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1. “It is good to have a reason for every action you perform other than blaming others for your faults.”

Tags : Acceptance Of Oneself Accuracy Blaming Others Correction Failure Future Plans Mistakes Mistakes We Make Planning Plans Self Control Success
Author : Auliq Ice

2. “Bring it up, make amends, forgive yourself. It sounds simple, but don’t think for a second that it is easy. Getting free from the tyranny of past mistakes can be hard work, but definitely worth the effort. And the payoff is health, wholeness and inner peace. In other words, you get your life back.”

Tags : Forgive Yourself Forgiveness Forgiveness Quotes Inner Peace Mistakes Mistakes We Make Self Care
Author : Steve Goodier

3. “when you make numerous mistakes, don't worry. You have numerous lessons of life in your bosom. The most important thing is recognizing, accepting and learning the lessons out of the lessons. just ponder!”

Tags : Accepting Change Accepting The Situation Accepting Your Worth Accepting Yourself Common Mistakes Learning From The Lessons Learning The Lessons Lessons Of Life Mistakes Learned Mistakes Quotes Mistakes We Make Opportunities Missed Ponder Regrets Thinking Positive Thinking Quotes Time Past

4. “Instead of recognizing their mistakes, some people commit crimes to hide them”

Tags : Cruel People Cruel World Cruelties Cruelty Enormity Evil Evil Man Evil Men Evil People Evil Spirit Evil Thoughts Evil Words Evilness Evils Good Vs Evil Inhumanity Iniquitious Iniquity Mistakes Quotes Mistakes We Make Wicked Wicked Intensions Wicked People Wickedness
Source : The Great Pearl of Wisdom

5. “Don't miss to take out of mistake”

Tags : Lessons Learned Life Lessons Mistakes Learn Life Mistakes We Make
Author : Syed Sharukh

6. “Sometimes in life, you make a mistake and there’s no buts and no explanations … There’s no peace in ‘I’m sorry, but.’ You can’t find peace until you truly understand that the only thing to say is, ‘I’m sorry,’ period. ~ John Lucas, as quoted in ‘The Punch’ by John Feinstein”

Tags : Apologizing Explanations Mistakes We Make
Source : The Punch: One Night, Two Lives, and the Fight That Changed Basketball Forever

7. “Just because you’ve a best Insurance, doesn’t mean you’ve to collide intentionally.”

Tags : Accidents Mistakes We Make
Author : Sarvesh Jain
Source : Naked Wisdom of the child

8. “We have to accept that there are certain things in our life that are inescapable. These are the things that come natural to us and are necessary to our existence.”

Tags : Accidents Alikkais Auliq Ice Death Falling In Love Hatred Quotes Life Life Accomplishment Life Achievements Life Challenges Life Lessons Life Philosophy Love Love Quotes Mistakes Mistakes We Make Problems
Author : Auliq Ice

9. “Once I am alive, I still have the chance to live rightly for the rest of my life.”

Tags : Chances Choices And Attitude Choices Based On Faith Christian Life Christianity Christianity Faith Confession Confessions Of Faith Decision Quotes Life And Living Life Lessons Life Philosophy Life Quotes Live An Extraordinary Life Mistakes Learn Life Mistakes Quotes Mistakes We Make Moments Quote Opportunity Quotes Repent Repentance
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

10. “we are bound to make mistakes. We are bound to meet mistakes. We have regretted certain decisions we took yesterday today and we may regret some decisions of today tomorrow but not until we regret the regrets, we shall always have the regrets”

Tags : Common Mistakes Common Sense Decision Quotes Focus On Your Dreams Living Well Mistakes Learn Life Mistakes We Make Misunderstanding Pain Of Regrets Recurring Problems Regret Free Life Regrets Sorrowful Quotes Staying Focused Tomorrow Wisdom Quotes Wit

11. “You make mistakes, mistakes does not make you.”

Tags : Mistake Man Makes Mistakes Mistakes Learn Life Mistakes Quotes Mistakes We Make
Author : Saji Ijiyemi
Source : Don't Die Sitting

12. “It is a rather remarkable trick of the mind that there can be a wicked little voice that whispers in your ear that you’ve done it before and nothing happened, so why not do it again? Everything will be OK, it says. Things are bad now, but something will turn up. The good will prevail, you’ll be rescued, you’ll find the answer at the last minute. No one dies in a story…”

Tags : Convincing Yourself Fantasy Fiction Mistakes Quotes Mistakes We Make Ominous
Author : F. D. Lee
Source : The Fairy's Tale

13. “All humans learn from each other's mistakes. Intelligent humans learn how to avoid them, idiots how to do them.”

Tags : Funny Funny Quotes Humans Humans And Evolution Humorous Quotes Learning Learning From Mistakes Learning Process Learning Quotes Mistake Mistakes Mistakes Quotes Mistakes We Make
Author : Raheel Farooq

14. “Sometimes we place faith in the wrong people for the right reasons. We're too blind to their faults, and they're too blind to appreciate us.—Brighton Hayes”

Tags : Faith Family Mistakes We Make Relationships
Source : Heartstrings

15. “He could make mistakes.... the first time.”

Tags : Learning Process Mistakes We Make Wisdom Quotes
Author : Aporva Kala
Source : Alchemist of the East

16. “.....the only sound was of the crickets, and the glittering speckled of stars on the night sky as witness of her biggest mistake, the night when it changed her life forever.”

Tags : Life Lessons Mistakes We Make
Author : Diyar Harraz
Source : One Minute to Midnight

17. “How do you learn if they don't make mistakes? It's good to make mistakes but not that many.”

Tags : Learn Mistakes We Make

18. “The benefits often outweigh the suffering. Never concentrate on the pain, focus on the reward.”

Tags : Courage Quotes Encouragement Quotes Focus Hopeful And Encouraging Hopeful Quotes Inner Strength Quotes Inspirational Quotes Mistakes Quotes Mistakes We Make Negative And Positive Negative Thinking Overcoming Challenges Overcoming Pain Positive Motivation Purpose Driven Life Self Determination Quotes Self Help Quotes Self Motivational Quotes Suffering Life Suffering Quote Survival Instinct Surviving Hard Times Surviving The Death Wise Quotes
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

19. “Life is an act and we are the actors of life. Some are able to act well but some are crippled by the fear of fear. Be it good or bad, great or mediocre, we all do take steps in life; sometimes out of ignorance, out of pain, out of love, out of hatred, out of comfort and sometimes out of jealousy. We may slip as we take these steps in life but when we realize what we should have done, we ought to regret and take action”

Tags : Action Time Desires Fear Ignorance Lost Love Love Quotes Mistakes Mistakes Quotes Mistakes We Make Out Of Hatred Regrets Regretting Repentance Taking Actions On Your Desires Understanding Our Steps What We Should Have Done

20. “Those who neglect the lessons of their past are doomed to no future.”

Tags : Growth Process History Humanity And Society Mistakes We Make Redemption Wisdom Inspirational
Author : T.A. Uner
Source : The Leopard Apocalypse

21. “If you haven't made any mistakes lately, then obviously you haven't been trying too hard.”

Tags : Inspirational Quotes Mistakes Quotes Mistakes We Make Work Ethic Work Hard
Author : Mark W. Boyer

22. “Every day we all make little MISTAKES in life, but that doesn't mean we have to pay for them for the rest of our lives.Sometimes GOOD people make BAD choices, but that doesn't mean we are BAD people...It just means we are HUMAN!”

Tags : Human Nature Inspirational Attitude Life Lessons Mistakes We Make
Author : Karen Gibbs
Source : A Gallery of Scrapbook Creations

23. “A mistake is a stepping stone to success”

Tags : Bangambiki Habyarimana Failure And Success Failure Quotes Mistake Mistakes Mistakes In Practice Mistakes Quotes Mistakes We Make Success Success Quote Success Quotes Success Strategies Successful Living Successful People The Great Pearl Of Wisdom
Source : The Great Pearl of Wisdom

24. “Success sits on a mountain of mistakes”

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Source : The Great Pearl of Wisdom

25. “You can't be someone who has never made a mistake, because there is no someone who has never made a mistake.”

Tags : Mistakes We Make
Author : Sarvesh Jain
Source : The Journey of 101 Milestones

26. “Don’t listen to advice. Give yourself the freedom to make your own errors, it’s the only way you’ll learn.”

Tags : Advice Learning Mistakes We Make

27. “When we make mistakes, we simply say sorry. And saying the words would cost us our pride most of the time.”

Tags : Dignity Faults Mistakes Mistakes Quotes Mistakes We Make Pride
Author : RSCruz

28. “We have to let go of mistakes we can no longer do anything about and move forward with clarity, focus on positivity.”

Tags : Clarity Focus Mistakes Mistakes Humanity Mistakes Learn Life Mistakes Man Makes Mistakes Quotes Mistakes We Make Positives
Author : Jay Woodman

29. “Horror was written all over his face as he began to understand that that child of his wasn’t stupid, or immune to what he had done in the past. It had greatly affected her.”

Tags : Life And Living Mistakes We Make
Author : Diyar Harraz
Source : One Minute to Midnight

30. “A veces llueve, y a veces el viento arrastra papeles en calles protegidas, se apagan luces y tiemblan sombras. La radio ronronea inagotable noticias, melodías solicitadas y bobos anuncios de Lavaman en el húmedo patio de la pensión. La línea. «No la cruces nunca», me decía Ballesta. «En el otro lado de la línea te equivocas, elijas el sentido que elijas», insistía Ballesta. «La tarea no consiste ya en no equivocarse, sino en ocultarte», aconsejaba Ballesta. La línea.”

Tags : Mistakes We Make Watusi
Source : El idioma imposible

31. “until we courageously find a cheaper antidote to our ignorance, we shall always pay a higher price for our ignorance courageously.”

Tags : Courage Ignorance Lessons In Life Lessons Learned Life Mistakes Mistakes We Make Price Of Dialogue Purpose Driven Life

32. “It's not that the people are bad but it's the situation which ruins the thoughts of the people. The situation where we forget what's right and what's wrong... that's the moment where we do wrong which we realize long later...”

Tags : Mistakes Humanity Mistakes We Make Realization Of Mistake Realizations

33. “Our greatest mistakes, if we look at them, and digest them, and interact with them, and learn from them… they can be the greatest moments of our lives.”

Tags : Improving Learning Learning From Mistakes Life Mistakes Mistakes Learn Mistakes We Make
Author : Dan Pearce
Source : Single Dad Laughing

34. “In life we all should learn to forgive but never forget. Best way to learn from our mistakes.”

Tags : Family Drama Friendship Quotes Friendship True And Loyal Jonathan Anthony Burkett Lessons In Life Lessons Learned Life Quotes Love Quotes Mistakes We Make People Quote Understanding Oneself And Others

35. “We look back on our life as a thing of broken pieces, because our mistakes and failures are always the first to strike us, and outweigh in our imagination what we have accomplished and attained.”

Tags : Accomplishments Attainments Broken Brokenness Failures Life Life And Living Life Experience Life Lesson Life Lessons Looking Back Mistakes Mistakes We Make Reflecting Reflection Reflection On Life
Source : Maxims and Reflections

36. “It’s easy to count other people’s mistakes. Make your own if you can.”

Tags : Can Can T Easy Easy Way Egoism If You Can Make A Change Make A Choice Make An Impact Making A Difference In The World Mistake Mistakes In Practice Mistakes Man Makes Mistakes We Make People People Nature People Quotes People Relations People Skills Peoples Quote Sayings About Mistakes Selfish People Your Own
Source : The New Land

37. “Well, The Year Is Finally Wrapped up, Looking Back, I Made Mistakes Along Just like The Next Man, As a Matter of Fact, I Have Wronged, Disappointed, Been Inpatient a Little Insecure, Been Out of Control and at Times Hard to Bare With.My Prayer Dear Family and Friend is That You Forgive Me and Continue to Bare With Me as I Look Upon Myself and Work on Myself on The Next Coming Years, I Haven't Been The Best of Friends But Sure I Will As I Continue To Seek God's Enlightenment and Wisdom. I Love You All and Bless You In God's Name.”

Tags : Forgive Mistake Mistakes Mistakes We Make New Year New Years Eve

38. “We all make mistakes, but what matters is how we go back and fix them.”

Tags : Fixing Relationships Fixing Things Mistakes We Make

39. “Mistakes and slips are a necessary evil part of our daily living. We learn through them all the time. Life is too broad for us to do everything so perfectly, but we must not justify our mistakes and slips when we know that we are far better than our mistakes! The best regret is to take a robust action in the right direction to prove how far better we are than our mistakes and slips.”

Tags : Learning From Mistakes Learning Process Mistakes Mistakes We Make Perfection Regrets Slips

40. “We acquire insightful lessons of life in moments of failure than success.”

Tags : Adversity Quotes Challenges Quotes Failure Quotes Learning Learning From Mistakes Learning Process Learning Quotes Lessons In Life Life Lessons Life Philosophy Mistakes Man Makes Mistakes Quotes Mistakes We Make Obstacles Obstacles Quotes Overcomer Quotes Success Quotes
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

41. “Embrace your imperfections.Fancy your flaws.Flaunt your blemishes.Adore your birthmarks.Laugh off glitches.Discuss your setbacks.Don’t call your mistakes ‘Regrets’Call them ‘Lessons”

Tags : Birthmarks Failure Flaws Glitch Happiness Imperfection Inspiration Lessons Lessons In Life Lessons Learned Life Mistakes Mistakes We Make Regrets Success Successful Living

42. “I was so ashamed for a mistake I made unknowingly when I was completely out of control and lost my mind for some reasons. I thought about to end my life next day at some point. I was struggling to cope with my pain, shame and thinking about others who I had hurt unintentionally. The worst moment came when people who I loved most had pulled out their support and threatens me to end relationships. Lesson learns hard way that people who are not with you at worst time of your life have no right to stand beside you when you are at best. Life goes on...........”

Tags : End Of Life Issues Family Relationships Life Lessons Mistakes We Make Problems In Life Regret Relationship Problems Unknowingly

43. “You are never defeated in life, you are only a learner.”

Tags : Failure Quotes Learning Learning By Doing Learning From Mistakes Life Philosophy Life Quotes Living Well Living Your Best Life Mistakes Quotes Mistakes We Make
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

44. “He whom is without typos, throw the first stone.”

Tags : Error Mistakes We Make Sinner
Author : Antonia Perdu

45. “You'll learn. It takes time to kill the flesh, honey. It's kind of like those candles your father used to put on Mitchell's cake--the ones that relight when you think they're out. You've got to keep huffing and puffing and maybe even use the help of water before it's over, but eventually it's over, and that candle can't be lit even if you try -Mrs. Flannery”

Tags : Learning Mistakes Mistakes We Make
Source : When Chicks Hatch

46. “Take time to understand uncanny and bitter situations or else, you shall only end up creating yet another similar situation, situation after situation, time and again!”

Tags : Bitter Situations Impatience Mistakes We Make Patience

47. “I tried to pick the burned ones from the bowl but I didn't get many of them because I didn't make much of an effort, and even though I was taking the burned ones out because they weren't edible, I ate them because, at the moment, I thought it would be better if everyone learned to consume their own mistakes.”

Tags : Depression Metaphor Mistakes We Make
Source : Nobody Is Ever Missing