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1. “Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.”

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Source : The Light in the Heart

2. “How many infinite lives have been lived since man first had consciousness or awareness of his soul?And how many of those souls have stared up at the stars in wonder; pondered the meaning of their existence, the meaning of life, the thoughts of their ancestors, dreamed of the futures of his offspring and the purpose of all that is man?How long will we wander before the truth is found?”

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3. “Meaning cannot be found, it should be created every hour of every day”

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Author : Sharon Nir

4. “Someone may have all the technical knowledge, scientific intellect and business know-how but when he/she decides to choose laziness, excuses, procrastination, complaining and other bad attitudes, his/her relevance is meaningless.”

Tags : Attitude Bad Attitudes Business Choose Choose Good Attitudes Complaining Complains Decide Excuses Food For Thought Good Attitudes Intellect Israelmore Ayivor Laziness Make Good Choices Meaningful Life Procrastination Science Scientific Scientific Know How Technical Technical Knowledge
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

5. “Life has a plan for each of us; we may not understand the whys on our journey but every event is meaningful nonetheless.”

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Author : Ken Poirot

6. “To find the meaning of life, enjoy the journey, the beauty of the nature, the glint of a dew drop, the warmth of the morning sun, the songs of the wind, and smiles of flowers. These are all there to make your journey worthwhile and make your life meaningful.”

Tags : Beauty Of Nature Debasish Mridha Debasish Mridha M D Enjoy The Journey Inspirational Meaning Of Life Meaningful Life Philosophy Quotes

7. “Living is a creative and active process of diligent learning that entails industrious human action, attentive awareness, and thoughtful reflection. Learning is one facet of human beings innate capacity that can provide a sense of worthiness to human life.”

Tags : Learning Life Life Quotes Meaningful Meaningful Life Purpose Driven Life Purpose Of Life Purposeful Living Reflection On Life Self Worth
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

8. “We cradle in our nucleus emotional ingots gathered through studied immersion of the incongruities of life. In an elusive quest to disinter meaning out of life, we must cull joy from our daily rituals while conscientiously striving to nourish the nucleus of our buried innate essence. By discovering inner peace blossoming amongst the rubble of daily life, while determinedly searching out the cytoplasm our innate essence, a person’s reveals their inspirational tranquility.”

Tags : Enlightenment Enlightenment Principles Enlightenment Quotes Meaning Of Life Meaningful Meaningful Life Meaningful Life Quote Meaningful Living Meaningful Quote Mindfulness Mindfulness Quotes Purpose In Life Purpose Of Life Purpose Quotes Purposeful Living Tranquility
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

9. “The single most important human insight to be gained from this way of comparing societies is perhaps the realization that everything could have been different in our own society – that the way we live is only one among innumerable ways of life which humans have adopted. If we glance sideways and backwards, we will quickly discover that modern society, with its many possibilities and seducing offers, its dizzying complexity and its impressive technological advances, is a way of life which has not been tried out for long. Perhaps, psychologically speaking, we have just left the cave: in terms of the history of our species, we have but spent a moment in modern societies. (..) Anthropology may not provide the answer to the question of the meaning of life, but at least it can tell us that there are many ways in which to make a life meaningful.”

Tags : Anthropology Culture Meaning Of Life Meaningful Life Philosophy Of Life
Source : Small Places, Large Issues: An Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology

10. “You may sit home and be safe. But danger and adventure is what makes your life meaningful”

Tags : Adventure Adventure Quotes Adventures Danger Dangerous People Dangers Inspirational Inspirational Living Meaning Meaningful Quote Meaningful Words Meaningfulness Meaninglessness Perilous Times Risk Taking Risk Taking Quotes Risking It All Risking The World Risking Your Life The Great Pearl Of Wisdom
Source : The Great Pearl of Wisdom

11. “You win even if you lose. You will be celebrated to have dared to confront those terrible odds instead of crossing your arms against danger.”

Tags : Dangerous Dangerous People Hero Inspirational Life Inspirational Living Inspired Inspired Quotes Meaning Of Life Motivational Peril Perilous Journey Risk Risk It Succeed Succeeds Winners Mentality Winning Goal Winning Mentality Words Of Wisdom
Source : The Great Pearl of Wisdom

12. “With nothing meaningful in life, nothing is interesting. Enter boredom. A bored man even longs for longing. He has time to fill, but there is nothing compelling to do.”

Tags : Meaningful Life
Author : Daniel Klein
Source : Travels with Epicurus: A Journey to a Greek Island in Search of a Fulfilled Life

13. “In Egyptian Arabic, the word 'insan' means 'human'. If we remove the 'n', the word becomes 'insa', which means 'to forget'. So you see, the word 'forget' is taken from the word 'human'. And since it was God who created our minds and hearts, He knew from the very beginning that we would quickly forget our history, only to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. So the ultimate test of every human is to seek wisdom. After all, wisdom is gained from having a good memory. Only after we have passed this test will we evolve to become better humans. Man is only a forgetful mortal, but God — He sees, hears and remembers everything.”

Tags : Arabic Creation Creator Egyptian Evolving Finding Meaning God Heart Humanity Lessons Life Lord Maker Mankind Mistake Past Mistakes Purpose Purposeful Living
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

14. “What’s secretly in the water of modern culture is that people enter the world empty. That’s a very dangerous idea,because if everybody’s empty than other people can get us to do whatever they want because there’s nothing in us to stand against it. But if we came to do something that’s meaningful, that involves giving and making the world a more beautiful, healthy, lively place, then you become a difficult person to move around and manipulate.”

Tags : Gifts And Talents Meaningful Life Service
Author : Michael Meade

15. “The only manner to blunt in a wholesome and righteous manner the emotional trauma of living under a death sentence is by making every day count, living passionately, and dedicating the journey stumbling through time to accomplishing a master life plan. We can assist each other find meaning in life and undertake a path that make every person’s life a worthy endeavor, but each person bears the personal responsibility for living their life, establishing who they are, and behaving in a manner that provides credence to their self-imposed ideology. If a person persists in shifting personal responsibility for their way of life onto someone else, they he or she fails to discover the meaning of his own existence.”

Tags : Meaningful Life Personal Development Personal Responsibility Philosophy Of Life Purpose Driven Life Purpose In Life Purpose Of Life Self Awareness Self Determination Self Determination Quotes Self Identity Self Realization
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

16. “To love one another means to have compassionate concern and care for all people. It is to know the value of living a good life, and of adding value to others life. It produces a meaningful life!”

Tags : Care For All People Compassionate Love One Another Meaningful Life Value Of A Good Life

17. “A person must claim the meaning behind his or her existence. How we live is our final testament to what we believed in and our journey through the corridor of time determines our decisive character.”

Tags : Character Meaning Meaning Of Life Meaningful Life Meaningful Living Meaningful Quote Purpose Purpose Driven Life Purpose In Life Purpose Of Life Purpose Quotes Purposeful Living
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

18. “Only those who are eager to get lost in the wilderness of life’s beauty can find a meaningful life.”

Tags : Debasish Mridha Debasish Mridha Md Get Lost Inspirational Life S Beauty Lost In The Wilderness Meaningful Life Philosophy Quotes

19. “Dreams, desires, destiny, and difficulties in life make it a magical and meaningful fairytale.”

Tags : Debasish Mridha Debasish Mridha Md Desires Difficulties In Life Dreams Inspirational Life Is A Fairytale Meaningful Life Philosophy Quotes

20. “We create a meaningful life by what we accept as true and by what we create in the pursuit of truth, love, beauty, and adoration of nature.”

Tags : Beauty In Life Beauty In Nature Beauty Quotes Life Lessons Life Quotes Meaning Of Life Meaningful Life Truth Of Life
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

21. “We must resolve to live our lives and to build our lives in such a way, that if every ounce of fame were to dissipate tomorrow, and the only people who still remember our names are the few people around us who have true love for us in their hearts-- we would still be able to go on living life with an equal or even greater amount of happiness than before. You see, we must resolve to live our lives in such a way, that the worth and the value of it all comes from those things that are a part of our souls. You fill your soul with what is a part of it, with people who have made you a part of their hearts, and things that bring you awe. Then if all the world were to disappear before your eyes, just not any part of your soul, then you are okay! You are still happy. You can wake up to a new morning in a world that doesn't know you, retaining every ounce of worth that you had before! And maybe even more.”

Tags : Fame Fame Quotes Guidance Quotes Happiness Happiness Quotes How To Live Life Inspirational Life Inspirational Quotes Life And Living Meaning Of Life Meaningful Life Value Of Life Wisdom Wisdom Quotes Worth Worth Of Life
Author : C. JoyBell C.

22. “No person can claim to be anything more or anything less than his or her individual assimilation of a lifelong symposium of inimitable physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual occurrences. Simply put, we each place our own individualized stamp upon the meaning of life. How we live, how we struggle, and how we die reflects what life means to each of us. We are all students of life, we are a product of what we pay attention to, what we observe, and experience, and what subjects arrest our minds.”

Tags : Meaning Of Life Meaningful Life Meaningful Quote Philosophy Of Life Self Determination
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

23. “You become happy by living a life that means something to somebody else.”

Tags : Happy Inspirational Life Meaningful Life
Author : Unknown

24. “A person seeks to quantify their existence. Do we measure a person’s life by its longevity or by assessing the warmth of its blaze? Do we measure a person by their brainpower or by the heartiness of his or her spine? Do earthy deeds count for more than intellectual opinions? What is more important, the work that a person produces or the quality of life that effuses from their being? Does it matter how we live and how we die, if we love or hate, are kind or mean, generous or stingy? Does it matter that we struggle to express personal doubts and toil in an effort to obtain redemption for our personal lapses?”

Tags : Meaning Of Life Meaningful Life Personal Development Personal Growth Purpose Purpose Of Life Self Awareness Self Determination Self Realization
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

25. “Narcissistic pleasure seekers routinely avoid developing the humility required to manufacture a life of full measure. Shallow persons such as me hide their insecurities behind a false persona of bravado, boasting of their inconsequential deeds, pyrrhic victories, and adamant refusals to tackle any task that they fear.”

Tags : Boastful Boastfulness Boasting Boasting Quotes Bravado Egoist Humility Insecurity Meaningful Life Narcissism Personal Insight Pride Purpose Driven Life Purposeful Living
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

26. “Life is just too beautiful if meaning is attached to it, and useless when meaningless!!”

Tags : Life Meaning Of Life Meaningful Life
Author : Tripta Arora
Source : The Beauty of Imperfection

27. “People cannot escape the looming specter of a deathwatch and the imposing emptiness that comes with the termination of their existence. People resist going silently into the night. We seek to howl at the moon and make known our search for a diagrammatic overture that voices our unquantifiable existence.”

Tags : Death Meaningful Life Purpose Driven Life Purpose Of Life Writers On Writing Writers Quotes Writing Life
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

28. “Every day is an opportunity to stand in awe when witnessing the overpowering presence of nature, an apt time to pay reverence for the inestimable beauty of life. I must remain mindful to live in an ethical manner by paying attention to the threat of injustice towards other people and resist capitulating to the absurdity of being a finite body born into infinite space and time. I am part of the world, a spar in a sacred composition, a body of energy suspended in the cosmos. I seek to create a poetic personal testament to life. When I pivot and turn away from fixating upon the cruel artifices of my encysted orbit to face and outwardly embrace the cleansing swirl of heaven’s windmill, I feel gusting in the shank of my marrow the thump of onrushing primordial truths, the electric flush of those ineffable couplets of life that one may not utter.”

Tags : Awe Beauty Beauty In Nature Enlightenment Enlightenment Principles Enlightenment Quotes Ethical Behavior Injustice Justice Justice And Mercy Meaningful Life Meaningful Life Quotes Purposeful Living Reverence Reverence For Life Truth Truth Of Life
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

29. “It is what it is because you let it be so.”

Tags : Conditioning Defeat Defeatism Doing Follower Free Mind Inspire It Is What It Is Lazy Minds Life Quotes Meaningless Mind Motivate Passive Resistance Programming Self Defeat Sheep Suzy Kassem Thinking
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

30. “Poverty deprives humanity of the basic necessities to live a meaningful life.”

Tags : Basic Necessities Deprives Humanity Meaningful Life Poverty
Author : Gugu Mona

31. “Unless individuals have the power to defy commoditization and define their own lives, their potential is vulnerable to the crushing forces of objectification.”

Tags : Commoditization Forces Individual Individuals Matter More Meaning Meaningful Life Objectification Potential Relevance
Author : Tom Hayes

32. “If you want a meaningful life for yourself don't ask "What can the world offer to me?" but "What can I offer to the world?”

Tags : Changing The Way You Think Changing The World Life Life Lessons Life Quotes Life Quotes And Sayings Meaning Of Life Meaning Of Life Quotes Meaningful Life Meaningful Living Meaningful Work
Source : The Great Pearl of Wisdom

33. “An easy life is rarely meaningful and a meaningful life rarely easy.”

Tags : Achievement And Attitude Easy Way Fighting Spirit Goals In Life Hardships Life Meaning Of Life Meaningful Meaningful Life Meaningfulness Thrive Waste Of Life
Author : Oliver North
Source : Counterfeit Lies

34. “For a scientist, this is a good way to live and die, maybe the ideal way for any of us - excitedly finding we were wrong and excitedly waiting for tomorrow to come so we can start over.”

Tags : Being Wrong Meaningful Life Philosophy Of Life Scientific Ethic Scientists

35. “Death people who are still alive at this hour, must resurrect and ascend to the intellectual heaven where there is no ignorance.”

Tags : Acumen Arise Arising Blind Change Dead Do It Food For Thought Foolish Go Head Hour Ignorance Intellect Knowledge Living Metamorphosis Mysticism Paradise People Rapture Star This Hour Thoughts Wisdom

36. “We cannot replicate other people’s lives. We must each institute and broker a personalized meaning to our exclusive existence. We must each serve as our own Zen master, awaken to our inviolate personal truth, and strive to fulfill our sui generis (unique) nature.”

Tags : Enlightenment Enlightenment Principles Meaningful Life Personal Journey Philosophy Of Life Purposeful Life Purposeful Living Self Awareness Self Determination Self Determination Quotes Self Mastery
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

37. “A person experiments in life and reflects upon those events in order to discover how to lead a meaningful life. We conduct a quest searching for the source our essential being. What we seek is inside us waiting for us to discover. Until we realize the vital inner source that provides direction for our life, all our efforts are in vain. The ego with its craving and fearful protection strategies is what prevents us from perceiving the transparency of the world in which we belong. When we cease clinging to the past and no longer daydream of the future and unreservedly accept whatever is occurring while sacrificing ourselves in service of other people our sense of self vanishes and we exist only as conscious and nonjudgmental witnesses of reality.”

Tags : Bliss Bliss Quotes Blissful Heart Blissful Journey Blissful State Daydream Desire Desire Quotes Ego Enlightenment Enlightenment Principles Enlightenment Quotes Meaningful Meaningful Life Meaningful Living Past
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

38. “Nothing in this life will bring true meaning and happiness apart from God.”

Tags : Bring Christian Faith God Happiness Life Meaning Meaningful Meaningful Life Nothing True
Author : Jim George

39. “We have a fundamental imperative in our lives to matter to others, to serve others, and to support each other in mattering more.”

Tags : Imperative Imperative For Life Serve Matter Matter More Meaningful Life Meaningful Quote Others Relevance Relevant Serve Others Service Support Supportive Quotes
Author : Tom Hayes

40. “Sharing your life with someone will have much more meaning coming from a place of independence rather than co-dependence.”

Tags : Co Dependence Common Sense Contentment Divine Energy Medicine Happiness Higher Power Independence Meaning Meaningful Life
Author : Gary Hopkins

41. “The paramount terror that plagues humankind is to live a meaningless life of an exile, an incomplete person whom fails to experience the rapture of living in an astonishing manner.”

Tags : Fear Fearful Fearfuness Humanity Meaningful Life Meaningless Meaninglessness Meaninglessness Of Life Philosophy Of Life Terror
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

42. “Our ability to detect and measure the passage of time is burdensome. The conception and sensation of time bears down upon all of us. It weighs us down; it compresses our souls. There is a variety of ways to escape the dull passage of time or the fearfulness of our accelerating march towards death. We must choose our mechanisms for dealing with the inexorability of time and our finiteness. We can fill our void with work or pleasure, laughter or pain, and fretfulness or courage. We can seek a sense of purposefulness or acknowledge the meaninglessness of life. We can seek to escape the drudgery and pain of life through alcohol, drugs, or pleasure seeking, or by working to support our families and create artistic testaments to our worldly existence.”

Tags : Art Boredom Escape From Reality Escapism Meaningful Life Philosophy Of Life Time Time Passing Time Quotations Time Quotes
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

43. “When the peasants and their song had vanished from his sight and hearing, a heavy feeling of anguish at his loneliness, his bodily idleness, his hostility to this world, came over him...It was all drowned in the sea of cheerful common labor. God had given the day, God had given the strength. Both day and strength had been devoted to labour and in that lay the reward...Levin had often admired this life, had often experienced a feeling of envy for the people who lived this life, but that day for the first time...the thought came clearly to Levin that it was up to him to change that so burdensome, idle, artificial and individual life he lived into this laborious, pure and common, lovely life.”

Tags : Labor Life Meaningful Life Simple Simplicity Work
Author : Leo Tolstoy
Source : Anna Karenina

44. “☺☺ When a man gets to 99, he starts to think, he may only have another 10 years of sexy lovemaking left... Still Smiling At 99. ☺☺”

Tags : Books Humor Laughter Is The Best Medicine Meaningful Life Mindfulness Philosophy Poetry Society Truth Wisdom Insights
Author : Michael Levy

45. “☺☺ When a man gets you 99, he starts to think, he may only have another 10 years of sexy lovemaking left... Still Smiling At 99. ☺☺”

Tags : Books Humor Laughter Is The Best Medicine Meaningful Life Mindfulness Philosophy Poetry Society Truth Wisdom Insights
Author : Michael Levy

46. “The choices we make in life determine human identities. A person might choose to avoid or confront their deepest night terrors. A person can elect to live carefully or rashly. A person can embrace ignorance or incessantly work to acquire knowledge of the larger world filled with people, nature, and ideas. A person can live a placid life or boldly seek out vivid encounters is a world filled with anarchy, chaos, hazards, and incomparable beauty and slender. A person can hold onto attachments and fear death or live their life as a mere witness and perceive their personal death as part of the collective story and the culmination of a life will lived. A person can employ their time in a material world to enhance personal pleasures or to develop their innate skills and strive towards attaining self-realization. A person may perceive their existence as pitiful drudgery, or live a courageously, making a statement with their wounds and scars that life is a thrilling mystery filled with longing, love, and holiness.”

Tags : Choices Enlightenment Enlightenment Principles Meaningful Life Meaningful Life Quote Meaningful Quote Personal Development Personal Growth Personal Growth Quotes Philosophy Of Life Self Determination Self Determination Quotes Self Identity Self Realization Self Realization Quotes
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

47. “Our lives are a divine expression no matter how messy and weird they may be. How much more meaningful can it get? The source is experiencing itself in form in a conscious, awake way.”

Tags : Awakening Awareness Enlightenment Meaning Of Life Meaningful Life Meaningfulness Nonduality Self Realization Spiritual Insights Spiritual Quotes Spiritual Wisdom Spirituality
Author : Enza Vita

48. “Love yourself enough to have a meaningful life.”

Tags : Love Yourself Meaningful Life Self Help Self Love
Author : Millen Livis

49. “We seek not for forgiveness, but the freedom and time to do more than ‘exist’.”

Tags : Existence Freedom Life Purpose Meaningful Life Time
Author : Fennel Hudson
Source : Wild Carp - Fennel's Journal - No. 4

50. “Commoditization is the enemy of meaning. In ages dominated by the forces of commoditization, individuals pay the price with devalued lives. by contrast, unique skills requiring mastery and expertise, like the skills of a brain surgeon, are safe from the threat of commoditization.”

Tags : Commoditization Devalued Lives Individual Mastery Matter More Meaningful Life Relevance Skill Skills Threat
Author : Tom Hayes

51. “To give advice to a man who asks what to do with his life implies something very close to egomania. To presume to point a man to the right and ultimate goal — to point with a trembling finger in the RIGHT direction is something only a fool would take upon himself.”

Tags : Advice Letters Of Note Meaningful Life

52. “business of man is to be happy,”

Tags : Happiness Meaningful Life
Author : John Locke

53. “Be an artist, in whatever little faculty possible.For the Earth, without ‘Art’ is just ‘Eh”

Tags : Art Artist Artistry Artists Artists Life Earth Meaning Of Life Meaningful Life

54. “I work every day to live my life in such a way that when I take my last breath, I will be satisfied I made a difference and I was an inspiration; that I left something behind that will be meaningful to society; I did not shame my family, disappoint my friends or ruin my good name.”

Tags : Inspirational Quotes Leadership Meaningful Life

55. “I like to start slowly, and then ease up as the day progresses.”

Tags : Lifestyle Meaningful Life Pace Of Life Relaxation
Author : Fennel Hudson
Source : A Writer's Year - Fennel's Journal - No. 3

56. “I am happiest sitting against a tree, with my notebook or sketchpad on my knee, capturing the moment.”

Tags : Artist Meaningful Life Writer Writers Life Writing
Author : Fennel Hudson
Source : A Meaningful Life - Fennel's Journal - No. 1

57. “No more selfishness. Just a balanced, contented, and richly meaningful life.”

Tags : Balanced Life Meaningful Life Purposeful Life
Author : Fennel Hudson
Source : A Waterside Year - Fennel's Journal - No. 2

58. “To find one’s purpose is to discover one’s worth, discern one’s direction, wholly dedicate oneself to the journey, and forge an unbending determination that I will not leave the world the way I found it. This week's blog outlines the finding of our purpose.”

Tags : Dedication Determination Goals Meaningful Life Purpose