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1. “They say a good love is one that sits you down, gives you a drink of water, and pats you on top of the head. But I say a good love is one that casts you into the wind, sets you ablaze, makes you burn through the skies and ignite the night like a phoenix; the kind that cuts you loose like a wildfire and you can't stop running simply because you keep on burning everything that you touch! I say that's a good love; one that burns and flies, and you run with it!”

Tags : Burning Fire Flames Freedom Inspirational Life Inspirational Love Inspirational Love Quotes Inspirational Quotes Inspiring Love Loving Someone Passion Real Love Running True Love
Author : C. JoyBell C.

2. “Without forgiveness and love, you will live with resentment, bitterness, malice and strife which result in more pain. You can never love without forgiving. Forgiveness deepens your ability to love and frees you from pain.”

Tags : Anger Bitterness Forgive Forgive Others Forgive Yourself Forgiveness Forgiveness And Love Forgiveness Quotes Free Healing Love Love Quotes Loving Loving Others Loving Someone Loving Yourself Malice Pain Resentment Strife
Author : Kemi Sogunle

3. “It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.”

Tags : Camaraderie Caring Caring For Others Closeness Companionship Compassion Empathy Fellowship Friendship Intimacy Isolation Kindness Kindred Spirits Loneliness Love Love Quotes Lovers Loving Mirror Mutuality Partnership Reciprocal Reciprocity Reflected In You Relationship Relationship Quotes Self Hatred Self Worth Self Worthiness Soul Mate Soulmates Touch Twin Flames
Source : The Secret of Staying in Love

4. “Lovemaking takes time!It is a myth for lovemaking to be quick and smooth. To find pleasure in each other, both men and women need to take time to explore each other with their hands; their lips and they need to be open to each other in a mutual, consensual, and non-judgmental style.sure”

Tags : Erotic Fiction Erotica Romance Lovemaking Loving Someone Romance Romance Novels Selfishness
Author : J.F. Kelly
Source : A Woman's Pleasure

5. “-We need more love, to supersede hatred, -We need more strength, to resist our weaknesses, -We need more inspiration, to lighten up our innermind. -We need more learning, to erase our ignorance, -We need more wisdom, to live longer and happier, -We need more truths, to suppress deceptions, -We need more health, to enjoy our wealth, -We need more peace, to stay in harmony with our brethren -We need more smiles, to brighten up our day, -We need more hero's, and not zero's, -We need more change of ourselves, to change the lives of others, -We need more understanding, to tackle our misunderstanding, -We need more sympathy, not apathy, -We need more forgiveness, not vengeance, -We need more humility to be lifted up, -We need more patience and not undue eagerness, -We need more focus, to avoid distraction, -We need more optimism, not pessimism -We need more justice, not injustice, -We need more facts, not fiction,-We need more education, to curb illiteracy, -We need more skills, not incompetence, -We need more challenges, to make attempts, -We need more talents, to create the extraordinary, -We need more helping hands, not stingy folks, -We need more efforts, not laziness, -We need more jokes, to forget our worries, -We need more spirituality, not mean religion, -We need more freedom, not enslavement, -We need more peacemakers, not revolutionaries...with these, we create an heaven on earth.”

Tags : Conception Creativity Eagerness Faith Freedom Fundamental Rights Hero Illumination Joke Jokes Life Lesson Life Lessons Love Mental Discovery Optimism Patience Peace Spirituality Strength Take It Easy Thoughts Together Virtues Waking Up Weakness Wise Saying World Peace

6. “All that I desire in life are three...A wilderness: A beach on the sun-drenched sea,A puff of opium,And thee.”

Tags : Desire Desiring Someone Intoxication Love Quote Lovers Loving Loving Someone Opium Poem Roman Payne Sea Short Love Quote Sunshine True Love Wilderness
Author : Roman Payne

7. “Even if you love a lady, don't say you will take care of her while someone else is catering for your needs.”

Tags : Affair Befriend Caring Cater Charge Devotion Girl Girlfriend Grow Up Immature Immaturity Juvenile Lady Lies Loving Someone Needs Provision Responsibility Responsible Teenager Teenagers Unemployed Unemployment

8. “I pushed him against his Jeep, looked him dead in the eye and kissed him. He asked if he could come up, and I just walked up the steps and said, not yet. That was the moment I knew I loved him.”

Tags : Emotions Feelings I Love You Kiss Kissing Life Love Loving Someone Past Quote Relationship Respect Touch Worth

9. “There is no need searching for love, it cannot be found-it happens!”

Tags : Calm Down Careless Chances Each Other Found Friendship Happen I Love You Love Love Happens Loving Someone Meeting Patience Profound Relationships Retreat Soft Somewhere Soulmate Spontaneity Spontaneous Struggle Together True Love Withdrawn
Author : Itohan Eghide
Source : Master of Maxims

10. “the saddest thing is to bea minute to someone,when you've made them your eternity.”

Tags : Eternity Heartbreak Indian Authors Love Quotes Loving Loving Someone Minutes Pain Poetry Poetry Quotes Sad Quotes Sadness Unrequited Love
Author : Sanober Khan

11. “There are better people in the world, do not let the worst do the worst to you, you deserve the best in life.”

Tags : Be Happy Benefit Best Better Blessing Care Caring Composure Eat Eat And Drink Enjoy Enjoy Life Enjoy Yourself Girl Power Good Life Good Riddance Good Things Life Life And Living Loving Someone Merry Peace Relationship Relationships The Best

12. “I love you sounds best spoken in quiet acts of kindness.”

Tags : Acts Of Kindness I Love You Kindness Love Loving Loving Someone Richelle Richelle E Goodrich Richelle Goodrich

13. “The more attention you give to your loved ones, the less affection you recieve from them.”

Tags : Affection Attention Fanatic Give Less Love Loved Ones Loving Someone More Much Recieve Them Too Much Truth

14. “If your relationship is draining your energy, making you lose yourself and taking your attention away from God, then you are not in a relationship but a cult. You are busy creating an idol (mini-God) for yourself.”

Tags : Brokenness Dating Dating Relationships Heartbreak Life Life And Living Life Lessons Lifestyle Love Loving Someone Marriage Relationship Singleness
Author : Kemi Sogunle

15. “You know when you think you know someone? More than anyone in the world? You know you know them, because you've seen them, like, for real. And then you reach out, and suddenly they are just... gone. You though you belonged together. You thought they were yours, but they're not. You want to protect them, but you can't.”

Tags : Getting To Know Someone Knowing Someone Losing Someone Loving Someone
Author : Ava Dellaira
Source : Love Letters to the Dead

16. “Maybe if we choose who we love more carefully we limit the possibility of getting hurt.”

Tags : Loving Someone
Author : Lee Monroe

17. “You know someone is special to you when you're literally captivated by them in even the little moments. The slightest thing they say or do, is like watching the universe unfold. And nothing else matters in those moments.Where you go about your day, & the most capricious of things send you into a whirlwind of thoughts connected to them. And a plethora of thoughts flood into your mind, for no apparent reason other than its them.Or perhaps, you randomly see a picture of them in your news feed & you just pause & look, & the world melts away & all time seems to stop, & there's a radiance that illuminates your life. And you focus on the little details, & wish you could just capture every single detail vividly. And you see their eyes, & though they're merely a moment in time, their eyes are so beautiful, that they transcend the medium & are as if they're there looking back. And all you can do it look into them. Knowing those eyes are what you could look into endlessly. And you know that it's all you could ever want, if for just a single moment in time.Or they share their thoughts, & you rack your brain around how they think. An you just want to understand & know more of their thoughts, simply because they're theirs.They, to you, are a more elegant work of art than even the finest painting, songs or poems of the great artists. And you know that even the most renowned artist couldn't conceive of a more perfect image of beauty. Leonardo, Van Gough, Rembrandt, Picasso, the most renowned artist of time would go mad in attempts to capture even a fraction of such a beautiful sight. That even Shakespeare couldn't put such a person into words. Though there's no doubt they're worthy of being the subject of a Shakespearean sonnet. But it could do no justice to their reality, that because there are no words that truly could ever describe them, even such an attempt would be like trying to describe the complex, wondrous & marvelous nature of the universe in but a single word.That no words, paintings, pictures, or thought could describe them & encapsulate the essence of their grace. And that though no one is truly perfect, they as a person through your eyes, reach a state as near perfect as you could imagine. And even dreams couldn't conceive of a greater wonder of life. It's as if the sum of all the beauty in the world can be found within this one person.It's wonderful, inspiring, breathtaking. Or rather, it's a whirlwind of emotions. Where the wonder & awe bleed into & merge with the disheartening longing, utter belief that you could not for a second touch that with you so desperately struggle & grasp for & an inability to even breath in the moments you're interacting with them.But it's all the more maddening because with all the wanting of your heart, you know it's wanting for something it could never have. That for all your wanting, you know such things are simply & purely unobtainable. And all you can do is hold to adoration & hopes. Hopes that you in your heart know fully are hopeless, but which you can't help but maintain. I think few things are more maddening than that feelings.Most people, when face with such a situation, might despair & grow cynical. But so seldom do we ever meet someone who so maddeningly captivates us, so seldom someone who's very existence throws your world upside down.In a time in which genuine emotion is a scarcity. And pseudo-emotions, frivolous & quick to fade, are rampant. The genuine article is something I cherish. When something makes you feel anything, it's something amazing. Regardless if it's a fervent concoction of the greatest good & the saddest sad. The experience of meeting such a person, who can spark such thoughts & feeling, is a genuine rarity. One in which a given person could go a lifetime without experiencing, but which is worth experiencing. And something that, though ultimately heartbreaking, I wouldn't give up experiencing.”

Tags : Adoration Endearment Fondness La Douleur Exquise Longing Longing For Someone Love Loving Someone Romance Unobtainable Unrequited Love Untouchable

18. “If you don't love yourself, you won't be happy with yourself. If you can't love yourself, you can't love anyone else. You can't give the love you do not have. You can't make anyone love you without loving yourself first.”

Tags : Giving Love Inspirational Quotes Love Love Quotes Loving One Another Loving Others Loving Someone Loving Yourself Loving Yourself Unconditionally Real Talk Reality Of Life Self Love Truth Unconditional Love
Author : Kemi Sogunle

19. “When you're in love, there's nothing that can embarrass or surprise you.”

Tags : Embarrassment Love Love Quote Love Quotes And Sayings Loving Someone Quotes About Love Surprise Surprises When You Re In Love
Source : Once Upon a Lie

20. “Don’t just love a person for the image, idea or concept of them, but love them for every fantastically weird and twisted details that makes them up.”

Tags : Love Quotes Love Quotes And Sayings Loving Kindness Loving One Another Loving People Loving Someone True Love True Love Quotes Unconditional Acceptance Unconditional Love

21. “When you graduate from "Being In Love" to "Loving Someone" you understand - Love is not about owning, Love is about wanting the best for them, It's about seeing or Helping them achieve great heights, with or without you. Love is not what you say, it's what you do.”

Tags : Being In Love Loving Someone True Love Wordions Wordions Com
Author : Wordions

22. “Love is, not putting you through hell. That is no basis for a loving relationship”

Tags : Love Love Quotes Love Quotes And Sayings Loving One Another Loving Someone Quotes Quotes About Love
Author : Karon Waddell

23. “You cannot love if you cannot forgive.”

Tags : Forgive Forgiveness Forgiveness And Love Forgiveness Quotes Love Love Quotes Loving Others Loving Someone Loving Yourself Truth
Author : Kemi Sogunle

24. “and in the process of loving themcompletely i lost myself. . . now when ireflect about my past i am clueless . . .but still not as to them . .”

Tags : Loving Someone

25. “But here is the thing about the stars and all of it's faults: We don't understand everything about it, but we still love it's beauty and wonder. We know of all the dangers, but we would still go there just because we wanted to touch the stars.”

Tags : Always Destiny Falling In Love Fate Faults In Our Stars John Green Love Loving Someone Pursuing Love Romance Soulmates Stars True Love

26. “The heart, so small, yet, able to grow so large, sometimes always wants to take or give more than can be managed successfully. Thanks to the rational head, though, it's always there to save her from taking more than she can contain. . . . or so it thinks.”

Tags : Blind Love Love Love Hurts Loving Others Loving Someone
Author : Ufuoma Apoki

27. “Before you commit to loving someone,make effort to understand their heart,make effort to understand their soul,be open to seeing even their darkestcorners, without prejudice.If you have understood, accepted andloved their heart and soul, you will love them just as they are without ever wanting to change them.”

Tags : Heart Love Loving Someone Soul Understand Wordions Wordions Com
Author : Wordions

28. “You.Your smile.Your voice.Your eyes.Your personality.You.”

Tags : Eyes Eyes Like Stars Love Loving Someone Personality Personality Types Smile Smile Happiness Peace Universe Is Inside Of Me Voice Voice In My Head You

29. “Love is such a tremendous force of feeling! When you can't stop loving, you simply cannot stop it.”

Tags : Cannot Emotion Emotions Feelings Feelings Of Love Force Love Love Quote Love Quotes Loving Loving Someone Simply Spiritual Spirituality Stop Tremendous
Author : Munia Khan

30. “When I touch you, it makes me trembling.I feel like I've lost myself, existentially.Your lips on mine makes me feel likeI'm flying across the universe, without aimlessly.”

Tags : Believe Couple Infinity Life Love Loving Someone Poetry Quotes Relationship Romance Serbia Universe Writer

31. “We are on a stroll, hand in hand, in a garden, in the moonlight and the sole purpose of such a venture is to come together in love.”

Tags : Garden Hand In Hand Love Love Quotes Love Story Loving Loving One Another Loving Someone
Source : One Word

32. “Nikada necu nauciti da izgovaram tvoje ime bez osmeha na licu.”

Tags : Life Love Loving Someone Motivation Question Quote Smile

33. “Podsetite osobu sa kojom ste zasto je volite, a ne da je volite.”

Tags : Couple Life Love Love Say Loving Someone Motivational People Reminding Truth

34. “Volimo na prave nacine,ali pruzamo to pogresnim ljudima.”

Tags : Loving Someone Right And Wrong Way Of Thinkingm People

35. “Ne volim te zato sto si sa mnom.Volim te zato sto pripadas meni.”

Tags : Couples Therapy Love Loving Someone Relationship Truth

36. “2 to 12 hearts 1 beat2 lips will meet2 birds 1 stone2 never b alone2 wills 1 goal2 haves 1 whole2 be in love2 be as One***©Clarissa O. ClemensThe Poetic Diary of Love and Change - Volume 1”

Tags : Being In Love Hopeful Heart Inspirational Love Quotes Love Poem Love Quotes Loving Someone Poetry Poetry Quotes Romantic Poetry

37. “Love is not all about loving everything perfect, it is when someones corrosive nature is the only thing that glues you to them which you wished it were never there.”

Tags : Close Danger Dangerous Eternal Glue Love Loving Someone Michael Bassey Johnson Natural Nature Never One Pathetic Perfection Real Friends Somebody Someone Threat Together True Friends True Love Understanding Unity Unpleasant Wild

38. “I always knew there was no one who is going to accept my flaws and understand my brokenness.And i knew it very well that nobody would hold my hand when the wind of darkness overcome my life so i just pushed them,i pushed them all away.”

Tags : Bold Love Boneless Breakup Breathless Cheat Cheated Cheating Cheating Spouse Eye Contact God Of Love Heart Attack Heartless Helpless Love Helpless Lover Hero Of The Story Holding Hands Incomplete Love Story Lifeless Love Marriage Love Series Love With Wisdom My Story Personal Life Poisoness Quotes On Breakup Red Blood Scented Love True Love Story
Author : Carl W. Bazil

39. “We have enough space in our hearts, but we are afraid of allowing animals shit and mess around with our feelings.”

Tags : Acceptance Bad Company Bad Friends Bullshit Discipline Eccentric Feeling Filter Friends Friendship Heart Heartfelt Hearts Negative People Respect Respect Yourself Single Staying Alone Stone Heart Vacuum Who Cares

40. “Its really hard to recall the day you became friends with special people.”

Tags : Cash Charm Departure Forgetful Forgetfulness Forgotten Friend Friendship Gift Loving Someone Memorable Memories Memory Money Present Reminiscence Sacrifice Selfless Selflessness Somebody Special People Thought Unique

41. “To be CREATIVE, you have to be CRAZY, not because you're CRAZY or want others to become CRAZY, but because you must be CRAZY, before others become CRAZY for you.”

Tags : Arcane Artist Artistry Be Yourself Craze Craziness Creative Creativity Crush Deviant Fascination Follower Getting Attention Impression Independence Innovation Invitation Know How Laugh Out Loud Like Loving Someone Sense Of Humor Style Way Of Life

42. “Pain and love cannot be in the same space. You can never love anyone in pain. You cannot truly love yourself in pain. The more pain you carry in your heart, the harder it becomes to love anyone including yourself.”

Tags : Forgiveness Hard Times In Your Life Hardship Heal Healing Healing The Past Heart Heartbreak Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Love Loving Others Loving Someone Loving Yourself Pain Painful Painful Memories Truth
Author : Kemi Sogunle

43. “Love can only be true and free when you are fully healed from painful past and any form of brokenness.”

Tags : Brokenness Free Freedom Healing Inspirational Quote Love Love Quotes Loving Loving Others Loving Someone Loving Yourself Past Truth
Author : Kemi Sogunle

44. “As long as you loved somebody, each kiss was hope and wonder, but it was also the potential for good-bye.”

Tags : Goodbyes Kisses Love Love And Loss Loving Someone Loving Someone Risk Potential For Goodbye
Author : Martina Boone
Source : Illusion

45. “Never set limits when you are loving someone.”

Tags : Debasish Mridha Debasish Mridha Md Inspirational Limits And Love Loving Someone Never Set Limits Philosophy Quotes Setting Limits

46. “Even when it seems that there is no one else, always remember there's one person who never ceased to love you - yourself.”

Tags : Alone But Not Lonely Alone In A Crowd Beauty Committed Independent Life Loneliness Love Love Hurts Love One Another Love Quotes Love Yourself Lover Loving Someone Loving Yourself Melancholy Relationships Sad Sadness Self Awareness Self Help Self Improvement Self Realization Single Solitude

47. “In the end, you will not see the physical beauty in others that caught your eye, but the fire that burned within them. This kind of beauty is the bonfire you had to attend.”

Tags : Beautiful Beauty Bonfires Boyfriends Caring Compassion Dating Girlfriends Heartache Inner Beauty Inspirational Kindness Longevity Love Loving Someone Mates Passion Romance Selective Sharing Spouses Tenacity Tenderness True Beauty Uplifting

48. “DON'T SAY, DODo not say thingsYou think I want to hear.Instead,Say what you sincerely mean,And really intend to do.Do not think you are helping meBy occasionallyBeing here or there,If you really have no intentionOf holding my handAll the way through.Do not say you care for me,If you do not careWhenever I'm clearlyDown and blue.And do not want what's best For you,If you do not wish the bestFor me too.Do not calculate gifts or deedsOr your giving will never feelGenuinely true.Just say what you meanAnd mean what you say, And let's lay these down – As our love'sGolden rules.”

Tags : Actions Best Advice Do Don T Equality Heart Life Quotes Love Love Advice Love Poem Love Poetry Love Rules Lovequotes Men Relationship Relationship Quotes Romance Romance Love Romance Quotes Say Women
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

49. “Love is a choice. You can choose to love or hurt but the consequences you suffer will always be based on the choice you make. No one can force you to choose from the two but the state of your heart, soul and mind determines the one you lean towards. Remember, with hurt you can destroy but with love you can CONQUER!”

Tags : Choices Determination Heart Hurt Love Love Quotes Loving One Another Loving Someone Unconditional Love
Author : Kemi Sogunle

50. “ACTS OF LOVELove is not a wordOr a thought.It is the name forAn actionThat breathes from its light.What do you DOIn Love's name?And is it only doneOutside In the light?Or with an innerFlameIlluminatingLove'sTRUEName?I want to know.Are your actionsDone by remoteOr withSOUL?And when you sayYou love someone,Does a light go offInside at all?What haveYOUDoneIn theName ofLOVE?Because,Really,I want to know.”

Tags : Actions Breathe Burning Love Fake Love Flame Gestures Life Love Love Hurts Love Poem Love Poetry Love Story Love You Loving Loving Someone Name Of Love Poetry Real Love Real Love Back Relationships Romance Soul Thought
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

51. “I am not sure that you can be taught how to love. In many ways it is innate - just watch and see what small child effortlessly does. But you can be invited to it and reminded of it.”

Tags : Caring For Others Compassion Empathy Heart Heartfulness Humanity Innate Ability Inspirational Quotes Kindness Learning To Love Love Loving Others Loving Someone Loving Yourself Mindfulness Parenting Rasheed Ogunlaru Rasheed Ogunlaru Quotes Romance Unconditional Love

52. “Loving someone can be hard at times. You risk a lot when you love - your heart and soul, at the least. Love is the most important and most rewarding investment you can make in another person.”

Tags : Heart Heart And Soul Importance Investment Love Loving Loving Someone Others Risk Soul Vulnerability
Source : A Secret of the Heart

53. “If I had one night, I'd hold you in my arms,Find redemption, no more contention,Keeping you close. Too long, years gone,Wasted away. One night, our night,Remember this. I won't forget you,No I won't forget you.—Red-Eyed Loons”

Tags : Caring Caring And Loving Friendship Holding On Liza Wiemer Longing Love Loving Someone Lyrics Lyrics In A Song One Night Redemption Redemption Song
Source : Hello?

54. “There is no such thing as tough love. Love is kind, love is compassionate, love is tender.”

Tags : Compassion Compassionate Compassionate Love Love Loving Kindness Loving Someone Mercy Tender Tender Heart Tenderness
Author : Heather Wolf
Source : Kipnuk the Talking Dog

55. “it seems like when ur in search of something or someone you only succeed when you've finally given up all hope... and i find it rather fascinating how it always ends up in the last place youd expect i found da man of my dreams although he is the total opposite of what i expected hes ten times better”

Tags : Finding Love Love Lover At Last Loving Someone

56. “The more you try to protect yourself from love, the more pain you bring to yourself and those that love you”

Tags : Heartache Love Loving Someone Open Heart Pain

57. “To love and be loved is a wonderful feeling.”

Tags : Love Love At First Sight Love Quotes Love Story Lovers Quotes Loving Loving One Another Loving Someone Loving Yourself Wonder Woman Wonderful Wonders Of Creation Wonders Of God Wonders Of Life

58. “It is a great joy to love and be loved.”

Tags : Courage In Love Friends Friends Quotes Friends To Lovers Friendship Quotes Friendship True And Loyal Gratitude Gratitude Quotes Joy Joy Of Life Joy Of Marriage Joyful Joyful Living Quotes Love Love Life Love Quotes Lovers Quotes Loving Someone Loving Yourself Marriage Marriage Life Marriage Quotes Relationship Quotes Relationships
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

59. “Yes. Loving somebody isn't a one time thing, its an everyday thing. Something you do to them, with them, for them. Because of them. Every day, all day. And night." ~Solomon~”

Tags : Book Boyfriend Quotes Heroes Love Quotes Loving Someone
Author : Lucian Bane
Source : Desecrating Solomon

60. “I love you because that piece that remains is worth the whole and I love you by exclusion of the other lost pieces.”

Tags : Love Loving Someone Loving You Why I Love You
Author : Erri De Luca
Source : Tre cavalli

61. “Love is an afternoon of fishing when I'd sooner be at the ballet. Love is eating burnt toast and lumpy graving with a big smile. Love is hearing the words 'You're beautiful' as I fail to squeeze into my fat jeans. Love is refusing to bring up the past, even if doing so would be a slam dunk to prove your point. Love is your hand wiping away my tears, trying to erase streaks of mascara. Love is the warm hug that extinguishes an argument. Love is a humbly-uttered apology, even if not at fault. Love is easy to recognize but so hard to define; however, I think it boils down to this... Love is caring so much about the feelings of someone else, you sacrifice whatever it takes to help him or her feel better. In other words, love is my heart being sensitive to yours.”

Tags : Love Love Quotes Loving Another Loving Someone Relationships Richelle Richelle E Goodrich Richelle Goodrich Valentine Valentine S Day Valentines Day
Source : Making Wishes: Quotes, Thoughts, & a Little Poetry for Every Day of the Year

62. “I do not blame himfor not knowing the gentleness of my soul.When I only showed him,how violently I loved.”

Tags : Bad Romance Blame Gentle Love Love Poem Love Quote Loving Loving Someone Passion Poetry Relationship Romance Saiber Soul Violence
Author : Saiber

63. “Ladies, part of loving your mate is accepting him exactly as he is!”

Tags : Acceptance Acceptance Of Others Ladies Love Love Quotes Loving Loving Someone Mate
Source : Psychic Wisdom on Love and Relationships

64. “As much as I enjoy romance, it’s commitment that I need the most. I need to know a love I can depend on, a love that says, “I will be with you through it all. I love you. And I will love you even when you may not be all that lovable, for sometimes I'm not very lovable either. You can count on me - always.”

Tags : Commitment Committed Dependability Lasting Love Love Loving Someone Real Love Romance Romantic Love Staying Together
Author : Steve Goodier

65. “If you build the faith to trust a friend as God, then your heart can never be broken.”

Tags : Believe Broken Heart Certainty Confidence Deep Faith Friend Friendship God Hope Loving Someone Profound Trust Undying Love

66. “In love, all kinds of love, we wait. If I can't be your dawn, I will be your sunset!”

Tags : Love Quotes Loving Loving Someone Patience And Love The Power Of Love Waiting For Love

67. “We all have cracks and tears and shattered glass within our souls. Some have more than others. We do not wish to seek one who has none; but we wish to find the one who can say "look at me, look at this." We wish to find the one who sees every bit of broken glass and who will put those pieces into the palms of our hands and say "please keep them." And we wish to be that kind of person, too. This is how it should be.”

Tags : Being Broken Being Truthful Brokenness Finding The One Inspirational Life Inspirational Love Inspirational Quotes Loving Someone Meaning Of Life Real Love The One True Love Wisdom Quotes
Author : C. JoyBell C.

68. “Some people are special because they're princes or princesses; or queens or kings! Some are special because they're presidents and senators; or because you can watch them on film! But what is the stuff that makes any person special? That makes any person more special than the world and everything in it? That would be love. Once you love someone? They're special, they're important. You make them important, it's your love that makes them more important than the whole world and everything in it! And guess what? That kind of important is real.”

Tags : Inspirational Love Inspirational Quotes Loving Someone Specialness True Love
Author : C. JoyBell C.

69. “When you touch a man’s heart, he will remember it forever.”

Tags : Deep Love Love Love Quote Love Story Loving One Another Loving Someone Memories
Author : Dixie Waters

70. “Some days I wonder if I stopped writing about him, if I’d love him a little less.”

Tags : Journal Letting Go Love Loving Loving Someone Moving On Quote Sad Stop Writing

71. “You can NEVER be poor by giving and showing love to others.”

Tags : Giving Inspirational Love Love Quotes Loving Loving Others Loving Someone Truth
Author : Kemi Sogunle

72. “The heart will stretch a short love into long memories.”

Tags : Heart Love Loving Someone Memories

73. “What GOD has joined together, let no man put asunder. Your consummation is an eternal binding. It is a glorious mystery not realized by many, and abused by most." ~SCRIBER~”

Tags : Inspirational Life Loving Someone Quotes Words To Live By
Author : Lucian Bane
Source : The Judgement

74. “All that interior violence and complication to defend themselves from the very tenderness.”

Tags : Being Vulnerable In Love Expressing Love Love Loving Someone Protection From Love Tenderness
Author : Susana Fortes
Source : Waiting for Robert Capa

75. “If God's the type of guy that would damn you to Hell just for loving someone, then I wouldn't want to spend eternity with Him, anyway.”

Tags : Love Loving Someone
Source : Hopeless

76. “People ask, "Are you important enough for me to love you?" But they've got it all wrong. When you love someone, you make them important. And the same thing happens to you. You don't love them because they're important; they become important because you love them.”

Tags : How To Love Someone Inspirational Love Inspirational Quotes Loving Someone True Love
Author : C. JoyBell C.

77. “Love spills out of these people. That's what I want. Settling for anything less is a lie.”

Tags : Lie Love Loving Loving Someone Lying Lying To Yourself Settling
Source : Dear Mr. Knightley

78. “Loving someone isn't about what you can live with, accept or tolerate. For me, it's about the one person you can't live without. Too know that part of your life will never be the same without that one person being apart of it.”

Tags : Loving Someone M M
Author : Piper Kay
Source : A Perfect Passion

79. “Often we withhold our affections, waiting first for love to be extended to us. The irony is that we are loved for loving.”

Tags : Affection Compassion Irony Kindness Love Loving Loving Others Loving Someone Relationships Richelle Richelle E Goodrich Richelle Goodrich
Source : Making Wishes: Quotes, Thoughts, & a Little Poetry for Every Day of the Year