up in the noble cause of responsibility that you lose your passion for who you are living for.”

Tags : Living Your Dreams Living Your Life Noble Passionate Life Reaching For Your Dreams Responsibility Rewriting History Settling

34. “Neither every rich person is noble nor miser.Neither every poor person is humble nor wicked.”

Tags : Human Humble Miser Noble Poor People Rich People Wicked
Author : Salsabeel

35. “Many pride themselves, staking claim to the noble virtue that is loyalty. However, many resolve to give their allegiance to nothing. How can one demand loyalty, if one stands by nothing, nor commits to the realization of an ideal?”

Tags : Allegiance Ideal Loyalty Noble Pride Realization Virtue

36. “Intelligence is not expecting people to understand what your intent is; it is anticipating how it will be perceived.”

Tags : Actions Authors Choices Clarification Confusion Direct Evolution Fights Helpful Intelligence Letting Go Life Love Mixed Signals Noble Not Helpful Novels Parables Philosophy Religion Retreating Right Reasons Soul Stories Wars Wisdom Wise

37. “Today is a beautiful day. Thank you!”

Tags : Abundance Appreciation Available Grateful Gratitude Health Heart Joy Meditation Mind Noble Now Purpose Recreation Service Spirit Stillness Success Today Wealth Well Being
Author : Ron Barrow

38. “England has her Stratford, Scotland has her Alloway, and America, too, has her Dresden. For there, on August 11, 1833, was born the greatest and noblest of the Western World; an immense personality, -- unique, lovable, sublime; the peerless orator of all time, and as true a poet as Nature ever held in tender clasp upon her loving breast, and, in words coined for the chosen few, told of the joys and sorrows, hopes, dreams, and fears of universal life; a patriot whose golden words and deathless deeds were worthy of the Great Republic; a philanthropist, real and genuine; a philosopher whose central theme was human love, -- who placed 'the holy hearth of home' higher than the altar of any god; an iconoclast, a builder -- a reformer, perfectly poised, absolutely honest, and as fearless as truth itself -- the most aggressive and formidable foe of superstition -- the most valiant champion of reason -- Robert G. Ingersoll.”

Tags : Admiration Alloway America Biography Champion Dreams England Fear Genuine Honor Hope Iconoclast Ingersoll Love Loving Noble Philanthropist Philosopher Poet Praise Reason Respect Robert G Ingersoll Robert Ingersoll Scotland Sublime Superstition Universal Life
Source : Ingersoll: A Biographical Appreciation

39. “But if God and immortality be repudiated, what is left? That is the question usually thrown at the atheist's head. The orthodox believer likes to think that nothing is left. That, however, is because he has only been accustomed to think in terms of his orthodoxy. In point of fact, a great deal is left.That is immediately obvious from the fact that many men and women have led active, or self-sacrificing, or noble, or devoted lives without any belief in God or immortality. Buddhism in its uncorrupted form has no such belief; nor did the great nineteenth-century agnostics; nor do the orthodox Russian Communists; nor did the Stoics. Of course, the unbelievers have often been guilty of selfish or wicked actions; but so have the believers. And in any case that is not the fundamental point. The point: is that without these beliefs men and women may yet possess the mainspring of full and purposive living, and just as strong a sense that existence can be worth while as is possible to the most devout believers.”

Tags : Agnostics Atheist Belief Buddhism Communists Devotion God Immortality Meaning Meaning Of Life Noble Purpose Purpose Of Life Stoics Superstition
Author : Julian Huxley
Source : Man in the Modern World

40. “I know it sounds foolishly old fashioned, but I'm stuck with this idea that there's something dignified and noble about facing your enemy and looking him in the eye before you thrust a saber in his heart.”

Tags : Dignified Enemy Look In His Eye Noble Old Fashioned
Source : Lost

41. “I don't understand this irony - valuable things like cars, gold, diamond are made up of hard materials but most valuable things like money, contracts and books are made up of soft paper.”

Tags : Amit Kalantri Amit Kalantri Quotes Books Cars Contracts Cv Diamond Fun Funny Quotes Gold Hobbies Hobby Human Inspiration Library Motivation Motivational Quotes Noble Noblest Resume Solutions Valuable
Author : Amit Kalantri

42. “Reading is the noblest of all the hobbies, that is why people mention it so frequently in their resume even if they don't read much.”

Tags : Amit Kalantri Book Book Reading Books Curriculum Vitae Cv Experience Funny Funny Quotes Hobbies Hobby Hobby Of Reading Human Inspiration Inspirational Quotes Knowledge Library Library Books Motivational Motivational Quotes Noble Noblest Philosophy Resume Wisdom Wisdom Quotes Wit Witty
Author : Amit Kalantri

43. “Yes, I'm sure [the princess] thinks daily of a delinquent midget apprentice growing up to claim her hand ahead of all the nobles and princes of the realm. What could any of them possibly give that you don't have, except titles, land, wealth and all that.”

Tags : Apprentice Claim Desire Dream Land Love Marry Midget Noble Prince Princess Realm Riches Think Wealth
Source : Dawn of Wonder

44. “Tell me about your master.”I nod. “He is eighth in line to the throne, the son of—”“No, no,” Caspida interrupts irritably. “Tell me what he is like.”“He is a gambler,” I say. There is no point in lying about these things. “He is bold, but reckless. Brave, but impetuous. A man who . . . holds grudges.” Pausing, I finish in a whisper, “He would risk his life to save someone else, without even thinking twice.”Caspida turns her head a bit, interest growing in her eyes. “And he sets out on a mad voyage and sails straight into a nest of jinn.”“My master is noble,” I say with a smile, “but I made no suggestions as to his intelligence.”

Tags : Bold Brave Caspida Master Noble Princess Caspida Reckless Zahra
Source : The Forbidden Wish

45. “Too many disciples neglect their thorn-like qualities. For instance: Opting for singleness doesn't count if you can't attract a mate. Patience doesn't count if you are too cowardly to defend what is right. Forgiveness doesn't count if the offender never respected you enough to ask for it. Don't label your character flaws as noble 47”

Tags : Disciple Forgiveness Noble Patience Respect Righteous Sacrifice
Source : Song of Songs the book for daughters

46. “It made her want to stand up next to him and fight. Fight to stay alive long enough to live out her life next to him. Fight for the only thing she knew that was good enough, noble enough, powerful enough to be, worth risking everything.Love.”

Tags : Fight Goodness Him Life Love Noble Power Of Love Risking It All Stand Up Staying Alive Worth The Fight
Author : Lauren Kate
Source : Fallen

47. “Somewhere along the journey i lost myself; i learnt to be who they told me to be, i lived that girl for decades until their truth showed me; the words they were preaching didnt match the the steps they were walking, so i was done with their opinion and went on my unique way.”

Tags : Be Free Game Change Growth Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Noble Quote Of The Day Quotes And Sayings Success Truth Truth Quotes Unique
Author : Nikki Rowe

48. “I notice you didn’t include a blade with your new attire,” Royce said. “Not even a little jeweled dagger.”“Lords no.” Albert looked appalled. “I don’t fight.”“I thought all nobles learned sword fighting.” Royce looked to Hadrian.“I thought so too.”“Nobles with competent fathers perhaps. I spent my formative years at my aunt’s at Huffington Manor. She held a daily salon, where a dozen noble ladies came to discuss all manner of philosophical topics, like how much they hated their husbands. I’ve never actually held a sword, but I can tie a mean corset and apply face paint like a gold-coin whore.”

Tags : Expectations Fighting Humor Noble Stereotypes
Source : The Rose and the Thorn

49. “Words are drunk, the writer is sober;Priests are cruel, the butcher is noble.”

Tags : Butcher Cruel Drunk Noble Priests Sober Words Writer

50. “Many grim tales stem from your green lands, and still deeds both noble and evil shall yet unfold there.”

Tags : Deeds Evil Grim Noble Tales
Author : Robin Jarvis
Source : Thomas

51. “Good fortune will elevate even petty minds, and gives them the appearance of a certain greatness and stateliness, as from their high place they look down upon the world; but the truly noble and resolved spirit raises itself, and becomes more conspicuous in times of disaster and ill fortune...”

Tags : Disaster Eumenes Fortune Greatness Greece Greek Ill Fortune Noble Noble Spirit Stateliness
Author : Plutarch
Source : Plutarch's Lives, Vol 2

52. “She whispered, "Even with a broken hand, you are the knight I'd most want and trust to rescue me-and I know you can do it. You are the boldest, bravest, most noble knight in the Holy Empire.”

Tags : Bold Brave Gisela Knight In Shining Armor Noble Valten Gerstenberg
Source : The Captive Maiden

53. “Panditji lived a full life replete with achievements and honours. He was such a versatile and noble man that the like of him may not be born again.'Sri Shanti Bhushan, Advocate”

Tags : Advocate Allahabad Court High Lal Lawyer Life Misra Noble Pt Kanhaiya
Source : PT. Kanhaiya Lal Misra - My Father

54. “{Miller, who was president of American Federation of Musicians, had this to say about Robert Ingersoll at his funeral}On behalf of 15,000 professional musicians, comprising the American Federation of Musicians, permit me to extend to you our heart-felt and most sincere sympathy in the irreparable loss of the model husband, father, and friend. In him the musicians of not only this country, but of all countries, have lost one whose noble nature grasped the true beauties of our sublime art, and whose intelligence gave those impressions expression in words of glowing eloquence that will live as long as language exists.”

Tags : American Federation Of Musicians Art Beauty Eloquence Expression Father Friend Friendship Honor Husband Ingersoll Intelligence Language Loss Love Musicians Nature Noble Praise Respect Robert G Ingersoll Robert Green Ingersoll Robert Ingersoll Sublime
Author : Owen Miller

55. “He was a strong and noble lord with piercing eyes of grey. He sat upon his noble throne shining like the dawn. His sword flashed like the brightest star. He led our people well. Yet here and now he lays in blood pierced with arrows. He was the friend of many knights. He loved the warrior games. His heart was won by a lady fair for marriage they did wait. A kindly prince, his duty carried him to another's bed. And on her death true love returned, finally they wed. He felt the grief of children lost to murder and to pain. I was the youngest of his blood. I'll never be the same. Here lays my father and my lord. I know not what to say. Except my father and my lord was slain here on this day. Here lays my father and my lord. I know not what to say. Except my father and my lord was slain here on this day….”

Tags : Ballad Dirge Kendric King Knight Lament Medieval Murder Noble Princess Slain Song Tribute
Source : The Ghosts of the Past

56. “Charlie dear, it is I who have to be proud of you. And I am very, very proud of you. You have called me pretty; and as long as I am pretty in your eyes, I am happy. You, dear old Charlie, are not handsome, but you are good, which is far more noble.”

Tags : Carrie Pooter Charles Pooter Handsome Marriage Noble Pretty
Source : The Diary of a Nobody

57. “No despotism, no privileged monopolies, no police societies, no divine rights of the emirs or feudal landlords or shady priests and sheikhs. All had the same equal footing—the rich and the poor, the noble and the common.”

Tags : Common Despotism Divine Emirs Feudality Footing Landlords Monopoly Noble Police Society Poor Priests Rich Rights Sheikhs
Author : Rami Ollaik
Source : The Bees Road

58. “We may not know whether our understanding is correct, or whether our sentiments are noble, but the air of the day surrounds us like spring which spreads over the land without our aid or notice.”

Tags : Correct Noble Sabbath Sentiments Spring Sunday Understanding
Source : The Sabbath: Its Meaning for Modern Man

59. “A small bubble of air remained unabsorbed... if there is any part of the phlogisticated air [nitrogen] of our atmosphere which differs from the rest, and cannot be reduced to nitrous acid, we may safely conclude that it is not more than 1/120 part of the whole.[Cavendish did not realize the significance of the remaining small bubble. Not until a century later were the air’s Noble Gases appreciated.]”

Tags : Air Experiment Nitrogen Noble Noble Gases Science

60. “I used to read in books how our fathers persecuted mankind. But I never appreciated it. I did not really appreciate the infamies that have been committed in the name of religion, until I saw the iron arguments that Christians used. I saw the Thumbscrew—two little pieces of iron, armed on the inner surfaces with protuberances, to prevent their slipping; through each end a screw uniting the two pieces. And when some man denied the efficacy of baptism, or may be said, 'I do not believe that a fish ever swallowed a man to keep him from drowning,' then they put his thumb between these pieces of iron and in the name of love and universal forgiveness, began to screw these pieces together. When this was done most men said, 'I will recant.' Probably I should have done the same. Probably I would have said: 'Stop; I will admit anything that you wish; I will admit that there is one god or a million, one hell or a billion; suit yourselves; but stop.'But there was now and then a man who would not swerve the breadth of a hair. There was now and then some sublime heart, willing to die for an intellectual conviction. Had it not been for such men, we would be savages to-night. Had it not been for a few brave, heroic souls in every age, we would have been cannibals, with pictures of wild beasts tattooed upon our flesh, dancing around some dried snake fetich.Let us thank every good and noble man who stood so grandly, so proudly, in spite of opposition, of hatred and death, for what he believed to be the truth.Heroism did not excite the respect of our fathers. The man who would not recant was not forgiven. They screwed the thumbscrews down to the last pang, and then threw their victim into some dungeon, where, in the throbbing silence and darkness, he might suffer the agonies of the fabled damned. This was done in the name of love—in the name of mercy, in the name of Christ.I saw, too, what they called the Collar of Torture. Imagine a circle of iron, and on the inside a hundred points almost as sharp as needles. This argument was fastened about the throat of the sufferer. Then he could not walk, nor sit down, nor stir without the neck being punctured, by these points. In a little while the throat would begin to swell, and suffocation would end the agonies of that man. This man, it may be, had committed the crime of saying, with tears upon his cheeks, 'I do not believe that God, the father of us all, will damn to eternal perdition any of the children of men.'I saw another instrument, called the Scavenger's Daughter. Think of a pair of shears with handles, not only where they now are, but at the points as well, and just above the pivot that unites the blades, a circle of iron. In the upper handles the hands would be placed; in the lower, the feet; and through the iron ring, at the centre, the head of the victim would be forced. In this condition, he would be thrown prone upon the earth, and the strain upon the muscles produced such agony that insanity would in pity end his pain.I saw the Rack. This was a box like the bed of a wagon, with a windlass at each end, with levers, and ratchets to prevent slipping; over each windlass went chains; some were fastened to the ankles of the sufferer; others to his wrists. And then priests, clergymen, divines, saints, began turning these windlasses, and kept turning, until the ankles, the knees, the hips, the shoulders, the elbows, the wrists of the victim were all dislocated, and the sufferer was wet with the sweat of agony. And they had standing by a physician to feel his pulse. What for? To save his life? Yes. In mercy? No; simply that they might rack him once again.This was done, remember, in the name of civilization; in the name of law and order; in the name of mercy; in the name of religion; in the name of Christ.”

Tags : Agony Blasphemy Bravery Darkness Dungeon Heresy Heroic Heroism Martyr Noble Rack Suffer Thankful Thumbscrew Torture Victim
Source : The Liberty of Man, Woman and Child

61. “The heart, said to be man’s noblest organ, has the same shape as the penis, commonly supposed the most ignoble; the symbolism is not inappropriate, because the love which comes from the heart soon extends to the organ which it resembles.”

Tags : Heart Love Noble Penis Sex
Source : Là-Bas

62. “Integrity is the most important accessory you'll ever have, it will never go out of fashion, get old, or fade. It's the greatest investment you'll ever make, and a noble fight you'll spend your lifetime pursuing.”

Tags : Bethatgirl Integrity Noble
Author : Alexis Jones
Source : I Am That Girl: How to Speak Your Truth, Discover Your Purpose, and #bethatgirl

63. “You are brave and strong and good, noble and kind. I love you and I think you're...”

Tags : Brave Fairy Tale Retellings Kind Noble Romance Strong
Source : The Captive Maiden

64. “You don’t have to keep living in a dystopia simply because you’re strong and noble enough to accept it.”

Tags : Acceptance Change Dystopia Noble Strength Strong Weakness
Source : Rise of the Morningstar

65. “Leaving a place, a person or a country silently and without any notice is a heroic and a noble way of teaching the importance of your presence to those who ignore your existence!”

Tags : Country Existence Ignore Ildan Words Of Wisdom Leave Leaving Noble Person Place Presence Teaching

66. “We are only as noble as our actions prove us to be.”

Tags : Actions Noble
Author : Kathryn Lasky
Source : To Be a King

67. “When your cause is noble, you shall never know fear.”

Tags : Cause Character Courage Fear Nobility Noble

68. “Humble spirit leads to a noble character.”

Tags : Character Christian Life Humble Noble Spiritual Wisdom Of Lailah Gifty Akita

69. “Avarice is opposed to nobility.It believes that by robbing many of all they have, that it (greed) is cloaked in the nobility that is the birthmark of the people.”

Tags : Avarice Birthmarks Greed Noble Opposed Thief

70. “I’m a threat to anything that hurts Wonderland, including indifference.”

Tags : Alice Crazy Hero Indifference Insanity Madness Noble Threat Wonderland
Source : The Madder Woman

71. “[,,,]he saw it as his Christian duty. Jesus had given his life for others, and a knight must do the same, and nothing was nobler than saving a young woman.”

Tags : Christian Duty Knight Noble
Source : The Golden Braid

72. “Insights are everything. They play central parts in the actualization of destiny. A dangerous insights becomes a colossal executioner. Latching your fate with noble thoughts spares you a life of self-limitation.”

Tags : Liberty Noble Perception
Author : Darmie Orem

73. “Greed is mistaken nobility. Instead of robbing all the pain and hardship from people's lives and rescuing them from danger, greed robs provisions from providers.”

Tags : Danger Greed Hardship Nobility Noble Pain Providers Provision

74. “Save your world. Love it. Protect it, and respect it and don't let haters represent it. Don't leave the saving to anyone else, ever, because, exhibit A - why, hello there - it's way too much for one person. And if you want to skip out on the responsibility train, my whole life - and death - will have been in vain.It's yours. It's all yours for taking!You're not going to waste it now, are you?”

Tags : Advice Maximum Ride Nevermore Noble Save The World

75. “Freedom is not the ability to do whatever you want. Freedom is the strength of character to do what is good, true, noble, and right.”

Tags : Choice Free Free Will Freedom Noble Power Right And Wrong Strength Of Character
Author : Matthew Kelly
Source : The Seven Levels of Intimacy: The Art of Loving and the Joy of Being Loved

76. “Kenzie approached sheepishly, one half of the broken rattan in her hand. "Sorry," she said, holding up the ruined weapon with a helpless gesture. "It...uh...died a noble death. I can only hope it gave that thing a wicked tongue splinter.”

Tags : Kenzie St James Noble Rattan Splinter
Author : Julie Kagawa
Source : The Lost Prince

77. “On some such night as this she remembered promising to herself to live as brave and noble a life as any heroine she ever read or heard of in romance, a life sans peur et sans reproche; it had seemed to her then that she had only to will, and such a life would be accomplished. And now she had learnt that not only to will, but also to pray, was a necessary condition in the truly heroic. Trusting to herself, she had fallen.”

Tags : Brave Heroic Individual Will Noble Prayer Strength Wisdom
Source : North and South

78. “I had forgotten that you are only a common boy. How should you understand reasons of the State? You must learn, child, that what would be wrong for you or for any of the common people is not wrong in a great Queen such as I. The weight of the world is on our shoulders. We must be freed from all rules. Ours is a high and lonely destiny.”

Tags : Aristocracy King Noble Power Queen Slave
Author : C.S. Lewis
Source : The Magician's Nephew

79. “What you admire in others will develop in yourself. Therefore, to love the ordinary in anyone is to become ordinary, while to love the noble and the lofty in all minds is to grow into the likeness of that which is noble and lofty.”

Tags : Admire Develop Lofty Noble

80. “Ambition: it is the last infirmity of noble minds.”

Tags : Ambition Infirmity Mind Noble
Author : J.M. Barrie

81. “It was a saying about noble figures in old Irish poems—he would give his hawk to any man that asked for it, yet he loved his hawk better than men nowadays love their bride of tomorrow. He would mourn a dog with more grief than men nowadays mourn their fathers.”

Tags : Noble Nowadays
Author : Ted Hughes
Source : Letters of Ted Hughes

82. “Faithfulness and character are noble qualities that God honors.”

Tags : Bible Character Christian Faith Faithfulness God Honor Jesus Noble Qualities Wednesday Word
Author : Jim George

83. “You think me noble?” She rolled to her side facing him. “Am I saint-like? Do I slay dragons and hang the moon as well?”

Tags : Friendship Moon Noble Sacrifice Saint
Source : The Sin Collector: Thomas

84. “He had acquired a reputation for possessing a noble character, and even for being something of a hero - or, at least, in the assessment of one contemporary commentator, one of those parties who are able to fulfil the public need in the event of genuine heroes being absent or, for any reason, unpalatable.”

Tags : Gwynn Hero Heroes Heroism Noble Reputation
Author : K.J. Bishop
Source : The Etched City

85. “No account of the history of the Allahabad High Court can ever becomplete without an honourable and detailed reference to PunditKanhaiya Lal Misra and the multifaceted and many splendoured trailthat he has left behind not only in the field of Law but in almost everyother sphere of noble human activity.”

Tags : Activity Allahabad High Court Human K L Kanhaiya Lal Law Misra Nobel Noble
Source : PT. Kanhaiya Lal Misra - My Father

86. “Why should our nastiness be the baggage of an apish past and our kindness uniquely human? Why should we not seek continuity with other animals for our 'noble' traits as well?”

Tags : Animal Cognitive Evolution Kindness Nastiness Noble Traits

87. “His face frankly displays his suffering, expressing it with a truly royal simplicity. At such moments even the very best people are apt to give themselves away with the kind of look which says to you more or less directly: 'You see how I'm sticking it out; don't praise me, it's my nature; thanks all the same.' But the Curé de Torcy looks straight at you, guilelessly. His eyes beg your compassion and sympathy. But with what nobility they beg! A king might beg in just that way.”

Tags : Catholic Catholicism Christian Christianity Nobility Noble Priest Royal Suffering
Source : The Diary of a Country Priest