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1. “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”

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2. “I do not pretend to be able to prove that there is no God. I equally cannot prove that Satan is a fiction. The Christian god may exist; so may the gods of Olympus, or of ancient Egypt, or of Babylon. But no one of these hypotheses is more probable than any other: they lie outside the region of even probable knowledge, and therefore there is no reason to consider any of them.”

Tags : Babylon Belief Burden Of Proof Christian God Egyptian Fiction Gods Hypothesis Knowledge Olympus Probability Proof Rational Reason Santa Satan Superstition
Source : Why I Am Not a Christian and Other Essays on Religion and Related Subjects

3. “The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery.”

Tags : Knowledge Mystery Sense Of Wonder Spirituality
Author : Anaïs Nin

4. “Hold fast to dreams,For if dreams dieLife is a broken-winged bird,That cannot fly.”

Tags : Dreams Hope Inspiration Knowledge Wisdom

5. “Last night I lost the world, and gained the universe.”

Tags : Enlightenment Forgiveness Inspirational Quotes Knowledge Letting Go
Author : C. JoyBell C.

6. “I am too much of a skeptic to deny the possibility of anything.”

Tags : Knowledge Possibility Science Skepticism Thinking
Source : Life and Letters of Thomas Henry Huxley - Volume 1

7. “Time after time have nations, ay, and rich and strong nations, learned in the arts, been, and passed away to be forgotten, so that no memory of them remains. This is but one of several; for Time eats up the works of man.”

Tags : Everything Is Meaningless Fallen Nations Futility Inevitability Knowledge Learning Man Mankind Materialism Nations Passing Of Time Time
Source : She

8. “[The wives of powerful noblemen] must be highly knowledgeable about government, and wise – in fact, far wiser than most other such women in power. The knowledge of a baroness must be so comprehensive that she can understand everything. Of her a philosopher might have said: "No one is wise who does not know some part of everything." Moreover, she must have the courage of a man. This means that she should not be brought up overmuch among women nor should she be indulged in extensive and feminine pampering. Why do I say that? If barons wish to be honoured as they deserve, they spend very little time in their manors and on their own lands. Going to war, attending their prince's court, and traveling are the three primary duties of such a lord. So the lady, his companion, must represent him at home during his absences. Although her husband is served by bailiffs, provosts, rent collectors, and land governors, she must govern them all. To do this according to her right she must conduct herself with such wisdom that she will be both feared and loved. As we have said before, the best possible fear comes from love. When wronged, her men must be able to turn to her for refuge. She must be so skilled and flexible that in each case she can respond suitably. Therefore, she must be knowledgeable in the mores of her locality and instructed in its usages, rights, and customs. She must be a good speaker, proud when pride is needed; circumspect with the scornful, surly, or rebellious; and charitably gentle and humble toward her good, obedient subjects. With the counsellors of her lord and with the advice of elder wise men, she ought to work directly with her people. No one should ever be able to say of her that she acts merely to have her own way. Again, she should have a man's heart. She must know the laws of arms and all things pertaining to warfare, ever prepared to command her men if there is need of it. She has to know both assault and defence tactics to insure that her fortresses are well defended, if she has any expectation of attack or believes she must initiate military action. Testing her men, she will discover their qualities of courage and determination before overly trusting them. She must know the number and strength of her men to gauge accurately her resources, so that she never will have to trust vain or feeble promises. Calculating what force she is capable of providing before her lord arrives with reinforcements, she also must know the financial resources she could call upon to sustain military action. She should avoid oppressing her men, since this is the surest way to incur their hatred. She can best cultivate their loyalty by speaking boldly and consistently to them, according to her council, not giving one reason today and another tomorrow. Speaking words of good courage to her men-at-arms as well as to her other retainers, she will urge them to loyalty and their best efforts.”

Tags : Ability Administration Equality Good Governance Government Justice Knowledge Leadership Peace Prudence Respect Skills Strength Superiority Upbringing War Wisdom Women
Source : The Treasure of the City of Ladies

9. “Chaos needs no allies, for it dwells like a poison in every one of us.”

Tags : Knowledge Malazan Understanding
Source : Midnight Tides

10. “A civilization can easily drown in what it knows as in what doesn't know. Consider,' he continued, Gotho's Folly. Gotho's curse was in being too aware - of everything. Every permutation, every potential. Enough to poison every scan he cast on the world. It availed him naught, and worse, he was aware of even that.”

Tags : Deadhouse Gates Inspiration Intelligence Knowledge Malazan Malazan Book Of The Fallen Society Steven Erikson Wisdom
Source : Deadhouse Gates

11. “Could mankind declare it was truly wise? Did man know everything on earth, or would he ever? Certainly not!”

Tags : Gadfly Humility Knowledge Learning Limitations Mankind Philosophical Stupidity Stupidity Of Man Truth Wisdom
Source : Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

12. “The world demands I make good choices on no information, and then blames my maidenhood for my mistakes, as if my maidenhood were responsible for my ignorance. Ignorance is not stupidity, but it might as well be. And I do not like feeling stupid.”

Tags : Enlightenment Gender Roles Ignorance Knowledge Stupidity
Source : The Curse of Chalion

13. “So the paradox goes: No man who is really ignorant is ever aware that he is ignorant. That is its finest, most faulty manifestation; there can be no true ignorance without first some claim of intelligence or consciousness, or superiority or enlightenment.”

Tags : Arrogance Awareness Brain Certainty Confidence Consciousness Deception Dreaming Enlightenment False Knowledge Humility Hypocrisy Ignorance Intelligence Knowledge Not Knowing Paradox Pride Psychology Self Deception Sleeping Snobbery Stupidity Of Man Truth
Author : Criss Jami

14. “Innocence is the beginning of ignorance. Experience is the end of stupidity.”

Tags : Awareness Books End Enlightenment Erudition Experience Happenstance Ignorance Innocence Knowledge Learning Letters Man Nature Reality Stupidity
Source : Master of Maxims

15. “Knowledge squandered is not knowledge, but a sign of ignorance.”

Tags : Ignorance Knowledge Responsibility Responsible Squander Stupidity Who We Are Wisdom
Author : Joseph Rain

16. “Be strong inlife. Just know some people will mistaken your kindness as weakness. Because of your care for them. They will take advantage of you and want to use you. Dont worry too much about them, because those people they never been pleased or grateful.”

Tags : Advice Attract Beauty Blesser Characteristics Courage Dj Dj Kyos Encouragment Gold Digger Grateful Her Knowledge Leadership Love Motivation People Relationship Self Introspection Selfish Strong Teach Thoughts Wise Words Women Words Worry

17. “We live in a highly complex, technological world – and it's not entirely obvious what's right and what's wrong in any given situation, unless you can parse the situation, deconstruct it. People just don't have the insight to be able to do that very effectively.”

Tags : Analytics Brilliance Complexity Ethics Insight Intelligence Knowledge Life Modern World Morality Philosophy Right Sad Truth Science Semantics Stupidity Technology Thinking Thought Wisdom Wrong

18. “Never reason yourself to people who hate you or fight with you for no reason. Its either they are trying to get your attention or they are trying to get someone attention using you or your name.Meaning no one recognize them or notice them or give them their time.So they have to do something to be noticed. Ignoring them will be best solution and will do much bigger damage to them than fighting them.”

Tags : Attention Attitude Avenge Encouragement Hate Haters Inspiration Intelligence Knowledge Kyos Magupe Leader Life Life Lessons Live Name People Recognition Revenge Sowetan Success Sundayworld

19. “People always talk. Don't stress yourself what people say. Just live your life they way you know how.”

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20. “Of course, even before Flaubert, people knew stupidity existed, but they understood it somewhat differently: it was considered a simple absence of knowledge, a defect correctable by education. In Flaubert's novels, stupidity is an inseparable dimension of human existence. It accompanies poor Emma throughout her days, to her bed of love and to her deathbed, over which two deadly agélastes, Homais and Bournisien, go on endlessly trading their inanities like a kind of funeral oration. But the most shocking, the most scandalous thing about Flaubert's vision of stupidity is this: Stupidity does not give way to science, technology, modernity, progress; on the contrary, it progresses right along with progress!”

Tags : Coevolution Education Essay Flaubert Knowledge Modernity Progress Spectrum Stupidity
Author : Milan Kundera
Source : The Art of the Novel

21. “Sacrifice of the self is sheer stupidity if sacrifice is not for the self.”

Tags : Adage Advantage Advertisement Alliterations Amit Kalantri Amit Kalantri Quotes Catch Lines Characters Essay Inspirational Knowledge Movie Personal Loss Public Speaking Rhetoric Scriptwriting Self Centered Selfishness Soul Speech Struggle Tag Lines Tolerate Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri

22. “There is no one who is lonely, than a man who knows what his money can do for him or can get him. He price himself in everything and the things he can get. Also a women who knows what her beauty and body can do and attract, what her body can get her and do for her. Dont be fooled. These people can get anything they want but except one thing. That is love. True love. Thats why their aslong they have this mentality they hardly keep relationships.”

Tags : Blesser Develepment Dj Encouragement Encouragment Happiness Her Knowledge Kyos Magupe Leadership Life Lessons Love Man Philosopher Philosospher Quutes Relationship Riches Self Introspection Selfish Words

23. “Ah! how little knowledge does a man acquire in his life. He gathers it up like water, but like water it runs between his fingers, and yet, if his hands be but wet as though with dew, behold a generation of fools call out, 'See, he is a wise man!' Is it not so?”

Tags : Arrogance Foolishness Futility Humanity Intelligence Knowledge Learning Mankind Stupidity Wisdom
Source : She

24. “The Seven Social Sins are: Wealth without work. Pleasure without conscience. Knowledge without character. Commerce without morality. Science without humanity. Worship without sacrifice. Politics without principle.From a sermon given by Frederick Lewis Donaldson in Westminster Abbey, London, on March 20, 1925.”

Tags : Character Commerce Conscience Happiness Humanity Knowledge Misattributed To Gandhi Money Morality Pleasure Politics Principle Sacrifice Science Sin Sins Wealth Work Worship

25. “It takes a very long time to become young.”

Tags : Ignorance Innocence Knowledge Wisdom Youth
Author : Pablo Picasso

26. “Wisdom is nothing more than confirmed imagination: just because one did not study for his exam does not mean that he should leave it blank.”

Tags : Blank College Confirmation Confirmed Development Education Exam Experimentation Fill In The Blank Imagination Intelligence Knowledge Learning Risk School Study Test Wisdom
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

27. “Give me the storm and tempest of thought and action, rather than the dead calm of ignorance and faith! Banish me from Eden when you will; but first let me eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge!”

Tags : Action Eden Faith Garden Of Eden Ignorance Knowledge Myth Religion Skepticism Superstition Thought Tree Of Knowledge
Source : The Works Of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. Iii

28. “Nothing can illustrate these observations more forcibly, than a recollection of the happy conjuncture of times and circumstances, under which our Republic assumed its rank among the Nations; The foundation of our Empire was not laid in the gloomy age of Ignorance and Superstition, but at an Epoch when the rights of mankind were better understood and more clearly defined, than at any former period, the researches of the human mind, after social happiness, have been carried to a great extent, the Treasures of knowledge, acquired by the labours of Philosophers, Sages and Legislatures, through a long succession of years, are laid open for our use, and their collected wisdom may be happily applied in the Establishment of our forms of Government; the free cultivation of Letters, the unbounded extension of Commerce, the progressive refinement of Manners, the growing liberality of sentiment... have had a meliorating influence on mankind and increased the blessings of Society. At this auspicious period, the United States came into existence as a Nation, and if their Citizens should not be completely free and happy, the fault will be entirely their own.[Circular to the States, 8 June 1783 - Writings 26:484--89]”

Tags : America Foundation Founding Founding Father George Washington Government Happiness Ignorance Knowledge Mankind Mind Philosophers Research Rights Sages Superstition Use
Source : Writings

29. “People think that epilepsy is divine simply because they don't have any idea what causes epilepsy. But I believe that someday we will understand what causes epilepsy, and at that moment, we will cease to believe that it's divine. And so it is with everything in the universe”

Tags : Epilepsy Fallacy God Of The Gaps Ignorance Knowledge Superstition Understanding
Author : Hippocrates

30. “Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science.”

Tags : Certainty Ignorance Knowledge Open Mindedness Science Willful Ignorance
Source : The Descent of Man

31. “Nobody is smarter than you are. And what if they are? What good is their understanding doing you?”

Tags : Knowledge Smart Understanding

32. “AFTER SCHOOL SPECIALDear Mr. Schneider,I attended your elementarySchool almost thirty years agoAnd I'm very sure thatYou will rememberMe.My name is Suzy.I'm that hyperactive girlFrom the Egyptian familyWho used to always play deadOn the playground duringRecess.You used to keep meAfter school a lot,And then my father wouldForce me to make the longWalk home in the cold or rain.Sometimes I would arriveAfter dark.I'm writing to tell youThat I was bored as a kid.I was bored by your curriculumAnd the way I was always taught aBunch of uselessJunk.I did not like being locked upIn a prison of scheduled timeLearning about irrelevant material,And watching belittling cartoons andShows approved by academia thatMade me even moreBored.As a kidWho was constantlyGrowing, evolving, andBeing shaped by all around me,I wanted to travel, See other kidsIn the world like me,To understand what was goingOn amongst us and around us,To know what we were here forAnd what was our real purposeFor existence.I have some questionsI would like to ask you, Mr. Schneider,Now that I know that you are noLonger a school principal,But the new superintendentOf the entire schoolDistrict.I want to knowWhy racism todayWas not clearly explained to meEven though we covered eventsThat happened long ago.I want to know why youNever shared with usWhy other countriesNever liked us,Why we are taught to compete,To be divided in teams,And why conformity is associatedWith popularity, whileEccentricity is consideredUndesirable?I want to knowWhy my cafeteria lunchesWere slammed packedWith bottom-tierProcessed junk foodOnly suitableFor pigs?And why is itThat whenever a bullySlammed a kid into a locker forHis lunch money,Nobody explained to usThat egotism, selfishness and greedWere the seeds ofWar?I want to knowWhy we were never taughtTo stick up for each other,To love one another, and thatSegregation sorted by theOccupations of our fathers,The neighborhoods we lived in, our houses,Choices of sport, wealth, clothing,Color of our skinAnd the texture of our hairShould never, everDivide us?And lastly,I want to know whyIs it that whenever I pledgedAllegiance to the flag,I was never told that I wasActually hailing to theChief?You used to say thatI was a troubled child,A misfit, and that I neededObedience training,But you never acknowledged thatI was the fastest runner in the districtAnd that I took the schoolTo State and Nationals to competeIn the Spelling Bee among kidsGrades higher than me.And that it was me,Who won that big trophyThat sat in your office when youUsed to detain me for hoursAnd tell me I was noGood.Mr. Schneider,If we are not taught truths as kids,Then how do you expect us toGrow up to be truthful citizens?If we are only being taught the written way,And it has not shown positive effectsIn societies of yesterday or today,Then how can we progress as aUnited and compassionateNation?What good is it, To memorize the histories Of our forefathers,Without learning what could beGained from their lessons and mistakesTo improve our future Tomorrows?And finally,I want to thank you;For I know you have a tough jobDealing with rebellious children like me.Your job of mass processing and boxingThe young minds of America has not been an easy one,And I congratulate you On your recent promotion.But I sincerely want to thank you,Thank you,And thank you,For always pointing outThat I wasDifferent.”

Tags : Academia Class Compassion Compassionate Detain Education Educational Evil Forefathers Historical Events Learn Memorize Memory Principal Race Racism School Principal Spelling Team United Nation
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

33. “How easy it is for so many of us today to be undoubtedly full of information yet fully deprived of accurate information.”

Tags : Blog College Confusion Deceit Education Facts False Knowledge Falsehood Funny Funny But True Half Truth Information Information Technology Internet Knowledge Libel Misinformation News Propaganda School Slander Social Media Statistics Statistics Humor Technology Truth University Wisdom
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

34. “Never take advice about never taking advice. That is an old vice of men - to dish it out without being able to take it - the blind leading the blind into more blindness.”

Tags : Accuracy Advice Clever Coach College Comprehension Comprehension Accuracy Discernment Dish Ego Funny But True Guidance Humility Humor Instruction Intelligence Knowledge Listening Master Narcissism Pride Rebellion School
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

35. “It's simple, it's not that simple; or life is simple, but the things in it are not. When a man does not understand it, he tends to inflate it. When he does, he tends to deflate it. In the end, neither images are fully accurate.”

Tags : Accuracy Complexity Deflate Humanity Inflate Knowledge Life Moderation Simplicity Understanding Wisdom
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

36. “The first men to be created and formed were called the Sorcerer of Fatal Laughter, the Sorcerer of Night, Unkempt, and the Black Sorcerer … They were endowed with intelligence, they succeeded in knowing all that there is in the world. When they looked, instantly they saw all that is around them, and they contemplated in turn the arc of heaven and the round face of the earth … [Then the Creator said]: 'They know all … what shall we do with them now? Let their sight reach only to that which is near; let them see only a little of the face of the earth!… Are they not by nature simple creatures of our making? Must they also be gods?”

Tags : Creation Creation Myth Earth Gods Heaven Intelligence Knowledge Sight
Author : Anonymous
Source : Popol Vuh

37. “Religion can never reform mankind because religion is slavery. It is far better to be free, to leave the forts and barricades of fear, to stand erect and face the future with a smile. It is far better to give yourself sometimes to negligence, to drift with wave and tide, with the blind force of the world, to think and dream, to forget the chains and limitations of the breathing life, to forget purpose and object, to lounge in the picture gallery of the brain, to feel once more the clasps and kisses of the past, to bring life's morning back, to see again the forms and faces of the dead, to paint fair pictures for the coming years, to forget all Gods, their promises and threats, to feel within your veins life's joyous stream and hear the martial music, the rhythmic beating of your fearless heart. And then to rouse yourself to do all useful things, to reach with thought and deed the ideal in your brain, to give your fancies wing, that they, like chemist bees, may find art's nectar in the weeds of common things, to look with trained and steady eyes for facts, to find the subtle threads that join the distant with the now, to increase knowledge, to take burdens from the weak, to develop the brain, to defend the right, to make a palace for the soul. This is real religion. This is real worship”

Tags : Burden Development Dream Facts Fear Feeling Free Future Gods Heart Inspirational Joy Knowledge Purpose Reform Slavery Thought Threat Weak Worship
Source : The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. IV

38. “Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won't come in.”

Tags : Assumptions Close Mindedness Intelligence Isaac Asimov Knowledge Open Mind Open Mindedness Open Minds Opinions Receptivity Science Science Of Mind
Author : Isaac Asimov

39. “Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social enviroment. Most people are incapable of forming such opinions."(Essay to Leo Baeck, 1953)”

Tags : Disagreement Dissent Equanimity Expressing Knowledge Opinions Prejudices Social Society Thought

40. “Confidence is ignorance. If you're feeling cocky, it's because there's something you don't know.”

Tags : Confidence Humor Ignorance Knowledge
Author : Eoin Colfer
Source : Artemis Fowl

41. “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”

Tags : Ignorance Knowledge Misattributed Stephen Hawking

42. “I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies but not the madness of people.”

Tags : Human Nature Ignorance Knowledge Wisdom
Author : Isaac Newton

43. “To know that you do not know is the best.To think you know when you do not is a disease.Recognizing this disease as a disease is to be free of it.”

Tags : Ignorance Knowledge
Author : Lao Tzu

44. “I examined the poets, and I look on them as people whose talent overawes both themselves and others, people who present themselves as wise men and are taken as such, when they are nothing of the sort.From poets, I moved to artists. No one was more ignorant about the arts than I; no one was more convinced that artists possessed really beautiful secrets. However, I noticed that their condition was no better than that of the poets and that both of them have the same misconceptions. Because the most skillful among them excel in their specialty, they look upon themselves as the wisest of men. In my eyes, this presumption completely tarnished their knowledge. As a result, putting myself in the place of the oracle and asking myself what I would prefer to be — what I was or what they were, to know what they have learned or to know that I know nothing — I replied to myself and to the god: I wish to remain who I am.We do not know — neither the sophists, nor the orators, nor the artists, nor I— what the True, the Good, and the Beautiful are. But there is this difference between us: although these people know nothing, they all believe they know something; whereas, I, if I know nothing, at least have no doubts about it. As a result, all this superiority in wisdom which the oracle has attributed to me reduces itself to the single point that I am strongly convinced that I am ignorant of what I do not know.”

Tags : Humbleness Ignorance Knowledge Truth Understanding
Author : Socrates

45. “The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty.”

Tags : Education Freedom Intelligence Knowledge Liberty Media
Author : James Madison

46. “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”

Tags : Attributed Education Intelligence Knowledge Unsourced
Author : Maya Angelou

47. “The man of knowledge must be able not only to love his enemies but also to hate his friends.”

Tags : Enemies Friends Friendship Hatred Intelligence Knowledge Love Wisdom

48. “No one has free will until they are an adult, and by then the choices that were made for them, have already set them on a course that gives limited freedom in the choices to be made.”

Tags : Choices Course Destination Fate Free Will Freedom Knowledge Path Thought
Author : J.D. Stroube
Source : Caged in Darkness

49. “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”

Tags : Knowledge Learning Understanding Wisdom

50. “I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me.”

Tags : Inspiration Instinct Knowledge Search Seekers Self Awareness Self Discovery Understanding
Author : Hermann Hesse
Source : Demian. Die Geschichte von Emil Sinclairs Jugend

51. “For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.”

Tags : Cosmology Delusion Knowledge Religion Science Truth Understanding
Author : Carl Sagan
Source : The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark

52. “I mean, you could claim that anything's real if the only basis for believing in it is that nobody's proved it doesn't exist!”

Tags : Common Sense Hermione Granger Knowledge Logic Reason Skepticism
Author : J.K. Rowling

53. “I am an atheist, out and out. It took me a long time to say it. I've been an atheist for years and years, but somehow I felt it was intellectually unrespectable to say one was an atheist, because it assumed knowledge that one didn't have. Somehow, it was better to say one was a humanist or an agnostic. I finally decided that I'm a creature of emotion as well as of reason. Emotionally, I am an atheist. I don't have the evidence to prove that God doesn't exist, but I so strongly suspect he doesn't that I don't want to waste my time.”

Tags : Agnostic Atheism Atheist Belief Emotion Humanist Interview Knowledge Reason Religion Respect Science
Author : Isaac Asimov

54. “Those who make conversations impossible, make escalation inevitable.”

Tags : Bravery Censorship Courage Critical Thinking Debate Discussions Freedom Freedom Of Expression Freedom Of Speech Freedom Of Thought Knowledge Objectivism Pc Philosophy Political Correctness Psychology Rationality Relationships Safe Space Self Knowledge Sick Society Trigger Trigger Warning

55. “Wisdom cannot be imparted. Wisdom that a wise man attempts to impart always sounds like foolishness to someone else ... Knowledge can be communicated, but not wisdom. One can find it, live it, do wonders through it, but one cannot communicate and teach it.”

Tags : Communication Foolishness Knowledge Sharing Teaching Wisdom
Author : Hermann Hesse
Source : Siddhartha

56. “You could give Aristotle a tutorial. And you could thrill him to the core of his being. Aristotle was an encyclopedic polymath, an all time intellect. Yet not only can you know more than him about the world. You also can have a deeper understanding of how everything works. Such is the privilege of living after Newton, Darwin, Einstein, Planck, Watson, Crick and their colleagues.I'm not saying you're more intelligent than Aristotle, or wiser. For all I know, Aristotle's the cleverest person who ever lived. That's not the point. The point is only that science is cumulative, and we live later.”

Tags : Albert Einstein Aristotle Charles Darwin Crick Darwin Einstein Francis Crick Intellect Isaac Newton James D Watson James Watson Knowledge Max Planck Newton Planck Polymath Science Understanding Watson

57. “Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness or Pure consciousness without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity.”

Tags : Awareness Consciousness Finite Infinity Knowledge Meditation Thought
Author : Voltaire

58. “It is sometimes easier to be happy if you don't know everything.”

Tags : Happiness Irony Knowledge
Source : Morality for Beautiful Girls

59. “She was heartily ashamed of her ignorance - a misplaced shame. Where people wish to attach, they should always be ignorant. To come with a well−informed mind is to come with an inability of administering to the vanity of others, which a sensible person would always wish to avoid. A woman especially, if she have the misfortune of knowing anything, should conceal it as well as she can.”

Tags : Attachment Clichés Concealment Empowerment Feminism Ignorance Intelligence Irony Knowledge Preconceptions Prejudice Sarcasm Stereotypes Vanity Women
Author : Jane Austen
Source : Northanger Abbey

60. “Until he had come up with a name, he was too pathetic to look at -- a real idiot. But now that he had some label like graviconcentrate, he thought that he understood everything and life was a breeze.”

Tags : Knowledge Labels Life Taxonomies

61. “Being stubbon has never helped anyone but just brought them more pain and suffering.”

Tags : Archivement Business Career Christinaty Company Desires Dreams Never Die Employee Employment Enjoy Entrepreneurship Quotes Facebook Gifts Good Good Life History Identity Incentives Interview Investment Labels Learning Loyalty Motivated Move Negative Optimist Quotes Twar

62. “Failure gives you the reason and motivation for success. Poeple who succeed dont just succeed but they have reasons why they should succeed.”

Tags : Careers Comfort Zone Courage Cover Employee Finance Gift Global Intelligence Investment Key Motto New Life Paper Philosopher Positive Rich Shades Strength Track Victory Will

63. “If you FAIL big now and you dont give up. What you see as your biggest failure now. Tomorrow will be your greatest story to tell.”

Tags : Accounting Administration Behind Commitment Cover Doing Dreams Duty Entrepreneurship Quotes Entreprenuer Famous Goals Greed Group Work History Information Invest Investment Leadership Motivated Operation Organization Past Picture Policy Social Media Stress Stressing Visionery Words

64. “Any behaviour or habit can be learned. Just chose to learn the good ones.”

Tags : Administration Better Chances Character Confused Counselign Counsellor Discouraged Dj Doubts Excuses Experience Gift Good Life Greed Guessing Improved Investment Joy Joyous Know Me Leadership Mindset Month Pet Philosophy Possibilities Presence Production Skills Teaching Whisky

65. “Fight for greater course than for greater loss”

Tags : Ability To Succeed In Life Accounting Attitude Better Life Change Dj Duty Entreprenuers Entreprenuership Ethics Getting Young Gift Group Work History Improved Incentives Inner Peace Invest Living Lord Month Opportunities Optimist People Philosohy Prioritities Protection Puzzle Rich Skills Teaching Travelling Truelly Happy Visionery Winner Wisdom Words

66. “A NATION'S GREATNESS DEPENDS ON ITS LEADERTo vastly improve your country and truly make it great again, start by choosing a better leader. Do not let the media or the establishment make you pick from the people they choose, but instead choose from those they do not pick. Pick a leader from among the people who is heart-driven, one who identifies with the common man on the street and understands what the country needs on every level. Do not pick a leader who is only money-driven and does not understand or identify with the common man, but only what corporations need on every level.Pick a peacemaker. One who unites, not divides. A cultured leader who supports the arts and true freedom of speech, not censorship. Pick a leader who will not only bail out banks and airlines, but also families from losing their homes -- or jobs due to their companies moving to other countries. Pick a leader who will fund schools, not limit spending on education and allow libraries to close. Pick a leader who chooses diplomacy over war. An honest broker in foreign relations. A leader with integrity, one who says what they mean, keeps their word and does not lie to their people. Pick a leader who is strong and confident, yet humble. Intelligent, but not sly. A leader who encourages diversity, not racism. One who understands the needs of the farmer, the teacher, the doctor, and the environmentalist -- not only the banker, the oil tycoon, the weapons developer, or the insurance and pharmaceutical lobbyist.Pick a leader who will keep jobs in your country by offering companies incentives to hire only within their borders, not one who allows corporations to outsource jobs for cheaper labor when there is a national employment crisis. Choose a leader who will invest in building bridges, not walls. Books, not weapons. Morality, not corruption. Intellectualism and wisdom, not ignorance. Stability, not fear and terror. Peace, not chaos. Love, not hate. Convergence, not segregation. Tolerance, not discrimination. Fairness, not hypocrisy. Substance, not superficiality. Character, not immaturity. Transparency, not secrecy. Justice, not lawlessness. Environmental improvement and preservation, not destruction. Truth, not lies.Most importantly, a great leader must serve the best interests of the people first, not those of multinational corporations. Human life should never be sacrificed for monetary profit. There are no exceptions. In addition, a leader should always be open to criticism, not silencing dissent. Any leader who does not tolerate criticism from the public is afraid of their dirty hands to be revealed under heavy light. And such a leader is dangerous, because they only feel secure in the darkness. Only a leader who is free from corruption welcomes scrutiny; for scrutiny allows a good leader to be an even greater leader.And lastly, pick a leader who will make their citizens proud. One who will stir the hearts of the people, so that the sons and daughters of a given nation strive to emulate their leader's greatness. Only then will a nation be truly great, when a leader inspires and produces citizens worthy of becoming future leaders, honorable decision makers and peacemakers. And in these times, a great leader must be extremely brave. Their leadership must be steered only by their conscience, not a bribe.”

Tags : Corporations Diversity Divide Division Educators Environmentalist Family Global Citizen Great Leader Hire Honest Human Rights Humility Integrity Intelligent Jobs Leader Lie Multinational Nomination President Sacrifice
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

67. “The relation between what we see and what we know is never settled. Each evening we see the sun set. We know that the earth is turning away from it. Yet the knowledge, the explanation, never quite fits the sight.”

Tags : Connections Explanations Knowledge Seeing
Author : John Berger
Source : Ways of Seeing

68. “All knowledge that is about human society, and not about the natural world, is historical knowledge, and therefore rests upon judgment and interpretation. This is not to say that facts or data are nonexistent, but that facts get their importance from what is made of them in interpretation… for interpretations depend very much on who the interpreter is, who he or she is addressing, what his or her purpose is, at what historical moment the interpretation takes place.”

Tags : History Human Society Interpretation Knowledge

69. “For me, I am driven by two main philosophies: know more today about the world than I knew yesterday and lessen the suffering of others. You'd be surprised how far that gets you.”

Tags : Compassion Inspiration Inspirational Knowledge Learning Philosophy Science Values

70. “Inventory:"Four be the things I am wiser to know:Idleness, sorrow, a friend, and a foe.Four be the things I'd been better without:Love, curiosity, freckles, and doubt.Three be the things I shall never attain:Envy, content, and sufficient champagne.Three be the things I shall have till I die:Laughter and hope and a sock in the eye.”

Tags : Champagne Contentment Curiosity Doubt Envy Foes Friends Hope Idleness Inventory Knowledge Laughter Life Love Sorrow Sufficienty Superfluity Unattainable Values Wisdom
Source : The Complete Poems of Dorothy Parker

71. “Invariably, knowledge dictates life, liberty, and death, but those who have historically occupied the seats of power not only dictate what is defined as knowledge but also dictate what’s included, what’s excluded, and how it is filtered to society vis-à-vis America’s major institutions . . . particularly the educational system; ultimately, shaping the very essence of life.”

Tags : Death Educational System Essence Of Life Institutions Knowledge Liberty Life Power Society
Source : Latino Access to Higher Education: Ethnic Realitites and New Directions for the Twenty-first Century

72. “The acquiring of intelligence doesn't require an institution if you got the heart to seek knowledge, and the balls to use it as wisely as those who came before you.”

Tags : Acquiring Stuff Education Inspiration Institutions Intelligence Knowledge Wise Quotes
Author : James Emlund

73. “Featherweight by Suzy KassemOne evening,I sat by the ocean and questioned the moon about my destiny.I revealed to it that I was beginning to feel smaller compared to others,Because the more secrets of the universe I would unlock,The smaller in size I became.I didn't understand why I wasn't feeling larger instead of smaller.I thought that seeking Truth was what was required of us all –To show us the way, not to make us feel lost,Up against the odds,In a devilish game partitioned byAn invisible wall.Then the next morning,A bird appeared at my window, just as the sun beganSpreading its yolk over the horizon.It remained perched for a long time,Gazing at me intently, to make sure I knew I wasn’t dreaming.Then its words gently echoed throughout my mind,Telling me:'The world you are in –Is the true hell.The journey to Truth itselfIs what quickens the heart to become lighter.The lighter the heart, the purer it is.The purer the heart, the closer to light it becomes.And the heavier the heart,The more chained to this hellIt will remain.'And just like that, it flew off towards the sun,Leaving behind a tiny feather.So I picked it up,And fastened it to a toothpick,To dip into inkAnd write my name.”

Tags : Destiny Quotes Doing Good Dying Falcon Fate Heart Hell Journey Journey To Truth Knowlsun Light Heart Moon Path To Knowledge Path To Light Path To Truth Pure Seeking Truth Soul Spirit Sun Truth Truth Poetry Truth Quotes Truth Seeker Wisdom
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

74. “Knowledge is power. Power to do evil...or power to do good. Power itself is not evil. So knowledge itself is not evil.”

Tags : Evil Good Knowledge Power
Author : Veronica Roth
Source : Allegiant

75. “If I were to go back in time with the knowledge that I have today about Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), I would invest the money into changing the electrical characteristics of my body and exhaust that route first, particularly if no one else in the home is showing the condition. If everyone is sick in the home, it is probably an environmental issue that warrants expense on changing the environmental factors.”

Tags : Back Body Characteristics Condition Ehs Electromagnetic Everyone Exhaust Expense First Home Hypersensitivity Invest Issue Knowledge Money Particularly Showing Sick Time Today Warrants
Author : Steven Magee

76. “Knowledge was like candy: you never turned it down, especially if you didn't have to work too hard to get it.”

Tags : Candy Knowledge
Source : House of Dark Shadows

77. “Remember it all, every insult, every tear. Tattoo it on the inside of your mind. In life, knowledge of poisons is essential. I've told you, nobody becomes an artist unless they have to.”

Tags : Artist Insults Knowledge Poison Remember
Author : Janet Fitch

78. “A man who withstands all stress given by his spouse and keeps mum on all major matters of his house, often stays long at the workplace because the training imparted by a wife comes handy in the service life to either endure the undue job pressure or release it on others to impress the boss.”

Tags : Buttering Cheat Crafty Facts Famous Quotes Grooming Home Ignorance Inspiring Quotes Job Juniors Marriage Married Life Mindset Motivational Organisation Sage Observation Seniors Service Life Stress Thinking Level Training Trust Wife And Husband Wise Saying Witty
Author : Anuj Somany

79. “Life is like a game of chess.To win you have to make a move.Knowing which move to make comes with IN-SIGHTand knowledge, and by learning the lessons that areacculated along the way.We become each and every piece within the game called life!”

Tags : Art Of Dying Art Of Living Knowledge Of Self Knowledge Teaching Master Of Love Masters Mind Mind Power Positive Attitude Positive Outlook Positive Thinking Power Of Love Power Of Words Powerful Story Quote Sage Advice Self Improvement Book Unconditional Acceptance
Author : Allan Rufus
Source : The Master's Sacred Knowledge

80. “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

Tags : Knowledge Wisdom
Author : Socrates

81. “I was gratified to be able to answer promptly, and I did. I said I didn’t know.”

Tags : Humor Knowledge
Author : Mark Twain

82. “No thief, however skillful, can rob one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire.”

Tags : Knowledge Thievery Treasure
Author : L. Frank Baum
Source : The Lost Princess of Oz

83. “Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.”

Tags : Knowledge Reading Thinking
Author : John Locke

84. “Great minds are always feared by lesser minds.”

Tags : Knowledge
Author : Dan Brown
Source : The Lost Symbol

85. “Knowing too much of your future is never a good thing.”

Tags : Fate Future Knowledge
Author : Rick Riordan
Source : The Lightning Thief

86. “Jace?""Yeah?""How did you know I had Shadowhunter blood? Was there some way you could tell?"The elevator arrived with a final groan. Jace unlatched the gate and slid it open. The inside reminded Clary of a birdcage, all black metal and decorative bits of gilt. "I guessed," he said, latching the door behind them. "It seemed like the most likely explanation.""You guessed? You must have been pretty sure, considering you could have killed me."He pressed a button in the wall, and the elevator lurched into action with a vibrating groan that she felt all through the bones in her feet. "I was ninety percent sure.""I see," Clary said.There must have been something in her voice, because he turned to look at her. Her hand cracked across his face, a slap that rocked him back on his heels. He put a hand to his cheek, more in surprise than pain. "What the hell was that for?"The other ten percent," she said, and they rode the rest of the way down to the street in silence.”

Tags : 10 90 Blood Clary Fray Elevator Jace Wayland Knowledge Shadowhunter
Source : City of Bones

87. “I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think”

Tags : Knowledge Philosophy
Author : Socrates

88. “Write what you know. That should leave you with a lot of free time.”

Tags : Humor Knowledge Literature Writing

89. “It is the absence of facts that frightens people: the gap you open, into which they pour their fears, fantasies, desires.”

Tags : Facts Knowledge
Author : Hilary Mantel
Source : Wolf Hall

90. “All knowledge hurts.”

Tags : City Of Bones Disillusionment Experience Knowledge Wisdom
Source : City of Bones

91. “Doctor Who: You want weapons? We're in a library. Books are the best weapon in the world. This room's the greatest arsenal we could have. Arm yourself!(from Tooth and Claw in Season 2)”

Tags : Books Doctor Who Knowledge Library Reading Weapons

92. “If you knew what was going to happen, if you knew everything that was going to happen next—if you knew in advance the consequences of your own actions—you'd be doomed. You'd be ruined as God. You'd be a stone. You'd never eat or drink or laugh or get out of bed in the morning. You'd never love anyone, ever again. You'd never dare to.”

Tags : Foresight Knowledge Women
Source : The Blind Assassin

93. “The surest way of concealing from others the boundaries of one's own knowledge is not to overstep them.”

Tags : Knowledge

94. “It's funny. No matter how hard you try, you can't close your heart forever. And the minute you open it up, you never know what's going to come in. But when it does, you just have to go for it! Because if you don't, there's not point in being here.”

Tags : Chance Chances Close Comedic Eternity Existance Forever Funny Go Hard Heart Know Knowledge Life Love Minute Never Open Purpose Time Try
Author : Kirstie Alley

95. “A few nights later, I secretly hope that I might be a genius. Why else can no amount of sleeping pills fell my brain? But in the morning my daughter asks me what a cloud is and I cannot say.”

Tags : Brain Clouds Genius Knowledge Sleep Sleeping Sleepless Sleeplessness
Author : Jenny Offill
Source : Dept. of Speculation

96. “Question like a child, reason like an adult, and write like a sage.”

Tags : Adult Advice Child Comprehend Curiosity Experience Guru Humility Innocence Intelligence Knowledge Life Logical Philosophy Question Reason Theology Truth Truth Of Life Understand Wisdom Write Youth
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

97. “Always seek justice, but love only mercy. To love justice and hate mercy is but a doorway to more injustice.”

Tags : Avenge Civil Rights Conflicts Consideration Doorway Duty Forgiveness Freedom Goodness Hate Honor Humanity Injustice Justice Law Love Open Mindedness Politics Punishment Righteousness
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

98. “All knowledge meets an end at the question '...Why?”

Tags : Answer Curiosity Facts Honesty Humility Intelligence Knowing Knowledge Not Knowing Philosophy Question Why Wisdom
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

99. “Travelling the road will tell you more about the road than the google will tell you about the road.”

Tags : Adage Amit Kalantri Writer Experiences Explore Google Journey Movie Dialogue Philosophy Practice Road Search Engine Success Taglines Tale Teacher Tour Travel Travelling Trek Trekking Voyage Walking The Road
Author : Amit Kalantri

100. “Travelling shouldn't be just a tour, it should be a tale.”

Tags : Adage Amit Kalantri Proverb Amit Kalantri Quotes Amit Kalantri Writer Bus Catch Line Catchphrase Motivational Movie Dialogue Movies Path Story Success Tagline Taglines Tale Teach Teaching Tour Travel Travelling Trek Trekking Voyage Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri

101. “Trekking means a travelling experience with a thrilling excitement.”

Tags : Adage Amit Kalantri Quotes Amit Kalantri Writer Catchphrase Excitement Experiences Experiment Explore Hike Hike Shoes Knowledge Mount Everest Mountains Path Philosophy Practice Rain Rainy Season Social Networking Student Success Teach Temporary Thrill Travel Traveller Trekking
Author : Amit Kalantri

102. “Be a true traveller, don't be a temporary tourist.”

Tags : Amit Kalantri Bus Catchphrase Experiences Google Information Technology Motivational Movies Practical Road Story Success Tagline Teach Teacher Tour Tourist Travel Travelling Trekking True Truth Walking The Road Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri

103. “I have a friend who's an artist and has sometimes taken a view which I don't agree with very well. He'll hold up a flower and say "look how beautiful it is," and I'll agree. Then he says "I as an artist can see how beautiful this is but you as a scientist take this all apart and it becomes a dull thing," and I think that he's kind of nutty. First of all, the beauty that he sees is available to other people and to me too, I believe. Although I may not be quite as refined aesthetically as he is ... I can appreciate the beauty of a flower. At the same time, I see much more about the flower than he sees. I could imagine the cells in there, the complicated actions inside, which also have a beauty. I mean it's not just beauty at this dimension, at one centimeter; there's also beauty at smaller dimensions, the inner structure, also the processes. The fact that the colors in the flower evolved in order to attract insects to pollinate it is interesting; it means that insects can see the color. It adds a question: does this aesthetic sense also exist in the lower forms? Why is it aesthetic? All kinds of interesting questions which the science knowledge only adds to the excitement, the mystery and the awe of a flower. It only adds. I don't understand how it subtracts.”

Tags : Feynman Knowledge Mystery Philosophy Science Understanding

104. “The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.”

Tags : Knowledge

105. “The time will come when diligent research over long periods will bring to light things which now lie hidden. A single lifetime, even though entirely devoted to the sky, would not be enough for the investigation of so vast a subject... And so this knowledge will be unfolded only through long successive ages. There will come a time when our descendants will be amazed that we did not know things that are so plain to them... Many discoveries are reserved for ages still to come, when memory of us will have been effaced.”

Tags : Astronomy Diligence Discoveries Disinformation Knowledge Lies Memory Misinformation Propoganda Research Science Time Truth
Author : Seneca
Source : Natural Questions

106. “An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less until he knows absolutely everything about nothing.”

Tags : Expert Knowledge Research

107. “Dear Miss Independed / Corporate womenWhen you humble yourself and respecting others. Especially males. It doenst mean you are stupid , powerless, weak, desperate or a loser. But it says you are a human. Your success doenst give you rights to be mean and rude to others”

Tags : Attitude Bad Behaviour Blesser Cheat Desperate Dj Dj Kyos Good Inspiration Ladies Life Living Males Money Morals Nothing Paid Philosopher Positive Power Powerless Reality Reward Women Work Quotes

108. “People are invariably surprised to hear me say I am both an atheist and an agnostic, as if this somehow weakens my certainty. I usually reply with a question like, 'Well, are you a Republican or an American?' The two words serve different concepts and are not mutually exclusive. Agnosticism addresses knowledge; atheism addresses belief. The agnostic says, 'I don't have a knowledge that God exists.' The atheist says, 'I don't have a belief that God exists.' You can say both things at the same time. Some agnostics are atheistic and some are theistic.”

Tags : Agnostic Atheism Agnosticism American Atheism Belief Definition Knowledge Republican Surprise
Author : Dan Barker
Source : Godless: How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America's Leading Atheists

109. “When people are confused by your life.Its ok for them to be. Because they only see one puzzle of what your doing . But wait until they see the big picture. So don't be discouraged when they talk bad and negative towards you. They don't see the whole big picture you have in you. Never give up on your goals because of someone else”

Tags : Celebs Character Characteristics Comfort Zone Commited Counsellor Courage Dj Djkyos Duty Employment Encouragement Inspiration Joy Knowledge Leaving Life Living Motivation Optimist Pet Positive Quotes Teaching Twitter Wisdom

110. “When people are confused by your life on what's happening and they come to you to ask whats happening. Tell them they must just hang ten. Your future is not a 4 MB file. Cant load instantly, But your future is bigger even for the cloud solution. That's why it is still loading. The reason is taking time. Its not because you are slow or your bandwidth is low but is because of the bigger file that;s coming in your life. Everyone has a brighter future.”

Tags : Bad Career Cloud Solution Connection Djkyos Duty File Goals Image It Joyous Knowledge Kyos Magupe Pet Positive Production Room Second Telkom

111. “Seek counsel; though we are all skilled and experienced in many ways, no one can experience all that life has to offer in the limited time we are given in this world.”

Tags : Counsel Experience Humble Humility Knowledge Life Life Lessons Lifetime Potential Respect Self Improvement Time Management
Source : Rise of the Morningstar

112. “I want to ‘think’ that I have all the answers. But if I ‘think’, I soon realize that what I thought to be answers were guesses. And if I ‘think’ yet again, I begin to realize that since God has all the answers He never hands me a guess.”

Tags : Answers Counsel Direction God Guess Guesses Insight Knowledge Mentor Solutions Wisdom Wise
Source : Flecks of Gold on a Path of Stone: Simple Truths for Profound Living

113. “Science, my boy, is made up of mistakes, but they are mistakes which it is useful to make, because they lead little by little to the truth.”

Tags : Experimentation Facts Knowledge Science Scientific Method Truth
Author : Jules Verne
Source : Journey to the Center of the Earth

114. “Faith, n. Belief without evidence in what is told by one who speaks without knowledge, of things without parallel.”

Tags : Belief Definitions Evidence Humor Knowledge
Source : The Unabridged Devil's Dictionary

115. “...What I have denied and what my reason compels me to deny, is the existence of a Being throned above us as a god, directing our mundane affairs in detail, regarding us as individuals, punishing us, rewarding us as human judges might.When the churches learn to take this rational view of things, when they become true schools of ethics and stop teaching fables, they will be more effective than they are to-day... If they would turn all that ability to teaching this one thing – the fact that honesty is best, that selfishness and lies of any sort must surely fail to produce happiness – they would accomplish actual things. Religious faiths and creeds have greatly hampered our development. They have absorbed and wasted some fine intellects. That creeds are getting to be less and less important to the average mind with every passing year is a good sign, I think, although I do not wish to talk about what is commonly called theology.The criticisms which have been hurled at me have not worried me. A man cannot control his beliefs. If he is honest in his frank expression of them, that is all that can in justice be required of him. Professor Thomson and a thousand others do not in the least agree with me. His criticism of me, as I read it, charged that because I doubted the soul’s immortality, or ‘personality,’ as he called it, my mind must be abnormal, ‘pathological,’ in other, words, diseased... I try to say exactly what I honestly believe to be the truth, and more than that no man can do. I honestly believe that creedists have built up a mighty structure of inaccuracy, based, curiously, on those fundamental truths which I, with every honest man, must not alone admit but earnestly acclaim.I have been working on the same lines for many years. I have tried to go as far as possible toward the bottom of each subject I have studied. I have not reached my conclusions through study of traditions; I have reached them through the study of hard fact. I cannot see that unproved theories or sentiment should be permitted to have influence in the building of conviction upon matters so important. Science proves its theories or it rejects them. I have never seen the slightest scientific proof of the religious theories of heaven and hell, of future life for individuals, or of a personal God. I earnestly believe that I am right; I cannot help believing as I do... I cannot accept as final any theory which is not provable. The theories of the theologians cannot be proved. Proof, proof! That is what I always have been after; that is what my mind requires before it can accept a theory as fact. Some things are provable, some things disprovable, some things are doubtful. All the problems which perplex us, now, will, soon or late, be solved, and solved beyond a question through scientific investigation. The thing which most impresses me about theology is that it does not seem to be investigating. It seems to be asserting, merely, without actual study....Moral teaching is the thing we need most in this world, and many of these men could be great moral teachers if they would but give their whole time to it, and to scientific search for the rock-bottom truth, instead of wasting it upon expounding theories of theology which are not in the first place firmly based. What we need is search for fundamentals, not reiteration of traditions born in days when men knew even less than we do now.[Columbian Magazine interview]”

Tags : Atheism Belief Evidence Knowledge Morality Proof Reason Science Skepticism Study Theology Tradition Truth

116. “Science replaces private prejudice with public, verifiable evidence.”

Tags : Belief Education Enlighten Evidence Ignorance Knowledge Prejudice Proof Richard Dawkins Science

117. “Let us tenderly and kindly cherish therefore, the means of knowledge. Let us dare to read, think, speak, and write .”

Tags : Cherish Knowledge Read Think
Author : John Adams
Source : The Works Of John Adams, Second President Of The United States

118. “No, our science is no illusion. But an illusion it would be to suppose that what science cannot give us we can get elsewhere.”

Tags : Future Gains Hope Illusion Inspirational Knowledge Progress Science Understanding
Author : Sigmund Freud
Source : The Future of an Illusion

119. “When you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of what you should sense.”

Tags : Beginnings And Endings Feeling Intuition Knowledge
Author : Kahlil Gibran
Source : Sand and Foam

120. “Your image is your brand and you have only one opportunity to make that first impression. Choose to make a positive first impression.”

Tags : Balance Brand Businesslike Confidence Building Encouragement Future Happiness To Live By Image Inspirational Quotes Money Personal Growth Perspective Positive Thoughts Posture Power Of Words Professional Growth Punctual Reliable Self Esteem Style Thinking Wisdom Youthful
Source : My Style, My Way: Top Experts Reveal How to Create Yours Today

121. “Project a confident image through good body posture.”

Tags : Action Author Cindy Ann Peterson Beauty Book Books Charisma Charismatic Cindy Peterson Encouragement Image Image Consultants Influence Quotes Influence The World Intelligence Motivational Personal Growth Positive Thoughts Positivity Professional Professionalism Punctual Quotes Reading Respect Yourself Respecting Yourself Strength Success Success Quotes Writers Youthful
Source : My Style, My Way: Top Experts Reveal How to Create Yours Today

122. “Stand tall and be proud. Realize confidence is charismatic and something that is something money can't buy, it radiates from within you.”

Tags : Body Language Quotes Charismatic Future Goals Good Reads Health Benefits Intelligence Life Mind Body Spirit Money Motivational Positive Thinking Positive Thoughts Posture Professional Growth Professionalism Quotes Reliable Self Help Thoughts
Source : My Style, My Way: Top Experts Reveal How to Create Yours Today

123. “Life is full of challenges, seen and unseen, so to look and feel great, you must hold your head up each day and project your inner confidence.”

Tags : Action Attitude Awareness Beauty Body Language Quotes Books Cindy Ann Peterson Cindy Peterson Feel Good Feelings Good Health Good Reads Health Hope Human Inspiration Intelligence Life Mind Body Spirit Motivational Non Verbal Communication Poise Positive Thoughts Positivity Reliable Success Quotes Triumph Quotes Youthful
Source : My Style, My Way: Top Experts Reveal How to Create Yours Today

124. “War is not just the shower of bullets and bombs from both sides, it is also the shower of blood and bones on both sides.”

Tags : Amit Kalantri Writer Army Bilateral Blood Bombs Borders Boundaries Casualties Catch Lines Inspirational International Military Operations Movie Dialogue Prisoner Of War Script Scriptwriting Shower Soft Power Speech Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

125. “All good intellects have repeated, since Bacon’s time, that there can be no real knowledge but that which is based on observed facts. This is incontestable, in our present advanced stage; but, if we look back to the primitive stage of human knowledge, we shall see that it must have been otherwise then. If it is true that every theory must be based upon observed facts, it is equally true that facts cannot be observed without the guidance of some theory. Without such guidance, our facts would be desultory and fruitless; we could not retain them: for the most part we could not even perceive them.”

Tags : Bacon Facts Francis Bacon Guidance Knowledge Observed Facts Perception Philosophy Positivism Science Theory
Author : Auguste Comte
Source : The Positive Philosophy

126. “Good things dont just happen in a day but they take time. The longer time you spend on them to happen. The more effect and impact they will make.Irvin Randle has shown that life does pay off , If you dont give up in what you believe in. He excesized everyday and didnt give up for 53 years. But today the world is recognising him for all the time he spend in the gym.”

Tags : Behaviour Body Characteristics Cheat Djkyos Fame Famous Fitness Good Gym Heavy Weight Human Behaviour Irvan Kyos Magupe Living Motivation Old Man Paid Philosopher Price Reality Sports Training Truth Wisdom

127. “Dont work too hard that you end up exhausting your mind or damaging your body. What good is your wealth if you dont have health. Work smart .Work in a way that you will able to live tomorrow . Not only living but enjoying what you have worked for.”

Tags : Ambitions Archievements Djkyos Dreams Encouragement Enjoy Enthusiasm Goals Group Happiness Hard Health Inspiration Knowledge Leader Living Mindset Money People Philosophy Quotes Spirit Success Teach Thoughts Words

128. “No one will deny the opportunity of saying something right. If there are people talking about you but not telling you. Which means they know what they are saying its not right.The same people they talk to about you. Tomorrow they will be talking about each other to you or to someone. Let them talk as long their talking doesn't stop your breath and you from living.”

Tags : Act Advice Do Employee Enemies Goal Gossip Inspiration Knowledge Love Mind Philosopher Philosophy Power Rejoice Success Teachings Wise Words Words

129. “That little and hard ,rough ,push around people give you sometimes. They might think it will damage or destroy you. But only to find it will help you win before them and succeed before their eyes. There is positive side in everything.”

Tags : Advicer Archivements Beginner Certain Change Desert Dj Kyos Ethics Fake Forward Hard Times Imitation Live Mind Mindset Never Give Up Optimist Order Personality Quotes Race Searching Suffering Teach Time Frame Ways Wrongmisery

130. “There is nothing painful, than being there for someone. Who doesn't care if you are there or not. who doesn't value your presence or support. This people don't know that there is a difference when someone is there for you because they want to or because they feel guilty that they have to.”

Tags : Advice Attitude Be There Behaviour Being There Caring Cheat Cost Difference Dj Kyos Free Goals Human Behaviour Leadership Living Loving Nothing Pay Philosophy Price Richier Thoughts Truth Wedger

131. “I haven't seen the future yet, but I have seen the worst in my life. That's why i make each day better by doing something different everyday. By waking up in the morning and finding myself a job to do.”

Tags : Advice Business Career Corporate Doer Doing Employed Fighter Goals Job Lessons Life Lessons Made Make Motivated Never Give Up Optimist Past Philosophy Phiosophy Quotes Speaker Waking Up Ways Wisdom

132. “Lot of creativity is lost, not because its not there. But it is because people are being impatient. They rush anything they are doing. They dont invest more time in their art, craft or in what they are doing.”

Tags : Act Advice Build Dedication Designer Dj Dj Kyos Entertainmnet Hobby Intelligence Intellignece Leader Motivation Music Philosopher Philosophy Photographer Pictures Power Producer Quotes Song Sport Team Time Management

133. “Dont miss the opportunity of becoming something Inlife. Sometimes all you have to do is to just show up or just apply even if you dont qualify.”

Tags : Able Believe Big Change Changes Citizen Development Every Day Famous Go Hard Worker Human Behaviour Invest Job Joy Love Others Peace Philosopher Phiosophy Politics Rejoice Respect Strive Travelling Tribe Vision

134. “Competition is suppose to motivate you to do better everytime not to be bitter all the time”

Tags : Better Career Characteristics Competitor Dj Kyos Djkyos Encouragement Ethics Fair Inspiration Job Kyos Magupe Living Motivate Operation People Power Projects Time Winnners Words Work Work Hard

135. “If you are training and you are in the gym. But whatever excesize you are doing .You dont feel any straints or tension. You must be worried. Its either you are not doing the excesize in the right way and your body wont develop.Same as life. If you dont come across any challenges .You should be worried too. It means you are not growing, and it will be difficult for you to succeed. Obstacles are our ladder to the top.”

Tags : Ability Accomplish Bad Dj Kyos Magupe Educational Enthusiasm Entreprenuership Improved Intro Judge Leadership Learning Life Lessons Limited Mind Money Quotes Motivation Never Give Up Rich Self Selfish Sound Strength Succeed Talent Team Work Tourism Will Winner Work

136. “The only way to defeat your enemies , Is to live your life fully, without any doubt and regrets. You dont have to archive something great or big. You just have to be happy with the things you have. Never pay any attention to your enemies, but keep on focusing on yourself and how to develop your self than trying to plot againts them and paying revenge for what they are doing to you.”

Tags : Act Archievement Character Characteristics Dj Djkyos Focus Great Happy Intellignece Life Life Lessons Motivation Philosophy Plot Teach Teachings Team Wisdom Work

137. “Even thou I was music talented from birth. But I made it my task to better my skills by learning music theory and essence of it as a Producer/DJ/Composer/Artist. I searched on google, youtube and went to various websites and read lot of books, Asked other musicians and producers. Now all I can say is. I have learned the secret of production when it comes to music and My sound will never be the same. Not because I was talented from birth but because i studied to enhance what I had from birth. Respect music and give people quality sound.”

Tags : Art Attitude Buiding Business Composer Creativity Dj Dj Kyos Entertainer Entreprenuer Eq Hobby Inspiration Knowledge Life Motivation People Philosopher Photographer Pictures Producer Quotes Rhythm Skills Soul Candi Talent Teach Wisdom Wise Words Writer

138. “Nature and Life always had a way that people should work together to accomplish great things. Is just that we people don't see or listen. Life gives the brain to the one who has weak hands and give strong hands to the one who has weak brains so that they can work together. If this people work together can archive and accomplish great things. We are all pieces of puzzle. The more we come together and work together the clearer the picture and the greater the achievements.”

Tags : Accomplish Concentrate Dj Kyos Encouragement Finish Intelligence Knowledge Kyos Magupe Life Lessons Moving Optimist People Picture Power Puzzle Quotes Running Strong Success Team Spirit Thoughts Words Work

139. “My African people dont believe in working hard for what they want. But they want to use Juju (Muthi) traditional witchcraft herbs as catalyst to speed up the process of their success or love .If you have a business .Dont rely on witchraft herbs to get more customer or clients. But provide them with the best services. They will stay and they tell others about you. Then you will get more customers because of the work you do. Not because of the Witchraft herbs you use on them.”

Tags : Advice Business Ideas Characteristics Critism Culture Djkyos Encouragement Inspiration Inyanga Judge Kyos Magupe Leadership Learned Life Medicine Mind Motivation Muthi Myself Optimist People Perfect Power Queotes Seeking Team

140. “When i am hired and working. I produce results not excuses. If there is something i am hired to do and i fail to do it. I never rest. I don't need to carry my CV (Curriculum Vitae) Everywhere i go because I am a CV.”

Tags : Advice Ambitions Character Characteristics Commitment Curriculum Vitae Dj Djkyos Employee Employer Encouragement Ethics Excuses Greed Hired Inspiration Living Loyalty Management Opportunity Optimist People Philosopher Produce Productivity Profit Reasons Success Teach Thoughts Words Work Working

141. “The biologically harmful effects of man-made environmental radiation was a jigsaw of existing information that needed to be assembled by a group of independent researchers that had a broad range of knowledge and were free of corrupt corporate government influence.”

Tags : Assembled Biologically Broad Corporate Corrupt Effects Environmental Free Government Group Harmful Independent Influence Information Jigsaw Knowledge Made Man Man Made Radiation Range Researchers
Author : Steven Magee

142. “True winners win fairly without interfering, plotting, cheating, interrupting their oppornent plans. They win not because the openent has lost. They win because they are good at what they do. They have worked hard.True winners win because they have prepared hard to be on top, and have sacrifice more than what the games has to offer. They win because they worked more harder and studied more harder, trained more harder than the opponent”

Tags : Cheating Dj Kyos Djkyos Educated Encouragement Fair Group Inspiration Intellignece Kyos Magupe Lose Loser Quotes Studied Success Teach Teachings Trained Trainer Victory Win Wise Words Words Workshop

143. “People are fighting and crying for things that is not theirs. Than themselves trying to get their own things. You must learn to own than to be loaned.”

Tags : Advice Business Celeb Dreamer Focus Imitation Intelligence Investment Job Living Motivation Philosophy Pretend Production Searching Success Talent Thoughtsability Wise Words Words

144. “Some people are ISP ( Internet Service Provider) of Bad news. Every time they open their mouth. They will tell you how bad other people are. How bad life is. and how bad you are. How yont make it. How unffair life is. How everything is wrong.Move away from such people, before they poison your mind. You will end up even doubting yourself and the things you do.”

Tags : Ambtios Archiver Attitude Character Dj Kyos Djkyos Dreamer Friends Good Greatful Intelligence Intellignece Kyos Magupe Negative Positive Quotes Wise Words

145. “The true value of man is not determined by his possession, supposed or real, of Truth, but rather by his sincere exertion to get to the Truth. It is not possession of Truth by which he extends his powers and in which his ever-growing perfectability is to be found. Possession makes one passive, indolent and proud. If God were to hold all Truth concealed in his right hand, and in his left only the steady and diligent drive for Truth, albeit with the proviso that I would always and forever err in the process, and to offer me the choice, I would with all humility take the left hand. ”

Tags : Inspirational Knowledge Searching Truth

146. “A slip of the foot may injure your body, but a slip of the tongue will injure your bond.”

Tags : Advertisement Amit Kalantri Quotes Book Writing Catch Lines Considerate Essay Foot Friends Inspirational Knowledge Movie Movie Dialogue Novel Writing Partnership Philosophy Quotes Relation Relatives Respect Rhetoric Script Writing Slip Of Foot Slip Of The Foot Speechwriting Tag Lines Tongue
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

147. “Knowledge is a light burden. Ignorance...a heavy bliss.”

Tags : Blindness Bliss Burden Difficulty Disturbance Heavy Ignorance Knowledge Light Simple Wisdom
Source : Master of Maxims

148. “The law of circulation is the power of communication.”

Tags : Communication Information Knowledge Motivation Wise Thoughts

149. “The gift of literature is the grace of knowledge.”

Tags : Books Education Knowledge Literature Read Wisdom Of Lailah Gifty Akita Wise Thoughts

150. “Reading is the fountain of all knowledge.”

Tags : Books Education Knowledge Learning Reading Wisdom Of Lailah Gifty Akita Wise Thoughts

151. “African leaders must desire to liberates it’s people through intensive education (formal and informal). The African people deserve to be educated.”

Tags : Adult Education Advice Africa Africans Desire Education Education System Educational Quotes Freedom Ghana Humanity And Society Informal And Formal Training Knowledge Leaders Leadership Characteristics Liberation Liberty Literacy Outreach People Serving People Wisdom World Leader
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

152. “Share your love, share you happiness, care for others; your wealth will be endless.”

Tags : Care Education Endless Happiness Hope Inspirational Intelligence Knowledge Life Love Philosophy Share Truth Wealth Wisdom

153. “You know when 1 in 2 marriages ends in divorce, 1 in 42 boys have Autism, and safety complaints from the majority of whistle-blower's are not being upheld, that you are living in a seriously dysfunctional society.”

Tags : Autism Spectrum Autism Spectrum Disorders Blower Boy Complaints Divorce Divorce Quotes Dysfunction Dysfunctional World Know Knowledge Living Marriage Marriage Quotes Marriages Osha Safety Seriously Society Society Quotes Upheld Whistle Blowers Whistle Blowing Whistleblower Whistleblowers Whistleblowing
Author : Steven Magee

154. “All Authors come from the unified countrynent known as Australia. Authors live in the future where love is external.”

Tags : Australia Authors Authorship Books Continent Continents External Geography Knowledge Life Love Nothing Origin Originality Originating Origins Unification Unified Unity Wisdom Writing
Author : Will Advise

155. “Wachawi hivi ndivyo wanavyoapishwa na kuikana imani ya Kikristo: Mwanafunzi hupelekwa kilingeni katika siku maalumu kuonana na Shetani, pamoja na jopo la wachawi. Shetani hutokea katika mwili wa hewa, mwili uliochanganyikana na hewa na mvuke mzito, wa mwanamume na kuwasihi waishikilie imani yao kwake kwa mioyo yao yote, huku akiwaahidi utajiri na maisha marefu kama hawatamkana. Kisha wachawi wanampendekeza mwanafunzi kwa Shetani. Shetani humuuliza mwanafunzi kama yuko tayari kuikana imani yake, kuachana na Ukristo na kutokumwabudu Mwanamke Aliyebarikiwa Kuliko Wanawake Wote Duniani Maria Magdalena, na kutoziheshimu sakaramenti za aina zote. Mwanafunzi atakapokubaliana na masharti hayo, Shetani atanyoosha mkono wake na kumsihi mwanafunzi anyooshe wa kwake. Kwa mkono wake mwenyewe, mwanafunzi ataapa na kuweka agano na Shetani mbele ya jopo la wachawi.Baada ya hapo bila kuchelewa Shetani ataendelea na kusema kuwa hicho kiapo hakitoshi. Lakini mwanafunzi atakapouliza afanye kitu gani cha ziada, Shetani atahitaji kiapo kifuatacho kwa heshima yake na kwa heshima ya mashetani wote: Mwanafunzi ajikabidhi kwa Shetani kwa mwili na kwa roho yake yote daima dawamu, na afanye kila awezalo kuleta wanafunzi wengine wa kike na wa kiume katika ufalme wake. Kama hiyo haitoshi Shetani ataongeza kuwa lazima mwanafunzi atengeneze mafuta fulani kutokana na mifupa na viungo vya miili ya watoto, hasa watoto waliobatizwa, kwani kwa kufanya hivyo atamtimizia kila kitu atakachokitaka hapa duniani. Hiyo ni njia mojawapo ya kiapo.Njia nyingine ya kiapo ni kwa wale ambao hawajiamini au wana hofu ya kuonana na Shetani uso kwa uso kilingeni, akiwa na mwili wa kimazingaombwe na sauti ya kutisha kwani Shetani hana mapafu wala hana ulimi. Badala ya kilingeni mwanafunzi hupelekwa kanisani na jopo la wachawi ambapo mbele ya jopo atalazimishwa kuikana imani yake, kumkana Yesu Kristo, kuukana ubatizo na kulikana kanisa zima kwa ujumla wake. Mwanafunzi baada ya hapo atalazimishwa kutoa heshima kuu kwa Mfalme Mdogo, kwani hivyo ndivyo wanavyomwita Shetani ili kumwondolea mwanafunzi hofu, kisha atalazimishwa kunywa supu ya mtoto mchanga waliyemuua akazikwa kisha wakamfukua na kupika viungo vya mwili wake; na dakika hiyo mwanafunzi atapata maarifa, maarifa ya kichawi, kama walimu wake na watarudi nyumbani.”

Tags : Aerial Body All Their Hearts Baptized Children Bones And Limbs Of Children Christian Faith Church Conditions Covenant Faith Gross Vapour Hand Hewa Home Imani Kiapo Knowledge Long Life Mashetani Mfalme Mdogo Mwanafunzi Mwili Wa Hewa Panel Of Witches Roho Supu Ya Mtoto Mchanga Ukristo Utajiri Wizards Yesu Kristo

156. “One may be suprise why after so many years, there are still people out there who are still racist. Well the reason is racism was never dealt with but was ignored. People are being indeniel that it exist. That doesnt make it to go away, but it makes it hidden. Thats why sometimes it pops out.”

Tags : Apartheid Cope Culture Dj Kyos Eff Freedom Ifp Love Luther Martin King Malcom X Nnp Pain Philosopher Philosophy Quotes South Africa Teach War Wise Words

157. “If you are wise or an entreprenuer . When people are going wild, losing their mind and want to just spend. When everyone is happy because there is an event, celebration, holiday,function or a party. Thats the opportunity for you to make money. When everyone is in a happy mood willing to spend. Don't spend with them but try to find out what you can sell them.”

Tags : Ambitions Brand Capital Deadline Dj Kyos Encouragement Energy Expense Ideas Income Jse Life Lessons Motivation Opportunity Philosopher Wisdom Wise Words Words

158. “I think a lot of psychopaths are just geniuses who drove so fast that they lost control.”

Tags : Brain Cognition Compassion Control Creative Creative Genius Creativity Disorder Driving Genius Illness Intelligence Knowledge Mental Mental Illness Pain Psychopath Schizophrenia Self Control Sorrow Sympathy Understanding
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

159. “I was bold in the pursuit of knowledge, never fearing to follow truth and reason to whatever results they led.”

Tags : Bold Courage Fact Honest Knowledge Lifelong Learning Truth

160. “Those people who develop the ability to continuously acquire new and better forms of knowledge that they can apply to their work and to their lives will be the movers and shakers in our society for the indefinite future.”

Tags : Knowledge Lifelong Learning
Author : Brian Tracy

161. “With great enthusiasm and determination you will master the art in your field.”

Tags : Artist Belie Believe In Yourself Challenges College Daily Life Determination Education Educational Philosophy Enthusiasm Failure Fighting Spirit Inspiration Inspiring Knowledge Lifelong Education Lifelong Learning Problems In Study Self Confidence Self Reliance Students Success Wisdom Writer
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

162. “The path of light is quest for knowledge.”

Tags : Education Educational Philosophy Inspiration Knowledge Learner Lifelong Learning Light Path Self Realization Spirituality Wisdo
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

163. “Self-discovery is a sacred knowledge”

Tags : College Life Educational Philosophy Inspiration Knowledge Learner Learning Lifelong Learning Positive Self Awareness Self Discovery Self Education Self Love Wisdom
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

164. “Some people will hate you for the mistakes they make. That's why they never learn and will continue always making the same mistake and would be blaming everyone they come across. A person who has never been at fault, has never learned his or her life lessons.”

Tags : Advice Apartheid Blaming Others Constitution Dj Enemies Fault Friends Government Hate Inspiration Kyos Life Malcom X Mistakes Mother Teressa Muhatma Gandhi Pain Person Philosopher Politics Quotes Racism Sad Thabo Mbeki War Wisdom

165. “When you dont produce results.The results produce themselves and wont favour you.”

Tags : Career Clear Connection Covered Direction Encouragement Enemies Gain Government Hard Work Hope Kyos Leader Luther Martin King Management Motivation Muhatma Gandhi Nelson Mandela Philosopher Phone Politics Problem Projects Sad Success Team Thabo Mbeki War

166. “They turn against us, because we are there. They take advantage of us and mistreat us. They join forces in getting rid of us. They have secret meetings and conspiracy against us. But when we have decided to leave for good. They see that they need us, but its too late. Since we are not there anymore and fighting is in their blood. Now they tell their friends you are an enemy, tomorrow they will turn their friends into their own enemies. They are using you as an excuse to hate. Dont worry hating and fighting is in their blood. They will turn against each other at the end. Being free has nothing to do with being privileged, but its one choice ,when they decided enough is enough.”

Tags : Constitution Dj Kyos Elections Enemies Freedom Friends Inspiration Kyos Magupe Life Mother Teressa Nelson Mandela Peace Philosopher Philosophy Politics Racism Sad Thabo Mbeki Thoughts Wisdom Wise Words Words

167. “Julius Malema (Juju) the same people who were making fun of him, Posting and sharing jokes about him. Mocking and ridiculing him. Today are the same people who follow him and are fighting for him. They now believe in him and support his ideas that they were laughing at.So you can never trust people. People change .I just want you to ask yourself what kind of a person are you in life. The one who is like Malema, who fights for what he believes in , Nomatter what people say. Who stood his grounds and never gave up on his ideas, who pushed when opportunities were taken from him. Or are you the one who laughes at him and his ideas and later follow his ideas. Are you a leader or are you a follower.”

Tags : Advice Believes Da Dj Empire Encouragement Follow Guptas Inspiration Intelligence Leadership Life Mind Motivation Parliment People Politics Power President Quotes Success Support Thoughts Vote Wise Words Words

168. “I live in a country , where I fear for my life. I locked the gates and doors. More than the fear of crime in this country. I fear leaders who are not using their intellect to lead me but who uses their personal experience, hidden agendas and feelings to lead me. I am more guilty and accomplices if i don't do or say anything. Hope my vote will make a difference.”

Tags : Advice Attragdeville Cope Crime Da Freedom Friends Government Hate Knowledge Kyos Magupe Life Mamelody Mother Teressa Muhatma Gandhi Mzansi Nelson Mandela Philosopher Protest Teach Tshwane Vandalism Za

169. “Our Government never learn or listen to its people. I have been in this country for too long to know that if any strike or protest it runs longer than 2 days. its no longer strike strike but crime in disguise. People who do break-ins into shops,business and houses. Then disguise it as anger, vandalism or strike. People who don't know whats happening are the ones leading the masses. Who are not affected are the ones destroying properties . Before you involve yourself to any strike please take note of such”

Tags : Advice Anc Apartheid Crime Destroy Dj Dj Kyos Enemies Freedom Government Kyos Kyos Magupe Life Love Motivation Nelson Mandela Opposition Philosopher Philosophy Quotes Thabo Mbeki Tshwaneunrest War

170. “Any problem you Ignore it never goes away. Until you deal with It. When you don't see It. It doesn't mean its gone but its been covered up by something. One day when you have forgotten about It . You will see it popping up.”

Tags : Advice Covered Deal With It Dj Elections Encouragement Enemies Freedom Friends Government Hidden Inspiration Intelligence Kyos Life Life Lessons Love Malcom X Motivation Muhatma Gandhi Nelson Mandela Philosopher Philosophy Politics Problem Resolved Revealed Quote Something Teach War Wise Words Words

171. “Stop hating brother when you see the results of my journey. While you were with me at the beginning of it but decided to stop along the way. Don't hate that I made It to the end. Hate that you have stopped before the END.”

Tags : Advice Apartheid Encouragement Enemies Friends Futre Great Minds Hate Hating Inspiration Knowledge Kyos Magupe Love Luther Martin King Miles My End Nelson Mandela Peace Philosophy Racism Sad See Sister Stopped Teach Thabo Mbeki Thoughts Travel War Wisdom Wise Words

172. “The sadness reality is I mean something to people I don't know and don't care about. But the ones I love , treat me like trash and I amount to nothing to them. But I am not surprised even Jesus was never been seen as a Messiah at the place of his birth , but was just another random dude. But that didn't stop him. and It shouldn't also stop me from believing who i am and knowing my worth,purpose and mission and in life.”

Tags : Angels Bible Christian Christianity Government Humour Inspiration Jesus Kyos Kyos Magupe Lord Mother Teressa Muhatma Gandhi Pain Peace Philosopher Purpose Racism Reality Scriptures Teach Trash Wisdom Wise Words Word

173. “Dont believe what people say until they action what they are saying. Its different what people say than what they do.”

Tags : Advice Bad Dissappointed Djkyos Expectations Finish Forward Freedom Help Knowledge Kyos Leadership Malcom X Morals Muhatma Gandhi Peace Philosophy Power Quantity Quotes Race Racism Running Teach Warre Words

174. “When someone has a problem wih you or dislikes you. They will always find something wrong with you. Until they decide to cross their border gate of hate. You will never be right or good enough to them.”

Tags : Abuse Accept Bad Hair Career Critics Elections Enjoy Enthusiasm Friends Happiness Hope Intelligence Knowledge Mindset Operator Problem Quotes Self Success Teach Thankful Wisdom Words

175. “When someone has a problem wih you or dislikes you. They will always find something wrong about you. Until they decide to cross their border gate of hate. You will never be right or good enough to them.”

Tags : Advice Bad Hair Connection Dj Kyos Encounter Ethics Fighter Flirt Forward Friends Government Hate Living Looking Lose Mindset Phiosophy Power Progress Smiling Win Winner Words

176. “We didn't do anything illegal, All we ever did was be black.. #BlackLivesMatter”

Tags : Better Black Black Lives Careful Faithrelationships Funny God Hope Happiness Hoes Humor Humour Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Intelligence Knowledge Life Matters Philosophy Quotes Religion Romance Time Truth Wisdom

177. “I don't fancy colors of the face, I'm always attracted to colors of the brain.”

Tags : Africa Africans Amorous Apartheid Attraction Black People Color Common Sense Face Falling In Love Fancy Human Beings Intelligence Knowledge Liking Love Memories Memory Michael Bassey Johnson Nigerians Race Wisdom Wise Wise Men Wise People

178. “I have noticed over the past three years that most African Christians depend on their pastor or preachers for directions in life than their lecturers, politicians and nurses. That tells why most people refuse certain medical priorities with regards to their pastor's messages. I think if every pastor should have entrepreneurial knowledge coupled with spiritual integrity, Africa will shake!”

Tags : 3 Years Africa African Christians Africans Business Ideas Direction Hospital Lecture Lecturers Medical Medical Doctors Nurse Nursing Managements Pastor S Messages Preachers Prophesy Shake Africa Teachings Three Years Word Of God Workers
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

179. “I see... the way you're always searching. How much you hate anything fake or phony. How you're older than your years, but still... playful, like a little girl. How you're always looking into people, or wondering what they see when they look back at you. Your eyes. It's all in the eyes.”

Tags : A Thousand Pieces Of You Book Claudia Gray Eyes Firebird Intelligence Knowledge Life People Personality Quotes Searching Self Portrait
Author : Claudia Gray
Source : A Thousand Pieces of You

180. “Whatever in creation exists without my knowledge exists without my consent.”

Tags : Consent Existence Horror Knowledge Western
Source : Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West

181. “Philosophy ... is a science, and as such has no articles of faith; accordingly, in it nothing can be assumed as existing except what is either positively given empirically, or demonstrated through indubitable conclusions.”

Tags : Demonstration Empirical Existence Knowledge Philosophy Science
Source : Parerga and Paralipomena

182. “…the rising movement of romanticism, with its characteristic idealism, one that tended toward a black-and-white view of the world based on those ideas, preferred for different reasons that women remain untinged by “masculine” traits of learning. Famous romantic writers such as Lord Byron, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and William Hazlitt criticized the bluestockings. …and Hazlitt declared his 'utter aversion to Bluestockingism … I do not care a fig for any woman that knows even what an author means.' Because of the tremendous influence that romanticism gained over the cultural mind-set, the term bluestocking came to be a derogatory term applied to learned, pedantic women, particularly conservative ones. ... Furthermore, learned women did not fit in with the romantic notion of a damsel in distress waiting to be rescued by a knight in shining armor any more than they fit in with the antirevolutionary fear of progress.”

Tags : Anti Education Anti Female Education Author Bluestocking Critics Culture Education Fear Of Progress Female Education Female Empowerment French Revolution Hannah More Idealism Intelligence Knowledge Learning Lord Byron Reading Romantic Era Romanticism Samuel Taylor Coleridge Shocking Criticism William Hazlitt Women Writer
Source : Fierce Convictions: The Extraordinary Life of Hannah More—Poet, Reformer, Abolitionist

183. “It is said there are flowers that bloom only once in a hundred years. Why should there not be some that bloom once in a thousand, in ten thousand years? Perhaps we never know about them simply because this "once in a thousand years" has come today.”

Tags : Anticipation Bloom Flowers Knowledge Timeliness Waiting
Source : We

184. “Life is like a sandwich!Birth as one slice,and death as the other.What you put in-between the slices is up to you.Is your sandwich tasty or sour?Allan”

Tags : Anxiety Art Of Dying Know Thyself Knowing Oneself Knowledge Knowledge Of Self Knowledge Teaching Love Master Of Love Masters Mind Body Spirit Personal Development Positive Outlook Positive Quotes Positive Thoughts Power Of Thoughts Powerful Story Quote Sacred Sacred Teachings Self Esteem Self Improvement Book Soul Searching Spiritual Development Suicidal Thoughts Suicide Unconditional Love
Author : Allan Rufus

185. “The body is wise, the confusion is from the mind”

Tags : Know Thyself Knowing Oneself Knowledge Knowledge Teaching Love Master Masters Mind Body Spirit Personal Development Personal Growth Positive Mindset Powerful Story Sacred Sacred Teachings Sacred Wisdom Sage Advice Self Help Book Self Improvement Book Spiritual Growth Suicidal Thoughts Suicide Unconditional Love Wisdom Wise Man

186. “We are more advanced technologically than ever before. However, technology, in many respects, is leading to the decline of conversation.”

Tags : Advanced Technology Art Of Conversation Author Author Cindy Ann Peterson Complexity Decine Of Conversation Etiquette Expertise Fashion Great Quotes Humanity Keynote Speaker Knowledge Manners People Skills Protocol Respect Respecting Others Self Awareness Self Help Society Problem Style And Substance Technology Thought Provoking
Source : The Power of Civility: Top Experts Reveal the Secrets to Social Capital

187. “It's a time for not showing elation but doing introspection for a person who is being often liked by many or most people in his/her circle because almost everyone likes normally someone who only poses no threat to their position in a life full of cut-throat competition.”

Tags : Befooling Brilliant Cunning Empty Praise Factual Head Humanity Inspiring Quotes Inspiring Words Intellectual Intelligent Lifestyle Ostentatious People Nature Reality Relationship Self Seeker Selfish True Mentor
Author : Anuj Somany

188. “Each day is an adventure in discovering the meaning of life. It is each little thing that you do that day - whether it be spending time with your friends, running in a cross-country meet or just simply staring at the crashing ocean- that holds the key to discovering the meaning of life. I would rather be out enjoying these things than pondering them. We may never really discover the meaning of life, but the knowledge we gain in our quest to discover it is truly more valuable. ”

Tags : Discover Knowledge Life Meaning
Author : Jack Canfield
Source : Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul II

189. “The known is finite, the unknown infinite; intellectually we stand on an islet in the midst of an illimitable ocean of inexplicability. Our business in every generation is to reclaim a little more land, to add something to the extent and the solidity of our possessions. And even a cursory glance at the history of the biological sciences during the last quarter of a century is sufficient to justify the assertion, that the most potent instrument for the extension of the realm of natural knowledge which has come into men's hands, since the publication of Newton's ‘Principia’, is Darwin's ‘Origin of Species.”

Tags : Analogy Biology Business Charles Darwin Darwin Goal History Illimitable Inexplicability Infinite Intellectual Isaac Newton Justification Knowledge Metaphor Newton Ocean Origin Of Species Possessions Principia Science Solidity Unknown

190. “Very few, even among those who have taken the keenest interest in the progress of the revolution in natural knowledge set afoot by the publication of the 'Origin of Species'; and who have watched, not without astonishment, the rapid and complete change which has been effected both inside and outside the boundaries of the scientific world in the attitude of men's minds towards the doctrines which are expounded in that great work, can have been prepared for the extraordinary manifestation of affectionate regard for the man, and of profound reverence for the philosopher, which followed the announcement, on Thursday last, of the death of Mr Darwin.”

Tags : Affection Astonishment Charles Darwin Darwin Doctrines Interest Knowledge Manifestation Obituary Origin Of Species Philosopher Progress Regard Reverence Science Scientific
Source : Collected Essays of Thomas Henry Huxley

191. “This was the end of the Renaissance. Culture, once beloved and fostered by the papacy, opened the way to dangerous freedom. Then - as now - knowledge, culture, intellectual curiosity became suspect, even dangerous to oppressive regimes: knowledge leading to engaging the mind into reasoning, culture into wanting to know more, intellectual curiosity sharpening the appetite for information, fact. Ignorance was considered safe and political oppression went hand in hand with the congregation of the Inquisition.”

Tags : Culture Curiosity Inquisition Knowledge Religion Renaissance
Author : Gaia Servadio
Source : Renaissance Woman

192. “If it were customary to send little girls to school and teach them the same subjects as are taught to boys, they would learn just as fully and would understand the subtleties of all arts and sciences.”

Tags : Arts Boys Education Empowerment Equality Gender Girls Knowledge Learning Opportunities School Sciences
Source : The Book of the City of Ladies

193. “Musicians have always had a better understanding of love than the rest of us. Over the years they have told us that love: is like a rock, is here to stay, is all you need, will find a way, will keep us together, will tear us apart, sucks.”

Tags : Knowledge Love Music Musicians Rock Sucks
Author : Cuthbert Soup
Source : Another Whole Nother Story

194. “Music relate us all. In music we are all family. Some are melody,Some are rhythm some are hyms, some are drums but together when we meet we form nice and pleasing sound.The joy music gives its beyong any joy you can get in the universe.”

Tags : Advice Art Character Characteristics Dj Djkyos Drums Encouragement Family Gives Inspiration Intelligence Interest Knowledge Kyos Magupe Life Lessons Living Melody Motivation Musicians Philosopher Quotes Related Smile Song Words

195. “Fear comes from the lack of knowledge and a state of ignorance. The best remedy for fear is to gain knowledge.”

Tags : Debasish Mridha M D Education Fear Ignorance Inspirational Knowledge Mridha Philosophy Quotes Remedy For Fear

196. “Knowing your ignorance is better than your knowledge.”

Tags : Debasish Mridha Debasish Mridha Md Ignorance Vs Knowledge Inspirational Knowing Your Ignorance Knowledge Philosophy Quotes

197. “Life is like a gym. When you cheat gym excesize you are cheating your self. its your loss. When you do them properly even without one looking at you. Its your own benefit and gain.”

Tags : Body Building Bond Day Encouragement Ethics Karate Knowledge Life Lessons Life Quotes Light Living Stretching Work

198. “Dont take other people words, when they say some people are bad. Those people might be bad to them for certain reasons.Some people want to be happy at the expenses of others nomatter what the cost might be. They will ask you to do something for them. If you dont or say no. Then they will see you as a bad person .Lot of people are victims of this.”

Tags : Advice Bond Business Dark Dj Djkyos Encouragement Expenses Fairness Happy Help Humans Inspiration Intelligence Kyos Magupe Leader People Philosopher Thoughts Use Value Work

199. “There is nothing more powerful than gaining knowledge through our beliefs via personal experiences because when we turn belief into knowledge this way, we know what we know at the very core of our being, at a visceral level.”

Tags : Beliefs Beliefs Quotes Epistemology Knowledge Knowledge Quotes Personal Experiences
Author : Patty Houser
Source : A Woman's Guide to Knowing What You Believe: How to Love God With Your Heart and Your Mind

200. “Television, radio, and all the sources of amusement and information that surround us in our daily lives are also artificial props. They can give us the impression that our minds are active, because we are required to react to stimuli from the outside. But the power of those external stimuli to keep us going is limited. They are like drugs. We grow used to them, and we continuously need more and more of them. Eventually, they have little or no effect. Then, if we lack resources within ourselves, we cease to grow intellectually, morally, and spiritually. And we we cease to grow, we begin to die.”

Tags : Books Knowledge Radio Tv
Source : How to Read a Book: The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading