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1. “All that is gold does not glitter,Not all those who wander are lost;The old that is strong does not wither,Deep roots are not reached by the frost.From the ashes a fire shall be woken,A light from the shadows shall spring;Renewed shall be blade that was broken,The crownless again shall be king.”

Tags : Frost Glitter Gold Lost Poetry Roots Strength Strong Wander Wither
Source : The Fellowship of the Ring

2. “In this world, it is too common for people to search for someone to lose themselves in. But I am already lost. I will look for someone to find myself in.”

Tags : Inspirational Life Inspirational Love Inspirational Love Quotes Inspiring Lost Love Lovers Searching And Finding
Author : C. JoyBell C.

3. “I finally gave in today. Admitting that I haven't been able to do it alone, that's defeat right? But do a couple pills change why I'm here? Will my spirit be altered? Do my passions change? Will I lose hope either way? My madness is what makes me. It’s my most unique beauty.”

Tags : Admitting Anxiety Beauty Change Confused Defeat Defeated Doctors Drugs Giving In Hormonal Losing Hope Lost Madness Medication Panic Passions Perfection Pills Prescriptions Quotes For Women Sadness Troubled Unique
Author : Crystal Woods
Source : Write like no one is reading 2

4. “Moments of suffering are meant to empty us so that we may have the potential to tap into our truest depths.”

Tags : Death Depth Emptiness Encouraging Give Up Grief Grieve Guidance Guide Heal Helping Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Keep Going Kojouri Learn Lesson Light Moment Moments Mourn Mourning Potential Sorrow Suffer Suffering Surrender Tap True Truth

5. “The quiet sense of something lost”

Tags : Lost Quiet Sense

6. “Remember your name. Do not lose hope ---what you seek will be found.”

Tags : Found Instructions Lost Name
Author : Neil Gaiman

7. “APPLY WITHINYou once told meYou wanted to findYourself in the world -And I told you toFirst apply within,To discover the worldwithin you.You once told meYou wanted to saveThe world from all its wars -And I told you toFirst save yourselfFrom the world,And all the warsYou put yourselfThrough.APPLY WITHIN by Suzy Kassem”

Tags : Attitude Believe In Yourself Discover Discovery Find Yourself Focus Inner Peace Inspiration Journey Mind State Peace Of Mind Peace Of Self Poems Save State Of Mind Stress War Warriors Wars Within
Author : Suzy Kassem

8. “I've crossed some kind of invisible line. I feel as if I've come to a place I never thought I'd have to come to. And I don't know how I got here. It's a strange place. It's a place where a little harmless dreaming and then some sleepy, early-morning talk has led me into considerations of death and annihilation.”

Tags : Confusion Death Dreaming Insomnia Life Lost Place Sleep
Source : Where I'm Calling From: New and Selected Stories

9. “I’m so used to planning for guys, dressing and undressing for them and trying to morph myself into their dream girl. I’m so used to it that I don’t really know where that girl ends and the real me begins. I suppose what it comes down to is confidence. I’m confident in that girl, the one who emerges from my walk-in wearing lingerie when I’m done getting ready. But at Faye’s house, I’m not going to be that girl. I’m going to be me. Whoever that is anymore.”

Tags : Confidence Finding Yourself Lost Mercedes
Source : Firsts

10. “So I am not a broken heart. I am not the weight I lost or miles or ran and I am not the way I slept on my doorstep under the bare sky in smell of tears and whiskey because my apartment was empty and if I were to be this empty I wanted something solid to sleep on. Like concrete. I am not this year and I am not your fault.I am muscles building cells, a little every day, because they broke that day,but bones are stronger once they heal and I am smiling to the bus driver and replacing my groceries once a week and I am not sitting for hours in the shower anymore. I am the way a life unfolds and bloom and seasons come and go and I am the way the spring always finds a way to turn even the coldest winter into a field of green and flowers and new life. I am not your fault.”

Tags : Apartment Bones Broken Cold Day Drinking Drunk Every Day Health Lost Love New Life Night Sky Running The Glass Child Tumblr Writer Youth

11. “Sometimes I feel like I don't belong anywhere, & it's gonna take so long for me to get to somewhere, Sometimes I feel so heavy hearted, but I can't explain cuz I'm so guarded. But that's a lonely road to travel, and a heavy load to bear. And it's a long, long way to heaven but I gotta get thereCan you send an angel?Can you send me an angel...to guide me.”

Tags : Angel Guidance Heavy Hearted Lost
Author : Alicia Keys

12. “I am Cheif Oduduwa. I can cast a spell on your behalf regarding a relationship, your financial situation, future events, or whatever is important to you. I have the power and I use the power. I can change the course of your destiny. Contact me and I shall cast a spell for you. Tell me what it is you want and I shall go about my work. Is it someone or something you desire to have? Do you want wealth, or happiness, or a mate E.T.C.Lost lover specialist 1. We bring back lost lover 2. Do you want to win your loved one 3. We help single people to find partners 4. Do you want to be married? 5. Love attraction 6. Married problems & Divorce 8. Love portion 9. Have a straight friend that you want? The i can help you outAll these done in 1 - 7 Days, Privacy place strictly confidential Result 100% Guaranteed and i have divine powers that enable you to connect to your forefathers or ancestors to give you guidance in life and enable you to change the course of your destiny To inquire about my services, contact me by phone, e-mail. I will be happy to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For an immediate response please contact me by Email: [email protected] Oduduwa”

Tags : Back Business Finance Help Husband Lost Love Relationship Spell Wife
Author : Chief Oduduwa

13. “I can cast a spell on your behalf regarding a relationship, your financial situation, future events, or whatever is important to you. I have the power and I use the power. I can change the course of your destiny. Contact me and I shall cast a spell for you. Tell me what it is you want and I shall go about my work. Is it someone or something you desire to have? Do you want wealth, or happiness, or a mate E.T.C.Chief OduduwaEmail: [email protected]

Tags : Back Breakup Breakups Business Finance Friendship Help Husband I Love Him I Love You Jamie Weise Lost Love Love Affair Love And Romance Love Story Lovers Passion Passions Relationship Spell Unconditional Wife
Author : Chief Oduduwa

14. “Almost lost you," he thought, surprised to find himself blinking back tears. "Been through too much, me and you. We're going to finish this thing together.”

Tags : Almost Finish Lost Me Peter Together Too Much You
Author : Brom
Source : The Child Thief

15. “Stop in somebody's shadow to rest and cool down, and you are lost. No one can make anyone else happy.”

Tags : Deunov Direction Empowerment Happy Inspirational Lost Peter Self Shadow
Author : Petar Dunov

16. “Really, I'm trying to care, Artemis, really. But I thought it was all supposed to be over when the fat lady sings. Well, she's singing, but it doesn't appear to be over”

Tags : Artemis Colfer Colony Demons Eoin Fowl Humor Lost
Author : Eoin Colfer

17. “Weeping is not the same thing as crying. It takes your whole body to weep, and when it's over, you feel like you don't have any bones left to hold you up.”

Tags : Crying Death Lost Love Tragedy Weeping
Author : Sarah Ockler
Source : Twenty Boy Summer

18. “They'll say you are bador perhaps you are mador at least you should stay undercover.Your mind must be bareif you would dareto think you can love more than one lover.”

Tags : Betrayal Consent Cry Divorced End Fear Feminism Heartbreak Horny Keeper Partners Peace Polyandry Sharing Slut Spouse Stay Sweethearts Unity Wisdom Wishes
Author : David Rovics

19. “Most people do not mind dying, as long as that does not happen today.”

Tags : Birth Bite The Big One Breathe One S Last Death Deceased Die Extinct Fallen Go To Meet One S Maker Humor Humour Immortality Kick The Bucket Late Lifeless Lose One S Life Lost Meet One S End No More Passed On Perished Pushing Up Daisies Six Feet Under Slip Away Turn Up One S Toes With God

20. “There are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your heart's desire. The other is to gain it.”

Tags : Desire Life Lost Paradox Tragedy
Source : Man and Superman

21. “It can take years to mold a dream. It takes only a fraction of a second for it to be shattered.”

Tags : Crule Life Dead Destroy Dream Dreams Fraction Kill Life Lost Lost Dream Mold Mold A Dream Second Shattered Years Years Of Struggle
Source : The Kiss of Deception

22. “I reached down and picked up a baseball bat at my feet and I flung it as hard as it could. It circled and arced high in the air until it slammed against the side of the dining hall with a crack and fell.I sat down in the dirt. Then I lay down in the dirt.Because not only was there no trail to follow, there was no evidence he’d ever been here.There was no evidence any of them had been here.”

Tags : Adoption Dating Glass Girl Government High School Laura Anderson Kurk Long Distance Relationships Lost Love Missing Nicaragua Orphanage Orphans Perfect Glass Programa Amor Romance Teen Books Teen Fiction Volunteerism Wyoming Ya Young Adult Fiction
Source : Perfect Glass

23. “THAT crazed girl improvising her music.Her poetry, dancing upon the shore,Her soul in division from itselfClimbing, falling She knew not where,Hiding amid the cargo of a steamship,Her knee-cap broken, that girl I declareA beautiful lofty thing, or a thingHeroically lost, heroically found.No matter what disaster occurredShe stood in desperate music wound,Wound, wound, and she made in her triumphWhere the bales and the baskets layNo common intelligible soundBut sang, 'O sea-starved, hungry sea”

Tags : Beautiful Creatures Found Girl Hungry Ireland Lost Music Sea Song Sound Stargirl Wounds
Author : W.B. Yeats
Source : The Collected Poems of W.B. Yeats

24. “I don't know where to go from here, So I crawl back inside me,AndTurn the lights off.”

Tags : Dark Darkness Jenim Dibie Light Lost Nowhere
Author : Jenim Dibie
Source : The Calligraphy of God

25. “I guess that we all need freedom, we all have a reason why we are here, but the most annoying thing is that we're mostly lost in our way, we are mostly wrong about things around us, Which it drives us nowhere than somewhere.”

Tags : Freedom Life Lost Nowhere Wisdom
Author : Sara Keddar

26. “Lot of creativity is lost, not because its not there. But it is because people are being impatient. They rush anything they are doing. They dont invest more time in their art, craft or in what they are doing.”

Tags : Act Acting Art Buiding Business Commitment Designer Dj Entreprenuership Group Inspiration Knowledge Leader Life Lessons Living Mind Music People Philosopher Philosophy Power Producer Song Teachings Team Thoughts Time Wise Words Words

27. “Even thou I was music talented from birth. But I made it my task to better my skills by learning music theory and essence of it as a Producer/DJ/Composer/Artist. I searched on google, youtube and went to various websites and read lot of books, Asked other musicians and producers. Now all I can say is. I have learned the secret of production when it comes to music and My sound will never be the same. Not because I was talented from birth but because i studied to enhance what I had from birth. Respect music and give people quality sound.”

Tags : Acting Attitude Commitment Designer Encouragement Entertainmnet Entreprenuer Entreprenuership Eq Equaliers Music Academy Quotes Rhythm Sound Thoughts Time Value Video Wisdom Wise Words Words

28. “Unlike clocks, hours have no reverse motion..”

Tags : Clock Clocks Endless Hour Hours Infinity Lost Minutes Motion No Return Reverse Seconds Time Timeless Universe
Author : Anonymous

29. “Look at the stars. It won't fix the economy. It won't stop wars. It won't give you flat abs, or even help you figure out your relationship. But it's important. It helps you to remember that you and your problems are both infinitesimally small and conversely, that you are a piece of an amazing and vast universe.”

Tags : Constellation Cosmos Galaxy Infinite Lost Nightsky Problems Sky Small Star Stars Universe Vast Vastness
Author : GoodQuotes

30. “When you dont produce results.The results produce themselves and wont favour you.”

Tags : Advice Blur Business Career Characteristics Clear Covered Dj Kyos Dont Elections Friends Inspiration Job Kyos Life Living Lose Lost Management Mind Motivation Network Phone Power Sad Team Thabo Mbeki Time Management Uncovered Vision Words

31. “When someone has a problem wih you or dislikes you. They will always find something wrong with you. Until they decide to cross their border gate of hate. You will never be right or good enough to them.”

Tags : Bad Bank Critism Dj Dj Kyos Magupe Djkyos Educational Encouragement Enjoy Gain Government Hard Work Hate Input Investment Life Lessons Malcom X Mind Nest Peace People Race Right Something Success

32. “When someone has a problem wih you or dislikes you. They will always find something wrong about you. Until they decide to cross their border gate of hate. You will never be right or good enough to them.”

Tags : Accept Behaviour Better Concentrate Critism Dj Kyos Magupe Djkyos Employee Enemies Flirt Forward Happy Joy Kyos Magupe Living Philosophy Positive Power Progress Quotes Revealed Quote Rich Uncovered Winner Work

33. “If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong.”

Tags : Arrival Beautiful Bloom Disappointed Discover Here Hesitant Lost Lotus Flower Now Return Self Strong Weak Yourself
Author : Masaru Emoto
Source : Secret Life of Water

34. “The paralyzing fear of being lost is fed solely by the irrational fear that we will never be found.”

Tags : Abandon Abandoned Discover Fear Find Found Irrational Locate Lost Misguided Misled Paralyzing Rational Wander Wandering

35. “They knew how to live with nature and get along with nature. They didn't try too hard to be all men and no animal. That's the mistake we made when Darwin showed up. We embraced him and Huxley and Freud, all smiles. And then we discovered that Darwin and our religions didn't mix. Or at least we didn't think they did. We were fools. We tried to budge Darwin and Huxley and Freud. They wouldn't move very well. So, like idiots, we tried knocking down religion. We succeeded pretty well. We lost our faith and went around wondering what life was for. If art was no more than a frustrated outflinging of desire, if religion was no more than self-delusion, what good was life? Faith had always given us answer to all things. But it all went down the drain with Freud and Darwin. We were and still are lost people.”

Tags : Art Darwin Faith Freud Huxley Lost Nature Religion
Author : Ray Bradbury
Source : The Martian Chronicles

36. “Think the tree that bears nutrition:though the fruits are picked, the plant maintains fruition.So give all the love you have.Do not hold any in reserve.What is given is not lost; it shall return.”

Tags : All You Need Is Love Fruit Fruition Give Giving Harmony In Love Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Keep Loving Kojouri Lost Love Love Poem Love Quote Loved Loving Maintain Nutrition Plant Poem Quote Reserve Return Trees

37. “She knew I could tell with one glance, one look, one simple instant. It was her eyes. Despite the thick makeup, they were still dark-rimmed., haunted, and sad. Most of all though, they were familiar. The fact that we were in front of hundreds of strangers changed nothing at all. I'd spent a summer with those same eyes-scared, lost, confused-staring back at me. I would have known them anywhere.”

Tags : Lost Pain Rape Sad Sadness Sexual Assault
Author : Sarah Dessen
Source : Just Listen

38. “The universe never complains.When you're wrong or right,She always loves and cares,She always gives and shares. When you get lost she becomes the light,Helps you to find what is right. But she never forgetsTo show you the light.”

Tags : Care Complain Education Forget Give Happiness Hope Inspirational Intelligence Knowledge Life Light Lost Love Philosophy Right Share Truth Universe Wisdom Wrong

39. “God whispered, "You endured a lot. For that I am truly sorry, but grateful. I needed you to struggle to help so many. Through that process you would grow into who you have now become. Didn't you know that I gave all my struggles to my favorite children? One only needs to look at the struggles given to your older brother Jesus to know how important you have been to me.”

Tags : Abuse Autoimmune Disease Bullied Crying Faith God S Plan Gossip Grace Hacking Illness Introspection Journey Living Lonely Loss Of Faith Lost Lost Children Mental Abuse Mercy Misunderstanding Rejection Sexual Abuse Shame Silence Spiritual Abuse Tears To Live Trials

40. “Dont let your dreams die, while you are still alive. There is no fulfilling joy and pleasure on this world than seeing what you ever thought and dreamed comes into reality.”

Tags : Attitude Dreamer Ego Enemies Enthusiasm Entrepreneurship Quotes Everytime Goals Hide Interview Leader Leadership Motivated Motto Opportunities Path Phone Positive Sleep Strength

41. “When I had to work Shea Stadium for a Mets-Braves game – Atlanta pitcher John Rocker had recently given an interview in which he denounced New Yorkers of all Colors and preferences – I was assigned to a parking lot, where numerous drivers asked me for directions to various highways. When my first answer – “I have no idea” – seemed to invite denunciation and debate, I revised it to “Take the first left.” For all I know, those people are still lost in Queens. ”

Tags : Cops Directions Lost New York
Author : Edward Conlon
Source : Blue Blood

42. “Some beautiful paths can't be discovered without getting lost.”

Tags : Beauty Cars Decisions Discovery Driving Fork Highway Journey Journey Of Life Life Life Lessons Lost Lostness Road Road Trip Roads Route Route 66 Transportation Travel Voyage
Author : Erol Ozan

43. “It doesn’t matter how many times you leave, it will always hurt to come back and remember what you once had and who you once were. Then it will hurt just as much to leave again, and so it goes over and over again. Once you’ve started to leave, you will run your whole life.”

Tags : Alone Arriving Charlotte Eriksson Finding Yourself Growing Up Home Leaving Lost Prose The Glass Child The Great Perhaps Travelling Vagabonding Wandering Youth

44. “A nation aimlessly drifting away from God is a nation for which prayer is a rudder and praise is a sail. And it is the man or woman on their knees that builds the former and gives wind to the latter.”

Tags : Bible Christianity Drifting Faith God Jesus Jesus Christ Journey Lost Man Nation Patriotism Prayer Prayerful Praying Rudder Sail Woman

45. “To lovers out there...To answer the question of when is the right age to get married.If a child, a teenage boy, his brother in his middle age, his father and his grandfather all of them went out to search for diamond. It won’t matter on their age but the one who find their diamond .Will stop his search, keep his diamond and celebrate his life. Is the same with marriage? You can’t advice one when is the right age to get married. If they haven’t found what they are looking for. They can be at early age, teenager, middle age or old age. As long they have not find their diamond. They will keep on searching. As long you have not find your soul mate. It doesn’t matter what age you are. Never stop searching”

Tags : Appreciate Attitude Beginner Change Character Cheating Djkyos Focus Joy Leader Life Loss Motivation Old Age Realisation Self Trust Will

46. “The aching in my chest isn't because I miss you,it's realizing that you have become someone I no longer know,your fears, your 4 am thoughts, your achievements,are things I no longer have an equivalent to.Who we were and who we are are four different people, and the me from now doesn't relate to the me from then, let alone to the you from now.-Tanzy Sayadi and Jarod Kintz”

Tags : Alone Ambitions Beautiful Beauty Change Clever Desires Different Dreams Instaquote Life Lit On Literature Loss Lost Love Nostalgia People Poem Poetry Poets Progress Relations Relationships Word Junkies
Author : Tanzy Sayadi
Source : liQUID PROse QUOtes

47. “Well, at least this is what I told myself every day as I fell asleep with the fire still burning and the moon shining high up in the sky and my head spinning comforting from two bottles of wine, and I smiled with tears in my eyes because it was beautiful and so god damn sad and I did not know how to be one of those without the other.”

Tags : Asleep Beautiful Bottles Gypsy Happy Hope Nomad On The Road Prose Smile Spinning Storyteller Tour Tour Life Travel Essays Travel Poetry Traveller Tumblr Poet Vagabond Vagabonding Wanderer Wine Young
Source : Another Vagabond Lost To Love: Berlin Stories on Leaving & Arriving

48. “I hear a lot of people say, 'teenagers of this generation are so lost.' But I always wonder what they have been doing to help them discover themselves.”

Tags : Being Lost Edmond Mbiaka Find Themselves Generation Lost Present Generation Teenager Teenagers The New Generation Young Youth

49. “Never give up on someone. Sometimes the answers you are looking for are the same answers another person is looking for. Two people searching together are always better than one person alone.”

Tags : Answers Commond Ground Found Friendship Holding On Lost Love Questions Seeking Waiting

50. “i often sit and wonderi often sit and dreami often sit and waitfor the one that’s just for me i search the many facesin the crowds of people i see exploring, seeking,looking for, the one that it could be.is it Mister Blue Collar? is it Mister Too Clean? is it Mister Holy Onewhich was made for me? then i stop and thinkof the biggest catastrophe -what if this man i’m waiting fordoesn’t even recognize me?-LostInACrowd”

Tags : Crowd Crowd Quotes Crowds Looking Looking Quotes Lost Lost Quotes Relationship Relationship Quotes Searching Searching Quotes Seeking Seeking Quotes

51. “September 11… I will never forget feeling scared and vulnerable… I will never forget feeling the deep sad loss of so many lives… I will never forget the smell of the smoke that reached across the water and delivered a deep feeling of doom into my gut… I will never forget feeling the boosted sense of unity and pride… I will never forget seeing the courageous actions of so many men and women… I will never forget seeing people of all backgrounds working together in community… I will never forget seeing what hate can destroy… I will never forget seeing what love can heal…”

Tags : 9 11 Actions Courage Hate Healing Lives Lost Love Pride Scared September 11 Attacks Smoke Trade Centers Unity

52. “Jesus Christ came not to condemn you but to save you, knowing your name, knowing all about you, knowing your weight right now, knowing your age, knowing what you do, knowing where you live, knowing what you ate for supper and what you will eat for breakfast, where you will sleep tonight, how much your clothing cost, who your parents were. He knows you individually as though there were not another person in the entire world. He died for you as certainly as if you had been the only lost one. He knows the worst about you and is the One who loves you the most. If you are out of the fold and away from God, put your name in the words of John 3:16 and say, “Lord, it is I. I’m the cause and reason why Thou didst on earth come to die.” That kind of positive, personal faith and a personal Redeemer is what saves you. If you will just rush in there, you do not have to know all the theology and all the right words. You can say, “I am the one He came to die for.” Write it down in your heart and say, “Jesus, this is me—Thee and me,” as though there were no others. Have that kind of personalized belief in a personal Lord and Savior.”

Tags : Die God Gospel Jesus John 3 16 Knowing Lost Personal Redeem Salvation
Author : A.W. Tozer
Source : And He Dwelt Among Us: Teachings from the Gospel of John

53. “I just want to be someone, to mean something to anyone…”

Tags : Charlotte Eriksson Confused Empty Roads Broken Bottles Finding Yourself Lost Lyrics Motivation Music Not Enough Pressure The Glass Child The Great Perhaps Youth

54. “I find myself drunk in the streets again.A glass of wine and so my thoughts begin.I smile at passersby to and fro,Faces like blank slates minutes ago,Now emotions readily painted on canvases:Grief, despair, joy, and madnesses.At this time, the clouds are sweating sweet waterAnd you can smell the scent of each corner:Fish, dirt, rotten apples, and burning tires.Close your eyes here to smell all your heart desires.Everything is more colourful when you're not yourself.So long as you’re sound body and mind, you have your wealth.I am now treading almost fleeting.Birds singing, bicycle bells ringing.I have lost my way but not my heart.Have my head, those two are apart.Take care dear city, I must soon head home.Until tomorrow evening when again I will roam.”

Tags : Apple Bells Birds Blank Slate Canvas Day Despair Drink Drunk Emotions Enjoy Enjoying Enjoyment Feel Good Fish Fleeting Head Joy Lost Madness Thoughts To And Fro Treading Walking Wealth Wine

55. “Do you have any idea what it feels like to suddenly realize that the reason you’ve have been so lost your whole life is because a piece of you was missing and you never even knew it—only to find that missing piece and know that you can’t have it and so you will never, ever be whole?”

Tags : Ache Lost Love Missing
Author : Olivia Fuller
Source : Something Wicked

56. “Wisdom is the remnant of being aware (being conscious)”

Tags : Agnostic Change Christianity Civilize Creation Of Life Creed Experience Genesis God Honest Honesty Ignorant Investigate Knowledge Life Lost Monday Revelation Skepticism Space The Bible Theism Think Understanding

57. “We are forlorn like children, and experienced like old men, we are crude and sorrowful and superficial—I believe we are lost.”

Tags : Children Forlorn Lost Old Soldiers Sorrow War
Source : All Quiet on the Western Front

58. “You lost my interest, you aren't a nice guy and very nasty guy.”

Tags : Guy Interest Lost My Nice
Author : Deyth Banger

59. “Don't lose hope. If your hope gets lost, the other side called "failure" begins to win! The quickest medicine to heal a depressed soul is to command; "arise my soul and praise the Lord". Hope is the clothe piece in which wraps a healthy soul!”

Tags : Arise Command Depressed Depressed Soul Don T Lose Hope Fail Failed Food For Thought Good Health Heal Healthy Healthy Soul Hopeful Lose Hope Lost Praise Quick Quick Medicine Soul Win
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

60. “Do you ever feel that way?""Lonely?"I search for the words. "Restless. As if you haven't really met yourself yet. As is you'd passed yourself once in the fog, and your heart leapt - 'Ah! There I Am! I've been missing that piece!' But it happens too fast, and then that part of you disappears into the fog again. And you spend the rest of your days looking for it."He nods, and I think he's appeasing me. I feel stupid of having said it. It's sentimental and true, and I've revealed a part of myself I shouldn't have."Do you know what I think?" Kartik says at last."What?""Sometimes, I think you can glimpse it in another.”

Tags : Epiphany Found Gemma Doyle Kartik Lonely Lost Restless Self Discovery
Author : Libba Bray
Source : The Sweet Far Thing

61. “Most people felt lost after high school. Sometimes I felt like I'd never really been found in the first place.”

Tags : Found High School Inadequacy Life Lost
Author : Lish McBride
Source : Hold Me Closer, Necromancer

62. “I realise now that I wanted to disappear. To get so lost that nobody ever found me. To go so far away that I'd never be able to make my way home again. But I have no idea why.”

Tags : Disappear Found Home Lost
Source : Between

63. “I looked at him like a stranger, someone I’d never seen before, and he looked at me like I’d been lost to him for a thousand years and finally found.”

Tags : Found Look Lost Lost And Found Love Romance Romantic Sex Sexual Tension Sexy Strange Thousand Years
Author : Emme Rollins
Source : Dear Rockstar

64. “I believe that we are lost here in America, but I believe we shall be found. And this belief, which mounts now to the catharsis of knowledge and conviction, is for me--and I think for all of us--not only our own hope, but America's everlasting, living dream.”

Tags : America Found Hope Lost
Author : Thomas Wolfe

65. “There was a man here, lashed himself to a spar as his ship went down, and for seven days and seven nights he was on the sea, and what kept him alive while others drowned was telling himself stories like a madman, so that as one ended another began. On the seventh day he had told all the stories he knew and that was when he began to tell himself as if he were a story, from the earliest beginnings to his green and deep misfortune. The story he told was of a man lost and found, not once, but many times, as he choked his way out of the waves. And the night fell, he saw the Cape Wrath light, only lit a week it was, but it was, and he knew that if he became the story of the light, he might be saved. With his last strength he began to paddle towards it, arms on either side of the spar, and in his mind the light became a shining rope, pulling him in. He took hold of it, tied it round his waist, and at that moment, the keeper saw him, and ran for the rescue boat.”

Tags : Found Light Lost Saved Story
Source : Lighthousekeeping

66. “She was a collector of reflections looking for souls that could see deeply inside her soul.”

Tags : Alike Collecting Different Divergent Finding Found Introspective Lost Searching Similarities Tribe Unique

67. “We are all lost souls until we are found.”

Tags : Found Lost Soul
Author : Kate McGahan

68. “Not all those who wander are lost.”

Tags : Bilbo Journey Lost Quest Travel Wander
Source : The Fellowship of the Ring

69. “And I wasn’t playing a role – I was trying to be myself.But the harder I was striving, the more I was realizing that I had probably lost that ‘myself’ somewhere between two perfectly performed roles...”

Tags : Be Yourself Cardew Freya Gothic Hide Identity Lost Masked Masks Myself Mysterious Obsession Obsessive Play Postmodernism Pretend Pretending Real Realize Role Secret Who I Am Young Adult Young Adult Gothic Romance Yourself
Author : Simona Panova
Source : Nightmarish Sacrifice

70. “Could it be that we lost something because had we not lost it, we would have lost ourselves?”

Tags : Clarity Compass Destiny Lose Lost Map Ourselves Purpose Rationale Reason Road Self Wander Wandering

71. “If you stay here, you become lost. And no one can find you. I like lost.”

Tags : Hidden Hiding Leaving Lost
Author : Ally Condie
Source : Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions

72. “Enjoy without injury, live without loss.”

Tags : Accidents Advertisement Advice Amit Kalantri Amit Kalantri Quotes Catch Phrases Enjoying Experience Friends Fun Gain Generation Injury Life Live Living Loss Lost Motivational Philosophy Planning Proverbs Safety Security Social Networking Wisdom Youth
Author : Amit Kalantri

73. “There’s a drive in a lost soul—in one that is searching for acceptance, companionship, belonging, whatever you want to call it. The slightest coincidence ignites a spark that one hopes will lead to something meaningful.”

Tags : Acceptance Belonging Brotherhood Coincidence Companionship Drive Identity Lost Meaning Outside In Soul
Author : Doug Cooper
Source : Outside In

74. “One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.”

Tags : Alone Comfort Community Community Service Empathy Encourage Giving Help Helping Out Kindness Letting Them In Lonelyness Lost Love Missions Reaching Out Selflessness Service Share Sharing Stories Tears Together Transparency Vulnerability

75. “The Temperature is RisingThe heartbeat quickens my breath is controlled,my senses are illuminated like a mother to her young. This feeling I have I've know it before, when the gates are opened I'll remember the beginning. Awaiting, dreaming imagining the endless possibilities of moments together as I give into my desires. My body reacts it has a mind of its own leaving little clues yet I continue on. Poised and professional I cross my origin the passion that awaits it stirs like a simmer. The sweet aroma a treat being made just for him I know he will like, the hunger in his eyes his mouth soft and strong it only took me a moment as he continued to look on. I didn't even recognize my sound as I was in a sphere all alone I hoped and imagined it would be but my mind was left in awe like sweet chocolate after a meal.”

Tags : Envy Expression Heart Heartbreak Life Life Quotes Loneliness Lost Love Lovers Lust Lusts Poetry Tears Wordpress Words Words Have Power Wordsofwisdom

76. “Dont miss the opportunity of becoming something Inlife. Sometimes all you have to do is to show up.”

Tags : Bad Blur Clear Dreamer Educational Good Life Inspiration Job Limited Mindset Money Quotes Opportunities Others Philosophy Quantity Teach Team Time Management Training Travel Unknown Vision Visionery Whisky

77. “The more you know yourself, the less judgemental you become”

Tags : Apply Commonsense Confidence Consequences Correct Path Divorce Ego Humility Lost Loving Others Marriage Mistakes Mom Moral Pride Motivation New Beginnings Poor Choices Positive Attitude Powerful Psychology Quality Raising Women Relationship Advice Self Abuse Teacher Teaching White Path Wide Awake Women Empowerment

78. “There's always a moment that separates the past from the future, and that moment is now.”

Tags : Attitude Authentic Self Choices Choosing Coaching Confidence Consequences Family Future Generations Good Advice Journeys In Life Lost Marriage Mom Morals Motivation Poor Choices Positive Attitude Powerful Quality Real Winning Rise Up Sharing Knowledge Silver Lining Spiritual Help Staying Positive Strength Teacher Teaching Wellness White Path Your Going To Be Okay

79. “Nothing much bothered you for a while and you kept walking like a silhouette through this town, saying hi’s and goodbyes, acting polite at all times. But there is no fire in your heart; you are not very concerned.”

Tags : Alone Berlin Break Up Concerned Fire Goodbye Heart Heartache Hi Lost Numb Poetry Polite Sad Saying Silhouette Town Walking
Source : You're Doing Just Fine

80. “The core of your true self is never lost. Let go of all the pretending and the becoming you've done just to belong.Curl up with your rawness and come home. You don't have to find yourself; you just have to let yourself in.”

Tags : Beautiful Creative Depression Home Ink Inspire Life Lost Love Love Yourself Poem Poet Poetry Positive Quotes About Life Quotes About Love Raw Rawness Read Sad Spilled Ink Truth Write Writer Writing

81. “You are still adrift while you still think that a means is an end.”

Tags : Ends Lost Means And Ends
Author : Idries Shah
Source : Reflections

82. “The doors of the darkest room one had ever seen were openedand everyone was asked to collect the pieces of themselves that they have lost with time all these years. Everyone rushed in and started searching for the pieces that would complete them but all of a sudden they saw the light in the room fading away, they turned around and saw the doors closing back again. They screamed and tried to run back but all of a sudden there were fences all around them, they lost their voice and helplessly stuck in there saw the doors closing. They lost themselves completely in the quest of searching the pieces they had lost before.”

Tags : Cry Dark Doors Escape Lost Pain Pieces Search Stuck Voiceless
Author : Akshay Vasu

83. “Sometimes its hard to tell how fast the current's moving until you're headed over a waterfall”

Tags : Ahead Of Yourself Current Fast Pace Lost Running Away
Source : Reconstructing Amelia

84. “Life is painful and messed up. It gets complicated at the worst of times, and sometimes you have no idea where to go or what to do. Lots of times people just let themselves get lost, dropping into a wide open, huge abyss. But that's why we have to keep trying. We have to push through all that hurts us, work past all our memories that are haunting us. Sometimes the things that hurt us are the things that make us strongest. A life without experience, in my opinion, is no life at all. And that's why I tell everyone that, even when it hurts, never stop yourself from living.”

Tags : Abyss Finding Yourself Friends Life Living Lost Pain Times
Author : Alysha Speer

85. “I thought of the pieces of me I'd left behind, a piece here, a piece there, scattered like bread crumbs. How much of me was left?”

Tags : Broken Brokenness Lost Self Self Realization
Source : American Blonde

86. “Shame on the misguided, the blinded, the distracted and the divided. Shame. You have allowed deceptive men to corrupt and desensitize your hearts and minds to unethically fuel their greed.”

Tags : Compassionate Corruption Politics Dark Amitions Decieve Desensitize Distracted Division Ethical Ethics Fuel Greed Greedy Hearts Human Condition Lost Media Misguide Peace Politics Pollute Power Stray Trust Unethically United Unity
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

87. “When I’ve lost my way or when I am confused about a path to take, I remember that most answers I need I already possess – deep inside. I am naturally creative, resourceful and whole. If I consult my invisible compass, I’ll know what to do.”

Tags : Answers Creativity Found Guidance Inner Guidance Inner Voice Lost Resourcefulness Wholeness
Author : Steve Goodier

88. “Nothing is more excruciating than hopelessly longing for lost love.”

Tags : Excruciating Excruciating Quote Excruciating Quotes Hopeless Hopeless Romantic Hopeless Situation Hopelessly Hopelessly Quote Hopelessly Quotes Hopelessness Ken Poirot Ken Poirot Quote Longing Quote Longing Quotes Lost Lost Quote Lost Quotes Love Love Hurts Love Hurts Quote Love Hurts Quotes Love Quote Love Quotes Love Quotes And Saying Nothing Nothing Quote Nothing Quotes
Author : Ken Poirot

89. “Even when you’d lost everything you thought there was to lose, somebody came along and gave you something for free.”

Tags : Everything Free Gift Lost Present
Source : Broken Soup

90. “This mournful and restless sound was a fit accompaniment to my meditations.”

Tags : Ache Depression Empathy Heart Heartbreak Lost Lost Love Love Mournful Mourning Music Nostalgia Regret Ruminating Sadness Suicide Thinking Tradgedy
Author : Joseph Conrad
Source : Lord Jim

91. “The moment you start arguing with an ignorant fool, you have already lost.”

Tags : Ali Arguing Fool Ignorance Ignorant Imamali Imamaliquotes Lose Loss Lost Quote Quotes

92. “These are the ruinsI mapped onto my body so I might always be lost.”

Tags : Bodies Lost Ruins

93. “Just because all your friends are doing it, doesn't mean you have to follow suit. Don't be a blind follower, you don't know where you're going.”

Tags : Blind Choice Friendship Inspirational Lost Thoughts Trend Wise
Author : Lik Hock Yap

94. “You're reaching outAnd no one hears you cryYou're freaking out again'Cause all your fearsRemind you another dream has come undoneYou feel so small and lost like you're the only oneYou wanna scream 'cause you'reDesperateYou want somebody, just anybodyTo lay their hands on your soul tonightYou want a reason to keep believin'That someday you're gonna see the lightYou're in the darkThere's no one left to callAnd sleep's your only friendWell even sleepCan't hide you from all those tearsAnd all the pain and all the daysYou wasted pushin' them awayIt's your life, it's time you face it ”

Tags : Desperate Lonely Lost

95. “Any company you keep that cost you money everytime you are with. Its a bad company to keep. if you call them friends, Then they are bad friends, if its a lover then its a bad lover. Most cherishable things and good moments in life are free. No one should charge you for their time,love, friendship and support, and you shouldnt pay either.”

Tags : Advice Bad Bind Boyfriend Chemistry Company Cost Date Dj Encouragement Encouragemnt Family Feelings Flirt Friendship Girlfriend Kyos Magupe Life Life Lessons Money Teach Thoughts Weakness Wisdom Wise Words Words

96. “Slowly, with many lost days, I come back to life.”

Tags : Back Days End Life Lost Mockingjay Quote Slowly
Source : Mockingjay

97. “I used to spend so much time reacting and responding to everyone else that my life had no direction. Other people's lives, problems, and wants set the course for my life. Once I realized it was okay for me to think about and identify what I wanted, remarkable things began to take place in my life.”

Tags : Direction Empowerment Life Lost Realization
Source : The Language of Letting Go: Daily Meditations on Codependency

98. “I told him I had once lost everything I had, too, and that I think that can be God’s way of building walls around us to force us to look up at Him.”

Tags : Faith God Inspiration Loss Lost Love Obstacles Prayer Walls
Source : Loved

99. “Every time I stare into those eyes of yours, they shine like a mirror with the sharp edges, piercing trough every bit of my reflection. It makes me feel like a child lost in the woods. And all of a sudden I hear a song somewhere and a shiver runs down my spine. A song that I have heard somewhere before. A song that makes all my demons dance forcefully at once.”

Tags : Child Dance Demons Eyes Fear Lost Mirror Reflection Shine Shiver Song Stars Woods
Author : Akshay Vasu

100. “Sometimes not looking for something is the best way to look for it”

Tags : Best Find Look Lost Seek Wander

101. “With God, being lost is nothing more than an idea that never has and never will be anything more than an idea.”

Tags : Abandon Abandoned Assured Beliefs Confidence Faith God Idea Ideas Longing Lost Misbeliefs Misguided Misled Search Searching Wander Wandering

102. “I'm not sure this is a world I belong in anymore. I'm not sure that I want to wake up.”

Tags : Lost Love
Author : Gayle Forman
Source : If I Stay

103. “But maybe you never really had someone, she thought now. Maybe, no matter how much you loved them, they could slip through your fingers like water, and there was nothing you could do about it.”

Tags : City Of Fallen Angels Clary Fray Lost Love
Source : City of Fallen Angels

104. “My room is so quiet and empty it hurts.”

Tags : Lost Nina Lacour Sad Suicide
Author : Nina LaCour
Source : Hold Still

105. “I thought you were gone forever, I thought you’d walked away from everything, because I failed, because I destroyed the only thing that ever mattered to me. I waited for you to come, but you didn’t.”

Tags : Hurt Lost Love
Source : Halo

106. “Yeah, but the lost diadem," said Michael Corner, rolling his eyes, "is lost, Luna. That's sort of the point.”

Tags : Diadem Humor Lost Luna Lovegood Michael Corner Ravenclaw
Author : J.K. Rowling
Source : Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

107. “I half closed my eyes and imagined this was the spot where everything I'd ever lost since my childhood had washed up, and I was now standing here in front of it, and if I waited long enough, a tiny figure would appear on the horizon across the field and gradually get larger until I'd see it was Tommy, and he'd wave, and maybe even call.”

Tags : Lost Love Norfolk
Source : Never Let Me Go

108. “Getting lost is just another way of saying 'going exploring.”

Tags : Lost
Author : Justina Chen
Source : North of Beautiful

109. “You get use to someone—start to like them, even—and they leave. In the end, everyone leaves.”

Tags : End Gone Goodbye Leaving Lost Love Pain
Author : Rachel Ward
Source : Numbers

110. “There is love of course. And then there's life, its enemy.”

Tags : Life Lost Love
Author : Jean Anouilh

111. “No one compares to you, but there's no you, except in my dreams tonight.”

Tags : Lost Lost Love Love Lyrics Romance
Author : Lana Del Rey

112. “You'll never be able to let him go. You'll always feel wrong about being with me.”

Tags : Gale Katniss Letting Go Lost Love Mockingjay
Source : Mockingjay

113. “Believe in your dreams even when they seem lost”

Tags : Believe Dreams Hayley Williams Lost Paramore

114. “You will never be lost to me, Selinne.”

Tags : Being Loved Being Seen Devoted Forever Love Friendship And Love Lost Loyalty Never Forgotten Thinking Of You
Author : Emm Cole
Source : Merminia

115. “I never even heard her voice."And after a while:"It is a strange grief."Softly:"To die of nostalgia for something you never lived.”

Tags : Gone Grief Grief Inspirational Life Living Lost Love Nostalgia Past Regret Sad Sadness Strange Timelessness Times

116. “Even knowing that my presence brought a shadow over the lives of my loved ones, I can't regret the experiences I've had with them. They gave me life, becoming an integral part of my soul. They healed me when I was broken and somehow they recovered those parts of me, I thought lost forever.”

Tags : Broken Experience Family Forever Heal Life Lost Recover Soul
Author : J.D. Stroube
Source : Caged by Damnation

117. “The secret to happiness is not to try to solve everything on your own. Not to hide pain in a way that it get lost in you. But you have to find ways of dealing with your problems than avoiding them thinking they will go away. Science states every object will remain stationery unless force is applied to it. So as the problem. It will always remain there in your life, unless you do something about it.”

Tags : Away Behaviour Encouragement Goals Hurt Joy Joyful Kyos Magupe Leadership Living Optimist Pain Problem Problems Resolution Right Science Teach Theory Thinking Thoughts Ways Wisdom Wise Words Words

118. “The more death, the more birth. People are entering, others are exiting. The cry of a baby, the mourning of others. When others cry, the other are laughing and making merry. The world is mingled with sadness, joy, happiness, anger, wealth, poverty, etc.”

Tags : Birth Burial Casket Celebrate Ceremony Christmas Coffin Crying Death Different People Funeral Happiness Hope Life Lost Mind Psyche Psychic Re Incarnation Rituals Sadness Soul Tears Thoughts Ups And Down

119. “I come to a red light, tempted to go through it, then stop once I see a billboard sign that I don’t remember seeing and I look up at it. All it says is 'Disappear Here' and even though it’s probably an ad for some resort, it still freaks me out a little and I step on the gas really hard and the car screeches as I leave the light.”

Tags : Car Clay Light Los Angeles Lost Meaning Meaninglessness Signs Youth
Source : Less Than Zero

120. “We were all born to be peaceful citizens of the world. Take care of your global garden and do not allow evil gardeners to try and convince you which flowers are ugly and which should be destroyed. This is God's universe and he is the master gardener of all. If you see ugliness in his creations, then you see ugliness in our Creator. Wake up. If we eliminate all colors in his garden, then what would be a rainbow with only one color? And what would be a garden with only one kind of flower? Why would the Creator create a vast assortment of plants, ethnicities, and animals, if only one beast or seed is to dominate all of existence?”

Tags : Animals Beast Citzens Of The World Colors Creation Creator Equality Evil Flower Garden Gardener God Humanity Life Lost Mankind Nature Peace Peaceful Plants Seeds Suzy Kassem Quotes Universe
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

121. “Jeeter?" Grace whispered into her walkie-talkie. "Are you awake?" She waited.A few weeks ago, she and Jeeter had started chatting on their walkie-talkies late at night when she couldn't sleep. He always answered her call no matter how late it was."I'm here," his voice echoed back. "Trouble sleeping again?""Yeah.""Another bad dream?""Uh-huh," she sniffed, unexpected tears flooding her eyes. My dad was calling for me, but I couldn't find him." She couldn't believe she'd said it. She'd never told anyone what she saw in her dreams. But Jeeter understood. He'd told her before that he had bad dreams too, since his mom had died.”

Tags : Bad Dream Canada Cape Breton Dad Dream Father Fear Friendship Grief Growing Up Kids Late Loss Lost Love Night Nightmare Secret Sydney Mines Teen Truth Understand Walkie Talkie
Author : Jo Ann Yhard
Source : The Fossil Hunter of Sydney Mines

122. “When you get lost in a really strange place, nothing is more comforting than found your friend whom you trust and can show the way.”

Tags : Comfort Friend Lost Place Strange Trust Way
Author : Toba Beta
Source : My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

123. “A love letter lost in the mail, forgotten, miss delivered and then discovered years later and received by the intended is romantic. A love letter ending up in someone's spam filter is just annoying.”

Tags : Annoying Bj Neblett Discovered Forgotten Letters Lost Love Mail Romance Spam
Author : B.J. Neblett

124. “Zoe let the poetry flow over her, like shadows on water, sunlight against stone: timeworn words shaped like stars, like shells, like the ruins of lost temples, soft as the breaths of mystics.”

Tags : Breaths Lost Mystic Poetry Ruins Shadows Shells Stars Stone Sunlight Water Words
Source : The Glass Puzzle

125. “Eliza: The problem with YOU is that you don't take the RESPONSIBILITY for [email protected] You think you can just run around, doing whatever you want to whoever you want, and that it's going to be fine. That everything is just going to be TAKE CARE of for you, with no consequences.Cooper: No. I don't, and I have had consequences from what happened with me and you.Eliza: Yeah? Like what?Cooper: I lost you, that was my consequence.”

Tags : Consequences Hurt Lost Love Responsibility
Source : One Night That Changes Everything

126. “You have merories?Lost somebody, which will mean he has died or something is going and you can't stop it the time eats so he dies...You lost a lot of choices??Did you...As far as I can tell, I think that I'm rich. I have one treasure and that's it, it's fill with such stuff.”

Tags : Action Better Choices Dicission Lost Rich Stuff Treasure
Author : Deyth Banger

127. “I write for pages,get lost in the mezzaninehidden from stages.”

Tags : Audience Haiku Hidden Lost My Way Pages Private Shy

128. “There was this saying that kept on haunting her mind – tears make you seem weak. And she wasn’t weak. It was just that sometimes when she was all alone, it had made everything seemed so much real and convincing.”

Tags : Fear Of Unknown Lost Reality Tears
Author : Diyar Harraz
Source : One Minute to Midnight

129. “We don't know where we come from and where we go, we fill the missing links with whatever our imaginations can provide us”

Tags : Bangambiki Habyarimana Imagination Life Life And Death Life And Living Life Experience Life Philosophy Life Quotations Life Quote Life Quotes Life Quotes And Sayings Lost Meaning Of Life Missing Links Real Life Real Life Drama Real Life Endings Real Life Facts Real Life Situations Real Life Struggle Source Of Life Sweet Life The Great Pearl Of Wisdom Uncertainity Unpredictable
Source : Pearls Of Eternity

130. “You lost your son, but reality he is alive, my father I lost him I know on 99% he is dead if this is faken okay, I will know that he is alive, but who knows?? I haven't met him after I lost him, you met your son didn't you?? And then you lost him, it sounds fair does it?? (Storm Of The Century by Stephen King)”

Tags : Century Dead Different Places Different Times Does Faken Father It King Lost Of Son Stephen Stephen King Steven Storm Storm Of The Century
Author : Deyth Banger

131. “I Think it is lost.....but nothing is ever lost nor can be lost .The body sluggish, aged, cold, the ember left from earlier fires shall duly flame again.”

Tags : Lost Lost Love Lovers The Notebook
Author : Walt Whitman

132. “Espere" in Spanish, is the one word covering two meanings: "waiting" and "hoping". If life, however, offers no expectation or prospect, waiting represents time "wasted”. Waiting needs a future. If not, time is condemned to be "killed". In the event that we are lost in a gap of boredom and despair, we are driven back in a vacuum of senselessness and deadlocked in a point of nothingness. We are, so therefore, bound to watch the agony of "time". ("Waiting for a place behind the geraniums " )”

Tags : Boredom Bound Condemned Despair Driven Expectation Future Gap Geraniums Killed Life Lost Meanings Need Nothingness Point Prospect Senselessness Spanish Therefore Time Waiting Wasted Watch

133. “I pulled the sheet off their faces. Their faces were black with coal dust and didn't look like anything was wrong with them except they were dirty. The both of them had smiles on their faces. I thought maybe one of them had told a joke just before they died and, pain and all, they both laughed and ended up with a smile. Probably not true but but it made me feel good to think about it like that, and when the Sister came in I asked her if I could clean their faces and she said, "no, certainly not!" but I said, "ah, c'mon, it's me brother n' father, I want to," and she looked at me and looked at me, and at last she said, "of course, of course, I'll get some soap and water."When the nun came back she helped me. Not doing it, but more like showing me how, and taking to me, saying things like "this is a very handsome man" and "you must have been proud of your brother" when I told her how Charlie Dave would fight for me, and "you're lucky you have another brother"; of course I was, but he was younger and might change, but she talked to me and made it all seem normal, the two of us standing over a dead face and cleaning the grit away. The only other thing I remember a nun ever saying to me was, "Mairead, you get to your seat, this minute!”

Tags : Accident Black Canada Cape Breton Coal Mine Depression Friendship Grief Grit Hospital Lonely Lost Mine Mourning Nova Scotia Nun Religion Rock Sadness Smile Soul Teenage Wash
Source : The Glace Bay Miners' Museum: The Novel

134. “She was always looking for guarantees in a world of none.”

Tags : Delusions Guarantees Hopeless Life Lost Promises She World
Author : Crystal Woods
Source : Write like no one is reading

135. “Life is a repeated cycle of getting lost and then finding yourself again. There are many smaller cycles within that cycle where you get lost to a smaller degree and then remember yourself again. Sometimes you do it to yourself on purpose, consciously or unconsciously. Every time you get lost it is so that you can learn something or experience something from a different perspective.”

Tags : Cycle Cycles Experience Finding Learn Life Lost Perspective Remember Yourself
Author : Jay Woodman

136. “When we feel lost in time, with only shadows of the past living in our mind; when the moment, which “was", no longer "is” and when only silence remains, loads of questions arise. We can cry a river or we may wonder: “What went wrong?”

Tags : Arise Cry Feel Is Living Loads Lost Mind Moment No Longer Past Questions Remain River Shadows Silence Time Was Wonder Wrong

137. “For change to occur in us, we must be willing to enter the wilderness of the unknown and to wander in unfamiliar territory, directionless and often in the darkness....We do not need to keep every little thing under control. In fact, we find ourselves only by allowing some falling apart to happen.”

Tags : Abuse Survivors Change Falling Apart Fear Of Change Healing Healing From Abuse Healing Insights Losing Control Lost Recovery From Abuse Unfamiliar Territory
Author : Maureen Brady
Source : Beyond Survival: A Writing Journey for Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse

138. “Be lost. Give up. Give In. in the end It would be better to surrender before you begin. be lost. Be lost And then you will not care if you are ever found.”

Tags : Better Care Found Give In Give Up In The End Lost Surrender
Source : Vicious

139. “I've never been lost, but I was mighty turned around for three days once.”

Tags : Comical Confused Lost
Author : Daniel Boone

140. “Most people believe the journey they begin with Christ goes forward, but that is not how he works. A spiritual life is not cutting ties with people, in order to walk clean in the future. The journey home isn't running away from obstacles. It is learning to stand where you are now and handle people, assert yourself, set boundaries and never feel your happiness is dependent on another person's approval of your choices, beliefs or spiritual needs.”

Tags : Apologizing Clarity Closure Dealing Denial False Expectations Life Living For God Lost Maturity Moving Forward Restitution Running Away

141. “You will never win an unfair competition since the reward is meaningless.”

Tags : Competition Fairness Game Heart Loss Lost Love Meaningless Meaninglessness Price Reward Unfair Win Won
Author : Cass van Krah

142. “My sister is running away to get lost, but I am running away because I want to find something. And my parents love me so much that they want to help me. Yeah, Dad is a drunk and Mom is an ex-drunk, but they don't want their kids to be drunks.”

Tags : Drunk Find Something Help Kids Lost Parents Running Away Sister To Be
Source : The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

143. “We are not lonely, because we chose to be alone.We are not lost, because we chose to disappear.”

Tags : Alone Alone But Not Lonely Choice Disappear Disappearance Disappearing Loneliness Lonely Lost
Author : Steven Wilson

144. “Nein, man spürt nichts. Es fehlt einem eben nur etwas. Und jeden Tag fehlt einem mehr, wenn man davon einmal befallen ist. Bald werden wir gar nicht mehr vorhanden sein.”

Tags : Emptiness Fear Feelings Lost Missing Something Nothingness Pain
Author : Michael Ende
Source : The Neverending Story

145. “He said he was going to fix everything and I believed him. But I believed him before and again some. And I guess I got lost in the resentment of disbelief.”

Tags : Aftermath Believing Disbelief Fixing Oneself Hurt Lost Love Quote Relationship Resentment Sad Sadness

146. “Sometimes I wonder, that one missing sock after doing laundry, is the smart one. After being unhappy for so long, it finally walks away from a frayed, worn-out relationship.”

Tags : Away Broken Marriage Clothes Cotton Couple Depart Depressed Disappear Feet Frayed Go Laundry Long Lost Missing Sock Pair Relationship Sad Shoe Smart Sock Sorrowful Vanish Walks Away Withdraw Worn Out Wretched

147. “…Do you think there’s somewhere else, some other place to go after this one?” Mandy blurted out.“You mean when you die, where will you end up?” Alecto asked her. “…I wouldn’t know… back to whatever void there is, I suppose.”“I’ve thought about it… every living thing dies alone, it’ll be lonely after death,” Mandy sighed sadly. “That freaks me out, does it scare you?”“I don't want to be alone,” Alecto replied wearily. “We won’t be, though. We’ll be dead, so we’ll just be darkness, not much else, just memories, nostalgia and darkness.”“I don’t want to be any of that either though,” Mandy exclaimed, bursting into tears and crying, keeping her eyes to the floor, her voice shaky as she spoke to him. “When we die, we’ll still be nothing, the world will still be nothing, everything’ll just be nothing!”“You’re real though, at least that’s something,” Alecto pointed out, holding his hand out in front of her. Smiling miserably, Mandy took his hand in her own and sat there beside him quietly.”

Tags : Darkness Dead Death Depression Disturbing Dying Frightened Funeral Grief Grim Heaven Imagination Kill Lost Misery Nirvana Nostalgia Purgatory Sadness Scary Spooky Time Truth Void
Source : Smog City

148. “Home was never a dream for homeless people as they used to have their homes. Living in a home was their reality. Now we need to help them to find the lost-reality again.”

Tags : Find Help Helping Others Helping People Home Homeless Homeless People Homelessness Lost Need Reality Reality Of Life Their
Author : Munia Khan

149. “I'm pretty lost in becoming all this frost. Bitter, like Winter. Strung-out like a string of pearls.”

Tags : Bitterness Coldness Despair Frost Hopelessness Lost Pearls Poetry Sadness Winter

150. “And I know I’ve lost.Everything is lost.Everything is over.“As the newly appointed President of this fair planet of ours,” the Mayor says, holding out his hands as if to show me the world for the first time,” let me be the very first to welcome you to its new capital city.”“Todd?” Viola whispers, her eyes closed.I hold her tightly to me.“I’m sorry,” I whisper to her. “I’m so sorry.”We’ve run right into a trap.We’ve run right off the end of the world.“Welcome,” says the Mayor,” to the New Prentisstown.”

Tags : End Lost New Prentisstown Trap
Author : Patrick Ness
Source : The Knife of Never Letting Go

151. “God has given me both the right and privilege to outrun Him if I so choose. Yet, if I do so, I will have lost the race.”

Tags : Accept Bible Christian Christianity Embrace God Ignore Lost Privilege Race Reject Right

152. “Dad says that everyone invented baklava.” It occurs to me now to wonder what that means. Aunt Aya rolls her eyes.“Your father? He is the worst of the worst. He thinks he cooks and eats Arabic food but these walnuts were not grown from Jordanian earth and this butter was not made from Jordanian lambs. He is eating the shadow of a memory. He cooks to remember but the more he eats, the more he forgets.”

Tags : Baking Food Home Lost
Source : The Language of Baklava: A Memoir

153. “Well, we're originally from Glace Bay."Grandma Elsie's eyes glittered. She was looking at one of her own, a lost Cape Bretoner in need of help and offering a new story. "Tell me all about it, dear.”

Tags : Canada Cape Breton Caper Community Glace Bay Grandma Help Kindness Legend Lost Nova Scotia Story Travel
Source : Twin Loyalties: From the Chronicles of Tar Ponds City

154. “What I have learned lately is that people deal with death in all sorts of ways. Some of us fight against it, doing everything we can to make it not true. Some of us lose our selves to grief. Some of us lose ourselves to anger.”

Tags : Anger Coping With Death Death Fight Gone Grief Lost Love
Author : Carrie Jones
Source : Entice

155. “There's not a day that goes by, without me thinking of you, dying, in someone else's arms.”

Tags : Alone Arms Day And Night Dying Ex Gone In The End Lost Memories Missing Someone Past Regrets Take Back Taken Thinking Thoughts Time Wishing

156. “…I’m afraid of what the digital age will do to the world, to the things we think are important… it’s almost like people want to believe in some illusion that they’re robots and forget altogether that they’re real, living people… but everything these days is disposable, even people themselves, and that’s why I’m afraid for the world,” Mandy confessed, looking depressed and worried.“So am I… but I’ll still watch all of it as the world dooms itself, because I want to see how it ends, and whether or not they’ll be intelligent enough to forget all of this digital illusion afterwards,” Alecto explained. “I’m sure that they’ll be able to realize how wrong it all is… even though the idiots outnumber most people these days, there are still enough intelligent people to fight against it.”

Tags : Analog Apocalypse Canada Cell Phone Digital Dystopian Earth Environmental Gone Grief Hopeless Horror Human Lost Next Generation Nova Scotia Robots Scary Technology
Source : Smog City

157. “When I was a child, all problems had ended with a single word from my father. A smile from him was sunshine, his scowl a bolt of thunder. He was smart, and generous, and honorable without fail. He could exile a trespasser, check my math homework, and fix the leaky bathroom sink, all before dinner. For the longest time, I thought he was invincible. Above the petty problems that plagued normal people.And now he was gone.”

Tags : Death Father Faythe Sanders Lost Love
Source : Alpha

158. “Unable to see, they were briefly seized by the characteristic Prague anxiety of never finding the entrance--of arriving at one's goal but remaining blocked from it by a wall or a stone on account of having overlooked an alley or medieval door a few dozen yards back, which has served as the approach so immemorially that no one any longer marked or described it.”

Tags : Lost Prague
Author : Caleb Crain
Source : Necessary Errors

159. “A lost road will remember your footsteps because someday you may want to return, tracing the way.”

Tags : Back Footstep Footsteps Get Lost May Might Path Remember Return Road Road Quotes Roads Someday Trace Want Way
Author : Munia Khan

160. “They were both lost in cities that would not pause even to shrug”

Tags : Bangladesh Foreign Immigration London Lost Society
Author : Monica Ali
Source : Brick Lane

161. “Sometimes it's your fragrance that comes to me, out of the blue, on a crowded road in a Sunday afternoon.But more often, it's memories of us that cross my mind almost every lone evening.All I want is to lessen the pain I feel every night.But every morning I wake up is another day, hopeless and miserable, with nothing but a deafening silence, a wave of tears, memories and your absence.”

Tags : Blue Break Ups Day Deafening Death Grief Heart Hopeless Hurt Leave Lonely Lost Love Loveless Melancholy Memories Miserable Missing Morning Relationships Tears Without You

162. “He nods, then squints across the room. "Not all those who wander are lost," he says. He's still squinting. I wonder if he's practiced this squint - a squint-stare off into the metaphysical distance. I'm realizing he's kind of handsome. But then again, it might just be that he cares about something."What is that?" I ask. "Did Jesus Christ say that?""No," he says. "Bilbo Baggins said that.”

Tags : Bilbo Baggins Lost Metaphysical
Source : The Universe in Miniature in Miniature

163. “From birth to death and further onAs we were born and introduced into this world,We had a gift hard to express by wordAnd somewhere in our continuous road,It kind of lost it sense and turned.There was that time we sure remember,When everything was now and 'till foreverChildren with no worries and no regrets,The only goal was making a few friends.But later on everything has changed,By minds that had it all arrangedTo bring the people into stress,Into creating their own mess.We have been slaved by our own mind,Turned into something out of our kindSlowly faded away from the present time,Forced to believe in lies, in fights and crime.They made it clearly a fight of the ego,A never ending war that won't just goThey made it a competitive game,To seek selfish materialistic fame.They turned us one against eachother,Man against man, brother against brotherDividing us by religion and skin color,Making us fight to death over a dollar.Making us lose ourselves in sadly thoughts,Wasting our days by living in the pastDepressed and haunted by the memories,And yet still hoping to fly in our dreams.Some of us tried learning how to dance,Step after step, giving our soul a new chanceSome of us left our ego vanish into sounds,Thus being aware of our natural bounce.Some tried expressing in their rhymes,The voice of a generation which never diesThey reached eternity through poetryLeaving the teachings that shall fulfill the prophecyOthers have found their way through spirituality,Becoming conscious of the human dualitySeeking the spiritual enlightenment,Of escaping an ego-oriented fightingScience, philosophy, religion,Try to explain the human origin.Maybe changes are yet to come,And it shall be better for someDeath's for the spirit not an end,But a relieving of the embodimentSo I believe that furthermore,We'll understand the power of our soulBut leaving behind all we know,And all that we might not yet knowIt all resumes to that certain truth,That we all seek to once conclude.”

Tags : Aware Born Brother Changes Children Conscious Depressed Embodiment Enlightenment Eternity Everything Fame Forever Game Generation Goal Kind Memories Philosophy Poetry Prophecy Remember Rhymes Science Selfish Sense Sounds Spiritual Time

164. “I did not know I was on a search for passionate aliveness. I only knew I was lonely and lost and that something was drawing me deeper beneath the surface of my life in search of meaning. There is a hunger in people to go to those deep depths; to know that our lives are sacred; that our hearts are truly capable of love. It is a yearning to be all the we can be. A longing for what is real.”

Tags : Living Lonely Lost Meaning Passion Passionate Passionate Aliveness Passionate Living Search For Meaning
Author : Anne Hillman
Source : The Dancing Animal Woman

165. “The Saviour is seeking to save.”

Tags : Christian Christianity Lost Saviour Seek Self Realization

166. “My heart is lost; the beasts have eaten it.”

Tags : Beasts Charles Baudelaire Conversations Eat Eaten Heart Les Fleurs Du Mal Lost Poem Poetry The Flowers Of Evil
Source : Les Fleurs du Mal

167. “When in doubt, follow the senses of beasts.”

Tags : Animals Beasts Doubt Guidance Lost Senses
Source : The Gray Isles

168. “Her mouth set. "I've already lost one man I loved tonight. I will not lose the other." She glared at him. "And curse you, you stone head, for making me say it first.”

Tags : Anger Death First First Love Funny Funny Love Funny Romance Head Lost Love Loved Romance Stone Stone Head
Source : The Hero's Lot

169. “I danced as he twirled in and out of consciousness, and there we were, one in love and the other astray.”

Tags : Confused Consciousness Dance Dazed Feelings Lost Love Quote Relationship Sad Thoughts Twirl Unconsciousness

170. “Pandora's Box could not be unopened, no one could return to Eden.”

Tags : Cursed Destiny Disillusionment Doom Doomed Eden Erotic Erotica Fate Fates Fear Greek Mythology Lost Meant To Be Omen Paradise Predestination Regret Regrets Religion Selena Kitt
Author : Selena Kitt
Source : Temptation

171. “I should feel energized and powerful, invulnerable and potent, but all I feel is lost.”

Tags : Energy Invulnerability Kelly Thompson Lola Lost Potency Power Sorrow The Girl Who Would Be King Villain
Source : The Girl Who Would Be King

172. “Before this generation lose the wisdom, one advice - read books.”

Tags : 21St Century Quotes Advice Advise Book Books Generation Inspiration Inspirational Lose Lost Love Modern Modern Life Modern Quotations Modern Society Modern Times Modernism Modernity Modernization Motivational Motivational Quotes Read Read Book Reading Reading Books Reading Habits Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

173. “The human civilization has gone extremely so far; that in return, we have lost the line between stupidity and spirituality.”

Tags : Extremely Human Civilization Lost Spirituality Stupidity

174. “If you lose your integrity, you will also lose your identity, your sensitivity and your dignity. Integrity is honesty, modesty and security in all kinds of weather. It should be our priority!”

Tags : Decency Decent Dignity Directive Diretion Don T Lie Fame Honesty Honour Identity Insecure Insecurity Integrity Kinds Kinds Of Liar Lie Lose Lost Obey Secure Security Sense Sensitive Sensitivity Truthful Weather

175. “If a man says he is Christian, yet he has no problems knocking you up, having premarital sex or living in sin with you, then you have to ask yourself, “What version of Christ does he believe in?”

Tags : Apostasy Blinded Christian Behavior Fake Christians Fools Jaded Lost Morality Premarital Sex Sinners Traditional Values

176. “Faith has won it! Fear has lost it! When you get full of faith, the devil gets filled with fear! Keep your faith in light every day and you will keep the devil in fright always!”

Tags : Afraid Belief Believe Believe In God Believe In Yourself Devil Don T Be Afraid Every Day Everyday Faith Faith Has Won Faithful Fear Fear Lost It Fearful Filled Food For Thought Fright Full Have Faith Israelmore Ayivor Keep The Faith Light Lose Lost Win The Game Winner Winning
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

177. “When you feel like there is nothing else matter, you just feel like unable to breath because you finally realise that even the oxygen you're breathing is polluted.”

Tags : Careless Dead Life Lost Suffocation
Author : Sara Keddar

178. “The love that I believe in is something that goes beyond the physical aspects of this world. The love that I believe is one that extends its energy and power through the beautiful souls that I encounter along the way, a love that can be seen in the eyes of a little dog or in the confusion of a cute lost cat who wants to be worshiped like a Goddess. This kind of love goes through a divine crafting of a person's inner self, through personal experience and thousands of years of tears and strength, that can only be seen in the familiar eyes of old souls, the eyes that recognize each other even after long times of separation, the eyes that find themselves familiar with places they have probably been to before, but that nevertheless bring great memories with every visit. This kind of love sees hope in the eyes of new-born children that know way much more than they are capable of putting into words and that bring with their innocence a smile on each person's face who'd wish they could start again. The love that I see when I look at you is a love which has roots deep inside each of us, but that needs care and light to grow and unfold its branches so that they can reach outside of ourselves and even further beyond the skies.”

Tags : Beyond Branches Crafting Dog Energy Experience Extends Grow Kind Light Lost Love New Born Personal Places Recognize Root Smile Something Soul Souls Unfold Visit World Worship

179. “Even thou we know one day. We will all pass away, But death come as a shock to all of us . Reason is we never ready to lose the ones close to us and the ones close to our heart.”

Tags : Accept Advice Attitude Body Character Crying Death Encouragement Funeral Heart Heaven Inspiration Kyos Magupe Leader Life Life Lessons Mind Motivation Pain Philosopher Philosophy R I P Rip Sad Suffering Teachings

180. “Yo can always take back the lost parts of yourself if you can find and recognize them.”

Tags : Lost Recognize

181. “I came "here" to get "there." Do I have any fucking clue what "there" is? Hell the fuck no. I'm just trying to live in a world of the dead.”

Tags : Here Lost Negan Survival There Zombies
Source : The Walking Dead, Vol. 26: Call to Arms

182. “... As far I did it... I lost playing against my computer... and I won against my computer. So far that was well played game.”

Tags : Against As Did Far Game I It Lost My Playing
Author : Deyth Banger

183. “The real friends are out there on you won, on your lost and on your special days. If they aren't there, take it like they aren't your friends, find other friends. This are fake!”

Tags : Days Fake Friends Lost On Real So Special This Won
Author : Deyth Banger

184. “The reason my life has wandered to nowhere is likely due to the fact that the focus of the moment has dictated the destination of my life, when the destination of my life should have been dictating the focus of the moment.”

Tags : Calling Destination Dictating Focus Fool Foolish Goal Impulse Impulsive Journey Life Life Journey Lost Meaning Misdirected Mission Moment Proactive Purpose Reactive Role Wisdom Wise

185. “People speak broken Swahili on purpose. Business people for instance will speak Sheng – a mixture of Swahili and English – because that’s what people want to hear. And what is the government doing? They speak broken Swahili most of the time. Swahili is getting lost and I am really sorry for the future generations.”

Tags : Broken Swahili Business Business People English Future Generations Government Hear Lost People Purpose Sheng Sorry Speak Swahili

186. “When people want to win they will go to desperate extremes. However, anyone that has already won in life has come to the conclusion that there is no game. There is nothing but learning in this life and it is the only thing we take with us to the grave—knowledge. If you only understood that concept then your heart wouldn’t break so bad. Jealousy or revenge wouldn’t be your ambition. Stepping on others to raise yourself up wouldn’t be a goal. Competition would be left on the playing field, and your freedom from what other people think about you would light the pathway out of hell.”

Tags : Bad Choices Caring Too Much Conclusions Contradictions Evolution Faith Freedom Freeman Friends Guardian Angels Happiness Helping Others Heritage Hidden Agendas Houston Introspection Jealousy Lack Of Integrity Life Life Stories Overcoming Perception Plans Quality Of Life Stayingpositiveu Com Winning

187. “The dark sky.A hundred million stars.More stars than I’ve ever seen before. My eyes let me see farther, but they don’t show me the one thing I want to see. I would trade all the stars in the universe if I could just have him back again.Wind whistles through the trees nearby. Birdsong weaves in and out of the sound.The hybrids emerge from the communication building, heads tilted to the sky.And then we see the end.Godspeed’s engine was nuclear; who knows what fueled the biological weapons. But they explode together. In space, they don’t make the familiar mushroom cloud. They don’t make the boom! of an exploding bomb.There is, against the dark sky, a brief flash of light. It is filled with colors, like a nebula or the aurora borealis, bursting like a popped bubble.Nothing else—no sound of an explosion, no tremors in the earth, no smell of smoke. Not here, on the surface of the planet.Nothing else to signify Elder’s death.Just light.And then it’s gone.And then he’s gone.”

Tags : Across The Universe Atu Series Aurora Burst Dead Death Elder Galaxy Gone Lost Nebula Shades Of Earth Sky Stars Universe
Author : Beth Revis
Source : Shades of Earth

188. “You see herand ascend into love. You become enchanted, a found madman. In your love,you lose yourself and become her. You were once without her, now with her. You still feel her and descend into love. You become enraptured, a lost madman. In your love,you lost yourself and her. You were once with her, nowwithout her.”

Tags : Ascend Become Break Up Breaking Up Crazy Descend Enchant Enchanted Enraptured Ex Falling In Love Feel Found Lost Love Loved Lover Loves Madman Pain Painful Poem She With Without

189. “Now, after so many years, I understand what the Coldness was and where it came from—this sense that everything is lost, and worthless, and meaningless.”

Tags : Coldness Lost Meaningless Worthless
Author : Lauren Oliver
Source : Delirium

190. “Every day is a new opportunity to earn the lost values, but not for an apathetic.”

Tags : Apathetic Lost Opportunity Values

191. “He knew there were no forevers and there was always a way out, yet he lost his way, lost his balance.”

Tags : Forever Lost Way
Author : Loretta Chase
Source : Your Scandalous Ways

192. “Piety /pi•e•ty/ (modern definition)1. When you use Christ’s teachings to put someone in their place out of anger and self-righteousness. It is the number two reason people leave the faith. The first is pride.”

Tags : Blindsighted Clever Cunning Evil Doing Evilness False Righteousness Inactive Members Losing Faith Loss Of Holy Ghost Lost Need To Be Right Obvious Piety Pious Relgion Sacralige Satan S Tools Silver Tounged Twisted Scriptures Vengeful Very Lost Worst Thing You Can Do

193. “Obviously, a lot of people involved with Volkswagen's emissions were aware of the diesel car software cheat. One has to wonder how many of them tried to stop it and perhaps were demoted or lost their jobs over trying to prevent the secret Volkswagen car emissions fraud?”

Tags : Aware Car Cheat Demoted Diesel Emissions Fraud Involved Job Lost Lot Many Obviously People Perhaps Prevent Secret Software Stop Tried Trying Volkswagen Vw Wonder
Author : Steven Magee

194. “The truth is: I was lost in him. I had gone from losing one of the most important people in my life and then losing someone I loved a month later. I wrapped myself in people, in lust, in the idea of love. I met him and I met a gentlemen, and when I found out who he truly was, I was still in love with the gentleman and justified all of his actions.”

Tags : Beginnings And Endings Couple False Appearances Gentleman Lost Love Opinion Quote Relationship Thoughts Truth

195. “But there is one part of this that hurts. The carefree, normal part. The part of me that was lost when we first moved and that I'll never get back.”

Tags : Carefree Hurt Lost Normal
Author : Ashley Elston
Source : The Rules for Disappearing

196. “As I turned to leave, I looked down. Beside my foot, a sprout of greenery was clawing its way through the pristine nothingness to begin anew. It was later that I realized my haven had sent me a message, and it had shown me that nothing is ever completely lost, unless you cease searching.”

Tags : Epiphany Gaze Haven Leave Look Lost Message Metaphor New Pristine Sanctuary Search Series Seven Show Understanding
Author : J.D. Stroube
Source : Epiphany

197. “The mind is a universe and can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.”

Tags : Heaven And Hell Hell Lost Milton Paradise
Author : John Milton

198. “Waste your money and you're only out of money, but waste your time and you've lost a part of your life.”

Tags : Inspirational Life Lost Money Time Waste

199. “A lost person or article is still what it is, still valuable in itself, but in the wrong place, disconnected from its purpose and unable to be or do whatever it is intended to be or do.”

Tags : Calling Catholic Lost Purpose Religion Value Worth
Author : David Winter
Source : What's in a Word

200. “I had to work so hard to find myself again, Alexandr." There was pain in her voice. "I was so lost without you. You left me raw and wounded and trapped in a dark place with no windows or doors. I didn't know how to live without you. I didn't know how to smile or feel or be. It took almost two years before I really accepted that it was over and I had to find a way to go on. I made myself strong. I'm alive again. I can wake up some mornings and be happy. I can look at the ocean and find peace again. Now you're asking me to risk everything all over again and I'm not certain I could survive if it all came crashing down.”

Tags : Accept Go On Happy Lost Love Peace
Source : Oceans of Fire