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1. “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”

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2. “A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.”

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3. “I'll take crazy over stupid any day.”

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Author : Joss Whedon

4. “I was walking among the fires of Hell, delighted with the enjoyments of Genius; which to Angels look like torment and insanity.”

Tags : Angels Genius Hell Insanity Torment
Author : William Blake

5. “One ought to hold on to one's heart; for if one lets it go, one soon loses control of the head too.”

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6. “A narrow hallway is all that separates rational from irrational, creativity from insanity, and intelligence from stupidity.”

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Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

7. “Most people are not so stupid to be not able to differentiate eventually between the right and the wrong individual , but it is only the foolish person who continues to misguide oneself solely as if s/he has not been caught as who s/he is as true character.”

Tags : Author Behaviour Crafty Devils Emotion Evils Fake Fooling Oneself Good And Bad Guide Humbleness Humility Insanity Insight Inspiring Author Materialist Misguide Misguiding Pretender Self Centred Selfish Selfishness Sentiment Stupid Stupidity True Face True Mentor Writer
Author : Anuj Somany

8. “The truth exposes some people so deeply, their last defense is to front a carefree insanity.”

Tags : Anger Carefree Caught In The Act Courtroom Drama Crazy Criticism Deceit Drama Falsehood Fronting Honesty Hope Humility Insanity Insecure Jury Naked Offense Real Sanity Self Defense Trials Truth
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

9. “The stupidity of gossips is that they become frightened when they see your face, and a little word from your mouth makes them vibrate like an electrocuted criminal.”

Tags : Bogus Chemical Criminal Curse Electrocution Enemies Facial Expression Fake Foolishness Gaze Gossip Halo Hate Hater Haters Hatred Pessimism Rival Stupidity Toxic People Trepidation

10. “Eblis said, "No man who thinks ill, will hear the truth despite a hundred signs.When one who fantasises is presented with reason his fantasies increase.When one talks to such a person, their words become the very cause of that person's fantasy. The crusader's sword is a tool for a thief.So the response to him is silence and peace; to talk with an idiot is insanity. —Mathnawi-ye ma'nawi II 2714–17”

Tags : Confirmation Bias Delusion Eblis Insanity Malice Sufism
Source : The Great Satan "Eblis"

11. “We have now left Reason and Sanity Junction. Next stop, Looneyville.”

Tags : Bob The Skull Harry Dresden Humor Insanity
Author : Jim Butcher
Source : Grave Peril

12. “The reason I talk to myself is because I’m the only one whose answers I accept.”

Tags : Humor Insanity Lies Lying Self Indulgence Truth
Author : George Carlin

13. “I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.”

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14. “The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four people is suffering from a mental illness. Look at your 3 best friends. If they're ok, then it's you.”

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15. “There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.”

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Author : Oscar Levant

16. “It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.”

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Source : VALIS

17. “One person's craziness is another person's reality.”

Tags : Craziness Insanity Perspective Reality Sanity
Author : Tim Burton

18. “In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.”

Tags : Insanity Society

19. “Mad Hatter: “Why is a raven like a writing-desk?”“Have you guessed the riddle yet?” the Hatter said, turning to Alice again.“No, I give it up,” Alice replied: “What’s the answer?”“I haven’t the slightest idea,” said the Hatter”

Tags : Alice In Wonderland Insanity Madness
Author : Lewis Carroll
Source : Alice in Wonderland

20. “Love, n. A temporary insanity curable by marriage.”

Tags : Insanity Love Marriage
Source : The Unabridged Devil's Dictionary

21. “Dispute not with her: she is lunatic.”

Tags : Insanity Women
Source : Richard III

22. “The Edge... There is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.”

Tags : Brinksmanship Crazy Crisis Insanity
Source : Hell's Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga

23. “Men have called me mad; but the question is not yet settled, whether madness is or is not the loftiest intelligence– whether much that is glorious– whether all that is profound– does not spring from disease of thought– from moods of mind exalted at the expense of the general intellect.”

Tags : Greatness Insanity Intelligence Sanity
Source : Complete Tales and Poems

24. “If you think anyone is sane you just don't know enough about them.”

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Source : Practical Demonkeeping

25. “We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.”

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26. “If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you're going to be locked up.”

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27. “Sweet, crazy conversations full of half sentences, daydreams and misunderstandings more thrilling than understanding could ever be.”

Tags : Babyghosts Insanity Misunderstandings Sisters
Author : Toni Morrison
Source : Beloved

28. “I mean, maybe I am crazy. I mean, maybe. But if this is all there is, then I don't want to be sane.”

Tags : Insanity Sanity
Author : Neil Gaiman
Source : Neverwhere

29. “I should never be left alone with my mind for too long.”

Tags : Blog Post Humor Insanity
Author : Libba Bray

30. “First sign of madness, talking to your own head.”

Tags : Insanity Madness
Author : J.K. Rowling
Source : Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

31. “Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage.”

Tags : Cage Insanity
Author : Ray Bradbury

32. “In a mad world, only the mad are sane.”

Tags : Insanity Madness Sanity

33. “Did I do anything last night that suggested I was sane?”

Tags : Drunkenness Insanity
Source : Going Postal

34. “When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.”

Tags : Insanity Misattributed Perseverance Sanity

35. “Do you think it's possible for an entire nation to be insane?”

Tags : Humor Insanity Religion War
Source : Monstrous Regiment

36. “The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.”

Tags : Insanity
Author : Nikola Tesla

37. “People can do great things. However, there are some things they just CAN'T do. I, for instance, have not been able to transform myself into a Popsicle, despite years of effort.”

Tags : Humor Insanity
Source : Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

38. “On a nightstand in a teenager’s room, a glass vase filled with violets leans precariously against a wall. The only thing saving the vase from a thousand-piece death on the hardwood floor is the groove in the nightstand’s surface that catches the bottom of vase, and of course the wall itself. The violets, nearly a week old, droop in the light of a waning gibbous moon. Wrinkled petals are already piling up on the floor between the nightstand and the wall, and a girl only six days sixteen stares at the dying bouquet from her bed.”

Tags : Abuse Adolescence Fiction Flowers Hallucination High School Insanity Short Story Teen Violets Werewolves Young Adult
Author : Jay Nichols
Source : Emily Smiles for April

39. “Perhaps a lunatic was simply a minority of one. At one time it had been a sign of madness to believe that the Earth goes round the Sun; today, to believe the past is inalterable. He might be alone in holding that belief, and if alone, then a lunatic. But the thought of being a lunatic did not greatly trouble him; the horror was that he might also be wrong.”

Tags : Insanity Lunacy Lunatic
Author : George Orwell
Source : 1984

40. “Calling it lunacy makes it easier to explain away the things we don't understand.”

Tags : Bias Crazy Diagnosis Discrimination Explain Explanation Insanity Lunacy Mental Disorder Mental Health Stigma Mental Illness Mystery Prejudice Psychiatry Psychology Quotes Sane And Insane Sanity Stereotype Stigma Understand
Author : Megan Chance
Source : The Spiritualist

41. “There is a duality to darkness known only to those who’ve been infected by its touch. Everyone knows the shadows: shallow, comfortable, mostly harmless places where one might nest for a night. But the depths of living pitch only visit the aristocracy of madmen and women who’ve unwittingly pledged fealty to the curse. For some, it outright ruins minds like a hound to fresh meat; for others, it wanes into the deepest parts of its less caustic sibling and waits for the time to strike, returning periodically through life like an incurable disease.”

Tags : Away With The Fairies Bedlamite Darkness Dementia Insanity Lunacy Madness Mania Psychosis Shadows Where Madness Roosts
Author : Darrell Drake
Source : Where Madness Roosts

42. “Nothing can be more slightly defined than the line of demarcation between sanity and insanity ... Make the definition too narrow, it becomes meaningless; make it too wide, and the whole human race becomes involved in the dragnet. In strictness we are all mad when we give way to passion, to prejudice, to vice, to vanity; but if all the passionate, prejudiced and vain people were to be locked up as lunatics, who is to keep the key to the asylum?"(Editorial, The Times, 22 July 1853)”

Tags : Insanity Lunacy Madness Passion Psychology Sanity
Source : The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher: A Shocking Murder and the Undoing of a Great Victorian Detective

43. “The ordinary lunatic is generally a harmless, isolated case; since everyone sees that something is wrong with him, he is quickly taken care of. But the unconscious infections of groups of so-called normal people are more subtle and far more dangerous.”

Tags : Insanity Lunacy Normalcy
Author : C.G. Jung
Source : The Integration of the Personality

44. “When you're the only sane person, you look like the only insane person.”

Tags : Abnormal Appearance Being Different Craziness Humor Individuality Insanity Majority Minority Misunderstood Original Popularity Sanity Unique
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Diotima, Battery, Electric Personality

45. “Why can I never go back to bed? Who's is the voice ringing in my head? Where is the sense in these desperate dreams? Why should I wake when I'm half past dead?”

Tags : Insanity Insomnia Reality Sleep Wake
Author : Emilie Autumn

46. “You are not walking slow enough, when taking a walk, if you do not come across as bored or depressed (to the average sane person).”

Tags : Bored Boredom Boring Depress Depressed Fast Insanity Meditate Meditation Ramble Ramblers Relaxation Sane Sanity Slow Slow Down Speed Stress Stressed Stressing Unwind Walk Walker Walking Walks

47. “You need to be clever to best him. Are you clever, Rachel?”Oh God. She wants to know if I’m clever. I glanced at Al, and he stared at me, then shrugged. Licking my lips, I said, “It’s the shiny pot that puts a hole in the sky.”Al’s mouth dropped open, but Newt thought about it, her expression thoughtful and her fingers finally leaving her knife. “Very true,” she said as she eased back into the cushions.With a soft click of his teeth, Al’s mouth shut. His eyes were cross, and he seemed peeved that I’d found a way to satisfy her without compromising myself at all.”

Tags : Absurd Al Clever Demons Insanity Newt
Author : Kim Harrison
Source : Pale Demon

48. “A psychologist would probably diagnose insanity for a nation that spends more on its military than the next 8 nations combined, while its poor are starving.”

Tags : Combined Diagnose Insanity Military Nation Poor Probably Psychologist Spends Starving Usa
Author : Steven Magee

49. “I wish you'd help me look into a more interesting problem - namely, my sanity.”

Tags : Insanity Therapy
Author : Kurt Vonnegut
Source : Welcome to the Monkey House

50. “In Hollywood if you don't have a shrink, people think you're crazy.”

Tags : Craziness Entertainment Funny Hollywood Humor Insanity Psychotherapy Psycology Therapy
Author : Johnny Carson

51. “She disappeared; her voice, her laughter, and the warmth of her breath never seen by no one again.”

Tags : Insanity Life Love Psychological Solitary
Source : Equating the Equations of Insanity: A Journey from Grief to Victory

52. “People interfere in a person’s internal family matters not with an intention to resolve the feud, but mere with a selfish interest of showing own importance as a judge. Only foolish individual invites those devilish minds as mediators in own private home dispute.”

Tags : Advisor Arbitrator Characteristics Consultants Crafty Duffers Foolish Minds Inspirational Inspiring Author Inspiring Quote Interfere Judge Mediate Mediator Money Minded Noteworthy Selfish Selfishness Separation Thought Of The Day True Mentor
Author : Anuj Somany

53. “The difference between faith and insanity is that faith is the ability to hold firmly to a conclusion that is incompatible with the evidence, whereas insanity is the ability to hold firmly to a conclusion that is incompatible with the evidence.”

Tags : Atheism Evidence Faith Insanity Mythology
Source : Dictionary of Contemporary Mythology

54. “You think I'm deranged! How refreshing. Everyone here takes me so seriously, it's a wonderful change to be thought mentally deficient.”

Tags : Comedy Insanity Meredith Slow Vampires
Source : Sex, Lies and Vampires

55. “and then I decided I was a lemon for a couple of weeks.”

Tags : Crazy Ford Insanity Lemons
Author : Douglas Adams
Source : Life, the Universe and Everything

56. “Every single person is a fool, insane, a failure, or a bad person to at least ten people.”

Tags : Bozo Bushed Certifiable Daft Demented Disappointment Ditz Dolt Dullard Dumb Dumbhead Dumdum Funny Goat Goof Goofus Halfwit Imbecile Joke Klutz Mad As A Hatter Nincompoop Ninny Peabrain Putz Schizophrenic Schlep Stark Raving Mad Turkey Twerp Unstable Wooden Headed

57. “We would not be ashamed of doing some of the things we do in private, if the number of sane human beings who do them in public were large enough.”

Tags : Batty Crackers Cuckoo Ditzy Ethics Gonzo Humour In Private In Public Mad As A March Hare Masturbation Minority Moral Non Compos Mentis Nutso Nutty Precepts Private Sane Sanity Self Abuse Shame Shameful Society Taboo Touched

58. “To evade insanity and depression, we unconsciously limit the number of people toward whom we are sincerely sympathetic.”

Tags : Aphorisms Avoid Balanced Bonkers Bushed Consciously Crazy Escape Evade Insane Joke Limit Limitation Loopy Mad Mental Health Mentally Disordered Mind Number Out Of One S Mind Pretend Psycho Rationality Reason Sane Sanity Sincerely Stability Stark Raving Mad Suicidal Suicide Unbalanced Unconscious Wits

59. “Don’t worry if people think you’re crazy. You are crazy. You have that kind of intoxicating insanity that lets other people dream outside of the lines and become who they’re destined to be.”

Tags : Anxiety Art Beach Born Ready Cape Cod Coming Of Age Constellations Depression Destiny Fate Friends Growing Up Insanity Inspiration Jennifer Elisabeth Learning Pray Prayer Red Thread Of Destiny Red Thread Of Fate Self Acceptance Self Love Self Reflection Teenagers Teens
Source : Born Ready: Unleash Your Inner Dream Girl

60. “Persistence. Perfection. Patience. Power. Prioritize your passion. It keeps you sane.”

Tags : Ambition Business Calling Career Determination Dreams Entrepreneur Genius Hobbies Insanity Living Passion Patience Peace Perfection Perfectionist Perseverance Persistence Priorities Sanity Strategy Strength Success
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

61. “We all disapprove of prostitution; but we do not all approve of purity. The only way to discuss the social evil is to get at once to the social ideal. We can all see the national madness; but what is national sanity?”

Tags : Evil Good Insanity National Troubles Social Problems
Source : The Collected Works of G. K. Chesterton, Vol. 4: What's Wrong with the World / The Superstition of Divorce / Eugenics and Other Evils / Divorce versus Democracy / Social Reform versus Birth Control

62. “FRUITS AND NUTSKeep jumping around them like monkeys.The clones,Commercialized zombies,And the TV junkies.Keep throwing berries,Twigs,And nuts at them.Until they wake upTo see what's up And figure out whyWe're laughing at 'em.”

Tags : Awake Brainwashed Celebrity Culture Clones Commercialism Conformists Conformity Copycats Followers Immoral Insanity Media Monkeys Poetry Pop Culture Propaganda Society Spirituality Television Tv Uncensored Wake Up Zombies
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

63. “What a paradox it is, the sane causes more problems than the insane! It is! The real problems of the world do not come from the insane but, the sane!”

Tags : Fallacy Fantasies Food For Thought Humor Insanity Life Life Issues Logic Logical Thinking Philosophy Problems Of Today Rationality Reasoning Sanity Thinkers Thought

64. “When no power is vested in a turbulent man, he behaves sorrowfully like a nearly killed christmas goat, but when fully endorsed, without considering his level of insanity and evil gestures, he cuts everyone in the society into pieces.”

Tags : Assailant Blood Sucker Bloody Challenge Chance Christmas Citizens Deception Disturbance Endorsement Goat Influence Insanity Leader Leaders Leadership Malevolence Power Abuse Revolutionary Robin Hood Society Underdog Wicked Wickedness

65. “God's creatures who cried themselves to sleep stirred to cry again.”

Tags : Cry Crying Cycle Darkness Doom Doomed God God S Creation Hannibal Hell Horror Humanity Insanity Mental Illness Murder Never Ending Prison Psychopath Punishment Serial Killer Serial Killers Sleep The Silence Of The Lambs
Author : Thomas Harris
Source : The Silence of the Lambs

66. “The fury of a demon instantly possessed me. I knew myself no longer. My original soul seemed, at once, to take its flight from my body; and a more than fiendish malevolence, gin-nurtured, thrilled every fibre of my frame.”

Tags : Insanity Intemperance Violence
Source : The Black Cat

67. “I love you. I hate you. I like you. I hate you. I love you. I think you’re stupid. I think you’re a loser. I think you’re wonderful. I want to be with you. I don’t want to be with you. I would never date you. I hate you. I love you…..I think the madness started the moment we met and you shook my hand. Did you have a disease or something?”

Tags : Adversity Anger Boyfriends Confusion Crazy Love Dating Divorce Exboyfriends In Love Insane Insane Love Lack Of Communication Life Mad Love Marriage Obsessive Love Partners Relationships Romance Spouse Struggles Stupid Men Stupid Women Unfinished Business

68. “People who smoke would have probably been regarded as fools or insane, if only a percentage of people who smoke smoked.”

Tags : Cancer Cannabis Cigarette Cigarettes Crazy Fool Foolish Fools Insane Insanity Marihuana Marijuana Mental Sane Sanity Smoke Smoker Smokers Smoking Weed

69. “And I do. I do wonder, I think about it all the time. What it would be like to kill myself. Because I never really know, I still can't tell the difference, I'm never quite certain whether or not I'm actually alive. I sit here every single day. Run, I said to myself. Run until your lungs collapse, until the wind whips and snaps at your tattered clothes, until you're a blur that blends into the background. Run, Juliette, run faster, run until your bones break and your shins split and your muscles atrophy and your heart dies because it was always too big for your chest and it beat too fast for too long and you run.Run run run until you can't hear their feet behind you. Run until they drop their fists and their shouts dissolve in the air. Run with your eyes open and your mouth shut and dam the river rushing up behind your eyes. Run, Juliette.Run until you drop dead. Make sure your heart stops before they ever reach you. Before they ever touch you.Run, I said.”

Tags : Escaping Insanity Juliette Prose Romance Run Suicide Wayne
Author : Tahereh Mafi
Source : Unravel Me

70. “There's always a siren, singing you to shipwreck. Some of us may be more susceptible than others are, but there's always a siren. It may be with us all our lives, or it may be many years or decades before we find it or it finds us. But when it does find us, if we're lucky we're Odysseus tied up to the ship's mast, hearing the song with perfect clarity, but ferried to safety by a crew whose ears have been plugged with beeswax. If we're not at all lucky, we're another sort of sailor stepping off the deck to drown in the sea.”

Tags : Drown Drowning Haunting Insanity Luck Madness Odysseus Safety Sailor Ship Shipwreck Siren Song
Source : The Drowning Girl

71. “Innocence is a kind of insanity”

Tags : Innocence Innocent Insanity
Author : Graham Greene
Source : The Quiet American

72. “Imagination does not breed insanity. Exactly what does breed insanity is reason. Poets do not go mad; but chess-players do. Mathematicians go mad, and cashiers; but creative artists very seldom. I am not, as will be seen, in any sense attacking logic: I only say that this danger does lie in logic, not in imagination.”

Tags : Imagination Insanity Logic Reason Poets
Source : Orthodoxy

73. “Someone who smiles too much with you can sometime frown too much with you at your back.”

Tags : Acid Bad People Calumny Chemical Deception Decievers Devil Fake Fake Friends Fault Finders Food For Thought Gossip Hurt Negative People Pessimism Pretence Pretenders Slanderers Toxic People Trick Troubesome People Trouble Villain

74. “If we had to earn our age by thinking for ourselves at least once a year, only a handful of people would reach adulthood.”

Tags : Adults Age Is Nothing But A Number Aphorism Child Childhood Childish Childlike Conform Craziness Development Herd Mentality Immature Individuality Joke Jokes Maturity Minority Nonconformity Original Thinkers Original Thought Sheeple Silver Plater Standard Thinking For Yourself Unreasonable

75. “Loving you was hard, wanting you was harder, but kissing your forehead was insanity.”

Tags : Crazy Crazy In Love Emotions Feelings Forehead Hard Hurt Insanity Kiss Kissing Love Lust Quote Relationship Sad Want

76. “The human race will last. Everywhere and forever, for it will never be sane and only insanity is divine. Only the mad destroy themselves and all they have wrought.And only the phoenix lives forever.”

Tags : Death Human Race Humanity Insanity Madness Phoenix Sanity
Author : Fredric Brown
Source : Letter to a Phoenix

77. “Whenever I think of something but can't think of what it was I was thinking of, I can't stop thinking until I think I'm thinking of it again. I think I think too much.”

Tags : Brain Challenge Clever Cognition Cognitive Cognitive Psychology Contemplation Creative Creative Thinking Excessive Funny Humor Ideas Insanity Mentality Perfectionism Philosophy Psychology Think Thinking Thought Witty Wordplay
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

78. “Awareness is the enemy of sanity, for once you hear the screaming, it never stops.”

Tags : Awareness Insanity
Author : Emilie Autumn

79. “The crazy creatives are the creatives who never go completely mad. They aren't so easily disheartened by the seemingly endless amounts of scrutiny that creative individuals tend to receive because they, like insanity, are the ones who feed off of opposition and negative feedback and manage to continue along with a healthy ambition. It is the crazy that teaches us to use our gifts wisely and own all the attackers.”

Tags : Ambition Artist Confidence Controversy Creativity Criticism Gossip Insanity Libel Negativity Opposition Perception Perseverance Persistence Perspective Positivity Rebellion Ridicule Scrutiny Slander Strength
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Diotima, Battery, Electric Personality

80. “Whoever's calm and sensible is insane!”

Tags : Calm Insane Insanity Sane Sensible
Source : The Essential Rumi

81. “For, what is order without common sense, but Bedlam’s front parlor? What is imagination without common sense, but the aspiration to out-dandy Beau Brummell with nothing but a bit of faded muslin and a limp cravat? What is Creation without common sense, but a scandalous thing without form or function, like a matron with half a dozen unattached daughters?And God looked upon the Creation in all its delightful multiplicity, and saw that, all in all, it was quite Amiable.”

Tags : Amiable Aspiration Common Sense Creation Deity Divinity Evil God Good Imagination Insanity Inspiration Multiplicity Order Sanity Scandal Scandalous World
Author : Vera Nazarian
Source : Northanger Abbey and Angels and Dragons

82. “Insanity is everyone expecting you not to fall apart when you find out everything you believed in was a lie.”

Tags : Beliefs Boyfriends Cheaters Crisis Delusions Fake Christians Falling Apart Games Girlfriends Insanity Lies Men Mental Disorders Relationships Sisters Stalkers Wrong Diagnosis

83. “A person gets the people around oneself not by own desire or wish, but as who s/he character-wise is. That's perhaps the first cardinal rule of Karma.”

Tags : Ally Behaviour Buddy Cheat Cheater Cunning Fake Friends Humanity Insanity Inspiring Notable People People Nature Personal Life Poor Predator Professional Life Rich Sanity Selfish Simplicity Social Life Traitor Universal Law Wealthy
Author : Anuj Somany

84. “Animals do it largely for the REPRODUCTION, but so-called Social Animals (People) do it regularly thinking that it will give them SATISFACTION.”

Tags : Animals Character Contentment Crafty Deranged Facts Of Life Foolish Foolishness Happiness Inspiring Writers Intellectual Intelligence Mind Nature Originality Physical Relationship Propensity Rationality Sanity Satisfaction Sex Sexual Activity Tendency Thinking Wisdom Quotes Women
Author : Anuj Somany

85. “If most people around a person make, more often than not, her/his life miserable for her/his thoughts being regularly factual, then only s/he is most likely to be an actual intellectual.”

Tags : Character Factual Ground Reality Hypocrisy Hypocrites Inspirational Inspiring Words Inspiring Writers Integrity Leaders Leadership Quote Life And Living Materialist Mentor Original Originality Pretenders Reality Sage Sanity Selfish Selfish People Selfish World Thought Of The Day
Author : Anuj Somany

86. “A horde of people around a person could be anyone except his friends, fans or followers; if they stay in, either online or offline, with him, but do not GENUINELY say or support the truths or facts with him.”

Tags : Crafty Facts Fans Friends Genuine Hidden Identity Horde Hypocrite Inspirational Inspire Inspiring Inspiring Words Inspiring Writer Majority Materialist Mean Motivational People Plagiarise Quack Selfish Sycophancy True Mentor Truths
Author : Anuj Somany

87. “A negative person vociferously retaliates to defend their own vested interest only whereas a positive person vigorously substantiate own valid points to show the bright aspect, but surprisingly often both appears to be arguing with others only and they can be differentiated in the said respect.”

Tags : Argument Aspect Bright Difference Good And Bad Insanity Inspiring Inspiring Writer Integrity Materials Motivational Negative People Notable People Original Punctuality Respect Right Self Centered Similarity True Motivational Speaker Wrong
Author : Anuj Somany

88. “Most people don't often realize that they actually disclose their lies to the person who is truly wise by showing their likes for either the celebrity or no famous personality; but further bigger surprise is that many persons even don't worry of it or fear of being caught of their true identity.”

Tags : Brainy Celebrity Character Cheating Crook Cunning Fooling Oneself Green Humanity Inspirational Quote Inspiring Quotes Inspiring Thoughts Intention Jealousy Joking Lifestyle Motivation Quote Notable Person Originality Personality Practicality Quote Of The Day Self Centred Similarity Social Media Post Thought Of The Day Universal Truth Wise Sayings Writer
Author : Anuj Somany

89. “Spontaneous insanity is the real bliss! It's sad that we are honored for playing sane, serious, safe, miserable and controlling in this poor world.”

Tags : Courage Courage To Be Oneself Humans Insanity Inspirational Life Motivational Quotations Sadness Society Spontaneity

90. “Insatiable is my desire for you, Insane is my love you,Limitless are my boundaries for you, True are my feelings for you,Wildest are my imaginations for you, Intense is my passion for you,Soul is my offering for you, Commitment is my promise to you,”

Tags : Boundaries Commitment Desire Feelings Imaginations Insane Insanity Insatiability Intense Love Offering Passion Soul Wild
Author : Pushpa Rana
Source : Just the Way I Feel

91. “Do you know what the definition of insane is? Yes. It’s the inability to relate to another human being. It’s the inability to love.”

Tags : Being Human Insanity
Author : Richard Yates
Source : Revolutionary Road

92. “Never presume to know a person based on the one dimensional window of the internet. A soul can’t be defined by critics, enemies or broken ties with family or friends. Neither can it be explained by posts or blogs that lack facial expressions, tone or insight into the person’s personality and intent. Until people “get that”, we will forever be a society that thinks Beautiful Mind was a spy movie and every stranger is really a friend on Facebook.”

Tags : Bizarre Broken Families Courtesy Critics Culture Deaf Github Helping Others Humor Insanity Internet Interpersonal Communication Lack Of Reality Lifting Up Loss Of Social Interaction Love One Another Perception Of Reality Plano Revelation Rising Higher Speculation Technology Television Twisted Zimmerman

93. “Writers Are Insane. For months we are lone wolves locked in our caves. Then overnight we become publicity hounds. It's a schizophrenic business.”

Tags : Books Caves Insanity Lone Wolves Publicity Hounds Quotes Schizophrenic Writers Writing
Author : Robert Mykle

94. “Attending a funeral would leave the average person insane, if they truly believed that sooner or later they are also going to die.”

Tags : Aphorisms Aphorists Believe Crazy Defense Mechanism Die Funeral Funerals Gone Too Soon Humorous Humour Immortal Immortality Insane Insanity Joke Life After Death Mortality Rest In Peace Rip Sane Sanity Sincere The Hereafter

95. “The doctor’s words made me understand what happened to me was a dark, evil, and shameful secret, and by association I too was dark, evil, and shameful. While it may not have been their intention, this was the message my clouded mind received. To escape the confines of the hospital, I once again disassociated myself from my emotions and numbed myself to the pain ravaging my body and mind. I acted as if nothing was wrong and went back to performing the necessary motions to get me from one day to the next. I existed but I did not live.”

Tags : Bipolar Bipolar Disorder Delusions Depression Hallucinations Insanity Mania Manic Mental Health Mental Illness
Author : Alyssa Reyans
Source : Letters from a Bipolar Mother

96. “Delusions are hardly an escape from reality. It’s a way of understanding insane people living in a backwards world.”

Tags : Delusions Escape Family Friendships Insanity Love Relationships

97. “Yet mad I am not...and very surely do I not dream.”

Tags : Dreaming Dreams Insanity Sanity
Source : The Black Cat

98. “Vaughn is talking about the heat, and his voice is so excited that it breaks into whispers at times. He loves his madness the way a bird loves the sky.”

Tags : Dystopia Insanity Madness Sever The Chemical Garden Trilogy Vaughn Wither
Source : Sever

99. “Madness is like an alternative residence. When sanity chases you out of home, take shelter in madness.”

Tags : Alternative Chases Home Insane Insanity Mad Madness Madness And Sanity Residence Sanity Sanity Insanity Shelter Take Wisdom Wisdom Inspirational
Author : Munia Khan

100. “The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.”

Tags : Genius Insanity Success Truth

101. “Rage — whether in reaction to social injustice, or to our leaders’ insanity, or to those who threaten or harm us — is a powerful energy that, with diligent practice, can be transformed into fierce compassion.”

Tags : Buddhism Compassion Energy Harm Injustice Insanity Power Practice Rage

102. “A sick thought can devour the body's flesh more than fever or consumption.”

Tags : Insanity Mental Illness Sickness Thoughts
Source : Le Horla et autres contes fantastiques

103. “To take away a man’s sanity, answer all his prayers and solve all his problems. Or give him everything and everyone he wants.”

Tags : Challenge Challenges Challenging Humor Humour Insane Insanity Pray Prayer Prayers Problem Problems Resolve Sane Sanity Satire Solve Struggle Struggling

104. “Perfect sanity is a myth propagated by straitjacket salesmen.”

Tags : Culture Humor Insanity Myth Sanity

105. “Somewhere between love and hate lies confusion, misunderstanding and desperate hope.”

Tags : Attachment Attitude Bipolar Desperateness Emotions Family Friendships Hate Hatred Insanity Life Love Mind Games Misunderstanding Not Self Aware Poor Perception Reading Into Everything Relationships Relationships 101 Seeking Truth Sensitiveness Temporary Insanity Unchecked Unresolved Emotions

106. “I lie on the floor, washed by nothing and hanging on. I cry at night. I am afraid of hearing voices, or a voice. I have come to the edge, of the land. I could get pushed over.”

Tags : Crying Fear Insanity Sanity Voices
Source : Cat's Eye

107. “One of the better definitions of insanity - doing the exact same thing over and over and expecting the result to be different.”

Tags : Insanity Misattributed To Einstein Paraphrasing Narcotics Anonymous
Source : Scar Tissue

108. “To paraphrase Einstein, insanity is expecting employees to do one thing while rewarding them for doing something else.”

Tags : Business Employees Insanity Misattributed To Einstein Paraphrasing Narcotics Anonymous
Source : Hooked on Customers: The Five Habits of Legendary Customer-Centric Companies

109. “Most people believe most of the things they believe only because they believe that most people believe them.”

Tags : Aphorism Aphorisms Belief Beliefs Believe Conform Conformity Critical Thinking Crowd Funny Humor Humour Independent Thinking Insanity Majority Non Conformity Nonconformity Sanity Satire

110. “Was I ever crazy? Maybe. Or maybe life is… Crazy isn’t being broken or swallowing a dark secret. It’s you or me amplified. If you ever told a lie and enjoyed it. If you ever wished you could be a child forever. They were not perfect, but they were my friends.”

Tags : Crazy Friendship Insanity Madness
Source : Girl, Interrupted

111. “Flirting with madness was one thing; when madness started flirting back, it was time to call the whole thing off.”

Tags : Insanity Madness Sanity
Source : A Fine Balance

112. “There are times when the mind is dealt such a blow it hides itself in insanity. While this may not seem beneficial, it is. There are times when reality is nothing but pain, and to escape that pain the mind must leave reality behind.”

Tags : Fantasy Insanity Madness Normal Reality Rothfuss
Source : The Name of the Wind

113. “Perhaps the only way to be often happy with everything happening around or anywhere is to feel nothing about anything and anyone, but always bear in mind that only a lunatic stays in such mood.”

Tags : Clarity Of Thought Compassion Disloyal Empathy Facts Of Life Factuality Fools Great Soul Happiness Humanity Humbleness Inspirational Lavish Motivational Notable People People Person Reality Sad Sadness Sage Saying Sympathy Thinking True Mentor True Motivational Speaker Truthful Wisdom Quotes Wise Words Words Of Wisdom
Author : Anuj Somany

114. “She was hearing the words. They just weren't registering on her Richter scale of sanity.”

Tags : Funny Hearing Humor Insanity Richter Scale
Source : The Accidental Werewolf

115. “When your madness is creative and necessary, people will not notice the fact that you are crazy.”

Tags : Book Knowledge Cherish Crazy Creative Creativity Discernment Fact High Spirit Idiot Importance Insanity Intelligence Mad Madness Notice People Praise Recognition Scrutiny Seriousness Sick Sickness Stupidity Unconditional Love You

116. “It is so easy at times for a lonely individual to begin fantasizing about what the people outside are saying about him and, in result, irrationally and fearfully, and sometimes angrily, fancy himself a villain.”

Tags : Alone Appreciation Assumptions Celebrity Delusion Excommunication Fame Fancy Fantasy Fear Friends Friendship Illusion Infamous Irrational Loneliness Opinions Opinions Of Others Paranoia Perception Revenge Seclusion Sociopath Villain
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

117. “The more sensitive the lunatic, the less able is he to resist this prying interest of the normal human being. I felt that Renée's change of key - to myself, I compared Renée to a sweet melody, a little flat despite its laborious harmonies - was approaching.”

Tags : Disorder Insanity Sensitivity Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
Author : Colette
Source : The Pure and the Impure

118. “Absurdity is the ecstasy of intellectualism.”

Tags : Absurd Absurdity Art Artist Ecstasy Experiment Experimentation Insane Insanity Intellectual Intellectualism Intelligence Madness Mind Out Of My Mind Outrageous Philosophy Theory Thinking Thought Too Much
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Salomé: In Every Inch In Every Mile

119. “There was nothing Mandy had wanted more than to give her full attention to the world of Personifications and ignore those who ignored her in society. She’d wanted to talk out loud to Alecto, to have conversations in front of other ordinary people. Unfortunately, to do that in front of ordinary people would only prove her insanity, and although Mandy was naïve at times, she wasn’t stupid.”

Tags : Attention Conversation Friend Friendship Insane Insanity Mental Illness Ordinary Personification Psychology Talk
Source : Shadowed Skies: The Third Smog City Novel

120. “Men were always quick to believe in the madness of women.”

Tags : Insanity Men Women
Source : Eona: The Last Dragoneye

121. “In a neurotic society, insane ideas can become 'normal', the current triumph of tribalism is the result of rabid global anti-intellectualism.”

Tags : Anti Intellectualism Insanity

122. “If only everyone could know and live with their inner craziness. Would the world be a worse place for it? No, people would be fairer and happier.”

Tags : Freedom Insanity Intellectual Self Help
Author : Paulo Coelho
Source : Veronika Decides to Die

123. “Now because 18 months ago the first dawn, 3 months ago broad daylight but a very few days ago the full sun of the most highly remarkable spectacle has risen — nothing holds me back. I can give myself up to the sacred frenzy, I can have the insolence to make a full confession to mortal men that I have stolen the golden vessel of the Egyptians to make from them a tabernacle for my God far from the confines of the land of Egypt. If you forgive me I shall rejoice; if you are angry, I shall bear it; I am indeed casting the die and writing the book, either for my contemporaries or for posterity to read, it matters not which: let the book await its reader for a hundred years; God himself has waited six thousand years for his work to be seen.”

Tags : Crazy Creationism Egypt Egyptians Insanity Robbery Tabernacle Theft
Source : Harmonies Of The World

124. “By far the most significant consequence of "selfish capitalism" (Thatch/Blatcherism) has been a startling increase in the incidence of mental illness in both children and adults since the 1970s.”

Tags : Affluenza Capitalism Consequences Conservative Democrat Experience Illness Industrial Revolution Industrialism Insanity Liberal Mental Health Mental Illness Personal Responsibility Reagan Redistribution Republican Responsibility Science Socialism Thatcher Welfare
Author : Oliver James

125. “Bipolar robs you of that which is you. It can take from you the very core of your being and replace it with something that is completely opposite of who and what you truly are. Because my bipolar went untreated for so long, I spent many years looking in the mirror and seeing a person I did not recognize or understand. Not only did bipolar rob me of my sanity, but it robbed me of my ability to see beyond the space it dictated me to look. I no longer could tell reality from fantasy, and I walked in a world no longer my own.”

Tags : Bipolar Bipolar Disorder Bipolar Mother Depression Insanity Mental Health Mental Illness Mood Disorder
Author : Alyssa Reyans
Source : Letters from a Bipolar Mother

126. “The doctrine that future happiness depends upon belief is monstrous. It is the infamy of infamies. The notion that faith in Christ is to be rewarded by an eternity of bliss, while a dependence upon reason, observation and experience merits everlasting pain, is too absurd for refutation, and can be relieved only by that unhappy mixture of insanity and ignorance, called 'faith.”

Tags : Absurd Bliss Doctrine Eternity Hell Ignorance Infamous Insanity Reason
Source : On the Gods and Other Essays

127. “Lies Have expiry dates but the truth never expires”

Tags : And And Wife Books China Confucius Eleanor Roosevelt Emotion Expired Inspirational J K Rowling Kardashian Lies Loans Love Mae West Mahatma Gandhi Obama Oche Otorkpa Oprah Winfrey Oscar Wilde Overcome Plato Rapist Sex True Twenty Years From Now You Un Victory
Author : Oche Otorkpa

128. “Madness is something rare in individuals — but in groups, parties, peoples, and ages, it is the rule.”

Tags : Insanity Madness Nationalism Philosophy
Source : Beyond Good and Evil

129. “Love is merely a madness; and, I tell you, deserves as well a dark house and a whip as madmen do; and the reason why they are not so punish'd and cured is that the lunacy is soordinary that the whippers are in love too.”

Tags : Insanity Love Madness
Source : As You Like It

130. “When your head is about to explode, you shouldn't dare call in a psychiatrist because you're about bringing new ideas to world that will later label you a freak.”

Tags : Ailment Blast Bomb Blast Brain Surgery Caprice Caprices Eccentric Eccentricity Freak Head Idea Ideas Idiosyncrasy Insanity Kooky Label Madness Michael Bassey Johnson Nonconformist Odd Oddity Outre Queer Schizophrenia Schizophrenic Screwy Strangeness Unconventional Unconventionality Whisy

131. “The greywastes was a basin overflowing with insanity, the very earth underneath me was only surviving because it was too mad to know it had died”

Tags : Dystopia Dystopian Insanity Pollution Post Apocalyptic
Author : Quil Carter
Source : Fallocaust

132. “It was only vanity and discouragement that sometimes made me feel alone with my endless love, but now that I was taking one of the risks my heart had urged upon me I could also feel I was not alone. If endless love was a dream, then it was a dream we all shared, even more than we all shared the dream of never dying or of traveling through time, and if anything set me apart it was not my impulses but my stubbornness, my willingness to take the dream past what had been agreed upon as the reasonable limits, to declare that this dream was not a feverish trick of the mind but was an actuality at least as real as that other, thinner, more unhappy illusion we call normal life. After all, the intimations of endless love were the same now as they were thousands of years before, while normal life had changed a thousand times and in a thousand different ways. Which then, was more real?”

Tags : Dream Endless Love Insanity Love Reality Truth
Author : Scott Spencer
Source : Endless Love

133. “It's regrets that make painful memories. When I was crazy I did everything just right.”

Tags : Crazy Insanity Memories Pain Regrets
Author : Mark Vonnegut
Source : The Eden Express: A Memoir of Insanity

134. “Oh, Starbuck! it is a mild, mild wind, and a mild looking sky. On such a day - very much such a sweetness as this - I struck my first whale - a boy-harpooneer of eighteen! Forty - forty - forty years ago! - ago! Forty years of continual whaling! forty years of privation, and peril, and storm-time! forty years on the pitiless sea! for forty years has Ahab forsaken the peaceful land, for forty years to make war on the horrors of the deep! Aye and yes, Starbuck, out of those forty years I have not spent three ashore. When I think of this life I have led; the desolation of solitude it has been; the masoned, walled-town of a Captain's exclusiveness, which admits but small entrance to any sympathy from the green country without - oh, weariness! heaviness! Guinea-coast slavery of solitary command! - when I think of all this; only half-suspected, not so keenly known to me before - and how for forty years I have fed upon dry salted fare - fit emblem of the dry nourishment of my soul - when the poorest landsman has had fresh fruit to his daily hand, and broken the world's fresh bread to my mouldy crusts - away, whole oceans away, from that young girl-wife I wedded past fifty, and sailed for Cape Horn the next day, leaving but one dent in my marriage pillow - wife? wife? - rather a widow with her husband alive! Aye, I widowed that poor girl when I married her, Starbuck; and then, the madness, the frenzy, the boiling blood and the smoking brow, with which, for a thousand lowerings old Ahab has furiously, foamingly chased his prey - more a demon than a man! - aye, aye! what a forty years' fool - fool - old fool, has old Ahab been! Why this strife of the chase? why weary, and palsy the arm at the oar, and the iron, and the lance? how the richer or better is Ahab now? Behold. Oh, Starbuck! is it not hard, that with this weary load I bear, one poor leg should have been snatched from under me? Here, brush this old hair aside; it blinds me, that I seem to weep. Locks so grey did never grow but from out some ashes! But do I look very old, so very, very old, Starbuck? I feel deadly faint, bowed, and humped, as though I were Adam, staggering beneath the piled centuries since Paradise. God! God! God! - crack my heart! - stave my brain! - mockery! mockery! bitter, biting mockery of grey hairs, have I lived enough joy to wear ye; and seem and feel thus intolerably old? Close! stand close to me, Starbuck; let me look into a human eye; it is better than to gaze into sea or sky; better than to gaze upon God. By the green land; by the bright hearth-stone! this is the magic glass, man; I see my wife and my child in thine eye. No, no; stay on board, on board! - lower not when I do; when branded Ahab gives chase to Moby Dick. That hazard shall not be thine. No, no! not with the far away home I see in that eye!”

Tags : Anguish Insanity Nostalgia Sorrow

135. “Dissociation of the mind into logic-tight compartments is by no means confined to the population of the asylum. It is a common, and perhaps inevitable, occurrence in the psychology of every human being. Our political convictions are notoriously inaccessible to argument, and we preserve the traditional beliefs of our childhood in spite of the contradictory facts constantly presented by our experience.”

Tags : Inevitability Insanity Logic Psychology
Author : Bernard Hart

136. “Sitting to think of what to write will only set your ass on fire, give you headache, twist your face to look stupid, instead, walk around with a blank mind and something from somewhere will fill it up.”

Tags : Arson Boredom Brain Contemplation Creative Thoughts Ennui Head Heat Idea Ideas Insanity Intuition Michael Bassey Johnson Muse Muses Musings Ponder Pondering Ruminate Rumination Thought Thoughts Writer Writers Writing

137. “If I died, I’d expect my guy to mourn me forever, and if he tried to hook up with someone else, I’d haunt him till he ended up in a crazy house. Then I’d haunt the girl.”

Tags : Death Die Ghost Haunt Insane Insanity Love Mourn
Source : The Harder You Fall

138. “Don’t you know what god is? God is everything and God is nothing; for the perfection created by man cannot be anything other than nothing. They decided to give a name to nothingness, and thereby the made it become something. Like you… God, who is nothing, can no longer be nothing since he is God. You could be a god for men. They need to give a body to nothingness so that nothingness can be seen and touched-at least with the imagination.”

Tags : Existence God Insanity Nothingness Religion Seek
Source : Man of Smoke

139. “Let us consider that we are all partially insane. It will explain us to each other; it will unriddle many riddles; it will make clear and simple many things which are involved in haunting and harassing difficulties and obscurities now.”

Tags : Insane Insanity
Author : Mark Twain

140. “Maybe he’s normal and we’re the crazy ones. Maybe everyone should talk to themselves. Maybe we’re all just afraid of what we’d say.”

Tags : Awaken Crazy Insane Insanity Sanity
Source : Awaken

141. “Having their feelings make sense is how people get their kicks.”

Tags : Crazy Emotions Feelings Fun Insane Insanity Logical
Author : Mark Vonnegut
Source : The Eden Express: A Memoir of Insanity

142. “One secret of life is that the reason life works at all is that not everyone in your tribe is nuts on the same day. Another secret is that laughter is carbonated holiness”

Tags : Insane Insanity Madness Nuts Sanity Tribe
Author : Anne Lamott
Source : Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith

143. “I get happy and I get sad,just like anybody elsebut they call this a disorder.”

Tags : Bi Polar Depression Disorder Identity Insanity Manic Mentall Illness Psychology Sad
Source : The Moon Said No

144. “The BEST is not to remind the people as what not GOOD to do, else then BETTER remain prepared to see most of them doing only what they ought not to do.”

Tags : Adamant Best Better Characteristics Crafty Good Ignorance Insanity Inspirational Inspiring Inspiring Quotes Intelligence Materialist People Mental Make Up Mentality Mindset Motivational Negative Original Plagiarism Practice Pretender Reminder Rigid Similarity Toxic True Mentor True Motivational Speaker Wisdom Working
Author : Anuj Somany

145. “Technology may be bane , but not to the sane people for they know how to use it for promoting the humanity.”

Tags : Humanity Insanity Inspirational Inspiring Leadership Motivational Originality Plagiarism Reality Sanity Technology True Mentor True Motivational Speaker Wisdom
Author : Anuj Somany

146. “If what you create seems to turn out much stranger than who you are as a person, it's probably because your heart is talking.”

Tags : Abnormal Art Conformity Crazy Culture Discovery Exploration Foreign Heart Imagination Insanity Intelligence Mind Music Non Conformity Normal Odd Originality Poetry Society Status Quo Strange Unique Weird Wild Wild At Heart
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

147. “Are you crazy? It's a common phrase, I know. But it means something particular to me: the tunnels, the security screens, the plastic forks, the shimmering, ever-shifting borderline that like all boundaries beckons and asks to be crossed. I do not want to cross it again.”

Tags : Crazy Girl Interrupted Insanity Mental Illness
Source : Girl, Interrupted

148. “Insanity? The mental processes of a man with whom one disagrees, are always wrong. Where is the line between wrong mind and sane mind? It is inconceivable that any sane man can radically disagree with one's most sane conclusions.”

Tags : Disagreement Insanity Mental Illness Thought Control
Author : Jack London
Source : The Iron Heel

149. “Seems to me that there is a fine line between insanity and dedication…I call that line commitment”

Tags : Commitment Dedication Insanity Life
Author : Jeremy Aldana

150. “One day I'm a normal person with a normal life,” he said. “The next I'm standing on a street corner in Madrid with a secret phone and a hole in my arm and I'm bleeding all over, hoping I don't get arrested. It was completely crazy. But it seemed like the only way at the time.”

Tags : Abnormal Bleeding Crazy Crime Doping Drug Use Fear Insanity Life Normality Secrecy Secret Weird
Source : The Secret Race: Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France: Doping, Cover-ups, and Winning at All Costs

151. “War is nothing more than organized insanity. That's why crazy and unexpected tactics work most of the time. When they don't, we won't live to tell about it.”

Tags : Crazy Fighting Insanity Tactics Unexpected War
Author : R.G. Risch
Source : Beyond Mars: Crimson Fleet

152. “You think you're losing your mind, but do keep in mind, as long as you may, that the ability to go on thinking such a thing means it's not all gone.”

Tags : Ability Brain Cognition Comprehension Consciousness Crazy Encouraging Faith Hope Insanity Inspirational Losing Your Mind Mind Motivational Psychology Sanity Thinking Thought
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

153. “Everyone knows: people who cross boarders do so for a reason.”

Tags : Alice Alice In Wonderland Crossing Borders Dark Fantasy Everyone Knows Fairy Tale Retellings Fantasy Insane Insanity Leaving Madness People Reason Retelling Retellings
Author : M.D. Elster
Source : Four Kings

154. “Have I..." I venture, terrified of the potential answer. "Have I gone mad?" "No, no, no." She says. "Okay, oui, peut-être, that depends. Maybe you have gone a little mad, and only for a little spell.”

Tags : Alice Alice In Wonderland Craziness Crazy Fairy Tale Retellings Fantasy Four Kings French Hospital Insanity Madness Retelling Retellings Terrified
Author : M.D. Elster
Source : Four Kings

155. “They called me mad, and I called them mad, and damn them, they outvoted me.”

Tags : Insane World Insanity Insanity Is Normal Mad Madness Mental Disorder Mental Health Mental Health Stigma Mental Illness Psychiatry Psychiatry Humor
Author : Nathaniel Lee

156. “When she had died, his anchor was gone and the world had burned from his untethered insanity.”

Tags : Apocalypse Arizona Horror Insanity Love Love Lost Zombie Apocalypse Zombie Fighter Jango Zombies Zompoc
Author : Cedric Nye
Source : Jango's Anthem

157. “To experience real agony is something hard to write about, impossible to understand while it grips you; you're frightened out of your wits, can’t sit still, move, or even go decently insane.”

Tags : Agony Insanity Pain
Source : The People Look Like Flowers at Last

158. “Sanity for anyone is pretty much out of the question, as both the saint and the sinner appear only equally insane: the saint appears it for actually believing in a place of eternal torment; the sinner, for deciding to risk going to that place of eternal torment.”

Tags : Apologetics Heaven Hell Insanity Religion Saint Salvation Sanity Sin Sinner Theology
Author : Criss Jami

159. “Louisiana is a fresh-air mental asylum.”

Tags : Humor Insanity Louisiana
Source : Pegasus Descending

160. “Dramatic uprising of stupidity can start from nowhere and only be seen when it reaches it's climax.”

Tags : Ignorance Insanity Madness Madness And Civilization Protest Stupid People Stupidity
Author : Auliq Ice

161. “The good part about having a mental disorder is having a valid reason for all the stupid things we do because of a damaged prefrontal cortex. However, the best part is seeing someone completely sane do the exact same things, without a valid excuse. This is the great equalizer of God and his little gift for all us crazy people to enjoy.”

Tags : Adhd Balance Enjoyment God S Love Humor Impairments Insanity Jealous Women Justice Mental Disorders Ocd Redemption Sane Stupid Women Stupidity Truth Tsloama

162. “I do not want to be labeled as an atheist; I do hate religions’ stupidity and insanity, but there is nothing else I can be called.”

Tags : Atheist Insanity Label Religion Stupidity

163. “Anyhow, many people in the soft sciences are prone to be wrong because they’re crazy** some are dumb, too, but that’s another story.”

Tags : Anthropology Crazy Dumb Insanity Science Soft Sciences Stupid Stupidity

164. “That's why crazy people are so dangerous. You think they're nice until they're chaining you up in the garage.”

Tags : Crazy People Insanity Kooks
Source : The Fairy-Tale Detectives

165. “Next time, can you ask him to bring cookies? I don't like to put up with that level of insane unless there's some kind of high-calorie compensation.”

Tags : Cookies Crazy People Customer Service Insanity Work
Author : Lauren Beukes
Source : The Shining Girls

166. “Some stories have to be written because no one would believe the absurdity of it all.”

Tags : Absurd Absurdity Authors Best Plot Ever Betrayal Books Comedy Craft Crazy Dreamers Funnier Than Hell Funny Humor Insanity Novels Romance Authors Romantic Comedy Screenplays Stupid Women Television Unbelievable Weirdness Writing

167. “If it is sensible to believe that a person becomes who s/he dreams to be, then it is also reasonable to ponder if the beggars and buggers dreamt to be who they are like in their lives.”

Tags : Beggars Betrayal Buggers Cheat Dream Goal Hypocrisy Hypocrites Insane Insanity Inspirational Inspiring Intellectual Life Ambition Personality Quote Reasonable Sane Sensible Target Thinking
Author : Anuj Somany

168. “Neither a man nor a crowd nor a nation can be trusted to act humanely or to think sanely under the influence of a great fear.”

Tags : Fear Herd Behavior Herd Mentality Insanity Irrationality
Source : Unpopular Essays

169. “Now this is the point. You fancy me a mad. Madmen know nothing. But you should have seen me. You should have seen how wisely I proceeded...”

Tags : Insanity Sanity
Source : The Tell-Tale Heart and Other Writings

170. “The only difference between me and a madman is I'm not mad.”

Tags : Insanity Sanity

171. “Anyone who is truly crazy, in my book, wouldn't be able to understand the dialectic of crazy and not-crazy. Listen, I've worked for the pharmaceutical companies, they have a vested belief in making you believe that if you have a chemical imbalance you need them to be 'cured' of your current issues and personality. Indefinitely. Imagine diagnosing personality only in terms of its negative aspects. Does this strike you as a strategy designed for health? The only way to deal with a problem is to fucking deal with it. Get inside what positive motivation, what intention, makes you behave in the way you are... and how you could maybe satisfy that need in a healthier or at least more agreeable manner. America wants quick, easy and painless; being a real person is slow, difficult and very messy.”

Tags : 2004 America Drugs Dsm Insanity Motivation Neurosis Pharmaceuticals Profit Motive Will
Author : James Curcio
Source : Join My Cult!

172. “What insanity would lead me to believe that I possess the power, much less the aptitude to manipulate all of the consequences out of all of my decisions?”

Tags : Aptitude Consequences Decisions Deluded Delusional Ego Egotistical Insanity Manipulate Manipulation Misinformed Misled Power

173. “The fun thing about insanity is that it is often so very hard to tell it apart from brilliance.”

Tags : Brilliance Insanity
Source : Heirs of Empire

174. “Wondering if this policy is demonetization or dehumanization given the fact it has created so much demoralization in the minds of the mass population.”

Tags : Bias Bigotism Cash Crunch Crafty Deprivation Dictatorship Distress Economic Crises Fact Of The Matter Favoring Inequality Insanity Inspiring Misguiding Motivational Quote Noteworthy Policy Poverty Prejudice Pretender True Motivational Speaker Wrong Strategy
Author : Anuj Somany

175. “The only thing that can be said with an absolute certainty by seeing the behaviour of a vast majority of the people on the Earth is that an invisible Almighty is a big lover of watching the comedy activity.”

Tags : Cheating Conviction Crook Crookness Fake People Funny Insanity Inspiring Quotes Leadership Motivational Notable People People People Nature Personality Pretenders Publicity Seeker Reliability Selfish True Mentor Wise Sayings
Author : Anuj Somany

176. “A person who is not true to oneself can easily be misguided by the self-seeker people through mass propaganda to believe a right one as a wrong guy and the bad ones as the bright individuals.”

Tags : Attitude Behavior Bright Conscience Falsified Input Humanity Ingenuity Insanity Inspiring Liking Materialism Motivational Noticeable Popularity Propaganda Right Self Proclaimed Self Proclaimed Master Social Media True Mentor True To Oneself Trustworthy
Author : Anuj Somany

177. “A person’s THOUGHT that does not make most people often think that the life is miserable, has not been thought really well.”

Tags : Awakening Brilliant Character Cheat Crook Dumb And Deaf World Facts Fake Friends Friendship Humanity Insane World Insanity Inspirational Intellectual Intelligent Life Materialism Notable People Quote Of The Day Sad Selfish World Selfishness Shrewd Thought Of The Day True Mentor Truth Wisdom Quotes Witty
Author : Anuj Somany

178. “The love between a man and a woman acts like a mousetrap to lure a man towards a woman enticing him like a pure cheese, but is secretly tied with a strap.”

Tags : Attraction Awakening Awareness Cheating Deception Girlfriend Hidden Motives Insanity Inspiring Intellectual Lady Life And Living Lovers Man And Woman Marriage Motivational Notable People Reliability Sage Saying Selfish Love Selfishness True Mentor True Motivational Speaker Wisdom Quotes Women Words Of Wisdom
Author : Anuj Somany

179. “Those who are most sensitive about "politically incorrect" terminology are not the average black ghetto-dweller, Asian immigrant, abused woman or disabled person, but a minority of activists, many of whom do not even belong to any "oppressed" group but come from privileged strata of society.”

Tags : Censorship Class Warfare Freedom Of Speech Gender Feminism Hypocrisy In Everyone Immigrant Experience Immigrants Insanity Liberal Hypocrisy Oppressors Patronization Patronizing Political Correct Crap Political Insanity Politically Correct Politics Politics Insanity Politics Of The United States Post Feminism Sensitivity Shits Fucked Up Yo Society White Privilege
Source : Industrial Society and Its Future

180. “I said to him, "Shall I tell you where the men are who believe most in themselves? For I can tell you. I know of men who believe in themselves more colossally than Napoleon or Caesar. I know where flames the fixed star of certainty and success. I can guide you to the thrones of the Super-men. The men who really believe in themselves are all in lunatic asylums.”

Tags : Insanity Lunatic
Source : Orthodoxy

181. “It is easy to identify a shallow person by the attention he gives to what will do him absolutely no good.”

Tags : Attention Desire Evil Insanity Little Minds Madness Maniac Michael Bassey Johnson Obsession Possession Scrutiny Shallow Shallow Minds Simpleton Simpletons Surrender Vain Vanity

182. “Parent may hinder their children's marriage; but children cannot interfere with the insane acts of their parents in their second childhood.”

Tags : Children Insanity Marriage Mistress Old Age Parents Second Childhood Vice Young At Heart
Source : Cousin Bette

183. “When one finds oneself in the kind of strange, unsettling circumstances as I presently find myself, it is only natural, after all, to have a few, unusual, vivid dreams.”

Tags : Alice Alice In Wonderland Asylum Asylum Tales Dream Dreams Fairy Tale Retellings Insanity Madness Retelling Retellings Strange Strange Dreams Unsettling Unusual Vivid Vivid Imagery Wonderland
Author : M.D. Elster
Source : Four Kings

184. “When enough insane people scream in harmony that they really are healthy, they can actually start to believe themselves. Or put even more simply: people with overlapping delusions get along wonderfully.”

Tags : Delusion Insanity Truth
Source : Toward truth: A psychological guide to enlightenment

185. “Love will drive you insane, but never let it drive you stupid or blind.”

Tags : Awareness Blind Clues Do The Math Fights Leaves Clues Focus Gullible Hyper Focus Superpowers Hyperfocus Inaction Leaves Clues Insanity Love Paying Attdntion Simple Stupid Time Leaves Clues Truth Leaves Clues Wisdom

186. “Oh, my dear, if you only knew how strange is the matter regarding which I am here, it is you who would laugh. I have learned not to think little of any one's belief, no matter how strange it may be. I have tried to keep an open mind, and it is not the ordinary things of life that could close it, but the strange things, the extraordinary things, the things that make one doubt if they be mad or sane.”

Tags : Belief Insanity Judgement Superstition
Author : Bram Stoker
Source : Dracula

187. “God made them as stubble to our swords.”

Tags : Insanity Killing Murder Superstition

188. “Some people wouldn’t still be sane, if they were not religious or superstitious; some wouldn’t be disabled or dead.”

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189. “When you go with first principles, a giant light goes off in what you think is a city and turns out to be an insane asylum.”

Tags : Anarchy Ancap Crazy Critical Thinking Culture Disorder Freedom Insanity Irrationality Knowledge Libertarian Liberty Mental Philosophy Rational Rationality Religion Self Knowledge Statism Superstition Unconscious Voluntaryism

190. “[n regard to Jesus believing himself inspired]This belief carried no more personal imputation than the belief of Socrates that he was under the care and admonition of a guardian demon. And how many of our wisest men still believe in the reality of these inspirations while perfectly sane on all other subjects (Works, Vol. iv, p. 327).”

Tags : Freethinker Freethought Insanity Inspired Skeptic Skepticism Socrates

191. “The moment her hymen was plucked from her body in the wilderness, Her soul was taken from sanity.”

Tags : Body Craziness Crazy Erotic Hymen Insanity Naked Nakedness Payne Roman Roman Payne Sanity Sex Sexual Soul Stealing Theft Virginity Wilderness
Author : Roman Payne

192. “The hardest thing for a sane person to do is not care what anyone thinks, although everyone swears by it, hence our glorification of insanity.”

Tags : Confidence Glorification Insanity Insecurity Not Caring Philosophy Psychology Sanity Security
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

193. “He had discovered that there was not just one God but many, and some were more than cruel — they were insane, and that changed all. Cruelty, after all, was understandable. With insanity, however, there was no arguing.”

Tags : Cruelty God Insanity
Author : Stephen King
Source : Misery

194. “Was insanity really easier to accept than unconsciousness?”

Tags : Acceptance Dexter Insanity
Author : Jeff Lindsay
Source : Darkly Dreaming Dexter

195. “What insanity causes a king abandon the comforts of his kingdom and willfully discard the privileges of royalty in order to save an ornery and rebellious people who have spent a lifetime rejecting him? We have yet to understand that such an action is nothing of insanity. Rather, it is everything of love.”

Tags : Christmas God Insanity Jesus Jesus Christ Love Rebellious Rejection Royal Royalty Sacrifice Salvation

196. “He is mad about being small when you were big, but no, that's not it, he is mad about being helpless when you were powerful, but no, not that either, he is mad about being contingent when you were necessary, not quite it... he is insane because when he loved you, you didn't notice.”

Tags : Insanity Madness Spite

197. “Genius - the pursuit of madness.”

Tags : Artist Chasing Genius Insanity Madness Pursuit
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

198. “Insanity runs in my family, but somehow we've always managed to track it down and catch it again.”

Tags : Catching Chasing Family Insanity
Author : Pamela Morris

199. “I have many lovers.Where ever I look, I find them.There is no place devoid of them.They are everywhere:In the enchanting Cottonwood trees,The rivers, the rocky roads, the hills, the mystic trails,The snow capped mountains,The skies, the clouds, the soaring Eagles,The blackness of night, as black as the Raven,The absolute brave Cactus,Listening to me, and the whispers I breathe.Where ever I, look I find them.There is no place devoid of them.My lovers are everywhere.They are everywhere:In the rains, the freezing winds,The sun, the moonlight,The darkness of despair,The days of pain and sorrow,They never leave me, or betray me,Or ever forsake me,Even in my unfaithfulness,They remain mine.Am I blessed, crazy, or blind?However much I dare,Even in those careless moments; they care.Where ever I look, I find them,There is no place devoid of them,My lovers are everywhere.They are everywhere:I close my eye’s, I see them,They appear to me patiently,like some ancient melody,in my waking dreams, they are like wise prophets,twirling in compassionate dances of forgiveness.Allowing me my mistakes of existence,They give me, ‘me’,Reach for my fears, cradle and hold me.They are everywhere.I will regenerate,and shine through their presence.Through their guidance, from their quiet empowerment,I will gather myself, pick up my pride,Understand ‘life’, and remember reality.Finally, when my ‘being’ remains not with me,they will once again redefine, re-collect me,recreate the aura around me,find another place to replant me.They are everywhere.No place is devoid of them.Countless lovers.Their love: Omnipresent.Only if one can ‘see’,These lovers are everywhere .”

Tags : Celtic Hearts Insanity Lovers Nature Omnipotence Tree Worshipper
Author : Ansul Noor
Source : Soul Fire

200. “Treat life as a suicide mission, take on the impossible jobs and attack with the gusto of someone who has nothing to lose.... and when you revel in victory, make like it's a dirty win”

Tags : Brinksmanship Crazy Crisis Gonzo Humor Insanity Life Suicide Mission Win
Author : Josh Stern
Source : And That's Why I'm Single: What Good Is Having A Lucky Horseshoe Up Your Butt When The Horse Is Still Attached?