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1. “Moments of suffering are meant to empty us so that we may have the potential to tap into our truest depths.”

Tags : Courage Death Depth Disaster Give Up Grief Grieve Helping Inspirational Keep Going Learn Lesson Light Moment Moments Motivation Mourning Potential Sorrow Suffer Surrender Terrible True Truth

2. “Worry notif you are in darknessand the void sucks you in further.This is not the place we go to die.It’s where we are bornand our stories begin.”

Tags : Beginning Believe Born Consciousness Darkness Depression Die Encouragement Encouraging Faith Further Help Hope Hopeful Kamand Kojouri Lives Poem Recover Truth Wisdom Worrying

3. “We are all born as storytellers. Our inner voice tells the first story we ever hear.”

Tags : Art Arts Author Awareness Book Conscience Consciousness Creative Creative Process Diary Fantasy Fiction Language Literature Narration Narrator Quotes About Writing Read Sentient Speak Storyteller Think Thoughts Voice Words Writing

4. “You think that you've moved on.That you’re happierand now that you think about it — you're quite glad that it didn’t work outbecause you are freeand happy.You're so happy.And it’s better this way."Here, let me tell you my reasons,"you say. "Let me explain what I mean."After hours of telling your neighbour andthe floristand the girl on the bus, you conclude:"So, you see? I’m happier now.”You tell the brokenhearted your taleand assure themit's for the best,“So you see? It was meant to be.”But my dear, my foolish hurting dear,your ego is the bullet left in the wound.It’s this egothat needs to explain itselfand justify the battle.A true warriorwould be too busyfighting to live.”

Tags : Affection Affectionate Assure Broken Heart Bullet Busy Dear Florist Forget Glad Harmony Husband In Love Kamand Live Love Poem Love Quote Marriage Me And You Poem Soulmate Surrender Survival Warrior Wife Wound

5. “Have you heard the love storyof the blue Cloud and Sea?They were always together as oneuntil separated by the yellow Sun.Cloud drifted into the sky slowly.Sea cried until she became salty. Cloud grew big enough to block Sunbut nothing could be done.Sea became enraged and drowned everyone but still nothing could be done.Cloud’s heart ached and he became grey,watching his beloved from far away.He was too proud and tried to stop his tearsbut they fell and fell for what felt like years.Losing himself drop by drop, he became emptyand was once again reunited with his beloved Sea.”

Tags : Affection Bedtime Story Beloved Drift Drown Drowned Empty Fable Falling In Love Girlfriend Harmony Hubris Husband In Love Inspirational Kamand Kojouri Love Poem Loving Moral Poetry Pride Reunited Sea Separate Tale Union Unity Wedding Wife Years You And Me

6. “Tell me where the swans go in the winterI need to know if the mute ones can sing.Tell me why stars fall from the skyI need to know if it is luck they bring.Tell me why feathers land near youI need to know if you've injured your wing.Now, tell me where you end, my angelFor I no longer know where I begin.”

Tags : Angel Falling In Love In Love Kamand Kamand Kojouri Love Love Poem Lover Luck Me And You Partner Poem Quote Relationship Sing Sky Stars Swan Together Unity Winter You And I You And Me

7. “Seduce yourself first.”

Tags : Charisma Charismatic Charm Charming Covet Fall In Love Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Love Yourself Loved Loving Loving Yourself Lust Quote Seduce Seducer Seduction Seductive Sex Appeal Sexuality Yearn Yourself

8. “He tried to measure his day by tallying the hours on his wrist.I wiped it off and called him a prisoner.He placed the hours on a scalewith hours from former days to compare.I took a hammer and broke it all.He bent down and picked up the shards of minutes firstthen swept the seconds.I told him he’d missed a spot;there were some sparkling specks left.'What are they?' he asked.'Those are moments,' I said.'What are they made of?' he asked.They are times, I thought, when you win a raceor win a heart.They are times when you give birth or lay something, someone to rest.When you wake up in the morning with a smile because anything is possible.When someone compliments the thing you hate most about yourself.Times when you are embarrassed.Times when you are hurtful.Times when you relish in a hearty meal.Times when you service others and are content with a well-spent day.'What are they made of?' he asked again.'They are made up of times when we are fully present.'I picked up one of the specks with the tipof my finger.'Do you remember this?' I asked.'Of course,' he said, 'I was whistling in the kitchen that morning.''Why?' I asked.'Because of the knowledge that I was loved.”

Tags : Birth Broke Compliment Content Cute Hammer Heart Hurtful Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Lesson Love Love Poem Loving Meal Measure Morning Possible Present Prisoner Scale Seconds Spot Times Whistle Win Wipe Wisdom

9. “What I like most about us is the innocence. You bring the child out of me. And this is really the greatest gift of all: to have someone encourage and take delight in your childish manifestations. The day you lose this quality, this vast curiosity, will and hunger to explore all that is around you is the day you stop living.”

Tags : Child Childish Curiosity Curious Day Encourage Gift Greatest Harmonyl Humanity Hunger Infinite Innocence Inspirational Joy Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Lover Merriment Moment Oneness Philosophy Pleasure Quality Quote Relationship Sharing Stop Us World

10. “Beauty is dad kissing mom's hand when it cramps.Beauty is seeing a Persian woman dance.Ugly is not the absence of beauty.Uglyis the inability to identify it.The inability to be surprised by it.It is the persistent reluctance to be made a child by it.Beauty is simplythe manifestation oflove.”

Tags : Absence Awareness Beauty Child Consciousness Dad Dance Experience Harmony Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kissing Kojouri Love Mom Oneness Persian Philosophical Quote Reluctance Surprise Truth Unity Woman World

11. “I can sense your love,why leave me in darkness?Beguile me for your amusement,stealing my soul without kisses. You are the sun and I, the moon. Your beauty is reflected in my eyes.When we are apart, I am extinguishedin the blackness of these skies.”

Tags : Beauty Beloved Falling In Love Fire Inspiration Kamand Kojouri Kissing Love Mate Me And You Passion Poem Reflect Sky Soulmate Spouse Sun Union Wife

12. “An act of violence, no matter how small, can never be justified if it can be avoided.”

Tags : Act Avoid Awareness Black Lives Matter Black Lives Matter Quote Education Injustice Justice Justified Justify Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Learn Quote Think Before You Act Truth Violence Violent

13. “It is raining blood today.I open my book and write “Black Lives Matter”to acknowledge the unanswered injustices.I write “Blue Lives Matter”for how can any human be separate from humanity?I write “All Lives Matter”but stare at these words.Do they invalidate the others?I do not know. I am only a love poet.I stand conflicted but the clouds continue to bleed.I come to erase the phrase but find that the blood has already drowned my words.”

Tags : All Lives Matter Bleeding Blood Blue Lives Matter Clouds Conflict Erase Faith Harmony Hope Humanity Injustice Invalidate Love Love Poem Love Poet Phrase Poem Pray For Everyone Pray For The World Quote Rain Raining Silence Togetherness Words Write

14. “Come, lovers.Come join us.Bring your empty cupsand sit by the fire.Let Khayyam and Hafezreveal to you what you feel.Rumi will pour the wine and I will listen.”

Tags : Feel Feelings Hafiz Join Kamand Kamand Kojouri Khayyam Love Lover Loving Molana Omar Khayyam One Love Quote Religious Rumi Spirituality Transcendent Transform Wine

15. “Think the tree that bears nutrition:though the fruits are picked, the plant maintains fruition.So give all the love you have.Do not hold any in reserve.What is given is not lost; it shall return.”

Tags : All You Need Is Love Fruit Fruition Give Giving Inspirational Kamand Keep Loving Kojouri Lost Love Is All You Need Love Quote Loved Maintain Nutrition Plant Poem Quote Relationship Reserve Return Trees

16. “The best traveler is one without a camera.”

Tags : Best Camera Comfort Explorer Flight Inspiration Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Learn Life Moment Plane Pleasure Present Quote Travel Traveler Traveller Travelling Wander Wanderlust

17. “How is itthat everything mustbegin and end with you?There you are, before sunrise, perfuming the world with your scent.Have you made a dealwith the moon so that you can lingereven when she tapers off?And what about the wind?Even when he has been scolded and is sitting in a corner, there you are, my calm before the storm.Despite the inevitable destructionand my ruin, there you are again, my calm after the storm.I must, I really must know:'How is it that there was never youuntil there wasand then all was you?”

Tags : Ardor Destruction Girlfriend God Harmony Infatuate Infatuation Inspiration Inspire Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Marriage Boyfriend Me And You Nature Nature Poem Obsess Partner Perfume Perfuming Pine Poem Quote Scent Sun Think Transcend You And I You And Me

18. “Like a pair of old slippers,I feel comfort andwarmth as I slip into you.No, that is too crude.Like the match to the wick,I ignite when we touch.My counterpart andlife's purpose.Yes, as though I've known you my whole life.Every scar, every failurehas become an affirmationof what should be:You.Yes, as though I've loved you my whole life.”

Tags : Affection Affectionate Affirmation Beloved Candle Counterpart Fail Falling In Love Flame Ignite Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Light Love Lover Match Me And You Passion Poetry Purpose Soulmate Touch Unity Wick You And I

19. “Whenever you keep score in love, you lose.”

Tags : Affection Boyfriend Desire Husband Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Loss Love Quote Lover Loving Manipulation Manipulative Marriage Passion Player Soulmate Union Unity

20. “Why didn't you write all this time?Did you not remember us in a song?A dance?In the skies littered with stars?Did you not get drunk?Why didn’t you write all this time?Did you not remember us in a film?A book?In idyllic dusks and dawns?Did you not get high?It is good that you didn't.For all is well. I am drunk and dazed.I have already forgotten youand your bewitching ways.”

Tags : Affectionate Beloved Bewitch Bewitching Book Break Up Dazed Desire Drunk Film Forget Harmony High In Love Inspirational Let Go Love Love Poem Love Quote Me And You Poetry Remember Sky Song Soulmate Spouse Stars Write You And I

21. “Take me when I'm wild.Take me when I'm free.Take me for meand I will take you as you want to be.”

Tags : Freedom Girlfriend Harmony In Love Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Love Poem Love Quote Loving Marriage Mate Partner Poem Poetry Soulmate Spouse Take Me Union Unity Wife You And I You And Me

22. “What is the point of a relationship if not to grant two people the very private privilege to uplift one another every day? To illuminate the qualities in each other that are diamonds of shimmering beauty. To appreciate wholeheartedly. To accept unconditionally. And to love eternally, even in moments of dislike. I'm not here to grant you the extraordinary love you never had for yourself. I'm here, on my own accord, to love you. So that when you stare into my mirror eyes, you may see how extraordinary you are.”

Tags : Affection Couple Dislike Eternal Eternally Extraordinary Eyes Falling In Love Girlfriend Hearts Husband Illuminate Illumine Inspiration Inspirational Kojouri Love Love Poem Love Quote Loved Poem Point Private Privilege Quote Shimmering Soulmate Truth Unconditional Unconditionally Unity Wedding Wholeheartedly

23. “Does God knowthe number of kissesbefore we fall in love?Yesterday, I was nobodyand I believed myself important.Today,I feel my worth in you.You, with your emerald eyes and ebony hair,even your heartbeat is beautiful.You, who is my greatest joy,all other concerns vanish in your presence.You swallow timeand consume space,inspiring all my passionwith a single embrace.I love your existence.”

Tags : Ebony Embrace Emerald Eyes Falling In Love Girlfriend Hair Inspiring Joy Kamand Kojouri Kisses Love Quote Lover Me And You Nobody Pasison Poetry Presence Quote Spouse Wedding Worth

24. “I don’t know why we fight.It takes much too effort to stay mad at you.To dodge your skin in the hallwayand leave the kitchen without bringing you a treat.It takes much too effort to stare at the sinkso my eyes don’t smile at you in the mirror.It takes much too effort to look away as we undressand lie apart in the now bigger bed.It takes much too effort to stiffen my bodybecause sleepy limbs forget fightsand pride is always lost in dreams.It takes much too effort to awaken every hour to make sure we are islands with a gulf of white sheets separating us.I dread the light peeking through the parted curtainsand empathise with your groans —I didn’t get any sleep either.I really don’t know why we fight.It takes much too effort to stay mad at one anotherwhen it’s so easy for us to love.”

Tags : All You Need Is Love Bed Couples Curtains Dreams Effort Fight Girlfriend Groan Husband Island Kitchen Let It Go Love Poem Love Story Loved Lover Marriage Mate One Love Peek Relationship Poem Sleepy Smile Soulmate Story Story Poem Undress Upset Wife You And I

25. “I have become intoxicated again.You are such a potent wine, my friend.To escape your withdrawal effects,tomorrow I will drink in excess.Alas, why make me love?I was aware, conscious, and sensible before.I am ill by cause of this illusion.The devil plays tricks on me more and more.I was a harp you immaculately plucked at will.Your score, the nightingale song withinnotes composed to imprison and bear me wings.Oh, if only they could hear how it sings!I am now beyond parched.My strings left untouched.You are no longer an oasis, my friend,but a mirage soon coming to an end.”

Tags : Alas Boyfriend Conscious Drink Friend Harp Heartbreak Poem Illusion Kamand Kamand Kojouri Lover Mirage Move On Nightingale Oasis Poem Relationship Remember Satan Sensible Strings Wings Withdrawal

26. “They want to knowwho I write these poems for.Tell them it's for all loversbecause I don’t see a differencebetween our loveand their love.”

Tags : Difference Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Love Is All You Need Love Poem Love Quote Lover Loving One Love Poem Write Writer

27. “I've written you sixty-seven love poems.Here’s another one for you.But really, for me.These poems are the candles that I light with the fire you have ignited in me.I place this candle here and another thereso even if the stars have argued with the moonand are sulking away in a corner, you can still find your way to me.Sixty-eight poems now. What does the future hold for us?Joy? Disappointment? Gentle caresses? And subtle neglect?I hope the good is more than the bad. Much more. For what is the point of loveif by lighting these candlesour own flame loses its brightness?I know the good is more than the bad. Much more.I cannot wait to write you sixty-nine.”

Tags : Bad Bright Disappointment Girlfriend Good Ignite Infatuate Intimate Lover Marriage Me And You Neglect Poem Purpose Relationship Together Union Us Words Written

28. “What is this lovethat makes me see beauty,and makes every beautiful thing bring you back to me?What is this lovethat makes me declare 'I love you'even though I uttered itonly a moment ago?What is this love that keeps growing even when my chest is soreand it hurts to love you any more?Tell me:How am I to find what this love iswhen it was the one to find you, me, this verse, and this universe?”

Tags : Affectionate Beloved Chest Falling In Love Girlfriend Growing Harmony Lover Me And You Moment Partner Passion Poem Soulmate Spouse Union Utter Uttered What Is Love

29. “Love is a snowflake for no two are ever the same.”

Tags : Difference Different Flake Identical In Love Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Love Poem Love Quote Loved Lover Loving Past Poem Quote Same Snow Snowflake Truth Unique

30. “I find myself drunk in the streets again.A glass of wine and so my thoughts begin.I smile at passersby to and fro,Faces like blank slates minutes ago,Now emotions readily painted on canvases:Grief, despair, joy, and madnesses.At this time, the clouds are sweating sweet waterAnd you can smell the scent of each corner:Fish, dirt, rotten apples, and burning tires.Close your eyes here to smell all your heart desires.Everything is more colourful when you're not yourself.So long as you’re sound body and mind, you have your wealth.I am now treading almost fleeting.Birds singing, bicycle bells ringing.I have lost my way but not my heart.Have my head, those two are apart.Take care dear city, I must soon head home.Until tomorrow evening when again I will roam.”

Tags : Bicycle Body City Descriptive Enjoyment Entertained Face Fleeting Head Lost Merriment Merry Mind Paint Ringing Sidewalk Smile Streets Tire Walk Wander Water

31. “The only thing that prevents us from being happy is thinking.”

Tags : Being Being Happy Being In The Moment Conscious Happiness Happy Inspiration Inspirational Joy Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Moment Motivation Motivational Pleasure Power Of Now Presence Present Prevent Quote Think Thinking Thought Truth

32. “Make no mistake about it. We are born blind, deaf, and mute. It is neither these eyes that give us sight, nor these ears that give us sound. It is not even these lips that give us voice. It is only love. Love makes us seek beauty and truth. Love yearns to connect. To experience. To understand. So close your eyes at once. Don’t utter a word. Perk up your ears and listen to that silent sound inside you where all this is found.”

Tags : Awareness Connect Consciousness Deaf Ears Enlightenment Experience Eyes Harmony Inspiration Inspirational Kamand Kojouri Lips Listen Love Love Poem Lover Loving Mistake Quote Seek Sight Sound Together Understand Unity Utter Word

33. “We dance to seduce ourselves. To fall in love with ourselves. When we dance with another, we manifest the very thing we love about ourselves so that they may see it and love us too.”

Tags : Beloved Dance Dancer Dancing Fall In Love Flamenco Kojouri Love Lover Loving Manifest Manifestation Quote Sama Sama Dance Seduce Seducer Seduction Sufi Whirling Tango Waltz Whirl Whirling Yoga Yoga Dance

34. “Don’t make the mistake of looking down on your partner. You’re only on that pedestal because they put you up there.”

Tags : Belittle Boyfriend Criticise Criticize Dating Husband In Love Judge Kamand Kamand Kojouri Look Down Love Lover Loving Marriage Mate Mistake Partner Partnership Pedestal Quote Relationship Relationship Quote Soulmate Wife

35. “Your attention is so sacred that if you truly look for beauty and grace, you will find it in everything.”

Tags : Attention Beautiful Beauty God Good Goodness Grace Graceful In Everything Inspiration Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Light Look Philosophy Quote Sacred Sacredness See Truth

36. “If you ask all the cells in my body,they only answer your name.Follicles push the hair upwards so they may brush against your skin.Nails grow faster as well.Lungs breathe rapidlyin hopes of inhaling your scent.Toes curl to smile andknees form dimples when you are near.Brain fireworks.Stomach fills with flies of butter and swallows, andswans swoon.Cattle, rhinos, and walruses too—there’s a stampede when you are near.I love you from the bottom of my liverto the tip of my lashes.One wink from you and heart stops,like a sneeze. Bless you.I cannot even begin to tell you what happens to soul,for soul is off flying with its mate.”

Tags : Answer Ask Brain Brush Change Dating Dimples Flying Kojouri Lashes Liver Love Poem Lover Loving Lungs Mate Nails Quote Rhino Soul Stampede Swallows Swans Transform Walrus Wooing

37. “Knowing you,I became mindless.Having wasted previous wishes,I'm riddled with regretsFeeling you,I became hopeless.Adrift in chasms,I surrender to a caress.Loving you,I became love.My universe became love.Planets rotate on love's axes andapples fall to be near their beloveds.No longer a rationalist, I assert my existence with love. I love, therefore I exist,therefore I love.”

Tags : Beloved Change Consciousness Enlightenment Exist Existence Feel Harmony Hope Hopeless I Love Inspiration Know Kojouri Love Lover Lovers Loves Loving Mindless Oneness Planets Poem Poetry Quote Rational Rationalist Regret Therefore Together Transcend Universe

38. “Think not of the fragility of life, but of the power of books, when mere words have the ability to change our lives simply by being next to each other.”

Tags : Artist Author Change Each Other Fragility Inspiration Inspirational Joy Of Reading Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Letters Life Literature Poem Power Quote Read Reading Transform Word Words Writer

39. “I have no use for these other loves.Seal them shut in jarsand place them in the pantry. A reserve of love.Thank them for their love.They are so kind.Perhaps store them in the fridgeFor others to take.They say love is a panacea. I know it is not.Flakes of snow,no two are alike.When I am down on my knees, hopeless and angry,for the world no longer makes sense,I won't look in the pantry or fridge.It is your hand pressing on my shoulderthat makes me whole,makes me forget.What trouble? What world?”

Tags : Beloved Fridge Hope Hopeless Kamand Kind Kojouri Love Loved Loves Loving Others Panacea Poem Poetry Quote Relationship Thank Transcend Transcendent Trouble Unity World

40. “Think not of the fragility of life, but of the power of books, when mere words can change our lives simply by being next to each other.”

Tags : Ability Art Book Books Change Each Other Fragile Fragility Inspiration Joy Joy Of Reading Kojouri Letters Literature Non Fiction Poet Poetry Read Reader Reading Transcend Words

41. “Lovers dream of one more embrace.One more kiss.One act of love, no matter how small.For in loving, lover and belovedemptied themselves.Now, they look for their oasislike men engulfed in flames.Even filled to the brim, they will never satiate. For they continue to leak, thesecracked vessels.How else did love seep through?”

Tags : Act Beloved Brim Cracked Dream Embrace Flame Flames Kiss Kojouri Love Love Poem Loved Loves Loving Oasis One Love Oneness Poem Poet Poetry Satiate Transcend Transform Vessel

42. “Your love opened up a whole world that no amount of books or wisdom could ever do.”

Tags : Book Change Experience Falling In Love In Love Inspiration Inspirational Inspire Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Quote Loved Lover Loving Muse New Me Power Of Love Quote Transcend Transform Transformation Wisdom Wise World

43. “Enlightenment lacks any form of judgment.”

Tags : Consciousness Enlighten Enlightened Enlightenment Inspiration Inspirational Judge Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Lack Learn Lesson Life Hacks Life Lessons Philosophy Of Life Present Quote Self Self Help Transcend Transform Truth

44. “And then one day you realise that if you want to be rich, you'd have to give away almost everything you own.”

Tags : Act Assist Consciousness Help Helping Others Humanity Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Material Material Things Materialism Neighbour Neighbourhood Oneness Ownership Poor Possess Possessions Rich Rich In Spirit Sharing Society Support Think Unity Uplifting Vain Wealthy

45. “You think I'm giving up. I'm not. I'm giving in.”

Tags : Courage Give In Give Up Inspiration Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Keep Going Kojouri Motivation Poem Quit Quote Resign Strength Surrender Tenacity Truth

46. “Can we share my eyes so you can see what I see?Can we share my ears so you can hear what I hear?Can you perch on my shouldersso you can go where I go?Always in my heart, I don’t experience anything separate from you.This shared wonderment becomes doubled.This shared love becomes infinite.”

Tags : Boyfriend Ears Experience Go Harmony Husband Infinite Inspiration Kamand Kamand Kojouri Love Love Is Love Lover Loving Me And You Poem See Share Shared Together Togetherness Unity Wife Wonderment You And Me

47. “Clocks were invented to warn us. Tick (time is passing). Tock (time has passed).”

Tags : Clock Day Hour Hourglass Invent Invented Invention Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Lifehack Minute Passed Passing Quote Second Tick Tick Tock Time Timing Tock Warn Warning Watch

48. “I write our names on the page.What of it, if the paper will be burned?I write our names in the sand.What of it, if the shore will be washed by waves?I write our names on trees that will be cutand benches that will be painted,but what of it?I will keep on writing our namesbecause in this world of ephemera, You and I are the only constant.”

Tags : Beloved Change Cut Ephemera Husband Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Love Poem Love Quotes Lover Name Ocean One Love Poetry Relationship Romance Soulmate Trees Wash Waves What Of It Wife Write Writer Writing You And Me

49. “Knowing you, I understood myself.”

Tags : In Love Inspiration Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Know Knowing Kojouri Love Love Poem Loved Loving Myself Poem Poetry Quote Understand Understood Union Unity You

50. “Let borders become sunlight so we traverse this Earth as one nation and drive the darkness out.”

Tags : Border Borders Darkness Earth Harmony Humanity Inspiration Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Love Nation One Love Oneness Peace Poem Poetry Quote Separate Sunlight Together Togetherness Traverse Truth Unity

51. “Our homes travel with us. They are wherever we feel loved and accepted.”

Tags : Accept Accepted Beloved Harmony Heart Home Inclusion Inspiration Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Loved Lover Peace Poem Quote Safe Travel Truth Unity

52. “I began missing you even before we met.”

Tags : All You Need Is Love Beloved In Love Inspiration Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Love Poem Loved Lover Loving Meet Met Miss Missing Poem Poetry You

53. “The only thing necessary in this world is love. Everything else is secondary.”

Tags : All You Need Is Love In Love Inspiration Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Love Poem Loved Loving Necessary Necessity One Love Philosophy Poem Poetry Primary Quote Secondary Truth World

54. “Before you, nothing.Now you, and everything”

Tags : All You Need Is Love Change Everything Harmony In Love Inspiration Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Love Poem Loved Lover Loving Nothing One Love Poem Poetry Quote Transcend Transformation Union Unity You

55. “Classical music is the best, and cheapest, mind-altering drug in the world.”

Tags : Best Cheapest Classical Classical Music Drug Hallucinogen Hallucinogenic Inspiration Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Meditation Mind Altering Music Music Is Life Psychedelic Quote Transcend Transcendent Transform Truth World

56. “The more we surrender to what cannot be, the better we control what can be.”

Tags : Better Buddha Buddhism Control Give In Harmony Inspiration Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Life Life Hacks Living Motivation Peace Philosophy Quote Surrender Truth Unity Way Of Life Zen

57. “Sadness is an invitation to God.”

Tags : Adversity Difficulty Faith God Inspiration Inspirational Invitation Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Poem Poetry Quote Religion Religious Sad Sadness Trouble Truth

58. “Stop looking forward to things, look inward instead.”

Tags : Be Conscious Forward Future Here Inspiration Inspirational Inward Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Look Looking Moment Now Past Power Of Now Present Quote Stop Truth

59. “The reason for the past is only revealed in the future.”

Tags : Experience Future Ignorance Inspiration Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Life Moment Motivation Past Quote Reason Reveal Truth Wisdom

60. “Truth is unoriginal.”

Tags : All The Same Awareness Circle Connected Consciousness Cycle Eternity Everything Inspiration Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Original Philosophical Philosophy Quote Repeated Repetition Same Truth Truth Is Unoriginal

61. “When, at last, I ceased to be myself, I came to be.”

Tags : Be Become Cease Change Death Ego Inspiration Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Metamorphosis Myself Philosophy Quote Self Transform Transformation Truth

62. “People don’t remember lessons. They remember stories.”

Tags : Book Inspiration Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Lesson Quote Remember Stories Story Teach Truth Writer Writing

63. “For how can any human be separate from humanity and humanness?”

Tags : All In This Together Consciousness Harmony Human Humanity Humanness Inspiration Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love One Love Oneness Peace Quote Separate Together Truth Unity

64. “Love is our religion. Love is our light. It is the only thing that gives us any hope.”

Tags : Awareness Consciousness Faith Harmony Hope Hopeful Hoping Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Light Love Love Is Light Love Quote Loved Lover Loving Meditation One Love Peace Quote Religion Truth

65. “They tell us the only way to move on is to forget.“Forgive,” they say.Realise that you deserve better.That maybe they deserve better.You can't fight fire with fire.Extinguish it once and for all."Do not look back," they say.They don't tell you that only one thing is needed. Only one:love.When you are filled to the brim with love,you only emanate love.You become lover and love itself.Only then will you love even the very people you wish to hate.”

Tags : Better Breaking Up Breakup Brim Deserve Emanate Ex Fight Fill Fire Forget Forgive Fresh Start Harmony Hope Inspiration Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Let Go Love Lover Move On New Beginning New Leaf Quote Relationship Surrender Unity

66. “We all wear masksto veil the truth.Truth is nakedness.Truth is fear.Truth is the gardener making you sit on his lapasking you tolight his cigarette.Truth is father— with a limp cigarette on his lips —telling you to never use his matches to light it for him.Truth is father yelling:"It is not nice for little girls to do so”.Truth is a curious girlwanting to ignite a matchlike a woman.Truth is the maid watching from the kitchen,knowing.But knowing isn’t truth.Truth is the maid calling:Come. Come.Truth is the gardener understanding. But understanding isn’t truth.Truth is the maid saying,"Stay away!"Truth is a girl thinking she is in control.That nothing happened, nothing bad.But the truest truthis a girl knowing, a girl understanding thaton that daysomeone stole a little piece of her truth.”

Tags : Curiosity Fear Innocence Kamand Kamandkojouri Kojouri Mask Poem Poetry Truth

67. “Disappointment is a blessing. If you were never disappointed, you'd never know what was important to you.”

Tags : Bless Blessing Disappoint Disappointed Disappointing Disappointment Important Inspiration Inspirational Inspiring Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Life Hacks Philosophy Of Life Positive Quote Truth

68. “Love fills the infinite.”

Tags : Abyss Awareness Chasm Consciousness Fill Filled Harmony Heart Humanity In Love Infinite Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Lover Oneness Quote Space Truth Union Unity

69. “Listen.Do you see that you can’t hear snowfall?Look.Do you sensethat you can’t see love?Touch.Do you graspthat you can’t catch poems?Try.Smell this glass. Go on taste this cloud.These material senses won’t get you far untilyou feelthe velvet glove caress your soul.”

Tags : Caress Feel Glass Grasp Inspiration Inspirational Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Listen Look Love Loved Loving Poem Poems Poetry Quote See Sense Senses Snowfall Soul Touch

70. “For all these stars,nothing is new.They’ve seen all kinds of warsand miracles, too.They know the messengers with their holy bookswill smile and wash their hands in blood.They know the politicians with their good lookswill make the poor eat pies of mud.They’ve seen the Earth freeze and then burn with greed.They’ve seen the treesand the seas emptied.Yet, you won’t hear their sneerswhen a man arrivesand, having experienced a number of years,proclaims: 'I have lived!'Because nothing is new under these stars:the lies, the love, the memories and scars, the ruin, the revolution, the fakes and true,the families, the friends, none of it is new.All of it—even the me and you.”

Tags : Burn Freeze Good Looks Greed Holy Book Hope I Want Change Issue Kamand Life Me And You Memories Nothing Poem Poetry Politicians Proclaims Religion Ruin Seas Smile Sneers Wise World

71. “With you, I am. Without you, I am not.”

Tags : Affection Beloved Death Falling In Love Girlfriend Harmony Husband Inspiration Inspirational Kamand Kojouri Life Live Loss Love Quote Loving Me And You Partner Passion Soulmate Union Unity Wife

72. “We live only for the hope of love.”

Tags : Aphorism Beloved Boyfriend Destiny Friend Girlfriend God Harmony Hope Kamand Kamand Kojouri Life Live Love Loved Lover Mate Oneness Partner Quote Simple Quotes Truth Union Wedding

73. “The only path wide for us all is love.”

Tags : Affection Affectionate Boyfriend Buddha Desire Girlfriend Husband In Love Inspiration Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Love Love Quote Lover Marriage Me And You Passion Path Soulmate Spouse Tao Union Unity Wife You And Me Zen

74. “Do the lovers know that when they whisper these poems they are commemorating our love?Do they ever think of you and meor only of themselves?Do they know that I once found a strand of your hairand wore it around my necklike a necklace?That I kiss your handsmore than I kiss your lips?Do they realise that our love and their love are drops in the universe’s ocean of loveand that without any of these drops, the ocean would be less?”

Tags : All You Need Is Love Beloved Commemorate Drop Hair Hand Harmony Inspiration Kamand Kiss Know Kojouri Lips Love Lover Lovers Loving Neck Ocean Strand Think Universe Whisper

75. “Missing you,I missed a part of meI shared with you that’s now gone.Missing you, when really, it was the way you made me feeland the things you made us do.Missing you I shouldn’t be.But I can’t help missing who I was with you.Missing you,I missed and missed so much of the world and wasn’t even missed in return.”

Tags : Awareness Break Up Breakup Experience Goodbye Harmony Heartbreak Kamand Kojouri Let Go Love Loved Miss Missing Quote Relationship Return Sharing Union Unity World You

76. “I'm not here to grant you the extraordinary love you never had for yourself. I'm here, on my own accord, to love you. So that when you stare into my mirror eyes, you may see how extraordinary you are.”

Tags : Boyfriend Dating Extraordinary Friend Girlfriend Grant Husband I Love You Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Love Yourself Loved Loving Married Marry One Love Partner Relationship Wife

77. “Maybe when we face a tragedy, someone, somewhere is preventing a bigger tragedy from happening.”

Tags : Bereavement Die Disaster Divorce Encourage Faith Funeral God Grief Grieving Hopeful Kamand Kojouri Loss Love Protection Religion Savior Struggle

78. “If they spit on you,collect their spittle to water your plants.If they throw stones at you,pick them up to adorn your garden.If they call you the enemy, a liar and a narcissist. Plant those very flowers: anemone, lily, and narcissus. Use their crap to fertilise your mind.”

Tags : Crap Denigrate Effort Endurance Fertilise Friend Garden Give Up Gossip Greenhouse Kamand Liar Libel Nature Perseverance Persist Persistence Resolute Slander Slandering Soil Spittle Stones Survival Survive Tenacious Tenacity

79. “Maybe love at first sight isn’t what we think it is. Maybe it’s recognising a soul we loved in a past life and falling in love with them again.”

Tags : Buddhism Destiny Fall In Love Falling In Love Fate In Love Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kismet Kojouri Life Lives Love Love At First Sight Love Quote Lover Past Past Life Rebirth Reincarnation Sight Soul Soulmate

80. “She was in awe of all his work. 'How do you do it?" she asked.He smiled and said, 'By loving you.”

Tags : Art Artist Author Create Creativity Cute Cute Quote In Love Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Lover Loving Muse Novelist Quote Reason Smile Smiled Soulmate Work Write Writer

81. “Life is short; love is longer.”

Tags : Aphorism Axiom Duration In Love Inspire Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Life Life And Living Life Quotes Live Living Loved Lover Loving Philosophy Quote Saying Short Simple Quotes Truth

82. “Prejudice is an act of violence.”

Tags : Act Bias Bigot Bigotry Discriminate Discrimination Equality Judge Judgement Judgment Justice Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Predispose Prejudice Quote Right Truth Violence Violent Wrong

83. “To see her is to be seduced by her.”

Tags : Crave Desire Fall In Love Her Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Lascivious Love Lust Muse Need Quote Seduce Seduced Seducer Want Wish Yearn

84. “Because at nightwhen others are sleeping, I drown myself in poetry.”

Tags : Art Artist Author Book Books Creative Writing Harmony Inspiration Inspirational Kamand Kojouri Literature Night Nighttime Novel Poem Read Reader Reading Sensibility Sentimental Sleep Sleeping Slumber Writer Writing

85. “Mist to mist, drops to drops. For water thou art, and unto water shalt thou return.”

Tags : Aqua Bury Clean Creek Dead Death Faith Island Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Lake Living Pool Purify Rainwater Renew Return River Seas Spirit Thou Vapour Water Waterway

86. “The only path wide enough for us all is love.”

Tags : All You Need Is Love Consciousness Earth Faith Falling In Love Hope Kamand Kojouri Love Love Is All You Need Love Movement Love Quote Lover Loving Movement Openness Peace Quote About Love Religion Togetherness Transcendence Unity

87. “It offends me when you doubt my love.These jealousies are unwarranted.If only you lived in my head for a day, you’d see that you live eternally in my heart.Try it for yourself. Take this knife to my chestand you will find that I bleedyou.Cast your suspicions to the windfor there will never come a timewhen I will not love you.Does the sea get bored of kissingthe shore’s feet?Cast your suspicions to the windand let us get drunk off each other."Don’t fall in love with a poet,” they warn you.But they don’t know that galaxiescircumambulate you.They don’t see that the waves of your hairare where stars go to die.They don’t hear how your voiceis the sound of flowers blooming.Cast your suspicions to the windand come spend your life with me.There will never come a time when I will not be in love with you.”

Tags : Author Cast Cute Poem Day Drunk Eternally Feet Galaxy I Love You Inspire Love Love Poem Lover Mate Mistrustful Nature Poet Suspicion Suspicious Trust Issues Trusting Unwarranted Warn Wary Wife

88. “I have died at the ripe age of twenty.Smile, for the world didn't get a chance to disappoint me.I have died at the mature age of ninety.Smile, for my life was more than satisfying.I have died suddenly—out of the blue.Smile, for I didn't have to fall ill before you.I have died from a long illness.Smile, for I had the chance to say goodbye.I did not want to leave this Earth.But smile, for I am still here among you.Why are you crying?Can you not see I am smiling?”

Tags : Age Chance Courage Cry Death Died Disappoint Earth Goodbye Grief Guidance Ill Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Losing Mourn Mourning Sad Satisfy Satisfying Suddenly Twenty Upset

89. “Come back to me.Where have you gone?And why so long?I miss the star below your lip,the constellation on your chest.I miss your ways,how you net butter-flying words and release themfor others to enjoy.I miss your tenderness,the sweetness of your breathand the song of your voice.I miss howyou worship me.Come back to me once more.Why did you go?And whatever for?The heavens plotted against us.The clouds came andpissed on our lives.The smell of charged particlesstill lingers in the air.What will become of you and I?Come back to us.”

Tags : Beloved Break Up Chest Clouds Constellation Go Gone Kamand Kamand Kojouri Leave Left Lives Love Loved Lover Loves Miss Poem Poetry Quote Song Sweet Tenderness Us

90. “Gone are the summer daysand my mind along with them.No longer will I indulgein hopes of getting you back.It is hope that makes these chains heavierand autumnal nights longer.I will merely serve as a memory to you:the lover that recited love poems.I must go nowand I urge you not to look back.”

Tags : Autumn Break Up Breaking Up Chains Come Back Days Ex Ex Boyfriend Ex Girlfriend Give Up Gone Heartbreak Hope Hopeful Indulge Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Poem Memory Mind Over Poem Recite Relationship Remember Summer

91. “Don’t worry if you don’t accomplish everything in this life. Fortunately, death overcomes every thing—even the very thing that tried to kill us.”

Tags : Accomplish Dead Death Die Dying Existentialism Existentialist Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kill Kojouri Life Overcome Quote

92. “I never wanted to be a martyr—even for love. I don’t want to die for love. I want to live for it.”

Tags : All You Need Is Love Choose Life Choose Love Die Harmony Inspirational Quotes Kamand Life Life Quotes Live For Love Living Love Love Is All You Need Love Is Love Love Quotes Lover Loving Martyr Motto Myth One Love Peace Relationship Soulmate Union Unity

93. “What you choose also chooses you.”

Tags : Accept Aphorism Axiom Choice Choosing Chose Crave Decide Decision Desire Harmony Interesting Kamand Kojouri Maxim Mysterious Ways Option Prefer Proverb Seek Select Selection Simple Quote Truth Unknown Want You

94. “O, weary angels, don’t look at me with those eyes.If that is your state then what of our cries?What can I tell you of goodness that you don’t already know?What can I tell you of faith,of hope and lovethat you yourselves bestow?O, angels, don’t pluck another feather,this isn’t the sky, it’s just the weather.Please, angels, try.We are one all together.Look up and listen, I’ll say it once and then put down my pen:We are sorry for our ignoranceand even though we are worldly,it might happen again.We are sorry for your wearinessand even though you aren’t worldly,we are no more than human.”

Tags : Angels Believe Bestow Crisis Educate Eyes Feather Forgive Forgiveness Good Harmony Hopefulness Humanity Ignorance Ignorant Jesus Learned Light Love Mistake Peace Religion Sky State Truth Unity Weather Worldly

95. “Don't let a cruel word escape your mouth. There's no greater sin than breaking a heart.”

Tags : Be Good Be Kind Be Nice Break Cruel Cruelty Do Good Escape Goodness Greater Heartbreaker Inspiration Inspirational Inspiring Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kind Kindness Kojouri Mouth Nice Niceness Quote Sin Sinful Word

96. “Now is not the time for bigots and racists. No time for sexists and homophobes. Now, more than ever, is the time for ARTISTS. It’s time for us to rise above and to create. To show humanity. To spread hope. We must prevent society from destroying itself, from losing its way. Now is the time for love.”

Tags : Achieve Author Believer Bigotry Creativity Desire Dream Faith Homophobia Human Kojouri Love Love Trumps Hate Lover Minorities Minority One Love Promise Racist Sexist Singer Together Vision Writer

97. “Do you know what you get when you try to escape? When you drive for miles in a deserted city or swim for hours in a shoreless sea? You get yourself.”

Tags : Accept Acceptance Acknowledge Awareness Confront Consciousness Drive Escape Experience Harmony Humanity Infinite Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Philosophical Philosophy Psychology Quote Shoreless Swim Truth Union Unity World Yourself

98. “Autumn is my favourite season of all. It is a transitory period that allows the earth to rest before it sees the harshness of winter and hears the promise of spring.”

Tags : Anew Autumn Brief Change Cold Coldness Earth Give Up Harsh Kamand Keep On Kojouri Motivational Motivational Quote Quit Renew Seasonality Suffering Summer Surrender Warm Winter Year

99. “We all have the ability to make someone's life better with our love.”

Tags : Ability All You Need Is Love Better Betterment Harmony Help Hope Inspiration Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Life Live Living Love Love Is All You Need Love Quote Lover Loving One Love Peace Potential Quote

100. “The reason as to why we are attracted to our opposites is because they are our salvation from the burden of being ourselves.”

Tags : Attraction Augment Better Burdened Companion Complement Dating Energies Girlfriend Harmony Love Lover Loving Opposites Opposites Attract Ourself Ourselves Partner Relationship Salvation Save Union Wife Yin And Yang

101. “I couldn’t have dreamed you into existence because I didn’t even know I needed you. You must have been sent to me.”

Tags : Beloved Boyfriend Dream Dreamed Existence Fate Girlfriend Husband Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kismet Kojouri Love Loved Lover Marriage Marry Mate Meant To Be Need Needed One Love Partner Poetry Quote Relationship Soulmate

102. “If you write then you are reborn because by writing about the moment, you can relive it for a second time.”

Tags : Again Art Author Books Creative Writing Kamand Kamand Kojouri Life Moment Narrative Narrator Novelist Poet Poetry Quotes Rebirth Reborn Relive Resurrect Resurrection Salvation Story Storyteller Writer Writing Quotes Written

103. “The thing about love is that you will never run out of it. It's an ever-flowing river. So go ahead and LOVE. What are you saving all this love for — death?”

Tags : All You Need Is Love Death Died Dying Fall In Love Flow Kamand Kojouri Love Love Is All You Need Love Wins Loved Loving Moment Nature Of Love Ocean One Love Quotes River Run Out Save Saving Sea Water

104. “Even when I write about this swanand that orchid,I write about you.Every wordof every line is for you.I have drunk youyet you have consumed me.Seeping through every cellfrom crown to root,you took over heart,mind,and lungs so that every breath I expelleaves a trail of you in the air—the same air that I inhale.I no longer know myself separate from you.But how I long to be with the source!”

Tags : Cell Consume Exhale Expel Heart Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Leave Love Love Is All You Need Loved Lover Lovers Loving Mind Miss Miss You Missing Missing You Orchid Poetry Relation Relationship Separate Source Trail Unity Word Write

105. “Eyes and ears are two.Lungs and kidneys, too.I wonder thenwhy we're born with oneheart that skips a beat when hay is here,and beats quickly when you are near.One heart that cracks when you are far, lie to me and leave a scar.I wonder thenwhy we're born with oneheart that gets broken.Was I supposed to find you then?So your heart would make one plus one is twofor me andtwo for you.”

Tags : Beat Born Crack Ears Eyes Far Hay Heart Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kidneys Kojouri Lie Love Poem Lungs Me And You One Quote Scar Skip Two Wonder You And I You And Me

106. “Kiss your scars. Fall in love with them. They ought to serve as life-affirming reminders—a lingering trace of hope. The only reason we have these scars is because we survived and are still here.”

Tags : Adoration Adore Affirm Appreciate Appreciation Beautiful Beauty Endurance Flaw Human Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kiss Kojouri Life Like Living Love Yourself Mark Natural Never Give Up Quote Reason Scar Spot Survive Truth Woman Wound

107. “Poetry is seeing everything when there is only one thing. It is looking at a rose but seeing the stars, moons, seas, and trees. It is a truth beyond logic, an experience beyond thought. Poetry is the Earth pausing on its axis in order to manifest itself as a rose.”

Tags : Awareness Beyond Consciousness Earth Experience Harmony Humanity Infinite Inspirational Kojouri Logic Manifestation Moon Oneness Philosophical Philosophy Quote Rose Sea Stars Thing Thought Trees Truth Unity

108. “A purposeful life is the most important thing in the world. And love is the most important purpose of all.”

Tags : Birthday Blessings Consciousness Foundation Harmony Health Help Kamand Live Merriment Merry Purposeful Quote Sharing Unbounded Unity World Yearn

109. “Love can bless you with a sense of purpose and direction when all else fails. Because to have faith in love is to be optimistic about life. Love is hopefulness.”

Tags : Beloved Bless Blessing Direction Faith Guidance Hope Hopeful Inspiration Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Love Quote Loved Lover Loving Optimism Optimistic Persevere Purpose Quote Quotes About Love Sense

110. “I cannot imagine how much I must’ve suffered in my previous lives to be fortunate enough to have parents like you in this life.”

Tags : Blessing Child Dad Daughter Family Grateful Imagine Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Life Lives Love Lucky Maternal Maternal Love Mom Mother Mum Parent Quotes Paternal Love Previous Lives Reincarnate Reincarnation Son Suffering Thankful Thankfulness

111. “No one has any right to tell you that the way you perceive yourself is wrong. Because by doing so, they also discourage the person you aspire to be.”

Tags : Aspiration Attitude Consciousness Deflect Discourage Encourage Judgment Kamand Kojouri Kindness Kojouri Motivate Opinion Perceive Reflect Spread Love Wrong Yourself

112. “If all we had were roses, would the thorns then be beautiful?”

Tags : Attitude Bad Beautiful Beauty Evil Flower Good Goodness Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Mindset Nature Observer Perception Perspective Positive Quote Rose Roses Thorns Ugly View Viewpoint

113. “I think, therefore I am?No, I simply am.I am. I am. I am.I will still be if I didn't think. In fact, it is only then that I would step into a different dimension of consciousness.Yes, I will still be if I didn't think. I will still be if I stopped breathing. I will still be because you still are. My words are written and you are receiving them. We are dancing. We are making love.And when you stop reading them, they will still be because nothing ever truly ceases to exist. There is not a thing that is not. Every thought, energy, and vibration is recycled. I am and I will continue to be because I manifest as the universe, therefore I will continue to manifest as the universe.”

Tags : Be Breathe Breathing Cease Consciousness Dimension Energy Exist Existence I Am I Think Therefore I Am Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Manifestation Philosophical Quote Receiving Recycle Rene Descartes Think Thought Universe Vibration Written

114. “Retrospect: the sweetener of life.”

Tags : Afterthought Hindsight Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Life Quote Recollection Remember Reminisce Retrospect Retrospection Sweetener

115. “O woman, father says natural is beautifulso why do you redden your cheeks and blacken your eyes?Why do you remove the hair on your legsand draw them into your brows?Why do you hold your breathlest your stomach showand hold your fartlest they knowthat you’re a human? O woman, father says natural is beautifulso why do you straighten your hairto curl it nextand pretend to orgasm so they think you enjoyed the sex?Why do you dumb yourself downand push your breasts up?Why do you smile when you’re told toand love when you don’t want to?When? When will you stop, woman? Father says natural is beautifulbut that is doubtfulfor what does father knowhe’s only a fellow.”

Tags : Act Beautiful Beauty Cheek Doubt Dumb Fake Father Fellow Feminism Poem Feminist Funny Funny Poem Humour Kamand Kojouri Men Natural Orgasm Pretend Quote Redden Stomach Superficial Woman

116. “You want to become a better person?Just give thanks. Give thanks for all of it.”

Tags : Appreciate Betterment Consciousness Grateful Honor Human Improve Inspirational Quote Kamand Life Philosophy Philosophy Quote Recognize Simple Quote Thank You Thankfulness Transcend Truth Value

117. “If you can love one person, you can love everyone.”

Tags : Consciousness Everyone Harmony Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Love Is All You Need Love Quote Love Wins Loved Lover Loving On Love One World Peace People Person Stronger Together Together Togetherness World

118. “Sit here, so I may writeyou into a poem and make you eternal.”

Tags : Author Brief Compose Endure Enduring Ephemera Eternal Eternity Fleeting Forever Kojouri Lasting Momentary Mortal Novelist Passing Permanence Permanent Perpetual Poet Poetess Poetry Poetry Quotes Read Recite Short Sit Temporary Write Writing Writing Quotes

119. “I am looking for the one I can’t fool.”

Tags : Beloved Couple Date Dating Disguise Facade Fall In Love Foolish Games Kamand Kamand Kojouri Look Looking Love Love Games Play Quotes Relationships Search Soulmate Together Trick Trickster Truth Wild

120. “If your mind can move mountainsand swallow gods,Why does it worry with helpless yesterdays and unborn tomorrows?If it can vomit starsand walk on split hairs,Why must it follow the samepath to despair?Everyone will tell you:'An orgasm here is just as good.”

Tags : Aware Awareness Consciousness Control Despair Hairs Helpless Kamand Kojouri Meditation Mind Power Mindfulness Moment Mountains Move Path Poem Present Swallow Think Thinking Thoughtfulness Today Transcendence Unborn Vomit Worry Yesterday

121. “She might not have read many books. But when she reads a book, she swallows the very words. If you open the books on her shelves, you will find that the front and back covers encase white pages.”

Tags : Book Addict Book Addiction Book Cover Book Lover Creative Writing Cute Quotes Encase Genre Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Mystery Non Fiction Novel Novelist Novella Open Pages Poet Reading Reading Addiction Reading Quotes Recite Sci Fi Swallow Thriller White Writer

122. “Why wait to forgive and let go only after you have sufficiently wallowed in your despair? Why not forgive and let go now?”

Tags : Begin Again Betrayed Buddha Calm Forget Forgive Grief Hurt Kojouri Lie Misery Move On Move Past New New Me Now Present Quotes Sadness Self Help Surrender Tranquility Transcend Truth Wait Wallow

123. “I wonderif you ever read my poemsand wish they were writtenfor you.”

Tags : Boyfriend Break Up Girlfriend Heartbreak Heartbroken Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Love Lost Love Poem Loved Missing Poem Poet Poetry Quote Relationships Wonder Write Writing Written Wrote Yearning

124. “We grow old judging othersAnd ourselvesUntil life humbles usAnd makes scared children of usLonging to hold another’s handTo hear their kind words And witness their kind deeds done on our behalf.But like children,We sabotage everythingFor nothing satisfies usUntil life crumbles usAnd we are no more.”

Tags : Behalf Children Critical Criticise Criticize Grow Hand Humble Judge Judgement Judgment Kamand Kind Kojouri Life Longing Old Old Age Raging Sabotage Satisfies Scared Short Poem Witness Words

125. “Ask of your eyes to seeonly to seek love.Ask of your mouth to speakonly to utter words of love.Ask of your hands to feelif only to touch the lover.”

Tags : Ask Beloved Experience Eyes Feel Inspiration Inspirational Joy Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Lover Mouth Pleasure Poem Poetry Quote Relationship Seek Speak Touch Truth Union Unity Words

126. “You see herand ascend into love. You become enchanted, a found madman. In your love,you lose yourself and become her. You were once without her, now with her. You still feel her and descend into love. You become enraptured, a lost madman. In your love,you lost yourself and her. You were once with her, nowwithout her.”

Tags : Become Beloved Boyfriend Break Up Breaking Up Crazy Descend Enchanted Enrapture Falling In Love Her Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Loved Lover Loves Pain Painful Quote Relationship See Yourself

127. “Forgiveness is a transformative act because it asks you to be a more empathetic and compassionate person, thereby making you better than the person you were when you were first hurt.”

Tags : Begin Anew Cheat Compassion Forgiveness Future Heal Hurt Kamand Kind Love Maturer Moment Move Past Peace Sad Surrender Transcendent Understand Understanding Zen

128. “Want to help others? Be yourself. You’ll inspire others to muster the courage to be themselves as well.”

Tags : Authentic Authenticity Be Yourself Courage Genuine Harmony Help Helping Inspiration Inspirational Quotes Inspire Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Life Love Muster Quote Together Togetherness True Unity

129. “All kinds of people read poetry: revolutionaries, scholars, sentimentalists etc. But above all else, lovers read poetry. Why? Because we fell in love. And then we fell in love with love.”

Tags : Book Book Lover Everyone Fell In Love Inspiration Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Love Poem Loved Lover Loves Loving People Poem Poet Poetry Read Revolutionary Scholar Sentimental Sentimentalist Truth Writer

130. “Always ask yourself: "What will happen if I say nothing?”

Tags : Aphorism Ask Everything Flow Give In Kamand Kind Kindness Kojouri Maxim Mind Mindful Moment Nothing Quote Rights Say Serenity Simple Quotes Talk Think Think Before You Act Tranquility Truth Unity

131. “Each of us is like all of us and like no one else.”

Tags : Adage Aphorism Awareness Consciousness Harmony Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Maxim One Love One World Peace Quote Stronger Together Together Truth Unity

132. “Kamand, die every dayso you rememberto live.”

Tags : Adage Aliveness Aphorism Aware Awareness Carpe Diem Consciousness Death Die Inspirational Quote Kamand Kojouri Life Life Philosophy Maxim Motto Poem Power Of Now Present Remember Seize Truth

133. “This is the only truth in the world that was necessary yesterday, is necessary today, and will continue to be necessary tomorrow: be conscious of now.”

Tags : Adage Aware Awareness Consciousness Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Life Philosophy Maxim Meditate Meditation Mindfulness Moment Motto Philosophy Power Of Now Present Temporary Time Today Tomorrow Transient Truth Yesterday

134. “Maybe stories choose how they are told and who tells them.”

Tags : Art Author Books Creative Creativity Destiny Fate Fiction Inspiration Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Plot Quote Reading Script Stories Story Storyteller Storytelling Tell Telling Told Writer Writing Process Writing Quotes

135. “Remember:all the thoughts you have of yourself and others are written on your face. Make them kind.”

Tags : Awareness Compassion Compassionate Consciousness Empathetic Empathy Gentle Gentleness Harmony Kamand Kojouri Kind Kindness Kojouri Love Practice Kindness Quote Remember Think Thinking Thoughts Together Togetherness Unity We Are One

136. “May we always be burdened with thinking of the suffering of others, for that is what it means to be human.”

Tags : Aid Assist Burden Compassionate Despair Empathetic Empathy Encourage Famine Hunger Illness Inspire Kamand Kind Love One Love Others Peace Poverty Relief Thinking Togetherness Unity Uplift Violence War

137. “All this waiting.Waiting for the rain to stop. Waiting in traffic. Waiting for the bill. Waiting at the airport for an old friend.Waiting to depart. Then, there’s the big waiting: waiting to grow up. Waiting for love. Waiting to show youryour parents that when you have kids you’ll be different. Waiting to retire. Waiting for death. Why do we think waitingis the antithesis of lifewhen it is almostall of it?”

Tags : Airport Antithesis Bill Death Fast Friend Hours Impatient Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kids Love Poem Quick Quote Retire Short Poem Slow Stop Time Time Quotes Wait Waiting Quotes

138. “Violinists wear the imprint on their necks with prideFor they are the players of harmony.Pilgrims, too, wear the imprint on their foreheads with prideFor they are the conductors of unity.And Lovers? Why, they are made humble by the imprint on their heartsFor they are merely the instruments of rhapsody.”

Tags : Beloved Classical Music Devout Forehead Harmony Humility Imprint Instruments Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Poem Loved Lover Melody Oneness Poem Pride Rhapsody Unity Violin Wear Worship Worshipper

139. “A negative outlook is dangerous. When you say, “It can’t get any worse!” You're essentially challenging the universe to do exactly that.”

Tags : Bad Better Challenge Courage Dangerous Good Great Inspirational Quote Kamand Life Philosophy Manifest Mindset Motto Negativity Never Give Up Optimism Optimist Outlook Perseverance Persevere Persistence Pessimism Pessimistic Positive Positive Energy Positivity Pray Quote Universe Vibe Worse

140. “String theory makes sense to me because the universe is a symphony that creates harmony with the vibration of our strings.”

Tags : Classical Harmony Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Music Orchestra Physics Quantum Gravity Science Sense String Theory Strings Symphony Theory Togetherness Unity Universe Vibrate Vibration World

141. “I became an artist because I wanted to be an active participant in the conversation about art.”

Tags : Active Art Art Criticism Art History Artwork Converse Creative Creativity Criticism Dance Dancer Drama Paint Painter Participant Performance Art Poet Practice Practicing Sculpture Singer Songwriter Study Technique Theatre What Is Art

142. “Speak to me: I will spend my lifetime trying to understand you.”

Tags : Always Beloved Communication Couple Fall In Love Forever Hear Husband Kamand Life Life Partner Listen Listener Me Relationship Soulmate Speak Speaking Togetherness Try Unity Wife

143. “Why are we afraid of the silence that ensues after our death? Wasn’t it the same silence we endured before birth? Isn’t it the same silence we revel in when we are completely immersed in the present moment? Let us not be afraid.”

Tags : Accept Afraid Born Calm Calmness Death Dying Endured Ensues Immerse Immersed Inspirational Quotes Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Moment Peace Peaceful Peacefulness Philosophy Present Quotes Revel Silence Silent Stillness

144. “To begin to know ourselves we must have sincere conversations with ourselves as if with a good friend. We must answer without reserve, listen without judgement, and accept without condition. That is self-love.”

Tags : Accept Answer Better Betterment Compassion Condition Conversations Converse Empathy Hear Improvement Judge Judgement Judgment Kamand Knowledge Mindful Quote Quotes Reserve Respond Self Self Help Self Love

145. “And there's you. You're just beautiful. Effortlessly beautiful, like nature. You have the trinity of beauty: a beautiful heart, a beautiful mind, and a beautiful soul.”

Tags : Beautiful Beauty Beloved Boyfriend Effortless Falling In Love Girlfriend Heart In Love Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Loved Loved One Lover Mate Me And You Mind Nature Partner Quote Soul Soulmate Trinity You And I You And Me

146. “It is your ego that needs to explain itself. The self just is.”

Tags : Awareness Consciousness Ego Explain Forget Forgive Fresh Start Inspiration Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Let Go Move On Moving On New Beginning Quote Self Surrender

147. “I left the bankbecause they wouldn’t deposit my cheque of poems.So I went to the store,but they didn’t acceptmy currency of words.So I boxed all my storiesand took them to charity.But they refused my donation and asked me to give blood instead.I opened the notebooks and made them look, 'What do you think I wrote these in?”

Tags : Accept Bank Blood Boxed Charity Cheque Currency Deposit Donation Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Notebooks Poem Poems Poet Poetry Quote Stories Words Writer Writing Wrote

148. “Name and form are simply illusions of separation. Love doesn’t make us blind; rather, it erases the illusions so we can see clearly.”

Tags : All You Need Is Love Awareness Blind Consciousness Divide Enlighten Enlightenment Form Harmony Illusion Inspiration Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Life Love Love Is All You Need Motto Name One Love Oneness Philosophy Quote See Separation Togetherness Unity

149. “They took my booksbecause my message was love.They took my penbecause my words were love.Then they took my voicebecause my song was love.Soon they’ll take myselfso nothing remains.But they don’t know that when I'm gonemy love will stay.”

Tags : Beloved Books Harmony Hope Humanity Inspiration Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Love Is All You Need Loved Lovers One Love Poem Poetry Revolutionary Say Sing Togetherness Unity Voice Words

150. “The reason as to why a human cannot give birth to himself is because he needs someone to help him. We are altricial, or helpless at birth, because we have to depend on others so that later in life when we are capable, we help those in need. And this is very much part of the circle of life.”

Tags : Altricial Awareness Birth Circle Circle Of Life Depend Guide Harmony Help Help Others Helpless Human Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Quote Reason Rebirth Remember Stronger Together Together Togetherness Union Unity Unity Quotes

151. “Believe me when I say: 'Out of all those around, she’s the best locksmith in town.' Her stethoscope ears know when the dials of your heart click into place.She’s been cutting keys for years.You don’t stand a chance with that flimsy case.Alas, no matter how you lock your heart— bolt, fixture, and key— she’s got nimble fingersthat pick locks for free.Padlocks and deadboltsare all in vain.Why do you even botherwith that chain?She’s way too smart. Along with ours, she’ll have your heart. And you will see that the best locksmith in town is she.”

Tags : Believe Bolt Boyfriend Dial Falling In Love Fingers Fixture Heartbreaker Kamand Kamand Kojouri Key Keys Kojouri Locksmith Loving Pick Poetry Quote Relationship She Stethoscope Vain

152. “This body is the house of God.”

Tags : Beloved Body Faith God House Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Meditation Oneness Quote Religion Spiritual Spirituality Temple Transcend Unity

153. “We don’t find Godin temples and cathedrals.We don’t find Himby standing on a prayer rug or sitting in a pew.God appears when welove someone other than ourselves.And we continue to feel His presence when we do good for others.Because God is not foundin mosques and synagogues.He resides in ourhearts.”

Tags : Awareness Beloved Cathedral Devotion Divine God Heart Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Lover Meditation Pew Poem Pray Prayer Rug Presence Synagogue

154. “Two things are needed to raise awareness: education and love. And these go hand in hand because we can be taught to love.”

Tags : Aware Awareness Consciousness Educate Education Enlighten Enlightenment Harmony Inspiration Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Peace Preach Quote Raise Teach Love Togetherness Unity

155. “I used to be lost in us. Blurred were the lines that separated us. But now, I see our togetherness in our separateness. I see the you in me and the me in you. We are two independent beings who complement one another like photographs that are beautiful on their own but are enhanced when juxtaposed, creating an altogether new photograph.”

Tags : Altogether Blurry Boyfriend Complement Enhance Husband Improve Individual Kamand Lines Love Is All You Need Partner Photograph Picture Quote Separateness Wife You And Me

156. “You do not have to be beautiful.You do not even have to be intelligent.All you have to do is practice kindness,for that is our purpose.”

Tags : Beautiful Beauty Become Destiny God Harmony Humanity Inspiration Inspirational Intelligent Kamand Kind Kindness Kojouri Life Life Quote Living Love Lover One Love Oneness Potential Practice Purpose Quote Reason Smart

157. “Love is our most basic human value and also our highest potential.”

Tags : All You Need Is Love Basic Harmony Human Humanity Inspire Kamand Kamand Kojouri Love Is Love Love Quotes Lover One Earth One Love One Nation One World Peace Peace On Earth Quote Together Togetherness Truth Union Universal Universality Values

158. “I haven’t written you a poem in years it seems.How can it be my faultwhen the words to describe you have not yet been created?When the alphabet lacks the very letters?How can it be my fault when your loveliness only growsby the time I reach for pen and paper?Tell me how I am at faultwhen I am only a beginner in poemsand you are exquisite poetry?To write you in words is to put a veil upon you.Why must I writewhen I can kiss you instead?”

Tags : Consciousness Create Describe Fault Harmony Humanity Inspirational Joy Kamand Kojouri Kiss Love Poem Loveliness Lover Paper Pen Pleasure Poetry Quote Sharing Unity Veil Write Written

159. “I remember our childhood dayswhen life was easyand math problems hard.Mom would help us with our homeworkand dad was not at home but at work.After our chores, we’d go to the old fort museum with clips in our hair and pure joy in our hearts.You, sister, wore the bangles thatyou, brother, got as a prize from the Dentist.“Why the bangles?” the Dentist asked, surprised, for boys picked the stickers of cars instead.“They’re for my sisters,” you said.Mom would treat us to a bottle of Coke,a few sips each. Then,we’d buy the sweet smelling bread from the same white vanand hand-in-hand,we’d walk to our small flat above the restaurant.I remember our childhood days.Do you remember them too?”

Tags : Bangles Brother Chores Cute Dad Days Family Flat Girls Good Times Hard Joy Kamand Kojouri Kids Kojouri Life Little Olden Days Poem Remember Remind Reminder Reminisce Stickers

160. “For selv om du tilbringer livet med å jage opplevelser, lytte til den mest utsøkte klassisk musikk og bli full av fantastisk utsikt over fjell og fossefall,er alt dette ikke verdt en krone hvis du ikke deler det med noen. Alt beløper seg til det. Sant nok, vi må oppleve de fleste ting i ensomhet for å vokse,skape, ødelegge og vokse igjen, men vår glede når en terskel i isolasjon. Deter det verste som kan skje å bli en øy. Man må bli hele verden.”

Tags : Dele Deler Fjell Forhold Fossefall Glede Inspirere Jage Kjærlighet Klassisk Musikk Levde Liv Lytte Når Oppleve Sitat Skape Utsikt

161. “My dear, please be careful.You no longer live only for yourself.You live for me as well.”

Tags : Beloved Boyfriend Date Dating Dear Happiness Happy Harmony Joy Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Lover Loves Married Oneness Please Relationship Share Sharing Together

162. “Yes, silence is painful, but if you endure it, you will hear the cadence of the entire universe.”

Tags : Awareness Be In The Moment Heal Hear Hymn Kamand Kamand Kojouri Meditate Pain Painful Power Of Now Quote Religion Religious Self Awareness Silence Silent Suffer Suffering Surrender Unity

163. “Where were you when I undressed and told the tales of my day?Where were youwhenI was silent with God in prandial pray?Where were youwhen I recited love poems as I lay?Where were you?”

Tags : Day Distrust Forgotten Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Lay Leave Left Longing Love Love Poem Loved Lover Memory Poetry Prandial Prayer Recall Recite Recited Remember Silence Silent Trust Undressed Where Were You

164. “Happiness, do not leave me. I know you, a capricious monarch perching on the fortunate flowers you see. Hear me: I am too attached to this royalty now. Can I make you rest here somehow? I will offer you the nectar of every flower in blossom, the honey of every fruit in harvest. I will make the Earth a garden, the entire universe a forest. I beg of you not to flutter by. I beg of you not to leave me, butter-coloured fly. Nest here and for you,I will create a home.”

Tags : Attachment Beauty Beg Bloom Butterflies Earth Flower Fly Garden Happiness Happy Harvest Home Honey Inspiration Joy Joyful Kamand Landscape Merriment Merry Monarch Nature Nectar Nest Plants Quote Royalty Universe

165. “A veces un escritor simplemente encuentra nuevas maneras de decir lo que ya se ha dicho porque, al final, la verdad es poco original.”

Tags : Cita Citas De La Escritura Creatividad Dicen Diferente Escribir Escritor Escritor Creativo Escritura Formas Nuevas Kamand Kojouri La Verdad Lector Novelista Nuevo Original Originalidad Poco Original Spanish Spanish Quote Un Escritor

166. “My mind is being consumed by you.My body is longing for you. Just one touch or a kiss, And I shall be satiated for a thousand years.”

Tags : Beloved Body Consume Consumed Crazy Crazy Love Heart In Love Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kiss Kojouri Long Longing Love Poem Lover Loving Mind Poem Quote Relationship Satiate Soul Thousand Years

167. “I don’t know why everyoneis still trying to find out whether heaven and hell exist.Why do we need more evidence?They exist here on this very Earth.Heaven is standing atop Mount Qasiounoverlooking the Damascene sightswith the wind carrying Qabbani’sdulcet words all around you.And hell is only four hours away in Aleppo where children’s cries drown out the explosions of mortar bombsuntil they lose their voice,their families, and their limbs.Yes, hell certainly does existright now, at this moment,as I pen this poem. And all we’re doingto extinguish this hellfireis sighing, shrugging, liking, and sharing.Tell me: what exactly does that makeus? Are we any better than the gatekeepers of hell?”

Tags : Aid Bomb Change Community Damascus Duty Explosion Families Harmony Heaven Hell Hellfire Hope Judge Judgement Judgment Kamand Kojouri Nizar Qabbani One World Paradise Poem Qabbani Support Syria War Working Together

168. “It’s so easy to lose faith and become lost in all of the politics of the world. That’s why we need the arts. To sublimate our frustration and anger into something beautiful. Freud called sublimation a virtuous defence mechanism because it is in the arts that we can find our humanity.”

Tags : Art Arts Beautiful Corporation Corrupt Create Creative Arts Creativity Defence Defence Mechanism Empathy Faith Freud Give Up Hopefulness Humanity Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Life Media News Politics Sublimate Surrender Theory Virtue Virtuous World

169. “A poetess is not as selfishas you assume.After months of agonising over her marriage of words—the bride—and spaces—the groom,she knows that as soonas she has penned the poem,it’s yours to consume.So, without giving it a think,she blows on the inkand the letters fly awaylike dandelions on a windy day,landing on hands and lips, on hearts and hips.But more often than not,you can easily spotthem trodden and forgotten,becoming sodden and rotten.Yet, she will continue to makewhat’s others to takebecause selfishness is not the mark of a poetess.”

Tags : Author Bride Cadence Consume Groom Kamand Letter Letters Lips Mark Page Paper Pencil Penned Poet Poetess Quote Rotten Selfish Selfishness Silences Spaces Words Write Writing

170. “To live, to truly live, one must consider each and every thing a blessing.”

Tags : Alive Aliveness Attitude Blessing Gift Gift Of Life Grateful Gratitude Harmony Kamand Kojouri Life Life Philosophy Live Mindset Moment Motto Outlook Perception Philosophy Positive Quote Surrender Thankful Thankfulness Thanks Thoughts Truth

171. “Isn’t it strange thatin order to be happywe have to ignoreall the sadness in the worldat that moment? That wehave to forget the balloonedbellies of children that are dark and empty inside. That not too farfrom our homes, women sleep on cardboard and are grateful for the bitter wind because at least it’s not rain. That there are teenagerstaught to avoid eye contactso their fingers are quicker on the triggerbut whose nightmares eventually compel them to pull the trigger on themselves. That there are battered dogs with skin taut like a drum,ribs jutting out, their eyes so beautifulit makes all the men cry.Isn’t it strange that in order to be happy we have to unremember a lot of what we already know?Yet, I still don’t believe that sadness is ournatural disposition. Because there is so much to be done. So many to help.Maybe we aren’t meant to be happyin spite of all the sadness. Maybe,it is a call for us to help othersovercome it.”

Tags : Battered Charity Children Cry Dark Disease Disposition Dogs Empty Famine Far Forget Happy Hopeful Humanity Humanity Poem Kill Love Love Wins Moment One World Rain Sad Poem Skin Universe

172. “I wish for all of us the blindness of love that makes us see no faults in the other.”

Tags : Believe Blindness Experience Faith Fault Harmony Judge Judgement Judgment Just Be Kamand Kamand Kojouri Love Love Quote Loved Loving Peace Perfect Philosophy Poem Quote See Transcend Unity Wish

173. “In the very end, all we have left to atone for our faults are words.”

Tags : Absolve Ask Atone Atonement Author Creative Writing End Expiate Fault Forgive Give In Kamand Kamand Kojouri Mistake Novelist Poem Poet Quote Sin Surrender Words Writing Quotes

174. “You know how sometimes you meet someone and you feel like you've known them your whole life?Well, I feel like I've loved you my whole life.”

Tags : Boyfriend Cute Feel Girlfriend In Love Kamand Kamand Kojouri Known Kojouri Life Love Poem Love Quote Loved Lover Loving Me And You Meet Poem Prose Quote Relationship Sometimes Whole You And I You And Me

175. “When you get shy, you’re simply thinking of yourself. Stop it. Step out of yourself.”

Tags : Anxiety Anxious Awareness Be Present Conquer Conscious Fear Inspiration Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Power Of Now Quote Shy Shyness Step Stop Surrender Think Thinking Thinking Too Much Yourself Zen

176. “Here's another poem,like all others before and after,dedicated to you.There isn't anything left to be saidbut I will spend my lifetrying to put you into words.You who is every goodness,every optimismand hope.Your love is a better fate for methan anything I could wish for.If you are a part of me, then you’re the best part.And if you're separate from me, then you are my destination.But I’ve become a weary traveller,so please,let us never be apart.”

Tags : Apart Dedication Faith Fate Girlfriend Harmony In Love Kamand Life Partner Love Lover Marriage Me And You Partner Poetry Relationship Soulmate Together Union Unity Your Love

177. “Reading poetry is like undressing before a bath. You don't undress out of fear that your clothes will become wet. You undress because you want the water to touch you. You want to completely immerse yourself in the feeling of the water and to emerge anew.”

Tags : Analogy Author Change Clothes Creative Arts Fear Kamand Life Poem Poetess Poetry Quote Read Reading Soak Transcend Transcendence Transform Undress Water Wet Writing

178. “Everything I have become,everything I will ever accomplishcannot compare to my mostimpressive feat:I have loved youfiercelyand assiduouslywith the very marrowinside my bones. So that when I die, they can crack them to findyou there. So that when I die, they can open me upand see your name tattooed on the wall of my heart.So that when I die, my epitaph will neither commemoratewho I wasnor what I did, but will read:“She loved.And loved. And loved.”And so, I smile now,because that is no small thing.”

Tags : Accomplish Assiduous Boyfriend Chest Commemorate Death Fierce Heart Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Love Poem Marrow Name Poetry Relationship Romantic Romantic Poem Smile Soul Soulmate Spouse Sweetheart Wife

179. “Love, the exotic bird, came and went.Heart forgot love.Joy, the majestic willow, wept and died.Mind forgot joy.Hope, the basement lamp, fell and broke.Soul forgot hope.Self, the anxious caterpillar, took flight and dropped.Self forgot self.You, my all, became all my reasons.Reasons left.You left.I never forgot.”

Tags : Bird Break Up Die Ex Exotic Forgetting Forgot Heart Kamand Kamand Kojouri Leave Lover Loves Loving Never Relationship Remember Self Soul Union Want Weep Willow

180. “How is it that there was never youuntil there wasand then all was you?”

Tags : Affection Ardor Beauty Crave Destiny Emotion Falling In Love Inevitable Infatuation Inspire Linger Lover Mate Me And You Pine Quote Soulmate Think Transcend Transcendence Truth Unity Wife You And I

181. “Why this candle?Why this cake?The day of my birth is not today.I was born when you said, 'Hey.”

Tags : Anniversary Birthday Birthday Cake Birthday Candle Cake Candle Card Celebration Fall In Love Girlfriend Happy Birthday Kamand Kamand Kojouri Love Love Poem Loved Me And You Occasion Poem Short Poem Soulmate Today Wife Wish You And Me

182. “We start a relationship with someone not only because of how great they are but how great they make us feel. And because they have granted us this extraordinary gift—a chance to experience love, joy, compassion, and security —it is our exclusive privilege to make them feel wonderful about themselves, especially during days when they, themselves, don't feel so wonderful.”

Tags : Boyfriend Days Dreams Encourage Exclusive Fall In Love Feeling Girlfriend Goals Grant Great Hopes Husband Life Partner Love Loved Marriage Partner Relations Romance Romantic Security Soul Together Wife Wonderful

183. “A soulmate is a direct pathway to God.”

Tags : Beloved Boyfriend Christ Direct Faith Fall In Love Friend Girlfriend God Husband Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Quote Lover Partner Path Pathway Religion Religious Route Soul Soulmate Spiritual Spirituality Spouse Wife

184. “You just wait.Soon, lovers all over the worldwill be reciting poems dedicated to you.This is my promise.”

Tags : Beloved Boyfriend Cute Poem Dedicate Dedicated Dedication Fall In Love Girlfriend Husband Love Love Quote Lovers Partner Poet Poetry Short Poem Soul Soulmate Spouse Wait Wife World

185. “What can I tell you about the alchemy of twins?Twins are two bodies that dance to each other’s joy.Two minds that drownin each other’s despair.Two spirits that flywith each other’s love.Twins are two separate beingsconjoined at the heart!”

Tags : Brothers Children Conjoined Couple Despair Duo Fly Kojouri Love Lover Magic Mystery Partner Poem Siblings Triplets Twin Brother Twin Flame Twin Sister Twins

186. “Come to me.Why must you ruin this moment?You are burdened with thought.Burdened with the pastand expectations of the future.You are burdened with your self.Cast these aside by laughing at yourself.And love,for what more is there than to love me?Take me nowand let it be heaven for us.”

Tags : Aside Burden Cast Expectation Heaven Kamand Kamand Kojouri Laugh Love Love Me Love Poem Loved Lover Loves Moment Oneness Poem Poetry Present Quote Ruin Take Thinking Thought Thoughts Unrealistic Us

187. “I open my eyes. I want to know:what is in the abyss of a kiss? Are stars born in these black caves that house bated breaths and unspoken words? Do our souls crawl on these tender cheeks to greet one another by ivory gates? What happens when we kiss?Where do you go?Don’t tell me. For I have lost my desire to know. Kiss me so that I forget myself. I close my eyes and fall in the abyss.”

Tags : Bated Cave Cheek Desire Eyes Forget House Ivory Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kiss Kiss Me Kojouri Love Lover Relationship Romance Romantic Soul Soulmate Unspoken Words

188. “Oh, how scary and wonderful it is that words can change our lives simply by being next to each other.”

Tags : Author Book Fiction Inspiration Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Letter Life Live Lives Love Of Reading Novel Novels Quote Quotes On Reading Read Scary Stories Story Storytelling Wonderful Words Write Writing

189. “These poems are cupsthat I pour my life into.Here, Drink!”

Tags : Art Creative Creative Arts Creative Writing Creativity Cup Drink Enjoy Inspiration Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Life Live Novelist Poetess Pour Short Poem Spiritual Truth Write Writer Writing

190. “Let us go where skins are rainbowsEnhanced by every hue.Where genders are cloudsWeightless and formless through.Let us go where creeds are starsIlluminating our view.Where men and women are oneAnd the in-between are true.Let us go where I am free to loveFor I cannot unlove you.”

Tags : Awareness Cloud Consciousness Experience Formless Gender Harmony Hue Humanity Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Lover Men Philosophy Quote Rainbow Skin Star Truth Union Unity Weightless Women World

191. “Your eyes are like heavy rain falling from pregnant clouds. With one glance, you washed awaythe poems I chalked on the groundand drowned all my beliefs.Now, I only scribble your name and believe in your truth. I know nothing but you.”

Tags : Believe Chalk Falling In Love Ground In Love Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Poet Lover Me And You Name Poem Poetry Quote Rain Relationship Romance Scribble Soulmate Together Truth Wash You And Me

192. “Love without conditions, restrictions, or the expectation of being loved in return.”

Tags : All You Need Is Love Beloved Condition Expectation Expectations Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Love Is All You Need Love Movement Love Quote Love Trumps Hate Love Wins Loved Lover One Love One World Passion Quote Restriction Simple Quote Unrequited

193. “Fell in love first,Fell in love quickly—Like I was pushed.Fell in love next,Fell in love slowly—Like I was strolling.Falling in love now And feeling crazy.Thinking of closing my eyesAnd jumping.”

Tags : Boyfriend Crazy In Love Cute Poem Date Dating Different Falling In Love Girlfriend In Love Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Leap Love Love Poem Loved Lover Loving Mate Partner Relationship Soulmate The One

194. “Two great things happened to me. One was that I survived. The other was that I met you, because I knew why”

Tags : Awareness Consciousness Experience Harmony Humanity Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Lover Quote Survive Surviving Survivor Truth Union Unity

195. “Come into my world. I will show you the phenomenon that Stendhal experienced. I will help you feel the cascading arpeggios of Wagner's overture. I will dance to Doga’s waltzes with you. A day spent without appreciating the beauty surrounding us is a waste. Let me appreciate you”

Tags : Appreciate Beauty Crush Harmony Inspirational Introduce Love Love Poems Loved Me And You New Phenomena Poem Quote Relationship Show Stendhal Teach Together Union Waltz Waste World

196. “For what was it about books that once finished left the reader in a bit of a haze and made them reread the last few sentences in order to continue the ringing in their hearts a while longer, so as not to let the silence illumine the fact that reading, they had gained something — distance, a lesson, a companion, a new world — but now, after the last full stop, they had lost something palpable and felt a little emptier than before.”

Tags : Author Book Companion Creative Arts Creative Writing Distance Empty Haze Heart Illuminate Joy Of Reading Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Lesson Novelist Reading Reading Quotes Reread Ringing Write Writer Writing Writing Quotes

197. “Extremities are flawed. Moderation is ideal, save for one occasion.So damn these eyes that weep too much.This mind that thinks too much. But never this heart that loves too much.”

Tags : Awareness Consciousness Cry Experience Extreme Extremity Eyes Harmony Humanity Ideal Inspirational Joy Kamand Kamand Kojouri Love Moderation Oneness Philosophy Pleasure Quote Think Truth Union Unity Weep

198. “We all live but a hundred years. When I am with you, I live it in a matter of days.”

Tags : Beloved Days Hundred In Love Inspiration Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Live Love Love Poem Lover Me And You Poem Quote Relationship Years You And I You And Me

199. “When I'm with you,I feel exposed.Naked. When I'm naked with you, I feel clothed.Sheltered.”

Tags : Boyfriend Clothed Comfort Exposed Feel Girlfriend In Love Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Love Poem Love Quote Lover Loving Me And You Naked Poem Quote Relationship Sheltered Soulmate Unity You And I

200. “Why is your skin the best feeling in the world?”

Tags : Best Boyfriend Feel Feeling Girlfriend In Love Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Love Love Quote Lover Loving Me And You Quote Skin Soulmate Why World You And I You And Me