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Source : Hogfather

2. “Damn it," I said. "I don't suppose you have any ideas on how to kill Littleton."He smiled at me, his teeth very white in the darkness of his face. "Eat him," he said.”

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Source : Blood Bound

3. “Some of the simplest of truths are also some of the most difficult of truths, but such is Christianity: 'If it's not about Christ, it's not about life.”

Tags : Apologetics Christ Christendom Christianity Everything Faith Fundamental Grace Jesus Life Living Living Life To The Fullest Love Meaning Of Life Paradox Peace Of Mind Purpose Religion Simplicity Sins Spirituality Theology Understand
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

4. “In the world of dogma, you become free the day you decide to go to hell.”

Tags : Adversity Begging Belief Betrayed Breakups Confidence Dates Deceit Dignity False Hope Get Up Hanging On Heartbreak Insecurity Lack Of Respect Marriage Men Moving On Pride Relationships See Your Value Self Abuse Self Empowerment Self Love Settling Sorrow Stayingpositveu Com Support True Strength Undermining Value Warrior Woman Women

5. “Once you embrace your value, talents and strengths, it neutralizes when others think less of you.”

Tags : Advice Betrayed Better Than This Change Your Life Chasing Compete Crying Desperate Doormat Exboyfriend Fool Get Over It Giving Up Hurting Ignorant Inner Peace Let Go Love Relationships Self Abuse Settling Single Woman Staying Positive Stayingpositveu Com Trial Warrior Woman Warrior Women
Author : Rob Liano

6. “Nothing says you're sorry like a dead bunny.”

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Source : River Marked

7. “For Adam, screwed-up bonding thing or not, I’d wait forever.“Really?” he asked in a tone I’d never heard from him before. Softer. Vulnerable. Adam didn’t do vulnerable.“Really what?” I asked.“Despite the way our bond scares you, despite the way someone in the pack played you, you’d still have me?”He'd been listening to my thoughts. This time it didn't bother me.“Adam,” I told him, “I’d walk barefoot over hot coals for you.”

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Source : Silver Borne

8. “Adam didn't approve of Wal-Mart.”

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Source : River Marked

9. “Are we going to Portland?" I asked. "Or Multnomah Falls?"He smiled at me. "Go to sleep."I waited three seconds. "Are we there yet?"His smile widened, and the last of the usual tension melted from his face. For a smile like that, I' anything.”

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Source : River Marked

10. “Trouble seems to follow me around, waiting to club me with a tire iron.”

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Source : River Marked

11. “Such a small thing to cause so much trouble.”

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Source : Silver Borne

12. “You trying to make me crazy?” “Everyone needs a hobby.”

Tags : Mercy Riley
Author : Nalini Singh
Source : Branded by Fire

13. “Be gentle with him, Mercy. He's got a heart as big as Texas— he'll die for you without blinking. But he doesn't expect anyone to do the same for him.”

Tags : Andrew Heart Mercy Riley
Author : Nalini Singh
Source : Branded by Fire

14. “Don't pull any shit because you want to show off.” “Wait a second.” She looked down then back up. “Nope, I haven't grown a cock in the last few minutes. I have no need to prove whose is bigger.”

Tags : Mercy Riley
Author : Nalini Singh
Source : Branded by Fire

15. “One thing I've always wondered—why did you enter that bikini contest when you were a teenager?” Her face flushed with a mixture of anger and embarrassment. “How far back did you trace me?” “Far enough.” A pause. “You didn't answer my question.” “And you didn't turn into a puff of smoke and disappear. The world is full of disappointments.”

Tags : Mercy Riley
Author : Nalini Singh
Source : Branded by Fire

16. “I have something for you.”“Yeah? What? Is it shiny?”They both waited until Indigo had jogged away before resuming their conversation. “So,” Riley asked, “what have you got for me?” Taking his hand, she placed it palm-down over her heart. It would hurt like a bitch, she thought, but he was hers to protect as much as she was his. “Me.” And she opened up her soul, laid herself bare.”

Tags : Love Mercy Riley Trust
Author : Nalini Singh
Source : Branded by Fire

17. “Riley knelt down, clasping the fur at the back of her neck. “You’re fucking bruised all down your back. Why the hell didn’t you tell me it hurt?” Because it didn’t at the time, genius.”

Tags : Mercy Riley
Author : Nalini Singh
Source : Branded by Fire

18. “You said I could pet you as long as I liked.” “Didn't say I wouldn't try to fuck you in the middle of the petting.” Her eyes snapped up to meet his. “That's feline logic. You're a wolf.” “I'm learning from the best.”

Tags : Mercy Riley
Author : Nalini Singh
Source : Branded by Fire

19. “I don't need a mate,” she muttered, staring up at the bright circle of the early autumn moon. “But can't you send me a nice, sexy, strongmale to dance with? Pretty please?” She hadn't had a lover for close to eight months now, and it was starting to hurt on every level. “He doesn't even have to be smart, just good between the sheets.” Good enough to unsnap the tension in her body, allow her to function again. Because sex wasn't simply about pleasure for a cat like her—it was about affection, about trust, about everything good. “Though right this second, I'd take plain old hot sex.”That was when Riley walked out of the shadows. “Got an itch, kitty?” Snapping to her feet, she narrowed her eyes, knowing he had to have deliberately stayed downwind in order to sneak up on her. “Spying?” “When you're talking loud enough to wake the dead?” She swore she could feel steam coming out her ears.”

Tags : Mercy Riley Sarcasm Sex
Author : Nalini Singh
Source : Branded by Fire

20. “You almost died.” “But you brought me back.” She cupped his face in her hands. “I always knew you were there. Death didn't have a chance against the Wall.”

Tags : Mercy Riley
Author : Nalini Singh
Source : Branded by Fire

21. “A hand in her hair, wrenching back her head. "What's my name?"She scratched trails down his back. He didn't even wince. "My name, kitty. Say my name.""Mr. Mud Stick, Muddie for short," she said, even as she rubbed herself against the hard thrust of his denim-covered erection, the roughness of the fabric an exquisite sensation. She would've liked naked skin even more, but he wasn't budging."Say it, or no cock for you today."Her mouth fell open. "Fuck you.""You'll be doing that shortly.”

Tags : Mercy Riley
Author : Nalini Singh
Source : Branded by Fire

22. “Smiling, she went for his throat and almost had him, when—using a move that was all sorts of illegal—he flipped her again so her front pressed into the leaf-laden ground, her wrists still locked in his iron grip and pinned above her head. “Cheater.” “So says the woman who tried to kick my balls into my throat,” he pointed out, even as he licked the salt off the skin of her neck in a lazy and highly provocative move.”

Tags : Mercy Riley
Author : Nalini Singh
Source : Branded by Fire

23. “Her eyes narrowed when no one bothered to introduce themselves. Even her father just gave a curt nod and kissed Mercy on the cheek before going to his mate. She looked at Bas. “Did you four gang up on Riley?”Absolute silence in the kitchen except for her mother ’s exasperated breath. “Michael T. Smith, I told you to leave the boy alone.”The “boy” held her tighter against him, obviously not the least bit worried. “I’m fine, Mrs. Smith. And I have a sister, too.”Lia turned her gaze on Riley. “Good God, Mercy. You brought another one into the family?”

Tags : Mercy Riley Smith Family
Author : Nalini Singh
Source : Branded by Fire

24. “Good deeds awakens the good spirit of every soul.”

Tags : Awaken Capable Christian Life Compassion Deed Faith Great Great Men Great Mind Hope Humanity Life Mankind Mercy Positive Thinking Self Help Self Love Spiritual Uplifting Wisdom Of Lailah Gifty Akita
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

25. “*Prostitution* is a euphemism for rape incidents that the victim and the economy profits from.”

Tags : Charity Compassion Economy Genie Humanity Humor Humour Infedelity Mandela Money Nelson Mandela Payment Philosophy Profit Prostitutes Prostitution Rapists Reward Satirist Selfish Selfishness Selfless Tax Unselfish
Source : The Selfish Genie: A Satirical Essay on Altruism

26. “Always seek justice, but love only mercy. To love justice and hate mercy is but a doorway to more injustice.”

Tags : Activist Bigotry Conflicts Doorway Duty Forgiveness Freedom Goodness Grace Holiness Hypocrisy Noble Payback Peace Penalty Revenge Righteousness Seek War Wisdom
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

27. “Deserves it! I daresay he does. Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement. For even the very wise cannot see all ends.”

Tags : Compassion Justice Mercy
Source : The Fellowship of the Ring

28. “I don't want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”

Tags : Emotions Mercy
Author : Oscar Wilde
Source : The Picture of Dorian Gray

29. “Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious. If a human disagrees with you, let him live. In a hundred billion galaxies, you will not find another.”

Tags : Humanity Individuality Love Mercy
Author : Carl Sagan
Source : Cosmos

30. “The willingness to forgive is a sign of spiritual and emotional maturity. It is one of the great virtues to which we all should aspire. Imagine a world filled with individuals willing both to apologize and to accept an apology. Is there any problem that could not be solved among people who possessed the humility and largeness of spirit and soul to do either -- or both -- when needed?”

Tags : Forgiveness Maturity Mercy
Source : Standing for Something: 10 Neglected Virtues That Will Heal Our Hearts and Homes

31. “It is better to risk saving a guilty person than to condemn an innocent one.”

Tags : Condemnation Guilt Innocence Judgment Justice Mercy Reasonable Doubt Verdict
Author : Voltaire
Source : Zadig

32. “there is a God, there always has been. I see him here, in the eyes of the people in this [hospital] corridor of desperation. This is the real house of God, this is where those who have lost God will find Him... there is a God, there has to be, and now I will pray, I will pray that He will forgive that I have neglected Him all of these years, forgive that I have betrayed, lied, and sinned with impunity only to turn to Him now in my hour of need. I pray that He is as merciful, benevolent, and gracious as His book says He is.”

Tags : Faith Grace Mercy Prayer

33. “I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice.”

Tags : Clemency Forgiveness Justice Legal System Mandatory Sentences Mercy

34. “I love the Lord, for he heard my voice; he heard my cry for mercy. Because he turned his ear to me, I will call on him as long as I live. (Psalms 116:1-2 NIV)”

Tags : Bible Cry God Jesus Christ Life Live Love Mercy Truth Voice
Author : Anonymous
Source : Holy Bible: New International Version

35. “For children are innocent and love justice, while most of us are wicked and naturally prefer mercy.”

Tags : Innocence Justice Mercy Wickedness

36. “The world will give you that once in awhile, a brief timeout; the boxing bell rings and you go to your corner, where somebody dabs mercy on your beat-up life.”

Tags : Life Mercy
Author : Sue Monk Kidd
Source : The Secret Life of Bees

37. “Rats and roaches live by competition under the laws of supply and demand; it is the privilege of human beings to live under the laws of justice and mercy.”

Tags : Justice Mercy
Author : Wendell Berry

38. “What a pity that Bilbo did not stab that vile creature, when he had a chance!'Pity? It was Pity that stayed his hand. Pity, and Mercy: not to strike without need. And he has been well rewarded, Frodo. Be sure that he took so little hurt from the evil, and escaped in the end, because he began his ownership of the Ring so. With Pity.”

Tags : Mercy Pity
Source : The Fellowship of the Ring

39. “He was like Superman, but with fangs and oddly impaired morals.”

Tags : Mercy Vampire
Source : River Marked

40. “I know you love me. The question is, how much?”

Tags : Mercy
Author : Jodi Picoult

41. “The reality of loving God is loving him like he's a Superhero who actually saved you from stuff rather than a Santa Claus who merely gave you some stuff.”

Tags : Apologetics Christ Christmas God Grace Jesus Love Materialism Mercy Peace Reality Salvation Santa Claus Sin Spirituality Stuff Superhero
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

42. “Poor is the man whose pleasure depends on the permission of another.”

Tags : Malawi Masdonna Mercy
Author : Madonna

43. “The quality of mercy is not strain'd,It droppeth as the gentle rain from heavenUpon the place beneath: it is twice blest;It blesseth him that gives and him that takes:'Tis mightiest in the mightiest: it becomesThe throned monarch better than his crown;His sceptre shows the force of temporal power,The attribute to awe and majesty,Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings;But mercy is above this sceptred sway;It is enthroned in the hearts of kings,It is an attribute to God himself;And earthly power doth then show likest God'sWhen mercy seasons justice.”

Tags : Mercy
Source : The Merchant of Venice

44. “The Lord's mercy often rides to the door of our heart upon the black horse of affliction.”

Tags : Affliction Cross Bearing Mercy Trials

45. “You cannot conceive, nor can I, of the appalling strangeness of the mercy of God.”

Tags : God Mercy
Author : Graham Greene
Source : Brighton Rock

46. “Mercy laughed. “You have to excuse them—boys suffer from an incurable disability.” “What?” “Testosterone.”

Tags : Jen Lisha Mercy
Author : Nalini Singh
Source : Branded by Fire

47. “Night is a time of rigor, but also of mercy. There are truths which one can see only when it’s dark”

Tags : Mercy Night Rigor Truth
Source : Teibele And Her Demon

48. “In the heartfelt mercy of our God, the dawn from on high will visit us, to shine on those sitting in darkness, in the shadow of death, to guide our feet to the way of peace.”

Tags : Bible Darkness God Light Mercy Peace Wisdom
Author : Anonymous
Source : Holy Bible: King James Version

49. “With time and perspective we recognize that such problems in life do come for a purpose, if only to allow the one who faces such despair to be convinced that he really does need divine strength beyond himself, that she really does need the offer of heaven’s hand. Those who feel no need for mercy usually never seek it and almost never bestow it. Those who have never had a heartache or a weakness or felt lonely or forsaken never have had to cry unto heaven for relief of such personal pain. Surely it is better to find the goodness of God and the grace of Christ, even at the price of despair, than to risk living our lives in a moral or material complacency that has never felt any need for faith or forgiveness, any need for redemption or relief.”

Tags : Forgiveness Inspirational Mercy

50. “You should be home sleeping. What is the use of having a man in the house, if he cannot take care of you for a while?” “Mmm,” I said. “I give up. What's the use of having a man in the house?”

Tags : Humor Mercy Zee
Source : Blood Bound

51. “She knows herself to be at the mercy of events, and she knows by now that events have no mercy.”

Tags : Circumstances Events Mercy
Source : The Blind Assassin

52. “Mercy is the stuff you give to people that don't deserve it.”

Tags : Mercy
Author : Joyce Meyer

53. “Lord help my poor soul.”

Tags : Death Forgiveness Lord Mercy Soul

54. “Yes,” I told him. “I think the guy playing the Pirate King was awesome.”He stopped where he was.“What?” I asked, frowning at the big smile on his face.“I didn’t say I liked the Pirate King,” he told me.“Oh.” I closed my eyes—and there he was. A warm, edgy presence right on the edge of my perception. When I opened my eyes, he was standing right in front of me. “Cool,” I told him. “You’re back.”He kissed me leisurely. When he was finished, I was more than ready to head home. Fast.“You make me laugh,” he told me seriously.”

Tags : Adam Adam Hauptman Mercedes Thompson Mercy
Source : Bone Crossed

55. “Dear Child, Sometimes on your travel through hell, you meet people that think they are in heaven because of their cleverness and ability to get away with things. Travel past them because they don't understand who they have become and never will. These type of people feel justified in revenge and will never learn mercy or forgiveness because they live by comparison. They are the people that don't care about anyone, other than who is making them feel confident. They don’t understand that their deity is not rejoicing with them because of their actions, rather he is trying to free them from their insecurities, by softening their heart. They rather put out your light than find their own. They don't have the ability to see beyond the false sense of happiness they get from destroying others. You know what happiness is and it isn’t this. Don’t see their success as their deliverance. It is a mask of vindication which has no audience, other than their own kind. They have joined countless others that call themselves “survivors”. They believe that they are entitled to win because life didn’t go as planned for them. You are not like them. You were not meant to stay in hell and follow their belief system. You were bound for greatness. You were born to help them by leading. Rise up and be the light home. You were given the gift to see the truth. They will have an army of people that are like them and you are going to feel alone. However, your family in heaven stands beside you now. They are your strength and as countless as the stars. It is time to let go!Love, Your Guardian Angel”

Tags : Angels Archeangels Big Dreams Caring Chains Compassion Crossroads Freedom God S Plan Guardian Angel Harry Potter Harry Potter Related Having A Conscience Insecurity Jedi Warrior Letting Go Life Purpose Merciful Obstacles Praying For Others Qreat Quotes Revenge Seeing Sending Angels Sorrow The Rainbow Path Truth Vengeful Wisdom

56. “Withhold a smile only when the smile can hurt someone. Otherwise, let it bloom forth in a riot.”

Tags : Benefit Harm Kindness Mercy Smile Smiling Timing Well Wishing
Author : Vera Nazarian
Source : The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

57. “Hypocrisy versus authenticity among men is not always so black and white, and as is righteousness, humility is often self-proclaimed. The Church is most definitely supposed to be a hospital for the spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically sick, hurting, and broken individual, yet ironically, many of its critics are those who ran away and permanently denounced its members after they visited and felt that they were sneezed on.”

Tags : Apologetics Authenticity Church Critics Forgiveness Grace Humility Hypocrisy Mercy Righteousness Sickness Sin
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

58. “Pull the hair on my head the wrong way, and I would be on my knees begging for mercy. I have very sensitive follicles.”

Tags : Begging Follicles Funny Hair Knees Mercy Wrong

59. “Some of our friends are our friends only because we used to be friends.”

Tags : Buddy Companion Companions Companionship Compassion Confidant Confidants Denial Friendship Gene Genie Humanity Humor Humour Mahatma Ghandi Mate Pals Partners Philosopher Satire Selfish Selflessness The Past Unselfishness
Source : The Selfish Genie: A Satirical Essay on Altruism

60. “In many cases, it was the woman’s stomach—not her heart—that fell for her man.”

Tags : Compassion Empathy Fail Feed Gene Genie Humanity Humor Humour Job Kitchen Love Mahatma Ghandi Man Marriage Men Mortgage Nelson Mandela Partner Philosopher Philosophy Poverty Rent Rental Satirist Selfish Sympathy Unselfish
Source : The Selfish Genie: A Satirical Essay on Altruism

61. “In some rare cases, a friendship between two people benefits both of them, and what’s more, in some rarer cases, it benefits both of them equally.”

Tags : Advantage Benefit Charity Companion Companionship Convenience Friend Friends Gene Genes Genie Humanity Humor Mahatma Ghandi Mandela Mate Mercy Nelson Mandela Philosopher Relationship Relationships Satire Selfish Selfishness Selfless Teresa Unfairness Unselfish
Source : The Selfish Genie: A Satirical Essay on Altruism

62. “In some cases, it is the woman’s stomach—not her heart—that has left her man for another.”

Tags : Empathy Fail Food Genes Genie Ghandi Heart Humour Love Lovers Marriage Men Mortgage Mother Teresa Romance Security Selfishness Social Criticism Spouse Starvation Stomach Sympathy Unselfish Women
Source : The Selfish Genie: A Satirical Essay on Altruism

63. “The pleasure or the benefit that the object of our deed derives from it is every now and then greater or even more important than the one we derive from the deed.”

Tags : Advantage Altruism Benefit Charity Compassion Empathy Genes Genie Humanity Humour Mahatma Ghandi Mother Teresa Nelson Mandela Object Philosopher Pleasure Satire Satirist Selfish Selfishness Selflessness Sympathy Teresa Unselfish
Source : The Selfish Genie: A Satirical Essay on Altruism

64. “Females and boys are the only creatures that propose others for friendship. As for the rest of us, friendship sort of just happens.”

Tags : Altruism Boys Charity Empathy Gene Genes Ghandi Girl Humanity Mahatma Ghandi Male Males Man Nelson Mandela Philosopher Philosophy Proposal Propose Satire Selfish Selfishness Selfless Selflessness Unselfish Unselfishness
Source : The Selfish Genie: A Satirical Essay on Altruism

65. “We are, or rather our natural desire to evade pain and to attain pleasure is, the primary reason we do or say every single thing we do or say.”

Tags : Altruism Charity Empathy Gene Genie Humanity Humor Humour Mandela Mother Teresa Nelson Mandela Pain Philosopher Pleasure Satire Selfless Selflessness Sympathy Teresa Unselfish
Source : The Selfish Genie: A Satirical Essay on Altruism

66. “It is humanly impossible to be selfless. As a matter of fact, human beings are inherently selfish.”

Tags : Altruism Charity Compassion Gene Genie Ghandi Humor Humour Impossibility Impossible Mandela Mercy Mother Teresa Nelson Mandela Philosopher Philosophy Selfish Selfishness Selfless Selflessness Social Criticism Sympathy Teresa Unselfishness
Source : The Selfish Genie: A Satirical Essay on Altruism

67. “A solemn day. Barring a stay by Sup Ct, & with my final nod, Utah will use most extreme power & execute a killer. Mourn his victims. Justice.[...] I just gave the go ahead to Corrections Director to proceed with Gardner's execution. May God grant him the mercy he denied his victims.[...] We will be streaming live my press conference as soon as I'm told Gardner is dead. Watch it at”

Tags : Attorney Generals Death Death Penalty Executions Firing Squads God Idiocy Mercy Murder Press Conferences Psychopathy Religion Ronnie Lee Gardner Utah Utah Department Of Corrections Victims

68. “As for the majority, it is not so much race as it is political affiliation that really divides it today. What was once an issue of physical difference is now one of intellectual difference. Men have yet to master disagreeing without flashing all their frustrations that come with it; the conservative will throw half-truths while the liberal will throw insults. Combine these and what do you get? A dishonest mockery of a country.”

Tags : Anger Character Democrat Disrespect Division Forgiveness Gossip Grace Hate Insults Lies Mercy Minority Morality News Patience Political Race Racial Religious Republican Respect Society
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

69. “Isn’t that the way God works? She’d thought. He takes the things in our lives that are ugly, disgusting, and downright wicked, and transforms them into something magnificent.”

Tags : Beauty God Grace Mercy Transformation Ugliness Wickedness
Source : An Unforgivable Secret

70. “God whispered, "You endured a lot. For that I am truly sorry, but grateful. I needed you to struggle to help so many. Through that process you would grow into who you have now become. Didn't you know that I gave all my struggles to my favorite children? One only needs to look at the struggles given to your older brother Jesus to know how important you have been to me.”

Tags : Abuse Accepting Autoimmune Disease Compassion Defamation Emptyness God Healing Humiliation Insight Job Journey Life Loss Of Health Mercy Misdiagnosis Physical Abuse Rejection Self Evaluation Sexual Abuse Shame Spiritual Abuse Struggles Tears To Live Trials Tsloama Years

71. “God created every man to be free. The ability to choose whether to live free or enslaved, right or wrong, happy or in fear is something called freewill. Every man was born with freewill. Some people use it, and some people use any excuse not to. Nobody can turn you into a slave unless you allow them. Nobody can make you afraid of anything, unless you allow them. Nobody can tell you to do something wrong, unless you allow them. God never created you to be a slave, man did. God never created division or set up any borders between brothers, man did. God never told you hurt or kill another, man did. And in the end, when God asks you: "Who told you to kill one of my children?"And you tell him, "My leader."He will then ask you, "And are THEY your GOD?”

Tags : Birth Borders Children Creation Enslave Evil Fear Free Freedom Good Happy Innocent Judgement Justice Killing Humans Man Meeting With God Mercy Refugees Sad Slave Speaking To God War Wrong
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

72. “Keep out of this," Lucian said. "I'm not smiting anybody.""You're showing mercy." Catch-a-Tick nodded. "That's heroic, too. But not as good as smiting.”

Tags : Heroic Mercy Smiting
Source : The Arkadians

73. “It is better to show ‘you care’ than say ‘I care’.”

Tags : Advice Caring Compassion Family Values Forgiveness Friendship Humanity Advice Humanity And Society Inspiring Words Kindness Lailah Gifty Akita Affirmations Love Mankind Marriage Advice Married Life Mercy Needy Nice People Romance Self Help Wisdom Inspirational Wise Sayings
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

74. “For many years I have regarded the Pentateuch simply as a record of a barbarous people, in which are found a great number of the ceremonies of savagery, many absurd and unjust laws, and thousands of ideas inconsistent with known and demonstrated facts. To me it seemed almost a crime to teach that this record was written by inspired men; that slavery, polygamy, wars of conquest and extermination were right, and that there was a time when men could win the approbation of infinite Intelligence, Justice, and Mercy, by violating maidens and by butchering babes.”

Tags : Atheism Babes Barbarous Bible Butcher Christianity Conquest God Infinite Inspired Intelligence Justice Laws Maidens Mercy Morality Pentateuch Polygamy Right Savagery Slavery The Bible War
Source : Some Mistakes of Moses

75. “Few things a doctor does are more important than relieving pain. . . pain is soul destroying. No patient should have to endure intense pain unnecessarily. The quality of mercy is essential to the practice of medicine; here, of all places, it should not be strained.”

Tags : Chronic Pain Mercy Wisdom
Author : Marcia Angell

76. “Realizing the seriously ruthless, venomous habits and agendas of evil always instills a more fierce passion and longing for a closer God. Men, out of pride, may claim their own authorities over what constitutes good and evil; they may self-proclaim a keen knowledge of subjective morality through religion or science. But that is only if they are acknowledging the work of evil as a cartoon-like, petty little rain cloud in the sky that merely wants to dampen one's spirits. On the contrary, a man could be without a doubt lit with the strength, the peace, and the knowledge of the gods, his gods, but when or if the devils grow weary in unsuccessful attempts to torment him, they begin tormenting his loved ones, or, if not his loved ones, anyone who may attempt to grasp his philosophies. No matter how godly he may become, God is, in the end, his only hope and his only grace for the pressures built around him - it is left up to a higher authority and a more solid peace and a wider love to eclipse not just one's own evils but all evils for goodness to ultimately matter. If all men were gods, each being would dwell in a separate prison cell, hopeless, before finally imploding into nothingness.”

Tags : Bad Devil Ego Evil Faith God Good Grace Hope Love Mercy Morality Peace Philosophy Pride Prison Religion Science Sin Spirits Spiritual
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

77. “Just above our terror, the stars painted this storyin perfect silver calligraphy. And our souls, too oftenabused by ignorance, covered our eyes with mercy.”

Tags : Calligraphy Classic Quotes Faith Grace Hope Ignorance Inspiration Marvelousmonday Quotes Mercy Nanowrimo National Novel Writing Month Peace Peacism Quotes By Famous Authors Quotes By Famous Poets Silver Souls Spirituality Stars Survival Terrorism The Soul War World Suicide Prevention Day
Author : Aberjhani
Source : I Made My Boy Out of Poetry

78. “I suspect that 'Kindness and Cruelty' and 'Mercy and Justice' all have secret affairs, as though they rendezvous only within certain sophisticated souls: those who hate being offensive, but love telling the truth.”

Tags : Affair Apologetics Balance Brain Caring Caring For Others Combination Complexity Duplicity Hate Justice Kindness Love Affair Mean Mercy Mind Nice Offensive Simplicity Sophistication Suspicious Theory
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

79. “The conscious attempt to be a good person without Christ is as legalistic as an attempt to make it into Heaven through empty religiosity.”

Tags : Apologetics Christ Christianity Conscious Emptiness Faith God Good Person Gospel Grace Heaven Kind Law Mercy Morality Regulations Religion Rules Salvation Sin Sinless Spirituality Theology
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

80. “Having sentiments make you susceptible to lies and misjudgement.”

Tags : Breakups Compete Deja Vu Desperate Falsehood Find Your Balance Fool Heartbreak Jealous Women Men Nostalgic Politics Relationships Reputation Self Degradation Self Respect Single Woman Stayingpositveu Com Undermining Warrior Women Woman
Source : Psychology of Friendship for Leadership

81. “If God spares us as a father does his son, let us imitate God. It is natural for children to imitate their parents. Let us imitate God in this one thing: As God spares us, and passes by many failures, so let us be sparing in our censures of others; let us look upon the weaknesses and indiscretions of our brethren with...a more tender, compassionate eye. How much God bears with us!”

Tags : Condemnation God Grace Mercy Rebuke Reprimand Sin
Author : Thomas Watson

82. “God judges men from the inside out; men judge men from the outside in. Perhaps to God, an extreme mental patient is doing quite well in going a month without murder, for he fought his chemical imbalance and succeeded; oppositely, perhaps the healthy, able and stable man who has never murdered in his life yet went a lifetime consciously, willingly never loving anyone but himself may then be subject to harsher judgment than the extreme mental patient. It might be so that God will stand for the weak and question the strong.”

Tags : Awareness Forgiveness Grace Guilt Healthy Heart Humility Immorality Mercy Mind Morality Murder Pharisee Strength Wisdom
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

83. “A mature heart for Christ would much rather spend its time praising him than condemning his fanatics.”

Tags : Acceptance Apologetics Christian Christianity Condemnation Discernment Extremism Fanatics Followers Fundamentalism God Grace Immature Insult Jesus Jesus Freak Judgment Love Mature Mercy Peace Praise Religion Spiritual Worship
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

84. “Three months ago, if you asked me, I would have told you that if you really loved someone, you’d let them go. But now I look at you, and I dreamed about Maggie, and I see that I’ve been wrong. If you really love someone, Allie, I think you have to take them back.”

Tags : Fighting Forgiveness Forgiving Giving Up Hearbreak Letting Go Loving Mercy True Love
Author : Jodi Picoult
Source : Mercy

85. “Predators did not need mercy.”

Tags : Mercy Need Predators
Author : Conn Iggulden
Source : Conqueror

86. “You belong to the saved souls.”

Tags : Belief Christian Faith Forgive Yourself Forgiveness Life Mercy Religion Save From Sin Souls Spiritual You
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

87. “We fall away, but God redeem us.”

Tags : Amazing Grace Calling People Change Changed Life Divine Intervention Forgive Forgive Yourself Grace Lailah Gifty Akita Affirmations Lessons Learnt Life New Life Positive Thought Redeem Redeemer Redeeming Grace Repent Repentance Self Love Self Motivation Sin Spiritual
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

88. “There is grace for every soul.”

Tags : Abundant Life Blessings Divine Faith Favour Forgive Yourself Forgiveness Gods Grace Gods Sovereignty Grace Healing Healthy Living Hope Let Go Mercy Repentance Saved By Grace Saved Souls Sin Sinners Spiritual Sayings
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

89. “GOD doesn't love you until, He loves you yet still”

Tags : Character Encourage Encouragement God Inspiration Inspirational Inspire Life Living Living Loved Love Love Is Love Mercy Still Stubborn Love The Real Truth Truth Unconditional Love Unending Love Unfailing Love Until Unwavering Love Word Yet Still

90. “Speak graciously to young men as you would to your brothers.”

Tags : Advice Brotherly Love Christian Behavior Compassion Faith Family Forgiveness Gentleness Humanity Humanity And Society Mercy Respectful Respecting Others Wise Words
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

91. “Love is the spirit of divinity within every man.”

Tags : Belief Christian Compassion Daily Inspiration Divinity Divinity Within Faith Good Deeds Good Intentions Grace Of God Humanity Inner Strength Inspiring Kindness Lailah Gifty Akita Love Love Story Philosophy Of Life Positive Thinking Relationship Spirit Spiritual Spiritual Life Uplifting
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

92. “This cry for mercy is possible only when we are willing to confess that somehow, somewhere, we ourselves have something to do with our losses. Crying for mercy is a recognition that blaming God, the world, or others for our losses does not do full justice to the truth of who we are. At the moment we are willing to take responsibility, even for the pain we didn't cause directly, blaming is connected into an acknowledgement of our own role in human brokenness. The prayer for God's mercy comes from a heart that knows that this human brokenness is not a fatal condition of which we have become the sad victims, but the bitter fruit of the human choice to say "No" to love.”

Tags : Brokenness Loss Mercy
Source : With Burning Hearts: A Meditation on the Eucharistic Life

93. “Love, Mercy, and Grace, sisters all, attend your wounds of silence and hope.”

Tags : Angels Classic Books Famous Quotes Famous Quotes From Classic Books Grace Haiku Haikus Healing The Past Hope Love Mercy Positive Motivation Recovery Sisters Spirituality Strength Survival World Suicide Prevention Day Woundedness
Author : Aberjhani
Source : The River of Winged Dreams

94. “Mercy reflects the presence of the Lord in your heart and your life.”

Tags : Blessed Christian Faith God Heart Life Lord Mercy Presence Reflect
Source : Beautiful in God's Eyes: The Treasures of the Proverbs 31 Woman

95. “It was not until the year 1808 that Great Britain abolished the slave trade. Up to that time her judges, sitting upon the bench in the name of justice, her priests, occupying her pulpits, in the name of universal love, owned stock in the slave ships, and luxuriated upon the profits of piracy and murder. It was not until the same year that the United States of America abolished the slave trade between this and other countries, but carefully preserved it as between the States. It was not until the 28th day of August, 1833, that Great Britain abolished human slavery in her colonies; and it was not until the 1st day of January, 1863, that Abraham Lincoln, sustained by the sublime and heroic North, rendered our flag pure as the sky in which it floats.Abraham Lincoln was, in my judgment, in many respects, the grandest man ever President of the United States. Upon his monument these words should be written: 'Here sleeps the only man in the history of the world, who, having been clothed with almost absolute power, never abused it, except upon the side of mercy.'Think how long we clung to the institution of human slavery, how long lashes upon the naked back were a legal tender for labor performed. Think of it.With every drop of my blood I hate and execrate every form of tyranny, every form of slavery. I hate dictation. I love liberty.”

Tags : Abraham Lincoln Execration Grand Hate Heroic Lash Liberty Lincoln Love Mercy Monument President Profit Purity Slavery Tyranny United States
Source : The Liberty of Man, Woman and Child

96. “People debate over whether or not there is a literal Hell, in the literal sense often described as fire and eternal torture, which, to many, seems to be too harsh a punishment. If men really want to fear something, they should be fearing separation from God, the supposedly more comforting alternative to a literal Hell. For separation from the authorship of love, mercy, and goodness is the ultimate torture. If you think a literal Hell sounds too bad, you are very much underestimating the pain of being absolutely, wholly separated from the goodness while exposed to the reality of the holiness of God.”

Tags : Apologetics Eternity Evangelism Fear God Goodness Hell Holiness Literal Love Pain Philosophy Pit Of Fire Punishment Reality Religion Sin Skeptic Spirituality Suffering Theist Theologian Torture Wrath Wrath Of God
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

97. “Sinners, pray to a merciful God for forgiveness.”

Tags : Billy Graham Forgiveness God Mercy Pray Sinners
Author : Billy Graham
Source : Billy Graham in Quotes

98. “The attitude of others towards you is the reflection of their state of mind.”

Tags : Actions Attitudes Behavior Calm Christian Life Compassion Endurance Faith Gentleness Goodness Hope Inspirational Kindness Mercy Mind Mind Control Patient Perseverance Positive Attitude Quiet Spirit
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

99. “Rather than swallowing our pride and simply asking what we do not know, we choose to fill in the blanks ourselves and later become humbled. Wisdom was often, in its youth, proven foolish, and ones humiliated were meant to become wise.”

Tags : Becoming Bias Blank College Conscience Discernment Embarrassment Exam Foolish Gossip Grace Humiliation Ignorance Inquiry Justice Libel Prejudice Pride Risk Rumors Slander Wisdom
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

100. “Mean girls go far in high school. Kind women go far in LIFE.”

Tags : Being Kind Being Loving Grace Helping People High School Kind Women Kindness Loving People Making A Difference Mean Girls Meanness Mercy Positive Thinking
Author : Mandy Hale
Source : The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass

101. “When God is our Holy Father, sovereignty, holiness, omniscience, and immutability do not terrify us; they leave us full of awe and gratitude. Sovereignty is only tyrannical if it is unbounded by goodness; holiness is only terrifying if it is untempered by grace; omniscience is only taunting if it is unaccompanied by mercy; and immutability is only torturous if there is no guarantee of goodwill.”

Tags : Awe Goodwill Grace Gratitude Holiness Holy Father Immutability Mercy Omniscience Sovereignty

102. “The earth is hiring and the pay is your legacy.”

Tags : Activism Beauty Caring Dignity Earth Enviornment Faith Forests Giving Happiness Hope Inspiration Justice Kindness Legacy Love Mercy Oceans Peace Positive Outlook Sea Shepherd Service World

103. “In the violent scorn of her revolted pride, of her indignant honor, had she forgotten a lowlier yet harder duty left undone?In her contempt and dread of yielding to mere amorous weakness had she stifled and denied the cry of pity, the cry of conscience?To suffer woes which hope thinks infinite. To forgive wrongs darker than death or night. To defy power which seems omnipotent. To love and live to hope till hope creates from it's own wreck the thing it contemplates. Neither to change, nor falter, nor repent.This had been the higher, diviner way which she had missed, this obligation from the passion of the past which she had left unfulfilled, unaccepted.Now the misgiving arose in her whether she had mistaken arrogance for duty; whether, cleaving so closely to honor she had forgotten the obligation of mercy.”

Tags : Duty Honor Love Mercy Obligation
Author : Ouida

104. “It is neither just the religious, the spiritual, the power-hungry, the evil, the ignorant, the corrupt, the Christian, the Muslim, the Hindu, the Buddhist, the Jew, nor the atheist that makes a hypocrite, but being a human being. Any man who thinks himself to be free of hypocrisy while committed to cherry-picking others for such, I am confident, the Almighty can prove to him a great deal of his own hypocrisy even beyond his earthly comprehension.”

Tags : Apologetics Buddhist Cherry Picking Christian Corrupt Discernment God Grace Hindu Human Humility Ignorance Immorality Jew Judgment Law Mercy Morality Perfect Powerful Religion Self Righteousness Sinners
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

105. “No human face is exactly the same in its lines on each side, no leaf perfect in its lobes, no branch in its symmetry. All admit irregularity as they imply change; and to banish imperfection is to destroy expression, to check exertion, to paralyze vitality. All things are literally better, lovelier, and more beloved for the imperfections which have been divinely appointed, that the law of human life may be Effort, and the law of human judgment, Mercy.”

Tags : Asymmetry Effort Expression Imperfection Judgment Mercy Symmetry Vitality
Author : John Ruskin

106. “Speaking a painful truth should be done only in love - like wielding a sword with no hilt - it should pain oneself in direct proportion to the amount of force exerted.”

Tags : Bluntness Careful Caring Criticism Discernment Effectiveness Ego Empathy Friendliness Gospel Humility Inconsiderate Judgment Kindness Love Mercy Nice Pain Painful Truths Passion Patience Peace Pride Reason Reproof Sacrificial Love Self Sacrifice Selflessness Sword Sympathy Tenderness
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

107. “You might not get the apology you deserve. You might not get answers to explain the actions of others. You might not get truth that makes sense to you. You might not get people to understand what you went through because of them. You might not get communication. You might not get maturity. You might not get mercy or even common decency. You might not get respect or the chance to explain your side of the story. However, you do get to choose how people treat you. God loves you enough to bring people into your life who won't hurt you, abuse you, betray you, lie and gossip about you, psycho analyse you, break your heart or make you an option or choice. He will bring people into your life that will love you, respect you, fight for you, show gratitude for your love and want to be a part of your life mission. The best part of this is you don't have to convince them of your worth. They want to be there. They know your value. They know your struggles. They are in touch with their own faults and understand you struggle just like everyone else. They won't hold you to a greater standard then they do themselves. They care about you and don't want to see you cry, feel discouraged or give up on this life. When you know the power of who you are and what you have to accomplish you will scratch your head in disbelief that you allowed other people to dictate who you are based on little knowledge of what God knows about you and your life purpose. Letting go isn't about accepting defeat or acknowledging you were wrong. Sometimes letting go is realizing that God has something better in store for you.”

Tags : Adversity Beautiful Beauty Blessed Brave Creative Daughter Of God Faithfulness To God Forgiving Generous Gifted God S Warrior Kind Loving Merciful Mercy Qualities Self Worth Service Oriented Smart Talent Talented The One Warrior For God

108. “Christ didn't join in. He saw which direction the rocks were being thrown, and became a shield.”

Tags : Bible Christ Christian Forgiveness God Grace Jesus Law Legalism Mercy Persecution Pharisee Religion Repentance Rocks Salvation Sin
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

109. “Here beyond men's judgments all covenants were brittle.”

Tags : American Exceptionalism Freedom Frontier Individualism Justice Liberalism Libertarianism Liberty Mercy Social Contract Solidarity State Of Nature The West
Source : Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West

110. “We may have different points of arguments from perspectives of belief, faith and religion.But we must not hate each other. We are one human family.”

Tags : Argument Belief Buddhism Christian Life Co Existence Co Exit Conflict Conflict Of Interest Faith Forgiveness Goodness Life Living Mercy Muslim Nation Peace Peacmaker Pentecostal People Protestant Religion Society World Religion
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

111. “Men promise freedom while establishing laws; God promises laws while establishing freedom.”

Tags : Apologetics Deceit Delight Establishment Freedom God Government Grace Law Legalism Lies Love Mean Mercy Oppression Political Promise Responsibility Salvation Transformation
Author : Criss Jami

112. “I'm not a political Christian; for the most part I allow people even their vain, earthly rights. And I certainly don't see anti-Christians as bad or evil (as if they actually have the power to pose any kind of threat against God Almighty), but rather complete idiots I was commanded to love.”

Tags : Anti Christian Apologetics Christian Fools Forgiveness God Grace Human Rights Ignorance Love Mercy Political Politics Rights Unconditional Love
Author : Criss Jami

113. “It is our responsibility to pray for a peaceful world.”

Tags : Advice Belief Christian Christian Living Community Compassion Country Duty Forgiveness Humanity Humanity Advice Mercy Nations Peace Peace On Earth Peaceful Coexistence Prayer Warrior Praying Life Religion Responsibility Save The World Society Spirituality War Warfare
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

114. “The consequence model, the logical one, the amoral one, the one which refuses any divine intervention, is a problem really for just the (hypothetical) logician. You see, towards God I would rather be grateful for Heaven (which I do not deserve) than angry about Hell (which I do deserve). By this the logician within must choose either atheism or theism, but he cannot possibly through good reason choose anti-theism. For his friend in this case is not at all mathematical law: the law in that 'this equation, this path will consequently direct me to a specific point'; over the alternative and the one he denies, 'God will send me wherever and do it strictly for his own sovereign amusement.' The consequence model, the former, seeks the absence of God, which orders he cannot save one from one's inevitable consequences; hence the angry anti-theist within, 'the logical one', the one who wants to be master of his own fate, can only contradict himself - I do not think it wise to be angry at math.”

Tags : Anger Angry Anti Theism Arrogance Atheism Choice Conclusion Contradiction Decision Divine Intervention Ego Equation Faith Fate Grace Gravity Heaven Hypothetical Illogical Logic Logical Love Math Pride Punishment Rational Reason Religion Ruler Salvation Science Sovereignty Of God Thankfulness Theism Truth
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

115. “Wisdom is nothing more than the marriage of intelligence and compassion.And, as with all good unions, it takes much experience and time to reach its widest potential.Have you introduced your intellect to your compassion yet? Be careful; lately, intellect has taken to eating in front of the TV and compassion has taken in too many cats.”

Tags : Blend Blending Compassion Compassionate Intelligence Intelligent Marriage Merciful Mercy Union Wisdom Wise
Author : Vera Nazarian
Source : The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

116. “The image titled “The Homeless, Psalm 85:10,” featured on the cover of ELEMENTAL, can evoke multiple levels of response. They may include the spiritual in the form of a studied meditation upon the multidimensional qualities of the painting itself; or an extended contemplation of the scripture in the title, which in the King James Bible reads as follows: “Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.” The painting can also inspire a physical response in the form of tears as it calls to mind its more earth-bound aspects; namely, the very serious plight of those who truly are homeless in this world, whether born into such a condition, or forced into it by poverty or war.”

Tags : Art Compassion Culture Homelessness Interpretation Justice Mercy Paintings Poverty Scripture
Author : Aberjhani
Source : Elemental: The Power of Illuminated Love

117. “We have been redeemed from darkness to the light. So we must live as people of light!”

Tags : Advice Calling People Christian Life Christianity Daily Life Darkness Destiny Forgivenwss Humanity Advice Society Lessons Learnt Life Lessons Light And Darkness Living Life To The Fullest Mercy Mission Parenting Advice People Redemption Saved From Sins Saved Souls Seekers Of Fate Shining Your Light Wisdom Wise Words
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

118. “A'isha asked him: 'Does one come to Paradise only by the mercy of Allah?' He repeated three times over: 'No one comes to Paradise except by the mercy of Allah!' 'Not even you. Messenger of Allah?' she asked. 'Not even I, unless Allah enfolds me in His mercy.”

Tags : Allah Islam Mercy Paradise Rasulullah
Author : Anonymous

119. “The Mercy of Allah is an Ocean, Our sins are a lump of clay clenched between the beak of a pigeon. The pigeon is perched on the branch of a tree at the edge of that ocean.It only has to open it's beak”

Tags : Allah Bird Clay Leila Lyrics Alley Mercy Minaret The Translater
Source : Minaret

120. “To me, many of what seemed to be Bible contradictions only pointed to the grace of Christ. It is not so much a rule book on how to be holy as it is a prophecy of the One who can make you holy. In this, I see God as the least bigoted of all in existence: While men always, in their hearts, delight in vengeance for being wronged, God is the only Being who wants to free you from the penalty of His own laws.”

Tags : Bible Bigotry Book Damnation Existence Forgiven Freedom God Grace Holiness Holiness Of God Jesus Justice Karma Law New Testament Old Testament Penalty Profundity Rules Saved Souls Scripture Theology Vengeance
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

121. “What can you do how much can you give to bring grace and salvation unto even one soul”

Tags : Dark Divine Grace Hope Mercy Principal Conway
Author : Bree Despain
Source : The Dark Divine

122. “She said, "You're a warrior. So how do you kill without rage?""In compassion. Because of necessity." Hrahima set the empty water bowl back in Samarkar's hands. "The same way you carry water.”

Tags : Compassion Killing Mercy Necessity Philosophy
Source : Range of Ghosts

123. “Isn't unconditional love supposed to work both ways? How can we expect unconditional love for ourselves if we are not willing to grant others the same mercy?”

Tags : Expect Grant Love Mercy Not Willing Ourselves Unconditional Love
Source : Blachart: Galaxii Series Book 1

124. “Never beg for mercy. Accept that you have failed. Begging is for dogs and humans.”

Tags : Acceptance Of Failure Begging Mercy
Source : The Drowned Cities

125. “Lingering, bottled-up anger never reveals the 'true colors' of an individual. It, on the contrary, becomes all mixed up, rotten, confused, forms a highly combustible, chemical compound then explodes as something foreign, something very different than one's natural self.”

Tags : Anger Anger Management Anxiety Bottled Up Chemistry Cognition Combustion Confusion Depression Disorder Emotional Foreign Goodness Heart Heartache Mental Health Mental Illness Pain Passive Aggressive Peace Pity Psychology Secrecy Suffering Temper
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

126. “The grace and mercy by which you are not arrested for not paying your daily oxygen bills, is the grace that is sufficient to take you through successfully. It's the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Enjoy it!”

Tags : Arrest Christ Daily Daily Motivation Food For Thought God Grace Grace And Mercy Israelmore Ayivor Jesus Jesus Christ Mercy Success Successful Sufficient Under Arrest
Source : Daily Drive 365

127. “The only thing I hate about good people is that they like making their being good people bad people’s problem.”

Tags : Altruism Bad Charity Compassion Empathy Gene Genes Genie Ghandi Hate Humor Humour Mahatma Ghandi Mandela Mercy Mother Teresa Nelson Mandela Philosopher Philosophy Satire Selfishness Selflessness Sympathy Teresa Unselfishness
Source : The Selfish Genie: A Satirical Essay on Altruism

128. “Every single good person is a good person for their own sake, not for the sake of humanity, not even for the sake of another human being.”

Tags : Altruism Charity Compassion Empathy Gene Genie Ghandi Good Humanity Humor Humour Mahatma Ghandi Mandela Mercy Mother Teresa Nelson Mandela Philosopher Philosophy Satire Selfishness Selflessness Social Criticism Sympathy Teresa Unselfishness
Source : The Selfish Genie: A Satirical Essay on Altruism

129. “To label someone as selfless is symptomatic of having bought the preposterous claim that a human being can have great concern for other human beings and little concern for themselves, or that, when taken to extremes, a human being can have great concern for other human beings and absolutely no concern for themselves.”

Tags : Altruism Charity Compassion Empathy Gene Genes Genie Ghandi Humanity Humor Humour Label Mahatma Ghandi Mandela Mother Teresa Nelson Mandela Philosopher Satire Satirist Selflessness Social Criticism Sympathy Symptoms Teresa Unselfishness
Source : The Selfish Genie: A Satirical Essay on Altruism

130. “No single bad person regards themselves as a bad person.”

Tags : Altruism Bad Charity Compassion Empathy Genie Ghandi Good Humanity Humor Humour Mandela Mercy Mother Teresa Nelson Mandela Philosopher Philosophy Satire Selfishness Selflessness Social Criticism Teresa Unselfishness
Source : The Selfish Genie: A Satirical Essay on Altruism

131. “Look for the person everyone hates, and love them.”

Tags : Bully Caring Compassion Empathy Faith Forgiveness Friendship Genius Grace Hate Hope Love Mercy Opposition Outcast Pity Rebellion Rejection Relationship Strength Sympathy Truth Unconditional Love Underdog
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

132. “He tells people that they can no more expect justice in the afterlife than in the mortal plane, but he doesn't do this to dissuade them from worshipping God; on the contrary, he encourages them to do so. What he insists on is that they not love God under a misapprehension, that if they wish to love God, they be prepared to do so no matter His intentions. God is not just, God is not kind, God is not merciful, and understanding that is essential to true devotion.”

Tags : Blind Faith Devotion Faith In God Heaven Justice Mercy Mercy Of God Religious Faith Salvation
Author : Ted Chiang
Source : Stories of Your Life and Others

133. “My belief is that, morally, God and Satan are vaguely on the same page. According to the common understanding of Satan's origins, holiness must be in his blood: but a corrupted formula. The vital difference is that God is willing to offer grace for our sins; he delights in grace. God is the one and only holy and just punisher of sin, yes, but that is partly so because punishment for the sake of punishment is not something he loves. Whereas Satan, as the accuser, and as it is written, actually seeks God's permission to punish; he, being a seasoned legalist, delights in finding wrongs and will defy his own morality just to expose immorality. This is why both the anti-religious soul and the violently religious soul are, whether consciously or unconsciously, and sadly enough, glorifying their biggest hater: Satan is not only a lawless lover of punishing lawlessness, but also the greatest theologian of us all. He loves wickedness, but only because he loves punishing wickedness.”

Tags : Accusation Anti Religion Apologetics Atheism Corruption Discernment Evil Faith Father Of Lies Formula God Grace Heaven Holiness Karma Legalism Libel Love Loveless Lucifer Morality Pride Redemption Religion Rumors Salvation By Grace Satan Satanism Slander Theology Trick War Wickedness
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

134. “A broken soul doesn't invest in boundaries because the world has crossed them, without mercy.”

Tags : Boundaries Broken Souls Caring Experiences Filters Interactions Lack Of Filters Mercy Molding Behavior Not Caring Setting Boundaries Trauma Upbringing

135. “Jesus can you show meJust how far the east is from the west,Cause I can't bear to see the man I've beenRising up in me again.In the arms of your mercy I find restCause you know just how far the east is from the west---From one scarred hand to the other.”

Tags : Casting Crowns East To West Mercy Salvation
Source : Casting Crowns: The Altar and the Door

136. “Take lightly what you hear about individuals. We need not distort trust for our paltry little political agendas. We tend to trust soulless, carried information more than we trust soulful human beings; but really most people aren't so bad once you sit down and have an honest, one-on-one conversation with them, once, with an open heart, you listen to their explanations as to why they act the way they act, or say what they say, or do what they do.”

Tags : Acceptance Agendas Conversation Cyber Bullying Discernment Emotionless Empathy Explanations Fear Fearless Feeling Feelings Gossip Humanity Individuals Love Misunderstanding Open Heart People Personal Prejudice Propaganda Prosperity Psychology Sincerity Slander Soulful Soulless Success Trustful Understanding Understanding Others
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

137. “God is the Saviour of all men.”

Tags : Christian Life Forgivenss God Humanity Inspiring Mercy Save Mankind Saved By Grace Saviour Self Motivation Souls Spirituality
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

138. “Only the Saviour saves souls.”

Tags : Belief Calling People Christian Life Divine Divine Intervention Faith Forgiveness Gods Grace Hope Inspiration Jesus Christ Jesus Christ Of Nazareth Mercy Philosophy Religion Repentance Saved Saved From Sins Saved Souls Saviour Souls Spirit Wise Thoughts
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

139. “Man has 2 common problems with God: the one is that there is evil in the world; the other is that free will is limited. The one, he is charging that the world is too evil; the other is that it is not evil enough.”

Tags : Agnosticism Antitheism Apologetics Atheism Benevolence Confusion Contradictions Depraved Evil Fallen Forgiveness Free Will Freedom God Grace Hypocrisy Laws Malevolence Mercy Paradox Peace Problems Self Refuting Sin Theism World
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

140. “Perhaps, Howard thought, the curtains and murals and pastel angels are a mercy, a dim reflection of things fit for the fragility of human beings.”

Tags : Angels Fragile Mercy Paul Harding Tinkers
Author : Paul Harding
Source : Tinkers

141. “Repent, return and be restored by Jesus Christ.”

Tags : Belief Christian Life Christianity Forgiveness God Inspiration Mercy Religion Repent Repentance Restoration Saved By Grace Saved Souls Self Care Self Love Sin
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

142. “Woe to the soul which God rejoiceth to punish! . . . . Is it not a terrible thing to a wretched soul, when it shal lie roaring perpetually in the flames of hell, and the God of mercy himself shall laugh at them; when they shall cry out for mercy, yea, for one drop of water, and God shall mock them instead of relieving them; when non in heaven or earth can help them but God, and hell shall rejoice over them in their calamity(244)?”

Tags : Damnation Hellhound Mercy Suffering
Source : The Saints' Everlasting Rest

143. “At this hourLie at my mercy all mine enemies.”

Tags : Enemies Mercy Prospero Revenge Shakespeare Tempest
Source : The Tempest

144. “There is forgiveness for every soul.”

Tags : Calling People Divine Intervention God Gods Love Grace Mercy Repent Repentance Salvation Saved Souls Sin Sinner Soul Spiritual
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

145. “It is human to sin but divine to be saved.”

Tags : Forgiveness Mercy Repentance Saved Souls Sinner

146. “Religion carries two sorts of people in two entirely opposite directions: the mild and gentle people it carries towards mercy and justice; the persecuting people it carries into fiendish sadistic cruelty. Mind you, though this may seem to justify the eighteenth-century Age of Reason in its contention that religion is nothing but an organized, gigantic fraud and a curse to the human race, nothing could be farther from the truth. It possesses these two aspects, the evil one of the two appealing to people capable of naïve hatred; but what is actually happening is that when you get natures stirred to their depths over questions which they feel to be overwhelmingly vital, you get the bad stirred up in them as well as the good; the mud as well as the water. It doesn't seem to matter much which sect you have, for both types occur in all sects....”

Tags : Age Of Reason Curse Fraud Hatred Justice Mercy Nature Questions Sect Truth Vital
Source : Dialogues of Alfred North Whitehead

147. “Fame is not the reason why brands are created and erected. Be diligent, focused and chain unceasing prayers to God who will continue giving you cheers.”

Tags : Blessings Branding Brands Chain Cheer Cheers Concentrate Diligence Diligent Fame Focused Food For Thought God Grace Israelmore Ayivor Mercy Name Personal Branding Pray Without Ceasing Prayers Reason
Source : Shaping the dream

148. “May God have mercy on your soul! from Annabelle, as far as now the film reminds for Chucky.”

Tags : Annabelle Chucky Film God Mercy Soul
Author : Deyth Banger

149. “How could the human mind progress, while tormented with frightful phantoms, and guided by men, interested in perpetuating its ignorance and fears? Man has been forced to vegetate in his primitive stupidity: he has been taught stories about invisible powers upon whom his happiness was supposed to depend. Occupied solely by his fears, and by unintelligible reveries, he has always been at the mercy of priests, who have reserved to themselves the right of thinking for him, and of directing his actions.”

Tags : Atheism Fear Ignorance Imaginary Mercy Mind Power Priests Primitive Progress Religion Stupidity Superstition Thinking

150. “My confidence is in the idea that I may be wrong on this or that. No man in this life should ever have to bear the burden of perfection.”

Tags : Arrogance Beliefs Burden Confidence Contradiction Contradictions Envy Grace Human Humility Imperfection Life Mercy Narcissism Pain Perfection Philosophy Righteousness Science Security Sin Sorrow Weakness
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

151. “Man of an hard heart! Hear me, Proud, Stern, and Cruel! You could have saved me; you could have restored me to happiness and virtue, but would not! You are the destroyer of my Soul; You are my Murderer, and on you fall the curse of my death and my unborn Infant’s! Insolent in your yet-unshaken virtue, you disdained the prayers of a Penitent; But God will show mercy, though you show none. And where is the merit of your boasted virtue? What temptations have you vanquished? Coward! you have fled from it, not opposed seduction. But the day of Trial will arrive! Oh! then when you yield to impetuous passions! when you feel that Man is weak, and born to err; When shuddering you look back upon your crimes, and solicit with terror the mercy of your God, Oh! in that fearful moment think upon me! Think upon your Cruelty! Think upon Agnes, and despair of pardon!”

Tags : Accusation Arrogance Callousness Catholicism Cold Hearted People Cruelty Curse Death Execution God Grief Mercy Monk Motherhood Nun Pity Punishment Quid Pro Quo Religion Superiority Complex Temptation What Goes Around Comes Around
Author : Matthew Lewis
Source : The Monk

152. “What we fail to realize is we often become like Pharisees in our ruthless attempts to identify Pharisees (and impostors). While indeed some people use the old laws of religious pride to tear down men of God, others use the new laws of anti-religious anger to tear down men of God.”

Tags : Agnosticism Anger Anti Religion Anti Theism Antireligion Antitheism Apologetics Atheism Bible Christian Discernment False Prophets God Grace Hate Hypocrisy Impostor Judgment Law Legalism Love Mercy Pride Skepticism Theism Theology
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

153. “When it comes to moral dilemmas and matters of discerning right justice, my natural sympathy so often happens to land on the opposite end of that of most of my peers. I sometimes wonder if this is nothing more than the misguidedness and the wickedness of my own heart. I wonder other times if God wires some of us in such a way so that fair discourse might then be provided, so that honest and unbiased, due process is ultimately more likely to be carried out. Perhaps it is all necessary for variance of perception, for mindful debate: that the heart is meant to create a bit of bias on certain issues; as between one another, they weigh and balance. For not all hearts are the same.”

Tags : Bias Compassion Court Discussion Empathy Heart Injustice Judgment Love Mercy Misguided Opinions Perception Perspectives Problems Solutions Sympathy Trial Truth Variance Wicked
Author : Criss Jami

154. “Some people's theologies come across as blatantly wrong when weighed against what is revealed in Scripture. However God has mercy on those who may be wrong but genuinely seek understanding before seeking themselves.”

Tags : Apologetics Being Wrong Bible Genuine God Grace Heresy Honesty Mercy Narcissism Scripture Seek Sincere Theology Understanding Wrong
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

155. “The glory of science is, that it is freeing the soul -- breaking the mental manacles -- getting the brain out of bondage -- giving courage to thought -- filling the world with mercy, justice, and joy.”

Tags : Bondage Courage Glory Joy Justice Mercy Science Skepticism
Source : Humboldt From 'The Gods and Other Lectures'

156. “Dorian’s going to love this.”She glared. “I swear to God, you tell him, and I’ll” — what the hell could you threaten an alpha with?—“I’ll tell Hawke you want to go on daily bonding runs with him.”

Tags : Lucas Mercy
Author : Nalini Singh
Source : Branded by Fire

157. “There are two ways of life, one leading to righteousness, which brings happiness, and the other to unrighteousness, which produces misery. One leads to kindness, mercy and sympathy, the other to hatred and cruelty; one to tolerance and the other to intolerance; one to justice and the other to injustice; one to truth and the other to error; one to peace and concord and the other to quarrelling and war; one to mental development and the other to mental contraction. One is the Secular way and the other is the Theological; one is the Democratic and the other the Despotic; one is the sane and the other the insane.”

Tags : Cruelty Democratic Despotic Happiness Hatred Insane Intolerance Justice Life Mercy Misery Kindness Peace Righteousness Sane Secular Sympathy Theological Tolerance War
Source : The Curse of Ignorance: a History of Mankind

158. “Is it true that man was once perfectly pure and innocent, and that he became degenerate by disobedience? No. The real truth is, and the history of man shows, that he has advanced. Events, like the pendulum of a clock have swung forward and backward, but after all, man, like the hands, has gone steadily on. Man is growing grander. He is not degenerating. Nations and individuals fail and die, and make room for higher forms. The intellectual horizon of the world widens as the centuries pass. Ideals grow grander and purer; the difference between justice and mercy becomes less and less; liberty enlarges, and love intensifies as the years sweep on. The ages of force and fear, of cruelty and wrong, are behind us and the real Eden is beyond. It is said that a desire for knowledge lost us the Eden of the past; but whether that is true or not, it will certainly give us the Eden of the future.”

Tags : Advanced Clock Degenerate Die Eden Fall Fall Of Man Fear Force Future Grand Growth Horizon Ideals Intellect Justice Mercy Obedience Past Pure The Fall Truth
Source : Some Mistakes of Moses

159. “Storms don't come to teach us painful lessons, rather they were meant to wash us clean.”

Tags : Authentic Self Chains Clean Compassion Empathy Freedom Goodness Mercy Perspective Real Self Righteousness Socrates Spiritual Growth Spiritually Clean Stay Positive Stayingpositiveuniversity Com Storms Teachers Tenderness Thoughtfulness Understanding

160. “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.' These men without possessions or power, these strangers on Earth, these sinners, these followers of Jesus, have in their life with him renounced their own dignity, for they are merciful. As if their own needs and their own distress were not enough, they take upon themselves the distress and humiliation of others. They have an irresistible love for the down-trodden, the sick, the wretched, the wronged, the outcast and all who are tortured with anxiety. They go out and seek all who are enmeshed in the toils of sin and guilt. No distress is too great, no sin too appalling for their pity. If any man falls into disgrace, the merciful will sacrifice their own honour to shield him, and take his shame upon themselves.”

Tags : Dignity God Grace Guilt Jesus Merciful Mercy Outcast Sin
Source : The Cost of Discipleship

161. “The Steadfast Love of the Lord is not Seasonal; His Mercies do not have winter or summer days... They are new every now and then.”

Tags : Every Morning God Love Mercies Merciful Mercy Morning New Season Seasonal Steadfast Steadfast Love Summer Winter

162. “Show some mercy to your 'time', don't always waste it.”

Tags : Human Humans Inspiration Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Merciful Mercy Motivation Motivational Motivational Quotes Philosophy Punctuality Time Time Management Waste Wasted Time Wisdom Wisdom Quotes
Author : Amit Kalantri

163. “Pour God's love out of you in pitcher fulls, not thimbles.”

Tags : Charity Compassion Giants Kindness Kindness Of Strangers Kindness To Others Love Loveee Merciful Merciful Servants Mercy Rise Higher Ruth

164. “Try to show grace, mercy and compassion, for one day you may need them.”

Tags : Compassion Compassion Quotes Compassionate Love Grace Merciful Mercy Undeserved Goodwill Unmerited Favor

165. “And with the Savior's passing came Satan's sure defeatChrist whispered, "It is finished," for payment was complete.I could not earn salvation, it's been dispensed for freeAnd mercy's gates would open, as He has died for me.”

Tags : Crucifixion Defeating Evil Forgiveness Forgiveness Of Sins Mercy Redemption Salvation Satan S Defeat
Source : Sewing Figs

166. “I was thinking, that when my time comes, I should be sorry if the only plea I had to offer was that of justice. Because it might mean that only justice would be meted out to me.”

Tags : Judgement Day Justice Mercy
Source : Murder at the Vicarage

167. “Conquer hate with love and evil with goodness.”

Tags : Advice Belief Christian Life Daily Inspiration Daily Living Faith Forgiveness Good Deeds Grace Healing Healthy Living Hope Kindness Lessons Learnt Life Life Philosophy Living Mercy Religion Spirituality Wisdom
Source : On Eagles Wings:Rise

168. “You cannot be fair to others without first being fair to yourself.Know that a well-honed sense of justice is a measure of personal experience, and all experience is a measure of self.Know that the highest expression of justice is mercy.Thus, as the supreme judge in your own court, you must have compassion for yourself.Otherwise, cede your gavel.”

Tags : Acceptance Charity Fair Fairness Judge Judgment Justice Mercy Personal Self Self Esteem
Author : Vera Nazarian
Source : The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

169. “A utopian system, when established by men, is likely to be synonymous with a dystopian depression. The only way for perfect peace by man is absolute control of all wrongs. Bully-cultures find this: with each and every mistake, another village idiot is shamed into nothingness and mindlessly shut down by the herd. This is a superficial peace made by force and by fear, one in which there is no freedom to breathe; and the reason it is impossible for man to maintain freedom and peace for everyone at the same time. Christ, on the other hand, transforms, instead of controls, by instilling his certain inner peace. This is the place where one realizes that only his holiness is and feels like true freedom, rather than like imprisonment, and, too, why Hell, I imagine, a magnified version of man's never-ending conflict between freedom and peace, would be the flesh's ultimate utopia - yet its ultimate regret.”

Tags : Apologetics Artificiality Battle Conflict Confusion Control Dystopia Force Good Intentions Heaven Inner Peace Man Oppression Philosophy Police State Regret Satan Sin Transformation Unity Utopia
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

170. “Ja Mandeviljens QUANTUM SATISstår bogført som din Rigdoms RadMen Prest, din CONTO CARITATISer Bogens hvide Jomfrublad.”

Tags : Love Thy Neighbor Mercy Non Violence Strong Willed
Author : Henrik Ibsen
Source : Brand

171. “Our job on earth isn't to criticize, reject, or judge. Our purpose is to offer a helping hand, compassion, and mercy. We are to do unto others as we hope they would do unto us.”

Tags : Acceptance Of Others Compassion Compassion Quotes Compassionate Compassionate Love Criticism Devotionals Faith Giving Golden Rule Grace Helping Hand Hope Inspirational Inspiring Judge Judgemental Love Quotes Mercy Mercy Of God Pay It Forward Positive Quotes Purpose Purpose In Life Reaching Out Reaching Out To Others
Author : Dana Arcuri
Source : Harvest of Hope: Living Victoriously Through Adversity, A 50-Day Devotional

172. “10 percent of any population is cruel, no matter what, and 10 percent is merciful, no matter what, and the remaining 80 percent can be moved in either direction.”

Tags : Cruelty Humanity Mankind Mercy
Author : Susan Sontag

173. “Act with God's compassion, mercy and forgiveness in mind and you will always be right. Act with revenge in your heart and you will always be wrong.”

Tags : Children Of God Compassion Daughter Of God Forgiveness Inner Peace Integrity Mercy Patience Senseless Drama Son Of God Tolerance Understanding

174. “Where God is like the sun, the Devil is like a raindrop. There is no 'God vs. Satan' because they aren't even that close in power and authority. The former is very patient; the latter is at mercy.”

Tags : Apologetics Authority Devil Dualism Evil God Good Grace Love Lucifer Mercy Patience Power Raindrop Satan Sin Sovereignty Sun
Author : Criss Jami

175. “When we understand the character of God, when we grasp something of His holiness, then we begin to understand the radical character of our sin and hopelessness. Helpless sinners can survive only by grace. Our strength is futile in itself; we are spiritually impotent without the assistance of a merciful God. We may dislike giving our attention to God's wrath and justice, but until we incline ourselves to these aspects of God's nature, we will never appreciate what has been wrought for us by grace. Even Edwards's sermon on sinners in God's hands was not designed to stress the flames of hell. The resounding accent falls not on the fiery pit but on the hands of the God who holds us and rescues us from it. The hands of God are gracious hands. They alone have the power to rescue us from certain destruction.”

Tags : Mercy Sovereignty Of God
Author : R.C. Sproul
Source : The Holiness of God

176. “We tend to think that refusing to exalt Christ is staying true to our self-will and personal freedom when really we are condemning ourselves. Sure, we can pretend to stay true to ourselves, but if you want to talk about reality, all of that is completely trivial if this life is an island and He's the only pilot with a plane and a flight plan.”

Tags : Agnosticism Apologetics Atheism Christ Christianity Condemnation Faith Freedom God Grace Mercy Reality Salvation Self Will Theism Worship
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

177. “If the bible be true, God commanded his chosen people to destroy men simply for the crime of defending their native land. They were not allowed to spare trembling and white-haired age, nor dimpled babes clasped in the mothers' arms. They were ordered to kill women, and to pierce, with the sword of war, the unborn child. 'Our heavenly Father' commanded the Hebrews to kill the men and women, the fathers, sons and brothers, but to preserve the girls alive. Why were not the maidens also killed? Why were they spared? Read the thirty-first chapter of Numbers, and you will find that the maidens were given to the soldiers and the priests. Is there, in all the history of war, a more infamous thing than this? Is it possible that God permitted the violets of modesty, that grow and shed their perfume in the maiden's heart, to be trampled beneath the brutal feet of lust? If this was the order of God, what, under the same circumstances, would have been the command of a devil? When, in this age of the world, a woman, a wife, a mother, reads this record, she should, with scorn and loathing, throw the book away. A general, who now should make such an order, giving over to massacre and rapine a conquered people, would be held in execration by the whole civilized world. Yet, if the bible be true, the supreme and infinite God was once a savage.”

Tags : Bible Book Children Defense Devil Father General Heart Hebrews Loathing Maidens Mercy Native Numbers Priests Read Savage Sword The Devil Wife Women Yahweh
Source : Some Mistakes of Moses

178. “If we have, through grace, an interest in Him who is the Fountain, we may rejoice in him when the streams of temporal mercies are dried up.”

Tags : Affliction Fullness God Mercy Sufficiency Supremacy Of Christ The Creator The Source Trials
Author : Matthew Henry
Source : Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible

179. “God doesn't always bring you the entire truth. He sometimes gives it to you in pieces, in order to learn. Regardless, it is the piece that you got today that will renew your faith for tomorrow.”

Tags : Faith Faith In God Faith In Others Healing Others Honesty Mercy Openess Revealing Sharing Thank You Truth

180. “Father, I know you will hear me, I will speak.”

Tags : Advice Answers To Prayers Christian Christianity Faith Despair Hope Faith Hope Hopeful Inspirational Less Mercy Praying Quotes Of Life Religion Speaking Your Mind Supplication
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

181. “You have to recognize your inability to love before you can love the way God loves. His version of love is unfamiliar to the natural world; It is sacrificial and selfless and the most beautiful love you could experience.”

Tags : Caring Forgiving Friendships Love Marriage Mercy Parents Relationships Relationships 101 Sacrafice Selfish Selfless Staying Positive Stayingpositiveu Com Tender Tenderhearted True Love Understanding

182. “A fool's mind is at the mercy of his tongue, and a wise man's tongue is under the control of his mind.”

Tags : Control Fool Man Mercy Mind Quote Quotes Tongue Wise

183. “The Christian God seemed the most offensive to people precisely because he was the most godlike. He was too perfect even to be coaxed by human efforts, and therefore sent his son to do the job.”

Tags : Christ Christ Jesus Christianity Cross Faith Freedom God Goodness Humility Jesus Judgment Legalism Love Offensive Perfection Pride Religion Salvation Sin Works
Author : Criss Jami

184. “When everything has gone down, God wants youto look up”

Tags : Acknowledgement Anointing Christ Confidence Conquer Courage Decision Divine Faith Going Healer Holy Spirit Hope House Of God Keeping On Laden Liberty Look Love Might Problems Proof Protector Revelation Salvation Strength Tribulations Victory Will Word

185. “It is wonderful for us to live together in love, in peace and in faith.”

Tags : Christian Life Faith Forgiveness Gentle Hope Humanity Inspirational Kindness Lailah Gifty Akita Affirmations Living Together Love Mankind Mercy Peace Peaceful Co Existence Positive Thinking Self Help Wise Words Working Together

186. “In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. All the praises and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the 'Alamin (mankind, jinns and all that exists). The Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. The Only Owner of the Day of Recompense (i.e. the Day of Resurrection) You (Alone) we worship, and You (Alone) we ask for help. Guide us to the Straight Way... The Way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not (the way) of those who earned Your Anger, nor of those who went astray.(The Qur'an- Surah Al-Fatihah)”

Tags : Allah Anger Creator Grace Help Mercy Praise Religion Thanks Worship
Author : Anonymous

187. “Dovoljno je što živiš u Србији, pa da razumeš šta znači biti u nemilosti, u nepatvorenoj nemilosti sudbine i smisla.”

Tags : Destiny Mercy Sense

188. “His lines had been honed over centuries, passed down through generations, for poor people needed certain lines; the script was always the same, and they had no option but to beg for mercy.”

Tags : Begging Human Labor Man Mercy No Option Poor Poverty
Author : Kiran Desai
Source : The Inheritance of Loss

189. “May our hearts be filled with great love for one another.”

Tags : Caring Christian Faith Family Forgiveness Good Intentions Helping Others Humanity Advice Inspirational Kindness Living Together Love Mercy
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

190. “Be kind, be fair and be just.”

Tags : Co Existence Compassion Goodness Humanity Advice Inspiring Kindness Living Together Love Mercy Patient Peace Positive Working With People
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

191. “Some people are desperate because they don't know how to ask for His grace.”

Tags : Forgiveness Grace Mercy Pastor Divine The Dark Divine
Author : Bree Despain
Source : The Dark Divine

192. “Too much mercy... often resulted in further crimes which were fatal to innocent victims who need not have been victims if justice had been put first and mercy second.”

Tags : Crimes Justice Mercy Victims

193. “Only those who will love longer than they expected to can truly love pecan pie, which doesn't explain its status as death rows most requested last dessert, or why chopped pecans, corn syrup, directions from the Karo bottle's cherry-red side are what mercy taste like to some. But there you have it.”

Tags : Baking Corn Syrup Death Death Row Dessert Life Love Mercy Pastry Pecan Pie Pie Poetry Prose Poetry
Author : Kate Lebo
Source : A Commonplace Book of Pie

194. “...there is nothing unforgivable and there are no secrets before an all-knowing merciful God.”

Tags : All Knowing Forgiveness God Grace Mercy Omniscient Onmiscience Secret Secrets Unforgivable Unforgiveness
Source : An Unforgivable Secret

195. “Jesus came to give his righteousness not to condemn the unrighteous.”

Tags : Condemnation Grace Mercy Persecution Righteousness Salvation Savior Undeserving Unforgiveness
Author : Mac Canoza

196. “Love is a combination of virtues. The amount you receive from someone is based on the percentage of those virtues learned and applied. Unhappiness in a relationship is not a lack of love, but a lack of virtues in the percentages your significant other needs.”

Tags : Compassion Considerate Empathy Kindness Love Mercy Respect Selfless Trust Virtues Vslues

197. “You ought to forgive others. Sometimes, the dark deed of others is due to inner struggles and fears. With your shining light and kind deeds, you will help them to turn to the light.”

Tags : Christianity Darkness Deeds Encouragement Experience Faith Fears Forget Me Not Forgiveness Healthy Living Hope Humanity Humankind Inner Strength Inspirational Lessons Learnt Let It Go Light Mercy Motivation People Relations Positive Attitude Shine Struggles Uplifting Wise Words
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

198. “It was complicated. I understood it, mostly, but I had to think a little sideways to do it.”

Tags : Adam Mercy
Source : River Marked

199. “One more month," he said finally. "And then they—and Samuel, too—will just have to get used to it. His eye is the color of a bitch with dark chocolate, worst few years and he leaned forward. "And you will marry me." I smiled, showing my teeth. "Don't you mean, ‘will you marry me?’" I meant it to be funny, but his eyes brightened until the gold flecks were swimming in the darkness. "You had your chance to run, coyote. It's too late now.”

Tags : Adam Coyote Mercy Run
Source : Silver Borne

200. “Werewolf games," Mercy said solemnly, "play for keeps, or go home." She was so cute sometimes it made Adam's heart hurt.”

Tags : Adam Cute Heart Hurt Mercy Werewolf Games
Source : Frost Burned