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1. “I don't judge people. It blurs out the center of my attention,my focus, myself.”

Tags : Attention Blurs Center Focus Judge Judgement Life People Secret Self
Author : Toba Beta
Source : Betelgeuse Incident: Insiden Bait Al-Jauza

2. “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me.”

Tags : Afterlife God Heaven Judgement Talent
Author : Erma Bombeck

3. “It's okay to disagree with the thoughts or opinions expressed by other people. That doesn't give you the right to deny any sense they might make. Nor does it give you a right to accuse someone of poorly expressing their beliefs just because you don't like what they are saying. Learn to recognize good writing when you read it, even if it means overcoming your pride and opening your mind beyond what is comfortable.”

Tags : Communication Disagreement Expression Expressions Humanity Humble Humility Ideas Judgement Judgmental Open Mind Open Mindedness Opinion Opinions Recognition Respect Talent Thought Thoughts Writing

4. “I am not perfect, but if I looked perfect to everyone I must have been rocking imperfect perfectly to a few imperfect souls that seek imperfection vs. perfection, in an imperfect world where God asks us to seek perfection for our imperfect souls.”

Tags : Brainwashed Christian Hypocrisy Conundrum Critics Ethnic Cleansing Gibberish Group Cyberbulling Haters Humor Imperfect Imperfection Insecure Jokes Judegment Judgement Laughing Oscar Wilde Perfect Perfection Philosophical Redundance Piety Self Righteousness Stupid People Stupidity

5. “There will always be someone willing to hurt you, put you down, gossip about you, belittle your accomplishments and judge your soul. It is a fact that we all must face. However, if you realize that God is a best friend that stands beside you when others cast stones you will never be afraid, never feel worthless and never feel alone.”

Tags : Blessed Blown Off Confidence Cruel People Cruelty Faith Fear God S Love Gossiped About Hang On Hurt Ignored Insecurity Jealousy Judgement Let Go Low Self Esteem Mean People Move On Name Calling Rejected Rumors Self Esteem Self Worth

6. “We judge others instantly by their clothes, their cars, their appearance, their race, their education, their social status. The list is endless. What gets me is that most people decide who another person is before they have even spoken to them. What's even worse is that these same people decide who someone else is, and don't even know who they are themselves.”

Tags : Impressions Judgement Life Opinions People Self Awareness

7. “Don't judge a man by his opinions, but what his opinions have made of him.”

Tags : Judge Judgement Judging Opinions

8. “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.”

Tags : Intelligence Judgement Self

9. “The problem with Christianity is more people profess the truth than live it. So much hypocrisy abounds that I can no longer say I count myself among them without being held to the same unachievable standard.”

Tags : Christianity Fake False Hypocrisy Immorality Judgement Labels Mistakes Religion Self Righteous Standards

10. “Putting labels on others creates a black hole of disregard where judgment thrives and schisms deepen.”

Tags : Change Chaos Communication Dysfunctional Family Judgement Labels Love Recovery

11. “When you see people only as personalities, rather than souls with life missions to fulfill, you forever limit the growth and possibilities of what God has in store for another person.”

Tags : Connections Future God S Plan Growth Hope Judgement Judging Life Mission Life Purpose Links Nondisclosure Personalities Personality Possibilities Speculation Vision

12. “How easy it is to judge rightly after one sees what evil comes from judging wrongly.”

Tags : Evil Judgement Right
Source : Wives and Daughters

13. “Your faith is your conscience, and your conscience is your faith. You cannot have faith without a conscience, but you can have a conscience without faith. Man was designed to be good with or without religion, yet the challenge for many is staying good. Some people claim to be religious but have no conscience, while some people without religion are very much aware of their conscience. Therefore, a religious label does not define your character or validate your worth. In the end, all men will be judged by the amount of truth in them and the weight of their hearts. The heavier the conscience, the heavier the truth. The lighter the heart, the higher it goes. The only spiritual currency one has in the afterlife is amassed in the form of light, in that, the amount you have depends on the weight of your words and deeds in the living. Conscience is everything. Conscience is what connects us to the truth and light of the highest power source of all. God. The cosmic heart of the universe.”

Tags : Bad Conscience Cosmic Currency Death Deed Deeds Dying Good Heart Heavy Hypocrisy Judgement Karma Label Light Love Spiritual Suzy Kassem Universe Word Words
Author : Suzy Kassem

14. “Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it.”

Tags : Acceptance Courage Judgement Letting Go Strength
Author : Ann Landers

15. “If you spend your time hoping someone will suffer the consequences for what they did to your heart, then you're allowing them to hurt you a second time in your mind.”

Tags : Anger Battles Betrayal Consequences Divorce Fights Hurt Judgement Justice Letting Go Love Low Self Esteem Moving On Pain Relationships Revenge Self Worth Seperation Vindication

16. “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”

Tags : Children Education Judgement Mentoring Reasoning
Author : Margaret Mead

17. “Sometimes the Bible in the hand of one man is worse than a whisky bottle in the hand of (another)... There are just some kind of men who - who're so busy worrying about the next world they've never learned to live in this one, and you can look down the street and see the results.”

Tags : Bible God Hatred Judgement Religion
Author : Harper Lee
Source : To Kill a Mockingbird

18. “If you live in such a manner as to stand the test of the last judgment, you can depend upon it that the world will not speak well of you.”

Tags : Christianity Godliness Judgement Persecution Test Theology
Author : Alistair Begg

19. “Arrogance is someone claiming to have come to Christ, but they won't spend more than five minutes listening to your journey because they are more concerned about their own well being, rather than being a true disciple of Christ. Blessed is the person that takes the time to heal and hear another person so they can move on.”

Tags : Anxiety Arrogance Caring Christians Closure Communication Compassion Empathy Fear Honesty Hypocrites Judgement Kindness Listen Lost Souls Love Mercy Thompson Needing Closure Not Listening True Followers Of Christ

20. “What, if some day or night a demon were to steal after you into your loneliest loneliness and say to you: 'This life as you now live it and have lived it, you will have to live once more and innumerable times more' ... Would you not throw yourself down and gnash your teeth and curse the demon who spoke thus? Or have you once experienced a tremendous moment when you would have answered him: 'You are a god and never have I heard anything more divine.”

Tags : Demons Happiness Judgement Kronofobi Life Reincarnation Sadness
Source : The Gay Science: with a Prelude in Rhymes and an Appendix of Songs

21. “Don't you find it odd," she continued, "that when you're a kid, everyone, all the world, encourages you to follow your dreams. But when you're older, somehow they act offended if you even try.”

Tags : Adulthood Childhood Dreams Ethan Hawke Follow Your Dreams Growing Up Judgement
Author : Ethan Hawke
Source : The Hottest State

22. “True saddness is when someone still thinks your the same person after all these years. They brand you because of their own ego, fear and lack of spirituality. What's sadder is when they are Christian.”

Tags : Assuming Blaming Branding Communication Denying Feelings Dishonorable Facts Fear Gossiping Guessing Hurting People Hypocrisy Ignoring Judgement Lack Of Communication Male Ego Not Caring Not Knowing Opinionated Overthinking Paranoia Saddness Truthfullness

23. “Often those that criticise others reveal what he himself lacks.”

Tags : Adversity Conflict Criticism Defaming Gossip Hatred Hypocrisy Hypocrisy In Everyone Hypocrites Insecurity Jealous Women Jealousy Judgement Low Self Esteem Revenge Rumors Self Observation Slander Women

24. “You must be able to say "I understand," before you can say "I agree," or "I disagree," or "I suspend judgment.”

Tags : Agreement Critical Thinking Criticism Disagreement Discussion Judgement Understanding
Source : How to Read a Book: The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading

25. “If you are training and you are in the gym. But whatever excesize you are doing .You dont feel any straints or tension. You must be worried. Its either you are not doing the excesize in the right way and your body wont develop.Same as life. If you dont come across any challenges .You should be worried too. It means you are not growing, and it will be difficult for you to succeed. Obstacles are our ladder to the top.”

Tags : Ability Better Creaitivity Dj Education Entrepreneurship Quotes Forward Gifts Good Life Group Intelligence Limited Mind Money Motto Never Give Up Opportunities Quickly Team Work Themselves Whisky

26. “When someone has a problem wih you or dislikes you. They will always find something wrong with you. Until they decide to cross their border gate of hate. You will never be right or good enough to them.”

Tags : Acknowledge Bad Hair Bitter Black People Business Determine Dj Kyos Magupe Forward Hate Hidden Hope Intelligence Life Journey Muhatma Gandhi Navigator People Possibilities Problem Smiling Speak Thankful

27. “When someone has a problem wih you or dislikes you. They will always find something wrong about you. Until they decide to cross their border gate of hate. You will never be right or good enough to them.”

Tags : Covered Critics Deal With It Entrepreneurship Quotes Fighter Focus Friends Input Inspiration Leader Luther Martin King Network Operator Pain Peace Phone Quotes Respect Rich Struggle Thabo Mbeki Thankful Working Hard

28. “We should live our lives as though Christ was coming this afternoon.”

Tags : Jesus Christ Judgement Life Preparation Religion
Author : Jimmy Carter

29. “An encounter with God demands a response. An encounter with Satan demands your God's response.”

Tags : Abuse Bias Circle Of Protection Cruelty Drama Faith Faithfullness Falsehood Games Give It To God Guardianship Injustice Judgement Protected Protection Psychological Abuse Recovery Satan Self Righteousness

30. “Beauty is not who you are on the outside, it is the wisdom and time you gave away to save another struggling soul like you.”

Tags : Activist Beautiful Soul Community Empathetic Givers Giving Heart Inspiration Inspirational Jealousy Loving Mothers Motivators Openess Perspectives Philosophy Prayer Real People Reflection Search And Rescue True Beauty Truth Writing

31. “If we want truth and justice to rule our global village, there must be no hypocrisy. If there is no truth, then there will be no equality. No equality, no justice. No justice, no peace. No peace, no love. No love, only darkness.”

Tags : Civil Rights Corruption Darkness Equal Equality Evil Evils Global Good Greed Humanity Hypocrisy Hypocrites Inequality Injustice Judgement Judicial System Justice Light Love Nation Peace On Earth Racism Righteous Ruling Society Society Problem Truth
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

32. “To judge someone is to say that I have the right to define who they are, verses understanding that God has handed me the priceless privilege of discovering who they are.”

Tags : Appreciate Declare Define Determine Discover Discovering God Humanity Judge Judgement Judging Judging Others Know Others People Priceless Privilege Understanding

33. “It is dangerous to use our own ability to access non-traumatic memories as a standard against which we judge a trauma victim’s response.”

Tags : Abuse Survivors Child Abuse Disbelief Judgement Memory Not Believeable Ptsd Recovered Memories Repressed Memories Survivors Trauma Memory Traumatic Memories Traumatic Stress
Author : David Yeung

34. “When the rush of the weak sweeps over those that strive to be strong, its destruction. The commonplaces of moral judgment become fogged with the lack of perception stained with the sting of longing. The voice of reason is lost in the envious echoes of hearts torn by battle. The song of our children echo the misfortune of their parent's haze---we all started out small and had dreams to become something more than what we were.”

Tags : Battles Children Choices Clouded Comparison Demise Echoes Endgame Envy Fear Judgement Lack Of Support Life Stories Misfortune Misguided Not Listening Perception Reading Too Far Self Fulfilling Prophecy Self Relization Sorrow Stories Support Unaware

35. “We practically always excuse things when we understand them”

Tags : Behavior Character Judgement Morality Understanding
Source : A Hero of Our Time

36. “Age is a seasoned trickster. To our parents, we will always be children. Within ourselves, the same yearnings of youth; the same aspirations of adolescence, will last a lifetime. Only to the young - blinded by our grey hair and slowing gait - do we appear old and increasingly beyond the pale.”

Tags : Adolescence Age Is In The Mind Ageing Appear Aspirations Blindness Of Man Child Familial Perspectives Familiar Family Relationships Greying Human Development Immortality Inspirational Life Life Changing Life Experience Lifetime Truth Live In The Moment Mortality Old Man Pensioner Quotes Quotes To Fathers Quotes To Share Youthful Arrogance
Author : Alex Morritt
Source : Impromptu Scribe

37. “Do you have any idea what the typical response is whenever I do give someone a glimpse of my life?"Gideon paused, as if he waited for her to answer. And Monroe hesitated. Yes. She did know. She knew because it was the same response she would get it she chose to let down her own guard. Hell, it was practically the same response Miles had given the night she had told him the unadulterated truth of her past. She shook her head again. "Standard response," he said. "I swear to God. First thing out of their mouth's is: 'Wow. It's shocking you're so normal.' What the fuck? Do I have to be damaged for my past to make sense? And what the hell is normal anyway? And does white bread America have dibs on it?"Gideon stopped talking, crossed his arms, and the look on his face said he regretted saying as much as he had.”

Tags : Cult Abuse Judgement Rape Culture Sexual Abuse
Source : The Innocent

38. “Insecure people only eclipse your sun because they’re jealous of your daylight and tired of their dark, starless nights.”

Tags : Competition Games Gossip Insecurity Jealous Women Jealousy Judgement Low Self Esteem Revenge Rumors

39. “The witch-hunt narrative is a really popular story that goes like this: Lots of people were falsely convicted of child sexual abuse in the 1980s and early 1990s. And they were all victims of a witch-hunt. It just doesn’t happen to line up with the facts when you actually look at the cases themselves in detail. But it’s a really popular narrative — I think it’s absolutely fair to say that’s the conventional wisdom. It’s what most people now think is the uncontested truth, and those cases had no basis in fact. And what 15 years of painstaking trial court research (says) is that that’s not a very fair description of those cases, and in fact many of those cases had substantial evidence of abuse. The witch-hunt narrative is that these were all gross injustices to the defendant. In fact, what it looks like in retrospect is the injustices were much more often to children.”

Tags : Abuse Child Abuse Child Abuse Protectors Child Abuse Survivors Child Rape Childhood Sexual Abuse Convict Convicted Crime Criminal Denial Judge Judgement Law Legal Manipulation Media Media Denial Media Lies Pedophiles Pedophilia Social Denial Survivor Truth Witchhunt
Author : Ross Cheit

40. “God created every man to be free. The ability to choose whether to live free or enslaved, right or wrong, happy or in fear is something called freewill. Every man was born with freewill. Some people use it, and some people use any excuse not to. Nobody can turn you into a slave unless you allow them. Nobody can make you afraid of anything, unless you allow them. Nobody can tell you to do something wrong, unless you allow them. God never created you to be a slave, man did. God never created division or set up any borders between brothers, man did. God never told you hurt or kill another, man did. And in the end, when God asks you: "Who told you to kill one of my children?"And you tell him, "My leader."He will then ask you, "And are THEY your GOD?”

Tags : Bad Birth Birthright Borders Born Conscience Creation Enslave Enslaved Freedom Happy Innocent Judgement Justice Kill Killing Humans Meeting With God Military Slave Speaking To God War Wrong
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

41. “We have to try to control what we can or else we cannot judge progress.”

Tags : Control Evolution Judgement
Author : Lionel Suggs

42. “We are all hypocrites. We cannot see ourselves or judge ourselves the way we see and judge others.”

Tags : Hypocrisy Judgement
Source : Battles in the Desert & Other Stories

43. “I think one can tell a lot about a person from the way he chooses to let the stub of his cigarette burn out...”

Tags : Ash Ashes Burn Cigarette Cigarette Stubs Crowds Crushed Cues Different People Fire Hints Judgement Life Life Lessons Non Verbal Communication Observe Observing People People Skills Psychology Smoke Way World

44. “you have to be the prude or the slut, and if you pick one, other people hate you for it, and you can’t trust anyone anymore, because they’re all after the same thing, and you see that you can never go back to how was before…”

Tags : Higschool It S Kind Of A Funny Story Judgement Teenagers Truth
Author : Ned Vizzini

45. “People appear like angels until you hear them speak. You must not rush to judge people by the colour of their cloaks, but by the content of their words!”

Tags : Be Careful Cloaks Colour Content Crocodile Tears Deception Food For Thought Hate Hypocrisy Hypocrite Israelmore Ayivor Judge Rush Judgement Know Your Friends Love Negative People People Speech Toxic People Watch Out Wicked People Words

46. “To judge is to dress the truth in clothes chosen by Ego.”

Tags : Chose Clothes Dress Ego Judge Judgement Judgment Opinion Truth Who We Are
Author : Joseph Rain

47. “When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself”

Tags : Critical Criticize Judge Judgement Judgemental

48. “If anything or anyone removes peace from you or inflicts confusion and judgment on you, this thing or person is not of God regardless of whether or not that person or thing has wrapped itself/himself in the wrapping paper with God's face printed all over it. Don't stop believing in God but stop believing in that person, in that thing. The wrapping paper with God's face stamped all over it isn't really God.”

Tags : God Guidance Inspirational Spiritual Judgement Peace Religion Spirituality The Truth Truth Warnings
Author : C. JoyBell C.

49. “Once in a golden hour I cast to earth a seed. Up there came a flower, The people said, a weed.”

Tags : Criticism Judgement Poetry
Source : The Complete Works of Alfred Tennyson

50. “Criticism of others is thus an oblique form of self-commendation. We think we make the picture hang straight on our wall by telling our neighbors that all his pictures are crooked.”

Tags : Catholicism Christianity Criticism Judgement Philosophy Spirituality
Source : Seven Words of Jesus and Mary: Lessons from Cana and Calvary

51. “If you are going to judge others it is wisest to do so individually not collectively and on your own direct experience of them personally. But first - and throughout - examine yourself closely. Blurred vision can often occur due to the lens, perspective and perceptions of the viewer projected onto the object that it sees. Be wary of taking to the judges seat. Above all meet at treat yourself and everyone else mindfully, compassionately with humanity.”

Tags : Acceptance Of Oneself Acceptance Of Others Assumptions Compassion Empathy Experience Humanity Individuality Inspirational Quotes Judgement Judging Others Kindness Motivational Quotes Open Mindedness Openness Perspective Prejudice Projection Projections Quotes On Empathy Rasheed Ogunlaru Rasheed Ogunlaru Quotes Self Awareness Self Reflection Treating Others Like You Viewpoints

52. “The elegance under pressure is the result of fearlessness.”

Tags : Achievement Challenge Choices Commitment Courage Decision Making Dream Efforts Elegance Execution Fear Fearless Fearlessness Focus Give Up Hardwork Judgement Leadership Passion Perfection Planning Productivity Result Rewards Success Talent Team Work Under Pressure
Author : Ashish Patel

53. “When efforts that are wisely executed, the situation and condition don't affect the performance.”

Tags : Achievement Choices Commitment Determination Efforts Elegance Execution Fear Fearless Fearlessness Focus Give Up Goals Hardwork Implementation Inspiration Judgement Leadership Perfection Performance Planning Praise Productivity Result Rewards Success Talent Team Work Under Pressure
Author : Ashish Patel

54. “Regardless of your chosen faith, at the end of your life's journey, your heart will be measured in two ways. One, the weight of your conscience must far outweigh the weight of a feather. Two, any impurities in your heart must weigh no more than one feather.”

Tags : Conscience Faith Feather God Good Good Deeds Heart Journey Judgement Life Life Purpose Living Morality Religion Spirituality Suzy Kassem Weight
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

55. “People that have trust issues only need to look in the mirror. There they will meet the one person that will betray them the most.”

Tags : Blaming Blaming Others Brokenness Disorders Hatred High Standards Ignoring Illness Issues Judgement Judging Others Learning Narcissistic No Conscience No Filter Paranoia Poor Character Problems Realization Respecting Others Self Absorbed Self Abuse Self Realization Trust Trustworthy

56. “The man who refuses to judge, who neither agrees nor disagrees, who declares that there are no absolutes and believes that he escapes responsibility, is the man responsible for all the blood that is now spilled in the world. Reality is an absolute, existence is an absolute, a speck of dust is an absolute and so is a human life. Whether you live or die is an absolute. Whether you have a piece of bread or not, is an absolute. Whether you eat your bread or see it vanish into a looter's stomach, is an absolute.There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil. The man who is wrong still retains some respect for truth, if only by accepting the responsibility of choice. But the man in the middle is the knave who blanks out the truth in order to pretend that no choice or values exist, who is willing to sit out the course of any battle, willing to cash in on the blood of the innocent or to crawl on his belly to the guilty, who dispenses justice by condemning both the robber and the robbed to jail, who solves conflicts by ordering the thinker and the fool to meet each other halfway. In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit. In that transfusion of blood which drains the good to feed the evil, the compromise is the transmitting rubber tube.”

Tags : Absolute Compromise Conflict Resolution Evil Indecisiveness Judgement
Author : Ayn Rand
Source : Atlas Shrugged

57. “Never judge someone's character based on the words of another. Instead, study the motives behind the words of the person casting the bad judgment.”

Tags : Bigotry Character Gossip Hate Hearsay Human Nature Intent Intention Judge Judgement Life Motive Negative Negativity People Person Racism Reasons Resent Rumor Society Words
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

58. “If you want to discover the true character of a person, you have only to observe what they are passionate about.”

Tags : Beliefs Causes Character Interests Judgement Passionate Personality Reputation Soul True Self Viewpoint

59. “There’s always another option.There’s always another one.It’s never only 'this' or 'that,'The moon or else the sun.Don’t sigh and choose the greaterOr lesser of two plights.But look to see the stars beyondFor options vast and bright.”

Tags : Choices Choose Choosing Compromise Decisions Judgement Look For Options Options Perspective Richelle Richelle E Goodrich Richelle Goodrich
Source : Slaying Dragons

60. “What is wrong is wrong and what is right is right. If it is therefore wrong to do what is wrong, then it is absolutely right to do what is right! Do what is right and be right in what you do!”

Tags : Be Right Conscience Do The Right Thing Judgement Wrongs And Rights

61. “It is not for me to judge another man's life. I must judge, I must choose, I must spurn, purely for myself. For myself, alone.”

Tags : Choices Focus Humility Judgement Judgemental Self Tolerance
Author : Hermann Hesse
Source : Siddhartha

62. “and a charge of lying against someone whom you have always found truthful is a very serious thing; a very serious thing indeed.”

Tags : Action Charge Judgement Lying Truthful
Author : C.S. Lewis

63. “How shall a man judge what to do in such times?''As he ever has judged,' said Aragorn. 'Good and ill have not changed since yesteryear...It is a man's part to discern them, as much in th Golden Wood as in his own house.”

Tags : Discernment Evil Good Judgement Lord Of The Rings Two Towers

64. “Instead of avoiding criticisms, make criticisms workfor you.”

Tags : Actions Adversity Choices Complicated Frustration Illness Justice Lied To Loving One Another Mental Disorders Mental Illness Mistakes Misunderstood Mixed Signals Pain Personality Rejected Reputation Rumors Second Chances Self Worth Shock Situations Traits Understanding
Source : Psychology of Friendship for Leadership

65. “Let's rainbow this moment; it's not like we have forever.”

Tags : Adversity Betrayed Character Circumstances Consciousness Denial Forgiveness Jealousy Mental Disorders Pain Personality Poor Character Reasons Rejected Reputation Rumors Screw Ups Second Chances Self Esteem Self Worth Sex Shock Traits Upset Weakness Wrong Choice

66. “Our lives can't be measured by our final years, of this I am sure.”

Tags : Death Judgement Life Old Age
Source : The Notebook

67. “I think that my job is to observe people and the world, and not to judge them. I always hope to position myself away from so-called conclusions. I would like to leave everything wide open to all the possibilities in the world.”

Tags : Haruki Murakami Interview Job Judgement Observation Paris Review People World

68. “I thought how you can never tell just by looking at them what they were thinking or what was happening In their lives. Even when you got daft people or drunk people on buses, people that went on stupid and shouted rubbish or tried to tell you all about themselves, you could never really tell about them either... I knew if somebody looked at me, they'd know nothing about me, either.”

Tags : Altruism Family Friendship Inspirational Judgement Love
Author : David Almond
Source : Skellig

69. “Heroes and scholars represent the opposite extremes... The scholar struggles for the benefit of all humanity, sometimes to reduce physical effort, sometimes to reduce pain, and sometimes to postpone death, or at least render it more bearable. In contrast, the patriot sacrifices a rather substantial part of humanity for the sake of his own prestige. His statue is always erected on a pedestal of ruins and corpses... In contrast, all humanity crowns a scholar, love forms the pedestal of his statues, and his triumphs defy the desecration of time and the judgment of history.”

Tags : Benefit Contrast Corpses Death Desecration Effort Extreme Heroes Humanity Judgement Love Opposite Pain Patriot Pedestal Prestige Ruins Sacrifice Science Statue Struggle Time Triumph
Source : Advice for a Young Investigator

70. “I intend to judge things for myself; to judge wrongly, I think, is more honorable than not to judge at all.”

Tags : Judge Judgement Think
Author : Henry James

71. “That mess about judging people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin—that's some bullshit. Nobody has the right to judge anybody else. Period. If you ain't been in my skin, you ain't never gonna understand my character.”

Tags : Character Judge Judgement Skin Color
Source : The Professor's Daughter: A Novel

72. “I am not God, and I am not judge. Your fate is your own And you need not to budge.”

Tags : Genesis God Jacob Joseph Judge Judgement
Source : Genesis Beginning

73. “The immature conscience is not its own master. It simply parrots the decisions of others. It does not make judgments of its own; it merely conforms to the judgments of others. That is not real freedom, and it makes true love impossible, for if we are to love truly and freely, we must be able to give something that is truly our own to another. If our heart does not belong to us, asks Merton, how can we give it to another?”

Tags : Conscience Judgement Love True
Author : Jon Katz

74. “Be silent and safe — silence never betrays you; Be true to your word and your work and your friend; Put least trust in him who is foremost to praise you,Nor judge of a road till it draw to the end.”

Tags : Advice Friends Inspirational Judgement Motivational Poetry Praise Safety Silence True Trust Work
Source : Life of John Boyle O'Reilly

75. “...our impulses are too strong for our judgement sometimes”

Tags : Impulse Judgement Sometimes Strong
Author : Thomas Hardy
Source : Tess of the D'Urbervilles

76. “Do not wait for the last judgment. It comes every day.”

Tags : Judgement Life Religion
Author : Albert Camus

77. “People will say,"there's heaven and hell", and they take it so serious that they look so sorrowful with penitence. I would rather ask them to show me the route that leads to heaven or hell.”

Tags : Atheism Atheist Curious Disbelieve Doubting Thomas Empyrean Heaven Heresay Humor I Want To Know Imagination Inspirational Joke Judgement Knowledge Michael Bassey Johnson Penitence Question Rapture Route Rumor Skeptic Skeptical Talks Thinking Thomas Unbeliever Way

78. “When it comes to privacy and accountability, people always demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else.”

Tags : Accountability Judgement Judging Privacy
Author : David Brin

79. “A judgement results from some kind of consideration of the evidences available and is always better than an assumption!”

Tags : Assumption Assumptions Judgement Success
Source : No Parking. No Halt. Success Non Stop!

80. “I want to be around people that do things. I don’t want to be around people anymore that judge or talk about what people do. I want to be around people that dream and support and do things.”

Tags : Dreams Friends Judgement People Relationships Support
Author : Amy Poehler

81. “False has many wings. Do not judge anything by its popularity.”

Tags : False Falsehood Judge Judgement Life And Living Life Lessons Life Philosophy Popular Quotes Popularity Truth Truth And Lies Truth Of Life Truth Quotes Truth Telling Truthfulness Wings
Author : Amit Ray
Source : Meditation: Insights and Inspirations

82. “Often people that criticise your life are usually the same people that don't know the price you paid to get where you are today. True friends see the full picture of your soul.”

Tags : Adversity Criticise Critics Friends Friendship God S Plan Gossip Judgement Rumors Trials Triumphs

83. “The Weight of One Feather"Given.Many fear deathBecause they alreadyFeel ridden with sin,But no man on this earthIs filled with only white lightWithin.Have more faithIn our Maker,For our souls and mindsWere created by Him.Just remember that,When your deedsAre measuredBy the scale – The good sideMust outweighThe bad,And your heartMust be as lightAs a featherTo win.”

Tags : Actions Bad Beauty Conscience Deeds Egypt Feather Feathers God Good Goodness Heaven Imperfect Justice Mind Minds Morals Nirvana Percetion Perfection Poetry Religion Sin Soul Virtues
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

84. “The problem with ID, of course, is that it leaves open the possibility that the intelligence behind nature may have a moral interest in us, having communicated already with humanity in the past, and might try to boss you around in your private affairs.With hypothetical advanced aliens residing at a safely distant address in the hypothetical multiverse, that is - to the relief of folks like Gribbin, Dawkins and the New Scientist - manifestly not the case.”

Tags : Accountability Aliens Dawkins Extraterrestrials Id Intelligent Design Judgement Moral Responsibility Multiple Universe Multiple Universes Multiverse New Scientist Responsibility Richard Dawkins Science Theism

85. “To return to our authenticity, we have to let go of all that we are not. We recognize and let go of the judgments, fears, and “shoulds” that keep us stuck.”

Tags : Authentic Self Authenticity Fear Judgement
Author : Henna Inam
Source : Wired for Authenticity: Seven Practices to Inspire, Adapt, & Lead

86. “We are so scared of being judged that we look for every excuse to procrastinate.”

Tags : Fear Judgement Procrastination
Author : Erica Jong
Source : Seducing the Demon: Writing for My Life

87. “I carefully choose people in my life and if you are not happy with it, then its your call to be angry, broken, disappointed and lose sleep over my choice, judgement & decision... no apologies.”

Tags : Angry Broken Choice Decision Disappointed Friend Friends Judgement People
Author : Uzoma Nnadi

88. “I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.”

Tags : Enemies Friendship Judgement

89. “You're going to come across people in your life who will say all the right words at all the right times. But in the end, it's always their actions you should judge them by. It's actions, not words, that matter.”

Tags : Friends Judgement
Source : The Rescue

90. “Be very careful when you judge another human being. Do not measure anybody strictly based on the bad you see in them and ignore all the good. Be wary of any man who intentionally ignores another man's record of deeds or work history simply to impose their own agenda. Such a man's judgment lacks merit and should be disregarded immediately. Without a conscience, there is no truth in them.”

Tags : Bad Bias Biased Careful Condemn Conscience Deeds Evil Fairness Good Histort Human Human Being Judge Judgment Justice Measure Merit Moral Perspective Put Down Rate Slanted Unbiased Weighing
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

91. “Maintain your integrity! Live life in such a way that when another person tells his or her truth, you'll not be committed for blame.”

Tags : Blame Commit Committed Deceive Deception Don T Deceive Don T Lie Don T Tell Lies Food For Thought Honesty Integrity Israelmore Ayivor Judgement Justice Justify Life Live Live Life Live Life So Well Maintain Sincerity Tell The Truth The Way The Truth And The Life True Truth Truthful
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

92. “People hasten to judge in order not to be judged themselves.”

Tags : Judgement
Author : Albert Camus
Source : The Fall

93. “Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up.”

Tags : Judgement Kindness
Author : Jesse Jackson

94. “Never judge others. You both know good and well how unexpected events can change who a person is. Always keep that in mind. You never know what someone else is experiencing within their own life.”

Tags : Judgement Prejudice
Source : Slammed

95. “No one truly knows what they will do in a certain situation until they are actually in it. It's very easy to judge someone else's actions by what you assume your own would be, if you were in their shoes. But we only know what we THINK we would do, not what we WOULD do.”

Tags : Compassion Experience Judgement People

96. “Are you proud of yourself tonight that you have insulted a total stranger whose circumstances you know nothing about?”

Tags : Atticus Finch Empathy Judgement
Author : Harper Lee
Source : To Kill a Mockingbird

97. “I guess that sometimes it just takes a long walk through the darkness, a long walk through the darkest shadows and corners of your soul to realize that those are a part of you as well, that you've created through your experiences and thoughts those parts within yourself and as much as you can choose to fear them and repress them, they will require your attention one day, they will need your care and acceptance before you can clean them away and turn the lights on. For you refuse to shine the light on something that is imperfect, because you fear judgement and rejection, but you can always choose to look towards the light as the only source of true beauty and love that can help you in the cleaning process. Healing, after a long time of struggle and mess is a complex process, but a necessary one nevertheless. We are so overwhelmed by the amount of work it requires that we so often choose to run away from the light, hide in our dark corner and hope that we will never be found, hope that we will never be seen, or desperately look outwards for that love and compassion that we can no longer find within ourselves, for our soul's light no longer shines as it used to. And sometimes we just find those people that can see the light beneath all that dust and darkness that's been pilled up, those kind of light workers that understand our broken souls and manage to pick us up and see the beauty within us, when we find it so hard to see it ourselves. Sometimes I get so tired of separation, of division, of groups and different religions and belief systems. Even if you do find the truth, once you've put it into words, books and rules it already becomes distorted by the mind into something that is no longer truth. So I no longer hope for understanding, no longer hope for the opinion of a judgemental mind, but I hope to find the words that touch the soul before the mind, I hope to find the touch that warms the heart from deep inside, and hope to find that far away abandoned part of me which I've left behind.”

Tags : Acceptance Attention Beauty Broken Clean Cleaning Complex Creation Darkness Deep Division Experience Experiences Guess Judgement Long Mess Realize Rejection Rules Separation Shadow Shine True Walk Warm Words

98. “I am aware that I am less than some people prefer me to be, but most people are unaware that I am so much more than what they see.”

Tags : Image Judgement Superficiality

99. “That's why I'm talking to you. You are one of the rare people who can separate your observation from your preconception. You see what is, where most people see what they expect.”

Tags : Heart Judgement Lack Of Judgement
Source : East of Eden

100. “I am usually able to tolerate all kinds of victims of indoctrination except those who have been infected with xenophobia, racism, or homophobia.”

Tags : Bias Bigotry Church Countries Country Gays Glbt Hate Hatred Homosexual Indoctrinate Indoctrination Infect Judgement Preconceived Prejudice Religion Segregation Xenophobe Xenophobia

101. “When God grabs you by the scruff of the neck then although theoretically you have a freedom to say 'no', in another sense, actually, you can't say no because it's like Jeremiah. 'God, you have cheated me. You called me to be a prophet against the people that I love, and all that I proclaim is words of doom and judgement.' And yet if I say "I will shut up", I can't.”

Tags : Discipline Doom Judgement Prophecy Rebellion Speaking Up Truth
Author : Desmond Tutu

102. “Think about people in your own life who you have envied for one reason or another. It may surprise you to know that they do not see themselves the way that you do. Maybe they are all smiles on the outside but have personal struggles and trials that you would never guess from first glance.”

Tags : Deep Thoughts Inspirational Quotes Judgement Judging Judging Others Motivational Speaker Perception Perception Of Others Perception Of Reality
Source : Successful Failures: Recognizing the Divine Role That Opposition Plays in Life's Quest for Success

103. “When we make judgements we're inevitably acting on limited knowledge, isn't it best to ask if we seek to understand, or simply let them be?”

Tags : Judgement Judgemental Knowledge Limited
Author : Jay Woodman

104. “Statistics are no substitute for judgment.”

Tags : Henry Clay Judgement Statistics
Author : Henry Clay

105. “No speech is ever considered, but only the speaker. It's so much easier to pass judgement on a man than on an idea.”

Tags : Judgement Speech
Author : Ayn Rand
Source : The Fountainhead

106. “Any chemist reading this book can see, in some detail, how I have spent most of my mature life. They can become familiar with the quality of my mind and imagination. They can make judgements about my research abilities. They can tell how well I have documented my claims of experimental results. Any scientist can redo my experiments to see if they still work—and this has happened! I know of no other field in which contributions to world culture are so clearly on exhibit, so cumulative, and so subject to verification.”

Tags : Ability Chemist Chemistry Claims Culture Documentation Experiments Imagination Judgement Life Nobel Laureate Research Results Science Scientist Verification
Source : From Design to Discovery

107. “When you're too religious, you tend to point your finger to judge instead of extending your hand to help.”

Tags : Compassion Help Judgement Religious
Source : Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

108. “I'm too wacky for most weirdos. Who am I to judge?”

Tags : Judgement Weird Weirdness
Author : Tori Amos

109. “Playing is more than the act of judging the possibility of defeat or victory, playing is the probability of hope we will have victory.”

Tags : Decision Defeat Fail Game Hope Judgement Judging Life Play Playing Possibility Probability Victory Win
Author : Pushpa Rana
Source : Just the Way I Feel

110. “Prejudice is an act of violence.”

Tags : Act Bias Bigot Bigotry Discriminate Discrimination Equality Judge Judgement Judgment Justice Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Predispose Prejudice Quote Right Truth Violence Violent Wrong

111. “Sharpen and trust your judgement: learn when spending is a shrewd investment and when it is merely an indulgence”

Tags : Inspirational Quotes Investing In Yourself Investment Judgement Knowing What Is Worth Life Lessons Materialism Money Management Money Quotes Motivational Quotes Rasheed Ogunlaru Rasheed Ogunlaru Quotes Self Indulgence Trust Trusting Yourself Wisdom Quotes

112. “When you are being judged by someone that has no idea who you are always remember this: Dogs always bark at strangers and usually there is always some wacko neighbor that wants to try out their new gun on an intruder.”

Tags : Bias Bigotry Blinded Discriminatin Dogs Hatred Humor Ignorance Judgement Neighbors Not Caring Prejudice Sarcasim Self Absorbed Stay Positive Strangers Uneducated Wacko Witch Hunts

113. “Once again she would arrive at a foreign place. Once again be the newcomer, an outsider, the one who did not belong. She knew from experience that she would quickly have to ingratiate herself with her new masters to avoid being rejected or, in more dire cases, punished. Then there would be the phase where she would have to sharpen her senses in order to see and hear as acutely as possible so that she could assimilate quickly all the new customs and the words most frequently used by the group she was to become a part of--so that finally, she would be judged on her own merits.”

Tags : Assimilation Exclusion Immigration Judgement Punishment Slavery
Source : Malinche

114. “Judging others is too often escapism dressed in the garb of righteous indignation, whereby I dutifully point out in others that which I probably should be pointing out in myself.”

Tags : Condemn Condemnation Critical Escapism Judge Judgement Judgmental Justice Self Assessment Self Examination

115. “You know… the airport is the only place you can walk around with no shoes, a glazed look on your face, and sleep on the benches and no one judges you.”

Tags : Airport Airports Judgement Judging Judgmental Sleep Tiredness

116. “We are generally treated based on how much or little we have, earn, or know—or seem to have, earn, or know.”

Tags : Aphorism Aphorisms Employment Ignorance Ignorant Image Impression Impressions Judge Judgement Judgemental Judgment Judgmental Knowledge Materialism Money Possessions Salary

117. “It's hard to be wrongfully accused, but it's worse when the people looking down on you are clods who have never read a book or traveled more than twenty miles from the place they were born.”

Tags : Judgement Opinion
Source : The Name of the Wind

118. “Indubitably, Magick is one of the subtlest and most difficult of the sciences and arts. There is more opportunity for errors of comprehension, judgement and practice than in any other branch of physics.”

Tags : 1929 Art Judgement Magick Opportunity Physics Practice Science
Source : The Confessions of Aleister Crowley: An Autohagiography

119. “It's ridiculous, how people judge talent. Or, rather, don't judge. They just default to what everyone else thinks.”

Tags : Judgement Society Talent
Source : Same Difference

120. “Your actions will always be what the world sees, but people who choose to see through God's eyes will always have the compassion to understand why.”

Tags : Actions Caring Character Compassion Empathy Experiences Forgiveness God S Eyes Hardened Hearts Haters Helping Hypersensitive People Hypersensitivity Introspective Judgement Judgers Loving One Another Nuturers Open Heart Quality Seeing Past Actions Sensitive Tenderness Understanding Others Understanding People Upbringing Wisdom

121. “Lack of sound mind and judgement – the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions, is a matter of frustration and disillusionment to God”

Tags : Ability Conclusion Decisions Disillusionment Frustration Judgement Sound Mind

122. “lack of sound mind and judgment – the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions, is a matter of frustration and disillusionment to God”

Tags : Ability Come Conclusions Considered Decisions Di Frustrations Judgement Lack Make Matter Mind Sensible Sound

123. “I therefore submit to you that what qualifies a person to be called a man according to God, is the ability of the individual to live by the right standard and values that heaven values. Standards like, justice, judgement, truth and equity.”

Tags : Ability Called Equity Judgement Justice Right Standard Truth Values

124. “Integrity involves the ability to stand straight when you tell your truth, and still stand straight when the other person comes to talk!”

Tags : Ability Food For Thought Honest Honesty Integrity Involve Israelmore Ayivor Judgement Justice Justify Person Sincere Sincerity Stand Still Straight Talk Truthfully Tell The Truth True Truth Truthful Truthfulness
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

125. “When you start listening to side talks, you begin to behave like a child, and you must kill the child to sustain the man, the man is always overlooking and philosophical.”

Tags : Approach Attention Behaviour Carefree Careful Characters Child Coward Criticism Enemies Gossip Hypocrite Hypocritical Ignore Indifference Indulgence Infantilism Intellectual Judgement Minding Your Business Negative People Overlooking Paying Attention Rating People Side Talks Survival Weak Weakling Words

126. “Building bridges is the best defence against ignorance.”

Tags : Acceptance Awakening Be Happy Bestseller Break Barriers Carmaker Cherish Competition Courage Crossroads Destiny Dig Deep Don T Give Up Empower Faith Follow Your Heart Freedom Fresh Start Goals In Life Hope Love Thy Neighbor No Regrets One Life Road Trip Start All Over Strength
Source : 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip

127. “There's more to a person than flesh. Judge others by the sum of their soul and you'll see that beauty is a force of light that radiates from the inside out.”

Tags : 100Daysdrive Acceptance Ambition Author Be Proud Believe Content Don T Worry Be Happy Dream Big Empower Energy Faith Good Soul Happiness Hope Positive Thinking Reflections Respect Soul Food Spirituality Values

128. “At some point, you just gotta forgive the past, your happiness hinges on it.”

Tags : 100 Days Drive 100Daysdrive Ambition Author Believe Break Barriers Competition Conquer Fear Content Dig Deep Dreamer Explore Faith Fearless Follow Your Heart Judgement Life Lessons No Regrets Perspective Positive Thinking Power Push Limits Soar Strength Success Thick Skin
Source : 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip

129. “It’s the ‘everyday’ experiences we encounter along the journey to who we wanna be that will define who we are when we get there.”

Tags : Accomplish Ambition Author Be Proud Believe Change Control You Life Destiny Energy Explore Humanity Inner Beauty Inner Strength Joy Judgement Live Life Quotes No Regrets Positive Thinking Pride Start All Over Thick Skin Values
Source : 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip

130. “Without struggle, success has no value.”

Tags : Be Happy Carmaker Change Chase Dreams Conquer Fear Control You Life Don T Give Up Dream Big Fearless Follow Your Dreams Follow Your Own Path Fresh Start Inner Strength Joy Judgement Liberating Love Thy Neighbor One Life Perspective Positive Thinking Service To Others Spirituality Start All Over Wander Wanderlust
Source : 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip

131. “If you didn't earn something, it's not worth flaunting.”

Tags : 100Daysdrive Accomplish Awakening Be Proud Believe Chase Dreams Cherish Competition Conquer Fear Crossroads Dig Deep Don T Give Up Don T Worry Be Happy Dream Big Freedom Humanity Inner Beauty Never Quit No Regrets Parenthood Perspective Respect Soul Food Start All Over Think Outside The Box
Source : 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip

132. “Travel is costly yes, but it pays dividends too.”

Tags : Ambition Carmaker Cherish Compassion Competition Control You Life Crossroads Find Yourself Follow Your Dreams Follow Your Heart Forgive Freedom Goals In Life Life Lessons Light One Life Opportunity Perspective Pride Push Limits Success Wanderlust
Source : 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip

133. “Explore, Experience, Then Push Beyond.”

Tags : Believe Competition Control You Life Empower Explore Follow Your Heart Hope Humanity Inner Strength Journey Liberate Live Life Quotes Love Thyself Never Quit Opportunity Parenthood Positive Thinking Power Push Limits Risk Taking Struggle Wanderlust
Source : 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip

134. “There is no such thing as loving a child too much.”

Tags : 100Daysdrive Accomplish Awakening Believe Conquer Determination Dig Deep Don T Worry Be Happy Faith Follow Your Heart Freedom Fresh Start Goals Good Soul Happiness Humanity Judgement Liberating Memoir Positive Thinking Respect Struggle Wander
Source : 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip

135. “Successes are those highlights of life we look back on with a smile. But it's the day to day grind of getting them that defines the laugh lines etched until the end of time. Enjoy each moment along the way”

Tags : 100Daysdrive Acceptance Be Proud Bestseller Control You Life Crossroads Energy Enjoy Life Find Yourself Goal Setting Inner Beauty Inspiration Liberate Life Lessons Opportunity Push Limits Strength Success Wander Writer
Source : 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip

136. “The freedom of the open road is seductive, serendipitous and absolutely liberating.”

Tags : 100 Days Drive Ambition Be Happy Break Barriers Content Crossroads Determination Dig Deep Dreamer Empower Find Yourself Follow Your Dreams Goal Setting Gratitude Happiness Hope Humility Inner Beauty Journey Joy Judgement Learn Live Life Quotes Satisfaction Soul Food Struggle Think Outside The Box Wanderlust Writer
Source : 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip

137. “There is strange comfort in knowing that no matter what happens today, the Sun will rise again tomorrow.”

Tags : Author Be Happy Change Cherish Compassion Crossroads Destiny Dig Deep Dreamer Fearless Freedom Goals Good Soul Humanity Inner Beauty Inspiration Liberate Life Light No Regrets One Life Opportunity Parenthood Positive Thinking Power Push Limits Respect Service To Others Soul Food Strength
Source : 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip

138. “We love our partners for who they are, not for who they are not.”

Tags : Accomplish Be Proud Bohemian Competition Crossroads Don T Worry Be Happy Enjoy Life Find Yourself Follow Your Heart Goal Setting Heal Humility Inner Strength Journey Liberate Liberating Love Yourself Opportunity Parenthood Satisfaction Spirituality Start All Over Think Outside The Box
Source : 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip

139. “The highway of grace will get you somewhere a whole lot faster then the freeway of spite.”

Tags : Be Happy Change Chase Dreams Cherish Compassion Competition Confidence Crossroads Dream Big Dreamer Empower Explore Faith Fearless Follow Your Own Path Free Freedom Goals In Life Heal Humanity Opportunity Pride Risk Taking Spirituality Struggle Writer

140. “Be a team player, not a bandwagon jumper.”

Tags : Ambition Awakening Be Happy Chances Coming Of Age Confidence Determination Faith Goals Judgement Learn Life Memoir One Life Opportunity Respect Soul Food Start All Over Thick Skin Think Outside The Box
Source : 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip

141. “The high road of grace will get you somewhere a whole lot faster then the freeway of spite.”

Tags : Be Happy Bestseller Break Barriers Chase Dreams Compassion Competition Don T Give Up Free Fresh Start Good Soul Happiness High Road Joy Love Thy Neighbor Love Yourself Nomad Open Road Opportunity Power Pride Teamwork Wanderlust
Source : 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip

142. “The sky over Patusan was blood-red, immense, streaming like an open vein. An enormous sun nestled crimson amongst the treetops, and the forest below had a black and forbidding face.”

Tags : Jim Judgement Spirit Of The Land
Author : Joseph Conrad
Source : Lord Jim

143. “Nothing that grieves us can be called little: by the eternal laws of proportion a child's loss of a doll and a king's loss of a crown are events of the same size.”

Tags : Grief Judgement Pain
Author : Mark Twain

144. “In listening lies great power.Many are expert in speaking (while everyone hears), adept in analyzing in bits and pieces, very prompt in commenting, and always ready to stamp judgement of 'right' or 'wrong'.Very few are skilled in listening, first, with the ears and, then, with the heart. Those who do hold true, sustainable, and great power.”

Tags : Adept Skills Analyzing Commenting Great Power Heart Judgement Listening Listening Ear Listening Ears Listening Heart Listening Skills Listening To Others Power Right Stamp Judgement Sustainable Power True Power Wrong
Author : Ufuoma Apoki

145. “1862 ...although we can judge that an act is in itself a grave offense, we must entrust judgment of persons to the justice and mercy of God.”

Tags : Catholic Judgement Sins Ssa
Source : Catechism of the Catholic Church

146. “No one has any right to tell you that the way you perceive yourself is wrong. Because by doing so, they also discourage the person you aspire to be.”

Tags : Aspiration Attitude Compassion Compassionate Deflect Discourage Judge Judgement Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Motivate Opinion Perceive Project Right Spread Love Understanding Viewpoint Wrong Yourself

147. “If the sales & marketing function is all about teamwork called ‘WE’, then how everyone in an organisation can be asked to achieve individual target and compel each one to say “I”.”

Tags : Adviser Appraisal Callousness Characteristics Company Compulsion Cruelty Ego Fact Of The Matter Firm Humanity Hypocrisy Insight Inspirational Quote Inspiring Leadership Inspiring Personality Judgement Motivational Quote Notable One Goal Oneness Organisational Workculture Pretender Result Sensibility Sensible True Mentor True Motivational Speaker Universal Fact Wickedness Wisdom Quote
Author : Anuj Somany

148. “Sometimes you'll remove the log from your own eyes and to your amazement; you will see that your friend has no speck there after all the suspicions. You got to see before you judge!”

Tags : Acquaintance Amaze Amazement Assess Yourself Astonish Check Yourself Colleague Companion Comrade Don T Judge Don T Rush Eye Eyes Food For Thought Friend Israelmore Ayivor Judge Judgement Log Pair Of Eyes Remove Self Assessment Speck Surprise Suspicions Vengeance Is The Lord S Wait
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

149. “Be jealous of fellow men, but of those men who are pious - your fellow men who are honest, sincere and loyal with their friends, family and teachings of their Creator. See everyone as equal and wish no harm on anyone - who are we to judge each other when we are being judged by our Creator.”

Tags : Attitude Creator Eachother Envy Equality God Humanity Humanity Quotes Inspirational Quotes Jealousy Jealousy Quotes Judgement Loyalty Mizan Chaudhury People Quotes Prosperity Sincerity

150. “Intuition is unconscious accumulated experience informing judgement in real time.”

Tags : Experience Intuitition Judgement Unconscious

151. “If the hard workers be ever appraised honestly by the organisation’s head, then the history would have never witnessed the case of the hands being cut-off of the workforce who created the huge structure.”

Tags : Assessment Boss Business Minded Callous Character Cheat Company Cunning Deliberate Evaluation Firm Hard Workers Hard Working Honesty Hypocrisy Inspiring Words Malingerer Mental Make Up Money Minded Personality Prejudice Selfish Sincerity Sycophants Temperament Universal Fact Wisdom Quote Workplace
Author : Anuj Somany

152. “When wisdom gives way to whimsy and ethics fall to excitement, it is highly likely that the ground beneath me will ‘give way’ and it is I who will ‘fall.”

Tags : Discerning Ethics Fall Fool Foolish Ignorance Ignorant Impulsive Judgement Morals Stupidity Whimsy Wisdom Wise

153. “Consider the source...Don't be a fool by listening to a fool.”

Tags : Discerning Discriminating Judgement Wisdom
Source : Sly Moves: My Proven Program to Lose Weight, Build Strength, Gain Will Power, and Live your Dream

154. “We grow old judging othersAnd ourselvesUntil life humbles usAnd makes scared children of usLonging to hold another’s handTo hear their kind words And witness their kind deeds done on our behalf.But like children,We sabotage everythingFor nothing satisfies usUntil life crumbles usAnd we are no more.”

Tags : Behalf Children Critic Critical Criticise Criticize Crumbles Deeds Hand Humble Judge Judgement Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri Life Longing Old Old Age Poem Raging Short Poem Witness

155. “You don't have the right to hold somebody accountable for standards you refuse to apply to yourself.”

Tags : Hypocrite Judgement Rights

156. “The reality of the reality show on TV is that its quality standard is not defined by the performance of the participants but by the presentation of honesty in selection of the people as its judge celebrity.”

Tags : Celebrity Correction Factuality Hired Honesty Inspirational Inspiring Inspiring Thoughts Inspiring Words Integrity Judgement Leader Motivational Original Participants Performance Plagiariser Pretender Reality Reality Show Recruitment Reliability Selection True Mentor True Motivational Speaker Trustworthy Truth
Author : Anuj Somany

157. “What a desperate, pathetic fool I was. Time after time, my "friends" had shown me their true colors. Yet, I still wanted to believe they were sorry for causing me pain. p. 128”

Tags : Bullying Fake Friends Friendship Judgement Outcasts
Author : Jodee Blanco
Source : Please Stop Laughing at Me... One Woman's Inspirational Story

158. “Every insecure soul has a government of their own and a paid judge in their court room.”

Tags : Backwards Blindsighted Closed Off Cyberbullying False Sense Of Control Fearful Inhumane Insecurity Judgement Lack Of Control Lack Of Humanity Sinner Truth

159. “I cross-examined him and he double-crossed me but that's fine; I'll prosecute him one day and he'll be sentenced to life without parole…with me.”

Tags : Cross Examine Double Cross Humor Judge Judgement Lawyer Life Parole Prosecute Relationships Sentence
Source : Better to be able to love than to be loveable

160. “There is no need for arms, physical violence, material constraints. Just a gaze. An inspecting gaze, a gaze that each individual under its weight will end by [internalising] to the point that they are their own overseer, each individual thus exercising surveillance over, and against themself.”

Tags : Control Gaze Judgement Male Gaze

161. “It's futile to point the finger of condemnation and say, "Men... this" or "Women... that". Truth is, we are all guilty and innocent of many of life's trials.”

Tags : Argument Bicker Bickering Bickering Women Condemn Condemnation Futile Futility Guilty Innocent Judgement Judgemental Life Life And Living Man Men Nonsense Opposite Sex Quotes To Live By Reality Senseless Sillyness Truth Woman Women
Author : T.F. Hodge
Source : From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with "The Divine Presence"

162. “Part of the problem about authenticity is that virtues aren't the only things that are habit forming: the more someone behaves in a way that is damaging to self or to others, the more "natural" it will both seem and actually be. Spontaneity, left to itself, can begin by excusing bad behavior and end by congratulating vice.”

Tags : Habit Judgement Spontaneity Vice Virtue
Author : N.T. Wright
Source : After You Believe: Why Christian Character Matters

163. “To begin to know ourselves we must have sincere conversations with ourselves as if with a good friend. We must answer without reserve, listen without judgement, and accept without condition. That is self-love.”

Tags : Acceptance Answer Ask Begin Compassion Conversations Empathy Friend Friendship Hear Judge Judgement Judgment Kind Kindness Know Knowledge Listen Listener Love Lover Mindful Mindfulness Quotes Respond Self Self Help Self Improvement Self Love Sincerely

164. “Observe your path ahead carefully; see the dangers and the opportunities! By this way you can write your own fate with your own judgements!”

Tags : Dangers Destiny And Attitude Fate Fate Destiny Fate Quotations Fate Quote Fate Quotes Ildan Wisdom Ildan Wise Sayings Ildan Words Judgement Mehmet Murat Ildan Quotations Mehmet Murat Ildan Quotes Observe Opportunities Path Path Ahead Turkish Authors Turkish Literature Turkish Playwrights Turkish Quotations Turkish Quotes Turkish Wisdom Words Turkish Writers

165. “Oh, my dear, if you only knew how strange is the matter regarding which I am here, it is you who would laugh. I have learned not to think little of any one's belief, no matter how strange it may be. I have tried to keep an open mind, and it is not the ordinary things of life that could close it, but the strange things, the extraordinary things, the things that make one doubt if they be mad or sane.”

Tags : Belief Insanity Judgement Superstition
Author : Bram Stoker
Source : Dracula

166. “If you believed in Christianity or Islam it was called 'faith', but if you believed in astrology or friday the thirteenth it was Superstition!”

Tags : Faith Judgement Philosophy Society Superstition
Source : Sophie's World

167. “out of the smoke locusts came down on the earth and were given power like that of scorpions of the earth. They were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any plant or tree, but only those people who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads. And the agony they suffered was like that of the sting of a scorpion when it strikes. During those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them.”

Tags : End Times Judgement Judgement Day Locusts
Source : Tagged: The Apocalypse

168. “In Gods infinite wisdom if he send you to Heaven or Hell should you love him any less?”

Tags : God Heaven And Hell Judgement Judgement Day

169. “May your P&L account of deeds for humanity be in profits; for you have to present the your Balance Sheet on the Judgment Day.”

Tags : Account Balance Sheet Ca Vikram Verma Chartered Accountant Deeds Guru With Guitar Gwg Humanity Judgement Judgement Day Loss Motivational Quotes Profit Vikram Vikram Verma Vikrmn
Author : Vikrmn
Source : Guru with Guitar

170. “Football teams that lost their matches can have many other chances to play in successive seasons; but a soul that is lost through death may not have the chance to justify its potential again!”

Tags : Chance Death Die Eternal Eternity Football Football Teams Footballers Israelmore Ayivor Jesus Is Coming Again Judge Judgement Day Justify Lost Love God Match Matches Potential Salvation Save Save Your Soul Season Soul Successive
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

171. “Ruling or judging others is considered to be a sentiment that resonates in very low frequencies.”

Tags : Judgement Judgement Quotes Stephe Richards Author
Source : Be First: Achieve Every Dream

172. “But he saw a rare determination in Haley's eyes. I can trust Haley's judgement, he told himself, even as he remembered how Haley had eaten that cheddar with the mold growing on it two weeks before.Cheese and people are not the same.”

Tags : Comparison Friendship True And Loyal Funny Funny Humor Judgement Moments Remember When Trust Trust In Others
Author : Kit Alloway
Source : Dreamfever

173. “How then did it work out, all this? How did one judge people, think of them? How did one add up this and that and conclude that it is liking one felt, or disliking?”

Tags : Dislike Judgement Liking
Source : To the Lighthouse

174. “Immorality is the word we use to describe people that are not sinning the same way we are.”

Tags : Believes Church Hypocrisy Hypocrites Immorality Judgement Religion Self Righteous Sinning

175. “Everyone will not favor you or respect your beliefs, passion and purpose--so be it. But do not allow the views of others to hinder your quest. Remain steadfast.”

Tags : Endurance Judgement Passion Society Views Steadfastness Taoneal

176. “Despite our disapproval with what God allows us to endure, he still remains the same God that is not interested in our convenience, as much as our character.”

Tags : Annoyance Character Cruelty Disappointments Enduring Enduring In Style Frustration God Growth Hard Lessons Judgement Rising Above It

177. “There goes the girl with the wings," they say. "The damned dreamer with her eyes shut to the world.""There goes the misguided soul with her heart buried in the ground."They taunt. They lie. They lie. THEY LIE.I don't pretend to understand life. THEY LIE.”

Tags : Cruelty Cruelty Of The World Dream Dreamer Dreams Judgement Lies Life Love Prejudice Relationships Ridicule Understanding Life
Source : 5 Miles

178. “When the devil wants to punish his worshippers, he uses the trick of karma.”

Tags : Blame Danger Dangerous Death Decree Dying End Evil Fiend Heartless Hurt Judgement Justice Karma Karmic Maim Nemesis Occultism Punish Satan Satanic Satanist Trial Worshippers Of Satan

179. “THE NAKED HEARTFrom womb to tomb,There came and went -Only you.Poor or rich,You will die withOnly you.All the wealth you harvestIn the living,Will go to others when you are dead.But the true test of a lion of God -Is to keep giving with your own hands,Before you rest in your final bed.”

Tags : Bed Birth Buried Charitable Charity Dead Death Die Faith Generosity Generous Giver Givers Giving Giving Spirit God Judgement Kind Kind Heart Kindness Life Lion Of God Rest Resting Place Rich Tomb Womb
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

180. “Great men look greater than yesterday.”

Tags : Greater Judgement Perception Subjective
Author : Toba Beta
Source : My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

181. “If you know something to be trueSay it onceThose who can, will receive itOnly the foolish believe they can justify a truth to a court of foolsHonor the truthFor even before a just judgeA lie can be proven to be credibleOn the other handTruth will never require a woman or man's justificationIt can stand aloneWhether torn and ridiculedTruth standsEven after all has been stripped away”

Tags : Confidence Quotes Court Judgement Libel Love Poet Slander Slanders Truth Wisdom Words To Live By

182. “When I make a mistake, all I need from you is correction. Some more advice won't hurt. Judge not.”

Tags : Advice Correction Judgement Mistake
Author : DaVyshka

183. “A place for the newly weds and nearly deads I'm counting the stones I hope you know I love you.Got a lot of friends 6 feet under us.Counting down the days till we join the party.Thoughts of your nightmare projected through mine...Breathing in these lies is no surpriseThese evil things are all we knowLets take these lives where we want to go.The future is our prize, when the stars align.Ghouls and ghosts will haunt my soul but they will never take me.Before I go, I want to show that we can make a difference. We've got some dumb perceptions.But I've got the death connection...All the hate that you have...Just throw it away Life is meant for more,But we're too distracted..Too caught up in the anger and judgment.. Caught up in the web of lies I've heard these things keep our blood boiling, Keeps us alive, and moving forward... If that's the case I was born a dead man. And I'm forever a ghost.Hatred is something that we're brought up to see.Now everybody's looking at meI hope they know... They won't get their satisfaction.”

Tags : Anger Bands Ghost Town Ghosts Graveyard Hate Hatred Judgement Lyrics Massacre Song Lyrics Songs
Author : Ghost Town

184. “A fleeting second on someone's news feed,No dearth of meanings for those who read,Not my stories but 'tis what I think,I say I don't write poems, I just write dreams.”

Tags : Contemporary Daydreaming Dreamers Dreaming Dreams Facebook Feelings Judgement Life Love Meanings Metaphors News Feed People Poem Poems Poetry Prejudice Read Readers Stories Thinking Thought Write Writer

185. “We are all the judges and the judged, victims of the casual malice and fantasy of others, and ready sources of fantasy and malice in our turn. And if we are sometimes accused of sins of which we are innocent, are there not also other sins of which we are guilty and of which the world knows nothing?”

Tags : Judgement Malice Philosophy Schadenfreude Spite The Media
Author : Iris Murdoch
Source : Nuns and Soldiers

186. “...were these Essays of mine considerable enough to deserve a critical judgment, it might then, I think, fallout that they would not much take with common and vulgar capacities, nor be very acceptable to the singular and excellent sort of men; the first would not understand them enough, and the last too much; and so they may hover in the middle region.”

Tags : Abecedarian Average Criticism Doctoral Essays Ignorance In Between Judgement Knowledge Subtlety
Source : The Complete Essays

187. “Now how does all this relate to Islamic jihad? Islam sees violence as a means of propagating the Muslim faith. Islam divides the world into two camps: the dar al-Islam (House of Submission) and the dar al-harb (House of War). The former are those lands which have been brought into submission to Islam; the latter are those nations which have not yet been brought into submission. This is how Islam actually views the world!By contrast, the conquest of Canaan represented God’s just judgement upon those peoples. The purpose was not at all to get them to convert to Judaism! War was not being used as an instrument of propagating the Jewish faith. Moreover, the slaughter of the Canaanites represented an unusual historical circumstance, not a regular means of behavior.The problem with Islam, then, is not that it has got the wrong moral theory; it’s that it has got the wrong God. If the Muslim thinks that our moral duties are constituted by God’s commands, then I agree with him. But Muslims and Christians differ radically over God’s nature. Muslims believe that God loves only Muslims. Allah has no love for unbelievers and sinners. Therefore, they can be killed indiscriminately. Moreover, in Islam God’s omnipotence trumps everything, even His own nature. He is therefore utterly arbitrary in His dealing with mankind.”

Tags : Allah Arbitrary Christianity And Islam Christianity Versus Islam Christianity Vs Islam Divine Command Theory Division Islam Islamic Jihad Islamic Terrorism Jihad Judgement Murder Muslim Muslim Faith Nature Of Allah Omnipotence Religion Of Violence Submission Submission To Islam Terrorism Unbelievers Violence

188. “People who truly live their lives don't have time to complain or judge others. They're too busy enjoying life and love and everything in between!”

Tags : Advice Busy Complain Complaining Enjoy Enjoying Joy Judge Judgement Life Live Living Love

189. “I make my own judgements of people, mate. I don't need to borrow yours.”

Tags : Impressions Judgement
Author : Jesse Hajicek
Source : Kastor Chronicles 1: The Forge of Dawn

190. “There is no need, in order to explain three-quarters of the opinions held about people, to go so far as a love that has been spurned or an exclusion from political power. Our judgment remains unsure: an invitation refused or received determines it.”

Tags : Judgement Opinion Of Others Opinions
Author : Marcel Proust
Source : Sodom and Gomorrah

191. “It’s ignorant to think you know everything about a person. There’s many different sides to everybodys personality and there’s just different colours to a personality.”

Tags : Colours Ignorance Judgement Knowledge Life People Personality

192. “I don’t know why everyoneis still trying to find out whether heaven and hell exist.Why do we need more evidence?They exist here on this very Earth.Heaven is standing atop Mount Qasiounoverlooking the Damascene sightswith the wind carrying Qabbani’sdulcet words all around you.And hell is only four hours away in Aleppo where children’s cries drown out the explosions of mortar bombsuntil they lose their voice,their families, and their limbs.Yes, hell certainly does existright now, at this moment,as I pen this poem. And all we’re doingto extinguish this hellfireis sighing, shrugging, liking, and sharing.Tell me: what exactly does that makeus? Are we any better than the gatekeepers of hell?”

Tags : Awareness Bomb Bombing Children Duty Explosion Family Harmony Heaven Hell Hellfire Help Hope Hopefulness Kamand Moment One World Paradise Peace Relief Society Sorrow Together Unity

193. “I don't consider those competitions fair where judges get to decide the winner, because selected judges quite often are not worthy or qualified enough to make the right decision.”

Tags : Competition Contest Inspiration Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Judge Judgement Judges Motivation Motivational Motivational Quotes Philosopher Philosophy Victory Win Winner Winners Winning Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri

194. “If you are a winner by the judgements of few judges and not by your performance, you are not a real winner.”

Tags : Competition Contest Inspiration Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Judge Judgement Judges Motivation Motivational Motivational Quotes Philosopher Philosophy Victory Win Winner Winners Winning Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri

195. “Anger is like sex urge, once gratified, the inner voice calls you a stinking fool.”

Tags : Amorous Anger Curse Dirty Dirty Life Doing Foolish Things Erotic Humor Illicit Sex Immoral Immoral Act Immorality Intolerable Lovemaking Mad Quotes Madness Michael Bassey Johnson Nooky Pornography Rumpy Pumpy Sex Sex And The City Sex Urge Sexual Intercourse Stinking Mind

196. “At that age I looked at women with brutal and emotionless judgement. Assessing the slope of their breasts, imagining how they would look in very crude positions.”

Tags : Internalized Misogyny Judgement Puberty Women
Author : Emma Cline
Source : The Girls

197. “If we were rational enough to judge what we are fed based on what we are fed, those in the business of selling us hope (i.e., public speakers, presidents, priests, etc.) wouldn't wear suits.”

Tags : Attire Business Clothes Clothing Hope Judge Judgement Logic Motivaional Speaking Motivational Speakers Presentation Presidents Priests Rational Rationality Selling Suit Suits

198. “From this point forward, you don’t even know how to quit in life.”~ Aaron Lauritsen, ‘100 Days Drive”

Tags : Adventure Awakening Carma Chances Coming Of Age Compassion Conquer Fear Crossroads Dream Big Dreamer Empower Freedom Fresh Start Good Soul High Road Inspiration Judgement Live Life Quotes Love Thyself Memoir No Regrets Open Road Perspective Push Limits Resiliency Satisfaction Soar Spirituality Teamwork Travel Values Writer

199. “True friends don't come with conditions.”

Tags : Acceptance Ambition Be Proud Bestseller Dig Deep Don T Worry Be Happy Dream Big Dreamer Empower Explore Find Yourself Freedom Good Soul Loyalty Memoir Opportunity Power Resiliency
Source : 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip

200. “Life's trials will test you, and shape you, but don’t let them change who you are.”~ Aaron Lauritsen, ‘100 Days Drive”

Tags : Adventure Be Proud Believe Bestrong Compassion Destiny Fearless Follow Your Dreams Forgive Hope Humanity Live Life Quotes Love Yourself Memoir No Regrets Open Road Opportunity Positive Thinking Pride Reflections Risk Taking Road Trip Soar Strength Travel
Source : 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip