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1. “Friends are the family you choose (~ Nin/Ithilnin, Elven rogue).”

Tags : Cyberpunk Elves Human Nature Humanity Humankind Humans Insight Insightful Love Meaning Meaning Of Life Nq Mobile Omar Khan Omar Khan Nq Mobile Reflection Reflective Social Commentary Social Issues Social Science Society Urban Fantasy Ya Urban Fantasy Young Adult Fiction Young Adult Series
Author : Jess C. Scott
Source : The Other Side of Life

2. “What a mighty nation, we will be, if we encourage one another?”

Tags : Africa African Authors Encouragement Ghana Humanity Humankind Inspirational Lailah Gifty Akita Affirmations Motivation Nation People Society Wise Thoughts
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

3. “Anya looked upon Nin admirably. Having him as a partner-in-crime—if only on this one occasion, which she hoped would only be the start of something more—was more revitalizing than the cheap thrills of a cookie-cutter shallow, superficial romance, where the top priority was how beautiful a person was on the outside.”

Tags : Beauty Elven Charm Human Nature Humankind Life Life And Death Modern Society Modernism Modernity Reflection Reflective Relationships Romance Self Self Discovery Self Love Sense Thief Thief At Night Thieves Urban Fantasy Series Young Adult Young Adult Fiction Young Adult Novels Young Adult Series
Author : Jess C. Scott
Source : The Other Side of Life

4. “To really change the world, we have to help people change the way they see things. Global betterment is a mental process, not one that requires huge sums of money or a high level of authority. Change has to be psychological. So if you want to see real change, stay persistent in educating humanity on how similar we all are than different. Don't only strive to be the change you want to see in the world, but also help all those around you see the world through commonalities of the heart so that they would want to change with you. This is how humanity will evolve to become better. This is how you can change the world. The language of the heart is mankind's main common language.”

Tags : Activism Activist Bettering The World Betterment Change The World Changing The World Common Commonalities Communication Evolution Evolve Global Change Goodwill Heart Helping Others Human Humanity Humankind Language Mankind Mental Money Psychological Saving The World Social Change Suzy Kassem Truth World World Peace
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

5. “People reject what they do not understand because it makes them feel small. They would rather believe in some other reality, even if it is only an illusion, so long as it makes them feel bigger.”

Tags : Artificial Believe Big Bigger Denying Fake Fiction Greatness Heart Human Humankind Illusion Images Inferior Insecure Irony Jealousy Lies Life Mankind Media People Perception Pop Culture Reality Society Thinking Understand Understanding
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

6. “The fact that a cloud from a minor volcanic eruption in Iceland—a small disturbance in the complex mechanism of life on the Earth—can bring to a standstill the aerial traffic over an entire continent is a reminder of how, with all its power to transform nature, humankind remains just another species on the planet Earth.”

Tags : 2010 2010 Eruptions Eyjafjallajokull Aviation Butterfly Effect Earth Eruption Columns Europe Eyjafjallajokull Humankind Iceland Life Nature Volcanic Ash Volcanoes

7. “Nin knew how much humans loved money, riches, and material things—though he never really could understand why. The more technologically advanced the human species got, the more isolated they seemed to become, at the same time. It was alarming, how humans could spend entire lifetimes engaged in all kinds of activities, without getting any closer to knowing who they really were, inside.”

Tags : Consumerism Cyberpunk Elven Charm Humankind Insightful Life Materialism Modernity Money Self Discovery Society Technology Truth Urban Fantasy
Author : Jess C. Scott
Source : The Other Side of Life

8. “People today have forgotten they're really just a part of nature. Yet, they destroy the nature on which our lives depend. They always think they can make something better. Especially scientists. They may be smart, but most don't understand the heart of nature. They only invent things that, in the end, make people unhappy. Yet they're so proud of their inventions. What's worse, most people are, too. They view them as if they were miracles. They worship them. They don't know it, but they're losing nature. They don't see that they're going to perish. The most important things for human beings are clean air and clean water.”

Tags : Air Humanity Humankind Invention Nature Science Technology Water
Source : Yume

9. “A human being can only take so much when their basic rights as a citizen of the earth are being denied to them – or sold at a high cost.”

Tags : Basic Rights Capitalism Capitalist Citizen Cost Of Life Denied Freedom Healthcare Human Human Being Human Rights Humanism Humanity Humankind Life Mankind Oppression Poverty Profit Refugee Rights Sold Suffering War
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

10. “What is a man, if his chief good and market of his time be but to sleep and feed? a beast, no more. Sure he that made us with such large discourse, looking before and after, gave us not that capability and god-like reason to fust in us unused.”

Tags : Abilities Fulfillment Humankind Potential
Source : Hamlet

11. “O Heavenly Children, God's messengers are as limitless as the fish in the sea. They come in all colors, regions, languages and creeds. But their message is one and the same, don't you see? He only wishes to unite all His children under one family tree.”

Tags : Creator Diversity Family Tree Fish God Humanity Humankind Love All Mankind Message Messenger Messengers Messengers From God People Philosopher Philosopher Quotes Poet Races Sea Spiritual Truth Unite United Universal Law Universal Truths Wisdom
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

12. “Perception of a self is not simply about actuality. Human beings’ identities are self-generating and people constantly revise and recreate the story of their being. Coming-into-being, not being, is the highest expression of reality. We only attain the fullest knowledge of a living thing including ourselves when we know what it was, understand what it now is, and understand what it can become. We do not know the truth of a living thing’s existence until we discern its entire history from development to demise.”

Tags : Aging Human Beings Humankind Life Experiences Life Journey Life Journey Quotes Life Lessons Maturation Maturity Perception Perception Of Reality Personal Development Personal History Philosophy Of Life Self Awareness Quotes Self Determination Self Development Self Discovery Self Knowledge Self Knowledge Quotes Self Realization Self Realization Quotes Self Reflection Self Truth
Source : Dead Toad Scrolls

13. “What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason! how infinite in faculty! in form, in moving, how express and admirable! in action how like an angel! in apprehension how like a god! the beauty of the world! the paragon of animals! And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust?”

Tags : Humankind Man
Source : Hamlet

14. “Truth stings; it takes the strong to face the truth.”

Tags : Bias Family Friends Friendship Honesty Human Behavior Human Nature Humanity Humankind Humans Impartial Inside Ourselves Insight Insightful Life Life Lessons Love Neutral Prejudice Reality Reflection Reflective Science Social Issues Social Science Truth

15. “Humankind cannot bear very much reality.”

Tags : Humankind Reality
Author : T.S. Eliot
Source : Four Quartets

16. “All the world's a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.”

Tags : Destiny Drama Fate Humanity Humankind Humor Life Stage Theater World
Author : Seán O'Casey

17. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. I hold that the more helpless a creature the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of humankind.”

Tags : Animals Humankind Inspiration Morals Protection

18. “Confusing monogamy with morality has done more to destroy the conscience of the human race than any other error.”

Tags : Humankind Monogamy Morality

19. “This may be the curse of human race . Not that we are different from one anther , but we are so alike .”

Tags : Humankind
Source : The Enchantress Of Florence

20. “Humankind is innocent, loving, and creative, you dig? It's the bureaucracies that create the evil, that make Honor and Community impossible, and it's the kids who really take it in the groin.”

Tags : Bureaucracies Goodman Humankind Paul
Author : Paul Goodman

21. “Since the war, we're the only intelligent species left in the universe, therefore we think everything in this universe has to conform to our paradigm of what makes sense. Do you have any idea how arrogant that view is and on how little of this universe we base it?”

Tags : Arrogance Conformity Grand Picture Human Behavior Human Superiority Humankind Science Fiction Universe World View
Source : Overkill

22. “My own experience and development deepen every day my conviction that our moral progress may be measured by the degree in which we sympathize with individual suffering and individual joy.”

Tags : Humankind Morality
Author : George Eliot

23. “Physically there is nothing to distinguish human society from the farm-yard except that children are more troublesome and costly than chickens and calves and that men and women are not so completely enslaved as farm stock.”

Tags : Farm Humankind
Source : Getting Married

24. “These wonderful narrations inspired me with strange feelings. Was man, indeed, at once so powerful, so virtuous and magnificent, yet so vicious and base? He appeared at one time a mere scion of the evil principle, and at another as all that can be conceived of noble and godlike. To be a great and virtuous man appeared the highest honour that can befall a sensitive being; to be base and vicious, as many on record have been, appeared the lowest degradation, a condition more abject than that of the blind mole or harmless worm. For a long time I could not conceive how one man could go forth to murder his fellow, or even why there were laws and governments; but when I heard details of vice and bloodshed, my wonder ceased, and I turned away with disgust and loathing.”

Tags : Civilization Humankind
Author : Mary Shelley
Source : Frankenstein

25. “I have only to contemplate myself; man comes from nothing, passes through time, and disappears forever in the bosom of God. He is seen but for a moment wandering on the verge of two abysses, and then is lost.If man were wholly ignorant of himself he would have no poetry in him, for one cannot describe what one does not conceive. If he saw himself clearly, his imagination would remain idle and would have nothing to add to the picture. But the nature of man is sufficiently revealed for him to know something of himself and sufficiently veiled to leave much impenetrable darkness, a darkness in which he ever gropes, forever in vain, trying to understand himself.”

Tags : Human Nature Humankind Inspirational Poetry Profound Understanding
Source : Democracy in America

26. “I will write one book that will change entire humankind if only you have enough guts to read my previous ones.”

Tags : Book Change Guts Humankind Reading Writing

27. “Every religion should be in favor of humankind.”

Tags : Favor Humankind Religion

28. “Though we might like to think so, humankind is not at any special, unique or privileged location in the gargantuan, perhaps infinite, Universe.”

Tags : Astronomy Earth Humankind Universe
Author : Eric Chaisson
Source : Epic of Evolution: Seven Ages of the Cosmos

29. “Hominids typically haven't so much adapted to change, as they have accommodated to it.”

Tags : Humankind Science
Source : Masters of the Planet: The Search for Our Human Origins

30. “In the United States both scholars and the general public have been conditioned to viewing human races as natural and separate divisions within the human species based on visible physical differences. With the vast expansion of scientific knowledge in this century, however, it has become clear that human populations are not unambiguous, clearly demarcated, biologically distinct groups. Evidence from the analysis of genetics (e.g. DNA) indicates that most physical variation, about 94%, lies within so-called racial groups. Conventional geographic "racial" groupings differ from one another only in about 6% of their genes. This means that there is greater variation within "racial" groups than between them. In neighboring populations there is much overlapping of genes and their phenotypic (physical) expressions. Throughout history whenever different groups have come into contact, they have interbred. The continued sharing of genetic materials has maintained all of humankind as a single species.”

Tags : Anthropology Humankind Race

31. “O Heavenly Children, the stories you have concocted in God's name have angered Him; for he would never instigate war between brothers, or encourage tribes to harbor resentment towards one another. He prefers the man who loves over the one who hates. And the man who spreads kindness, peace and knowledge, over the one who spreads lies, fear and terror — and misuses His name.”

Tags : Anger Blasphemy Concocted Evil Fabrications Forgiveness God S Name Hate Hatred Humanity Humankind Kind Kindness Knowledge Lies Love Loving Mankind Resent Spirituality Terrorism Tribes War
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

32. “We all know the true nature of the human soul, because we have all looked into the eyes of children, and saw ourselves looking back.”

Tags : Human Nature Humanity Humankind
Author : Bryant McGill
Source : Voice of Reason

33. “The history of mankind," said Dreed, "has been a history of betrayals, the perennial betrayal of the common man by the men he has trusted.""By the men the lazy, haphazard, childish oaf was too wilfully stupid to mistrust," said Bodisham. "The history of mankind from the very beginning has been a history of over-trusted trustees, corrupted by their unchecked opportunities.”

Tags : Betrayal Corruption Humankind Leaders Trust
Author : H.G. Wells
Source : The Holy Terror

34. “We may have different points of arguments from perspectives of belief, faith and religion.But we must not hate each other. We are one human family.”

Tags : Argument Belief Buddhism Christian Life Co Existence Conflict Conflict Management Conflict Of Interest Conflict Resolution Hate Humanity Humankind Kindnes Life Living Pentecostal People Protestant Religion Spirituality World Religion
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

35. “Are we to conclude that these chief gods, Zeus and Yahweh, did not wish humankind to have moral consciousness and the arts of civilization? It is a mystery indeed.The most obvious explanation is that the creative artist and poet and saint must fight the actual (as contrasted to the ideal) gods of our society—the god of conformism as well as the gods of apathy, material success, and exploitative power. These are the “idols” of our society that are worshiped by multitudes of people.”

Tags : Anticonformism Civilisation Conformism Consumerism Creative Artists Gods Humankind Moral Consciousness Nonconformism
Author : Rollo May
Source : The Courage to Create

36. “He laid the foundation of a universal government. His law was one for all. Equal justice and love for everyone.”

Tags : Culture Destiny Earth Equality Equality Of Cultures Foundation Free Freedom George Human Inspirational Islam Lessons Life Love Mandate Muhammad Pbuh Peace Planet Rivorie Science Struggle Universal

37. “One may deal with things without love...but you cannot deal with men without it...It cannot be otherwise, because natural love is the fundamental law of human life.”

Tags : Humankind Life Love Mankind Natural Laws
Author : Leo Tolstoy
Source : Resurrection

38. “Let us now yearn for the possibility of building a happiness in every heart. Let us now build inward a new world of hope, a world of limitless possibilities for the children of tomorrow, where each soul can reach the heights of their potential to love and to be loved.”

Tags : Hope Humankind Love Order Peace Possibility Unity
Author : Bryant McGill
Source : Voice of Reason

39. “They say that wisdom comes from suffering. This is not true. Wisdom comes from having unconditional empathy for all mankind. Any man filled with empathy is capable of gaining valuable insights on the human condition through the suffering of others. You do not need to suffer to know suffering, but you need empathy first to identify and feel the suffering of others around you. If you do not feel love for all mankind, nor see everyone around you as a valuable human and an extension of yourself, then you will never feel real empathy. And if you do not have empathy, then you will not gain, learn and remember valuable knowledge from your experiences, or those around you, so that you one day become wise. Yet most importantly, wisdom comes from having a good memory. If you do not remember anything, or are so disconnected from basic humanism to even care to dissect lessons to be gained from every experience in your life and from those around you - using simple reason and the juggling of feelings, then wisdom will forever remain a faraway planet to you.”

Tags : Apathy Empathy Experiences Human Condition Humanism Humankind Insights Intelligence Knowledge Lessons Life Life Lessons Love Mind Philosophy Of Life Reason State Of Mind Suffering Suzy Kassem Unconditional Love And Wisdom Understanding Wisdom Wise
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

40. “Learn to see and love every human with the eyes and heart of God.”

Tags : All Lives Eyes Eyes Of God Faith Gods Heart Human Human Nature Humanity Quotes Humankind Humans Kindness Life Quotes Light Love Love Of God Love Quotes One People Perfect World Pure Rise Up And Salute The Sun See Society Spiritual Truth
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

41. “O, weary angels, don’t look at me with those eyes.If that is your state then what of our cries?What can I tell you of goodness that you don’t already know?What can I tell you of faith,of hope and lovethat you yourselves bestow?O, angels, don’t pluck another feather,this isn’t the sky, it’s just the weather.Please, angels, try.We are one all together.Look up and listen, I’ll say it once and then put down my pen:We are sorry for our ignoranceand even though we are worldly,it might happen again.We are sorry for your wearinessand even though you aren’t worldly,we are no more than human.”

Tags : Angels Believe Bestow Christ Consciousness Faith Forgiveness God Goodness Human Humanity Ignorance Kojouri Learned Poem Poetry Surrender Understanding Worldly

42. “The world had to change and for some reason the prosperity of men always results in them taking ever more from wild creatures and places.”

Tags : Alter Animals Beasts Change Creatures Destroy Growth Human Humankind Men Nature People Prosperity Take Time Wild World
Author : Robin Hobb
Source : Fool's Quest

43. “God would prefer us all to be united than divided. The devil would prefer us all to be divided than united. God prefers the man who loves than the one who hates. The devil prefers the man who hates than the one who loves.”

Tags : Brotherhood Brothers Devil Divide Divided Earth Earth Citizen Global Citizen Global Citizenship Hate Hates Hatred Humankind Justice Lord Love Mankind People Religion Satan Spirituality Synergy Truth United Unity Of All People Universal Love World Citizen
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

44. “O Heavenly Children, you chant God's name but you have forgotten him. He does not want your verses, or the coins from your purses, but for you to love and embrace each other. To uphold truth, justice and peace — and to respect your father and mother, fellow sisters and brothers.”

Tags : Brother Brothers Chant Charity Coins Come Together Forget God Goodness Humanity Quotes Just Justice Life Love Merge Mother Peace Pray Remember Truth Truth Of Life Unity Verses
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

45. “May we always be burdened with thinking of the suffering of others, for that is what it means to be human.”

Tags : Aid Always Assist Burden Compassion Compassionate Despair Encourage Harmony Helping Human Humanity Humanness Hunger Illness Inspirational Kamand Kamand Kojouri Kojouri One World Poverty Rape Relief Thinking Together Togetherness Violence

46. “[On famous Nobel Laureate Niels Bohr][Niels] Bohr's sort of humor, use of parables and stories, tolerance, dependence on family, feelings of indebtedness, obligation, and guilt, and his sense of responsibility for science, community, and, ultimately, humankind in general, are common traits of the Jewish intellectual. So too is a well-fortified atheism. Bohr ended with no religious belief and a dislike of all religions that claimed to base their teachings on revelations.”

Tags : Atheism Atheist Community Dislike Of Religion Family Humankind Humor Intellectual Jew Jewish Niels Bohr Obligation Guilt Parables Responsibility Revelation Science Stories Teaching Tolerance
Author : Finn Aaserud
Source : Love, Literature, and the Quantum Atom: Niels Bohr's 1913 Trilogy Revisited

47. “I thought about how stupid it is, that all of us are born destined to desire somebody else, though desire brings with it such disappointment and pain. Humankind's history must be scored bloody with heartbreak. This hankering for affection is a blight upon us.”

Tags : Affection Blight Desire Destined Disappointment Heartbreak History Humankind Pain Stupid
Source : Surrender

48. “If you are HUMAN, then the limit of what you can do, what you learn, what you can experience HAS NOT YET BEEN REACHED.”

Tags : Human Human Nature Humankind Limit Personal Development

49. “You ought to forgive others. Sometimes, the dark deed of others is due to inner struggles and fears. With your shining light and kind deeds, you will help them to turn to the light.”

Tags : Christian Living Christianity Darkness Deeds Encouragement Experience Faith Fears Forget Me Not Forgiveness Healthy Living Hope Inspirational Lessons Learnt Let It Go Mercy Motivation Shine Struggles Uplifting Wise Words
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

50. “The Book revealed to Muhammad is one and unique of its kind. It has left indelible impression on the hearts of humanity. Nothing can overcome its majesty. The Quran has given new dimensions to human thinking - Surprising reforms, stunning success! The power that created in Muslims a ravenous appetite for knowledge sprung from the Quran.”

Tags : Amazing Book Experience Freedom Humanity Humankind Incredible Inspirational Joy Knowledge Lessons Life Love Majesty Messages One Peace Religion Science Society Structure Struggle Stunning Success Surprise Unique War

51. “Christmas is the spirit of love, peace and goodwill to all Humankind.”

Tags : Christ Birth Christian Christimas Goodness Goodwill Humanity Humankind Jesus Christ Kindness Love Peace Sharing Life Society
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

52. “Life is an individual race of endurance.”

Tags : Adversity Depression Don T Give Up Dont Quit Educational Philosophy Endure Failure Hardships Humanity Humankind Individual Inner Strength Life Life Experience People Personal Development Positive Thoughts Race Self Esteem Self Love Uniqueness Uplifting
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

53. “We are the flowers that make up the Creator's vast and beautiful garden.”

Tags : Colors Cultures Flowers Garden Garden Creator God Humanity Humankind Man Mankind Race Races Religions Sun
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

54. “USA drone attacks are a crime against humanity, We Need Humanity , More than Cleverness, We need kindness, We need all of Human qualities more than USA definition.. U.S.A Drone Program Needs to Be Accompanied by Hard Facts on Civilian Deaths.USA Added Black Pages To History Of Humanity.It should be noted as dangerous for Human Kind, human rights ,rights of life liberty and pursuit of happiness .”

Tags : Drone Attacks Humanity Humankind
Author : Suraj

55. “Only human beings have come to a point where they no longer know why they exist.”

Tags : Existance Humankind Reason
Author : Lame Deer

56. “Whatever is within your limit, do it to lift the souls of humankind.”

Tags : Christianity Encouragement Fate Humanity Humankind Inspiration Kindness Life Missionary People Purposeful Living Volunteering
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

57. “History shapes the lives of all men, women and children ... sometimes unraveling humanity into an undesired mess.”

Tags : History History Of Mankind History Of Philosophy Humanity And Society Humankind

58. “Gentleness is a great strength.”

Tags : Advice Compassionate Endurance Gentle Humanity Humankind Kindness Life Patient Peace Self Help Strength Uplifting Wisdom Of Lailah Gifty Akita Wise Words
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

59. “The greatest gift at Christmas is love. The love that bind us together us one Human Family.”

Tags : Christian Life Christmas Christmas Message Family Humanity Humanity Advice Humankind Inspiration Living Love Nation New Year People Wisdom Of Lailah Gifty Akita Wise
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

60. “We are different races, nationalities, and ethnic groups. We are all Americans. Yes, we fuss, we have differences of opinions, but we are all Americans. The important commonality is the fact that we all bleed red. We are humankind.”

Tags : American Humankind We All Bleed Red
Source : The Sixth Extinction: Genesis: A New World Order

61. “All creations are divine.”

Tags : Christian Christianity Creation Divine Faith Hope Humankind Inspirational Life Life Philosophy Mankind Motivation People Self Love Spiritual Life Wisdom Wise
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

62. “The heart in every human is the sacred love.”

Tags : Advice For Daily Living Christian Life Daily Inspiration Family Humanity Humankind Inspirational Life Life Philosophy Love Motivation People Philosophy Relationships Romance Self Awareness Self Love Soul Mate Spiritual Life Wise Words
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

63. “This terrible smallness of men was bigger than him, bigger than anything.”

Tags : Helpless Humankind Pettiness
Author : Dennis Lehane
Source : The Given Day

64. “We must live as people with great hope.”

Tags : Belief Christianity Cities And Countries Citizens Community Service Faith Hope Humanity Humankind Inspiring Lailah Gifty Akita Affirmations Life Nation Patriotism Peace People Positive Thinking Religion Self Confidence Uplifting Wisdom Wise Words World Peace
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

65. “I've often heard people say, “Your country is beautiful, a virtual paradise.” When will the people of Indonesia be as beautiful as their land, with a civilization and culture that contributes to the greater beauty of humankind and no longer smothers and strangles the mind?”

Tags : Beautiful Land Civilization Culture Humanity Humankind Humans Indonesia Indonesian Mind Paradise Thoughts

66. “Humans could never accept the world as it was and live in it. They were always breaking it and living amongst the shattered pieces.”

Tags : Bend Break Earth Force Human Beings Humankind Humans Live Method Mold Nature Remake Shatter Style Way
Author : Robin Hobb
Source : Blood of Dragons

67. “The motive of man is a mystery.”

Tags : Humankind Intention Motivational Motive Mystery

68. “People always make choices, always take sides!”

Tags : Always Choices Humankind Mankind People Sides
Author : Deyth Banger

69. “To carry each other’s burdens, we must care for one another.”

Tags : Advice Burdens Caring Christian Life Dont Worry Faith Help Helping Others Helping People Hope Humanity Humankind Inspirational Life Lessons Love Peace Sharing Life Support Wisdom Of Lailah Gifty Akita Wise Thoughts
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

70. “I wish the hearts of human beings pumped with kind desires.I wish every gaze landed on the eyes of others compassionately.I wish hatred, envy, and vengeance were alien concepts to humankind.I wish the precious worth of every soul was universally understood.”

Tags : Compassion Humankind I Wish Kindness Making Wishes Richelle Richelle E Goodrich Richelle Goodrich Wishes Worth Of A Soul
Source : Making Wishes: Quotes, Thoughts, & a Little Poetry for Every Day of the Year

71. “Christmas is the spirit of love, peace and goodwill to all Humankind. It is within the reach of every heart and hand.”

Tags : Christian Life Christianity Christmas Christmas Message Giving Goodness Humanity Humankind Inspiration Kindness Love Peace Sharing Sharing Life Wisdom Of Lailah Gifty Akita Wise Words Xmas
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

72. “Every human life bears a significant importance to the existence of humanity”

Tags : Compassion Human Human Beings Injustice Human Nature Humanity Humankind Inspirational Quote Kindness Kindness Quote Kindness Quotes Kindness To Others Life And Living Life Lessons Life Quotes Motivation Self Help Quotes

73. “If you want to save the humankind, you should first take care of Nature.It's the legacy that we leave behind,That brings us hope, that's for sure!”

Tags : Environmental Conservation Human Humankind Legacy Quotes Nature Save Mankind Save The Earth Save The Environment Save The Planet Save The World Seasons The Seasons
Source : The Fairies of the Four Seasons: The Dance of Time

74. “Writing is all at once an exploration of what is, and what is not. Of the known, and the unknown. A journey into the depths of self, and all of humankind.”

Tags : Deep Depths Exploration Explore Humankind Journey Known Self Unknown
Source : Heaven In The Meat Packing District

75. “I fear that if the matter is beyond humanity, it is certainly beyond me.”

Tags : Crime Solving Detectives Humanity Humankind Limitations Sherlock Holmes Supernatural
Source : The Adventure of the Devil's Foot

76. “Humankind made these religions; that our brains are capable of doing that is neither something to take too seriously — because we also make poop, and we learned to flush that the fuck down the toilet — but it's also not something to totally disregard.”

Tags : Brain Brains Humankind Religion Religions
Author : Dan Harmon

77. “Mais en fait les voix féminines se taisent là où commence l'action concrète; elles ont pu susciter des guerres, non suggérer la tactique d'une bataille; elles n'ont guère orienté la politique que dans la mesure où la politique se réduisait à l'intrigue: les vraies commandes du monde n'ont jamais été aux mains des femmes; elles n'ont pas agi sur les techniques ni sur l'économie, elles n'ont pas fait ni défait des États, elles n'ont pas découvert des mondes. C'est par elles que certains événements ont été déclenchés: mais elles ont été prétextes beaucoup plus qu'agents.”

Tags : Gender Inequality Gender Roles History Humankind Patriarchy
Source : Le deuxième sexe I

78. “Nothing in the history of humankind has been disrespected as much as nature.”

Tags : Disrespect Humankind Nature

79. “The Great Change is when humankind accepts its role as part of the natural order of the universe instead of its role as a cancer”

Tags : Cancer Humankind Natural Order
Author : Dan Simmons
Source : The Fall of Hyperion

80. “The greatest strength are rooted in love, joy, peace, patient, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.”

Tags : Deeds Encouragement Forgiveness Happiness Humanity Humankind Inspiration Kind Deeds Lessons Learnt Life Love Loyality Peace Positive Thinking Spiritual Spirituality Strength Uplifting
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

81. “Il me semble qu'ils confondent but et moyen ceux qui s'effraient par trop de nos progrès techniques. Quiconque lutte dans l'unique espoir de biens matériels, en effet, ne récolte rien qui vaille de vivre. Mais la machine n'est pas un but. L'avion n'est pas un but : c'est un outil, un outil comme la charrue.Si nous croyons que la machine abîme l'homme c'est que, peut-être, nous manquons un peu de recul pour juger les effets de transformations aussi rapides que celles que nous avons subies. Que sont les cent années de l'histoire de la machine en regard des deux cent mille années de l'histoire de l'homme? C'est à peine si nous nous installons dans ce paysage de mines et de centrales électriques. C'est à peine si nous commençons d'habiter cette maison nouvelle, que nous n'avons même pas achevé de bâtir. Tout a changé si vite autour de nous : rapports humains, conditions de travail, coutumes. Notre psychologie elle-même a été bousculée dans ses bases les plus intimes. Les notions de séparation, d'absence, de distance, de retour, si les mots sont demeurés les mêmes, ne contiennent plus les mêmes réalités. Pour saisir le monde aujourd'hui, nous usons d'un langage qui fut établi pour le monde d'hier. Et la vie du passé nous semble mieux répondre à notre nature, pour la seule raison qu'elle répond mieux à notre langage.Pour le colonial qui fonde un empire, le sens de la vie est de conquérir. Le soldat méprise le colon. Mais le but de cette conquête n'était-il pas l'établissement de ce colon? Ainsi dans l'exaltation de nos progrès, nous avons fait servir les hommes à l'établissement des voies ferrées, à l'érection des usines, au forage de puits de pétrole. Nous avions un peu oublié que nous dressions ces constructions pour servir les hommes.(Terre des Hommes, ch. III)”

Tags : Humankind Technology

82. “We are as gods and might as well get good at it.”

Tags : Ecology Humankind Philosophy
Author : Stewart Brand

83. “Speaking one day to Monsieur de Buffon, on the present ardor of chemical inquiry, he affected to consider chemistry but as cookery, and to place the toils of the laboratory on the footing with those of the kitchen. I think it, on the contrary, among the most useful of sciences, and big with future discoveries for the utility and safety of the human race.”

Tags : Buffon Chemistry Comte De Buffon De Buffon Discovery Future Georges Louis Leclerc Humanity Humankind Inquiry Laboratory Monsieur De Buffon Science Useful
Source : Writings: Autobiography/Notes on the State of Virginia/Public & Private Papers/Addresses/Letters

84. “We are sisters. We are brothers. We are family.”

Tags : Encouragement Faith Family Friendship Gentle Hope Humanity Humankind Inspirational Kindness Life Love Peace Relationship Sharing Life Spiritual Uplifting Wisdom Of Lailah Gifty Akita
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

85. “Why does humankind love to seek the glory of one another instead of the glory of God?”

Tags : Achievement Christianity Glory God Humanity God Humankind Wise Words

86. “We are all one race. The only difference is the color of our skin, and that comes from how close your ancestors lived to the Equator or at high altitudes like Tibetans. There have always been tribes, but what we have to appreciate now is that we live in a global community. And tribal loyalties…they’re not relevant to our future.”

Tags : Evolution Humankind Race

87. “There really is, for humankind there’s really no such thing as race. There’s different tribes but not different races. We’re all one species.”

Tags : Evolution Humankind Race

88. “It has been said that astronomy is a humbling and character-building experience. There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we've ever known.”

Tags : Astronomy Earth Home Humankind Humility Preservation World
Author : Carl Sagan
Source : Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space

89. “Once again, he became outraged that humans—more specifically his dad—would rather invest in something pointless than the people right in front of them. Would Earth still suffer and need movements dedicated to its healing if humankind was rooted in reality?”

Tags : Elements Fillion Humankind Reality The Biodome Chronicles
Source : Elements

90. “Perhaps above everything compassion is the most important thing to embrace and emanate in life. It will enhance your life - and it's the one thing that will elevate and heal mankind”

Tags : Compassion Enlightement Enlightenment Quotes Evolution Humankind Inspirational Quotes Love Love Quotes Mankind Motivational Quotes Oneness Peace Quotes On Compassion Rasheed Ogunlaru Rasheed Ogunlaru Quotes

91. “C'est en risquant sa vie que l'homme s'élève au-dessus de l'animal.”

Tags : Being Human Humankind
Source : Le deuxième sexe I

92. “And suddenly he became almost lyric. "For three thousand years the Common Man has been fended off from the full and glorious life he might have had, by Make Believe. For three thousand years in one form or another he has been asking for an unrestricted share in the universal welfare. He has been asking for a fair dividend from civilisation. For all that time, and still it goes on, the advantaged people, the satisfied people, the kings and priests, the owners and traders, the gentlefolk and the leaders he trusted, have been cheating him tacitly or deliberately, out of his proper share and contribution in the common life. Sometimes almost consciously, sometimes subconsciously, cheating themselves about it as well. When he called upon God, they said 'We'll take care of your God for you', and they gave him organised religion. When he calls for Justice, they say 'Everything decently and in order', and give him a nice expensive Law Court beyond his means. When he calls for order and safety too loudly they hit him on the head with a policeman's truncheon. When he sought knowledge, they told him what was good for him. And to protect him from the foreigner, so they said, they got him bombed to hell, trained him to disembowel his fellow common men with bayonets and learn what love of King and Country really means."All with the best intentions in the world, mind you."Most of these people, I tell you, have acted in perfect good faith. They manage to believe that in sustaining this idiot's muddle they are doingtremendous things -- stupendous things -- for the Common Man. They can live lives of quiet pride and die quite edifyingly in an undernourished, sweated, driven and frustrated world. Useful public servants! Righteous self-applause! Read their bloody biographies!”

Tags : Fairness Humanity Humankind Justice Order Power
Author : H.G. Wells
Source : The Holy Terror

93. “Con las palabras todo cuidado es poco, mudan de opinión como las personas”.”

Tags : Editorial Fiction Humankind Literature Communication Opinion Words
Source : Death with Interruptions

94. “Christmas is a sacred festival. It is celebration of Christ love for Humankind. And the love that bind us together.”

Tags : Belief Christianity Christmas Christmas Message Family Happiness Humanity Humankind Joy Life Living Love Mankind Motivation People Religion Sharing Life Society Wisdom Of Lailah Gifty Akita Wise Xmass
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

95. “Everything existed at God’s command.”

Tags : Creation Existence God Humankind

96. “But time does not disclose its secrets to humankind, and the possible turned impossible.”

Tags : Humankind Secrets Time
Author : Radwa Ashour

97. “People scare me more than anything, for I know too well the savagery of which humankind is capable.”

Tags : Humanity Humankind Humans Scary
Author : Dean Koontz
Source : Odd Thomas

98. “Even in the most compassionate, humankind's limited scope of mercy was reserved for their own.”

Tags : Compassion Human Humankind Mercy
Source : The Host

99. “My dad had always said to not trust something unless it’s taken a tumble in the dirt. He’d meant it for people, and for things. Shiny and new didn’t exist for humankind any more.”

Tags : Dystopian Humankind New Post Apocalypse Post Apocalyptic Trust
Source : Snatched

100. “The happiness of the superficial: when a man who has lost his donkey finds it again.”

Tags : Humankind Man Psychology Sufis Sufism Wisdom
Author : Idries Shah
Source : Caravan of Dreams

101. “People? They usually ask only stupid questions, forcing you to reply with equally stupid answers. For instance, they ask you what you do, not what you would have liked to do. They ask you what you own, not what you’ve lost. They ask about the woman you married, not about the one you love. About your name, but not if it suits you. They ask your age, but not how well you’ve lived those years. They ask about the city you live in, not about the city that lives in you. And they ask if you pray, not if you fear God.So I’ve gotten used to answering these questions with silence. You know, when we shut up, we force others to reconsider their mistakes.”

Tags : Humankind People Questions

102. “Rather than heralding a new era of easy living, the Agricultural Revolution left farmers with lives generally more difficult and less satisfying than those of foragers. Hunter-gatherers spent their time in more stimulating and varied ways, and were less in danger of starvation and disease. The Agricultural Revolution certainly enlarged the sum total of food at the disposal of humankind, but the extra food did not translate into a better diet or more leisure. Rather, it translated into population explosions and pampered elites. The average farmer worked harder than the average forager, and got a worse diet in return. The Agricultural Revolution was history’s biggest fraud.”

Tags : Agricultural Revolution Agriculture Anthropolgy History Humankind Humans Sapiens
Source : קיצור תולדות האנושות

103. “Language is a social energy, and our capacity for articulate speech is the key factor that makes us different from other species. We are not as fast as cheetahs – or even as horses. Nor are we as strong as bulls or as adaptable as bacteria. But our brains are equipped with the facility to produce and process speech, and we are capable of abstract thought. A bee may dance to show other bees the location of a source of food, a green monkey may deliver sophisticated vocal signals, and a sparrow may manage as many as thirteen different types of song, but an animal's system of communication has a limited repertoire; ours, on the other hand, is 'open', and its mechanisms permit a potentially infinite variety of utterances.”

Tags : Humankind Language
Source : The Secret Life of Words: How English Became English

104. “Adam & Eve have been degraded, reduplicated forever, photocopies of photocopies, mistakes copied, magnified, augmented.”

Tags : Adam And Eve Dna Genetics Genome Humankind Mankind
Author : Johnny Rich
Source : The Human Script

105. “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed- Mohandas Karamchand Gazi.”

Tags : Humankind
Author : Fahmi Faiz
Source : Di Hujung Muncung Mesingan

106. “The greatest force of humankind is the power of love.”

Tags : Christianity Forgiveness Humanity Humankind Life Love Motivation Peace Wisdom Wisdom Of Lailah Gifty Akita
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

107. “You can spend your life judging people or, you can spend it making friends. Take your pick.”

Tags : Friendship Human Behavior Human Nature Humanism Humankind Love Philisophy Life

108. “Humankind has not learned about balance, let alone practiced it. It is guided by greed and ambition, steered by fear. In this way it will eventually destroy itself. But nature will survive; at least the plants will.”

Tags : Actions Ambition Emotions Fear Greed Humankind Journy Life Nature People
Source : Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives

109. “The folly of humankind is that it believes it is impervious to decay”

Tags : Folly Humankind
Source : The Search for WondLa

110. “They knew this—survival came at a price. Over the past few weeks they’d all survived a Bagger attack. Or two. Or three. They knew the consequences. Not everyone got out alive. They’d seen loved ones die. Even worse, some had watched the people they cared about turn on them. But as long as they stuck together in a group, they were still human. As long as they were human they were still alive.”

Tags : Humankind
Author : Jeyn Roberts
Source : Dark Inside

111. “L'homme est une entreprise qui a contre elle le temps, la nécessité, la fortune, et l'imbécile et toujours croissante primauté du nombre, dit plus posément le philosophe. Les hommes tueront l'homme.(La visite du chanoine)”

Tags : Humankind
Source : L'Œuvre au noir

112. “Human beings may be inconsistent, but human nature is true to itself”

Tags : Human Nature Humankind
Author : John Jakes

113. “je dis civilisé le peuple qui compose ses danses, malgré qu'il ne soit pour les danses ni récolte ni greniers. Alors que je dis brut le peuple qui aligne sur ses étagères des objets, fussent-ils les plus fins, nés du travail d'autrui, même s'il se montre capable de s'enivrer de leur perfection."L'homme, disait mon père, c'est d'abord celui qui crée. Et seuls sont frères les hommes qui collaborent. Et seuls vivent ceux qui n'ont point trouvé leur paix dans les provisions qu'ils avaient faites."(chapitre IX)”

Tags : Art Civilization Humankind
Source : Citadelle

114. “Deux choses donnent du sens à la vie : les livres et l'amour.”

Tags : Book Happiness Humankind Life Love Mankind Reading Writing
Author : Joël Dicker
Source : La Vérité sur l'affaire Harry Quebert

115. “Some of the greatest journeys of humankind are those that, at the time being, only the one living it understands.”

Tags : Greatest Humankind Journeys Living
Source : Heaven In The Meat Packing District

116. “he knew that men were too complex to be defined by the worst moment in their lives”

Tags : Human Nature Humankind
Source : The Spire

117. “La masse (...) hait l'image de l'homme car la masse est incohérente, pousse dans tous les sens à la fois et annule l'effort créateur. Il est certes mauvais que l'homme écrase le troupeau. Mais ne cherche point là le grand esclavage: il se montre quand le troupeau écrase l'homme.(chapitre XI)”

Tags : Humankind
Source : Citadelle

118. “si tu examines mon empire tu t'en iras voir les forgerons et les trouveras forgeant des clous et se passionnant pour les clous et te chantant les cantiques de la clouterie. Puis tu t'en iras voir les bucherons et tu les trouveras abattant arbres et se passionnant pour l'abattage d'arbres, et se remplissant d'une intense jubilation à l'heure de la fête du bucheron, qui est du premier craquement, lorsque la majesté de l'arbre commence de se prosterner. Et si tu vas voir les astronaumes, tu les verras se passionnant pour les étoiles et n'écoutant plus que leur silence. Et en effet chacun s'imagine être tel. Maintenant si je te demande: "Que se passe-t-il dans mon empire, que naîtra-t-il demain chez moi?" tu me diras: "On forgera des clous, on abattra des arbres, on observera les étoiles et il y aura donc des réserves de clous, des réserves de bois et des observations d'étoiles." Car myope et le nez contre, tu n'as point reconnu la construction d'un navire.(chapitre CXVII)”

Tags : Civilization Humankind
Source : Citadelle

119. “Pourquoi nous haïr? Nous sommes solidaires, emportés par la même planête, équipage d'un même navire. Et s'il est bon que des civilisations s'opposent pour favoriser des synthèses nouvelles, il est monstrueux qu'elles s'entre-dévorent.Puisqu'il suffit, pour nous délivrer, de nous aider à prendre conscience d'un but qui nous relie les uns aux autres, autant le chercher là où il nous unit tous.(Terre des Hommes, ch. VIII)”

Tags : Humankind Peace

120. “Lisbon, to me, is the Lisbon of Pessoa. Just like London is Woolf’s, or rather, Mrs. Dalloway’s. Barcelona is Gaudí's and Rome is da Vinci’s. You see them in every crevice and hear their echoes in every cathedral. I’d like to be the child, or rather, the mother of a city but I neither have a home nor a resting place. My race is humankind. My religion is kindness. My work is love and, well, my city is the walls of your heart.”

Tags : Barcelona Britain Cathedral Child City Commune Crevice Da Vinci Dalloway Echo England Hear Home House Humankind Kamand Kindness Kojouri Love Mother Place Religion Rest See Spain United Kingdom Woolf Work