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1. “Believe in Your HeartBelieve in your heart that you're meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic and miracles.”

Tags : Believe Heart Inspiration Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Inspire Inspiring Life Life Quotes Living Magic Miracles Optimism Optimistic Passion Positive Positive Affirmation Positive Life Positive Thinking Purpose
Source : The Light in the Heart

2. “The universe is big, its vast and complicated, and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles. And that's the theory. Nine hundred years, never seen one yet, but this would do me.”

Tags : Doctor Who Inspirational Miracles Pandorica Opens Universe
Author : Steven Moffat

3. “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

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4. “The way I figure it, everyone gets a miracle. Like, I will probably never be struck by lightening, or win a Nobel Prize, or become the dictator of a small nation in the Pacific Islands, or contract terminal ear cancer, or spontaneously combust. But if you consider all the unlikely things together, at least one of them will probably happen to each of us. I could have seen it rain frogs. I could have stepped foot on Mars. I could have been eaten by a whale. I could have married the Queen of England or survived months at sea. But my miracle was different. My miracle was this: out of all the houses in all the subdivisions in all of Florida, I ended up living next door to Margo Roth Spiegelman.”

Tags : Miracles Ya Ya Lit Young Adult
Author : John Green
Source : Paper Towns

5. “Never put your faith in a Prince. When you require a miracle, trust in a Witch.”

Tags : Miracles Princes Witches
Source : In the Night Garden

6. “According to Vedanta, there are only two symptoms of enlightenment, just two indications that a transformation is taking place within you toward a higher consciousness. The first symptom is that you stop worrying. Things don't bother you anymore. You become light-hearted and full of joy. The second symptom is that you encounter more and more meaningful coincidences in your life, more and more synchronicities. And this accelerates to the point where you actually experience the miraculous. (quoted by Carol Lynn Pearson in Consider the Butterfly)”

Tags : Enlightenment Faith Joy Miracles Synchronicity Trust Worry
Author : Deepak Chopra
Source : Synchrodestiny: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence to Create Miracles

7. “Anyone who is having troubles should pray. Anyone who is happy should sing praises. Anyone who is sick should call the church's elders. They should pray for and pour oil on the person in the name of the Lord. And the prayer that is said with faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will heal that person. And if the person has sinned, the sins will be forgiven. Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so God can heal you. When a believing person prays, great things happen. (James 5:13-16)”

Tags : Believe Faith Happy Heal Healing Inspiration Miracles Pray Prayer Sin Sing Spirituality Troubles
Author : Anonymous
Source : Holy Bible: King James Version

8. “As much as what I can think of life, it is more of a poetic journey with emotions & experience packed up in the form of livelihood. When it starts, it brings confirmation of a new soul entering into the world. But when it ends, it takes away not just soul, but happiness of those related to that life. It’s in the middle of this journey that the best poems get their sequence of words.”

Tags : Dance Experience Happiness Heaven Hurt Inspirational Joy Life Live Love Miracle Miracles Optimism Philosophy Sing Smile Smiling

9. “...Whilst on board the Beagle I was quite orthodox, and I remember being heartily laughed at by several of the officers... for quoting the Bible as an unanswerable authority on some point of morality... But I had gradually come by this time, i.e., 1836 to 1839, to see that the Old Testament from its manifestly false history of the world, with the Tower of Babel, the rainbow at sign, &c., &c., and from its attributing to God the feelings of a revengeful tyrant, was no more to be trusted than the sacred books of the Hindoos, or the beliefs of any barbarian....By further reflecting that the clearest evidence would be requisite to make any sane man believe in the miracles by which Christianity is supported, (and that the more we know of the fixed laws of nature the more incredible do miracles become), that the men at that time were ignorant and credulous to a degree almost uncomprehensible by us, that the Gospels cannot be proved to have been written simultaneously with the events, that they differ in many important details, far too important, as it seemed to me, to be admitted as the usual inaccuracies of eyewitnesses; by such reflections as these, which I give not as having the least novelty or value, but as they influenced me, I gradually came to disbelieve in Christianity as a divine revelation. The fact that many false religions have spread over large portions of the earth like wild-fire had some weight with me. Beautiful as is the morality of the New Testament, it can be hardly denied that its perfection depends in part on the interpretation which we now put on metaphors and allegories.But I was very unwilling to give up my belief... Thus disbelief crept over me at a very slow rate, but was at last complete. The rate was so slow that I felt no distress, and have never since doubted even for a single second that my conclusion was correct. I can indeed hardly see how anyone ought to wish Christianity to be true; for if so the plain language of the text seems to show that the men who do not believe, and this would include my Father, Brother and almost all of my friends, will be everlastingly punished. And this is a damnable doctrine.”

Tags : Allegories Atheism Autobiography Belief Charles Darwin Damnable Divine Revelation Doctrine Doubt Evidence Hell Hindu Hinduism History Interpretation Metaphors Miracles New Testament Orthodox Punishment Resurrection Revelation Sacred Books Skepticism Tyrant
Source : The Autobiography of Charles Darwin, 1809–82

10. “Miracles are like pimples, because once you start looking for them you find more than you ever dreamed you'd see.”

Tags : Miracles Pimples Simile
Source : The Lump of Coal

11. “God of miracles.God of wonders.”

Tags : Amazing Quotes Believers Blessed Life Blessings In Disguise Blessings Quotes Christian Faith Christian Life Christianity Faith Faith In God Faith Quotes God Miracle Birth Miracle Mindset Miracle Quotes Miracles Religion Christianity Religious Faith Spiritual Growth Spiritual Insights Wisdom Quotes Wise Words Wonders
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

12. “His hands are miracles. I can watch them for hours, transforming wood into something it never dreamed of being.”

Tags : Hands Miracles
Author : Katja Millay
Source : The Sea of Tranquility

13. “Alcohol makes other people less tedious, and food less bland, and can help provide what the Greeks called entheos, or the slight buzz of inspiration when reading or writing. The only worthwhile miracle in the New Testament—the transmutation of water into wine during the wedding at Cana—is a tribute to the persistence of Hellenism in an otherwise austere Judaea. The same applies to the seder at Passover, which is obviously modeled on the Platonic symposium: questions are asked (especially of the young) while wine is circulated. No better form of sodality has ever been devised: at Oxford one was positively expected to take wine during tutorials. The tongue must be untied. It's not a coincidence that Omar Khayyam, rebuking and ridiculing the stone-faced Iranian mullahs of his time, pointed to the value of the grape as a mockery of their joyless and sterile regime. Visiting today's Iran, I was delighted to find that citizens made a point of defying the clerical ban on booze, keeping it in their homes for visitors even if they didn't particularly take to it themselves, and bootlegging it with great brio and ingenuity. These small revolutions affirm the human.”

Tags : Alcohol Ancient Greeks Atheism Boredom Brotherhood Cana Christianity Entheos Food Hellenism Inspiration Iran Judaea Marriage At Cana Miracles Mullahs Omar Khayyam Oxford Passover Passover Seder Plato Reading Religion Symposia Wine
Source : Hitch-22: A Memoir

14. “A JEWELRY STORE NAMED INDIAIf you hold this Dazzling emeraldUp to the sky,It will shine a billion Beautiful miraclesPainted from the tearsOf the Most High.Plucked from the lush gardensOf a yellowish-green paradise,Look inside this hypnotic gemAnd a kaleidoscope of Titillating, Soul-raising Sights and colorsWill tease and seduceYour eyes and mind.Tell me, sir.Have you ever heardA peacock sing?Hold your earTo this mystical stoneAnd you will hearSacred hymns flowingTo the vibrationsOf the perfumedWind.”

Tags : Ancient Beauty Colors Emerald Garden Gems Hindustan Hymns Hypnotic Indian Indian Culture Jewelry Kaleidoscope Most High Peacock Perfume Poem Poetry Sacred Soul Stone Tears Wind
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

15. “Never surrender your hopes and dreams to the fateful limitations others have placed on their own lives. The vision of your true destiny does not reside within the blinkered outlook of the naysayers and the doom prophets. Judge not by their words, but accept advice based on the evidence of actual results. Do not be surprised should you find a complete absence of anything mystical or miraculous in the manifested reality of those who are so eager to advise you. Friends and family who suffer the lack of abundance, joy, love, fulfillment and prosperity in their own lives really have no business imposing their self-limiting beliefs on your reality experience.”

Tags : Advise Bad Luck Doom Prophets Dreams Faith In Yourself False Beliefs Fate Friendships Fulfilling Your Potential Fulfillment Happiness Choice Imagination Intention Love Manifest Your Bliss Manifestation Miracles Miraculous Prosperity Prosperity Consciousness Reality Creation Reality Dreams Reality Expectation Self Belief Self Growth Self Improvement Self Limitation Self Limiting Beliefs

16. “Have you heard of the most evil things done by people in their lifetime? They have coveted men's wives, killed hundreds of Christians and sold their best friend's life away for just a few coins. Isn't it interesting that they were God's chosen in the bible? ---Saul, Judas & King David”

Tags : Adversity Change For God Forgiving Others Forgiving Yourself God S Plan Good People That Did Bad Things Growth Have Faith In People Humanity Imperfect People Judas King David Life Lessons Miracles New Years Resolutions No Perfection Prodigal Son Redemption Reflection Religious Revelations Saul Turning Your Life Around

17. “At sacred-time, I will give birth to divine-twins in Jesus Name. Amen.”

Tags : Believe Chidren Childbirth Divine Power Faith Family Favour Gods Grace Hope Miracles Possible Prayer Praying Woman Twin Birth
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

18. “When you run with the Doctor, it feels like it'll never end. But however hard you try you can't run forever. Everybody knows that everybody dies and nobody knows it like the Doctor. But I do think that all the skies of all the worlds might just turn dark if he ever for one moment, accepts it. Everybody knows that everybody dies. But not every day. Not today. Some days are special. Some days are so, so blessed. Some days, nobody dies at all. (In the library, the Doctor walks back to the TARDIS. He stops, looking at the doors. Then he raises his hand, and stands there poised like that for a long moment. Finally he snaps his fingers. The doors open. He smiles slowly and walks in, joining Donna. Then he snaps his fingers again, and the doors close. River's voice continues over this.) Now and then, every once in a very long while, every day in a million days, when the wind stands fair, and the Doctor comes to call... everybody lives.”

Tags : Doctor Who Life Miracles
Author : Steven Moffat

19. “The world of possibility exists in everyday life.”

Tags : Achieve Advice Ambition Believe Capable Dreams Come True Everyday Fulfilling Your Potential Inspirational Lailah Gifty Akita Lailah Gifty Akita Affirmations Life Life Philosophy Mindset Miracles Opportunities In Life Positive Attitude Positive Mindset Positive Outlook Positive Thinking Possibility Possible Potential Reality Self Motivation Wishes Fulfilled
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

20. “Seek the miracles in a sacred moment.”

Tags : Abundant Life Adventure Beautiful Life Christian Life Faith Hope Inspiration Inspirational Life Journey Life And Living Life Lessons Miracles Moment Motivational Nature Philosophy Possibilities Sacred Seek Spiritual Wisdom Spirituality Travel Uplifting Wise Words
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

21. “One HELLO? can change a life.One HELLO? can save a life.”

Tags : Acts Of Kindness Caring Change A Life Compassion Courage Friendship Goodness Goodness In Life Hello Kindness Liza Wiemer Love Miracles Mysteries Of Life Save A Life Strength Suicide Prevention
Source : Hello?

22. “Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.”

Tags : Miracles
Author : C.S. Lewis

23. “Knowing there's one thing I still haven't told you: I now believe, by the way, that miracles can happen. ”

Tags : Miracles
Source : A Walk to Remember

24. “Whatever happens, they say afterwards, it must have been fate. People are always a little confused about this, as they are in the case of miracles. When someone is saved from certain death by a strange concatenation of circumstances, they say that's a miracle. But of course if someone is killed by a freak chain of events -- the oil spilled just there, the safety fence broken just there -- that must also be a miracle. Just because it's not nice doesn't mean it's not miraculous.”

Tags : Certain Death Circumstance Confusion Death Fate Killed Miracles Miraculous Saved
Source : Interesting Times

25. “One does no question miracles, or complain that they are no constructed perfectly to one's liking.”

Tags : Epilogue Life Miracles Tessa Gray
Source : Clockwork Princess

26. “You have to see the miracles for there to be miracles.”

Tags : Miracles
Author : Jandy Nelson
Source : I'll Give You the Sun

27. “I am realistic – I expect miracles.”

Tags : Miracles
Author : Wayne W. Dyer

28. “I realized it for the first time in my life: there is nothing but mystery in the world, how it hides behind the fabric of our poor, browbeat days, shining brightly, and we don't even know it.”

Tags : Inspirational Miracles Mystery
Author : Sue Monk Kidd
Source : The Secret Life of Bees

29. “What is it with science these days? Everyone is so quick to believe in it, in all these new scientific discoveries, new pills for this, new pills for that. Get thinner, grow hair, yada, yada, yada, but when it requires a little faith in something you all go crazy.' He shook his head, 'If miracles had chemical equations then everyone would believe.”

Tags : Faith Miracles Science
Author : Cecelia Ahern
Source : The Gift

30. “I know that two and two make four - and should be glad to prove it too if I could - though I must say if by any sort of process I could convert 2 and 2 into five it would give me much greater pleasure.”

Tags : Logic Mathematics Miracles Mortality Probability

31. “It was possible that a miracle was not something that happened to you, but rather something that didn’t. ”

Tags : Miracles
Author : Jodi Picoult
Source : The Tenth Circle

32. “Create your own miracles; do what you think you cannot do.”

Tags : Action Doing Inspiration Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Inspire Inspiring Life Life Quotes Living Miracles Motivation Motivational Optimism Optimistic Positive Positive Affirmation Positive Life Positive Thinking

33. “A miracle is when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. A miracle is when one plus one equals a thousand.”

Tags : Grace Miracles Spiritual
Source : The Alphabet of Grace

34. “Study, along the lines which the theologies have mapped, will never lead us to discovery of the fundamental facts of our existence. That goal must be attained by means of exact science and can only be achieved by such means. The fact that man, for ages, has superstitiously believed in what he calls a God does not prove at all that his theory has been right. There have been many gods – all makeshifts, born of inability to fathom the deep fundamental truth. There must be something at the bottom of existence, and man, in ignorance, being unable to discover what it is through reason, because his reason has been so imperfect, undeveloped, has used, instead, imagination, and created figments, of one kind or another, which, according to the country he was born in, the suggestions of his environment, satisfied him for the time being. Not one of all the gods of all the various theologies has ever really been proved. We accept no ordinary scientific fact without the final proof; why should we, then, be satisfied in this most mighty of all matters, with a mere theory?Destruction of false theories will not decrease the sum of human happiness in future, any more than it has in the past... The days of miracles have passed. I do not believe, of course, that there was ever any day of actual miracles. I cannot understand that there were ever any miracles at all. My guide must be my reason, and at thought of miracles my reason is rebellious. Personally, I do not believe that Christ laid claim to doing miracles, or asserted that he had miraculous power...Our intelligence is the aggregate intelligence of the cells which make us up. There is no soul, distinct from mind, and what we speak of as the mind is just the aggregate intelligence of cells. It is fallacious to declare that we have souls apart from animal intelligence, apart from brains. It is the brain that keeps us going. There is nothing beyond that.Life goes on endlessly, but no more in human beings than in other animals, or, for that matter, than in vegetables. Life, collectively, must be immortal, human beings, individually, cannot be, as I see it, for they are not the individuals – they are mere aggregates of cells.There is no supernatural. We are continually learning new things. There are powers within us which have not yet been developed and they will develop. We shall learn things of ourselves, which will be full of wonders, but none of them will be beyond the natural.[Columbian Magazine interview]”

Tags : Destruction Falsehood Gods Immortality Inspirational Makeshift Miracles Naturalism Reason Satisfaction Science Soul Study Superstitious Theology Theory Truth Wonder

35. “Those who wish to seek out the cause of miracles and to understand the things of nature as philosophers, and not to stare at them in astonishment like fools, are soon considered heretical and impious, and proclaimed as such by those whom the mob adores as the interpreters of nature and the gods. For these men know that, once ignorance is put aside, that wonderment would be taken away, which is the only means by which their authority is preserved.”

Tags : Adoration Astonishment Authority Causation Cause Foolish Fools Gods Heresy Heretical Ignorance Impious Interpret Miracles Mob Nature Philosopher Piety Preservation Stare The Gods Thinking Truth Understanding
Source : Ethics

36. “Miracles don't happen. You make them happen. They're not wishes or dreams or candles on a cake. They're not impossible. Reality is real. It's totally and completely under my control.”

Tags : Action Inspirational Life Miracles
Source : Far from Xanadu

37. “Miracles are like meatballs, because nobody can exactly agree on what they are made of, where they come from, or how often they should appear. Some people say that a sunrise is a miracle, because it is somewhat mysterious and often very beautiful, but other people say it is simply a fact of life, because it happens every day and far too early in the morning. Some people say that a telephone is a miracle, because it sometimes seems wondrous that you can talk with somebody who is thousands of miles away, and other people say it is merely a manufactured device fashioned out of metal parts, electronic circuitry, and wires that are very easily cut. And some people say that sneaking out of a hotel is a miracle, particularly if the lobby is swarming with policemen, and other people say it is simply a fact of life, because it happens every day and far too early in the morning. So you might think that there are so many miracles in the world that you can scarcely count them, or that there are so few that they are scarcely worth mentioning, depending on whether you spend your mornings gazing at a beautiful sunset or lowering yourself into a back alley with a rope made of matching towels.”

Tags : Miracles
Source : The Carnivorous Carnival

38. “The shadow proves the sunshine.”

Tags : Miracles Switchfoot
Author : Switchfoot

39. “Since man cannot live without miracles, he will provide himself with miracles of his own making. He will believe in witchcraft and sorcery, even though he may otherwise be a heretic, an atheist, and a rebel.”

Tags : Heresy Miracles Superstition Witchcraft
Source : The Brothers Karamazov

40. “Miracles were just second chances if you really thought about it--second chances when all hope was lost.”

Tags : Hope Miracles Second Chances
Author : Kaya McLaren
Source : How I Came to Sparkle Again

41. “If you think that no miracles ever happened to you, remember that every morning when you wake up, you experience a resurrection”

Tags : Miracle Miracles Miracles In Your Life Miracles Quotes Ressurection Quotes Thank You Thankful Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Blessings Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Quotes Thanksgiving To God
Source : Pearls Of Eternity

42. “I think about God at every breath I take, I know he can stop it at any time”

Tags : Breath Breathe Breathe Of Life Breathing Miracle Miracles Miracles In Your Life Miracles Quotes Ressurection Quotes Thank You Thankful Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Blessings Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Quotes Thanksgiving To God
Source : Pearls Of Eternity

43. “You don’t have to say everything to be a light. Sometimes a fire built on a hill will bring interested people to your campfire.”

Tags : Aquaintances Audience Be Yourself Beacon Boyfriends Campfire Choices Dating Fate Forest Friendships Girlfriends God S Plan God S Will Hobbies Interests Job Offers Light Met Someone New Miracles New People No Coincidences Open Doors Patience Preplanned Silence Spotlight Who Would Have Thought

44. “To experience what isn't, love what is.”

Tags : Acceptance Awareness Blessing Change Consciousness Experience Intention Karma Love Miracles Resistance Self Awareness Self Transformation Suffering Transformation

45. “For years I was deathly afraid of my own weaknesses, but when I closed my eyes and let myself be vulnerable to them it allowed miracles to take place. Miracles that were only alive when I accessed my BLIND faith.”

Tags : Afraid Faith Growing Up Life Miracles Personal Growth Self Awareness Vulnerable Weaknesses Years
Source : Write like no one is reading

46. “Highest miracle is to discover who you are – the ultimate possibility.”

Tags : Discover Discover Yourself Discovering Yourself Discovery Of Oneself Highest Highest Calling Highest Potential Highest Self Miracle Miracle Quotes Miracles Miracles Of Life Self Awareness Self Esteem Self Help Self Realization Spirituality Spirituality Quotes Ultimate Ultimate Answer Ultimate Beauty Ultimate Possibilities Ultimate Possibility Ultimate Reality
Author : Amit Ray
Source : Enlightenment Step by Step

47. “It's not a miracle you need; you need a change of attitude”

Tags : Attitude Inspiration Attitude Quotes Bangambiki Happiness Advice Happiness Choices Happiness In Life Happiness Life Happiness Positive Outlook Happiness Quote Happiness Quotes Insightful Quote Inspirational Inspirational Life Inspirational Quote Intelligent Men Miracle Mindset Miracles In Your Life Miraculous Pearl Of Inspiration Sage Advice Sage Quotes Sage Saying Wisdom Inspirational Wisdom Quote Wisdom Quotes Wisdom Words Wise Wise Man Wise Man Quotes Wise Men Wise Quotes Wise Thought Wise Words
Source : The Great Pearl of Wisdom

48. “Laughter is like a little miracle we all experience everyday.”

Tags : Laughing Quotes Laughing Together Laughter Miracle Quotes Miracles
Author : Carmela Dutra

49. “We are gods but we are afraid of the ensuing responsibility; that's why we prefer to remain slaves. Only if we dared to rise up to the challenge and assume our divinity, we could perform most of the miracles we pray for.”

Tags : Faith Quotes Faith Reason Faith Vs Reason Faithfulness Miracle Mindset Miracle Quotes Miracles In Your Life Miracles Of Life Miraculous Prayer Life Prayer Quotes Prayers Answered Praying Praying Life Religion Religion And Philoshophy Religion Spirituality Religious Religious Faith The Great Pearl Of Wisdom We Are Gods
Source : The Great Pearl of Wisdom

50. “If success is a miracle then you must be the miracle worker”

Tags : Miracle Miracle Mindset Miracle Quotes Miracles Miraculous Positive Thinking Positive Thoughts Succeed Succeeded Succeeding Succeeding In Life Succeeds Success Success Quote Success Quotes Successful Living Successful People The Great Pearl Of Wisdom Win Winners And Losers Winners Mentality Winning From Within Winning Goal Winning Mentality You Are Great You Are Powerful
Source : The Great Pearl of Wisdom

51. “Miracles are waiting for you. All you have to do is go and meet them”

Tags : Create Your Life Create Your World Inspirational Quote Inspirational Quotes Inspired Inspired Life Inspired Living Inspired Mind Inspired Quotes Inspired Soul Miracle Miracle Mindset Miracle Quotes Miracles Miracles Of Life Miraculous Motivate Motivation Motivational Quote Words Of Revelation Words To Inspire You Words To Live By You Are A God You Are Great
Source : The Great Pearl of Wisdom

52. “Everyone prays to his own god, that's why miracles happen to some and not to others”

Tags : Miracle Miracle Mindset Miracle Quotes Miracles Miracles In Your Life Miracles Of Life Prayer Life Prayer Quotes Prayer Worship Prayers Answered Prayers Of The Heart Praying Praying Life
Source : The Great Pearl of Wisdom

53. “You don´t have to let it linger Within the palm of your hand, The tip's already in your finger:All beginning comes to an end.”

Tags : Be In The Moment Beginnings And Endings Dream Dreams And Reality Dreams Come True Facts Of Life Finding Answers Finding One S Path Finding Your Way Handing Situations Happiness Holding On To People Hope And Healing Hopelessness Miracles Philosophy Solution Oriented Solution To Problems Solutions To Your Problems Zen Zen And The Art Of Happiness Zen Buddhism Zensational Living
Source : A-Z of Happiness: Tips for Living and Breaking Through the Chain that Separates You from Getting That Dream Job

54. “Who but the sports-mad [Norman] Mailer would liken the battle between God and the Devil to a game of American football? The contest, for sure, has with [sic] own laws (so that after God and the Devil 'tackle a guy, they don't kick him in the head'), but each side is not above cheating—with God breaking the rules occasionally by throwing in 'a miracle'. Strangely, Mailer doesn’t mention Jesus in this agonising analogy, but then the notion of the 'super-sub' may be an image too far even for him.”

Tags : American Football Book Review Devil God Jesus Miracles Norman Mailer Religion Sport

55. “Each moment of worry, anxiety or stress represents lack of faith in miracles, for they never cease.”

Tags : Anxiety Belief Faith Lack Of Faith Miracles Quotes Stress Worry
Author : T.F. Hodge
Source : From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with "The Divine Presence"

56. “Seek the miracles in sacred moment.”

Tags : Abundant Life Adventure Christian Life Faith Hope Inspirational Journey Lessons Learnt Life Life Philosophy Living Miracles Moment Motivational Philosophy Sacred Spirituality Travel Wonders
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

57. “I have been finding treasures in places I did not want to search. I have been hearing wisdom from tongues I did not want to listen. I have been finding beauty where I did not want to look. And I have learned so much from journeys I did not want to take. Forgive me, O Gracious One; for I have been closing my ears and eyes for too long. I have learned that miracles are only called miracles because they are often witnessed by only those who can can see through all of life's illusions. I am ready to see what really exists on other side, what exists behind the blinds, and taste all the ugly fruit instead of all that looks right, plump and ripe.”

Tags : Awakening Beauty Blind Closing Eyes Creator Explore Facades Fake Fruitful Garden Fruits God S Garden Grateful Looking Miracle Miracles Mirage Path Quest Real Superficial Surface Tongues Treasure Truth Path Ugly Wonder
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

58. “Don't you believe people when they tell you that people sought for a sign, and believed in miracles because they were ignorant. They did it because they were wise, filthily, vilely wise—too wise to eat or sleep or put on their boots with patience.”

Tags : Miracles Religion
Source : The Napoleon of Notting Hill

59. “When you are offered a miracle take it. Otherwise, show God your tail so he can move on and give it to someone who doesn't want to be in hell any more.”

Tags : Devils Frienship Miracles Respect

60. “With God, a mountain before me is soon to be a memory behind me.”

Tags : Barriers Belief Challenges Courage Determination Faith Fortitude Goal Goals God Memories Memory Miracles Mountain Obstacles Tenacity

61. “Miracles happens everyday. You have to open your heart, mind and soul to see these miraculous encounters.”

Tags : Advice Affirmations Belief Daily Inspiration Daily Life Encourage Yourself Everyday Life Faith Grateful Heart Happiness Hope Inspiring Lailah Gifty Akita Affirmations Life Mind Mind Body Spirit Miracles Of Life Moment Moments Open Heart Open Mind Positive Thinking Soul Spiritual Sayings
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

62. “It's that feeling you get somehow knowing that something great is about to happen... about to happen. While every passing day nothing great really does happen. You wake up, go to classes, study, sleep and wait for another monotonous day.You know the great day is not tomorrow, not even the day after, not even in a week or a month's time. But it says it will come soon, the way you live your life, one day at a time, only to realize 20 years have elapsed effortlessly.It will come soon, the way you meet someone without expecting or knowing that you are going to have so much fun together. It will come soon, the way dreams come true overnight- demanding years of perspiration, ironically.It will come soon like a gush of cold air in a hot afternoon.It will come soon like a stranger you feel you have already met.It will come like a guest who would be here to stay.It will come like an eternity, a serendipity, an irony.It will come when it is time for it to come, the way you fall asleep and dreams arrive from a distant land, surely but stealthily.”

Tags : Ambitions Deserve Desire Destiny Distant Dream Dreaming Serendipity Dreams Eternity Future Great Happening Irony Life Miracles Monotonous Pray Something Time Uncertain Unknown Wait Wish

63. “Whenever you jump off a cliff at GOD's command, be sure that you will fly! Either by soaring on the palm of His hands or on the parachute of that command or you will suddenly have wings pop out and sustain you in the air. Either way, you will be flying and He'll be the one behind it all.”

Tags : Absolute Trust Cliff Command Experience Faith Fly God God Is More Than Sufficient Jump Jump Off Life Life Lesson Miracle Miracles No Regrets Obedience Reward Soar Trust Truth Word


Tags : Bible Verses Christ Christian Christian Living Detective Fruits Of The Spirit God Hope Inspirational Miracles Motivational Overcoming Challenges Religion Spiritual Stroke
Author : Ron Sanders

65. “There are over a million types of fish in the sea as there are flowers in all of the world's gardens. There are at least a million different types of minerals as there are species of birds or monkeys. The possible configurations of lifeforms that could be created from a single atom are infinite. There are at least a billion people on this earth, and no two faces look the same. It is very arrogant to assume that we have seen all of God's miracles.”

Tags : Animals Atom Creation Creations Faces Fish Flowers God Minerals Miracles People Physics Rocks Science Species Suzy Kassem
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

66. “There are miracles and glory in every child. Our glory lies in empowering them to flourish their glory.”

Tags : Child Childhood Children S Park Children S Theme Park Compassion Empower Empowering Empowering Children Empowering Quote Empowering Quotes Empowerment Girl Child Glory Glory Of Life Inspiration Inspirational Miracles
Author : Amit Ray

67. “At present, a good many men engaged in scientific pursuits, and who have signally failed in gaining recognition among their fellows, are endeavoring to make reputations among the churches by delivering weak and vapid lectures upon the 'harmony of Genesis and Geology.' Like all hypocrites, these men overstate the case to such a degree, and so turn and pervert facts and words that they succeed only in gaining the applause of other hypocrites like themselves. Among the great scientists they are regarded as generals regard sutlers who trade with both armies.Surely the time must come when the wealth of the world will not be wasted in the propagation of ignorant creeds and miraculous mistakes. The time must come when churches and cathedrals will be dedicated to the use of man; when minister and priest will deem the discoveries of the living of more importance than the errors of the dead; when the truths of Nature will outrank the 'sacred' falsehoods of the past, and when a single fact will outweigh all the miracles of Holy Writ.Who can over estimate the progress of the world if all the money wasted in superstition could be used to enlighten, elevate and civilize mankind?When every church becomes a school, every cathedral a university, every clergyman a teacher, and all their hearers brave and honest thinkers, then, and not until then, will the dream of poet, patriot, philanthropist and philosopher, become a real and blessed truth.”

Tags : Applause Church Churches Civilize Creeds Discoveries Fact Failed Generals Geology Holy Writ Hypocrites Minister Miraculous Money Nature Past Patriot Peers Perfert Philanthropist Philosopher Poet Progress Pursuit Real Recognition Science Scientific Teacher Use Vapid
Source : Some Mistakes of Moses

68. “What a life we live. Full of questions, adventures, stories, mistakes, good, quests, bad, miracles, lessons, people, blessings, journeys, inventions, music, animals, history, cultures, religions, prophecies, planets, stars, careers, movies, plants, hate, love, and so much more.”

Tags : Adventures Animals Bad Blessings Careers Cultures Good Hate History Inventions Jonathan Anthony Burkett Journeys Lessons Miracles Mistakes Movies Music People Planets Prophecies Quests Religions S Stars Stories Thankful Quotes

69. “Ain't that a sight? With all the things we know and learn, we still ain't touched the big mysteries -- where we come from, where we go next, why we even her. And when something truly miraculous happens, we run and hide in our caves. We deny.”

Tags : Denial Junior Webster Miracles Mysteries
Author : Libba Bray
Source : Going Bovine

70. “The existence of matter and energy in the universe did not require the violation of energy conservation at the assumed creation. In fact, the data strongly support the hypothesis that no such miracle occurred. If we regard such a miracle as predicted by the creator hypothesis, then the prediction is not confirmed.”

Tags : Big Bang Big Bang Theory Conservation Of Energy Cosmology Creation God Miracles Physics Religion Science Thermodynamics
Source : God: The Failed Hypothesis: How Science Shows That God Does Not Exist

71. “Miracles are caused by the laws of nature that are yet to be discovered.”

Tags : Discovery Goals Ideas Laws Laws Of Nature Magic Miracles Miracles Of Life

72. “If God annihilates or creates or deflects a unit of matter, He has created a new situation at that point. Immediately all nature domiciles this new situation, makes it at home in her realm, adapts all other events to it. It finds itself conforming to all the laws. If God creates a miraculous spermatozoon in the body of a virgin, it does not proceed to break any laws. The laws at once take over. Nature is ready. Pregnancy follows, according to all the normal laws, and nine months later a child is born.”

Tags : Christmas Jesus Laws Of Nature Miracles Pregnancy Sperm
Author : C.S. Lewis
Source : Miracles

73. “It’s true that if your religion failed to deliver a miracle, that a human sacrifice would certainly follow.""Ah...quite. You are a man of acute insight.""That’s not insight. That’s a personal guarantee.”

Tags : Failure Failure Is Not An Option Guarantee Guarantees Human Sacrifice Insight Insightful Miracles Religion Truth
Source : Borders of Infinity

74. “October had tremendous possibility. The summer's oppressive heat was a distant memory, and the golden leaves promised a world full of beautiful adventures. They made me believe in miracles.”

Tags : Miracles October Possibility
Source : Reclaimed

75. “Be yourself; accomplish miracles.”

Tags : Accomplish Ad Posey Be Yourself Inspirational Miracles Storytellers Storytelling Write Writers Writing Writing Quotes
Author : A.D. Posey

76. “To live at all is miracle enough.”

Tags : Life Living Miracle Miracles
Author : Mervyn Peake
Source : Collected Poems

77. “The primary leaders of the so-called founding fathers of our nation were not Bible-believing Christians; they were deists. Deism was a philosophical belief that was widely accepted by the colonial intelligentsia at the time of the American Revolution. Its major tenets included belief in human reason as a reliable means of solving social and political problems and belief in a supreme deity who created the universe to operate solely by natural laws. The supreme God of the Deists removed himself entirely from the universe after creating it. They believed that he assumed no control over it, exerted no influence on natural phenomena, and gave no supernatural revelation to man. A necessary consequence of these beliefs was a rejection of many doctrines central to the Christian religion. Deists did not believe in the virgin birth, divinity, or resurrection of Jesus, the efficacy of prayer, the miracles of the Bible, or even the divine inspiration of the Bible.These beliefs were forcefully articulated by Thomas Paine in Age of Reason, a book that so outraged his contemporaries that he died rejected and despised by the nation that had once revered him as 'the father of the American Revolution.'... Other important founding fathers who espoused Deism were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Ethan Allen, James Madison, and James Monroe.[The Christian Nation Myth, 1999]”

Tags : Age Of Reason Allen America American Revolution Benjamin Franklin Bible Miracles Deism Divinity Of Jesus Ethan Allen Founding Fathers Franklin George Washington Inspiration Of The Bible James Monroe Jefferson Miracles Monroe Paine Resurrection Of Jesus Thomas Jefferson Thomas Paine Virgin Birth Washington
Author : Farrell Till

78. “There’s always people looking the other way when the miracles take place, people who want only a good night’s sleep when the stars are dancing, comets falling, the angels leaning low out of midnight with their trumpets, their cantatas of longing.”

Tags : Angels Miracles Trumpets
Author : Paul Russell
Source : The Salt Point

79. “Rarely do we realize that we are in the midst of the extraordinary. Miracles occur all around us, signs from God show us the way, angels plead to be heard, but we pay little attention to them because we have been taught that we must follow certain formulas and rules if we want to find God. We do not realize that God is wherever we allow Him/Her to enter.”

Tags : Angels Faith God Hope Miracles
Author : Paulo Coelho
Source : By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept

80. “Fortunate are those who take the first step. Someday people will realize that men and women are capable of speaking the language of the angels - that all of us are possessed of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and that we can perform miracles, cure, prophesy, and understand.”

Tags : Angels Faithfulness Gifts From Heaven Holy Spirit Miracles
Author : Paulo Coelho
Source : By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept

81. “But when first the two black dragons sprang out of the fog upon the small clerk, they had merely the effect of all miracles – they changed the universe. He discovered the fact that all romantics know – that adventures happen on dull days, and not on sunny ones. When the cord of monotony is stretched most tight, it it breaks with a sound like song.”

Tags : Adventures Miracles Monotony Romantics

82. “Everything you experience is a blessing and pushes you toward realizing your true self.”

Tags : Blessings Enlightenment Forgiveness God Grief Happiness I Am Joy Life Living Love Miracles Money Oneness Pain Peace Self Success Will Work
Author : Vivian Amis
Source : I Am: The Key to Manifesting

83. “Faith requires following the power of a whisper.”

Tags : Beliefs Commonsense Faith Follow The Spirit Gut Feelings Holy Ghost Intuition Miracles Promptings Religion Visions Whispers

84. “In my experiences, the common critic of Christianity, when he thinks of Christianity, imagines a sort of elementary, Sunday School blunder of elements: fiery Hell, an angry God, 'try not to sin', 'be good so that you can go to Heaven', absurd miracles, hyper-fundamentalist tales, religious hypocrites, and Jesus telling people not to judge. There is no horse more dead than such. I maintain that understanding Christianity and the Bible is quite like painting a piece of art. Let a toddler paint a puppy; then let an adult who is a long-time painter paint the very same puppy. They are both paintings of the puppy, but one is far more detailed, rational, realistic, and believable than the other. One is distorted and comical; the other is proportional and lively. One can write off Theology if he so pleases, but he might not be very wise in using the toddler's painting when it comes time to identify the real puppy or when trying to confront actual men of the Faith.”

Tags : Analogy Apologetics Atheism Belief In God Criticism Dead Horse Faith Fundamentalism Immaturity Logical Fallacies Painting Puppy Religion Sunday School Theology Unbelief Understanding
Author : Criss Jami

85. “I don’t think anyone “finds” joy. Rather, we cultivate it by searching for the preciousness of small things, the ordinary miracles, that strengthen our hearts so we can keep them open to what is difficult”

Tags : Cultivate Hearts Joy Miracles
Author : Dawna Markova

86. “That the earth in its course stood still; that a she-ass spoke; that a storm was quieted by a word, we do not believe, and we shall never again believe.”

Tags : Belief Christianity Credulity Earth Gullibility Miracles Religion Supernatural Superstition
Source : What is Christianity?

87. “During the age of Christ, of his apostles, and of their first disciples, the doctrine which they preached was confirmed by innumerable prodigies. The lame walked, the blind saw, the sick were healed, the dead were raised, daemons were expelled, and the laws of Nature were frequently suspended for the benefit of the church [...] But the sages of Greece and Rome turned aside from the awful spectacle, and, pursuing the ordinary occupations of life and study, appeared unconscious of any alterations in the moral or physical government of the world. Under the reign of Tiberius, the whole earth, or at least a celebrated province of the Roman empire, was involved in a preternatural darkness of three hours. Even this miraculous event, which ought to have excited the wonder, the curiosity, and the devotion of mankind, passed without notice in an age of science and history. It happened during the lifetime of Seneca and the elder Pliny, who must have experienced the immediate effects, or received the earliest intelligence, of the prodigy. Each of these philosophers, in a laborious work, has recorded all the great phenomena of Nature, earthquakes, meteors, comets, and eclipses, which his indefatigable curiosity could collect. Both the one and the other have omitted to mention the greatest phenomenon to which the mortal eye has been witness since the creation of the globe.”

Tags : Christianity Miracles Superstition
Author : Edward Gibbon
Source : The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Volume I

88. “The real difference is this: the Christian says that he has knowledge; the Agnostic admits that he has none; and yet the Christian accuses the Agnostic of arrogance, and asks him how he has the impudence to admit the limitations of his mind. To the Agnostic every fact is a torch, and by this light, and this light only, he walks.The Agnostic knows that the testimony of man is not sufficient to establish what is known as the miraculous. We would not believe to-day the testimony of millions to the effect that the dead had been raised. The church itself would be the first to attack such testimony. If we cannot believe those whom we know, why should we believe witnesses who have been dead thousands of years, and about whom we know nothing?The Agnostic takes the ground that human experience is the basis of morality. Consequently, it is of no importance who wrote the gospels, or who vouched or vouches for the genuineness of the miracles. In his scheme of life these things are utterly unimportant. He is satisfied that “the miraculous” is the impossible. He knows that the witnesses were wholly incapable of examining the questions involved, that credulity had possession of their minds, that 'the miraculous' was expected, that it was their daily food.”

Tags : Agnostic Agnostic Defined Agnosticism Arrogance Atheism Atheist Belief Christian Gospels Credulity Definition Ethics Evidence Fact Gospels Importance Ingersoll Knowledge Limitation Miracles Proof Superstition Testimony
Source : The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol 1: Lectures

89. “A Miracle is nothing more, than the removal of an Illusion".”

Tags : Disease Duality God Healing Illness Illusion Miracles Oneness Quotes About Miracles Quotes On Life Separation And Union Solving Problems
Author : Vivian Amis
Source : The Lotus - Realization of Oneness

90. “For a Man cannot believe a Miracle without relying upon Sense, nor Transubstantiation without renouncing it. So that never were any two things so ill coupled together as the Doctrine of Christianity and that of Transubstantiation, because they draw several ways, and are ready to strangle one another: For the main Evidence of the Christian Doctrine, which is Miracles, is resolved into the certainty of Sense, but this Evidence is clear and point blank against Transubstantiation.”

Tags : Catholic Church Communion Eucharist Miracles Senses The Lord S Supper Transubstantiation
Source : A Discourse Against Transubstantiation

91. “People are going to come into your life, and God is going to use them to help you. To them you’re insignificant and don’t matter. They are not going to understand you, or even see the point of why God had you hang in there with them for so long. Remember this: Sometimes meeting someone has nothing to do with what you can provide for him or her and everything to do with what God needs you to recognize in that person. If you didn’t understand the message, God will keep sending the same person or situation into your life.”

Tags : Answers Assistance Awareness Bravery Chance Dating Direction Divine Interventions Faith Fate Guidance Hang On Lessons Learned Miracles No Coincidences Open Mindedness Plans Purpose Recognize Revelation Significance Signs Strength Symbols

92. “You are capable of doing everything you are afraid of doing, If only you would energize and motivate the Magical thing would absolutely happen to you!”

Tags : Balance Inspiration Law Of Attraction Miracles Oracle Poetry Spoken Word
Source : The Oracle of Poetic Wisdom

93. “Whenever a time arises where clarity is desired, it is always wise to reflect on the sage within.”

Tags : Balance Inner Reflection Inspiration Law Of Attraction Meditation Miracles Oracle Poetry Self Development Self Improvement Spoken Word
Source : The Oracle of Poetic Wisdom

94. “Believe it or not, our soul has visited the stage of the world before it comes along with our physical form or body to perform reality, this is the only reality which is bigger than a miracle itself, all miracles are the tine part of this bigger one, the beautiful part of this stage is, you can chose any role to play at any time, and the thoughtful process is why to chose the role of a mediocre or an average identity, go for higher and bigger role through bigger IMAGINATION, ROLE Models by aligning your actions with a clean and clear Self Image. Our soul has many realities and it will remind and show you the paths by giving so many hints sometimes in different aspects what we call it deja vu. that you have been here before, don't panic enjoy the journey .......”

Tags : Deja Vu Miracles Reality Soul

95. “When people write you off, just start again as if you don't belong to this world and see miracle happening!”

Tags : Confidence Depression Inspirational Quotes Intelligence Lack Of Confidence Mind Miracles World

96. “Dare to be a fool in the face of impossibilities.”

Tags : Dare Fool Impossible Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Miracles Motivational Motivational Quotes

97. “Fables should be taught as fables, myths as myths, and miracles as poetic fancies. To teach superstitions as truths is a most terrible thing. The child mind accepts and believes them, and only through great pain and perhaps tragedy can he be in after years relieved of them. In fact, men will fight for a superstition quite as quickly as for a living truth — often more so, since a superstition is so intangible you cannot get at it to refute it, but truth is a point of view, and so is changeable.”

Tags : Belief Fables Fantasies Fight Indoctrination Intangible Miracles Misdirection Myths Refutation Superstitions Teaching Truth
Author : Hypatia

98. “Any situation, circumstance or challenge is just a distraction and as you remain true to your goals and trust in God they will fall away".”

Tags : Christian Faith Favor Miracles Self Esteem Self Help
Source : God's Favor - Breath Of Heaven

99. “Don't despise those little things you can do well; they contain tiny miracles that can amaze you and you will change the world. Be a world changer in your own way! We look up to you!”

Tags : Amaze Change Change The World Despise Don T Despise Little Things Food For Thought Israelmore Ayivor Little Little Things Make A Change Miracles Surprise Tiny Tiny Things World Changer
Source : Daily Drive 365

100. “To the infinite, all finites are equal.”

Tags : Glory Of God Miracles Omnipotence Omniscience Prayer
Source : In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day: How to Survive and Thrive When Opportunity Roars

101. “Don’t despise little things that contain tiny miracles. Enjoy little actions!”

Tags : Actions Despise Food For Thought God Israelmore Ayivor Little Things Miracles Tiny
Source : Shaping the dream

102. “The process of miraculous change is twofold.  One:  I see my error or dysfunctional pattern.  Two: I ask God to take it from me.  The first principle without the second is impotent.  As they say in Alcoholics Anonymous, your best thinking got you here.  You're the problem but you're not the answer. The second principle isn't enough to change us either. The Holy Spirit can't take from us what we will not release to him.  He won't work without our consent.  He cannot remove our character defects without our willingness, because that would be violating our free will.  We chose those patterns, however mistakenly, and he will not force us to give them up.  In asking God to heal us, we're committing to the choice to be healed.”

Tags : Change Free Will Inspiration Miracles
Source : A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles"

103. “Here then we are first to consider a book, presented to us by a barbarous and ignorant people, written in an age when they were still more barbarous, and in all probability long after the facts which it relates, corroborated by no concurring testimony, and resembling those fabulous accounts, which every nation gives of its origin.”

Tags : Miracles Reason Religion
Author : David Hume
Source : An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

104. “[I]t is no doubt true that our image of what a messiah might look like may keep us from recognizing the real thing when it stands before us. Could it be that we have embellished the long-awaited event with so many aggadic flourishes that we can no longer recognize the reality when it happens? Could our overly literal reading of our sages’ poetic descriptions have led us to overlook completely the miracle as it happened? One of the dangers of taking the statements and speculations of our sages as literal truth—when they were not meant as such—is the distortion of our expectations.”

Tags : Aggadah Messiah Messianic Age Miracles
Source : Foreword to A Damaged Mirror: A story of memory and redemption: Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo discusses prophecy and memory

105. “In a remarkable midrash (commentary) on Proverbs, we read the following: “All of the festivals will be abolished in the future [the Messianic Age], but Purim will never be abolished.”The miracle of Purim is very different from the miracles mentioned in the Torah. While the latter were overt miracles, such as the ten plagues in Egypt and the splitting of the Red Sea, the miracle of Purim was covert. No law of nature was violated in the Purim story and the Jews were saved by seemingly normal historical occurrences. Had we lived in those days, we would have noticed nothing unusual. Only retroactively are we astonished that seemingly unrelated and insignificant human acts led to the redemption of the Jews. The discovery that these events concealed a miracle could only be made after the fact.Covert miracles will never cease to exist explains the Torah Temimah. In fact, they take place every day. The midrash on Proverbs is not suggesting that the actual festivals mentioned in the Torah will be nullified in future days. Rather we should read the midrash as follows: Overt miracles, which we celebrate on festivals mentioned in the Torah, no longer occur. But covert miracles such as those celebrated on Purim will never end; they continue to occur every day of the year. Purim, probably rooted in a historical event of many years ago, functions as a constant reminder that the Purim story never ended. We are still living it. The Megillah is open-ended; it was not and will never be completed!”

Tags : Jewish History Messiah Messianic Age Miracles
Source : Foreword to A Damaged Mirror: A story of memory and redemption: Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo discusses prophecy and memory

106. “No gasp at a miracle that is truly miraculous because the magic lies in the fact that you knew it was there for you all along.”

Tags : Beloved Hope Magic Miracle Miracles Toni Morrison Trust
Author : Toni Morrison

107. “Jesus Christ did not perform any transgender miracles and no disciple was gay.”

Tags : Gay Jesus Miracles Perform Transgender
Author : Felix Wantang
Source : God's Blueprint of the Holy Bible

108. “Nick spreads cream cheese on my bagel for me because it’s hard to do with one hand. You need to hold the bagel and everything.“You are the nicest boyfriend ever,” I tell him and kiss his cheek.“Gag,” Devyn says.“You’re just jealous,” Nick teases him and points his plastic knife at Devyn. “Which is ridiculous because you are the star of the school now that the wheelchair is totally gone. Everyone is talking about you.”“Star of the school?” Devyn asks. He takes a swig of Gatorade.“All the girls.” Nick gestures to the girls giggling behind them. “They like miracles. It’s sexy. Remember how much play Jay Dahlberg got when he came back from being abducted?” He does not add by pixies because he does not have to.“Really?” Devyn does this cheesy and really fake eyebrow wiggle thing so he looks like some sleezy porn dog.”

Tags : Bagel Boyfriend Devyn Girls Miracles Nick Colt Star Zara White
Author : Carrie Jones
Source : Captivate

109. “In answer to modern requests for signs and wonders, Our Lord might say, 'You repeat Satan's temptation, whenever you admire the wonders of science, and forget that I am the Author of the Universe and its science. Your scientists are the proofreaders, but not the authors of the Book of Nature; they can see and examine My handiwork, but they cannot create one atom themselves. You would tempt Me to prove Myself omnipotent by meaningless tests...You tempt Me after you have willfully destroyed your own cities with bombs by shrieking out, "Why does God not stop this war?" You tempt Me, saying that I have no power, unless I show it at your beck and call. This, if you remember, is exactly how Satan tempted Me in the desert.I have never had many followers on the lofty heights of Divine truth, I know; for instance, I have hardly had the intelligentsia. I refuse to perform stunts to win them, for they would not really be won that way. It is only when I am seen on the Cross that I really draw men to Myself; it is by sacrifice, and not by marvels, that I must make My appeal. I must win followers not with test tubes, but with My blood; not with material power, but with love; not with celestial fireworks, but with the right use of reason and free will.”

Tags : Belief Christianity Jesus Miracles Satan Temptation
Source : Life of Christ

110. “Falaki maana yake ni kundi la nyota na sayari ikiwemo dunia. Falaki yetu inaitwa Njiamaziwa, ‘the Milky Way galaxy’, yenye mabilioni ya mifumo ya jua ukiwemo wa kwetu. Mungu alisimamisha jua katika falaki ya Njiamaziwa kwa ajili ya Yoshua, ili apate muda wa kutosha kuwashinda maadui zake – wanajeshi wa mataifa matano. Kila mtu alishangaa sana kipindi hicho. Kila mtu anashangaa sana kipindi hiki. Mungu akikubariki watu watasema wewe ni mchawi. Hawatajua nini kilitokea. Kwani kwa Mungu hakuna kinachoshindikana. Mungu aliweza kutenda miujiza kwa ajili ya Yoshua, na kwa ajili ya wana wa Israeli huko Gibeoni na huko Aiyaloni, anaweza kutenda miujiza kwa ajili yako popote pale ulipo. Mungu anachotaka kutoka kwako ni imani ya kweli juu yake, kwa mwili na kwa roho yako yote.”

Tags : Body And Soul Falaki Galaxy Gibeon Imani Ya Kweli Israelites Joshua Jua Maadui Mchawi Miujiza Mungu Sayari Sol Solar Systems Sun True Faith Witch World

111. “Symbols are miracles we have recorded into language.”

Tags : Coincidence Miracles Shamanism Symbols

112. “I believe in the uncommon, the unusual and unlikely, even the miraculous.   I believe in nearly all things except impossibilities. That I can't fathom. ”

Tags : Believe Determination Dreams Goals Impossibility Miracles Possible Richelle Richelle Goodrich Uncommon Unlikely Unusual
Source : Smile Anyway: Quotes, Verse, & Grumblings for Every Day of the Year

113. “Sometimes we get caught up in trying to glorify God by praising what He can do and we lose sight of the practical point of what He actually does do.”

Tags : Miracles Signs

114. “The birth of a child is divine miracle.”

Tags : Birth Birth Mother Birth Rights Birthday Birthdays Child Childbirth Children Divine Divine Favour Miracle Miracle Quotes Miracles Miracles Of Life Miraculous

115. “Watch out, every day miraculous encounter with you and God!”

Tags : Christian Daily Living Encounter Everyday Everyday Faith Fate God Man Mediation Mindset Miracle Mindset Miracles Motivational Music Purpose Quotes Religion Seeker Of Fate Seeking God Self Realization Time Worship Your Destiny Your Journey
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

116. “If three steps are taken without any other motive than the desire to obey God, those three steps are miraculous; they are equally so whether they take place on dry land or on water.”

Tags : Action Desire Miracles Miraculous Motivation Obey God Walking On Water
Author : Simone Weil

117. “The day of birth is a miraculous day.”

Tags : Birth Birth Mother Birthday Birthday Present Birthdays Day Lailah Gifty Akita Affirmations Miracle Mindset Miracle Of Life Miracle Quotes Miracles Miracles Of Life Miraculous

118. “Everything is going to be all right. Miracles happen every day.”

Tags : Ad Posey Every Day Happen Inspirational Miracles Story Storytellers Storytelling Write Writers Writing Writing Quotes
Author : A.D. Posey

119. “Don’t look. See.Don’t think. Feel.Don’t hear.Listen.Pay attentionMiracles really do happen every day”

Tags : Ad Posey Every Day Feel Inspirational Listen Miracles Pay Attention See Stories Story Storytellers Storytelling Write Writers Writing Writing Quotes
Author : A.D. Posey

120. “It's simpler to believe in a miracle.”

Tags : Belief Explanations Miracles Religion
Source : The Spire

121. “The fault in our stars is the inability to see that the world falls in love with fantasy, fairytales and magic in movies. Even religion asks us to believe in the most unlikely of situations. However, despite all the great movies we love, we choose to see so many real life spiritual experiences as delusion, mania, psychosis or wishful thinking. Our society gives great devotion to the arts. However, they solve so many problems with realism, rather than giving into the possibilty of God's plan for a person, that doesn't involve their theological views about how God helps write his children's stories.”

Tags : Adversity Directions Faith Fantasy Fault In Our Stars God God S Stories Life Mission Life Purpose Mental Illness Miracles Overcoming Path Patience Perception Preordained Purpose Realism Religion Rules Seeing Signs Trials

122. “In my lifetime I have witnessed far too many miracles to believe in impossibilities, and so I am officially modifying the definition. im·pos·si·ble [im-pos-uh-buhl]Old definition: Unable to be done.New definition: Unable to be ignored until done.”

Tags : Definition Impossibility Impossible Miracles Richelle Richelle E Goodrich Richelle Goodrich Unattainable

123. “Some people spend their whole lives seeking heaven, when all they needed to do was look about them, and embrace that which was already there.”

Tags : Alchemy Awareness Consciousness Create Your Life Enlightenment Evolution Experience Growth Inspiration Intelligence Intention Karma Know Thyself Love Meditation Mind Miracles Power Of Thoughts Reality Resistance Spiritual Subconscious Mind Suffering Teaching Acceptance Transformation Truth Wisdom Brilliance
Author : Tom Althouse
Source : The Frowny Face Cow

124. “There is beauty all around us, and the light finds us when we realize, we are all part of that beauty and worth the cherishing. If we despise any, we journey to despise ourselves. See all as beautiful, even if they choose to see themselves through you, as being less than so. We have the power to see for each, and be the reflection of what they may yet see.”

Tags : Awakening Awareness Buddhism Change Create Your Life Create Your Reality Evolution Freedom Growth Healthy Living Inspirational Karma Mind Non Attachment Not Giving Up Poetry Power Resistance Self Love Self Transformation Surrender Transformation Trust Wisdom Brilliance
Author : Tom Althouse

125. “To have a different life you have be a different person. You have to do what you haven't done. You have to become the person that fits that dream. But most of all, you have to realize that if you don't step into your story it becomes the moral of the story. Your inaction is a lesson you leave to your kids-- I was too afraid to change.”

Tags : Belief In Yourself Bravery Challenges Change Changing Comfort Zones Creators Dreamers Finding Courage Inventors Miracles Never Give Up Obstacles Optimisim Overcoming Peaceful Warriors Self Improvement Stayingpositiveu Com Stories Trying Uplifting Vision Visionary Warriors

126. “There are no miracles on Mondays.”

Tags : Humor Magic Miracles Monday Mondays
Author : Amy Neftzger
Source : The Orphanage of Miracles

127. “Sometimes all you need is one person with a guilty conscience to come forward and do the right thing. Often, the miracle you need resides inside of yourself, when you humbly ask for forgiveness.”

Tags : Answers Choice Church Commonsense Conscience Dishonesty Guardian Angels Guidance Guilt Humbly Miracles Opportunity Option Pastoral Partners Reasoning Write Your Future

128. “Life has always been about God winning. He will send you a miracle that will take you through the conflict in your life into a better situation that will create the most peace in the world--- if you only believe.”

Tags : Believe Conflict Friendship Guardian Angels Love Miracles Peace Relationships Trust

129. “The Holy Spirit has to convince us that reality is better than illusions and that eternity is better than linear time. It is actually beyond one being better than the other; it is a case of there being no comparison. One is real and one is not. If we are sincerely interested in experiencing True Happiness, if we really want to be in a miraculous state of mind, all it takes is the willingness to start to see the miracle offers us everything.”

Tags : Awakening Happiness Hoffmeister Jesus Miracles Quantum
Source : Quantum Forgiveness: Physics, Meet Jesus

130. “I once thought it would take a miracle to improve my circumstances. Now, I believe it will take something far more powerful, if such a thing exists.”

Tags : Change Circumstances Improving Improving Your Circumstances Life Making Wishes Miracles Richelle Richelle E Goodrich Richelle Goodrich
Source : Making Wishes: Quotes, Thoughts, & a Little Poetry for Every Day of the Year

131. “God is the source of my supply. His riches flow to me freely, copiously, and abundantly. All my financial and other needs are met at every moment of time and point of space; there is always a divine surplus.”

Tags : Believe Blessings Building Wealth Entrepreneurship Gratitude Miracles Power Of Words Wealth Wealth Creation Wisdom
Author : Joseph Murphy

132. “Who gets to be the judge of reality? If it was deeply felt, believed, spoken about often or altered your life course, then it was real enough. Faith doesn't get the luxury of all those things one hundred percent of the time, but we call that normal behavior based on a gut feeling.” I said. I looked at his wife and she busted out laughing. Her husband was trying to catch invisible butterflies above his head—dementia. My patients teach me the most sobering of truths: Why wreck his smile. If I could see them, I would want to catch them too.”

Tags : Belief Best Friends Dreams Expectations Fairytales Faith Gods Plan Miracles Patients Perception Pondering Realism Reality Tsloama Viewpoint

133. “There is nothing God loves more that keeping promises, answering prayers, performing miracles, and fulfilling dreams.”

Tags : Dreams Miracles Prayers Promises
Source : The Circle Maker: Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears

134. “Living life is the greatest miracle.”

Tags : Life Living Miracles Motivational

135. “Dew settles without the fanfare of thunder or patter of falling rain, yet our wet feet in the morning still tell us there is something there. Sometimes miracles are like that. There is no overwhelming proof, but deep inside we know.”

Tags : Faith Miracles

136. “You always had it in you to create miracles, but you forgot that it required you to do the opposite of what you are doing now.”

Tags : Balloons Change Kansas Miracles Opposite Pay Attention Ruby Slippers

137. “Faith has power in it. More often than not, faith can create miracles.”

Tags : Debasish Mridha Debasish Mridha Md Faith Faith Can Create Miracles Faith Has Power Inspirational Miracles Philosophy Quotes

138. “To wake up each morning is a miracle.”

Tags : Miracle Miracle Mindset Miracle Of Life Miracle Quotes Miracles Of Life Morning Morning Quote Morning Thoughts Morning Walk Míracles New Adult New Day New Thought News Days Wake Wake Up Early

139. “At Times I Am A Flower...at times I am a flower ~singularly defined ...”

Tags : Character Confidence Courage Flower Forgiveness Growth Healing Knowledge Miracles Obstacles Overcome Pain Past Poem Poetry Prayer Present Day Self Awareness Self Esteem Self Love Self Respect Spirit Steadfast Value
Author : Muse
Source : Enigmatic Evolution

140. “Actually, the “leap of faith”—to give it the memorable name that Soren Kierkegaard bestowed upon it—is an imposture. As he himself pointed out, it is not a “leap” that can be made once and for all. It is a leap that has to go on and on being performed, in spite of mounting evidence to the contrary. This effort is actually too much for the human mind, and leads to delusions and manias. Religion understands perfectly well that the “leap” is subject to sharply diminishing returns, which is why it often doesn’t in fact rely on “faith” at all but instead corrupts faith and insults reason by offering evidence and pointing to confected “proofs.” This evidence and these proofs include arguments from design, revelations, punishments, and miracles. Now that religion’s monopoly has been broken, it is within the compass of any human being to see these evidences and proofs as the feeble-minded inventions that they are.”

Tags : Argument From Design Confected Proofs Evidence Faith Leap Of Faith Miracles Religion Revelations
Source : God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything

141. “Why did they believe? Because they saw miracles. Things one man took as chance, a man of faith took as a sign. A loved one recovering from disease, a fortunate business deal, a chance meeting with a long lost friend. It wasn't the grand doctrines or the sweeping ideals that seemed to make believers out of men. It was the simple magic in the world around them.”

Tags : Faith Magic Miracles Religion Simplicity
Source : The Hero of Ages

142. “People are always looking for magic, when the natural world holds true miracles”

Tags : Alchemy Of Forever Magic Miracles World
Source : The Alchemy of Forever

143. “Just because you don’t know how on Earth something might be achieved doesn’t mean you shouldn’t allow yourself to really, really want it. That’s the essence of a dream, the realms of magic and of miracles.”

Tags : Dreaming Magic Miracles Wishes

144. “This is the story of how Dad lived with his lung cancer. But it is much more. Through his illness and the miracles we experienced, I came to see that Dad's was not just a journey. It was a journey home. Home to God. ”

Tags : Cancer Catholic Faith Inspiration Miracles
Source : The Journey Home: My Father's Story of Cancer, Faith and Life-Changing Miracles

145. “God is the Creator of all dreams.”

Tags : Christian Creator Destiny Divine Nature Dreams Faith Fate God Imagination Inspirational Miracles Paths Praying Habits Spirtual Visions Wise Words Wishes Your Journey Yourlife
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

146. “Dunia huzunguka kwenye mhimili wake na huzunguka jua. Jua huzunguka kwenye mhimili wake na huzunguka falaki. Dunia hutumia takriban siku moja kuzunguka kwenye mhimili wake, na hutumia takriban mwaka mmoja kuzunguka jua. Jua hutumia takriban siku ishirini na tano kuzunguka kwenye mhimili wake, na hutumia takriban miaka milioni mia mbili na hamsini kuzunguka falaki. Yoshua alisimamisha jua ili lisizunguke kwenye mhimili wake na lisizunguke falaki. Kwa sababu jua lilisimama, kila kitu kilichoathiriwa na jua hilo kilisimama pia ikiwemo dunia. Hata hivyo, kwa sababu tukio la Yoshua kusimamisha jua na mwezi yalikuwa maajabu kutoka kwa malaika wema, malaika wema ndiyo wanaojua kwa hakika nini kilitokea. Yoshua alikuwa sahihi kusema jua lisimame si dunia isimame. Mungu aliweza kusimamisha jua kwa ajili ya Yoshua kuwashinda maadui zake, kwa sababu aliamini. Mungu anaweza kusimamisha jua kwa ajili yako kuwashinda maadui zako, ukiamini. Mungu anapokuwa na wewe matatizo yako yako matatizoni.”

Tags : Axis Dunia Earth Enemies Falaki Galaxy God Good Angels Joshua Maadui Maajabu Malaika Wema Matatizo Mhimili Miracles Moon Mungu Mwezi Problems Sol Sun Tarra World Yoshua

147. “When we surrender completely to our Higher Self and we remember that we are Divine Beings, that we are Human Angels, the illusion of having limits vanishes and everything, including miracles, becomes possible in the name of Love.”

Tags : Angel Angels Miracle Miracle Quotes Miracles Oneness
Author : Human Angels
Source : We are human angels

148. “When you find that a theology has nothing more to offer than what the world already offers, then that theology as a theology is impractical, and therefore, useless.”

Tags : Apologetics Belief God Gospel Impractical Miracles Practical Prosperity Prosperity Gospel Spirituality Supernatural Theology World
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

149. “I’ve been lucky enough to cross paths with these angels who seem to brush the dust off my wings so effortlessly. These wonderful people I don’t and will never know. I want to be one of them. I want to be many of them. Radiating, resonating, finding lost souls and then exhaling magic.”

Tags : Angels Lost Souls Magic Miracles Wings
Author : Hillary Wen

150. “Pity is an insult. Kindness is a miracle.”

Tags : Friendship Kindness Miracles Patrick Ness Pity Respect
Author : Patrick Ness

151. “Every few words you speak, every little help you offer and every small advice you give mass up tiny miracles that can change someone's life forever!”

Tags : Advice Advise Change Communicate Communication Few Few Words Food For Thought Help Inspirations Israelmore Ayivor Life Little Mini Miracles Motivations Prayer Small Speak Tiny Transformation
Source : Daily Drive 365

152. “Believe in God our Eternal Father, He who is greatest of all, who stands ever ready to help us and who has the power to do so. Believe in Jesus Christ, the Savior and the Redeemer of mankind, the worker of miracles, the greatest who ever walked the earth, the intercessor with our Father. Believe in the power of the Holy Ghost to lead, to inspire, to comfort, to protect. Believe in the Prophet Joseph, as an instrument in the hands of the Almighty in ushering in this the dispensation of the fullness of times.”

Tags : Almighty Believe Comfort Dispensation Earth Eternal Father Help Holy Ghost Inspire Instrument Jesus Jesus Christ Joseph Smith Joseph Smith Jr Mankind Miracles Power Prophet Redeemer Savior Spiritual Spiritual Quotes Spirituality

153. “I don’t need to go to heaven or hell. I have been both places and always wanted more. I will settle for somewhere in between, so eternity never becomes dull and every miracle is something I never take for granted.”

Tags : Acceptance Apathy Contentment Death Destination Endless Growth Eternity Evolution Gratitude Learning Life Miracles No Destination Preexistence Somewhere Inbetween Striving For Success

154. “The wonder of life is in the miracle of life. There is spectacle, there is awe and there is incredulity. The blunder of life is in the greediness of Man from Abel and Cain to the City of Sodom and concurrently to the conflict in the Gaza Strip.”

Tags : Human Greed Life Miracles Spectacles
Author : Anthony Pan

155. “In fact, if you're wondering if I expect miracles---the answer is yes. Even when they don't seem to happen, I keep believing in them. Even when I stop believing in them, I'll always start again. Because if you don't have hope, what's left? I believe. And maybe they'll happen in a way I never saw coming--they usually do. Or maybe I'll find the way to make them happen myself. But ether way--I expect miracles.”

Tags : Happiness Hard Times Hope Keep Going Keep The Faith Miracles Optimism Positive Thinking Staying Positive Strength

156. “When comparing 100 years of experience to 1, there is a way to close the gap. One must simply understand the choices that were taken, the roads that were walked, and that there are no guarantees to an unseen future.”

Tags : Experience Miracles Uncertainty
Author : Lionel Suggs

157. “I am so glad that God miraculously save my life at near-death.”

Tags : Life Life And Death Life And Living Life Changing Life Experience Life Lessons Life Philosophy Life Quotes Miracle Mindset Miracle Quotes Miracles Miracles Of Life Near Near Death Near Death Experience Near Death Experiences

158. “If you study the rhythm of life on this planet, you will find that everything moves in perfect symphony with everything else — by grand divine design. The earth has the ability to heal and regenerate itself, just as our oceans have the ability to replenish themselves by turning over their debris with the waves to wash them ashore. This perfect orchestration of the cycle of life is one of the Creator's greatest and most beautiful miracles. The earth will continue to exist with or without us. So the real concern should be, will we be able to continue to co-exist with each other?”

Tags : Co Exist Creator Cycle Cycle Of Life Debris Divine Divine Design Earth Future God Heal Humanity Life Life Symphony Mankind Miracle Miracles Ocean Peace Replenish Rhythm Rhythm Of Life Symphony Symphony Of Life Wash Waves World
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

159. “The perfect orchestration of the symphony of life is one of the Creator's greatest and most beautiful miracles.”

Tags : Beautiful Creator Creator S Cycle Cycle Of Life Design Earth Flow God Greatest Heaven Miracles Music Orchestration Perfect Planet Symphony Symphony Of Life Universe World
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

160. “The time of the third millennium is the time when the people of God will walk, covered byGod’s glory, performing great wonders and miracles.”

Tags : Converted Glory Miracles Performing Wonders

161. “Heaven, such as it is, is right here on earth. Behold: my revelation: I stand at the door in the morning, and lo, there is a newspaper, in sight like unto an emerald. And holy, holy, holy is the coffee, which was, and is, and is to come. And hark, I hear the voice of an angel round about the radio saying, "Since my baby left me I found a new place to dwell." And lo, after this I beheld a great multitude, which no man could number, of shoes. And after these things I will hasten unto a taxicab and to a theater, where a ticket will be given unto me, and lo, it will be a matinee, and a film that doeth great wonders. And when it is finished, the heavens will open, and out will cometh a rain fragrant as myrrh, and yea, I have an umbrella.”

Tags : 52 Heaven Life Miracles
Author : Sarah Vowell
Source : Take the Cannoli

162. “Christmas, when observed with the right spirit, still has the power to call miracles from Heaven to Earth.”

Tags : Christmas Heaven Miracles Richelle Richelle Goodrich Spirit Of Christmas
Source : Smile Anyway: Quotes, Verse, & Grumblings for Every Day of the Year

163. “But the past is long, and the future is short.”

Tags : Future Miracles Past
Source : The Age of Miracles

164. “Be the woman who is remembered for living life to its fullest!”

Tags : Clarity Empower Women Empowerment Energy Law Of Attraction Magic Miracles Spirituality The Secret

165. “What was wonderful about childhood is that anything in it was a wonder. It was not merely a world full of miracles; it was a miraculous world.”

Tags : Childhood Miracles Wonder

166. “The truth of the matter was something much more subtle and tremendous than any plain physical miracle could ever be. But never mind that. The important thing was that, when I did see the stars (riotously darting in all directions according to the caprice of their own wild natures, yet in every movement confirming the law), the whole tangled horror that had tormented me finally presented itself to me in its truth and beautiful shape. And I knew that the first, blind stage of my childhood had ended.”

Tags : Beauty Childhood Horror Law Miracles Stars Truth
Source : Odd John

167. “What a great gladness to welcome a new born baby into the world.”

Tags : Appreciation Quotes Baby Birth Birthday Quotes Born Care Caring Quotes Giving Birth Grateful Quotes Gratefulness Quotes Health Healthy Living Miracles New Birth Pregnancy Quotes Spiritual Quotes Faith
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

168. “When its no longer just about you and the sake of succeeding just to succeed, you will see miracles happen!”

Tags : Failure And Success Inspirational Quotes Miracles Miracles In Your Life Motivational Speaker Success Success And Failure Success Quotes
Source : Successful Failures: Recognizing the Divine Role That Opposition Plays in Life's Quest for Success

169. “Wonders demonstrate the power of God.”

Tags : Divine Grace God Miracles Spirituality Wonders

170. “[T[his isn’t just “another day, another dollar.” It’s more like “another day, another miracle.” (213)”

Tags : Appreciation Daily Living Life Mindfulness Miracles Perspective
Source : Lit From Within: Tending Your Soul For Lifelong Beauty

171. “Sometimes, when we pray for miracles what we are really praying for is God to do the work that we are too afraid to take action about. Often, the miracle resides in us and we need to simply "be all in", rather than standing on the fence waiting.”

Tags : Action All In Arranging Decided Future Happiness Miracles Organizing Planning Road Ahead Taking Action Together

172. “Surprisingly, the Christian faith today is perceived as disconnected from the supernatural world – a dimension that the vast majority of outsiders believe can be accessed and influenced.”

Tags : Faith Holy Spirit Miracles
Source : unChristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks about Christianity... and Why It Matters

173. “I write the words God put on my mind.”

Tags : Favour God Gods Grace Lailah Gifty Akita Affirmations Mind Body Spirit Mind Power Miracles Spiritual Life Wise Words Writers Life
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

174. “Someday all the children of the world will learn the truth about their noble inheritance. When that happens, a miracle will unfold on the kingdom of Earth.”

Tags : Children Miracles Self Worth
Source : The Twelve Gifts of Birth

175. “Is it a weakness not being able to hate? Or is it preparation for what is inevitable, the ability only to love.”

Tags : Acceptance Awareness Blessing Buddhism Courage Create Your Life Create Your Reality Don T Give Up Enlightenment Evolution Healthy Living Intelligence Letting Go Limitation Miracles Non Attachment Not Giving Up Reality Resistance Subconscious Mind Suffering Transformation Truth Wisdom Awakening
Author : Tom Althouse
Source : The Frowny Face Cow

176. “To win or lose often depends on set parameters. Expand the bounds of what is possible, and you may come out the true winner, outside the confines of its defining.”

Tags : Acceptance Awareness Blessing Consciousness Courage Create Your Life Create Your Reality Don T Give Up Evolution Experience Freedom Growth Healthy Living Inspiration Intelligence Intention Letting Go Limitation Miracles Not Giving Up Resistance Self Awareness Self Transformation Spiritual Subconscious Mind Suffering Teaching Truth Wisdom Awakening
Author : Tom Althouse
Source : The Frowny Face Cow

177. “Time is an illusion, only the keepers of the illusion are real, and the reality they have spun, keeps us, until we set upon the path of the dream.”

Tags : Alchemy Awareness Blessing Buddhism Consciousness Courage Create Your Life Don T Give Up Evolution Experience Freedom Growth Intelligence Intention Letting Go Limitation Miracles Non Attachment Not Giving Up Resistance Spiritual Suffering Transformation Wisdom Awakening
Author : Tom Althouse
Source : The Frowny Face Cow

178. “No matter how busy we may believe we are, we have the wonderful opportunity presently of investing time with loved ones. For those are the great investments we will be glad we made, when time begins to slow and the ability to tend turns tender.”

Tags : Alchemy Awakening Awareness Create Your Reality Evolution Experience Family Intention Karma Know Thyself Mind Miracles Poetry Power Of Thoughts Resistance Self Awareness Self Transformation Subconscious Mind Suffering Teaching Acceptance Transformation Truth Wisdom Brilliance
Author : Tom Althouse
Source : The Frowny Face Cow

179. “More and more obstacles seem to be other people's issues that form in the way of a hand to block one, to take notice of them? Sometimes noticing ahead of time, and taking the time to notice them, makes the hand part of an arm that embraces you. The obstacles become bridges for both to cross over, even if in opposite directions.”

Tags : Acceptance Alchemy Blessing Courage Don T Give Up Enlightenment Evolution Freedom Growth Inspiration Intention Letting Go Love Miracles Non Attachment Not Giving Up Reality Self Awareness Self Transformation Subconscious Mind Teaching Transformation Wisdom Awakening
Author : Tom Althouse
Source : The Frowny Face Cow

180. “As to the ancient historians, from Herodotus to Tacitus, we credit them as far as they relate things probable and credible, and no further: for if we do, we must believe the two miracles which Tacitus relates were performed by Vespasian, that of curing a lame man, and a blind man, in just the same manner as the same things are told of Jesus Christ by his historians. We must also believe the miracles cited by Josephus, that of the sea of Pamphilia opening to let Alexander and his army pass, as is related of the Red Sea in Exodus. These miracles are quite as well authenticated as the Bible miracles, and yet we do not believe them; consequently the degree of evidence necessary to establish our belief of things naturally incredible, whether in the Bible or elsewhere, is far greater than that which obtains our belief to natural and probable things.”

Tags : Alexander Alexander The Great Ancient Credibility Credit Evidence Exodus Herodotus Historians Jesus Christ Josephus Miracles Red Sea Tacitus Vespasian
Author : Thomas Paine
Source : The Age of Reason

181. “You're going to make it, you'll be ok, miracles happen every day.”

Tags : Encouragement Encouragement Quotes Heather Wolf Kipnuk Adventure Series Miracles
Author : Heather Wolf
Source : Kipnuk Visits Sea Isle

182. “The miracles of our dreams lie beneath our foot soles -- in each and every tiny step we take as we journey to the stars… I reckon the destination isn’t the only miracle.”

Tags : Besa Kosova Dream Dreams Dreams Inspirational Journey Miracles
Author : Besa Kosova

183. “We need to make our own miracles, it is a wasted exercise to just wait for miracles to happen; they need a spark of energy and desire to make them come true.”

Tags : Come True Desire Energy Miracles
Source : The Solution

184. “Birth is the greatest miracle.”

Tags : Birth Child Birth Miracles Pregnant Wise Words

185. “Many theologians believe the Gospel writers include miracle stories in order to prove that Jesus is divine. But miracles are not proof of deity. Many Old Testament prophets heal people and even raise them from the dead, yet they are mere mortals. Jesus's miracle ministry is a demonstration that the kingdom of God has arrived. Heaven on Earth, pg. 105.”

Tags : Kingdom Of Christ Kingdom Of God Miracles The Gospels

186. “Kilstelėjusi akis išvystu artėjant katedrą. Stabteliu su nuostaba, tarytum šį pastatą matyčiau pirmą kartą gyvenime. Juokingi mes - keliaujame tūkstančius kilometrų, kad patirtume kažką stebuklinga: kelias nuvirtusias kolonas, apgriuvusią tvirtovę, išblukusią freską, kurią būtina apžiūrėti, nes apie ją rašo kiekvienas kelionių vadovas. O į tuos stebuklus, kurių kampą kasdien apeiname, net nebepakeliame akių.”

Tags : Architecture Life Miracles Travels
Source : Gunda

187. “My heart is filled with great joy.I am so thankful to God for miraculously saving my life.”

Tags : Joyful Living Joyful Living Quote Joyful Quotes Thankful Miracles Thank You Thankful Thankful Heart Thankful Quotes Thanks To God

188. “May every day of the New Year be filled with glorious wonders.”

Tags : Christian Life Inspiration Life Miracles Motivation New Year New Year Resolution Resolutions Self Love Self Motivation Spiritual Wise Thoughts
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

189. “Appreciate the daily miracles of life.”

Tags : Appreciate Appreciating Life Appreciation Appreciation Of Nature Appreciations Daily Daily Life Grateful Gratitude Gratitude Life Happiness Success Life Life And Living Life At It S Best Life Changing Life Experience Life Lessons Life Philosophy Life Quotes Miracle Miracle Quotes Miracles Thankful Heart Thankful Quotes Thankfulness Wonders Your Life

190. “If you want to be a good parent then be a great leader. You should live a life with passion for someone and something. The legacy you leave your children shouldn't be how you suffered in gratitude for a life you had no passion for. Rather, it should be how grateful you are to a God that believes fairytales can come true because they came true for you.”

Tags : Achieving Dreams Attitude Best Life Choices Creating Miracles Example Fairytales Grateful Honest Life Honesty Legacy Love Martyrs Miracles Self Respect Stayingpositiveu Com The Best Life True Responsibility To Kids

191. “God thank you for everything you've given us. For the time we have together. And for the miracle of Christmas. Thank you for the Atonement, the chance to start all over again. Help us to always remember who we are and to trust that we are worthy to make it through our storms. Amen>”

Tags : Chrismas Glenn Beck Miracles Prayer
Author : Glenn Beck
Source : The Christmas Sweater

192. “In the wilderness, God performs His mighty miracles.”

Tags : Belief Christian Faith God Gods Grace Inspiriing Miracles Wilderness Wonders
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

193. “God created every man”

Tags : Belife Christian Creation Divine Forgivenss God Good Deeds Humanity Imagination Inspiring Kindness Life Love Love One Another Mankind Mindset Miracle Of Birth Miracles Positive Positive Thinking Religion Spiritual Thoughts Wonders
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

194. “God is joy. Joy contains light that illuminates your entire being and those that come in contact with you.”

Tags : Being Blessings God Healing Health Illumination Joy Miracles Purpose Of Life
Author : Vivian Amis
Source : The Essentials of Life

195. “Knowledge that can make miracles happen needs to be guarded carefully. If it falls into the wrong hands, miracles become disasters in no time.”

Tags : Disaster Knowledge Miracles Misuse Misuse Of Knowledge Misuse Of Power Protection Wrong Hands
Author : Pawan Mishra
Source : Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy

196. “Miracles surround us at every turn, if we but sharpen our perceptions to them.”

Tags : Faith Faith Quotes Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Miracles Miracles Of Life Willa Cather
Author : Willa Cather

197. “Don't let sickness, depression, and disease THUG YOU OUT. Eat healthier, think healthier, speak healthier, and more positively over your life. When you do so, you will soon begin to conquer your life and your health through new found empowerment- mind, body, and spirit.”

Tags : Body Conquer Control Disease Doctors Food Healing Healthy Lifestyle Healthy Living Healthy Mind Herbs Inspiration Law Of Attraction Medication Mindset Miracles Positive Thinking Positivity Sickness Speech Supa Nova Slim Thoughts Victory Wellness Wellness Salute
Author : SupaNova Slom

198. “The miracles of Jesus are nevertheless more than individual blessings. They are also symbols and types that reveal the full scope of Jesus' identity as the mighty Jehovah, the Creator, the one who provides for his people, and above all the Christ, who wrought the great Atonement, conquering sin and death. For people in every age Jesus can redeem from sin, change hearts and heal souls, strengthen and empower, and bring about a glorious resurrection, which are the greatest miracles of all.”

Tags : Atonement Blessings Empower Jehovah Jesus Christ Miracles Redeem Resurrection Savior Sin Symbols

199. “I believe in miracles.”

Tags : Believe Faith Hope Inspirational Lailah Gifty Akita Affirmations Miracles

200. “The mighty miracles of the Lord are marvellous!”

Tags : Belief Christian Life Divine Divine Favour Divine Intervention Faith Gods Power Power Grace Hope Inspirational Miracles Motivational Religion Spiritual