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1. “Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Tags : Advertising Apple Change Commercial Computers Different Madness Misattributed Apple Misattributed Steve Jobs Misfits Nonconformity Progressive Rebels Status Quo Think Different Troublemakers
Author : Rob Siltanen

2. “I finally gave in today. Admitting that I haven't been able to do it alone, that's defeat right? But do a couple pills change why I'm here? Will my spirit be altered? Do my passions change? Will I lose hope either way? My madness is what makes me. It’s my most unique beauty.”

Tags : Admitting Anxiety Beauty Change Confused Defeat Defeated Doctors Drugs Giving In Hormonal Losing Hope Lost Madness Medication Panic Passions Perfection Pills Prescriptions Quotes For Women Sadness Troubled Unique
Author : Crystal Woods
Source : Write like no one is reading 2

3. “All habits are bad habits. (...) Madness does not come by breaking out, but by giving in; by settling down in some dirty, little, self-repeating circle of ideas; by being tamed.”

Tags : Giving In Habits Madness Rebellionllion Tamed
Source : Manalive

4. “My soul is a black maelstrom, a great madness spinning about a vacuum, the swirling of a vast ocean around a hole in the void, and in the waters, more like whirlwinds than waters, float images of all I ever saw or heard in the world: houses, faces, books, boxes, snatches of music and fragments of voices, all caught up in a sinister, bottomless whirlpool.”

Tags : Bottom Images Madness Ocean Soul Vacuum Void Water
Source : The Book of Disquiet

5. “That's how the madness of the world tries to colonize you: from the outside in, forcing you to live in its reality.”

Tags : Colonize Madness Reality
Source : Annihilation

6. “The stupidity of gossips is that they become frightened when they see your face, and a little word from your mouth makes them vibrate like an electrocuted criminal.”

Tags : Bogus Calumny Criminal Curse Devil Electrocution Fake False Foolishness Gaze Glory Gossip Hater Insanity Intimidation Madness Negative Negative People People Pessimism Rival Slander Slanderers Toxic People Trepidation

7. “Man is certainly stark mad; he cannot make a worm, and yet he will be making gods by dozens.”

Tags : Gods Humor Madness Superstition
Source : The Complete Essays

8. “Passion often makes a madman of the cleverest man, and renders the greatest fools clever.”

Tags : Cleverness Foolishness Intelligence Madness Passion

9. “It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.”

Tags : Insanity Madness Qotd Reality
Source : VALIS

10. “Mad Hatter: “Why is a raven like a writing-desk?”“Have you guessed the riddle yet?” the Hatter said, turning to Alice again.“No, I give it up,” Alice replied: “What’s the answer?”“I haven’t the slightest idea,” said the Hatter”

Tags : Alice In Wonderland Insanity Madness
Author : Lewis Carroll
Source : Alice in Wonderland

11. “First sign of madness, talking to your own head.”

Tags : Insanity Madness
Author : J.K. Rowling
Source : Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

12. “In a mad world, only the mad are sane.”

Tags : Insanity Madness Sanity

13. “All living things contain a measure of madness that moves them in strange, sometimes inexplicable ways. This madness can be saving; it is part and parcel of the ability to adapt. Without it, no species would survive.”

Tags : Adaptability Madness Survival
Author : Yann Martel
Source : Life of Pi

14. “Some women tend to bring insults into a little show you put forth to make them laugh, but they later accuse you of some abnormality if you keep them at arms length in order to regain your respect.”

Tags : Apart Bad Reputation Breakup Contempt Critic Disunity Exuberance Familiarity Fickle Gender Girls Homosexuality Image Laughter Loathsome Lukewarm Lunacy Michael Bassey Johnson Reputation Resent Reserved Respect Retaliation Ruin Self Control Torn Unfeeling

15. “There is a duality to darkness known only to those who’ve been infected by its touch. Everyone knows the shadows: shallow, comfortable, mostly harmless places where one might nest for a night. But the depths of living pitch only visit the aristocracy of madmen and women who’ve unwittingly pledged fealty to the curse. For some, it outright ruins minds like a hound to fresh meat; for others, it wanes into the deepest parts of its less caustic sibling and waits for the time to strike, returning periodically through life like an incurable disease.”

Tags : Away With The Fairies Bedlamite Darkness Dementia Insanity Lunacy Madness Mania Psychosis Shadows Where Madness Roosts
Author : Darrell Drake
Source : Where Madness Roosts

16. “Nothing can be more slightly defined than the line of demarcation between sanity and insanity ... Make the definition too narrow, it becomes meaningless; make it too wide, and the whole human race becomes involved in the dragnet. In strictness we are all mad when we give way to passion, to prejudice, to vice, to vanity; but if all the passionate, prejudiced and vain people were to be locked up as lunatics, who is to keep the key to the asylum?"(Editorial, The Times, 22 July 1853)”

Tags : Insanity Lunacy Madness Passion Psychology Sanity
Source : The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher: A Shocking Murder and the Undoing of a Great Victorian Detective

17. “I swear that each of us keeps, battened down inside himself, a sort of lunatic giant - impossible socially, but full-scale - and that it's the knockings and baterrings we sometimes hear in each other that keeps our intercourse from utter banaility.”

Tags : Lunacy Madness Social Etiquette

18. “Watching Nigel Farage rudely insult fellow members of the European Parliament today - the first occasion they were all assembled in Brussels since the tragic 'Brexit' referendum result - made me feel utterly ashamed to be British. Let it be known that Nigel Farage is the very epitomy of a narrow-minded 'Little Englander' who does not represent the vast majority of outward-looking people from Great Britain. His shameful and unofficial campaign to convince the British electorate to leave the European Union was peppered with lies and deceit. His populist and xenophobic rhetoric has also subsequently contributed to ugly scenes of racial abuse and hate crime directed at Eastern European nationals and ethnic minorities living and working in the UK, in the wake of the referendum result. Fellow Europeans, world citizens, let this be a wake-up call. Deny your own domestic peddlers of populism and nationalism the opportunity to follow the example of this unelected, disrespected maverick, intent on making a name for himself, for he has unwittingly unleashed a wrecking ball on Britain's future economic prosperity, cultural diversity and social harmony.”

Tags : Alert Bitterness Bulldog Bully Quote Bullying Quotes Cheat Deceit Quotes Divisions In Society Euro Hateful People Hitler Idiotic Insular Isolationism Liars Little England Look Outward Open Minded Policymakers Populism Racism Reporter Social Discord
Author : Alex Morritt
Source : Impromptu Scribe

19. “My rage is derived from eyes so sharp they see through the idiocy being passed off as sophistication. Under the cloak of universal themes and terms such as freedom, change, and acceptance, madness ensues, being readily welcomed by those whose mind's eye questions nothing.”

Tags : 3Rd Eye Acceptance Anger Change Contrast Evil Freedom Fury Ire Madness Modern Day Nirvana Rage Seething Sharingan Sharpness Sleeplessness Society S Ills Sophistication Universal Wrath

20. “All forms of madness, bizarre habits, awkwardness in society, general clumsiness, are justified in the person who creates good art.”

Tags : Art Artists Awkwardness Bizarre Clumsiness Good Art Literature Madness Roman Payne Strangeness Weird
Author : Roman Payne
Source : Rooftop Soliloquy

21. “Whose Daddy's Little Girl Now?”

Tags : Crime Crime Fiction Crime Thriller Daddy S Girl Horror Fiction Madness Self Published Serial Killer Thriller
Source : Daddy's Girl

22. “I've always said women are vicious creatures - Detective Zach Grimes”

Tags : Crime Crime Fiction Crime Thriller Daddy S Girl Horror Madness Self Published Serial Killer Thriller Thriller Action Packed Suspense Thriller Novel
Source : Daddy's Girl

23. “I turned to Dionysus. "You cured him?""Madness is my specialty. It was quite simple."" did something nice. Why?"He raised and eyebrow. "I am nice! I simple ooze niceness, Perry Johansson. Haven't you noticed?”

Tags : Dionysus Humor Madness Nice Percy Jackson Sarcasm
Author : Rick Riordan
Source : The Battle of the Labyrinth

24. “It is only through mystery and madness that the soul is revealed”

Tags : Madness Mystery Philosphy Soul
Author : Thomas Moore
Source : Care of the Soul: A Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life

25. “The nutritionist said I should eat root vegetables.Said if I could get down thirteen turnips a dayI would be grounded, rooted.Said my head would not keep flying awayto where the darkness lives.The psychic told me my heart carries too much weight.Said for twenty dollars she’d tell me what to do.I handed her the twenty. She said, “Stop worrying, darling.You will find a good man soon.”The first psycho therapist told me to spendthree hours each day sitting in a dark closetwith my eyes closed and ears plugged.I tried it once but couldn’t stop thinkingabout how gay it was to be sitting in the closet.The yogi told me to stretch everything but the truth.Said to focus on the out breath. Said everyone finds happinesswhen they care more about what they givethan what they get.The pharmacist said, “Lexapro, Lamicatl, Lithium, Xanax.”The doctor said an anti-psychotic might help meforget what the trauma said.The trauma said, “Don’t write these poems.Nobody wants to hear you cryabout the grief inside your bones.”But my bones said, “Tyler Clementi jumpedfrom the George Washington Bridgeinto the Hudson River convincedhe was entirely alone.”My bones said, “Write the poems.”

Tags : Madness Trauma Writing
Author : Andrea Gibson
Source : The Madness Vase: By Andrea Gibson

26. “Now, your Honor, I have spoken about the [Civil] war. I believed in it. I don’t know whether I was crazy or not. Sometimes I think perhaps I was. I approved of it; I joined in the general cry of madness and despair. I urged men to fight. I was safe because I was too old to go. I was like the rest. What did they do? Right or wrong, justifiable or unjustifiable -- which I need not discuss today -- it changed the world. For four long years the civilized world was engaged in killing men. Christian against Christian, barbarian uniting with Christians to kill Christians; anything to kill. It was taught in every school, aye in the Sunday schools. The little children played at war. The toddling children on the street. Do you suppose this world has ever been the same since? How long, your Honor, will it take for the world to get back the humane emotions that were slowly growing before the war? How long will it take the calloused hearts of men before the scars of hatred and cruelty shall be removed?We read of killing one hundred thousand men in a day. We read about it and we rejoiced in it -- if it was the other fellows who were killed. We were fed on flesh and drank blood. Even down to the prattling babe. I need not tell you how many upright, honorable young boys have come into this court charged with murder, some saved and some sent to their death, boys who fought in this war and learned to place a cheap value on human life. You know it and I know it. These boys were brought up in it. The tales of death were in their homes, their playgrounds, their schools; they were in the newspapers that they read; it was a part of the common frenzy -- what was a life? It was nothing. It was the least sacred thing in existence and these boys were trained to this cruelty.”

Tags : Blood Civil War Cruelty Death Honor Justice Killing Law Life Madness Patriotism Sacred Value Violence War
Source : Attorney for the Damned: Clarence Darrow in the Courtroom

27. “it was times like these when a man in a desperate situation must take whatever madness is offered to escape the darker madness in which he finds himself trapped.”

Tags : Darkness Desperation Madness Redemption Trapped
Author : Sean F. Hogan
Source : Painting Angels

28. “In their brief time together Slothrop forms the impression that this octopus is not in good mental health, though where's his basis for comparing?”

Tags : Madness Mental Health Octopi Octopus Slothrop
Source : Gravity's Rainbow

29. “Madness is blackness.”

Tags : Foolishness Ignorance Madness Wisdom Of Lailah Gifty Akita Wise Thoughts

30. “It is such a supreme folly to believe that nuclear weapons are deadly only if they're used. The fact that they exist at all, their presence in our lives, will wreak more havoc than we can begin to fathom. Nuclear weapons pervade our thinking. Control our behavior. Administer our societies. Inform our dreams. They bury themselves like meat hooks deep in the base of our brains. They are purveyors of madness. They are the ultimate colonizer. Whiter than any white man that ever lived. The very heart of whiteness.”

Tags : Colonialism Colonizer Danger Fear Folly Humanity Humans Madness Mind Control Nuclear Bomb Nuclear Threat Nuclear Weapons Truth White Whiteness
Author : Arundhati Roy
Source : The Cost of Living

31. “Some people in orthodox churches in Africa take poverty as a path that leads to heaven, making christianity look unattractive.”

Tags : African Africans Attitude Boredom Boring Christian Church Compulsion Deception Fanatic Lackadaisical Madness Michael Bassey Johnson Monotonous Nigeria Nigerians Orthodox Penitence Poverty Satire Servitude Stupidity Unattractive Wretch Wretched

32. “No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.”

Tags : Aristotle Genius Great Minds Madness
Author : Aristotle

33. “WHO AM I?I have seven heavenly panelsLeading up to a pointed sphereI’m multidimensional like a crystalAnd my center is never clear.I’m an inventor and pioneer.A mentor to my peers.But I'm not as sound as my shell reveals,Because I’m tormented by my fears -That may appear to be groundedBut my insides are filled with tears.And the sadness is well-founded,From years and yearsOf traumatic experiencesCompoundedIn the most dementedAtmospheres.I talk but feel like nobody hears.Has reason disappeared?And, God, are you near?This is Giza’s 7th light forceAnd I'm asking you to interfere.I can no longer walk amongst the blind and deadWith open eyes and ears.I’m trying to maintain my sanityAnd to straighten up my veneerAs I roll amongst the growing calamitiesFlowing on Earth’s severely trashedFrontier.Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun (2010)”

Tags : Blind Calamaties Change The World Corruption Destruction Division Ears Earth Egypt Environment Giza Ignorance Life Madness Mindlessness Peace Perspective Poem Sadness Social Change Suzy Kassem Terror Wars Who Am I
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

34. “Dissociation is the common response of children to repetitive, overwhelming trauma and holds the untenable knowledge out of awareness. The losses and the emotions engendered by the assaults on soul and body cannot, however be held indefinitely. In the absence of effective restorative experiences, the reactions to trauma will find expression. As the child gets older, he will turn the rage in upon himself or act it out on others, else it all will turn into madness.”

Tags : Abuse Amnesia Child Abuse Childhood Trauma Dissociation Dissociative Amnesia Dissociative Disorders Dissociative Identity Disorder Madness Memory Memory Loss Mental Health Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Ptsd Repressing Emotions Repression Ritual Abuse Trauma
Source : Satans High Priest

35. “The tension has worn us out. It is a deadly tension that feels as if a jagged knife blade is being scraped along the spine. Our legs won't function, our hands are trembling and our bodies are like thin membranes stretched over barely repressed madness, holding in what would otherwise be an unrestrained outburst of endless scream.s. We have no flesh, no muscle now”

Tags : Body Death Fear Horror Horror Of War Life Mad Madness Mind Scream Soldier War World War
Source : All Quiet on the Western Front

36. “...But the Mahommedan religion increases, instead of lessening, the fury of intolerance. It was originally propagated by the sword, and ever since, its votaries have been subject, above the people of all other creeds, to this form of madness. In a moment the fruits of patient toil, the prospects of material prosperity, the fear of death itself, are flung aside. The more emotional Pathans are powerless to resist. All rational considerations are forgotten. Seizing their weapons, they become Ghazis—as dangerous and as sensible as mad dogs: fit only to be treated as such. While the more generous spirits among the tribesmen become convulsed in an ecstasy of religious bloodthirstiness, poorer and more material souls derive additional impulses from the influence of others, the hopes of plunder and the joy of fighting. Thus whole nations are roused to arms. Thus the Turks repel their enemies, the Arabs of the Soudan break the British squares, and the rising on the Indian frontier spreads far and wide. In each case civilisation is confronted with militant Mahommedanism. The forces of progress clash with those of reaction. The religion of blood and war is face to face with that of peace.”

Tags : Arabs British Creeds Ecstasy Emotional Fear Force Generous Hope Influence Intolerance Islam Joy Mad Dogs Madness Militant Mohammedan Muslim Progress Religious Bloodthirstiness Religious Violence Turks
Source : The Story of the Malakand Field Force

37. “They will say you're mad, if the truth you tell is yours.”

Tags : Madness Personal Experience Truth
Author : Marty Rubin

38. “[Man] literally drives himself into a blind obliviousness with social games, psychological tricks, personal preoccupations so far removed from the reality of his situation that they are forms of madness, but madness all the same.”

Tags : Blind Blindness Madness Obliviousness Preoccupations Psychological Reality Situation Social Social Games Tricks
Author : Ernest Becker
Source : The Denial of Death

39. “It was such a heavenly dream: dreamed between the reality of war and the reality of hereditary madness.”

Tags : Madness War Wwi
Source : The Undying Monster: A Tale of the Fifth Dimension

40. “There is also a third kind of madness, which is possession by the Muses, enters into a delicate and virgin soul, and there inspiring frenzy, awakens lyric....But he, who, not being inspired and having no touch of madness in his soul, comes to the door and thinks he will get into the temple by the help of art--he, I say, and his poetry are not admitted; the sane man is nowhere at all when he enters into rivalry with the madman.”

Tags : Awaken Madness Muse Poetry Soul
Author : Plato
Source : Phaedo

41. “Within the universe of the extraordinary, those qualities we designate to human concepts of gender are often shared, exchanged, or even completely obliterated. Because of this mixture of traits, these twins called Genius and Madness often appear to be the same thing. They both have a tendency to blur the lines of what we call norms, or established reality. They both, when we study that grand tapestry known as history and modern-day society, tend to stand out in much bolder relief than other figures.-- from Dancing with Madness, Dancing with Genius”

Tags : Creativity Gender Equality Genius Giftedness Good And Evil Madness
Author : Aberjhani
Source : Illuminated Corners: Collected Essays and Articles Volume I.

42. “Her eyes were of different colors, the left as brown as autumn, the right as gray as Atlantic wind. Both seemed alive with questions that would never be voiced, as if no words yet existed with which to frame them. She was nineteen years old, or thereabouts; her exact age was unknown. Her face was as fresh as an apple and as delicate as blossom, but a marked depression in the bones beneath her left eye gave her features a disturbing asymmetry. Her mouth never curved into a smile. God, it seemed, had withheld that possibility, as surely as from a blind man the power of sight. He had withheld much else. Amparo was touched—by genius, by madness, by the Devil, or by a conspiracy of all these and more. She took no sacraments and appeared incapable of prayer. She had a horror of clocks and mirrors. By her own account she spoke with Angels and could hear the thoughts of animals and trees. She was passionately kind to all living things. She was a beam of starlight trapped in flesh and awaiting only the moment when it would continue on its journey into forever.” (p.33)”

Tags : Angel Apple Asymmetry Atlantic Autumn Blossom Bones Clock Depression Eyes God Horror Living Things Mirror Power Of Sight Prayer Questions Sacraments Smile Tree Wind
Author : Tim Willocks
Source : The Religion

43. “This is what I am talking about: the bewitching power of moonlight. Moonlight incites dark passions like a cold flame, making hearts burning with the intensity of phosphorus.”

Tags : Dark Passions Madness Moon Moonlight
Author : Rampo Edogawa

44. “For all our mutual experienceOur separate conclusions are the sameNow we are forced to recognize our inhumanityOur reason coexists with our insanityBut we choose between reality and madnessIt's either sadness or euphoria”

Tags : Euphoria Inhumanity Madness Reality Sadness Separation
Author : Billy Joel
Source : Billy Joel: Turnstiles

45. “Most insensible, corrupt, cheap, disrespectful young girls run after bad, rude, cocky, nonsensical boys, but a mature, educated, thoughtful, virtuos lady opts for a wise, well breed, experienced, humble, modest gentleman.”

Tags : Adult Background Cockiness Corruption Emptiness Enlightened Enlightenment Experience Gentleman Gentlemen Insensitive Ladies Modesty Option Puberty Reckless Rudeness Ruthless Sensible Teen Teenagers Unconscious Vanity Young Young People Youth

46. “We are great writers on the same dreadful typewriter”

Tags : Friendship Loyalty Madness Mental Illness Writing
Source : Howl and Other Poems

47. “I find myself drunk in the streets again.A glass of wine and so my thoughts begin.I smile at passersby to and fro,Faces like blank slates minutes ago,Now emotions readily painted on canvases:Grief, despair, joy, and madnesses.At this time, the clouds are sweating sweet waterAnd you can smell the scent of each corner:Fish, dirt, rotten apples, and burning tires.Close your eyes here to smell all your heart desires.Everything is more colourful when you're not yourself.So long as you’re sound body and mind, you have your wealth.I am now treading almost fleeting.Birds singing, bicycle bells ringing.I have lost my way but not my heart.Have my head, those two are apart.Take care dear city, I must soon head home.Until tomorrow evening when again I will roam.”

Tags : Apple Bicycle Birds Body City Clouds Country Day Desire Emotions Enjoy Enjoying Feel Good Feeling Fish Fleeting Glass Head Heart Kamand Kojouri Merriment Merry Poem Roam Scent Sidewalk Singing Smile Streets Thinking Tire To And Fro Wander Wandering

48. “There's always a siren, singing you to shipwreck. Some of us may be more susceptible than others are, but there's always a siren. It may be with us all our lives, or it may be many years or decades before we find it or it finds us. But when it does find us, if we're lucky we're Odysseus tied up to the ship's mast, hearing the song with perfect clarity, but ferried to safety by a crew whose ears have been plugged with beeswax. If we're not at all lucky, we're another sort of sailor stepping off the deck to drown in the sea.”

Tags : Drown Drowning Haunting Insanity Luck Madness Odysseus Safety Sailor Ship Shipwreck Siren Song
Source : The Drowning Girl

49. “Lots of people go mad in January. Not as many as in May, of course. Nor June. But January is your third most common month for madness.”

Tags : January June Madness May
Source : Sarah Canary

50. “If we had to earn our age by thinking for ourselves at least once a year, only a handful of people would reach adulthood.”

Tags : Age Aphorist Child Childhood Critical Development Earn Herd Humour Immature Independent Thinker Independent Thinkers Individuality Insanity Joke Majority Mr Follow Follow Sanity Sheep Society Standard Think Thinker Thinking For Yourself Unreasonable

51. “The human race will last. Everywhere and forever, for it will never be sane and only insanity is divine. Only the mad destroy themselves and all they have wrought.And only the phoenix lives forever.”

Tags : Death Human Race Humanity Insanity Madness Phoenix Sanity
Author : Fredric Brown
Source : Letter to a Phoenix

52. “Soon madness has worn you down. It’s easier to do what it says than argue. In this way, it takes over your mind. You no longer know where it ends and you begin. You believe anything it says. You do what it tells you, no matter how extreme or absurd. If it says you’re worthless, you agree. You plead for it to stop. You promise to behave. You are on your knees before it, and it laughs.”

Tags : Bipolar Eating Disorder Madness Surrender Voice Worthless
Source : Madness: A Bipolar Life

53. “All my means are sane, my motive and my object mad.”

Tags : Allegory Efficiency Ends Instrumental Rationality Madness Means Modern Age Modernity Sanity
Source : Moby-Dick; or, The Whale

54. “excuse my enthusiasm or rather madness, for I am really drunk with intellectual vision whenever I take a pencil or graver into my hand.”

Tags : Drunk Enthusiasm Inspiration Intellectual Madness
Author : William Blake
Source : William Blake

55. “Often it feels like I am breathing today only because a few years back I had no idea which nerve to cut...”

Tags : Alive Alone Broken Cut Depressed Devastated Grief Life Loneliness Lonely Loss Love Madness Melancholy Mess Morose Nerve Sad Solitude Suicidal Suicide Suicide Attempt Unhappy Weeping

56. “He in his madness prays for storms, and dreams that storms will bring him peace”

Tags : Madness Repose Storms

57. “I had noticed that both in the very poor and very rich extremes of society the mad were often allowed to mingle freely.”

Tags : Madness Mental Illness Poor Poverty Rich
Source : Ham on Rye

58. “You learned to run from what you feel, and that's why you have nightmares. To deny is to invite madness. To accept is to control.”

Tags : Control Emotion Feel Feelings Madness Nightmares Running Away
Author : Megan Chance
Source : The Spiritualist

59. “Let me be mad, then, by all means! mad with the madness of Absinthe, the wildest, most luxurious madness in the world! Vive la folie! Vive l'amour! Vive l'animalisme! Vive le Diable!”

Tags : Absinthe Devil Madness Paris
Author : Marie Corelli
Source : Wormwood: A Drama of Paris

60. “Never presume to know a person based on the one dimensional window of the internet. A soul can’t be defined by critics, enemies or broken ties with family or friends. Neither can it be explained by posts or blogs that lack facial expressions, tone or insight into the person’s personality and intent. Until people “get that”, we will forever be a society that thinks Beautiful Mind was a spy movie and every stranger is really a friend on Facebook.”

Tags : Ass Backwards Celebrities Changing Times Choices Communication Skills Computers Conundrum Critics Github Life Loss Of Social Interaction New York One Dimensional Plano Shallowness Social Media Social Rules Society Stupidity Television Texting True Insanity Unintelligent

61. “Oh sure, everyone else charges monsters and it's brave, I do it once and I'm a madman.”

Tags : Charge Contrast Courage Fighting Humor Madness Monsters
Author : Drew Hayes
Source : NPCs

62. “We're all mad, the whole damned race. We're wrapped in illusions, delusions, confusions about the penetrability of partitions, we're all mad and in solitary confinement.”

Tags : Confusions Delusions Humanity Illusions Madness Solitude
Source : Darkness Visible

63. “All Mad"'He is mad as a hare, poor fellow, And should be in chains,' you say,I haven't a doubt of your statement, But who isn't mad, I pray?Why, the world is a great asylum, And the people are all insane,Gone daft with pleasure or folly, Or crazed with passion and pain.The infant who shrieks at a shadow, The child with his Santa Claus faith,The woman who worships Dame Fashion, Each man with his notions of death,The miser who hoards up his earnings, The spendthrift who wastes them too soon,The scholar grown blind in his delving, The lover who stares at the moon.The poet who thinks life a paean, The cynic who thinks it a fraud,The youth who goes seeking for pleasure, The preacher who dares talk of God,All priests with their creeds and their croaking, All doubters who dare to deny,The gay who find aught to wake laughter, The sad who find aught worth a sigh,Whoever is downcast or solemn, Whoever is gleeful and gay,Are only the dupes of delusions— We are all of us—all of us mad.”

Tags : Crazy People Delusions Human Nature Mad World Madness Poetry

64. “Doubt … is an illness that comes from knowledge and leads to madness.”

Tags : Doubt Knowledge Madness
Source : Memoirs of a Madman

65. “Vaughn is talking about the heat, and his voice is so excited that it breaks into whispers at times. He loves his madness the way a bird loves the sky.”

Tags : Dystopia Insanity Madness Sever The Chemical Garden Trilogy Vaughn Wither
Source : Sever

66. “Madness is like an alternative residence. When sanity chases you out of home, take shelter in madness.”

Tags : Alternative Chases Home Insane Insanity Mad Madness Madness And Sanity Residence Sanity Sanity Insanity Shelter Take Wisdom Wisdom Inspirational
Author : Munia Khan

67. “And how do you know that you're mad? "To begin with," said the Cat, "a dog's not mad. You grant that?" I suppose so, said Alice. "Well then," the Cat went on, "you see a dog growls when it's angry, and wags it's tail when it's pleased. Now I growl when I'm pleased, and wag my tail when I'm angry. Therefore I'm mad.”

Tags : Alice Cats Cheshire Cat Madness
Author : Lewis Carroll
Source : Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

68. “Humans, as a rule, don't like mad people unless they are good at painting, and only then once they are dead. But the definition of mad, on Earth, seems to be very unclear and inconsistent. What is perfectly sane in one era turns out to be insane in another. The earliest humans walked around naked with no problem. Certain humans, in humid rainforests mainly, still do so. So, we must conclude that madness is sometimes a question of time, and sometimes of postcode. Basically, the key rule is, if you want to appear sane on Earth you have to be in the right place, wearing the right clothes, saying the right things, and only stepping on the right kind of grass.”

Tags : Humans Madness
Author : Matt Haig
Source : The Humans

69. “That’s the thing about the collapse of civilization, Blake. It never happens according to plan – there’s no slavering horde of zombies. No actinic flash of thermonuclear war. No Earth-shuddering asteroid. The end comes in unforeseen ways; the stock market collapses, and then the banks, and then there is no food in the supermarkets, or the communications system goes down completely and inevitably, and previously amiable co-workers find themselves wrestling over the last remaining cookie that someone brought in before all the madness began.”

Tags : According To Plan Asteroid Bank Failure Blake Given Civilization Communication Communication System Communication Systems End End Of The World End Times Food Rationing Food Shortages Food Storage Madness Planning War With A Whimper Zombies
Source : The Fridgularity

70. “Maybe each human being lives in a unique world, a private world different from those inhabited and experienced by all other humans. . . If reality differs from person to person, can we speak of reality singular, or shouldn't we really be talking about plural realities? And if there are plural realities, are some more true (more real) than others? What about the world of a schizophrenic? Maybe it's as real as our world. Maybe we cannot say that we are in touch with reality and he is not, but should instead say, His reality is so different from ours that he can't explain his to us, and we can't explain ours to him. The problem, then, is that if subjective worlds are experienced too differently, there occurs a breakdown in communication ... and there is the real illness.”

Tags : Epistemology Madness Perception Philosophy Postmodern Reality Schizophrenia Solipsism

71. “There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.”

Tags : Love Madness

72. “My wish is that you may be loved to the point of madness.”

Tags : Love Madness
Author : André Breton
Source : What is Surrealism?: Selected Writings

73. “Sanity is a madness put to good uses.”

Tags : Madness Sanity
Source : The Essential Santayana: Selected Writings

74. “I have found both freedom and safety in my madness; the freedom of loneliness and the safety from being understood, for those who understand us enslave something in us.”

Tags : Freedom Madman Madness Safety
Author : Kahlil Gibran
Source : The Madman

75. “Was I ever crazy? Maybe. Or maybe life is… Crazy isn’t being broken or swallowing a dark secret. It’s you or me amplified. If you ever told a lie and enjoyed it. If you ever wished you could be a child forever. They were not perfect, but they were my friends.”

Tags : Crazy Friendship Insanity Madness
Source : Girl, Interrupted

76. “Crazy people are considered mad by the rest of the society only because their intelligence isn't understood.”

Tags : Crazy Intelligence Mad Madness Shanghai Baby
Author : Zhou Weihui

77. “When you are mad, mad like this, you don't know it. Reality is what you see. When what you see shifts, departing from anyone else's reality, it's still reality to you.”

Tags : Bipolar Disorder Madness Manic Depression Mental Illness Reality
Source : Madness: A Bipolar Life

78. “Madness in great ones must not unwatched go.”

Tags : Madness
Source : Hamlet

79. “Flirting with madness was one thing; when madness started flirting back, it was time to call the whole thing off.”

Tags : Insanity Madness Sanity
Source : A Fine Balance

80. “Too much sanity may be madness — and maddest of all: to see life as it is, and not as it should be!”

Tags : Inspirational Madness Sanity
Source : Man of La Mancha

81. “So when you find yourself locked onto an unpleasant train of thought, heading for the places in your past where the screaming is unbearable, remember there's always madness. Madness is the emergency exit.”

Tags : Madness
Author : Alan Moore
Source : Batman: The Killing Joke

82. “There are times when the mind is dealt such a blow it hides itself in insanity. While this may not seem beneficial, it is. There are times when reality is nothing but pain, and to escape that pain the mind must leave reality behind.”

Tags : Fantasy Insanity Madness Normal Reality Rothfuss
Source : The Name of the Wind

83. “I wish I could do whatever I liked behind the curtain of “madness”. Then: I’d arrange flowers, all day long, I’d paint; pain, love and tenderness, I would laugh as much as I feel like at the stupidity of others, and they would all say: “Poor thing, she’s crazy!” (Above all I would laugh at my own stupidity.) I would build my world which while I lived, would be in agreement with all the worlds. The day, or the hour, or the minute that I lived would be mine and everyone else’s - my madness would not be an escape from “reality”.”

Tags : Madness Reality
Author : Frida Kahlo

84. “Much Madness Is Divinest SenseMuch Madness is divinest Sense —To a discerning Eye —Much Sense — the starkest Madness —'Tis the MajorityIn this, as All, prevail —Assent — and you are sane —Demur — you're straightway dangerous —And handled with a Chain —”

Tags : Conformity Madness Poetry Sanity
Source : The Complete Poems

85. “True, nervous, very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am, but why will say that I am mad?! The disease had sharpened my senses, not destroyed, not dulled them. Above all was the sense of hearing acute.”

Tags : Death Guilt Madness
Source : The Tell-Tale Heart and Other Writings

86. “The paradox of innovation is that it is accepted as an innovation when it has become imitation.”

Tags : Creation Innovation Madness

87. “As you see you can't change what has happen in past if I could I do my best to don't happen in other words I will fix the error, like not watching this stupid film or video and this minutes which have taken to do this stuff, to be used for extra time in the future. But unfortunately I wake up and hear "Hello, Hello, hey, hey you are living reality what you want is madness!”

Tags : Do Madness Minutes Stuff Stupid Taken This To Be Used Video
Author : Deyth Banger

88. “When your madness is creative and necessary, people will not notice the fact that you are crazy.”

Tags : Awareness Book Knowledge Cherish Crazy Creative Creativity Fact Idiot Idiots Importance Insanity Intelligence Mad Necessary Notice People Praise Recognition Scrutiny Seriousness Sick Unconditional Love You

89. “Absurdity is the ecstasy of intellectualism.”

Tags : Absurd Absurdity Art Artist Ecstasy Experiment Experimentation Insane Insanity Intellectual Intellectualism Intelligence Madness Mind Out Of My Mind Outrageous Philosophy Theory Thinking Thought Too Much
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Salomé: In Every Inch In Every Mile

90. “Some are born mad, some achieve madness, and some have madness thrust upon 'em.”

Tags : Crazy Insane Mad Madness Shakespeare William Shakespeare
Author : Emilie Autumn
Source : The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls

91. “He started hammering the ground with all his might and the sky opened up, raining heavily on him. He looked at the sky, heard that thunder and saw that lightning. He laughed maniacally before raising the hammer again.”

Tags : Chaos Madness Maniac Open Pain Sky Thunder
Author : Akshay Vasu

92. “It would be well to realize that the talk of ‘humane methods of warfare’, of the ‘rules of civilized warfare’, and all such homage to the finer sentiments of the race are hypocritical and unreal, and only intended for the consumption of stay-at-homes. There are no humane methods of warfare, there is no such thing as civilized warfare; all warfare is inhuman, all warfare is barbaric; the first blast of the bugles of war ever sounds for the time being the funeral knell of human progress… What lover of humanity can view with anything but horror the prospect of this ruthless destruction of human life. Yet this is war: war for which all the jingoes are howling, war to which all the hopes of the world are being sacrificed, war to which a mad ruling class would plunge a mad world.”

Tags : Aggression Civilized Death Destruction Elite Humanity Hypocrisy James Connolly Jingoism Madness Morality Reality Ruling Class Truth War Ww1

93. “I have always been sensitive to vibrations and energies. Sometimes, I meet people and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I know that person is just wrong somehow. That their wiring is different, their moral compass screwed.”

Tags : Demons Evil Flowers Madness Priests Sadness Super Powers Ya
Source : Botanical Malice

94. “Madness is something rare in individuals — but in groups, parties, peoples, and ages, it is the rule.”

Tags : Insanity Madness Nationalism Philosophy
Source : Beyond Good and Evil

95. “He methodically basted the dark skin of the Alsatian, which he had stuffed with garlic and herbs."One rule in life", he murmured to himself. "If you can smell garlic, everything is all right".”

Tags : Ballard Dinner Dog Dog Meat Dogs Garlic J G Ballard James Graham Ballard Jg Ballard Life Madness Smell Taboo
Author : J.G. Ballard
Source : High-Rise

96. “At least I rescued your poor hot dog.”

Tags : Coming Of Age Disturbing Fire Frightening Funny Ghost Ghoul Goosebumps Humor Laugh Lord Madness Nostalgia Pyrokinesis Rescue Savior Scary Sleepaway Camp Spooky Teen Teenage Wiener
Author : R.L. Stine
Source : Ghost Camp

97. “Madness plants mirrors in the desert. I find the means frightening.”

Tags : Desert Madness Mirrors

98. “Love is merely a madness; and, I tell you, deserves as well a dark house and a whip as madmen do; and the reason why they are not so punish'd and cured is that the lunacy is soordinary that the whippers are in love too.”

Tags : Insanity Love Madness
Source : As You Like It

99. “When your head is about to explode, you shouldn't dare call in a psychiatrist because you're about bringing new ideas to world that will later label you a freak.”

Tags : Ailment Bizzare Brain Surgery Eccentric Eccentricity Extraordinary Foible Freakishness Idea Ideas Kooky Label Madness Michael Bassey Johnson Nonconformist Queer Schizophrenic Screwiness Singularity Uncommon Unconventional Unconventionality Whisy

100. “Make me a shadow on the wall!”

Tags : Gods Lonliness Madness
Author : Kate Griffin

101. “Madness is like gravity, you just need to push it...”

Tags : Gravity It Just Madness Need Push
Author : Deyth Banger

102. “The tapestry of my life was a ruin of unravelling threads. The brightest parts were a nonsensical madman's weaving. And now every day was a grey stitch, laid down with an outpatient's patience, one following the next following the next, a story in lines, like a railway track to nowhere, telling absolutely nothing.”

Tags : Bipolar Depression Madman Madness Tapestry
Author : Alexis Hall
Source : Glitterland

103. “Our existence comes with Death. And it comes with suffering, death alone is not enough and pleasure have consequences. wicked and fucked. love comes with hurting. And having means losing.”

Tags : Bitterness Death And Dying Death And Love Death And Sickness Hurting Losing Madness
Author : Ira N. Barin

104. “Se tudo o resto não me basta por que hei-de impedir o efeito paliativo das benzodiazepinas e a volúpia desta evocação alucinatória?If everything else is not enough for me why should I stop the palliative effect of benzodiazepines and the lust of this hallucinatory evocation?”

Tags : Ansiedade Anxiety Loucura Madness Panic Pânico
Source : O Carrossel de Lúcifer

105. “Have you heard of the illness hysteria siberiana? Try to imagine this: You're a farmer, living all alone on the Siberian tundra. Day after day you plow your fields. As far as the eye can see, nothing. To the north, the horizon, to the east, the horizon, to the south, to the west, more of the same. Every morning, when the sun rises in the east, you go out to work in your fields. When it's directly overhead, you take a break for lunch. When it sinks in the west, you go home to sleep. And then one day, something inside you dies. Day after day you watch the sun rise in the east, pass across the sky, then sink in the west, and something breaks inside you and dies. You toss your plow aside and, your head completely empty of thought, begin walking toward the west. Heading toward a land that lies west of the sun. Like someone, possessed, you walk on, day after day, not eating or drinking, until you collapse on the ground and die. That's hysteria siberiana.”

Tags : Alone Arctic Emptiness Farmer Hysteria Siberiana Madness Siberia
Source : South of the Border, West of the Sun

106. “Sitting to think of what to write will only set your ass on fire, give you headache, twist your face to look stupid, instead, walk around with a blank mind and something from somewhere will fill it up.”

Tags : Boredom Clever Creativity Ennui Head Headache Idea Ideas Magic Muse Muses Pondering Rumination Thoughts Writing

107. “Without madness what is manBut a wholesome beast,Postponed corpse that begets?”

Tags : Madness Nothingness
Source : Poems of Fernando Pessoa

108. “At the edge of madness you howl diamonds and pearls.”

Tags : Angel Poems Charlie Parker Creativity Diamonds Genius Jazz Appreciation Month Jazz Music Madness National Poetry Month Pearls Poetry Poets Saxophone Players
Author : Aberjhani
Source : Journey through the Power of the Rainbow: Quotations from a Life Made Out of Poetry

109. “One secret of life is that the reason life works at all is that not everyone in your tribe is nuts on the same day. Another secret is that laughter is carbonated holiness”

Tags : Insane Insanity Madness Nuts Sanity Tribe
Author : Anne Lamott
Source : Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith

110. “Fantasy, an unflagging optimism is necessary for a writer at all stages of this rough game. A kind of madness is therefore necessary, when there is every logical reason for a state of depression and discouragement. Perhaps the fact that I can react with utter gloom to this is what keeps me from being psychotic and keeps me merely neurotic. I am doing quite a good day's work today. But I am also aware of the madness that actually sustains me, and I am not made more comfortable or happy by it.”

Tags : Comfortable Depression Discouragement Fantasy Game Gloom Happy Madness Necessary Neuroses Neurotic Optimism Psychosis Psychotic Reason Rough Stages Sustain Work Writer Writing

111. “I never think of policemen's wives; their beauty maddens me like wine.”

Tags : Beauty Madness Police Wine Wives

112. “You don't understand, you fool' says Yegor, looking dreamily up at the sky. 'You've never understood what kind of person I am, nor will you in a million years... You just think I'm a mad person who has thrown his life away... Once the free spirit has taken hold of a man, there's no way of getting it out of him.”

Tags : Dreams Free Spirit Free Thought Madness
Author : Anton Chekhov
Source : About Love and Other Stories

113. “Many writers make the mistake of making their readers appear like Lazarus, without any iota of care, throwing down books to readers to crunch as if they are dogs.”

Tags : Attention Banal Carnal Cruel Cruelty Dog Ego Egoism Egoist Epidemic Humilation Impolite Impoliteness Insult Insults Lack Of Respect Lackadaisical Lazarus Maltreatment Mistake Popularity Readers Shallow Stupidity Unfeeling Unpopularity Vanity Writers Writing

114. “Nūllum magnum ingenium sine mixtūrā dēmentiae fuitNo great talent without an element of madness”

Tags : Elements Of Being Madness Talent
Author : Seneca

115. “The cries of the dead are terrible indeed; you should try not to hear them.”

Tags : Death Haunting Madness Regret
Source : VALIS

116. “Have you ever known DEATH? Its creatures crawl amidst the lost soul you live wondering if ever they will survive off the bloodthirsty desires of your midnight screams. Shuuush. Can you hear the voices in your head? I listen as I hear them calling you. I sneak a peak up the stairs with just a mere candle gently lit @ the far off end to the hallway … are you there? I hear foot prints … perhaps the logs making witches cackling is all it is? There is no comfort to the lost. No settling to the fire ignited through their veins. Have you not rejoiced in the victory from your burning haunts? Sadness prevails and I loathe sadness. It eats at your bones like a sick little parasite. Stop the madness I plead. Cut its very existence out like the heart of a filthy swine. DEATH be to this demon madness. DEATH I say. Sleep sweetly for the addiction to aliveness comforts your weakened brokenness. [the torturous journey one plays in the outside lines of addiction … as if experienced in the type of rock thrown down for it’s victory. HOP SCOTCH. have we erased the sidewalk chalk?]”

Tags : Addiction Bloodthirsty Brokenness Burning Death Demon Filthy Fire Haunts Journey Loathe Lost Soul Madness Midnight Plead Sadness Screams Sick Little Parasite Swine Torturous Voices In Your Head Witches Cackling

117. “I know, Little Man, you are quick with the diagnosis of craziness when you meet a truth you don’t like. And you feel yourself as the ‘homo normalis’. You have locked up crazy people, and the normal people manage this world. Who then is to blame for all the misery? Not you, of course, you only do your duty, and who are you to have an opinion of your own? I know, you don’t have to repeat it. It isn’t you that matters, Little Man. But when I think of your newborn children, of how you torture them in order to make them into ‘normal’ human beings after your image.”

Tags : Abnormal Abnormality Blame Crazy Diagnosis Insane Madness Mental Illness Normal Sanity
Author : Wilhelm Reich
Source : Listen, Little Man!

118. “Fuck me,” I whispered, giving him permission, taking him into my flesh, a soft invitation to madness.”

Tags : Crazy Crazy In Love Crazy Love Crazy Quotes Crazy Stupid Love Erotic Romance Erotic Sex Erotica Erotica Romance Eroticism Fuck Fucking Madness New Adult New Adult Contemporary Romance New Adult Romance Romance Sexy
Author : Emme Rollins
Source : Dear Rockstar

119. “She saw him like he was the only star in the whole damn sky. Like he was the only bridge between her sanity and madness.”

Tags : Bridge Madness Sanity Sky Star
Author : Akshay Vasu

120. “The hours wear on, while the surreal atmosphere of the asylum does not wear off.”

Tags : Alice Alice In Wonderland Asylum Asylum Tales Crazy Dark Fantasy Fairy Tale Retellings Fantasy Hours Insane Insane Asylum Madness Retelling Retellings Time Wonderland
Author : M.D. Elster
Source : Four Kings

121. “Everyone knows: people who cross boarders do so for a reason.”

Tags : Alice Alice In Wonderland Crossing Borders Dark Fantasy Everyone Knows Fairy Tale Retellings Fantasy Insane Insanity Leaving Madness People Reason Retelling Retellings
Author : M.D. Elster
Source : Four Kings

122. “You are mad, Malloreigh!” It is an odd thing to have madness call you mad. Makes you think for a moment that you are sane, but also makes you think that it is truly sane. My mind hurts. I stopped thinking. I painted.”

Tags : Dark Fantasy Darkness Madness Madness And Sanity
Author : D.J. LeMarr
Source : The Worst Misery

123. “Why,' I said, quite surprised by my own eloquence in inventing all this stuff, 'it happens every day. The old old story. Boys and girls fall in love, that is, they are driven mad and go blind and deaf and see each other not as human animals with comic noses and bandy legs and voices like frogs, but as angels so full of shining goodness that like hollow turnips with candles put into them, they seem miracles of beauty. And the next minute the candles shoot out sparks and burn their eyes. And they seem to each other like devils, full of spite and cruelty. And they will drive each other mad unless they have grown some imagination. Even enough to laugh.”

Tags : Angels Beauty Boys Cruelty Devils Girls Gulley Jimson Imagination Laughter Love Madness Spite The Old Old Story
Author : Joyce Cary
Source : The Horse's Mouth

124. “Love releases us into the realm of divine imagination, where the soul is expanded and reminded of its unearthly cravings and needs. We think that when a lover inflates his loved one he is failing to acknowledge her flaws - "Love is blind." But it may be the other way around. Love allows a person to see the true angelic nature of another person, the halo, the aureole of divinity. Certainly from the perspective of ordinary life this is madness and illusion. But if we let loose our hold on our philosophies and psychologies of enlightenment and reason, we might learn to appreciate the perspective of eternity that enters life as madness, Plato's divine frenzy.”

Tags : Angelic Craving Divine Divinity Enlightenment Illusion Imagination Love Lover Madness Platohtenment
Author : Thomas Moore
Source : Care of the Soul: Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life

125. “You're all trying to figure out what went wrong inside my head. Fucking idiots. You'll never crack the code that's inside my head. You'll never get into my castle. You'll never even get past the gate.”

Tags : Craziness Crazy Depression Madness Psycho
Author : Brent Runyon

126. “I won't be stuck in traffic 'til I see how rugged my path isAnd right now I'm loving how fast my troubles are fastingNo they don't bother me oh realizing I'm psychopathicA wild beast, baby I'm gladly running afterYes a thing called peace outlasting any madnessThe devil fears me oh he's feelingLike a fragment of a fractionNo he won't come near me'Cause his hat trick's out of practice”

Tags : Clever Craziness Devil Emotions Fasting Fear Freedom Happiness Intimidation Joy Love Lyrics Madness Pain Peace Poem Poetry Psychopath Satan Songwriting Suffering Traffic Trickery Victory
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Venus in Arms

127. “They say that it's a crazy world out there. I don't mind contributing by a bit of madness myself.”

Tags : Craziness Madness World

128. “No one knows if I'm dying to laugh or to crySo my verse hasthis almost imperceptible thrillLife is sad, the world is crazy!Not worth killing yourself for itNot for anyoneFor no loveLife goes on, indifferently!”

Tags : Craziness Cry Indifference Laugh Life Love Madness Sadness World

129. “It may be crazy, but I'm the closest thing I have to a voice of reason.”

Tags : Craziness Logic Madness Reason

130. “Have I..." I venture, terrified of the potential answer. "Have I gone mad?" "No, no, no." She says. "Okay, oui, peut-être, that depends. Maybe you have gone a little mad, and only for a little spell.”

Tags : Alice Alice In Wonderland Craziness Crazy Fairy Tale Retellings Fantasy Four Kings French Hospital Insanity Madness Retelling Retellings Terrified
Author : M.D. Elster
Source : Four Kings

131. “They called me mad, and I called them mad, and damn them, they outvoted me.”

Tags : Insane World Insanity Insanity Is Normal Mad Madness Mental Disorder Mental Health Mental Health Stigma Mental Illness Psychiatry Psychiatry Humor
Author : Nathaniel Lee

132. “She watched as the dancing lights of madness swirled and flickered in his eyes like the fires of hell, and she knew that there would never be anything that could quench those fires except death. Vanessa knew that Jango had become his own Grim Reaper.”

Tags : Arizona Death Grim Reaper Hell Horror Madness Zombie Apocalypse Zombie Fighter Jango Zombies Zompoc
Author : Cedric Nye
Source : Jango's Anthem

133. “Dearest Cecilia, You’d be forgiven for thinking me mad, the way I acted this afternoon. The truth is I feel rather light headed and foolish in your presence, Cee, and I don’t think I can blame the heat.”

Tags : Heart Love Lovers Madness
Author : Ian McEwan
Source : Atonement

134. “When you commune with your ever-present inner calm, you are released from the madness and pain of all outer turmoil.”

Tags : Calmness Madness Meditation Pain Spirituality Turmoil
Author : Bryant McGill
Source : Simple Reminders: Inspiration for Living Your Best Life

135. “The problem with mad people is not that they are mad, but that they are suffering from a particular brand of madness that the majority are not.”

Tags : Madness Majority
Source : Sex, Death, Drugs & Madness

136. “Here I want to stress that perception of losing one’s mind is based on culturally derived and socially ingrained stereotypes as to the significance of symptoms such as hearing voices, losing temporal and spatial orientation, and sensing that one is being followed, and that many of the most spectacular and convincing of these symptoms in some instances psychiatrically signify merely a temporary emotional upset in a stressful situation, however terrifying to the person at the time. Similarly, the anxiety consequent upon this perception of oneself, and the strategies devised to reduce this anxiety, are not a product of abnormal psychology, but would be exhibited by any person socialized into our culture who came to conceive of himself as someone losing his mind.”

Tags : Asylum Madness Mental Health Stigma Mental Hospital Stereotypes Stigma Stigmatization Stigmatized
Source : Asylums: Essays on the Social Situation of Mental Patients and Other Inmates

137. “Dramatic uprising of stupidity can start from nowhere and only be seen when it reaches it's climax.”

Tags : Ignorance Insanity Madness Madness And Civilization Protest Stupid People Stupidity
Author : Auliq Ice

138. “Sabe, sargento, a loucura, quando dá a um grande número de pessoas, chama-se sociedade contemporânea. Quando dá a uma pessoa só, interna-se essa pessoa.”

Tags : Madness Society
Author : Afonso Cruz
Source : Jesus Cristo Bebia Cerveja

139. “The difference between a drunkard and a madman is 10%.”

Tags : Drunkards Madness Madness And Civilization Stupidity
Author : Auliq Ice

140. “If you follow the pescribed way of how people want you to be, then it will be of great relieve if you commit suicide than to be dragged along like a donkey.”

Tags : Bad Friends Behaviour Burden Character Coward Cowardice Distractors Enemies Envy Error Evil Haters Horrible Human Beings Humanity Leaders Madness Michael Bassey Johnson Negative People Non Conformist Stupidity Suicide Trials Trouble

141. “Boasting about badness without actively involving in badness is mere madness.”

Tags : Activity Boasting Claim Complaint Cruelty Depravity Harm Insane Madness
Source : Master of Maxims

142. “Nobody wants to know how you feel, yet, they want you to do what they feel.”

Tags : Anti Social Apathy Decievers Displeasure Dogma Dogmatic Egoism Egotism Egotist Fake Friends Feelings Flatter Flattering Impulse Impulsive Logic Madness Michael Bassey Johnson Misfit Mishap Pressure Reasoning Trick

143. “Be silent and listen: have you recognized your madness and do you admit it? Have you noticed that all your foundations are completely mired in madness? Do you not want to recognize your madness and welcome it in a friendly manner? You wanted to accept everything. So accept madness too. Let the light of your madness shine, and it will suddenly dawn on you. Madness is not to be despised and not to be feared, but instead you should give it life...If you want to find paths, you should also not spurn madness, since it makes up such a great part of your nature...Be glad that you can recognize it, for you will thus avoid becoming its victim. Madness is a special form of the spirit and clings to all teachings and philosophies, but even more to daily life, since life itself is full of craziness and at bottom utterly illogical. Man strives toward reason only so that he can make rules for himself. Life itself has no rules. That is its mystery and its unknown law. What you call knowledge is an attempt to impose something comprehensible on life.”

Tags : Carl Jung Madness Red Book Shadow
Author : C.G. Jung
Source : The Red Book: A Reader's Edition

144. “The only thing that can be said with an absolute certainty by seeing the behaviour of a vast majority of the people on the Earth is that an invisible Almighty is a big lover of watching the comedy activity.”

Tags : Activity Behaviour Certainty Cheating Comical Confidence Conviction Crook Dramatic Egoist Fake People Faking Fooling Oneself God Insane Inspiring Inspiring Quotes Intellectual Invincible Power Leadership Madness Majority People Pretenders Publicity Seeker Selfish True Mentor Wise Sayings
Author : Anuj Somany

145. “Everybody’s youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness.”

Tags : Chemical Dream Madness Youth

146. “It is easy to identify a shallow person by the attention he gives to what will do him absolutely no good.”

Tags : Attention Desire Evil Insanity Little Minds Madness Maniac Michael Bassey Johnson Obsession Possession Scrutiny Shallow Shallow Minds Simpleton Simpletons Surrender Vain Vanity

147. “To be mad is worse than not to be if this is what it is.”

Tags : Madness Suicidal Thoughts Suicide To Be Or Not To Be
Author : Johnny Rich
Source : The Human Script

148. “The madness of youth made me unafraid.”

Tags : Madness Youth
Source : Perfect Ruin

149. “Honestly, Evie," I huffed, flopping back to the centre of my bed and glaring at the ceiling. "Why don't you whine some more instead of actually doing anything?""Talking to yourself is the first sign of madness," Arianna volunteered, leaning on the frame of my open door."Yeah, so's seeing things no one else can, but people seem to like that about me.""Good point. Odds are, you've been crazy for years now. I'm probably nothing more than a figment of your imagination.""If that were true, I'd imagine you as less of a slob."She sighed. "Isn't it sad that you hate yourself so much you can't even dream up a pleasant roommate?""Not as sad as the fact that you admit how bad you suck as one."Flashing a wicked grin, she narrowed her eyes. “ I'd use the term 'suck' sparingly around me.  Don't want to go planting ideas in my pretty,  dead head."I threw a pillow at her.”

Tags : Arianna Evie Humour Madness Roommates Vampires
Source : Supernaturally

150. “When one finds oneself in the kind of strange, unsettling circumstances as I presently find myself, it is only natural, after all, to have a few, unusual, vivid dreams.”

Tags : Alice Alice In Wonderland Asylum Asylum Tales Dream Dreams Fairy Tale Retellings Insanity Madness Retelling Retellings Strange Strange Dreams Unsettling Unusual Vivid Vivid Imagery Wonderland
Author : M.D. Elster
Source : Four Kings

151. “Le fou ce ne sera plus l’exilé, celui qu’on repousse dans les marges de nos villes, mais celui qu’on rend étranger à lui même en le culpabilisant d’être celui qu’il est.”

Tags : Alienation Madness Society

152. “All living things contain a measure of madness that moves them in strange, sometimes inexplicable ways.”

Tags : Madness Strange
Author : Yann Martel
Source : Life of Pi

153. “You might never comprehend my madness. But it stands behind my undying love for you. You're the object of my everything. I’m sorry I’ve been stupid lately.”

Tags : Eternal Love In Love Infatuation Love Madness My Love Object Soul Mate Stupid True Love Undying Love
Author : Crystal Woods
Source : Write like no one is reading 2

154. “Creativity is when a stupid clever soul gets up from bed and do amazing things that makes the world think he is wise.”

Tags : Amazing Bed Clever Creative Power Creativity Fame Humor Madness Muse Spirit Stupid Talent

155. “Unlike ‘mere’ medical or physical disorders, mental disorders are not just problems. If successfully navigated, they can also present opportunities. Simply acknowledging this can empower people to heal themselves and, much more than that, to grow from their experiences.”

Tags : Madness Medicine Mental Disorders Mental Health Mental Illness Psychiatry Stigma Treatment
Author : Neel Burton
Source : The Meaning of Madness

156. “If two people with no symptoms in common can both receive the same diagnosis of schizophrenia, then what is the value of that label in describing their symptoms, deciding their treatment, or predicting their outcome, and would it not be more useful simply to describe their problems as they actually are? And if schizophrenia does not exist in nature, then how can researchers possibly find its cause or correlates? If psychiatric research has made so little progress in recent decades, it is in large part because everyone has been barking up the wrong tree. It is not a question of getting a bigger and better scanner, but of going right back to the drawing board.What’s more, medical-type labels can be as harmful as they are hollow. By reducing rich, varied, and complex human experiences to nothing more than a mental disorder, they not only sideline and trivialize those experiences but also imply an underlying defect that then serves as a pseudo-explanation for the person’s disturbed behaviour. This demeans and disempowers the person, who is deterred from identifying and addressing the important life problems that underlie his distress.”

Tags : Diagnosis Madness Mental Disorders Mental Health Mental Illness Psychiatry Research Schizophrenia
Author : Neel Burton
Source : The Meaning of Madness

157. “For a torture to be effective, the pain has to be spread out; it has to come at regular intervals, with no end in sight. The water falls , drop after drop after drop, like the second hand of a watch, carving up time. The shock of each individual drop is insignificant, but the sensation is impossible to ignore. At first, one might manage to think about other things, but after five hours, after ten hours, it becomes unendurable. The repeated stimulation excites the nerves to a point where they literally explode, and every sensation in the body is absorbed into that one spot on the forehead---indeed, you come to feel that you are nothing but a forehead, into which a fine needle is being forced millimeter by millimeter. You can’t sleep or even speak, hypnotized by a suffering that is greater than any mere pain. In general, the victim goes mad before a day has passed.”

Tags : Cruelty Madness Misery Pain Sadism Suffering Torment Torture Unhappiness
Author : Yōko Ogawa
Source : Revenge

158. “Joe is never sure whether they're mad or just alarmingly and uncompromisingly incapable of self-delusion.”

Tags : Madness Self Delusion

159. “Here is what happens in middle age: Some friends and acquaintances who were merely eccentric for years become unmistakably mad.”

Tags : Aging Eccentricity Madness Middle Age
Author : Jenny Offill

160. “He is mad about being small when you were big, but no, that's not it, he is mad about being helpless when you were powerful, but no, not that either, he is mad about being contingent when you were necessary, not quite it... he is insane because when he loved you, you didn't notice.”

Tags : Insanity Madness Spite

161. “Only a mind that is deeply stirred can utter something noble and beyond the power of others.”

Tags : Articulation Brilliance Madness
Author : Seneca
Source : On the Shortness of Life

162. “Genius - the pursuit of madness.”

Tags : Artist Chasing Genius Insanity Madness Pursuit
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

163. “The day was ill-omened from the beginning; one of those unlucky days when every little detail seems to go wrong and one finds oneself engaged in a perpetual and infuriating strife with inanimate objects. How truly fiendish the sub-human world can be on these occasions! How every atom, every cell, every molecule, seems to be leagued in a maddening conspiracy against the unfortunate being who has incurred its obscure displeasure!”

Tags : Bad Day Conspiracy Madness Strife
Author : Anna Kavan
Source : Asylum Piece

164. “ "You’re drawn to the darkness, to the lawlessness. Drawn to . . .”Morpheus. Even if Dad doesn’t say it out loud, I hear the name echo in the silence.”

Tags : Alyssa Dad Darkness Drawn Madness Morpheus
Author : A.G. Howard
Source : Ensnared

165. “The perfect being, huh? There is no such thing as perfect in this world. That may sound cliché, but it’s the truth. The average person admires perfection and seeks to obtain it. But, what’s the point of achieving perfection? There is none. Nothing. Not a single thing. I loathe perfection! If something is perfect, then there is nothing left. There is no room for imagination. No place left for a person to gain additional knowledge or abilities. Do you know what that means? For scientists such as ourselves, perfection only brings despair. It is our job to create things more wonderful than anything before them, but never to obtain perfection. A scientist must be a person who finds ecstasy while suffering from that antimony. In short, the moment that foolishness left your mouth and reached my ears, you had already lost. Of course, that’s assuming you are a scientist”

Tags : Bleach Captain Death Kurotsuchi Mad Madness Mayuri Monologue Perfection Scientist
Author : Tite Kubo

166. “Maybe it is not the 'mad' people who should be fixed in order to function in our society, but our society that needs to be fixed so that we do not interfere with their function.”

Tags : Function Mad Madness Society
Source : Sex, Death, Drugs & Madness

167. “Everyone says she’s mad.’‘How do they know?’ I asked.‘Because she’s different from other people, I suppose.’‘Is that being mad?’‘No. Not really, I suppose madness is not seeing things as others see them.”

Tags : Different Mad Madness
Author : Ruskin Bond
Source : The Best of Ruskin Bond

168. “...if in the heat of the dispute he insists and asks, 'Am I not the master of throwing myself out of the window?' I shall answer him, no; that whilst he preserves his reason there is no probability that the desire of proving his free agency, will become a motive sufficiently powerful to make him sacrifice his life to the attempt: if, notwithstanding this, to prove he is a free agent, he should actually precipitate himself from the window, it would not be a sufficient warranty to conclude he acted freely, but rather that it was the violence of his temperament which spurred him on to this folly. Madness is a state, that depends upon the heat of the blood, not upon the will. A fanatic or a hero, braves death as necessarily as a more phlegmatic man or a coward flies from it.”

Tags : Determinism Free Will Madness Mental Illness

169. “I don't possess these thoughts I have --- they possess me. I don't possess these feelings I have --- They obsess me.”

Tags : Feelings Madness Obsession Possession Thoughts

170. “Death and madness are his only mistresses.”

Tags : Death Madness Vampire Vampire Hunter Vampire Series Vampires Paranormal Romance
Source : Blood Rights

171. “Time and I have quarrelled. All hours are midnight now. I had a clock and a watch, but I destroyed them both. I could not bear the way they mocked me.”

Tags : Insanity Madness Time
Source : Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

172. “The thoughts written on the walls of madhouses by their inmates might be worth publicizing.”

Tags : Crazy Insanity Madness

173. “I have felt the wind on the wing of madness.”

Tags : Insanity Madness

174. “Julian spoke with the clear, unequivocal lucidity of madmen who have escaped the hypocrisy of having to abide by a reality that makes no sense.”

Tags : Insanity Madness Reality
Source : The Shadow of the Wind

175. “This place has only three exits, sir: Madness, and Death.”

Tags : Insanity Madness Philosophy Surrealism
Author : René Daumal

176. “Everyone is more or less mad on one point.”

Tags : Insanity Madness

177. “Behind their dark glass, the mad own nothing.”

Tags : Insanity Madness
Source : Charlotte Mew And Her Friends

178. “Once upon a time there was aOnce upon a time there was aOnce upon a time there was aStop this. It's undignified.”

Tags : Insanity Madness Sanity
Author : N.K. Jemisin
Source : The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

179. “How do people know they are sane? Can a person be gripped by lunacy, only to be released a short time later, never to relive the episode again?”

Tags : Grief Insanity Loss Love Madness Mind Body Spirit Mind Power Relationships
Author : Dee Remy
Source : There Once Was A Boy

180. “(Her husband's departure ...) had picked Mildred up by the hair and dropped her down at the doorstep of insanity.From "Butterfly on F street”

Tags : Betrayal Insane Insanity Loss Madness Relationships

181. “Perhaps I am too tame, too domestic a magician. But how does one work up a little madness? I meet with mad people every day in the street, but I never thought before to wonder how they got mad. Perhaps I should go wandering on lonely moors and barren shores. That is always a popular place for lunatics - in novels and plays at any rate. Perhaps wild England will make me mad.”

Tags : Insanity Madness Magic
Source : Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

182. “Mapenzi ni wazimu, kama si wazimu si mapenzi.”

Tags : Insanity Love Madness

183. “He's no idiot, in fact he's a genius... and that's as far from an idiot as you can get without reaching madness.”

Tags : Genius Idiocity Insanity King Of The Hill Madness Stupidity
Author : Mike Judge

184. “It is impossible for the sane to truly understand madness.”

Tags : Insanity Madness Sanity
Author : Lance Conrad
Source : The Price of Loyalty

185. “Tu fais ton travail d'auteur, rien d'autre. Tu crées des personnages de toutes pièces, ou bien à partir de la réalité qui t'entoure, et tu mélanges le tout. C'est bien ce que t'a toujours reproché Sue. Elle t'a toujours reproché de distordre la réalité, de la confondre avec la fiction et de ne considérer les autres, justement, que comme de la chair à fiction, de faire de la vie un scénario permanent, de passer ton temps à te faire des films. Elle te reprochait, en somme, d'être qui tu es : un auteur, un inventeur, un créateur, un personnage multiple, tentaculaire et hybride. Protéiforme.”

Tags : Auteur Characters Come To Life Folie Insanity Madness Writer Writer S Life
Source : Écran total

186. “And what would they find on sale? His sanity? Could be. Half-Price. Smoke and Water Damage. Everything Must Go.”

Tags : Insanity Madness Sale Sanity
Author : Stephen King
Source : It

187. “Those with the money are eccentric. Those without, insane.”

Tags : Eccentricity Insanity Madness Money Poverty
Source : Withnail and I: the Original Screenplay

188. “People say 'I love Artists', but what they really know about Artists? They've ever thought about sharing the real madness with us? I believe those extreme passions/emotions in me separated from the real world is the sauce to pull out the inspirations out of me that touch the core of people's hearts, which is usually wandering about deep inside of you unconsciously covered with the social taboo called 'common sense'.”

Tags : Artist Emotion Insanity Life Of Artist Madness Passion
Author : Hiroko Sakai

189. “... insanity is never reasonable.”

Tags : Human Mind Insane Insane World Insanity It S A Mad World Life Experience Madness Reason Reasoning Sad But True Stating The Obvious
Source : Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

190. “Be careful, you are not in Wonderland. I’ve heard the strange madness long growing in your soul. But you are fortunate in your ignorance, in your isolation. You who have suffered, find where love hides. Give, share, lose—lest we die, unbloomed .”

Tags : Die Ignorance Kill Your Darlings Madness

191. “A person who is another man's slave is better than one who is a slave to lust.”

Tags : Amorous Amorous People Being A Single Being A Slave To Your Feelings Boyfriendship Distraction Excessive Lost Feelings Hot Illicit Indecent Dressing Infatuation Interrupted Looking With Obsession Madness Malady Men And Women Servants Sex At Your Own Peril Sexy People Single Slave Slavery The Power Of A Woman Women Captivates

192. “Men have called me mad; but the question is not settled whether madness is or is not the loftiest intelligence -- whether much that is glorious -- whether all that is profound -- does not spring from disease of thought -- from moods of mind exalted at the expense of the general intellect. They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who only dream by night. In their gray visions they obtain glimpses of eternity, and thrill, in waking, to find that they have been upon the verge of the great secret. In snatches, they learn something of the wisdom which is of good, and more of the mere knowledge which is of evil. They penetrate, however rudderless or compassless, into the vast ocean of the ‘light ineffable’.”

Tags : Intelligence Madness Poe
Source : Eleonora

193. “Men have called me mad; but the question is not yet settled, whether madness is or is not the loftiest intelligence.”

Tags : Edgar Allan Poe Intelligence Madness

194. “Madness is the acme of intelligence.”

Tags : Genius Intelligence Madness Mahfouz Naguib

195. “Anger is like sex urge, once gratified, the inner voice calls you a stinking fool.”

Tags : Amorous Anger Curse Dirty Dirty Life Doing Foolish Things Erotic Humor Illicit Sex Immoral Immoral Act Immorality Intolerable Judgement Lovemaking Mad Quotes Madness Michael Bassey Johnson Nooky Pornography Sex Sex And The City Sex Urge Sexual Intercourse Stinking Mind

196. “But these people _announced_ their madness . . . they flaunted their insanity, they weren't half mad and half not, curled around a door frame. They were properly mad in the Shakespearean sense, talking sense when you least expected it.”

Tags : Madness Sense Shakespeare
Author : Zadie Smith

197. “But the nightmare was a strange comfort to me; in it, I found a sense of escape, and were it possible to go live in that nightmare, I would have, bizzare though that may sound.”

Tags : Alice Alice In Wonderland Asylum Asylum Tales Bizzare Comfort Escape Escape From Germany Escape From Reality Escapes Living Nightmare Madness Nightmare Retelling Retellings Sense Strange Strange Comfort
Author : M.D. Elster
Source : Four Kings

198. “All men are mad in some way or another, and inasmuch as you deal discreetly with your madmen, so deal with God's madmen too, the rest of the world.”

Tags : Madmen Madness Van Helsing
Author : Bram Stoker
Source : Dracula

199. “Blackmail threats are e-mails from madmen.”

Tags : Blackmail Bribery E Mail Extortion Intimidation Madmen Madness Outlaw Ransom Slanderer Threat
Source : Master of Maxims

200. “But maybe that isn't possible. Maybe the mind of the majority is always the healthy mind, simply by virtue of its numbers. Maybe it's the definition of madness to believe I'm right and everyone else if wrong, to find my thoughts rational and reasonable when almost the entire world finds them damaged and flawed.”

Tags : Flawed Knowledge Love Madness Morals Of Beast And Beauty Reason Right Sanity Views Wrong Ya
Author : Stacey Jay
Source : Of Beast and Beauty