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1. “The groove is so mysterious. We're born with it and we lose it and the world seems to split apart before our eyes into stupid and cool. When we get it back, the world unifies around us, and both stupid and cool fall away.I am grateful to those who are keepers of the groove. The babies and the grandmas who hang on to it and help us remember when we forget that any kind of dancing is better than no dancing at all.”

Tags : Adolescence Babies Confidence Cool Dance Dancing Demons Grandma Groove Growing Up Lynda Barry One Hundred Demons Self Love Stupid
Author : Lynda Barry
Source : One Hundred Demons

2. “He greeted me in his usual attire - pajama pants. "Hey stranger!" he said, hugging me for a few long seconds. "I've already set up the board. Can I get you some rose"I nodded, overwhelmingly relieved to be with another human being - even if he was really a wolf in grandma's clothing. Or was he just a wolf in wolf's clothing? After all, he wore pajamas... Hmmm. I contemplated all this as he poured me a glass of wine."Mind if I smoke?" he asked as he lit up a joint and motioned me over to the sleek brown couch. Italian, of course.Through the three windows that faced south, north, and west, I saw the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island, where I had paid to have my parents' names inscribed in the immigrant wall of honor. Some American Dream this was!”

Tags : Dating Ellis Island Grandma Immigrant Values Sex Statue Of Liberty Wolf
Author : Inna Swinton
Source : The Many Loves of Mila

3. “To all those who care, You can't forever. Time steals the years,And your reflection in the mirror.But I can still see the story in your eyes, And your timeless passion that’s never died.While your skin became tired,Your heart became strong,The present became the past,And your memories like a song.And though the moment at hand is all that we have, You’ve taught me to live it like it is our last.Since two words don't say ‘thank you’ the way they are meant to,I'll try all my life to be something like you.”

Tags : Emotion Family Feelings Granddaughter Grandma Grandmother Grateful Gratefulness Her Legacy Life Life Lessons Lineage Paternal Sacrifice
Author : Crystal Woods
Source : Write like no one is reading 2

4. “During my mental illness, thank God, my grandma was my human rescuer and angel, she ask me to stop taking the medication, leading to the recovering.”

Tags : Advice Grandma Gratitude Healthy Living Inspirational Lailah Gifty Akita Lailah Gifty Akita Affirmations Mental Ill Health Recover Testimony Thank God

5. “Well, we're originally from Glace Bay."Grandma Elsie's eyes glittered. She was looking at one of her own, a lost Cape Bretoner in need of help and offering a new story. "Tell me all about it, dear.”

Tags : Canada Cape Breton Caper Community Glace Bay Grandma Help Kindness Legend Lost Nova Scotia Story Travel
Source : Twin Loyalties: From the Chronicles of Tar Ponds City

6. “Where did you meet?” he pressed on.I shrugged and considered a little rephrasing. “I was out for a run.”“From who?”I leaned back to take a long, very long, slow sip of that beer.Knox leaned forward. “I think we’re both bullsh*tting here, you ever play that card game?”“With my grandma, every Sunday after church.”

Tags : Card Game Cards Church Fantasy Funny Grandma Humor Knox Paranormal Silver Sterling Urban Zoe
Author : Dannika Dark
Source : Sterling

7. “As grandma said, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all”

Tags : Grandma Nice Noise Talking
Author : A.J. Jacobs
Source : The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible

8. “A Grandmother thinks of her grandchildren day and night, even when they are not with her.She will always love them more than anyone would understand.”

Tags : Family Life Family Love Grandchildren Grandma Grandparents Inspirational Life Experience
Author : Karen Gibbs
Source : A Gallery of Scrapbook Creations

9. “Nukuu ya mwandishi wa vitabu wa Brazili, Paulo Coelho, "Tunapopenda tunajitahidi siku zote kuwa wazuri zaidi kuliko jinsi sisi wenyewe tulivyo. Tunapojitahidi kuwa wazuri zaidi kuliko jinsi sisi wenyewe tulivyo, kila kitu katika maisha yetu kinakuwa kizuri hali kadhalika.", inadhihirisha kikamilifu tabia ambayo bibi yangu (Martha Maregesi) alijitahidi kuwa nayo katika kipindi cha maisha yake yote. Alikuwa mtu mwenye furaha sana. Alikuwa na tabasamu lenye kuambukiza ambalo marafiki na familia yake hawakuweza kujizuia kutabasamu pia alipofurahi nao. Pamoja na kwamba alikumbana na matatizo mengi na bahati mbaya nyingi katika maisha yake, alijulikana kama mtu mwenye upendo na uvumilivu mkubwa.”

Tags : Attitude Author Bahati Mbaya Bibi Brazili Family Friends Furaha Grandmother Happiness Hardships Life Maisha Marafiki Martha Maregesi Matatizo Mwandishi Wa Vitabu Nukuu Perseverance Quote Setbacks Uvumilivu

10. “The Kite CharmFor A Life Filled with High-Flying Fun, Play with the Wonder of A Child”

Tags : Childern Children Family Grandchildren Grandma Joyful Living Joyful Living Quotes Kite Life And Living Life And Love Love Quotes Wonder
Author : Viola Shipman
Source : The Charm Bracelet

11. “Frankie, I'm fully awake and more curious than George. If we hang up I'll lie here formulating a million reasons for your call, none of them your truth, and that would drive me crazy. You wouldn't do that to the guy who has your grandmother's old phone number, would you? Trust me, you can tell me anything.—Emerson”

Tags : Communication Curiosity Friendship Grandma Grandmother Hello Hellos Kindness Of Strangers Liza Wiemer Phone Call Talking To A Stranger
Source : Hello?

12. “I’m supposed to figure out if the glass is half full or half empty,” I told her.Without a moment’s hesitation, in a split second, my grandmother shrugged and said: “It depends on if you’re drinking or pouring.”

Tags : Funny Grandma Life Optimist Perspective Pessimist
Author : Bill Cosby

13. “There are lots of superheroes with different superpowers, and some of them are big and flashy, like super strength and super speed, and molecular restructuring, and force fields. But these abilities are really not so different from the superpower stuff that old Jiko could do, like moving superslow, or reading people's minds, or appearing in doorways, or making people feel okay about themselves by just being there.”

Tags : Family Grandma Japan Love Superheroes Superpowers
Author : Ruth Ozeki
Source : A Tale for the Time Being

14. “The Everlasting Staircase"Jeffrey McDanielWhen the call came, saying twenty-four hours to live,my first thought was: can't she postpone her exitfrom this planet for a week? I've got places to do,people to be. Then grief hit between the ribs,said disappear or reappear more fully. so I boardeda red eyeball and shot across America,hoping the nurses had enough quarters to keepthe jukebox of Grandma's heart playing. She grew uppoor in Appalachia. And while world war IIfunctioned like Prozac for the Great Depression,she believed poverty was a double feature,that the comfort of her adult years was merelyan intermission, that hunger would hobble back,hurl its prosthetic leg through her window,so she clipped, clipped, clipped -- became the JacquesCousteau of the bargain bin, her wetsuitstuffed with coupons. And now --pupils fixed, chindangling like the boots of a hanged man --I press my ear to her lampshade-thin chestand listen to that little soldier march toward whateverplateau, or simply exhaust his arsenal of beats.I hate when people ask if she even knew I was there.The point is I knew, holding the one-sidedconversation of her hand. Once I believed the heartwas like a bar of soap -- the more you use it,the smaller it gets; care too much and it'll snap offin your grasp. But when Grandma's last breathwaltzed from that room, my heart openedwide like a parachute, and I realized she didn't die.She simply found a silence she could call her own.”

Tags : Death Grandma Heart Parachute Poetry The Everlasting Staircase

15. “You're a brave, brave girl, Tula" Gaby told her."I know", said the little girl. "I got it from you.”

Tags : Brave Girl Grandma
Source : The Christmas Wedding

16. “Everybody has a little good in them. Either good or just good for nothing.”

Tags : A M Griffin Grandma Quotes
Author : A.M. Griffin

17. “When I was suddenly thrust into what everyone calls menopause (Orchids) earlier than my body planned, I decided someone needed to take charge on so many levels. It was time to not only change the vernacular, but to speak up and say "Hey! This isn't an old lady's disease! We aren't old! We are strong and dammit, we are beautiful and sexy too!”

Tags : Aging Aging Gracefully Change Of Life Disease Grand Mother Grandma Hormonal Issues Hormones Menopause Old Lady Orchids
Source : Getting Over Your Ovaries: How to Make 'The Change of Life' Your Bitch

18. “Charming. Charming language. Same as your father. Bad language and hating budgies go together.”

Tags : Budgie Grandma
Author : Louis Nowra
Source : Summer Of The Aliens

19. “My last girlfriend was a Showgirl - But we eventually broke up because she wouldn't Tell me anything. Now I'm dating a girl who looks exactly like my grandma, only my girl older.-James Lee Schmidt and Jarod Kintz”

Tags : Absurd Age Aging Date Dating Grandma Humor Show Girl Showgirl Stripper
Source : liQUID PROse QUOtes

20. “Grandmother. The true power behind the power.”

Tags : Grandma Grandmother
Author : Lisa Birnbach

21. “Who wants avocado?”

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22. “Grandma; it was to grandma I truly wanted to have returned, but she was no more. I could only remember the day she died. The tears mother shed on me, as if I was going to face a more difficult world than any other member of our family. Pg.100”

Tags : Africa Grandma Little Children Nigeria Primary School Tears Traditional Tales Uromi
Source : Still Owing Me Goodbye

23. “I want to be a sunshine grandma.”

Tags : Duck Commander Grandma Kay Robertson
Author : Kay Robertson

24. “I want to remember...Smelling your newness upon this earth. The baby-Jesus smell as Grandma used to put it. Pure. Unsullied. Like the imagined smell in the twirling air of eiderdown feathers spin-floating around the yard on a new spring day.”

Tags : Baby Jesus Carew Papritz Grandma Inspirational Quotes Quote Spring Day The Legacy Letters
Author : Carew Papritz
Source : The Legacy Letters: his Wife, his Children, his Final Gift

25. “Grandma, please don’t go. I’m frightened., Grandma. I need you!” “…never be afraid, Cassie. There’s nothing frightening in the dark if you just face it…”

Tags : Darkness Face It Grandma
Author : L.J. Smith
Source : The Captive Part II / The Power

26. “كلمَا كِبرنا كلما قِصِرْناwhen we get older we become shorter”

Tags : Grandma Lebanon Life Experience Nowaihed Quotes About Life Wafaa