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1. “A truth that's told with bad intentBeats all the lies you can invent.”

Tags : Lies Logic Philosophy Religion Truth
Author : William Blake
Source : Auguries of Innocence

2. “Mathematics expresses values that reflect the cosmos, including orderliness, balance, harmony, logic, and abstract beauty.”

Tags : Abstract Balance Beauty Cosmos Deepak Chopra Energy Harmony Life Logic Math Mathematics Mind Mirrror Order Orderliness Peace Quote Quotes Reflaction Reflect Universal Universe Value Values Wisdom
Author : Deepak Chopra

3. “If you can’t define something you have no formal rational way of knowing that it exists. Neither can you really tell anyone else what it is. There is, in fact, no formal difference between inability to define and stupidity.”

Tags : Definitions Irrationality Language Logic Rational Thought Stupidity
Source : Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values

4. “Does it look like I have stupid written across my forehead”

Tags : Be Yourself Logic Philosophy Stupidity

5. “If it doesn't make sense, it's usually not true.”

Tags : Humor Judge Judy Logic

6. “As hatred is defined as intense dislike, what is wrong with inciting intense dislike of a religion, if the activities or teachings of that religion are so outrageous, irrational or abusive of human rights that they deserve to be intensely disliked?”

Tags : Atheism Cults Hatred Human Rights Liberty Logic Morality Prejudice Superstition

7. “For, after all, how do we know that two and two make four? Or that the force of gravity works? Or that the past is unchangeable? If both the past and the external world exist only in the mind, and if the mind itself is controllable – what then?”

Tags : Ethics Logic Metaphysics Ontology Philosophy Psychology Science
Author : George Orwell
Source : 1984

8. “I suppose therefore that all things I see are illusions; I believe that nothing has ever existed of everything my lying memory tells me. I think I have no senses. I believe that body, shape, extension, motion, location are functions. What is there then that can be taken as true? Perhaps only this one thing, that nothing at all is certain.”

Tags : Ethics Logic Metaphysics Ontology Philosophy Psychology Science

9. “Kindness is strength. Good-nature is often mistaken for virtue, and good health sometimes passes for genius. Anger blows out the lamp of the mind. In the examination of a great and important question, every one should be serene, slow-pulsed, and calm. Intelligence is not the foundation of arrogance. Insolence is not logic. Epithets are the arguments of malice.”

Tags : Anger Arrogance Epithets Genius Good Nature Insolence Intelligence Kindness Logic Malice Serene Strength Virtue
Source : The Christian Religion An Enquiry

10. “All opinions are not equal. Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others.”

Tags : Equality Life Logic Opinions
Author : Douglas Adams
Source : The Salmon of Doubt

11. “At first, they'll only dislike what you say, but the more correct you start sounding the more they'll dislike you.”

Tags : Arguing Argumentation Avoidance Challenge Challenger Contempt Controversy Correct Debate Debating Denial Despise Dislike Encouragement Ignorance Inspirational Like Logic Offensive Opinions People Reason Truth Truth Telling
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

12. “I mean, you could claim that anything's real if the only basis for believing in it is that nobody's proved it doesn't exist!”

Tags : Common Sense Hermione Granger Knowledge Logic Reason Skepticism
Author : J.K. Rowling

13. “And thus, the actions of life often not allowing any delay, it is a truth very certain that, when it is not in our power to determine the most true opinions we ought to follow the most probable.”

Tags : Logic Rationality Truth Wisdom
Source : Discourse on Method

14. “To want to tackle everything rationally is irrational.”

Tags : Emotion Kassam Logic Rationality Reminiscence Thought
Author : Ilyas Kassam
Source : Reminiscence of the Present: Spiritual Encounters of the Analytically Insane

15. “We can be the very first generation which fails to see the logic or pride in defining ourselves by anything else but what is found within ourselves: our values”

Tags : Definition Generation Labels Leadership Logic Nationalism Pride Racism Sexism Values

16. “I Am In Love With Myself, With My Heart.”

Tags : Balanced Desition Happy Healthy Individual S Inspirational Love Inspirational Quotes Learning To Love Yourself Life Like Live Logic Major Others Perception Quotes Relation Selfishness Think Who Am I Wisdom Quotes Words You

17. “The logic behind patriotism is a mystery. At least a man who believes that his own family or clan is superior to all others is familiar with more than 0.000003% of the people involved.”

Tags : Belief Country Estimated Estimation Funny Funny But True Humor Inferior Inferiority Irrational Logic Mystery Nation Nationalism Patriot Patriotism Prideful Sarcasm Statistic Stats True
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

18. “If we cut up beasts simply because they cannot prevent us and because we are backing our own side in the struggle for existence, it is only logical to cut up imbeciles, criminals, enemies, or capitalists for the same reasons.”

Tags : Animal Animal Rights Enemies Eugenics Logic
Author : C.S. Lewis
Source : God in the Dock: Essays on Theology and Ethics

19. “We loved with a love that was more than love.”

Tags : Logic Love

20. “It is often argued that religion is valuable because it makes men good, but even if this were true it would not be a proof that religion is true. That would be an extension of pragmatism beyond endurance. Santa Claus makes children good in precisely the same way, and yet no one would argue seriously that the fact proves his existence. The defense of religion is full of such logical imbecilities. The theologians, taking one with another, are adept logicians, but every now and then they have to resort to sophistries so obvious that their whole case takes on an air of the ridiculous. Even the most logical religion starts out with patently false assumptions. It is often argued in support of this or that one that men are so devoted to it that they are willing to die for it. That, of course, is as silly as the Santa Claus proof. Other men are just as devoted to manifestly false religions, and just as willing to die for them. Every theologian spends a large part of his time and energy trying to prove that religions for which multitudes of honest men have fought and died are false, wicked, and against God.”

Tags : Argument Assumptions Atheism Death Devotion Energy Existence False Honesty Humor Imbecility Logic Logicians Martyr Morality Pragmatism Proof Ridiculous Santa Santa Claus Support Truth Value Wicked
Author : H.L. Mencken
Source : Minority Report

21. “What I'd like to read is a scientific review, by a scientific psychologist--if any exists--of 'A Scientific Man and the Bible'. By what route do otherwise sane men come to believe such palpable nonsense? How is it possible for a human brain to be divided into two insulated halves, one functioning normally, naturally and even brilliantly, and the other capable only of such ghastly balderdash which issues from the minds of Baptist evangelists? Such balderdash takes various forms, but it is at its worst when it is religious. Why should this be so? What is there in religion that completely flabbergasts the wits of those who believe in it? I see no logical necessity for that flabbergasting. Religion, after all, is nothing but an hypothesis framed to account for what is evidentially unaccounted for. In other fields such hypotheses are common, and yet they do no apparent damage to those who incline to them. But in the religious field they quickly rush the believer to the intellectual Bad Lands. He not only becomes anaesthetic to objective fact; he becomes a violent enemy of objective fact. It annoys and irritates him. He sweeps it away as something somehow evil...”

Tags : A Scientific Man And The Bible Badlands Balderdash Brain Damage Evangelicals Evangelists Evidence Facts God Of The Gaps Humor Hypothesis Logic Necessity Nonsense Psychologist Religion Sanity Science Scientific Scientific Review Superstition Violence Wit
Author : H.L. Mencken
Source : American Mercury

22. “They thought more before nine a.m. than most people thought all month. I remember once declining cherry pie at dinner, and Rand cocked his head and said, 'Ahh! Iconoclast. Disdains the easy, symbolic patriotism.' And when I tried to laugh it off and said, well, I didn't like cherry cobbler either, Marybeth touched Rand's arm: 'Because of the divorce. All those comfort foods, the desserts a family eats together, those are just bad memories for Nick.' It was silly but incredibly sweet, these people spending so much energy trying to figure me out. The answer: I don't like cherries.”

Tags : Bad Memories Broken Home Cherry Pie Childhood Childhood Memories Divorce Funny Iconoclast Ironic Irony Logic Memories Over Thinking Patriotism Psychologist Psychology Simplicity Symbolism The Mind Thoughts
Author : Gillian Flynn
Source : Gone Girl

23. “G. Stanley Hall, a creature of his times, believed strongly that adolescence was determined – a fixed feature of human development that could be explained and accounted for in scientific fashion. To make his case, he relied on Haeckel's faulty recapitulation idea, Lombroso's faulty phrenology-inspired theories of crime, a plethora of anecdotes and one-sided interpretations of data. Given the issues, theories, standards and data-handling methods of his day, he did a superb job. But when you take away the shoddy theories, put the anecdotes in their place, and look for alternate explanations of the data, the bronze statue tumbles hard.I have no doubt that many of the street teens of Hall's time were suffering or insufferable, but it's a serious mistake to develop a timeless, universal theory of human nature around the peculiarities of the people of one's own time and place.”

Tags : Adolescence Child Children Data History Human Nature Immigration Logic Mathematics Phrenology Poverty Psychology Reason Rebellion Science Scientific Method Stress Suffering Teenagers Teens Turmoil Youth Youthful Arrogance Youthfulness
Source : Teen 2.0: Saving Our Children and Families from the Torment of Adolescence

24. “If someone doesn't value evidence, what evidence are you going to provide to prove that they should value it? If someone doesn’t value logic, what logical argument could you provide to show the importance of logic?”

Tags : Evidence Honesty Importance Logic Paradox Reason Value
Author : Sam Harris

25. “When life throws a lemon at you, you throw it straight back at life and miss completely. That's my logic.”

Tags : Advice Lemons Life Logic
Author : Anonymous

26. “Pops added,"you know, they say if you don't vote, you get the government you deserve.""And if you do, you never get the results you expected," (Katherine) replied.”

Tags : Democracy Disappointments Election Election Results Elections False Hope Funny Gadfly General Election General Elections Governments Humor Humour I Didn T Vote I Hate Politics I Voted Logic Paradox Political Politicians Results Sad But True Satire Voting Wise Sayings
Source : Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

27. “Everyone judges constantly: positively judging one person is the same as negatively judging everyone else; it is to say that that person is superior in some sense.”

Tags : Honest Human Human Nature Instinct Judging Judgmental Logic Logical Thinking Negative Positive Superiority Survival Survival Instinct
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Venus in Arms

28. “If logic and reason, the hard, cold products of the mind, can be relied upon to deliver justice or produce the truth, how is it that these brain-heavy judges rarely agree? Five-to-four decisions are the rule, not the exception. Nearly half of the court must be unjust and wrong nearly half of the time. Each decision, whether the majority or minority, exudes logic and reason like the obfuscating ink from a jellyfish, and in language as opaque. The minority could have as easily become the decision of the court. At once we realize that logic, no matter how pretty and neat, that reason, no matter how seemingly profound and deep, does not necessarily produce truth, much less justice. Logic and reason often become but tools used by those in power to deliver their load of injustice to the people. And ultimate truth, if, indeed, it exists, is rarely recognizable in the endless rows of long words that crowd page after page of most judicial regurgitations.”

Tags : Injustice Judges Judiciary Justice Logic Reason Supreme Court
Author : Gerry Spence
Source : How to Argue & Win Every Time: At Home, At Work, In Court, Everywhere, Everyday

29. “Arguments cannot be answered by personal abuse; there is no logic in slander, and falsehood, in the long run, defeats itself.”

Tags : Abuse Argument Defeat Falsehood Logic Slander
Source : Some Mistakes of Moses

30. “It is obvious that [leftists] are not cool-headed logicians systematically analyzing the foundations of knowledge. They are deeply involved emotionally in their attack on truth and reality.”

Tags : Left Leftism Leftists Liberals Logic

31. “What a paradox it is, the sane causes more problems than the insane! It is! The real problems of the world do not come from the insane but, the sane!”

Tags : Fallacy Fantasies Food For Thought Humor Insanity Life Life Issues Logic Logical Thinking Philosophy Problems Of Today Rationality Reasoning Sanity Thinkers Thought

32. “When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures bristling with prejudice and motivated by pride and vanity.”

Tags : Logic People Prejudice Pride Relationships Vanity
Author : Dale Carnegie
Source : How to Win Friends and Influence People

33. “If we had to earn our age by thinking for ourselves at least once a year, only a handful of people would reach adulthood.”

Tags : Aphorism Aphorist Childish Childlike Develop Earn Funny Grow Growth Herd Mentality Illogical Jokes Majority Minority Original Thinkers Philosophy Sanity Silver Plater Standard Thinker Toil

34. “Contrariwise,' continued Tweedledee, 'if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn't, it ain't. That's logic.”

Tags : Alice In Wonderland Carroll Logic
Author : Lewis Carroll
Source : Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

35. “Each religion makes scores of purportedly factual assertions about everything from the creation of the universe to the afterlife. But on what grounds can believers presume to know that these assertions are true? The reasons they give are various, but the ultimate justification for most religious people’s beliefs is a simple one: we believe what we believe because our holy scriptures say so. But how, then, do we know that our holy scriptures are factually accurate? Because the scriptures themselves say so. Theologians specialize in weaving elaborate webs of verbiage to avoid saying anything quite so bluntly, but this gem of circular reasoning really is the epistemological bottom line on which all 'faith' is grounded. In the words of Pope John Paul II: 'By the authority of his absolute transcendence, God who makes himself known is also the source of the credibility of what he reveals.' It goes without saying that this begs the question of whether the texts at issue really were authored or inspired by God, and on what grounds one knows this. 'Faith' is not in fact a rejection of reason, but simply a lazy acceptance of bad reasons. 'Faith' is the pseudo-justification that some people trot out when they want to make claims without the necessary evidence.But of course we never apply these lax standards of evidence to the claims made in the other fellow’s holy scriptures: when it comes to religions other than one’s own, religious people are as rational as everyone else. Only our own religion, whatever it may be, seems to merit some special dispensation from the general standards of evidence.And here, it seems to me, is the crux of the conflict between religion and science. Not the religious rejection of specific scientific theories (be it heliocentrism in the 17th century or evolutionary biology today); over time most religions do find some way to make peace with well-established science. Rather, the scientific worldview and the religious worldview come into conflict over a far more fundamental question: namely, what constitutes evidence.Science relies on publicly reproducible sense experience (that is, experiments and observations) combined with rational reflection on those empirical observations. Religious people acknowledge the validity of that method, but then claim to be in the possession of additional methods for obtaining reliable knowledge of factual matters — methods that go beyond the mere assessment of empirical evidence — such as intuition, revelation, or the reliance on sacred texts. But the trouble is this: What good reason do we have to believe that such methods work, in the sense of steering us systematically (even if not invariably) towards true beliefs rather than towards false ones? At least in the domains where we have been able to test these methods — astronomy, geology and history, for instance — they have not proven terribly reliable. Why should we expect them to work any better when we apply them to problems that are even more difficult, such as the fundamental nature of the universe?Last but not least, these non-empirical methods suffer from an insuperable logical problem: What should we do when different people’s intuitions or revelations conflict? How can we know which of the many purportedly sacred texts — whose assertions frequently contradict one another — are in fact sacred?”

Tags : Begging The Question Beliefs Circular Reasoning Contradictions Empirical Evidence Holy Books Holy Scriptures John Paul Ii Logic Observation Philosophy Physics Pope Reason Religious Books Revelation Sacred Science Science Vs Religion Scriptures
Author : Alan Sokal

36. “[She wasn't] a logically reasoning woman, but God is good, and hearts may count in heaven as high as heads.”

Tags : God Heads Hearts Heaven Logic
Source : Our Mutual Friend

37. “I know that two and two make four - and should be glad to prove it too if I could - though I must say if by any sort of process I could convert 2 and 2 into five it would give me much greater pleasure.”

Tags : Logic Mathematics Miracles Mortality Probability

38. “Not too long ago thousands spent their lives as recluses to find spiritual vision in the solitude of nature. Modern man need not become a hermit to achieve this goal, for it is neither ecstasy nor world-estranged mysticism his era demands, but a balance between quantitative and qualitative reality. Modern man, with his reduced capacity for intuitive perception, is unlikely to benefit from the contemplative life of a hermit in the wilderness. But what he can do is to give undivided attention, at times, to a natural phenomenon, observing it in detail, and recalling all the scientific facts about it he may remember. Gradually, however, he must silence his thoughts and, for moments at least, forget all his personal cares and desires, until nothing remains in his soul but awe for the miracle before him. Such efforts are like journeys beyond the boundaries of narrow self-love and, although the process of intuitive awakening is laborious and slow, its rewards are noticeable from the very first. If pursued through the course of years, something will begin to stir in the human soul, a sense of kinship with the forces of life consciousness which rule the world of plants and animals, and with the powers which determine the laws of matter. While analytical intellect may well be called the most precious fruit of the Modern Age, it must not be allowed to rule supreme in matters of cognition. If science is to bring happiness and real progress to the world, it needs the warmth of man's heart just as much as the cold inquisitiveness of his brain.”

Tags : Awareness Connection Consciousness Ecstasy Intuition Journey Life Logic Mind Nature People Perception Reality Science Self Solitude Soul Spirit Time
Author : Franz Winkler

39. “Peaceful disputes are maintained when men sincerely believe that they are morally, logically correct about the issues at hand. It is when neither side is really certain that wars are instigated.”

Tags : Battles Calm Certainty Conflict Controversy Conviction Disputes Doubt Faith Fighting Insecurity Logic Morality Patience Peace Security Uncertainty War Wisdom
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

40. “Cynicism, like gullibility, is a symptom of underdeveloped critical faculties.”

Tags : Critical Thinking Cynicism Logic
Author : Jamie Whyte
Source : Crimes Against Logic: Exposing the Bogus Arguments of Politicians, Priests, Journalists, and Other Serial Offenders

41. “If chess has any relationship to film-making, it would be in the way it helps you develop patience and discipline in choosing between alternatives at a time when an impulsive decision seems very attractive.”

Tags : Cinematography Critical Thinking Discipline Film Film Making Films Impulsive Inspirational Logic Movie Movies Patience Thought Wait Waiting

42. “You can't always expect people to apply your wisdom when they didn't use wisdom before they found themselves knee deep in their version of justice.”

Tags : Actions Bad Choices Blind Bullying Choices Commonsense Consequences Of Cruelty Consequences Of Desire Consequences Of Evil Coverups Fear Friends Injustice Intentions Justice Knowledge Lust Repentance Revelation Revenge Rumors Sinners Stereotypes Strangers Stupidity Uneducated Mind Unwise Friends Unwise Men Victims Of Abuse Wisdom

43. “It is more Important to be of pure intention than of perfect action.”

Tags : Ilyas Intention Kindness Logic Love Philosophy Spirituality
Author : Ilyas Kassam

44. “Now it is such a bizarrely improbable coincidence that anything so mind-bogglingly useful could have evolved purely by chance that some thinkers have chosen to see it as the final and clinching proof of the non-existence of God.The argument goes something like this: "I refuse to prove that I exist,'" says God, "for proof denies faith, and without faith I am nothing.""But," says Man, "The Babel fish is a dead giveaway, isn't it? It could not have evolved by chance. It proves you exist, and so therefore, by your own arguments, you don't. QED.""Oh dear," says God, "I hadn't thought of that," and promptly vanishes in a puff of logic."Oh, that was easy," says Man, and for an encore goes on to prove that black is white and gets himself killed on the next zebra crossing.”

Tags : Creation God H2G2 Hitchhiker S Guide Logic Man Rationalism
Author : Douglas Adams
Source : The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

45. “When many different creatures are part of the same species, this typically means that they share many similarities over differences and can reproduce among themselves. If humans share more similarities than differences, in desires, needs, and fears, then what is keeping our species apart? If our Creator wanted us to be divided, we would have not been designed to interbreed.”

Tags : Being Human Creation Cross Breed Design Desire Divided Evolve Fears God Human Beings Humanity Quotes Identity Indifference Interbreed Need Race Reality Reasoning Reproduce Same Species Suzy Kassem Unity World World Peace
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

46. “Smartass Disciple: Which one was first created, time or things?Master of Stupidity: No things, no changes. No changes, no time.”

Tags : Changes Clarity Of Perception Creation First Logic Things Time
Author : Toba Beta
Source : Master of Stupidity

47. “It's not reasonable to love people who are only going to die," she said.Nash thought about that for a moment, stroking Small's neck with great deliberation, as if the fate of the Dells depended on that smooth, careful movement."I have two responses to that," He said at last. "First, everyone is going to die. Second, love is stupid. It has nothing to do with reason. You love whomever you love. Against all reason I loved my father." He looked at her keenly. "Did you love yours?""Yes," she whispered.He stroked Small's nose. "I love you," he said, "even knowing you'll never have me. And I love my brother, more than I ever realized before you came along. You can't help whom you love, Lady. Nor can you know what it's liable to cause you to do.”

Tags : Bad Fathers Death Logic Love
Source : Fire

48. “Some skeptics believe religious people are religious because they fear Hell. It's about as fair as saying skeptics are skeptics because they fear the ridicule of modern society.”

Tags : Apologetics Appeal To Ridicule Atheism Cool Culture Earth Faith Fallacies Heaven Hell On Earth Hypocrisy Hypocrisy In Everyone Logic Logical Fallacies Mockery Persecution Religion Ridicule Security Skeptic Skepticism Theism Uncool
Author : Criss Jami

49. “Heresy would like to think of itself as 'invented Truth'. But of course, all Reason and Logic would agree that no man can ever create Truth; he can only discover it. If heresy were ever at all beneficial, God would use it really to bring one right back to Truth, as countless 'inventions' have brought men to discovery.”

Tags : Apologetics Argumentation Church Create Discovery Doctrine Exploration Facts False Prophets Falsehood Fundamental Gnosticism God Heresy Honesty Hope Invent Logic Mystery Opinions Original Philosophy Questions Reason Religion Thinking Thought Truth
Author : Criss Jami

50. “Histories make men wise; poets, witty; the mathematics, subtle; natural philosophy, deep; moral, grave; logic and rhetoric, able to contend.”

Tags : History Logic Math Mathematics Moral Philosophy Poetry Rhetoric Science Subtle Wisdom Witty
Author : Francis Bacon
Source : The Collected Works of Sir Francis Bacon

51. “Persistence wears down resistance.”

Tags : Conquer Logic Logical Thinking Persist Persistance Resist Resistance
Source : Change to Chains-The 6,000 Year Quest for Control -Volume I-Rise of the Republic

52. “Shepherd Book: What are we up to, sweetheart? River: Fixing your Bible. Book: I, um... What? River: Bible's broken. Contradictions, false logistics - doesn't make sense. Shepherd Book: No, no. You-you-you can't... River: So we'll integrate non-progressional evolution theory with God's creation of Eden. Eleven inherent metaphoric parallels already there. Eleven. Important number. Prime number. One goes into the house of eleven eleven times, but always comes out one. Noah's ark is a problem. Shepherd Book: Really? River: We'll have to call it early quantum state phenomenon. Only way to fit 5000 species of mammal on the same boat. Shepherd Book: River, you don't fix the Bible. River: It's broken. It doesn't make sense. Book: It's not about making sense. It's about believing in something, and letting that belief be real enough to change your life. It's about faith. You don't fix faith, River. It fixes you.”

Tags : Faith Logic Religion
Author : Ben Edlund

53. “Everything has to come to an end, sometime.”

Tags : Endings Logic
Author : L. Frank Baum
Source : The Marvelous Land of Oz

54. “A singer can shatter glass with the proper high note," he said, "but the simplest way to break glass is simply to drop it on the floor.”

Tags : Glass Humor Lestat Logic Luxury Meaning Reason Singer Vampire
Author : Anne Rice
Source : The Vampire Lestat

55. “It turned out I was pretty good in science. But again, because of the small budget, in science class we couldn't afford to do experiments in order to prove theories. We just believed everything. Actually, I think that class was called Religion. Religion class was always an easy class. All you had to do was suspend the logic and reasoning you were being taught in all the other classes.”

Tags : Humor Logic Religion Science
Author : George Carlin
Source : Brain Droppings

56. “Experience teaches effectually, but brutally. It makes us acquainted with all the effects of an action, by causing us to feel them; and we cannot fail to finish by knowing that fire burns, if we have burned ourselves. For this rough teacher, I should like, if possible, to substitute a more gentle one. I mean Foresight. For this purpose I shall examine the consequences of certain economical phenomena, by placing in opposition to each other those which are seen, and those which are not seen.”

Tags : Anarchy Ancap Austrian School Of Economics Collectivism Economics Fallacy Freedom Government Keynesian Libertarian Liberty Logic Politics Reason Self Knowledge Statism Taxation Theft Unseen Voluntaryism

57. “The highest function of love is that it makes the loved one a unique and irreplaceable being.”

Tags : Logic Love
Author : Tom Robbins
Source : Jitterbug Perfume

58. “Love is not the absence of logicbut logic examined and recalculatedheated and curved to fitinside the contours of the heart”

Tags : Logic Love
Source : Easy

59. “There is no point in using the word 'impossible' to describe something that has clearly happened.”

Tags : Contrary Denial Impossible Logic Past Reality
Author : Douglas Adams
Source : Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

60. “Love is illogical, love had consequences--I did this to myself, and I should be able to take it.”

Tags : Logic Love
Author : Marie Lu
Source : Prodigy

61. “Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds. A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing.”

Tags : Logic Psychology Science
Author : Clive James

62. “Poets do not go mad; but chess-players do. Mathematicians go mad, and cashiers; but creative artists very seldom. I am not, as will be seen, in any sense attacking logic: I only say that this danger does lie in logic, not in imagination.”

Tags : Christianity Danger Logic Mad Mathematicians Orthodoxy
Source : Orthodoxy

63. “Consequently, if you believe God made Satan, you must realize that all Satan's power comes from God and so that Satan is simply God's child, and that we are God's children also. There are no children of Satan, really.”

Tags : Logic Satan Vampire
Author : Anne Rice
Source : Interview with the Vampire

64. “What does the brain matter compared with the heart?”

Tags : Logic Love
Source : Mrs. Dalloway

65. “Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?”"...I think the answer is that a circle has no beginning.""Well reasoned.”

Tags : Logic Luna Lovegood Ravenclaw
Author : J.K. Rowling
Source : Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

66. “There are crimes of passion and crimes of logic. The boundary between them is not clearly defined.”

Tags : Crime Logic Passion
Author : Albert Camus

67. “How do you feel right now?" "I hurt like hell.""You'll feel worse tomorrow.""So?""So, better get a jump on this while you still feel...not as bad.""What kind of logic is that?" I retorted.”

Tags : Humor Logic Training
Author : Richelle Mead
Source : Vampire Academy

68. “How very wet this water is.”

Tags : Funny Logic Obvious
Author : L. Frank Baum
Source : The Marvelous Land of Oz

69. “It would have been so pointless to kill himself that, even if he had wanted to, the pointlessness would have made him unable.”

Tags : Logic Pointless Suicide
Author : Franz Kafka
Source : The Trial

70. “It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into.”

Tags : Assumptions Bias Conventional Wisdom Deathers Distortion Emotions Heritage Idolatry Birthers Logic Politics Reason Tea Party

71. “When exercising gifted will-power, move boldly without hesitation. The reward for such decisiveness is increased confidence in what the heart knows, which the mind does not feel”

Tags : Bold Confidence Confident Decisiveness Determination Determined Energy Faith Feelings Force Heart Logic Mental Toughness Mentality Mind Reward Self Awareness Self Help Will Power
Author : T.F. Hodge
Source : From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with "The Divine Presence"

72. “Th danger of exchanging the necessary insecurity of philosophical thought for the total explanation of an ideology and its [worldview], is not even so much the risk of falling for some usually vulgar, always uncritical assumption as of exchanging the freedom inherent in man's capacity to think for the straight-jacket of logic with which man can force himself almost as violently as he is forced by some outside power.”

Tags : Assumption Ideology Logic
Author : Hanna Arendt

73. “When examining evidence relevant to a given belief, people are inclined to see what they expect to see, and conclude what they expect to conclude. Information that is consistent with our pre-existing beliefs is often accepted at face value, whereas evidence that contradicts them is critically scrutinized and discounted. Our beliefs may thus be less responsive than they should to the implications of new information”

Tags : Fallacy Human Behavior Logic Mind Psychology
Source : How We Know What Isn't So: The Fallibility of Human Reason in Everyday Life

74. “People will always prefer black-and-white over shades of grey, and so there will always be the temptation to hold overly-simplified beliefs and to hold them with excessive confidence”

Tags : Human Behavior Logic Mind Psychology
Source : How We Know What Isn't So: The Fallibility of Human Reason in Everyday Life

75. “What we believe is heavily influenced by what we think others believe”

Tags : Human Behavior Logic Mind Psychology
Source : How We Know What Isn't So: The Fallibility of Human Reason in Everyday Life

76. “We humans seem to be extremely good at generating ideas, theories, and explanations that have the ring of plausibility. We may be relatively deficient, however, in evaluating and testing our ideas once they are formed”

Tags : Human Behavior Logic Mind Psychology
Source : How We Know What Isn't So: The Fallibility of Human Reason in Everyday Life

77. “When we do cross paths with people whose beliefs and attitudes conflict with our own, we are rarely challenged.”

Tags : Human Behavior Logic Mind Psychology
Source : How We Know What Isn't So: The Fallibility of Human Reason in Everyday Life

78. “For desired conclusions, we ask ourselves, "Can I believe this?", but for unpalatable conclusions we ask, "Must I believe this?”

Tags : Belief Human Behavior Logic Mind Psychology
Source : How We Know What Isn't So: The Fallibility of Human Reason in Everyday Life

79. “it seems that once again people engage in a search for evidence that is biased toward confirmation. Asked to assess the similarity of two entities, people pay more attention to the ways in which they are similar than to the ways in which they differ. Asked to assess dissimilarity, they become more concerned with differences than with similarities. In other words, when testing a hypothesis of similarity, people look for evidence of similarity rather than dissimilarity, and when testing a hypothesis of dissimilarity, they do the opposite. The relationship one perceives between two entities, then, can vary with the precise form of the question that is asked”

Tags : Brain Fallacy Human Behavior Logic Mind Psychology
Source : How We Know What Isn't So: The Fallibility of Human Reason in Everyday Life

80. “How do we distinguish between the legitimate skepticism of those who scoffed at cold fusion, and the stifling dogma of the seventeenthcentury clergymen who, doubting Galileo's claim that the earth was not the center of the solar system, put him under house arrest for the last eight years of his life? In part, the answer lies in the distinction between skepticism and closed-mindedness. Many scientists who were skeptical about cold fusion nevertheless tried to replicate the reported phenomenon in their own labs; Galileo's critics refused to look at the pertinent data.”

Tags : Human Behavior Logic Mind Psychology
Source : How We Know What Isn't So: The Fallibility of Human Reason in Everyday Life

81. “A leaf cannot return to the bud- bluestar to fireheart and greystripe”

Tags : Erin Fireheart Firepaw Firestar Greystripe Hunter Inspiratonal Logic Warriors
Author : Erin Hunter
Source : Forest of Secrets

82. “There is no logical staircase running from the physics of 10-28 cm. to the physics of 1028 light-years.”

Tags : Logic Physics Scale Science Universe Very Large Very Small
Source : Patterns of Discovery: An Inquiry Into the Conceptual Foundations of Science

83. “Though I do not believe in the order of things, still the sticky little leaves that come out in the spring are dear to me, the blue sky is dear to me, some people are dear to me, whom one loves sometimes, would you believe it, without even knowing why; some human deeds are dear to me, which one has perhaps long ceased believing in, but still honors with one's heart, out of old habit..."--Ivan Karamazov”

Tags : Alyosha Karamazov Faith Ivan Karamazov Life Logic Meaning Of Life Reason Spirituality Tavern

84. “The vanity of intelligence is that the intelligent man is often more committed to 'one-upping' his opponent than being truthful. When the idea of intelligence, rather than intelligence itself, becomes a staple, there is no wisdom in it.”

Tags : Argument Arrogance Complexity Debate Ego Fallacy Honesty Idea Idolatry Intelligence Logic Logical Fallacy Pretentiousness Pride Profound Simplicity Staple Truth Vanity Wisdom
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

85. “[One way] researchers sometimes evaluate people's judgments is to compare those judgments with those of more mature or experienced individuals. This method has its limitations too, because mature or experienced individuals are sometimes so set in their ways that they can't properly evaluate new or unique conditions or adopt new approaches to solving problems.”

Tags : Adult Adulthood Adults Childhood Creativity Experience Innovation Intelligence Judgment Life Experience Logic Logical Thinking Maturity Neuroscience Problem Solving Psychiatry Psychology School School System Science Study Teenagers Wisdom Young People Youth
Source : Teen 2.0: Saving Our Children and Families from the Torment of Adolescence

86. “There is no such thing as magic, supernatural, miracle; only something that's still beyond logic of the observer.”

Tags : Beyond Inspirational Logic Miracle Mystery Observation Relativity Supernatural Truth
Author : Toba Beta
Source : Betelgeuse Incident: Insiden Bait Al-Jauza

87. “The inconsistencies that haunt our relationships with animals also result from the quirks of human cognition. We like to think of ourselves as the rational species. But research in cognitive psychology and behavioral economics shows that our thinking and behavior are often completely illogical. In one study, for example, groups of people were independently asked how much they would give to prevent waterfowl from being killed in polluted oil ponds. On average, the subjects said they would pay $80 to save 2,000 birds, $78 to save 20,000 birds, and $88 to save 200,000 birds. Sometimes animals act more logically than people do; a recent study found that when picking a new home, the decisions of ant colonies were more rational than those of human house-hunters. What is it about human psychology that makes it so difficult for us to think consistently about animals? The paradoxes that plague our interactions with other species are due to the fact that much of our thinking is a mire of instinct, learning, language, culture, intuition, and our reliance on mental shortcuts.”

Tags : Animals Behavior Charity Cognition Decision Making Ethics Illogical Logic Paradox Psychology Rational Thought Rationalism Thinking
Author : Hal Herzog
Source : Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat: Why It's So Hard to Think Straight About Animals

88. “Much like humans, opinions come in all shapes and forms, but in the end, they are just what they are; and may yet still be categorized in nature. The first you might say is the Indoctrinal, which is, of course, dictated by community and necessity, by the human need for acceptance; secondly, there is the Personal, and this is often dictated by individuality, by the yearning to seem interesting and intelligent, or free, or special; and lastly comes the Emotional. This is most commonly dictated by circumstance and bitterness and excitement. However, rarely do we find the case in which any of these are dictated by reason in the pure state: it is by this we see that at the core of a number of false opinions lies not always misinformation but quite often some issue of the human self.”

Tags : Beliefs Cognition Community False Beliefs False Opinions Individuality Indoctrination Logic Mind Misinformation Opinions People Pride Psychology Reason Self Truth
Author : Criss Jami

89. “Logic is what the devil likes most.”

Tags : Devil Kelly Braffet Logic
Author : Kelly Braffet
Source : Josie and Jack

90. “Religion, like science, is only noteworthy when it emphasizes a matter of what is true rather than whose belief is greater or lesser or which deity works for whom. Sincere religion and tested science are similar in that their assertions can be argued logically and objectively; otherwise, we get false cults and babble.”

Tags : Apologetics Cult Deity Fact Faith God Logic Noteworthy Objectivity Opinion Religion Science Testing
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

91. “Clinging to any form of conservatism can be dangerous. Become too conservative and you are unprepared for surprises. You cannot depend on luck. Logic is blind and often knows only its own past. Logic is good for playing chess but is often too slow for the needs of survival.”

Tags : Conservatism Logic Survival
Author : Frank Herbert
Source : Chapterhouse: Dune

92. “It is debatable whether blind faith is truly faith at all. Faith is the perceptive gray area where scientific facts meet an individual's experiential truths - the extreme of the former is left feeling in the dark whereas the latter is caught blinded by the light. By proper scientific method, it is intellectually dishonest for me to declare the existence of God with utmost certainty, but to my individual spirit, I would be intellectually dishonest to deny the existence of God even for a second. This leaves the best of both worlds, as the believer is called to be able to give reasons for his faith, a deviation from mere fantasy.”

Tags : Agnosticism Apologetics Blind Faith Certainty Debates Doubt Evidence Facts Faith Falsehood God Honesty Insight Learning Logic Reason Reasonable Faith Spiritual Theism Truth Uncertainty
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

93. “I am a cuddly atheist... I am against creationism being taught in schools because there is empirical evidence that it is a silly notion... I am passionately concerned about the rise in pseudo-science; in beliefs in alternative medicine; in creationism. The idea that somehow it is based on logic, on rational arguments, but it's not. It doesn't stand up to empirical evidence.In the same way in medicine, alternative medicines like homeopathy or new age therapies – reiki healing – a lot of people buy into it and it grates against my rationalist view of the world. There is no evidence for it. It is deceitful. It is insidious. I feel passionately about living in a society with a rationalist view of the world.I will be vocal on issues where religion impacts on people's lives in a way that I don't agree with – if, for instance, in faith schools some of the teaching of religion suggests the children might have homophobic views or views that are intolerant towards other belief systems...I am totally against, for example, bishops in the House of Lords. Why should someone of a particular religious faith have some preferential treatment over anyone else? This notion that the Church of England is the official religion of the country is utterly outmoded now.”

Tags : Alternative Medicine Argument Atheism Beliefs Bishops Church Of England Creationism Deceit Empirical England Evidence Faith Schools Homeopathy Homophobic House Of Lords Logic Medicine Pseudoscience Reason Reiki Reiki Healing School

94. “The consequence model, the logical one, the amoral one, the one which refuses any divine intervention, is a problem really for just the (hypothetical) logician. You see, towards God I would rather be grateful for Heaven (which I do not deserve) than angry about Hell (which I do deserve). By this the logician within must choose either atheism or theism, but he cannot possibly through good reason choose anti-theism. For his friend in this case is not at all mathematical law: the law in that 'this equation, this path will consequently direct me to a specific point'; over the alternative and the one he denies, 'God will send me wherever and do it strictly for his own sovereign amusement.' The consequence model, the former, seeks the absence of God, which orders he cannot save one from one's inevitable consequences; hence the angry anti-theist within, 'the logical one', the one who wants to be master of his own fate, can only contradict himself - I do not think it wise to be angry at math.”

Tags : Amusement Anti Theism Arrogance Choice Conclusion Decision Divine Intervention Ego Eternity Faith Fate God Gravity Honesty Intervention Logical Logician Mathematics Perspective Reason Religion And Science Ruler Sovereignty Of God Thankfulness Theism
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

95. “Logic is like the sword--those who appeal to it shall perish by it.”

Tags : Logic Rationalism Sword
Author : Samuel Butler

96. “Whenever there's something wrong with your writing, suspect that there's something wrong with your thinking.”

Tags : Clarity Of Thought Logic Writing
Source : Words Fail Me: What Everyone Who Writes Should Know about Writing

97. “There are just some things that are outside of comprehension, even if we can quantify them. At some point, science becomes magic.”

Tags : Life Logic Magic Quantum Quantum Mechanics Quantum Reality Reality Science
Author : Jay Hosking
Source : Three Years with the Rat

98. “It seemed to me,' said Wonko the Sane, 'that any civilization that had so far lost its head as to need to include a set of detailed instructions for use in a package of toothpicks, was no longer a civilization in which I could live and stay sane.”

Tags : Civilization H2G2 Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Humor Logic Wonko The Sane
Author : Douglas Adams
Source : So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

99. “A doctor, a logician and a marine biologist had also just arrived, flown in at phenomenal expense from Maximegalon to try to reason with the lead singer who had locked himself in the bathroom with a bottle of pills and was refusing to come out till it could be proved conclusively to him that he wasn't a fish. The bass player was busy machine-gunning his bedroom and the drummer was nowhere on board.Frantic inquiries led to the discovery that he was standing on a beach on Santraginus V over a hundred light years away where, he claimed, he had been happy for over half an hour now and had found a small stone that would be his friend.”

Tags : Friends Happiness Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Humor Logic Music Rock Stars
Author : Douglas Adams
Source : The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

100. “The disruption of science is one which abandons the method and seeks to conquer grounds outside its territory. It is not at all religion but this pseudo-science that is the enemy of science.”

Tags : Agnosticism Anti Theism Apologetics Atheism Facts False Knowledge Ignorance Knowledge Logic Militant Atheism Philosophy Pollution Pseudo Science Pseudoscience Reason Religion Science Scientific Method Scientism Theism Theology
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

101. “Paradoxes are less paradoxical in their reference to truth than most of the most plausible axioms.”

Tags : Axioms Logic Paradoxes Philosophy Plausibility Truth
Author : Raheel Farooq

102. “Logic may be conceived as ruling out what is absolutely impossible, and thus determining the field of what in the absence of empirical knowledge is abstractly possible.”

Tags : Logic Possibility
Source : An Introduction to Logic and Scientific Method

103. “Dissociation of the mind into logic-tight compartments is by no means confined to the population of the asylum. It is a common, and perhaps inevitable, occurrence in the psychology of every human being. Our political convictions are notoriously inaccessible to argument, and we preserve the traditional beliefs of our childhood in spite of the contradictory facts constantly presented by our experience.”

Tags : Inevitability Insanity Logic Psychology
Author : Bernard Hart

104. “Imagination is the ability to produce new ideas without the need of time to stop and actually think about it. I'll produce elevator buttons - I bought that business from Jarod Kintz, who was only selling it, because he found a new, more profitable job – male prostitution (he’s selling his grandpa’s services, not his own, because his own are virtually non-existent – he’s a monk now, and monks are sworn to celibacy, you know, or should, by now). Buy now - grieve later. Two 5th floor buttons for your floorless cardboard-built tree house, for the price of one, 7-story tall tree, which, for the purpose of this story we’ll call Nathan. Nathan sends you its best regards and wishes you a happy, silent, well-watered-down life, which, coming from a tree isn’t really that much, however, as you know - trees aren’t regular customers in the land of walking and talking, and it took quite a lot of convincing to make him come over and say that. Meow.”

Tags : Abilities Best Cardboard Customer Grieve Happy Ideas Imagination Imaginative Joke Logical Meow Nothing Produce Purpose Saying Silent Transfer Tree Watered Down
Author : Will Advise
Source : Nothing is here...

105. “If one man challenges a statement and another cannot prove it, it does not necessarily follow that the statement is false.”

Tags : Apologetics Fallacies Logic The Bible
Author : Ron Brackin

106. “The only sort of pride that may serve a man well on that rarest occasion is his hatred of being wrong. It keeps his mouth shut, his ears open, and his research extensive. And yet this is also the deadliest because when he is in fact proven wrong, he absolutely refuses to acknowledge it. It then keeps his mouth open, his ears shut, and his research inexistent.”

Tags : Apologetics Argument Debate Development Facts Fallacies Intelligence Knowledge Learning Logic Opinions Pride Research Right Studying Truth Wisdom Wrong
Author : Criss Jami

107. “My heart pounded annoyingly in my ears, and it was getting harder to stay focused. I'd almost gotten trapped in here, and now I'd come back. Sometimes I did have truly terrible ideas.”

Tags : Bad Ideas Double Down Gwenda Bond Heartbeat Journalism Logic Lois Lane Trapped Trouble
Author : Gwenda Bond
Source : Double Down

108. “To be against rationalization is not the same as to be opposed to reasoning.”

Tags : Irrationality Logic Rationalisation Reason September 11 Attacks
Source : Christopher Hitchens and His Critics: Terror, Iraq, and the Left

109. “It is all about numbers. It is all about sequence. It's the mathematical logic of being alive. If everything kept to its normal progression, we would live with the sadness--cry and then walk--but what really breaks us cleanest are the losses that happen out of order.”

Tags : Alive Life Logic Loss Math Numbers
Author : Aimee Bender
Source : An Invisible Sign of My Own

110. “Everybody, professors and students and Proctors the same, knew that if the sign said 'do not walk on the grass', one hopped. Anybody who didn't had failed to understand what Oxford was.”

Tags : Logic Oxford Science
Source : The Watchmaker of Filigree Street

111. “Humankind’s struggle against a hostile environment causes people throughout the ages to deploy their full armory of logic, training, strategy, imagination, inventiveness, and creativity. We are born with the natural ability to strategize. The most influential tool in humankind’s intellectual tool kit is the ability to regenerate a sense of unruffled alertness, to establish a poised stance that leads to intuitive discoveries generated by the conscious and unconscious mind constantly filtering a plethora of data, selecting critical facts, and producing elegant solutions to seemingly insoluble dilemmas.”

Tags : Creative Thinking Imagination Imagination Quotes Intuition Inventiveness Logic Logical Thinking Strategic Planning Strategic Thinking Strategy Thinking Thinking Process
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

112. “They call good evil and evil good. There are those who are so easily offended that they lose their ability to ever discern any truth, and this is often derived from a sort of frenzy by way of their own masked prejudice.”

Tags : Coward Discernment Dishonesty Evil Facts Fake Outrage Frenzy Good Honesty Immorality Judgmental Logic Mask Moral Compass Morality Offended Outrage Prejudice Reason Truth
Author : Criss Jami

113. “WHAT IS TRUTH?Truth is not a thingOr a concept.It is as multidimensionalIn its meaningAs it is in its reflection.It is both invisibleAnd visible.It carries tons of weight,But can be carried.It is understood first through the spiritBefore science,And felt in the heart,Before the mind.Truth is not always heard by reason,Because reason sometimesIgnores Truth.Always listen to your conscience.Your conscience is your heartAnd reason is your mind.Your mind is simply there to reasonWith your heart.But remember,Truth is in your heart,And only through your heartCan you connect to the light of God.He who is not motivated by his heartWill not see Truth,And he who thinks only with his mindWill be blind to Truth.He who does not thinkWith his conscience,Does not stand by God,For the language of lightCan only be decoded by the heart.He who reads and recites words of GodAlso does not stand by God –If he merely understandsWords with his mindBut not his heart.Truth is black and white,And the entire spectrumOf colors in-between.It can have many parts,But has a solid foundation.Truth lacks perfection,For it is the reflection of all,Yet its reflection as a whole,Is more beautifulThan the accumulated flawsOf the small.Truth is the only brandWorth breathingAnd believing.So stand for truthIn everything you do,And only thenDoes your life haveMeaning.Poetry by Suzy Kassem”

Tags : Black Brand Colors Concept God Heart Language Logic Meaning Mind Reason Science Soul Spectrum Spirit Substance Truth Understands Visibility Weight White Words
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

114. “This does not mean that the one presenting the hypothesis should be resolute to disbelieve his or her postulate but rather the person should be resolute to leave the expressed opinion should they be thoroughly convinced of its lack of accuracy and poignant truth. Whether this truth is made through poetic license and artistic dramatic presentation or through clinical analysis of facts or both, the truth must be embraced not merely denied by blind faith of either new atheism or religious ideals. New or old is of no consequence, only truth and compassion are of value.”

Tags : Blind Faith Hypotheses Logic
Source : Religion: The Ultimate STD: Living a Spiritual Life without Dogmatics or Cultural Destruction

115. “Using the scientific knowledge that we currently possess, we can take simple logical steps, backed by the strongest evidence that we have, to come to the best and most reasonable conclusion that God is the cause of everything - all without ever taking even a single step of blind faith.”

Tags : Blind Faith Evidence God Logic Science
Author : Lewis N. Roe
Source : From A To Theta: Taking The Tricky Subject Of Religion And Explaining Why It Makes Sense In A Way We Can All Understand

116. “The logical man must either deny all miracles or none.”

Tags : Logic Miracle Philosophy
Source : The Soul of the Indian

117. “I have previously reduced the whole science of logic to two facts.The first is that our perceptions being every thing for us, we areperfectly, completely, and necessarily sure of whatever we actually feel.The second is that consequently none of our judgments, separatelytaken, can be erroneous: inasmuch as we see one idea in another it isactually there; but their falsity, when it takes place, is purely relativeto anterior judgments, which we permit to subsist; and it consists inthis, that we believe the idea in which we perceive a new element tobe the same as that we have always had under the same sign, when itis really different, since the new element which we actually see thereis incompatible with some of those which we have previously seen;so that to avoid contradiction we must either take away the former ornot admit the latter.”

Tags : Logic Philosophy Science
Source : Treatise on Political Economy

118. “An open mind, in questions that are not ultimate, is useful. But an open mind about the ultimate foundations either of Theoretical or of Practical Reason is idiocy. If a man's mind is open on these things, let his mouth at least be shut. He can say nothing to the purpose. Outside the Tao there is no ground for criticizing either the Tao or anything else.”

Tags : Analysis Culture Education Ethics Foundations Justice Logic Mind Morality Open Mindedness Post Modernism Right And Wrong Thought Truth
Author : C.S. Lewis
Source : The Abolition of Man

119. “Majina ya vitabu yanapaswa kuchaguliwa kwa mantiki na kwa makini ya hali ya juu mno, kwa sababu ni miongoni mwa vitu vya kwanza watu wanavyoviona na kuvisoma. Watu wakivutiwa na jina la kitabu, au mwandishi; kitu cha pili watakachovutiwa kuangalia ni dibaji, kusudi wasome muhtasari wa kitabu kizima. Kwa hiyo dibaji inapaswa iandikwe kwa mantiki na kwa makini ileile iliyotumika katika kuchagua jina la kitabu. Lengo la jina la kitabu na dibaji ni kuishawishi hadhira kusoma kitabu na kukifurahia.”

Tags : Audience Audiences Book Book Title Books Care Creative Writing Creativity Entice Enticement Introduction Logic Synopsis Title Writer

120. “It may be crazy, but I'm the closest thing I have to a voice of reason.”

Tags : Craziness Logic Madness Reason

121. “One of the difficulties in raising public concern over the very severe threats of global warming is that 40 percent of the US population does not see why it is a problem, since Christ is returning in a few decades. About the same percentage believe that the world was created a few thousand years ago. If science conflicts with the Bible, so much the worse for science. It would be hard to find an analogue in other societies.”

Tags : Advancement Apocalypse Atheism Bible Climate Climate Change Consensus Deism Global Warming Ignorance Intelligent Design Logic Progress Pseudoscience Public Opinion Reason Religion Scientific Method Scripture Scripture Will Save Us Societies Society Stupidity Theism Thinking Thought
Author : Noam Chomsky

122. “Poetry is seeing everything when there is only one thing. It is looking at a rose but seeing the stars, moons, seas, and trees. It is a truth beyond logic, an experience beyond thought. Poetry is the Earth pausing on its axis in order to manifest itself as a rose.”

Tags : Awareness Axis Experience Humanity Inspirational Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Manifestation Moon Oneness Philosophical Philosophy Poem Poetry Quote Rose Seeing Stars Thing Trees Truth Union Unity

123. “the squeeky wheel gets the grease.”

Tags : Logic Logical Thinking Obvious Obviousness Truth
Author : Josh Billings

124. “God's existence needs to be established independently before he can be brought into account for causation; it cannot be assumed at the start.”

Tags : Argument Burden Of Proof Causation Existence Logic
Author : S.T. Joshi
Source : God's Defenders: What They Believe and Why They Are Wrong

125. “Every barber thinks everybody needs a haircut.”

Tags : Barber Fallacy Haircut Logic Nonsense Philosophy

126. “It does bear emphasis that slippery-slope arguments are notoriously invalid.”

Tags : Argument Fallacy Logic Philosophy Philosophy Quotes

127. “It is only by ignoring fact, science, and reason that one can support current Republican positions.”

Tags : Convservatives Democrats Fallacies Fallacy Liberal Logic Political Parties Politics Politics Of The United States Republicans Trump
Author : Avi Silverman
Source : Phalluses of Logic: How to Know When Republicans Lie

128. “Affronts to her reputation pierced her to the heart, though I couldn’t understand why, since she had very little character left to defend.”

Tags : Character Corcitura Eric Bradburry Hypocrisy Logic Melika Dannese Lux Reputation Sorina Boroi
Source : Corcitura

129. “I have often had a retrospective vision where everything in my past life seems to fall with significance into logical sequence.”

Tags : Hindsight Life Logic Sequence
Author : Ansel Adams

130. “I am like a machine being driven to excessive rotations: the bearings are incandescing and, in a minute, melted metal will begin to drip and everything will turn to nothing. Quick: get cold water, logic. I am pouring it over myself by the bucketload but the logic sizzles on the hot bearings and dissipates elusive white steam into the air.”

Tags : Irrationality Logic

131. “If thou really believe in one God,irrationality is subset of thou logic.”

Tags : God Irrationality Logic
Author : Toba Beta
Source : Master of Stupidity

132. “I am convinced that the act of thinking logically cannot possibly be natural to the human mind. If it were, then mathematics would be everybody's easiest course at school and our species would not have taken several millennia to figure out the scientific method.”

Tags : Logic Logical Thinking Science
Source : The Sky is Not the Limit: Adventures of an Urban Astrophysicist

133. “The widest cause of secularization may be the steady change of thinking so that there is the expectation that reason and a consideration of cause and effect will help with explanations. Supernatural power began to be removed from explanations of the process of life or society in the seventeenth century, and although there may be a nod towards astrology or the crossed finger today, superstition is not seriously used in decision making. ... Scientific thinking, which similarly developed in the seventeenth century, has been influential in bringing this change. We now see that tornadoes and earthquakes have rational explanations in terms of climatology and seismology rather than as divine punishments. Most people when deciding whether to take a new job, embark on a divorce, or simply plan a holiday will not seek divine guidance, but rather discuss with themselves or others the issues of cause and effect.”

Tags : Decision Making Evidence Humanism Logic Rational Thought Reason Secularization Superstition
Author : Jim Herrick
Source : Humanism: An Introduction

134. “There’s no logical connection between being smart and having money.”

Tags : Academics Brilliance Genius Inspirational Intelligence Logic Money Poverty Study Success Suffering Wealth

135. “Nobody wants to know how you feel, yet, they want you to do what they feel.”

Tags : Anti Social Apathy Decievers Displeasure Dogma Dogmatic Egoism Egotism Egotist Fake Friends Feelings Flatter Flattering Impulse Impulsive Logic Madness Michael Bassey Johnson Misfit Mishap Pressure Reasoning Trick

136. “My grandmother always told me: beauty fades but dumb is forever.”

Tags : Be Yourself Beauty Logic

137. “If it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true”

Tags : Hapiness Life Logic

138. “Life is a great big beautiful three-ring circus. There are those on the floor making their lives among the heads of lions and hoops of fire, and those in the stands, complacent and wowed, their mouths stuffed with popcorn. I know less now than ever about life, but I do know its size. Life is enormous. Much grander than what we’ve taken for ourselves, so far. When the show is over and the tent is packed, the elephants, lions and dancing poodles are caged and mounted on trucks to caravan to the next town. The clown’s makeup has worn, and his bright, red smile has been washed down a sink. All that is left is another performance, another tent and set of lights. We rest in the knowledge: the show must go on. Somewhere, behind our stage curtain, a still, small voice asks why we haven’t yet taken up juggling. My seminars were like this. Only, instead of flipping shiny, black bowling balls or roaring chainsaws through the air, I juggled concepts. The world is intrinsically tied together. All things march through time at different intervals but move ahead in one fashion or another. Though we may never understand it, we are all part of something much larger than ourselves—something anchoring us to the spot we have mentally chosen. We sniff out the rules, through spiritual quests and the sciences. And with every new discovery, we grow more confused. Our inability to connect what seems illogical to unite and to defy logic in our understanding keeps us from enlightenment. The artists and insane tiptoe around such insights, but lack the compassion to hand-feed these concepts to a blind world. The interconnectedness of all things is not simply a pet phrase. It is a big “T” truth that the wise spend their lives attempting to grasp.”

Tags : Artists Circus Clown Clowns Concept Concepts Confusion Discovery Enlightenment Imagination Insane Insanity Interconnectedness Life Lions Logic Popcorn Understanding
Source : Unnatural Truth

139. “In my experiences, the common critic of Christianity, when he thinks of Christianity, imagines a sort of elementary, Sunday School blunder of elements: fiery Hell, an angry God, 'try not to sin', 'be good so that you can go to Heaven', absurd miracles, hyper-fundamentalist tales, religious hypocrites, and Jesus telling people not to judge. There is no horse more dead than such. I maintain that understanding Christianity and the Bible is quite like painting a piece of art. Let a toddler paint a puppy; then let an adult who is a long-time painter paint the very same puppy. They are both paintings of the puppy, but one is far more detailed, rational, realistic, and believable than the other. One is distorted and comical; the other is proportional and lively. One can write off Theology if he so pleases, but he might not be very wise in using the toddler's painting when it comes time to identify the real puppy or when trying to confront actual men of the Faith.”

Tags : Argumentation Art Belief Christianity Criticism Faith Fallacies Immaturity Irrational Judgment Logic Logical Fallacies Metaphor Miracles Philosophy Puppy Rational Religious Fundamentalism Sin Skepticism Theism Theology Toddler Unbelief
Author : Criss Jami

140. “When considering a candidate for office, almost right up until they enter the polling booth and sometimes even in the booth itself, most voters rely more on what they see and hear themselves in real time than on facts, history, logic, or learned experience.”

Tags : Decision Making Experience Facts History Logic Political Candidates Politics Voters Voting
Author : Quin Hillyer

141. “I treat my thoughts like an old person treats their valuables: I cannot for the life of me proceed to throwing them out.”

Tags : Artist Belief Brain Cognition Consideration Discard Funny Humor Intellectual Life Mind Negativity Old Habits Opinion Original Thought Precious Psychology Rational Stubborn Think Thinker Thinking Treasure Wisdom
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

142. “Truth is on the side of compassion.”

Tags : Compassion Emotion Empathy Justice Logic Rational Truth

143. “If a mathematician wishes to disparage the work of one of his colleagues, say, A, the most effective method he finds for doing this is to ask where the results can be applied. The hard pressed man, with his back against the wall, finally unearths the researches of another mathematician B as the locus of the application of his own results. If next B is plagued with a similar question, he will refer to another mathematician C. After a few steps of this kind we find ourselves referred back to the researches of A, and in this way the chain closes.”

Tags : Logic Logistician Math Mathematics Science Semantics
Author : Alfred Tarski

144. “The study of Scripture I find to be quite like mastering an instrument. No one is so good that they cannot get any better; no one knows so much that they can know no more. A professional can spot an amateur or a lack of practice or experience a mile away. His technicality, his spiritual ear is razor-sharp. He is familiar with the common mistakes, the counter-arguments; and insofar as this, he can clearly distinguish the difference between honest critics of the Faith and mere fools who criticize that which they know nothing.”

Tags : Agnosticism Amateur Antitheistic Argumentation Atheism Bible Criticism Dialect Discernment False Preaching False Prophet Figurative Immaturity Improvement Instrument Judgment Knowledge Lingo Logic Logical Fallacies Mastering Mastering Oneself Music Philosophy Professional Prophet Studying Theism Theology Truth Wisdom
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

145. “When I say "The good man gave his good dog a good meal," I use "good" analogically, for there is at the same time a similarity and a difference between a good man, a good dog, and a good meal. All three are desirable, but a good man is wise and moral, a good dog is tame and affectionate, and a good meal is tasty and nourishing. But a good man is not tasty and nourishing, except to a cannibal; a good dog is not wise and moral, except in cartoons, and a good meal is not tame and affectionate, unless it's alive as you eat it.”

Tags : Logic Philosophy Rhetoric
Author : Peter Kreeft
Source : Socratic Logic 3.1e: Socratic Method Platonic Questions

146. “Generally, there is a lot of truth value in stepping back, observing, then logically generalizing the extremes of what you see.”

Tags : Extremes Generalizations Logic Observation Value
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

147. “Elohim was, in logical terminology, the genus of which ghosts, Chemosh, Dagon, Baal, and Jahveh were species. The Israelite believed Jahveh to be immeasurably superior to all other kinds of Elohim. The inscription on the Moabite stone shows that King Mesa held Chemosh to be, as unquestionably, the superior of Jahveh.”

Tags : Anthropology Baal Chemosh Dagon Elohim Genus Ghosts Israelite Jahveh King Mesa Logic Science Superior Terminology Theology Yahweh
Source : The Evolution Of Theology: An Anthropological Study

148. “There's a weird logic that explains a common truth.”

Tags : Common Logic Truth Weird
Author : Toba Beta
Source : Master of Stupidity

149. “Someone. Everyone. Anyone. No-one. One. One can't be everyone, but there isn't more than one everyone, at the same time. And at the same time no-one can't be someone, but anyone can be one, and also anyone can be a no-one. To sum up - everyone is someone, and any-one becomes a no-one if you divide the one part long enough by every part of every-one, so in conclusion, I have no idea what I’m talking about, basically.”

Tags : Anyone Basic Conclusion Differences Dividing Division Everyone Ideas Increase Lacking Logic Mathematics Meanings More Moronism No One One Paradox Part Partial Partiality Riddle Someone
Author : Will Advise
Source : Nothing is here...

150. “Any religion-based state has a mission to limit the minds of its people, to fight the developments of history and logic, and to dumb down its citizens. It’s important to stand in the way of such a mentality, to deny it from continuing its mission to murder the souls of its people, killing them deep within while they are still alive and breathing.”

Tags : Authoritarianism Freedom Of Expression History Islam Liberty Logic Oppression Persecution Religion Saudi Arabia Stultification Theocracy Totalitarianism
Author : Raif Badawi
Source : 1000 Lashes: Because I Say What I Think

151. “States that are built on a religious foundation limit their own people in a circle of faith and fear.”

Tags : Authoritarianism Freedom Of Expression History Islam Liberty Logic Oppression Persecution Religion Saudi Arabia Stultification Theocracy Totalitarianism
Author : Raif Badawi
Source : 1000 Lashes: Because I Say What I Think

152. “Turing attended Wittgenstein's lectures on the philosophy of mathematics in Cambridge in 1939 and disagreed strongly with a line of argument that Wittgenstein was pursuing which wanted to allow contradictions to exist in mathematical systems. Wittgenstein argues that he can see why people don't like contradictions outside of mathematics but cannot see what harm they do inside mathematics. Turing is exasperated and points out that such contradictions inside mathematics will lead to disasters outside mathematics: bridges will fall down. Only if there are no applications will the consequences of contradictions be innocuous. Turing eventually gave up attending these lectures. His despair is understandable. The inclusion of just one contradiction (like 0 = 1) in an axiomatic system allows any statement about the objects in the system to be proved true (and also proved false). When Bertrand Russel pointed this out in a lecture he was once challenged by a heckler demanding that he show how the questioner could be proved to be the Pope if 2 + 2 = 5. Russel replied immediately that 'if twice 2 is 5, then 4 is 5, subtract 3; then 1 = 2. But you and the Pope are 2; therefore you and the Pope are 1'! A contradictory statement is the ultimate Trojan horse.”

Tags : Logic Math Mathematics Philosophy Russel Turing
Source : The Book of Nothing: Vacuums, Voids, and the Latest Ideas about the Origins of the Universe

153. “The nobles had made reading unpopular, as it showed that one couldn’t afford to buy spells or magical devices, since one had to get knowledge to do things the ordinary way; even if this view held little logic, the king himself was known to insult readers as “bookfaces” or “unable to think for themselves, so they need to spout what others have said,” and these opinions became popular, as did most views expressed by the king or his son.”

Tags : Bookish Books Dictator Intelligence Learning Logic Monarchy Nerds Nerdy Popularity Propaganda Reading Thinking Twisted
Author : Colleen Chen
Source : Dysmorphic Kingdom: a fairy tale

154. “I lose faith in mathematics, logical and rigid. What with those that even zero doesn’t accept?”

Tags : Accept Acceptance Dejan Stojanovic Faith Literature Literature Quotes Logic Logical Mathematics Poems Poetry Poetry Quotes Quotes Rigidity Thoughts Wisdom Zero
Source : The Shape

155. “A theist can't empirically prove that God exists but he believes in God because no one can allegedly disprove God's existence. By his logic, you must believe in anything you can't disprove. That means all things are real until disproved--including the tooth fairy, the Loch Ness Monster, Santa Claus, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, etc.”

Tags : Belief Burden Of Proof Disprove Flying Spaghetti Monster Logic Santa Tooth Fairy
Author : G.M. Jackson
Source : How to Prove God Does Not Exist

156. “...what about the stone, Mr Lovegood? The thing you call the Resurrection Stone?""What of it?""Well, how can that be real?""Prove that it is not," said Xenophilius.Hermione looked outraged."But that's—I'm sorry, but that's completely ridiculous! How can I possibly prove it doesn't exist? Do you expect me to get hold of—of all the pebbles in the world, and test them? I mean, you could claim that anything's real if the only basis for believing in it is that nobody's proved it doesn't exist!”

Tags : Agnosticism Atheism Bertrand Russell Burden Of Proof Celestial Teapot Logic Reasoning
Author : J.K. Rowling
Source : Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows

157. “There is nothing distinctively scientific about the hypothetico-deductive process. It is not even distinctively intellectual. It is merely a scientific context for a much more general stratagem that underlies almost all regulative processes or processes of continuous control, namely feedback, the control of performance by the consequences of the act performed. In the hypothetico-deductive scheme the inferences we draw from a hypothesis are, in a sense, its logical output. If they are true, the hypothesis need not be altered, but correction is obligatory if they are false. The continuous feedback from inference to hypothesis is implicit in Whewell's account of scientific method; he would not have dissented from the view that scientific behaviour can be classified as appropriately under cybernetics as under logic.”

Tags : Cybernetics Deduction Hypothesis Intellectual Logic Science Scientific Whewell William Whewell
Author : Peter Medawar
Source : Induction & Intuition in Scientific Thought

158. “Human half-truth logic, dates back to Adam and Eve, when he tried to deceive God with a truth, 'we knew we were naked so we hid', leaving God to understand that something was wrong with Adam's logic, because if Adam knew THE TRUTH, he would know that you can't hide from God.”

Tags : Adam And Eve Bible Garden Of Eden God Half Truths Logic Philosophy Truth
Source : The Jesus Christ Code: The Light: The Rainbow of Truths

159. “Definitions are the foundation of reason. You can’t reason without them.”

Tags : Argument Definitions Foundation Law Legal Arguments Logic Reason Words
Source : Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values

160. “Some philosophers can't bear to say simple things, like "Suppose a dog bites a man." They feel obliged instead to say, "Suppose a dog d bites a man m at time t," thereby demonstrating their unshakable commitment to logical rigor, even though they don't go on to manipulate any formulae involving d, m, and t.”

Tags : Logic Philosophers
Source : Freedom Evolves

161. “It was a good answer that was made by one who when they showed him hanging in a temple a picture of those who had paid their vows as having escaped shipwreck, and would have him say whether he did not now acknowledge the power of the gods, — ‘Aye,’ asked he again, ‘but where are they painted that were drowned after their vows?’ And such is the way of all superstition, whether in astrology, dreams, omens, divine judgments, or the like; wherein men, having a delight in such vanities, mark the events where they are fulfilled, but where they fail, though this happens much oftener, neglect and pass them by.”

Tags : Confirmation Bias Deductive Reasoning Logic Rationality Superstition
Author : Francis Bacon

162. “It is one of the greatest Curses visited upon Mankind, he told me, that they shall fear where no Fear is: this astrological and superstitious Humour disarms men's Hearts, it breaks their Courage, it makes them help to bring such Calamities on themselves. Then he stopped short and looked at me, but my Measure was not yet fill'd up so I begg' d him to go on, go on. And he continued: First, they fancy that such ill Accidents must come to pass, and so they render themselves fit Subjects to be wrought upon; it is a Disgrace to the Reason and Honour of Mankind that every fantasticall Humourist can presume to interpret the Skies (here he grew Hot and put down his Dish) and to expound the Time and Seasons and Fates of Empires, assigning the Causes of Plagues and Fires to the Sins of Men or the Judgements of God. This weakens the Constancy of Humane Actions, and affects Men with Fears, Doubts, Irresolutions and Terrours.I was afraid of your Moving Picture, I said without thought, and that was why I left.It was only Clock-work, Nick.But what of the vast Machine of the World, in which Men move by Rote but in which nothing is free from Danger?Nature yields to the Froward and the Bold.It does not yield, it devours: You cannot master or manage Nature.But, Nick, our Age can at least take up the Rubbidge and lay the Foundacions: that is why we must study the principles of Nature, for they are our best Draught.No, sir, you must study the Humours and Natures of Men: they are corrupt, and therefore your best Guides to understand Corrupcion.The things of the Earth must be understood by the sentient Faculties, not by the Understanding. There was a Silence between us now until Sir Chris. says, Is your Boy in the Kitchin? I am mighty Hungry.”

Tags : Astrology Logic Nature Rational Rationality Science Superstition Time
Author : Peter Ackroyd
Source : Hawksmoor

163. “The logical feebleness of science is not sufficiently borne in mind. It keeps down the weed of superstition, not by logic but by slowly rendering the mental soil unfit for its cultivation.”

Tags : Logic Mind Science Superstition
Author : John Tyndall
Source : Fragments of Science: A Series of Detached Essays, Addresses, and Reviews. Volume 2

164. “Ever since Plato most philosophers have considered it part of their business to produce ‘proofs’ of immortality and the existence of God. They have found fault with the proofs of their predecessors — Saint Thomas rejected Saint Anselm's proofs, and Kant rejected Descartes' — but they have supplied new ones of their own. In order to make their proofs seem valid, they have had to falsify logic, to make mathematics mystical, and to pretend that deepseated prejudices were heaven-sent intuitions.”

Tags : Contradiction Immortality Logic Philosophy Plato Proof Proofs Superstition
Source : A History of Western Philosophy

165. “It is easy to understand that in the dreary middle ages the Aristotelian logic would be very acceptable to the controversial spirit of the schoolmen, which, in the absence of all real knowledge, spent its energy upon mere formulas and words, and that it would be eagerly adopted even in its mutilated Arabian form, and presently established as the centre of all knowledge.”

Tags : Aristotle Knowledge Logic Medieval Religion
Source : The World as Will and Representation, Vol 1

166. “Here is the tragedy of theology in its distilled essence: The employment of high-powered human intellect, of genius, of profoundly rigorous logical deduction—studying nothing. In the Middle Ages, the great minds capable of transforming the world did not study the world; and so, for most of a millennium, as human beings screamed in agony—decaying from starvation, eaten by leprosy and plague, dying in droves in their twenties—the men of the mind, who could have provided their earthly salvation, abandoned them for otherworldly fantasies.”

Tags : Essense Fantasies Genius Intellect Leprosy Logic Logical Deduction Middle Ages Plague Salvation Starvation Theology Tragedy

167. “It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.”

Tags : Debate Logic

168. “Becoming a part of a movement doesn't help anybody think clearly.”

Tags : Conservatism Conservative Democrat Left Wing Left Wing Politics Liberal Liberalism Logic Movement Movements Politics Psychology Reason Religion Republican Right Wing Right Wing Politics Thinking Thought Tribalism
Author : Sam Harris

169. “Needless to say, there are people who hate Arabs, Somalis, and other immigrants from predominantly Muslim societies for racist reasons. But if you can’t distinguish that sort of blind bigotry from a hatred and concern for dangerous, divisive, and irrational ideas—like a belief in martyrdom, or a notion of male “honor” that entails the virtual enslavement of women and girls—you are doing real harm to our public conversation. Everything I have ever said about Islam refers to the content and consequences of its doctrine. And, again, I have always emphasized that its primary victims are innocent Muslims—especially women and girls.”

Tags : Advancement Bigotry Conservative Critical Thinking Democrat Ideas Immigrant Islam Islamism Islamophobia Liberal Logic Muslim Philosophy Progress Race Racism Rational Thinking Reason Religion Republican Science Thinking Thought
Author : Sam Harris

170. “Two wrongs' create an additional problem.'A wrong' plus 'A right' creates a remorse.'Two rights' create a solution.”

Tags : Logic Morality Motivational Philosophy Reason Wisdom

171. “One can ask why the I has to appear in the cogito {Descartes’ argument “I think therefore I am.}, since the cogito, if used rightly, is the awareness of pure consciousness, not directed at any fact or action. In fact the I is not necessary here, since it is never united directly to consciousness. One can even imagine a pure and self-aware consciousness which thinks of itself as impersonal spontaneity.”

Tags : Ethics Logic Metaphysics Ontology Philosophy Psychology Science

172. “The heart never takes the place of the head: but it can, and should, obey it.”

Tags : Ethics Heart Logic
Author : C.S. Lewis
Source : The Abolition of Man

173. “The belief that rational and quantifiable disciplines such as science can be used to perfect human society is no less absurd than a belief in magic, angels, and divine intervention.”

Tags : Atheism Logic Rational Science
Author : Chris Hedges
Source : I Don't Believe in Atheists

174. “People who cannot put strings of sentences together in good order cannot think. An educational system that does not teach the technology of writing is preventing thought.”

Tags : Education System Logic Thought
Source : Less Than Words Can Say

175. “It's fallacious reasoning for the atheist to hate all religion due to men who manipulate religion to fit their own agendas. They are counterparts, therefore, if Truth is true, partners in crime. To believers, the atheist and the religiously corrupt boil down to the same person, the self-righteous: one denies Truth to fit his own agenda; the other manipulates Truth to fit his own agenda.”

Tags : Agenda Apologetics Arrogance Atheism Corruption Denial Dishonesty Ego Egotistical Falsehood Hate Honesty Hypocrisy Logic Logical Fallacies Manipulation Pride Reasoning Religion Self Righteousness Selfishness Spirituality Theism Truth
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

176. “We can't avoid reasoning; we can only avoid doing it well.”

Tags : Apologetics Logic Philosophy Reason
Author : Peter Kreeft
Source : Pocket Handbook of Christian Apologetics

177. “If I could bottle and patent logic, I'd give it away.”

Tags : Andrea L Artiste Artiste Author Logic Philosopher Poet Think Thinking Thinking Quotes Writer

178. “Wrong way to think about it. Don't try to figure it out all at once.”

Tags : Logic Problem Solving
Author : Jed Rubenfeld
Source : The Interpretation of Murder

179. “The pessimist reason that things just happen, where the optimist believe that things happen for a reason.”

Tags : Cynical Doubters Enthusiasm And Attitude Find Answers Give Meaning Hopeful Hopeless Influence Justify Logic Negative And Positive Optimist Outcomes Outlook In Life Pessimist Point Of View Reasons Why Shit Happens Views Visonary

180. “Cursed luck! —said he, biting his lip as he shut the door, —for man to be master of one of the finest chains of reasoning in nature, —and have a wife at the same time with such a head-piece, that he cannot hang up a single inference within side of it, to save his soul from destruction.”

Tags : Argumentation Logic Misogyny Women
Source : The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman

181. “1. God is (by definition) a being than which no greater being can be thought.2. Greatness includes greatness of virtue.3. Therefore, God is a being than which no being could be more virtuous.4. But virtue involves overcoming pains and dangers.5. Indeed, a being can only be properly said to be virtuous if it can suffer pain or be destroyed.6. A God that can suffer pain or is destructible is not one than which no greater being can be thought.7.For you can think of a greater being, that is, one that is nonsuffering and indestructible.8. Therefore, God does not exist.”

Tags : Argument Argumentation Atheism Argument Formal Logic Logic Reasoning Sound Valid

182. “Logic, it is often said, is the study of valid arguments. It is a systematic attempt to distinguish valid arguments from invalid arguments.”

Tags : Argumentation Arguments Definition Logic Math Mathematics Philosopher Of Science Philosophy Philosophy Of Logic Study Valid Arguments Validity
Source : Logic: An Introductory Course

183. “We are fed ideas in small sound bites that are really just the conclusions of particular beliefs. We do not examine what underpins these sound bites. If the sound bites are presented by a source we are accustomed to accepting as true, there is a danger we will assimilate the conclusion without knowing, or caring, whether it is based on solid arguments and assumptions.”

Tags : Argumentation Logic Philosophy
Source : Why It Doesn't Matter What You Believe If It's Not True: Is There Absolute Truth?

184. “De Bono argues that the West's tradition of settling disagreement by debate or argument is an example of overreliance on logic.”

Tags : Argument Argumentation Argumentative Logic Logical Fallacy Logical Thinking
Author : Steve Volk
Source : Fringe-ology: How I Tried to Explain Away the Unexplainable-And Couldn't

185. “This isn't a reasoned response to a configuration of stars, but the heart cannot flourish on logic alone. Unreason is an essential medicine as long as you don't overdose”

Tags : Cassiopeia Constellations Essential Heart Logic Odd Thomas Stars Unreason
Author : Dean Koontz
Source : Forever Odd

186. “In fact, the idea of a God who is both all-powerful and all good is a logical impossibility.”

Tags : God Logic Omnipotence
Source : Living with a Wild God: A Nonbeliever's Search for the Truth about Everything

187. “Insanity is often the logic of an accurate mind overtasked”

Tags : Insanity Logic Mind
Source : Autocrat of the Breakfast Table

188. “Excluding certain ideas and thoughts, calling them hate speech, is an important piece in the progressive movement’s puzzle. If you can’t win an argument logically, demonize your opponent, make him out to be a bad person and all of a sudden the ideas he stands for become bad as well.”

Tags : Argument Debate Debating Hate Speech Logic Political Politics

189. “In the end, he had to admit, he didn't really understand her. He didn't understand women. He didn't understand men. He didn't even understand children very well. All he really understood, he thought, was himself and the rest of the universe. Neither anything like completely, of course, but both well enough to know that what remained to be discovered would make sense; it would fit in, it could all be gradually and patiently fitted together a bit at a time, like an infinite jigsaw puzzle, with no straight edges to look for and no end in sight, but one in which there was always going to be somewhere for absolutely any piece to fit.”

Tags : Logic Puzzle Women
Author : Iain Banks

190. “I know the strategy, I know the logic, I know the way but everything is on theory, but fuck me without action it's just a one peace which isn't assembled!”

Tags : Action Assemble Assembled Logic Peace Puzzle Theory
Author : Deyth Banger

191. “if reason ruled the world would history even exist?”

Tags : History Intelligence Logic Reason

192. “...you’d be amazed at the grand tales the human brain will throw up to make sense of something nonsensical.”

Tags : Denial Human Behaviour Human Nature Logic Making Sense Of The World Nonsense Philosophy Rational Rationalise Rationalize
Author : Dianna Hardy
Source : Cry Of The Wolf

193. “To think or not to think? That is the new question.”

Tags : Analysis Humor Logic Reason Satire Thinking For Change
Author : Nadina Boun
Source : The Thinking Man, Paralysis by Analysis

194. “Now we’ve a real intellectual impasse. Our reason, which is supposed to make things more intelligible, seems to be making them less intelligible, and when reason thus defeats its own purpose something has to be changed in the structure of our reason itself.”

Tags : Analysis Intelligence Logic Philosophy Rationale Reason Reasoning Thinking
Source : Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values

195. “We may not yet know the right way to go, but we should at least stop going in the wrong direction.”

Tags : Anarchy Atheism Choice Critical Thinking Evidence Free Will Freedom Indoctrination Intelligence Liberty Logic Philosophy Rationality Reason Science Scientific Method Self Knowledge Voluntaryism
Source : Against The Gods?

196. “How can we satisfy ourselves without going on in infinitum? And, after all, what satisfaction is there in that infinite progression? Let us remember the story of the Indian philosopher and his elephant. It was never more applicable than to the present subject. If the material world rests upon a similar ideal world, this ideal world must rest upon some other; and so on, without end. It were better, therefore, never to look beyond the present material world.”

Tags : Cosmology Discourse Empiricism Infinity Logic Religion Unmoved Mover
Author : David Hume
Source : Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion

197. “Some ideas are not born of logic and good sense. They are made of clouds and cobwebs. They sprout from nowhere and feed on excitement, sprinkled with adventure juice and the sweet flavor of the forbidden. The psyche moves from the realms of the ordinary and takes a delicate step towards the unknown. We know we shouldn't and that is exactly why we do.”

Tags : Good Sense Ideas Logic Why We Do
Author : Brigid Lowry
Source : Guitar Highway Rose

198. “...but that was the thing about reality. It didn't need to make sense.”

Tags : Logic Paradox Reality Sense
Author : Mira Grant
Source : Blackout

199. “I will no longer argue with the senseless and unreasonable; for they are void of reason and common sense.”

Tags : Argue Arguments Common Logic Common Sense Logic Reason Reasonable Sense Senseless Senses Truth Unreasonable
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

200. “Suppose that members of a religious movement, such as Christianity, maintain that the existence of some powerful god and its goals or laws can be known through their scriptures, their prophets, or some special revelation. Suppose further that the evidence that is available to support the reliability of those scriptures, prophets, or special revelations is weaker than that God is hypothetically capable of producing. That is, suppose that Christians maintain that Jesus was resurrected on the basis of the Gospels, or that God’s existence can be known through the Bible, or Muslims insist on the historical authenticity of the Koran. Could God, the almighty creator of the universe, have brought it about so that the evidence in favor of the resurrection, the Bible, or the Koran was better than we currently find it? I take it that the answer is obviously yes. Even if you think there is evidence that is sufficient to prove the resurrection, a reasonable person must also acknowledge that it could have been better. And there’s the problem. If the capacity of that god is greater than the effectiveness or quality of those scriptures, prophets, or special revelations, then the story they are telling contradicts itself. 'We know our god is real on the basis of evidence that is inadequate for our god.' Or, 'The grounds that lead us to believe in our god are inconsistent with the god we accept; nevertheless, we believe in this god that would have given us greater evidence if it had wished for us to believe in it.'Given the disparity between the gods that these religious movements portend and the grounds offered to justify them, the atheist is warranted in dismissing such claims. If the sort of divine being that they promote were real and if he had sought our believe on the basis of the evidence, the evidential situation would not resemble the one we are in. The story doesn’t make internal sense. A far better explanation is that their enthusiasm for believing in a god has led them to overstate what the evidence shows. And that same enthusiasm has made it difficult for them to see that an all powerful God would have the power to make his existence utterly obvious and undeniable. Since it’s not, the non-believer can’t possibly be faulted for failing to believe.”

Tags : Agnosticism Argument Against God Atheist Atheist Argument Belief Bible Koran Christianity Christians Existence Power Faith Gods History Islam Jesus Logic Muslim Muslims Philosophy Prophecy Prove Reason Religion Revelation Scripture Theism